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    Please go back to read the last posts on Porch 836. I'll be back to post here:

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Hope everydobby is well. I was soooo exhausted yesterday that I didn't make it to the pool even though I had planned on going over. I got in bed and slept as though I were in a coma. That made me realize I needed to rest. I hate to miss a workout but, sometimes, it's better to just rest. When I'm that tired, I don't eat much.

    I love most kinds of music, including blues and jazz, but there are many types of each, depending on the artist. This type just wasn't up my alley. The pianist played old movie clips of famous jazz bands and he played his own version after, or along with, each clip. He told the audio guy to turn up the volume and it was unbearable. I had to stuff my ears with tissues. The horns in the movie clips were very shrill and my sensory overload kicked in. That's what caused my near panic attack. Another woman, who almost had a panic attack, was out in the lobby. A lot of people left early. Everyone was complaining about having no intermission and how looooong the pianist strung out each number. I could listen to Kenny G for hours but not what I had to endure at that concert. I love some opera arais but can't stand sitting through an entire opera. The whole thing caused my body to become very painful. I haven't had an attack like that in ages.

    Rock, glad you like my puns. I love the Irish Lass pun. My Mom would have loved it too. Sounds as though you read like I do--several books at a time. I like some variety if I'm in a reading mood. I'm so sorry you are having a difficult time posting. I have no patience when I'm not feeling well. In fact, I will swear like a sailor when something goes wrong or I injure myself. That's when I know I need to just stop, rest and regroup. PH saves drafts of our posts as we type. If yours isn't being saved, you can highlight what you have and do a Control+P to save what is typed. Just be careful because if you do a Shift+P, it will wipe everything out. Been there, done that. Sorry it's so hot and noisy there. If you don't have A/C, place some pans of ice water in front of your fans. You can soak your feet and wrists in some really cold water too. It will cool you down as will drinking iced drinks. Been reading more opinions that CA will get rain this winter. I hope so. Seems this weather pattern brings FL hotter summers, more rain and colder winter temps. Guess I'm OK with that as rainfall is the most important thing. Hope things go better for you. Stay cool, my friend.

    Granni, glad your BP is so good. That's about what mine is but a lot of the time, the diastolic is down in the 60's and the systolic in the one hundred and teens. I think the Cozaar I take helps my BP med. It also helps to diminish the risk of strokes and heart attacks. So nice you can have DGS over for pizza. If I lived near my DGS, we would enjoy that. He's growing up soooo fast. I also have to use the big pill boxes for all my meds and supps. Hope DD and DH enjoy the college football game.

    Sun, I'm due for my Dexascan and mammogram this fall. I might wait until I change my Medicare Advantage Plan, if I do change it. I don't like this HMO as my gastero doc isn't in the network. With the PPO plan, I can go out of network and the network is larger. Of course, it can all change so I have to wait to see what is offered in 2016. I also have osteopenia but it's in my hip. My doc doesn't want me to take a calcium sup and I don't want to take a drug like Fosamax. In addition to jaw bone loss, it can cause bone loss in the femur. Yikes!!! I would imagine it's been hot there for you too. Glad you don't crave sugar. It's so hard to give up things.

    Not much to post about as I'm not doing much. Hope all y'all are able to do more than I.

    Love, Mikie

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    Mikie: It's probably the anxiety that pushed you over the top with the fatigue. At least that's what I've found. Thats too bad that this performer didn't do a good job.

    It's supposed to be a tad cooler today but then heating up again. Not sure if I'll go to my DGS first soccer game this morning at 11 a.m. I don't do good in the mornings and then the heat REALLY bothers me.....fast heart rate and feel like I'm going to pass out, so I'm watching the clock and the temp right now. I also cancelled lunch out with a friend today because of the weather. I've turned into such a wimp with heat and humidity.

    For those who like to garden or used to.......Barry......take a look at the website for "food not lawns".......she's a friend of my son and she's started yesterday to work on his own plot of ground. Hired a guy to rototil the entire place. I'm so excited what she can do. She wrote a book "food not lawns" and has a nation wide following. She's invited to come to some house and stays for a couple of weeks and the entire group in that area comes to work it, plant, etc. A real co op venture. She's got big plans for my son's plot, including putting in fruit trees.
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    Thanks MIKIE and SUN for starting us up again. This diet thing is a pain in the nect. I need to get lunch ready. Lucky DH can have left over that I ate yesterday and I will search for something that has no dairy or carb(sugar). What a major pain. he will be thrilled to be able to eat all the pizza himself :)!! That is one of my very favorite foods. We have a kind we get at same, it is square, DiGiorno I think with thin crust and has also some veggies and Italian sausage that gives it a wonderful flavor. I put some olive oil on it and add some chopped mushrooms. MMM, that is so good but the forbidden cheese is on it too - boo ho. Of course it has a crust but at least is just a thin one. Even some of the light soups I cannot have due to the milk products in it.
    I have to go search at the stores for some soups that is more of a veggie soup or beans soup. Neither of us should have the pasta unless special pasta and they don't put that in the canned soups. I don't want to have to start making my own. That is what my mom used to have to do all the time due to my D Dad 's high b/p and all the salt they put in canned soups. Maybe when it starts getting cold again I will start making some more soups from sorta scratch. I hate to have to do that as I am so tired and tired of cooking. I could have a salad for lunch but DH won't go for that unless perhaps it has a bunch of chicken or meat in it :)!!

    Sorry you aren't feeling so great MIKIE. Hope this passes quickly.

    SUN - Hope you get everything straightened out soon so you can get your dexascan done. Since I started on the Strontium Citrate and vit K complex and Boron to help the Calcium and Mag., etc go into the right places, like my bones. After a couple of years it looks like osteopenia. At least I haven't broken anything after a couple of hard falls. I had been in the severe range before I took Forteo. I had been on Alendronate and other things for many years. It makes it hard if the doc told you not to take the calcium supps. Did he tell you why he didn't want you to take it??? I am on about 1500 mg a day in 3 split doses.

    JULIE - Hope you are settling down a bit with g pa and with DEN being home from the hospital. Is he puttering around in his shop yet, taking naps perhaps. Hope he is doing OK with being on regular full duty at all times, it seems at work. Hope you also find some time to relax in between everything.

    I gave DH his pizza and I need to find out something for me to eat.

    Love to everyone,
    Granni :)
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    Hi, Porchies,

    Good Sunday Morning to all y'all. I'm a bit more bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning. Thank God the extra rest is starting to help. I sat out with Barb a while yesterday morning and had coffee. A dear friend stopped by with her little dog and we all had a nice chat. Barb gave her a beautiful top she had bought before she lost so much weight. Our friend is planning on wearing it on Tues. to lunch. I still haven't decided what I'm going to wear. I'm leaning toward a brightly printed gathered skirt. There will be eight of us.

    Julie, I think you are very smart to put things on hold for this year. It won't be long before the weather stops construction anyway. When I'm frustrated with lack of progress, I say the mantra, "Everything is exactly as it is supposed to be." I just try to have faith that I cannot see the big picture and lack of current progress is part of the larger plan, God's plan. Still, I know it isn't easy. In another month or so, our weather will cool off enough so that I can get some things done in the yard outside. That is, if my health improves. Our landscape around the bldg. is so neglected. Our gardeners do the common areas and some of our closer plants but I take care of the stuff in our stairwell atria. The memorial orchid for my friend, Sandy, who passed this last year of lung cancer, is blooming on four of it's canes in our tree. A napping man is a good man; he can't get into trouble.

    Sun, I think you are right; it was the sensory overload with ensuing anxiety which pushed me over the edge. Most of the time, I just avoid anything which sets it off but I was literally a captive audience of one. Also, I didn't have any Special K to put under my tongue. Even if I had had it, I don't think it would have been enough. Don't know whether or not I mentioned that Barb's doc told her that doing anything out in 80 degree weather, or warmer, is very hard on the heart. I guess that's why we don't tolerate the heat as we age. I can't be outside in the heat anymore either. I only had a crop of one lemon this year and, like other years, I think one of the landscapers stole it. They think it is a lime tree and steal the lemons while they are still green. Oy!!!

    Granni, it was I who said my doc told me not to take calcium. He said it can cause heart attacks and cancer. He's a bit weird so don't know whether it's true or not. I do know that it was a factor in my DMIL's breast cancer. Also, I saw a show on healthy hearts and found out the plaque in arteries contains calcium. Still, I don't know that taking calcium supps can cause these things. I use Dr. Mercola's pink Himalayan sea salt and it contains boron, along with a lot of other trace minerals. Very good for the bones. It's not expensive either. I also use the pink Himalayan sea salt lamps but they are for calming and I can always use some calming.

    Gonna read the "real" newspaper this morning. I don't mind reading it online the rest of the week but I love to start Sunday mornings with the paper and a cup of coffee. Hope everydobby has a good day. Already said my prayers this morning for all of us.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    "Not much to post about as I'm not doing much. Hope all y'all are able to do more than I."

    You got that right, Mikie. I seldom leave the house. I don't do much of anything and can barely
    do that. Uff-da! It's getting harder and harder to post. My fingers or my brain or some evil
    spirit keeps substituting words. Instead of "do" I typed "know". Well, I don't do or know
    much of anything anymore. Whine, whine, whine.

    I'm sure you'll look very nice in your colorful gathered skirt. I don't have any skirts, but
    I do have lots of gathered clothes. Before I put them on I always gather them up. At the
    moment my ensemble includes a Warner Brothers cartoon T shirt. Can't remember if I
    bought it at a thrift shop or the T shirt shop that sold five Tees for ten bucks. That
    place went outta business about 5-6 years ago. When we drove by a couple months ago
    the store was still vacant.

    The strip mall where we used to shop at Ralphs now has a Whole Foods instead. That
    and the drug store are the only two places still open. There are about 5 places that are
    vacant. Some of them for years. Good thing the government assured us the recession
    was over 6 years ago.

    Sorry to hear about Den's rash, Julie. That is a clear case of overkill. I hope it's the
    kind that doesn't itch; just looks blotchy. How were the crops in your area this year?
    Did they get enough rain? After I left Minnesota a lot of farmers started growing
    soybeans. I have no idea how much rain they need.

    Granni, you and I are so old we can remember when Campbell's were actually
    good to eat. The modern ones are terrible, and the old favorites have been morphed
    into something flavorless. I bought some of their new lite soups a few years back
    'cause they were on sale. The 'broth' seemed to be pure water. Yuck!

    I looked up boron. On the one hand it is essential for life. On the other hand it's
    an insecticide. Boron is also a town in the California desert. They used to mine
    boron- boric acid there. The TV show Death Valley Days was about same. Ronald
    Reagan was the host.

    Hugs to Springwater, Barry, Sun, Diane,
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    Good morning awl,

    Not much time to write, as usual but getting ready to go to church. Then I hope to put a pork loin in the oven and go watch the Texans FB game at DD's house. Then we will either come here to eat or I will bring it there. Have to be at church early for warm up since we are back to singing again after the summer. So have to at l least TRY and be on the ball.

    MIKIE - Your lunch with the ladies sounds really nice. What type of a restaurant are you going to ? If you said I have forgotten.

    JULIE - It is probably a good idea that you put the building of your extension off till next year. Do you have a barn where you can put the stuff needed so it won't be out in the bad weather?? I guess DEN will fine out as he tried to do things if he is overdoing or not, little by little. It is hard to tell someone like DEN not to do stuff as they just get frustrated anyway . Yes, I agree with MIKIE that a napping man is a good thing, he can't get into or give you any trouble, that is unless you need him to do something for you. Luckily, my DH naps are about usually 5-10 minutes, 15 if it is long. Who knows today if he didn't sleep well like last night. Keep on hanging in there.

    ROCK - I agree with you on the soup. They are more like salt water with to much salt. I do not know how much they have to put in thee for preservation purposes. A few taste fairly good but with all the stuff we both aren't supposed to eat it is hard to find one for us now.

    Sorry I need to run and leave for church to get there in time. Just remembered of some phone calls I have to make today or tomorrow. Darn it.

    Bye for now.

    Granni :)
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    Hi, Kids,

    I'm sooooo excited to have cleaned the lanai. TADA!!!
    :) It's sparkling. I decided to take off all extraneous stuff, like outdoor pillows on the chairs and the little animal print quilted pads I had made for the kitties. I left the softy-wafty animal print throws I made for their cat condo cubbies. Their hair just makes a mess of any fabric except the softy-wafty kind. For some reason, it doesn't get interwoven into that. Once their hair gets interwoven, it's almost impossible to remove it. The cat condo is carpeted and it's always a big job to remove their hair from that.

    Ethan Bortnik is on PBS again. It's pledge time. He's doing "Rock Around The Clock." I'd dance if I weren't so tired. He just did "Obladi Oblada." an old Beetles song. I change the words for the cats:

    Vester Lee is working in the marketplace,
    Tweety is singing with the band;
    She looks at me with her sweet, sweet face,
    And says, "Oh, isn't life grand!"
    Obladi Oblada, life goes on, Brah,
    La la la la, life goes on!
    Obladi Oblada, life goes on, Brah,
    La la la la, how life goes on!

    Yes, I am losing my mind but, at least, I'm singing! In a week, the new network shows return or start up new. I'm not too excited, based on the miserable critiques in today's paper. I usually fall asleep during the evenings. I will be able to stream the shows when I want to watch them with my new cable service. I just hope that when it cools down, and the Snowbirds return, I will feel more lively so I can stay up past 7:00.

    Rock, I'm so sorry about the problems you have posting. My computer is not working right; some letters I type are just not showing up. Have you considered using a voice activated program? I have it on my Amazon Prime streaming box for searching for programs. Unfortunately, sometimes it doesn't understand me and produces some interesting things. I think it's on my Surface tablet/laptop but I haven't used it. That old "Death Valley Days" show with Ronald Reagan was sponsored by 20 Mule Team Borax. I always watched it in B&W when I was a kid. I think CA really took a big hit in this last recession and it will take time to recover. We are just now starting to recover here. As the price of retail starts to go back up, existing vacancies will become more attractive but, again, it is slow going. I guess when we have to be home bodies, we are lucky to have books, TV and computers to distract us from our misery. We still have our puns too but I'm too tired to think of any. Whine, whine, whine!

    Granni, we are going to the same Caribbean restaurant as we always do. If we start doing this more often, we may go somewhere else. This place serves a variety of things, is quiet and is very accommodating to us. We would be miserable if we tried a noisy place full of noisy kids. This isn't a kids' kind of place. Most people who lunch there are business people or ladies who lunch. Mmmmm! The pork sounds good. I had a sandwich for lunch but it won't be enough. I have some pulled pork BBQ in the fridge and think I'll eat that. Enjoy your dinner.

    Julie, I think it's a good sign that GPA wants to do things. It'll just take time before he is able to do more. Den may be experiencing a calm heart but I'm glad he checked, just in case. I pray his heart stays calm and his hormones balanced. I think both of you had your usual sleep patterns disturbed for a prolonged period of time and it will take time to return to normal patterns. This whole thing has been awful. Everything will find its way back to normal but, again, it will just take time. I'm so grateful that Den survived and I know you are too but a close call can leave one with some PTSD. It need not be a battle injury. My shrink told me I had some PTSD from my traumatic divorce. It took me some time to adjust and get my sea legs back. You guys will get yours back too. BTW, poor sleep is one of the PTSD symptoms.

    I feel cold because I sweated out on the lanai. We got a huge gullywasher this morning that left it so humid out. Cleaning that lanai is a killer! I'm going to soak in the tub and rest the remainder of the day. I'm hoping that getting that nasty job done will make it easier for me to do everything else which needs doing--but not today. Geez, now Yanni is on. As he ages, he looks sinister. Yikes!!!
    :eek:As I age, I just look old and wrinkled. :confused:

    Love, hugs and prayers to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
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    Where are our Porchies? I hope all y'all are recovering from a really good weekend. I slept til after 6:00 this morning. Woo Hoo!!! What a difference a good night's sleep makes. Not going to the pool this morning as we got so much rain yesterday that I doubt it has had time to warm up. After that acute attack of FMS at the concert, I don't want to do anything to make the pain return. My dear old friend wants to come over for coffee this morning. He wants to see Barb; they've know each other for more than 20 years. I've known him almost that long. He will bring his concert brochure and we will decide which concerts we want to attend. Barb might like to go with us.

    Wishing everyone a Happy Rosh Hashanah--Jewish New Year. Yom Kippur starts at sundown on the 22nd. It is a time of atonement. I like the idea of reflecting on one's shortcomings and making amends.

    It's a nice balmy 76 degrees this morning. It is cloudy out but the weatherman says no rain for today. Tomorrow, and the rest of the week are supposed to produce a lot of rain. It's kinda the last hurrah before rainy season ends. The Fall Equinox begins in a week. I know just where the sun will rise on the horizon in the Fall and Spring. I track it all year.

    Well, Kids, nothing else to post. I hope everydobby has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    The socket where I usually charge my iPad blew out..since we hv power cuts frequently, took me longer to notice...the other sockets giv me trouble, I can't seem to get the wires to connect. Anyways today the electrician came and fixed it...I had to take a multi plug and get my fridge running too..that makes me antsy..its in the 90s. (The temp)

    Julie - my sweet friend..I wish I could giv you a hug...you ve been thru so much. Keeping you in my prayers thru out...

    Mikie - im glad your problem with Barb seems to hv resolved..an angel must hv intervened.

    Rock - no matter what the state of your energy levels, or mood..your ability to make us laugh is unabated..I'm sure look nifty in your 'gathered' clothes.

    Granni - is it coz its hot or what we none of us seem to be in the mood to do much.

    Well, I did go out to meet a friend..and it was Fathers face seeing day.. i translated that literally...it's not our caste tradition but the others here pay obeisance to their fathers, offer up prayers for their father, and buy a gift and make special food for them. I bumped into one of my DDs school friends who showed me his basket, he was buying groceries to take home and cook his dad something. Although I had meant to fore go meat, someone told me, we should make meat for the fathers if they like having. So I changed my plans and shopped for and made butter chicken for my sons father.

    Seeing as how both my father and FIL are in another land now. I did go to the monastery and light lamps for them.

    My battery is really low so keeping this short...

    Sun - I hope you're doing good

    Love you all

    God Bless

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    Spring: that father face day sounds like our Father's Day in june. Supposed to honor our father or think of him if he's not with you. My dad died 44 years ago......I was 7 months PG with my first child. A VERY hard time for me because I had to quite before he passed because of bad braxton hicks contractions. But my father and I weren't close. Didn't know how to talk to each other, but a few weeks before he died he had been home recuperating from a heart attack and he surprised me, coming over to see me. I remember that visit very much.

    My family was all over yesterday for lunch and a swim. My little DGD is 14 months now, and every month I see her she's changed so much. Doesn't seem to smile much though. But when my two other DGKs came over she seemed to have a good time, and really enjoyed being in the pool.
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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Yes, getting some extra sleep does help. I managed to sleep til 6:00 this morning. Tweety was meowing to be let in then. It's a lovely 76 degrees out so I'm enjoying it. Weatherman says we will see the temps gradually start to drop now that fall is almost here. This week will still be rainy but I don't think it'll continue much longer. We had another gully washer with lots of thunder and lightning late yesterday. Some of the plug holes in both my surge protectors do not work so I'm going to buy new ones. I trued to use my Amazon Stick to watch Netflix in the living room and had to move the plug. One thing after another in my home has quit working but I've been able to fix all but one--the printer. It prints but I can't make copies nor scan with it. Need to call or chat with Epson to see how to fix it.

    I may have spoken too soon about Barb. Every year, it seems she is OK but it never lasts. I had hoped that her heart attack and near-death experience might have changed her but I guess not. She is already complaining about the cassia tree by our balcony which sheds its leaves. It's down in the middle of the balcony and nowhere near our doors nor our chairs where we sit to have coffee. We do sit down there to have drinks in the afternoon. She is out sweeping it nonstop. I told her I'd help sweep but there is no need to keep it clean when we're not using that area. She has become obsessive. That happens when people have lost control over parts of their lives. The will obsess on something they think they can control. She is threatening to severely cut it back if it isn't cut down. I'm not cutting it down. She's also started making some little comments to make it sound as though her car is better than mine and that she has been lunching with the ladies looooong before I have. Childish, and I ignore it but I don't want to have a fight over this silly tree. Oy!

    My dear old friend and I bought three concerts, two symphony concerts and one Dixieland concert. They are in Jan., Feb. and Mar. Barb was strange and barely looked at the brochure. She said she doesn't know whether she'll be here. She is planning on being here then but I wonder whether she is always concerned with having another stroke or heart attack. I told her that if she's back and wants to go, she can probably get a single ticket if the concerts aren't sold out.

    Today is our lunch and I'm excited. I'm still not up to snuff but have been resting so I can go. I'm hoping I can get back to feeling better soon. There is soooo much to do.

    Spring, yes, your Fathers Face Day does sound like our Fathers Day in June. Mothers Day is in May. We honor our parents with meals, gifts, cards, etc. I'm now an orphan but I always take time to think about my parents and send up prayers for them. I think when the electricity goes out, it may return with a surge and that can fry outlets. I have surge protectors where my electronics plug in so they don't get fried too. Glad your iPad is OK. Hope it cools down there.

    Sun, how nice to have the GKs over for a swim. Some babies don't smile much and seem so serious but they usually don't stay that way. They are funny because they seem like they are older with the weight of the world on their shoulders. Good thing it usually doesn't last. My kids were always fascinated by kids and animals. Glad you enjoyed the visit.

    Julie, yes, you are doing the best you can and that's all you can do. You do soooo much. I hope GPA's low mood improves. Will he talk about it? I'm sure everything that has happened has upset him. How nice you got to see that video of your parents. Glad the grandkids are so close and happy to see one another. Hope things settle down for you guys.

    Gonna go read the paper online. Hope everydobby has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  12. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    I woke up a couple hours ago. There was a light rain falling. Now it's after 4AM and
    the rain is considerably heavier. Supposed to be 80 today. Then 2 days of temps
    in the high 70s. I thought Gordon would be pleased that we'd have some rain, and it
    would cool things down. He said, "It will just increase the humidity". He gets a
    bit cranky in the heat. Can't blame him.

    Was listening to a folk group called the Swagman on Youtube. They are from the
    60s, I guess. Can't find any info on the net. Anyhoo they do a nice version of the
    old sea shanty "Rolling Home Across the Sea". Think I'll lie down for a while.
    Try and post later.

    Hugs, everydobby
  13. Granniluvsu

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    My goodness Porchies , I feel like I have missed so many of you but now I have to go outside while DH is gone and do a little work. MIKIE - You can send me some of your rain. We really need it. Every time they talk about rain lie today, we usually don't get it, or very little. I need to go outside and do a little work and then do some clothes from yesterday, still in the washer and drier. Then have singing practice this afternoon and then have a meeting to go to at the club with DD and DH's while DD collects the money she won in the football pool. She was so excited. Have to fix a quick dinner for us too before or after we go.

    JULIE - So sorry you aren't feeling that great ( no surprise with all the stress you have been under lately. Hope you feel better quickly. I feel so sorry for GPA too. His daughter is something else and not interested in any one but herself. I could say a lot more but best not to. Hope DEN is continuing to get better and his labs show it. More later.

    SUN - You are lucky to have a pool and the kids all just love it. However, there s also a lot to take care of and in a place like IOWA I don't think JULIE would get enough use out of it as they have long hard winters. I couldn't understand why some people had them in NY either and usually their winters aren't quite as bad as in Iowa. Glad your g kids can enjoy the pool. Enjoy yourself and them.

    Special hugs also to SPRING, ROCK, DIANE , et al.

    Thinking of you all. Have to get outside before it gets too HOT. Not sure if I will time later on today or not.

  14. sunflowergirl

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    Julie: I was thinking that you were probably having a very hard time emotionally while you and Den were at the hospital. Tears are a release so it's good that you did have that cry and good that the nurse came in at that time. At times of terrible stress we just have to be still and listen to what God is telling us in our heart. I think Gpa is probably depressed over the realization of what his DD is really like. It's a heart break for him. Maybe you can get him to a pastor or a therapist where he could open up to someone else......seems like he doesn't want to talk to you about her. I pray that Den's lab test continue to improve.

    By the way, how high was the tachicardia Den was having? I get it in the mornings bad.....it is around 120 to 130 for a couple of hours, then suddenly it's like a switch was turned on and then it goes down to my normal of around 100 - 105. You talking about thyroid while he was in the hospital made me do a search on hyperthyroidism......I fit everything except fertility problems! LOL So I went to my DDs doctor last tuesday and on monday will have a ton of labs done including ALL the thyroid tests which my PCP NEVER requested. I've felt like I've got a furnace burning in me at all hours for at least 10 years now so she has me take remifemin.......just like for early menopause.

    And here's a thought to keep him warm......check online for scuba diving sites....look for a neoprene vest for him. And as for you, when it's too hot I wear a wet bathing suit under a shift and I'm incredibly cool. When it gets dry I just get into the shower again to get it wet.

    Mikie: So Barb's old self is starting to emerge. Sad.......keep your distance when she's like that. Have a wonderful time at lunch today. By the way, Dixieland sounds cool.

    Rock: Are you enjoying this rain? I was up around 1 a.m. and heard this soft rain and when I got up at 7 it was still raining. Most of my rain barrels are getting full. A few months ago I bought some tubing so I was able to connect it to the main one, then transfer the tubing to other containers.....like I turned on a hose and am filling them.

    Barry: Have you gotten rain up there? I think you mentioned once that you have underground cisterns or something that collects rain?

    Granni: We bought this house with the pool when our kids were in grammar and Jr. HS. They enjoyed it, I enjoyed it, but my DH rarely went in it unless I coerced him for the kids, and the the DGKs. My DS that was over the other day borrowed a new suit I had bought for my DH but never used, so that came in handy. I used to have extras for my SIL but they were dated so I gave them away. I need to check Target and see if they have any markdowns left.

    Yes, the pool is a lot of expense. I have a pool service for once a week at $85 a month. This covers them brushing it down and checking and adding chemicals. I have a large pool net on a pole and I go out every day to grab what's floating and of course when the neighbor's tree starts shedding the "schoomtz" I put in my "noodle net".

    Diane: How are things going at your house? Did you find a new PCP yet?

    I'm back after an hr. Wow.....a deluge came down and the streets were getting flooded. I was out sweeping water from the back. There's a french drain by the pool and it can't handle a lot of water. I also checked the water line near my garage. Once it came down so hard and steady that I had to sweep water thru the garage. I've moved some things from the floor out there....just in case. It's calm now, and most of my large water storage containers are filled. I've now got empty water jugs lined up to fill more from my main barrel. I hope and pray those in burn areas don't now get flooded. A city we used to live in, Glendora, had a burn in the foothills about 18 months ago. The TV crews always head there to see what's happening once it rains.
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2015
  15. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hooray, rain is on its way --- or so they say.
    Sun and Rock, glad you are getting some already! Our well ran dry about six weeks ago so we are now reduced to our tank water. Have about 5000 gallons left. All these marine-style sponge baths are so tiring. It's like living in the past! We buy all our drinking water because the tank water isn't potable. Also, it has a very large goldfish in it that must be 20 yrs. old.

    Richard got his annual flu shot and I need to get mine. We never miss them. I need to get a shingles shot too. My Doc. wants visiting cardiologist to see me. EKG and stress test. I had them both a few yrs. ago and they were o.k...... I also need a dreaded colonoscopy :eek:. The last two were excruciatingly painful so I put it off. There is a new test - non-invasive - called Cologuard or some such that is supposed to be very effective in detecting bad things. I must investigate.

    Well, apples everywhere, especially Pink Pearl and Golden Delicious. The deer love them! I prefer Fujis, which we buy. I'm still picking huckleberries for my breakfast cereal to go along with banana , walnuts and raisins/blueberries. Lots of persimmons on the tree, but they are small this year. They don't have seeds though, and I sure do like them.

    Ooops, italics!
    Means I've got to sign off,
    I'll see what happens later!!
  16. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Barry: I did a check on that colon test and read up on it. I was given a test kit last week and I'm wondering if this could be it. She told me it would check for various bugs in my stomach/ colon along with any blood that might show up. I had told her so far I've refused a colonoscopy. My husband went thru h#@! to prep for it, and I was all scheduled to get one but then he got really sick so I cancelled.

    I'm sure the deer are very happy at your digs.
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good evening awl. Just here for a minute before beddy bye.

    JULIE - Glad you are going to be early with DEN. Don't feel bad my HR is never in the 70's . It is occasionally in the high 80's or usually the 90's when I am not exercising. I am on meds for that. Glad it is getting better and that you are getting G pa's hearing aid fixed so he will wear it. That will be good for him and you all who have to listen to it.

    Gotta run for now. DH is calling !! A funeral to go to tomorrow. Hope to get back tomorrow.

    Love to everyone,
  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    It's raining here again. Rain was more fun back in Minnesota when I was
    a utterly adorable child. Sometimes my brother and I would put on our
    swimming suits and run around in the rain. And there was usually a rainbow
    afterwards. Sometimes a double rainbow.

    Used to take my son out in the rain when he was young, 4-5. He didn't
    have any rubbers so we'd have him wear grandma's sneakers; held on
    with rubber bands. At the end of the block was a supermarket. If it was
    closed I'd put him in a shopping cart and push him around the parking lot.
    Splash through the puddles. Then home to a warm bath.

    Barry, you know more exotic fruits and veggies than any other Brits I
    know. Well, actually I don't know any others, but...Anyhoo, never heard
    of pink pearl apples. Found this pic.


    I read the flavor is tart-sweet. Sounds like an oxymoron to me.

    Your 20 year old goldfish reminds me of a show Gordon and I went
    to about 30 years ago. Orchids and Koi. BTW, there was a
    nursery in Culver City some years back that had a koi pond. Maybe
    it's still there. Culver City is where the MGM studio was located.

    Mikie, I looked up cassia tree. Looks familiar. I think I looked it
    up recently. Is this it?


    I read it has medicinal properties. Comes from India and SE Asia. How
    was your lunch? Congratulations on finally showing that lanai who's
    boss. Nice lyrics for Obladi Oblada. I never heard that song until it
    was the theme for "Life Goes On", the TV show starring Patti LuPone.

    Julie, I'm not surprised you are having medical dreams. I was surprised,
    though, to hear that Den was a scuba diver. One would think he'd live
    near water. Like Minnesota, for example. After all, 10,000 lakes.
    I used to live on the shore of one of the biggest one: Leech Lake.
    (It did have large leeches, but I never heard of them bothering anydobby.)
    BTW, they have standards in Minnesota. You can't just call any old pond
    a lake. A lake is a body of water that covers at least ten acres. I hope
    all you guys can catch up on your rest.

    BTW, Gordon was talking to a friend with a hearing aid the other day. He
    said they cost 4 to 7 thousand bucks! Good grief! He also said the
    batteries only last about a month.

    Sun, I am enjoying the rain OK, but I am tired of hearing the news casters
    tell us it doesn't help our situation much since we don't have reservoirs. Well,
    why don't we? And in the last couple months we've had about 6 water pipes
    burst in LA. The are big pipes. 3-4 feet in diameter and about 90 years
    old. More infrastructure falling apart while the government spends money on
    goofy stuff I will not discuss here. Does your swimming pool have water in it
    now? And does it get debris in it from the rain? What's going on with your

    Granni, I hope things go all right at the funeral. I remember going to one at
    Forest Lawn back in the 80s. There were only four mourners. That's because
    our friend's mother had moved to Calif just a week or so before she died and
    didn't know anyone here. But it was a nice service anyway. Her favorite
    song was sung: Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life.

    The last funeral I went to (I think I've only been to 3 or 4) was a Chinese
    ceremony for Gordon's mother (who hated me). We all had to approach the
    open coffin and put our hands together in front of our chest and bow 3

    Last edited: Sep 16, 2015
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Not too much to tell. Our lunch was wonderful, as always. We are thinking we might want to do one monthly. There were nine of us. We always hold hands and say grace. We all feel we are uplifted spiritually and emotionally by these lunches together. Everyone dresses up just a little bit. I gave this website address to my friend who has just been diagnosed with FMS. I hope she stops by.

    When we came home, I went over to Barb's to help put in a new black ink cartridge but it turned out she had bought a red one. I told her I'd put the new one in when she gets it. She apologized for getting upset over the tree and I was glad of that. I just hope she stops obsessing over it. I had been afraid she would go out there and hack it up. It's a pretty tree despite dropping its leaves regularly.

    Rock, I do hope y'all get some much-needed rain. It'll also be nice to have some cooler temps. I'm sick of the heat here. So, is Gordon a "Rain-guage-half-empty kind of person? We evidently got some rain during the night but aren't due for more until this afternoon. I hope the rain last night didn't make the pool water too cool. There are two low-pressure areas off the West Coast of Africa but, even if they organize into tropical storms/hurricanes, they are expected to turn to the north in the Atlantic and miss us. I love folk music. Wish it would come around again. Two of our upcoming concerts are classical and one is Dixieland Bluegrass. We are soooo lucky to have so much culture around us down here. I'll check out the Swagman.

    Granni, take it easy out there in the heat. Think I mentioned that Barb's doc told her that doing anything out in 80 degree heat, or hotter, is hard on the heart. We are getting a lot of rain now and I'm glad. There was a short time when we didn't get much. We need to get our aquafiers filled during the rainy season. I worry that the nonstop development will eventually dry them up. All those Baby Boomers up North are retiring and moving down here. AACK!!! Too many people! Glad your DD won some $$$s in the football pool. Take it easy and stay cool.

    Sun, do you use the pool yourself? Yes, they are a big expense. It's so funny down here because swim suits are on sale as we head into the busy swimming season with the Snowbirds arriving. Now is the time we buy flowers, not in the Spring. Everything is backward or upside down. I'll probably go over to the pool to sun bathe once it isn't so horribly hot. Right now, I just do the morning workout thing. I hope you do get some rain and cooler weather on a regular basis. I'm so impressed by your rain barrels. What a great idea.

    Gonna read the paper and get ready to go over to the pool. My stuff from Comcast arrived yesterday and I have to attempt to hook everything up. What could possibly go wrong??? Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
    rockgor likes this.
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    OMG! The website didn't tell me that more posts were awaiting me so I have to come back to post more.

    Sun,That test might be very valuable for you if you've definitely decided against a colonoscopy. As I've mentioned here before, I have them every three years and, yes, the prep isn't the most fun I've ever had, but it isn't that bad. There are several different types of prep and any one of them will work as long as the colon gets cleansed. One thing I know for certain--the prep isn't as bad as colon cancer. There is a colon scan which isn't invasive. If is is clear, nothing else need be done but, if something shows up, a colonoscopy is called for. Good luck with whatever you decide.

    Rock, beautiful apples. I've not seen them before either. I should look for these tart sweet apples tout suite. The Cassia tree in the picture is in bloom with pretty little yellow blossoms. It is related to the Cinnamon tree and attracts butterflies. Our particular tree has never been really healthy due to inartful trimming so it doesn't bloom all over.

    Julie, I took up SCUBA when I returned to college. I needed two hours' of credit in any area so did a SCUBA class in physical ed. The college arranged a trip to Mexico over spring break where we did our deep dives and got our licenses to dive. We dove next to a sunken airplane which had been used in a Mexican movie. It was surreal. Glad the drugs are regulating Den's heart rate. A fast, pounding heart beat is a horrible feeling.

    Barry, just saw your post. This Porch is all messed up. If I've missed anyone, I'm sorry. Were you put under a light general anesthesia when you had your colonoscopies? They put everyone under here in FL and there is no pain, even when polyps are removed. It's usually the prep people complain about. Even that isn't bad at all anymore. So sorry about your water situation. I worry here that, if we don't get enough rain, our aquafiers will dry up. The developers are going nonstop to build new homes. Hope you get some relief soon.

    OK, gonna just post this. Sorry to take up two posts but can't go read the new posts and keep editing my original post at the same time. I can't read posts and remember them as my poor pea brain is exhausted.

    Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2015

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