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    Want to get this posted. Will come back.

    Woo hoo! It worked!

    Using the Surface because if I don't now and then, the battery likely won't take a charge. I still hate using it for a laptop due to the strange 8.1 version of Microsoft and the user-unfriendly keyboard. If I would get on the ball and download some apps, it would be fun for a tablet. I certainly have bought a tablet for half the price of this. As it is, I've forgotten how to navigate on it. Whine, whine, whine!

    I watered all my plants outside and the ones on the lanai and inside. I took a shower and trimmed my hair. It's about all I am up to but I am in less pain today and do feel a tad better. Hope this is the start of an upward trend. Sorry I can't remember what I read on the end of the last Porch except your post about Barb, Sun. I know that different spiritual outlooks and religions see the near-death experiences differently but many Born Again Religions teach we will be in Heaven with our loved ones. Many religious and spiritual people differ on the validity of near-death experiences though. Barb does sound more at peace now and less angry. I am happy for that.

    Well, I don't want to be on here trying to type and getting frustrated so will bid y'all adieu.

    Love, Mike
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    Hi, still playing around on the Surface. I'm using it in tablet form. AACK!!!

    Julie, I'm as scattered as you today. l'm not getting much done. Oh well, it'll wait. l did take trash down to dumpster and, for me, that's a big deal. When my Mom died, she also reached out to someone I couldn't see. She had a look of surprise and joy on her face. I'm also doing laundry but have no line to hang it on.

    I had better go. Talk to y'all later.

    Love, Mikie
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    I have always felt bad I wasn't there with my mom OR my dad when they died. My dad was at home recuperating from a heart attack, must have gone out to get the mail, walking thru the garage. We figure he must have gotten a really bad attack, lay down on the garage floor while folding up his glasses on his chest. That was the way my mom found him when she came home. I was 7 1/2 mos. PG with my first child, and at home with terrible braxton hicks contractions. A neighbor called to tell me they took my dad away in an ambulance. When I got to the hospital I was told he had died. An awful time.....my uncle drove to LAX 2 days later to pick up my two aunts, said he would go get the car and be right back. They waited and waited, heard an ambulance, and my aunt said she knew it was my uncle. He died in the ambulance with a stranger who had called the paramedics.

    I was present for my DH though but he seemed very stressed and was in almost a coma.....he didn't have an easy death. I think we all hope and pray when our time comes that we will go easily with waiting arms for our loved ones. I have a very close friend whose DH died about 6 years ago. She was with him at the hospital, he had a bad stroke or heart attack, and she said when he died she saw his spirit come right out of his body and walk thru her. She was slammed against the wall and almost pinned there a few minutes.

    None of us know for sure about heaven or hell......that's why we put our trust in God.

    My landscaper is finishing up for the day. It's not done yet so will be back on saturday since we're to have rain tomorrow. He's great! He's got lots of "decorating ideas" using stuff I have around the yard. Can hardly wait until it's all done. I've got so many ideas brimming in my head!!!!
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    Not much time again. I think I wrote on the last porch not to long ago today.

    MIKIE - I seem to have missed something about Barb. What happened.??? Did she speak to you about a possible almost after life experience, or something like that? How has she been doing, not so well ??? Speaking of being scatter brained, I sure am too :)!!

    JULIE - Did you mean a LICK AND A PROMISE???? I think that is what I remember but then nowadays my brain is not always that reliable.

    So much for a quiet and restful weekend :)!!! Making a salad and a refrig pie for Sat night for 6 people (total) and then have to make a big salad for Sunday to bring to DD's for the lunch. I figured the salad was the easiest thing to bring but still have to buy all the stuff. Also our refrig doesn't hold all that much and so may have to ask DD to put some stuff in her refrig. She has an extra and another extra from the people who moved out. Not going to have that much time to prepare stuff either.. This may be a comedy of errors. Have to go to early church so won't have much time early in the a.m. to chop veggies. The night before I will have guests. Either feast of famine they say.

    Hi again to SUN , DIANE, and dear SW. I posted on the last volume and hope you read it not that it was that interesting or important.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Hi Kids

    We were just without electricity for an hour. Gordon called the electric company.
    Was told they didn't know what the problem was, but we should have power again
    within 7 hours. Yikes.

    So Gordon hunted up some flashlights and candles. Just think. If we lost the
    Big Three (electricity, gas, plumbing) we'd be back to the 18th century. Many
    years ago I read a short story about aliens who came and ate all our electricity.
    Or some crazy thing. Anyway it turned out be to a good thing. No more
    auto accidents. People started to raise horses again. I'll have to see if I can
    find that story.

    Julie, did you ever see that essay about the lady who rushed from one chore
    to another, kept getting distracted, never finished any of them and was worn
    out at the end of the day. I'm sure it's been posted here more than once. I
    tried to search for it, but didn't get anywhere.

    Never heard of co-jack cheese. Sounds like something you might find in a
    lumberjack camp. Anyhoo I looked it up. It's two old friends: colby and jack
    cheese that got married. Sounds good to me. But I haven't eaten any cheese
    for a decade or so. I would love to be able to eat a grilled cheese or a
    pizza or tater tot hot dish or peanut butter on crackers or just about

    We used to have sunflowers at our previous house. The big kind. The heads
    looked too heavy for the stems to support. Had some small ones too. They
    are very cheerful flowers. Or more precisely, cheers me up to see 'em.

    Mikie, I never heard of a surface in terms of an electronic device. I guess it's
    sort of a mini computer? I have only a rough understanding as in, "The
    surface of the ocean was very rough." Did I mention that I thought
    your paragraph about British royalty was excellent? I mean the paragraph
    that mentioned the Earl of Sandwich.

    BTW, Wikipedia says the legend that the sandwich was named for him because
    he invented the sandwich so he could eat with one hand and gamble with the
    other may not be true. Well, hardly anything is true once you start reading it.
    There is no evidence, I've read many times, that Betsy Ross made our first
    flag. Wikipedia also says the Sandwich Islands were named after one of the Earls.
    (There have been ten or so Earls of Sandwich.) Anybody know the current
    name of the Sandwich Islands? That's right. Hawaii.

    Sun, you previously asked if it was raining here, near downtown LA. Nope.
    We didn't get no rain. But we seldom do even when there is rain in the hills
    around us. I'm glad to see you are busy with your art work and your landscaping.
    Hey! You can combine the two. Paint a picture of your landscape. Or vice
    versa. HaHa!

    Springwater, what about your utilities? Is your electricity off more than
    previously? What about water? Is DH's work proceeding as usual?
    Does the government have the necessary equipment to deal with the
    collapsed buildings and rubble and necessary hauling? I hope
    things settle down soon.

    Granni, you're right. It's "lick and a promise". Same rhythm as "shave and
    a hircut." Two Bits!

    Diane, hope you and Kevin are feeling better. Barry, are you up to posting?
    If not, post the reasons why.

    Gordon picked up some books at la bibliothèque. Now that we have
    light (Fiat Lux) I'll have to go see which book to read first.

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    Good Morning, Everyone,

    Hope all y'all had a good night's sleep and wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed. Sir Vester is bushy tailed as he cried for me to brush him this morning. He will cry and wind around my legs until he sees the brush. Tweety was just trying to hook her claws under my bi-fold louvered closet door but stopped when I told her no. Usually, she keeps it up until I chase her off or bean her with a throw pillow. She and Sir Vester have been playing their version of kitty hide 'n seek this morning. It's lovely outside and I have the door to the lanai open. It'll be in the upper 80's by 5:00 this afternoon but the air is drier due to Subtropical Storm Ana. It's off the SC coast and the swirling is drawing dry air into FL. Wish it had dumped some rain on us.

    Sun, it sounds exciting that your landscaper has some creative ideas. Ever since being with my Mom when she passed, I've come to realize that no one dies alone. Every person who has had a near-death experience has seen loved ones on the other side. I don't know about hell but I do believe so many near-death accounts are credible evidence of heaven. I read a book by a minister who was in a very bad accident and was clinically dead for 90 mins. No one thought he could be revived. He has given one of the best accounts of what happened to him. I think the book was called, "90 Minutes In Heaven." Another book has been written about a child who had a near-death experience. It was very credible and a movie has been made from the book. Everyone who has come back describes the overwhelming feeling of peace and love. I think Barb's experience has been a gift to her because she was eating herself up with anger after Paul's death. I am not claiming that I know there is a heaven but I do believe there is; faith is an amazing thing, allowing me to live without fear of dying. Of course, these are only my own beliefs and I'm not trying to convince anyone else of them.

    Granni, sorry, you must have missed my post about Barb's near-death experience. She had a heart attack and experienced no pain. She was immediately in the light described by so many who have had these experiences. Her husband, Paul, who died about five years ago, was in the light and motioning her to join him. She looked down and saw the EMTs working on her. The next thing she remembers is being shocked back to life in the ER. They got her to the hosp. very quickly in an ambulance and she was told that's what saved her life. She called me a couple of days later when she got home. She says she feels wonderful. I feel sorry for her kids as I know this has been very stressful for them but I'm glad she is still with us and I told her that. She is still planning on coming down in Sept. I often think how nice it would be to have another fridge but then realize it would just be a second messy area for me to have to clean. I need to get better at keeping mine organized and cleaned out. Of course, I don't do the big dishes you do and I'll bet that extra fridge comes in handy.

    Julie, geez, y'all are still playing musical cars! I love the sunflower house; what a great idea. I also love hostas. You can't believe how big they get down here in the jungle. It must be so satisfying to see all your garden areas growing. As much work as it is living on a farm or in a rural area, it is also very peaceful. I love to get out and drive though the inland areas here. The smell of the orange blossoms out in the citrus groves is unbelievable. I used to leave clothes on the line in the rain as it's God's fabric softener. I'm another fan of breakfast dinners. Whole family loves them. I think you are right; if loved ones die before we can get to them, it's meant to be. I feel very fortunate to have been with my Mom and to have seen the look of pure rapture on her face when she saw whatever, or whomever, was there. Try to take it easy, Kiddo; you do soooo much.

    Rock, I see you are online. Hope I get to read your post before I close this out. I just hate it when the elec. goes out. I always call our util. co. because, often, no one reports it. A lot of the time, I get an automated message telling me it will be hours before it's back on but it usually doesn't take that long. I got some really neat gizmos at Costco; I bought four of them. They are little flashlights which sit in cradles that plug into wall sockets. When the elec. goes out, they light up, giving one enough light at night to navigate the rooms. They also can be taken out of their cradles and used as hand-held flashlights. They use LED lights and are bright. They are small and I use them all the time to shed light in tight places. The Surface is a small computer with a keyboard which can be removed and it can be used as a touch-screen tablet. They are advertised all the time on TV. I have a Surface 2 but now, they are selling the Surface Pro 3 and the Surface 3. I'm back to using my old tried-'n-true Toshiba 17" screen laptop. I hope it lasts forever.

    Well, nothing last forever except my W&P posts. :) So, I had better get going. Still need to read the paper online. Perhaps the Surface would work well for that. Think I'll try it. All y'all have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi everybody. I've been too busy and tired to post. Busy helping Richard get ready for his trip to Europe, and tired from my daily minuscule amount of weeding. I need a gardener! Or two!

    The first lilies are open, the last tulip has finished. The red dogwood is blooming happily, but the crabapple is a little sparse this year. All sorts of other things are blooming, but the list would go on forever.

    Lydia, lovely Hostas. I used to have a few, but no more. Your sunflower circle sound fun! It is so good for children to plant and nurture plants. I am pleased with you for them.

    I've just washed the dishes, made the bed, put away the laundry, and done ten minutes of weeding. This afternoon I'll do some more, but enough for now. Fresh pineapple and yoghurt for lunch, and then I'm going to Diane's for dinner (I Wish!) for a seafood treat. :p

    My old friend John will be coming down to help me with shopping, etc. I don't drive now. He can be a bit irritating, especially when he is praying with his Tibetan Buddhist 'rosary'. Click, click, click,.......... But he told me if I irritated him to just tell him so. (Then he will get furious I imagine!) :rolleyes:

    Ta ta for now,
    Love, Barry

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    Julie: I think we both have the same neck/back problems. I have to be sooooo careful what I do otherwise bad headaches that can last for days. A massage would be of help to you. As for me, I know my body and don't want anyone telling me how they can fix me.

    And I can hardly wait to see the sunflowers grow in. Take some pics. when they get to be around 2-3 feet so we can see how it progresses. Sorry about your aunt. She might improve with the right care at home with hospice.

    Barry: Good to see you. Here's an idea.....buy some silicon ear plugs then you won't hear the click, click, click!

    OK. the front is done....I think. I've run out of steam and out of $. So here are some pic.

    I thought I had taken more of the BEFORE but you get the idea. I did all the brickwork myself years ago, little by little. What a surprise to see how it's all opened up now. You can see the 3 large old washtubs planted with succulents, shades of blue, green and pink. All the statice I had in before but it looks really nice now. I almost got talked into covering the dirt with plastic and gravel but I think I've got the right look with the river rock. My garden sculpture is: saved iron staves from some whiskey barrels, with a hole drilled and a screw and bolt to hold it together. The old curvy brown lamp is sitting on an old wire egg basket to keep it from tipping over. The large blue green disc was something I picked up years ago at a garage sale. With the help of vinegar it's aged nicely and I attached it to an old iron "whatever" I had. This now shields the hose reel. I have more garden sculpture scattered throughout......don't want to overdo things now so have to put the skids on my outside decorating.

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    Hi Kids

    Gordon just got back from running errands. He got a haircut at the new beauty
    school. One of the people who works there told him no students have signed up for
    the next semester. I guess nowadays young people don't go in for higher education.
    Anyhoo the hair cut cost 5 bucks. He gave the barber a 2 buck tip which is
    substantially more than 15 %.

    Sun, your pictures are lovely. You place looks so friendly and welcoming. And the
    lawn chairs you have look exactly like the ones my folks had in the 50s. Are they
    actually old? Well, we did have some rain last night and again today. Off and On.
    Some rain started in the middle of the night just when I went out to feed the cat.
    I let her in the back porch so she could at least dine without getting wet. I 'spect
    she knows of places in the hood where she can stay dry.

    Barry, good to hear from you. Why is Richard off to Europe? And why are you not?
    Just too illish? I don't even like to do errands anymore. Just get too fat- a- gued.
    Maybe you could get your friend John some of those new rosary beads. The ones
    made outta corduroy.

    Julie, the fence to alert the kids that there are plants present is a good idea. I saw
    that TV program How They Make It or whatever it's called yesterday. They were
    doing "living fences". Sections of ivy that come in different sizes. They allegedly last
    for 45 years. They can be dug into the ground or put on a sorta sled so you
    can rearrange your backyard when you want a change. Hope your headache is gone.

    Mikie, you mentioned windmill weights. Never heard of such a thing. And I grew
    up in farm country. My great uncle's farm had their windmill in the back yard,
    right next to the milkhouse. It pumped water in which kept the milk cans cold.

    Anyhoo I read that: “Basically, the windmill weight just kept the wheel directed
    into the wind and prevented the whole thing from tipping over.” I guess to
    understand this you have to be a farmer...or a physicist.

    I found windmill weights on E Bay. No info though. Nothing about how tall they
    were or how old they were or etc. Also found some info on Antiques Roadshow.
    Value of a chicken was estimated at 3-5 thousands bucks. The chicken appeared
    to be a little over a foot high. Another one was priced even higher.

    Essentially these are old, rusty hunks of metal that serve no purpose once removed
    from the windmill unless used as a door stop or paperweight. But we all know
    how collectors are. I also found mention of two books on the topic. Our library only
    had one, and it can't be checked out.

    Just looked at the library site. It has only two books for us to pick up. Both
    cook books. In other words, both for Gordon. I did get a book earlier this week.
    A biography of Howard Koch who was a screenwriter. Won an Oscar for
    Casablanca. About the 3rd chapter I realized I had read it before.


  10. Granniluvsu

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    HI ROCK et al,

    Not much time to write again . Have been busy all day chopping and in between fixing Mother's Day flowers that were sent to me. I got two lovely bouquets for Mother's Day and we will be going to have lunch with some of the kids on Sunday. Luckily, DSIL will be driving into Houston - YAY !!

    Sorry they didn't have your books at the library ROCK, only for GORDON this time ):!! However, maybe he will make you something really GOOD !!!!

    SUN - Thanks for posting those pretty pictures of the outside of your home. It is so pretty and welcoming.

    Hi also to Barry and hope Richard has a nice trip and that you didn't get to lonely staying home. Hope that you are feeling fairly well or not to bad.

    JULIE - Hope your head and neck gets to feeling better. Mine always hurts it seems, no fun ):!! Hope you have a great Mothers Day. I have been busy today with getting ready for a small gathering tomorrow, everyone is bringing something here. We have to go vote tomorrow so I may have to put together my beans salad tonight. Then I need to make a refrig. pie tomorrow and cut veggies for a salad on Sunday to bring to DD#1. Your garden looks so cute that you just fenced in. The kids should love that.

    MIKIE - Thanks for explaining some about Barb and her after life experience that she almost had. It is so interesting to here about that especially to reconfirm what we or at least some of us believe happens to us after we pass on. Glad she is beig more happy and peacefull after that experience.

    I have a bunch to do and start fixing dinner tonight so I can't stay on. I haven't ben on the computer much lately, as you probably have figured out. Hope to chat with you all a little tomorrow if I get everything done. Off to go make dinner !!

    Granni :)
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    Thanks everyone. I forgot to tell you guys.....see that LARGE brownish rock in the front in one of the pics. I made it a few years ago. Can't afford a real one, looked online for the fake ones, still couldnt see spending the $ so I made a form out of chicken wire which I covered so the concrete I applied in stages wouldn't fall thru the holes. Then I just painted it to look real. Finally found the perfect place since this time around I had my gardener dug out the old dead stump that it was covering.

    Julie: I love hosta, especially the varigated kind. I have no place to grow them though, and they're kinda expensive here for what you get.

    Rock: The chairs are repos, bought at Lowes about 3 years ago. I always remember those old ones but when you find them they're expensive.
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    Hello All

    Julie and Sun..thanks for the pictures

    Julie - sorry to hear of yr aunts illness.. its always something or other when youre grown up, isnt it?
    One would think the scientists would hv come up with a cure by now. I saw Bill Gates has pledged $ 70 mil to stopping Ebola. I wish he would do the same for the C. Maybe he has.

    That is a LOT of space to cultivate..i would be tired just looking, Julie, Lol. But so lovely to have so much space to carry out gardening plans.

    Rock - things are limping back to normal here. Its a new normal tho. We are avoiding eating chicken because they say swine flu is on the rise again. Due to transport blocks and heat. And the govt is not encouraging the slaughter and sale of meat in any form for the same reasons.

    The lights are back to normal..and provisions too. BUT only here ..around this city area, that too some of the areas wouldnt be having those if ruined buildings ..plenty of them ...are blocking vehicle movement. I watched a video on CNN which some tourist filmed during the earthquake during a tour of the old historic temple area..the ground starts shaking, people running here there losing balance, and then he pans onto the main temple which crumbles down...quite amazing. And scary.

    I seem to read the name of Ed Koch quite often. cant remember if it was a book or tv. I laughed out loud at your 'corduroy; beads. is there really such a thing?

    Yesterday i was lying on bed for siesta around afternoon, and was shaken around, i ran down wondering if i was being paranoid but my help told me he too felt the bed shake and his toddler daughter came scrambling up to him.

    So, Mother Nature hasnt done giving us a big shake up.

    Sun - loved all the little nooks you have created...i wanted to exchange places with the little cupid nestled in that shady flowery corner and watch the world go by and not hv to deal with life and chaos in general, lol! i thuoght those were a lot of plants to take care of..but i know once one starts its difficult to stop.

    Mikie - im chuffed up that i finally know someone who knows someone who actually had a near death experience. I ve always felt so comforted by all the accounts. The latest i read was a book by a neuroscientist who went into a coma and experienced 'heaven' and wrote about it..Heaven is for Real' ..i think. he even said the word that came to him to describe what he called God was Ohm..which is so ancient and which is what buddhists and hindus call the name of'God'. And appeared to him to be a white light of pure love energy rather than any person, man or woman.

    Granni - have fun at your gathering tomorrow. Tell us what what everyone brought to eat. I enjoy reading about all the yummy goodies at your get togethers!

    Barry - so good to see you. Im always transported into this world of calm whenever i read about where you live.
    I know enduring poor health can take a toll on ones perspective of life, but you live in a beautiful tranquil place..i would love to live there. Best wishes for Richard on his upcoming Europe trip. I was most interested to read about your friend and his Tibetan prayer beads. We Tibetans are never without our prayer beads. We have these mantras which one says for 108 times. The prayer beads help us keep track of the count.

    Today seems like rain. Something to look forward to.

    Last evening i made a pasta dinner using home pureed tomatoes as sauce to mix with the ground meat..which DH brought in a packet..hopefully free of swine flu...and for myself i just mixed buttered pasta, with fried tomatoe puree with garlic ginger pepper and oregano. T'was okay. Edible. Had it with yoghurt. I try and make sure i eat some protein and calcium every day.

    You alls take care

    God Bless
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    Hi, Kids,

    Another lovely day in Paradise here. I think it's nice that we will have a sunny weekend for Mothers Day. Weatherman says next week, we will go into our typical rainy season with afternoon thunderstorms. As I've told all y'all before--I'll believe it when I see it. I tool the 2x4 brace away from that philodendron in our stairwell atrium so it could lean over more; it was pushing up underneath the balcony. When I got home, it had wormed around and was leaning against the wall. Oy! I'm going to go down to see whether I can tame it. If not, I'll take my saw and cut it off. Hope it doesn't take forever for the landscapers to replace it. They've kept us waiting for other plants for months. That's why we were considering sending them a new letter of intent to break our contract with them. I want to wait to see whether this merger of theirs will improve their service. It's not been my experience that service improves when a company merges or is bought out.

    Renter downstairs is beside himself that I'm having another philodendron planted in place of the old one. He hates them. Well, tough noogies!!! He's the one who put out the hideous, garish pots and planters. He put two little pots of petunias along the wall next to his sidewalk and never watered them. They are dead. I would have thought the concrete-hard dirt and dead plants might have been a clue. He was surprised that we don't have sprinklers to water the sidewalk. Duh! I told his wife that petunias have to be watered every day in this heat when they are blooming. She said, "That's a stretch." Really ticked me off. I said, "Well, it's none of my business; they're your flowers. Do what you want." These people know nothing about flowers and plants. I know next to nothing but that's a lot more than they know. I told the husband that I'm getting a philodendron because we have quite different types of pots and we both need a green background for them. I told him that when that space was designed, it was meant to be tropical, like an old jungle with aged, muted pots. They are brokenhearted because one of their gaudy planters broke; he's gluing it back together, In the meantime, he put a limp, dying petunia hanging out of it. AACK!!! :confused:

    I feel a tad better today with less pain in my lower extremities. Hope this bodes well for an improved outlook. I have soooo much to do. Yesterday when I got home from getting my Rx at Target, I just lay in bed and binge watched Netflix's new series, "Grace & Frankie," with Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Martin Sheen and Sam Shepherd (not sure I spelled his name correctly). It's not that good but was a welcome distraction. It certainly pales in comparison with "Orange Is The New Black" and "House of Cards," both highly acclaimed series. People have given only 3 1/2 stars to this new one. "Orange Is The New Black" returns next month. I usually binge watch the whole season and then watch it again before the next season starts. BTW, I found a website called, ShareTV which allows one to watch some shows which I miss now that I've broken with Comcast TV. I can watch the "Daily Show" on Comedy Central.

    Julie, I hope things go smoothly for your aunt. Home hospice can be a real blessing until it is time to be admitted. I also hope you can get beautified even more than you are naturally; I always feel better after a haircut and color. If I get too much gray in with the blonde, it looks washed out with my pale Irish skin. I also hope the chiro can help with the headaches. I don't get them often but when I do, they are horrible. I feel for anyone who has chronic headaches. Try warming your hands and cooling your head. It works for me. Do you have a lot of pollen right now? Evidently, it is a big problem nationwide this year. I've been sneezing a lot and it scares the cats. Feel better.

    Barry, I'm glad you have help but I'm sorry his prayer beads are so annoying. I understand because noises like that drive me to distraction. He sounds as though he has anger issues and uses the beads to soothe himself. Most who pursue Buddhism practices are more calm as a result. Doesn't sound as though it's working in his case. Receptionist at the dentist was clicking her pen rapidly while talking on the phone. I tried to find a little piece of Special K to calm my nerves but I didn't have any. Will have to replenish my supply. I now realize I can't live without it but, at least, am no longer physically dependent on a 2-mg. dose a day. Sounds as though you are living in a blooming paradise. We have things blooming here off and on all year but nothing like the explosion of blooms in the spring in other places.

    Sun, you have certainly worked hard to beautify your garden/yard. I am very impressed at all the brickwork. That's a lot of investment in labor and love. I am also impressed at how you can create interesting things for the garden from things which might otherwise be thrown away. I once wanted one of those concrete balls for our stairwell atrium. I blew up a balloon and covered it with plaster. Then, I spray it with paint which is supposed to look like granite. I popped the balloon and put the ball downstairs in with the plants. It looked really great. A hurricane came nearby and I was gone so Barb put everything away but didn't put my little ball away. The wind took it and I never found it again. Guess I should have invested in a real concrete ball. Now that we have aged-looking jungle pots on our side of the atrium, the ball wouldn't have looked good anyway. Frank and Ilona left a little pagoda-like lantern and I've moved it over to the center of the yard. It's partially hidden behind some plants and looks like a delightful little secret there. I'd also like to find a Buddha to place back in behind some other plants. I like little surprises among the foliage. When our idiot gardeners cut almost all the leaves from my philodendron, I had to move Barb's memorial spath plant to a shadier area in the middle. It's a memorial plant for her husband, Paul. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely pics.

    Granni, how nice that you got flowers and will be having a Mothers Day meal. People have been having near-death experiences, NDEs, forever but, until recently, they were hesitant to tell anyone lest people think them crazy. NDEs seem to be a real life-changing experience and typically leave those who have them feeling peaceful and happy, not fearing death. I've been praying for Barb for a long time because she has been so tormented since Paul died. I hope this brings lasting peace and some happiness to her. Have you had any of the nasty weather which has spawned so many tornadoes there? I hope not. DD has not called me so I assume they have been safe.

    Spring, as I've said before, I'm so glad you fared better than so many others but it is heartbreaking to see those videos of all the damage and coverage of all the death in Nepal. My prayers go out to you. Like you, I've only read about NDEs until Barb had hers and I'm so glad she told me about it. My Mom got dehydrated once and passed out, cutting her head on a corner in the entryway. She came to and called me and I went over. I called 911 when I got there and tried to walk her to the sofa. She passed out again and I lay her on the floor. She had no pulse and wasn't breathing. Her eyes were open but seeing nothing; her pupils were fixed. I tilted her head back to give her a breath before starting CPR and she gasped and came to. It was only a few seconds but I always wondered whether she saw the light. For a while afterward, she was angry at me for bringing her back so I think she may have seen something.

    Well, Kiddies, I had best get dressed and go downstairs to see what I need to do about that plant while it's still cool out. Talk to all y'all later.

    Love, Mikie
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Geez. I can't believe no one else has been here since I left earlier. I wanted to send an e-mail to DD and DSIL for the beautiful new handbag they sent me for Mothers Day. It's a gorgeous aqua spring color, trimmed in tan. It has lots of gold tone metal trim and even a chain with a watch face on it with a dial background to match the aqua. It came from HSN, evidently late yesterday. It was outside my door when I went out. There are lots of pockets inside, just the way I like it. I had been looking at purses for something new to freshen up my wardrobe for spring but didn't like any I saw. This one is perfect.

    After my giddiness over my new purse, I went down and propped the philodendron back up. The guy downstairs keeps inching his ugly, gaudy stuff closer to my half of the atrium. It's like a horror movie where the ugly pots come to life at night and creep over here by themselves. I feel as though I may be in the Twilight Zone! Yikes!!! :eek: OMG! Zombie pots!!!

    A long-term friend showed up with some biscotti and we sat out on the balcony drinking coffee for about an hour. He is in his 80's and still works as a substitute teacher almost every day. He is such a joy. He always has some dirty jokes which make me laugh until I cry. Everyone I have known and loved in da hood is getting older and suffering from various conditions. I hate to see it happening and am enjoying every minute I can with them. I know a few of them won't be around too much longer.

    Then, I went over to the pool and rounded up the ugly plants and dumped them, hauling them to the dumpster in our little garden cart. It looks sooooo much nicer over there without them. We have a couple of ugly tall urns over there and someone planted bougainvilleas in them. They have thorns so I cut them waaaaay back until the gardeners can remove them. I threw away a half-dead bougainvillea tree in a planter and the thorns cut me when it caught on the dumpster edge as it was going in. I look as though I've been in a knife fight. This place for so long has been a patchwork of plants everyone has just stuck in the ground when they no longer wanted them. This board is trying to get rid of those plants and make it look cleaner and more unified. Sometimes, less is more.

    So, as y'all can see, I've had a busy morning already. Think I'll just try puttering around inside but not overdoing it. My legs definitely feel better this morning. Hope y'all have a very nice Saturday.

    Love, Mikie
  15. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Sounds like you've been super busy also. I'll bet the new purse will really jazz up your wardrobe for spring and summer. I have a tendency to stick with black. Black pants, black or white tops, black shoes, etc. etc. It just makes it so easy to look in the closet and decide what goes with what! LOL

    I'm hosting mothers day tomorrow. My DD cooked for easter and also for my DGS BD a few weeks ago, so it's my turn. My son is also coming over, though don't know if DIL or DGD will show up. Probably not, since she always goes to her mom's house and this being her first mothers day will most likely take the baby.

    I bought a large rack of ribs yesterday, found a recipe on Melinda Lee's website that sounds easy......honey/lime basting for 4 hrs. on a 275 oven. I'm heading out to buy shrimp, some chicken breasts, etc. I'm going to do the chicken breasts in strips, dipped in buttermilk and bread crumbs, and put in the oven......these for the kids. My DGS LOVES mac and cheese so I'm making the traditional one with lots of cheese, baked in the oven. Cholesterol overload!

    I blew the back yard this morning, lots always to clean up. Down the road when I save some $ I'll call my gardener back to do more clearing out and tidying up. This morning I went out first thing to admire my front yard. I must remember to slap my hand if I ever consider putting in more plants. I still need to run the vacuum around the house to clean up cat fur. Gosh.....these cats never quit shedding.

    I watched a funny movie last night......Dilemma starring Vince Vaughn and Kevin James. It just went from bad to worse situation for him. Directed by Ron Howard, so how can you go wrong with one of his movies.
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    HI MIKIE and SUN, ROCK and everydobby else just lurking about !! YOU TOO DIANE :)!!!

    OMG, PH or something just ate my post. I was trying to make it larger and it disappeared. It was really long and I am really MAD !! Not going to write any more as that one took some time.- - - -aaaack !!! Have been busy voting, making a refrig. pie and chopping veggies for tomorrows salad. Also did some wash and will need to go change clothes soon and at least put on a little bit of makeup so I don't scare everyone.

    I did my bean salad last night as I knew we had to rush out this morning to vote and then get busy with the pie and chop some veggies for the big salad tomorrow at DD's house. Run to church in the a.m. early and then off to the big city. Thank goodness DSIL is driving !!!!

    SUN - Your dinner menu sounds good. Let me know how your ribs turn out in the oven and the marinade. MMMM, I also love mac a cheese but don't have it much at all due to DH and his borderline diabetes..

    Everyone enjoy your weekend and hope JULIE is feeling well enough to enjoy Mother's Day. Hope her neck and shoulders, or upper back I think is feeling better.

    LOVE to everyone,
    Granni Hope this one doesn't go POOF!!! :)

    ROCK - Don't feel bad with your disappearing posts. Hope all is well with you and Gordon.
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    We've had rain off and on for the last two days. No rain in forecast; it's 66 here
    today. I have to go out and harvest the tomatoes pretty soon. Looks like there
    are 6-7 that are ripe.

    Sun, Gordon was very impressed with your garden. He said it looked like a
    warm, inviting oasis. He was more impressed when I told him you did the
    brickwork yourself and made the big rock. He and I once tried to pick up
    a real rock from the roadside. It was round; roughly the size of a basketball,
    but too heavy for us to move.

    Jeff and Buddy were here for a chat the other day. Jeff was telling us about
    the time he and some crazy friend were trying to remove a big slab of rock
    from a park. Finally the friend rented a truck with a power lift and they
    were successful. Lucy they were not arrested for molesting a park.

    Julie, hope your head is better. I never heard of hostas till I met Gordon.
    They always remind me of hostages and hostile. But I suppose like most
    plants they are not too aggressive. (Unlike the thorny bougainvillea).
    Glad to hear you got layered. Which reminds me of layer cake. Here's
    a pic one of Gordon's orchid friends sent him.

    Sorry to hear about your lost post, Granni. It's really frustrating to spend
    time and energy and a post, and then end up with nothing to show for it. I
    'spect you'll have a wonderful get together tomorrow.

    Glad you like your new purse, Mikie. Does it have a pocket suitable for your
    firearm? Be wary of those zombie pots. I think that was a movie in the 40s.
    Made by one of the smaller studios; Monogram or Republic. It was titled "Hell's
    Kitchen" and was about the attack of the zombie pots and pans. The stars
    were Dave O'Brien and Lili Damita.

    Gordon just walked by. He says, "Tell Sun we have interesting areas in our
    garden too. There's the hose and garden tools area, the bags of compost and
    fertilizer area, the stuff to get rid of area. Well, you get the idea.

    OK, just lost a couple paragraphs here. Oh, no. Not lost. Just out of
    order. Well, Ratbane. Some days it don't pay to get outta bed. Matter
    of fact, I've never been paid to get outta bed.


    Attached Files:

  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    It's round midnight. I kinda doubt Mikie and I are on at the same time this trip.
    Yesterday was quiet. The only work I did was get the laundry ready and bump
    it down the stairs. Turns out today (not yesterday) is laundry day. Oh well,
    today is the right day, and I've all ready gotten a good head start on it.

    Julie, I am not surprised to hear you say that purses are your weakness. Isn't
    that typical? Don't women have a purse/shoe gene? Seems only fair. Most
    men have one for sports. Saw a cartoon once. Two alligators are chatting.

    First one says: Nice purse.
    Second one says: Oh, thank you. It's my ex husband.

    Many years ago I was reading People Magazine at the dentist's office. There
    was a photo of an actress walking down the street. The one who starred in
    Will and Grace. The caption said her tote bag cost $6,000. I guess that was
    cheap compared to the millions she had just spent on a house. There was no
    article; just a caption. So I don't know if she actually paid that much for the
    bag; a designer gave it to her; etc.

    Hope you and Sun and Granni have pleasant gatherings tomorrow. Gordon
    and I were so clueless several years, we went to an I Hop for breakfast.
    Well, we hadn't been to one for decades, and we almost never eat out. This
    one was across the street from our bank. We'd said many times we should go
    there some day or other. The day we picked turned out to be Mothers' Day!
    Yikes! A jam-packed madhouse with the servers dashing frantically from
    table to kitchen to table.

    Hope things are more sedate at your casa, Friends.

    Hugs Everydobby
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies, and a very happy Mothers Day for all our Mothers. Geez, I'm getting hungry what with all the foods mentioned and the pic of the Jello cake. I'm drooling. I should go to the store but my get up 'n go done got up 'n gone. Yesterday, I decided to wash the cushion covers for my sofa. I had thought I'd throw away the slipcover and just put the cushions on the sofa without the slipcover over it. Seems the natural denim, which looks white, has yellowed and no longer matches the cushion covers. Yikes!!! Now, I have to wash that huge slipcover. It has to be ironed. I iron the front skirt and side before I put it on. Then, I iron it where it covers the arms with it actually on the sofa. I have to put it on when it's still slightly damp so it will stretch to fit. It's a really big job but I'm committed now. I should be committed for deciding to wash it now. Come to think of it, the cushion and pillow covers yellow but come out white when they are washed. Some Mothers Day this will be. Laundry!

    Rock, housewives used to do the laundry on Mondays. It's a tradition which goes back forever. In the South, red beans and rice were left to cook while the laundry was done by hand. Now red beans and rice on Mondays are a Southern tradition. Personally, I need a bit more than rice and beans to get my appetite worked up. My personal protection gun is a "Special" so it has a snub nose and is very small and lightweight, by gun stds. but has a lot of knock-down power. It'll fit in all but the smallest purses. Yes, most of us women love our shoes and handbags. It may be genetic; I don't know for sure. My Mom and I were also jacket freaks. Mom had them to match every outfit. Everyone always commented how nice she looked, all color coordinated. I'm glad you got some rain. Every little bit must be very welcome in your neck of the woods.

    Sun, sounds as though you'll have a wonderful Mothers Day. Everyone else should too with all that good food you're preparing. Yummmmm!!! I also am a big fan of black and love black and beige together. Can't go wrong with black. When I travel, I usually just wear black. These cats shed all the time too. I think a lot of it is from being inside with the A/C on. My skin is really dry. I had to cut a couple of big knots out of Sir Vester's coat back by his tail. He has some smaller ones on his belly I need to get to. I've found that using the fur gizmo works best if I follow up with the flea comb. They don't have fleas but the comb is a fine one and pulls out a lot of loose fur. Both cats have been so good and loving lately. They are a joy.

    Granni, sounds as though you'll have a wonderful Mothers Day too. Glad you have a driver. Can't remember; is the big city Houston or Dallas? I've driven in Houston and Dallas both. I'll take them over Orlando any time. That place is always hoppin'. But, I digress...enjoy your day and report back to us. Bet the bean salad will be a big hit.

    Julie, I'll bet you also have a wonderful day. The cookout sounds great. I bought eggs and wanted to hard boil them and devil some of them. I love hard boiled eggs. I also love Smores. I probably should either get out to the store or fix some food. No one visiting today and I'm not going anywhere so it should be quiet. Good thing as I'm tired and still have this monster slipcover to wash. Let us know how it all goes.

    Think I should get it in gear so I can get the sofa back to normal before I am too pooped to do it. This is a featherbed sofa and when I wash the covers, there are always feathers all over the place. Cats pay no attention to them as they have been sterilized at the sofa factory. Not like the wild feathers I bring in which drive them crazy. My love, hugs and prayers for everydobby.

    Love, Mikie
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    No real time to post but the gathering was great and weather pretty nice. We escaped any bad storms but some may be coming later on. All the food was fantastic and I probably ate to much.

    MIKIE - The bean salad was for my small gathering on Sat. night and it was delish. I made a regular big salad and it came out just about the right amount. I didn't bring very much home. We got to chat some outside drinking wine and DD#1 and DSIL made yummy kebabs that were also marinated in the frrig. overnight both chicken and beef with veggies, and rice and salads and yummy desserts. We got to talk to and so it was a great time and we stayed longer since DH did not have to drive - yay !!

    SUN - Or whoever asked. We had to drive into Houston. It was nice for DH not to have to drive. But DD#4 lives in the Dallas Ft Worth area where lots of storms around these past few days and some tornados and warning - scary.

    Hope to get back tomorrow. Need to take a shower. All kinds of things happening, not good. One of my dancing buddies who no longer sings with us and was in a NH died yesterday. So we will sing and then go to a visitation and service instead of our end of Spring lunch before summer break. Another husband died from our group to but he had alz and was very bad and it was a true blessing for his wife and family.

    Hope all the dear Mothers out there had a wonderful day like I did.

    BYE for now.