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    Rock asked that the old one be closed, so here's a new one. The big news is that Spring and her family are OK....well, except for her DB who did get hurt in the earthquake.
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    Hi Kids

    Thanks for starting our new thread, Sunflower. I've seen some ads for tours of
    Carroll Street. The price was $20. Once a year there is an open house. This
    is a tour plus you visit the inside of two homes. Can't remember the price. A
    couple times when I was out walking Zippy I'd see a small group of folks taking
    pics, etc. I'd give them a brief talk about various houses if they liked. Brought
    back memories of my days as a teenage cave guide.

    Mikie, I've been to Stone Mountain. Lived in Atlanta for 5 weeks in 1968 while
    going to insurance adjusting school. The carving of Jefferson Davis, Robert E Lee
    and Stonewall Jackson on Stone Mountain was unfinished at that time. It was
    begun, BTW by Gutzon Borglum who later did the Mt. Rushmore monument.

    BTW, the burning of Atlanta is generally blamed on the Northern army
    and General Sherman, but I've read a couple times it was the Confederate
    General J. B. Hood who ordered the destruction of anything that might
    be useful to the enemy as he and his troops left the city.

    In the burning of Atlanta scene in GWTW (the first scene shot in the
    making of the movie) it was actually old sets that were being burned.
    These included the massive sets from the D.W.Griffith film Intolerance
    and the huge gates from the first King Kong movie. An interesting
    kawinkydink in that D. W. Griffith's most famous film was The Birth
    of a Nation which was about the Civil War and the aftermath.

    At the time it was the longest film. Also the first film to be shown
    in the White House. President Wilson's famous comment was
    that it was like writing history with lightning.

    Julie, glad to hear you got your van loan. Sounds like a name, doesn't it. Mr
    Herman Van Loan from the Netherlands was an early settler in New Amsterdam.
    My eyes are a little blurry this morning as Barry says. But nice pic of you and Den.

    Springwater, I suppose it will be quite awhile before the extent of the damage is
    known. I read that many old buildings including temples collapsed. You will
    probably be feeling little aftershocks for some days. Is the building OK where
    DH works? Are your dogs alright? All still there? I wish you were closer
    so we could do something helpful. Bring your family a casserole or some bottled

    Gordon and his brother went to a ceremony for the passing of his cousin. Our
    sink is misbehaving again. The handyman is coming back today. Too bad our
    regular plumber is out of town. Just fed the cat. She has been spending more
    time in our back yard these past few weeks. It rained yesterday. She could
    nap on our front porch and stay dry, but she doesn't seem to grasp the concept
    even though I've seen her on the porch at times. Silly cat.

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    Hello All...

    I decided to check in this AM to see if there was any news from Springwater. I'm so glad she was able to post and am relieved to learn all is well with her and her family except for her brother's leg injury.

    Spring...I don't watch much news but had heard of your quake yesterday AM. Please know all of you are in my prayers!!!! I sincerely hope your brother's injury will heal properly without any further problems.

    The devastation has to be unimaginable...and the loss of lives is heartbreaking. It would be naive to believe those affected are all accounted for at this point in time. Far too much destruction.

    My DH and I will be donating funds to a group that is well known for emergency flights of medical supplies to areas affected by destruction. I will do my best to donate these $$ in your name (of course, I don't know your real name, but "Springwater" I'm sure will work).

    My concern for you now is your water supply, power and food sources...and, of course, more aftershocks. They can also be destructive and totally unnerving.

    My heart aches for you... please take good care!!!
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    Almost time to go to church but wanted to check in and post to SPRING WATER. Will be busy today, church then work outside and go to a group dinner at someone elses home.

    SPRING WATER - Thanks again for posting. So happy to know that you are OK an your family other than the hurt leg of your brother, I believe you said. God bless you and all in your area. Was worrying about you and your family. Will continue to pray for you and all and hope those awful aftershocks stop for good so all can get back to putting things back together. I heard there have been at least a thousand or so dead.

    Can you cook? Do have electric stove, gas or what? If electric and it is out not sure you can cook yet either that the very affected areas, You were all affected quite enough.

    Sending love to you and ALL and DH will be after me to leave for church soon. No singing today as the children have the honors today !

    Hugs also to Julie, Gordon and Rock, Sun,and everydobby !!!

    More love,
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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Oh, such good news from Springwater! Spring, thank you for letting us know. I continue to pray for everyone still in harm's way and all those who have sustained harm.

    Another decent night's sleep--Yea!!! :p I let the kids in about 4:30 and, after giving them their treats without turning on any lights, I went back to bed. Sir Vester got next to me and poked me with his paw and meowed. I sushed him and quietly said, "No." Both know what no means and he curled up and slept, as did I. Can't remember but think I got six or sever hours' sleep. Tweety was perfectly quiet. After eating my breakfast, I went out on the lanai and just sat with them. Both love that sooooo much. Despite our 90 degree temps by afternoon, the mornings are breezy and very nice. The birds were singing. We've had a lot of cardinals lately. The males are sooooo beautiful.

    I've been watching the nature and Nova programs on PBS. They now have their programs available on the net for watching any time. I have an HDMI port in my computer so can plug into the HDMI port on the TV and watch them on the big screen. I don't know how to "sling" things to the TV but I've heard it can be done if one has Wi-Fi. I'll have to go online to find out how to do it. Heck, I don't even know what Tumblr is. I'll have to find out about that too. It's so easy to get behind the curve with electronic gadgets and apps/programs.

    Yesterday, I got both new trash bins put together and placed them at the pool. They look soooo nice. I hauled away the old bins and some ugly, drooping plants. I stowed the pots in the fenced-in storage area lest anyone be tempted to put something over there which demands too much care. I still have more to do to replace some of the plantings over there. I also got all our notices regarding the board mtg. on Wed. night posted on our bulletin boards. I put the pinwheels on them so people will know there is something new posted. By law, we have to post notice of any board, or committee, mtg. 48 hrs. prior to that mtg. By the time I had walked almost the whole property, my legs and ankle/foot were killing me. I soaked in a cup of Epsom Salts in a hot bath. Ahhhh! :)

    Spring, I'm glad your bro was able to get his leg attended to as I'm sure things were in total chaos. As mentioned above, I will continue to pray for everyone who suffering injury or loss from this horrible earthquake. Just heard on TV that there was a powerful aftershock. Soooo relieved that no one else in your family was injured. Keep us updated.

    Gordon, I think I posted pics of my dendrobiums and will check to see if I can attach them. I still haven't uploaded pics from my phone. Both of the Phals are beautiful. So is my lady slipper. Sylvester the cat just noticed it this morning. He was sooooo cute; he put his paw up on the little table and sniffed it. Both cats love plants. He seemed to know this one was special and didn't try too "love" it to death. His favorite is a philodendron on the lanai floor. Tweety loves the pink flamingo on the table out there. The cats rub against the leaves of their favorites but the plants seem to thrive on their love. My lanai is so crowded with plants and furniture (including the cats' furniture) but the cats like it that way. Winding around the legs of the furniture and pots of plants seems to make them feels as though they are in a jungle. Thanks again. Let me go see whether I can post the dendro pics.

    Julie, so glad you got you Dad's razor fixed. If it were broken for a while, it might have caused it to tear at the whiskers instead of shaving them off. I also can barely get into cars, even larger ones. That's why I love my crossover SUV. I can climb up into it and slide down off the seat when I get out. Everyone knows I love to drive my car and have room for four passengers. My friend, Richard, found out when his wife was in a nursing home that he had to stay on top of the staff or his wife was neglected. Missing a urine spot on the bed is unacceptable. I think God smiles on us when we do for others. BTW, that pic of momma dog and her pup was sooooo sweet; it made me smile.

    Granni, if your doc writes a letter to the ins. co. stating that you need the Armour Thyroid for medical purposes, they may cover it. A person whose body cannot makes both types of thyroid from a supp has to take the Armour. Insurance companies are cutting a lot of meds on their formularies. That how my Estradiol got cut. It is about the best form of estrogen. It is the generic for Estrace. Premarin isn't as good. Premarin is made from pregnant mares' uring and reports of animal abuse have been filed against the farms using the mares. So glad you DGS's are enjoying their sports. Even when kids lose games, they learn that life may not be easy. They also learn so much more than winning and losing: They learn how to cooperate with others for a single goal, no pun intended. They also get good experience for group projects in college and for success in their jobs. Good luck with getting your Armour Rx.

    Sun, that COBRA sounds very, very reasonable. If you take it, Medicare can't fine you for not having Medicare Part B, medical coverage for which they deduct premiums from your SS. Usually coverage from an employer is better than Medicare and a supplement or an Advantage Plan. Part B is around $100 a month. Supplemental coverage premiums depend on age. You can go online to compare them. I doubt you would do better than what the COBRA costs. Only problem about delaying getting a supplement is that premiums are usually based on your age when you get it. In other words, if a person gets it at age 65, he or she will always pay the rate for a 65 year old, no matter their age later on. Advantage Plans are usually PPO's or HMO's (United HealthCare usually offers these in more populated areas, as does Humana and BC/BS). With Advantage Plans, Medicare pays the ins. co. directly and the ins. co. pays your bills. Premiums may be zero or a small amt. but there are co-pays which can be significant if ones is an inpatient in the hosp. There is a cap of about $6,000 a year before these plans pay 100 percent. I have an Advantage Plan through BC/BS and it's an HMO for which I pay no premium. I could pay $35 a month for the Advantage PPO. Obviously, an Advantage Plan is a bit more restrictive than Medicare and a Supplement. I know this is complex but it's important to do your homework before the next enrollment period. Good luck. If I can answer any questions, let me know. You might also talk to an ins. broker who offers different types of plans.

    Windy, so good to see you here. How nice that you and DH donate to areas of devastation. It takes a lot of money and a lot of time to recover. Bless you.

    Wow, another W&P post but there was so much to respond to. I'm going to laze and finish watching the CBS morning show and "Face The Nation" before taking my trash and recyclables down to the dumpster area. I hope I have the NRG to clean, especially the cats' lanai. Hope everydobby else has NRG and a pain-free day.

    Love, Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    Just finished cleaning the lanai. It wasn't a deep clean but a lick 'n a promise. Still, it'll do til I do a deep clean. I am washing the throw rugs out there and watered the plants and cleaned the litter boxes. I also cleaned their lanai food and water bowls so everything will be nice when they go out there tonight. I've discovered that if I close off the lanai with the sliders earlier in the day, the cats are more anxious to go out there at bedtime. Right now, they are sharing the back of the loveseat in my little office. They have a view of the street out front and the red bottle brush tree. It's their new favorite perch.

    It's sooooo hot out that I'll have to wait til in the morning to take my trash and recyclables down to the dumpster. Once the thermometer hits 90, it takes me about a month to acclimate. I'm hoping to get ahead a bit so I can start going to the pool in the mornings to work out again. So far, the heel feels better today (knocking on wood).

    Julie, I have an Amazon Fire TV box and wonder whether I can sling things with that. It isn't that big a deal to use the cable but seems like a neat thing to do wirelessly. You probably could give up the BC/BS but Medicaid doesn't cover everything so you may want to keep it. You could check with someone in Elder Care who would know more about it than I. It's been years since I was an agent and, with the Affordable Care Act, things may have changed a bit. One of the most difficult things is when the spouse who carries the ins. hits 65, leaving the other spouse without ins. With Obama Care, you should be able to find ins. for yourself, depending on where you live. Things may well change again before then.

    Gordon, I have some new pics of my orchids. The larger Phal is now loaded with blooms and they almost look like cascading clusters. I have a pic of the lovely lady slipper and a pic of what the new catt will look like when it grows up. Oh, oh, won't let me upload my phals, only the lady slipper which is blury. I'll try again.

    Well, Kids, I had better find something better to do than watch "Brady Bunch" reruns.

    Love, Mikie 187.jpg
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    OK, gonna try again. For some reason, each file I try to upload is "too big." Rats!!!

    Love, Mikie
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    MIKIE- Those pics sure are pretty. BTW, how do you get your pics onto the PH site? Do you have to get it onto the computer first and then somehow get it on there. It has been some time since I put the one I have on my profile now. It is hot here too so we are trying to not put on the a/c yet. If it is on it isn't very high. Our house is pretty cool though .

    JULIE - So glad that you are able to get that van. You are lucky that Den is so handy and he can fix things, cars included. Hope the kids can get something that will help them out too. Hope poor David doesn't wear himself out with his extra jobs plus trying to help with the kiddos. I can't imagine that he will be around much if his new job is 5 days or so. I didn't know how many days he would be working. If a lot that would put more stress on you again. I know he is doing what he thinks he needs to do and hope he doesn't have to work to many hours on the extra job but I know the money surely will come in handy.

    WINDY - How wonderful it was to hear about your posting. Someone mentioned it and then I went back and checked. Glad you are doing OK and were able to post. How nice of you to be able to donate to the much needed cause of those awful earthquake of the other day. I heard they also had some after shocks. They also can be devastating as well as terribly scary to all who live there. Please come back again soon when you can and try and stay well.

    SPRING WATER - Hope you get to post again soon and that things around you get much better, including your DB and his injuries. Are you able to cook and get food and water? Please know that you are in my and lots of others prayers. God bless you , your family and those affected by that awful earthquake and hope those after shocks end soon and don't cause any more damage or loss of life and injuries.

    Thinking of so many of our Porchies and MIA's - including some we haven't heard from in awhile, Like Joan, Elaine and so many others. IT WAS SO WONDERFUL TO HEAR FROM WINDY :)!!

    We'll be going to an outside dinner party for our big group. Just have to bring some wine . So that will be easy. This will be the first time for DD who moved here.

    Love to everyone,
    Granni :)
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    Thank you so much for your wonderful thoughts and prayers...its noon again..27th april earthquake happened on our 25th.

    As i posted elec came on after two days..better go get the water pumps running..we ve been sleeping outside under a makeshift tent..but have had to get up in middle of night and rush in d ue to rain. As you can see our karma is being purified at lightening speed..

    Our former helps parents house in village is rneduced to rubble, so is a former milkmans..his son texted us..

    I just went and tried to scrounge up some supplies..milk, bread, as you can imagine shortage everywhere

    Im scared to come upstairs on our second floor..we ve had to run down several times due to aftershocks..
    There wereaftershocks throughout esp at night

    Doggies are fine, someone asked, thank you

    A whole huge housing. Highrise nearby has been vacated...it was surreal watching 15 storey modern cluster of buildings sway in the air like balloons. I dont know where thry went. People sleeping in their cars.

    Ive managed to hold it together..but getting bouts of extreme d depression and anxiety..

    Son goes off periodically mto check on his friends, bwhose families are camped under a common big tenmt in a field. People are too agitated to sleep indoors..i thought i was on a giant swing while running down the first time, getting knocked into walls, while trying to keep my balance.

    Oh the poor people whose homes collapsed...

    Its gonna take some time..but if the shocks stop, im sure things will be normal soon, i mean, comparatively normal.

    Love you all, thanks once again

    God bless
  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Good to hear from you Springwater. Not surprised that you are experiencing
    anxiety and depression. Are the roads blocked? I wonder if farmers and
    sellers can bring supplies to the city. It seems extra unkind of mother
    nature to rain on folks who are sleeping outside following an earthquake.
    Los Angeles has sent a team of 57 search and rescue workers. They
    should arrive today.

    The last big earthquake in the Los Angeles area was in 1971. I was living
    70 miles away. The shaking woke me up. I saw the closet door swinging
    back and forth. Went back to sleep. Only found out hours later there
    had been an earthquake.

    Julie, love your cloud picture. I wonder what they look like from the other
    side. You know: "I've looked at clouds from both sides now." I think the
    idea of a photo album for graduation is a great idea. And extra nice with
    some cash. If you want to give it a historical flavor you could put some
    postage stamps from each year behind some of the pics.

    Mikie, your paphiopedilum is pretty as a picture. Minnesota's state
    flower is a paph. The pink lady slipper. I didn't know it was an orchid
    till Gordon told me. I looked at about 50 pics on the net before I could
    find one I could copy.

    I also read something I had never heard before. In 1893 the legislature
    selected an orchid as the state flower. With the typical penchant for
    doing things wrong, the politicians picked a plant that didn't even grow
    in Minnesota. A decade later they correct the error and designated the
    Pink and White Lady Slipper as the official flower. Too bad most
    politicians' mistakes aren't so easily rectified.

    Gordon and I watched a nature program yesterday too. The photography
    was stunning of course, but the narration wasn't written too well. "This
    fish conquers the sea..." What does that mean? No such thing as
    conquering the sea. There was a long segment about some whale I never
    heard of before. Well, how big was it? Twenty feet; 60 feet? And why are the
    whales risking their life when they dive for food? High school kids could
    have done better.

    Sun, Granni, Diane, Barry, hope you guys are OK. Come visit when you can.


  11. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    We got elec jus for two hours..so jus wanted to come in and say..thank you to everyone praying and thinking about us..i didnt get to read every post properly earlier and jus skimmed now but want to say thank you Again..Windy for donating in my name.rock.for your sweet thoughts, mikie, julie, granni everyone...we are getting aid from several countries..my ipad battery is now down to minimum so i might not be able to log in as often as i would love to..

    God bless
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  12. Mikie

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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    My prayers this morning have focused on all our Online Family. Our daily struggles are bad enough but add in earthquakes and it is simply too much.

    Spring, we were posting at the same time. I'm glad the elec. is back on. I'm not surprised about the anxiety and depression. People may suffer PTSD in the months ahead. We are seeing the devastation on TV. The worst is the human toll but it is also heartbreaking to see those beautiful old bldgs. destroyed. It's like watching a bit of the culture crumble. My prayers will continue. Please be safe.

    Just following the birth of DD#2, we had an earthquake in CO around 10:00 at night. I was in the living room doing my postpartum exercises when it hit. Everyone else was in bed. I ran down the hall to wake my ex and get the baby so he could get DD#1. I kept hitting the walls on either side as everything shook and I stumbled. It sounded like a freight train roaring up the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. We lived in a town at the bottom of the foothills. Turned out it was Dow Chemical forcing toxic chemicals under pressure of water into the ground which caused it. They had to stop that dangerous practice. I think fracking may have caused the big quake in the NE; there is a lot of fracking there. I understand there are some tectonic plates under Nepal. Same as CA. Yes, Mother Nature can be cruel.

    Rock, thanks for posting the pic. My lady slipper is white with pea green and brown markings. I got that beautiful little pot for only $10; it is glazed and has the saucer attached. Wish the pic of the catt I took at Home Depot would post. Don't know why, all of a sudden, nothing will post because it is "too big." The catt will be white with ruffled edges and a bright yellow center. I've been wanting a white orchid besides the white phal I have. If anyone knows earthquakes, it would be Califorians. They will be a big help in Nepal. Thanks for all you and Gordon do to help us learn more about the orchids. I really appreciate it and believe whatever success I've had with them is due to you two.

    Julie, thanks for the good wishes for my heel. Yes, the "lick 'n promise" is a time-honored housekeeping trick. I do it til I cannot keep getting away with it and simply have to do some deep cleaning. I totally get how nice it is to have grandkids and how nice it is when they go home. Down here, so many of us have kids and grandkids who visit for a few days at a time. If they stay with us, it can get quite intense. We always laugh about how good it feels to wave goodbye when they go. No guilt; it's normal. Those clouds are spectacular! I have always had my nose in the clouds. I love them. There are websites with tons of pics of clouds. When Barb and I sit out on the balcony, we often see shapes in the clouds, like little kids. Must be my second childhood. :) Glad for you about the van. Take care.

    Granni, you are correct. You need to upload your pics from your camera or phone to your picture library on the computer. When I plug my phone in with the USB chord, it causes a wizard to appear and lets me upload the pics and asks me which library I want to upload them to. When I post, I click on the "Upload a File" button at the bottom of my post and it brings up my libraries. I select pictures and the pic I want to post. I click on "Open" and the file/pic is attached to the post. It was 80 degrees at 6:00 this morning. I think our overnight temps set a new record in some areas. It'll be 92 this afternoon. Yikes! :eek: Stay cool, my friend.

    Weatherman now says rain won't come til tomorrow and even then, it doesn't look too promising, but we'll take whatever we can get. I am going to go after posting to take my stuff down to the dumpster. I have cardboard boxes so it will take two trips. When I come home, I have to color and trim my hair. I often neglect myself when I am tired and have lots to do. Absolutely have to care for myself now and then. Good thing I live alone. o_O

    Semi-busy week ahead: Tues. condo meeting at the pool in the morning; Wed. night board mtg.; and, Thurs. luncheon with a bunch of my women friends at a restaurant. May starts out with having a filling in a front tooth replaced. It has stained over the years from coffee, tea and colas. Shouldn't even need numbing. In the meantime, I continue to try to remove the ugly, half-dead plants at the pool. We have way too many of them and whoever planted them didn't plant the best types of things. They require constant care. I'm planning to only have a few over there (forgive my split infinitive--English teacher rolling over in her grave).

    Think I've pretty much decided I need to shop for a new mattress. I'll try out both king and queen size. If I buy a queen, I'll have to buy new sheets but can take up the bed skirt myself. King size mattress sets are $300-$400 more than a queen but the new sheets will only be about $100. Oh, would need a new mattress cover too. I keep putting it off because it's such a monumental decision. I was lucky last time. Hope I can pick out one which will be comfortable again.

    I also need a new sofa. I can keep washing the slipcover on this one but think a smaller size sofa would work better. This one is huge. These sofas come from the factory with fitted slipcovers which can be washed. I love the look of a white slipcovered sofa with the beach accents I have. I can use any kinds of throw pillows for accents. Need to see whether anyone has sofas on sale. Several stores carry them. If I were to buy both the mattress and sofa at Rooms To Go, I could probably pay them off over a year with not interest. That's always an incentive.

    Well, Kids, I had better get going. Hope everydobby has a great day!

    Love, Mikie
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  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Wow, what a morning. I called the doc for the Rx's for my acid reflux. Called one friend to offer a ride to our luncheon because, like me, she has a hard time getting in and out of low cars. She is doing so much better; she's the one who got an infection following back surgery. It's been a living hell for her for months. I had given her one of the Icy Hot TENS UNITS like I use and it is really helping her. I'm so glad. She is able to walk farther and farther. I'm looking forward to our lunch.

    Called another friend who is in WV for the summer and found out her son has cancer but they don't know how bad it is until he sees the doc again. Her ex DIL died last night following some kind of intestinal illness which caused a blood clot. They amputated one leg and then the other. It broke my heart to think her last days were spent in such agony. It was all for naught. Her DGS is only 25--far too young to lose his mother. Told her I'd put a prayer in our prayer box.

    Finally, Julie, the cats' other mother called and is coming by after her doc appt. to see me and the cats. I was just thinking how great it would be to tell her how good they are and Tweety got up on my faux leather ottoman and clawed it, leaving big holes in it. Geez, she's never done anything like that before. I'm again fantasizing about taking them to the pound. They are ruining my home and my health. Still, I do love them and they have no one else to take them.

    I got it in gear and gave the condo another lick 'n a promise so Julie wouldn't turn and retch when she comes in. It doesn't look too bad except the carpet needs to be shampooed. Oh well, she won't care.

    Granni, I saw this on another forum regarding Armour Thyroid and thought of you.


    I see some complaints on price and it's been increased due to company changes...I always paid for my own but now price has tripled....my 200 tabs of 60mg price went from $30something to $82.

    Acella is generic and much much less expensive. You can check the Acella website....walgreens fills Acella scripts. I will look at it next time when I need a refill....will ask my doctor to change when I'm ready....

    Check out the STTM blog as they have a lot of comments from people using Acella who have used Armour.


    Gotta run.

    Love, Mikie
  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hey! Way ta go, Julie. You saved 38 percent on your purchase. (I think.
    Haven't done much arithmetic in recent decades.)

    FOLKS! Sign Up today!

    The Julie and Mikie Seminar for "Homemakers What Shop" will be held
    this coming weekend in the High As Your Eye Room at the Heartland
    Hotel in Mason City, Iowa. Send your reservation now and save a
    whopping 50%. The first 2 dozen to apply will receive the choice of a
    home made doily or a knit toaster cozy.

    Don't Miss It If You Can!

    Herbert K. (Scooter) Pennywhistle
    Asst. Manager and Facilitator

    When in Dismal Seepage, Ohio, be sure to visit our home office. Call
    Dotty Brainfeeble and let her know you are coming. Dotty will turn off
    the electric fence, and put a light in the window.
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  15. sunflowergirl

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    Spring: so great to hear from you with all the updates.......yea, electricity. Aren't we all spoiled! And I sure hope you're able to locate food for the family. Depression and anxiety is a given......and you'll probably experience this from time to time after all has settled down and you're reasonably back to normal. All of us in california earthquake country, are preached to that we have to have supplies stored in case. That means water and canned goods. I used to be very good about it when we had kids but I'm afraid since my DH passed I've just eaten what was in the storage bin. So reading about all the shortages I need to replenish my supply.

    I heard this morning that lots of search and rescue teams were sent from Calif. and usually the first responders to a disaster somewhere in the world are the churches, even before various countries. I pray that the weather cooperates for everyone, including those living in tents.

    Years ago there was a terrible fire that had started over 20 + miles from me. I awoke around 2 a.m. to the sound of helicopters so I ran outside and discovered the whole mountain for miles was onfire. A park by me was used as the command center for a couple of days for evacuees. I absolutely couldn't relax for days after the fire had been put out.

    Julie and Rock: Hmmmmmm......think I'll just pass on those crocheted treasures. Well, maybe the toaster cover might be good for my bachelor son! LOL. I've NEVER seen one quite like that.

    Rock: years ago when we visited my inlaws in Minnesota, they had a home by a lake, and you had to walk thru a small forest. What a surprise to find one of those lady slippers growing there. Very special. Oh yes, that's also where I picked up my first ever tick. My father in law spied it and lit a match to burn it off. An even bigger surprise to me since I had never seen one.

    Julie: that's great that you got a new van, trading in your small car. Just think of all you'll be able to haul around now!!!! All those little ones, car seats, dog, and even have room for bags of potting soil and a few dozen plants. Yahoo. We got our first van when our kids were around 13, 11, and 10. It was a huge orange and black pumpkin! A jeep cherokee. The kids and I hated it, but my DH talked me into it because it was a "good buy". HA....who else would have bought it. Once I stopped by the Jr. High to pick up my son who was waiting in line for the bus. I honked and honked.....he totally ignored me......so I drove off. He didn't want the rest of the kids to see the van. Then once I was dropping off my DD, same school, and the conversation went........stop here, no pull up, no stop the van......she was embarrassed. She ran off, I was pulled over by a cop saying I had stopped in a no parking zone. I explained how she was embarrassed, he laughed, and let me go. He also had teenagers.

    Mikie: So Tweety's naughty side popped up this morning......BAD KITTY. I'm sorry to read about that poor young woman who lost her legs, and then her life. So sad, so very very sad, and maybe the doctors contributed to it? I was talking to a neighbor yesterday. She told me her colonoscopy showed polyps which were removed, but a large one was cancerous, so now she's scheduled for a cat scan and followup surgery. Just like my DH. She's a strong woman, and rolls with the tide, so whatever, she'll survive. By the way she's 80 but still competes in tennis tournaments and is gone contantly.

    I've run a bunch of errands this morning while my cleaning lady was over. I've retrieved a heavy hanging lamp which I had bought for $5 about 4 years ago, gave to my SIL who installed it on their patio. They recently found another one, so I said I wanted it back to canabalize. Part of it is sitting on an old wrought iron bar stool in the garden now. I cut up a large white landscaping tube we had around here....it fits perfectly over the lighting section. I bought some of those outdoor lights to stick in them. I'm hoping to spray paint the tubes today. And another part I think will become part of a large wind chime. I want to check out copper tubing at Lowe's. I understand that the copper can be cut easily with a hack saw. So if it works out I'll take a pic. And after all that, I'm heading for a nap.
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  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Our kitchen sink is still non compos mentis. I have been reading about "laterals".
    This is the official plumbers' jargon for pipes that carry water from the house to
    the main sewer line that is buried under the street. Depending on the extent
    of the repairs, one needs at least one and possibly two different permits from
    two different city departments. Uff-da! Gordon washed the dishes in our
    outside sink yesterday.

    Julie, you are a veritable whiz at finding great pics to post. Do have trouble finding
    pics you can copy? The modern world is getting increasingly complex. Yesterday
    I couldn't get the TV to turn on. I wrote my brother an e mail. Then wanted to
    copy it and send it to my other siblings. The computer wouldn't let me do that.
    I don't know how to work Gordon's smart phone. Two days ago I couldn't get the
    new microwave to heat up. It's all too much for color TV as one of our neighbors
    used to say.

    Congrats on the new van. Now don't go getting a big head over it. You don't
    want people to think you have a bad case of vanity.

    Mikie, Yes, Gordon knows lots about orchids. But I really don't. Funny though.
    All the people in the clubs he belongs to are growers. Yet sometimes he'll report
    that somebody asked the guest speaker the silliest question. He had a problem
    with the pics being too big when he first started to post them here. Remind
    me to remind him to comment on same. I am shocked at Tweety. Guess
    you are too. I know there's such a thing as distressed furniture. Can you
    pretend you want it distressed? What was it? An ottoman? I can't find
    the passage in question. My brain no workee no more.

    Springwater, only 2 hours of electricity sounds like tough sledding. What
    about drinking water? And how is your brother? The reports in the news
    keep reporting more and more damage and deaths. I hope the situation
    improves quickly.

    Sun, You are the first person to tell me she's actually seen a Minnesota orchid
    growing in the wild. In the Spring, we used to take walks in the woods and
    find the jack in the pulpit plant. Never ever saw an orchid though. Ticks
    were a minor problem. I think a brother had one once. And one got on the
    dog. But mosquitoes! They were a big problem if you lived near water. When
    I moved to CA I discovered that most Californians knew two things about MN.
    It was cold and it had mosquitoes.

    OK, goin' back to bed. Hugs to Barry, Granni, Diane, et. al.
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    Thank God, it's supposed to be in the mid-80's today instead of yesterday's sizzling low-90's. Poor A/C ran all day. Can't wait to see my util. bill. Yikes!!! :eek: There are thunderstorms out in the Gulf just offshore which are supposed to be here around noon. I just got in from sitting on the lanai with the kitties. Tweety has been her sweet self ever since she clawed the ottoman. There are two holes in it. Think I'll put my little woven sea grass tray over the holes. A lot of decorators put trays containing books or candles on ottomans. I've become an expert at covering up cat damage. I have a nice looking throw rug where Sir Vester ruined a spot on the carpet. No sense in getting new carpeting; it might just get damaged. With this old carpeting, it isn't the end of the world when something happens to it. I still have to shampoo it and hope to be able to do it later this week.

    Julie, the cats' other mother, never showed yesterday. She did this once before. I asked her about it last time and she said she knew she didn't show but offered no explanation. If she asks to come over again, I will tell her that I won't stay home again and that she'll have to take pot luck. She generally is a sweet person and not thoughtless or rude. She shouldn't drink considering the seizure drugs she takes but she does have a drink from time to time. It interacts and causes her to be in a stupor. I also wonder whether the seizures have scrambled her ability to think straight. I'm trying to imagine why she does this.

    Julie, Rock is right; you do come up with the most interesting pics. I've been able to copy pics from the web but often can't paste them. That little desk sounds soooo cute--the perfect gift and you got a great bargain, my Sister in Saving. Wow! You had one busy travelin' day. I try never to let my gas get below 1/4 tank down into where all the gunk lies in the bottom of the tank. My mechanic had me run two tanksful of Mobil premium gas through my Highlander. He loves Mobile gas and says it has additives to help keep injectors clean. I use Shell most of the time for convenience and it contains cleaner additives as well. Also, Shell used to be the only one which had the $50 cards for $40 at Publix. Now, they sell Mobil cards too. Mobil is next to Target so I may get that next time. During hurricane season, I never let the tank get below 1/2 full. Don't plan on ever evacuating, except for a Cat. 5, Katrina-like hurricane, but you never know. When storms hit and the elec. goes out, the gas pumps won't work, leaving evacuators stranded. One needs to leave three days in advance or stay put. Hope you can get some sleep today to catch up.

    Sun, what a pleasant surprise seeing you nice long post. Welcome to the Warren Peace Club. :) I grew up in CO and we had Rocky Mountain Ticks. My friends and I got tick shots every spring because the bites can cause illness, but nothing like Lyme Disease. My little toy poodle got bit by one and it caused his back legs to be paralyzed temporarily. What a great thing to find an orchid in the wild. It was thought that the ghost orchid was completely extinct but someone found one in the Everglades and photographed it but told no one where it's located. PBS uses that photo between programs for station ID. My embarrassing old car was a Corvair van which my ex was restoring. He did get it restored but, in the meantime, it was always sporting Bondo and primer. My kids were too small at the time to be embarrassed.

    Your friend sounds like an active woman. I pray she gets through this cancer OK. If it weren't for knowing that my biological father died of colon cancer, I probably wouldn't have gotten screenings all these years. I've had numerous polyps removed over the years, one or two precancerous, so I'd likely have gotten it full blown by now. I'm always urging people to get checked. You're so creative. The things you are doing for the garden sound neat. Post pics. I'm in the process of getting rid of things in our center landscaped area. Neighbors go crazy with stuff in the stair atria and that's OK but I like to keep the larger center area clean looking. From the street, no one can see inside the stairways. I've found that people living in condos like having just a bit of garden they can call their own. I NV your having a cleaning lady. I may have to do that but don't want to spend the $$.

    Rock, thanks for posting regarding Julie's and my seminar workshop on how to save money shopping. We are only charging $100 a person but if y'all sign up early, it's 50 percent off. Also, your tickets can be used to save up to 40 percent on our books and CD's. Come early as space is limited and it's sure to be sold out. :) Oh, BTW, Penny Pincher will be our keynote speaker. Hope you and Gordon can get that sink fixed without spending a fortune on it. What a pain! I don't know what kind of smart phone Gordon has but I don't think you can turn on the microwave with it. Tada! Somebody stop me! :p Most of my wood furniture is distressed, either by design or by accident; however, holes in pleather look horrible. I think covering them up with a tray is my only option. Good thing I'm not always having people over to the condo. So many people here have cats and they would understand that having cats means the cats own everything. "Cats Rule" isn't just a saying. I console myself by knowing I'm saving two little furry lives. What's up with Buddy? How is he doing?

    Well, Kids, it's time to go read the paper online and then, get ready for the Tues. meeting. Hope all y'all haved a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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  18. Windytalker

    Windytalker Member

    Springwater...So glad you were able to check in briefly for an update. Living in chaos is difficult enough without having other problems (like FM/CFS, etc.). Depression and anxiety would be hard to avoid. Even getting decent sleep has to be rare...one minute sleeping and the next having to run for shelter from the rains. That's not even mentioning the aftershocks...and some can be so strong. At any given moment, the ground will start shaking and you wonder if this will be another "big one".

    Rock and Sun mentioned help coming from CA. The funds I donated were to an organization located in CA and suspect "they're on their way". I hope and pray the supplies and teams will, at minimum, help those in desperate need.

    I've been through several destructive quakes when I lived in CA. Absolutely NOT a fun ride. Oddly enough, earthquakes are on the rise here in Oklahoma. Thankfully, other than one goodie, we're far enough from the epicenters we seldom feel them here.

    Please be safe as possible. You and your family remain in my prayers.


    Hi to All...

    Too many newsy reports from all of you and too little time for me. But, you're a great group and very supportive. Please take good care of you...and stay well! (Or, as well as can be expected.):)

    Warm hugs,
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  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: Yes, I occasionally get wordy, but most of the time i guess I just abbreviate what I want to say. I'm sorry you waited home and Julie didn't show. As you said, she's done that before so just go about your life and if she shows up to visit ok. Glad to read Tweety is back to her sane self.....well kinda.

    Julie: Just look at the "junk" you have and see how you can turn it into a garden sculpture. You would be very surprised. I watched a program on HGTV a few years ago where these two brothers would scour the neighborhood for what was curbside and then turn it into something else. Sooooo clever. Also on Blackdog rehab or whatever the name is, they do the same thing then put on a high price at their shop and it sells. Of course Den right now is busy with getting a roof over your heads so no time for things like recycling.

    Rock: Sorry your sink is still giving you fits. I hope it doesn't cost an arm, a leg and maybe a pipe elbow!

    I priced the copper tubing, then I would need a copper pipe cutter, so that will just have to wait. I might come across just the right tubes at an estate sale. I had a gardener/landscaper out this morning. A small section along the driveway will be cleared out next week, black plastic layed down to stop any weeds from growing and then river rock will be put on top. I'll have to take before and after pics. Of course he wanted to do the whole yard but darn, it's hard for a gardener to relinquish plants. I've pulled up a lot of succulents, and put an ad in a free ad, hoping someone will come take them before I have to toss in the trash.
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Everydobby,

    Just got home from the store and decided to check in. I wanted to get there and back just in case the weatherman is correct. It's all gray out and I hear thunder so I hope it pours. Got lots of BOGOs at Publix. They even had the little packets of fish in broth that the cats love. It's usually soooo expensive for the little bit in those packets but I got BOGOs on them. Got two graduation cards on BOGO; cards are sooooo expensive. Neighbor who bought my Mom's condo is getting her masters degree. DD is getting her B.S. in Nursing. She was already an R.N., having graduated from a nursing school, but she wanted her degree so she can get her masters. My salad dressing has been in the fridge quite a while so got some on BOGO. Got a Cobb salad on sale and it was delicious. I'll have half of it left for tomorrow.

    Joe, my angry neighbor, showed up at today's mtg. When it was over, he apologized to me and said he was wrong. I accepted his apology and we talked amicably on the way out. Everyone agrees with me that the numerous rag-tag flower pots at the pool need to go. They all liked the new trash bins. Joe supports me in building new garbage enclosures. I'm so glad because I need all the support I can get and don't need the anger and drama. I had prayed that God soften his anger and it worked. That's what worked with Barb when she was so angry. Prayer can be a mighty thing!

    Windy, so good to see you here. I had seen on TV that earthquakes in your area may become a problem. Who would have thought it. Hope it ain't so. Please do come back when you can sit a spell.

    Julie, thanks for you kind words regarding my being understanding. That's sweet of you. I just know Julie and know that's not how she normally acts. There has to be a reason. Mgr. said she thinks the seizures have scrambled her brain and she my not remember telling me she was coming by. I think that's entirely possible. All of us can let the gas get low in the car. I try not to but have a time or two. Actually, they make gas line cleaners you add to a full tank and that will also help keep the injector cleaned out. I always have emergency water in the car just in case and a first aid kit. I laughed at what you said about distressed furniture. Some of mine is old too, two hundred years old for my European pine antiques. The more battered they get, the more authentic and valuable they become. No fancy antiques for me; I like the primitive antiques. I either buy the new stuff distressed or I distress it myself. Enjoy your trip to Wally World.

    Sun, I'm glad you posted more. I enjoy reading your posts. Look forward to seeing the rock project. When we bought our new family house, the area between ours and or neighbor's garage was long and the downspouts emptied into it. I designed a ditch to carry excess water down to the little culvert under the sidewalk. We had the plastic and river rock put in there and added a nice pine tree at the front. It looked soooo nice and was functional. Good idea to give away the succulents. I hate to waste plants. I've been trying to give away the bouganvilleas at the pool but so far, no takers. They have thorns and do not belong where children play. Good luck with the landscaping project.

    Just remembered that Dr. Phil has Kim Richards on his show today. She was the child actess who starred in Disney's "Return To Witch Mountain." She presently is on "Housewives of Beverly Hills" with her sister who was also a child star. She has a drinking problem and this is going to be an intervention. She once took tennis lessons from DSIL's cousin. One of the other Housewives is on "The Young And The Restless." She is married to DSIL's other cousin. He is also on the "Housewives" show. One of my neighbor's kids, Greg Rikaart, is also on "Y&R" and won a daytime Emmy his first year on the show. Such a small world. If only I had a life, I wouldn't have to depend on TV. :( Gotta go. Time's awastin'. Ooh, ooh, it's raining. Glory be!!! :p

    Love, Mikie