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    Meeting is over and I'm back. I also went to Target to get my Rx and got some groceries and kitty litter. It was on sale and I had a $2 coupon. I get their litter, and my toilet paper, on sale so we can all go for less. :) Target pharmacies are being sold off to CVS. I feel so sorry for the pharmacists and techs. CVS fills more Rx's with fewer employees so these guys know it ain't getting better for them. I told my favorite tech that I would pray for them. Good news is that there is a shortage of pharmacy employees so, even if they lose their jobs or are treated badly, they will find other jobs. Still, Target is a great company to work for in terms of both salaries and benefits. I hate CVS but will wait to see whether I change to another pharmacy after seeing how this change affects me.

    Good news!!! I unplugged the living room TV and plugged it back into the second surge protector and it is working fine. I guess the female plug in the one got knocked out by a surge or just crapped out. The remote control is no longer working but I had the same brand before and the remote for that works with this one. If all else fails, I can buy a universal remote.

    We picked a contractor to completely remove all the pavers around the perimeter of our pool deck and put down new ones. The contractor will try to match the pavers we have and will bring out samples this week. Then, it will just be a matter of when he can do the job. Those loose pavers are a liability so, the sooner the better. I have the authority to OK a job this small but will have to get board approval to authorize the $30,000 it will take to renovate the pool. I have narrowed it down to two pool contractors and have a pretty good idea of which of those I will ask the board to authorize to do the work. I've been pouring over the proposals and had some good questions for our asst. mgr. He has done a lot of preliminary work and interviewing the contractors so there remains only my interview and picking out tile for the pool. This is a huge responsibility. Thank God that both contractors have been in business for more than 30 yrs. and have references. Also, the contractor I like redid our asst. mgr.'s condo pool five years ago and it still looks like new.

    Granni, oh how I hate to drag out my sewing machine for small jobs. It's an old machine and doesn't sew nearly as well as the new ones but I don't sew much anymore so don't need a new one. Back when I was sewing a lot, those invisible zippers came along and were such an improvement over the placket zippers. I don't even know whether they still sell them. I don't mind sewing by hand for small things. My HS sewing teacher taught us how to do an "invisible seam" by folding and pressing the fabric and simply going from one side to the other to stitch inside the fold. I am not taking up my clothes because the dryer shrinks the pants. If I wear them very long, though, they expand until they are falling off. Some of my tees are way too big but I can put them in the dryer too and they will permanently shrink. Good luck with the pants project.

    Sun, you are right; one almost never hears of myofacial massage. I had it done after the car accident which triggered my FMS. The PT tech put hot, moist towels on me before starting to put the pressure on the trigger points. Think I've mentioned here that I use a little rubber ball with soft spikes on it to roll over my legs to release the myofacial inflammation. Adult coloring books are selling like crazy. Seems we all still enjoy coloring and find it restful. Yes, those storms and low pressure systems really do wreak havoc on how we feel. Poor Diane with that horrible storm. Yikes!!! I'm glad you take the time to play. I really need to do that but, right now, I'm tired from working out yesterday. I don't think the pool temp was warm enough. It takes the heaters a bit to catch up after so much rain. When you play, beautiful art emerges.

    Diane, so sorry for those horrible storms but glad about Faithy's urinalysis results. Hope her teeth cleaning goes well. Tweety is snoozing on the back of the loveseat and Sir Vester is snuggled up against my side as I type. Both are back to letting me sleep late. Good kitties!

    Gonna go rest my aching, exhausted bod. Love, hugs and prayer for all my Online Family.

    Love, Mikie
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    Whew.......that's a lot of $$ to redo your pool but then you said it's olympic size. I'm sure it will be beautiful when all it completed. You do soooo much for your assn. I hope people realize this and applaud your efforts.

    I was doing a search about almond butter vs. cashew butter. Seems there's a big difference in some areas so one has to weigh what you need. I go thru almost 12 oz. of the fresh almond butter a week and at $9.99 a tub it gets to be a big expense for my budget, so I bought the cashew butter this week and saved $2 a tub. It's my necessary staple in my frig along with CHEESE!

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    Good afternoon my dear Porchies,

    SUN - Thanks for that last lovely site you sent . It is really beautiful both the pictures and the music. I have to check out the last one you posted. For MY condition the Nat. doc said that peanuts were not good or cashews either I think for some reason. She told me but I have forgotten why. I just LOVE cheese but she said also no milk products . That is driving me crazy as it is a food group for me. I have so much in my refrig of the grated too. I will have to steal a little every now and then. DH can have some mostly 2% cheese with his not to low cholesterol . As I said before the sock and ball thing sounds good but I have to search for a wall in my house to do it on. DH says he can't eat almonds (chew with his bad teeth) but we are both drinking or in cereal almond milk. I eat them when I can. I do love cashews too but rarely get them. We both do like pistachios too and luckily the nat. doc said they were fine.

    MIKIE- I missed how much you have to have the pool renovated. From SUN's reaction it sounded like a lot of money. Hope you got a good deal.

    ROCK - Hope all is well with you and your cough not any worse. Haven't seen you in a few days it seems. like.

    My traveling kids said they will or are thinking about going to a casino in LA tomorrow for the day. I am guessing because it is inside and not HOT :)!!! They won't be spending the night so they will have to leave fairly early if they want to spend some time there. Don't think any of them want to lose any money. One cannot afford it and the other is retired early and is very careful with his money since he also didn't grow up with any. They are coming home from San Antonio now and were going to stop somewhere else but not sure if they did as they are now on their way home. They will stop for dinner and asked if we wanted to go and we said no. To much money being spend lately plus we will be doing so on Thursday and Friday.

    Thinking of everydobby.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Granni: about the almond milk, I recently read that it's NOT so good for you.......that the companies don't tell HOW much almonds are in it......and that's it's basically just sugar water. So read your labels and do your studying.

    It's HARD cutting milk products, especially when you love cheese. I remember buying/trying a milk free cheese.....UGH. I would rather just do without.
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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Woke feeling lousy, with a stuffy nose and headache. After getting home from the pool on Mon., I had a chill and couldn't seem to get warm. I hate to miss my session today but need to feel better to work out. I hope the pool has warmed up. Kids were on a holy tear this morning, chasing each other around. Sir Vester clawed a woven basket and I told him, "No!" As soon as I sat down, he did it again, little scamp. I told him not to do that and sprayed it with cat repellant. He's now lying next to me with his back feet against my leg. There is nothing like a warm pet touching my skin to make me feel happy. Tweety has always loved to sleep next to my legs but this is something new for him. He has gotten next to my arm when I'm in bed but he hasn't stayed long. He seems perfectly content now.

    Sun, our pool isn't Olympic size and I'm sorry if I said it is. It's still way larger than the usual community pool, large enough to swim laps. Most community pools are only as long as ours is wide, about half the size of ours. Thanks for your kind words about what I do on the board. Sometimes, I don't do too much. Right now, there is a lot going on. I have some almond milk in the fridge but just can't get rid of my Lactaid milk. My problems with dairy seem to have gone away, thank God! I haven't tried the nut butters. Everything with nuts is soooo expensive. I love them but wait for a sale or BOGO before buying them. Last time I shopped, there were several things which had jumped in price 50 cents or even a dollar. SS doesn't count food when figuring our COLA increases, which is ridiculous. How's your weather there? Are any of the fires close to you? I hope not.

    Granni, the cost to redo a pool this size is just under $30,000. I know--that's a LOT! We put money into reserves for these big expenses so we have the money to do it in the bank. As soon as this is done, starting with next year's budget, we will be saving for when it has to be done ten or so years from now. Inflation is built in to each year's budget. I like to eat out too but, like you, I don't like to spend too much eating out a lot. I cannot take being in casinos--too much noise, light and confusion. There's not enough Klonopin in the world... Good luck with your dairy-free diet. I don't think I could do it.

    Julie, as I said before, I think GPA is grieving his loss of more-or-less independent living. It's normal for you to miss the kids and feel sad but I understand that your knowing it's normal doesn't make it any easier to bear. I'm so sorry you have to endure this. I keep you in my prayers. The good news is that GPA is getting new hearing aids. That should make it easier for everyone. At least, I hope so. Being able to pick them up next time is good. I hope the tube in the ear isn't painful for him. The ENT removed some old wax from my ears and, at one point, I just about shot outta the chair. Yikes!!! I have one ear which always seems to be plugged up. Good luck with everything.

    Rock, we miss you. I saw where you welcomed GoldenPuff to our Porch and I hope she does join us. Knowing you are OK is good.

    Well, Kids, I've already read the newspaper so will be going. I need to figure out whether or not I'm going to the pool. I may be Herxing as my stomach is so upset today. That would account for the headache. Hope everyone has a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning to everydobby :)!!

    DH is getting the car serviced at the dealership so I have the computer - ha ha, at least till he comes back. Nothing that exciting going on. Went over to DD's yesterday after they got back and had some wine and chatted. DH left a little early and I stayed for a while longer.

    JULIE - You are doing so much and putting up with an awful lot. At least you know Gpa is getting the care he needs cause you know who isn't going to provide it. Yes, it is very sad when she lives in HIS house. Yes, as you said he realizes this but he still longs for his house, his independence and his daughter, even though she cares for nothing but herself. It will be great when Gpa can hear better with his aids and after removing the fluid. I know how it was living in the house when my dad used to visit. The TV was so loud none of us could stand to be in the same room with him. My FIL also wore hearing aids for a very long time but he did wear them which was very helpful to him and everyone. He lived with us too. That will make it so much more pleasant for him and everyone even though those aids are so very expensive now. Not that they were ever cheap. Hang in there sweetie ! We know how much you miss those kids after them being almost in the same house for years. So glad you can get to visit them for awhile in a week or so.

    Speaking about being sad. I am a bit sad to day as it is our #3 daughters b-day the one who just decided to skip out on the family shall we say, and most likely has addictions. I have what used to be here e-mail address and so will send her a very quick Happy Birthday and hope she comes back someday.

    MIKIE - I will hang in there with the dairy free diet but I know I will cheat as they say once in awhile, especially with regards to cheese. Occasionally we will have a thin crust pizza for one thing. I am also not supposed to have sugar either. Not that I or we eat that many sweets we don't but an occasional piece of chocolate and can't have ice cream, even sherbet has some milk products in it. Right now we are eating some no sugar fruit bars (like popsicles) but a little more flavor. Going crazy trying to figure out what to eat and drink. Good luck with all your projects on the board. You are very conscientious and will do a great job, I know. We decided not to drink wine daily at home as we had been doing before dinner. We are now doing it on special occasions and when we go out or go to the kids and we have happy hour or whatever it is when visiting. We also dilute our wine somewhat with an ice cube or two. Not to bad esp in the hot summer.

    ROCK - Hope you are doing OK. SUN, and SW too and everydobby else not mentioned at this time or is MIA.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)

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    Hi, Kids,

    Just got back from the pool. I ended up going but may regret it. I knew something wasn't right. I have such a sore throat now that I can barely swallow. Yikes!!! o_O As much as I'd like to get some things done around here, I'll likely just rest up, hoping to get rid of whatever is ailing me. It isn't Herxing.

    I'm glad I went for another reason. Think I mentioned some months ago that Joe, a neighbor, screamed at me but that he apologized and we've been friends ever since. He seems to think that yelling is the way to handle things, though, and he got pretty loud at the Tues. mtg. being upset with our asst. mgr. Even when asst. mgr. tried to reason with him, he wasn't buying it. I didn't want to get into the fray at the mtg. but knew Joe would seek me out. I expected him to show at the pool and he did. I talked to him and he was much nicer and more receptive. Board members and I think we shouldn't handle individual assn. business at the Tues. mtgs. and I told Joe to make an appt. with mgmt. when he has something to discuss. He was good with that. I think it's time to disband those mtgs. and I'll meet with the mgr. to handle routine business. Someone's always riled up in da hood.

    Granni, I'm so sorry about DD#3. I hope and pray she comes around. I've also quit drinking wine almost every day. I'll have a glass with kids when they visit or with neighbors when we sit out in the evenings but I just don't desire it all the time. Those fruit bars are good. Think I mentioned you can also make your own with fresh fruit, the blender and the freezer. Still, it's easier just to buy them. Think I'll pick up some popsickles at Publix for my sore throat. In the meantime, I'll suck on ice chips. Just had a cup of decaf and will switch to tea with honey and lemon. Mom used to add whiskey, an old Irish remedy. Don't want the whiskey. AACK!!! :confused: Glad you had some time with the kids.

    I'm a bit hungry so think I'll have a nice green salad with strawberries and blueberries and a raspberry vinegrette dressing. I am usually hungry when I'm starting to get sick but lose my appetite once it sets in. I'm gonna put some Vicks on my throat and chest and take extra zinc and vitamin C. Hope everyone else is OK. I so seldom get viruses other than my chronic one. If I have one, it's likely making the rounds.

    Love, Mikie
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    MIKIE - So sorry to hear that you are starting to feel sick. You are doing right by now trying to rest as much as you can. Vicks is another old fashioned remedy, not as old as those mustard plasters I heard about but I do like the smell even if some people do not :)!! Hope you start to feel better now. Those popsicles you are talking about make sue they don't have all the unnatural colorings and stuff like that. I haven't bought actual ice pops lately so I haven't read their labels. Hopefully they may be starting to put more good and natural stuff in it. The other day when I bought the fruit bars that was the only box left with no sugar in them. I am guessing most of them have quite a bit of sugar in them.

    That salad you made sounds really good. I could have stuff like that but DH has always been a big meat eater (shows in his cholesterol count) but I have been trying to do the portion control thing with him and more greens and beans and a few occasional small sweet potatoes thrown in.

    That raspberry vinegrette dressing sounds really good. Does it have a bunch of sugar in it? Did you make it or buy it? I love that dressing that we sometimes have at our club when we go to eat on occasion. Yes, I too used to enjoy the whiskey. It the really olden days when I was in my 20's I could drink a shot but not quickly. Then I got to drinking occasional mixed drinks with it in 7 up and or Sprite. My SIL (the one that went with all to the casino loves the hard stuff even though he doesn't drink it often. That stuff is expensive and also strong with LOTS of sugar. Can't take that stuff much any more for sure. The only time we try any of that stuff any more is when they come visit or we go see them and they bought it to try. Now I have to try and dilute my wine :)!! Time has sure flown by - ugh :)!! Ah when we were young, daring and stupid :)!!!

    ROCK - Hope you are doing OK.

    SUN - I bought the almond milk that has no sugar !!! Thanks and the Nat. Holistic doc said that was fine.

    Hope everyone is doing fine. Get well quick MIKIE !!

    Granni :)
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    Mikie: sorry for the sore throat.....it's always something going around. I've had this darn stomach ache off and on for almost a week. Others I know are going thru the same thing so I know it's a bug. I need to get back with my oregano oil to fight off bugs. I think it's a good idea to cut the meetings.....just my personal feeling.

    Granni: I know how bad you feel about your DD. We love them and try to do everything for them, but then they become adults and sometimes go awry. My DH was VERY passive aggessive and it was HARD for me to live with him because he would get silent and withdraw. When he got cancer he became even more reclusive and wouldn't talk about the cancer or the hereafter with me.

    My DD is just like him. It hit me the other day that she is also PA. We don't have a close relationship......period. She's going thru terrible guilt for what she didn't do for her dad (not being a support for him when he needed her) and I find that she's lashing out at me in anger. That's very hurtful to me. She's been seeing a counselor but I've seen the changes in her and for me it's not good. I walk on eggshells around her. The son I'm closest to lives in Portland so I don't see him very often. My other son lives about an hr. away. His wife and I don't see eye to eye and it struck me a few months ago that she's also PA.......her mother was very domineering. So.........we all have things in our life that we wish weren't the way they are. We all struggle the best we can. I find it's healthier for me to keep my mind on other things and OFF my troubles.......Scarlett O'Hara had it right.

    I don't feel like it, but I'm pushing myself to repot some large pots of succulents that have gotten ragged. Sure wish the heat would ease up a bit. I hate to see my electric bill.

    Julie: I hope the new hearing aids will also give you and Den some peace in your house from the blaring TV!!!! And try to take my advice that I have for myself.......put your mind on other things and NOT what isn't anymore. Depression will eat one up when the mind is filled with negative thoughts.
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    Dear JULIE - Please stand your ground and don't give into you know who. And if G pa says that they have to do more checking just tell him that Sis can do the looking around for you. Somehow I doubt if she will do anything about it just complain about him having to spend his money on himself. Talk about greedy and lazy ):!!! However, you already have things set up, don't you? Have you checked out the type of hearing aid and told them what you and both thought it was best , or were you going to do that later after his ear draining?

    How inconsiderate it is of her to pop in like that after you get everything all set up. I would just tell them both that is the best that he is going to get in price, etc. esp if you think it is a pretty good deal. I know how expensive they can be. If he was already denied that will NOT be changed I am sure of it. Of course she will just be ugly to him if you both say no but you cannot do anything as I doubt it any more running around or calls will help.

    Perhaps there might just be one more call you could make, if you knew the right place to call to say that Gpa has been denied and is there any chance of that being changed? I wouldn't go changing and do a bunch of running around for HER benefit to safe the $ that she probably wants to go to her. That person gets my blood boiling. I am pretty sure that if he has been denied it will stay that way, unless somehow he lost all his assets.

    I have nothing else to say however, JULIE I hope you won't let her ruin both your and Gpa's life by popping in and making her own rules, just when she feels like it.

    Love you and all,
    Granni :)
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    Hi Kids

    Gordon is just leaving for his regular visit with the cardiologist. His earlier
    appointment this morning was cancelled because the doctor has some sort of phone
    seminar. That makes no sense to me. That sort of thing should have been scheduled
    a long time ago. Poor scheduling by somebody. Anyway the gal told him he could
    come in at 2 in a few days. Gordon said it's too hot in the San Fernando Valley
    in the afternoon. "Sometimes you have to be firm with these people." Moe Howard.

    I picked tomatoes this AM. Only got about a dozen. There are still a few left
    that should be ripe in another day or so.

    Julie, you know who is a veritable cornucopia of mischief and misinformation. I could
    never be as patient with her as you are. Anyhoo I hope Gpa can get some improvement
    with his hearing. Reminds me of a fellow in our bridge club. His partner would bid
    "Three Spades" and he would respond "I'll raise your Hearts". My uncle was in
    excellent health into his 80s. The only problem he had was with his hearing. He
    reported the hearing aid worked wonders. He only had a problem with it when
    talking on the phone.

    Sun, yes, Passive Aggressive people are Positively Annoying. My mother was that
    way. Her favorite method of controlling people was to be late. She came out
    here to California and lived with me for a few years. I took her to lots of plays
    and musicals. But we were always late. Even when we lived in the same house and
    I started urging her to get ready hours earlier. Finally I quit taking her anyplace.
    Something I should have done much earlier.

    Sorry to hear about the persistent tummy problem. My persistent cough seems to
    get a little better; then it comes back. Uff-da!

    Granni, that raspberry vinegrette sounds wonderful. Well, anything raspberry sounds
    great to me. Except I bought a bottle years ago and hated it. I don't like any kind
    of salad dressing except ranch. I guess that's a lotta fat, huh? Doesn't really matter.
    I seldom eat anything anymore. Just lottsa drinks. You're lucky you can still
    enjoy food.

    Mikie, do you keep your zinc in the kitchen? That way you can report you took
    all kinds of meds and nostrums including the kitchen zinc. You know, I think the
    sinks in the High School Lab were made of zinc. It was supposed be impervious
    to acid and other harsh chemicals, I guess. Hope ya feel better soon. Thank you
    for your kind words.

    Hugs to Springwater, Diane, Barry. Barry, are we ever going to hear from you again?

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    Hi All; I just have not been posting, only lurking. Just to let you know, Rock. NRG all gone. I feel like my avatar looks.

    Have had hot weather, over 100; now has cooled down to the 80's. Forest fires all around us. Our well has run dry. :eek:. Now using a non-potable back up tank. I hope it lasts until the rains --- which I hope will begin in Sept.

    Rock, the deer ate our first toms. before I could cover them. Not much damage. The first ones are almost ripe and will be black. A later one will be a Russian Black. The last one will be Ananas Noire (or something like that) and is very weird looking. These were all gifts, otherwise we weren't doing tomatos this year because of the horrid drought.

    Best wishes to everybody, including new member Puff.

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    Well, Barry, What a nice surprise. Sorry you feel like your avatar. Both blue and square,

    Blue, blue, my world is blue
    Blue is my world since I'm without you
    Gray, gray, my life is gray
    Cold is my heart since you went away

    Remember that old song? Recorded by lots of people including the country western
    singer with the beautiful voice, Marty Robbins. (The guy what wrote "El Paso".)

    I've never met an Ananas Noire, but I read about them. Noir is French for
    Black and is either a color or a 1940s crime movie with Humphrey Bogart.
    Ananas is simply bananas. The fellow who developed this hybrid wanted a
    tomato with a banana taste. He left the "B" off because he had a bad stutter.
    (I read that in People Magazine so you know it's true.)

    How close are those fires, Barry? Sounds kinda scary too me. Regards to
    Richard and Shorty.

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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Woke with the same sore throat but, otherwise, I'm not feeling too bad (knocking on wood). Think I'll call my doc to see whether I can get a swab to make sure it isn't strep. I want to clean up a bit in the condo just in case. I always pray if I die, the condo isn't a mess. My poor kids would have a lot of cleaning out to do just dealing with all my belongings; I don't want to leave a messy condo for them. Of course, a sore throat isn't likely to lead to my demise but one never knows. According to my crystal pendulum, I have another 10 yrs.

    Sir Vester has really been a scamp lately. He's taken to clawing the basket behind the loveseat in the living room when Tweety is lying on top of it. He knows better but I think he may be showing his anger at being outsmarted at bedtime. So far, I've been putting them out at 9:00 instead of 10:00 and it catches him unaware. Otherwise, he's his usual sweet self. Tweety takes out her angst by clawing the little welcome mat I've put inside the front door. It's an outside mat but I'm just grateful she uses it instead of the furniture.

    Julie, I was waiting with bated breath for the other shoe to drop. It's sad that we can predict what sis will do, just based on what she always does. You go to all lengths to care for GPA and, at the last minute, she throws a monkey wrench into the works. If it were me, I'd just tell them both that it's either buy the hearing aids you and GPA originally found or she and GPA can spend their time finding something else with no help from you. Yes, any glasses, hearing aids, etc., that are a govt. benefit are often not ideal. I'd also put my foot down on turning the TV up so loud. It's still your home and a blaring TV can rattle the nerves. This one old man and his daughter have become the tail wagging the dog and it should be stopped for everyone's sake, including his. All this crap sis puts everyone through isn't good for him either. If he won't play by your rules, he can always opt to go back to his house. It's his choice and I doubt he wants to be neglected by her. When she finds out that she will have to take care of him, she will likely stop what she is doing or simply neglect him but it really is his choice.

    I know tough love is hardest on the one having to lay down the law, and it can cause guilt, but it is a crime that they both put you through this insanity all this all the time. It's Den's dad and yet, you are the one who is getting abused by him and his sick daughter. Sorry if I am being too forward in your business but, often, an outsider can see things that others can't see while in the midst of the situation. Mom spent $6 thousand for a new set of hearing aids just a couple of months before she died and they couldn't be returned. That's life. I was grateful that she had them for both our sakes. Good luck and, as always, you are in my prayers.

    Rock, you always say, "Only about a dozen..." To me, that is a good crop. Actually, I do keep my zinc in the kitchen. One cupboard shelf is devoted to things I may need, like these things to ward off colds and viruses and things for the tummy, pain, and acid reflux. The vitamin C, echinacea, and zinc usually really help. At least, I zinc ze do. I agree with Gordon; summer afternoons are simply too hot to have to go out anywhere, even in an air conditioned car. Also, I like to get things, like doctor appts. out of the way first thing. Thanks for your good wishes that this crud goes away. Do you still have a cough? I hope not. I always loved Marty Robbins. I've been hearing a few newer songs that I actually like but no one these days can compare with the music we grew up with. I know my Mom's generation said the same thing. They thought Rock 'n Roll would be the undoing of us.

    Granni, I didn't even look at the dressing ingredients. I've tried buying the ones which are supposed to be healthier but I just end up throwing them out. I figure the greens and other things are healthy and I go light on the dressing. Aerobic exercising really helps with cholesterol. If DH can get his heart and lungs working out at the targeted rate for 20 mins., three times a week, his next labs should improve. Mine did dramatically after only six months of working out at the pool. Thirty minutes, three times a week is even better. I am now up to that and my bod has gotten used to it and the same activity isn't putting enough stress on my heart and lungs. I am having to run faster and lift my legs higher to achieve a good workout. DH can have his meat but the serving should be cut back to about the size of the palm of his hand. If he chews more slowly, it won't seen like such a paltry serving. I am a meat eater too; Mom was from NE and used to corn-fed beef. She also loved pork and chicken, as well as fish. She always served balanced meals and I'm so grateful to her for that. Thanks for your good wishes on my sore throat.

    Sun, I hope your tummy problems go away. You are right; this heat just makes everything worse and, with the drought, you guys have it so bad. I pray for rain for you and that the forest fires get controlled and put out. As I've mentioned before, my ex is a PA and living with him was pure hell. Now, he gets to torture his second wife. Oh well, she intruded into our marriage and wanted my life. Someone should have warned her to be careful what she wished for. I feel for people who have problems with their relationships with their kids. I have loving relationships with all mine but I almost never see the ones in CO unless I travel there. There are no problems between us; they just never visit. I know if something happens to me, they will be filled with guilt and I don't want that. DSIL's Mom lives down the street from them. She is very manipulative and a drama queen and drives them nuts. I'd think they would like to get away from all that and come down here. Oh well, they are adults and make their own choices. You are right about the mtgs. I just e-mailed our mgr. and asked if she would like to stop the mtgs. and just conduct our business by e-mail unless we need to meet face to face. Hope you feel better. If my prayers could heal, everydobby would be healthy and there would be no drought.

    Barry, soooo good to hear from you but I'm sorry you have no NRG and the well has run dry. I keep praying for relief in CA but things just seem to go from bad to worse. It's been so hot everywhere this year. I'm glad that, at least, it's into the 80's and not 100 plus. Yikes!!! Once we hit 90, I swear we can feel every degree more. I am happy this time of year if we are less than 90 degrees. I'm glad you are able to keep up by reading but it's wonderful to hear from you. I'm stepping up my prayers for us all. With this sore throat, it may be all I can do. My Mom was a prayer warrior and we always said she had a direct line to God. I'll ask her to pray for us from Heaven.

    Well, Kids, I've written another Warren Peace post. I send you all wishes for a better day today.

    Love, Mikie
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    We went to the library yesterday. It was book sale day. Every Wednesday for a
    couple hours in the afternoon. There are two volunteers who are there week after
    week. I've thanked them for their contribution a couple times. They are both
    middle aged. One is petite. The other reminds me of Penny Marshall of
    Laverne and Shirley fame. Did you know Penny was also a very successful
    movie director? Her brother is Gary Marshall who created TV shows and
    directed several successful movies. Penny says she is a big believer in

    Oh yeah, 2 days ago Gordon discovered he was missing one of the Harry Potter
    books. He was pretty sure he had purchased them all. Anyhoo he decided to check
    the book sale. He was told, "I think we only have one of the series right now."
    Turned out to be the one he was missing. "Sacre Bleu! Incroyable!"
    In great condition. He cheerfully forked over the asking price of $1.

    There's a new volunteer there too. A fellow about my age. Like me he used to
    usher for the Met. Not in New York, but when the opera company was on tour.
    I in Minneapolis; he in Detroit. So we exchange opera anecdotes. As well
    as other show biz trivia. I told him I was currently reading the bio of George
    Cukor. He told me that several years ago he had purchased a bio of Mr.
    Cukor by a different author at a used book store. The book had a leaflet in it
    about An Evening with Cukor, and Cukor had autographed it. He sold it on
    E Bay for $175. (Cukor, BTW was one of Hollywood's best directors with a
    very long career. He directed many movies from Hollywood's golden age.)

    Barry, thank you for the additional info about pineapples etc. How did you know
    I was just pining for same? How are you going to prepare your tomatoes?
    Tomato surprise? Tomato aspic? Fried or baked? BLT? Hope you get
    some energy back. When I think what I used to do...And don't we all?!

    Mikie, remember when Ethel didn't like the hostess pants Lucy picked out
    for her birthday. So they squabbled and Lucy said, "And I hope you live
    another 75 years!" Nice to know you have ten coming. Is that the final
    word from your crystal adviser or is the ultimate revelation pending.

    In response to your question, Yes, I still have my cough. It was bad
    yesterday. Hasn't bothered me at all today. The doctor said even tho
    I'm not taking the Lisinopril anymore, it's still in my system. May be
    coughing for another couple weeks. Uff-da!

    Aha! Got the pesky fly that's been buzzing around for the last hour. It landed
    on the rim of my cup. A serious miscalculation. I didn't swat it, but I did
    knock it into my cup of water. I watered the calla lily with the water. Mr
    or Ms fly just needs to dry off. When I was a kid I did a little hunting and fishing.
    Now I don't even want to kill a fly. Who'd thunk it? Now if a certain somebody
    would keep the screen doors shut we wouldn't have flies in the house. Hmm.
    Always something.

    'Gards to Diane, Granni, Springwater, Sun, Julie.
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good morning everydobby :)!

    Can't stay on ling have to go to the dentist for my periocleanings soon and DH will be back from the store and want the computer.

    Whoops he is back I hear.

    JULIE - Just had to say I agree with everything MIKIE about all the antics Sis is pulling in your family. Time to put your foot down, I think. Hope to be back later.

  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Still lolling around on the sofa. Answered e-mails, including one from our mgr., and we agree that we will discontinue the mtgs. now and handle our business by phone, e-mail or in her office. I wanted to let her know what I had said to Joe so she is aware I tried to reason with him (hope I succeeded). My dear old friend wanted to have coffee this morning but I'm not up to it and don't want to give him whatever I have. I have been coughing just a wee bit and sneezing so hope this doesn't morph into a big cold. AACK!!! :confused: I think my friend wants to buy another concert series and I need to check the concerts out as I'm not sure I want to attend some of them. Still, I know our nights out are a real lifeline for him and I hate not to continue them.

    I streamed Season 3 of "Last Tango In Halifax" and watched four episodes so I'm all caught up. I will try to watch the debates tonight as it promises to be the most entertaining thing on TV.

    Rock, how nice that you got out and met someone with so much in common with you. That was a great buy he made. I think of "Antique Roadshow" when I hear about things like this. I read the Harry Potter books, and watched the movies, until they got so dark. At first, they were charming books about witches and wizards but when people started to die, I just lost interest. I became too attached to some of the characters. I'm laughing about living for 75 years. That's a curse! I am happy with another ten years but I did ask the crystal whether that was a certainty. It said it wasn't. I asked whether I have some control over that if I wanted to live longer and it said, "Yes." My crystal may have commitment issues. :) It is true about the Lisinopril. It builds to a certain level in the blood and it takes time for it to go away. My ex's grandmother always had a cough from her BP meds but the doc said she had to stay on them. She died of a stroke. So, even though my BP meds cause insomnia, I take them as the lesser of two evils. Hope your cough takes the hint and vamooses.

    Granni, is the dentist doing the deep perio cleaning? I had that done years ago. It's not so bad as I had imagined it. Hope you can come back and sit a spell.

    I'm going to get into an Epsom Salt soak. Sore throat is a wee bit better. Appetite is still good so will eat in case I lose it later. Hope not!

    Love, Mikie
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    MIKIE - Actually the tech was doing the perio- cleaning but it is not the deep cleaning. I go every 4 months or so. It used to be every 3 but I think the insurance co put the cabosh on that. This time I had the young lady who does DH's teeth. They are all so young or certainly a lot younger than I :)! She has a 5 year old girl and they are going to Disney world for vacation. I remember those days but then we camped in their camp ground and it was fairly new and they didn't even have Epcot yet. If we didn't have a trailer, we probably wouldn't gone to many places. To expensive with 5 kids and 2 adults.

    BTW, I have also had the deep cleaning. My gums aren't the greatest and trying to keep them from getting worse.

    Keep on lolliing around it is good for you :)!!!! Hope you feel better soon. Glad that you are doing a little better and hope it keeps heading in that direction. Sounds like a good idea that you all made in not having the meetings all the time and just talk about it in private or e-mail. Glad you are going to take an Epson salt soak. Sounds good !!

    ROCK - Glad that you got that pesky fly. Guess you drowned the little sucker:)!! Those things can drive you crazy. Right now we have these tiny little insects the come in from the outside and they are everywhere. They are almost like what they used to call fruit flies but I think smaller. We have nothing sitting out to eat unless we are eating or preparing food. They can drive one crazy.

    Hi to everyone inc Springwater, Diane, Barry, Sun, and all the MIA;s.

    Gotta run for now. Nothing to exciting happening other than tonight we are meeting another daughter about half way to their house at rush hour or a little before. It should be nice. Glad that DSIL will be driving and I do not have to hear DH complain about the driving or we might not have even gone. Just depends on his mood and how he is feeling. Then tomorrow afternoon we are going to a winery with the 2 daughters and their DH's for lunch. That should be interesting. TTYAL - Hope to get back here sometime tomorrow.

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    OMG!!! I need to vent. I'm about ready to chuck this board job. Evidently, some of the board members have been talking behind my back and convincing one another that we don't need the pool renovation. One even suggested that we are discussing it only because I want to. I will hang in there until the board mtg. and vote on the pool but if they won't support me in this needed maintenance/renovation, I'm resigning. That will make one guy very happy--the one who went bezerk at the meeting, screaming at the top of his voice. He gets the young woman on the board all riled up and she is driving me nuts. The treasurer wants to do a huge, expensive expansion of our pool area. We have greater priorities and don't have the money to do new fences and paving and will have to postpone them. Also, it will take a vote of our entire community and they are about to get hit with a significant fee increase. There's not a snowball's chance in hell it will get done, now or in the future. I'm aboard a ship of fools! Thanks for letting me vent. I needed that!

    Granni, glad you don't have to have the deep job done on your gums. It's good you take such great care of them. I also have to be careful with mine. Do you use a WaterPik? Think I asked at one time but don't remember what you said. Epsom Salt soak was wonderful. Sore throat is better so I'm optimistic I'll survive. Thanks for your good wishes. Wow! More great family times and activities. I'm so glad for you. Have fun.

    I've been able to clean up the kitchen and load the dishwasher and do some laundry. I have two men wanting pieces of my time so it's good I'm getting better. It sounds more exciting than it is. Good thing cause I can't take much excitement these days. Hope everydobby else is doing well.

    Love, Mikie

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