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    I need to go back to Porch # 791 and take notes so I can respond but thought I'd get us started on a new Porch.

    OK, I'm back. Have been up since 5:00 when the cats started their morning ritual, yowling to be let in. Last night at 10:00, I opened the slider and coaxed Tweety to go out on the lanai. I had to carry Sir Vester to the door and push him out. I was drifting in and out of sleep and, had I not put them out then, they would have started a ruckus about 2:30 a.m. This morning, it was wild games of chase and then, crash and snooze. Yesterday was my chance to snooze. Weekends give me a brief reprieve from all the mgmt. problems. The mgmt. co. is closed and most residents are busy with guests or doing some of the local activities on weekends.

    As I looked out at the lanai yesterday, I realized that I simply did not have the NRG to go out there and clean. I haven't had a day of rest in two weeks. Before the trip, I was busy cleaning and cleaning out. I drove home in 80 mph. traffic on the interstate, bumper to bumper. We almost got hit by a woman texting. I braked and honked at her and she went shooting off to the right side of the road from her middle lane. Good thing no one was in that lane and she was lucky she didn't drive off the road completely. I'll bet she just went on texting. These people are dangerous to themselves and everyone else on the road.

    Today is sposta be hot and humid again. It isn't going to cool down til Tues. and that's only a few degrees. Still, mid-80's is better than almost 90. I hope to get the lanai cleaned today. It will be so nice to get everything back out there. It'll also be nice when the painters are gone for good and I can again have my orchids in the tree. They still have to paint the doors, balcony and stairs. They use cement paint on those, except the doors. Our bldg. is gray and white and the balcony and stairs used to be a gray/blue, called driftwood. I decided to go with gray on everything this time. Just easier and I'm tired of the two colors.

    Julie, you are so thoughtful about not exposing others to your flu bug. Good for you! Thanks for all the research in "who laid the chunk (or rail). I hope this bug doesn't leave you depressed. I get depressed at the end of a bug when I want to be up and around but still don't feel up to it. That Oreo is one smart dog. I laughed when I heard of her antic. Hope you are feeling better with each passing day.

    Granni, do you live on a golf course? Our snowbird neighbors do in W VA. When we were playing in Hawaii, I hit a wild shot which landed on the roof of a home along the course. Those poor people probably have to contend with wild golf shots all the time. When we had our last roof reshingled, courtesy of Hurricane Charley, the roofing co. put a rubberized covering down before putting on the new shingles. The engineer who examined our roof for the insurance co. said that, with that rubber shield, even if every shingle were blown off, the roof still wouldn't leak. Hope we don't have to find out. Glad you are able to get everything put back in place.

    Sun, there is an upscale town with very upscale gated communities just down the coast from us. It is those gated communities, in which the residents always felt so secure, which have had the most burglaries. If a place looks rich, it draws criminals like moths to a flame. Every time places get broken into, the newspapers carry stories of the tens of thousands of dollars' worth of jewelry which is taken. Our community isn't gated and it appears that gated communities have a false sense of security for the residents. We used to have a Red Box at Publix but I haven't seen it lately. People downstairs use the Netflix CD club and get one newer movie after another. The regular streaming Netflix and Amazon Prime don't have the latest unless one wishes to purchase the movie. I loved the animated "Cinderella" when I was a kid. I sang "Bibbity, Bobbety, Boo" nonstop, driving my Mom nuts. The new movie has had good reviews. Let's hope crime does not touch you or your loved ones again.

    Spring, don't you hate having to color your hair? I do. I did mine a couple of weeks ago and it is just now toning down to a nice golden blonde. I think of my new roll in the community as being like a juggler--having to keep a lot of balls in the air all at once. People are getting more comfortable with my mgmt. style. Of course, some come to me with problems I can't do anything about and I have to tell them they need to work it out with their boards in their individual assns. I do it nicely and tell them if we were all under one assn., I would be able to help. Why not prime them for the big vote when it comes (or if it comes). Celeb insanity is at an all-time high in the States. People go nuts for them. Not me; I wouldn't cross the street to see one. Hope your hair color comes out great!

    Rock, Mom was from NE and people there are about as Midwest as they can get. It was always such fun to visit as people there are as nice as they come. My stepdad was most everyone's doc and they all told stories of how he delivered their kids. I've been sooooo tired that I can't remember anything, even what I just said to someone a few minutes ago. Names escape me completely. I am hoping that my day of rest, and the completion of the painting and cleaning up, will restore my NRG a bit. I noticed that when my kids were here, I was substituting words for the words I wanted to use. It was soooo frustrating.

    I'm waiting for the Sun. paper which now doesn't come til well after 7:00. Oy! I'll shower and cut my hair and go to Target to get my Rx. Then, I'll come home and, hopefully, have the NRG to finish cleaning the lanai. By then, the sun will be high enough in the sky so the lanai is in shade. It's the ceiling which is the most difficult to clean. Then, I have to spray down the walls and wipe them with one of those microfiber cloths. The stucco on the walls out there is very textured, making it even more difficult to clean. Whine, whine, whine!!! Hope all y'all have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    I thought you might like to hear about the improvements we have made to our
    showplace. (I think it was Thelma Harper on Mama's Family who referred to
    her house thataway. Didn't she and Roseanne have that same crocheted
    granny square afghan on their couch?)

    Anyhoo, here are the new improvements: a new shower mat; a new dish
    drainer; and something else I can't remember. Impressive, huh?

    Temp is supposed to be 91 today. This could be life threatening as today is
    the L. A. Marathon. 25,000 people traveling from Dodger Stadium to
    Santa Monica which is on the coast. Roughly 26 miles. Uff-da! Gordon's
    brother has already left for work. He has to take a longer, somewhat
    circuitous route to get there.

    Well, shoot! The computer is still doing what it was doing a couple hours ago.
    I hit the keys and the letters show up on the screen a second or two later. Very
    disconcerting. I guess I will turn the durn thing off for an hour or two and
    hope it heals up sua sponte.

    Hope things are quieter and more comfortable where you are.

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    Hi Kids

    Testing...testing...Well, Hot Dog! The silly thing is working again.

    We had lots of noise here 3 hours ago. Helicopters and public address noise.
    All from Dodger Stadium which is roughly a mile from us. All part of the
    fun that is the LA Marathon. Did you folks who have the Nutribullet know
    that the company is a sponsor? They also have some official capacity.
    Involved with registration.

    Milton Berle was a big advocate of jogging. He said his doctor told him it
    would add ten years to his life. "I already feel ten years older," Milt panted.

    Do you know how old the afghan you found is, Julie? Gordon knows
    how to crochet, but never did much of it. He used to do a lot of knitting
    30 years ago. It was a way to unwind after a day at work. He hasn't done
    much at all the last decade or so. Anyhoo, glad to hear you're feeling

    Yup, Mikie. Nebraska is part of the heartland. Just read two books by one of
    its sons: Dick Cavett. Johnny Carson was also a son of the middle border.
    From Corning, IA; down in the SE corner. Dick Cavett used to be a joke
    writer for Jack Paar and Johnny Carson when he was young. Don't overdo
    with all that cleaning, Mikie. You don't want to be like my mother with her
    attitude of Mop till you Drop. HaHa!

    You were driving in 80 mph traffic? Yikes. Too fast for me. In Dave
    Barry's new book he has a letter to his daughter about driving in Florida.
    He says just because you have a license from the State of Florida doesn't
    mean much. They will give one to anybody. Even old men who can't
    see. (The wife goes along and tells him what's going on. "It's green! Go!
    No, Wait, I mean...)

    Well, shucks a rootie. The keyboard is all verkakta again. OK, back later.


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    Well, I'm back again. Just watched a cooking show. The host was Trisha. She
    and her sister were doing a homage to Julia Child. Looked pretty taste to me.

    Gordon asked me to post a picture of his Dendrobium Delicattum. It's a miniature from
    Australia. The flowers are less than an inch in size and look great when grown into a
    specimen display size. This is a all white one but they also come in mixture of light pink.
    He has had them for many years.

    We also went back to the free compost site and found it this time. The compost was just
    piled at the end of the dead end street. Gordon went back with his brother yesterday
    afternoon and brought back two small bags. They took a large plastic bag but it tore
    when they tried to lift it. Gordon wants to mix it into a plot so he can grow some melon
    and squash. Don't know why as he doesn't like to eat them. Guess he's just a farmer
    at heart.

    Half Heart Bra,
    (I guess that's Gordon's attempt to say "Ha det bra".)

    Den. Delicatum.jpg
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    Hi, Kids,

    Oh, I'm soooo excited that my Porch showed up for everyone. Yea!!! I did get my shower and cut my hair; it even came out great! I'm getting pretty good at this. I went to Target to get my Rx and it was one I couldn't take. I think I told them that but they didn't remove it from auto fill. So, I got a whole bunch of shampoo, body wash and lotion. I had coupons for almost all of it. It came to $21 with the coupons so I got a $5 gift card from Target. I even got some conditioner free. Haven't figured out how much I saved but it was a bundle. I think I'm now stocked up on pretty much everything one needs to live, except groceries. I did get a few, including some fettuccini, sauce, sausage and garlic bread. I had a delicious Italian lunch.

    By the time I ate, my foot was killing me. I did have enough NRG to go out to try to wash off some of the plaster dust from our plants. Plasterers were pretty negligent in covering them and they tromped on some. All the work I've done on our atria stairwell gardens and now, they look awful. We just need some summer showers to clean them up. Hope they finish tomorrow. I'm watching the "Magic Moments" PBS program again. It was recorded in 2004. Wish I had an extra $150 to get the CD's.

    Will try again tomorrow to clean the dirt off the lanai. It won't hurt if the water I use to clean the walls runs down on the tile floor. It's the ceiling which is the dirtiest. I think I'll get my Scrubbing Bubbles battery-operated scrubbing brush, on an extension handle, to try to reach the ceiling dirt. If I end up having to paint it, I'll have to spray it with Kilz or the dirt will just come through the new paint. Oy!

    Barb's daughter has gone home and her friend, Janice, is here with her dog. It's just a small yappy dog so I'll look the other way, unlike with a 60# Chow. It's been yapping nonstop since they went for a walk and stopped at the pool. Barb said she'd never let Janice bring her dog again. Last time, it ate part of the bed topper and chewed other things. It's never been trained. I wonder what it will destroy this time. Barb hates it. He's a sweet little dog but it's a shame to have a dog and never train it. Even my cats have been trained, at least, as far as one can train cats.

    Rock, thanks for sharing the pic of Gordon's orchid. It's another beauty. There are so many wonderful things in life if we just cultivate them and take the time to enjoy them (in between life's crises). I always get excited over new household items, no matter how small. I've been looking at my faded brown towels but replacing them is no small thing at today's prices. Rock, this website was very slow this morning. Don't know whether that had anything to do with your slow letters or not. My computer seems to do that too from time to time.

    Yes, if one drives the interstate, where the speed limit is 70, one has to go 80 and it is bumper to bumper. At least, my faculties were sharp enough to do it. Haven't driven like that in years. I don't think anyone has to ever take a driving test here in FL once one has a license. Even in town traffic, we have to be on the lookout for the really bad drivers and they aren't always old. We have a ton of hit 'n run accidents. My old ins. agent is serving time in jail for hitting a golf cart, seriously injuring the people in the cart, and leaving the scene. He got caught. I'd known him for years and never thought he'd do something like that.

    Julie, so glad you're doing better. Hope the depression is on its way out, along with the flu. I remember that everyone had one of those grandmother's garden afghans or the zig-zag patterns. They are sooooo warm. Of course, down here, I don't usually have to worry about being warm. Ex's grandmother made us a zig-zag afghan when we got married. I left it for him to remember his GM by. She was a really fun woman. I still think of her and miss her. She's the one who taught me to cook pork chops. I love a garden but I know what you mean about having to plan your life around when the "crops" come in.

    Guess I'll get going. Not sure to what but think it's time to roll my foot over a frozen bottle of water. Yesterday, it felt so much better but it didn't last. Love, hugs and prayers to everydobby.

    Love, Mikie
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    HI JULIE and other PORCHIES,

    Nothing to exciting here. Did washing window outside that DH wanted to do. If it were up to me they wouldn't get done):!!

    Here I the yummy bean recipe you asked for JULIE. I love this cause you can add what you like, as many as you like..

    For one or two people (MIKIE , SUN, or others) and a few leftovers, just half the marinade and a can or two of any of these veggies to your liking.

    For crowd like your kids and all the marinade is already doubled. Then add canned veggies, usually about 3 or 4 for a big group, of canned green beans (drained), 1 or two cans of waxed beans, a couple of kidney or red beans and 1 or two of garbanzo beans ( chic peas)

    Chop a green pepper or so and a large onion, red or regular. I usually don't have the red onion but have the sweet 1015 or so on hand.

    Marinade ( already doubled for a nice group like Julies, or more !!

    2/3 cup each of white vinegar, vegetable oil, red wine vinegar. The original recipe calls for 1 cup of sugar (for the doubled recipe) but I have tried 1/2 cup and it tasted just fine
    . Add the sliced onions and green peppers into the marinade before adding the canned, drained beans. Then,mix all together and refrigerate. Stir occasionally while marinating in the refrig at least a few hours but 1/2 the day or more is good. Mix together and add any other seasoning if you want. Sometimes I add some Mrs. Dash Garlic and Herb mix of garlic pepper but you won't need much. The marinade is nice. We will have some tonight with leftover fish from the Fish Fry. Need to run now. Glad you feel better JULIE. DON'T OVERDO.

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    JULIE - How about that recipe for Parmesan chicken??? Please pass it on. I m getting tired of the same old thing. Also a lot I use the frozen skinless and boneless chicken and that has little flavor, no fat unless mixed with some other good stuff:)!! I do so much with the cream of mushroom soup :)!! I use that for pork chops and chicken. Yu surely do sound so much better than you were but please take it easy my dear. Hope you ad al like te veggie salad recie. Iis so easy to throw together I you have te suff

    We had a great time at the party last night. LOTS of food and drinks of all kinds. DD and I had water and a few Margaritas. They were so good. We gave our teacher that was leaving a bunch of cards ad notes to read to her later when she moves. Also there was $ for her to use for whatever will be needed in her new home in PA. when they move. I think they may stay till her condo sells . She is so torn between her family in PA and the people and all she will be leaving here. I is sad but she has gone back and forth so many times for different reasons. They have obviously more $ that e did for traveling back and forth.

    Sorry but I don't know anyone in my family who could make such beautiful afghans.. Someone needlepointed a piece for a pillow or something and I have it . Think it was one of my aunts but that is all I know..

    MIKIE- Hope you are getting to relax a bit and feel better, now that it is time for the week to start again ! RELAX!!!!!!

    Hope your foot is feeling better !!

    Thinking of you all SUN, DIANE, ROCK, SPRING WATER et al !! Thanks for the lovely flower picture, Gordon and Rock.

    Love to everyone,
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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Hope everyone is feeling well and will have a good day. Cats got me up at 4:30 or so. They have been having a wild chase game with lots of calling out to one another. It's kinda the kitty version of hide 'n seek. I think I'm trying to come down with something. I feel all hot. Haven't taken my temp but just before I went to Orlando, it was slightly high. It could be the Whatever Herpes Family Virus. My doc said to just keep taking the Acyclovir from now on. My eye doc said he read a medical paper about AV's. Evidently, they keep one from getting shingles full blown. From his lips to God's ear!

    Today, the painters are supposed to paint our doors. I hope they do as people have made plans to be home or have given their keys to neighbors. Aren't sure when they will do the balcony. It needs some small cracks filled first. Yesterday, I walked over to where I had stowed the flower boxes and potted plants to ensure they got watered by our sprinkler system. Barb has a variegated herb of some kind and I especially checked on it. It's a little bit away from the sprinkler head so I watered it. I'll be sooooo glad when this is over and everything is back in place. My lanai will just have to wait til I'm up to cleaning it.

    Tomorrow is our Tues. mtg. and Wed., another member and I will meet with mgmt. to try to come up with a 3- or 5-year plan for landscaping improvements. Then, our Treasurer and I have to meet to ensure our insurance coverage is adequate and that we have set aside enough money in the budget to pay for it. Normally, our bldg. assn. is easy peasy so I can concentrate on the hood as a whole but, right now with this painting project, I have more balls in the air. I'm not a good multi-tasker/juggler; it takes most everything I've got.

    Granni, thanks for the recipe. I don't usually cook much but beans are on the Healthy Heart diet. I think if I cut the sugar in half, it would be OK. I can't stand even the smell of most vinegar 'cept Balsamic but I imagine I could substitute that for the vinegar. In fact, it might add additional taste to the marinade. I'm glad you had such a good time at the dinner. I loooove Margaritas. Had an excellent one at a Universal tiki bar. Right next to the bar was a sea plane, a real one. It was lit at night and I loved it. Think I took a pic; I still need to upload my pics to my computer. I have so many things on my plate this week that I doubt I'll get to relax much. This morning in bed, I was dreading getting up to start the week. Once it gets in full swing, though, it'll be fine. Thanks again for the recipe.

    Julie, or should I say, Madam President, thanks for your recipe. Don't cook too much for myself anymore but it's always good to have a yummy recipe on hand. That coin is sooooooo cute. I hope you keep your lush lashes. Mine get thinner every year. I keep piling on the mascara. I remember when Mom started to get thinning lashes. AACK!!! Old Age! I'd keep the afghans too if no one else claims them. With my ADD, I couldn't stick to large pieces of needlework. I once made a teapot cover which was quilted and was in the shape of a chicken. I've knitted and crocheted small things but cannot handle big things. Hope you continue to improve.

    I had better get going. I need to soak in Epsom Salts before the day begins. I also need to find out why I am getting banner pop-up ads when I try to delete spam here. It's sooooo annoying! I'll check in later. Y'all have a good day. Where's our early poster, Rock? I hope it's just computer problems, although, those are bad enough.

    Love, Mikie
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    Julie - Oreos antics cracked me up! it reminded me of a Garfield comic strip where Garfield does the same thing. And that Grandma coin..so sweet!

    Rock - another orchid! Does Gordon have hundreds? what a show they must make.
    Imagine being healthy enough to go and voluntarily take part in a marathon. I probably
    would hv. I loved sports in my youth. I was supposed to be good in hockey in school.
    Funny because i am scared of those hard balls.

    Granni - That four bean salad doesnt sound too complicated..i might hv a go at it one of
    these days. My DH would be thrilled. How nice for your friend that she can travel
    back and forth between Penn. and where you all live.

    Mikie - i prefer nice large dogs. The gentle ones of course. Like St Bernards. We have
    a black Tibetan mastiff stray outside. Not those pedigree ones in Tibet which cost
    thousands of dollars. This is like a simpler version but its got a large square shaped
    head on a big muscular body with short wooly black hair. And the meltingest eyes
    a doggie could hv. Its owner turned it loose, dont know why, it wouldnt bark or
    something, but they had put a collar on it when it was younger and it just grew and
    grew until the collar was so tight. It comes up to say hello to me when i go out and
    when i felt it, the poor dog was almost choking, it had become so tight! I was so
    livid. Tried my best to take it off but it wasnt even a collar it was a thick chain
    which just couldnt come off. I tried to get some neighbourhood boys to help me
    but no go, it would growl when we tried tugging. In the end i went to the previous
    owner, the wife was there and she and i lead it into our home, we tied it to a tree
    really tight so it couldnt move its head and then our help cut the chain with pliers.

    It took so much time and lots of tries and the dog was traumatised. At the end
    it was frothing at the mouth because it was tugging so hard to get away while
    we used the pliers..and then, success, the chain came off but it was still stuck to
    the tree too weak to move or too tired to try. I gave it a little prod and coaxed
    it up, and then it got up, shook his large head and cantered around, as well as
    well can be. Ha! What a triumph.

    This was last year. In between it got so sick, something with its legs. and so
    thin. But it seems to hv bounced back. he looks healthy enough to scare most
    passersby away.

    I went out for some groceries and got myself a nice big pack of chips. Im trying
    to be more disciplined where junk food is concerned but..the flesh is weak
    and all that. Yesterday i got my lunch from outside to give me a break from
    our home food. Got indian pooris, potato and peas curry and jalebi a sweet
    dish. Very tasty.

    Nowadays the evening skies are so beautiful. They change colour like anything.
    Its a treat to stand and watch from my terrace. Lots of birdies have come.
    and one breed sings a treat. so lovely.

    Take care all

    God Bless
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    Good morning dear Porchies,

    Have to get ready for line dancing today and DH will be home soon.

    JULIE - Tans for the recipe. I think I made something like this years ago. Sounds yummy. I will try again when I have the ingredients. How cute about LORRAINE and her coin of you, all in blue :)! Forgot to mention OREO's anticss the other night - how cute and funny.

    SPRING WATER - My recipe is VERY easy just need some chopping tie of onions and gr. peppers. Make the marinade and throw in the canned veggies. We enjoy it and especially good when hot and when it sits I the refrig for some time. How sad for the big doggie that was chained to a tree. Glad you at least got him away from the tree so he could fend for himself. Is the chain still around his neck?? Your dishes sounds so yummy.

    MIKIE- Hang in there and have a good week. Hope you had a good rest this weekend.

    Need to run may get back later ! Thinking of everyone.

  11. Alyssa-Admin

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    Hello all! Sounds like you have all had a busy and productive weekend!

    Mikie - I have a cat issue as well. Kappy Cat (<-) is not allowed outside 'unsupervised'. He is extremely friendly, and will go with anyone. And is a rarer pedigree called a Tiffanie (part Burmese, part Chinchilla). Bottom line is he is a love sponge. A couple of years ago I forgot to shut the kitchen window (the kitchen is also kitty prison)...and the Kapster escaped - lost for 2 days.

    And then we have Roobarb. Who is almost feral, will only allow you to touch him if he is on OUR bed...and you cannot ever let him see your hands or he turns into Edward RazorClaws.

    Kappy is very much a shadow cat - wherever we are (particularly me), he is with me...including the bathroom. Yep, he knows how to stand up and pull the door handle down and march in (and wind between your legs...a party trick he has used for several friends, and then for me every day).

    And gosh darn it. He is just so cute, soft, lovable...this cat will walk over to you...and give you a lick on your knee, just one and settle down. Or there is the full body bath - hair included. So basically, some days I am covered in cat spit. from head to toe. Literally. (And yes, I have a bath or shower after my initial bath from the cat).

    The point being...the two of them have a whole routine worked out....and usually it is at precisely 4.27 every morning, plus other times as well. Thing is, Kappy gets so upset if he is locked in the kitchen, particularly without Roo. His spot is with us...and at the time, he is sleeping and good. But you know that once you finally, finally get to sleep that pretty much anything left on my night table will be flicked onto the floor...and the piece de resistance? Kappy then stands on the higher set of shelves and pushes my night light onto my head. (Luckily very light...but still not a pleasant way of waking up). This is Kappy telling me that a) Roo needs to go out or b) he wants a treat or c) he's wanting attention NOW. Most of the time it is all of these things. So, like a twit, I go through this every night - letting myself be disturbed in my slumber because I am too much of a softie not to have Kappy with me, and I definitely would never lock Roo out for the night (he'd blow away!). So, I hear ya @Mikie about the cats. And sounds like you also own a double feature as well.

    Rock, Gordon's orchids are gorgeous. For some reason, I still cannot send pictures - I taught myself how to crochet and made a gorgeous one (we are talking beyond Granny Squares the old way and into them with flowers sticking up out of them...). Thing is...a) I didn't understand tension and wool and that I should have used a larger crochet hook. Bottom line - I have a lovely throw that goes along the bottom of a bed....because it came out HALF the size that it should have! Hell, I even brought wool with me when we went to Turkey and I was crocheting by the pool. Met a lot of people that way, ha ha ha!

    Well, we are in a bit of a quandary. I have itchy feet to move again. Scotland holds nothing for us...It is a beautiful country - don't get me wrong. But we are not outdoorsy type of people. We appreciate beauty, don't get me wrong...but the rain, wind and dark days on top of no family here...we are just 'existing' and not actually doing stuff to enjoy life more...It is a culinary wasteland here (I used to own restaurants and catering companies), expensive to live and hubby has a 2 hr commute to work (which he enjoys - his work that is).

    I really wanted to move to The Netherlands. I fell in love. To me it was like nirvana and ticked every box. (Yes, I know that nowhere is perfect...but the people have PRIDE. Everything is clean, the food is good, 90% speak English and the flowers....everywhere. And all the small, family owned shops - it's lovely. Here, you can't tell what city you're in any more because they have been taken over by the larger national shops. Or gone out of business. It's sad. In Holland, cannabis is legal to grow and for medication. And yes, there are coffee shops and many ways and means of getting it...the government turns a blind eye but they are not allowing the coffee shops to get new leases...so they will sadly be phased out over time. Cannabis is one of the few things that helps with my pain and sleep. So, we are looking for some place where it is legalised.

    But then my husband pointed out the climate will be similar to here. And more to the point, there are no palm trees, ocean or sandy beaches. Fair point.

    So, we started looking into California...but this drought thing is seriously scary. Apparently it has been going on for 14 years!!!!! And they are looking at having a year left of water in some places. (Definitely the place we are interested in). So that to me is really rather scary!

    Right. Any thoughts on a lovely place to live with sea, sun, sand, fresh water availability, humidity isn't too bad in the summer, things to do, relatively reasonably priced, good restaurants? I suggested Spain...my husband said 'no...there are too many English there'.

    On that note folks, I am procrastinating.... yogalates, whether I am ready for it or not (today, definitely not), I am coming....

    Have a great, pain-free Monday folks.

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    ps what I forgot to mention about the cat's charade every night - my husband sleeps soundly through it all.....of course.
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    MIKIE- Please try the red wine vinegar once with a small batch. It does not seem too acidy esp if you spoon it out with a slotted spoon. The Bal. vinegar seems more acidy to me. Gotta run. Sticky keys and singing after dinner.

  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hey you all,

    We made it thru another L.A. Marathon in our neighborhood. I wish the sponsors
    would run it around the homes in the Beverly Hills area. Bet there would be so much
    noise from the rich and famous.

    Enough of that. Here is a picture of the latest orchid to bloom. It's a catt. The color
    is a very light green with a beautiful ruffled purple lip (notice the purple fringe around
    the two outer petals). It must have bloomed for me before as I have notation on the
    tag but I don't remember it. There are a few more out there but they will not bloom
    for awhile.

    My monthly orchid meeting will be this Thursday and I hope I remember to take
    some picture for everyone. Between selling the raffle tickets and not being used to the
    idea of having a camera with me I forget!!!!

    I told my friend Jim to look for a vanda for me at the Santa Barbara Orchid Show.
    He found something unusual for me.....(can't post picture due to the large size, 3.73
    MB) but believe me what he got was too much for color TV - it's ugly!!!! It was spotted
    with a deformed shape and unlike a vanda. He told me this was a new line of hybridizing.
    I'm glad he said there was no pressure as he would keep it if I did not like it.

    all for now.


    Attached Files:

  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Hope everyone is doing well. I am up early, feeling discombobulated. Too much going on. Everyone planned on their doors' being painted yesterday. Evidently, the paint store needed time to select a paint which would bond to the various paints on the doors (some people, like me, have repainted the doors since the last time the bldg. was painted). So, they painted the deck yesterday. The lady renter at the other end gave me a ton of grief about not being able to come and go for an hour once the balcony was painted.

    Barb gave me all kinds of grief about the color, the prep for the balcony, etc. Her daughter keeps telling her to stop worrying and just let the painters do their job. They guarantee the job for 7 years so if it doesn't hold up, they will fix it. They are one of the best companies in the area. I keep telling her to relax. Someone who has had a stroke shouldn't be obsessing and worrying. She's always been a pain in the neck but, since the last stroke, she is worse--far worse. She keeps calling a neighbor downstairs to come over and then is horrible to her. I don't go near her if possible.

    I just hope everyone has made arrangements to leave their doors open so the painters can finish up today. This has been a scheduling nightmare, not only for me but also for the painters. Everyone is so busy now, with the improved economy, that one has to take an open slot when one can. I'm just as glad it will be over with soon. I still have plants and planters to tend to and my lanai to clean. I can get the planters put back but it may take a bit for me to get the plants around the stairwells spiffed up.

    Seems that getting my condo cleaned up before the trip, the trip itself, and coming home to this has left me exhausted and brain fogged. That I can barely walk, and am in pain, doesn't help. I have a condo mtg. this morning and a mtg. with another board member and our mgr. tomorrow to discuss landscaping upgrading and a long-term landscaping plan. After that, no more meetings this week. I just hope that nothing else crops up. I'm just trying to hold the line so I don't get so exhausted that I can't function at all. I'm in survival mode. Every late afternoon, I go to bed to rest and snooze. Whine, whine, whine!

    Granni, I can try the red wine vinegar but probably not the white. I have tolerated the balsamic vinegar with oil for salads so am comfortable with that. Doc on PBS says that we should all become vegetarians and eat big veggie salads and soups every day. Don't think I can do that but I do like my green drinks and I like salads.

    Gordon, another beauty! Thanks for sharing. Two of the Catts I bought at the nursery last year have each sprouted two new bulbs each but one of them has none. I think that's the one the cats pulled out of the bark. There are a lot of dead roots on the surface but there are also healthy ones below the bark. My baby Catts are sprouting new leaves but no bulbs yet. Didn't expect too much from them for a while. Thanks again for another great pic of a beautiful orchid.

    Alyssa, sounds as though your home is as alive with little ones as mine. They all seem to have their own little rituals and antics. I have to be at a mtg. this morning while the painters do my door. I just hope they don't let the kitties out. The one painter who speaks English won't be here and my Spanish is waaaaay rusty.

    Spring, that experience with the Tibetan Mastiff is heartbreaking. I'm so glad he recovered and bless you for helping him. If a tight collar is left on a growing dog, it can actually become part of the dog's body, which will grow around it. It's cruel to leave a tight collar on a dog. I'm so glad you were able to get that dog's collar off. Enjoy you chips. I got some organic blue corn chips to have with some guacamole that I got on sale. I'm supposed to eat avocados for my heart.

    I still have an hour before taking my Epsom Salt soak (I don't run water until I have to in order to let the late sleepers downstairs have their rest; how I NV them). The soak, plus ibuprophen, should help me get through the day. Pain, I can take--exhaustion, on the other hand, worries me. I don't wan't to get past the tipping point. Will continue to pace myself and get a lot of rest. I should call the doc to see if a podiatrist could help me with the heel. Maybe a steroid shot would help with the inflammation. Think I'll pick up some Aspercreme to rub on it. Oh well, this too shall pass (fingers crossed).

    Hope all y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie
  16. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    I hope I can remember what everyone posted!

    Mikie, first off, have you done exercises for the plantar fascitis? I had it really bad when I was still working. Went to the doctor who told me to get a tennis ball, or possibly that's sold in sporting goods stores. I also bought a variety of shoe inserts and was told to buy the best pair of exercise shoes I could get and WEAR them. I know that you're like me.....barefoot or flipflops. I was having to wear pants to work from that time on because the shoes look like heavy granni shoes. Go online to youtube for foot exercises. Sorry you're experiencing so much pain and fatigue. Wouldn't it be nice if Barb could just see herself as others do.

    Spring: What an awful story about your poor dog. It's good he came into your life.....you're his angel and he will always watch over and protect you.

    Granni: Wish I knew how to copy something on this ipad. I used to make something like your bean salad years ago, but I cheated and used a bottled dressing. I also had found a really good recipe from some TV chef.....you clean fresh green beans, but leave them long, drop in boiling water for about 2 min. then cool, ice over them to stop the cooking. Then add sliced thing onion rings. Pour the vinegar dressing over it all and put in frig. Keep stirring to coat. Before serving the green beans add a can of drained, pitted black olives. And as I recall it said to add some fresh herbs to the vinegar mixture.......what you have made up. In my mind I'm thinking it was some dried tarragon I added.

    Julie: I made that chicken recipe years ago, but will have to do it again. And I love the Granni for president coin. And......she's quite an artist.......3 + years and she can draw like that. Encourage her every chance you get. I'm sure she has crayons, but look into a cheap box of watercolor pencils and a brush. After she colors, then with a wet brush she can blend really good. And I love the story about Oreo.......he's one smart dog.......trying to fool Den.

    Rock and Gordon: Great that the marathon is now over. And do you stand nearby and cheer all the runners?!!!! LOL. Your lathe house with all those blooming flowers must really be a sight. Take a pic. of all of them so we can see and enjoy.

    Alyssa: Where in Calif. are you considering? You must remember that Calif. is basically a desert, but of course it supplies quite a lot of fresh produce for the rest of the country. Here it is still March, and the temps are high. I put in succulents years ago and removed the lawn, but in the back is the pool and I'm having to add water to it almost daily.

    I haven't been sleeping good, mainly in 2 hr. increments, so I'm feeling really worn out. Of course having to leave the window open seems to wake me up more often, but March seems a tad too early to be turning on the fan. I was up painting from l:30 to 3 a.m. Still have lots of pain, though thankfully most of the tingling in my legs has subsided. That's scary.......I have stenosis in my neck and low back, and I don't know if it will progress or not. Seems my body just continues to break down.

    My son said the thief used one of the credit cards, spent $1 and then $2 and then over $100 on bus transfers. Up in Portland they have a great transporation system, and you buy passes with a credit card at a machine. He emailed the policeman yesterday about this.....figuring a camera/video would have him......so maybe the police can get this and find HIM.
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Everydobby,

    Went to the meeting and got a lot of things out of the way or set up to be handled. Gave the mgr. instructions on how to pay the painters. They are finishing up our doors. The people who aren't home are getting them painted in place. That means that when they open the doors to the inside, there will be a thin strip all the way around where the weatherstripping hits against the door. Barb left but didn't seem distressed when she came home and the door was wet. Some days, she is better and some, not so much. One woman went to work. I had left her a note that she could leave a key with me but, even as long as I've known her, she trusts no one. Life seems to scare her. She's about 50 and never married. Instead of being independent, she has relied on her parents for help and advice and hasn't developed life skills like those of us who were forced into independence. The other single woman left the key with her neighbor and left her dog penned in with a child's gate. This is a reputable company and the employees are bonded. They stay right by the door they are painting and don't go inside. They are so nice and I'll miss them when they are going but will be glad when it's over.

    I just started the new book last evening about King Edward and Wallis Simpson and fell asleep, not because it isn't good already but because I'm sooooo exastegated. The author pulls no punches about Edward's lack of character. I knew they were accused of being Nazi sympathizers but didn't realize the extent. This should be a good book.

    Sun, I hope they catch the theif. They often use the cards to buy small things to see whether it's been reported stolen. If they get by with small things, they will try something else. Crime costs all of us one way or the other but it's the worst for the victim. I hope your sleeping improves. I know that, for me, sleep is critical. I've been snoozing earlier in the evenings and am feeling better today. Does your back cause neuropathy? I had that for a while but kicked my feet up and down in bed and the numbness and tingling went away. I have all the PT from You Tube and what my daughter told me. DSIL said his Dad had it so bad that he couldn't walk. He told me about rolling my heel on a frozen bottle of water. I've also rolled it over a ball. I think it's a bit better today but it may be due to the 800 mgs. of ibuprophen I took before going to the condo mtg. DD said wearing the Sketcher rocker shoes helped her but they only made mine worse. The best thing seems to be my Rocket Dog flip flops with the thick foam soles. What are you painting?

    Julie, forgot to tell you that Interstate 75, from Tampa down is six lanes and even eight in some stretches. It's scarier than the roller coasters at Universal. On the way up, I drove quite a bit on two-lane country roads but it's sooooo slow because where they go through small towns, the speed limit drops to 35 mph. I don't speed on those roads because I respect the safety of the residents. Also, in some of those towns, speeding tickets is their main source of revenue. It's a lot less scary, though, and the scenery is much better. Almost every small town, no matter how small, has a beautiful govt. bldg. and, because this is the South, has some kind of tribute to those who fought against the "War of Northern Aggression." I find that hysterical.

    Better get going on finishing up my laundry. I plan to start my snoozing early again tonight.

    Love, Mikie
  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids, Not up to posting. I got the

    All The Time Blues.

    Feeling Blue in the morning. Feeling Blue at night.
    No sun shinning. It is outta sight.

    My Mama is ailing, and the house burned down.
    My woman done left me. Gone to Natchez town.

    I feel all jangled. Not feeling whole.
    Nothing but darkness in my soul.

    Hotel closed down, so I'm outta work.
    You know a place that needs a good night clerk?

    A dollar in my pocket. Holes in my shoes.
    A beer's still a quarter. That's the only good news.

    Blues in the morning and Blues at night.
    How much longer till things are right.

  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    Julie, I'm so sorry about your ear problem. That kind of thing can drive us to madness. If the fungus ever comes back, you can put a couple of drops of colloidal silver in it. It kills all kinds of pathogens. Just found out that my DSIL's father's docs soaked all the instruments in it when they did his knee replacement; they also soaked the knee. It was proactive to avoid infections from the in-patient surgery. He never got an infection. It's a time-honored way to kill off bugs. DD used it in her dog's ear and it cleared up his infection. I hope and pray you are better.

    Rock, I hope and pray those blues go away. No one wants to face the dark hour of the soul. It's one of the worst parts of what ails us. Please do whatever you can to get rid of it. I know that there is nothing we usually can do but if there is, do whatever it takes to kick the blues to the curb.

    I have been sooooo exhausted of late but am still drifting off to sleep early in the evenings. Last night, I took my reduced-dose Special K (1/2 mg.) and slept some more. About 2:30, I woke to the sound of Tweety meowing out on the lanai. I realized I had never locked Ilona's place up after the painters finished painting our doors. So, there I was at 2:30 this morning, in robe and slippers, tip toeing downstairs to lock the door. My exhaustion is robbing me of my memory. Thank God, this hood is usually safe (knocking on wood here). The painting is done. I'm doing my happy dance in my head.

    This morning, I have a mtg., with another board member, at the mgr.'s office to try to come up with a long-term landscaping plan. We also need to address our reserve funding for our fencing and mailboxes. Then, we need to come up with a plan to replace three dumpster enclosures. One is in dire need of replacing. I am thinking I might suggest we use some of the funds in our fencing reserve to fix it. We have pooled reserves which means we can take some money from one category to use in another without having to put it to a vote. In our little bldg. assn., we have straight reserves and can only spend the reserve funds for the purpose originally designated. We are in good financial condition in our bldg. so I don't have to worry about it like I do the big assn.'s needs.

    When I get home from the mtg., I need to go to the store to get fresh produce. Strawberries are 3 for $5 and they are my favorites. I am sposedta eat berries and dark chocolate. I will eat strawberries and a few dark chocolate Hershey kisses together. Mmmmmm! This is the best part of the Healthy Heart Diet. After shopping, I need to put back our plants and flower boxes. I also want to hose down the stairwell atria to try to get rid of the last vestiges of stucco powder.

    Temps are to be in the mid-80's until next week when they will drop to the low 80's. We may get some rain then. I hope I can get this outside work done and clean the lanai before we get hotter temps again. Even a few degrees, and a breeze, can make a huge difference in my sweat quotient. I try to stay outta the "Sweat Like A Farm Animal" level.

    I hope all my beloved Porchies are doing better. Love, hugs and prayers to everydobby.

    Love, Mikie
  20. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hello all

    Its evening and the wind is blowing really hard outside my window, the bougainvillae leaves are
    shaking and pigeons are coming home to roost..thats right, i guess with the cutting down of trees
    etc there is lack of accomodation, so the pigeons have started nesting in the bougain trees..its normally
    window ledges.

    Maybe thats why i dont see too many mice nests in there these days. When i went down to empty
    the garbage, the neighbourhood half stray cat was perched lazily on our helps accomodations
    tin roof at the very edge. My helps lil toddler pointed him out, he was meowing but i couldnt see and then there
    he was, right above my head...so casual and unconcerned..blinking his eyes at us and nicely resting
    with his paws poking out all languid. Even when we were looking straight at him...wonder whether
    he was tripping on grass or something..just treated us like we were serfs or some such, not to be
    bothered with.

    There was a little one some years back the same colour who was on our tree and when i went up to
    it, it just jumped right on to me..all lovey dovey..maybe this is the same one but he looks so different from the scrawny lil thing of before. I remember thinking someone around here, gives this cat a lotta love. Maybe the neighbours young daughter.

    Mikie - sorry to hear you are discomul, discombuted..err discombulated, whatever it was, heh heh. But your days
    schedule tires me just reading, all those things to be managed.

    Rock - hope you perk up soon.

    Julie - l hope your ear is better soon. What a strange sensation it must be.

    Alyssa...- it sounds so exciting to be able to decide where you want to up and settle. All over the world. I think Spain sounds lovely. But i dont know how their economy is. Right now. We know someone who used to have a shop selling mobile phones but it didnt do well later on..and they closed and the daughter got a job.

    The 2000s were not kind to businesses at all.

    Its getting dark, must needs to go take down the washing and charge this computer while the electricity is still there.

    God Bless

    I had to edit, all sorts of mistakes on revisiting my post..i had made it a larger font but it
    somehow went back to small..and some other stuff..looks like Rocks, Grannis, Julies and my computer is having PMS. Acting out.

    Last edited: Mar 18, 2015

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