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    Hi, Porchies,

    I'll be back in a moment after I read posts on the old Porch 834. Be sure to check them out.

    OK, I'm baa-ack!

    Kitties are up and at it, playing their zoom-zoom games. Both are very talkative this morning. I've never seen cats who talk so much and make polysyllabic sounds. Tweety can even roll her r's, like they do on TV when they speak Clingon on "Star Trek." Could it be that she's a Nerd? :eek:

    We have gotten almost nothing from Erika but a few showers; however, other areas in FL have flooding from the rainfall. I'm like Goldilocks--I want the rainfall to be jussst right! Yesterday, I cleaned the kitchen countertops and all the stainless steel. The Pledge multi-surface cleaner leaves a coating on things which helps keep fingerprints off. I had bought some tissues on sale and finally got them put away in my little closet. I decided to clean that closet out and threw out old rancid suntan lotion and outdated meds. Seems as though that closet was keeping me from moving forward with other cleaning.

    Granni, I have a wide-spectrum antibiotic and I decided to just take it since my doc won't do anything for me. I am also taking colloidal silver under my tongue. It's an antibiotic, antifungal and antiviral. BTW, have you shopped here in the Store for supps? PH has good prices and the quality is excellent. They often have sales and, if you sign up for the online newsletter, they will notify you of sale prices. Glad that naturalist saw improvement in you. Hope you enjoyed shopping and that you will get your new credit card. It doesn't matter to me whether I buy anything or not; I just enjoy shopping with my DD's. Thanks for updating us on Julie and Den.

    Spring, no, you're right; Erika hasn't done much here except for some flooding in other areas of FL where they did get some rainfall. Glad your weather is cooperating. Sounds as though you got a lot done and had a chance to see your DB in the process. Good multi-tasking! I think your Dad is right; in the old days, the employees selected the names. Yes, I do love these cats like crazy. It's impossible for me to look at them and not feel love welling up in my heart. So glad they came into my life. That said, however, if Julie wanted to take them back, I'd let her. It doesn't sound as though she wants to. I think you love your doggies too. They are lucky.

    Jaime, I'm so glad your dog is better. Love can work miracles. I'm also glad you have a doc who is trying to figure out what is going on. Arriving at a diagnosis for most of us has been a process of eliminating other conditions which may have similar symptoms. Many of these do not have significant markers so a lot is educated guessing. That is why it usually takes so long. My approach was to treat the symptoms with the worst one first. I did this for years with a lot of success until I found the peptide injections. I've been in a relapse and may have to take more of the injections for a bit. I can't afford to take them long term. Keeping you in my prayers (I also keep our beloved pets in my prayers).

    I'm going to go over to the pool this morning. I've been away too long. Hope my friends show up. I had put the chair cushions away on the Balcony and need to open the folded chairs and put the cushions back on. I want it to look nice when Barb arrives. Another neighbor came over at 8:00 last night to jump her battery. I told him my mechanic told me not to let anyone jump off of my car. He used the downstairs neighbor's to jump it. Evidently, most people do not jump cars correctly and it can mess up the electronics. I pay $100 every year for AAA and it's worth every penney. Don't know why others don't have it.

    Just went outside to see the big glowing trail from the rocket which was just launched from Cape Canaveral on the East Coast. I didn't get out there in time to see the launch but the trail is awesome. Over the years, I've seen so many launches. Cats are all riled up but they don't know why. All I have to do is walk out on the lanai and it gets them excited.

    I'm gonna go read the newspaper and relax before going over to the pool. Hope all y'all have a great day!

    Love, Mikie

    Love, Mikie
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    Deqr Porchies awl,

    MIKIE - Thanks so much for starting up our new Porch volume.

    EVERYONE, please go back and read the post from others including myself, JAIME , MIKIE and others. As I said then in case others have not seen it that Den and Julie will not be going home today. Need to do more test.

    I need to get off as DH is now home and needs the computer.

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    Dear Porchies,

    I just found some information on FB about DEN. His heart has flipped back into normal rhythm by itself and other tests have determined that he has hyperparathyroidism besides the hyperthyroidism already determined. Glad that the heart and endocrine docs are working together. They hope to do a thyroid scan soon too.

    Please continue to pray that they find all that is wrong with Den before sending him home but it sounds like he is closer than ever in finding out the cause of his heart problems and closer to be going home. I just posted on my other thread about Den and Julie.

    Hope to get back later by have other e-mails I have to get to first before DH needs to get back on possibly.

    DIANE posted an interesting post on chit chat about symptoms Kevin has been having with his knees possibly from the drug he has been taking for his b/p. He has changed drugs and hope this will eliminate his problems. She hopes to get back soon to visit with all on the porch when she feels up to it. Check it out. She is on the Homebound board too.:)

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Hi Kids

    Today is trash pick up. I did some decluttering. Found an old Dave
    Barry column cut from some newspaper. A bonus is the paragraph on
    the other side regarding Jodie Foster. It says she and CBS are arguing
    over who will pay a $12,000 bill for Jodie's hair do and make up. Jodie
    appeared on 60 minutes to promote some movie. In the second and
    final sentence we are told that NBC and Jodie are sharing the costs.

    Which raises two questions for me: Why would anyone pay so much
    for a beauty treatment, and why doesn't the reporter know if it was
    CBS or NBC?

    I also found a verse I wrote sometime in the 80s. It's about gravity.

    The Yankee Juggler

    The juggler came from Maine (Down East).
    His act was sure to please.
    He never dropped an Indian Club,
    But always dropped his "G's".

    Thanks for opening the new porch, Mikie. I don't think I'm up to it anymore.
    I never knew that old sun tan stuff could turn rancid. I suppose it makes
    sense since the stuff's supposed to make you tancid.

    First I've heard that a jump start can damage your car. I'll pass it along
    to our remaining driver. He's out doing errands. He's going to SK i.e.
    Super King Market. Kind of at the opposite end of the continuum from
    Whole Foods or Gelsons.

    Thanks for providing updates on Den, Granni. I read on the net about
    the docs using a catheter to shock the heart back into the proper
    rhythm. I didn't know it could happen spontaneously.

    Hugs everydobby
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    :)Hi ROCK, MIKIE, and ALL of our Porchies !!

    What a quiet Porch today. I have not been able to get on the computer for very long today. I just finished fixing the stuffed peppers this time made with ground turkey. I don't think you can tell that much difference in taste even though the texture is a bit different in the raw state. We also went to the store for a couple of things today and did a wash - what a big adventure :)!! ha

    You are welcome Rock for the information I was lucky enough to get from Julie on FB today. I am guessing that she or they have been a bit busy maybe with other thyroid tests and stuff if she hasn't posted any more. I haven't gone back there since I found that post of hers. I know they are frustrated but happy the docs are finding something on his condition and that his heart has flipped into correct rhythm by itself. I am guessing that sometimes it can do that although probably most often do not. Also it seems that his hyper thyroidism and para hyperthyroidism is rather unusual together. He is sure lucky to be in that hospital I tell you.

    Need to check on some more e-mail stuff so I need check out here before I go finish dinner and go EAT. This time the stuffed peppers are the red and yellow ones I got in Sams they were a good size. Sometimes they aren't good for stuffing.

    MIKIE - Hope you feel a little better today, eat.. BTW, I have tried some things at the PH store. Will go by again to see. I have tried some of their supps and they were OK for awhile or some were. Will go back again soon. I tell you that these supps are eating up my SS checks.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Granni - thank you for updating us on Dens condition..so good to hear his heart has gotten back into rhythm. The prayers are ongoing.

    With what do you stuff your peppers? I hv never tried this dish. At least ih never tried making it myself. Seemed like too much work.heh heh.

    Mikie - thank you for opening the Porch. Youre mentioning cleaning out the old medicine etc..has reminded me i have to tackle the kitchen cabinets now. It never ends, does it.?

    Sun - that salad indeed sounded very nutritious as Rock mentioned. I need to start looking into fixing sandwiches here...being as it is so hot. I used to do simple pizza copying toast..when the kids were little and the electricity not as erratic. Slap butter onto bread slices slather tomato ketchup, put cheese slices in and then an omelette and stick them in the oven. Quite tasty.

    Barry - thank you for dropping by..its always nice to see what you are up to on your beautiful neck of the woods. I hope the energy slump ends soon and you are on the upward swing. Lots of us here seem to be needing that energy boost..i wish they could bottle energy shots in tubes and inject like Mikies peptides. Pranic healing recommends ginseng but it is scarce and as expensive as liquid gold which is what it resembles..at least the end product.

    Jaime - someone said your lil dog is doing better, happy to hear..

    Im sorry for just going off abruptly like that earlier. Something came up and since my memory box seems to hold only that which is essential to my immediate survival, i cant remember what it was now.

    Oh..now i recall. My charger for the ipad wasnt working...so it had very less charge left. And the others phones were charging in some sockets and my laptop was charging in a place inconvenient for me to type. I didnt want to change places since that seems to upset the devices and then they dont charge. And it upsets the men even more when they find their phones etc arent charging because the socket places have been changed. I hate dealing with bad tempers arising from things like those.

    I just had a nice leftover samosa (fried dough with spiced potato filling) which i had asked the DH to bring last evening..got a craving for it. Its bad for me but sometimes i find spicing up my otherwise mundane life, by eating spicy prohibited stuff helps me get thru a dull patch. Im laughing at what i wrote, but its true. It was raining yesterday eve, and i found i didnt hv any energy to do what my spirit was asking me to do, fix up a nice radish chutney and make tortillas for DHs dinner. I tried watching tv but the ennui wouldnt go...thrn this craving for samosas came over me and i phoned DH who was about to come back from work. Anticipating the samosas motivated me enough to get up off my butt and start fixing dinner...the easiest i could think of, macaroni and tomato. I was lucky there was enough tomato in the fridge.. I somehow dont like making with tinned paste unless i can add meat to it to dilute it.

    Oh well, theres someone at the door, i think the daily maid. She swobs the length of the floors and helps with the lunch...but she is not above nicking things, i retrieved a new tube of toothpaste which she had chucked into the garbage bin she takes down. So i like to keep my eye on her...

    Ciao, my kittens

    God bless

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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Granni, thanks again for keeping us updated. Thanks too for your sweet good wishes; I am feeling a bit better. I think it's due to the ABX I'm taking on my own. Hope you and yours are all doing well. Hope all of us get some cooler weather soon. It's already 80 degrees here at 6:00 in the morning.

    Julie, so glad the docs are getting to the bottom of Den's issues and his heart is healing on its own. Wondering why they are considering surgery. I continue to keep you in my prayers.

    Rock, one of the tan lotions was about 20 years old. It moved here with me from CO and just sat there. In the meantime, I've bought other lotions but just never used the rancid one. It's so easy for time to pass and for me to just ignore what is on the shelf. I try to rotate things but something always gets forgotten. I use sun screen on my face, neck and chest when I work out at the pool and I make sure I don't forget to use it. I think in the old days, before all the computers and electronics in cars, jumping didn't hurt much but today, it is evidently vulnerable to misuse. In any case, I think AAA is the best insurance one can have.

    Spring, it's a shame your help steals from you. Your samosas sound good. Drool, drool! Is it still sweltering there? It sure is here. AACK!!!

    I did my workout in the pool yesterday. It felt good and I had enough NRG to clean the floors in here when I got home. Barb was supposed to arrive in the middle of the afternoon. Her friend, Joe, was supposed to pick her up. I never heard her arrive so don't know whether or not she made it. Guess I'll find out soon.

    Not much else to tell. Hope everydobby has a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good Morning Dear Porchies,

    Not much time on the computer today maybe some this afternoon. DH is gone now and I have to get ready to leave for a meeting, and lunch with DD. DH has gotten the closet under the stairs almost cleaned out. He is the great thrower outer. I am the saver but do throw out at times.

    Oh my JULIE, glad you can at least do some laundry for yourself and maybe Den although I guess he gets to wear those lovely gowns :)!!

    Wow, I never heard of anyone having a Thyroidectomy nd a Para thyroidectomy but glad he can live without those two glands and his seems like they are going CRAZY. I should think that will help his heart. You learn something every day. Hope after that surgery he will be doing GREAT but we will keep up the prayers. Glad you have a phone so you can let us know how he and you are doing. Hang in there sweetie. You have been so strong, keep it up.

    MIKIE - Wonder what happed to Barb. Let us know when you find out. That is mysterious. Hope she is OK and also that you are feeling a little better. Not much time to really check all the posts here really well.

    SPRING WATER - I know what you mean about sometimes eating spicy or forbidden foods every once in awhile. Glad to see you hear posting.

    Hi to awl especially SUN, DIANE, ROCK, JAIME and everydobby else :)!! Have to get ready to leave.

    Love you all,
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    Hi, Kids,

    Julie, I hope this will be the cure for Den's heart problem. Continuing my prayers. Before I got my thyroid, estrogen and progesterone balanced, I had heart palpitations. Then, my hypothyroidism fixed itself but, if I didn't get my female hormones, I'd have the palpitations again. Nurse told me that the heart is regulated by those hormones. I do know that hyperthyroidism is more serious than hypothyroidism. Keep us updated.

    Granni, Barb made it home OK but was out with her friend, Joe. He's my friend too but they share a special relationship due to both having lost their spouses. Barb is doing so much better with it but Joe's loss is more recent and he's struggling. He's joined a grief therapy group and it seems to be helping him. Barb and I had coffee on the Balcony this morning and then I left to go to the store. She wasn't eating so when I got home, I made her a sandwich and gave her some of my fresh cut-up melon. I also took over a couple of Klondike bars and some biscotti. She just went to the store so she'll have some food. She's awfully thin. She eats but doesn't gain weight. I'm glad she's here.

    I went to Publix and then to Costco. K-cups are on sale and I was out of the Tuscan bread. The finally got in the long-sleeve, scoop-neck tees I've been wanting. They are perfect for when it cools down here. They have some spandex in them and keep their shape beautifully. They come two to a pkg., one black and one white. Perfect to go with everything. I also got a nice aqua geometric throw, one of those softy wafty ones for the back of the living room loveseat. The cats are again sleeping up on the back of it. The throws are easy to defur and wash well in the machine. I also got a big bag of lemons. For some reason, Publix didn't have any and, when they do, they are expensive. I love lemon in everything and I cut them up and freeze them.

    Was going to do some work around here but am already run down so will relax. Hope everydobby else is having a good one.

    Love, Mikie
  10. Granniluvsu

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    MIKIE - I am glad that Barb made it OK to FL. Did she come by herself? Does she walk without a cane or walker? Some of those people who are no longer that active eat like little birds. In fast some eat less than birds. Maybe it will pick up a bit hanging around with you some :)!!! At the luncheon DD and I went to it was a big salad with chicken on top. DD and II think were the only ones that ate the whole thing :)! oink oink !!!! My mommy told me to clean my plate and I almost always do. I did not eat all my dessert and it killed me cause it a sugar and dairy in it. I probably wouldn't have eaten any of it but the lunch was to expensive not to eat it. It was a yummy cheese cake with some berries on the side and some whipped cream on the side. I did not touch the whipped cream. I ate a little more than half of it. I know I was bad but oh well. Sometimes when I see some people eat I wonder how they survive at all.

    Thinking of everyone. Need to start thinking about supper. It will be stir fry with some more chicken. If it were I would either skip it or have some soup. Poor DH is almost always hungry and misses his potatoes I know and don't have pasta as much as I would like but try to limit the pasta , etc and use the whole grain or whole wheat. Every once in awhile too we have a 1/2 sweet potato or whole if they are small.

    Tomorrow will be busy and I go get my hair done tomorrow morning and then off to WM to pick up a few things for this coming weekend with DD and family.

    Bye for now.

    Granni :)
  11. sunflowergirl

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    Mikie: Glad Barb got there and seems to be OK, except for the weight loss. Has she just lost her appetite?

    Julie: Interesting about the para thyroid.....I looked it up....here's a link: What wonderful doctors he's got to discover this and then have a cure for it. Blessings for all of you.


    Granni: Make sure your DH increases his fiber, that will help him not be as hungry. Does he test his sugar every day now? Since my scare I've dropped all the sugar and surprisingly don't even think about it. And I've found that I MUST drink at least 48 oz. of water a day (boy that's hard) otherwise the morning sugar test has inched up. I try to eat a BIG salad every day with lots of raw veggies and some chicken or turkey on top, just using olive oil and balsamic vinegar on top.

    I had to drive to a large outer area of Los Angeles today.....had to go to the county recorder/registrar's office. OMG by the time I got there traveling the freeways I had a headache from tight neck and shoulder muscles, but the wait wasn't long. Waaaaay too many big semi trucks on the freeway, all whizzing along at 70 MPH. I decided to go a little further to hit an artist supply store, stopped at a market and Starbucks (that was to help with the headache) and then came home. Put in almost 75 miles roundtrip.....but I DID it!

    And over at the registar's office there were big groups of wedding parties, waiting to be married. How cute. Everyone color coordinated and excited.

    I now need a nap to recuperate.
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    EVERYONE - I just went on FB. Den is back into a-fib again and they have decided to do his surgery tomorrow afternoon ( the original time). His calcium level is also dangerously high so please continue to pray everyone. Julie figures after the surgery he will be in hospital a few more days, hopefully, we will see.

    DIANE - if you see this you can also put this into the Worship Board area please.

    God bless you all. I need to go and finish dinner.

    Granni :)
  13. Mikie

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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Hope everydobby is doing well. I slept like a log yesterday afternoon. I'm glad I decided to take it easy; I must have needed the rest. Even though I feel a bit better, I just don't have much stamina. This morning is pool time and the workout may do me in. Still, I need to keep active. Barb was gone a long time yesterday out shopping. I think it may take her longer now. She is moving a lot better and her speech has improved a lot. She just can't move very fast. She came by herself on the plane and she is driving. I think that's amazing considering the stroke and a heart attack. She eats but not a lot. She eats as much as she used to but just can't put on weight. My Mom was like that. I just tried to keep her from losing weight.

    My friends and I in da hood want to do another lunch and I think Barb would enjoy that. One of our friends just lost her last sibling, a sister. We support one another just like we do here on the Porch. I'm also praying for a friend/neighbor whose son is dying of cancer. There is nothing I can do but pray and listen to her when she calls. It is soooo sad. How do we bear the unbearable? Another couple here lost their son a couple of years ago and it really took its toll on them. When we all get together for our lunches, we feel renewed afterward.

    It is still sweltering here. Tropical Storm Fred seems to be stuck in the Atlantic, unable to organize. There is another storm off the West Coast of Africa but the steering winds aloft will likely take it north in the ocean. We need rain but it seems to go everywhere but here. I'm anxious for cooler weather so I can start working on our landscaping around our bldg. The landscapers do some of it but not our potted plants and our strip gardens along the sides of the bldg. I have other projects I want to do too. I'm making a bit of progress inside the condo so, hopefully, I'll be able to devote my efforts to things which require cooler temps. Lanai and some walls inside need to be painted.

    Granni, I think it's OK to cheat a little on the diet. I love salads and have been eating more of them. Barb has been staying with a friend who gardens and they have been eating a lot of salads. She likes sweets too. I'm laughing at the "Oink, oink." How funny! Thanks again for keeping us updated on Den. I keep praying. Do you and your family have special weekend plans? With gas so low, it is predicted that there will be a lot of people on the roads. Your stir fry sounds yummy. Hope you enjoy whatever you do.

    Sun, your trip around LA sounds grueling. Traffic was like that when we returned from Orlando on the freeway. It was white knuckle all the way. Glad you got to an artists supply store. Saw an artist on PBS using that paper you told us about. Very interesting. I found some gummy fibre cubes at Costco. I bought them several years ago and then, they just stopped carrying them. They are yummy tasting. I hope you recuperate and feel better.

    Think I'll go read the paper. Hope y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  14. Windytalker

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    Just bopping in to catch up on Den's situation. I sincerely hope and pray his surgery goes well today. We all know Julie and family are very worried...and rightfully so. Granni...thanks for keeping everyone updated.

    I also hope they put him on "natural" thyroid medications. SF and I have a mutual friend who took synthetic thyroid medications for years and was constantly having problems. She was finally put on Armour (natural) and our friend was amazed on how much better she felt.

    Will check in either later today or tomorrow to see how things went.

    Hugs to all,

    P.S. My thanks to SF for cluing me in on Den and Julie's difficulties. :)
  15. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Best Wishes to Den and Julie.
    Best Wishes to everyone else too.

    Rock has finished his tomato harvest, and we've just begun ours! We weren't going to grow any because of the water problem this year (drought, dry well) but were given some I couldn't resist. They are like large cherry tomatoes but are black! They take FOREVER to ripen so I'll not be growing them again! You pick them when the bottom turns from black to green and red. A strange fruit indeed.....Also bred by U of Oregon (I think) to be the only tomato to have anthocyanins. And no, not GMO, just selective breeding and crossing with another tomato species or two. It's name is Indigo Rose.

    This damn BP med Norvasc has wiped me out.
    Goodbye for now.

  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Awl,

    I have been gone most of the day today , hair done and shopping. Finally got to check the computer. Thanks to DIANE who copied Julie's post to the Worship Board for me.

    I went on FB and it pretty much what she told you. She did mention after the surgery he would be in ICU for at least over night. Then hope he can leave after another few days in the hospital for observation. Hope all will settle down so they can get home . I know they will be so happy to get home and try and get some REST. Hoping that Den doesn't feel so good that he wants to go back to work right away. I know he is young and shouldn't have had to deal with this but it is serious when it effects his heart function.

    This crazy Windows 10 keep all of a sudden make the post disappear in the middle of me trying to type. Sometimes it is completely lost and this time some of it was sort of saved, really faint print..

    JULIE - Thanks so much for letting us all know and posting on FB. I have been worried and thinking about him all day. Also a friend of mine was going to the nephrologist today to see if the IV med they gave her a week or so ago has helped her kidneys. They were told that her kidney function was 40% and if it didn't improve she would have to go on dialysis. I sure hope not. She is about my age I think and has been dealing with all kinds of ailments and has been on all kinds of meds. for a-fib and other things plus kidney function. I don't know how they can determine if the IV med helped yet after so little time but I really don't know about that med. I am nervous to even write her an e-mail in case it is bad news for them. I know her husband is VERY worried about it as he should be.

    Good luck I guess by now he is in surgery. Not sure about the time difference between TX and Iowa. It is almost 3 pm now.

    Hi to WINDY - So glad to hear from you. Hope all is well with you. Come back and visit with us Porchies when you get the chance :)!!

    Barry- Sorry to hear that you are wiped out and you are having some problems growing your tomatoes. It is so great when you can grow your own yummy tomatoes, Can't do it here, to little sun.

    Got some more stuff I have to do on the computer. We will be going to DD's on Sunday and Monday since DGS has to work again on the holiday - poor kid. We will just BBQ ing and watching football and chatting.

    Big HUGZ to everyone not mentioned.

    Love to awl,
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    JULIE p0sted on my other thread. The surgery is done and he is doing great. He gets to go back to his old room and not ICU. What wonderful news. He may get to go home SUNDAY.

    AMEN, it looks like all is well. TTYA later.:D

  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Porchies,

    It is a bit cooler this morning, 76 degrees, but will get to low 90's this afternoon. I will be cleaning the lanai today--AACK!!! Sweat!!! It just really needs to be done. Tweety and Sir Vester had a jolly old time playing their zoom-zoom games this morning. Sir Vester did some respectable catterwalling to entice Tweety into the chase. She is now lounging atop the new softy-wafty throw on the top of the loveseat. It is aqua and white and her white fur looks very elegant on it.

    Worked out at the pool yesterday and came home pooped. I just lounged around and watched more "Curb Your Enthusiasm" episodes. Some of them are laugh-out-loud funny and others lack much in the way of humor. Some are really in horrible taste. As Jerry Seinfeld said recently, I don't think they could do them in today's politically-correct atmosphere. Still, just watching mindless TV works for me when I'm tired. Amazon has a new series I can watch. It's called, "The Hand of God." Think I'll wait til I finish the series I'm watching before starting binging on the new one. I ordered
    The Firm, a book about the British Royal Family. I'm an Anglophile so am looking forward to reading it. I also got my free book for Sept. Some of those freebies are good but most, not so much.

    Julie, Granni has been keeping us updated too. I'm so glad Den did so well in surgery. Think all our prayers might have worked. Now, we can pray for a quick recovery and back to a normal life. Lotsa love coming your way.

    Granni, thanks, as always, for updating us on Julie and Den. When you come back and see your post in a light, faded font, it's the draft that PH saved before everything was interrupted. Just click the cursor on it and it will darken and allow you to finish. I've noticed that Windows 10 does an update whenever it feels like it. Oy! :mad:

    Windy, good to see you here. Come back when you can stay a bit.

    Barry, same for you. It's always good to hear about you and your plants. Those tomatoes sound so exotic. The only black ones I ever get are the ones I forget in the bottom of the crisper. :) I am wiped out all the time from my BP med. One of the side effects is insomnia. I wake up at 1:30 and again at 3:30. Sometimes I can get back to sleep and sometimes, I can't. One the one hand, I am tired all the time; on the other, if I didn't take the BP meds, I'd be at risk for a stroke. When I look at it like that, I'll take being tired. The lesser of two evils!

    Rock, my friend, where are you? Hope you are doing well.
    Hope you're doing well,
    You really are a swell;
    You've many puns to tell,
    When posting on your Dell.
    Don't know what kind of computer you have. Is it a Dell? I had to have something to rhyme. A poet I ain't!

    Love, Mikie
  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Things are quiet here at the ranch. We went to the library yesterday. That's
    the third time this week. Took back the Chinese cookbook. I think the title
    was "Beyond the Great Wall". It weighed about ten pounds. Almost as much
    as one of the stones in the Great Wall.

    Barry, that's a very colorful tomato you have. Sounds like it's related to a
    chameleon with all that changing of the colors. I found an article from 3
    years ago. It said the new Indigo Rose was a truly purple tomato high in
    antioxidants and was developed at the University of Oregon. Maybe if you
    eat enough of them you can get credits to apply to some degree.


    Springwater, I read a disturbing article on the disaster aid to Nepal. The
    article said 4 billion dollars was raised, and thus far none of it has been
    spent. Another paragraph in the rather confusing story indicated the
    money had not yet been received, because the Nepalese government has
    to make plans, but can't do so now due to all the political unrest over the
    issue of the constitution. I think governments probably worked better
    when people lived in tribes and the government was simply the chief and
    a few elders.

    Mikie, you sure get a lot done in spite of your various ailments. Well, of course
    you have the assistance of Tweety and Sir Vester. LOL Oh yeah, I am
    reading (well, mostly just looking) at a book about cats. It's movie
    stars with cats. Despite the book being new, almost all the pictures are
    from the 30s through the 50s. The people are beautiful and the cats
    are adorable. Not many words. Just a sentence or two to identify the star.
    Some of those cats are big: cheetahs, lions and tigers. Wouldn't catch
    me snuggling up to a pussy cat that weighed more than I do.

    Julie, I hope Den's recovery is speedy and uneventful. You must be exhausted.
    Granni, thanks for all your bulletins. You are our Edward R. Murrow. (That's
    a lotta "R's" for a little sentence.) Windy, good to hear from you.

    Sun, congratulations on successfully negotiating all that traffic. I hope you weren't
    on Interstate number 5. It has the worst traffic because of all the trucks. Folks,
    number five runs N and S. All the way from Mexico to Canada: 1400 miles!

    Hugs Diane, and anybody my addled brain forgot

    Hi Mikie, I see that once again we were posting in tandem. There's
    another 'tan' word. Of course it has nothing to do with the color
    tan, and everything to do with another child of Zeus, King Tantalus.

    Thank you for the charming bit of verse. You and I are poets in
    the tradition of folks like Dorothy Parker, Ogden Nash and Phyllis
    McGinley (who won a Pulitzer). We do light stuff and leave the
    heavy lifting to others.

    I found a site called Minnesota jokes. As is often the case, the title
    is misleading. It's just a bunch of jokes: knock, knock. Walked into
    a bar, etc. There was, however, one joke regarding neighbor Iowa.

    What do they call one hundred John Deere tractors circling a
    McDonalds in Iowa? Prom Night!

    Last edited: Sep 5, 2015
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good morning awl,

    MIKIE - I know that sometimes I come back to my post that disappeared and sometimes it is as you say and I know if you click on it you can finish what you were doing. However, other times nothing is there so not sure if that is me or not?? Sounds like you have been pretty busy even if you haven't felt that spry..

    Have you seen much of Barb since she came?? Did you say she is staying somewhere else or in her condo? Where is that in relation to your condo?? Those kitties sound so funny to watch them play and chase each other - they surely have it good especially living with you.

    Really can't stay long as I will be going to work out some with DH soon I think, unless he changes his mind. It is also coolest here in the morning but then warms up to the 90's in the afternoon.

    Hi there ROCK - sounds like you have been busy too even though most of it is running back forth with Gordon to the library or wherever he goes :)!! Thanks for the picture of BARRY's type of tomato. I can say that I have never seen one of those for sure.

    JULIE - So glad to hear the good news about Den . Now they may have to tie him in the bed to keep him there.

    SUN - How can you do all that driving? You are brave. It would probably kill me or close to it :)!!!

    Everyone have a great holiday weekend. I need to leave now with DH.

    Hugz to all inc, SW and Diane, Windy, et al,