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    My post disappeared. Something is wrong on this website. I hope I can finish this new Porch and will be back. OK, I'm ba ac!

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    I woke in a lot of pain from yesterday's cleaning project but got 8 hrs. sleep. I let kitties in and gave them their treats and went back to sleep. After having to ask Tweety to stop making noise, she got in bed and slept with me. Woo hoo!!! Before settling in, though, she beat up her brother for having the nerve to have gotten on the bed first. The nerve! He found another comfy spot to settle in and we all got some sleep. I thanked them profusely when I got up. They know I appreciate it when they are so good.

    No long rambling e-mail from the troubled board member this morning but I doubt that means she isn't having all kinds of thoughts bothering her. If she sends another, I'm going to ask her what she wants. I doubt she has even given any thought to that. She just wants to ramble on about what horrible things might happen. It's actually sad. No one knew she evidently is so troubled.

    Only problem with sleeping til almost 7:30 is that I miss the cool breezy morning when it's calm and quiet out. The landscapers are here today instead of tomorrow. Their machines are so noisy. I think they are trying to get some things done to smooth out the schedule while they are merging with the other co. I just hope they get their act together.

    Oh, Julie, I'm so sorry about GPA. I know how stressful this is for you. I still say that is elder abuse! Considering how dangerous his situation is, I don't think he is in a position to make life decisions. Would it be less stressful if he were to live with you permanently? He may not want to make that call but he may be very happy if you and Den were to make it for him. I just think he may not want to be the one to tell his daughter that she is neglecting him. It is heartbreaking to read about his having to forage in the fridge to eat. When Mom lived with me, I tried to cook every night or eat out where we could eat healthy. She was in her 90's and I knew she needed someone to fix nutritional meals for her. She did it for me when I lived at home and it was my turn to take care of her. Prayers going up for GPA and all of you.

    Granni, yes, I did get the lanai all sparkling clean but had to do most of it in the sweltering heat--something I was trying to avoid. No pee on the floor but one of them, likely Sir Vester, threw up a massive hairball. I've tried getting them to eat food with fish oil but they won't. So, guess I'll be grooming them even more often. Sounds as though y'all are going to be busy this week/weekend. I've come to hate these holiday weekends. Too many people crowding everything. Still, I know it's a good time for families to get together and that's always a good thing. I surely hope you guys can get the leak fixed. It will help that you have found the source of the leak. We have some condo bldgs. in here which were built before ours. They have had a lot of water problems due to the manner in which they were built. They have dormer windows which were never properly sealed and windows set flush with the outside walls. Ours are set back a bit so that rain isn't beating against the top where water comes in. Also, our bldg. is all cement block and stucco with no wood. Those have stucco and wood and the wood is all rotten on them. I think the builder was practicing as he went along. Hope you get to go dress shopping. Retail therapy is always a good way to forget one's troubles, at least, for a while (til the bills come). :eek:

    Sun, I have never completely changed out the litter. I just remove the clumps and add some new litter. It has never been a problem for me or the cats. No odor as the clumping litter I use has those little scented grains in with the litter. I am beginning to think the cats just decided to use the throw rugs to pee on. I removed and washed them. Of course, they may pee on the tiles. I'll just have to wait 'n see. I did clean the boxes out again after I finished cleaning the lanai. I am so sorry you are in so much pain. I woke in a lot of pain myself this morning. I hope you can get it under control. Will your doc prescribe a myofacial release medical message? They are wonderful and most ins. will cover them as PT. Hope you are feeling better.

    Well, Kiddies, I'm going to soak in Epsom Salts and read the newspaper online. Then, I'll try to clean inside in the A/C. I had planned on potting several plants down in the atrium but forgot the sprinklers ran early this morning so will do it tomorrow. Noticed that our mandavilla is really climbing fast up the fishline and will soon look as though it's climbing up the wall. I'm hoping that because I had to cut it way back, it will bloom even more beautifully this winter. In the meantime, our desert roses are blooming their hearts out. Hope all y'all have a good day. Also hope Rock and our other temporarily MIA Porchies will stop by.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie: Your kitties are sooooo cooperative with you. I've got a big enough house where they can go hang out wherever it suits them for the day so normally they don't bother me unless in the evening. My alpha female, Abby, loves to roll all over my feet,.......it's like her territory, so when Clair comes around my chair for some attention sometimes they get into it......over my feet. LOL Abby I think is the one who "overshoots" the runway with pee.

    I've got a large litter box inside a larger plastic storage box which has newspapers on the bottom, hoping to catch. That's why I use the "litter box pads" hoping to catch at the runway! Most of the time she's pretty good about using the litter boxes......(I've actually got two of this setup) and I use Scoop Away Super Clump unscented and like you say I don't have to toss out the litter....boy does it clump. But it's when the overshoot gets into the larger one that creates the smelly problem. And many times they've gotten over rambunctious in flinging the litter which then also gets dumped into the larger one or on the floor. I keep a small brush and dustpan for the floor. So.......it becomes a mess. And I just don't have as much energy as I used to so it's a big chore.

    Julie: I'm really sorry to read this about Gpa. I really think you and Den are needing to take charge of this whole situation. My feeling from the start is Sis wants the house and sees Gpa as the thorn in her side of living her own life. At 93 I would say it's close to impossible for a MAN to fend for himself. He obviously can't live alone, she doesn't want to care for him so........? What a dilemma you have.

    I'm feeling a tad better today, though rain seems to be in the forecast so I'm achy from that. My SIL brought over 6 large ceiling medallions for me to paint. They're redoing their bathroom, so I plan on working on that today. I HATE having something hanging over my head. I've always been that way.....when I was in school if we were assigned a project like a term paper I immediately jumped on doing it.
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    Hi, Porchies,

    Just got back from the market and had lunch. Just as the kitties' treats were running low, Publix had a BOGO on the 3 oz. bags of Temptation treats. They have so many flavors to choose from; I stocked up. I don't use treats to try to train the cats; they get them when they come in and a couple of other times during the day. Lady downstairs gave me some soft treats and they ate them the first time but Tweety wouldn't touch them again. I gave her hard treats and gave the soft ones to Sir Vester. That may have been what made him sick last night. They don't like soft food. I threw them away this morning (the treats, not the cats).

    Stopped and got my mail. Full of bills but none that are too bad. Not like the one coming with my car repair on it. Oh well, when I use my card for a big bill, I think of all those travel miles. I'm doing a bit of laundry and want to clean a bit but am fading fast. Even with all that sleep. Bummer! Got my car license plate renewal. It's $30 less than last year. Don't care for our Governor but he did reduce the cost of licenses in FL. The law came just a tad late for me to take advantage of it last year. Thieves here are stealing the renewal stickers off of the plates. So, when I put the new one on, I'll use my Xacto knife to cut an X across the sticker so it can't be removed in one piece. Thieves look for recent stickers as they come off more easily. Is nothing sacred!

    DD sent a pic of DGS. He looks soooo grown up. He is starting to resemble his Mom as well as Dad. Talked to Barb this morning and she is doing well. She sounds so happy now. Also talked to another neighbor, the one who sent me a text about her son. I just couldn't call her yesterday but did first thing this morning. He has stage II lung cancer and they don't yet know about his treatment nor his chances. Soooo much illness around right now. We've lost so many people in da hood too. I guess if one is going to live in God's waiting room, it's inevitable.

    Julie, I don't know how you are going to be able to help GPA if sis won't even provide food and a clean fridge for him. Do you have Meals on Wheels? I don't even know whether it exists anymore. Buying frozen meals isn't the answer cause they are usually high in salt and other unhealthy things. Wish Dr. Phil could get ahold of her and set her straight. You're in my prayers.

    Sun, wow, you have your hands full with those litter boxes. These are a lot of work too but not as much as yours. I think having the one outside on the lanai covered helps a lot. There was a bit of litter just outside the door of the box this morning. The open one in the bathroom is another story. Sir Vester gets in there and throws litter everywhere. He often uses the box when I'm on the toilet. Tweety came into the bathroom this morning, looked at me and looked at him and got such a strange look on her face--half surprise and half disgust. I almost expected her to shake her head. I laughed at you cat's love of your feet. I could just picture it. What funny little creatures they are. Glad you are feeling better. I thought of you when watching a PBS show on quilting. The quilter uses photos of musicians and singers. She transfers them to a pattern which looks like paint-by-number pictures. She uses printed fabric in light tones and dark tones to match the patterns. They look just like paintings when done.

    As always, hope everydobby has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    OK, gonna try to post a pic of my newly blooming orchid. I'm using Windows Photo Gallery to see whether it will allow me to post.

    Looks as though this will post. One didn't post in the right place. Oh well. This is the most beautiful of all my orchids.

    Love, Mikie

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    Mikie: love the orchid.....it's soooo beautiful. I was sitting here in front of the TV......clair was all over my feet then Big Abby came lumbering in so she scooted. I realize they both love the back massage I give them with my toes and feet! Silly cats, but then it's also very relaxing to me.

    Julie: So lots of sawing going on! You have lots of decisions to make. I don't know what to tell you except Gpa is at a stage in his life where he definitely needs caring. I have a friend whose DH has been diabetic for years. Without fail she serves dinner at 5 PM. Years ago when he first found out he was diabetic he still had a part time job as a custodian at a school. He had originally been an engineer then he owned his own business but this was to keep him occupied. He KNEW he had to strictly follow his diet, sometimes he would pass out at school because he hadn't bothered to have a snack, and sooooo many times at home she had to call the paramedics because he had passed out in the bathroom, or on the front lawn, etc. and then he was carted off to the hospital. So hard to deal with. I know some of what you're going thru. And as for Sis......useless is the word that comes to mind.

    I feel like I'm trying to come down with something. My DD invited me to go away for the weekend with them but I told her I think I need to get a lot of naps and heal whatever. I partially painted the 6 ceiling medallions today, then put on a second coat. Tomorrow I hope to get back to them.
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    Julie: Zowie.......that's some dangerous high blood pressure you've got! I'm so furious over what Sis is doing and NOT doing. How can a person, a daughter, be so uncaring and really cruel. What made her that way? How was her childhood? Just curious. Anyway, Gpa really needs YOU. You're right in the middle of all of your troubles, but you are the center of the wheel and everyone else goes around you. God gave YOU compassion for a reason. For this you don't have to do missionary work in another country, I think God put you where you belong right now.

    I did my Mom's pills for a long time, but then she was good about taking each little compartment when she should, but then I did write down the times and stressed it. Then my mom took a fall and it was one of those times when she "fell thru the crack". My brother usually called her on the weekend, I think we were busy with something that weekend, and come monday at noon I got a call from Meals onWheels that she didn't answer her door. So we immediately went there and found she had fallen in the bathroom and crawled to her bedroom where she pulled down a cover and slept until we found her. Of course she had missed her important pills and was really out of it. So we HAD to move her to a retirement home when everything settled down. She fought it, wanted to stay independent, but I remained firm. It's a hard thing when a parent gets where they NEED help and it's not given.

    I'm sure Den can talk Gpa into moving in with you guys. If you let him stay there with Sis things will only get worse and you'll have more stress than what you're going thru now.

    I had about 3 hrs sleep, then woke with a stiff neck, drank some coffee to jump start the ibuprofen and here it is, almost 3 hrs. later and I can't sleep. Of course Abby and Clair are now running around the house teasing each other. I'm heading back to bed, since I have now taken another 100 mg of gabapentin to calm my racing brain.
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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Another great morning here. Cats were quiet until after 6:00 and I slept like a log. Hah! Julie's guys sawing logs and my sleeping like one. Wood I make this up? Ooh, ooh, it feels so good to make a pun. I just hope Rock is up to visiting the Porch again soon. I miss him and all our other MIA's. His puns are priceless.

    Well, PH is at it again, moving things around on the main Forum page. I am having a hard time getting pages to load--sloooooow! I sent Tech Support an e-mail about it. I don't do well with change and suspect most of us don't. One good thing is that they are bringing back the Lyme Disease Forum. People with Lyme need their own space, even if they have other conditions like CFIDS, FMS, etc. Both my DD's have FMS and DD#2 also has been diagnosed with Lyme.

    Julie, it breaks my heart to hear about GPA. I think it is waaaay past time to be worrying about sis, and GPA's having to walk on eggs around her. It has become a matter of life and death and, obviously, sis either doesn't care of doesn't have the capacity to care. Someone has to intervene or he will likely die. Medicare rates hospitals and ancillary services based on readmit. stats. Medicare will fine those institutions which have too many readmits. Our local hospitals were recently fined $70 million. That may be why they are trying to identify people at high risk. I would guess that a lot of the time, readmits are due to older people not taking their meds on time or at all. Barb's stroke was due to her not taking her Coumadin when she got sick with bronchitis and was too out of it to remember her meds. It isn't fair to you and Den to have to stop work on your house but God bless you for stepping in to take care of GPA. At this point, I think you are all he has. As always, prayers going up.

    Sun, I agree with you on everything you said about GPA. You have a good way of organizing your thoughts and express them so well. Bless you for taking care of your Mom. Even when kids are vigilant, people can get sick or injured. Barb's daughters call her every day. That's how they knew something was wrong--when they couldn't reach her. Had someone been able to monitor her meds, she likely wouldn't have had the stroke. At some point, older folks just can't be left to their own devices to remember to take their meds or they will have an injury which takes away their ability to live independently. I've told my kids that if that time comes for me, just to let me live in a facility. I hope that never happens but if it does, I'll accept it. It sounds to me as though you have the same kitty circus going on around you. Julie, the cats' other mother, got a reminder card from the cats' vet that it was time for shots. She called and told them that the cats live inside with me and never go out nor have other animals around. The vet said for me to save my money and only come in if one of them is ill or injured. They are really happy and healthy and I pray they stay that way. Hope you are feeling better.

    My life is so wonderfully boring right now. Every morning is the same. That's OK; I'll take it. So far, no long rambling e-mails from board members. I'm about to go read the paper online. Bealls is having a Memorial sale with 50 percent off a lot of things and a coupon for $10 off $25 spent. There also is a 50-percent-off coupon for everything on the clearance rack. There is another Bealls east of me and I may visit that store. I'm still looking for another dressy-casual piece of clothing to pull my wardrobe together for when we ladies do lunch. I even like to dress a bit better for board mtgs.

    That orchid has four blooms out on the one stem and another three ready to burst forth. The only problem is that the blooms are so heavy that they bend down. I have to lift them up or hold the plant up to see how beautiful they are. They are so fancy, ruffled and variegated in shades of purple and lavender. I'll take another pic when it is out fully. The lady slipper is still beautiful too. The rest of my catts are putting out new stems but, so far, no blooms. The dendrobium in the tree is blooming with its delicate purple and white blooms. Lowe's had vandas with no pots, hanging by a clip with their roots just hanging down exposed. The blooms on them were beautiful but the roots didn't look too good. They were $30, not that much compared to the nursery but too much for me. Also, I'm running out of room.

    Think I'll go out and sit on the lanai before the sun is direct out there. I'll finish my cuppa joe. Love, hugs and prayers to all y'all.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    I am a little better, but not yet back to the state of robust poor health I
    previously enjoyed. Went to the chiro. Couldn't get a treatment though;
    the attempt was too painful. Maybe this weekend.

    Mikie, your purple & white orchid is gorgeous with a capital G and that
    rhymes with B which stands for bee yoo- ta- ful! Think that purple
    would be a good color for an evening gown? Too vivid?

    Sun, sounds like you got racing cats and a racing brain. Kinda like Barney
    Oldfield. He was born the year Edison invented the phonograph and
    was the first famous race car driver. Said to be the first to drive at the
    unheard of speed of 60 mph. The Oldsmobile was not named after him,
    however. It was named after Ransom E. Olds who had two cars named
    after him. The Oldsmobile and the REO (from his initials).

    Julie, sorry to hear about the sad situation at your place. Well, even Eden
    had a serpent. (But that story by the old Jewish men was rather unfair to
    snakes and also to women.) My blood sugar was over 600 several years
    ago. They kept me in the emergency room for 8 hours giving me insulin and
    IVs and rather stern instructions about "taking your pills". I didn't even
    know I had diabetes.

    Hugs, Kids Can't sit up to post too long.
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    Julie: What would happen if you and Den insisted he come live with you? And it's my gut feeling that sis will NOT follow thru with caring for him. She's proven herself in this regard. I'm sure you're nerves are wound tight, that's why you imagined you heard him fall. The times my mom lived with us until further plans could be made, I kept a baby monitor in her room and every little sound would wake me. I felt like a walking zombie from lack of sleep and stress. I do remember once after we brought her home from the hospital, I heard her talking softly......she was saying thank you.......I had to get up to check on her, I realized later that she had been praying. My mom almost made it to 99......sharp in her mind until the very end. It's just that her heart gave out. I miss her still. It's been almost 8 years now.

    Diane: That must have been very stressful for you, living so far away from your dad. And I'm sure that the vacation time you had spent with him were wonderful for both of you. My dad died from a heart attack at age 56. My children all were born after he died......I was 7 1/2 mos. PG with my first when he died. What an awful time that was.

    Mikie: Your orchid is gorgeous! I'm amazed at how fast they produce blooms.

    Rock I'm sorry you're still in pain. Did your chiro attempt something painful with your neck? I hope you've made the rice sock.

    It's supposed to rain today.....40%......but we in calif. can't usually count on weather predictions, though it is looking very ominous. Lack of sleep is making me feel like #$%^& this morning. Gosh, I long for the days when I could fall asleep deeply at any time.
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    A very quick hi to all my dear Porchies. What a crazy day today. My DD and I ended up though having lunch out at a local bbq place that serves great food. DD and I were supposed to be going with a group downtown Houston to a special big decorator store with all kinds of stuff and perhaps even a mini classes or seminar. However, turns out many cancelled and then probably a few just could go and didn't tell at least one of the leaders. It turned out to be us and one of the leaders. We had even thought of canceling as it was such a busy holiday weekend. So DD and I went out and had a manicure and pedicure that was great.

    I need to go and chop some veggies for my potato salad. Sometimes I buy the salad ready made and then add a lot of stuff to it . That is what I am doing today and tomorrow. I have gotten to be such a lazy cook however.

    JULIE - How old is Grandpa? I don't think he could be 92 or 3 which is what someone else said. You are 50 or so I think you said so he can't be that old.

    What Sis is doing or not doing is just a shame. She is only thinking of herself as usual. Everyone else on here agrees with me I see. She is just so selfish and Gpa needs real help now. With diabetes it will be a bit of a challenge to say the least to get it right. BTW, I still do DH's vits supps and meds or he wouldn't take anything - maybe just the 2 meds he HAS to take. peaking of supps and vits I need to go and redo DH's med boxes. I also need to buy some more large boxes. The smaller ones don't hold much of anything. Almost sounds like she would be just as happy to have him die so she could do what she wants in HER house. Yes, it sounds like elder abuse to me, at least absence of care.

    I can imagine all the pressure on you for all angles. Maybe with Lindsay and David and family at least trying to plan on moving away and along with their lives maybe that would be the time to take care of Gpa but then of course she probably would be happy about that ( or would she?) so she could do what she wants. I cannot see her doing anything to help him with his Diabetes diet and blood testing, etc. She is all for herself. Maybe he will get better, at doing some of it himself, as time goes on but that might take some time with you working with him and the nutritionist too.

    Yes, you also have hi b/p as you already know. That woman surely knows how to get everyone riled up, doesn't she?? I know you would do great with Gpa but that other woman is something else.

    Hi to DIANE, MIKIE, SUN ROCK, et al. Sorry I cannot stay and chat but I need to go and start chopping veggies for tomorrow. DD #$ and family come in tomorrow and will stay with DD#2. So it will be quiet at our house . We will go over there to visit and have dinner ( sort of bbq with hamburgers, etc. tomorrow late afternoon. ) The will leave their home tomorrow morning.

    SUN and MIKIE I hope you feel better soon, DIANE too. Thanks also to all of you who are praying for DH and his skin cancer dx.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Hi, Kids,

    Just popping back in because I'm done for the day. No long e-mails. Yea!!! I cleaned out the cats' litter boxes and vacuumed any litter they spilled both out on the lanai and the bathroom. I vacuumed the bedroom and took the mattress off the bed and stood it up against the wall. We're talking thick pillow top king. It really strained everything. I was able to leave the box springs in place while I removed those lifters. Then, I laundered the bedding and turned the mattress 90 degrees. Another reason to keep a king; they are almost square. I don't know why they don't make them square. I'm sitting in bed posting this and it feels just fine. Hope I sleep better without all that pressure on my hips and back tonight. Didn't get the rest of the floors cleaned but that can wait til tomorrow.

    I have four bags of potting soil in the back of the car. Lowe's had them on sale and it's better to have to lift four moderately heavy bags than one horribly heavy one. With all the new plants in the atrium, it's time to pot them. I guess that will be Sunday's task if I live that long. LOL! Emoticons not loading. Earlier, I had problems having pages load. Now, that works but the emoticons do not. Oh, oh, there they are. :) Tada!!!

    Not that I need another project but, in my dreams, I will get caught up one day. I have a long wall in the dining room/living room area and it is 11' tall at the peak. I want to paint a mural of an antique-looking map of the Gulf of Mexico with the water a mild aqua and the land in shades of brown. I'd like to put the compass rose over my sofa. I got the idea from a furniture ad on TV in which a loft wall had a map painted on it. I wonder whether they still have those projectors that I could use to project an actual map. It would make things a lot more simple. I could probably draw a reasonable facsimile but a projector would make it easier and faster. What I would need is custom decals to put the Gulf of Mexico, Florida and the N,S,E,W on the compass rose. I would have to do a really good job or it would just look crappy.

    Julie, Honey, I don't think GPA will ever be able to live alone with sis again. He is in too much danger. It's obvious that he isn't capable of being realistic and making his own decisions in this matter. For whatever reason, she isn't capable of being a caretaker. I'm sorry to be so blunt, and I don't have all the pertinent info, but I think y'all just dodged a bullet. You need a sound plan and some help. You should not have to carry all this on your shoulders but he can't be returned to his home to fend for himself. Sorry if I'm butting into something which isn't my business but my heart is breaking for him and you too. If you check with the doc, hospital and elder services, perhaps you can get help. Best of luck to you and, of course, I'm praying for everyone.

    Sun, we seem to have a lot in common. My Mom lived to 92 and was sharp til the end. It was a massive heart attack which took her within 24 hrs. I hope when it's my turn to go, it happens just like that. That orchid keeps getting more beautiful. It took forever for it to burst from it's little green pod but, once it did, it just exploded. The color and shape are breathtaking. I was able to use one of my little clips to hold the head of one bloom up and now, it can be seen more easily. I'm sorry you aren't sleeping and don't feel well. We can't rely on weather predictions here either. I hope you can get some Zzzzz time in and feel better.

    Rock, sooooo good to see you here. I hope you feel better. I have always loved that lavender color but have never found a piece of clothing which doesn't look cheap in that color. When I was a kid, my Mom had a spring linen suit in that color which she loved; I hated it. I came to find out that people who lived through the Depression usually dressed in drab colors back then. Later on, they loved a lot of color in their wardrobes. A friend of mine's Mom had an orange linen suit. She kept it for decades and her kids couldn't get her to give it away. Finally, when she was in a home, she gave in and donated it. The kids went to the home to have dinner with her and in walks another resident wearing the suit! It was like a curse which followed my friend around. Now, when she thinks about her Mom, an orange butterfly will usually show up. It's like with my Mom and white feathers. Take care of yourself, my friend.

    Diane, it's always good to see you here. What a wonderful daughter you are. I know how much older parents appreciate it when the kids take good care of them. How good of you to use your time off to care for your Dad. How are those kitties? Well, I hope. I think of you every time I see that Adrienne is going to be on HSN. I am so well fixed for skin care that I haven't ordered in ages. Hope you can come back and stay a while.

    Granni, we must be on the same food page. I got some ribs to BBQ and will do them tomorrow. They had a BOGO on Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce. I'm going to be making some Southern style potato salad with hard boiled eggs in it. Mmmmm! Sorry your decorating workshop got cancelled. I loooove that kind of stuff. We have a design center just down the coast and I'd love to check it out. Barb and I attended one focusing on home accents at one of our furniture stores. I keep getting e-mails for new classes but nothing has tempted me. I hope you have a good time with your family.

    Well, Kids, I want to watch Dr. Phil when he comes on. He's interviewing a guy who killed his mother. I know, I know, a really gruesome topic but I'm always interested in the minds of killers. The trial is on for that guy who shot up the movie theater in Aurora, CO where I used to go to the movies. The trial is being held in the same courthouse complex where I filed, and later had the hearing, for my divorce. Gonna settle my morbid self down and watch. Love, hugs and kisses to all y'all.

    Love, Mikie
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    Granni - Sorry to hear of your DHs skin diagnosis. Praying for whatever needs to be done by way of treatment and for a complete full recovery and back to normal.

    Julie - Your SIL is a complete whacko..she cant even take care of herself..how will she take responsibility for Grandpa who needs to be monitored 24/7?

    Im so sorry you are having to deal with this as well, on top of everything else..pretty sure a lot of your aches pains are from the stress anger anxiety build up you feel constantly, thinking about Grandpa. Please remember there is only so much another person can do..and take care not to fall ill yourself.

    Maybe now would be the time to do a proper intervention and even the law will be on your side...but of course, that is if Grandpa allows it.

    Life is so complicated in so many ways.

    Rock - good to see your post. I hope you get to have your chiro treatment. Thank goodness there are treatments dont involve popping pills by the dozen. I would be a goner..the way i cannot tolerate most pills.

    Mikie - that colour of the orchid is ..out of this world. sigh.

    I would ve been shocked at the thought of a son killing his own mother...except for learning we are all souls, and just coming here and choosing relatives to grow spiritually from. And if the mother was only a mother in name and not in deed, then, well, what difference would it make killing a stranger or ones own. Do you know our entire royal family got wiped out in 2001 by the heir apparent.? What a horrible time it was. curfews, sirens, ghost town. soldiers everywhere. The crown Prince just took a gun walked back to the dinner party for the family at the palace and gunned down each member systematically. The King, queen, his sister. uncle aunt. oh yes. everyone. 12 people.til now they dont know what happened. he never showed any signs of mental instability. He was said to have taken some marijuana with alcohol that evening, that was it.

    Diane - good to see you pop in. I hope you will come in often. :)

    We gave the dogs their shots. Something im always glad when its over. This hot weather is really a pain tho. I dont even think of going out in it Hence all chores pending. heigh ho. Got a visit from my MIL. she brought eggs and juice and noodles. Cant say i enjoyed the visit tho. We have nothing in common. nothing.

    You all take care

    God Bless
  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Slept in til 7:00 this morning so am feeling frisky. My hips and legs barely ache but my lower back is sore from hefting that huge mattress around. Glad I put it back down to level. I'd be crippled had I continued to sleep on the slant. Doc won't be happy that I'm not following his advice nor taking the med he prescribed. Well, when the cure is worse than the woe...

    Sat out on the lanai with the cats and just admired the beautiful blooms on my purple orchid. Pics don't do it justice. All four blooms are out on the one stem; the other has yet to open. It's only 72 this morning. Yesterday at this time, it was 80. Yesterday was horribly hot. We now have some kind of commission in FL which is looking at how climate change will affect us in the future, focusing on our beaches and tourist business. These are the same people who claimed that climate change doesn't exist, that is, until it threatens to cost businesses. A benefit of this will be to help keep the wildlife healthy. People come here not only for the beaches, but for fishing, kayaking on the rivers, and hiking the nature preserves. Nature has so richly blessed us down here but we have not always been the best stewards of these blessings.

    Julie, I know how horribly difficult this must be. I guess if GPA isn't willing to stop enabling sis and wants to live with her, there is nothing you can do short of having him declared incompetent to direct his own life. There are no easy answers; you're damned if you do and damned if you don't. It is encouraging, though, that there will be outside healthcare workers coming in to supervise. I'm sure they will raise questions if GPA's care isn't at a decent level. As nasty as sis is, she may be suffering from mental issues. I admire you for putting GPA's well-being ahead of everything else. Older people can be very stubborn and don't always choose wisely. As always, you are in my prayers.

    Springwater, we look back in history and think how violent things were back then but things are really violent now. Dr. Phil talked to the kid who murdered his mother but didn't do an analysis of him. He mentioned his preliminary opinion and what may be worth looking into. He believes the kid needs a lot of mental health treatment. He said there is no way the kid should be released into society but feels he should get help in prison. He was only 15 when he committed the crime and got life in prison with no parole. I also have a lot of chores but when I get something vital done, it always makes me feel good. I'm sure getting the dogs' shots is one of those things for you. I'm just doing what I can every day and not pushing myself beyond what I can do. Yesterday, I pushed my body with that mattress but I limited what I tried to do overall. Yes, that orchid is spectacular. It's purple but leans a tad more toward the red side than the blue. I wish we really all were on a porch and all y'all could see it in person. I look at it as much as I can because it will eventually die and I'll have to wait another year to see it again. I'm sure there is some kind of life lesson in that. Is life getting back to some kind of semblance of normal for you? I hope so.

    TV news just showed huge black clouds in Pueblo, CO. I have a cousin living there. Guess they got hail and the whole eastern part of the state had dangerous weather. The Rocky Mountains run north and south through the middle of the state. Denver, and most of the larger cities, lie at the foothills of the mountains. Out to the east, on the plains, it is flat prairie and there are a number of tornadoes there and in NE and KS. As Denver grows to the east, the tornadoes are a threat, especially at Denver International Airport. Wind shear is a big factor, even on clear days, and the airport has wind shear detectors all around it so pilots can be warned. I encountered wind shear once when I was landing the little plane in NE on a clear day and was lucky to land on the runway and walk away.

    Gonna get in the shower and then finish vacuuming the carpet. I'll use my floor machine to do the tile floors. It's always gratifying to do the tiles because, when they are clean, they sparkle. Tomorrow, I need to work outside on the plants. Next week, I'll shampoo the carpets. At least, that's the plan. You know what they say about how to make God laugh--just tell Him your plans. I just pray I can follow through. I also pray for everyone here because we all have our challenges and need help.

    Love, Mikie
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Just stopping in. Rock, I see you are online. I hope you have the NRG to post but if you are here just to read, I hope you see this and know I am praying that you feel better.

    I managed to hop in the shower but, as always, just showering and blow drying my hair has sapped my NRG. My dear old friend called while I was in the shower to see whether I wanted to have coffee out on the balcony. Sorry I missed his call but really don't feel up to it anyway. I feel strange this morning--stranger than I usually feel. Part of me is better but part of me feels a bit feeble and strange. Hard to explain.

    Don't know how much I'll get done today but will start with loading some dishes in the dishwasher and go from there. I'd like to, at least, finish the floors. Cats and I did enjoy the early morning and that's as important as getting things done. It nourishes the soul.

    Decided to stop back in because I need a little break. I decided to do my potato salad, hard boiled eggs (some of which will go into the potato salad) and do my ribs in the oven. I realize that the fridge will need to be cleaned out in order to put leftovers away. Don't know whether or not I'll have the NRG to do the fridge and the floors. Floors are embarrassing. Wish I were at DD#2's with DSIL making his ribs. Put mine to shame.

    We are getting just a sprinkling of rain. Hope we get more. Little pond in the back is low. People sitting in the rain at the pool. They are in danger cause I heard thunder. Idiots! Oh well, as DD always says, "Thinning of the herd." The old saying that someone is too dumb to come in outta the rain applies here. FL is the lightening capitol of the world and SW FL gets more lightening strikes than anywhere else in the state. Just had an article in the newspaper.

    OK gonna go again. Need to rest a bit.

    Love to everydobby,

    Last edited: May 23, 2015
    rockgor likes this.
  15. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Spring: I vaguely remembered something about that slaughter at your palace. I had to look it up online. It said that it was hashish, not MJ. A terrible tragedy. I guess kinda like when our President Kennedy was killed. The whole country was in mourning.

    My DHs mother died when he was in college and his dad remarried, but they lived way across the country from us so I never had a MIL. Though......I have a DIL and perhaps she looks at me the same way as your MIL......we don't get along and it's only a slightly polite acknowledgement on both sides now. I'm sad it's that way, but she has never been anything else than almost ignoring me from way before they were married.

    Mikie: Are these ribs and potato salad for a party gathering around the pool or what? I'm sorry you're not feeling good. I've LEARNED NOT to lift heavy things........I've done so much damage to my neck and spine from things I shouldn't have done.

    I've spent the day trying to get these ceiling medallions painted. My SIL didn't like a color he brought over, so I tried something else to cover it last night.....didn't work so I had to sand. OMG My arms and shoulders are screaming today. Headed to Lowe's first thing this morning, looking for the right base color that I could use. BUSY was the word. It's dreary and overcast again today so I guess lot of people are doing things on their house. I talked with a nice lady, waiting for help at the paint Counter. She was telling me they're from Montana, down to rework DHs mother house, who recently died so they could rent the house. 40 years of nothing having been done on the house. She mentioned removing the popcorn ceiling......I froze. Our house is the same age as their house.....the popcorn ceiling I had tested years ago......asbestos. I suggested she have a test run on the remaining bedrooms as piece of mind. But the good thing was that there are hardwood floors under the 40 year old carpet.

    Julie: That sounds very frightening for Gpa......is that from the drugs? I just sit here and shake my head and what's in store for all of you. Does Gpa realize how stressful it is for you and Den for him to go back to his home? It certainly would be the best all around if you could find a dependable lady to live with him and take care of him, who needs a home. I pray that God sends help.
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Slept until 5:00 and decided to just get up. I took my coffee out on the lanai and enjoyed the morning with the cats. Yesterday, I put the throw rug down on the lanai by the sliders. Sho 'nuff, this morning, there were three pee spots on it so I know they both use it to pee on. I have no idea why they have taken to doing this but it's obvious that I can't put throw rugs out there. No other pee spots. Second cluster on the purple orchid is beginning to bloom. I hope the original blooms last long enough so that the whole plant is in bloom.

    I've decided to buy a new mattress today. Everything is on sale, some unbelievably cheap. I've decided to shop at the store where I got my last one. They are a mattress store and sell nothing else. My dear old friend just called and wants to have coffee on the lanai so will go and come back later... OK, I'm back. Enjoyed coffee with my friend, as usual. I brought the purple orchid out front so he could see it. He thought it was beautiful. We sat and enjoyed each other and a couple of cups of coffee.

    Then, I came in and had my Epsom Salt soak and got dressed to go out to the mattress store. It's not very far away. I got my old mattress there 12 years ago. As mattress stores tg, this one is a step or two above the other mattress stores. Their service is excellent and their prices seem good to me. They will deliver my new mattress on Wed. and haul off the old one. I got another king size Simmons Beautyrest but it's not a pillowtop. It was on sale for a really good price and, because the price includes the frame and I don't need one, the salesman took $80 off the price. Most of the other stores sell the king size Beautyrest mattresses for $100 to $300 more than I paid. This store has a 90-day guarantee of satisfaction in which I can return the mattress and get another.

    I asked the salesman whether the Simmons mattresses last longer than the other brands and he said they do. He showed me a cutaway of the construction. I didn't know it but Simmons makes the beds used in hotels. I always sleep well on them when I travel. They usually recommend changing beds every 8 years but I got 12 good years with the one I have. The salesman also said pillowtop beds last longer but I don't want another one. Since I'm getting another king size, I won't have to buy new bedding. All in all, I'm very happy I decided to take advantage of the holiday sales. I think I'll like this new mattress but the proof will be in how I sleep. If I want, I can buy one of those frames which raise the head of the mattress because the Simmons will bend. Salesman said those frames aren't expensive.

    Rock, hope you see our posts and feel well enough to come back soon. We miss you. If you're reading posts, will you please show Gordon the pic of my orchid? I'm sure he's seen catts like this but I haven't. Prayers for you going up. Also prayers for all our MIA's.

    Sun, sorry you are having problems with painting the medallions. I hate it when projects go wrong and turn into BIG projects. I see people all the time on the TV shows removing those popcorn ceilings and redoing them. They never mention that they may contain asbestos. Yikes!!! I actually liked our old popcorn ceilings. What did you do--just not disturb the asbestos or have them removed by an expert?

    I'm not going anywhere this holiday but I have never learned to make small batches of things like potato salad. I'll eat it for days. Same for the ribs. They only came in one size. Of course, Publix will cut any size I want. Since I don't cook much anymore, I just fix something like this every now and then and eat it or give some away. I ran the dishwasher and have pans and bowls soaking in the sink. That's one reason I don't like to cook now. I hate dealing with the dishes and pots and pans. It's difficult enough just trying to keep up with housework. I shouldn't lift heavy things either. Back and shoulders are better today so I don't think I did any permanent harm to them. Good luck with your medallion project.

    Julie, you are so sweet to take such good care of GPA. It's really reassuring to hear that he realizes the need to have good food for himself. It's sickening to think of fungus growing in the tubes of his CPAP. I get tired just reading about what you do. I'll bet it was great fun for the kids to run the boom truck. Wow! What I would have given to do that as a kid. Come to think about it, I'd enjoy it now. I'm glad you guys got so much done on the house. Also glad you have refined how you are doing it.

    I know GPA is a lot of work but, on the other hand, having him there may be easier than running over there to take him to the doc and making sure he is OK. I don't know; either way, it's a lot of work for you and a lot of concern over his health. He is lucky to have you. We all keep you in our prayers and maybe, it's working. Just having him out of denial of the seriousness of his health and realizing that not having food in his fridge isn't tolerable is, to me, a huge step in the right direction.

    Wish sitting out with my friend, having to get cleaned up to go out, and buying the mattress didn't wear me out but it did. My NRG levels are at a new low. Every day, I manage to do something but not much. Still, getting the shopping for a mattress out of the way is a big load off my shoulders. I have no graves to decorate but do sit quietly and think about all our family who have passed on and how so many people in the world have died in wars. Wars are stupid but those who died fighting them were brave. Wishing all y'all a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: May 24, 2015
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    I watched "The Pink Panther Strikes Again" yesterday. It has the funniest
    opening scene of any movie I know. Poor Herbert Lom keeps falling in
    the lake. The director was Blake Edwards who directed many movies
    including the Pink Panther series, Breakfast at Tiffany's and several
    which starred his wife Julie Andrews. I have tried twice to put his
    biography on hold, but the library won't let me. Ratbane! Of
    special interest on this board, he also suffered from CFS.

    My recovery from my "accident" i.e. turning my head, is proceeding in
    the usual fashion. A little progress followed by regression followed by
    frustration etc. I think it was day 5 when things were really bad. Had
    pain in my head that went all the way down the neck into the shoulder
    and arm. Nurse Gordon applied a vibrator which greatly ameliorated
    the situation. We have a good sized massager that looks like what you
    might use to polish your car. "Wax on; wax off."

    Sun, I am rereading "Tish Plays the Game". The chapter on the
    treasure hunt is hilarious. Like something put together by Mack Sennett
    and Blake Edwards. The book is from the 1920s; about 90 years old.

    Mikie, I asked Gordon if he had seen your orchid pictures. He said,
    "Yes. She does a great job with them. Too bad there isn't a club
    near her." Did you get your new mattress yet? The modern mattress
    is a wonderful invention. Wasn't too long ago people slept on sheep skins
    or sacks stuffed with hay or hair or cotton, etc.

    Quiz question for the day. In what way is "mattress" like "algebra"?
    Answer: both words come from Arabic.

    Julie, you're lucky you have Den to work with on the house. If it were I,
    you'd be lucky to get a picture hung. I think he is really a super parent/
    grandpa to think of the kids and give them a wonderful experience while
    he is in the middle of an important project.

    I fell asleep while reading in bed this morning. This has become a common
    occurrence in the last year or two. I drop my book; loose my place.
    Frequently wake up a minute or 3, 4, 5 later. The unusual things was I had
    a dream. Very vivid and very brief. I met John Wayne. And you know
    what? I discovered he wasn't any taller than I. Ha Ha!

    Hugs to Barry, Springwater, Diane, Granni, Dar, et. al.
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good morning awl !!!!!

    Didn't go to church today. They had been promising a line of heavy thunderstorms and possibly more t follow. Well, we woke up to it lightening and thunder and some heavy rain. DH had decided due to all this we would not go to church today. However, after our big episode this morning we could have gone to church. I told him to wait and see last night but he thought he knew what was going to happen or should I say, continue to. More to come late tonight or tomorrow morning and maybe parts of the day. Glad we didn't plan on doing anything outside.

    The roofer came yesterday, fairly bright and early to do a temporary fix before the rain started again in the afternoon. Also, he did say he would be back another time for a more permanent fix. He didn't have the stuff he needed for the permanent fix. It rained some yesterday afternoon but not for too long. Then, this morning bright and early it poured pretty hard for awhile and when I went to check there was a small stream of water coming down from the ceiling and crown molding. It is much better but definitely not all gone. DH will call him tomorrow morning and hopefully he will come soon again to fix this stupid thing - aaaack ):!!

    You awl surely have been pretty busy with your own projects. Never a dull moment around here for sure. We hope to go out to eat tonight since we cooked and ate home yesterday.. Trying to catch up some on my washes and towels etc that I have been using to catch the water on my mantel. At least it is no longer n my nice new wood floor.

    How nice to read posts from almost everyone. Glad to hear SPRING WATER seems to be doing OK after all the EQ problems and awful loss of life, devastation, etc. Hope things have finally quieted down and there is no more bad stuff going to happen. There has been more than enough bad stuff happening in your, neck of the woods, as they say. Even if you may not have any woods in your area.

    JULIE - Glad Gpa is doing a little better. I suspect it took him awhile to get the way he is , eating all the wrong foods for him, probably the easiest thing for him to eat like, potatoes, or cookies any other fast carbs that are not good that turn to sugar. He obviously still having problems though with his head and stuff he is seeing or thinks he is seeing. I am afraid, however, if Gpa wants to go back and stay in his home with Sis he will have more of the same things happening to him. How far away does he live from you?? No wonder you have all your symptoms due to worry. As someone said you must also take care of yourself and that is a hard thing with sis around who is just plain self centered, even as far as her dad is concerned. Glad you are keeping track of Gpa cause no one else will but watch yourself too. There is much to much on your plate plus helping Den with the building of your house or extension.

    Hi MIKIE, ROCK, DIANE, SUN and so many others. DD#2 went to the movies with her SON and probably husband and DD#4 and her DH and son - something child friendly of course as he is a 11 year old with some autism and other problems. He should be fine after taking his pill. We will go over there soon again to chat before going out to eat. ROCK - Hope your head and or neck feels better after your accident or whatever happened. I know it doesn't have to take much to make it hurt. Mine hurts all the time now.

    Gotta run now and check my washes and my phone to see if DD has answered my text.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
  19. Pickymicky

    Pickymicky Member


    Oh my goodness, " The Porch" is still here....Yay. I see Granni, Springwater and Lydia on Facebook a lot. Miss you Rock so much. Springwater I am so glad you are safe and I am so sorry about what happened. Thank you for letting us know you were safe and sound. Granni you have a beautiful family and I miss you too on here.

    I was actually just sitting on my "porch" and I kept thinking of you all....so here I am. I had to resign up. Couldn't remember any of my info. What was my name when I used to be on here, does anyone remember, LOL.

    Hubby and I have been working our buns off (I wish my real bun) opening the pool, cleaning the garage and storage room. Such a nice night for having tea on the porch. Rock how have you been? How is Gordon doing? You still feeding the strays, hehehe.

    My profile picture is my little family. My hubby on the left of course, my daughter Lindsay (22) is next to him and she is studying to be a CNA, then mwah and then Ashley (24) who has a year left then she will be a Nurse Practioner. I am still working at same place and it is busier then ever, wish I could retire so bad. I will be turning the big 50 next month so I have a while to go if I make it.

    Well I will check back in soon...miss you all and hello to all the porchies I haven't met yet. Nice to meet you all. XXXOOOO. Mickey
    Last edited: May 24, 2015
  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Micky

    Welcome back. No, I don't remember your user name. I don't worry much about
    brain fog anymore as I have Alzheimer's. Barely remember my own name. Had
    to hunt up an envelope a few years back when I ordered something on the net.
    Couldn't remember my address. A couple of computer virus attacks took away
    all our passwords, addresses, bookmarks, etc. All part of the wonderful world
    of the internet, I guess.

    Anyhoo, I do remember you, and that we also exchanged some Christmas e mails.
    Did you ever get that mink stole? Oh, wait. That was Lucy. Sounds like you and
    your family are doing fine. Glad to hear it.

    Gordon was laid off from his job about a year before he would have retired. They
    called him a couple times to come back and work temporarily while people were
    gone. He declined. No need to continue with that hour long commute. He is
    greatly immersed in his orchids. Posts pictures of them here now and then.

    I don't drive anymore. Don't really do much of anything. I will be 75 in a couple
    months. Was reminiscing on the Homebound board the other day about listening
    to the great old radio program in the days of our yute.

    I hope you'll be able to drop in now and again. Your cheery personality will
    brighten up the porch. Lots of great new folks here now. Wonderful to hear
    from you.


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