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    Hi, Kids,

    Just noticed we're over 30 posts on 832 so decided to open a new Porch. I'll be back.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi, Kids,

    Julie, I am so shocked about Den's diagnosis and will keep you both in my prayers. I'm sorry they have to move him but, if it means better cardio care, it will be best. Wish I were there to help out but I will be watching your updates and praying. Everyone here is part of my Online Family and I feel as though one of my own is needing help. Prayers, prayers and more prayers going up.

    Granni, Thanks for updating us on Julie. Barb will be staying til the holidays when she'll go back up to MA to be with her family. She is planning on coming to live here by herself. I never thought she could but she's a real trooper and very strong. I hope she does OK. I hope you aches and pains go away. All of us old ladies here are having pain in our hands and swelling. Must be all the changes in barometric pressure. I also think about how hard it used to be just to do laundry. I remember when I was very little seeing my Mom using the old fashion washing tub with the hand crank wringer. Shortly after that, she got the newfangled electric washer and dryer. I remember Mom putting my jammies into the dryer to warm them up for me on cold nights. I still remember how they felt. Hope you enjoy your luncheon.

    Spring, I read about all the tremors and the violence. I immediately sent up prayers for you. I read there is a lockdown with no busses, taxis, nor open stores. I hope it isn't like that where you are. How do people buy food with all the shops closed? Article said everything is due to creating a new constitution. What a mess. I hope you stay safe. A strike on top of all the destruction from the quakes is just too much for people to handle. Stay safe, my friend and keep us updated. I pray things get better.

    Rock, your blond drummer joke has outdone them all! Love it!!! I think drummers are dumb like a drummer but smart like a fox. They are the comic relief in the band and are often a main part of the draw. Without the drummer in last night's concert, the marimbas couldn't carry the show. Marimba music is simply too shallow with no real depth nor fidelity. The combo of marimbas doing the background music with a soprano singing opera just didn't do it for me. My dear old friend, who loves opera, was singing along in Italian. He's amazing.

    Have been to the pool this morning. It'll be closed Fri. and Sat. for pool deck paver brick repairs. Had a nice refreshing workout today. Last night's performance was my least favorite of the series. There were four marimba players and one drummer. They did all kinds of music, including opera with a solo soprano artist. She was saucy and, like the whole group, had fun and didn't take the music too seriously. It was worth going out for but, again, not my favorite. I'm looking forward to Dick Hyman's Big Band Era songs on Sept. 10th. Bet there will be a lot of singing along at that one.

    When I got home from the pool, I dressed and went out to pick up an orchid pot and fill up the Highlander. We have a hurricane headed for us right in the center of the "Cone of Uncertainty" for Mon. By then, it could veer to the south of us or the north or northeast of us. It's still a tropical storm but is expected to strengthen into a hurricane. I like to keep the gas tank topped off, even though I don't plan to evacuate. I also stopped at Publix for a few things. I got two more of the little fresh chopped fruit salads on BOGO and ate one for lunch. I got a nice big salad for about $1.75. It was sooooo good.

    New deals tomorrow, including the $50 gas cards for $40, so will get one and food for a possible hurricane. I hope it misses us. I need to go to the bank and get some cash in case I need it. Until electricity is restored after a storm, only cash can be used and gas pumps don't work. Utility workers are amazing at restoring power. It was on here only 36 hrs. after Charley devastated our area. Publix has generators and were open the next day with ice. The bank and credit cards can't be used so I always have some cash on hand.

    Board is holding a mtg. tomorrow night and taking up all kinds of issues, including accepting my resignation. I'm not going. They don't even have the pool on their agenda. Idiots!!! Nothing would be served by my being there. When I was out hauling those heavy palm blooms to the curb, I ran into several people and they were all upset about my leaving the board. Friends I've talked to on the phone are upset too. I would consider serving again but not with the current ship of fools/car of idiots.
    :) OK, I have to laugh about it sometimes.

    I may snuggle up with Tweety and Sir Vester for the rest of the day. Working out is always hard on me and running errands takes its toll too. I am doing better but still feel the need not to overdo it until I'm well. Hope everydobby is doing well. I'm sending love, hugs and prayers to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi everyone, I'm Jaime and I'm new to this forum. I have issues with fatigue and anxiety that all doctors so far, even functional/holistic ones, have yet to diagnose. It makes me frightened. I lost my job, and am very lonely. But I can't do much. So, I'm looking for community. I used to be very outgoing and energetic. I don't know what to do when I start getting this scared. Trying to live in the moment and self soothe.
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    Welcome Jaime, and HI to awl,

    So much going on, on the chit board and PORCH today. One of our on line Pals's JULIE (Lydia1)from Iowa's husband Den is very ill and they live out in the country. Some of the family that had been living almost in their same house for years just ended up moving to Tennessee with all or most of the grandbabies. She just got back from a trip to visit them when she found her husband having respiratory problems. To make a long story short he is now in a local hospital and they are waiting for a bed for him in a city hospital with more facilities. As you can see many of us are worried about her and we try to give our online loved ones some comfort and prayers when they need it.

    On the PORCH we talk about almost everything but the usual bad topics like Religion and Politics. However, we do have a worship board also on Pro Health.

    Hope you will come back and stay awhile and tell us more about yourself.

    MIKIE - You are right to stay away from the board meeting. You will just get yourself more upset. We are watching the same hurricane. It is about this time when we had IKE that snuck in towards the end of the season. I hope it doesn't hit you or get in the GULF. Then we all will be nervous wrecks. We have been through a few of them and they are not fun. However, at least we are not on the gulf. I know at least one person who lost their lovely home during IKE and was planning on building another on the same spot. Not me - sorry !!! We watch every storm that that we hope will not make it to here as it starts to form.

    Hugz to all our buddies, Rock, Diane, Spring Water, Sun and everyone else not mentioned plus all our MIA's.

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    Just saw a post from daughter Amy that DEN is presently being moved to the Mercy Hospital in Des Moines, Iowa. Hopefully, then they can get Den all fixed up as good as new.

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    Thank you for the welcome, and I hope your friend's health gets better and better. Sounds like he's in good care.
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    Julie: thanks for the update. So you and Amy are sleeping in the hospital? I hope the cardiologist has good news and Den won't have to stay long. I'm sure once he starts feeling better he's going to want out.

    Jaime......Welcome to the board. What state do you reside in? And tell us something about yourself.

    Spring: ee gads.....another quake. 5 is kinda large. What kind of damage has it done. It sounds like you're almost used to the shakers.......casually reading on your bed and watching the lamps sway? If it wasn't for reading it here I wouldn't know since I don't watch TV that much. I hope by now you've got food stored, bottled water, etc. I know we're supposed to keep it on hand here in so. calif. I used to have a storage area when the kids still lived at home, but with just me now, I've just let everything slide.

    Mikie: That must have been a nice concert even though it wasn't your favorite.....probably nice to see your friend sing along.

    It's HOT here. I think it's probably because of the terrible drought but there's a HUGE invasion of fig beetles on my tree. I have a neighbor who picks them and I called today to tell him I don't even want to get near the tree. Something is wrong with the fruit this year.....they're rotting on the tree. They don't even look ripe and yet they're dripping. This morning I was angry at the beetles (I can't even sit outside in the back without them flying at me) so I got an empty water jug, cut it almost thru but still leaving the handle. I kinda opened it up and grabbed an entire fig COVERED with beetles and closed the lid. They were buzzing like you couldn't believe. I use white vinegar and dawn in a spray bottle to kill ants and other insects so I sprayed them thru a little opening.....killed them all! I counted when I opened it up...over 20 from just one snatch. They're a beautiful shiny irridescent green but OMG the noise from them flying!
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    Hi Kids

    Jaime, nice to see you again. Pull up a chair. We have a wide variety on the porch.
    Everything from a rocker to a bean bag to a bale of hay and a glider (porch swing).
    My great uncle and aunt had a swing on their porch. It was big enough to hold
    two adults and a little kid. And help yourself to the (virtual) refreshments. Cookies,
    popcorn, lemonade, soda, etc.

    Mikie, I knew you'd like the blonde drummer joke as you are a connoisseur of
    humor of all kinds. I didn't create same though. Just modified an old
    one. Reading your last post provoked a mental image of the ships of fools and
    the car of idiots colliding in the swimming pool. Uff-da!

    Springwater, are you used to the shakers as Sunflower mentioned? There used
    to be several thousand Shakers in this country. Don't know if there any extant
    or not. Ken Burns did a wonderful documentary on them several years ago.
    I hope the strikes are over, and the violence in the streets is not near you.

    Sun, you have wreaked havoc on the beetles. Reminds me of the little tailor
    who killed 7 flies with one blow. He got into some difficulty with a giant.
    Can't remember any more. Maybe it will be a movie of the week. Aaron
    Spelling produced lots of those. He said they don't use the term "movie of
    the week" anymore though.

    Julie, I hope you've heard from the cardiologist by now. I suppose he/she
    might be waiting for test results. And you're staying at the hospital? Is
    that right? Just started a book set in Des Moines. The author grew up there.
    This is a memoir about his childhood in the 50s.

    I spent most of the day napping. Did a little reading. Just looked out the
    window. Sometimes the B & W cat shows up around supper time, but not
    tonight. Well, she'll probably drop by around midnight.

    Hugs to Diane and Barry
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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Can't remember who originally posted this pic of an ideal Porch but talking about our little virtual Porch made me think it's time to include it again. I can picture all of us sitting here, drinking ice tea or lemonade and having a jolly old time.


    Jamie, welcome to our wonderful virtual Porch. We are scattered all over the place, incljuding Springwater in Nepal, so we can't meet on a real porch. I don't know whose idea it was to create this virtual Porch but it's a grand idea. We chat about most everything just like friends and family do when they get together. It's been such a great source of support in my own life and, right now, we are offering support and prayers to Julie (Lydia1) because her DH is in the hospital awaiting heart catherization. I include you in my prayers because I remember how it felt to be newly sick and unable to work. Please, Sweetie, hang in there. You've come to the right place to learn more about these illnesses and to get information and support. Can you tell us more about yourself and what symptoms you have? We're here to help.

    Julie, I'm keeping up the prayers. I think of you and Den during the day and offer up prayers right then and there. I know it's hard to be away from home but I'm glad Den is getting the care he needs at the bigger hospital. He is young and strong and, I think, that will bode well for him in recovery. Hang in there, Kiddo; we're all praying for you.

    Granni, you are right, once a storm gets into the warm Gulf, it can gain strength and do a lot of damage. Katrina sat offshore for days grinding around and gathering strength. If one gets through the Florida Straits and doesn't track over land, it doesn't lose strength but rather gains strength. No matter where it makes landfall, it's dangerous. This storm is now predicted to make the turn to the north and we are no longer in the center of the Cone of Uncertainty; however, we are still in the left side of the Cone. These hurricane models can change so I'm not letting my guard down yet. I do think it will track off the East Coast of FL and I hope it's far enough offshore to do no damage. All we have been getting here is thunder and lightning and no rain to speak of.

    OMG, Sun, those beetles sound really icky. Just reading about them and the dripping figs makes my skin crawl. I hope they leave you alone. I love your initiative in killing them off using simple things. Yesterday in the pool, I felt something kinda scrape gently against my back. Turns out it was a pretty good sized frog. He was so cute and I enjoyed watching him swim but I did scoop him out with my hands. I'm not sure the chlorine is good for anyone, including frogs. I determined he wasn't one of our Buffo toads before touching him.

    Rock, I read the story about the killing of the seven flies in French. I think it was called, "Sept d'un Coup." My French no longer serves me--been away from it too long. Yes, I have no shame when it comes to humor; I'll laugh at most things if they are funny. I can still see the faces on the idiots in the car and just thinking about it makes me laugh. Gary Larsen (probably misspelled his name) was a great cartoonist for those of us with a somewhat warped sense of humor.

    I still need to go to the bank and to Publix. I probably wouldn't be going to Publix if it weren't for the storm and to buy another gas card. I can't believe that so few buy the cards at a 20 percent saving. Saving 20 percent on gas would seem a no brainer to me. Kitty treats are on sale so I'll be sure to include Tweety and Sir Vester on my list. For some reason, Tweety was crying to come in about every hour. I finally let them in about six and I went back to sleep until seven. I have a ton of things needing attention in the condo because I've been so inert while I've not been feeling well.

    Hope everyone has a good day and I'll keep the prayers going.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie: a hurricane coming would scare the heck out of me. You sound like you're very well prepared. As I said before I don't usually catch the news.......that's a good thing, but then maybe not. How cute, a little frog come swimming in your pool. Yes, they are cute.

    A lady that was in one of the exercise classes I attended talked about this pair of duck who landed in her pool, then meandered over to where they had a little pond, made a nest there and laid eggs. They hatched but now the probably is that her husband bonded with these little ducklings and has been refusing to open the back gate to let their mom lead them out of the garden. Haven't talked to her awhile so wondering if he relented. And they've spent a ton of $ buying food for the ducks. When a pair landed in my pool in spring I thought it was so cute but my pool man said don't let them in.....their poop would mess up the pool. Thankfully they didn't come back. I floated a bunch of pool noodles. Then early in the summer I was coming home from the store and stopped to let 3 ducks waddled across the street. This was a few streets away from me. Cute, but I don't want them here.

    Smart thinking on the gas card. Wish there was a store that did that around here.

    It's hot outside, heading up to 100 today, so I got out early and blew all the leaves off the driveway and into the gutter. All the street leaves end up on my driveway. And I have to get out before 9 a.m. because a breeze/little whirlwind comes up and it's like spitting into the wind trying to clean.

    So I'm spending my day cleaning more closets and putting a few more things on etsy.

    Like you, every time I think of Den I say a little prayer.
  11. Jaime123

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    Hi - I first need a little technical help. How do post? I just hit "post reply" but the person's post shows up. How do I post my own? I'm looking forward to telling you more about myself and being part of the group. Thanks. Jaime
  12. rockgor

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    Hi Jaime

    I dunno what to tell you. You just posted your message, so clearly
    you did the right thing.

    When you log in at the top of the page, the window in which to post opens at
    the bottom of the page. There is a tool bar on top of the window which
    allows you to select different fonts, add color, use icons, etc.

    When you're done, you click on "Post Reply". After you've posted, the word
    "edit" appears at the bottom of your post. You have a limited time in which
    you can click on same and make whatever changes you like. I think the
    time in which to make edits is about 12 hours. You can also delete your
    post during that period.

    Good luck
  13. Granniluvsu

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    Hi JAIME - it sounds like Rock explained it very well on how to post and your posts are here so whatever you did was correct. So glad you cam e back to visit. I know that it is confusing at first.

    MIKIE - Thanks for posting that picture of a lovely porch again. It is a very pretty one. I have a deck outside in the back but a porch is usually in the front . Also it has been sort of hot to go outside on our deck even though it is shady and we don't get much sun in the late afternoon. Soon it will start to get nice and comfy out there.

    SUN, MIKIE and all - Speaking of bugs we have found a pretty neat way to catch these little tiny gnat type bugs. Not sure if they are fruit flies or what but we have no fruit for them to be around :)!!! However, we have lots of foliage outside and when we open the door they probably fly in . They are so tiny you hardly notice them at all, unless they are in your face or trying to get on your plate or drink.

    We tried 2 ways the this one seemed to work best. Take a small to medium sized bowl and fill about 1/4 to 1/3rd full of apple cider vinegar ( the cheap kind, not the Braggs or any you use for medicinal purposes). Cover it tightly with saran wrap or any kind of plastic wrap. Take a toothpick if you don't have anything else that will make a series of little holes at one time. A fork is to big. They say not to make the holes to big. I think the bigger holes will help them to escape I think. Go across and prick little holes all the way across and then start again on another line or layer. When you are done put it in a place especially where you have seen a lot of them. For us it is the kitchen but our house is also has few doors and is quite open and so they could be almost anywhere, like in the back bedroom. The kitchen is in the front of the house coming from the garage. Don't keep checking on it and just be patient. Ours has been there ( we have two of them) since the first bowl was rather small and we hadn't caught many so I made another bowl and put it in our kitchen on each side of the countertop in the middle. Leave it for at least a week and you should catch some. Don't get to impatient. I think we have about at least 15 of them all together that we have caught. Maybe one of these days most of them will be gone??

    I think they are attracted by the color and also maybe by the smell . The other one that didn't seem to work for us at least right away was water instead of the ACV and a slice of apple...With that one you don't cover it.

    SUN - Sorry to hear about those fig beetles. I love figs and would love to have a fig tree but don't think I would like to battle any of those beetles. Sounds awful but glad that you killed those ants. Sometimes bugs can drive you crazy.

    MIKIE - Hope you get all your inside chores done today that you weren't able to work on when you felt poorly.

    Thinking of JULIE and hope the angiogram goes well and they find little blockage and then can find out his problem and can fix it. I am sure once he is starting to feel better he will want out of there PDQ, just like SUN said. So glad that he got to the more equipped hospital yesterday. I am checking FB to see if there are any other changes on Den and will post if I find anything. Who knows if JULIE will be able to get to posting, depending on the situation.

    ROCK - Thanks for your patience and trying to explain everything about posting to JAIME. Lots of this stuff can be confusing in the beginning and sometimes even when you have been here awhile and especially if they change things on us :)!!!

    Hi to DIANE - Glad to hear from her on one of the threads I started for Julie and Den. It was either on chit chat or Worship board. Guess they are doing OK especially Kevin who was nursing an ear infection.

    Love to everdobby for now,
  14. sunflowergirl

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    Granni: I watched that on youtube about putting sarah wrap over ACV. Smart! When my husband was still alive I kept a bowl of fruit on the counter, hoping to entice him. Then without paying attention some of it on the bottom started to get super soft and then attracted those little flies. I have no idea where they came from.

    This morning I took a broom to the fig tree and yowee.......there must have been 75 to 100 of them that came buzzing out towards me. I must have looked like an idiot to anyone driving by, seeing me swinging the broom. They're harmless but darn it, I must have attracted them from miles to come feast here. They are drawn by over ripening fruit. My neighbor was going to pick, last year he was here almost daily, but since his dad died a few months ago, I guess he's busy with other things. I'm NOT going under that tree.
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    Hi, Kids,

    Just stopped back in to see whether there is any news on Den. Saw a couple of posts so thought I'd join in. I've done some little jobs that needed doing, nothing big. I have some loads in the washer and dryer. I'm watching old reruns of "Curb Your Enthusiasm." It stars Larry David, the guy who created "Seinfeld." It is just like Seinfeld except with an older guy, set in LA instead of NYC and contains lots of dirty words. It's also about nothing.

    Sun, we have been getting so few hurricanes the last couple of years but I still get as ready as I can. If it looks as though it'll hit here, even the outer bands of rain and wind, I'll have to bring the outdoor furniture inside. I don't think it'll get to that. I forgot I had ratholed some cash a while back so don't need to go to the bank. I found another gas card so really don't need to buy one now. I do have to go to Target for my Rx tomorrow but that's OK. Geez, it's hotter there than it is here. Again, lots of thunder and lightning but just a sprinkle. Now and then, one of the ducks that frequents our pond will sit in the pool but they prefer the pond. We have ducks and turtles crossing the road and the people who live here stop for them. Most of us will get out and move the turtles cause they are sooooo slooooow getting across the road. Once they do, they can't get over the curb. Poor little critters. Hope it cools there and y'all get some rain. Stay away from that demonic tree. AACK!!!

    Granni, thanks for checking FB and updating us on Den's situation. Also, thanks for the method of getting rid of those pesky fruit flies. Mine usually don't last more than a day or two so I just wait them out. Our Balcony is still too hot to sit out on too. Soon, though, we'll be enjoying it with coffee or drinks in hand. It's so nice and quiet here with the kids in school. Just looked out and they have finished about half the pool deck paver repair. It looks so nice and we will get rid of the liability of the loose pavers. It's the last thing I did as pres. I didn't wait for the rest of the board to approve or it likely would never have gotten done. The pres. can OK repairs less than $5,000. Hope it cools off for you too.

    I want to go to bed but still have two loads of laundry. Think I may do them tomorrow. Sleep is creeping up on me. Hope everydobby is doing well.

    Love, Mikie
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Update on Den. The angiogram was done and that was negative, no blockages. Still has afib and need to find out why his heart is weak.

    Gotta run and need to have dinner.

  17. rockgor

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    OK, I copied and pasted Julie's post on the thread Granni started.

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  18. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    I think we were both "johnny on the spot" with moving it.

    Julie: I hope you remember to tell the doctor that you were concerned about Den's weight loss. I know with all you've got on your mind it's hard to remember everything. I'm still praying for you.

    I went out to the grocery store and when I got home there was a beetle above my front door. So I got the broom and wacked it down onto the walkway. Immediately a little lizard that lives in the bushes scurried out and tried to bite it. Probably thought food from heaven had just landed in front of him. He tried twice but no luck, I guess because the beetle has a hard shell. So then the beetle scurried under a leaf and I could hear his wings whizzing away while the lizard slunked off. And the beetle was probably thinking that twice today he had been whacked by a broom. I lead such an exciting life! Not.
  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    How wonderful, Sun, you can experience Nature without even turning on your
    TV set. I sometimes see lizards in our back yard. Had one in the house a year
    or so ago. We met on the stairs. I was going up. It was coming down. I
    captured the little rascal and released it outside. I have caught these reptiles
    from time to time. First time I ever got bit. Yes, it did break the skin. Good
    thing it wasn't a gila monster. They are venomous. Wikipedia says they
    are no threat to healthy adults, however.


    Yes, we were both spotted Johnny for moving Julie's post. I have placed
    a gold star after your name. Did you get gold stars in grade school? We
    did. We also said the Pledge of Allegiance, had blackboards, not green
    or white, and were expected to behave and learn stuff. And we did too.
    Of course that was in the 1940s. Light years away from our present world.

    Mikie, yes that is a wonderful porch picture. I don't remember who posted
    it before either. I was reading Dear Abby earlier. From time to time I
    like to contribute to the discussion because I feel we seniors can often add
    the voice of experience, not to mention wisdom, to the discussion.

    Some gal borrowed a wedding gown. Since she was apparently shorter and
    wider than the original bride, she had it altered. All with the knowledge and
    consent of the owner she says. After the wedding the gown was cleaned and
    boxed and returned. As is so often the case with interpersonal relations,
    things quickly got rather tense. The original owner is furious.

    Here's my response. "Dear Abby. I had the same thing happen when I
    borrowed a wedding gown. I'm afraid some of the groom's college buddies
    had a little too much to drink and got rather rowdy. I was pushed into
    the wedding cake. In the melee a bottle of red wine was spilled and
    now the dress has permanent stains that look like dried blood.

    What do you think, Abby? Is it proper to serve red wine with shrimp cocktail?"

    What do you kids think?

  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Julie, I'm so glad they found no clots during the angiogram but I hope they find out what's going on. It's amazing how the heart can continue on only "four cylinders." Den must be a strong guy. My ex had blockages and the docs couldn't figure out how he kept going. Now, he is doing just fine. I hope they can get Den so he's doing just fine too. Still lots of prayers going up. Keep us updated.

    Oops! I'm adding to my original post as two more posts appeared after I posted.

    Sun, we have little lizards too. Ours are small and really cute. They aren't afraid unless we get too close. They hang out on the railing just outside my front door and do their pushups and inflate their dewaps. They eat bugs so I like to have them around. Between them and our frogs, they are better than the pest control guy. Tweety used to catch them when she lived outside. They would squirm and tickle her mouth and she would drop them and have to pounce on them all over again. Eventually, she would eat them and usually leave a bit for Sir Vester.

    Rock, I remember those old blackboards. They used greenboards when my kids were in school. Then, they started using the whiteboards. Now, I think, they just use computers which show on big screens on the wall. Kids today are soooo computer literate. I think it's a good thing cause computers aren't going anywhere. In fifth grade, they are learning to code, what they used to call programming. DGS and his Dad wrote code for a computer app for a school project. Soon, sixth graders will be performing brain surgery using robots. There is a new program on this fall about a guy who takes a pill which enhances his brain. Looks interesting. Wish I had something to enhance mine.

    Two nights in a row, Tweety has made a racket out on the lanai. I let them in and go back to bed. I think it's some kind of critter coming around during the night and she is just sounding the alarm. When I let them in this morning, the light was on under the carport. It's motion activated and small animals will cause it to turn on. Neighbors downstairs have found scat behind their lanai and I think it's raccoons or possums. Both kitties came into the bedroom and let me stay in bed for another hour.

    Tropical Storm Erika didn't follow the predicted path and traveled westward just south of Puerto Rico. It will likely turn northward over Hispanola. That island is mountainous and will weaken the storm if it does take that path. If it travels over the warm water, it will strengthen. If it doesn't fall apart, it is again predicted to travel right up the center of FL. I'm not going to clean the Balcony until I see how it will go. If I have to bring in the furniture, I will let whatever rain and wind clean it for me. I'll also put off cleaning the lanai to see whether or not I have to bring in the furniture out there. I'll still have time to clean the Balcony before Barb arrives.

    Not much to tell here. I'm just slogging through cleaning as best I can right now. This whatever-it-is bug is clinging to me like Velcro. AACK!!!
    :confused: Still, I'm grateful that I can do anything around here. I do have to go to Target to pick up my Rx. Within the year, CVS will take over Target's pharmacies. I hate that as I hate CVS. They are just like Walgreens--a huge profit-driven mess. They try to provide good customer service but they run understaffed and expect their employees to work like rented mules. Don't know whether or not I'll stay with them.

    Hope everydobby has a good day.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2015

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