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    I'll be back. In the meantime, y'all sit and enjoy some lemonade.

    Be sure to go back to #822 to read new posts.

    Thank you all for your good wishes for my feeling better. I am tired but actually feeling better than when I got up. I know I made the right call about not exercising when I had trouble breathing. I did manage to pick things up around the condo and finish washing the bedding from the kids' visit. Asst. mgr. stopped by to get a key to our pool pump room. We are getting bids to refinish the pool and I dread how much it's gonna cost. He is also getting bids to redo the paver bricks on the pool deck. Last pres. always took the lowest bid and it's all coming back to bite us in the you-know-what now. I like this new asst. mgr. He is looking to get things done right. I told people at one of our Tues. mtgs. that we weren't going to continue to do things on the cheap and have to redo them later. What a mess I've walked into.

    Granni, you can try some olive oil or Wesson to try to remove the sticky stuff on the windows. It may or may not work but you have nothing to lose. If it doesn't work, you can get the Goo Gone. I've also had good luck with finger nail polish remover. Sounds as though your kids are having fun in Vegas. I just had half of one of the strip steaks and it was delicious. I try to shop carefully so I can eat well without spending a fortune. Sounds as though you've been busy. I keep forgetting to buy cucumbers at the store. I love them.

    Sun, so good to see you visiting the Porch. Your Jackson Pollock day sounds like such fun. I've always wanted to do some splash art but have no place I can make a mess. It's in the 90's every day here now. At least, today and for the rest of the week, it will be in the low 90's and not the mid 90's. I think when people go into long-term care facilities, they have to spend down their assets and then go on Medicaid. If they are married, the spouse can stay in the home and keep some $$$'s in the bank. If the spouse dies, Medicaid comes after reimbursement. Some people try to transfer assets to their kids but, if it's been less than five years, Medicaid can still come after reimbursement. I play quick picks on LOTTO. Statistically, the quick picks win more often. I figure that the $1 for a ticket is one of the cheapest forms of entertainment one can buy, just imagining how to spend the money should one get a winner.

    Laundry is done, dishwasher is unloaded, kitchen is cleaned up and I've picked up the rest of the condo. I also cleaned the guest bath. Kids didn't make a mess in there but I always clean after people leave. Lanai is what really needs cleaning. Cats aren't that messy but the lanai is just hard to clean. It's also too hot out to be cleaning outside.

    My friend/neighbor called me. Her son is in chemo therapy for lung cancer and is really sick. I've been praying for him every day. He's lost 50 lbs. It must be so hard for a mother to have to witness that. I keep all of us in my FL Family and my Online Family in my prayers, as well as my own family. So many of us need prayer. I love it that our Online Family is always here on the Porch, ready to offer support. Thank you all.

    Love, Mikie
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    I just read about the warnings about ibuprofen, etc. I take a lot of it when I'm in pain, which is most of the time.
    I went to an arthritis exercise class this morning, second time. Everyone tells me the pain and stiffness will get better if I keep it up. I sure hope so.


    Granni: My mom used to fix cucumbers by slicing them thin, and putting mixture of cider vinegar with a little sugar and pepper on them. Pop into the frig for about 30 min. to chill. I think this was an old european way of fixing them.

    Mikie: I'm sorry to read about your friend's son. That's a lot of weight to lose. I'm assuming he's probably eating a tad or less.......I fixed smoothies for my DH using whipping cream, protein powder, l/2 banana, maybe some blueberries, peaches, whatever. I even tried adding some cottage cheese and plain yogurt to it.....he could almost eat with a spoon. And I never tried it but I'll bet this could be slightly frozen too.
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    SUN - Thanks for the info on NSAIDS. DH told me about he had heard that about IBU. That means he probably will take one again :)!!LOL He sometimes tends to go overboard on these things. Of course he doesn't have chronic pain like ALL the time. Maybe I will start to take more Aspirins like they mentioned before. Of course I take GSE and that is also a blood thinner so I guess I need to be careful about that too. I told my DH that is mostly for people taking it all the time or an awful lot. He takes a couple of IBU maybe once a month - just a guess or maybe less. I try not to take to many so lately I haven't taken to many of them either. Not a whole lot helps me so I will probably just suffer the way I do most of the time. We'll see if aspirin helps much. We all do what we can. The whole thing with us is we both have hi b/p but mine is a lot more than his. Have fun tomorrow with your "painting":)!!

    MIKIE - Glad you are doing a little better today and decided to rest in between your minor housework.

    JULIE - Thinking about you with all your goings on. Hope the little family is doing OK especially Lindsey with her driving all that way to the in laws. Drop in when you can.

    I wanted to pop in as I saw that MIKIE closed down the old porch and I wanted to get onto the new one and click on so I can get the posts to come onto my phone and computer.

    Thinking of our Porchies and old and new and all our MIA's. Please check the end of our last volume for posts like mine , MIKIE's and others.

    See you all later, alligators :)!! After awhile crocodile !!

    Granni :)
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    So sorry about G pa Julie. Hope he will be OK, probably so. DH used to have those darn nose bleeds a lot growing up and later on for awhile too. They used to have to pack DH's nose to stop it years ago. Let us know how he is later and if you hear any more from Lindsay or David on their situation. Good nite everyone !!!

    Love to you and awl,
    Granni :)
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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    OMG, Julie, what a day you put in. I pray for all of us but just sent up a special prayer for you and GPA and the rest of your family. I had those kind of nosebleeds as a kid and remember them well. Did the ENT give you anything you can use to stop the bleeding yourself if he gets another one? Seems a shame you have to drive so far when this happens. I love my new ENT and am glad I found him. He's also a plastic and reconstruction surgeon so, if I ever do hit the LOTTO, I can get a neck lift. My old one is worn out and it's time to redo it. The rest of my face looks good but I have puppet lines from edges of my lips to my chin, like Ronald Reagan. Actually, I could do the fillers but they don't last and I can't afford them. Oh, Vanity, thy name is Mikie. But, I digress...I think it's wonderful that GPA can mow some of your place. That could take some of the burden off of your shoulders; Lord knows you could use it. As always, I hope this craziness comes to an end and you can get some much needed rest.

    Sun, thanks for the suggestion for my friend's son. I'll pass it on. Her DS's wife is directing his care and I'm not sure what kind of relationship the two women have. She asked me about Marijuana pills. I told her it depends on the state in which one lives but that if it is legal for medicinal purposes, they should ask about the one with the THC removed. It might help with the nausea. He takes meds for that but they don't seem to work. It seems to me that she is resigned to letting the cancer have its way. Even in the darkest of times, there is something to laugh about. When she asked me about the MJ, she wanted info on whatever med looks like glass that one heats up and injects. I just about spit out my water. I told her she might be thinking of crystal meth, cocaine or heroin and that she didn't want those. She was once walking her little dog and came back and asked me why the neighbors across the pond in back were all sitting around and sucking on a rubber hose connected to a big glass vase. Seems our neighbor throws MJ parties and has a bong. The parties get a bit loud but are always over early. Now I know why. I hope the exercise helps with your aches and pains. I believe they will.

    Granni, I need to check out the website too. I use Ibu when I have body aches. I reach for the Aceta when I have a headache. From what I remember, Ibu is hard on the kidneys and Aceta on the liver. When my poor body hurts, I'll take 800 mgs. of Ibu and usually don't have to take it again. One can take 2400 mgs. in 24 hrs. but I never have to. Hitting it hard in the beginning seems to do the trick. After the mycoplasma infection triggered my CFIDS/ME back in 1990, I eventually felt better but was left crippled and in pain in my hips and legs for months. The doc prescribed 800 mg. tablets of the Ibu and I was to take it every 8 hrs. It worked to get rid of the pain back then. Of course, I was never the same again and developed FMS following an accident in 1999. I want to get a cucumber so I can make the Sassy Water with it, lemon and ginger. Lemon helps keep the digestion from being too acidic and the ginger is good for digestion. Did you get the sticker stuff off the windows? Hope so.

    Rock, I suspect you are online but forgot to check when I was in that screen. I slept deeply from midnight til 5:00 this morning. Of course, I napped like a champ yesterday so I've actually gotten some good sleep. I needed it. I'm still a bit tired so won't be running any marathons today.

    Everydobby, I ordered "Go Set A Watchman" by Harper Lee from Amazon. It had downloaded by the time I woke up. Can't wait to read it. I didn't get through the free book I downloaded yesterday about the author and both books. The special on PBS featured her friends and other authors. Everyone spoke about her writing style and, when I reread some of "To Kill A Mockingbird" in the free book, I realized that is part of what kept me rapt in it. Her writing rolls off the mind's tongue like smooth liquor but is never predictable. Her use of local Southern jargon pops off the page and gives a real flavor of what it must have been like growing up in that place and time. She made enough money never to have to write again. People lamented that that may be why she didn't write another book and how sad that was. In a way, it's nice that she had a good life but what other wonderful books might she have written if she weren't so comfortable? "Go Set A Watchman" was written first and believed lost until discovered last year.

    I have a condo mtg. this morning. I'm anxious to hear our asst. mgr. tell about the progress he has made in getting bids to do the repair to our pavers and to refinish the interior of our pool. I just hope our regular mgr. has done a good job of calculating how much it will cost every two years as she said she has done to adjust our budget. She tends not to be reliable in that area and is one reason we are in a financial fix. The treasurer and I have our work cut out for us. Evidently, a salt system, instead of chlorination, is the way to go but it's more expensive in the beginning. It is supposed to extend the life of the pool exterior by twice. If it's too expensive, we simply can't do it. I've been praying for help in getting our hood in order, financially and repairwise.

    Well, Kids, I'm going to go read the paper online before I have to hop into the shower. I hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Here's a question for you. What country has a flag that is red, white and blue;
    celebrates its birthday in July; and defeated a tyrannical king in the 1700s?
    Yes, that's right! The answer is France, and today is Bastille Day, its birthday.

    Well, I said I was going to send the money from the old savings bond my mother
    left me to the museum fund in my brother's home town. I waited 3 weeks to do it
    because I didn't want to send a germ laden check that would spread the mini-
    epidemic. Is that an oxymoron? To minimize the possibility of spreading germs,
    I did not send a letter with the check.

    But, illustrating that some projects seem to be cursed, when I went to the computer
    to send my brother an e mail, I discovered zee computer was mort, as zee French
    zay. We had to get a new monitor. It is 4 inches wider than the old one. Reminds
    me of the early 50s when we had to adjust to cinemascope at the movies. As some
    of the early commentators said about the new process, "It's perfect if you're making
    a film about a submarine or a really large cigar."

    Julie, I can understand why you are exhautinized. All the physical work and the
    emotional stress. I hope you have a quiet day today. It appears to me that it's
    ridiculous for Gpa to want to mow and for Sis not to mow. But I'm not on the
    scene so I'll say no mow. :eek:

    Granni, I didn't know that grape seed extract was a blood thinner. I took that for
    several years at the urging of Jaminhealth. Seemed to help for while. Then the
    effect kinda wore off.

    Mikie, I think you're right about buying good quality and hiring competent
    people. Having to do stuff over 'cause it wasn't done right the first time is
    expensive and a pain in the rumble seat. BRB (Be right back.) Don't
    wear yourself out, Kiddo.

    OK, had to go check on noises. Sounded like someone was breaking in.
    Investigation reveals the noise is unexplained, but coming from across the
    street. I also discovered Gordon's brother has gone to work. He gets up
    at anywhere from 3 to 5 AM. His hours vary.

    I think we are going to the library today. I took out two DVDs and they
    can only be checked out for 4 days. I don't think I'll be in a rush to check
    out anymore. They're pretty tricky to play in the computer. Well, sometimes
    it's tricky. Other times not. Modern technology is so perplexiatin'.

    Hugs Kids

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    Hi, Rock,

    I knew I'd just miss you on the Porch. Glad you stopped by. I'm just waiting to go to the condo mtg. I got myself cleaned up so my work is done. I hope you end up liking the new monitor. When I got my new big flat screen, big but not HUGE, it took some getting used to. I didn't feel as though I could take in this strange new vista. I new it as Bastille Day. I need to say, "Happy Bastille Day," to woman downstairs who came here from France 38 yrs. ago. Her accent is still so thick that no one who doesn't speak French can understand her. He also retains his British accent over 38 yrs. They take umbrage if anyone thinks they are just off the boat. They love living here and being Americans. People think our whole system of government is from Britain but it is based on France. France has been a friend and gave us our Statue of Liberty as a gift. I seem to be the only American who wasn't abused by them when I traveled there, based on conversations with friends. I think I'll celebrate today by having a little cake as in, "Let them eat cake," supposedly uttered by Marie Antoinette.

    I had better get my notebook to ensure we cover what needs coverin' at the mtg.

    Love, Mikie
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    MIKIE - Good luck at your condo meeting. Hope all goes well for you so you can get the hood back in order. Glad that you are feeling somewhat better. Let us know how it went.

    ROCK - Glad you made it to the Porch today. I still take GSE and give to DH. It is supposed to help some with B/p I read and as well have lots of antioxidants that may help us from getting sick or at least help us to not get as sick. I don't know how you can tell if it is not working at all. Maybe if you are sick all the time. If so try upping the dosage. I do think it has helped me some. between that and the flu shots. There again it depends on each individual person and the effects can be different in each. Thanks for letting us know about Bastille Day. Now I can go on with my day :)!! LOL Very interesting though. Hope you and Gordon's colds are doing better.

    DH is at his Tuesday meeting and probably lunch out so I have my computer to myself for awhile anyway. I guess SUN is busy having fun throwing paint around :)!!!

    JULIE - You certainly never want for something to do. Besides the usual chores and family I think things lots of things seems to flock your way especially since you are such a sweetheart and want to do so much for others. Glad that you got G pa taken care of with his nose bleed. Don't let anyone talk you into going back there and mowing his grass. Somehow I can't see you know who getting up on that mower to do it.

    I hope the kids hear soon one way or the other about the possible job offer for David. That just has to be so hard for all of them. I' they don't make a decision soon they might just want to come home rather than go so far out of their way even if it is to see David's parents. I know it is to bad that the house now seems to be having so many problems happening plus the mold situation. Driving that distance has got to be difficult with those young ones by herself.

    SPRING WATER - Hope you are doing OK and that it isn't to awfully hot for you especially with your electricity/ and probably lack of a/c problem plus everything else. It is very hot here , mid 90's but at least we have a/c to come into most of the time. We try and do everything we need to do in the morning outside and then stay in in the afternoon - as much as we can that is. Drop a post when you can. Hope there have been no more after shocks for you and all.

    Gotta run for now and try and do a few other things on the computer and then off the computer. Still need to try and remove that sticky stuff from the door.

    Thinking about everydobby - DIANE, QUINN, ELAINE, JOAN et al,

    Granni :)
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    Hello all

    Its been very hot, humid, and thus sticky. That is my idea of a nightmare. Cant wait for winter. I dont want to spend my life waiting for something else. Really need to do some self talk and meditations which will help me 'just deal' with the kind of situation i dont like.

    We have been installing some new closets, got in the carpenter who was putting in the odds and ends here, and ugh! the noise....the mess is something else. The DH wanted the closets. I would hv rather not have to deal with workmen swarming around and all that. Besides the paint smell.

    So as you can see, not much is up here other than usual. I ve been wanting to go get myself some out clothes, the ones i have hv been worn to ..well worn out. Fading, etc. i need pure cotton, thin so as to soak up sweat and let my skin breathe but they make a lot of clothes user friendly by mixing with other fabrics so one doesn't hv to iron but its a no no for me. I think Mikie and Rocks Gordon will understand my aversion to hot weather.

    Julie - been thinking of you..all that mowing, i think i would hv let the grass grow wild and go jump and play in it taking Oreo. Play hide and seek and what not. I do that here but hide behind doors and different rooms..its fun to peek and watch the dogs scamper in and sniff the air trying to find me. And then startle them by leaping on them from behind. Its fun, and they go mad, running like crazy in circles, hahahaha.

    Im sorry granpa is still having trouble and you have to deal with so much. I just pray it all works out soon to everyones betterment.

    Sun - it kind of occured to me we take it for granted when we are well. Your mentioning ibuprofen etc reminded me that for all my lack of energy etc..i havent felt the need to take anything because of pain..which is a blessing..i well remember the times i used to suffer from migraines which left me nauseous..and terrible urinary cramps when getting my periods. Also, getting very moody and cranky...well, those arent there now. But i do need to build up my energy levels, the slumps started since the earthquake and my missing doing meditation. We were busy running down and on the alert. Meditation went to the winds and my bouts of energy slumps sneaked in.

    I love the time you spend with your grandkids..esp with your granddaughter. Getting her books etc.

    Rock - i didnt know Gordons brother had moved back in. I hope Gordon and uou are over your coughs? A tale of two cities..is a book whose ending made me literally cry..i was in ninth grade i think...when i think of Bastille Day, an image of a ferocious french lady shrieking revenge comes i to my mind. We had to live thru the Maoist uprising, i understand how an ordinary person can turn into a person capable of bloodthirsty acts because of being swept on a wave of public emotions.

    Mikie - you do so much inspite of feeling not upto par. Presiding over a board meeting is the last thing i would want to do when im aching and feeling none too perky.

    Maybe Harper Lee was born just to write that one book. Thats why she never wrote another after the two. My daughter loved it, but her friend didnt. I hv yet to read it. An Indian author ARundhati Roy wrote a Booker prize book, The God of Small things and then said she didnt think she had it in her to write another.

    I cried when you mentioned your friends son that is going thru his illness, it brought to mind, the times i went thru with my dad n brother. I pray for all that family.

    Granni - tremors are not at all noticeable these days. The a/c is helpful but we hv a lot of power cuts. Im just thankful We hv the groundfloor which remains kind of cool. And the terrace in the evenings because we get a lovely wind up there. Afternoons are yuck!!! I dont dare go out if i can help it.

    Im reading Autobiography of a Yogi and More than a Life. They are both about Hindu gurus. And abound with mentions of miracles, and mystical experiences. The latter espouses yoga. Such a strange story about his wife. She is his sister in a previous lifetime. And she pleads with him to teach her how to leave her body on her own..using certain rituals..obviously demanding rituals and then one day they are sitting doing yoga or meditation with a group and she just falls forward and leaves her body..ie passes on...no illness, no struggle, nothing. He is still living, 85 but healthy and active as someone much younger. Comes on tv sometimes.

    I made an effort to add a bit of excitement to my life, housebound as i am by the heat by making my curries a little differently, adding coconut to them and cooking in different ways...so far so good. Nothing came out inedible. Oh and i made pumpkin vine curry which i put salt in twice, panicked , then i boiled potatoes, mashed them and mixed them in and salvaged the dish, whoof.
    I was feeling absolutely disinclined to go out, buy veggies and cook all over again in front of a hot stove in already sweltering weather.

    Diane, Dar, all MIAs thinking of yoju

    God bless

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    SPRING WATER - So glad that you are no longer having tremors. It seemed like you had had quite a few after the first one. Glad also that you can find a bit of coolness up in your terrace later on in the day, or was it evenings? It was so nice to hear from you and that you are doing pretty well considering everything having happened and the heat.

    I did a load of wash and the washer went crazy off balance and moved itself close to the door so no one could come in. I tried to move it and I did a little bit but it wouldn't move the other way for me. So I went over and got DSIL to help move it. He did it so easily. I was afraid to pull to hard on one side where I had had the sciatica problems. I can still feel it occasionally but not so bad. After they left I actually got my Pam spray and got off all or most other sticky stuff on the new door. THANKS MIKIE ! I think it was you that gave me the idea I think. I Googled it too and got a few ideas too. So at least I got something done today to tell DH :)!!!

    JULIE - Hang in there girl and drop in when you can.

    QUINN - I hope you are doing OK. Haven't heard from you in awhile. Don't get discouraged and think that you have to write a novel every time you come, LIKE MIKIE :)!! She calls her posts (W and P or Warren Peace instead of "War and Peace" after the huge novel !!!) I can get a bit wordy myself if I get on the boards. No need to come every day either like some of us.

    Hugz to everydobby - thinking of awl including all of our many MIA's.

    Granni :)
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    Oh Dear JULIE, I know your heart is breaking right now especially since you have been so lucky to have Lindsey and the kids so very close by for some time. It will not be easy at first I know. My parents especially my mother and I went through a similar situation when we decided to make the move from NY to La for two years (temporary while they were getting ready in Houston) and then Houston since the big company DH had worked for had decided to close the NY office and move to Tx. If we didn't move DH would have had to start all over and try and get another job and he already had a pretty nice position . We had 4 girls at that time and my mom was fairly close by and could babysit, etc. if needed. BTW, we also had a g pa. John's dad lived with us since his wife died in 63 of Ovarian Cancer. Of course we were not as close as you almost in the same house. At least, as I understand it they will be a couple hours away from you which isn't to bad.

    We were thousands of miles away and only got to see my parents once a year if that was possible. For many years they both came to visit at Christmas time and sometimes I went either by myself or with DH to see my mom but that was mostly later on when the kids were much older We couldn't afford to take them all with us or to fly. I think we drove there once or twice but it was a hard drive too. My brother and family came to see us once and that was it for years until a wedding.. You will be able to see them much more often I would think but of course now G pa is a consideration and Den is still working. My mother said it just tore her heart out when we moved.

    It was hard on me but my kids were so young and I was just busy all the time Are Lindsey and the kids staying with the inlaws while David will be traveling back and forth? If so that will be hard. Did the church David preached for say anything or were the kids tired of waiting for an answer, or what??

    It will be a hard job for David driving back and forth each day unless he stays in the old house while he is working and go back on the weekends for awhile. That would be better I guess but still hard. Nice that David will be able to help with the move and driving there after packing up and all. It was hard on us and we did a lot of letter writing. I wrote to my parents weekly as we were always worried about long distance phone bills. Nowadays they have CP's and FB and e-mail which is a lot better for communicating with each other.

    I can imagine how you feel sweetie especially like it sounds like G pa is not always making it easy for you with some of his hurtful remarks. Just have to try and let it go as much as possible and concentrate on what you can at home, yourself, Den along with Keira, Amy and Clinton although they are not as close as Lindsey and all were. Just remember their home is apparently not safe with the mold and the other stuff you were talking about I think with the a/c being broken, etc. This will be the chance for them to try and spread their wings both Lindsey and David, even though you will be hurting I know. I missed my mom especially so much and my mom love all the girls . Just remember there will be wonderful visits too. Hang in there sweetie and feel free to vent any time either here on the Porch or on the conversation board.. Maybe when things settle down a bit you can get rid of your headaches or at least some of them.

    Nothing new here. I just had to answer JULIE when I saw her post come over my phone. TTY later tomorrow although I am sure you will be very busy helping Lindsey either tomorrow or the next day. So much to do with even just two people moving let alone 6. Glad David is able to help Lindsey with the move. I know there will be lots of tears. The littlest ones might not quite get it yet but will soon. My thoughts and prayers are with you sweetie. Hang in there. :( There is always CP, texting and FB now which is big help even though they won't be with you Julie in person as often.

    Love you,
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    Julie: I'm a little lost. Don't YOU live in Tenn? So I'm assuming David is moving his family to his parent's home for awhile? I can well understand how you're feeling. And if it was me, I would now be a tad annoyed at David but then he's doing what he feels is best for everyone concerned. I feel like I've been reading between the lines with Gpa, and I'm also sure you're having troubles with everything concerned with him. So if it's a 10 hr. drive to where Lindsey is going, I'm assuming David won't be commuting on a daily basis. And does Gpa understand about the mold in the house? Would they have stayed if it was a "healthy house"? I'm really sorry your heart is breaking.......no words to offer you to make you feel better.

    Spring: good to see you post. I'm sorry you're "off kilter" with everything since the shaking. Pumpkin vine curry? Is that the vines that are left after pumpkins are picked? Your food sounds so interesting!

    Mikie: I'm with Spring....have never read To Kill a Mockingbird. Saw the movie and had no desire to read it. What is this newly discovered book supposed to be about.

    I took ALL the house paint to the art class today.....well, I do have some left that matches various things around the house right now. It was HOT out on the patio though. Some students didn't want to paint outdoors so they did their painting inside. I got there at 12:30 and helped the teacher lay drop clothes outside then we went thru a lot of paint, opening them, stirring them, pouring into small containers. What a job. About 15 students poured and threw paint outside....lot of fun I think. I'll take some pics. when it's dry. Some of the paint was really thick on my "Jackson Pollock" interpretation! I came home and headed for a nap, but woke after 30 min. and I still feel hung over.....I guess from the heat. And I like what I created.......totally new for me......and might hang it up in my house......the NEW ME! I've gone thru so many changes in my life, so might as well change my art also.
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    Julie: It sounds like you and your girls are all coming to terms with this move. Changes are HARD, but it's all part of life and the healthy person is the one who realizes this and goes with the flow. I'm sure Den will come around to seeing that too. We never know what direction God wants us to go in. And if David and Lindsey feel the call for something else, then the family just needs to adjust.

    So when you and Den went down to Belize your girls were both with you?

    I worked with a lady years ago and when their daughter was on a tennis team she went to Holland to play some tournaments. While there she met a young man and they corresponded and talked on the phone. She made a giant decision to move to Holland to be with him....they eventually married when he came back to the U.S. but the 10 months or so that she was there was VERY hard on her husband. He went into a bad depression. She told me he would spend a lot of time lying on his daughter's bed crying. They owned a car repair business and she said their business was suffering.

    We love our children and wish we could have them near us always but we have to let them go to live their own lives. I miss my oldest son who lives in Portland, Oregon......7 years now. But he loves it there. I see him about once or twice a year. I sometimes think about those pioneers who waved goodbye to their family as they set off in a covered wagon, perhaps to only see their family after years of separation. Letters were slow in coming....sometimes taking months. How hard it must have been.
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Woke to a nice morning, as usual, but the streets were wet just from all the humidity. Yikes! We are sweltering in the afternoons. We have showers but they don't hit everyone. We need another gully washer. I'll go over to the pool this morning. My poor bod really needs to work out. There are some showers coming in off the Gulf but they are north of us. We may be in for some real rain this afternoon.

    Mtg. yesterday went well. We have a person who is going to reset all the loose pavers around the pool deck to get rid of the liability of loose pavers which could cause a fall. We will be getting bids for redoing the interior of our pool and will have several options from which to choose. We will also have the option of switching to a salt system instead of the chlorination system. It costs more to begin with but pays for itself in about five years. It lengthens the time between redoing the interior by twice as long.

    I just dread the ongoing inane discussions by two of the board members. I have noticed that the one who was being a problem has come around since I've given him more to do and thanked him for doing it. I have shown my appreciation when he does things and he is being much more personable and helpful. The other one is busy taking care of her grandmother and doesn't seem to have the time to cause problems. I've been working on her too by inviting her input and questions. I think when people feel valued, they are less likely to cause problems. I hope so.

    After the mtg., I went to Wally World to get an area rug for under my coffee table in front of my living room sofa. I got a really pretty one with all the colors I use in the room. I found a beautiful aqua throw pillow with a big beige dragonfly on it. In the background is cursive writing which is so popular on fabric now. I think the fabric is for outdoors but it looks beautiful on my white sofa among the beige pillows. Pillows like these usually cost about $30 but it was $14. When I checked out, it rang up for $10. Another wonderful bargain I couldn't resist. How nice it is to walk in and see that little spot of color pop.

    I scratched off another lottery ticket. It had three $5 wins on it. So far, I have had a $25 return on my initial $30 investment and I still have another ticket to scratch. I think I'll use my winnings to buy more of the tickets. The $30 was a birthday gift to myself and I never figured to get any of it back. Woo Hoo!

    I've just started to read "Go Set A Watchman." So far, it is a big disappointment. I can tell it was written first, before it was edited and reworked. Evidently, "To Kill A Mockingbird" had many changes to polish it. The writing in it is so beautiful and artful and that is missing in the newly-released first book. I will suspend total judgment until I've finished it and hope the story makes up for the lack of beautiful language I got used to in the second book. Harper Lee talked about how much work was done on the second book and I doubt she would have wanted to do that again. Still, I can see none of the raw writing in this book which would lead me to believe it was even written by the same person. Oh, wouldn't it be something if it weren't? That would make a good story on its own.

    Julie, it broke my heart to read your posts. I am so sorry you will be losing the kids. We can tell ourselves that things are for the best to rationalize them but it doesn't help with the grief of the loss. You've been sooooo close and this will be a huge change for all of you. I pray God sends you peace and comfort. You are right--from our earthly perspective, we can't always see how God's hand is shaping our lives. We just have to trust in Him until we can see the bigger picture. Maybe if GPA has to spend some time with sis while you help the kids, he will appreciate you more and stop his comments. I'd just face him down when he says hurtful things and tell him he's being hurtful and how mean that is, considering how much you've done for him. I would not let him get away with it any longer. I know he's older and has had strokes but that doesn't mean he can't learn to be civil to you who hves been his savior from the horrible living conditions served up by his own daughter. May God bless you all and shine His love upon you.

    BTW, it was I who left my family when I moved to FL. It wasn't long after that DD#2 moved with her DH to Chicago and then, on to Atlanta. They now live in TX. Even if I had stayed in CO, I would not have been near them. DD#1 and her DH are so busy, and live so far out of town, that I didn't see them all that often when I lived there. Of course, I could when I wanted to and they had the time. I really needed to get away from my ex who wouldn't leave me alone, even tho it was he who caused the divorce to pursue another woman whom he eventually ended up marrying. Even after all that, he continued to think we would get back together. He even wanted to come to FL. Yikes! As we say in the South, "The boy ain't right."

    Granni, I'm laughing at the washer going crazy and doing it's dance all over the place. My front loader gets off balance but it's so heavy that it doesn't move. I'm not sure I can move it by myself if I ever need to. Glad you got the sticky stuff off the windows. Goo Gone is oily so I figured just about anything oily might do the trick. Sorry your sciatica is still bothering you. Mine will act up every now and then. Hope yours is better.

    Spring, glad the tremors are fewer and fewer. Yes, I truly understand getting out of the heat and humidity. It's so humid at night that the streets are wet in the mornings. July and August are the dog days of summer here. I don't go out at all in the afternoons. I wilt just opening the door. I get up and go out on the lanai to satisfy the cats. I leave the sliders open just enough for them to go in and out. When the sun starts to shine in, I close my vertical blinds but not the sliders. That way, the cats can slip between the blind slats and go out if they want to. By noon, I close the sliders and the cats and I stay inside. We are held captive by the heat. Like you, I wear cotton in this heat; even my underwear is cotton. It ain't sexy but it's cool. The meetings on Tues. aren't board meetings, just casual meetings. We don't have to have an agenda or follow Robert's Rules of Parliament; we can just chat. It's a good place for our residents to get help or air things out. Stay cool, my friend.

    Sun, I wonder whether our art reflects our lives or whether changing our art affects our lives. It's probably both. I can't wait to see a pic of your piece. A bar here is having a "Paint 'n Pint" party. You drink and paint. Well, who knows--if I got drunk, I might paint a masterpiece. Or, I might drink the paint! Ha! Ha! We have a ton of artists down here. Many are retired people who always painted and some have just taken it up. Many are very talented. A lot of the retirement communities have lessons. People love to paint the palm trees and all our beautiful birds. Of course, the beaches at sunset are another favorite. I just started "Go Set A Watchman" so don't know for sure what it's about except the child in the other book is now grown up and visiting her hometown. Already, I can see it's not the polished work that the other book is. Still, "To Kill A Mockingbird" is such an important book, and I love it so, that I feel compelled to read the newly discovered one. Be sure to post a pic of your own Pollock piece.

    Now that I've responded to all y'all, I'm going back to the beginning to post what little I have going on in my world.

    Love, Mikie
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good grief JULIE, when it rains it really pours with you (when things start to happen). Hope he gets treated soon. Does G pa blow his nose a lot and or sneeze? If he sneezes tell him to open his mouth when he does (the sneeze will then be very loud) ( DH does this and it almost scares me it so loud) but it takes the pressure of the sneeze away from the nasal area. Of course if he is always blowing his nose that does not help either. Hope they get that straightened out soon.

    You have the right idea JULIE to just have sis watch G pa when you and Amy or whoever goes to visit the kids. That might be a little good for both of them. One thing about moving is that you get to clean out stuff and eliminate lots of stuff that you don't really use or need. Of course they can keep some questionables at your places. I guess they will be leaving all the furniture at their old place? I guess so since they will be at least for a time at the in laws. I guess when and if they find a place of their own that might work and David gets a job or a church , then they can come and get their furniture. When are they leaving for Tennessee? So little time I think to do so much !! Hopefully the kids will feel better soon. That mold is surely not helping the situation so hopefully the move will work out for them at least health wise and hopefully other ways too.

    DH is coming home from the store already so I need to get off quick before he gets here. He called me on the phone to tell me where he was. It is going to be VERY HOT today so need to decide if we are going to work out or what today. It is in an air conditioned gym but you still have to walk part of the way. May also have to work outside in the morning.

    SUN - It sounded like you had a great time with your outdoor painting..

    MIKIE - Hope you get some rain. We will be needing some very soon to test out our roof job too. Things get so dry very quickly around here with the very hot sun and no rain for a long time. Like I said from drought to flood. One never knows.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    DIANE - So sorry you are feeling so badly. Just keep on doing what you are doing is all I know. If I have herxed I didn't know it. Just feel like this most of the time but perhaps others will have better answers for you. Thanks for popping in to let us know how you are ding. We miss you here sweetie.

    DH wants to go to the store again so I guess I will go to see if I can find a few things. HEB ( a TX store )is a great store and has lots of stuff but have problems in finding some things. Not so used to it. WM , however, when I figure out where things are they change it, just like SAMS too :)!! I guess a lot of stores are that way. They never keep stuff in the same place so they like to confuse us. Just came in from cutting back and putting in the garbage cans some of the brush and stuff we have. We are over loaded with greenery and not all wanted ):!! Wasn't out there long . It is good to do in the a.m. and then stay in the a/c as much as possible. I know MIKIE understands those problems.

    Gotta run, almost time to go to the store. Hang in their JULIE !!! We understand how you are feeling ):!!!

  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Diane: I've herxed before, but just suffered thru everything. I'm sorry you're feeling like #%&**!

    OK....here's my art work from the last 3 classes. I really am happy with all of them, for a change.

    The one from last week turned into a story line. Dr. Seuss was the artist of the week. Now I'm thinking about some little children's story and further illustrations. The orange flower one is done on a plastic type paper, Yupo it's called. (Mattise was the artist. When he started losing his eyesight he began doing collage work. I've been experimenting with placing either pieces of plastic wrap or wax paper over paint. It reacts really good, and I can get good effects. The vase was done using crumpled wax paper but I left it on instead of removing like I did on the leaves.

    Attached Files:

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  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    SUN - What lovely paintings. Was the first one in orange, black and other colors made yesterday when you were throwing paint around? No matter what it looks like these modern art paintings I have seen that hang in an art gallery and cost a bunch. Those other ones are so cute that could be in children's stories. You are such a good artist. I am an awful artist and only know what I like. All of your pictures are great :)!!

    Got more work to do on the computer before I get booted off again :)!!

    Love to you awl,
    Granni :)
  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Julie, I'm sorry to hear that Lindsey and family are moving to Tennessee.
    I know you will miss them all. I really can't think of a thing to say that
    will help you feel better. Here's a big cyber hug.

    Sun, you are so talented. I love the middle pic that looks like an illustration
    for a children's book. I bet you'd be great at that. I suppose you already
    know that Andrew Wyeth's father was also a painter and an illustrator of books,
    many for children. Here's one he did; maybe for Treasure Island.


    Mikie, I don't think I'll ever get the Harper Lee book. Our library has only one
    copy and I'm about number 500 on the list. I'll have to depend on you for my
    info. There have already been lots of negative comments about it in the news from
    people who haven't read it, but have heard it is inconsistent with the characters
    in the first book. Of course the terms "first" and "second" are confusing in this
    case since the second book was published first. Reminds me of a cartoon I saw
    yesterday. Two twins were going to the doctor to make arrangements so they
    could be conjoined.

    Springwater, is there a video of you playing hide and seek with the doggies?
    Put it on Youtube. Do you make your own curry powder? You could send
    some to Mikie. She could add it to her saltwater pool to give in an international

    Aha, I just heard, "I'm home." If Gordon is feeling playful he yells, "Lucy,
    I'm home." I saw the Superman episode on Lucy this morning. Recently
    I saw the episodes where they buy a car 'cause they are going to California.
    You know what? The two buildings don't match. The apt house they live
    in looks like an old brownstone building in front. From the side it's a modern
    building with stone or stone facing.

    I'd better go see what Gordon has to report. He was doing some errands and
    looking for some kind of adapter to play DVDs from China. Uff-da!

    Hugs, Everydobby
  20. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Julie - Hugs to you...im so sorry...after so long living with Lyndsey and the lil ones, having them suddenly move. A shock. And with Grandpa and his care, on top of that...

    I honestly feel that David and family were at the end of their rope, with the difficulties arising out of living in that old house...you said you would never consider living there yourself.

    With very wee ones to consider, i think the parents thought they better act now, you did mention they were staying in tents, and of course, that is hardly a good situation to be in....but then the kids and grown ups, of course, health is first priority.

    Yes, it would hv been ideal if they had got a place closer home where visiting each other would have been easier. But sometimes things dont work out, the way one wants. Im sure your lil GKs are gonna miss their Meemaw as much. David is not stationed permanently, so who knows in the future. Anyway, they would have had to cut the umbilical cord, sooner or later.

    I hope granpas nosebleed is stopped..do you think its the stress of him having to move into your place, and knowing you were sad over your DD moving out? Please do take care to rest and look after you, too.

    Rock - giving Mikie curry powder so she can add it to her saltwater pool...lol! Our curry powders are readymade...i do hv old jam bottles of cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, incase i need those, bay leaves too. Mostly for chicken dishes. Fenugreek, mustard seeds, asoetafatida, turmeric, cumin and chilli powder are staple condiments used every day.
    And we hv a bottle of chicken masala which i use to spice chicken.

    Diane - sorry to hear your not to to the mark. Get well soon.

    Oh Sun, i was waiting for your paintings to upload....and i just fell in love with all three of them!!!! How can you be so good?!!!!! I would do cartwheels if i could paint and envision and execute like that. I normally never like abstracts, but even that one is so beautiful...the fruit picking one is perfect for kids book illustration and the orange one is a poem..a fiery wonderful piece of a poem. Why oh, why could you not hv exhibited? You must. You are better than some artists we have around here who exhbit their work.

    Granni - i trust everything is going well. Has your roof been completed..the leakage stopped.

    Yesterday, was a good day. I went and got in some much needed groceries coz i had the car, and i also bought two pieces of kurta salwar material i really loved. Cotton. In batik print. And i deep cleaned our bathrooms...

    God bless
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2015

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