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    Egads.......that's a lot of chit chatting that's gone on

    Here it is 8:45 and this tired girl/old lady is heading for bed. Anway, Rock asked someone to open a new thread.
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    Hi Kids

    No big news here. I do have some small news though. I had a tomato from
    our garden. Meant to tell ya 2 days ago, but my you know what doesn't
    always function too you know how. It's the same cherry tomatoes we've
    grown the last few years. Kinda strange though. All the other tomatoes
    are still green. Why would one be such a leader of the pack?

    Gordon had big plans for getting lots of exotic and wonderful photos of
    orchids at his club meeting so he could post them here. Alas, he was so
    busy looking and comparing notes with his fellow growers, he forgot all
    about taking pics. I hope his mind doesn't head South too. It would
    definitely be a bad thing if we had two of us non compos mentis.

    And speaking of forgetting things, Mikie, I caught your Pulitzer "read"
    pun. Intended to acknowledge, but forgot. Same old, same old.

    Nice to know that:
    Of dendrobiums you are fonder.
    Does it make you stop and ponder
    As about the yard you wander?
    "Shall I put one here or yonder?"

    Sun, don't know what happened to the secretary. She was only average as
    secretaries go, but she was a dark, stunning beauty; slim as an anchovy.
    Had many admirers over the years. No contact since I retired.

    Sounds like your pool is a sea of seeds. From whence do they cometh?

    Diane, we have no daffodils, but we have narcissus or narcisi. They are
    like smaller, shier daffodils. ("Shier" is the American form. I read that
    the English use 'shyer' to mean 'more shy'. That right, Barry?)

    What kind of plants were you and Lorraine planting, Julie? I am happy to
    report that I got a shave too. I intended to for 3 days, but I kept forgetting.
    Or else my back was acting up. Can't lean forward to shave when one's back
    is on the warpath. Hope Den feels better.

    Granni, I read about a bar of soap in the bed to combat restless legs or cramps
    some years ago. Might have been here on the board. Anyway, the essence of
    the discussion was that no one knows why it works, but it does. Some people
    recommended certain brands (usually old ones like Ivory or Fels Naptha.
    They still make that stuff?) Of course other folks said they tried it, and
    it didn't work at all.

    In looking around I found an ad for "An Old Amish Remedy". Kinda pricey.
    $14 a pint. Comes with a disclaimer. "Not intended to cure anything, etc."
    In other words, if it no workee, don't ask for your money back.

    Springwater, you out and about with your various excursions? Do people
    in Nepal use the expression, "To curry favor" or is curry strictly a condiment?
    Do you ever make your own?

    Just finished a mystery by a writer in South Africa. I read 2 good books by
    him. This last one was a mess. He had 3 stories all going at once. At the end
    they all sorta got mushed together. I quit reading before the last chapter.
    But I have 4 books waiting at the library. All on some aspect of show biz.
    Somebody once said, "Show biz is everybody's second business."

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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Another heavenly morning of sleeping in after letting the kitties in from the lanai. I do hope this becomes a habit with them. Animals love routine and if one can get cats to follow a regimen, they will usually stick to it. These two know just when it's time for their treats and they remind me. Once in a while, though, they try to trick me into giving them early. Little scamps! Speaking of scamps--Tweety runs like the athlete she is. Sir Vester scampers and it's sooooo cute. He was chasing her through the condo this morning and, from the back, it just looks like a blur of black fur. I'm so proud of them. They have been more active lately and having more smack downs. Tweety is tough but Sir Vester holds his own. It's just that he screams like a little girl when he's fighting. Too funny!

    I'm looking forward to having lunch with Judy today. She's the mutual friend I met through Barb. It was she and I, and another neighbor and fellow board member, who went to the art fest where I bought that little ceramic sieve for washing my berries. I need to call Barb, probably tomorrow early in the day. When she gets tired, it's more difficult for her to talk. She is doing better all the time. I also need to e-mail the woman who left for home while I was sick with the tummy bug. She internalizes everything and likely sees it as a snub and wonders what she did wrong. I've just been so busy and/or in pain with the foot.

    Tried to pay my big $3.50 ticket online but it wouldn't work, even when I entered the info on the ticket accurately. What a lot of trouble over a $1.00 ticket with $2.50 in fees. Seems hardly worth the state's time to collect it. In fact, they hire a third party to do the collecting. What a cluster!!! I'll do it on the phone later today. This morning, I'm going over to the pool to make sure the plants are watered. Rainy weather has started inland but those of us on the coast aren't getting our share. Hope I don't see anyone I know. I have bed head but will shower before going out for lunch.

    County is having free shredding next Wed. so need to go to Office Depot to get two file boxes. That's the limit they allow. This is my opportunity to get rid of a ton of old paperwork I no longer need. I have a lot which needs doing around here and hadn't planned on getting to the old paperwork just now but can't pass up this opportunity. I keep my routine bills for a year and my tax info indefinitely. I haven't gotten around to throwing out the old stuff for a couple of years. Yikes!!!:eek:

    Sun, thanks for getting us up and running again.

    Rock, loooooved your little ditty. Hmmmmm, exactly what is a ditty? I say it but don't really know the definition. It's like living down in the holler. DSIL once asked what a holler is. Glad your crops are coming in. Do you say to-may-to or to-mah-to? We got into a discussion at last Tues's. mtg. over the pronunciation of bougainvillea. Turns out both pronunciations we were using are correct. I love the little cherry tomatoes. They have flavor when the larger ones do not. Sorry Gordon didn't get pics but I can only imagine the excitement of being among all those beautiful and rare orchids. I really need to check to see whether there is an orchid club here. I'm sure there is one in the county but don't want to have to drive very far. I might get on a toll road and not even know it. :mad: ARGG!!!

    Can't believe how far to the north the sun is coming up these days. Only a little more than two months and it will start moving to the south again. It's beaming in through the sliders and I really need to get up and close the blinds. The blinds are broken but I can't find new ones that look as nice as the ones I have. The new ones are just slick white plastic. The ones I have are textured in a nice small design in a matte finish. This is the second blind mechanism I've gone through. They break down and I buy new ones in the same brand. I throw out the slats and reuse the old ones. Designers don't like the vertical blinds but blinds give one the greatest control of light in the room. In these intense summer months, I like to keep mine closed to keep out the destructive UV and keep the air conditioned air inside.

    The builder, in his stupidity, only put in single-pane windows. New building codes require hurricane glass be installed. Neighbor in a unit just like mine had his replaced to the cost of $10,000. Yikes! :eek: He didn't get his money back when he sold. Realtors say it isn't worth the investment. We already have some of the cheapest electrical rates in the country and the savings don't support the cost of new, more energy efficient, windows. I try not to waste energy but not if it's going to cost me $10K!

    Dear Ones, I hope you all have a wonderful, pain-free, energetic day.

    Love, Mikie
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    SUN - Thanks for starting up our new volume - :)!! - WOW . Yes, we do chat a lot don't we all.

    Another quick good morning to awl before I have to get ready for my cleaning lady early this afternoon. It seems like there is so much to do just to get ready for her. She and her daughter sometimes come and dust, do the floors ( vacuum) and wash the tile floors too, also a little cleaning in the kitchen. I am still eating my breakfast at the computer and DH is off to the bank.. Then he goes to his men's luncheon with speaker who was a Vietnam prisoner of was. It should be very interesting even if DH is more interested in the WWII. I'll bet he sure has a lot of tales to tell and many of then not to nice or fun.

    JULIE - I see you are busy as usual. Sorry they will be spraying with Roundup all around the place. While it does kills those weeds it is definately good for people and hope you all don't have any after effects from the stuff.

    Hope to come back later and love to everydobby. Need to get dressed and get ready for my ladies. So much to do. Then I also need to start thinking about what to take on our trip next week.

    Granni :)
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    Rock: I like that term you used......slim as an anchovie.....kinda rolls off the tongue. I've never in my life been slim, including when I was a "stocky" child. I grew into one who had "curves" which turned into rolls. LOL Glad to read you're now enjoying the first of the tomatoes. I bought two containers of the cherry ones, but so far all I see are a lot of flowers. I hope that means lots of tomatoes. But then......I hope I get to eat some before some possum discovers where I've planted this year. One year it was WAR......I fed and nutured, had the plants encased with netting, but somehow that critter would find a way to a tomato, take one bite then more on. I finally yanked all the plants out and had over 10 pounds of green tomatoes on tray, figuring I would have to make a lot of fried green tomatoes. But surprisingly, they all ripened and tasted wonderful.

    Mikie: Go online and do a search for some vertical blinds with a texture. You might find exactly what you're looking for. I ordered vertical blinds online and had my handyman install them. I've also ordered some very narrow, long mini blinds for two bathroom windows.

    We used to drive a toll road down to the beach. My DD told us to have a big bag of quarters so we could toss them into the basket where there was no toll road person working. It was very confusing as there were 6 pay stations, but once on the way home my husband didn't turn off at the correct place and they caught us. I believe the fine was around $65. After that we bought a transponder to keep on the dash that automatically removed the $ out of the account. Of course, after he died I had no need for it anymore and sent it back for my refund.

    Have a good, fun day with your friend. Hope your heel is better.

    Julie: OMG OMG roundup all around you guys. I really feel for you. I'm assuming you rent out your land to this farmer? Cute about Lorraine giving you the award. You're sooooo lucky to be living right next to your family.
  6. Granniluvsu

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    MIKIE - Gee you are really wearing me out talking about everything you are doing and going on. Waiting for the cleaning lady to come this afternoon. DH is at the men's lunch. How nice of you thinking about calling Barb. You are a very sweet and thoughtful person no matter what others do to you. I also TRY and be that way. It doesn't help any to hold a grudge on people. Hope your foot starts to feel better soon.

    I also need blinds in at least the kitchen and DH has been dragging his feet forever in getting new ones. Heck they are not that expensive but meanwhile he gets other things that are much more expensive than a blind. I am so tired of looking at the one in the kitchen that is all rushed on the bottom. I used take them down and wash in the tub but no more. That is much to much work for e. This just needs to be replaced though. I do hate to clean blinds. Ordering binds on line is a good idea but wonder if they carry blinds that are different sizes and not the usual window sizes.

    JULIE - It is so cute with you and Lorraine planting flowers and are you going to treasure that lovely award she put around your neck? I would. That was so sweet of her. I wish my g kids had all lived really close by but none of them did when they were young. My grandparents lived very far away and we hardly ever saw them. My mom's parents both died when she was little. That is so sad. You are truly blessed even though it is very hectic for you at times. They will GROW and will not need you as much physically anyway.

    SUN - Thanks for giving MIKIE that idea about checking on line for blinds. I may end up at least checking them out.

    DIANE - Thinking about you and hope all is well.

    My ladies are here and I have to go do a few things. May check back later if I can although then DH will return and probably need the computer.

    Love you ALL,
  7. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    So glad to see so much posting. Just wish our MIA's would show up.

    I just got back from our lunch at Joe's Crab Shack. I got the Ragin' Cajun boiled pot with crab legs, shrimp, sausage, potatoes and corn on the cob. I'll eat from it for two more days. Judy's husband is allergic to seafood so she never gets to go to a place that only has seafood. We sat inside looking out over the downtown marina. We chatted and had a grand ole time. I showed her my big FL DOT Failure to Pay Violation with the pic of my car on it and we laughed and laughed about it. I finally called and got some guy in India after dealing with many menu options on the phone. This place definitely isn't user friendly. He gave me a confirmation number so I can prove I paid it if it ever comes up. He was very nice and very professional.

    I did go over to the pool earlier this morning and cleaned out all the ash cans and straightened the furniture. It looks sooooo nice with all the lounge chairs set at an angle. I watered the plants and took the recyclables and trash from the pool down to the dumpster. No one told me what a glamorous position this was going to be. :) It was already sooooo hot out that I was drenched in sweat. It's so humid that, even with the A/C set low, I couldn't get dried off after my shower. Hard to style my hair when it doesn't want to dry. I have an ionic hair drier but, even using that, it didn't want to dry. I probably should just let it curl up and be done with it.

    Sun, that's a good idea about shopping online. I think I tried it before but that was a few years ago and they may have more options now. Thing is that I like the slats I have; I just need a new top mechanism. I don't think it helps that the cats see the slats as an obstacle course to play in. Thanks for the good wishes for my heel. It felt better early on but, after working at the pool, it was inflamed again. It's a bit swollen now so I have it up. Your toll ticket was waaaaay too much. Yikes!!! I hope no possums find your tomatoes. I also hope your pool gizmo works. Don't give up.

    Julie, Oh, I hate to think of all that RoundUp near you. I use it sparingly to kill what the landscapers don't seem to be able to with whatever they use. Mine has a wand on it and I can target single weeds. I hate using any of that stuff but have to now and then. I hated using the Seven but it did the job on the aphids. I really wash my hands well, or wear gloves, when handling that stuff. That is soooo sweet that you got a well-deserved Grandma Award. Kudos! You can place your fingers on both sides of a snapdragon and it will open more when you squeeze. My ex used to do it like a ventriloquist and make the flower "talk." Kids got a kick out of it. My SIL saw me in less that a nightie when he and DD were dating. Unknown to me, they had come in when I was in the shower and I walked out naked. Poor kid was at a loss. Now, he just says he sees the family resemblance. That is so stupid that the women at the place dress up your Dad like he's a Ken doll. I'm sure he is very cute all decked out but comfort trumps cuteness every time. Hope your flowers do well.

    Granni, you know, it doesn't seem to me that I'm busy. It's probably the same for you. I guess we don't realize just how much we do ourselves. It seems to me that you are always on the run and doing so much. I feel like I'm not doing much with this heel. Thank you for your sweet comments. I am just so happy that Barb and I are getting along and I don't want her to think I forget her when she's not here. We've been friends for many years despite some rough patches. After 18 years, friends become more like family. Today, Judy and I were saying how much we miss Barb's husband, Paul. Judy's husband, Joe, really misses him. Paul always helped me with my projects. I put up my new storm door by myself but he gave me such good advice before I ever started. Think I mentioned that we honor those who have passed with a memorial plant. I just noticed that Paul's plant is in bloom. I'll have to tell Barb.

    Well, Kids, I think I've been here long enough. I have things I could be out shopping for but have decided to wait for the Sunday ads. I use dark brown towels in both the blue and the beige baths. The beige one has some terra cotta accents and I want to spruce it up with some new towels in that color. It's the guest bath. The brown towels are a bit faded and don't look as good as they did when new. They are fine for me to use but I don't want them in the bath everyone sees. If I want to get a new mattress, I need to do it before sun. while the sales are still going on. I just stress out so much at the thought of committing to a new one. I know where the lumps are on the old one. :) What if I hate the new one and have to return it? They will take it back but then I would have to go through all that stress again. I need the Simmons Beautyrest Goldilocks mattress--one that's juuuuust right!

    Hope everyone has a good evening.

    Love, Mikie
  8. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: If there's a blind store near you, go in and ask if you can buy whatever you need. You might be surprised. Glad you had a fun lunch. I would love to live close to the water.....have lots of energy to do things, and maybe live in a fun senior condo place. I got a call this morning from a realtor who has been to the house before. She said she's got something that would be "perfect" for me......HA. I'll call her after my nap but as of this time don't feel like I want to sell just yet. There's a house for sale 3 doors down from me, 1000 less sq footage, and a high price. I'm curious what will happen to it. And the only way I would even consider selling is IF I found the perfect home to move into, AND I was able to sell the house for 2% or less commission.

    Granni: When are you leaving on your little jaunt? Oh yes, the window I had a blind made for measures about 22" by 6' or there abouts. It's a narrow long louvered window. The blind fit perfectly but there was a small paint spot on one of the slats. I called the company....they replaced it with another one but just told me to toss the other. Well, I didn't because it fit one other window so basically I got two for the price of one.

    My pool man was here.....had one suggestion for my noodle net.....that was to put a slight weight on the back. It worked perfectly. I told him to have a go at it......there's no way I'm making another one. If he can make $ on my idea then good for him.

    So after he left I decided to repot a large container of succulents. One thing led to another and I spent over 3 hrs. moving things, replanting my shade garden, and dumping large containers of dirt, etc. Looks much better in back now........see, I'm slowly getting ready to move I think.
  9. springwater

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    Hello all

    Nice to read up on what everyones at.

    Altho i had to read superfast. On top of relatives descending on us (not at mine but i hv to go visit) an old aunt of DHs passed away. That condolence visit is another thing added to my to do list.

    And because Mother Day (here) is come, my part time and the lady who stays downstairs and washes clothes took leave. They come from a days bus journey away and hold these festivals in so much high regard, i hate to say no. I dont think i should, either. It s nice to see people love their moms so much. They brave a horrible hot bus ride in a about to fall down contraption and then walk an hour or two to get to their homes. As it is thepart time was already patchy with her attendance due to looking after her convalescing father. They hv this custom where the child puts milk into a coconut and lets the mother sip three times..its supposed to be returning the gift of breast milk which the mother fed to the child.

    We are having lots a wet weather. Suits me. Green foliage and cooler temps.

    Mikie - you are a warrior like many here. Braving on inspite of your inflamed heel. I wonder had you been in washington and born to a political family, would we have had you up there as presidential candidate? Maybe. Im pretty sure.

    Julie - i feel for you. Worrying about your dad and Dens dad and not being able to be there. There must be a special place in heaven for you when you get there, where you will get all the love and care you have dispensed for so many years onto others. Of course, i would love for you to win the lotto and take off with Den and the lot on a verrry long vacation.

    Granni - i envy you. There, i said it. I want to be just as active and social as you. Must be so rewarding going about and bringing a smile to peoples faces with your performances. We dont use blinds here but we went and shopped for DD when we were there for her room. What a hassle. Had to go change it coz it was too big. Washing blinds would be ugh! Not the pleasantest smoothest task.

    Sun - ah..im following your tussle with trying to perfect your swimming pool cleaner gizmo. The thought of all those seeds! I once saw on tv, wild ducks coming and settling into the swimming pool because the owners put a toy duck in it. Must be difficult to let go of ones house one has lived in for years n years.

    Rock - we cant do without curry here. Its an every day thing. That and rice. Eh? I suddenly thought of Godons 'pho' soup. I wish i had someone like Gordon here who loved cooking.,my meals hv been very basic. Whatevers easiest.
    And fastest. I just admire that he is able to make time to do what he loves..nurture orchids. To hv so much passion for something and to be able to indulge in it. The two of you s conversation must be a laugh riot with your sense of humour.

    The govt has suddenly put a ban on plastic bags here, but provided no alternative. I hv to go dig out what cloth bags i hv. I dont know what the poor are going to do. Even cloth bags cost.

    I at long last got the grey in my hair covered. What a relief.

    Take care, you alls

    God Bless
  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Gordon went to his orchid meeting last night. He reported that he did take some
    photos, so likely we'll be seeing some of them. He brought home some new
    plants including 2 or 3 saracychollis orchids. Pronounced sar-ah-cy-lis, I'm told.
    Must be a Greek word. Sounds like it could be a disease.

    Nice to see your long, newsy post, Springwater. Thanks for keeping us abreast of
    events regarding Mother's Day. I think it's been a little over a year since our
    no plastic grocery bags law took effect. We now have our own bags which Ralph's
    store sold for $1 apiece. They are made of some modern material; hard to say if
    it's plastic or paper or both. Anyhoo they are very sturdy.

    Customers who didn't bring they own bags to the store, can buy a paper one
    for ten cents. But if one shops in the suburbs, most of them are still using plastic
    grocery bags. The LA city ordinance doesn't affect them.

    Sun, I agree. "Slim as an anchovy" is a nifty simile. I think Francis Robinson
    used it in a piece he wrote about the young Enrico Caruso back in the 50s.
    Francis was Assistant Manager of the Metropolitan Opera. He wrote the
    notes on the backs of records back in the 50s and 60s before the invention
    of 8 tracks, cassette tapes and CDs. Glad to hear the pool man had a good
    suggestion for your pool net.

    Mikie, I'm glad you paid your debt to society (Well, Florida society). We can
    only hope the government gives you credit for doing so. Gordon was told
    over the phone that his duplicate parking ticket was expunged, but if it
    ever becomes an issue, we have nothing in the way of paperwork to confirm
    the clerk's statement. Oh yeah, a ditty is a little song. Sorta at the opposite
    end of the continuum from an opera aria.

    I can't understand the concept of a toll road that isn't marked and has no toll
    booths. You're supposed to buy a sticker for the car just in case you might
    drive on one of those things? The country has gone downhill so much in the
    last half century. Uff-da!

    Granni, you remember the old riddle? How do you make a Venetian blind?
    Answer: throw sand in his eyes.

    Julie, congratulations on your medal. Nothing like a healthy dose of appreciation
    to brighten one's day. I don't understand this Round Up business. Why
    would a week killer have that name? A round up used to mean herding the
    cattle together to have them branded or to start on the cattle drive from Texas
    to Kansas.

    Hugs to everybody
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Another morning of the cats' being sooooo sweet. After I gave them their treats, both climbed onto the bed and settled down. It was I who couldn't get back to sleep. I gave them a big ration of love and got up. As it is, I got more than 7 hrs. of sleep so am OK. Weatherman said we would get rain today but, as always happens, they now say it won't come for another three days. ARGG!!! :mad: Guess I'll be out watering flowers again. We have the most beautiful flower boxes on our stairwell railing. They are filled with Purslane, which bloom every day with lovely coral/orange flowers, and Dorothy Anthus (sure I misspelled that name), which is a variegated waxy vine that hangs over the box and gets quite long. It has a very tiny red flower off and on. I have to keep cutting it back when it gets too long. Then, it really spreads out. These are perennials and we've had them for years now.

    Since I can't shop for the cabinet I need for the pool and Lilli Pulitzer at Target until Sun., I guess I should do some things around the condo. I think Bealls is having another $10 coupon and, if so, I may go down to look at those terra cotta towels. Checked HSN and they didn't have that color. I need to go to Costco for more garbage bags for the pool but hate to go there. Even when the Snowbirds leave, it's always congested in the store and parking lot. On the other hand, I could go to Staples which is in the same strip mall. I need some things to get my paperwork organized. Mgr. gave me some binders.

    Sun, if you're wanting to move, I hope you do find the perfect place. I'll probably live here for the duration. A lot of us living in da hood plan to stay. That's one reason I want to upgrade things in here. I'll bet with all you do, your home is beautiful and has tons of curb appeal. Thanks for the suggestion on the blinds. I ordered a repair kit from Amazon for only $8. One slat is cracked around the small opening at the top where it is clipped onto the top mechanism. That's the one which is broken on the mechanism and I suspect the cats' pawprints are all over that caper. I may see whether I can climb up and get that clip unstuck. I can't seem to break it loose. Good news about the pool gizmo but I think you ought to profit from it if the idea sells. My succulents also need to be moved around to look better. I have to keep the foliage beneath the electrical boxes on the side of the bldg. low and succulants do so well there. Good luck with getting ready to move. I always think that when we get an itch, it's a good idea to be ready just in case.

    Spring, good to see you here. Glad your weather is cooler and you are getting some rain to green things up. Wish our rainy season would arrive. I'm laughing about politics. I've been to Washington to visit. Pierre L'Enfant designed the layout of the city as well as the layout of Paris. Basically, that means that both cities' traffic is a nightmare. :) On the other hand, what can one expect from someone whose name means, baby, in French. Yes, between the Bushes and the Clintons, it does seem that one needs a family connection to run. Rand Paul and Mitt Romney also had family in politics. To me, being president would be crushing. Have you noticed the difference in looks between when a president goes into office and eight years later? Lots more gray hair. Of course, if we had a woman president, she would likely color her hair. ;) Seems in your country, more respect and activity revolve around holidays. Some people here do activities related to the holidays but, for many, it's just an excuse to have a day off and party. I looooove curry and it's so good for our health. Yummmm! Don't overdo with all this activity.

    Rock, computer just alerted me to another post and I rightly figured it was my fellow early bird. Glad I didn't miss your post. Yes, the concept of a toll road with no toll booths escapes me too. We have a lot of toll roads in FL so a lot of people buy the electronic Sun Passes so the toll is automatically deducted. Many have to drive on toll roads to come and go from work every day. Nothing in FL suggests the concept of society. Saracychollis sounds like a mental disorder, like psychosis. Perhaps this orchid thinks the other orchids are plotting against it. Just because you are paranoid doesn't mean people aren't out to get you. I have tons of those shopping bags from Publix. They are always having drives for the local food bank and I almost always donate. I get a free shopping bag every time. They add up. They are selling a nifty one which celebrates the original store with artwork from the era. The prettiest bags I saw while working were from Trader Joe's.

    Guess I'll read the paper online and get ready to go out to water before it gets too hot. We are near 90 degrees every day now. I'm wilting...:confused:

    Love, Mikie
  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Mikie

    Always love your posts. I bet you're right. The other orchids are suspected of
    plotting. Miss Sara Kylis thinks they are out to do her dirt.

    "L'Enfant" means baby? Who would have ever guessed? I always thought
    Pierre was an overdressed dandy who wore a white powdered wig and
    flaunted a fan. Phooey!

    Reminds me of my secretary's husband. He worked for the County of LA for
    many years. His primary job was on a crew that trimmed the trees and cleaned
    up the public land adjacent to the freeway. Eventually he became so good with
    his chainsaw technique, he was promoted to branch manager.

  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Ha, Ha! Rock, your puns always leave me wanting more. In French, l'enfant terrible means a brat. I love the pun about doing Sara dirt. Who planted that thought in her mind?

    I'll bet your secretary's DH had to climb the ladder of success. He was probably very good at his job and would leaf nothing to chance. Did he like to bole after work? With a job that good, they probably put down roots in the community to stay. I heard he could be loud but his bark was worse than his bite. His wife was de-vine. Oh, too easy to make tree puns.

    Your puns are always better, on a higher level. I enjoy them.

    My computer had to update so I had to wait til it came back up so thought I'd drop in again. The cats and I went out on the lanai. Don't know why they love for me to go out there with them but it seems so important to them that I gladly do it. It's good for me too. The air is fresh and sweet with a slight breeze. The birds were singing varying tunes. I love this time of day. "Good Morning America" cited a study which concluded that when dog owners and their dogs gazed lovingly into each other's eyes, their levels of oxytocin increased, leading to an elevated sense of love and calm for both. Well, I'm sure that gazing into my cats' eyes does the same thing. Their little green eyes are so bright and alive. I hate to see the day when they get old and the light fades from those gorgeous eyes. I'll enjoy them as long as I can. Who knows? They may outlive me.

    Everyone will outlive me if I don't get up off my duff. So I bid y'all adieu et bon chance.

    Love, Mikie
    rockgor likes this.
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Got back from WM shopping and we are waiting for the patio set we bought from HD to be delivered. It had better come today like they said since we will be leaving on our trip toe the TX Hill Country on Monday for a few days. They said from 9-5 which means it will probably come about dinner time - ugh !! You have to wait around all day for stuff to be delivered.

    JULIE - To bad the wedding is the same time as the dance recital. That is awful when that happens. Did you say you are going to the recital. Is she doing tap and or ballet?? I hope she is enjoying it. I did and wanted to continue it but when I was young my parents told me one or the other, that or violin lessons and I opted for the violin lessons. I took them till High School and then could no longer participate in anything before or after school as we were busses out to another town to school. We didn't have a H.S. but did in another few years so my brother could go there. I hurt my activities but oh well. My parents gave me what they could. Then as an adult after DH retired I took more lessons (tap) so 3 of us could perform with our singing group. It was so much fun. Neither of the other 2 ladies live here any more - medical issues for them and husband with Alz.. Hope you get a nice wedding gift and whatever else you need, JULIE.

    I really need to get off here and do some more packing and deciding what I need to take on our trip. Also need to go switch the wash to the drier,

    SPRING WATER - Nice to read your nice busy post. Sounds like you have been left with a lot to do. So hang in there and with your social engagements that you need to take care of. Hope they don't wear you out.

    Hugz to everydobby including all our MIA's and ROCK, GORDON, DIANE, MIKIE, JOAN, and everyone else I can't think of now.

    Granni :)
  15. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Granni: yes, probably close to dinner time when it will be delivered. How exciting.....

    Spring: so glad to see your post. Interesting about your mothers day celebration in your country. Our's comes up in a few more weeks.

    Mikie: I love your postings about the kitties. I almost feel like I know them intimately!

    Julie: I got an ad from prohealth about their D Ribose and it mentioned how it helps with RLS. You might want to check it out.

    For everyone interested here is a pic. I took of my noodle net. The pink noodle that looks "chewed up" actually is a piece I saved from my first one. The hot glue did that.......but at this point I don't want to mess with it anymore.....it's doing it's job and that's all that counts. I had thought about taking out a patent, but what for. It would cost me $, and my model could be changed, and I don't want to bother with it anymore.

    I went to an early artist group this morning instead of the friday afternoon one. I did a little experimenting with watercolor and plastic wrap. First I painted on resist and when it was dry I put down a wash. Everyone wanted me to pull off the plastic wrap but it had to dry first so they can't see it unless I get there next week. I'm into abstracts.

    I put in a call to the tax man, but no call back yet, and it went to an answering machine. I'm thinking they're all wiped out from tax season and might be taking some days off. And speaking of being wiped out, I'm one tired lady from all the gardening I did yesterday.

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Apr 17, 2015
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Checked my e-mails and decided to stop in. I went to Bealls earlier this morning and got a set of terra cotta towels with some extra wash cloths. They are very nice towels and would normally cost $106 but, with the sale and my coupons, I got them for $50. The splash of color really brightens up the bath. I watered the potted plants and sprayed the desert rose with a little Sevin where there remained just a few aphids. It's looking much better. All the plants on the lanai are looking healthy, especially my ruffled fern and pink flamingo. I just put out fresh water and food for the cats on the lanai for later when they go out.

    Good news! I got the mechanism that holds the blind slat unstuck. Woo hoo! I just kept turning the slats and trying to unstick it. I tried a lot of positions until I was able to get it to go into the same position as the rest of the slats. I was so tired after doing next to nothing that I got into bed and watched a movie. I fell asleep during the second movie I turned on. The cats climbed in with me and we all slept. It was a good, deep sleep and I woke feeling more energized.

    I finished a crab leg cluster left over from yesterday's lunch at Joe's Crab Shack. There is still another cluster left for tomorrow. They were cooked in wonderful, spicy Cajun spices. Mmmmm! Decided to have a frozen peach daiquiri with them so I'm feelin' mellow.

    Julie, hope you find just the right gift. Wedding gifts are so expensive these days. Sorry the kids are sick. I can relate to poor Josiah with his throwing up. It's awful and scary for little ones. If I have to go out, I do it first thing. If I start to do anything that resembles work, I will not want to go out shopping later. I should have gone to Publix after Bealls but just didn't have the umph to do it. Enjoy the dance recital.

    Sun, that pool cleaner looks so professional. I really think that if it works, you should see if there is some way to profit from it. Glad you enjoy hearing about the cats. I've had cats all my life and every one has been different. I still love the cute things they do and how much love they give. Tweety can be ornery but she is getting better all the time. Sorry you are tired from gardening but I'll bet whatever you did looks great. I'm surprised that you are getting into abstracts. There is something addictive about them. You will have to share yours with us when it's done.

    Granni, hope they don't keep you waiting too long for your delivery. I can't get rid of that picture in my mind that Spring opened our Porch with--the old fashioned wicker furniture on the front porch. Do you still play the violin? I played the clarinet in school but didn't do much with it. I hate to see where so many schools have discontinued music in their programs. Too much emphasis teaching to pass the standardized tests without teaching critical thinking skills. People who have music at a young age do better in all areas of their lives, including learning math. People who had music learn to fly much more easily too. My flight teacher was a band teacher when he was younger.

    Well, Kiddies, I had better get off my computer. Hope all y'all have a wonderful evening.

    Love, Mikie
  17. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member


    Again a pitstop visit...

    Mikie - all your flowers in the pots and stairwell and outdoors sound so beautiful. I can understand why you love going there and making sure everything is in spanking order and the plants well taken care of.

    Sun - i do that too, or used to. when i worked inthe garden i would think, it would be for an hour and then up to cook/clean and i would get so engrossed it would spill over into two or three hours or maybe nightfall. gardening usually doesnt seem like work, more like a hobby.

    I was impressed with your gizmo. it does look very professional to me.

    Rock - you and Mikie and your puns.

    You got a good set of funny bones as well as brains between the two of you.

    Julie - i love gift shopping when i i hv time to browse..otherwise i find it stressful. nowadays at weddings n things people here hv wisened up and give money in a envelope. it seems more practical unless one knows the gift is something the person needs or wants.

    Granni - you are going to Texas Hill country. I think this too is one of your annual trips..like the Las Vegas casino
    one? Or maybe bi annual or something. i think i remember you mentioning you stayed in a hotel reputed to be haunted or somethng on your last trip. But what fun! he wildflowers and the great outdooors.

    I made my visit to DHs aunts son...a second or third cousin really but close. She was 83. All her kids who are in the US came visited her before she passed on, seems like she was waiting for them...but death is always sad. There was one son who stays here and looked after her, who she lived with let us say.

    Went with my SIL. Elder brothers wife who took care of the transport, she brought a taxi whose driver she knows so that was a headache out of the way. I hate having to give instructions and then lose the way to some irritable cab driver.

    Take care

    God Bless

  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    Another wonderful morning. It's still dark out but the air is coming in through where I left the sliders open. The cats like to go in and out until it's time for their first morning snooze and it's getting warmer. Tweety is out on the lanai chasing a dead leaf from one of the plants. I have a ceramic fish on the floor. It is hollow with a big open mouth. My Mom bought it on a trip to Mexico. It is good Feng Shui as it captures excess energy from the little ripples in the pond which are directed toward our bldg. The ripples come from the splashing fountain. Too much water, or water movement, can be a negative influence in Feng Shui. I have always hidden little cat toys in the fish and Tweety likes to put her paw in it and drag the toys out to play with them. This is one of the few exceptions to the cats' lack of enthusiasm for toys. Tweety didn't meow to come in until 5:00. I got seven hrs. sleep last night and was wide awake at 4:00 but lay in bed and said my morning prayers. I up and fairly bright eyed and bushy tailed.

    Last night was the first night that I took no clonazepam at all. I hope that by now, there won't be much in the way of withdrawal. I was down to 1/4 mg., which isn't much. Need to go over to the pool later on to water the flowers and just check things out. I'm anxious for tomorrow's paper to see whether there is a sale on the type of cabinet I need for the bathroom in the pool house. I'm also anxious to see the Target rollout of the Lilly Pulitzer line. They have been doing a ton of ads on TV for it. Chris Noth, Mr. Big on "Sex And The City," was even in one of the ads.

    Spring, glad you had stress-free taxi hired. You're right--money is always a good gift. We have bridal registries here where the bride and groom go to stores and select things they would like to receive. The guests and friends can check it out and select something on the list that they know the couple will like. Weddings have gotten soooo expensive that the couples expect the guests to give gifts that, at least, equal the cost of feeding them at the receptions. This can make it hard on family and friends who don't have a lot of money. Bridesmaids are expected to buy the dresses the bride picks out. It can get expensive for those who have a lot of friends and act as bridesmaids on multiple occasions. The dresses usually can't be worn after the weddings. Joan Rivers spent a million dollars on her daughter's wedding and the girl got divorced. Bad return on investment!

    Not much to tell as I was here late yesterday so will get going. Hope everydobby has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    I have no news. There used to be a news program that started each broadcast
    with a weather vane. The letters on it indicated the directions which spelled
    out NEWS. I read that was the derivation of the word "news". Later I read,
    No, it really wasn't. There are so many controversies in life. Good thing this
    one doesn't matter.

    So you see, I have nothing to report. The tomatoes are not getting riper. I
    suspect it's because we are not giving them lots of water. Plants that produce
    fruit needs lots of water I've been told. Makes sense to me.

    Mikie, your puns are just as fruitful as mine if not moreso. Hard to come up
    with an original unless a new word is added to the language. But that's OK.
    As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "If you can't come up with a good saying,
    just quote an old one."

    Your cats are lucky to have you and vice versa. BTW, when you mention
    "sliders" you mean ordinary sliding glass doors, right? Just want to be
    sure we are on the same blueprint.

    Springwater, no bridal registries in Nepal? I only visited one once. A
    friend from work was getting married. I went to Minnesota's
    best department store (Dayton's). The clerk showed me the kitchen
    equipment she had picked out. Picked up the frying pan. It must have
    weighed 5 pounds. Empty! And the sterling silver was too expensive.
    I got her something else someplace else. Later, at the wedding reception,
    I found out the clerk had been showing people the wrong stuff. Uff-da!

    Yes, weddings. From reading the news I have formed the impression that
    American woman are cocoa puffs crazy on the subject of weddings. Men,
    of course, are more sensible. They're crazy about sports. HaHa!

    Sun, thanks for the pic of your water gizmo. I couldn't have put something
    like that together in a million years. And to think that it works! You are
    both artistic and crafty. Post pic of your new abstract when it's done
    if you have the energy.

    Julie, I hope Clinton has a speedy recovery. Sounds like Oreo is getting
    lots of rest even if you aren't. Hope Den is feeling better. I sure
    would like one last visit to the heartland.

    BTW, did you know there was a town named Hartland, Minnesota?
    It is at the bottom of MN, only a few miles from the Iowa state line.
    Pop. is a little over 300. For "Notable Natives", Wikipedia lists
    some gal who was once Miss October in Playboy Magazine.

    Oh, just remembered. My mother once gave a wedding gift of kitchen
    implements. Spatulas, serving spoons, colander, etc. She said the
    couple will be starting a new home together and this is stuff they
    will need. Not appropriate, of course, if the couple has been living
    in sin for the past some years. Isn't it amazing how attitudes and
    behavior have changed in our lifetime!

    Hi to the MIAs as Granni says: Diane, Barry, etc.

  20. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hello to all on the Porch!

    I've been off the "grid" for a while. My P.C. tower died! I have company on the way for Card Night, but I wanted to jump on and say hello to all. I've missed you! I am presently borrowing my daughter's laptop until I can find a new tower in my price range. Oi!

    My new job is going well. Much easier on me. I've been dealing with a lot of car repairs. My brakes went out two weeks ago. That was scary!

    My daughter's meds have been changed so she's been somewhat better but still cannot be left alone and still needs constant vigilance from my son and I. She went down in the bathroom yesterday and the paramedics had to be called. But she'd been doing well for a week and a half with the new medication change. Dr. is still trying.

    I will try and catch up at a later time with you all.

    Have a wonderful evening!


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