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    As is my habit, I'm going back to #825 to read posts there and will come back to respond here.

    Please check out those posts as there are quite a few.

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Think we are getting a year's worth of rain in several days. I rained off and on all day yesterday. After I got the lanai cleaned, I took to my bed and napped off and on while watching "White Collar." I never watched it before because something else was on and I didn't have a VCR. It's supposed to rain off and on all day today. I have plenty to do inside and hope I have the NRG to do it. It's soooo nice to look out and see my shiny clean lanai.

    Julie, what a lot of trouble to go through only to have you know who change her mind. What a pain she is. Oh well, if it keeps you from going over there to mow, it's probably worth it. You have really been busy, even more than usual if that is possible. I keep hoping things will settle down for you and I'm sure you do too. Glad you are getting a nice visit with Lorraine.

    Granni, coconut milk yogurt sounds good. I love anything coconut, especially Pina Colodas! I have to be careful with potassium because my BP med, which is an ARB, increases potassium in my bod. Replacements for salt usually contain a lot of potassium and I can't use them. We've never heard--has your roof held in rainstorms without leaking? I hope so.

    Sun, oh, getting rid of old paperwork is a real pain. Our county has a shred day every year where they bring in a commercial truck with the shredder built in. It's free for up to two garbage bags full of personal paperwork. The paper is recycled so it's a good thing. I separate my receipts for taxes, receipts for things which are waranteed, and just throw my receipts for everything else in a bag. I keep those for a year and then shred them. It's not a wildly organized method but works for me without too much labor involved. I have always loved ABBA and, like you, will put them on when I want some nice peppy music. Their song, "Andante, Andante," is beautiful and different from some of their peppier ones. Also loved Fleetwood Mac from that era. I can't get those painted fabrics I saw on PBS Create out of my mind. Sea shells, as well as flowers, would make lovely fabric squares. Those squares would make beautiful throw pillows or, for those with lots of patience, quilt squares. Don't forget to share your latest art with us.

    Rock, Diahann Carroll is in "White Collar." She plays the part of an elegant lady, with a somewhat sketchy past, who lives in a mansion in NYC. She is still beautiful. Always one of my favorites. Your knowledge of show biz is amazing. Your taking tomatoes to the chiro reminds me of Atticus Finch in "Mockingbird." The people paid him with whatever they had. When my stepdad used to tend to the farmers and ranchers during the Depression, he sometimes got paid in whatever they had. I'm sure your chiro also expects money. It's nice of you to share your crops with people you know. I don't juice carrots but do enjoy snacking on those little baby carrots. I've always loved them, cooked or raw. You'd think I'd be able to see better than I do.

    It's all gray out and we keep getting little sprinkles. There are flood warnings out but we aren't prone to flooding right here. Code in effect when our bldg. was permitted was 11 feet above grade. I figure, since I live on the top floor, we would have to have 20 feet of water before I'd get any in my condo. Still, we have to carry ins. on our bldg. and we've just learned that it is going to go sky high. Yikes! Just what I need--higher bills.

    I hope all y'all have a wonderful Sunday. I'm going to read the newspaper.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thanks for starting us up again MIKIE. We are off to church and then work out ( sort of -more like mostly tread mill for me.

    Wanted just to answer and get back on the new volume so it will show up on my phone.

    JULIE - How nice you can visit some with Lorraine for a few days. Please try an take care of yourself !! More later.

    Love to awl,
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    Good Afternoon, Everydobby,

    Just stopping in between loads of laundry. I changed the bed so am waiting to climb into clean sheets. I've been watching an action drama that is fairly old but is pertinent today. Cats have been excited because "Mommy" is up and doing things around the condo. I have been trying to brush Sir Vester every day to get rid of the knots in his hair. A friend told me to get Johnson & Johnson detangler for kids and spray it in his hair and then comb it out. Since his knots are in places where he can't reach, and Tweety won't help with, I think it's safe to use. Her daughter uses it for animals in her animal refuge.

    It's still raining and there are flood warnings out for our area til 6:00 tonight. I hope it stops raining then, or sooner. The ground is saturated. I'm not too worried because in FL, there are retention ponds, drainage ditches and rivers everywhere. Everything on this side eventually ends up in the Gulf.

    I managed to call one friend who has been trying to get ahold of me. It was good to talk to her. I'm behind in keeping in touch with friends/neighbors. The other one called me but I was asleep this week. Her son has cancer and I think it's bad. He is home from the hospital and she probably wants to give me an update. I called the ex-president to see whether she is going to be able to attend the luncheon. She's the one who cursed me out and hung up on me. I figured it was her illness and the chemo talking. She was pretty nice but has switched from infusions to chemo meds taken orally and they really make her sick. I doubt she'll be able to go. I keep these people in my prayers every day, just as I do everyone here. Another neighbor, the one who organizes the luncheons, has left for Jacksonville to be with her sister who is dying. This has been a really rough year.

    Granni, come back when you can stay a while.

    Julie, I think Lorraine will be OK once she gets there. So much going on at your place. How sad that those kids of sis's don't want to see their mother but it's pretty plain why. Kids almost always love their parents but, when things get so bad, they will stay away for their own well-being. That's funny about your being "homeless." I think wherever you are is home. When hurricanes hit, the low pressure pulls the water in the Gulf waaaay out from the shore. Then, when the hurricanes come close to shore, the water comes racing back with a vengeance. They call that the surge. We are not far from the Gulf and the main river here so the FEMA flood maps include us. Also, we are paying for all the floods this spring all over the country and, from what I've heard, the fraud in NJ from the hurricane up there. Only a catastrophic hurricane, like Katrina, would cause flooding here and, due to the way we are situated on the coast, a direct hit like that is very unlikely. I hope you don't overdo things with all you have on your plate right now.

    I'm waiting for the fitted sheet to dry so I can start making the bed. I dry them separately to decrease wrinkles. They are also smoother and silkier if dried separately. Target only sold these sheets for one season and have never carried them again. I wish they had. These are getting old. They are dark brown and look lovely with cat hair on them--NOT!!! Cats are shifting where they snooze again. They will pick new places and use them for a while and switch it up. Don't know why. I'm getting ready to settle into the bed as soon as I get it remade. Aaaah! What a great night it will be for sleeping. Hope all y'all get a good night's sleep.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good evening awl,

    MIKIE - Could you please send us some rain here in TX. In answer to a few people who asked about our leaky roof. It has been dry since they fixed it or hope it is fixed. The rain will tell if it has been fixed for good. All we need to do is to get some good rain.

    Enjoy your nice new fresh and clean bedding. I know that it always feels so good to get in a fresh clean bed. I don't do it as often enough as I should. Maybe I should do each sheet separately too. Did you say you have a King sized bed? Ours is a Queen but that is still pretty big. The only thing better is when you can hang out the sheets but can't do that here and you too I am sure. Your kitties sound so funny to watch them play, change there bed area, etc. etc. Glad that they have been good and letting you sleep later lately. Hope that it continues. Glad also that you have been catching up with some friends and sick ones in the hood, etc. Glad that you are pretty hi and dry in case of a storm. We are pretty good too but IKE blew over one HUGE 400 year old tree when that storm came through. Luckily it fell away from the houses. We have a picture of DH standing next to the tree roots. They were so huge.

    JULIE - Glad you will get some time with Lorraine. I know she will enjoy it once she gets settled. However, how long will she there with David? That is very sad to hear that you know who's kids don't even particularly want to come to see her. I know Gpa will enjoy seeing them and visa versa. Hope things settle down a bit for you and the kiddos too . Hope David finds something to his liking close by the family and most hopefully a church. I can't believe so much is going on at your house - still even after the kids left. Don't feel bad about Lorraine not liking change. Some adults don't like it either, like my DH :)!!!

    Have to go and get ready to take a shower, etc. Tomorrow we both are going to the funeral of our pastor's mother who lived right there close by. I don't remember seeing her but I might have at some time. Not sure if she took ill suddenly or had been. He is obviously a very good son and very close to both his parents. Of course, a PRIEST should be :)!!!! DH has K of C duties and the choir director is letting me sing even without practice. Hoping it will be all stuff I know.

    Thinking of everydobby - ROCK, DIANE, SUN, DAR, JOAN, and so many others. Hope to get back sometime tomorrow afternoon if possible. Good night to awl !!!

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Hi Kids
    I see there's a post on the previous thread. No need to read it. Just spam.
    I slept most of all day yesterday. One doesn't get much done that way. On
    the other hand, one pretty much stays outta trouble.

    Mikie, I never heard of detangler before. Looks like the spell check hasn't either.
    Seems like it would be a good thing for a therapist to have. "I see you have
    problems at work and with interpersonal relationships and budgeting. Apply
    this detangler three times a day, and you'll be greatly improved in 30 days
    or all your snarls refunded."

    Yes, fresh sheets are nice. We did laundry yesterday. I can remember in previous
    decades doing quite a bit of ironing. But not any more. We are less formal
    nowadays and fabrics are less wrinkleable, so it's not necessary. I think I
    ironed a shirt several years ago. It was for Gordon to wear at a funeral.

    Never heard of White Collar, but I remember when "Julia" was a new show,
    and Diahann Carroll played a nurse.

    Julie, that's so nice that Lorraine can visit you. Clearly you are missed. Are you
    planning to fix any special favorite foods for her? Of do some baking together?

    Granni, I hope your trip goes smoothly, and the music is beautiful.

    Hugs to Springwater and Diane and Barry and all.

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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Well, we are in for another full day of rain. AACK!!! :eek: Radar just showed big clusters of it close offshore, heading this way. With the low pressure system stuck just north of us, there is a counter-clockwise pattern which keeps the rain returning over and over and over. The ground is saturated so it's all running off. I believe we are OK here but TV news keeps showing flooded roads and rivers. The news is playing Creedence Clearwater's "Who'll Stop The Rain." We've had 4" of rain in less than two days. It's a beautiful 78 degrees right now. As soon as it's light out, I'll sit out on the lanai with the kids.

    I am going to color my hair this morning since I can't go to the pool. This is a good opportunity to get some things done. I'm off my feedbag again and just don't know what I want to eat. I took a steak out of the freezer and put it in the fridge to cook today. I had some Greek yogurt with a bit of honey and those Kellogg's Bran Buds mixed in. It ain't gourmet but gets the job done.

    A board member called me last evening and we talked for a while. It's good to talk with her one on one because she isn't one to say much at the mtgs. She will be at lunch tomorrow. I don't know whether or not we will meet at the pool tomorrow if this rain keeps up. We have a lot of decisions we need to be making here soon. Found out that Barb's kids are letting her come down here by herself in Sept. It isn't wise but I'm sure she has worn them down arguing about it. I hope her friend, Joe, is ready to help her out a lot because I just no longer have the time and NRG to do it. Of course, if she continues to be in such a good mood, I will want to spend time with her.

    Granni, I wish I could send you some rain and send some to CA too. We certainly could spare it. I hope the roof does hold up without leaking. Yes, I have a king size bed. We had one when I was married and I've just gotten used to all that space. Also, if I were to go smaller, I'd have to buy new bedding. I've looked and looked and can't find sheets which are as satiny and soft as the ones I have. I did buy a pair of eucalyptus fabric pillowcases which are silky but they wrinkle like prunes and cost a king's ransom. We've had trees blow over in the hurricanes. One was a Hong Kong Orchid which had beautiful purple blooms. It was replaced with another one. I hear it raining out there but it's still dark out. Sad about your pastor's mother's passing. Nothing prepares us for the loss of our mothers. It's nice that you and DH will be there.

    Julie, Sweetie, I don't know what to say. I worry that you will collapse with all this on your shoulders. Please, find time for yourself. That is so cute about Loraine's thinking you'd have to move if you have mold. As you say, if only it were that simple. I hope she gets to stay as long as possible with you. I also hope GPA's health settles down. He is at what I call the tipping point. I saw so many of my elderly clients who didn't have the good care he gets with you. Their conditions just caught up with them and their health spiraled down. He is so lucky to have you. You keep an eye on things and don't let them spiral down. As I've mentioned before, I keep all my Online Family in my prayers daily and God knows what we each need.

    Rock, if only I could spray detangler on my life to get rid of the snarls. DD#1 has always had thick, curly hair. When she was a child, I sprayed detangler in her hair and used an electric detangler after washing it. It had two large-tooth combs which slid back and forth and did an amazing job of detangling without pain. Wish I had it now for Sir Vester but the noise would probably send him over the edge. If I can't get the tangles out of his chest hair, I'll just cut it close to the skin. This morning, he was trying to bully Tweety as she was trying to drink some water. I took him aside, petted him and told him he's a knight now and has to be gallant. He lay down and left her alone. Thank God things are less formal now and a few wrinkles are not a capitol offense. I washed my tablecloth and I need to iron it but I seldom iron things unless I have to. I'd have loved to hang these sheets out on a line and let the rain soften them; however, they would probably be moldy in this neverending rainstorm. I think the tree which was trimmed has leafed out enough that I can hang my catts in them and I will when I can get outside without getting drenched. The dendrobium that was a gift from my friend who died is about ready to bloom on one of its canes again.

    Rain brought some allergens with it and I have been sneezing. It doesn't startle the cats so much anymore. They know what, "It's OK," means and I always say that when I sneeze. I hope it's OK for all our Porchies today.

    Love, Mikie
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    Getting ready to go to the funeral this morning but had to stop in to say hi for now.

    MIKIE - Hang in there with all your rain. I know what you are saying about iron. I also rarely do so, what apain just to get out the ironing board.

    JUKIE - Enjoy Lorraine, I know it will be much to short but just gotta roll with the punches as they say.

    Hi to Rock et, al. Gotta run again.

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    Hello All

    Peeked in yesterday but didnt post..i was downstairs, tackling a bit of the front door portion where we keep plants. The shrubs were overgrown, rotting leaves in the spaces between plants, and then when randomly checking the soil, those horrible big white curved grubs. Uff. We pruned some, and cleaned out some. Thank goodness for some work done!

    Julie - oh im sorry Lorraine isnt too happy about the change. Good to know you were able to spend some time together, tho.

    Granni - have fun at the singing, im sure you are very good at it, even if you dont practise. What does DH do at the K of C?

    Mikie - it must be nice to know youre not in immediate danger of any flooding. This year, we have had intermittent showers with very hot spells in between. Cant wait for winter to arrive.

  9. Mikie

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    OMG! I just lost three paragraphs. Think I hit shift/C instead of ctl/c to save it. Well, no way am I going to try to retype it. It's just gone.

    Granni, hope all went well at the funeral and that the singing went well too. Yesterday here would have been a perfect dreary day for a funeral. DD#2 called and said they need rain in TX.

    Spring, AACK! Grubs! I hate dealing with plant vermin. I can't wait for winter to arrive too. We will be back into the 90's today and for the foreseeable future. Thank God for A/C.

    I'll check in later.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Not much news around this ranch except my cough is still hanging on. Talked to
    the doc on the phone yesterday. He told me was thinking of changing or
    stopping my lisinopril, high blood pressure med. Apparently a cough is a side
    effect. Gordon will tell the pharmacist to call the doc. Uff-da. It was simpler
    in the old days. You just poured molasses over an onion and wore it around
    your neck for a week. (Or something like that.) Maybe your poured turpentine
    on a rag and wore it on your head.

    Springwater, when does winter arrive for you? Back in Minnesota it appeared in
    Nov. but we didn't get snow till after Thanksgiving. Here in California there
    isn't much difference in the seasons except the winters tend to be a little wetter.
    At least they did until the last few years ago.

    Granni, I hope you get a Goldilocks rain. Just enough so you can tell if the roof
    leaks and enough for the plants, but no more.

    Mike, I don't know the Who'll Stop the Rain song, but I did see a musical called
    110 in the Shade back in the 60s. It was based on the the play the Rainmaker
    (which was also a movie). Nothing like making several dishes outta your left
    over turkey. Anyhoo, the musical was written by the same two guys what wrote
    the Fantastics, but was nowhere near as good. The most amazing thing was
    that at the end, it rained on stage.

    I never knew that rain could bring allergens. I thought it washed pollen and dust
    outta the air. Half a century ago I took shots to combat allergies, but they never
    seemed to do any good. Gradually the allergies became de minimis, especially
    after CFS took center stage.

    Julie, I hope David and Lorraine can stay a little longer. Did David see the doc
    about his shoulder yesterday? Hope things are peachy keen at your place.

    Hugs to Diane and Barry, etc.

    Oh there you are, Mikie. Sorry you lost your post. Enough to make
    you want to throw your shoes over the People's Bank building. (Old
    saying from a 1940s radio show.) Now you mustn't be too harsh about
    the grubs. Remember, they are people too. Oh wait, I guess I'm
    thinking of Cubs. You know. The Chicago Cubs. Or am I thinking
    of Subs. Teachers, you know.

    Well, anyhoo, hope you and the kitties are peachy keen. :p
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    Mikie: I thought of you yesterday when I heard on the news that this family discovered a giant treasure of gold coins right down in your area, and only 15 feet down. He said that after they give the investors their share the rest will be theirs to keep. How's the rain? Send some here....just not like what Texas got.

    Spring: grubbs? Is this an open area where things like moths can fly in and lay their eggs? I hate those giant things. At our other house when the kids were young I had a big compost pile going.....I was into organic gardening at that time. One winter day I was out there turning it and there were a lot of those white grubbs....ugh....which I ignored except I believe I sent one specimen into the local entimologist dept. at a college who called back to say they were fig beetle grubbs. Well, come one spring day there were suddenly a lot of this big buzzing green beetles flying out of my compost. I handed some rakes to my kids who had a lot of fun trying to whack them! We called it beetle ball.

    I have a fig tree in front at this home which produces 100s of figs. I only eat a few and one of my neighbors comes over and picks them. His dad loves them, but sadly his dad just passed away a few weeks ago at the age of 99. So now I'm wondering if he's going to want the figs. I may have to put on a long sleeve shirt, pick them myself, and give to the local senior center. (the leaves make me itch something awful)

    Rock: Does Gordon still have his cough? It may NOT be prescription related. Besides the lisinopril what other meds do you take on a regular basis? We've always got pollutants floating around in the air. After each rain you should see the filthy yellow/brown water that comes off the roof gutters into my rain barrels. UGH. And I checked them the other day....one has mosquito larvae swimming around. The previous rain I got them in the ones sitting in the sun.....I guess they go for the warm water.....so I checked online and found some mosquito dunks and bought 8 of them, one of which I dunked into one container.

    Julie: What will David do when he goes back to work locally? Will he stay with you then drive back on his days off? Any luck with him finding a job in Tenn? It's too bad they didn't just rent a house locally so the kids could be close to you guys.

    I'm doggy sitting my SIL's dog, Savannah.....a big, sweet natured weimeraner. Of course the cats aren't happy, especially Abby, the big alpha female. She slinks around, hissing. She hissed at me this morning so I tossed the ice pack I was holding.
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    Hi, Kids,

    Waiting for friends to show up so we can drive to the restaurant for lunch. It was so gawd awful humid at the mtg. that I am all wrinkled. Oh well, these are my good friends and no one cares. I had to unload five heavy umbrellas in the berry back of the SUV so I could put the seats back up for my friends to sit in. I'll store them in my little front office til after hurricane season and, hopefully, after the pool has been redone.

    Loud, obnoxious board guy sat nice as you please through the mtg. We had quite a few there for a change. One guy brought over a loooong list of complaints, none of which our big board or mgmt. can help him with. I already told him this when he came over to my condo months ago and sat for 1 1/2 hrs. complaining. He refuses to accept that he has to work it all our with his individual bldg./assn. Other than that, mtg. was good.

    Rock, I also wonder whether it's your BP med if Gordon is also still coughing. I always found it fascinating when they had rain on stage. Most of us, like Granni, are trying to keep the rain outside. I had thought all the allergens would have been gone with all that rain but, sometimes, it will bring more.

    Sun, yes, that family struck it rick and they built an amazing machine, using the boat's motor, to push sand aside to expose those coins. We also have two 14 year olds missing about 65 miles off the East Coast of FL. They went out by themselves in a small boat and, evidently, the conditions caused the boat to capsize. No one should ever let two teenage boys go in a boat by themselves. It's sad. There is a HUGE fig tree from India down here in front of a house. The roots are as tall as I. It's amazing. The owner sells all kinds of stuff made from the figs.

    Julie, this has to be so hard for you. Your grandkids all got your sweet smile. I'm glad you got to spend some time with Lorraine.

    Diane, so sorry about Beaty. Also sorry about the doc and the AD's. Sometimes, those have a paradoxical effect and/or have horrible side effects. I'd also be careful of them. Can't remember, have you tried any kind of feedback or meditation for the anxiety? It helps me a lot. I've been have anxiety lately and don't know whether it's because I weaned off the Special K or because I've been in a relapse. Just relaxing and saying out loud that everything is just as it should be or that everything will be OK helps a lot.

    OK, Kids, sorry to be so short here but I have to get off to go to lunch. No time to edit or correct.

    Love, Mikie
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Not sure when DH will return from his meeting today. He did say that he might come home early to get some other things done and not go to lunch. So I am typing quickly as usual.

    Sorry some of you are not feeling up to par or a bi depressed like dear DIANE and JULIE and hope you both get to feeling better really soon. As they say keep on hanging in there both of you and keep busy as you both have been doing.

    DIANE - I am so sorry to hear about Faithy and her problems and hope you all can get them all straightened out. Of course the pink eye is not a big eye with the eye meds but having to catch her and give them may not always be fun. Hope they can get a sample of urine without to many problems. I am guessing they may have to anesthetize her to catheterize her or at least give her something to calm her down. Then I hope all is well without to many problems after they get the results and she will be OK. Sorry as well that Kevin is also upset at what has been going on with Faithy. Doing OK I guess with the supps and all. Not sure how much I am herxing since I feel stinky all of the time or a lot. More later.

    Hugs to JULIE and I know she is missing Lorraine and everyone already but it is almost harder when they leave and then come back sooner than would have been expected and then leave again even if it was only just Lorraine. Yes, where is David staying during the week when working where he has been?

    DH just came home very early now but is letting me stay home on his errands :)!!

    ROCK - Yes, what SUN says there also may be lots of allergens in the air causing or aggravating the cough. I suspect that is some of my problem with my post nasal drip. I have never been tested but I think I have allergies. My dad had "hay fever ", I guess that might have been ragweed, I think and maybe other things. He used to take shots for a while till he just gave up when he became to ill and older.

    Big HUGZ to awl including also dear SUN, SPRING WATER, DAR, ELAINE, JOAN and so many other MIA's. The funeral yesterday came out very well with a lot of extra voices that came to sing just for this time and don not want the commitment. Even our old or past director was there with his son who sang and also played the piano when our leader was directing. There is another funeral this week but not sure that we will be going or not yet.

    MIKIE - I think you were posting as I was, this last time. Didn't get a chance to read it but will go back later. Hope all is well and your rain has lessened some today.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
  14. Mikie

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    Hi, Everydobby,

    Just got back from lunch with my friends. How nice to get out and just enjoy one another's company. The food is good too. We eat at a Caribbean restaurant with creative dishes. I had a nice big beer which always go good with most food. Out of six of us, three were using canes. Yikes!

    Diane, I'm sorry--I confused Faithy with Beaty. I've taken my cats in earlier times to see the vet and he always just put a little vial in front of their business and pressed it to the bladder. Every time, he was able to collect urine. I hope they can get Faithy's as easily. I always ask St. Francis to watch over all our pets. They are family members and we love them.

    Granni, I was typing fast and furious to get out in time for lunch. Glad you have a chance to stay home a bit and not have to do errands.

    Again, I'm not here for long. I think some binge TV and a nap are on my agenda. I should go to the store but my heart just ain't innit.

    Love, hugs and prayers to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  15. sunflowergirl

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    Diane: we must have been posting at the same time. I'm sorry your little one has pink eye.....but poor Kevin! And about the ADs......there's always side effects to everything. I hope you can find the right one to help. I was put on gabapentin for a variety of things......to help with pain and also with the head tremors, but after l l/2 years I'm trying to wean off them slowly because I think it might contribute to everything, including the tremors which it's supposed to help with.

    Mikie: I also heard that one family has offered $100 thousand in reward $ if the boys are found. CRAZY why those boys would try that. I didn't know the family had a home made dredger using the boat motor. I always love those treasure hunting stories.

    Carribean food! Yummy. I love spicy food and I'll bet everything had wonderful flavor. Ever been to Louie's Backyard Restaurant in Key West? That was a very memorable BD I spent eating dinner there. Everyone in KW recommended it so that's where we went.

    By the way, I ate a a really good Mexican restaurant in Pasadena on sunday.....El Cholo. The first one started in LA. back in the 20s so you know the food is good. My DGD ordered some chirros for dessert....OMG.....they were drizzled with chocolate and filled with a vanilla cream filling.....like what you would make for a custard pie. So good and the guacamole was made at the table.....outstanding. I think we all filled up on chips and guac BEFORE our meals came though.

    Granni: you're herxing?

    I've been feeling down lately, but pushed myself outside to take my visiting dog for a walk then came home and did yard cleanup in front. Now I'm ready for a well deserved nap!
  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hello folks

    Sorry i had to leave in the middle before...someone at the gate, and then got caught up. It was so meone come to take DHs car for servicing..i also made our man help take off the seat covers from the almost antique landrover we have and made him wash it and the floor plastic mats..theyre all almost falling off..if i ask DH to buy new ones, he says the whole car needs to be replaced....but for that you need serious $.

    Sun - these grubs that i found in the garden soil dont become anything, theyre just pests which feed on the roots and destroy plants. Its scary to even kill them because theyre so fat and huge with a red head part..like trying to squish an elephant...easier to put down a mosquito than an elephant. We carried them out and tossed them in to the road outside.

    Diane - good to see you pop in as always. And to get updated. I hope Faithy is diagnosed soon and can get the proper treatment..theyre very fortunate to be loved and cared for as they are. Also hope you feel better soon.

    I get you about the ADs. Was a time several years ago when i was going thru high anxiety phase, but when i tried to take an Mao, (doc prescribed) it numbed the anxiety only to bring on higher levels of depression. Hahaha...MAO, not Chairman Mao, because i know Rock will make some tongue in cheek comment on it.

    Julie - lovely lovely pic. I know how you must not look forward to seeing her off. We arealways having to make ourselves do things we dont want to, things which hurt us but which we have to in the interests of the bigger picture. No wonder those pygmies in Amazon basin dont want anything to do with the outside world. They live life, eating, hunting, laughing, sleeping and being with each other and never having to do this and do that and hurting.

    Granni - good to know the singing went off well. How lovely. For the family to have singing at their funeral. Ive not been to too many christian funerals, so dont know the entire programme. At our s chool of course, the headmaster would say the eulogy and the children sing.

    Rock - we have hot sun till october end, then cooler days and then cold. December. I must remember to wet a rag with turpentine and put in on my head. Better than popping coldarins.

    Out shopping yesterday...gave my kurta pieces for stitching..bought macaroni and mushrooms and odds and ends..there was this store in the bazaar which seemed to hv everything, even tho it was a tiny cramped one..i asked for mango powder and he took it out from some back corner..plain potato chips and they were hanging in a basket overhead, macaroni, both loose in a sack and packaged ones on a shelf...i was wondering whether i should ask for something unusual just to see if the shopkeeper had that too, ginseng or something...he beamed everytime i asked for something and he found he had it.

    Also popped in to see my friend from the healing centre, she was looking good, says she has been swimming regularly and meditating even more regularly. It was showing. Glowing, relaxed.

    While returning, i panicked because it was 8pm and we hv dinner before that..saw the dumpling restaurant was lit up and open and rushed only to be rocked backwards because i hadnt seen the glass door in my rush..on top of that the counter guys who were looking aghast at me because it was a pretty strong bump, told me they were closed for the day...luckily the supermarket nearby has stalls outside and i managed to get the last of the days dumplings ordered. Veg for me, non veg for the men.

    Mikie - what a find for those people! Gold coins. I thought occurences like that had gone out of fashion and only happened in stories.

    Everybody take care

    God bless

  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Kitties and I slept well til 5:30. I feel soooo much better with a bit of extra sleep. Last evening, I drifted off while watching TV in bed. Sir Vester has a new diabolical game. He comes in and cries for me to put them out, as usual, at about 10:00 p.m.; however, instead of going out as Tweety does, he tries to run and hide from me. When I let them out at night, I usually have to pee and he always comes into the bathroom to rub on my legs while I'm on the toilet. I know, I know, little pervert! Anyhoo, I will sit on the toilet, pretending to go, and grab him while he's rubbing on me and show him to the door. I always cuddle him and kiss the top of his head while I'm carrying him and he always purrs. I think he just enjoys the chase. I have to do the toilet thing as he kept finding new places to hide.
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good morning awl, DH is at the store and getting gas for the car and a few other things . So I will try and take this time to write.

    SPRING WATER - So nice to see you so bright and cheery this morning even if you were rushed to get stuff done in the middle of your conversation with us. That shop keeper in the small store you went in sounded so cute. I'm sure he took pride in his many wares. Hope you are holding up OK in the heat and with the rains too but hopefully some of the rain will keep it a little cooler for you. I know the heat can quickly zap away and NRG you might have found at all . Our music ministry is supposed to be in the heat of the day outside . Our new director is from the Boston area so he was not thinking when he made these plans. It may be around 100 that day or a little under. I had RSVP's as a maybe but just changed it to NO. I mentioned it to the director of why and he understood. I know of at least one other person who said they weren't going due to the heat. Others may have also just said no and didn't tell him why.

    JULIE - Hope you are getting some things done around the house and maybe helping Den in some way for your future home. I know you were busy with Lorraine and it was hard to see her go but just remember that there will be future visits and you to go see them in time. I know them leaving must be extremely hard for you having them all practically with you most of the time and so very close. I wish I had had mine closer but we don't chose where our kids go. Hang in there. The pain will lessen in time but God has a plan as I know you already realize but it is still hard for you. I love the pictures you posted. You both look so happy. Keep on smiling kiddo and praying too and God will help you through this hard time. Hope you now use this time in between taking care of Gpa to get your house done and worked on, both old and new areas. Also hope Gpa is doing well.

    MIKIE - That Caribbean food sounded delicious.. I would have enjoyed that although now with this silly diet that I am on it is hard to know what to eat. Went to the club last night for a dear friends husband's 85th birthday. It was pasta night. So I am guessing that is cheating when one is not supposed to eat sugars. I know carbs turn to sugar and the fungus loves sugar but the gal did not say not to eat starches but she might have figured I already knew that. Then we got a little tiny mousse for dessert. She said no milk products either. So it was a total cheat last night. I have been using almond milk in cereal and other stuff. Hope your board member that is loud and boisterous starts behaving himself. Some people feel that they always have to take control of situations. You have must have posting same time as I. Sir Vester sounds like a funny kitty !!!

    SUN - I am not sure if I am herxing or not maybe a little since I am now trying to be n a diet to get rid of my systemic fungus no less. I am on special supplements also including the Glutathione. Hope you are having fun with your painting. Sounds like you keep pretty busy too no matter how you feel, most days that is. Lots to keep you busy with fun things and stuff I know you just need to get done.

    HI also to DIANE, ROCK and so many others.
    Well I hear DH is home so need to get off here.

    Love to everyone esp those not mentioned,
    Granni :)
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    JULIE - That puppy you were trying to potty train sounds really funny too. He or she knew how to get extra treats. These animals can be pretty smart. I understand with Gpa about moving slowly and taking awhile to get ready to go. I am getting sot of that way myself but then I have to usually do something with my hair and put on some makeup to look half way decent. The makeup might just be lipstick if just going shopping :)!!!

    DIANE - Let us know when you find out about Faithy's urinalysis. I hope her kidneys are doing their job and there are no problems. Thinking about you all and sweet Faithy.

    Can't stay on long now have to do some googling out checking out treats that we both can eat without going on off our diets to much. Like a sherbet with no milk or much sugar. This eating business is getting crazy. Any ideas anyone? Of course you all live in different parts of the country and I might not have the same thing. I have been having the hardest time with trying to cook with DH's problems and then me and I have gotten to the point I almost hate to cook - yikes. The problem is I love to eat and so does DH.

    Gotta run and hope to see you all tomorrow again. Good evening everydobby,
    Granni :)
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I started this post yesterday. I thought I had already lost the short one above and this one too. Lo and behold, they are still here. I'll go to the bottom to catch up.

    ARGG!!! Stupid Windows update torpedoed my post. I actually was able to post the reply of one paragraph and still it was lost. I had selected to postpone the update for four hours but it didn't work. Not only are the updates a pain, the option to postpone didn't work. I'm sick of losing posts.

    I'm not going to the pool today because we got a lot of rain early this morning. I heard the thunder while I was in bed. This whole week is supposed to be rainy. Wish Mother Nature would even it out and not send it all at once.

    Spring, I think our seasons are similar. Sorry you bumped into that glass door. I did than once years ago. It's so disorientating.

    Sun, how I envy your good Mexican food. I assumed there were good Mexican restaurants there like we had in CO. I feel so stupid! Our landscape supervisor is from Mexico. I need to ask him about Mexican restaurants here. Duh!!! I'm drooling just reading about dessert.

    Granni, so nice to see your nice long posts. Glad you had some time to spend on the computer. I think we can cheat once in a while on diets, even ones for getting rid of fungi. The "Today Show" hosts all went on a no-sugar diet. There is one of them who is particularly ditzy. She was digging into a big plate of pasta that a chef had prepared on the show, saying that there wasn't any sugar in pasta. Oy! They really should call those low-carb diets. You're right about starches turning into sugar in the body but I still eat pasta now and then. I have not given up the things, like carbs, that they recommend. I am keeping the weight off but would probably be better off if I eliminated as many of the carbs as possible. We can have a systemic fungal infection and not know it and cutting out carbs helps with that. Isn't that what the eye lady saw when she examined your eyes? I'm off my feedbag right now so not eating much of anything. So far, board member is being good. Yes, Sir Vester not only acts funny but is a funny looking cat to begin with. He's handsome but has a funny little face and body. His voice is raspy like mine in the mornings and he croaks to me. I have seen recipes for making your own fruit sorbets at home with no special equipment required. It involves putting fruit in the blender or food processor and freezing it in ice cube trays. I'd think you might be able to find them online.

    Julie, I think Den's a keeper! Your sunflowers look wonderful. That is so funny about the puppy and treats. He was training them! Last night, Sir Vester didn't fall for the toilet ruse. I went into the kitchen and rustled the treat bags and he came running. I grabbed him and put him out. I have no idea what he'll think up tonight. He's smarter than I gave him credit for and is catching onto my ploys. Tweety gets upset when she goes out voluntarily and he plays his silly games. At 10:00 at night, I'm not wanting to cater to him. Hope all went well with the doc appt. It's better to have an older person who wants to get ready ahead of time than one who always makes you late, screwing around when you need to get going. One of the women who rode with me to the luncheon made us late because she had already packed her shoes to go on vacation and had to dig them out to wear to lunch. Then, she smacked a heavy set of keys into the paint on the door of my car. Good thing it's not new but, just the same, I try to keep the paint looking good. She screams when she talks and continually taps me on the shoulder. This despite the fact I told her of my sensitivity to touch. Yikes! She rides shotgun because she is quite heavy and has a difficult time navigating with her cane. Then, her first priority was to whip out pictures to show our friends in the back seat. I finally had to ask her to buckle up. She is a nice person but has no self-awareness. Oh well, in the overall scheme of things, it's not that much of an annoyance considering how much fun we all had. One of my friends, and a fellow board member, was picking up another woman to go to the luncheon and the woman had decided to walk her dog at the appointed pick-up time. In retrospect, it's kinda funny. Let us know how the doc appt. went. Well, I hope.

    I'm going to close this and go back to Page One to see whether I missed anyone. I was so upset by losing two posts that I just went back to bed yesterday. I'm still not up to par and just don't feel like myself. My memory isn't good and, when I was visiting with Pedro this week, I had a few seconds of having difficulty speaking. It's probably nothing but I'm taking note and, if it happens again, I'll call the doc. Could be those little TIA's. Rain is occurring daily in the mornings so haven't been to the pool. I'm off to the grocery store this morning for those cat treats and tissues. Basically, my life consists of feeding the cats, blowing my nose, and eating in between.

    Hope all y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie