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    I'll open this Porch and post it before I come back to it in case someone comes along and needs to post here.

    Went to neighbor's last evening for "dinner." For me, it was just a light snack and, thankfully, no one noticed that I didn't eat a hot dog. Deviled eggs had crab in them and tasted "off." Thankfully, my main meal is at lunch so I didn't suffer any. Had a very small slice of chocolate cake and some wine which was more than enough. It was good to see neighbors I haven't seen much of. Julie is still at her mom's but one neighbor told me that she is getting the second surgery on her shoulder, which she shattered one seizure ago, this week. Glad she is doing well.

    The silent treatment must have worked on Tweety as she came to me and asked to go out on the lanai last night. She was quiet until about 4:00 when I let them in and gave them their treats. I went back to bed til 6:00 and she didn't try to keep me up. Sir Vester came in and cried but I told him, "No," and he curled up on the bed and was quiet. I am sooooo grateful to get some rest. Perhaps, I can make this the new routine and get more much-needed sleep.

    Granni, you don't need to read all my W&P's. It helps me to put down what is happening in my life. Also, I like to respond to the Porchies who have posted since my last one. I'm glad your computer is fixed. It helps to have a techie in the family.

    Gordon, the color on that cactus orchid is spectacular. Barb had a Christmas Cactus with hot pink blooms. I've been looking for one ever since. Mine is red and is big and beautiful but I love hot pink. If I found an orchid that color, I would not be able to resist it. We can grow bromiliads down here and they come in the most beautiful colors. Only problem is that the most colorful ones cannot tolerate direct sun. It's difficult to find a spot which is in shade all year round. The greenhouse which sells orchids here also sells the bromiliads. We had them in our olla pots before we put in the plants I posted a pic of. They got sunburn and I had to move them. So far, the catts have not bloomed since last year when I bought them. They all have new leafs and pseudobulbs appearing so guess they will bloom again. In fact, I don't think any of my orchids have bloomed twice a year, except the green spider brassia. I wish they all would. Thanks for posting this latest pic.

    Gordon, sorry your legs are feeling weak. Mine have been very painful and I'm thinking my gait is way off since favoring my sore ankle/heel. If you keep at it, Buddy will pick up on your lingo. The cats know certain words. I put quite an emphasis on the ones I want them to recognize. Last night, I watched a program on PBS where Carol Burnett was awarded the Mark Twain Award. Luci Arnez was one of the comedians featured. Evidently, both families were very close. Lucille Ball was a frequent guest on Carol Burnett's show. I couldn't keep watching, though, as the skits seemed stupid. I feel the same way about the skits on SNL. You have to watch a lot of dumb ones before a truly funny one is presented. Hope your legs are better.

    Julie, thanks for posting the pic. I agree that this one is just right. Kids don't sit still so the pics should reflect their energy. When DD #2 was small, she hated Santa. We have a really funny pic of her screaming and trying to get off his lap. She used to say, "Don't like Claus." Pics are better when they are realistic. Of course, formal portraits are a different matter but family pics are much more fun.

    I'm going to go check to see if I missed someone or something.

    Love, Mikie
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    THANKS MIKIE, for starting up our new volume. I do love to read your posts but sometimes I really don't have the time to be on the computer for very long and or DH needs it so I speed read or scan and may not have gotten the whole point of your posts :)!! We sang this morning at a local nursing home and they seemed to enjoy it - lots of OLD songs and we tell them to sing with us if they know it.

    JULIE - I hope that your dental work goes well with no problems and not to much residual pain or discomfort. I know the Novacaine or whatever wearing off is a crazy feeling. Hope things settle down for you too in your family. Hang in there kiddo !!!

    SPRING WATER - HOPE you get whatever needs to get done, finished, so you can get back here to visit.

    ELAINE, DIANE, SUN, DAR, JOAN, and everydobby else you are in my thoughts.

    I just ate lunch at the computer and am trying to get a few things done. DH had it this morning before I left. I should get out there and do some weeding as I won't be able to do any of it tomorrow. Another excursion with one of my groups for decorating. At least I get ideas even if I don't buy anything and we go out to lunch. DD has also joined.

    Gotta run and will try and check back later on.

    THINKING OF EVERYDOBBY , and all the MIA's.

    Granni :)
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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Won't be here long this morning as I'm exhausted, mostly from ongoing pain. DD's FIL had this and it took a year for it to clear up. Same for Barb's friend and she had it in both feet. Yikes!!!:eek:

    Granni, there may not be a point to my W&P posts. :) Hope you enjoyed your lunch.

    Julie, hope all went well with your supper and at the dentist.

    Love, Mikie
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    Wow, Julie, they do look good. You are so sweet to do so much for them and everyone else. I don't know how you managed it with a dental appt. thrown in. I think most average size men, and taller, would sleep better on a king size bed. My ex was 6'1" and he needed it. I'm hesitant to go to a queen because, now that I'm propping up the head of the bed, everything, including me, slides to the bottom. Also, I've gotten used to all that room. I have what my daughter calls, "The single woman's bed." My phone, remotes, glasses, Kindle, etc. are all in the bed with me. Add two cats, at times, and I think I need to stay with a king. I need a new set but will not get a pillow top again. They are too thick and sheets and comforters which fit are an arm and a leg. Get some rest, girl!

    I actually felt better after I was here before. I took the garbage down to the dumpster; watered all the potted plants, including the orchids; swept the balcony clean; and, cleaned the baths. I could probably dust but will leave that for tomorrow. That way, perhaps I can also clean the windows. I only have one window, the sliders and the glass in the storm door. I'm on the second floor so can't reach the bedroom windows.

    Barb and Janice are gone. Janice said she'd be back next year. I stopped and talked to neighbors as I was outside working. That's one of the benefits of getting out and about. I get feedback on what's going on in da hood. I think today would be a good day for a nap. Tomorrow, I need to shower and go to Publix before I do anything in the condo. They had a $10 coupon for spending $50 and I'll use it. Not too often one can save 20 percent on groceries. More than that if I buy BOGO's. They are having BOGO's on cat treats so I'm not the only one who will benefit.

    Gotto get going. Hope all y'all are having a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Julie: A ton of moving mattress but it's good you can borrow to see if a larger bed helps. Check online for bargains in king size sheet sets, perhaps overstock....I've gone down from the calif. king to the queen but I don't waste so I'm using my king sheets on the new bed. What the heck.....I just tuck the bottom sheet in and let the top sheet hang. Works for me. Gpa and his sister look so healthy. And OMG......that's a lot of fillings. OUCH.

    Mikie: Isn't it amazing how some little chores can wear us out so much. With the king bed I found I only slept in the middle and with the queen I do like the extra floor room.

    I went to my art class yesterday and we had one of the teacher's students who has advanced so much in 10 years that she's getting accepted in the national WC shows. She demonstrated a very loose flower pic. and I really learned a lot.....mainly that I'm NOT wetting the paper enough because after 30 min. mine dries too much. I did a test painting last night, really soaking bottom and top and I'm sure encouraged. I was out to the pulmonologist this morning. He said I could try cutting the inhalant down from 2 a day to one so I'll try not using it before bed and see how I feel. I HATE meds and the less the better in my opinion.

    Stopped afterwards for a Starbucks, went to the bank then took my sketchbook to do a little sketching. I stopped at a little fast food mexican place in our village and bought a taco.....$3.75. What a rip off! I guess for that amount it should have had a tad more.......perhaps l/4 c. of seasoned ground beef, some cheese and a couple pieces of tomato. But they've been there over a year so I guess people don't mind spending the $ for practically nothing.
    I brought home 3 books on CD.....The Bilderberg Group, Legacy of ashes (about the CIA) and for fun listening, Ireland, a novel.

    Rock: I hope your legs are better today. Wasn't that a nice rain last night. My large containers are all filled up. I removed 10 gallons from one (in the middle of the rain) and it's full again this morning.
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    His Kids

    Just woke up from a nap. Gordon is burning incense which he does now and
    again. Always reminds me of the boutiques from the 60s. He is washing the
    quilts and the cover from the sofa. Buddie had a flea bath just before he
    arrived, but I think maybe a flea or two survived.

    When our neighbors brought Buddie over, they said 3 times, "If it doesn't
    work out, we'll take him back." Well, it didn't work out so well. Gordon
    was gone for two days on jury duty. I'd take Buddie out so he could go
    potty, but somehow the idea didn't seem to occur to him. And he didn't
    want to walk around the yard on a leash. And I couldn't take him of
    the leash, because he was so small he could escape though the bars
    of the fence. And he did a couple times doing his best to attack dogs
    much larger than he.

    Yesterday he bit me and attempted to do it again. No damage done, but I think
    he'll be happier where he was. When we took him back for a visit a couple days
    ago, he was so happy to see his old friends and Jeff was saying how much he
    missed him. Probably for the best. I'm really too old to take care of a dog
    (or of me, for that matter).

    Yes, Folks, thanks for asking. My legs have been wobbly some days, but it
    comes and goes. Gordon did not have to sit on a jury. Didn't even get
    questioned by the attorneys. Just sat around chatting and reading and

    BTW, did you see the news about the ballplayer who is on trial for murder?
    What is strange is that his attorney admitted in the closing argument that
    he was present at the time of the murder. This is strange because attorneys
    are not permitted to testify unless they take the stand and are under oath
    and can be cross examined. Who knows? Maybe things are different in MA.

    Julie, American Wildflowers sounds like a nice pattern. If you bought your
    comforter today, it ought to say Chinese or Taiwanese wildflowers. I am
    aghastionized to hear of all your fillings. Glad to hear that they were
    not too serial.

    I think I will end this and come back shortly. Okee Dokee?

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    Back Again

    Funny. Just before I woke up I was dreaming about posting. Wasn't that
    cactus orchid flower that Gordon posted spectacular! It's even more
    so in person. It's 8-9 inches across. I hadn't even know he had such
    a plant.

    Yes, Sun. It amazes me what people will pay for stuff. Starbucks would
    be outta business fast if they depended on me. I don't drink coffee, and
    even if I did, I wouldn't pay their ridiculous prices. Good luck with
    your new (modified) technique for water colors.

    Mikie, I never heard of deviled eggs with anything in them except
    deviled eggs. Oh wait, I think I saw some on a cooking show with
    a gourmet touch one time. Caviar or something dark sprinkled on
    top. Chopped mushrooms? Old coffee grounds? Ha Ha!

    I never heard of bromeliads until I moved to CA. They are popular office
    and mall plants here. Some of the offices hire a company to come in and
    water the plants, replace when necessary. Anyhoo, when they are in
    bloom they are a burst of color.

    Julie, nice pic of Gpa and Sis. Yes, they look good for their age. Better
    as I. I was reminiscing about bib overalls recently. Can't remember if it was
    here or an e mail. I wonder if they are still popular on America's farms.

    Granni, I remember novocaine. When I was a kid, our dentist used to
    give me the little tubes it came in. You could shoot the rubber stopper
    out the end with air pressure. When I was an adult, I was told
    that novocaine had been replaced by lidocaine. So I said something
    about that to a dentist later. He laughed and said, "Lidocaine. We
    haven't used that for decades." Who knows what they do nowadays.

    Well, hugs to Diane and Barry and Springwater.
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    Hello all

    Rock - sorry to hear it isnt working out with buddy..sigh..but you must do what you must, you dont need added stress.

    Sun - ive never listened to a CD book. I think i prefer actual reading but who knows? I do love the sound of a soothing melodius voice.

    Julie - i was tired jus' reading about yr day. Lol. Loved all the pics you posted, yr family certainly have the 'age well' genes!

    Diane - i hope you are free enough to come post soon..all that spring cleaning!

    Granni - good to see you rushing around, meeting up all your social obligations.

    Mikie - i enjoy reading yr posts..you do so much as soon as youre able..i feel like im there in florida when i read your writings...very vibrant, lively place to be, seems like.

    I accompanied a relative to some places...a little out of my area..it is so beautiful nowadays, wherever there is greenery. Even when i look out of my house. Everything is green and in bloom. And its not hot enough to scorch. This morn i gave myself a little 'me' time and sat out in the fresh air. Just a wee bit.

    The tourists are everywhere..but it makes it difficult for us locals, the cabbies just want to drive the foreigners around and fleece them in the process. Certain areas, that is. I was resting on a railing at this place which is a bit forested...and looked up to see a monkey stealthily making its way to snatch my bag...they do that.. I took off in the nick of time. They know people might be carrying fruit and eatables.

    Im very fond of animals but somehow never felt any affinity towards monkeys. Except the chimp family. And of course, the tiny helpless baby monkeys the moms carry on their backs.

    All righty, take care all

    God bless

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    Good Morning, Everydobby,

    Think I may have hit on a solution to my sleep deprivation. If I let the cats in between 4:00 and 5:00, but don't turn on any lights while I give them their treats, they have been letting me go back to bed. I slept almost til 7:00 after returning to the bed today. I don't know whether this will last but, even if I only get to sleep in a few days a week, I'll be way better than I was. They waited til I was up to play their kitty games. New game: Tweety fits between the vertical blinds and the sliders. Sir Vester sits on the other side and watches her run back and forth and, finally, pounces on her. I don't know whether the blinds can take it but they certainly enjoy themselves. I leave one slider open a bit and Tweety will disappear and go out on the lanai. Sir Vester waits for her to peek her little white head back in between blind slats and he pounces on her again. While he waits, he wiggles all over. It's very exciting!

    Have to go to Publix to pick up a card and gift card for a man who comes down with his parents every winter. They are leaving tomorrow. I think he is about 47 but is challenged. He is high functioning and loves to be around people. The people in here have embraced him and he is happy. He has volunteered to water all the flower pots around the pool and does a wonderful job. We just want to show him a token of our appreciation. He is leaving tomorrow. I may have to take up the slack at the pool. Yikes! Just what I need--more work.

    Sun, I'm going through the same thing as you. I'm weighing the value of more floor space versus less bed space. I'll probably go with a king again but not a pillow top. It's the pillow top which makes the sheets and comforters expensive. Sometimes, QVC or HSN has the same price for all sizes. It makes king size a big bargain but, for twin size, not so much. Glad you learned something to help your art. Also glad you got some rain. McDonald's coffee is less expensive and very, very good. I like Taco Bell. A lot of Mexicans always ate there in CO so I figured it was good. I don't mind paying a bit more for good food and coffee but, like you, I hate to pay more and get less.

    Spring, I also enjoy your descriptive posts and they have really enlarged my view of your area of the world. Glad you got some "me" time for yourself. We all ought to do more of that. We have tourists here too. The Snowbirds come south in winter, the kids come south for spring break, and summer brings a lot of tourists from all over the world. Summer is also when families visit and use Grandma's condo. They can be a pain for us to deal with in da hood. In America, it's often difficult to get around without a car so our roads become soooo congested during the winter season. The Snowbirds are the biggest group of tourists or, since they stay here for months, part-time residents. A lot of people here resent them but they are a huge part of our economy and the reason we don't have state income tax. Enjoy the fresh air and beautiful greenery while you can. It's hot here but still pleasant enough in the mornings to go out and enjoy what's flowering.

    Julie, wow, I'm tired just reading about all the beds going here and going there. Yes, king size box springs aren't the big problem; it's the mattress. They are so cumbersome to move. I hope you like the new bed. It's trendy to layer the bed so your solution is perfect. It's so hot down here that I only have one of those flat quilted coverlets on my bed. If I get a new king bed, without the pillow top, it should fit better. The American wildflowers sound lovely. What we place in our bedrooms is so important to our rest and sense of well-being. After all that moving, I'm sure you can use the rest!

    Rock, I'm so sorry that it isn't working out with Buddy. Sometimes it's difficult for dogs to adjust to new people. How long was he at his old home? If I knew the cats would have a wonderful home, I'd let them go. It's not that I don't love them but I had never wanted another pet after my old cat died shortly after I moved here. It's very difficult for me to take care of them on top of what I have to do just to care for myself. Add to that the fact that I'm constantly sleep deprived because of them, and giving them away would be a comfort. That said, however, I know I'd miss them and worry that they would not be happy in a new home. They've been bounced around quite a bit now and I know the transition to being inside-only cats wasn't an easy adjustment. If they continue to let me sleep after I bring them in in the morning, I may cease to be sleep deprived.

    Had better get going to the store. Hope y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    I have been busy reading but haven't had much time to post. DH and DSIL will be back in a few minutes most likely from their men's breakfast. So I need to go and get dressed and start doing some work around here.

    Thanks MIKIE for your W and P post. I do love them :)!! Your musical beds with JULIE is wearing me out :)!!! We have a queen bed and large furniture . If we had a KING bed there wouldn't be much room on each side due to the bedside tables/cabinets.

    Love reading all your posts. Gotta run for now.

    Granni :)
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    Hi, Granni and Everydobby,

    Granni, hope you can come back and stay a bit. You have such a busy and interesting life.

    Just got home from Publix. Got some good BOBO's and used my $10 coupon. Couldn't find any gift cards for McDonald's or Sonic so got two $25 ones for IHOP. Just gave our sweet friend the card and he said he likes IHOP. He seems to be depressed to me. Don't know whether it's because they leave tomorrow or not.

    Couldn't go into my e-mail acct. because they are experiencing technical problems. I wanted to let the other board members know I got the card and gift cards. Most of our business is conducted via e-mail.

    Just thought I'd drop in while I'm online. Gotta go.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Ever'body.

    A nice sunny day here, after a nice rainy spell that was sorely needed. The drought isn't quite as bad here as in the rest of Calif. I've just spent my daily ten-minute stretch of weed-pulling and will do another this p.m., hopefully. Oh energy, where oh where did you go............?

    Julie, what plants did you end up getting? I am curious about what you like to grow in Iowa.
    The three lilacs are in bloom now, and the quince, and the red-bud tree, and, and, and. Too pooped to even think straight. Oh yes, the wild iris, trillium
    , huckleberries and strawberries, blue-eyed grass, etc., along the woodland trails.

    Mikie, can't you just put the cats out for the night so they can can cat around, and then let them in in the morning? They wouldn't run away would they? Your rest/sleep needs are perhaps beyond their comprehension. And you do do an awful lot during the day, it seems. Wish I could say the same.

    Rock, so sorry about Buddy if it isn't going to work out. And he bit you! Why? Were you poking him with a stick or is he just ornery? Maybe he will settle down. I hope so.

    Springwater, I just read that the Chinese are planning a fast-train tunnel under Mt. Everest. Is it true? Seems unbelievable, but so does the modern world at times. What's in your garden? Do you have a gardener? I sure wish I did....

    Diane, long time no hear from you. I trust you, Kevin and the kits are doing ok. Let us know if you are lurking, at least! And I miss Jole.

    No more nrg.
    Love, Barry

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    Barry: what does a huckleberry taste like? Similiar to a boysenberry? My neighbor grows boysenberrys on her side of the fence and they come into picking in June. She's always, always away so she tells neighbors etc to pick and also her son who lives with her. He's the one with a giant job, picking, freezing them on trays, etc. And I know it's hard for him because he's got gout big time. I usually will go over for about 10 min. (a token picking) but most of the time in June the heat has hit and they're all wilting.

    Diane Yes, it's been awhile since you've posted here. Hope all is well and healthy at your house. Any signs of a new neighbor yet?

    Mikie: Actually unless your BR is cramped I didn't realize that much extra floor space from a King to a queen. So nice of all of you to think of that young man and buy a gift card for him.

    Granni: you're always running, running, running!!!!!! We're going to have to nickname you "flash".

    Julie: I'm glad you found some sheet sets, etc. And has Den said how he likes having the extra room? I hope he slept better. And what about him seeing your chiro? Any appt. yet?

    Rock: I'm so sorry Buddy didn't work out.......I think you mentioned some other pets in the other house? Perhaps he missed them? If Gordon wants to try him again at a later date I would suggest gathering up some of his "poop" and putting it around your yard. Thats usually the way you train a young dog where to GO.

    Spring: After Barry mentioned about possibly China making a tunnel thru Mt. Everest I had to do a search on it. What would your country think about it? And I guess it's tourist season again in your town? I know you've mentioned before how you hate all the extra people. I don't blame you. Mikie has to go thru the same thing.

    Another hectic day for me. I had bought plain wrap ink cartridges for my new Brothers printer. Didn't work! Went to an ink and toner store and he told me it had on an old microchip so the printer didn't recognize it. So I had to pay almost $50 for a set of new cartridges, then contact Amazon for a refund. What a hassle!!!!!!

    Then my pool man was out. I have about 4 gazillion little flat seeds that are floating on the water, we think it might be coming from a local pine tree. This goes on seasonally. A few weeks ago I tried "inventing" a floating net thing to try to scoop some of them up with little work from moi. I told him my "gadget" was a prototype in the works. The two of us are going to put our brains to work on it.......I told him he could patent it IF we can get it to work and he can give me a little $. It's a huge job to get a little "invention" from start to finish and it's something I couldn't handle. Anyway, I've got a few other ideas to "tweak" it, so stopped at Lowe's for some tubing and the fabric store for some more fine mesh. A few weeks ago I was obsessed with the idea I had.

    Last night I watched a very charming, entertaining movie......The Hundred Foot Journey. I highly recommend this.
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  14. rockgor

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    Hey, Kids

    Just fed the B & W cat. Haven't seen much of the pale gold one lately. Gordon
    is cutting up chicken in the kitchen. Just finished another Wilder book. This
    was the diary that Laura kept when the family traveled from De Smet, S. Dakota
    to Missouri. Unlike her other books, this one is not illustrated with drawings, but
    contains several photographs from the period.

    Barry, are you outta your mind?! What do you mean was I poking Buddie with a
    stick? Of course I wasn't. I was using the poker from our antique fireplace set.
    Purchased by my Welsh relatives at Harrods in the mid 1800s.

    Sun, have you never enjoyed fresh huckleberries? You can buy them at farmer's
    markets. A one pound box will generally cost you a Finn.

    Julie, did you see the photo of Alec Baldwin dressed up as Abe Lincoln on April
    first? He didn't look anything like the Great Emancipator, but he looked a lot
    like an Amish farmer. Good luck with your castle cakes kit. I'm sure Lorraine
    will be able to guide you. LOL

    Mikie, Buddie was with the neighbors 3 months before the trial placement. The
    vet said he was about 5 years old. Jeff said Buddie has no concept of busy streets.
    When he's out for a walk he will just stroll from the sidewalk into the street without
    looking or even pausing. We were planning on training him on that point too.

    W/ re: 2 ur BOGOs, I thought about dashing off a short verse. Possible rhymes:
    Hohos, nonos, polo, dodo, soso, etc. Couldn't get any brain cells to function tho-

    Springwater, living where everything is green and in bloom sounds wonderful.
    And so restful. I've posted before about what driving around LA is like, so will
    refrain. What are the kids up to these days?

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  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    I no more got home from the store and ate my deli chicken, baked beans and potato salad before I was projectile vomiting. Because the entire meal came up and nothing had time to digest, I'm guessing there was something wrong with the food. On the other hand, as I was walking in the produce section, I remember feeling a slight wave of nausea, so it could be a stomach bug. I had no other symptoms. I ate nothing else the entire day. Woke with a miserable headache but no stomach problems. I had dry toast and tea. If it stays down, I should be OK today.

    Of all days for Tweety to be such a pill, she chose this morning when I could really have used the sleep. She kept getting into things and, finally, jumped up on top of the antique armoire. Then she started yowling, making noise at 4:30. I don't want her to wake the people downstairs. I chased her around, spraying her with the water bottle. She can get away from me but made a mistake and ran out on the lanai. I had her trapped and sprayed her with the water bottle. She's out there now in time out. She keeps coming to the slider and meowing and pacing back and forth. I just pick up the water bottle and show it to her. I need a collar for her with a built-in taser. o_O

    I can't put the cats out at night because I promised that I would keep them inside to pacify the nasty woman in the next bldg. who threatened to take the cats "for a ride." As it is, I'm violating the one-pet per unit rule. Also, when they lived outside, they got infested with fleas. Tweety gets really sick from the flea and tic meds. So, it appears that my only choices are to take them to the shelter or put up with them and continue to try to train Tweety. They can't be separated so, unless someone were to take them both, they would likely not make it out of the shelter. When they lived outside all the time, Tweety was very active and I think the forced living inside makes her ornerier. Don't know what to do. I'll try to get a nap in later.

    Julie, that cake sounds cute. Hope it works out OK. Isn't it amazing what we find when we clean out rooms? I must not be 100 percent yet (actually, that would be 100 percent of my usual 50 percent). :( I read your post and thought it said you had gone to deliver babies at the Amish neighbors. I'm thinking, "Wow, on top of everything else she does, she's a midwife." :) I really do think I need that nap. It's so nice of you to pick out flowers with the kids. Those are memories they will have for life.

    Barry, it always sounds so lovely when you describe where you live. You are right, I can't expect Tweety to understand that I need my sleep just when she wants to come in and be active. I wouldn't care if she and Sylvester played their usual kitty games but she does noisy things and goes to places she knows she should not go, like on top of the really tall armoire, just so I'll get up. She knows better but is a stubborn cat and wants to get her way. She achieves her goal; I do have to get up but by giving her the silent treatment, putting her in time out or spraying her with the water bottle she decides it's better to behave than get her way. It works but has to be re-enforced from time to time. I don't mind rising early most of the time because I fall asleep early in the evening but, at times, I do need to be able to get back in bed. Thanks for the suggestion. I wish I could put them out at night. It always seems to me that you do a lot. Pulling weeds is hard work.

    Sun, Ilona and Frank have a queen size bed and, while it doesn't free up tons more floor space, there is a difference. I'll probably stick with the king size when the time comes. My bedroom isn't that cramped. Actually, there is a fair amt. of space on the right side between the bed and the closet door. I wish you luck with the gadget. It would be wonderful if you and pool guy could make some $$'s from your ideas. Our pond has a ton of pollen on top. We have a guy who comes out and checks the health of the pond on a regular basis--quarterly, I think. Allergies have been horrible for almost everyone down here. Lots of sneezing going on. That's a shame about the ink for your printer. I have extra ink I had bought for my old printer and here it sits. I'm using the new one. The old one works perfectly well but, since I changed routers, I have no way to reinstall the old printer to work wirelessly. The new one is smaller, lighter and uses less ink. It isn't as fast as the old one, though. With computers, it's always something. Companies keep "improving" their products and, in the process, making them obsolete.

    Rock, I guess I either didn't realize, or forgot, that Buddy wasn't coming to you from a long-time home before you got him. He must not have had any training at all. In a dog that old, unless one can afford a professional trainer, it can be a real challenge to train them. It's really too bad. So many dogs are not trained. Barb's friend has the sweetest dog but she has never trained him and no one wants him in their home. She takes him everywhere. He has sharp toenails and jumps on people. He really ripped into the neighbor's legs. She's older and, like so many of us, has thin skin on her legs. Both Barb and this neighbor have leather sofas and Janice just lets her dog up on them. You can hear his toenails on the leather. Yikes!!! :eek: It's a good thing I didn't get sick before going to the store for a BOGO or it would have been a no-go. As it was, it was shopping a go-go. I get mesmerized just seeing Publix's logo. I could bounce down the aisles on my pogo. Oh, somebody stop me. :confused:

    I need to go take something for my headache. Breakfast seems to be staying down so think my stomach can handle an NSAID. I'm beginning to think this is some kind of bug. Wishing everyone a great day.

    Love, Mikie
    rockgor likes this.
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Somebody stop that gal!

    A novelty tune from 1952 by Bob Merrill who also wrote "How Much is that
    Doggie in the Window?" and "If I Knew You Were Coming I'da Baked a
    Cake. Bob went on to write Broadway musicals like "Funny Girl" and
    songs like "Love Makes the World Go Round".

    springwater likes this.
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Will try and get back later after I bake a refrigerated lemon pie (low sugar and fat) to take this evening to bring to a friends where we will have dinner and play Tripoli. DH ran to the bank but I need to go make the pie so it can chill properly.

    JULIE - Hope all goes well with your dinner tomorrow. Glad you are feeling better so the dinner can go on.

    MIKIE - So sorry you got so quickly and so fast. It could have been the food or a bug but glad you are doing better. If it was very bad food I would think you would have had more pain and it maybe would have lasted longer.

    SW - Hope you are getting things done so you can come back and visit. Sorry I have to run AGAIN !!

    DIANE - Hope you are feeling better with your upset tummy.

    Love to everydobby,
  18. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock: And don't forget......Singing the Blues. I didn't KNOW he was such a prolific song writer.....but I do remember singing that song and loved his voice.
  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Julie - its exciting, isnt it, getting plants and anticipating them blooming and filling space with colour and scent. Actually i love the process of watching them get to the point where they bloom!

    My 'germans' local lingo for the unpronounceable for them, geraniums, are as old as the hills and need replacing but havent got around to doing that..but they bloom bravely for all that...enough to add bright colour to the house.

    Mikie - take care of yourself, nasty surprise, this bout of whatever it is. Vomiting et all. Sometimes i feel the gods are jealous of those with energy and try to keep 'em down'. Well, certainly not the divine kind. More those of greek mythology kind, some of them. The angry jealous ones.

    Tweety needs a good spanking. But maybe she isnt in control. Must be hard for cats of any kind to be indoors all the time. All that springiness, jumpiness, leapi ness having to be contained within four walls. But then, the alternative was far worse..getting dumped into some kill animal shelter by the nasty lady neighbour.

    Rock - while you envy our blooms, i envy your lovely collection of orchids..and your organized way of life, all utulities being taken care of, water, electricity. I feel sorry for Buddy, he is losing a chance to live with some lovin, kind people. But it seems like the place he was too, was good for him. I tell you, the dogs in america are luckier than the humans in our side of the world. If Buddy were to be in Korea...he would be picked up by the local butcher and end up on someones plate!

    Sun - patenting of that swiming pool cleaner ...sounds exciting!!! Its something everyone needs, too.
    I wish you luck with the treatment of your physical problems. And the ensuing anxiety of course.

    If i could, i would take all of us to this beautiful space, where every single thing went smoothly, all the time and no spiritual, mental, emotional or physical ailment could exist. Where there was this energy of calm, clarity, peace and joy always around and within each of us. Ok, im reading this and finding like im sounding like some sage from forestville or something come to rescue beseiged earthlings.

    Did i forget to tell you of this absolutely mighty windstorm we had? It tore off tin roof sheets from the neighbours and blew for about two hours...when no one could walk about for fear of being blown away..i watched it from the terrace and downstairs windows, pretty fascinating. That was some days ago. No damage done tho.

    Now is different. I wish the temps would always remain in the 19 degrees f ...what a gift that would be!!! I just ate my poached egg and tea, and contemplating on what chore to start on...i just get befuddled thinking of all the things needing done.

    I did give myself some me time again...just breathing, and contemplating. Around morning is the time everyone does their prayer rituals and the air is filled with bells tinkling, and scents of incense.

    Take care

    God bless
  20. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Spring; that windstorm sounds horrific. Winds have always scared me, especially when they come at night. There is a lightweight patio roof next to my bedroom, covered with that corregated plastic stuff. I had a handyman do some repair up there a few years ago, and I think it's secure but you never know. I'm also careful about keeping the large umbrella closed on the glass table since once time we came home and found the umbrella had tipped the table over.....lucky it didn't go into the pool and break, cause we would have had giant troubles.

    What you posted about what we all need.......brought to mind the gifts of the spirit........love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, meekness and self control. Hard going to achieve all of those!!!!!!

    I'm taking a break from watching the movie about Stephen Hawking......winner of best actor this year. So very sad. Makes me think about how some suffer so much and others skate thru life. I went to my art painting group this afternoon and was talking to one of the ladies who apparently has a TON of physical troubles. She also mentioned that her brother also has a lot of them but a sister.....nada......and basically tells others to "suck it up". Makes me wonder where's the fairness in life?

    Tomorrow I think will be work on my floating net for the pool day. I bought some special twisted strong wire today along with 10 feet of a thin tubing to run the wire thru trying to avoid getting the wire rusted. I'm excited about this project if nothing else than to PROVE to myself I can do this......I hope.

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