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    Hi, Porchies, am just starting a new thread and Porch. I need to go back to read posts on #811. I'll be back.

    OK, I'm back. It is cloudy this morning. We got rain again late yesterday afternoon so hope we are getting into our rainy season--finally! Cats and I slept til almost 6:00; I hope this is a new pattern for us. I've already been out on the lanai with them to enjoy the sweet morning air. The purple orchid is fully out with seven blooms. I need to take a pic of it in all its splendor. Cats made no mess so I assume it's just when I put the throw rugs out there that they pee on them. Crazy cats!

    I did manage to do the floors in here yesterday and they look soooo nice. I have the condo mtg. this morning and then, have to go get my kidneys x-rayed. Tomorrow, my new mattress is being delivered. Perhaps when I get home, I can clean the baths and dust if I'm not too tired today. I'd like to pot those plants in the lanai tomorrow and shampoo the carpets on Thurs. One can never get ahead of housework but I'd like to get a couple of big jobs done. Then, I can try to keep up with the routine cleaning in here.

    Granni, yes, it doesn't take much physical work for most of us to get pooped and, usually, we are pooped before we start. I'm just glad I got the floors done but I got up outta bed last evening and could barely walk. It's better this morning. Thank God! I was hoping you'd not have more choir practice this summer but a 25th anniversary is a big one. When my Dad was the choir director at church, they always made a big fuss at the anniversaries. An ordination is an ever bigger benchmark. Take care that you don't overdo.

    Julie, I'm wondering whether it might not be a good idea to have the eye doc check GPA. My eye doc is soooo good and he keeps up with all medical news. He's the one who found I had Sjogren's. I hope you don't get even more overwhelmed with everything going on. I don't know how you do it but bless you for taking such good care of everyone else. Take care of you too. Actually, a few people here in da hood do seem to appreciate what I do. One told me yesterday that I'm doing a good job. Wow!!! That was nice to hear.

    Sun, it's not ABX but AV's I take for my Whatever Herpes Virus. Technically, Herxing is related to ABX but AV's can cause it too when there is a big dieoff of a virus. It's too bad you couldn't go to the beachhouse but I know how difficult it is to be around the go, go goers when not feeling well. Like you, I'd rather just be home by myself. I hope you are up to the birthday celebration for DGD. Take care, my friend.

    Spring, it broke my heart to read your post about the damage you saw. People always say the important thing is that people survived but places are a part of us and, while we may escape harm physically, having places wiped out harms us emotionally and spiritually. The peace you say you felt is not unlike what visitors to the 9/11 memorial describe. To see the human spirit eventually prevail is uplifting. Even so, though, we do have to grieve our losses. As always, my prayers go out to you and everyone who suffered though the EQ. Try not to let the heat get to you. I also have to work around the hottest times of day.

    Well, Kids, that's about it for now. Love, hugs and prayers for all y'all.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi, Kids,

    I went to the mtg. only to find our mgr. couldn't make it. The four of us who showed up sat and had a nice chat. Beforehand, one board member and I straightened up all the chairs and lounge chairs around the pool deck. Then, I went to a new place to get my x-ray. They were so nice and didn't try to lie to me like the last guy did at another facility. My doc will only accept films and the last guy tried to tell me no one can get film anymore. Well, he ended up having to hand deliver the films to my doc. I only wish this place did mammograms. I'm going to have to call around to find a place on the ins. provider list. Another hassle. After I got my x-ray, I decided to pick up my new contacts. The eye doc is in the same little center as a Publix so did a wee bit of shopping. Publix had a lot of good BOGO's this week but didn't want to buy that much last time I shopped. Of course, all this running around exhausted me so I'm home ready for a nap.

    Diane, so good to hear from you. Glad Kevin was able to get the Samsung phone. Everyone I know who has one loves it. To get a tablet on top of that is great! I don't much like my Surface 2 as a computer but I love using it without the keyboard as a tablet. I hope you like it. Sounds as though you got some good produce. Don't know about freezing melons; have never tried it. My kitties are asleep too and great minds think alike; think I'll lie down and read. Enjoy the rest of the day.

    Julie, speaking of great minds thinking alike--I'm glad you are getting GPA's eyes checked. People with diabetes often have problems with their eyes. Hope he is OK. Wow! Ripe strawberries already. I envy you. The ones I get from the store are only half-ripe. That diet sounds great. A lot of people think managing blood sugar levels is about not eating carbs but it is really about eating healthy carbs to keep the blood sugar stable. I'm glad his blood sugar levels are coming down nice 'n easy like the doc wanted. Yeah, I did get a lot done yesterday but I'm done for the day today. Take it easy; you need more sleep.

    Well, Kiddies, I think I'll go call my treasurer to see how we will pay for tree trimming. Talk to y'all later.

    Love, Mikie
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    A BIG HI to everydobby,

    Wow, we had a whopper of storm last night and hope no more comes for awhile We need to get the roofer out here tomorrow to do it. He will be here unless we have another gully washer. Yes, our leak is still there but just keep mopping it up with towels. It is more of a constant drip in mostly one spot. Hope the weather holds off tonight so I can get to a special choir practice so I can sing for the special ordination 25th anniversary Mass for out pastor. Didn't make the other practices so I had better make this one or I will probably be in the congregation.
    We were under a flash flood and tornado warning last night and there are still flash flood warnings and watches all over, especially in Houston when it hit there. Our daughter in Houston seemed to be fine. They had flooding which I believe has receded. Others have no electricity and still have flooding. I have been so busy I haven't checked the TV. I just turned it on and it is all about the storm in Houston, people cleaning up and damages. So far I haven't heard of that much this way which is N of Houston. People also stuck after the playoff game downtown were stuck there over night in the building. Even player Dwight Howard spent the night :)!! Some of you all have probably seen more pics than I have on the problems caused by the storm. Hope I see no more rain at least for a few days.

    DIANE - Thanks you for you thoughts and prayers for our situation. Sorry that you cannot continue on right now with your therapy but I understand and it is smart to pay off a little at a time and not get into massive debt trying to get completely well. Glad you are doing a little better but when you pay off your teeth surgery , et al you can take care of that. That number is Kevin's new phone. I also have a Samsung Galaxy which is a 4 . That used to be DH;s but he upgraded and got a 5. Do you or Kevin have the 6? I don't use half the stuff on there. Mostly e-mail, text ad FB , some PH and could use Navigation but right now we have it on the car. Of course there is Google and any searching which I usually TRY and do on the computer, if I can. Take care sweetie and hope to see you on here again soon. We miss you when you are not posting.

    JULIE - So sorry that G pa's glucose level have not gotten a lot better. Has oatmeal been mentioned especially stell cut oats? I think they are supposed to be pretty good for cholesterol and not bad with sugar unless you put anything on it other than maybe a little fruit. DH eats oatmeal almost daily for both problems.. He hasn't been tested lately though. Seems alike almost everything turns to sugar including all kinds of cards and cereals and we are all so used to having cereals in the morning of one kind or another.

    Glad you are taking care of G pa and that he is thinking of staying with you, at least while he has his problems. of course you know who probably will be happy she has the house to herself. Hope the doc visit goes well for Gpa and you can google if needed low and hi glcycemic foods that will be good and not good for him. Of course you probably know already a lot of veggies, not to much corn which is starchy anyway. Salads and greens too. I just have to be energenic enough to fix them or DH.

    DH has similar problems but only has borderline diabetes and is trying to avoid meds. BTW, cinnamon for lowering sugar is good and you could put it on his cereal if he likes it. if he doesn't like the taste they have capsules also.

    Only one other daughter and her husband came and son and of course our dd who lives here. We were at their house most of the time and I just brought a little food. It was a fun time and the sisters had a blast.

    SUN - Sorry you felt bad this weekend but you know what your body can take and are best to avoid going. Hope you get to feeling better soon. Sorry but I can't remember everything else you mentioned or anyone else too.

    MIKIE - Glad people are telling you that you are doing a good job. That will help keep you going but try not to overdo too. That is nice that the kitties are letting you sleep longer. Hope that it continues and that sleep late too :)!! Can't think of anything else for now. Tomorrow will be a busy day too a with a meeting in the morning and early afternoon. Will get back when I can.

    MICKEY - I also did a search and none of the UN's looked familiar to me either. Hope you come back soon. I have also seen Joan on FB and she seems to be doing OK. I am guessing she is or was having problems getting in again and just possibly gave up. Yes, a great picture of you and your family - girls all grown up now.

    Bye for now !! HUGZ to SW, ROCK, BARRY, DAR, JOAN and everydobby else not mentioned before and MIA's !

    Granni :)
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    Hi Kids

    I am happy to report that (so far today) my neck and surrounding areas
    are giving me no trouble at all. Knock Wood! And now, for today's quiz.
    Do you think it is funny when a guy says, "Knock Wood" and then raps
    the top of his head? Is it funnier if he knocks on your head? Would it
    be even better if Buffalo Bob rapped Howdy Doody's Head?
    Bonus question; Whatever happened to Clarabell the clown?

    We picked tomatoes today. Gordon told me how many, but of course I
    instantly forgot. Several dozen anyway. He is off running errands and
    delivering some of our organic produce to our mechanic as well as his old
    childhood pal the pharmacist.

    Mikie, I see you are busy as usual. To quote Shakespeare, or am I
    thinking of Philip Roth, as busy as a one legged paperhanger. What do
    you mean about medical films? Have they also been replaced with
    something electronic? I can't keep up any longer. Good thing I don't
    want to and seldom need to. I hope your new mattress is like the one
    Lucy described. "A Phipps Dept. Store mattress rocks you to sleep."

    Diane, those med prices you listed sound terribly high. Of course I remember
    when our village had no hospital and one doctor. He made house calls! A
    visit cost $3. Any Rx could be filled at Hansen's Drug Store for $1.79 and
    there was no such thing a medical insurance. Medical care wasn't quite so
    advanced as today, but it was affordable.

    Good luck with your new electronic gadgets. I have no info re: your
    cantaloupe problem. I read there is a new haute cuisine restaurant on
    the Serengeti Plains. Their piece de resistance is the cantaloupe antelope.

    Granni, I've been reading about the terrible flooding in Houston. Apparently
    you escaped all that, right? What big city are you near? Just in case
    I want to check on your weather. Our weather here is pretty much the same
    all the time. Moderately warm (but occasionally hot) with a light breeze and
    no precip.

    Julie, you sure have got a lot to see to. Sound like Gpa. needs someone to
    monitor his meds and keep on eye on him. Also sounds like you are
    already too busy to do all that. I know you're trying to do everything you
    can and also trying not to run yourself ragged. How far are you from town?
    Any volunteers or church ladies or teens who could help out?

    Hugs to Springwater and Sun and Barry.
    Oh, yeah. Clarabell the Clown was Bob Keeshan aka Captain Kangaroo.
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    HI ROCK, et al !

    Just wanted to say that I remember Clarabelle the clown and all the stuff you mentioned about Bob Keeshan. However, we are about the same age. I watched Howdy Doody some when TV first came on the scene and my kids watched some Captain Kangaaroo. Now I have no idea of what the kids watch. The cartoons are not even the same as when we were kids. Not much innocent about any of it. Very sad but don't want to get into that.

    I just wanted to pop in to say hi to you Rock and maybe catch someone else I didn't catch before. I hope to get to choir practice tonight for a special mass on Friday if it doesn't rain tonight. YES, we did have a lot of heavy rain but luckily we are fairly high and we didn't have any flooding, thank goodness. There was some all around I know and a tornado warning, so it was a bad storm. It was also a very noisy !!!! Almost impossible to listen to the TV with watches and warnings going off all over the place on our phones and the TV.

    Gotta run now and do some chores before I leave tonight.

    Hugz to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Spring: Your description of your city and your feelings about the devastation touched me. Actually I think it was good for you to get out there after the time that has passed and see how people are going on the best they can. How are you and your family doing personally? I mean about securing food, water, etc?

    Mikie: Whenever I've gotten an MRI or CT scan from a facility I'm sent to I always ask right away for a copy of the xray. Most of the time lately they copy everything on a disc that the doctor can insert in his machine and read. If I wait longer than a few days, they will charge me to make it so I ask right away. And it's good for you to know that people in your complex appreciate all you are doing for them.

    Rock: that's a lot of fresh tomatoes you got picked and distributed! I know that everyone welcomes them. I read this morning that Omar Schariff has been diagnosed with alzheimers.....he's 83. Actually from my understanding a doctor can't know for sure since it can mimic waaaay too many drugs. I had 3 aunts and one uncle die from it eventually. My last remaining aunt is showing the symptoms.

    Diane: I had to do a search on the cantelope......yes it can be frozen in chunks with the seeds and rind removed. It does change the texture but it's good for a smoothy. Wow.....you guys sure have big med. bills.
    I'm so afraid I'll forget to pay my cobra bill each month so I end up paying it early. This last time I paid 2 months since I'm going to take a little trip and didn't want to screw things up.

    Julie: I pray for energy and peace for you......you've got so much on your plate with Gpa. I just don't see sis taking care of him. Is there someone you could pay to live with him to take care of him? Does medicare help?

    Granni: We're all watching the news about the flooding. I believe you mentioned that one DD lives in Houston but she's on a hill?

    And out here in dry california, I checked my stored water......yipes.....I've got some mosquitoes swimming around. I add some bleach, stirred it around, then started pouring some of the water out around plants. It seems like I'm darned if I do and darned if I don't.
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    Julie: thanks for the update. You're on my mind a lot of the time. You've been given the job of caregiver, whether you wanted it or not. I think you mentioned that maybe the dietician may be over tomorrow? I have to say...........I wouldn't want to be in your shoes. Been there with my mom and then my DH......it's incredibly stressful and hard. It's like you've turned over your life so you can extend someone else's. Send me a PM if you want to just unload.
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    Hi Kids

    Gordon went to an orchid club meeting last night. It was a club he used to
    belong to. He drops in at their meetings now and then. Only 9 people
    showed up. I guess young people just aren't interested. I wonder how
    many bridge clubs are left?

    I was going to watch an old movie today titled I'll Be Seeing You which
    was a big hit during WWII. The stars were Ginger Rogers in a dramatic
    role, Joseph Cotten and Shirley Temple who was 16; no longer an
    adorable moppet. I just read about the movie. Turns out I saw most of
    it on Turner Classics sometime in the past several months.

    Remember when Ricky and Lucy went to Hollywood? Dore Schary
    had replaced Louis B Mayer (after 27 years). Dore Schary even
    appeared in one of the episodes except it was actually an actor who
    was playing him. Anyhoo, Schary was the producer of this film. The
    plot was completely unbelievable, but one can see why it appealed to
    the audience during the war.

    Sun, you're right. That was a lot of tomatoes we picked. I checked with
    Gordon. It was 15 dozen! We called Jeff (and Buddy) twice in the last
    week to tell him to come for a visit and pick up some 'maters. No
    response. Sad to learn that Omar Schariff has Alzheimer's. I saw Dr
    Zhivago when it was new. I still think it was a great film with a wonderful
    score by the French composer Maurice Jarre. One of his 3 Oscars was
    for Zhivago.

    Granni, you're right about the cartoons (and almost everything else) being
    very different nowadays. I watched some old Roadrunner cartoons
    yesterday. They still appeal to me. I once saw some roadrunners in
    the wild. It was East of Los Angeles in the desert. There
    were 3 of them. Just standing around chatting on an on ramp to the fwy.
    They looked exactly like the road runner carvings that are imported from
    S. of the Border and sold here on Olvera Street.

    Julie, I hope things go well with Gpa's MRI. Has he had one before? I had
    one several years ago. Like my father, I became claustrophobic in my old
    age. Had to have an open machine; they are kinda hard to find.

    Have you put aside your house building efforts for the time being? I am
    always impressed with people who can build or repair stuff. Still have

    Mikie, Gordon got some kind of cord to connect his phone to the computer,
    but it didn't achieve the desired results. He went to someplace, Best Buy
    maybe, and came home with another gadget. Yes, put up a pic of
    your 7 bloomed orchid. We have a couple white catcus flowers on the
    front porch. They have a luminous quality to them. A shame the blossoms
    are so short lived. Did you get your new mattress and sleep like a baby?

    Springwater, I was reading about the 1906 earthquake that destroyed San
    Francisco. It appears that most of the destruction was not from the earthquake
    directly, but from the fires that followed. San Francisco had miles of
    underground gas pipes at the time.

    Are things settling down in Kathmandu? Are food and water available? Are
    the rescue workers still there? There were far more casualties in your
    situation than in San Francisco. All the prolonged stress must be exhausting.

    Diane, Barry, stop by when you can.

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    Hi, Kids,

    It just keeps getting better. I had to go get the cats at 6:00 because I wanted to get up. The mattress is coming and I needed to get my Epsom Salt soak and strip the old mattress. Guy called at 8:00 and said they would be out to deliver the new one between 12:30 and 3:30. That's fine. We always hope for the first thing but middle of the day is OK. I just hate being last. The bed is stripped and the sheets are in the dryer. I emptied the dishwasher and loaded a few things into it. I'll probably dust and clean the baths before the mattress is delivered. I feel so much better when I get a good night's sleep. Can't wait to see how I sleep on the new mattress.

    One woman in da hood had a large dog which was "grandfathered in" because years ago, no one enforced the rules. We do now and limit the size to 20 pounds. Most condo communities do this because it would be too much to have large dogs in such a confined area. Also, our insurance broker said the real reason for the limit is to ensure that the "aggressive" breeds are not allowed since those breeds are large dogs. I can't believe that some of our board members want to change the rules to allow larger dogs. This is like the horrible decision they made to allow commercial vehicles. They seem to want to change rules for one person against the desires of the whole community. This is going to inflame our residents. I'm getting sick of these board members who don't seem to realize they represent the entire community.

    Julie, I'm so sorry to read about what GPA's scan showed but it's better to know about it than not to know. You are such good people to care for him like you do but I know it is time and NRG consuming. I'm sure he appreciates all you do. If your dead tooth is hurting, it could abscess and really cause pain and problems. I know your plate is so full right now but it's important to take care of your needs too. Not lecturing--I know you know this but sweet, giving people like you often put everyone else's needs ahead of their own. As always, keeping you in my prayers.

    Granni, you are always on the go and do so much. I couldn't keep up with you. I thought about you when I saw all the flooding and storms in TX. I'm glad you are OK. Does the roof have to be dry before the roofer can fix it? I hope not. Geez, it's horrible having an ongoing leak. I also watched "Howdy Doody" when I was a kid. Don't get too tired with all you have to do. Sending up prayers that you stay safe from the storms.

    Sun, x-rays and scans are all digitized now and a lot of the docs and dentists like to see them on their computers; however, there are some docs who believe the old x-ray films show better detail. I can understand that when it comes to watching something like kidney stones. The CD is what the last x-ray tech told me I had to take to my doc because no one can get film anymore. He said film doesn't exist. I knew it was a lie but could do nothing about it. It was the doc who made him hand deliver the film. Are you feeling better? I hope so.

    Rock, I remember someone talking about a celeb who used to be Clarabelle but I can't remember who it was. Was it Captain Kangaroo? I hope you are dining on some of Gordon's fine cuisine. I'm glad your neck is better. I admit that I'm one of those people who says, "Knock on wood," and then I knock on my head. It has become necessary because, most of the time, there is nothing made of wood nearby like there was in the old days. Yes, x-rays and scans have been digitized but not all docs like it; some demand films. My doc falls into that category. Hope your neck stays good.

    Well, want to go read the paper. I'm late getting to it but glad I got a few things done early. Hope all y'all have a wonderful day, free from pain and fatigue and out of harm's way.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hello Everyone,

    Sorry to have been so lax in answering some of your questions but Rock has kept
    me posted.

    Sun, when I shop at the Asian markets it's for the same vegetables, Bok Choy,
    large Mustard Green, Taro, Chinese Radishes - just the usual suspects. Prices and
    freshness are better in the San Gabriel Valley than the ones in the Chinatown area.
    I usually help my working mother prepare the evening meals as I was growing up
    and I enjoy it. In the past I have made certain dishes that Rock enjoyed but he isn't
    eating much these days. I have many Chinese, Dim Sum and other cookbooks that
    like reading. My siblings and I have always help make certain Dim Sums for holidays.
    We would complaint about the large quantity we had to make but our mother would
    say, 'If you want to eat them, you have to make them'.

    Mikie, that's a very sassy looking catt. That type is called a Splash Petal because of
    the two colors in the petals. No, I don't know of a old bulb producing a flower spike.
    Most orchids only once from the bulb. That being said, there are some Cymbidiums
    that will flower multiple times from their old bulbs year after year. You have a knack
    for saving orchids and should be proud of this talent. I currently trying to save a catt
    that I bought at the auction - don't know why I bought it, yes I do. The flower is an
    alba green (no red pigmentation), the lip has feathery fringe and it has a fragrance.
    Wish me luck!!!

    I have purchased a Memory Card Reader and know transfer photos from the phone
    to the computer without using up the Data balance (I have a prepaid phone). So,
    now I'm upload a photo of the cherry tomatoes we picked yesterday - we picked
    over 188 of them. I'm also posting a photo of an orchid, a Lycaste, that Jim had
    blooming the last time I visited. I don't know too much about them and have not
    attempted to grow them. I kill enough of them already. Our club auction was a
    success. They made $5 thousand dollars, two more than last year. We had a good
    turnout. I bought three, two epis and the above mentioned orchid.

    Well, I think I babbled enough.

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  11. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    My new mattress arrived and I've finally put the bed back together. Tonight will be the acid test. My friend, Nancy, called me just as I was finishing my lunch after the delivery guys left and said she needed a ride to the eye doc as her ride fell through. Of course, I was glad to be of help to her; she is such a sweet person. She had cataract surgery five weeks ago and her eye is still swollen and blury. She will be OK but won't have the usual good vision one normally has following cataract surgery. She still has the other eye and the doc said it will likely swell up too after surgery. She's no worse off than she was because she's always had to wear trifocals but she was hoping to ditch them after the surgery. She's the one who had a horrible resistant infection following back surgery. This woman has suffered! She is one of the strong women friends I mentioned whom I admire.

    While on the phone with her earlier this morning, she mentioned some kind of illegal looking wire running from the telephone utility box into someone's unit. Another older neighbor, who has a difficult time getting around, almost tripped over it. Had to try to find out about it. Mgr. called tenant living in the unit and he didn't know anything about it. Evidently, the phone co. sometimes does this while waiting for their crews to put in new cable. Well, it's been two weeks and that's long enough. This is the kind of stuff I have to deal with but it comes with the territory. So, with everything going on, I'm a bit tuckered out.

    Gordon, soooo good to hear from you. I used the color of my orchid for your name so you could find yourself among my usual long-winded chatter. I always say I post "War and Peace" responses; Rock calls them Warren Peace. I think Warren was a writer. ;) That's a fine looking catt you posted. Very unusual looking. If it weren't for your help, I would have had no success at all with orchids and I'll always be grateful. I sent up a little prayer that you can save your orchid. It sounds so lovely. I lean toward the green and the orange blossoms. That said, however, I wasn't prepared for the spectacular purple blooms on that catt. It's fully out and I need to get a pic before the blooms start to dry up. Thanks for identifying it for me. It's the only one I have with multiple blooms on one stem. All my other orchids, the catts I bought last year and the little started ones I bought at HD, are putting out new leaves. I can't wait for more blooms. Congrats on the success of your orchid club. Wish I had one close by but just can't drive to attend mtgs. Also, I think the ones on this side of the state are small clubs. The big one affiliated with the orchid society is over on the East Coast of FL.

    I use the charging cord for my phone as a cable to directly upload my pics to my computer. The end I plug into the wall comes apart and has a USB plug inside. I use no data to do this either. In fact, I never use data. I'll probably only use it if I get lost in my car and need to use the navigation. While at Orlando, DD downloaded an Orlando App for her iPhone and it guided us all through the park. As big and confusing as that place is, we needed it. Wish I were there to taste your yummy cooking. Mom is right; if you want to eat it, you have to fix it. Thanks again for sharing and for all your help.

    Think I should go and try to unwind. This day has been physically demanding and mentally stressful. I'll do another Epsom Salt soak before climbing into clean sheets on my new bed.

    Love, Mikie
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    An update for you all !

    We have not floated away and are doing fine. We did have more rain last night but it is fine now. DH should have told the roofer to come today as it looks really nice at this time. When he spoke to him this morning it probably looked just terrible I told DH to tell him to come tomorrow unless it rains then give a little time to dry off that day if possible . I think the roofer did pick up the stuff he needs. There was thunder this morning early but didn't seem like a lot of rain but however, the rain gauge said a little over 3 inch. I would say that was quite a bit of rain. My kids seem to be doing fine that live in Houston and one in the Dallas /Ft Worth area. No one lives on a hill but they have apparently pretty good drainage.

    We must be celebrities what with the flooding it is all over the news. Even got a e-mail from my sis in law who we don't hear from to often. I also got one from one of my nursing school classmates who now lives in VT who was wondering about us.

    I went to a luncheon this morning and it was interesting to talk to those who did have some flooding problems in their home or around their property. One gal had a tree fall into the house but not through the roof. I hope she gets it off thee pronto. The Houston area had more rain this morning I think , just what they didn't need. We need a bit of break from the rain and Houston and affected areas in general. Why doesn't some of it go to California where their drought is !!

    ROCK - Wow that is a lot of tomatoes and they looked so good. Wish we could have some :)!! The tastes so much better than what gotten in the grocery stores. That flower is so beautiful. Thanks for posting. That Lycaste orchid is so beautiful. it is almost like a daffodil from what I could see, gorgeous. In answer to your question. We are closest to Houston but not that close. Houston is a pretty big place. We are at least an hour from our daughter and son.

    MIKIE - Hang in there girl with all your duties :)!! Yes, The person who played Clarabelle the clown was Bob Keeshan or Captain Kangaroo. It is funny how sometimes the oldest things ate sometimes the most familiar :)!! I was posting and see you also was posting. Glad you got your mattress and hope that it be good for your back and body in general.

    JULIE - Hang in there . Sorry to hear about Gpa's problems that they have found through the MRI's. Sorry to hear about his TIA's or small strokes . Hope the medication will help him along with the diet for lowering the blood sugar , at least some. Hope things start to getting better for him little by little so he can help himself more.

    Hugs to SUN, DIANE, ELAINE, and so many of my dear PORCHIES. My brain can't remember anything from anyone else right now.

    Granni :)
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    MIKIE - P.S. - Of course it your decision to make about resigning or not. You have to do what is the best for your health. However, hopefully you will stick with it as it seems like you have the most common sense than some of those people. I can imagine though what a hard decision it is or will be for you if they go that route to change the doggie law. Hope the votes go the way you desire which I think would be the best thing for your hood but you can only do what you can.

    Hope your ES soak and new bed will take some of the hurt and stress out of your body.

    Hugz to you and all,
    Granni :)
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Everydobby,

    Slept well on the new mattress but am still having hip and leg pain. It started when I weaned off the Special K and was exacerbated when I raised the head of the bed. I believe the source of the pain has nothing to do with the bed but the bed can affect the pain level. I will be doing some home PT to try to get this under control. Guys delivering the new mattress ran into my living room fan and it now wobbles. I have to call the store to see whether they can get someone out to fix it. I really could use a new fan in here; this one came with the condo. If the store can repair it, fine; if not and they replace it for me, even better. I think the bed will work out well. I just need to try to fix this hip and leg pain. Yesterday was physically and mentally demanding and that is never a good thing for us. I went to bed at 7:00 p.m. Got up at 5:00 and got back into bed. Cats got in bed with me but I couldn't sleep so got up.

    I may go over to the pool to walk in the shallow end. I was planning on repotting plants down in the atrium but forgot that the sprinklers ran during the night. Everything will be soaked down there. I'd be better off cleaning the baths in here and resting. I did get my dusting done yesterday but little else. Still, any time I can be of help to my friends and neighbors, it's a good day. Nancy's eye appt., which usually takes forever, was fast and we were outta there. She said I'm her lucky charm. That's a first! :)

    I was in bed last evening and got two phone calls. People just don't think. I should not be bothered in the evenings by this stuff. These people should be calling mgmt. I don't answer the phone. I've hinted that they could call mgmt. but, obviously, they would rather call me. One was about a tall tree which was rubbing on a roof and the other caller didn't say what was wrong. When I return those calls today, I'm going to tell them about the resident and two or three board members who are considering raising the dog weight limit. I want people in here to let the board members know how they feel about this before these board members get carried away and demand a board mtg. to change the rule.

    Granni, it's always a relief to know you are OK. These storms have been awful and the ensuing flooding so destructive. It was heartbreaking to see on TV about the family which lost the mother and two kids when the waters floated the house off the piers and sent it over trees and down the river. More damage is caused here by water during hurricanes than by wind. I think that tornados are the most destructive overall. Are we seeing more destructive storms? Is it cyclic or climate change? There is no doubt that the warming waters cause more, or worse, storms. I hope the roofer can get the roof fixed for you. What a pain! :( Interesting that you mention sending the excess water to CA. One person in the newspaper suggested that we need to build a pipeline to carry water to the drought stricken areas from those which are getting too much rain.

    Sir Vester is lazily playing with his little toy which has a ball that rolls around a track. Sometimes, he just stops playing and rolls over on his back and goes to sleep. Now, Tweety is playing with it. She just wrapped herself around the leg of the coffee table and was rabbit kicking it with her back feet while reaching out to smack Sir Vester in the face with her front paw. She is trying to egg him on into having a smackdown. I'm going to read the paper online and then, the sun will be up and I'll go out on the lanai with them to enjoy the morning. I'll be back later today. Until then, I bid all y'all a fond farewell.

    Love, Mikie
  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    We'll see how this thing is acting now. It was in a bad mood so I shut it off for
    a while. Like Granni, I had sticking keys. Funny how that malady comes and
    goes. Sometimes I think it's gone for good, but no, the malady lingers on.

    Mikie, You last sentence reminded me of Robert E. Lee's farewell address. And
    maybe you were thinking of same. I used to have an album of Civil War music
    that included Lincoln's Gettysburg address and Lee's Farewell address. Once
    I memorized both of them. Now I only remember a few phrases. The last
    sentence from Lee (which I looked up) was: With an unceasing admiration
    of your constancy and devotion to your Country, and a grateful
    remembrance of your kind and generous consideration for myself,
    I bid you all an affectionate farewell. Lee was a man of high principles
    and good morals, but he sure got a lotta men maimed and killed. Grant
    was a hard drinker who failed at almost everything he did except being a
    General. In his first 6 months of leading the US Army he lost 50,000

    Glad to hear you slept well. Hope those pains go away. Sorry to hear you were
    injured during the delivery process. What was it again? You were doing a fan
    dance, and the movers got carried away?

    Yes, you're right about wood disappearing from our homes, Mikie. Plastic and
    other synthetics have replaced wood, glass, ceramics, cloth, metal, paper and
    things too fierce to mention. The big problem, of course, is the disposal of
    same. We need a bigger planet or fewer people.

    Julie, is your tooth still aching? One of my bridge playing friends, an
    Episcopal Priest of all things, used to repeat a favorite riddle. Left
    over from his childhood maybe. What time is it when the Chinaman goes
    to the dentist? Answer: Tooth hurty.

    I never did understand that business about the tooth is dead. Well, if it's
    dead, how come it hurts so much?

    Hugs to Diane, Granni, Barry, Springwater, Sun, et. al.
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    DIANE and JULIE - I think that is a correct UN for MICKY. When DIANE spelled it FIBROMYCKSTER or something like that it didn't look right. However, when JULIE substituted the Y for the I it looked right. Crazy huh !!! Well, I think we solved that mystery :)!!! Good thinking both of you.

    Hope everyone is doing OK without to much stress. JULIE, that is interesting with Gpa and his symptoms. Looks like more than one thing going on there. Is Gpa or anyone planning on telling sis Gpa's plans for staying at your house? Wonder if he will change his mind in the end feeling bad for her. Crazy situation. Hope they find out his problems and wonder if those TIA's are causing some of his symptoms.

    Hoped to be able to stay on here awhile but DH needs he puter so I'm off again and maybe back on later.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just checking in. Our young landscaper mgr. just left. He likes to visit with me. He's a great kid and we talked about what he needs to do to bring up his game in order to get our hurricane tall tree trimming contract next year. I think after the merger is complete in his co., things will improve. I told him that I want nothing more than to see that happen. I was glad to see him ask what he can do. It shows he wants to do better. I just hope I'm still here for a while.

    There has been nothing in the e-mails this morning. The instigators are likely e-mailing each other. I've talked to five people and asked them to e-mail the board to say they are not in favor of allowing bigger dogs. I also asked them to spread the word. Hopefully, this too shall pass. Yesterday was so stressful that I'm not doing anything today. I'm still waiting for the delivery service mgr. to call me about the fan. I'm going to just play it by ear. If they want to put in a new fan, which I think would be the easiest, fine. If they come out and fix it, fine. Either way, I need my fan. In the afternoons, when it is scorching out, the fan really helps when the A/C is struggling to keep it cool in here.

    Rock, my computer just had the sticking problem but it didn't last long. I just hate it and don't have a clue as to what causes it. I live in Lee County in FL and he is touted as a real gentleman soldier. Despite losing the Civil War (known as the War of Northern Aggression in the South) Confederate War heroes are honored everywhere down here and across the South. I'd find it funny except for the fact that that war was sooooo horrible and bloody. Even today, some Southern States have an effort to secede from the Union. Good grief! Some in FL want to split the state up near Orlando into North Florida and South Florida. I hope we don't fight a civil war in our state. :) In these crazy political days, anything can happen. Glad I'm too old, sick and out of shape to be drafted. I'm laughing about being a fan dancer. I'm too old and out of shape for that too. If I have to vote for a bigger world or fewer people, I'd cast my vote for fewer people. BTW, my orchid is in full bloom and I took pics but haven't uploaded them to the computer. It has a fresh smell and our landscaper said it smelled like "happy."

    Julie, boy oh boy, have you had your hands full. I'm so glad, though, that GPA is in your capable and loving hands. How sad that he is worrying about his daughter who is obviously a self-centered survivor. If only she worried half as much about him. It sounds to me as though the sugar is coming down just as the doc wanted it to. I hope the symptoms go away too. Once he is stabilized, he may be less concerned and just be able to enjoy where he is. You have certainly done everything to make his life better and happier. I don't think there are any payoffs involved in what is going on in da hood. Both of the crazy board members are passive aggressive and are needy for attention. I believe they get their jollies by defying me. Not me, personally, but me the perceived authority figure. They want to show me that they have no respect for my opinions nor my position. The good thing is that, the longer they keep this up, the more foolish they look. The young woman may have to give up her seat on the board for personal reasons and, while I don't want her to have personal problems, I'd like to see her leave. Without her egging him on, the other crazy may be less of a problem. I hope so. Either way, I'm not leaving myself open to this stress. Things will work out or I'll be gone from the board. I hope things work out so I can do what I've set out to do. As always, I hope you are getting some time for yourself.

    I'm gonna go relax and hope no one else comes by. I look like crap. Glad y'all can't see me. :confused: Have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well, I am baaack again at least for awhile. The roofer is still up there working hard. Hope it works. We are supposed to have more rain tomorrow. Hope it is not really heavy and in the evening when we are supposed to go to church for that special Mass for the 25th anniversary Mass for our Pastor and the choir director has let me sing. I did get to at least one of the practices. None of the music is difficult just some of the Spanish and going back and from the from English to Spanish and back and forth.

    MIKIE - Glad you got no more e-mails from those troublemakers or ones that like to be in the limelight. Hope things get better for you so you can keep your position as I know that you are doing a very good job, or trying very hard to. Yes, I am sure that the one person egging on the other can be a lot of the problem. Just one usually can't cause to much of a ruckus . Well they can. but maybe not quite a bad. Hope things settle down for you . I understand what you said about not leaving you open for all this stress if they continue on. Unfortunately it is their loss, the HOOD, and the board..

    Have to check my computer to see if I still have the list my D D sent from Houston who is going with one of the twins and his youth group from church to help with the mission. They need all kinds of donations so I have to go check to see if I can find the list. I will tell her what to buy so they don't have to drive up her to pick up any of the stuff. I know some of it is food like big bags of rice and beans and I know they need tennis shoes for men but I have forgotten a lot of the other stuff. Oh underwear for men I think is on the list.

    Yay - no rain today but more is on the way tomorrow they said. GREAT - Just what we don't really need. Wish they could send the water over to SUN and ROCK and anybody else that needs it.

    Hugz to all my dear Porchies not mentioned !
    Granni :)
  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: Poor Gpa. Sometimes when I get to worrying about one of my family members, it will get out of hand. Then I have to remind myself that if I wasn't around anymore they would survive just fine without me. Honestly, you're going to have to talk to Gpa about this thought. Ask him what she expects him to do for her? We all know she's looking at him as the giant burden to her. And, you've got to be the best DIL God ever created.

    Mikie: I'm happy to read the mattress is helping a little. I've found that for me it takes a good 2-3 weeks of healing when I've done something to screw up my neck or back. It's taken me a long time but now I ask myself HOW could I get hurt if I did........! That usually stops me. Except for the medallion painting......it's done a # on my neck and shoulder/arm. I was in terrible pain for 3 days.....having to resort to ice, heat, and tramadol. I was about 3/4 finished with them and was going to just give them back to my SIL with instructions on how to do the faux painting. Then I waited 2 days, staring at them on my table. So I put one on my kitchen counter which is higher, worked for about 10 min. at a time and thru the day I was able to finish them. They picked them up....happy......and I told my SIL adamantly that he would have to do the 2 coats of painting on the larger one he's got ordered. He told me he didn't know how to do the faux painting so I said he could bring back the painted one and I would faux it.

    By the way, why not pass out a 3 x 5 card to everyone....telling them your "on call" hours and NOT to call you unless they absolutely cannot get in touch with the manager and it's LIFE THREATENING. Me thinks you're just too nice. Remind them that it's a volunteer unpaid job you have and the manager gets $$.

    Hi Gordon: I love dimsum but know it's hard work. That was great that you learned to cook by helping your mom. My younger son loved to look, starting to make pancakes when he was only 9. Then he branched out to side dishes and then dinners. We really thought he would become a chef, but didn't go in that direction. Good thing he knows how to cook because my DIL doesn't lift a finger in the kitchen. He has to make their food for the week on sunday so they would something to EAT. This really annoys me since he works until 9:30 PM

    Rock: When I was in HS I think I read a ton of civil war novels......favoring the south. My Dad's family lived in the Shenandoah valley since the late 1600s so I guess I was a sympathizer. I used to know every battle, who won, how many died....etc. Now forget it, I don't remember much.

    I've ordered some heavy duty waterproof small bags from a company, hoping this will be usable for an ice pack for around my neck. Plan on dropping it, filled with crushed ice, into a knee sock with velcroe. I figure that I could travel with this ice pack, since most places would have ice. I'm also debating about purchasing one of those old hand held ice cube crushers I found on Ebay. I used to have one but darn if I can find it now. Even called one son to see if he's got it. I've also found a sunbeam heating pad that fits around the neck and shoulders, dry or moist heat. Hoping that these things work for me.

    Granni: I guess we were both posting. Hope the roofer gets it right this time! Where is the mission trip going to?

    Speaking of water, I checked my containers.......bad news......mosquito larvae swimming around. So I did a search on what I could use, and came up with a little tea tree oil floated in the water or a little soap.....I did both.......and seems like that did the trick.
  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    We just got back from the library. Gordon took half a dozen books to the
    check out counter. Was told it would take 15 minutes to check out one of
    the books because it was so old.

    It wasn't old. It was published in 2003. I've had a card with the LA library
    system since the 1970s. Never heard such nonsense before. You had only to
    talk to this person briefly to realize her pool table was missing a few pockets.
    I really am fed up with the modern world. No matter where you look,
    incompetence stalks the land.

    On a brighter note the jacarandas are in bloom. Clouds of lavender. The
    leaves fall off the tree when they bloom which makes the color all the more
    visible. One street in East Hollywood had jacarandas and underneath them
    lilies of the Nile that were in bloom. Both lavender.

    We stopped so Gordon could run into Albertson's market and get some
    lunch. This time I was careful not to engage in risky conduct such as
    turning my head to look out the window.

    Julie, does Gpa need a caretaker? Doesn't the county or Medicare or
    some agency provide same? I don't see how you can continue to
    take care of him and do all the over stuff you do. Probably you don't
    either. Does Keira like BLTs? I would send her a whole box of
    tomatoes if it were practical.

    Sun, did you ever see the movie or the musical Shenandoah? Jimmy
    Stewart was in the movie. The musical had some great songs. I've
    read lots of books on the Civil War. I think it was 5-6 years ago
    I read about two of my relatives who played minor roles in the
    assassination of Lincoln drama. I posted about same back then, so
    will not repeat (unless, of course, there is a widespread outcry for
    same). Ha Ha!

    Mikie, contrary to your post, you don't look so bad. (I have that new
    app where you can see what posters look like. It's called Spy A W-eye-ll.)
    If your landscaper thinks an orchid smells "happy", I'd say he has a
    poetic streak. Your experience on the board reminds me of work. I
    used to hate meetings. They generally managed to be boring as
    Andy Warhol's movie "Sleep". (Five hours of watching a guy
    sleep.) On the other hand, most of the meetings I attended
    accomplished absolutely nothing.

    Micky, hope you drop in again. It was so nice to hear from you. My memory
    has gone with the snows of yesterday. I don't remember your user name, but
    I remember your actual surname was unusual. Not as unusual as Doris
    Day's real name: Doris von Kappelhoff. Gale Storm also had a real pip:
    Josephine Owaissa Cottle.

    Gotta go, Kids. It's nap time for the very young and the very old.

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