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    I'll be back to post more in a minute. OK, here I am. Hope everydobby can see the new Porch; I refreshed the page.

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Cats never came in last night to ask to go out so I slept through it til they came in to get me up about 4:00. I gave them treats without turning on the lights so I could go back to bed. They had other ideas. I decided not to respond as Tweety got up on my dresser and side table but when she started rattling the closet doors, I beaned her with a pillow. They quieted down and let me sleep another hour. Even the normally docile Sir Vester got up on the back of the sofa and knocked over a vase to let me know about his displeasure. Both of them are on my list.

    I think it's true that when we socialize, it floods our brains with oxytocin and gives us a feeling of well-being. Even though I know that my friend with lung cancer probably won't make it, I'm so thankful I have the chance to spend some time with her while she's still here. This feeling of well-being stayed with me all evening. Even my sleep seemed better (until the Trouble Twins started in). As I looked around the table, I saw mostly single women who have battled major health issues but remain determined and strong. When one of us is down, everyone volunteers to help; we are never alone.

    Idiot landscapers came into the stairwell atrium and chopped almost all the leaves off my old philodendron. They are doing what is called a hard cut. They cut down bushes which will grow back even thicker and more healthy. A philo won't grow new leaves where they took off the old ones. To make matters worse, they put the cuttings on the sidewalk where the sap stained it. It will take a lot to get the stains off and I'll insist they do it. They tore out a healthy ixora bush and trampled other plants. If they weren't merging with another co., I'd say we should let them go now. They want to retain our business so they will replace everything and clean the walk.

    Sun, I didn't realize that albuterol could cause shaking. My grandson has been using it for his asthma for years. I hate to have to use drugs because they always cause side effects in some people. The dendrobium you posted is just like the one I got for Barb when she had her stroke. Your lighting project sounds interesting. I'll bet it will really look nice when done.

    Julie, yes, I think many of us have lost touch with friends since becoming ill. I had to quit my job and many of my coworkers moved on to other companies or relocated. That's why I love this place were everyone understands what we are going through. I watched the "Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion." I know, junk for the mind. One of them had Lyme Disease and the infection went to her heart and she almost didn't make it. She had to have a tube put into her heart to deliver the ABX. She got better but is in relapse. She said that even members of her own family don't believer her that she is ill. Heartbreaking! Still praying that the kids find a van.

    Rock, thanks for letting us know that we had reached critical mass on Porch 804. I see you are here so suspect you are posting at the same time as I. Hope you can see this new Porch.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    I have a nasty owie. Had another brutal encounter with the refrigerator on
    the back porch. Gordon heard me holler.
    "What happened?"
    "That @#$*! refrigerated attacked me again!"
    "Is the fridge OK?"
    "I 'spose. I tried my best to murder it."

    So I combed my hair last night and discovered a bump the size of an
    8 ball. Now my head really hurts.

    And now I can't get rid of the bold type. I have the same problem
    Robert Benchley had. He was always being attacked by inanimate

    Perhaps I should come back later when I am in a more civilized
    mood. Or maybe I'll be in a worse mood. As my mother used to
    say, what will it matter in a hundred years. I hope things are
    sunnier at your casa.

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    Mikie: What idiot "plant scalpers".....hate to use the words gardeners or landscapers. I sure would give them a what's what about what they did. And WHY did they remove the ixora? When my landscaper is here next wed or possibly tues if he can, you can be sure I'm going to be "supervising". I walked around my neighborhood yesterday morning and OMG soooo many more houses are removing their old landscaping and replacing with drought tolerant plants and rocks. Two houses I really liked for their blend of various plants. Think I might take a few pics. on my walks as further inspiration. We received our notices from the water dept yesterday. We're to cut 25% back from the 2013 readings. And NO watering landscaping from 8 a.m. to 8 PM. Now I wonder if the bad drought if we'll have helicopters hovering overhead....big brother is always watching. I heard that Beverly Hills is mandated to cut 35%.....lots of screaming there! There will be large monetary fines if they don't, of course most of those people are RICH so what's a fine?

    When that happened with the albuterol I told my DD, who said that my DGS has had to have the nebulizer treatment several times at the clinic. And then she confessed that he did get a little hyper. Probably his way of dealing with it. There's a fairly new inhaler on the market that it's a rescue and steroid all in one but the doctor told me it did have more albuterol in it. I've been doing OK on the one I'm on now, so don't want a change. But I do find that I can't take the heat anymore.

    Julie: That's great the kids found a good van......and a trade to boot. Thanks for posting the pic. of may day bouquets. I remember doing that when I was around 8......snuck over to my neighbor's house and hung it on her door. I'll bet 85% of the population don't even know about that. And today my youngest son turns 40! Hard to believe.

    Rock: I'm sorry the appliances are fighting with you. How dare they! How exactly did that happen that you got a goose egg? Ice it! Over the last few years I've had to learn to walk slower and think before I do anything. I've run into the corner of a dresser so often that I've got a large fatty tumor on my thigh. Well duh, it finally hit me that I needed to move it out of the BR but I'm now automatically cautious when I'm around any furniture with corners.

    I'm up early. I was dreaming I was itching all over and woke to find I had been severely scratching my forearm. A hold over from my gardening a few days ago. So I got some ice for it to calm down the itching, then I couldn't sleep so figured I might as well get up and make some coffee.

    Spring: Still thinking about you and praying. I heard last night that some volunteer fire fighters from Los Angeles found that young man who had been trapped. I've been watching the footage on TV of the complete devastation in so many outlying villages. And it's almost impossible to get help to them.
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    Hi Kids

    Just had breakfast. 3 of our tomatoes and a glass of chocolate milk. That's
    3 major food groups. We had an old visitor this morning. Big foot, the
    big black tomcat. Been a year or so since he's dropped by. He loves to
    come in and explore the house. We offered him food, but as is generally
    the case, he wasn't interested.

    Sun, the refrigerator really did attack me. My theory is that it was previously
    a prop for Laurel and Hardy; or maybe the 3 stooges. Gordon doesn't
    know how old the thing is, but it's getting on in years. The freezer is at the top.
    So when an unsuspecting user bends over to get something out of the fridge,
    the freezer door opens sua sponte (on its own). Then, when the user
    straightens up, KAPOW! I told Gordon I was gonna get some railroad
    spikes and nail the blasted thing shut.

    The real problem is that a healthy person can say: I'll have to remember to
    be careful in the future. But that strategy no longer for me. I can't
    remember much of anything. Ratbane!

    Sun, haven't seen any news about water regulations. Our chiropractor just got
    a bill for $800. The meter reader now doesn't even come on your property.
    Just points an electronic reader at the meter and clicks. The doc thinks the
    reading is wrong because the meter is old and the glass on it is weathered
    and scratched.

    Julie, glad to hear the kids found a van. I remember the first time I rode
    in one. When we stopped at a traffic light, I felt like the front of the van was
    in the other car's back seat. I think it would be a big adjustment to get use
    to a new configuration.

    When I looked up skid loader yesterday, there were several brands.
    Started a new novel by Minnesota author John Sanford yesterday.
    There was one of 'em. Kubota. Looks more like something you'd find
    on the menu at an Asian fast food place.

    Springwater, hope conditions are improving for you and your family;
    and everybody else too. Hugs to Barry and Diane and Granni.


    Sun, do you use ointments for minor problems like itching and minor nicks?
    I have various tubes of stuff. Gordon always refuses to use any of them.

    Mikie, I think it's amazing that the kitties want your attention and companionship
    so much. I guess they are really grateful to have such a good provider of all
    things wonderful.

    There have been a couple mentions of ixora lately. I never heard of the stuff
    before. Anyhoo I found a pic on Wikipedia. The article says it has a dozen
    common names. Is used for religious and medicinal purposes in Asia. It's
    a tree and a shrub. Can be used for bonsai, and comes in different colors.

    Julie, I haven't seen any May baskets since I was very young. I remember
    we exchanged them when I was in grade school. I think the custom died
    out before the High School years. Never met anybody or even read about
    same outside of the home town.

    I dunno how this thing got so discombobulated. I'm not even going
    to try and rearrange it. Might only make matters worse. Uff-da!

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    DH has been busy this morning on the computer so I just got on it. Quickly read your posts. JULIE - Congrats on the new van. Hope it does will for all the kiddos, etc. Don't wear yourself out with all your work and helping Den too.

    No time to really answer everyone's posts. Read them to fast !! Just had lunch and I need to go stuff at least one more cushion. YIKES!!

    Sounds like everyone is busy. Going to a show tonight and a picnic tomorrow so needed to wash my hair this morning. It takes so much time.

    Thinking of everyone. MIKIE I hope you find some more NRG. If so send me some please. Thanks for starting the new volume or at least getting us started.

    Off to stuff another chair.

    Granni :)
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    Rock: I think I might have gotten this itching/burning from brushing against the "sticks of fire" yesterday while tying up a static next to it. I stopped, came in and washed my arm and thought I was OK but OMG, my arm is red and slightly swollen today......looks like a burn. Just put on some aloe. Usually if something itches I find that some ice stops it.

    Julie: that's super about how easy it is for Lindsey and the new van. I'll bet she'll be able to do a lot more out and about with the kids in tow.

    OK, here' my recycled light. With the lighting sticks, 6 of them......it gives a spooky look to the overgrown garden! But at least there's some light out in the dark part now.

    The fancy white top was an old wrought iron "birdcage"? I never knew where to put it so I think it works perfect on the upside down light. And as you can see it's all sitting on a very strong wrought iron bar stool.

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    Hi Friends

    Sun, I love your creation. It combines the sleek beauty of the modern
    world with the timeless beauty of nature. A sort of La Cage Aux Plantes.
    (Did I get zee French bien, Mikie?

    Granni, do you sing in the shower? That way you can practice while
    washing your hair. Like Mary Martin in South Pacific.

    Julie, I'm gonna tell Gordon we need to find one of those refrigerator
    locks. And fast. Before I wind up with "gory locks" ala MacBeth.

    You guys ever hear of a banana shrub? We have one. The University of Florida
    says: "This evergreen shrub is like a classic Southern lady—both sweet
    and tough. Its flowers are incredibly fragrant, and the plant itself is easy
    to take care of. Gardeners can think of it as a miniature Southern magnolia
    whose flowers smell like bananas instead of lemons." Wikipedia says the
    plant is a member of the magnolia family.

    Today when big foot the cat came by, he climbed into the shrub and seemed
    to vanish. It's a sizable plant. Ten-12 feet high. But all the branches are
    slender. I was amazed he could get in there and amazed again when he
    easily slipped out.

    I hear somebody downstairs. Gordon back from the market or burglars.
    One or the tother.


    Hi Julie, we were posting simultaneous. Yes, you'll have to figure out a
    way to fool David so he doesn't tromp on the hostages. A case of
    tromp l'oeil. (Best illustrated by sidewalk 3-D art.)
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    Hello All

    Popping in..it was nice reading everydobbys goings on..

    Julie - those May Day door decorations reminded me of my early childhood and kindergarten..we always made things like that..things with paper..and felt so excited about our work..it was a 'feel good' moment looking at those when the memories came flooding back, thank you.

    Mikie - sorry about the stupid work the landscrapers did. And to think they get paid!

    Rock- you get well soon. from your scrape with the household appliances.

    Sun - interesting thing you ve done with the lamps and birdcage etc. It must be so wonderful to be artistic.

    Diane - sorry to hear theres been a relapse..bronchitis does seem more needing to get over than it would appear.

    Granni - you are stuffing cushions? i only got that sentence..and gathered it must be some social work...im happy to hear you are going out to this, that outdoor thing and generally having a good time...thats how life should be

    Things here are limping along..i hv to say things didnt go as awry here in the capital as one would think..supplies
    were there throughout..at least the necessities..well, im guessing a lot of people must hv needed to be given drinking water etc..tents..but some of us were cocooned from all that.

    People hv gone back to sleeping in their houses again...tho the fear remains.

    Relatives/friends from outside calling up as communication is brought back..almost all of the help with families outside affected..MILs place, her helps husbands two brothers houses came down...our ex man fridays parents home too. My daily maid who swobs the floors, her grandmother, aunt and maternal uncle lost their lives and the house...at some point they will all go off to the village to visit.

    yesterday DH and i went out for some errands and passed some roads where houses had fallen into a big pile of rubble, five storey buildings, smashed cars. some houses were intact but leaning at 45 degree angles ready to topple over...if spielberg wants to shoot a disaster movie or something about an alien attack he can come here and just shoot.

    The youngsters are out there volunteering. The monastery i frequent was on the last day of an 11 day prayer ceremony with more than hundred people attending when the earthquake struck ...just one person died and the monastery opened its grounds to the people, letting them pitch tents and feeding them with their own supplies.

    My DDs former college in the US has started a donation drive selling t shirts and raised $ 3000 so far which they will hand over to one of the NGOs here after some time..

    a close friend of my sons lost some close family friends who were attending church services in a church located in a five story building..and son said he realised he didnt quite know how to console him. he asked me what he should say nd i realised i didnt know either. what exactly does one say? How unprepared we all are.

    my son did remark how he had never been this active in his life, when we had to sprint down the stairs for the nth time due to aftershocks during the earlier days just after the quake..once the ground shook while we were sleeping and it woke son too (we were all sleeping in mattresses downstairs) i asked him if that was an earthquake and he said 'yes, but a small one, Dads snoring has more power than that tremor'. His dad was snoring his head off as usual.

    God Bless

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    Hi, Kids,

    Came here this morning and realized I had posted but not clicked so this never got posted so y'all could see it. I'll just post it now as I think it's still relevant.


    Just got through e-mailing pics of the landscaping disaster to our mgr. so thought I'd drop in before I get going, late as I am. I'm lazy today and don't care. I'll be removing the slipcover on my sofa and throwing it away. I had gotten nail polish on the skirt. The sofa underneath is the same natural/white color as the cover but the denim isn't as thick. I'll use it this way until I can no longer keep it clean. I will wash the cushion covers and do the rest of my laundry. Think I may go to Costco to get Zantac as I'm now out of Prilosec. I can't keep taking the Prilosec but can take Zantac long term.

    Rock, I'm so sorry that fridge attacked you. They say we shouldn't andropromorphize (probably misspelled that) inanimate objects; they don't like it. I still say inanimate objects are out to get me! After I was attacked by that ladder and fell, causing a concussion, I move more slowly now, always looking for any imminent attack by household appliances and other vile objects. I hope your goose egg goes down and takes the pain with it. You did the right thing--swearing first, making a joke second, and treating last. Good triage!

    Julie, glad the kids found a van. I invoked St. Anthony's help and pictured them looking at their new van. Voila! Yes, those stow 'n go seats are amazing. My little bag hooks in the Highlander are along the side in the berry back (what DD#1 used to call the back of my van instead of the very back). That's quite a load of dirt you have to move. Better get going on it. :) Those May Day baskets look just like the ones my friends and I used to leave on each other's door. We'd spend hours making the baskets, looking for flowers to put in them and filling in the rest with candy. I always put one on the old lady's door next to our house. She was normally a bit crabby but the May Day baskets never failed to melt her a little. I also doubt kids today know about this tradition. It's sad.

    Sun, when we had a drought a few years ago, we could only water two days a week. Even after the drought, the rules remained and I think it's a good idea. Tap water here is expensive but we use nonpotable ground water to irrigate. It contains sulpher and smells like rotten eggs when the sprinklers are running. The biggest users of water are all the golf courses down here. When they can't keep the grass green, they drive around spraying green coloring on the greens. It lets people play in denial that we need to start conserving resources. They overbuilt all the courses and some of them are in financial trouble. I have a rescue inhaler for my infrequent asthma attacks but can't use those daily preventive ones--they give me blinding headaches.


    Spring, it must be very difficult to see all the devastation there. I'm glad you didn't get the brunt of it but it's so sad for those who did. Saw on TV that people in remote areas have had nothing to eat. Rice was being delivered. Most of the people looked shell shocked.

    Granni, if I find some NRG, I'll share it with you. Never did get to Costco yesterday and don't want to go on a weekend day.

    Sun, love your light creation. Our newspaper prints pics of people's garden art.

    Rock, love the idea of "Big Foot." Haven't seen Simon in a few months. Neither has my friend who walks her dog.

    Yesterday, the mgr's assistant/handyman came to my door. He had just cleaned up the pool restrooms where someone had deficated all over the toilets and floors in the men's and women's. It wasn't an accident; it was vandalism. Glad they called him first as I draw the line of my duties, no pun intended, at cleaning bathrooms. This is a nice community but there are evidently people here who aren't so nice. It's scary to think someone who might have done this lives among us. Perhaps it was kids who climbed over the fence at night but it appeared to have happened yesterday afternoon. Really wish we could afford surveillance equipment.

    Y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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    So nice to read the post from our SPRING WATER. Have lots to do before we leave for the crawfish boil and picnic or whatever you call it. We have never been to this home before so it will be very interesting. I read quickly all the post but now I need to go get dressed. I think that DH wants the computer if he doesn't go out and do some more picking up of stuff that had fallen from the trees and bushes after the last overnight storm. The host and hostess of this party or gathering of knights and families have so much on their plate. They were married maybe 6-9 months ago and then she was dxed with breast cancer. So she is undergoing chemo right now . Not sure where she is in the treatment. I did see her at the funeral mass the other day of one of the Knights.

    SPRING WATER - I am or was trying to stuff or put the cushions for our outside patio set inside covers that were went at a different time as the set and cushions. The covers belong to the set or are supposed to but it is awful to try and stuff them inside. Not sure what it is made of. It also has a makeshift cover covering the cushion so not sure what it is made out of. One more to go. It seems like Styrofoam but not sure it is. Not going to take off the other cover that is sewed on to try and find out.

    So glad you are doing well but so sorry about others that lost their lives or were injured.

    JULIE - Glad Lindsey is enjoying her new van. Did you ever get one.?? I thought this one was yours at first. How nice that young man came to help you. I think that is awful sweet even though you do so much on the farm and with those kiddos.

    MIKIE - Good that you didn't push yourself to go shopping at Costco. That is like SAMS here and almost everywhere else on a SAT., just VERY busy and DH is not patient and does not like to have to wait in any lines :)!! That is a shame about the vandalism in the rest rooms. Why would someone do such a thing. It gets me angry - kids or no kids. Even going into the restrooms at our local Wal Mart which is not that aold how people mistreat things and break thinks and write all over the walls and stuff. Weren't they ever brought up right. Obviously they weren't. At least your mess could be cleaned up but that is awful and a terrible thing to have to clean up for anyone,

    Gotta run for now and get ready to go to this Crawfish Boil, etc. They also have hot dogs, hamburgers, etc. for those not wanting to partake in the crawfish. We are used to the crawfish having lived in LA. for a few years ago. They are yummy but take a bit of work. Sorry no time to write to everyone personally.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Hello Everyone - It's the weekend and time to relax but of course every day seems like the
    weekend since I retired.

    Sun - What a great choice in color and type of orchid to grow. The color seems to have a
    soft neon pink color - striking. I've learn, after many of mine were dispatched, that
    orchids don't like to be over potted. Unless the medium mix has deteriorated or the
    plant is growing out of the pot it's best to wait. You can put the pot in a larger empty pot
    and place some stones on top to stabilize it if needed. Now I find most commercial sold
    orchids are potted with a sphagnum moss 'plugs' to hold moisture when it's young for
    shipping by growers to cut down on the cost of shipping. Dig around the base of the plant
    and you might see it - it's beige in color. I will always unpot the plant (unless it's in bloom),
    soak it in a tub of water to soften and using a pair of tweezers unravel the strands carefully
    to avoid breaking any roots (not to worry if you should as they will regrow) and repot it
    The moss holds water too much and if it should dry up it's impossible to rehydrate.
    I would not bother with the 'nibs' on the plant - it might just be stubs from the old leaves.

    I'm posting a picture of my Ansellia Africana, known as the Leopard Orchid. It's from
    Africa and it's known for their spotted flowers. I first saw this orchid at a auction and bid
    on it until I got it - shameful. This plant was given to me by a member and has seven
    flower spikes. I've also am posting a close-up of the flower itself. There is also another
    close-up photo from a different plant show you the differences in the spotting. The second
    plant (not shown) has had a difficult time. I manage to brake off the spike on it two years
    in a row but it surprised me by sprouting two smaller spikes from the side of the cane!!!



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  12. sunflowergirl

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    Julie: well, possibly the really really old book the plant in it but not the bra! At Armstrong Gardens they sell what looks like old purses covered with sphagnum moss....kinda cute. Years ago I watched Martha Stewart covering various items with the sphagnum moss. A lot of work if you ask me. I did watch one of her segments on how to make terra cotta pots look old. Don't remember exactly what to use but they looked great. To make copper pots, etc. look aged you spray on some vinegar and sprinkle a little salt and let it work it's magic. By the way, when you're rummaging thru your junk look for anything large that would hold plants. I've taken an old kettle type barbeque, drilled holes for drainage and used the top and bottom for plants. Works great.

    Mikie: Ewwwwwwww.......what kind of a sick person is doing that. I would hate to think it was someone living in your complex with a vendetta. I pray that's the last of it. Actually, kinda scary. Years ago there was a homeless man living around the town....mentally off. I had been told he used to live in the town. Police couldn't do anything until someone caught him putting excrement in a postal receptacle.

    Spring: so good to read your post. You're sounding like most anxiety has left you. That's great to read your news......loved it about your DH snoring!!!! LOL What we see on TV of the outer areas, looks bad. So, am I understanding that you can drive around your city and find food and water easily?

    Granni: Sounds like a fun time today. We had a crawfish boil when my son left for up north. We ordered so many pounds of it to be flown in from New Orleans, then I scoured my cookbook for things Cajun to fix. lots of fun.

    Gordon: thanks for all that info. I did what you said and removed a little sphagnum moss that had been packed around it. Here's a pic. of it's new home in my atrium were I can watch it daily. Norman's had at least 75 of them hanging on the wall as you walked to the entrance and more in one of his greenhouses. All the same so he must have cornered the market on them.
    The name is Red Emperor "ember".

    Love the leopard orchid.....so exotic and BIG! And did you ever confess to anyone the final bid?????

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  13. Mikie

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    Hi, Porchies,

    Went to Lowe's and they had a bench like the one at Costco. Decided to buy it and found out that for an extra $10, they would assemble it for me. I didn't mind putting the trash bins together but this storage bench is BIG! I'll pick it up on Mon. I looked for a cut leaf philodendron at Lowe's but they didn't have a big one. Neither did Home Depot. I'll just tell the landscaping co. that they have to bring out a nice big full one and plant it for me. I'll cut down the main trunk of the one they ruined but will leave the two new offshoot ones.

    Man downstairs doesn't like this kind of plant but I need it to separate my side from all the crap he put down there in the atrium. He asked whether he could put an olla pot down there and I told him he could. Well, he put all kinds of garish planters along his side. He and the misses are nice people but they have horrible taste. Barb and I went to a workshop to find the kinds of plants which would do well down there and we designed it in a tropical theme. His side looks like carnival theme (send in the clowns). He wanted the philodendron removed completely because he doesn't like it. I told him it's staying and that it's a memorial plant. Me thinks he has a big set of cajones.

    While I was at HD, I bought a sweet little yellow and fuchia phal orchid and repotted it at the store into a pretty little lacy porcelain orchid pot like the one I have my lady slipper in. I took it to my friend who just had her breast and lymph nodes removed. She said her orchid died and I explained why and showed her how to water this one. The cancerous tumor was only six months old--very aggressive. She is going to have chemo and will lose all her hair. She's a strong person and I'm sure she will do well but it breaks my heart to see my friends sick and/or in pain.

    I stopped at Publix for a few BOGO's and to buy a big Mexican olla type pot. They were selling them for only $20. This pot is big but not too tall. I like squatty pots. Think I'll put a yucca in it. I have to move Barb's husband's memorial spath plant because it no longer has shade from that philo. Almost all my pots on my side of the atrium are Mexican clay ornamental in muted colors. Just thinking about the garish planters the neighbor put down there makes me sick. I try to keep the peace with him because his wife is sooo sweet and she takes care of Tweety and Sir Vester when I'm gone.

    Gordon, thanks for posting the pics. It's so nice it come here and see the variety of orchids you have. That dendrobium I got from my neighbor is in a tiny pot and just keeps putting out more and more canes. One is ready to bloom. I repotted the lady slipper with bark but left a bit of the moss around the top as I read that these orchids like their roots a bit more damp. So far, so good. All the orchids which aren't phals have been sold at HD. I think people like me watch for them because they are cheaper than the nursery. Wish I had bought that hairy lady slipper. They had orchids with spotted leaves and I love them.

    Julie, not sure I care for the bra planter but it certainly is clever I do love the old book one though. That would look really good in that tray I put on the ottoman to cover Tweety's handy work. Like you, I don't understand why anyone would want to be destructive nor disgusting. This isn't the Taj Mahal but it's a nice, middle-class community. We used to have mostly retired people but when the real estate downturn hit, some units were sold to investors who have rented them. It is almost always the renters at fault when there is trouble. They have no pride of ownership. Whoever crapped all over the restrooms has zero pride nor self-esteem. There are always good people like you and Den who take something and restore it and put it to good use. Good for you!

    Sun, you are the master of repurposing. Love what you do and love the new dendrobium. They are rapidly becoming one of my favorite orchids. You are right about the poop fiasco being scary. I hope our handyman took proper precautions. I know he cleaned with bleach. He was concerned about the health issues surrounding human waste. A lot of illness can be passed from human waste products. AACK!!! It appears from your photos that you like things lush like I do. Your home must be very pretty.

    I won't get anything else done today. Came home and am pooped (oh, perhaps I should choose another word). DD#2 said she is having a cardio workup just in case and because of our family history. She doesn't feel well and docs don't know why. She has, at various times, been diagnosed with Lyme, FMS and CFIDS. Hope she gets a clean cardio bill of health.

    Dear Ones, I hope everydobby is doing well.

    Love, Mikie
  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member


    Love the pics you posted. The use of a book as a planter reminds us that
    books encourage the growth of new ideas.

    And the animal print pic is both colorful and tasteful. Wherever did you
    find those matching swim caps?

    lydia1 and Willow77 like this.
  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    I didn't do much of anything yesterday except read and nap. Not
    simultaneously. I'm reading a thriller I read when it was new 5 years
    ago. It's still like new. The only thing I remembered was the opening
    when the bomb went off.

    Springwater, I'm glad to see you had the energy (both personal and
    electrical) to do a long post. Great news about your daughter's college
    selling T shirts to raise funds.

    Mikie, I see you've been rereading "For Whom the Bell Tolls". Can't
    remember if I read the book. I know I never saw the movie. Gary
    Cooper and Ingrid Bergman were in it.) Loved your example of
    triage. I am happy to report my head has returned to it previous

    Sun, looks like those decorating tips to make stuff look old are too
    much work. I wouldn't want to do anything more elaborate than
    pound on the furniture with a hammer. Never ate a crawfish. We
    used to catch them in the creek when we were kids. Promptly
    let them go. I was glad to see they still had crawfish or crayfish and
    lightning bugs when my son and I visited Minnesota. There was
    also a wild rabbit in the yard one evening. Son was able to creep
    up to within a few feet of it.

    Julie, I never heard of anyone in our village planting eggplant. My
    attempts to enjoy it at the table were not very successful either.
    Except in one case. A bridge playing friend made it "parmesan".
    Only time I ever liked the stuff. (Doesn't change the fact that
    she was a terrible overbidder.)

    OK, I'm done. I suspect Mikie is posting too. Either that or
    romping with her kitties.

    Last edited: May 3, 2015
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    HI JULIE, ROCK, et al,

    Getting ready for church but thought I would come and check in on the PORCH. Glad to hear all is well, at least more or less.

    It will be a busy day after church. Have a bunch of clean up work to do outside so I can go to Line Dancing with DD tomorrow. Missed it last week after that storm.

    Have to check something on line before we leave which is very soon. Thanks who all who posted pictures. GREAT !!!

    Hope to check in later this afternoon or evening.

    Granni :)
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Slept late again. So glad the kitties are asking to come in later now. They are once again in my good graces. It's only 65 degrees with a nice breeze. I went out with Tweety and sat on the lanai for a bit. These cooler mornings won't last but I'll be glad to see hotter temps if they bring our rainy season.

    I tried to get in bed early in the evening yesterday but no such luck. In the afternoon, I got a call that there had been a complaint that the pool water was cold. I went over to check the heaters and there was standing water outside the pump house on the ground. Our digital heater read, "No Flow." That means that that heater wasn't working. I turned the other heater up a few degrees. Tim the pool guy came out and fixed it for us. I was in bed later when a neighbor came to my door to borrow a screwdriver. I told her to just put it on the windowsill when she was through with it.

    Then, another neighbor came by to ask whether I knew the password to the Wi-Fi we offer over at the pool. There isn't supposed to be a password but I gave her what I though it had been before. Finally, another neighbor came by to ask what to do about someone in his bldg. who was moving out and hit one of the uprights in their carport. Good grief! Never thought my job description said I was to be on call 24/7 for anything anyone wants to ask me. Other board members have been rude when put upon but I can't; it isn't in my nature. Also, I'm a politician and know who puts me in office. ;)

    So excited to see that William and Katherine have a new baby girl. I think they wanted a girl. Prince Charles did. I'm reading a new book about him, "Born To Be King." It is an effort to show all the good works he has done and how passionate he is to improve the lot of the disenfranchised yutes in England. His parents were absent from his and Anne's lives when they were growing up and that contributed to his insecurity. Despite all the bad press from his and Diana's breakup and his affair with Camilla, he is presented in the book as a very decent and kind fellow. He is finally starting to take on some of the Queen's duties as she slows down. George W's mother was emotionally absent from his life when he was only six and his sister died, devastating his mother. One psychologist, who never examined him, believes that that event shaped his character and personality. Interesting!

    Rock, glad to see you realize you perfectly performed triage when you hit your head. That criminal fridge should be locked up. I'm glad you have recovered. I like shellfish but not crawfish. They just have a nasty taste IMHO. Glad you read and slept, two of my favorite activities. I got a free new book from Amazon Prime but am still reading about Prince Charles so haven't opened the new one yet. Every month, Amazon offers me one or two free books hot off the presses. Take care and stay away from suspicious appliances.

    Julie, those planters sound lovely. You are going to be awash in beautiful colors with all the flowers you are planting. How nice to do a surprise party and go out to eat. I'll look for you post later.

    Granni, we were posting at the same time so came back to edit and tell you Hi! You sound busy today so will look for your post later too.

    I have some work around the condo to do but need to go over to the pool to make sure everything is OK and take a few garbage bags over for the woman who cleans. I also have to walk around and remove the pin wheels and board mtg. notices I put up last weekend. Tomorrow, I have to see the dentist. It'll be good to have that stained filling replaced so it doesn't appear that I have food stuck in my teeth.

    Hope y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Will have go fix a late lunch soon or an early dinner. Came home from church and then changed clothes an went outside right away to chop up some downed small trees or bushes to put in the garbage pails to put out tomorrow. Unfortunately we only can put out one for garbage and 3 others for trash. So we have to do a little at the time. We had a nice time at the K of C party yesterday but we left fairly early as DH and DSIL wanted to leave early. There was so much food and so many people. The crawfish was very good along with the corn, potatoes, onion that are all cooked together. There was also hot dogs, hamburgers, and some salads, chips and lots of desserts. They live on the lake and so whoever wanted to go swim did, mostly some of the kids. DD and DSIL really enjoyed the crawfish as they hadn't had any in about 20 years or more, since they lived in N.C., when they had to move away. We all did pretty good with the crawfish peeling and eating. It takes some getting used to and probably the taste too. There is also an art so speak at peeling the tail which is the only part you get to eat anyway.

    JULIE - How nice to have a little surprise party for Amy. I don't think I ever had a surprise party or two many parties to begin with. We did sort of have a surprise 25th or 30th one. I know she will be excited and will appreciate it. All your flowers sounds so pretty. It should be so pretty when you are all done, and colorful. I think you said you were going to bring some to AMY.

    MIKIE - Gee girl, do you ever get to rest? Do you get called for everything that happens at the condo??? I figure though that everyone probably knows that you are the Pres. and you would know who to call in case of a certain problem. Nice that the kitties are letting you sleep a little longer and hope you get your tooth filling taken care of right away.

    Nothing else really exciting happening here. It is now warm and dry - about 81 today but it has been cool at night and early morning.

    Thinking of SPRING WATER and everyone in the earthquake area of Nepal. We all said prayers today at church for the survivors and also those who passed away. I cannot imagine what everyone has had to endure during this awful time. May check in again later on if I have the time and others have posted.

    Special HUGZ also to SUN, ROCK, DIANE, DAR, ELAINE and so many of our MIA's.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock: I don't remember what the crawfish tasted like......I couldn't get them out of my mind from the time we were camping at Lake Tahoe and we hung string with bacon over the side of the dock and had a lot of fun pulling them out of the water. Kept the kids entertained for hours.

    I started listening to a book on CD.....The signature of all things, by Elizabeth Gilbert. I have no idea if it will turn into a smutty novel but so far most interesting. She's woven Capt. Cook and Sir Joseph Banks into the beginning, using a young helper to tell the tale of all the things they experienced and saw when on a voyage with Capt. Cook.

    I just had to look up Sir Joseph Banks and read a bio on him. He apparently was the one who really made the Kew Gardens what they were. I wanted to pass this on to both you and Gordon since I know he also likes to read. This book might be good......or not.

    By the way, the people who took a lot of my succulents stopped by yesterday to drop off a plant I don't have....stepelia leendertziae along with a big bag of lemons. I wish I had been home when they did......so thoughtful. I'm looking forward to see it grow and the flower. When my mom was still alive she had quite a collection of cacti......I didn't appreciate them, and tossed most of them into the dumpster. But I do remember the flower from this one. And apparently it's related to the corpse flower.

    Julie: What fun! Surprising Amy for when she gets home from work. And the flowers for her sound wonderful. That will definitely make her BD. And the round # BDs are special.

    Mikie: Several years ago I watched a program with Prince Charles, mainly him talking and showing the gardens he works on (well, not him personally) but it was all done organically. After that I have to say I see him in a different light than what he had painted as being married to Diana.

    Haven't heard the new princess's name but I'm thinking along the lines of Victoria Diana Elizabeth Mary.......I think that would cover all the female names. We stop at a first name and a middle name but I believe that they have about 4 or 5.

    Spring: Nice to see your post. How is it finding food at this point? So good of your DDs college to raise $.
    Last edited: May 3, 2015
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    It is indeed a good morning! Cats let me sleep til 6:00. I feel so much better when I get adequate sleep at night. Maybe there is hope for the three of us yet.

    Julie, I'll bet I have even less to show for yesterday than you. I got all the notices removed from the bulletin boards and took down the pinwheels I had put up to alert people that there was something important posted. Ran into a good friend and we stood and talked. Another neighbor came by with her little boy on the way to the pool. The little boy said the pin wheels sure were pretty. His mom said he wanted to take one off the bulletin boards but she told him he couldn't. I have a couple of extras so gave him one. Another satisfied customer! :) I hope the kids' van can be fixed easily with that part. Sounds as though y'all are playing musical cars instead of musical chairs. Good luck with everything.

    Granni, glad y'all had such a good time at the party. Bet the kids did enjoy swimming in the lake. Wish I liked crawfish. Mom and I had crawfish pizza at Pat O'Brian's in New Orleans when we stayed there on our way down here. Good thing we had Hurricane drinks so it didn't matter about the crawfish. Yes, people don't realize that they can call mgmt. if they need something. Of course, mgmt. doesn't take anything but emergency calls on the weekends. Last pres. had the same problem. People don't realize that they aren't the only ones at my door or on the phone. No rest for the wicked! :)

    Sun, how nice of those people to bring the lemons and a plant. Just hearing stories of kindness gives everyone a boost. I think people who love gardening and plants have a special bond. Prince Charles does actually putter around in his garden at Highgrove. He has been ridiculed for saying he talks to his plants. Well, I may be of royal blood because I do as well. :) Part of his agenda is to get organic food and meat more readily available. He grows organic food and sheep on some of his lands. He is generous and thoughtful. Some think he is too tender a soul to be king. He is also outspoken about new architecture replacing beautiful old buildings in London. He ruffles feathers. I also have changed how I see him and hope he makes a good king when the time comes. I have come to realize that, like in most cases, the failure of his marriage to Diana was due to both of them, products of difficult childhoods which didn't prepare them for marriage. Nothing, evidently, can prepare an outsider for marrying into the royal family. Kudos to Kate; she seems to be doing a great job.

    It's another beautiful morning here, with temps in the 60's and drier air which is sooooo fresh. We are supposed to get rain tomorrow but I'll believe it when I see it. Hope if we do, it doesn't arrive til after our Tues. condo mtg. The sun is now rising behind a big slash pine tree so it comes in through the sliders filtered, which allows me to leave the blinds open a while longer. I hate it when the sun is so strong that I have to close the blinds, shutting out the beautiful view of our pond and fountain. Temps are slowing increasing every day. I think this cool spell with be our last before Nov. Yikes!!! :eek:

    Gotta go read the paper online and then get ready to go to the dentist. On the way home, I'll stop in at Lowe's to see whether the storage bench is assembled and ready to take home. Hope that there will be someone strong at the mtg. tomorrow to help me get it outta my car and over to the pool. Can't wait to get the ugly old dresser outta the restroom and down to the dumpster. Also, it'll be nice to be able to lock up our supplies. Things are turning around here, one baby step at a time.

    Hope all y'all have a wonderful day. Stop to smell the roses, or whatever calls to your olfactory senses.

    Love, Mikie

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