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    Dear Porchies, Number 800 has 30 posts so thought I'd start a new one. I'll pop over to the old one so I can respond to posts there and be back soon.

    OK, I'm back.

    Julie, we must have been posting at the same time. Your wedding gift sounds just perfect. Glad you have your priorities set. It's good to be able to help family as much as you do but you and Den have a lot on your plates too. I think I mentioned that my ex and I had a good rhythm when we worked together. It's nice when two people connect so well that their work together is seamless. I hope your building project is to the point now that it seems to move faster. I remember how good that felt. Hope your aches and pains let up. Yes, rain always seems to make them worse.

    Spring, so great that your cousin was able to take over the concert mgmt. and it made a profit for so worthy a cause. I can't imagine the horrible pain that families go through when a loved one is abducted for human trafficking. I think it's a worldwide problem. People here prey on runaway kids and illegal immigrants. Homeless kids and adults need a place to feel safe and to get clean. Are you still getting rain? Our rainy season seems to be taking forever to arrive. I will have to go over to the pool to water the flowers again today. Argggh!

    Rock, I see you are on the new Porch. I'll come back later to see whether you stayed to visit.

    Cats let me put them out last night but Tweety was yowling to be let in at 4:00. They were good, though, after I gave them their treats. Both got in bed with me and slept. I, unfortunately, could not go back to sleep but did lie there quietly until after 5:00. I lavished love on them both by last evening and again this morning. Of course, now that I'm up, both are snoozing soundly. I've been going to bed to watch TV in the afternoons and I doze off and on so I'm not getting the usual exercise to make me sleep better at night and into the early morning. The heel seems to be better but my hips and legs still ache. Don't know why but it started when I began weaning off the Special K.

    Think I mentioned that a guy across the pond here from me, Barb's friend, Joe, came over when I had the stomach bug. He had no consideration for how I was feeling and after he launched into the problems in his bldg., I had to tell him I was sick. Yesterday, I was pruning some bushes in front, near our pool. I chatted amicably with the neighbors downstairs. When Joe came to the pool gate, he had to ask my neighbors to let him in as he had forgotten his key. While he waited, I asked him whether he had gotten in touch with the man he was seeking to fix a board on their bldg. He launched into a tirade against the mgmt. co. and me, saying we should be doing more. I tried to explain to him that neither of us could help with his problem and that it was up to his bldg. assn. He yelled in a most horrible way that he came over for help and I didn't help him. I told him I was sick and he said that I'm always sick.

    Aha! I know where he got that; Barb is the only one who tells everyone I'm always sick. This from a woman who has suffered two strokes in recent years and is still recovering from the last one. I've always told her how much I admire how she has handled it but she has always been mean about what ails me and acts like it is my own fault. A friend of Barb's came over to the pool and Joe was talking to her. She is one of the ones who has spread such nasty rumors about Julie, the neighbor who has seizures, the cats' "Other Mommie." I'm sure she has also spread Barb's nasty comments to others about my health conditions. I was going to call Barb but just no longer feel like it.

    Joe said he could afford to live anywhere else and pay cash but he CHOOSES (his emphasis) to live here. He said he is going to withhold his condo fees. I told him that would only hurt the others in his bldg. and he said he didn't care about them. He said he only cares about himself. Yikes!!! This guy lost his wife last year and he's just like Barb--stuck in the anger phase of grieving. I suspect he's always had anger management issues. Funny thing is that he and Barb were friends for a while with something in common but she started saying the nastiest things about him. She said he's crude and without manners. After yesterday, I believe her. :mad:

    Geez, this job of serving on the board is thankless. Fortunately, I don't let people like this guy get to me. I try to help everyone but know I can't please them all. It's funny, or not so funny, how one starts to realize which people are unstable types in da hood. Mgr. wants to talk to me after the Tues. mtg. I don't know what's on her mind. I hope it's nothing stressful. I try to keep the drama down to once a week. :)

    Well, Dear Ones, thanks for letting me vent. I hope all y'all had a better day yesterday than I and I hope we all have a wonderful day today. Just a funny post note: I was up early in the kitchen fixing my breakfast when I noticed Joe out on his balcony across the pond. He looked over here and saw me inside at the kitchen sink and beat a quick retreat into his condo. He apologized yesterday to my neighbors downstairs for making such a scene at the pool but he didn't apologize to me. They have his number and see him for the jerk he is. Actually, jerk is the word Barb uses to describe him. Good grief, how sad these people's lives must be.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Mikie, there was a time when I could see who else was on the board, but
    not anymore. The computer keeps changing. And the changes are generally
    not to my liking. Now it no longer alerts me that I have e mail, for example.
    But we have other fish to fry today. The kitchen sink is on the warpath.
    Somehow it got clogged up last night. So far as I know, no diaper is involved.

    Yes, your neighbor sounds like a jerk. I looked up the derivation of that
    term. Couldn't find anything. Maybe it stems from the fact that such people
    tend to jerk you around and keep you off balance.

    I believe one of the biggest problems in the world is that they are too many
    people Reminds me of a poem Harold C. recited in 9th grade English.
    "Elbow Room," cried Daniel Boone. I couldn't find the poem, but I found
    some info about it. It was published in the Saturday Evening Post in the 1920s.

    Julie, nice to know that your gift was much appreciated. Is there something
    unusual about this grill? Gordon has a great big smoker sort of grill. It looks
    like a giant ceramic pot. About 4 feet high. You close the top and the meat
    gets cooked and smoked. We used it frequently in the 80s. But not since
    then because of moving around.

    Springwater, do you know the song April Showers? It was a favorite of Al
    Jolson. (For that matter, have you heard of Al Jolson?) That was nice
    of your cousin to step in and help the kids with their project.

    Well, it's too tricky going back and forth to the old post to try and respond to
    people. Have to come back and post more later.

    Read the autobiography of Fred Zinnemann yesterday. He was a director. "High
    Noon", "A Man for All Seasons" etc. Won 4 Academy Awards. When he was
    getting on in years, some young executive said to him, "I'm not familiar with your
    work. Could you tell me something about what you've done." Fred said, "That's
    a good idea. You first."

    A good story, but Fred says it's not true. In fact, he said, "I think Billy Wilder
    told me he was the one who said it."

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    Mikie: yes, that neighbor across the way does like a real jerk.....or P I T A! You all know what that stands for. What type of flowers are around the pool that you need to water all the time? Don't they have automatic sprinklers? Who waters when you can't? Reading about all the problems associated with living in a complex and all the people one has to learn to live around, makes me think that I should stay in my home as long as possible.

    My DH has been gone 9 months now. I admit I've gone thru some very hard times.....sadness, anger, and I think I'm now in acceptance stage and see myself as ONE now instead of a torn couple. Life is full of changes, good or bad, and we have to learn to do the best we can.

    Julie: I HATE computer problems. You're so lucky Den know what's what. I've found a good computer guy in my neighborhood, one who I can trust. I pray all the time for God to lead me to the right people when I need help. So many dishonest ones on this planet.

    Spring: So nice you had a good visit with your cousin. He must be a very capable young man to be able to step in and take over.

    Rock: I'm sorry to read that Gordon has such inherited diabetes troubles. I really hope he watches his diet carefully. My X sister in law is now having diabetes problems and has to get it under control. Her mom died from it. And from what I've heard from one of the nieces who is married to my nephew, apparently it's rearing it's head in him also.

    I've been pushing myself to do some gardening cleanup........what's new about that! Around here it's hard to find anyone to pull weeds and other small things that have to be done. All the "gardeners" can do is mow, and I don't have a lawn for at least 25 years. A few weeks ago I turned on an overhead sprinkler in back, forgot about it until the morning when I came out and saw I had flooded things, so much that the stacked blocks that formed a small wall collapsed. I felt sick at the mess I had created. So it took me a few days just to move a few blocks at a time to restack......they're heavy and I didn't want to hurt myself. But it caused me to do more cleaning, and replanted and tossed things. I now make myself a note when I have water turned on!!!!

    Yesterday I drug myself to church......this becomes hard because I have to leave the house at 8:45....takes 30 min. to drive there so I can get in early, service starts at 9:30 and lasts until 11 a.m. Yesterday he went over so we didn't get out until 11:15. OMG......my sciatic was screaming even though I always carry my own cushion to sit on. Then went for lunch with DD and family, then on to a local museum to see an art show.

    Today I plan on painting a bit.
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    Hi all! Nice to read what you have all been up to over the weekend. Mikie, that guy sounds like he has some severe issues/mental problems. (I see this type of behaviour a lot with my friend who has Aspergers). Definitely not easy to deal with to say the least.

    I have been overdoing it (what's new?) but in the garden and house. I worked flat out in the garden from 9am Friday til last evening - and there is still loads of stuff to do. All of which costs money, time and energy. Gardens ain't cheap!!! But when we are done, we will have 3 little ponds, over 100 bulbs planted back and front (easy, as that way we don't have to replant every year). But today? Oi vey. I slept in til 2pm!!!! Obviously needed it and woke up feeling very drugged and groggy....

    And then of course the brain fog kicked in...you guys will love this....I cleaned my kitchen and utility room countertops with Shout fabric stain remover. Good one, Aly!

    This weekend I did 2 things new - I put on a new toilet seat and I made a box for some some veg to grow. Ok. The box is very, very wonky - and this is WITH my husband's help and measuring!!!!! It won't sit flat. ha ha ha. Oh well. It was fun to use a drill and hacksaw! :)

    A smoker sounds like a truly AWESOME gift! I would love one! I think the first thing I would make in it would be Montreal smoked meat (or at least a version of it).

    It has been beautiful and sunny these past few days in Scotland...but as usual, you can never tell if a downpour is on it's way to you, or somewhere else. Yesterday a big black cloud hung over us and we were sure we were in for a thunderstorm and rain...Nope! The thing is, we have a rather large garden area, and when it rains it makes life so much easier in regards to watering. Hubby is so exhausted, it either ends up being me who does it...or it doesn't get done at all. And after all the effort, energy and money gone into the garden, to not water it in the end is just a poor show, really, isn't it?!

    Well, I am in bed, with my little 15lb Kappy Cat aka The Lurve Sponge draped across me. On Friday he kept yelling at me ....all he wanted was for me to lie down with him. In fact, I would go so far to say that I think he is a service cat! He always knows when I need to lie down and he literally herds me upstairs, then lies on me purring and giving me a bath (or more to the point, he covers me with cat spit), in order to make sure I just stay put. He knows. My friend is a psychic and he loves her...she said he is such an old soul. One day she was over and he was 'calling' (he is part Burmese part Chinchilla - a Tiffinie) and she swore we had a child in the house crying 'Mummy'.

    Trying to cut the carbs out of our diets. Struggling. Tonights dinner - a concoction of tuna, with chopped peppers, avacado, onion, lemon zest, partially cooked broccoli and cauliflower and homemade Caesar salad dressing with bacon. Meanwhile. All I would love is a good piece of toast with butter and a cup of tea! (In saying that, I am sure that I have candida overgrowth, and it is one of the reasons I am struggling with weight...that and the fact that I am a sugar/carb addict and my roomie always brings home cookies after his work. I try to resist, but some days a chocolate chip cookie with a a gooey chocolate center is just too yummy to say no to.

    Hope you all have a good pain free week!

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    Hello, Kids

    Woke up from my nap. Gordon made some calls about our recalcitrant
    sink. One guy is illish, and the other hasn't called back yet. Modern
    amenities are wonderful except when they don't work. Then the gas main
    explodes or the plane flies into a mountain. Uff-da!

    It's 66 degrees here. I'm so cold I put on my tattered lumberjack shirt
    and my gloves. A couple days ago the tops of the palm trees were
    swaying. Not so today. Which reminds me. You remember this song?

    "The sun is shining, the grass is green
    The orange and palm tree sway
    There's never been such a day
    In Beverly Hills, L.A
    But it's December, the twenty fourth
    And I am longing to be up north"

    It's the verse from "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas", but one
    seldom hears it. The song was new at the same time I was.

    Hi, Alyssa. Shout fabric stain remover, huh? That's the thing about brain
    fog. Some days it makes us want to pull out our hair. Other days it's good
    for a laugh. Sometimes, both. I had brain fog for roughly 20 years. At
    some point it segued into Alzheimer's. Your tuna salad medley sounds good.
    I think I'd use Ranch dressing and leave out the peppers. Norwegians don't
    like anything spicier than Jello.

    Sun, I looked up pita. It's a Middle Eastern Bread. Popular here in our sunny
    version of the not so united nations. I also looked up P I T A. Got a different
    sorta answer. HaHa!

    Yes, Gordon is pretty good about dealing with his diabetes. It runs in the
    family. I remember one coworker from some years back who didn't pay
    much attention to health concerns. I recall him saying as he lit up,
    "Well, ya gotta die from something."

    Yes, you're right, Julie. We should be grateful for what we have. Remember
    the old saying. I felt bad that I had no shoes. Then I saw one poor guy
    and he had to wear Crocks. Remember the villain in the movie Friday the
    13th? Jason, the guy who wore a hockey mask. To be properly coordinated
    sartorially he should have worn Crocks. Matching holes.

    Hugs, Kids and a tip of the derby to Granni, Diane, Barry
    Springwater, et. al.

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    I love White Christmas and watch it every year. By myself. Because Dave isn't interested. Sometimes a cat will join me. Although I think in the back of my mind I will never forget reading about how abusive Bing was to his children (as was Enid Blyton....). I cannae keep ma peepers open...it is 10pm here. My weekend of pushing myself has caught up. Very funny about PITA Rock. One day, if I come California ways I would really love to meet you. You have such a sparkle to you....and I think you Rock, Rock! Well, got my two flufters (the cats) tucked in either side of my (of course they are...they are on THEIR heating blanket...). The sun has shone for yet another day in Scotland. The weather changes so quickly here - you put your laundry out to dry.. then a big black cloud comes over...then you run out to take it in...the dark cloud either passes (or pisses!) and then it is sunny (or not). My aunt from PA said she couldn't get over how fast the weather changes...two weeks ago we literally had everything from snow to sun. I try to make the most of it when I can....because it doesn't stay around this country for long!!!! Sleep well lovely peeps. A.x
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    I just re-read the thing you said about Crocs @rockgor ...my friend Dawn hates them...I have 6 pairs...including sandals...and high heels (that I could never wear without injuring myself). So, I made sure that her 3yr old daughter had a pair of Peppa Pig 'mock Crocs' (Walmart)....which she LOVED. ha ha ha. Right, both of my fur babies are attempting to get my attention (read, me turning off the computer, lying down and them having a race to see who gets to what my husband (possibly pornographically) calls 'The Mummy Valley' (between my knees, as i have a body pillow doubled up to keep the weight off my hips...which I ultimately share with one or both of them. Have a great rest of the day! A.x
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    Good Morning, Kids

    Remember the Good Morning number from Singing in the Rain? Donald and
    Debbie and Gene radiating cheer and energy and dancing on the furniture first
    thing in the morning. That's what we do at our house.

    Alyssa, there are high heeled Crocs? I'm shocked. Aren't these things supposed
    to be gardening shoes? Are the high heels designed to make holes into which
    one can drop seeds?

    I never heard of Enid Blyton before. I read part of the long article on
    Wikipedia. Will have to go back and read the whole thing. Amazing that one
    person could write so many books and they were successful. I see that
    with the changing times she has become controversial. The same thing
    happened with the Dick and Jane readers. I think they faded away in
    the 60s.

    Anyhoo, Alyssa, (or do you prefer to be addressed as A.X.?) thank you
    for your kind words. With regard to sparkle, are you old enough to
    remember Sparkle Plenty from Al Capp's Lil Abner comic strip? It
    was very popular back in the days when I was a paper boy. Sparkle
    was the daughter of Gravel Gertie and B. O. Plenty. "In my day
    cartoon characters had faces." They were also pretty funny.

    Well, will come back later. We are still waiting for a plumber. Our
    house has everything but the kitchen sink. Maybe I'll have to
    fly Den and Julie here to supervise.

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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Yea! We finally got rain about 4:00 this morning. It's still raining. It's not the gully washer we usually get during rainy season but the duration of it will mean that everything will be watered. We also got some lightning and thunder. I love that. Lightening puts nitrogen into the air and acts as a fertilizer for the plants. Cats went out early last night but Tweety wanted in at 4:00. I woke about 2:00 and couldn't get back to sleep so just lay there and rested and said my prayers. I went out on the lanai for my coffee and both kitties came out with me. We just sat and enjoyed the rain. The cats have been more active lately; maybe it's because it's spring. Tweety had a little toy on the lanai and she pounced all around it, attacking it before bringing it inside. It's one of the toys I put in the ceramic fish. Both are lying on the floor, Sir Vester with his head and front paws under the arched bottle brush grooming device.

    Went to Publix yesterday and got some good BOGOs but that's about all I had NRG to do. Good thing I didn't make a point to go to Target on Sun. for Lilly Pulitzer clothes. The "Today Show" did a feature on it and it seems that most of the stores had lines outside before the stores opened and the clothes were sold out within minutes. Yikes! Flashbacks of Black Friday. :eek: They will get more stock in and I can shop then. The "Today Show" featured a LP dress which normally retails for $80; it was $29 at Target. No wonder they were sold out. I suppose the Yuppie/Country Club set will disown the line since it's now sold at Target. Oh well, more pink and green prints for me. :)

    Thank you all for letting me vent about Joe. Yes, I do know what PITA stands for and it ain't bread nor an animal protection organization. The things I've referred to him as aren't fit to post. My fellow board buddy, and our Treasurer, called me yesterday from Minn. He's had a difficult time getting Comcast to replace the broken cable from the street to his home. No internet! He offered to come down and say to Joe the things I've been thinking. He's a great sounding board to whom I can vent and say just about anything.

    Have my Tues. condo mtg. at the pool this morning. I still need to sit down and make my list. If I don't hold the mgr.'s and landscaper's feet to the fire, they don't do their jobs. How sad it is that those who are supposed to perform a service are so lazy and incompetent. With the mgr., there's also the attitude issue. I check to make sure the bathrooms are kept clean by our cleaning lady. At least, she does her job well so there is one bright spot. One of the toilets had a pizza box and the toilet brush on top of it. I checked it out and the chain from the handle to the flapper is all rusted. I will go immediately from the mtg. to Home Depot and get the flapper kits for both toilets there. I should check the toilet in the men's room as well. It's an easy fix and no need to pay the plumber.

    Rock, I just about blew out my coffee when I read about the man with no socks and the Crocs. People swear by them but I just can't bring myself to wear them. It's on the main Forum Page that I can see who else is here and on what forum. I do get some screens that are enhanced but I believe everyone can see this. Sorry your sink is acting up. Hope you don't get a drip for a plumber. Hmmmm, do plumbers visit Wikileaks? Old plumbers never die but when they kneel down, they crack me up. Some are always in hot water. OK, I'll stop; this is too easy. One of the orange juice companies uses that "Good Mornin'" song in its ads. Wonder whether Debbie Reynolds gets residuals. Probably not; they didn't do that back then. Hope you get plumbing woes worked out.

    Sun, the flowers I refer to having to water are in pots around the pool on the pool deck. Unfortunately, the women on the landscaping committee planted impatiens and down here, they get leggy and droopy when it gets hot, even when watered every day. I'm sick of having to take care of them and will stow the pots until next fall. We have some other pots by the gate to the pool which are just downright ugly. I will stow those too. I'm glad you are in acceptance mode in the grieving process. I know how difficult this has been for you. There are pros and cons to living in a condo community. A plus is that all the outside work is done for you, including roofing and painting. As you can tell from my posts, though, the gardeners are slackers. In a tightly run community, you cannot leave a mess outside and have to follow rules about pets and other things. The downside of living in one is that you have close neighbors and, in the case of condos, you are all in the same boat financially. In a homeowners community, you usually have to get approval to change the outside paint color and you have to follow the rules. The community may or may not use a common landscaping co. The cost of roofing, insurance and painting is usually up to the individual owner. I do like it that no one can move in and leave a car up on blocks, park an ugly commercial vehicle in the drives/parking places; let their dog leave a mess in the yard, have noisy motorcycles on our streets, or make too much noise. If you decide to move into one, be sure to check out the financials of the association to ensure it is a healthy one.

    Julie, DSIL has a smoker/grill and he makes the most delicious ribs I've ever had. I love a man who loves to grill meat. Good luck with the dentist. I'm having my cleaning on Fri. My ins. covers the whole thing. I have a filling on the front of one of my upper teeth. It's still a good filling but is stained from coffee, tea, sodas, etc. I think I'll get a price to have it replaced. Glad you got some rain. I know it makes mowing impossible; well, actually, our landscapers try to mow even in the rain and on soaked lawns. Once, they made deep ruts in front and I had a fit. I'd rather they not mow than damage the lawn. Hope you get your computer problems taken care of. I hate it when mine is making problems.

    Alyssa, your cats sound as though they are rascals like mine. We once had a service cat that watched over my kids when they were small. When DD#1 got the mumps, he slept in her bed, only getting up to eat and visit the litter box. His name was Dickie and he had a brother, Tommy; they were named after the Smothers Brothers. Glad you are getting some nice sunshine there. Hope it keeps up but try not to overdo it.

    Well, Kids, I had better go read the paper online. One advantage: No paper to recycle. Hope all y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    I was just dreaming that the ceiling of the bedroom was a computer screen. It
    was an experimental model that was operated by thought waves. Apparently
    I didn't have any. Couldn't get the darn thing to respond at all.

    Hi Mikie. Your paragraph of figurative plumbing puns made me literally LOL.
    A nice assortment of witticisms and cracks. I never heard that lightning put
    nitrogen into the air. I think I read that it created ozone. Remember that old
    Italian song? Pavarotti used to sing it. Ozone Ah Mio. He also used to
    put a trill in his rendition which was totally inappropriate for a Neapolitan
    song from the late 19th century. His fans didn't care though.

    Despite his great success Pavarotti was another of opera's sad stories. He
    sang roles that required a bigger voice. Forcing the voice in this way is
    guaranteed to wreck the voice, and that's what he did. Even when the
    beautiful tone was gone he kept singing, but the results were pretty sad.

    Why is your treasurer in Minnesota? Is he a gopher? A Norskie? Does
    he want to see the Mall of America? I find it hard to believe a shopping mall
    is a tourist attraction. Well, I suppose it's not as boring as a tractor pull.

    Here's a little shopping joke to start your day off, Folks. Customer to
    clerk: I'd like to try on that dress in the window. Clerk: Sorry, Ma'am.
    You'll have to use a dressing room.

    Ok, Kids. See ya later.
  11. springwater

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    Rock - Jason wearing crocs to match the holes in his mask...:p..people wouldnt be scared of him then. Lol. Only you could think of such a thing. Ive never heard of Al Jonson.How are you managing without your sink? I dont even want to think about it..i hate when anything regarding the plumbing goes out of order.

    Alyssa - Im glad you are having some sunny weather in Scotland. It does look so beautiful. 3 ponds. thats lovely. im guessing there would be fish in some of them. and water lilies?

    Julie - How was the wedding shower? I hope your dentist appointment went well and the bed gets put together fast. I love sleeping on mattresses on the floor actually. I dont know why.

    Mikie - I would hate to hv to deal with all those different kind of people. Stressful. But one cant avoid it can one, unless one goes off to live in the forest or on the mountain. I hope Sir vester and Tweety get back to behaving well and let you hv your daily rest.

    Sun - i think im accepting my brothers passing too. I dont tear up now when i think about him. Im glad you are making progress in the recovery process. I think you have been so brave. I am so happy you discovered us and came and joined us. I remember first reading your post on the Spirituality board. I love that you are here.
    I havent talked to Judy (windblade) for ages, but i think about her and pray she is well. My eyes are welling up now.

    I made a trip to restock my incense, scarves (for religious purposes) but unfortunately it was very hot! There was a whole section of road being dug up for laying new drains and it was like navigating a mountain made of mud. Pah.
    I bought myself a wrap around cotton skirt, for convenience sakes and a flat shoe. for fast walking. i also made a wonderful discovery in a little alley way..they sold the most delicious yoghurt! i love discovering things like that.

    The DH, BIL and son went and got suits made. They ordered identical ones, im wondering how they will look.

    It rained a while ago. And the weather got cooler, thank goodness.

    Well, gotta go.

    Take care all

    God Bless
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  12. rockgor

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    Hi Springwater

    Here's my guess on how the guys will look in their identical suits: Alike!

    Al Jolson was a famous entertainer in the first half of the last century. He
    was the star of what has gone down in history as the first talking movie.
    Actually it only had a few words and, I think, 3 songs in it. But it got
    the movies headed in a new direction and within a couple years virtually
    all movies were talkies.

    This ruined the careers of some silent stars who couldn't talkspeak well
    or sometimes didn't even speak English. It also made new stars. Many
    of whom were imported from Broadway because they "knew how to talk".
    The musical "Singing in the Rain" is a fun look at this period in movie history.

    Re: the sink, we have two other sinks (plus one outside) so we are doing OK.
    The handyman-plumber is due this morning. Our regular plumber is married
    to Gordon's supervisor from his last job. But he's outta town for the nonce.

  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi again, Porchies,

    Had to stop in after checking my e-mail. Lots going on with the board--landscape issues, the proposed upcoming audit, and all kinds of little issues to deal with. Found out that the mgmt. co. is sick of Joe too. He calls them and demands they do everything for him at the snap of a finger. Geez, what a guy!

    I did go to Home Depot to get new flappers for the toilets at the pool. I only installed the one which was broken and am glad to have that little plumbing chore done. It was soooo hot over there. Our mgmt. handyman pressure washed the pool gate and put up the new sign on it. Looks so nice. He will be painting the columns on either side of the gate.

    While at HD, I bought two new orchids. One is a catt and other is a lady slipper. I took pics and will post them as soon as I can upload them from my camera. I also got two of the cutest little orchid pots. They are glazed with cutouts all over them like leaves. It makes them almost look lacy. They are perfect.

    I came home and had a green salad and grilled a beautiful ribeye steak for lunch. Yummmmm! There is free shredding of personal paperwork tomorrow afternoon through our county and I had planned to get my stuff together to take to be shredded but, once again, the events of the morning have sapped my NRG. I think I can get it together in the morning, even if I don't get it all done. Everything helps.

    Rock, I guess we're even; I laughed out loud at your crock joke. I'm not sure about the nitrogen in lightning either but I read that. Evidently, it is the ozone one smells just before being struck by a lightning bolt. Yikes! Also loved your ozone pun. It was a gas! Our treasurer is a Snowbird and lives in Minn. in the summer. We have to hold board mtgs. at the mgmt. co. so we can use teleconferencing with absent board members. The lady slipper orchid I bought had instructions which read that this orchid prefers to always have the soil a bit moist. This goes against everything I have learned about orchids. Would you mind asking Gordon about this? Thank you. I'm laughing about the woman changing into the dress in the window. Thanks for the laughs.

    Julie, sorry you overdid things and don't feel well. Hope your nap restores your NRG. Way to tell whether your dead tooth has abcessed and needs a root canal is to see whether hot drinks make it act up. Our teeth are sensitive to cold drinks but should not be to hot drinks. I've had a few root canals in my time. Haven't had problems with them afterward. Just confirmed my Fri. appt. for my cleaning. So far, I'm happy with the new dentist and his staff.

    Spring, I enjoy shopping with you vicariously when I read about it. So glad you have such a nice day of shopping and found things for yourself. I'm glad you are making progress in your grieving too. It took a long time for my grieving to process when my Mom died. I don't think there is such a thing as "closure" but the pain is easier to bear with time. It sounds to me that your culture does a better job of honoring those who have passed than we do, at least, as a community. Most of us do that privately after the initial funeral or memorial service. I believe it's these little things we do to honor those who have passed which help us to grieve. That trek in the heat sounds miserable. Aack!!! It's hot here and the heat just kills me. I used to be able to bear the heat better than I do now. Old age! Aack again!!!

    OK, gang, I'm gonna go rest. I think dealing with my recent stomach bug, which made a return visit this morning; dealing with the chronic pain in my heel, which is actually getting better; and dealing with stopping the Special K and my hormones has finally gotten to me. Soooo much to do and no NRG. Whine, whine, whine!!!

    Love you guys,
    rockgor likes this.
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    Not much to tell this morning. I am having a difficult time completely weaning off my Special K. Yesterday, my thoughts were all over the place. Last evening, I kept falling asleep watching TV in bed but at 11:00 when I turned it off, I was wide awake and my mind was racing. I decided to put 1/4 pill, 1/4 mg., under my tongue. I don't know when I'll be able to get off of it completely but I can't deal with the withdrawal. Maybe I'll have to keep taking this low dose for a while. After I took it, I slept pretty well until about 4:30 when Tweety yowled to come in.

    I will spend this morning getting my personal paperwork ready to be shredded. The Shred-A-Thon the county puts on once a year is really nice. They bring in a big truck which houses the shredder. You can stand there while they shred your papers. I have a nice shredder at home but it can't handle the volume of two years' worth of bills and receipts. Looks as though the weathermen are reneging on their forecast of more rain for us. I will go over to the pool later and throw away the impations which are leggy and droopy. Next year, we will do geraniums.

    Julie, I think you are smart to stay away from GPA's place. It's really too bad it's like this but it isn't your decision to have this rift in the family. You do so much for everyone. I like the idea of a sunflower "house." My Mom always had rhubarb and sunflowers. She loved to eat the sunflower seeds but the squirrels usually beat her to them. She also raised tomatoes. Hope you can get back to a better sleep schedule. I laughed at Oreo's having the same sleep pattern as you. I have the same sleep pattern as the cats--tired all day but can't sleep at night. I think some of my problems may have to do with my raised bedstead. I also think it isn't good for my back and legs. I travel toward the bottom of the bed and the pressure from being tilted is different than when the bed is flat. Hope you and I can get into a better sleep mode.

    Think the Wed. newspaper is here so will go read it now. Hope all y'all have a great day. BTW, President Obama is visiting our Everglades today. It is a big deal because the federal govt. is finally setting aside money to help preserve it. Our state is spending money too in order to improve the water quality here. The water from Lake Okachobie (know I misspelled that) flows into our Caloosahatchie River but not before picking up runoff nutrients from big sugar agriculture. It needs to be channeled into holding ponds so the nutrients can separate before it goes into the river.

    Also, the Hoover Dikes at the lake need to be strengthened so the lake doesn't need to have water released so often. A big hurricane which ruined the dikes, like happened in New Orleans, would cause widespread flooding south of the lake. All the water issues down here are connected. State is buying some land from big sugar in order to build the retention ponds and eliminate some of the source of the nutrients. It is theorized that these nutrients may be to blame for Red Tide but no one is sure yet.

    Love, Mikie
  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, where are all our Porchies? Must have put on their Birkenstocks and headed off to an Earth Day Rally. :) Thanks for the really lovely pic of our home--Earth. I did get all my bills and receipts for 2012 and 2013 in two cardboard boxes. It's not til after lunch so I'm just basically relaxing and killing time. Also been doing a bit of telephoning to get ready for a board mtg. next week. It's sprinkling here a bit and may be off and on all day. I'm just doing a bit of laundry while I wait to go to get shredded.

    Whenever I check e-mails, I usually check for our Porchies here. Julie, hope you and all our Online Family have a good Earth Day.

    Love, Mikie
  16. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    I meant to post yesterday but got sooooo busy with MORE gardening cleanup and then late afternoon after a shower I went to celebrate my DGS's 12th BD. I had such a good time. It slowly turned into a session of all the ladies opening up about their past, etc. Lots of laughing going on and sharing. Goodness......did I learn a lot!!! A big spaghetti dinner and then an ice cream cake so by the time I got home by 9:30 I was really tired.

    Allysa.....I meant to tell you that the picture of all those bulbs and your ponds sounds wonderful. When they come into bloom we expect some pics to be posted. So you're a cat person also! Run by the felines.

    Rock: I've never liked the crocs, they just feel good on my feet nor do they make me look attractive and at my age I need all the help I can get. How's Buddy? Seen him lately? Do you kinda miss him?

    Mikie: I heard that Obama will be at the Everglades today. I hope our government can do something to help heal the waters. We visited there years ago and I loved it. Even the crocs all over the place. A friend of my brother lives in Florida and he had said years ago that an alligator wandered into the yard. That's scary. So what will you do about your bed? Lower it again?

    Spring: What type of suits did the men in your family get? Western style or some type of celebration suit? I do remember first posting on the other board. So nice to meet both of you. I used to come here years ago when the chit chat board had at least 50 or more members. So much fun, then things were changed and everyone just disappeared. I learned about FM from members here.....NOT from doctors who back 25 plus years would pass it off as mental. Now it's talked about everywhere.

    Julie: Yes, stay away from sis. Gpa knows what he can do about her, and it's up to him, so you don't need stress coming from her. By the way, is #4 husband out of the pic now? I also like the idea of a sunflower teepee for the kids. Every child needs a "special place"......well, even us adults. Years ago I planted a little secret garden.....mainly I cut large bushes etc. where it gave a lot of privacy. A really nice little shade garden. Then we had to remove a large pine tree and that was the end of all the shade. Sun everywhere so I had to slowly rework it into succulents. Now they're taking over, and I need to find some help to redo the front so it is manageable.
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Had to check e-mails so decided to drop in on the Porch. I napped off and on after returning from the Shred-A-Thon. Cars were lined up in a loop. I didn't even have to get out of my car. A nice young man just removed the two boxes and emptied them into the shredder bin and returned my boxes to me. They had it well organized but doubt they expected that much traffic. They were passing out flyers on elder abuse and how not to get scammed. Now this is how I like to see my tax dollars at work.

    DD #2 called from TX. Said they were getting a LOT of rain. Hope Granni's trip to the hill country isn't rained out. DGS has struggled in school despite being very smart. Testing showed he has a very high IQ but lacks short-term memory. They don't know why. It's usually caused by injury or illness, neither of which applies to him. I hope they can figure it out and it isn't the family illnesses passed down to him. He is going to be giving a magic show at school. DSIL aced his test flight to be promoted to captain. The tester kept throwing things, like storms, one after another, at him in the simulator and he aced it. On the actual flight, they put an FAA guy in the first officers seat and they had a for-real storm and had to divert, just like in the simulator. I'm so proud of him. He and I have an offbeat sense of humor, just like DD. We crack each other up when we get together. We always say we're gonna laugh so hard that we'll pee ourselves three times.

    Julie, I wish I could be reset to factory default too. I've been so tired every day that I think my hard drive crashed. I know we all do the best we can but it's in our natures to always feel we've let ourselves or others down when we aren't as productive as we'd like. DD said she has crashed too. She is having night sweats and thinks it's hormones. Wow, ten Colorado Spruce trees. That a lotta trees. Folks in CO in rural areas used to plant them as a wind break on the west sides of the houses. Your place sounds so nice now but when it's all finished, including landscaping, it will be magnificent. That you guys do it all yourselves just makes it better. Rest up, Kiddo, and I'll try to do the same.

    Sun, what a wonderful day you described. Interacting with family and friends is so important to our health. Glad you had such a good time. I think I will end up getting a new bed and sleeping flat. I will likely getting meds for the acid reflux anyway because sleeping on a tilt isn't doing it for me. Glad you liked FL. It isn't perfect but I really love living here. We used to get baby gators in our little pond but I think the park and nature preserve across the road closed off the culvert where they used to come into the pond from the lakes over there. We are used to the gators and play golf around them when they loll in the sun on the course. As long as they are docile, they can coexist with people. Unfortunately there are always idiots who feed them and then they associate humans with food. It isn't safe to walk dogs or children near them as they see those as snacks. Most attacks have been on adults. Hope Obama's visit will have some lasting effects. News coverage used it to play up the need to protect our waters.

    Gonna get off the computer. I had to take 1/4 mg. of Spcial K due to really bad ringing in my ears. I am exhausted. Talk to y'all later.

    Love, Mikie
  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    "Howwwww Deeeeeee! I'm jes so proud ta be here." Who used to say that?
    Yes, that's right. It was Minnie Pearl. I looked up the quote to make sure I
    got it right. Of course the computer changed my search for "Minnie Pearl's
    greeting" to "Minnie Pearl's greeting cards." This did not facilitate my
    search. Or as Mikie might say, AACCCCKKK!

    You Tube has pages of outraged users destroying their computer, X box,
    tablets and other electronic devices. Someday I may be there with them.

    On a happier note (that would be an A as in hAppy) (or glAd) (or pleAsed)
    the kitchen sink has been restored. Even with the cost of buying a new pipe,
    the bill was still under $100. You and Den can unpack, Julie. You wouldn't
    need to come rescue us after all.

    Glad to hear you got your shredding done, Mikie. My mother used to serve
    creamed chip beef on toast. Aka dried beef. I wonder if she sometimes
    called it shredded beef. Anyway I thought it was very good. Later I
    heard the guys in the military got sick of it and gave it another name.
    It was versatile too. You could serve it on toast, potatoes or rice.

    Julie, temps down to freezing this time of year is colder than what I
    remember. The last few days here temps have been in the mid 60s
    with a light breeze and little chance of rain. Nice photo (painting?)
    of Earth. Looks like a big, blue marble, huh?

    Sun, glad to hear you got to an art show. Was it at an art museum or
    some other sort? I used to take my mother to various museums on her
    trips to CA. Haven't been to one for a long time. Twenty years, maybe.
    I'd like to revisit the Gene Autry western museum in Griffith Park, but
    I can't walk that much anymore.

    Oh, yeah. Gotta tell you guys something I read in a show biz book yesterday.
    Here's the reason Trigger was so smart and could do all those tricks.
    It was actually 4 different horses that played the role. The author of the
    book was the head of photography at Republic Studios for many years.
    Republic was a small studio that made "B" pictures including all the
    Roy and Gene films. I loved those pics when I was a kid. Tried to
    watch one on Youtube not too long ago. There are just unwatchable now.

    Hugs to Springwater, Alyssa, Barry, Granni, Diane, et. al.

    Last edited: Apr 22, 2015
  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Peeking in..enjoyed reading everyones posts, but will hv to check in later to stay longer

    Julie and Mikie - hope you both start feeling better soon. Congrats to your DSIL on his getting thru the pilots exams test, Mikie. Julie - stay away from SIL. No matter what. She always manages to rile u up. Toxic. You dont need that.

    Sun - good to hear you had a lovely time at the party. The DH n all here got the western suits, theyre needed for formal occasions.

    Rock - you got your sink fixed! Good news. The best animal movie i saw was Babe. About a pig. Really enjoyable.
    The ending was the kind made one choke up. But a happy choke.

    Our weather has been erratic. Very warm then all of a sudden, a windstorm coupled with rain. But i saw on the news its been like that in India as well. We usually follow the weather patterns there.

    Been trying to deep clean. But the deeper one gets, the more cleaning is being revealed. cups' a tea are what is getting me thru. That and watching the birds..theyre coming in hordes to gorge on our mulberries. I even saw a stoat? Make its stealthy way..surprised..because there isnt much by way of hiding places for them nowadays.

    God Bless
  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member


    Hey, Kids.
    What famous actor painted this picture?

    Here are a few clues. He was born in Connecticut, once played Charlie Brown off
    Broadway, and was in a band with Wonder Women. He was in
    one of TV's longest running sit coms.


    Last edited: Apr 23, 2015

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