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    OK, I'll post this, refresh the page, and be back.

    Love, Mikie

    I'm baack. Hope y'all can see this Porch. Also hope I can remember what everydobby posted on #792.

    Granni, sorry your computer, or tablet, isn't working. Come back when you can.

    Sunflower Girl, I think there is a definite connection between fatigue, brain fog, and chocolate. The more tired and brain fogged we are, the more allure chocolate holds for us. That's why I try to eat it with the strawberries. I get filled up on the berries instead of just the chocolate. I admire you for getting out to be social even when you don't feel up to it. I'd just curl up in bed, which is actually what I'm doing now. I hope your profound fatigue improves.

    Springwater, that's funny about the cats. They are such strange creatures. We don't have pigeons where I live in da hood but we have mourning doves. I always thought they were so cute until they crapped all over the windowsills, just like pigeons. I will be cutting down our mandavillas, I think. I had to take them down for the work on the bldg. Guess I'll check them out to see whether they would be better cut back or string them back up on the wall. The workers stomped on the hedge I've been trying to grow to cover the storage bins I keep behind them. The painters left several HUGE plastic pails of leftover paint. Yikes!!! I have to have a place to keep them. Glad you don't have mice. We don't either. The hawks, the cats and the snakes get them. Now, all I need is an anteater.

    Julie, is your ear any better? I hope so. Sounds as though your flu is better. I stained all the wood in the windows in our house addition and the glue/lam beam which held up the roof. It was fun; I enjoy painting and staining. Just think: Everything you do in your house project is bringing you closer to having the home you want. It's work results that last, unlike housework. AACK!!! I hate housework!

    Meeting went well. We all got on board and agreed with where we want to go. We prioritized what needs to be done. Mgmt. is going out for bids for new fencing and for construction of dumpster enclosures. Those two things, and new landscaping along the property facing the street, are our longer-term projects. We will be putting new sod, which grows in shade, behind two bldgs. now. That's a big project but we can manage it at this time. It may take four or five years before we can replace the fences and redo our dumpster enclosures but we have to start somewhere. If we do these things, this hood will be a showcase. We also discussed keeping our budget in line. So far, so good.

    I had to go to Lowe's to get stuff which stops rust. The opening in the tub behind the cover and toggle plug switch had iron screws and they rusted, causing rust on the edge of the opening. I need to remove the cover and put this stuff on the rust. Then, I filled up the gas tank and got groceries at Publix. I got just under 22 mpg., combined road and city on the trip. Not bad for a full sized crossover SUV. If it were a true SUV, I wouldn't get such good mileage. I know smaller cars do much better than mine but I can no longer get in and out of cars comfortably and I love the utility of mine. Having 40 psi's of air in the tires helps the mileage. It would wear down the tread but, I never get them worn down before they have to be replaced due to age. Living down here in the jungle is hard on batteries and tires.

    Well, Kiddies, I hope I didn't miss anydobby. I also hope everydobby has a pain-free evening. Sleep well, my friends.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie: I'm like you on the birds........adorable and cute but "respect my rules" meaning watch where you #@$%. Last year I had 3......3.......hummingbird flocks. Well,not really a flock, but what do you call a hatching of two each time. I got so tired of the mess on my camilla bush that I cut the branch that held the little nest. Gave it to my neighbor so she could show her visiting DGD. I've also had broods of bush tits! I had a large, narrow, long hanging basket in the back and one day I moved it and blam......at least 10 of them came flying out of it. What a surprise. I didn't even know there was a nest in there. I did a search and find that one brood after another all stay together.

    It's not fatigue I'm dealing with right now.......it my low back and neck that has stenosis so I keep having those scary tingling feelings in my legs and pain.

    Julie: About my son's breakin and how you said it was God's watching over him. Well, I had been praying that there would be NOTHING wrong with his car since I had told him it was a blessing that he had been away otherwise he might have come home and surprised the burglar and been shot. Well, yesterday he told me that apparently his car had been syphoned of gas and he was OUT of Gas. His gas gauge has been broken for 10 years.
    God works in mysterious ways.

    I called the mattress company direct today, basically cried my heart out that the mattress store didn't seem to be doing anything after 3 weeks. A supervisor called back so it looks like the mattress will be replaced.
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    I see Julie has been and gone..i had come in, then went off to make DH his morning cuppa. The kitchen table where he sits was full of stuff, bags a salt, diary, morning papers, his shaver and a crystal vase full of water where from which i had just thrown some wilted carnations into the dustbin..he knocked the vase over and spilt water all over and snapped at me, i daresay it was my fault, i hadnt picked up last night..i think i was watching something and dozed off. Anyways, a nice cuppa tea just the way he likes it and he was back into his good mood.

    Julie - i wish i had a stairlift but i wish more that i had a one storey house..bedroom, kitchen all on same floor..life comes full circle..when i was very young..and lived on the terraced floor of our house in india which was plain cemented structure, three storeys and our floor was a former factory for packing pigs bristles and exporting to britain, gradfathers time..it was wooden, beams, rafters etc..very plain and i used to long for a separate house with 'upstairs and downstairs' like i saw in those magazines, mum used to read..womens magazines from england. Stories about housewives, and women romances, etc. now i have many upstairs, and many stairs and its all got too much. The logical solution would be to move i suppose, but the right house still eludes. We visited some homes, but the kids wouldnt want to move too far. From the main town that is. And right now its very easy for me to up and visit the stupa and surrounding monasteries.

    That is so heartwarming about Amys rescue doggie. You guys are a beacon of shining light in a somewhat opaque world.

    Mikie - i laughed about the ant eaters..these pigeons are determined creatures, they would come in and nest if i let them..in fact a pair of them did nest on top of my cupboard..i think i already recounted the tale..these pigeons who grew up on our window ledge decided they would go a step further than their parents and started coming in..they'd come in, alight on the dressing table and do a dance in front of the mirror, then when theyd grown all adult they went and made a nest on top of my cupboard..i threw out the nest couple of times but they were determined, i kept the window open for fresh air..and finally when i looked theyd not just built a nest at lightning speed, theyd laid an egg. Then another. I let them be. The chicks grew up but tragedy struck, an adult pigeon came in and killed the two babies while the parents were foraging for food. I remember feeling such an amount of blinding rage, at God especially.
    We put up with dirt, noises, flapping wings, for this?

    Never again. Ive dismantled and thrown away pigeons nests from my kitchen window ledges at least for times last couple of days..its too traumatising..when the chicks get killed. The world out there is not for the faint of heart. And i cant wait to get outta here. Its not just this, which may seem trivial, its lots of things. With people. With places. ISIS. Ebola.

    Sun - someone was looking after your son that day. Thank heaven. I hope your mattress gets replaced soon. I would have loved to see the humming birds. I saw a man on tv he had built this hat with a bird feeder built in and would sit out on his deck chair watching them as they hummed around his head. It was fascinating.

    Well, the day is begun..and so far its sunny. Take care all

    God bless

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    Hell0 to all,

    Here is a picture of another orchid. It's a novelty cymbidium, not a full size standard
    and not small enough to be considered a miniature. This was hybridized by an amateur
    grower over 30 yrs ago. The grower won several awards for this cross and was
    considered colorful for its' time. By today's standard the flower spike would be deem too
    short, there is not enough flower count and the color too light (red color orchids are now
    very saturated). I've had this plant for several year now and it's time to pass it on to
    someone else to enjoy. One must continue to update their collection. I think it's just an
    excuse I use to justify me getting more/newer orchids. Tomorrow will be our monthly
    meeting. The speaker will be talking about orchids from the Philippines. Hope to take
    many pictures to share.



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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    I have greeted the day (This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it). I pray for everyone here and from the sounds of things lately, we could all use some prayer and watching over. Cats stayed quiet til almost 5:00 but I was awake at about 4:00. Still, it's good to lie in bed and get my prayers going and just relax before having to get up. I still have work to do outside and it'll be hot but not as hot as it will be Sat. and Sun. On the one hand, I hate to see hot weather so soon but, on the other hand, our propane gas bills for heating the pool should drop. The pool was full of adults and kids having a really good time yesterday and I always love to look out and enjoy their happiness. We have a really big pool for a community this size so it can accommodate a lot of people. Kids who have been visiting have been much quieter than in some years past. I can deal with normal kid noise but not continuous shrieking.

    I finally got the exterminator to call me back and he left a voice mail. He's coming out this morning and I let the folks downstairs know so he can come in to spray for their ants. As we say in the South, this guy, the exterminator, ain't rawght. Poor fellow is hyperactive and has problems keeping his scheduling straight. We threatened to fire him if he couldn't do better. I'm glad that he seems to be able to get here every three months, not on the same date, but close enough. We didn't want to fire him cause he is a small business man and whatever he uses gets rid of the pests. I have to wonder, though, if those pesticides aren't causing some of his problems. People who use the big companies don't seem to be as happy with them.

    Yesterday, I got a few things put away and sprinkled the plants in the stairwell atria. The plasterers crushed the hedge sideways where I want it to cover the storage boxes. So, I think I'll compromise and move one of the storage bins over to the enclosed area of the poolhouse. My neighbor downstairs will help me move it. I can put all this excess paint in it. The painters have to buy in 5-gal. buckets. They only used about 2 gals. on our doors. I told the painting manager to come and get the paint if they do another bldg. Evidently, this is super-duper paint and will cover most other types of underlying paint jobs. Sherwin Williams was holding up the painting of the doors until they determined which paint we needed as they guarantee the product. Paint at this level usually retails for about $100 a gal. The pros pay about half that much. In the long run, we will be better off but it certainly threw a wrench in the scheduling.

    The painting mgr. has yet to do his walk through. I showed him the damage on the far end railing from tenants moving in and out. He will give me a bid to redo those rails. We will charge the unit owner. The condo mgr. is sending the owners a letter telling them they have to fix the broken blind in the front window and they have to stop the kids' running their little cars up and down the rails. We can't discriminate against people with kids but a condo is definitely not the place to be raising them. They are good kids and not out by themselves but their mother and grandmother can be very nasty to deal with. So, I won't deal with them; I'll let the mgmt. co. do it. Most of the time when we have problems in here, it's from renters. Most of them have no investment in their places and just don't care. The renters below me are very good and are trying to eventually buy the unit. I hope they can.

    Sunflower Girl, I have to wonder whether your back might feel better if the store got the mattress replaced. I hope they get on the stick and get it done. We have a woman here who writes a newspaper column where one can turn if one gets the run around from businesses. Companies live in fear of showing up in her column and usually make things right. I'm sorry, I thought you had mentioned being tired. I know that when I am in pain, it is exhausting. Other than poop, we don't usually have problem birds. For a couple of years, though, some cardinals built their nest in a tree just outside my window. The male could see his reflection and thought it was another bird. He would fly at the window and peck at it for hours on end. It was unnerving. I'm glad they are gone. Hope your back is better.

    Julie, it does sound as though you had a very productive day. My ex and I worked soooo well together on projects. I almost always was able to anticipate his needs and get tools and to help to him at just the right time. We worked well together when it required two people and when it didn't, we each went our separate ways and worked alone. I'm so glad I learned so much because now, I can do a lot of things myself. I hate being at the mercy of electricians and plumbers for small jobs. For the bigger jobs, I'm glad I have good professionals I can call on. It's good Den can replace GPA's chairlift. I think climbing stairs has been healthy for me but I wonder whether the time will come when I can no longer climb then. Have you ever heard of intense gardening? If you can till down 18-24", you can plant things which grow above the ground twice as close together as you normally would. Being close together, they shade the ground to retain more water and keep out more weeds. They put out deeper roots too. I did this and it was great! Kids who are able to work in gardens are lucky. Some kids probably think their fruits and veggies hang in cans on trees or they just never give it a thought.

    Springwater, I am aghast at birds coming into your kitchen and building nests. The nerve of those birds! I guess your home is inviting to all of God's creatures. Wow! If only a cuppa tea could soothe all men, there would be a lot fewer divorces. It took a string of loose floozies to temporarily satisfy my filandering ex. He finally married one of them and they seem to make each other miserable most of the time. Well better their being miserable than my being miserable. I hope you can find just the right home. I think it's time to reorganize and further clean out my stuff to make room in this small condo. By condo stds., it's not that small but I have a lot of stuff. Glad I got rid of my bike. I'm now considering getting rid of my golf clubs. The chances of my playing again are small. If Richard comes down and wants to play, I can rent clubs. Here's hoping those pesky birds leave you alone.

    Gordon, thanks for posting the pic of yet another beautiful orchid. Keep the pics coming. Please give our love to Rock and accept our love for you. You are both part of our Online Family. I still have my orchids inside but need to get them outta here. They are getting enough light but are everywhere, along with other types of plants, until I can clean my lanai and hang some in the tree outside.

    Speaking of orchids, Barb thanked me for taking care of her orchids--the one I gave her when she had her stroke and the one our mutual friend gave her. The Dendrobium I gave her still has a couple of beautiful lavender blooms on it. The Phal her friend gave her will have about twice as many dark purple blooms as it did the last time it bloomed. It has smaller blossoms. It's the one which was almost a goner and I nursed it back to health. I think I mentioned that the roots are so healthy that they shot upward about 3-4" above the bark in the pot. Atop the roots are the leaves. I plan to set it out in a shady area on the balcony on a little table. I'll also get the chairs put out there today.

    Barb, and her current guests, Janice and her dog, Teddy, were sitting there last evening or I would have moved the furniture down there. They wanted me to have a glass of wine with them but I wanted to go back to bed, even tho it was early. Barb is drinking waaaay too much wine; she's not supposed to drink at all. Oh well, it's her body and her decision. My heel is better but, after a while on my feet, it hurts. I'm going to go get in the shower and hope I can make some progress today in getting things back to normal. I don't have any extra mtgs. or doc appts. this month and I hope it stays that way. I desperately need to be bored. ;)

    Prayers have already gone up for all y'all so I hope you have a blessed day.

    Love, Mikie
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    My wife was, for a time, a patient of Dr. Dakos. Now we find he has passed away and we are wondering if someone else took over his practice. Aphone to your Doctor also would be helpful to us. It is trying at times to deal with this decease.

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    Gordon: I think I have one like that outside but can't say for sure since some years there's rarely any flower spikes, but one year they all went crazy. I must have had over 50 a a total. Maybe they all just got pooped out. And since there isn't covering for them the hail a few weeks ago made all the leaves look pitted. I admit I haven't been good about feeding them......way too much going on before my DH died and stress is still very high for me so the orchids are at the bottom of the list.

    Spring: You've got a heck of a lot more PATIENCE than me. First bird that flew in that would have been it.....I couldn't stand what you did.

    And speaking of birds laying eggs, a few years ago I had a mourning dove make a nest near my sliding door and lay eggs. I was so excited because I could peek out the drape. She sat for weeks on those eggs, but I never did see a mate. So a friend said to just take the eggs because they were probably not fertilized. So that's what I did. Two days later there were more eggs and there sat Dorothy Dove, trying to hatch them again. I think I waited another month and then removed everything.

    Mikie: So many hassles and problems associated with your volunteer job. I have to admire you for stepping up to the plate.

    I have to get to my eye appt. but will return.
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    Good afternoon dear Porchies,

    Hi to JULIE , MIKIE and SUN. GORDON, thanks for the lovely picture of your orchid. I am waiting for my cleaning lady. Who knows when she will get here. I'm all pooped out from the trip to the RODEO in Huston yesterday afternoon and evening. Got home almost 11:30 or so. We hadn't been in year and now it is in another HUGE complex. There was a lot of walking once we got there, We saw all the rodeo competitions for $, that were wild and very competitive and physical. Love the calf scramble and the mutton busters (the 5-6 year olds trying to hang on to the lamb's wool for dear life. We didn't have much choice of what to see since we had to get DGS's work schedule and go on an off day for him. We did see the FLORIDA and GEORGIA LINE I think they were called. The young ones loved them. I guess it is the new rock, not to bad but loud in that huge stadium. Not a choice for sure for my DH who likes peace and quiet and C and W music.

    They have a huge midway of sorts with lots of rides for the kids, not for me. The way I feel the merry go round is just about the wildest ride for me. My equilibrium is not the best any more. There is quite a long distance to and from the
    parking lot to everything. Luckily, they now have shuttles that take the people to and from the Parking lots to the complex. I remember when we had it in the Astrodome but now will probably torn down. We sat at the very tippy tip and I was almost afraid to look down. They have screens all around to visualize what is going on the stage, which is also s revolving slowly. We had a good tie and then when I got home realized that I had to be ready for my cleaning lady. I had written it down incorrectly on one of my many calendars.

    My cleaning lady and her daughter are here. So need to do a few more things as they finish up in one area or anther, put things back in place after I have removed some of them in the bathroom (Master) and bedroom. Need to go fold some clothes also in the drier.

    MIKIE - Take it easy will you so you don't collapse amidst all of your many chores for everyone in the hood. Hope Barb and her crew do not cause you any more problems.

    JULIE - You also need to take it easy sweetie so you don't get sick again. Hope you all are feeling better over there..

    SUN - That was weird with all those unfertilized eggs I guess they were. To me that is strange but don't understand how they lay eggs that aren't fertilized.

    Hi to SW, Diane, Rock and everydoby else. Gotta run for now. So much happening in the next couple of weeks.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    It's been YEARS since Ive seen a rodeo. I'm glad you liked it, but late time to be finally getting home. I'll bet you're tired today.

    Eggs we buy at the store aren't fertilized unless they're specifically marked that they are. I think those eggs are supposed to have more nutrients or something. And years ago my mom had a canary, all by her lonesome self in the cage and she kept laying eggs.

    I got a good report on my eye condition, thank goodness. Don't think I could take anymore stress.

    My son called this morning. The thieves were back while he was home this morning. They banged on the front door, and he didn't answer so they went around back to the window they broke in thru. He surprised them......he said he had the pepper spray in his hand and should have shot them with it. He talked calmly to them......asked if they were the thieves who robbed him before....they walked away quickly before he could think to call 911. I think he was so full of adrenalin that he wasn't thinking, and he did say he only had about 4 hrs. sleep. He's waiting for the police to show up again for a new report. I'm sooooo stressed over this whole thing.
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    Hello Everyone,

    Thanks for including me in your On-line Family. Everyone is so supportive of each
    other and it shows in all your postings.

    Mikie - You do have the knack for growing orchids if you can nurse them back to
    blooming condition. The roots of both Phals and Catts are many and they tend to grow
    out of their pots. In nature they are building a 'nest' in the trees to collect debris, water
    and the occasionally bird dropping. Yes, you should place the phals in the shade outside
    now that spring is here. They will benefit from the wind circulation, brighter light and
    warm temp.

    Sun - 50 flowers!!! what an accomplishment (pics?). I know what you mean about taking
    time to feed the plants. I hate using the liquid/powder and having to mix it with water so
    you can fertilize. It's messy and takes a long time if you have many plants. A time saving
    way to fertilize is using time release pellets like Nutracoat. They now have a new formula
    that has magnesium which will help produce new growth (more new growth = more flower
    spikes) and it lasts for nine months. If you live in So Cal you can get this from Yamada
    Nursery in Gardena. They have many supplies for orchid growers including all sizes of pots,
    bark and coconut chips.

    Hope there is a good flower display tonight at the meeting so I can take lots of pictures.


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    Yes, Gordon, you ARE part of this board. Sometimes I think about meeting you two half way just for the heck of it but both Rock and I have such health/body issues. But it's good to know you're there taking care of him.......Rock....are you reading this. We're a little family and at times I feels such love for all of you even though i've never met you. God sometimes puts people together for a reason.

    Along those lines, I met a very sweet young woman at the optomotrist today, probably around 30, who had a back surgery over a year ago and STILL has pain. No surprise to me there. So yesterday she was told by her doctor that she has permanent nerve damage for the rest of her life. I talked to her, sharing what I knew and learned about pain and how to deal with it. She saw the pain management doc yesterday who told her he couldn't take away the pain but teach her how to deal with it. I feel so bad for her. I'm 70 and my life is almost over but she's got years and years ahead of her. I could just cry for some people I meet.

    Julie: You two made a huge amount of progress toward your dream home. You two share so much and it will mean so much to you that BOTH of you have put in sweat and tears to build your home. And I agree......going to Keira's dance recital is a MUST. It means so much to them. My DD last week told me she remembers getting $2 in a card from my mom for BDs. My mom was on SS but obviously my DD remembered. That's why I try to make a giant effort to show up at my DGKs little award ceremonies, etc. My mom ALWAYS had an excuse for why she couldn't come to see the DGKs. It hurt me a lot, but I'm sure the kids knew this also.

    Talked to my son this afternoon. The cop that came out today said yes.......shoot them if you have to. We talked about how to hide his loaded gun when he's gone. He's doing research on burglar alarm systems......etc. The cop said it will be a big deterrent.
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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Finished my "housework" here taking out the garbage (spammers). They seem to come in cycles with a bit heavier traffic right now. About a week ago, my computer was infected with some adware which caused banner pop-up ads on my screen. This was more like malware and blocked me from being able to get rid of the spammers. I tried a couple of things and finally got rid of it. Oy! Soon, this beloved old laptop will no longer be supported by Microsoft. I hate to see that happen. At least, Microsoft isn't like Apple, which upgrades so often that you can almost buy something one day and have it be obsolete the next. I think I'm getting more obsolete by the day but I want my techie stuff to be up to date. As technology evolves more and more rapidly, I think this will become a bigger problem.

    Thank you all for your support of what I do in my board work here in da hood. Our hood is about 25 yrs. old and, of course, it needs some updating and replacing of things, like the dumpster enclosures. Unfortunately, past boards did not want to set aside money for these things. Now, we are in the position of having to put some updates off until we can accrue the funds to pay for them. One good thing is that there are two board members across the street and they, and some of their buddies, will help me with the heavy lifting around here. One man in our bldg. is going to help me put our mandavilla vines back up on the wall, carry our huge dessert rose up to the balcony, and help me get one of our storage bins over to the fenced-in storage area behind the pool house. Then, maybe I can get to my own lanai. I can't work on my feet very long before my Achile's heel is killing me. The exercises don't seem to be helping that much.

    Barb's friend, Janice, is visiting and she and I get along fine. I've been out for coffee and chatting with them. Barb seems happy that we are on better terms. It certainly is less stressful for me. She is thrilled with my caring for her orchids. I told her about what happened on the day she had her stroke. She said she didn't know what I did, which was quite a bit, because her kids never let her know. I'm glad she found out so she doesn't think I didn't care when it happened. Of course, it's possible that she doesn't remember a lot of what was going on during, and after, the stroke.

    Serafin, Dr. Dakos practiced alone but he convinced my doc to look into the peptide injections. My doc, Dr. Gomeringer, is just down the hall from where Dr. Dakos practiced. They were good friends. Dr. Gomeringer's phone number is 239-768-5544. Good luck. Has your wife been on the injections? If she has, how is it going for her?

    Sunflower Girl, that's horrible about thieves coming back to your son's home. I think he definitely should get an alarm. I have guns and am a good shot but it would be very difficult to take on four criminals at once. If you shoot them and don't kill them, they will likely sue you. If you kill them, their relatives will sue you and claim their lost loved ones were the most wonderful people in the world. Also, they, and their thug families and friends know where you live. The deck is definitely stacked against the victims. A burglar alarm could potentially stop the thieves before it gets to a face-to-face confrontation. I wish your son good luck with this scary situation. BTW, has the store brought out a new mattress to you? I hope so; I also hope a new one will help your back.

    Julie, more progress! Yea!!! Den's string of bad luck sounds just like some of my project trials and tribulations. I also release some choice words as it seems to be the only relief I get when things go so wrong and, especially, if I get hurt. I hope you are fine as frog's hair. I remember those days of working so long and hard on our house addition. I couldn't do it today. I admire you and Den for working so hard to get the home you want. I also admire you for cooking at the same time as you are working so hard. Finally, I admire your putting in a garden. Wow, talk about your wonder woman!

    Granni, so busy, as usual. Glad you and DH get to do so many things together. I still like the scary rides but one, which is a virtual reality ride at Universal, spins people around in their little cars and then, when it's over, everyone has to exit from the cars to a moving conveyor belt. I got out of the little car and staggered into a wall. I didn't get hurt but I can imagine that someone could. I would enjoy seeing animals of different kinds. Just getting out into the rural areas and seeing some horses and cows excites me. It's good they have shuttles to take you from your car. I'm glad you had a good time.

    Gordon, so good to see you here on the Porch. I would love to think I do have a knack for the orchids but I think half my good luck is just living in a climate where orchids thrive. I never thought of all those roots as a nest for the plant. It's an intriguing thought. Yes, sometimes, the roots will find their way to the little openings on the sides of the pots and start circling the outsides of the pots. They look like little worms crawling on them. One scared my neighbor. I put many of the pots in our tree by the balcony where they get lots of air circulation. During rainy season, they get rain almost every afternoon but there is good drainage and it doesn't seem to harm them. Every now and then, I mix some of the powder in water for them. I don't overdo it. We have some chairs and little tables on the balcony and I usually put the blooming plants there. I do have one Phal which is ready to bloom in the tree. The blooms are yellow and lavender. One big white Phal is on one of the tables and it is sooooo lovely. I'm about out of room for more plants. I also have a stag horn fern in the tree and a really pretty ruffled fern on my lanai. Wish I had more room, money and energy to have more plants. It's downright addictive.

    Well, Kiddies, I think I'll go read the newspaper online. Yesterday, I didn't read it. I had too much to do outside. I'm glad I had coffee with Barb and Janice. Barb actually asked if she could help me. I got our beautiful big flower boxes, which hang on the stair rail at the landing, put back. They have Purslane and Dortheanthus (I'm sure I misspelled these names) in them. The Purslane has small green leaves and beautiful little coral blooms. It is always in bloom. The Dortheanthus is a waxy vine which is very exotic looking and hangs over the edges of the boxes. I cut it back so it will come back even thicker. I've had these two things in the boxes for several years which is unheard of in FL's brutal summers.

    I am not replacing the flower boxes in our windows. One broke and the logistics of getting them to stay on those narrow sills is too daunting. Also, if anything happens to me, no one will water them. Today, I'll just try to put the mandavilla vines back up and, if I can't, I'll just trim the plants back down to their containers. Maybe tomorrow, I can get to cleaning my lanai. Yesterday, I did take off the bathtub plug plate and remove as much rust as I could. I got some stuff to stop rust at Lowe's and painted it on. I hope it stops the rust. If not, I'll try Naval Jelly next. I have to take my garbage and recycle stuff down to the dumpsters. None of this is too much except for my sore heel which just gets more inflamed the longer I'm on it. Whine, whine, whine.

    Hope all y'all have a really good and pain-free day. Also sending prayers for lots of NRG.

    Love, Mikie
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good afternoon dear Porchies,

    SUN - That is terrible with your some thugs breaking into your son's home. Glad that he did speak to a policeman about it. They were both lucky, your DS and those awful thugs. Yes, those thugs were very braisen and sure of themselves going to the same place twice. Glad that your DS did not get hurt at all. A security system sounds great !!!

    JULIE - You can only do so much my dear. I know you feel like everything has to get done now. Try not to pressure yourself so much kiddo. You will just get yourself sick or should I say sick(er). You are such a busy gal trying to do soo much. A MIKIE I think said, you are SUPER WOMAN !!!!.

    MIKIE-Glad you will have others to help you with the heavy work. I hope that you get all your things done in the hood that are really NEEDED. Glad BARB and her

    DD was supposed to go to work today at the fish fry today but had a headache and not feeling to great so not going in today. Also trying to save so NRG and all for tomorrow to work to another dinner we (the K of C) are donating too. When it rains it pours !!!

    DIANE - Hope all is well with you an that you and Kevin are feeling better. Any closer to getting that dishwasher yet??

    ROCK - Hope you are feelng and doing better ! We miss you !!!!

    Hi to everydoby inc Rock ,Gordon, Spring Water and all the many MIAs !

    Gotta run for now !!

    Granni :)
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2015
  14. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Sun - i pray for your son...for protection and that those wayward young people, thugs, to find their way back from the path theyre on...

    Julie - good idea for Den to take it more easy..maybe the stresses of last winter with all the emotional upheavals as well got to him...

    Mikie - Barb seems to be making an effort (of sorts)..lets hope she calms down..and lets you be..im pretty sure theres an element of jealousy in there..she would love to be able to do what you do

    Gordon - that maroon and beige colour is similar to my sofa colour and curtains..was thinking it would look so nice in a vase on my maroon table with the glass top

    I hope Rock is himself soon...and will come and make us laugh like he is used to.

    Granni - good to hear you enjoyed yourself at the rodeo..what all do they hv and do at the Fish Fries?

    Yesterday, found bits n pieces of small veggies, pumpkin, spinach leaves and some button mushrooms and so threw them together and made a curry..it came out good!! I was just trying not to waste the stuff.

    Also went out on errands and its pretty hot but there were a lot of tourists..mostly italians..i had to come back from the gate and change into my summer wear, cotton kurti, because it was unbearable in my warm woolen sweater...i saw a new drink at the supermarket, in glass bottles shaped like those old milk bottles and the drink was opaque looking with bits of white floating in it, coconut pulp, it said and another was pale yellow opaque stuff filled with seeds of black with a white covering around each..it said basil seed drink with banana flavour. i was rather intrigued and bought one of each..

    I showed it to son, and he looked at them..especially the basil seed one and said hmm..this looks like theres a million eyeballs floating around in it..and politely declined to taste it.

    To me it looked like tangerine seeds.

    In the bazaar they were having a sale of handicrafts done by handicapped women..some rather nice trinkets..i rather like a beautiful one of turquoise transparent stones of all shapes and sizes strung together very artistically, two stranded (for my daughter who likes trinkets) but the price put me off..$8.00. I didnt know whether she would like it enough to be worth my paying that much.

    They were also selling 'organic' stuff. Even nettles. They make it into tea, medicinal, i think. And the older people love eating a curry made of dried stinging nettles. They eat it with a souffle of maize flour..and my MIL used to eat the flour with a gravy made of fermented cheese..with lots of chilli powder added..it used to stink the place up...and later gave her enough stomach problems she had to give it up. The hot weather of our city not the same as the cold she came from on the borders of Tibet.

    Righto..take care, all

    God bless

    Last edited: Mar 20, 2015
  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Springwater, sounds like your son didn't see eye to eye with that new drink.

    Granni, did you have a good time at the rodeo? What event did you participate
    in? The barrel race maybe?

    Julie, the chit chat board is like the Earth. Always moving.
    Den can cut his own hair? Wow! A jack of all trades. I used to have a
    roommate who could do that. He used a 3 panel mirror to trim the back.
    (He was an art major. Had great motor skills.)

    Mikie, I loved your comment: I desperately need to be bored. Have
    never heard anyone say that before. And I certainly understand why
    you did.

    Sun, yes would be nice to meet. Reminds my of a song Vera Lynn made
    popular during WW II. "We'll meet again. Don't know where; don't
    know when." Yesterday we went to Pasadena. That little jaunt wore me out.

    Hugs to Barry and Diane and everydobby else.


  16. Serafin

    Serafin Member


    My wife did get the Peptides treatment several years ago from Dr. Dakos and they were very helpful.
    We are ready to do it again, I usually administered the shots.
    This is a devastating condition and anything that helps her is very much appreciated.

    Thank you for what you are doing, and God richly bless you.

  17. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Julie - that sounds so nice, and un winter like...planting veggies and flower gardens.
    How nice for the little gang too to hv their own plot, is that what you meant? for them to plant stuff?

    Rock - oh it was good to hv you back on the porch.

    just enjoyed some quiet morning time drinking my tea and surfing...now some workmen hv come, a few jobs downstairs needs doing..

    i hope we hv some more people visiting soon.

    God Bless

  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Yup, Julie, a real get together of the gang would be nice. A long time ago, a decade
    or so, I used to post on another health site. Some of the people there did meet
    a few years earlier. I think it was in Kansas 'cause that was the middle of the
    country. A picture showed a dozen members or so. A few years later that board
    went through some changes and finally just disappeared.

    Springwater, I knew you drank tea. Didn't know you were a surfer though. I
    didn't even know Kathmandu was on the ocean. HaHa! Is there a local TV
    station? What are your kids up to?

    Mikie and Julie and other connoisseurs of fine puns, I saw a great one a couple
    days ago. Can't remember if it was in a book or on the net. Anyhoo I thought
    I wrote it down, but it is currently missing in action. A mind is a terrible thing
    to lose.

    Am reading a bio of Betty Grable. I've read a couple times she was the biggest
    female star of the 40s. Even so, it took a decades of appearing in bit roles and
    not so good films and a string of college movies before she made it to the top.
    She still looked fabulous when I saw her in Hello Dolly in the 60s.

    Granni, I hope your 'puter or tablet or whatever is working today. Any singing
    engagements on your calendar? You're as busy as a one armed juggler.

    Sun, is there a small claims court near you? Would you have the energy to
    get there and possibly wait a long time to present your case? Generally the
    small claims courts are pro plaintiff.

    Got an e mail from my brother in Oregon. He wants to buy some trees for
    his yard. He says the nurseries are so unhelpful, he wonders how they stay
    in business. I wonder that a lot myself. I guess it's because the competition
    is equally terrible.

    Gordon's brother made a huge batch of coleslaw yesterday to take to work.
    I guess it was for a company lunch. He's not very communicative although
    he can be very irritating. HaHa!

    Gordon went to visit his orchid friend Jim who lives in the historic home.
    He also did some e mailing with the President of the orchid club. Neither
    she nor the treasurer has balanced the club checkbook in the last 4 years.
    To be fair, however, I suspect they are doing a better job than our federal

    Hugs to Diane, Barry, and all the ships at sea.

  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock: So good to see you back posting. I won't need a small claims action because the owner and I have come to an agreement and the new bed will be delivered on wed. Yay. I had a calif. king so I'm switching to a queen to make it more agreeable to the owner, since the queen is less $. The Serta mattress I'm getting has a much better warranty also....20 years, first 10 no questions. I have to pay $200 more which covers the much better mattress and delivery charge of $60 so I'm happy. And the manager told me that Spring Aire is having a LOT of complaints lately.

    Does your brother up in Oregon live in a more remote place where there aren't many nurseries? LOL about the club's checkbook!!!!! My DH used to pay a bill as soon as it arrived, and I would say.......why can't you just wait until it's due. Now I've turned into the same person. I also am able to go online to take a look at my bank statement that week, so see what checks have cleared, etc.

    Julie: Seed potatoes are regular potatoes without????? I used to cut up old potatoes that were past the point of eating and plant them in the ground. It was fun to dig up little new potatoes. By the way, I would be interested in seeing the inside of your home with the new ribs up top.

    Spring: So would you buy those two drinks again? Are those stinging nettles that they use for cooking? I had a BAD experience years ago......sat in a patch of stingling nettles......yeowwwww! If they are stinging nettles how are they handled?

    I'm in the middle of bad pain. The other night I had been in my studio, must have turned wrong and I screamed out with pain in my low back. All day yesterday I was wearing my "rubber". I have a neoprene back brace that I wear quite often, the body sweats and moist heat is a healer. A year ago I made a vest out of neoprene that velcroes in front. Then I continually heat up my rice filled things to make it hot. I felt better during the night so took is off, but think it will go back on today.

    I'm going to check out a free tai chi class tomorrow at the local senior center. I've watched a few movements on youtube and think it might help. I have to do something because I NEED a life.
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2015
  20. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    I hope Mikie is fine and that its just her computer or something..Granni too

    Rock - i wish we had the ocean nearby. Ive seen the ocean maybe twice, close by i mean.
    Once, the beach at Karachi, Pakistan and another Boston Harbour..

    Thats it, except of course for flying over Atlantic enroute to USA. Kids are fine, sonny
    boy played foot sol..(indoor football) ..and was tired out..daughter i hope is busy..and
    Cooking sometimes..

    Sun - we haven't tried the new drinks..lol. Someone got us milk lollipops from india so the other things got put away, there were these jesuit priests in our hometown in india, who introduced swiss cheese making and sweets made of milk and crunchy caramel and lollipops and altho the priests no longer make them, the locals do.

    I hope yr pain is lessened soon!

    Julie - im guessing you will hv a goodnights sleep after all that tilling.

    Oh, day before harry potter author JK Rowling made a lightning visit to the country on a private visit..
    Came to the Hyatt Regency but not much interaction with the crowds of young people thronging to catch a glimpse of her holding up placards like, thank you for brightening up my childhood, and the like.

    The kids were vastly disappointed..even writing open letters to her in the national newspaper. Tho they did understand her need for privacy.

    Well, gotta go.

    Take care

    God bless