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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    We had 30 posts on the last Porch so decided to start a new one. Just watching the news. Another shooting last night in a bad area of town. A little five-year-old boy was killed in a drive-by shooting there this year. A witness came forward and named the shooters but was evidently intimidated by them and suddenly "forgot" everything by the time it went to court. I've always tried to keep up with the news on TV and in the newspaper but everything is violence, violence, violence. If it isn't violence, it's refugees fleeing the violence. Geez! It ain't good to be exposed to all this. I pray for peace and for those who are victims of war and local violence but it just seems overwhelming.

    Tweety and Sir Vester are playing their zoom-zoom games wildly this morning. They are not only speeding around and in and out on the lanai, they are meowing and catterwalling loudly. Sometimes they make noises which sound alien. They must be well rested because both seem to be planning on spending the rest of their lives on the new softy-wafty throw on the loveseat.

    I started reading "The Firm." I hadn't realized it was about 10 years old. Still, it does give a look into how the Royal Family operates. Seems to me that I keep running into authors who have no grammatical skills whatsoever. This one is the queen of run-on sentences. She randomly uses semicolons, dashes and parentheses inappropriately in order to stretch out her already insufferably long sentences. Do these people have no editors? For someone who loves the written language, it seems abusive to have to wade through poorly written material. It also gets in the way of receiving the information in the book. I may post long sentences and write "War And Peace" here but I'm not claiming to be a professional author nor a journalist.

    Julie, I pray that Den gets to a perfect balance so he, and you, can go home. I cannot imagine how difficult this has been for everyone.

    Granni, sounds as though you and your family are enjoying this Labor Day weekend. Yes, it is still way too hot to enjoy being outside except for the mornings. I'm waiting to see whether it will be raining by 9:00, when it's time to go to the pool to work out. Weather radar indicates the rain will be here by then. If I can't work out, I may ask Barb whether she wants to go to Hobby Lobby. She isn't moving as fast as she used to so don't know whether it would be too much for her or not. She did go shopping for groceries last week. Hope you enjoy your day with family today.

    I'm gonna go read the paper. Oh, it's a holiday; I may get an actual paper today. I get it on Weds., Suns., and holidays. Hope all y'all enjoy your day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hello All

    Mikie thank you for being so prompt and opening up our new Porch. Whew, wish i could come and lay me down for a bit..im sure its much cooler there on our porch and comfy with beautiful plants and good to eatie things laid out. Good to drinky things too. A cool glass of sweet watermelon juice sounds just about right!

    Im sorry for being unpunctual in visiting..i hv been visiting and scanning the posts, and keeping up with how Den is doing from Julies posts...im pleased to hear he is much improved and about ready to go home. This sudden change of scene seems like a 'break' from home routine..way from the normal cooking housekeeping but under the circumstances, stressful. Maybe this whole thing used up a lot of negative karma and things are going to sail smoothly from now on. Blessings come in many ways, and apparent only with time. The prayers are ongoing. Julie - mindyou dont put on too much weight eating all those things meant for Den but which you are polishing off! :D

    Rock - i have no interest whatsoever in what the politicians are doing here, that we hv some of the worlds most corrupt politcians is by now a well known fact. So many people wanting to send aid but not through the government and the government is nixing those....we are having a spate of strikes where political parties are calling for no transport, businesses to remain closed. I hurriedly went the other day in the sweltering heat in a cab with a person from the DHs office and waited in line for two cylinders of cooking gas..our normal depot was not supplying us any and the other depots were similarly out of gas. its a relief to know we at least will not run out of fuel for maybe some weeks!

    For some strange reason the price of chicken fell down 25 percent. who knows why. but we expect other groceries to cost more if the strikes arent resolved soon.

    Granni - i would also hv avoided the picnic and family gatherings outdoors if i were you. I am no fan of the hot weather either. But i love the way your community has these things from time to time. We too have them here. Although i havent attended them recently. Thank you for your updates on Den. You are a dear friend and a lovely human being.

    Diane - thank you for looking in. Its always nice to visit and see you have popped in.

    Sun - i hope you are doing all right. Notice you havent been in yet. Those tight shoulders and neck, i get them too, but for me meditation or white light meditation seems to work. The tightness shifts around, sometimes to the side of the body and butt area. sometimes a searing pain in the back of the leg..but this place is spooky..and im so sensitive, i wont be surprised if its just energies whizzing around that im feeling. They dont bother me now. I know how to handle it.

    Windy - good of you to stop by. its good to hve a nice large online family thinking of and sending good thoughts to our members who are dealing with an issue such as Julie is.

    Barry - black tomatoes. now i heard it all! they must look like giant blackberries. !! our guava season is upon us but the crows and other birdies get there first. we get the leftovers. i just had a lovely juice green guava. its the big kind. i like them slightly raw. when i was a kid, i used to buy the very raw ones and have it with salt. the stomach can digest all sorts o' things then. now i will probably have to make the restroom my home if i try that.

    Mikie - i was so interested to hear about indigo children. I remember my healer friend was going thru an issue, well, many issues one after another. so without telling her, i looked up my angel cards and it said, "the person you are enquiring about is an indigo child," She is a very intuitive person, once she told a lady her friend had come with that she needed to see a doctor about her abdomen area, that there was a cyst. so the friend went and got herself checked at the doctors and found it was true. However, she didnt hv any operation or any thing, since some cysts occur because of some emotional cause, she was taking healing. I think it must be working. the last time i saw the lady at the ceremonies for our Pranic healing gurus birthday, she was bright and active, participating in and becoming second runner up for musical chairs.

    I hope Barb will enjoy her visit and an atmosphere of peace will prevail.

    I am struggling with a bit of fatigue, could be also due to the heat, temps are in the 90s.
    The power is more off than on. the rains are slowly receding. but i did manage to go out and buy eggplant and make a nice curry with onion, tomato, garlic, cumin we call it baingan bharta and its very popular. Also made potato pickle with boiled potatoe and a variety of condiments. sometimes it can get a bit tricky to make meals interesting when one is not eating meat.

    baingan bharta


    Ive been watching My Kitchen Rules and my appetite gets whetted for all sorts of delicacies which the participants seem to whisk up so easily...but i get up and discover although the spirit is willing the flesh has gone to sleep. Its been a couple of weeks i bought semolina to make dessert and its there in the cupboard, making me feel extremely guilty everytime i open the cupboard to take something out. However, we hv been havng cold frozen yoghurt and that is so good in this hot weather. the dessert would be a bit heavy being as how i hv to use a good dollop of clarified butter and an even bigger dollop of sugar to make the dessert.

    Take care all

    God Bless

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    Hi Kids

    Springwater, that glass of watermelon juice looks so refreshing. Gordon and I made
    carrot-apple juice yesterday. He never drinks any though. That part is my job.
    We used to have cooking gas when I was a kid. It didn't come in cylinders. It came
    from a truck that came around a couple times a year. The gas was stored in a huge
    barrel. About twice the size of the gas stove. The barrel rested on a wooden frame
    in back of the house. It was perfect for kids who wanted to climb on the roof. The
    just climbed to the top of the barrel, and they were even with the roof. Alternatively,
    I could open my bedroom window and step out on the roof. And sometimes did.
    Sounds like your politicians aren't any better than ours. They keep shooting our
    country in the foot while getting rich themselves.

    Mikie, I looked on line to see if I could find a Labor Day joke. Couldn't. And the
    search engine casts such a wide net I was directed to sites about childbirth, April
    Fool jokes, Father's Day jokes, etc. I did, however, find a quote from some old

    “The end of labor is to gain leisure” – Aristotle

    I did see a cartoon I liked though. A lady shopper is looking in a mirror on the
    counter in a shop while trying on a hat. "She could see herself buying it."

    You're right about modern authors and publishers. I started a mystery by an
    author new to me yesterday. According to the bio info, she is the author of 17
    novels. A good story. But after about 40 pages or so I ran into a sentence that
    kinda disrailed me. (Not to be confused with Benjamin Disraeli, Good Queen Bess's
    Prime Minister.) I can't remember if it was bad sentence structure or a factual
    error. Anyhoo it was a jarring moment. Like having the film break or the
    record skip.

    OK, Kids, Hope you all have a pleasant day.

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    Everyone- don't forget to check out the last of the last volume especially about Julie and Den. Not home yesterday or today. May go home tomorrow if all looks well. The labs or a few of them were not where the cardiologist wanted them for Den. I know they are anxious to go after this ordeal but needs to make sue all is well before leaving especially since that hospital is not that close. Hope they rest today so he can go home soon. He doesn't like the food at the hospital or whatever Julie has been trying to entice him with. He has lost weight and I know he misses her great cooking. She said that she ends up eating what she gets for him and he doesn't eat. She needs to help him gain weight when he gets home.

    MIKIE - Thanks for starting us up again. I need to go make another salad (4 bean), and et dressed. DH wants to go to the store that has T bone steaks on sale today also. So I cannot stay. I agree with you on the violence here and abroad. It is so sad and as you say overwhelming too. Not much we can do except pray that I can see. Also vote when it is time to.

    SW - Thanks also for your nice post. That yogurt sounds good but I have to have the goats milk yogurt which is quite good but more expensive and sometimes hard to find. I have been ordering it from the place where I get my supps across the street almost and where I have the appts. with the naturalist doc. That pic you posted sure looks yummy. This stupid diet am on surely is a pain to try and keep and holidays are the worst. I ate some sugar I know yesterday and also some dairy. Oh well !!! More probably today.

    Hope to get back later and see more or you wonderful peeps. Gotta run for now.

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    Hi, Kids,

    Not doing much today. We had more rain this morning so didn't go to the pool. The ground is saturated. It is still only 75 degrees out at noon. How nice to have a cooler day. I'm exhausted so am taking it easy again.

    Spring, thank you for the refreshing glass of watermelon juice. OK if I add a little rum? Mmmm! A watermelon daquari. Glad you got the canisters so you can cook. I just used my little toaster oven to cook two small mahi mahi fillets. I also made some steamed broccoli. I figured I needed something healthy. I hope things settle down for you there. Strikes and unrest are very stressful. I think I read that these Indigo Kids are sensitive and intuitive and will have the drive to improve the world. Heaven knows that our world needs it. Watched a rerun about mindful meditation and am doing meditation again. I need to shake loose the negative energy from those people on the board. Praying things go better there for you.

    Rock, liked your quote and joke. The quote doesn't hold true if it refers to childbirth labor. Once the labor is over, the real work begins. You are right--poor writing interferes with understanding. I have had to reread many of this author's wandering thoughts and sentences to figure out what she is trying to say. In the old days, publishers had editors to mark up the drafts so rewriting could be done. Is this no longer the case? Journalism schools taught good grammar and punctuation. I see some horrible writing in our newspaper. I had to laugh at Sarah Palin on TV. She said, "When we are here, we speak American." Oy!!!

    Granni, I love T-bone and rib eye steaks. My little electric Cuisinart grill cooks them just perfectly. Grilling is nice because you only need a couple of side dishes and you have dinner. Your bean salad is healthy and the steaks are protein. My fish was my protein and I put some lemon juice on it. Lemon juice helps with digestion when it comes to acid reflux. With the Zantac twice a day now, I seldom have a problem with it. Enjoy your family.

    I'm still playing with the idea of a new fridge. I have til the 12th to make up my mind. Usually, I'm pretty good at decisions. This one has me stumped. Guess I'll go to the store and check it out. Hope y'all are having fun.

    Love, Mikie
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    Spring Water - That eggplant dish you made and took a picture of is awfully yummy looking. What do you put in it. I need an egg plant dish that I don't have to smother in mozzarella cheese since I cannot have dairy products. That watermelon dish or drink sure looks great too. I too am to lazy to make much of anything but have to. If DH was not around I might hardly cook at all.

    MIKIE - Hope you had a nice day today. Cook anything special for yourself.?? and kitties ???.
    A new refrig sounds great to me. I would love one.

    Diane - Hope all is well with you, Kevin and kitties. Hope to hear from you after the holidays.

    Hope all you peeps are doing well this Labor Day. Have to run and get ready to go over to DD's house for dinner. Bringing shrimp and salad. The shrimp is for an appetizer. I also made the horseradish red sauce for it. I love shrimp almost every way you can think of.

    Sun - How are you doing? Haven't heard much from you and I hope you aren't feeling to badly on this holiday. Or are you busy with your DD and DGD.

    Love to everyone,
    Granni :)
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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Hope y'all are well today. I woke up several times during the night but managed to get back to sleep. I think there was a cat outside about 1:30. Both kitties were calling out to it and I heard it meow back to them. Thank goodness, they settled back down and I let them in about 5:30. Sir Vester is getting wilier at evading me when it's time to go out at night. I had to give them a few pieces of treats so I could grab him. I think that I'll start putting those little treat pieces out on the lanai to try to train them to just go out there by themselves. Tweety will but Sir Vester won't and I'm in no mood for kitty chases, which I always lose, when it's bedtime.

    I have to clean the lanai today; I can't stand it any longer. Tonight, Stephen Colbert makes his debut as host of "The Late Show." His guests are George Clooney and Jeb Bush. Hope I can stay awake long enough to watch. I finished watching "Hand of God" yesterday. It's OK but not great. Seems the trend for these little Netflix and Amazon series is people who get caught up in some stressful situation and do things they might never do otherwise--mainly murder.

    News has a sad story today. Seems there was a head-on collision out on a two-lane rural highway just SE of where I live. Three, including a child, were killed. Another child has been flown to Tampa in critical condition. There was just another accident out on the Interstate and it was a hit 'n run. Running red lights and leaving the scene of accidents is on the rise. What is the matter with people? My old Allstate ins. agent is in prison for hitting a golf cart, injuring older people and just leaving in his SUV. He always seemed so nice.

    Julie, I am praying that Den's mineral levels return to normal so he can go home. I hope you can get some alone time before GPA comes back. Yes, it's good to have people checking on him. Prayers continue for you all. Hang in there, Kiddo.

    Granni, Publix has party rings of shrimp with the sauce in the middle. They can be frozen and, now and then, they have them on a BOGO sale. Mmmmm! Hope you had fun at those family dinners over the weekend. I just fixed the broccoli and mahi mahi, which was really good. I still have one fillet I can warm up; same for the broccoli. I love most kinds of seafood. We had rain off and on all day yesterday. Good news for me--no screaming kids at the pool. Bad news for them--pool and beach plans spoiled. Soon enough, the pool will be a noisy place with all the Snowbirds back. The adults are quiet but, when the kids are there, it can get pretty loud. Spring Break is always a nightmare. More good news--most everyone heads back up North after Spring Break. Love to see our Snowbirds arrive; love to see them go.

    My work is cut out for me today. It'll be nice to have a clean lanai. Who'd have guessed that two little cats could make such a mess. They are worth it, though. I will try to take it easy tomorrow and Thurs. because we have the last concert Thurs. evening. I've been so exhausted that I'm not taking any chances. I really enjoy the concerts and they mean the world to my dear old friend.

    Sending love, hugs and prayers to everydobby.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good luck JULIE and DEN on the labs. I checked last night and this morning and saw JULIE's posts both good and not so good. I came on here to check to see if anything new. I guess they had to wait till 4 a.m. or is it pm labs. Not sure if he has much chance in coming home today or not since they have to wait till his electrolytes are more in balance. Still thinking and praying for them all.

    MIKIE - Hope you have enough NRG to get the lanai cleaned up from those rascal kitties. What is your concert tomorrow. It should be fun I know. How far do you have to drive for the concerts. To bad it is the last one in the summer series, I guess. I can imagine Spring Break at the condos as well as with the snow birds too but as you say when the kids get there it can probably get pretty noisy. I can imagine with the older kids during Spring Break, I am sure that could get rowdy,

    We usually get our frozen shrimp from SAMS and are pretty reasonable for shrimp. Never had shrimp growing up but it is one of my very favorite foods and I eat much to much of them. This time we splurged and we got the jumbo shrimp with the tails on. Just have them cold with the red sauce I make with horseradish.

    Hope I get my credit card today. I need it to get some more supplements as well as a few other things. Since I lost and bought more car keys, and then found them again I have been low on funds. Gee, those things surely are expensive. Hope everyone had a nice Labor Day weekend and is feeling at least fairly well . Will come back later and I hope to see that JULIE and DEN will be able to come home today. However, will keep praying for a good healthy outcome for DEN and JULIE which is the most important thing. Will come back for sue if I find out anything else. This afternoon at 3 pm we start our small singing group again. Wed. is our evening choir rehearsal for church. They changed the time to 6:30 instead of 7 this year till 8:30. Maybe I will be able to go to a few more practices if DH doesn't balk to much. He worries so much about me being out at night alone esp with my conditions.

    Thinking of everyone !!

    Granni :)
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    Yay, for Den and Julie !!!! I guess the last labs looked good. Hope they stay that way. Keep on praying that all continues to go well for DEN and JULIE. Thank you Lord !!!

    I kept waiting for an update and there it was short and sweet. Thanks so much for letting us know.

    Hope the PORCH can get back to normal or sort of normal anyway after al this with DEN. It surely took everyone by surprise , the heart problems, and hospital stay for DEN. I know that they were all certainly surprised.

    Nothing else new here. Hope things now stay calm around here and everyone stays as well as possible.

    Hope that SUN, ROCK, DIANE et al stay well and hope to see them soon on the PORCH. DH is at his meeting and then lunch. I am eating soup here at the desk as I type.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Good Morning, My Dear Porchies,

    Sooooo good to come here and see Julie and Granni posting.

    Julie, I'm so glad you and Den are back home. Our prayers answered! Of course, I'll continue praying for a quick, and complete, recovery. Den certainly has a nice beard. I'll bet people compliment him on it. No matter how much you have on your plate, you always look so good! Kiera looks as though she could be your daughter. She is getting so grown up. Glad your friend will be helping Den out with some of his work. I know it's going to be difficult for him to take things easy. If you have to take off enough layers, maybe Den won't feel so cold! Just sayin'! Hope all goes well with GPA.

    Granni, as always, thanks for updating us. Alas, I didn't get the lanai cleaned up. I did clean out their litter boxes and the floor in my bathroom, which gets its share of litter on it. I had coffee with Barb on the Balcony and another friend stopped by and visited with her little dog for quite a bit. She just got back from Jacksonville, caring for her dying sister and attending the funeral. She wanted to tell us about it and get updated on what's happening in da hood. She's a really nice person and I wanted to visit with her. I came in and, all of a sudden, I was ready to drop. I never push myself when I get like that; actually, I can't. At that level of exhaustion, I feel it's a warning to just stop and rest. I feel better this morning and am going over to the pool to work out. Don't know whether or not I'll feel up to doing anything else; I usually don't. Won't clean tomorrow as I don't want to exhaust myself on a concert day. Oh well, it'll keep. Glad you got such nice shrimp. The ones Publix sells are the cooked and peeled medium shrimp. Sometimes, the really big ones seem tough and don't taste as sweet. I thought of you when I read the Publix ad this morning. They have goat cheese on sale. I know how much you love cheese. Can you find goat cheese there?

    I need to get into my swim suit here pretty soon. I am looking forward to getting into the pool. I hope the water isn't too cool. I'm also looking forward to seeing my friends. I hope they all manage to get there. We couldn't do it on Mon. due to heavy rain off and on all day. It's beautiful here this morning and the daytime temps are dropping just a wee bit but not enough for me. I always enjoy our cool mornings because that's the only time it's comfortable enough without the A/C running all the time. Another Snowbird friend has arrived and I hope she is able to come to the pool. She likes art exhibits and lunching out and is a wonderful person. I'm lucky to have such nice families: My Online Family, my FL Family, and my Family Family.

    I had found a nice top that I had forgotten about in the back of my closet. It's really pretty in a mustard yellow/white/black abstract print. The black areas have some black sparkle on them. I'll wear it with black pants and my blingy flip-flops tomorrow night. I'll also wear my blingy black watch. I'll be comfortable too. It's fun to dress up just a bit once in a while. I hope this last concert lives up to my expectations. Our concert hall just down the street has announced its Broadway show concert series. I'm just not interested in some of the shows. I know buying a series is much cheaper and, I guess, I could just not use some of the tickets but, once bought, I feel wasteful not using them all. Despite this being a smaller city, the area has a lot of concert venues and three symphony orchestras. They are almost all just a hop and a skip from where I live. Our condo village is in a wonderful location, close to everything and, in other ways, a good area too. It's well kempt and safe (knocking on wood).

    I had better get going. Love, hugs and prayers to everydobby.

    Love, Mikie
  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    DH is at the bank and will be back soon. So this will be a quickie.

    JULIE - So glad you are home and now you have to keep DEN from exerting himself. For a bit he may not have the NRG but as he starts feeling better you may have keep an eye on him :)!!! Hope G pa is doing OK . I am guessing he will be happy to get "home" where he is loved and appreciated. Hang in there, you always have to much to do :)! Rest a little yourself the stress I am sure has been tiring.. How great is that that your neighbors or Gpas have been helping him while sis was sick. Hope that he can go back to work sooner.

    MIKIE - Hope you enjoy your concert. I think you said it was today. Try not to over exert yourself too MIKIE. You don't want to get yourself exhausted completely and really get sick. Glad you got to stay and visit with Barb a bit. How long will she be vising for. Is she by herself or staying with someone? Some of the Health Food stores might have goat cheese but I haven't checked them out yet. I know the place I go has some odd cheeses but not sure if any goats milk. That is where I get the goats milk yogurt.

    I have church choir practice tonight. It is the first one so I thought I had better show up and maybe get a schedule and find out some stuff. Not sure how many I will get to go to this year. I do miss it when I can't go but DH worries so and I do not particularly like to drive at night. Wish it was closer than it is - maybe close to 10 miles or so I would guess one way.

    Better get off her as I know DH will be here shortly . He was to clean the driveway of all the debris and maybe go work out. We never made it the other day.

    Love to everyone, including those not mentioned !!

    Granni :)
  12. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone.

    Glad to see Den is now home! I've been reading, just haven't felt up to posting. Julie, don't be surprised if "fatigue" suddenly hits you. I think it's a normal reaction after a lot of stress which you've had more than your share. Funny how sis suddenly gets sick and has to hole up her in room when things don't go as she planned. Good thing they have neighbors who look in on Gpa.

    Granni: I LOVE shrimp, but read recently that shell fish are a No No for people with adrenal fatigue. Also, where do the shrimp come from? The gulf or out of the country. That makes a huge difference. Most of what we get here come from Thailand, etc. and if they're frozen they are dunked in a "brine" which you need to soak at least 3 times to get rid of. I've had strange reactions to the shrimp when I didn't do this......kinda like an internal burning.

    Mikie: Have fun at the concert! I believe you mentioned classical music? A friend was telling me that the Los Angeles Opera company came to their city (parks and recreation) and gave a talk on opera, the ins and outs, etc. So today she and a friend bought tickets to a dress reheasal in L.A. Placido Domingo is singing in one and directing another one, and she's quite looking forward to it.

    I got a cancellation appt. with a new doctor yesterday afternoon and I've very hopeful that she can turn me around. Having a slew of labs done, plus I came home with a lot of samples. She specializes in FM CFS, thyroid, diabetes, etc. I was at her office almost 2 hrs! She did tell me when she was leaving her office that she was surprised at how well I do considering the long list of "broken" things in my body. That actually lifted my spirits......never, ever had anyone tell me that, including my own family.

    First time ever I had the AC run all night. Got up this morning at 7 a.m. and it was still 80 and very hot in this house. I heard it hit over 103 yesterday. The one room the doctor's staff put me in was HOT and I kept fanning myself. The triage nurse adjusted the thermometer but it still kept going up, so they moved me temporarily in a small, cool, dark room to wait. Ahhhhhhh.
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Popping in quickly again since I have the computer. Just came in from weeding and I am also so hot. Usually I don't like direct fans or a/c blowing on me but now it feels good. I know what you mean SUN, although I am usually a cold person.

    SUN - I hope that your new doc can help you with all your issues. I am still working on mine and am guessing that will take some time, not just one magic pill ( don't I wish). I think it is the right combo with the right dosages which I am working myself up to, in mag.malate and a pain supplement which is not that cheap. Also working on my b/p which I think is going up and down due to the "fungus amongus", actually ME, and probably some herxing. going on. Yesterday I finally got my new credit card so I could order some more supplements the Nat. doc told me to try along with the anti Candida supp. Glad they were able to put you in a smaller and cooler room for your appt.

    When I went into see the Nat. doc the first time she asked my blood type and I said A+. She then said that usually these people tend to have lower constitution and she said for all my problems that I seemed to have a pretty good one. I guess that was a compliment like your doc gave you. I am guessing it is the hearty stock of my parents and what they went through and us growing up.

    My mom had a very hard life with both parents gone by probably age 5 or so and moved back and forth between relatives and then off to NY with her sister at age 10 to the USA to live with other relatives.. Then to work very hard on the farm every day with little or no time for play and just appreciate whatever little thing came her way. We always were taken good care of and had plenty of love and support but forget the extra money part for much of anything. So I consider myself and my brother too VERY lucky. My dad was the last of 5 children and he was a very late in life baby. To make a long story short he worked every job you can think of and all kinds of crazy hours. Enough of my family and their lack of finances. I am sure many of us have had similar problems.

    I had better run for now and do a few things around here.

    Thinking of all my wonderful on line friends. Will try and check in later before I go to practice otherwise it will be tomorrow, hopefully.

    Love to all,
  14. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    A quick hello to All.

    Welcome home Den and Julie. Julie, do NOT let Den go up on the roof!!!

    Food: Everyone has such interesting tastes. Spring and Granni, I love eggplant. I usually slice it, rub with good olive oil, put on some panko and then bake. We had a couple of little baby eggplants left over the other day that Richard threw into the chicken cacciatore he was making. Whole. Yum.

    Spring, when you refer to tortillas, is it the same as naan? Been wondering for a while now.
    Who wants goat cheese? I thought it could be found everywhere these days.... My favourite cheese right now are Cypress Grove's Midnight Moon (a firm goat cheese) and C.G.'s Lambchoppers which is a firm sheep's cheese.
    We have been inundated by cherry tomatoes from the neighbours -- Sungolds and Sweet 100's. I must say that they have more flavour than my crazy black Indigo Rose toms., which are ripening sooooo slowly. :oops:

    I have to cut up a pineapple now for lunch to have with melon, grapes and yoghurt. We always have fresh fruit salad for lunch in this hot weather. Today to be 101 degrees. :eek:

    Sorry to be so short-winded,
    Love to All, Barry.
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    BARRY - That fresh fruit and pineapple sounds so good, as you said almost any time but best in hot weather. If you are in the country you probably don't have to much problem trying to find goat cheese products. Do you eat regular yogurt or goat cheese? I had the hardest time trying to find goat cheese until I realized that could get it at our very close by vitamin shop where I also go see my nat. practitioner. .They have lots of different cheeses there mostly non cow variety. How nice to live with someone else in the household that cooks :)!!! In our house it is almost always ME ):!! He does some stuff on the grill once in awhile but the rest is me. Occasionally when I ask and he is in the right mood he might make a real salad, or do part of it.

    It is starting to get a little bit cooler these days. It may rain tomorrow an be in the 80's most of the day. It has been getting into the lower 90's lately, much better. I know about 101 that is pretty HOT !!!

    JULIE - Hope you are getting a chance to rest a bit before getting Grandpa tomorrow. Hope he is not to bad since we was pretty much left by himself a lot of the time. Hope his diabetes was doing OK. Also hoping that both you and DEN are taking it easy. I think both of you need to catch up on your R and R.


    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
  16. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Barry< all that talk about good cheeses, etc. makes my mouth water.

    Granni: So on a whole are you feeling really improved? I think it's been about 4-6 weeks since you started on this diet.

    It's been about 3 weeks since I totally dropped all sugar and I have to say I'm not having the FM aches like I used to. The doctor I saw yesterday was annoyed at me when I told her I didn't take calcium tablets, since I have osteopenia and also that I haven't had a dexascan in quite a while. So I called my clinic today and my doctor ordered a mamo for friday and a dexascan the following week. Turns out it's been 6 years!!!!

    It was quite dark threatening skies earlier this afternoon and I heard some thunder but we didn't get any rain. Wonder if it made it over to Rock's house. It sure is hot.

    By the way, I just read today that Dr. Wayne Dyer died about a week ago from the cancer. May he be at peace.
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2015
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    So good to come here and see so many of our Porchies visiting. I do wonder, though about Rock, Dar, Diane, Spring, Jaime, and any of our Porchies who haven't been here for a while. I hope everyone is OK. It is already 80 degrees here at 7:00. It'll be another scorcher. YIKES!!! :eek: I'm soooo sick of this hot weather. I'll bet you, Rock, Sun and Barry are too. Are the Santa Ana Winds bringing the heat in off the desert? This is just normal jungle weather for us here in SW FL. I am sooooo ready for our cooler winter weather here soon. Weather was just on and there is a rainstorm off Sanibel Island so we will likely get some of it.

    I did get to the pool yesterday and had a good workout with my friends. Barb can't go as her doc won't let her. I think it's just as well. We have nine for our lunch on Tues. at Bahama Breeze. One, who is in chemo, may not make it; she is exhausted all the time. Those lunches are such an emotional lift for all of us. After I came home from the pool, I sat on the Balcony with Barb for a bit. Our neighbor, Joe, came over and sat with us.

    When I called to invite a friend here, we talked a while because she is on the board. She said the new president acts as though she really wants to be in charge but that she has a really hard time understanding everything. I knew that from trying to deal with her. The old combination of arrogance and ignorance is always a bad thing for anyone with a bit of power. Now, those two other egotistical male board members will have their hands full trying to deal with her. This is getting better than a soap opera. I'd laugh except it's our community that will suffer from this mess.

    Yes, tonight is the concert. It's Dick Hymen, a pianist who plays a variety of music with a lot of the old Big Band songs. I'm looking forward to it. I took it easy yesterday and will do the same today. Today will be a spa day for me, complete with manicure and pedicure. I will be getting my cable TV back. Comcast called yesterday to tell me that my blast internet will go from $39 a month to $78 a month in June; however, they had a "good deal" to offer me. If I switch now to a package deal, I will only pay $54 a month for the next year. It includes basic cable with 8 HBO channels and the cable box thrown in at no charge. Of course, it's a limited time deal so I had to take it now. I don't have to sign a contract so decided to do it.

    Sun, I didn't hear about Dr. Dyer but I knew he had leukemia. He was determined to keep going to the end. In fact, I don't think he was focused on the end but rather the present. I loved his programs on PBS. He did a segment on Mindful Walking, which is one of the exercises in living in the present. People find a quiet place and walk slowly, keeping in mind each step and how it feels. It's kinda like mindful meditating, focusing on one's breathing. I'm so glad that eliminating sugar from your diet is helping with the pain. I hope the doc can help you. I just can't get into opera except for a few arias but never an entire opera. Hope you can stay cool.

    Julie, sorry you left your favorite pillow. It's so hard to find a Goldilocks pillow which is juuust right. I hope GPA realizes that it was necessary for him to go home while his son was in the hospital. I know he appreciates all you do for him. Bless those neighbors who helped with him while he was home. I hate to call it home because I think his real home now is with you. I'm glad Den is finding some things he can do to stave off boredom around the house. Sometimes, those smaller jobs can be so gratifying to get done. Good luck with everything. I still keep all y'all in my prayers. How are things going in Tenn? Well, I hope.

    Granni, hope you enjoy getting back into choir practice. I looked at the weather map but it wasn't on long enough for me to check out TX, where DD#2 lives. It was 80 here and only 55 in the Denver, where DD#1 lives. I hope it is more comfortable for you in the 80's. Barb came down here from Mass. on the plane by herself and is doing amazingly well. No one ever thought she would be living alone again and driving. She's one tough cookie! She will be coming to lunch with us. We have been having a good time on the Balcony and I hope things stay this good. Yesterday morning, her coffee maker wouldn't turn on. I went over and had her press the button on her GFI outlet and, sho' nuff, it had tripped. Another neighbor had come over to set up her new Wi-Fi phones. She won't have any problems getting help with things. Another neighbor had washed her car before she came down. This is a good hood. Stay cool, my friend.

    Barry, I'll bet those tomatoes are slow to ripen so they can show off their beautiful colors. I also love to eat fruit for lunch. Yesterday, I had a whole half of a King of The West honeydo melon and it was delicious--almost too sweet. The crop was so good this year and Publix has a BOGO on them this week. I wait for them all year. Glad you have someone to help with cooking. I don't cook for myself like I should.

    Gonna go read the paper. I was late getting up. I woke several times during the night and turned on my Kindle to read. I almost immediately got sleepy again and went back to sleep. I had read about trying this and it worked! Yea! Kitties were good and didn't make a peep until 6:30. They are passed out, with Tweety on the new softy-wafty throw where, I think, she plans to spend most of the rest of her life.

    Hope all y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    JULIE - Darn it I just lost the first part of this post to you. I don't know if it is Windows 10 or me touching something I shouldn't have been. Not going to retype another W and P to you but hope you can get things worked out soon on a a schedule for you and the computer and also hope DEN can get to healing quicker that anticipated so you can get the stuff needed, like your house in time for the bad weather. Sorry you also have to make the extra trip today to G pa's house to get his other oxygen bottles. Just what you need, more things to do. Hang in there kiddo and try and rest as you do so many things for others.

    SUN - Glad your diet has been helping you. I was doing pretty good I thought but I really now need to get on my straight and narrow as they say. I was doing pretty good with the diets but then with family gatherings I need to start saying no to stuff. Sugar isn't to bad but with the no dairy that is a killer. Guess I might be doing a bit better. Trying some supps also for pain. Trying to deal with that and my crazy b/p going up and down, nothing dangerous but just very annoying and trying to get it down for good.

    MIKIE - Hope you enjoyed your concert and enjoying decent weather.

    Thinking of all those who haven't been here in awhile.

    I really don't have much time on here. DH will be back from his breakfast soon and I have to get ready for the cleaning ladies. I also need to get dressed. Bye for now. Hope to get on later. Too much to do.

    Granni :)
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Just stopping in for a quick visit. I rested up this morning and then, took my shower and did my hair. I've done my nails too. In about an hour, I'll be doing my makeup and getting dressed. Glad I rested as I'm feeling up for the concert. We will have eight women for our lunch on Tues. and I've made the reservations and my friend and I have arranged the transportation.

    Julie, I was hoping your homecoming would be smoother but I think it may take some time for things to settle down. I imagine in a couple of days, it will straighten itself out; I hope so. I think hiring the Amish crew is an excellent idea. I bet it will be a huge relief once you get them working on the house. Sometimes, no matter how much we want to do things ourselves, life seems to conspire against us. We just have to go to Plan B. What you and Den have been through is a major emergency disruption to your lives but you guys are sooooo resilient and strong. I admire you. I also pray things will get back on track.

    Granni, I need to get back to eating healthier. I eat some healthy things now but just need to do more of that. The workouts are about half of my healthy heart habits. Diet is the other half and I could do better. I envy your having cleaning help. When I feel decent, I'm up to cleaning but I've been so exhausted for so long that I could use help. You are much busier than I am so I imagine the cleaning help really comes in handy.

    Well, I'm off to get ready here shortly. Wishing a good evening for everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    MIKIE - Enjoy your concert tonight. It sounds like a lot of fun. With the help I get it is still minimal and I do an awful lot around here or try to. I also have to remove a lot of stuff from counter tops and put them all back when they are done. I also have to cook or we will starve to death and these dumb diets no help in trying to fix something we both like and can eat. Just don't look in my closets, and under some furniture and hiding in different places. I have been trying to go little by little and get rid of some stuff in closets that we no longer need or use but I hate to get rid of clothes that I might fit into later if I like them and they are not fitting at the present time.

    I hope I don't have to give up my clean lady but we will see as it helps me out.. These ladies are hard working (mom and daughter ) and daughter goes to College in our area and don't charge to much. I hate doing the floors especially and the heavy vacuuming. If I have to quit them coming I will do so but will surely miss them.

    JULIE - Yes, as MIKIE said you both are resilient and strong but just need some time to settle in and get things into a schedule of sorts. You both have been through so much. Of course for you who are trying to take care of everyone can be very stressful when you see lots of things on your plates. I also agree that the Amish men helping with your house getting up before the bad weather sets in no matter how much it costs, is a wonderful idea. Even though you are probably worried about the medical costs, etc. getting the house up so all the wood you have gotten doesn't go to waste. Of course stuff inside the house can be done little by little even after the bad weather sets in.

    DIANE - Hope you are doing OK. Hope to see you soon on the PORCH. Thinking about you, Kevin and kitties.

    SW - Hope you are doing ok and with no tremors or upsetting things happening in your area of the world. Thinking about your family and those living in your area . Hope you get to rest and not be too HOT and don't have to many festivals to go to .

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)