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    I'll be back to post more. I need to go read last posts on 824.

    In the meantime, I'll copy a post from Rita here.

    Hi all, I think it has been years since I last read or posted on this site. So much has happened to me you would think I was writing a soap opera, but I did want to tell all of you that I think I had some success with peptide treatments.

    I saw a Dr. who used peptides plus OODLES of other things--someone recommended by Dr. Dakos but I don't know if he is still practicing as he was old at that time. But he treated me in 2013 and I found improvement quickly even though the treatment was expensive and difficult in several ways. But since then I have experienced a mild stroke, widowhood after 52 years of marriage, a need to move to an apartment for the winter months as my children live out of state, diagnosis and treatment of ovarian cancer and probably some other challenges. See, I told you it would sound unbelievable.

    Now after 2 years plus, I am back to being very tired but I strongly suspect that had I not had the treatments I would not have survived all of the trauma that followed. Bottom line. I encourage all of you to study, try things and try to not give up in despair. But of course as we get older we have to retire from some things. All the best to all of you. I hope this makes it to somebody; I really don't know how to do this. Rita F.
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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Didn't sleep well even tho the kitties were soooo good. I think the stress of yesterday just frazzled me.

    Rita, I copied your post but the avatar didn't copy. I am so very sorry for all you've been through. As you know, I had the peptide injections but, in my case, I have to get a booster every now and then. As it is, I live with fatigue and pain but, like with you, I feel had I not had the peptide injections, I would be worse. I'm able to function but just not at the level I'd like. Don't know whether you know but Dr. Dakos died. His friend, Dr. Gomeringer, is the one who is treating me. Thanks for updating us and encouraging everyone to try new things. I hope you will continue to visit the Porch. It's sooooo good to hear from you and I keep you in my prayers for healing.

    Julie, I don't see how you keep going being under even more stress than I all the time. I can walk away from the board but it's not so easy to get rid of family stress. Sweetie, your kids will never forget you and they will miss you too. I guess if GPA isn't willing to take responsibility for what he says, or he has dementia, there isn't much you can do about it. It was very good of you to let him know he is loved and, in the end, it is probably the best way to cope. He may be less likely to say mean things if he knows he's loved. OTOH, if he can't help it... You are always in my prayers.

    Sun, I know what the rubber waffle stuff is now that you 'splained it to me. I have some in my cupboards for glasses. If there is any moisture left in the glasses after taking them out of the dishwasher, the air can circulate under them in the cupboard with that waffly stuff. Sounds to me as though your art meetings/classes are getting even more interesting. Our condo rules state only one pet less than 20 lbs. We have never enforced the cat rule for indoor cats as they cause no problems. We need to amend the rules, and we are in the process of doing that, to include two indoor cats or other small indoor pets. After I sent the e-mail to the offensive guy, he sort of apologized but it's only a matter of time before he attacks me again. There are a couple of projects I want to see completed and I may not run for the board again.

    Gonna go read the real paper if it is here. After going to the pool, I'm going to help a neighbor with his financials for their assn. Hope all y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Rita - hello. Thank you for joining us, im sure many people reading your post will find it helpful. I had great success with an antidepressant some ten twelve years back, it made me a new person. But the wore off after a year. However, i am so glad i had that one year when i felt 'normal'. I remember i had the opportunity to make a trip outside of the country then, and it made a huge difference to not feel too tired or 'simply not care'. Again, before i went to attend my DDs graduation out of the country, i took acupuncture daily sessions for a month..and it helped me do so much..and enjoy my visit so much more.

    To a sufferer, any respite is, well simply, a Gift. And i am thankful.

    Julie - you hv the patience of a saint..here, we would say 'a buddha' ..enlightened being'. That was very thoughtless of him to make a remark like that...i dont understand, Lyndsey never had any major issues with you, did she or David?
    Why would Grandpa say something like that..and if he is saying it just for the fun of it, that is unacceptable. Considering he is dependent on you for his well being right now, really strange.

    I was wondering how Lyndsey would cope but it is good to know she has people to help out.

    Granni - pls tell us about the eyology class, it sounds really interesting.

    Sun - post a pic of your handiwork after you finish. Oh i remember you asking about the pumpkin vine curry. We use the tender stalks of pumpkin vine to cook, fry it with asatafoetida, cumin seeds, turmeric, galic, tomatoes. In the absence of winter vegetables, like spinach, mustard leaves, its a good substitute for those craving leafy green vegetables...

    Rock - in my ipad something called icloud keeps coming up on the screen, then if i press that, after a while the server stops working...i will never get the hang of it all. After six days of getting my laptop back, i opened up the plastic wrap and checked only to find myself unable to open stuff i had saved...so back it went for another three days.

    Thank you for saying i am not scrawny, but slim. I remember when my son and DD found an old photograph of mine and son remarked, 'mum was pretty wasnt she? 'A big sigh. 'Look at her now.'and they both laughed.

    I hope your cough is on the wane and wents away completely.

    Mikie - You hv more excitement at the board than i could stand. Reminds me of tv footage i see sometimes when they show the Indian parliament in session over a particularly sticky issue. The security has normally to be called into break up the WWF which ensues. which reminds me of the time some members of a political party in our parliament was found with bags of chilli powder they had intended to throw into the eyes of the opposition members. NOT for the fainthearted, politics.

    We had a terrible thunderstorm here, last night. Terrific crack! Boom! The dogs who normally dont mind a bit of thunder were restless. I,for myself, enjoy a bit of excitement tho it did cross my mind, that we might get struck...it was right overhead. Imagine being fried to a crisp in ones bed. And being found like that the next morning. Would make it to Ripleys Strangest Things if nothing else. And with the internet these days, end up asPicture of the Day trending worldwide.

    I made a shopping trip to the local supermarket with the son driving and we got caught in a terrific downpour ...our purchases all soggy when we reached home. I still say getting wet is preferable to baking in scorching weather.

    I spoke a bit to my Chinese friend. It was good to catch up. She told me about this co worker of ours (when I worked) and how he went to attend his DDs graduation in the U.S. And died there of a heart attack..high cholesterol. Its that time in our lives, we are getting to hear of more and more of our peers who passed on.

    Today, i made a mistake and overcooked the peas. There is no trace of peas in the pressure cooker, just a muddy looking paste. Im thinking of adding some tomatoes and cilantro as garnishing and serving to DH as a new recipe made especially as accompaniment to his staple tortillas. it all depends on his mood when he comes back in, if he has a good day at the office he will wolf it down, without questions, if not, i am gonna hear it.

    As i type i have gotten bit by some particularly nasty mosquitoe. Not just once, but three places. After i finish i am going to get up and hound the thing down...strange thing, i always feel queasy about killing anything, even a fly..but not a mosquito, especially this kind with a bite capable of making a large africa shaped lump come up on my arm which itches like crazy.

    Take care, all of you

    God bless

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    I was looking back to the previous porch and found myself in a january porch...i think some mix up?
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    MIKIE not much time now as it is almost time to go. However, I did want to tell you that the last volume that you posted on was some type of error. It was 700 and something. I have forgotten . That is the one that you reposted RIT'As post on. Please go check it. There some very old posts on there and you were mentioning the temps in the 50's and 60's. That is definately NOT now.

    Yes SPRING WATER I noticed that mix up too. Not to sure what or why it happened, with the old post coming up like that. No time to talk about my eyeology sessions but will do so soon. It was an analysis after taking many shots of my eyes and looking in different positions she put it on her big TV screen. She seems to be a good eye reader. It seems for one thing I have a fungus which she is trying to get rid of first. I told her that my first couple of priorities were PAIN (FM) and HI B/P . I am now on NOW Candida Support morning and night, Clinical Glutathione 300 mg - 1 in the am and noon, Malic acid 800 malic acid 800 mg02 or 3 x a day I forgot and Artemisia Combination - 2 in the am and also pm. She also wants me off milk products at least for awhile not sure. She also wants me on coconut oil ( cold pressed 1T 1 T 3x a day. Mine isn't cold pressed so have to look into that too. More later.

    I gotta run for now.

    Love to all,
    Granni :)
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    Hi, Kids,

    Was just sending and checking e-mails and thought I'd pop in on the Porch. Didn't go to the pool cause it was raining. My neighbor, Joe, came over to try to understand his financials. I think the bookkeeping we are getting is a mess. I should be able to sit down and figure them out but the balance sheet doesn't balance. That just ain't right. I'll be glad when our audit is done and, if mgmt. isn't doing a good job on our financials, they can get straightened out. As he was leaving, I walked him out and it was beautiful out. Guess the morning rain cooled us down a bit; the evening rain just makes it muckier. I made the hated trip to the dumpster and got my mail. Only one bill--Woo Hoo! :)

    Just sent a thank you e-mail to the rude board member and his wife because they worked like rented mules out in the heat and humidity to clean our pool furniture. We have a big pool and lots of tables, chairs and lounge chairs. They get yucky after the sun lotion off the bodies bakes in the sun. I use a beach towel under myself cause I don't want to put my skin on a chair used by everyone else. My cooties are OK but ya never know about strangers' cooties. AACK!!!:eek:

    Spring, so good to read your post. I laughed when you mentioned that the pea disaster might end up as a special new treat for DH. I guess being in a good mood after a good day at work is an ingredient in the recipe. ;) You make such interesting food and I'm thinking you must be a good cook. I don't cook much anymore and we don't have good restaurants. When I lived in Denver, we had a great Indian restaurant. I love curry and was in heaven when I ate there. I think the cloud is just asking you whether you want to store stuff off your tablet in your own cloud storage. On my Kindle, I can remove books after reading them and store them in the cloud. No need to have all that and, whenever I want, I can see what is stored in the cloud and bring it back to the Kindle. I can also take things from the cloud and open them on my old, original Kindle. Geez, your Parliament sounds wild. My experience is mild in comparison. So far, no one has thrown chili pepper in my eyes--probably just because it hasn't occurred to the one guy. Our politics here are more of the nasty oral fighting with one calling another names. Like you, I love those thunderstorms but not when the lightning is exploding right overhead. Yikes!!!

    Julie, I'm laughing at your saying your brother's wife didn't care for your family "beings as she is 'above' most people. That sounds just like a line out of "To Kill A Mockingbird." You, my friend have a way with writing. You also have a way with family and I know they appreciate you and all you do. Even GPA knows, at some level, how lucky he is. This will be nice for David's family to have the kids there. I know how hard it is for you, though. I always said that the longest journey is from "knowing" to "feeling." We can know things intelligently and, yet, it can take forever for the heart to feel it. Sometimes the heart never completely feels it but it gets easier with time. I think when we have loss, it always leaves a hole in our hearts and spirits; however, you get up each day deciding to be happy and that's the way to do it. You are also living in the present and not the past or future and that's good too. I need to do more of that. Tell the kids to look up at the moon and know it's the same moon you look up at. Let your hearts meet there.

    Granni, the reason you saw my post on an old Porch is because Rita F posted on it and I wanted to let her know I had copied her post here. I remember her. She's been through a lot but wanted to update us and encourage us with the success she had found. Sounds as though you got a lot out of having your eyes analyzed. I hope it all helps. My own pain and fatigue are a bit better than they were for a while there. Come back and tell us about everything when you can.

    Rock, hope your cough isn't back. We worry when you don't drop by.

    Need to get going but, while the spirit is willing, the body is weak. Cats are sacked out after a big brushing and combing. Poor Sir Vester! He had some knots in his long hair and when I combed them out, he would say, "Ow!" Still, he knows he needs it and comes back for more. I do it in small time frames as he's so good natured but I know it can hurt. I think being groomed just wore them out. I need to go clean out their litter boxes before I collapse.

    Sending love, hugs and prayers to my Online Family.

    Love, Mikie
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    Granni: very interesting about the eyeology. I'm assuming you have candida, which is extremely common. I'm sure she told you to cut out ALL sugar? I get off it for a time, then there's that old hankering for something sweet and then suddenly I realize I'm feeling more tired and hurting more. Do you know about the "spit test" first thing in the morning? I also need to get back to taking coconut oil. I used to take a spoonful 3 times a day, melting it by putting a cup of water in microwave which you heat, then putting the juice glass in the water for about 15 sec. until it melts. I used to keep the glass of coconut oil in plain sight to remind myself! I've never heard of artemesia being used medically so will have to do a search.

    Spring: Ouchi......mosquitos......straight from the devil!!!! Try dabbing a little vinegar on the bites to help with the itching. I agree, rain is much preferable to HEAT. There is now talk that El Nino is back in so. calif. And I heard that there is also rain in the forecast. Sure.....now that I have large storage containers sitting all around my house stored with rain water!!!

    Love that you will now be creating something new and wonderful out of your pea mush! I was always "creating" when the kids were still home.....trying to come up with a winning recipe for cooking contests. I can't tell you all the awful food.....but we all ate it the best we could. Waste not want not has always been my motto.

    Julie: You're strong and resiliant and you will be OK. Don't know what to tell you about dealing with Gpa though. It's one year today that my DH died. I've adjusted to being alone......the best I can......and my family locally have their own lives and don't have much time for me. So I've been forcing myself to get out and about daily so I can interact with others. Being fatigued and in pain most of the time is very hard.

    Mikie: I think once we get CFS, adrenal fatigue, whatever......it's just an ongoing battle uphill. By the way, I can just picture those gorgeous umbrellas around the pool area. How is the pool resurfacing estimates coming along? We have a large pool about 15 x 30' and we had to cough up $$ about 3 years ago to have it redone.....ugh. It was pitted badly and we continually battled algae. I got a lot of bids and after 4 or 5 you can almost figure out how much it will be. Our's cost almost $10 thousand, and a lot of mess and noise but it looks beautiful.

    Recently I've been going over all our home improvements over the years. A realtor told me it's good to be able to prove why the house is worth so much.
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    Hi Kids

    Gordon just left to run errands. I told him to stop at a body shop and get me a new
    one. The tomato boom is dying down. The vines are getting dry and woody. We
    picked a couple dozen tomatoes yesterday; gave them to one of Gordon's
    orchid friends. I 'spect by next week the season will be over. We've had light
    rain off and on the last couple days. There was a heavy mist when I fed the cat
    early this morning.

    Mikie, one of the reasons I always avoided meetings whenever possible was because
    they often involve people. Many of whom are difficult and some of whom are impossible.
    Gordon tells me his current club has a member who wants the club to donate $5,000
    to a grade school so it will encourage the children to love orchids. Uff-da!

    OK, That's two paragraphs. Have corrected 7 errors so far.. It's a good thing I've
    been trying to stop being a perfectionist for the last couple decades. Old age and
    its frailties kinda force one to.

    Mikie, your observation about looking up at the moon reminds me of a song by
    Roger Miller. The guy what wrote King of the Road and other country favorites
    also wrote a Broadway show titled Big River. It won dozens of awards including
    the Tony for Best Musical. The story is based on Mark Twain's Huckleberry
    Finn. Jim, the slave, sings a song with these lyrics. "I see the same sky through
    brown eyes that you see through blue. But we're worlds apart; worlds apart."

    Sunflower, when I moved to California I found there were two things Californians
    knew about Minnesota. It was cold there, and it had lots of mosquitoes. Well,
    that's true. But it's only the females that bite. As Rudyard Kipling observed
    long ago, "The female of the species is more deadly than the male." To be
    totally fair, as I always am, I think he was talking about bears that live in
    Springwater's neighborhood.

    BTW, when I was an adjuster I had a few backyard swimming pool claims. None
    were fatalities. All the guys in the office (in those days half a century ago) all
    insurance adjusters were male. Anyhoo, they all said they would never own a
    home with a pool. Too much potential liability.

    Julie, good luck with all the adjustments and changes. As some sage observed,
    understanding and acceptance always lag behind feelings. Who was that? Mikie,
    I think. I'd hunt around to make sure, but then I'd probably lose my post.

    Granni, I never heard of Eyeology. I've heard of I-ology. That's when you study
    yourself. I read that Miss Piggy is writing a memoir. That seems appropriate since
    "memoir" contains the word "moi". BTW, did you know there's a Miss Piggy Moi

    Never heard of eye fungus before. Is it causing problems? I looked on the
    net. I guess it's also called keratitis. I hope it is easily removed. One of Gordon's
    sisters had an eye problem last winter. She had to have injections in the eye.
    She said it was not painful though. The needle is extremely thin and the eye
    is numbed first. I asked her about it a couple times. She always said it was
    "a little better".

    Oh, sure enough. It was Mikie. Just two posts above. You win the wise
    woman award, Mike. (Not exactly the same thing as being a wise guy. LOL)

    Hugs Kid
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    SUN, et al - Not sue if I mentioned in any of the posts that the nat. doc . told me that I have a lot of fungus, not yeast. Yes, she said no milk products and sugar ( that will be impossible-the sugar part) not that I eat a whole lot of it. She also told me to take a tablespoon of cold pressed Coconut oil 3x a day. Of course I have the expeller pressed. She also wants me to stop with the Activa yogurt and go to the goats milk yogurt. Not even sure if I have seen it. Also have to switch my magnesium to maleate from oxide and citrate.. I knew I had to do it but I have a bunch of the other to use up.

    I also have to do some looking up of stuff to learn more about these natural herbs, and such. This gal I go to has had at least 10 years of schooling she said and going to other countries to study different cultures and methods. She is faily young looking and also said she comes from this area.

    ROCK - Just because she looks into the eyes and sees what she sees doesn't mean that the fungus or whatever is in the eye. There are certain parts of the eye that go along with certain parts of the body. Sort of hard to explain. She also wants me to make a thing to drink 2x a day I think with Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar and either water or no sugar cranberry juice. I have to go shopping and buy all the stuff or try and find it.

    JULIE - Hope you are still hanging in there kiddo. I have to go for a mammogram tomorrow morning so I need to go take a shower, etc. tonight and have to get going early tomorrow morning. Maybe I will get back to posting in the afternoon. We will see. Hope you get to rest some my dear. You need it.

    See you later alligators !!!!!

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    Granni: not sure if I've heard of having a fungus. Does anything show up, like on your skin someplace? I use the Bragg cider vinegar......it's considered a Mother vinegar. I take about l/4 cup straight and then follow with water for when my stomach is upset. Does your tongue look white at times? After reading your post I've dug out my organic coconut oil and will start taking it again. I've tried eating it off the smooth, but I gag so by turning it to liquid it goes down likety split. I also like to cook with it at times instead of using olive oil.

    I was up in the wee hrs. so was soooo tired this morning. But I did go to a dance exercise class......whew! I'm really out of shape!!!!! I met one lady who invited me to come to a local mall. There is a walking group inside for an hr., M-W-F. It might be fun.
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    Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

    As y'all know, I've not been sleeping all that well. Last night, I decided that it might have something to do with trying to raise myself by sleeping on two pillows. This is the advice of the doc since raising the head of the bed didn't work out well. I took one pillow off and slept on my nice puffy, comfortable pillow. Ooooh, so much better and I slept til 4:30. That's not a lot different but I didn't wake at 1:30, 2:30 or 3:30 so I consider it a big improvement. Of course, it might not happen every night but I didn't have any acid reflux so I'm ditching the second pillow. I didn't get right up but lay there cleansing and activating my chakras though meditation. I should do that every day instead of letting my mind run rampant. Meditating helps us to stop all the chatter in the brain and to live in the present.

    I just sent an e-mail to the mgmt. co. to get them off the bench so we can get our pool deck pavers repaired. Between our main mgr.'s having been on a two-week trip to Europe, and the asst. mgr. having had to have hand surgery, things have fallen through the cracks. It's difficult enough to get bids and to actually get work done here right now without just letting things go. The loose pavers are a potential liability and that has to be a priority. Once that is done, we can redo the interior of our pool. I want to get it done this summer before our Snowbirds return. They will replace the exterior wall and top rim pieces and the tile on the walls, inside and out. I'm anxious to pick out new tile and hope there is a nice blue like the ones we have now. Our pool furniture is blue and, with the new pool and umbrellas, it should look like a million bucks--just as long as it doesn't cost that much to redo. I have four matching blue flower pots and will plant those when the weather cools down. We are just the opposite down here. We plant flowers in the fall and winter. No wonder we are all so confused down here! o_O

    Sun, sorry you wake up so early too. Being sleep deprived is so hard on a body. Even when I use 1/2 mg. of Special K to stop the ringing in my ears and my ZzQuil, I only sleep well the first part of the night. I believe it is the side effect of my BP meds which causes me not to be able to sleep in. You are right, it is a good idea to keep a list of the upgrades and repairs to a home. I haven't measured our pool but it is about 3 to 4 times the size of the average private home pool and, at least, about twice the size of the average condo community pool. Some of the larger communities have more than one pool smaller. Ours is very large for a small community like this. I just asked our mgr. to send me the one bid we have to refinish the pool. We don't have any cracks but it is a couple of years past the projected life of the interior and we don't want to wait til there are problems showing up. Wow! A dance exercise class? Good for you! :) You are right in that, once we get one of these conditions, we are never the same, in most cases. We can do as I did with the peptide injections but they are not a cure. I will try one more booster but, if it doesn't help, I'm not going to continue taking them unless I happen into some kind of financial windfall where I can afford to take one every, or every other, month. Sending warm, healing hugs your way.

    Rock, if only I were wise. From your lips to God's ear. I think loss of anything is like grieving for a loved one. It can be a financial loss or loss of a former lifestyle or a change in health for the worse. We can go through the stages of grieving before we get to acceptance. Strangely, it is when we get to acceptance that we are free to look for creative ways to help ourselves once the grieving gets out of our way. Stopping trying to be a perfectionist is a good example of getting rid of old habits which don't serve our well-being. Good for you! Now that I've given myself permission to be less than perfect, I am free to make mistakes without loss of ego as in, "Oh my God, what if people find out I'm not perfect!" Also, since no one else is perfect, I'm just an average Joe, or Jo, in my case. What I've lost in physical, and mental, health, I try to make up for in pursuing interests I never had time for before and trying to grow in spirit and understanding. The idea about the moon isn't original. I think it was Neil Diamond who mentioned that Jesus looked up at the same moon as we do. I think another song was written for an animated film about a mouse, or some other critter, who was separated from a loved one. Just don't have the memory when I need it. As I always say, Whine, Whine, Whine!!! :rolleyes:

    Granni, I suspect the fungus the eyeologist found is a systemic one. People with chronic fungal infections are told to cut down on sugar because fungi live on it. You can buy the magnesium maleate here at PH and it isn't expensive. I get mine here. Sometimes, PH has free shipping on supps. Mammogram? AACK!!! I need to get mine, and my Dexascan (know I misspelled that) in late Sept. or early Oct. I called to get my dermatologist appt. for my full body check to look for skin cancer. I'm overdue for it. I told the woman on the phone that I'm old and won't get naked. I'll strip to my underwear but that's where I draw the line. She was laughing and said I didn't even have to do that if I didn't want to. I do want them to check my bod so will strip to my undies. I've spent a lot of time in the sun. I've checked the more private areas with a mirror so nothing gets overlooked. Women tend to get skin cancers on the backs of their legs. As you know, I had so many little skin cancers on my face that I had to have topical chemo to burn it all off. They now can freeze any new ones they find. Heck, I'd do the chemo again because it's like getting a facial peel and, when it heals, the skin looks great. Here's hoping the mammo goes well. Do you get the Dexascans? I have osteopenia in one hip but bone loss has been minimal. Good luck! :)

    Julie, I'm thinking of you. The discussion above about the grieving process gave me an "Aha Moment." GPA has just suffered a loss, moving out of his home. Even though he's got a better home with you, he no doubt is grieving the fact that he is not able to fend for himself and that his daughter can't, or won't, take good care of him. He has displayed denial at times and I'll bet his unkind remarks are just the anger stage at work in his grieving process. I hope he can move into acceptance and enjoy his life with you and your family. Men, especially, turn to anger in the grieving process because they can no longer be the strong pillars in their families when they age and/or get sick. In the meantime, I pray for you.

    Gonna go read the newspaper online. Yesterday, I got the real paper newspaper and I can't see that it's any better than reading online. No paper to recycle with online. I do like the Sunday paper because there are ads and coupons. With the Snowbirds gone, not as many businesses advertise. There are more ads in the winter but the stores also jack up the prices to make $$$s from our Snowbirds. They know it and it is a source of resentment for them, especially since they are a big factor in our economy. They contribute a lot of volunteering too. Bless the Snowbirds. And, bless my Online Family here who puts up with my Warren Peace posts. :cool:

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Been up most of the night coughing. I thought it was all gone away. Surprise!
    Lucy sounded better than I when she was imitating a seal.

    We don't put up with your Warren Peace Posts, Mikie, we savor them. I seem
    to recall my grandmother painstakingly stitching a sampler that read: The Road
    to Perdition is Paved with Poorly Preserved Pavers. Good luck with your quest.

    Did you guys see that the Dept. of Justice is implementing a new policy with
    regard to prison sentences? This is based on a recommendation by the American
    Board of Psychology. A study showed that: Dyslexic Prisoners Are Not
    Helped by Long Sentences.

    Sun, Gordon and I seldom visit malls. But we did go to one some years ago.
    Got inside about ten minutes before the shops were open. There were a
    couple dozen older folks walking in small groups. I thought, Well, I'll probably
    be joining them in a few years. Now I'm too feeble to keep up. Ain't life
    a hoot?!

    Granni, have you tried yogurt made with goat milk? I wonder if it tastes
    any different that the regular stuff. Good luck with your mammogram.
    I hope they don't have a fire drill. They did when one of our secretaries was
    in the middle. She reported they all ran off and left her trapped in the machine.

    Hugs to Springwater and Diane and Barry and Julie. And here's
    a final point to ponder that might be a day brightener. What's
    another word for Thesaurus?
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    MIKIE et al,

    I will need to run soon for my mammogram . DH will drop me off to do errands and then he will pick me up to drop me off at WM while he goes to get a haircut. You are right it is systemic. Wondering if I will be able to find goats milk yogurt at WM along with the other stuff I need to get. Somehow I am guessing no but maybe I will be surprised. The other stuff I need to get for myself is not a big thing . I need to also get stuff for tomorrow night for our card game dinner. Thanks also for the reminder about the Mag Maleate at PH.

    I won't be back for some time but wanted to just check in for a bit before running around again today. Hope I can find the yogurt locally. I am sure they have it where the doc I went to is but it will be more expensive there, I know. Hope to get back today.

    Love to awl,
  14. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: brilliant observation about Gpa! Of course he's grieving for the loss of the old life he had, just like we go thru a grieving process when we get sick and can't do like we used to. You should have been a psychologist.

    I've got bad brain fog this morning again then it hit me......gabapentin! I had been trying to go down to 200 mg at night but last night I took 300 so I might be able to sleep better. No matter what.....it still gets down to the fact that these meds are bad for us....only offering a bandaid instead of tackling the real issues.

    Rock: without looking it up online, I think a thesaurasus is used to find different words to replace one you don't want to use.

    The lady that told me about the mall walking program said there is a senior citizen male who started using his walker to push, then gradually went down to a cane, and now is walking without one BUT he is walking even though slowly. Everytime my mom fell, she would go to the hospital, them be sent to a nursing home where she had PT. I was amazed at the progress and strength she gained while in there......BUT when she went back to her retirement home, she slacked off on the exercises, getting weak once more. Perhaps if you started on a PT therapy program, ordered by your doctor, you might find it would help you.

    And speaking of this lady, she was telling me a sad story about her BIL who committed suicide by using the exhaust from a car. Apparently he had been in a terrible auto accident and had been left with BAD chronic pain for over 10 months. His wife was so devastated that it took her 9 years to finally sell the house and leave all her memories.

    Granni: Just a thought......did you know you can make your own yogurt at home using goats milk?

    I'm planning on working my way thru some antique laces......bits and pieces......and sewing them on some pretty silk fabric, thinking in terms of pillow tops. And I still have a lot of fabric scraps I pulled out of a closet yesterday. I've rolled them up individually and rubberbanded them. Once a sewer it's just hard to give away things you might need.
  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Again, Porchies,

    I managed to make it to the pool and ran. Another board member was there and it was so good to talk with her. She's a realtor and very busy so I don't usually get to talk socially with her. We usually chat on the phone or by e-mail. She showed me new exercises for the pool. One is great but the two others hurt my shoulders where I had surgery because they involve holding myself up on the side of the pool with my arms spread out. I can do them both either on my exercise ball or on the floor. The two Nancy's showed up and we laughed and hooted like teenage girls. Soooo good to laugh like that. They argue between themselves like an old married couple. Funny! Of course I'm tuckered out and will no way get the lanai cleaned today but taking care of my heart is a priority. Tomorrow, my A/C guy comes and, hopefully, I can clean out there when he leaves. If not, there is always Saturday. See why I get nothing done. :cool:

    Got a nice e-mail in response to the thank you e-mail I sent to the rude guy I called out and his wife for cleaning the pool furniture. I'm glad he is being civil, at least, to my face. He will always be a pain but, if I can get it so he's part of a cohesive board, it will be worth it. Life is sooooo much easier when we all just get along. Mgmt. e-mailed me and will have more bids for the pavers on the pool deck and redoing the pool itself. Redoing the pool will involve a lot of research and looking carefully into whom we choose to do the work. That's one of the biggest responsibilities we, as a board, will have to take care of. Good thing there is online info, info from the vendors, and info from our pool guy. Also, mgmt. has been through a few of these and know the pitfalls. We will only use the very best contractor with an outstanding reputation. I've been talking to our residents and everyone is in agreement that we will use blue tiles again and everyone is excited to see the new umbrellas. When we are done, the pool area will be all new and fresh. Just talked to our treasurer and he is a HUGE help too. I'm feeling much calmer today.

    Rock, I'm so sorry your are still coughing. Did the doc give y'all an Rx for it or recommend a cough med off the shelf? Mom's Irish remedy was a shot of whiskey with honey. It worked but now I know why the Irish have a reputation for drinking. They start young when they develop coughs. I like the alliteration with all the P's. Treasurer told me a joke: Do you know what Atila The Hun and John The Baptist have in common? They both have the same middle name. Love my dirty jokes but also like a nice clean one I can repeat in public. Also loved your dyslexia joke. There is a support group for Mothers Against Dsylexia--DAM. Poor secretary! I can't get that picture outta my mind's eye. Owie!!! :eek:

    Granni, as usual, you are a whirlwind of activity today. Sun is right; I used to make my own yogurt with cow's milk. You could do it and just use the goat milk. They even have yogurt machines. You use a starter of yogurt, just like using a starter for sour dough bread, and, from then on, you always save a little of the yogurt for the next batch. You can just make it in a container and don't need the machine. Homemade yogurt is much healthier than store bought. After a mammogram, I have to come right back home and stand on my head to get the girls back where they were before the mammo. Just kidding. :D Never thought I'd envy small-chested women but now, I see the advantage. Good luck.

    Sun, I am always thinking about the grieving process but it never dawned on me that GPA is grieving and that explains a lot. Somehow, other people's behavior is easier to endure when we know why they act like they do. Yes, our meds are harmful and usually just mask the problems. Still, the Special K helped me for 15 years before I weaned off of it. Now, I still have to take a very small dose to deal with the ringing in my ears. My ears ring, I answer but no one's there. Yuk! Yuk! :) Mall walking is popular down here. I used to walk here in da hood but had to switch to running in the pool due to sore feet and bad knees. I'm lucky in that I can use the pool all year round. My Mom had PT for her balance and did great when she was going and had an adorable young male physical therapist. After Medicare stopped paying and she was so much better, she came home and didn't do her exercises. She went backwards fast. Ya gotta keep it up. I'm still doing PT that I did 15 years ago. If I am not flexible enough to give myself a pedicure, I might as well give up. Won't risk an infection going to a spa or nail salon. Besides, I try to save money by doing everything I can for myself these days, even my own dentistry.

    Even though I'm tired from the pool, I feel better emotionally than I have in quite a while. It's always a boost to have to deal with difficult situations only to have them turn out well. Now, it's just a matter of being able to afford the projects in here. Flood insurance is going up a LOT and I heard it's because of all the flooding we've had in the country and fraud in NJ from the hurricane up there. OTOH, liability/property ins. is going down because we haven't had hurricane damage in years and ins. co.'s are competing for our business. Still, I think we will be paying a lot more in condo fees in 2016. AACK!!! :eek:

    As always, sending love, hugs and prayers to everydobby.

    Love, Mikie
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Mikie, I loved the riddle about Attila and John the Baptist. Reminded me of
    a joke I heard decades ago. What was Winnie the Pooh's middle name?
    BTW, Attila and John the B. do have at least one thing in common. They are
    both operas. Verdi wrote one called Attila. I saw the New York City opera
    do it when they were on tour here back in the 70s. Attila is a bass. The best
    music though is for the soprano.

    And Richard Strauss wrote an opera with John the B. in it. The opera was
    Salome. It's premier at the Met in 1907 was considered so shocking, the opera
    was banned from the Met for the next 27 years.

    Oh yeah, the dyslexic pun was clever, but it wasn't mine. I just stumbled across
    it on the net. You see the news about another lost book found? It's by Dr.
    Seuss. His widow found it in a box of his papers. It's called What Kind of Pet
    Should I get? The initial printing is said to be one million.

    The news articles had comments from readers of the news. One fellow did
    a pretty good imitation of Seuss.

    Could you read it in a park? Could you read it in the dark?
    Could you read this long lost book? Try it please, go have a look!

    I added my own: I said what I meant, and I meant what I said.
    Kids still love Seuss though, alas, he is dead.

    Sun, seems to me there was a time (the Hippie years) when folks covered
    little boxes with cloth and with pictures cut from magazines. I think it was
    the same period when people were wrapping bottles in masking tape and
    dying it with shoe polish or something to give it a sorta leathery look. Are
    you going to use your old lace and fabric for any projects like that?

    Oh yeah; now I remember the term: decoupage.

    Gordon is out doing errands. He's picking some lemon grass to take to
    the gals at the pharmacy. I think Springwater has mentioned lemon grass
    now and again. It's used in cooking.

    Just remembered. One of the books the gal who works at the LA Times
    gave us was Three Wishes by Liane Moriarty. She lives in Australia and
    has written several novels. Three Wishes is about a family with 3 adult
    daughters who are triplets. I didn't expect to like it, but I dipped my toe
    in so to speak. Loved it. Have put 2 more books by this author on hold.
    Whaddya think? Does she prob'ly pronounce her name Lee-ann?

    Hugs, Dear Friends
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Woke at 3:30 but was eventually able to get back to sleep until 6:00. When I wake up during the night, I have the strangest feeling like adrenaline in my legs but nowhere else. I don't feel mentally as though it's fight-or-flight time but I feel it physically in my legs. I'm probably not describing this well but don't know how else to describe it. I really do need to go get another peptide injection.

    A/C man is coming this morning. I'll take a bath but won't do my hair or shower cause I hope to clean the lanai today. I'll just be out there sweating so my hair will get sweaty too. Poor old A/C unit is getting a real workout during these Dog Days of Summer. I'm tired and my mind isn't working well so I guess they could be called the Dog Daze of Summer. We gotta laugh at ourselves. Looks as though it might rain this morning. I'll try to go to the pool tomorrow morning to make up for not going today.

    We ladies of our community are having a lunch on Tues. We have one couple from Ohio who comes down when they can. She is now retired so they will probably be coming down on a Snowbird type of schedule. I asked her to come to our luncheon but they are going back up North on Tues. Our hood has lost quite a few of the original people who were here when I moved in. I'm glad we still have some of them with us. I will have a chance to wear my new jacket to the luncheon and carry one of my new handbags. We don't dress up that much and it isn't to show off. It's to respect the value of our getting together and to get out of our day-to-day casual wear. That just makes it more special.

    Rock, love your Dr. Seuss takeoff. It's sad he is dead but he will live on in his books for generations of children. Interesting about the Attila and John the Baptist operas. I remember a move with Salome in it. She did the dance of seven veils. The dance was quite seductive for a 50's movie. Ah, I remember the decoupage rage as well as cutting bottles to make drinking glasses and vases. I was into macramé myself. My SIL, my Mom and I went to a craft class where we brought in large clear colored marbles which we had crackled in our ovens. We glued them on a small pieces of driftwood into the shape of gr apeclusters and added faux grape leaves to them. They were actually quite pretty, especially in the sun.

    I've loved crafts since my childhood. My friends and I were Girl Scouts and we learned so much. I loved working on my badges. They instilled a lot of good manners and ideas of being helpful in us. I was in the Color Guard and learned how to treat the flag. We got badges on being good organizers. I think that's why I like to organize drawers and closets. We learned how to make a good fire which has come in handy with fireplaces and when camping. I know there are still Girl and Boy Scouts but I don't hear of any kids being in them. It's a shame so many of the things we loved as kids have gone by the by.

    Sun, I was watching a quilting show this morning. One lady had painted beautiful things, like you paint, on plain fabric. She outlined her flowers in black thread on her sewing machine and it was really dramatic. These would be perfect for making throw pillows. Perhaps I'll get it in gear and finish my paintings so I can try this. The paintings were lovely enough but stitching them just added an extra dimention.

    I had better get going so I'll be ready for the A/C man. Hope all y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Just popping back in after checking my e-mails. A/C guy has left and everything is fine inside and out--always good news! I have them check it out once a year. I believe annual maintenance helps extend the life of the components. We are so dependent on A/C down here, and we use them continually for months on end, that I think they need to be checked. It's so hot out that I keep the sliders closed and the vertical blinds closed too. I'm not going to clean the lanai as it's raining out, causing unbearable humidity to work in outside.

    I'm kinda anxious to take the new hose hider I got for the pool and get it set up over there. It looks soooo much better than the contraption we have now. Maybe I can do it tomorrow if I go to the pool. My buddies were over there this morning but got rained out. I just feel exhausted and uninspired today.

    Julie, I'm so glad GPA's son appreciates what you do. I hope getting back on Vitamin B-12 helps him. Keep us updated when you can.

    Ooh, just heard some serious thunder. We keep getting showers coming off the Gulf. Think it's supposed to be this way all day. Kitties are snoozing soundly. While I went downstairs to get the instructions for the new hose hider, I saw our asst. mgr. with a guy who is giving him a proposal for either the pavers or the pool. This guy works hard getting bids for us. I'm so glad we have him. Reg. mgr. is so-so. :confused:

    Have a great day.

  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good morning awl,

    Not much time again to post but wanted to say hi and check off so that I can receive the Porch's posts on the phone,. No I have never made yogurt of any kind and have been on the search for the yogurt. I think I found it but need to also see how expensive it is.

    JULIE - Glad that Gpa is getting back on B-12. That could be a very big help. I hope it will help him.. Also glad that his son is appreciating you. Don't listen to Gpa as he is more than likely mimicking you know who that he has lived with for some time.

    HI MIKIE, ROCK, SUN ,DIANE et al. We are having some company this evening so need to get cracking on some work. DSIL is helping DH put up a new TV and change out the one already in there and put the new one in the LR. The other was in the Family room area. Hope it works out. Glad that DSIL is helping DH as he is an engineer and is so good at assembling and putting things together. DH is a little spotty and questionable when it comes to doing some of those things. He is also impatient which can sometimes drive me crazy.

    Need to run and do some veggie cutting and cleaning for the salad tonight. Our friend is making a chicken salad which should be good. I will be cheating some with the dessert as it has milk products in it but I'll make for it some way. Supposedly I can't have cheese either which is a bad one cause I love cheese. I won't completely give it up but hadn't been eating a whole lot of it also because of DH cholesterol problem. However, I usually get the 2% cheese if I can.

    I couldn't find the Blackstrap molasses but found an old original molasses called Granny's original or something like that. I will use it till I get the other. Hope that isn't to expensive either . It looked pretty close but doesn't have as much potassium in it for one thing and has a little bit more sugar. The drink in water actually didn't taste to bad really but I like sour tasting stuff to a degree anyway like salad dressing. Mix the Braggs ACV with the Molasses and then water. I put it in a small glass but you could probably add more water to it if it is to sour tasting.

    Gotta run for now and do some prep work. I made the pie this morning and did some special washes, that need to come out of the drier right away. I will be back when I can. Maybe later on or tomorrow although DH has plans for working outside and working out tomorrow- ugh !!!!

    Bye for now !!

    Love to everyone,
  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Just woke up from a nap. Had a nice glass of freshly made carrot-apple juice.
    Gordon was busy while I slept. Now he's napping. There are some books
    awaiting us at the library, so we'll probably pick them up later today.

    Mikie, I don't recall seeing any driftwood with grapes in the boutiques of yesteryear.
    Do you still have any? I bet they look great with the sunlight on them. I never had the
    dexterity to make anything. Dog Daze of summer is a good one. I'm pretty much in
    a daze all the time now. Oh, that reminds me. Geico has a stupid ad on our home
    page. It shows a lion cub wearing a bow tie. Underneath it says "Dandelion". And
    then it says "Puns are bad. Insurance is good." A pretty stupid statement from a
    company that features a gecko as its punny logo.

    I hope your legs are OK now. Reminds me of an old hymn I used to play about
    having a sound foundation.

    Julie, glad to hear Gpa's grandson appreciates the help you give his grandad.
    What a childhood that poor kid must have had. Gordon's friend from the
    orchid club called. He was going on about the need to improve the meetings
    and the deficiencies of some of the board members. Gordon told him he needs
    to stop being a perfectionist. "You've already had one heart attack. Don't get
    yourself all worked up over this club." Not saying you are a perfectionist. (I
    am; or used to be.) But you do need to let other people do some stuff. And if
    nobody does it, will it really matter? I know. Easier to say than to do. But
    really. If all that mowing doesn't get done, what will happen? Please take it
    a little easier on yourself.

    Here are some words of wisdom from an anonymous source:
    A harp which sounds to good to be true is probably a lyre.

    Hugs All