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    This is a new post........doesn't look like PH wants me to do it though!!!!!!! The letters are really small and will have to come back later to fix it.

    Have a GREAT time, Mikie. We'll miss you and your W & P
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    Sun - thank you for opening up.


    theres soft comfy sofas for everyone to snuggle in and flowers to sniff and see.

    Rock - BBL means be back later in computer jargon. I envy you having doggie
    visitors..Sandy sounds so sweet. Youre right, Holi is very rowdy in the streets.
    because kids and young boys and girls love lobbing water balloons and pouring
    water from rooftops on to passersby. And not everyone likes that. Some even
    have to go to work, lots of cases in the past where police were summoned
    because some rowdy elements were harrassing passersby especially young girls.
    Wd love a taste of Gordons vegetarian chili. Pls can you ask him the recipe? thank you.
    Your 'pedas' quip about Gordon having them at the beauty school cracked me up.

    That latest orchid pic Gordon posted was yet another dream. A garden full
    of different kinds of orchids would truly describe a 'garden of dreams'.

    Mikie - have fun. Wish i was going. Last evening Harry Potter and the prisoners
    of Azkaban was on. Dont get hurt playing quidditch, mind you! Will miss you
    while youre gone.

    Julie - must be difficult to see your dear dad struggling with memory but
    remember you are doing the best you can for him. You are doing the best
    you can for everyone. Just breathe out and let go and let God. Dont keep
    sadness bottled up. I think about it and remember even Jesus, Lord Buddha
    let go and left their families to pursue their higher purpose. Since they
    were in human form, im sure they too struggled with sadness and guilt but
    they knew it had to be done.

    My Chinese friends two sisters are so overwrought with sadness about losing
    their youngest brother suddenly that they cant even speak about it. I called
    but the youngest couldnt talk, so i sent a text message to the older..which
    she replied. My friend is tough so she was okay. Getting on with it. It just
    lets me know the importance of detachment. One is allowed to feel sadness
    but one recognizes not to let it overwhelm.

    Sun - looks like you hv been busy..and active. that father daughter dance at
    your DGDs school sounds so lovely. All those proud fathers there with their
    beautiful daughters. I guess getting ready for it must hv been so much fun!

    Diane - i wish i had three daughters i could divide my time between and
    living with. Boredom wouldnt be a problem. But on the other hand, maybe
    i would like somethng more stable, a home of my own until i am up and

    Hope you get over the bronchitis soon!

    Granni - that talk the sheriff gave sounds very interesting and educational.
    oftentimes we dont even give a thought to their work just taking it for
    granted we are paying our taxes and the police are doing their job. But what
    their job entails, what goes into it. There must be so much. Their families.
    Their fears and dreams.

    Yesterday was out replenishing my groceries and other necessary things.
    Lovely warm day bordering on hot later on. Bought my hair colour
    to do the tips of my hair but no time to actually do it. i might take the
    colour to a salon and get them to do it, but i hate spending time sitting
    there waiting for the colour to dry. At home i mess around, or read
    or something.Evening time i made a mushroom curry to hv with rice which
    was surprisingly yum. I guess I got all the ingredients in their right amounts.

    You all take care

    God Bless

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    A very quick HI to all. Another busy ay with lots of his outside and a Memorial /funeral service for DH's friend this afternoon. DH just got home.

    Just wanted to say so SORRY JULIE about Grandpa. Hope he will be better soon.

    Thanks for the pic and opening SW. Hope to get back soon.

    Love to awl,
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    Hi Kids

    Hi Sun. Thanks for opening up. Hope your computer or whatever is working
    better next time around. Well, sounds like taxes are no problem for you. I
    misconscrewed the seecheation. I thought you were unfamiliar with
    doing the tax dance. I remember when My father in law died. His widow was
    in her 50s. Had never worked; driven a car; written a check, etc. But she
    learned. Managed just fine for more than a decade till Alzheimer's got her.

    If you get a pic from the dad-daughter dance, maybe you can post it.

    My Alzheimer's has me so mad this morning. I used to know my resume.
    Now I can't remember how long I worked where, etc. But, this morning
    I woke up thinking about the time someone tried to have me fired. Books
    on depression tell you not to mull over bad stuff. This ignores the fact
    that bad stuff sometimes pops into our heads whether we like it or not.

    Springwater, nice porch pic. Looks both serene and welcoming. I
    have the same wish you do. Wouldn't it be great if we were all
    healthy, even if just for one day, and we could all visit the
    Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

    Mikie, hope you are having a wonderful time. If you play quidditch
    don't fall off your broom. (Did Springwater already say that?) Be
    sure and bring back some of those every flavor Bertie Bott's beans.

    Julie, Gpa is lucky to have you and Den to look after him. I hope
    his hospital stay will be brief. Kinda scary he didn't recognize
    where he lives. Personally I hope to be gone before my own Alz
    gets too bad.

    Granni, I expect you will sail through your busy day with no trouble.
    I picture you singing and dancing through life. Kinda like Ann
    Miller or Debbie Reynolds. Too bad life isn't a musical.

    Diane, I think your neighbor has 3 great places to visit the kids. CA,
    FL and MO. I would love to go to Missouri and see the home-
    museum of Laura Ingalls Wilder. You know I never heard of her
    or her books till I was an adult. I guess we could go there on the same
    trip as our visit to Florida.

    Those poor eagles look so cold. I know birds are supposed to stay
    warm by trapping air in their feathers, but it sure looks like they
    would benefit from a nice little sweater.

    Barry, how are things in your neck of the woods? Richard and
    Shorty OK? Have you seen any bears or are they hibernating?

    Ha det bra
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    Spring: I did a search on holi festival and SURPRISE there is one going on today in Los Angeles. Sounds like fun. I also had to look up pedas......and I would call them unbaked cookie dough. We're not supposed to eat it, BUT who can resist nibbling on the dough, so full of good taste. I'm sorry for your friend's loss of her brother. Sorrow affects everyone differently, but eventually we all heal the best we can. And I have to tell you, I love when you describe your day when you go off shopping and then stop in to a little tea shop. Sounds wonderful and so different from here.

    Rock: I've been trying to keep up a daily journal on my ipad for my own benefit.....trying to remember what I did on what day, etc. Unless we have enough to stimulate our brains with activity we will all slip into a little safe place. Try to get out doors daily, a little ride with Gordon someplace different each time. I know that you go to the library all the time or to the market, but do look for variety.

    I started reading Laura Ingalls Wilder books around age 10 and loved them. But look at Michael Landon who produced and directed the series for TV. He knew nothing about them until a daughter told him so then he read them and fell in love with them.

    Julie: I think it's good the hospital will keep him for a few more days. He wouldnt get the right care from sis.....sad to say. And I know how the condition for your dad makes you so sad, but then......he still knows you. I had 3 aunts/uncles on my mom's side who had alzheimers, though they were all out of state so I wasn't involved but did hear all about their condition. I started to keep a daily journal for that very reason......to prove to myself that I wasn't losing it.......there have been days now and then but I chalk it up to brain fog. Reading a lot about brain fog made me more aware of how various foods, and our meds can affect our thinking ability.

    My computer has arrived home and the guy spent over an hr. still downloading things that had been on there but were missing......mainly a program for my photos which I desperately needed. Surprise, he said I had over 16,000 photos stored. I had been meaning to delete a lot of them but the crash beat me to it. I think I'm going to devote about 15 min. a day to deleting so it won't seem like such an overwhelming chore.

    I watched an old movie the other night.....Saving Mr. Banks. It was about the author who wrote the Mary Poppins book and Walt Disney. Apparently she was a giant pain in the &^%$ but eventually the movie, Mary Poppins, got made and we all love it.
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    :):)Good afternoon everyone,

    Just got back from the funeral/memorial service this afternoon. It was sad but lots of lovely things said about the deceased. I believe he was 87 but he had heart problems. Still it came on suddenly and I think that his companion lady friend was still in shock. I spoke to her a little. DH didn't know what to say so he didn't say anything. I would have liked to stay later but DH didn't want to and they had quite a spread but we had already eaten lunch I was at a crazy time - 2 pm for the service and maybe 45 min- 1 hour after they had the gathering with food. I would think most people not in the family had eaten lunch before. It was held at the funeral home as he was not church goer.

    Guess MIKIE is gone on her trip. Hope she has a great time and gets back safe and sound !!

    DD and DSIL left today to go for 5 days to see another DD. They both get along so well and LOVE SPORTS especially FOOTBALL !!!! SO DGS will be alone so I told him to let us know if there are problems. Someday when I have enough food I will invite him to dinner.

    SUN - Thanks for starting up the new PORCH Yes, my dds all loved Little House, books and the series. I loved the series too. Hope you are feeling better after having your family over and lifting your grandbaby. I think that is how you hurt yourself, or what I remember.. I doesn't take much for us, does it ???

    JULIE So sorry about G pa Denzel being hospitalized but yes, it is best to be careful about those things especially since his care at home is less than satisfactory. Yes, and your Dad with his Alz it is so hard for the patient as well as the caregiver. I know with DH's Dad living with us when he had it , it was VERY hard and SAD for all. Hope you are all well for Keira and Amy's visit.

    BE careful up on that roof please !!!!

    SPRING WATER - Thanks for your lovely porch picture :)!!! So serene looking !!

    Hi to ROCK SW, DIANE and everyone else not mentioned ! These keys are driving me crazy so better leave.

    Granni :)
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    Julie: Yipes....look at you up there!!!!! So you climbed that ladder then Den used the pulley to hoist you to the top? You are BRAVE! And a real helpmate to Den. I know he's very proud of you!!!!! I hope all went perfect.

    Granni: I guess I missed your post.....who passed away this time? I guess as we age this starts to happen, slowly everyone around us is called home. So..........someday you will have enough food to feed your DGS? I'm chuckling over your faux pas typing. I'm assuming you meant sunday you will feed him! Mikie: are you reading that!

    I'm up at 2 a.m. which actually is still 1 a.m. with a roaring headache and back pain. I had to scrub a fry pan and all that extra muscle power actually does a # on me and tightens everything up. So there's nothing for me to do except make some coffee and pray it goes away.
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    Hi All,

    Sorry I've been gone for about a week. I've been busy with the snow and other things I just can remember at the moment.

    My back procedure (Lesioning) has been scheduled I believe for the 20th of this month. I'm really looking forward to it because I had so much difficulty getting out of bed.

    Took my pain meds & tried to lay down until they kicked in, but my doggie, Jessie, insisted on jumping off the bed & wanted to go out. As I was trying to get up, I felt horrible pain in my entire back & it was hard to get up.

    At least the pain meds are working and keeping the pain at bay for me right now.

    We got snow 3 times this past week. Snow, hail and then rain. A truck with a plow on the front of it did the bottom of our driveway, opening it all up. That was a huge, huge help because my neighbor said it was very difficult to do the bottom of the driveway with the snow all wet. It wouldn't go through the shoot of the snow blower properly.

    Something was wrong with my computer, so I had to take it into the repair shop and one of my friends is letting me borrow his laptop. Repair guy said the computer was locked in the "hibernation mode".

    All I knew was it turned on OK, but nothing would come up on the screen. It was just solid black & wouldn't let me doing anything or use it.

    Oh well, while it is there I am having the DVD drive replaced because that doesn't work at all. I'm hoping to keep the computer longer and put off having to buy a new one.

    BARRY ====== How is Shorty doing?? Hoping he's healing up.

    I better wrap up for now because I'm going over a friends house for a few hours today. Have to pull myself together.

    HUGS to ALL,
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    Hi Kids

    I can tell Daylight Savings Time is here. The clock on the computer doesn't agree
    with the clock on the wall. Looking out the window I see a clear blue sky and lots
    of sunshine. Going up to 80 today.

    Julie, is the little tiny figure on top of the roof really you? You got nerves of
    steel. I used to climb on our roof when I was a kid. I sure wouldn't do it
    now. I see Oreo is there to supervise. Does she say, "Roof! Roof!? Thank
    you for your thoughtful words.

    Don't see much snow in the picture. Well, the vernal equinox is right around
    the corner.

    Sun, thank you for your kind advices. We used to have a guy in our office
    who always used "advice" in the plural. I hope your back pain and headache
    have gone away by now. 16,000 photos! Are those pics you took or ones you
    collected? Well, if you delete 10 a day, that would be about half of them in two
    years. But I suppose the crucial question is how much time does it take to
    make a decision about a photo.

    RE: Laura Ingalls Wilder, I read some other books a decade or so ago. By
    "other" I mean other than the Little House books. There
    is a book of letters. I think it was Laura writing from California. And Rose,
    her daughter, was a reporter and writer. You can read about her on Wikipedia.
    She wrote biographies of several famous people like Charlie Chaplin and
    Herbert Hoover. She may also have edited her mother's books. Nobody
    knows for sure. Rose was born in Dakota territory in the 19th century. She
    died in 1968, one year before the landing on the moon.

    And I read a couple books by Roger Lea MacBride. He was one of the producers
    of the Little House TV show. He is also referred to as an an adopted member
    of the family. I see our library has more books by him. They are marked
    "juvenile" although I don't remember the two I read as such.

    Well, have to go assist with the laundry.

  10. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock: I read that about Rose......that she might have done a lot of editing on the books. The way I feel about it, who cares....they're wonderful and take us to a time and place so different from what we know.

    Yesterday a book on CD came into the library and I'm in heaven again. "Somewhere safe with sombody good" by Jan Karon. I think you mentioned her awhile ago. I LOVE this entire series about Father Tim and his wife and the little village they reside in. I've read one book....I'm talking about holding it.....but listening to the reader is totally different. It's an older man and in my mind he's Father Tim. Anyway, I've lost count how many there are now, but one has to start at the beginning book so you build on the characters thru out the stories. I think I love her like you love Fannie Flagg.

    I pretty much live with a level 5 or 6 pain, but at times it just gets out of hand and shoots up to an 8+. I have to think everything thru carefully......is this activity going to hurt me.

    Deleting the pics. aren't hard so in 15 min. I can delete quite a lot. I see many of them are the duplicates, meaning the resized ones. I started downloading from my camera in 2005, and it's nothing for me to take 20-30 at a time so it all adds up.

    I also HATE DST......what a stupid idea. I think it was started during or after WW2 wasn't it. And my question.....does anyone like it????? For most of us it takes at least a week to adjust. I remember even as a kid I didn't like it.
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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good afternoon everyone,

    I speed read some of the posts and I hope I an remember some of it :)!! It has been pouring most of the day and it is supposed to be worse tomorrow. I have been on the computer most of the afternoon and thawing hamburger meat and ground turkey for hamburgers. It will be interesting to see how they come out with mixed meats. Trying to cut back on the fats for DH mostly. Decided to invite DGS to dinner after work today. He gets off at 5:00 today. I figured it would be a fairly easy thing to do for him while his parents are gone. He doesn't cook much but could make a sandwich. Not sure also if they left him much leftovers in the refrig or not. Then we will have baked beans ( I can) and maybe a salad. He has some disabiities but is doing fairy well and hs a job at WM. So I need to get cracking and get a few tings together. I am so tired of cooking all those years and envy whose husbands like to cook or at least do so on occasion. Oh well !!!

    JULIE- I hope you got done whatever needed to be done on the roof. Be careful u there. You wouldn't catch me up there at all. I am like ROCK, especially nowadays not to steady and sure of myself. Also very stiff and full of pain. Not good to be up there like that. Hope G pa is doing better.

    SUN - I agree with you on the DST except that it is nice to be in the sunlight or daylight if one has to be not in early evening. Hate night driving. It just confuses everyone and gets their sleep patterns all messed up.

    ELAINE - Glad you are doing OK and the pain meds are helping some. Hope you survived all that shoveling !!! Be careful with your back. So glad to hear from you.

    Hi also to ROCK, SW , DIANE and all I can't think of at the moment. Thinking of DAR, JOAN and so amny of our other MIAS.

    Gotta run for now and start getting the food ready to go.

    Granni :)
  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member


    Have to agree with Rock, Julie got nerves of steel! Glad to know Gpa is doing better.
    When is this pic taken? I notice there isnt any snow. What a vast vast tract of land,
    So much space everywhere.

    Rock - i seem to forget names a lot, myself. Lots of the famous people whom one
    would think the names would just flash up, but it's like hitting a brick wall.
    Worse, even people we know and meet up at parties etc. i guess it would be
    linked to the CFS..in some way. The memory cells too tired to go shuffle around
    at the back of the brain and retrieve info.

    Granni - i would love to hv a DH who can cook, myself. He will make an omelette
    but thats it. How nice to hv yr grandson over. Some quality time together.

    Sun - Holi in LA! Should be fun. I remember buying water pistols for DD to
    take to college. They used to hv a holi day there too. Lots of international
    festivals. She said they used put them to good use, drenching everyone.

    I hope you get over the pain soon. Do you use your pool in summer?
    Looks like a lot of upkeep.

    Elaine - nice to see you pop in. Thats a lotta snow. I used to wonder about you
    and how you were doing. Carla is on FB so we know she is okay. Posts Sometimes.
    so does Goatwoman, aka Georgia. And Mikie. Dont know about Joan and Jole.

    Yesterday was womens Day and a holiday. The day before, DH got me a cheese
    sandwich, which i didnt feel like having. So he ate it last evening and got

    I went down to town, replenished some stuff, we were out of toilet paper
    n all...a Turkish aircraft overshot the runway and landed in the fields and
    the airport was closed to air traffic for two days. They re still trying to
    get the aircraft out. No major injuries or fatalities.

    It looks like a sunny day. So maybe can get some major washing done.
    Sheets n all.

    Take care, all

    God Bless
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    Hi Kids

    I 'spect Mikie will be back tomorrow with lots to report. I hope she didn't run
    into any of those flying monkeys or the sand people. I'll bet Tweety and Sir
    Vester will be ecstatic to see her.

    Julie, glad to hear Gpa is in good spirits. Hope Lorraine is feeling better. I
    wonder if kids still get mysterious tummy aches. When we had them as kids,
    there never seemed to be any known cause or any treatment. My mother
    just put us to bed. The only attempt at treatment was a glass of 7up "to
    settle your tummy".

    Springwater, you're right about forgetting names. Couple days ago I couldn't
    remember the name of the guy who wrote "Jurassic Park". One of the most
    famous books and movies of our time. Uff-da! (It was Michael Crichton.)

    I am BTW reading a book written by Crichton when he was a student at
    Harvard Medical School. He wrote several thrillers using the name
    John Lange.

    Speaking of Turkish airplanes reminds me, we were posting about advertising
    slogans on the Homebound board. Delta has had about 20 slogans over
    the years. The current one is "Keep Climbing" which has to be the most
    inappropriate ever. Where would an airplane be if it kept climbing? It could
    never fly straight ahead or land.

    Sun, Yes, Gordon and I are also fans of Jan Karon. He recently reread one of
    her Father Tim books. Her glamorous appearance is certainly at odds with
    life in a quiet village. Gordon also read her cookbook.

    Hugs to Diane, Granni, Barry, and et al.

  14. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: OMG.....another bug going around the houses. I'm sorry.......it seems to be that little ones always pick up the bugs then pass them on. They get over quickly and the adults suffer for a few days longer. You can't afford to get sick either. Looking at things from this end it just seems like bugs get passed back and forth between your two houses.

    Rock: I recently saw a more up to date photo of Jan Karon.......I think it was the AARP magazine. She's looking more her age and less glamorous. I did think....wow......when I first saw that pic. years ago but they've used it for at least 10 years or more on her dust jackets. I came across the "orange marmalade cake" recipe years ago in as magazine, devoted to Jan Karon and her recipes. I didn't know there was an entire cookbook. I'll have to look for it. This book starts with them coming back from their trip to Ireland.......that seems at least 3 years ago when I listened to that one. And I had to laugh outloud when Father Tim's doctor told him he must run 3 times a week, 3 miles each day!!!!!!! In the book he's at least 72 with diabetes.

    I put in an awful stressful day on the computer. As I've said before my DH kept mostly everything in his head. So first I had to figure out the password for windows live, that was before I could even download pics. from my camera. So I had to call his brother in Arizona to ask where his mother was born. Then I kinda halfway got things to work, but realized I didn't have email. So I had to call the computer guy who eventually came over hours later. And before he came I found another important password......yea. I've really torn things apart today. Stress has done a big # on me today, so along with trying to function with DST I think I'm going to bed early.
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  15. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Oh Sun, you are a warrior princess..plugging on inspite of whatever life throws at you..in this case computer troubles, not to be scoffed at since we depend on them for so much

    I wouldve been in tears with all that...

    Julie - sorry to hear about lil Lorraine..and Lindsey. You are gonna climb upto 40 Ft?!!!! You are braveheart.

    It looks scary up there.

    Rock - i remember my shanks hurting a lot..when i was a little kid, even upto ten years old. And
    my heart used to ache so much sonetimes, id return home in middle of school. Those days, my
    parents were in their own world, we didnt hv the money for doctors anyway. But it cleared up
    on its own.

    im boiling a whole chicken in the pressure cooker. Make a change from the usual curry. Just threw
    in some onions and garlic ginger.

    Easier too.

    We got two cakes for our anniversary. An annual PR exercise..one from the car company and one
    from the hotel...funny, we dont celebrate our anniversary. Even b days are celebrated only after
    the sixties when people started coming out from Tibet and got to know of it.

    Hmmm. Im having to get up too many times.. I better get off the computer, bbl.

    God Bless
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  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning Witches and Wizards,

    Don't have much time to answer everydobby. Got home about 6:30 last evening. I drove as DSIL wanted to study for his promotion to captain at Southwest. He was a captain at Air Tran but SW does some things differently. The AT pilots had to go to the bottom of the list to be promoted to the same rank they had. DSIL made it a year earlier than expected so that's good news.

    I was very tried and the interstate was busy but there were no accidents nor breakdowns so we got home pretty fast. We all had a really good time. Sun. my heel was sooooo sore that I stayed home in the morning. The motel had it's own really good waterpark so DGS came back from the park and had a ball in the water. We went back to the park later but it closes so early that DGS and DSIL only got in one ride. Yesterday, I only rode one thing with them. Sat. I had my fill of wild roller coasters. One was the best I've every been on. All went well and we're back, safe 'n sound.

    Thank you all for your good wishes. I'll stop in later when I can. Busy day today with condo mtg. and painters for the bldg. coming.

    Love, Mikie
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Mikie

    Glad to see you back safe and sound. I expect you bought so many souvenirs and
    treasures that they are being shipped separately, right? I just took a 12 minute
    tour of Dragon Alley. Folks, if you wanna get a look at the H. P. park, search for
    The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando.

    We want to hear all about your trip, but you catch up on your rest first. Did
    ya get that wand? And did you try the butterbeer ice cream? I think ice
    cream and butterscotch actually sounds better. :)

  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    JULIE - Thanks for your great pics. You sure do have a lot of land. Very interesting !!!!! I can se that you have to drive some distance to get to where you need to go. I'll bet that it is lovely when things are green and lush. Your trees etc must be very confused with these temps going up and down like yours is. Sounds like ours but not as cold. PLEASE be careful up there helping Den. Lucky you both have lovely weather to get some outside chores done and trying to build more parts to your house.

    MIKIE - Great that you are back home. I know you had a blast and it was fun to see your family again. Did you say you went on a roller coaster? Or was that another time??? Neither my DH or I like roller coaters any more. I never did much but if they were not to wild. Now, the way I feel you can forget it. Don't know when we have been to any kind of amusement park?? Many year ago :)!!! We want to hear all about your trip after you have rested up.

    Had a busy day and sang at a local nursing home/sr. facility. We screwed up so but they seemed to really enjoy it. We sing again at a local Friendship Ctr on Thursday.

    Hi to SUN, DIANE, ROCK and anyone else I may have missed.

    Love to you all and any MIAS lurking about.
    Granni :)
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Thanks again for such sweet good wishes. You guys are the best!!!

    Being Spring Break, Universal was really packed but nothing compared to summertime. I think the best time to go is in the fall. When DGS was in Atlanta, they had a fall break and the kids went to Disney World in Oct. DD said they could just walk on any ride. Of course, Harry Potter was where all the action was. Still, there is so much else to see and we enjoyed everything. They do such a good job on the small details, making it all seem so authentic.

    The only thing I bought was a tee shirt at Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville store. I buy the big men's ones to sleep in. My old one is about 25 years old and it's soooooo nice 'n soft. I wear that one to paint in and it's covered with paint but I still love it. DD got a wand for DGS. OMG! How to choose; they have sooooo many wands. Everything was expensive. Parking was $25 a day and it was an extra $100 a day to get the express ticket to avoid the lines. Kids did that on Sun. but I didn't go that day. My heel is still sore but, now that I'm home, I can do the PT and rest it.

    Today was one problem after another. I had to scramble to get plants in and flower boxes out of the way of the workers. One worker used the urinal in the men's room at the pool and it overflowed. Yikes! I had to call mgmt. to call out the plumber. He hasn't shown up so I guess he'll be here tomorrow. The water finally stopped and I got the floor mopped up. This isn't in the job title. :mad:

    Had to tell a motorcyclist he couldn't bring his bike in here. Everyone who lives here gets the rules and we have a "No Motorcycles" sign at the entrance. The woman said, "Can't we just leave it here overnight?" I told her it would be towed and I didn't want to see that happen. Kid that was told he couldn't work on his car moved it over to the next street and has been working on it. It's like living among little scheming kids in here. We're being challenged on or rules and we either enforce them or it's gonna get out of control. I have enough on my plate without babysitting some of our residents. I'm hell bent on keeping this a nice place to live and will keep on enforcing the rules until people finally "get it."

    Julie, hope the hosp. helps GPA get well. Thanks for the pics. I love the country. Drove through a lot of it on the way up. We took the interstate on the way back--longer but quicker. Not nearly as interesting. You have soooo much to take care of where you live. No wonder you're so busy. It is beautiful there, even in the very early spring. I would imagine it's gorgeous when it's summer. Hope the twins are better.

    Rock, as mentioned, I didn't get the wand, or much of anything. I did sip my DD's Butterbeer and it's one of the most delicious things I've ever tasted. It's like a cream soda with a head of buttery cream. Mmmmm! I just don't think I could stand such a sugary drink.

    Springwater, thanks for that beautiful porch. That is exactly my style and, if I had a porch, I'd love for it to look just like that. I have a very similar clock on one of the vertical stub walls in my dining room up high. I also love those colors and the flowers. I'm so sorry about your friends' losing their brother.

    Sun, keeping a journal is excellent but I don't have the discipline to keep it up. When I was so sick and bedridden most of he time, I did keep a gratitude journal, finding five things each day for which I was grateful. It helped me not to slip into depression. I saw that movie advertised but didn't realize it was old. It looked good. Glad you got the computer fixed. I have to delete all the pocket pics my phone takes when I bend over. BTW, I detest DST but if we are going to spring ahead, why not just do it once and stop this insanity of changing the clocks twice a year.

    Elaine, I'm so glad you will be getting your procedure and I hope and pray all goes well. I'm sorry you have been in pain but am glad the meds work. Hope you and puppy are enjoying each other.

    Granni, how nice of you to fix a good meal for DGS. I'll bet your beans are tasty. Latest on fats in our diets is that they are OK but not good to mix with carbs. So, it's fine to have a nice fat marbled steak as long as one doesn't eat it with a potato, just veggies and no bread. It takes some getting used to. The roller coasters were wild. Only problem is that I got some whiplash when one stopped dead. Don't know why they do that but then, it took off backward. The one I liked looped the loop and corkscrewed. Whooo-weeee! I screamed the whole way, as did everyone else. I think this will likely be my last amusement park as they are too crowded and too expensive.

    I am sooooo sick of eating out. Glad to be home for my normal food. DD is feeling better but I am tired, as are they. So, tomorrow, we will go to the Shell Factory as he's been wanting to go to a shell store. The SF is a shell store on steroids. Maybe I'll find my Lion's Paw shell. They sell fudge but I can resist that. If they sell pralines, I'm a goner. Gonna go take an Epsom Salt soak. Just rolled my foot over a frozen bottle of water and that helped. Was on my feet all day trying to get everything off our bldg. so it can be pressure washed. I'll be glad when this bldg. is painted.

    I'll probably pop in tomorrow afternoon. Hope I didn't miss anyone. Good night, Porchies.

    Love, Mikie
  20. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Welcome back - Mikie. Good to hear all your news. Get some rest before
    you dive into your work..T and Sir Vester must hv been so glad to see you.

    Julie - thanks for all the pictures...is Lindseys house the one you all
    used to live in before? It looks cosy. Hope everyone gets over the crud

    Elaine - sorry your back gave you so much trouble..at least it doesnt keep
    you from getting about. Is your computer all right now?

    Granni - sounds like your programs are in full swing. Must be so rewarding to see how much joy those people get to hear your group.

    I need to think about getting an umbrella now. Went out for errands
    yesterday and it was pretty warm. I also went down to the stupa and there
    were lots of police about too, in case of protests by Tibetans commemorating
    1959 uprising in Tibet. But it was very peaceful, no demonstrators, just lots
    of pilgrims. Also foreigners. A couple had this little toddler in a remote controlled
    car and was driving her in the alleyways and round the stupa. Of course, it made
    a sensation. People thought the year old was driving the car!

    I remember another foreigner was playing his remote controlled helicopter
    in the monastery grounds and a squirrel from a tree leapt on to the ground
    scrambled upto the helicopter and was sniffing it! No fear at all! Just plain

    God Bless
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2015

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