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    As promised, here's the new volume of the Porch!

    Remember to go back to Volume 837, to read today's posts.

    Love y'all, Diane
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    POST FROM GRANNI, today @ 12:20 p.m. --

    Hi to everydobby, :)!!

    This crazy computer or Windows 10 is changing my font and just deleted part of the post I started to chat with JAIME, et al. I know ROCK understands about possessed computers that do what they want to do. Right now the font and all is pretty big but I am just going to leave it there about posting.

    So nice to hear from so many especially JAIME and DIANE. JAIME glad to hear from you but sorry you are feeling bad. Try not to get frustrated with posting and we are also used to people whining some with all our problems. We just try not to exaggerate it or complain about it on an ongoing basis. Most of us deal with it daily as you do but maybe have less or more of some things. I try not to go on about it to much as I have had this way to long, like about 30 plus years. So it is just a way of life so to speak and I try not to get overly negative about it or will go batty . We all TRY as best as possible to be positive shall we say. That is all we can do. Keep on hanging in there kiddo. Please do come back and post even though you may think your life is boring. Some days if I just get some wash done I feel good about that - YAY :)!!

    DIANE - So glad to hear from you to but to see that you have been busy with chores and stuff with Kevin. Glad you have appt. coming up with your therapist and that you are getting a new PCP. Good luck to you hon and hope you really like him and he is understanding and takes the time to listen. I had been wondering about you and was going to send you a note since you mentioned you would be back after Labor Day and I hadn't seen you, at least on the PORCH .

    MIKIE - Glad you have had a lot of rain but so sorry to hear about that tree I think you said that fell onto your carport area. Glad it finally got cleaned up.

    Gotta run as DH needs the computer.

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    Hi, Kids,

    Not up to doing anything today. Barb and I sat out on the Balcony and had coffee and watched the rain. All of a sudden, we were inundated with ants. Our friend, Joe, from across our little pond came over and sprayed them. With all this rain, they are really active. Wish the rain made me active.

    Jaime, my life isn't very exciting; I've been sitting watching the rain. A lot of what we discuss is related to our pets, TV, what we are reading, etc. I'm often up to doing one thing a day and then, I'm pooped. Yes, you may find the Homebound Forum more to your liking, but you are always welcome here.

    Diane, I'm glad things are going well for you. Thanks for starting a new porch. Yes, when Tweety and Sir Vester play their zoom-zoom chasing games, it does sound like a herd stampede. I can only imagine how it sounds downstairs.

    Granni, it's been raining most of the day and the weatherwoman says it will continue for 48 hrs. Yikes! The tree is gone but the carport remains to be repaired. There is no structural damage, thank God. It is only 76 degrees today--pure Heaven!

    Well, Kids, not much going on so will bid y'all adieu. Have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    DIANE - Thanks so much for moving my last post over here and starting the new volume. I noticed after I sent it that we must have been posting at the same time but DH was anxious to get on and was standing right by me so didn't have the chance to even shout out for help after I posted. Somehow though I figured that either you or MIKIE would move me over. I have to find out how to do that trick but it probably would be hard to explain without showing me or someone else.

    I can imagine how it must sound with a couple of kitties zooming around the house, like little children at play :)!!

    Gotta get off again,.

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    Jamie: I think we all deal with a ton of stuff ongoing, and it DOES get us down but the thing with us on this board is we keep on keeping on. I've let myself get swallowed up in a pity party and that sure doesn't do me any good, so it's good to come here and just chat about something that's going on, not necessary with our boring lives, but things in general.

    And along those lines, I watched Dancing with the Stars the other night. I used to really enjoy it but then The Voice came on and I had to choose. Did anyone else watch DWTS?

    Mikie: I use white vinegar and a little Dawn in a spray bottle. It's safe and it really does kill them.....I even sprayed a black widow spider one night that had ventured out of a flower pot. It took about 5 min. and a few sprays but it did die.

    This is an adult story I've been working on lately. Kinda like......things that went wrong......and then what happened. I do have a novel I started years ago, then got stuck because one of my characters was smuggling $$$ into The Grand Caymans from Miami. I've got about l/3 done on that. I always said I needed to fly there and do some research of the area, even though I've been there before on a cruise ship. I know what's going to happen down the road including a plane crash, but I just can't get it started up again.

    I've always loved those stories that follow along an object over the years or centuries......like the movie, The Red Violin, or another one I love titled......The Girl in Hyacinth Blue. That one I believe was made into a movie for TV but the movie was a big disappointment. But perhaps I'll pick something I own......like an old quilt or a lace collar, and follow it along with some short stories.

    Diane: good to see your posting here. And glad to read that your little fur friends are all doing good. And I hope you will like your new PCP. Man or woman? And when do you go?

    The weather is cooler which I LOVE but I heard its going to be HOT again this weekend and then monday more rain. I went for a walk this morning and actually my heart rate was down! I think it's because it was cooler. I came home and cut a ton of pomegranites off the tree and also some succulents that have taken over in one area.

    Julie: You mentioned a new heart med? Did the doctor figure out what your problem was? I know you went thru a lot of tests.
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    DIANE - I think in my rush to get off I forgot to tell you thank you for moving my post from the last volume here. I appreciate it very much. I was in a rush to get off and think I plum forgot. Glad things are going pretty well for you. Hope all your appointments go well with as little strife as possible.

    Hi to SUN also again and MIKIE. I surely hope to get some rain around here but I don't think we will get anything any time soon. Yes, it is supposed to get HOT and steamy again, now that we have had a little taste of cooler weather.

    Nothing else exciting happening here this weekend. Just another funeral or at least go to the Rosary tomorrow night.

    I have to go again and start dinner.

    Hugz to everyone,
    Granni :)
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    Good Morning, My Dear Porchies,

    Looks as though we will be having a cooler day with possibility of rain. Radar has heavy rain just offshore but it may miss us this morning. There may be more rain later. It rained almost all day yesterday so I won't be going to the pool. I hate to miss it but I have plenty to do around here. It'll be dry this weekend so maybe I can get a workout in tomorrow or Sun. I just can't seem to feel better. All this rain is causing allergies. Mold, of course, is high and trees, grass and pollen are also a factor. ACHOOO!!! :confused:

    Really strange--my sun sign horoscope and the one for my rising sign yesterday revealed that I would have a very frustrating situation in the afternoon but I should not just react and should find options for handling it. I got an e-mail from Comcast that they were returning my service to just internet but it went from $39 to $55. Yikes!!! :eek: When they pitched the deal to me, the woman said I could return to my old deal at the same price within 30 days. I called and got the nicest woman. I told her that they had sent the wrong cable box and wanted another $10 to provide high-def. The original woman who pitched the deal never told me that. This woman is sending out, not only an HD box, but one with a DVR for free. Also, I don't have to pay the extra $10 for HD. I get basic cable with 8 HBO channels. Woo Hoo! :) I can catch up on "Game of Thrones" to get ready for the new season. So glad my horoscope warned me so that I wasn't stressed and was able to negotiate with the nice customer service woman.

    This cooler weather has the wee beasts all frisky. Usually, they only play first thing in the morning. Yesterday, they chased each other later in the day and Sir Vester did his Monster Dance with a catnip mousie. He danced on his back feet, holding the mousie in the air. He attacked it with his front paws held high like a monster going after its prey. He pounced and leapt. He seldom does the Mousie Monster Dance but, when he does, it's quite an entertaining sight. "He does the dance; he does the Monster Dance... (sung to the tune of the "Monster Mash).

    I did nothing yesterday. I have to, at least, get things picked up around the condo today. I feel "lazy" but I know it's not really laziness; it's exhaustion combined with allergies. Whine, whine, whine!!! :(

    Got my info on my Medicare Advantage Plan for 2016. Co-pays are going up, of course. The out-of-pocket cap has been raised to more than $6,000. Yikes!!! :eek: My generic meds have gone from $2 a month to $14 a month. Triple Yikes!!! The pharmas have raised the prices of generic drugs dramatically, in this case, by a factor of 7. They say they can't make money. Boo Hoo! Does anyone feel sorry for them? I feel sorry for all the people on Medicare who cannot afford their meds. I'm glad I have dropped several meds. I could probably do without my generic Zantac and I could pulse my Acyclovir. As long as I have my BP med and my heart med, I'll be OK.

    Just saw on the news that Amazon is dropping the price of their Fire tablets to around $50. I paid a lot more than that for mine and one for DGS. Still, we've gotten our money's worth with all the reading and gaming on them. With this new price, it will make electronic reading available to a lot more people. The tablets can be used for e-mail and a lot more.

    Sun, I also love stories which track things, or people/families, over time. Your stories are likely as creative and compelling as your painting. Creative people often excel in more than one area. Thanks for the hint on killing the ants. I'm waiting to see whether Joe's spray did anything. I set Terro traps near where they were going into the outside all. I know it's better not to use chemicals but, down here, we have to. Our exterminator uses them but they are not supposed to be harmful to kids nor animals. Probably a lie! Glad your weather is cooler and you're set for rain next week. Maybe it will cool things down after a hot weekend. You guys on the West Coast have had enough misery for a lifetime. You deserve some relief.

    Speaking of which, Spring, I hope you are OK on all fronts. I pray for all in harm's way and pray you are not in harm's way. Hope you can stop in to let us know how things are going.

    Granni, seems you, Sun, Rock and I are getting a taste of fall to tease us. Then, Bam! more heat. I hope you get your rain. We are saturated here. I do worry about sink holes. They have mostly been inland but, lately, there have been some opening up closer to the shore. Well, if the earth swallows me up, I won't have to clean.

    Julie, hope all is going well at your place and with the kids. Keeping y'all in my prayers.

    Diane, keeping you, and yours, in my prayers too. I pray for us all because we need it. It makes me happy to know your kitties are chasing and playing. I just love it when mine run around like little remote-controlled cars. Our pets are blessings.

    Jaime, I hope you are doing better. We always love to hear from you. Most of us here aren't living very exciting lives. We are here to share love and support for one another. I hope you decide to keep coming to the Porch.

    Dar, I think of you often and hope you and DD are doing better. Hope you can stop by sometime to update us.

    Rock, I know posting can be a real pain but I hope you stop in soon.

    Barry, always good to read about how you are doing in your little patch of Paradise.

    I know I've probably forgotten someone but the old pea brain ain't what it used to be (and it wasn't great to begin with).

    Gonna go read the paper. Hope everyone gets his/her heart's desire today.

    Love, Mikie
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    Lots of little things to do today so I really can't stay but maybe I can check in this afternoon. So nice to read posts from MIKIE and SUN. Hope all the rest of our gang gets to post soon too. Miss you all when you can't post.

    Hope you are feeling better , JAIME.

    BTW, in case I forget. I won't be here probably Mon and will get home Tuesday in the afternoon sometimes I am guessing. DH had to get out of the house he said and we are off to the casino but will TRY and make a little $ :)!! It is fun just to get out and not have to cook.

    JULIE - Keep on hanging in there sweetie.

    Love to everydobby,
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    Hi Kids

    Thanks for starting up the new volume, Diane. I had so much trouble the last time
    I started a new thread, I have decided to refrain from same. Or as Cole Porter
    said, "So to spare you all the pain, I'll skip the darn verse and sing the refrain."

    Granni, I hope you have a fun trip. Maybe you'll win some money. I read the
    best way to double your money is to take the bills out of your purse, fold them,
    and put them back in your purse. (No, I didn't think that joke was very funny either.
    Maybe it depends on the delivery.)

    Mikie, congratulations on your victory over Comcast. If you don't want to spray
    chemicals around to combat the ants, you could go to Anteaters "R" Us. See if
    they can help. Here are some oxymorons I bumped into yesterday. Good grief!
    The Living Dead. Soft Rock. And one my dentist pointed out decades ago:
    Now, then.

    Sun, I saw an old movie years ago about a dress that was passed along to several
    women. Can't remember the name. Can't find it on the net either. The search
    engine casts such a wide net it isn't too helpful. There was a similar story on
    that new show with Betty White. The item wasn't a dress. It was a spanx. Is
    spanx plural or singular? Do you ever read Writer's Digest Magazine? I used
    to read it when I was a young adult. Full of interviews with authors and how to
    write and where to send manuscripts, etc.

    Jaime, drop in and say Hello whenever you feel up to it.

    Gordon went to his orchid meeting last night. He has been asked to be on the
    Board of Directors, but he's not really interested. Don't know if he got any
    new plants or not. I haven't gotten the full report yet.

    Oh, here's a nice illustration of the lowering of standards and general incompetence
    in our modern world. I looked at a couple sites yesterday to find out the
    ingredients of V-8. One site listed seven ingredients! Uff-da!

    Hugs everydobby
  10. sunflowergirl

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    Rock: I bought a pair of spanx.....basically a TiGHT girdle, uncomfortable as all get out and I really doesn't slim you as promised. Of course, when you've got extra fat, it's got to go someplace, usually above or below what's being squeezed.

    I doubt if I ever do anything with my stories, but it's good for me mentally to use my brain to create. When I still worked, I would "write" in my head as I was driving to and from. Do a search for "Girl in Hyacinth Blue"......it's really wonderful. Follows a painting that's possibly a Vermeer. It starts present day, then you follow it thru the centuries to each owner.

    I went to my art group today at a local senior center. I missed the art class on tuesday but I'm trying to do my homework........something on the order of Guiseppe Arcinboldo who painted portraits using fruits, vegetables, or fish......very weird.
  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Sun, Arcinboldo's paintings seem to be most popular at Thanksgiving time.


    I put the Hyacinth Girl on hold. My mother used to have grape hyacinths in her
    garden. They and the tulips popped up each spring.

    Gordon did some shopping yesterday. And we went to a library branch that was
    having a sale. Turned out to be pretty pathetic. Only 3 little tables of books. Not
    only that, they charged more than our regular branch. Uff-da. Met an author though.
    He is from Algeria, but has lived here a long time. His book is for kids. The cover
    suggests it's fantasy, maybe about space travel.

    Marina and her terrier Marla stopped by yesterday. I was napping, but Marina
    visited with Gordon while Marla did her rigorous inspection of the property. She
    found the cat's dish with a few kibble bits left; gobbled them up.

    Today is chiro day. Nothing else on the docket that I know about. Here's a bit
    of humor to spice up your day. Dijon vu - the same mustard as before.
    Hope you all have a good day.

  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Survived a day of almost continuous rain yesterday. I did manage to get my trash and recyclables down to the dumpster center. Trash company delivered a new dumpster but delivered the wrong one. The dumpster on my street usually has a large tall bin with sliding windows on each side. The new one is smaller but longer. It barely fits and, when they tried to cram it in, it bent the steel posts designed to protect other bins. As Rock says, "Uff-dah!" :confused: It is next to impossible to simultaneously lift the lid and throw trash bags up and over into the bin. It's taller than I. People will merely leave their bags outside the bin. This is just one of the many things which will point out to residents that it doesn't work to have a board president who doesn't live here. I've already heard complaining about this. I am not contacting mgmt. about these things. Don't want to seem like a disgruntled ex-pres. Let others make the point.

    Barb and I sat out on the Balcony with Joe yesterday while it sprinkled and we had our coffee. He and Barb argue nonstop but not in a mean way. It's funny. We got a call from our neighbor and friend, Grace, who just lost her son to cancer. Her pain is so raw that it breaks my heart. I texted her and told her she can call me anytime. There is nothing we can say to help but it does help her to be able to be listened to and to cry. It makes Barb cry because it brings back her grief over he husband who is passed. I know it had to bring back Joe's grief too; he lost his wife about a year or so ago. Geez, so much pain. I do pray for them.

    I didn't get much else done around here but I did brush the kitties well. Tweety's thick, plush coat is easy and I comb her. I have to brush Sir Vester's undercarriage and then comb it to keep it from getting all knotted up. They love to be groomed. Now that all the knots are gone from Sir Vester's coat, he keeps coming back for more brushing and combing. After I had cleaned the lanai, Tweety decided to dig in an empty pot on the table out there. I need to get a plant in it to keep her out of the dirt. She threw it everywhere. I'll never get anything done around here if I have to keep redoing everything because of the cats. Barb's never been much of a cat fan but, the last time she came in, Sir Vester curled up next to her on the sofa. She petted him and looked into his face and told him he is beautiful. Cats know who needs some love.

    With all the humidity, I didn't blow out my hair yesterday; I just let the natural curls prevail. I don't think it's my best look but it's futile to try to keep my hair from curling in this weather. Everyone thinks I got a perm. I'm so thankful for the rain. We are supposed to have good weather all weekend but more chances for rain next week. Next week is the Equinox and our temps will be a few degrees cooler. Woo hoo! :D Can our beautiful fall and winter weather be far behind? I'll be doing my Happy Equinox Dance.

    Granni, I hope you hit it big at the casino. I'm not a gambler and never win but I'm always pulling for those who enjoy gambling. I can't take all the noise, lights and confusion at casinos. We had a beautiful historic town in the mtns. in CO. The town was founded during the big silver strikes. It had a historic opera house. They allowed casinos to take over the beautiful old bldgs. and absolutely ruined the town. Now it's blighted by garish lights with busloads of people coming up from Denver, spewing diesel fumes in the once pristine mountain air. Of course, most casinos are not in historic bldgs. I have nothing against them, per se. I just don't enjoy them myself. I do wish you good luck and hope you have a great time.

    Rock, "The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants" is a story and movie about girls who share a pair of jeans. It's pretty good but is definitely a chic flic. Have you done a game of oxymorons on the Homebound Forum? I love them as much as puns. Of course, there are the classics: Postal service; military intelligence; and, giant shrimp. Hmmm, I wonder about the mystery of V8. Was there ever an eighth ingredient or was one ingredient lost? Do some of the concoctions have eight ingredients while other have fewer? OMG! Will I ever sleep again until someone solves this conundrum? I'm flummoxed! Perhaps we can contact the company and find out.

    Started to post and saw you had posted a minute ago. Our gardens used to have plants one no longer sees. I loved Four O'Clocks, Grape Hyacinths, and Lillies of The Valley. I also had Creeping Phlox and Poppies. I love Lillies of all kinds but they don't do well here. Sorry you missed Marla and Marina. Hope your chiro appt. goes well. BTW, is Gray Poopon what you find on the lawn several days after Marla leaves? I had to mustard my strength to come up with such a poor pun.

    Sun, I do find those veggie portraits fascinating. It sounds as though your classes are very interesting, taking you to all kinds of art. We have the Alliance For The Arts here and they have classes and exhibits all the time. I really should go to the exhibits. Of course, there is a lot of art here devoted to our beaches, palm trees, birds and fish. One of my favorites is using real fish to make prints. We have an art fest every Feb. and I've been going for several years. Artists submit paintings and the winner's painting is used for posters and tee shirts for the event.

    Julie, I hope everything is going well there. I know sudden change takes time to get used to. I just hope things get back to normal. Oh, wait; things have not been "normal" for you in a loooong time. I amend that to hope things improve for you. Keep us updated when you can.

    Per my usual routine, I'm going to read the paper before getting into the tub. I hope I can get things done inside this weekend. Hope everydobby else has a wonderful weekend with painfree days, lots of NRG and no stress.

    Love, Mikie
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Not much time before we go to have our pictures taken for the church directory. Had to get all gussied up for the procedure. Nothing like having to get up on a Saturday and get all dressed up with makeup and all to get the picture done. However, they do want you to buy more pics but we will probably pass. They give you a free one and I can get copies made of that if they come out nice. Nice also to have cards made that are not to expensive to send to all at Christmas time or any old time. No time to address all separately this time. Also trying to get some things together for the small trip we will be making to the casino. Really not the greatest time to go for me and am trying to get my account built up after the key fiasco and paying for some of these extra supplements.

    MIKIE - How neat that Sir Vester curled up next to your friend who is not exactly a cat person but just lost her son. I am sure that animal sense these things.

    JULIE - MIKIE was right about you all not had much normalcy in your life lately, that is a long time really. Hope some gets to your house soon- that is NORMALCY !!

    ROCK - You are probably right about the way not to lose money when going to the casino :)!! Very cleaver and probably true.

    SUN - Interesting about all your art. I love good art but can't paint worth a toot . Glad you can do it well and have something you love to do. I could probably do paint by number :)!! That is if I take the time.

    Gotta run for now.

    Love you awl
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Hope everydobby is having a great Sunday. I'm just getting ready to do some things around the condo. It's another nice 76-degree morning before it heads to 90 this afternoon.

    Granni, I hope you got a good pic. Bet the kids would love to have one. My Mom and Stepdad had one taken and I cherish it. I also hope you score big at the casino. $$$ always comes in handy.

    Talk to y'all later.

    Love, Mikie
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    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Today is laundry day. Gordon has to do most of the work. I just finished the
    bed making. Our linen closet covers a fairly wide spectrum. From sheets and
    towels that are aged and frayed to stuff that's pretty new and some never used.
    Makes no mind to me. Just as long as it's washed now and then. It doesn't even
    need to be color coordinated with my pale blue eyes. (Gordon says I've gotten
    so old they've turned gray.)

    Gordon's goldfish plant just put out its first flower. Here are a couple pics.



    The pics are from the internet. So far we only have one flower.

    Granni, when I first moved to Las Vegas I went to a dealers' school. I wasn't a student.
    The school liked folks to drop in so the students could practice dealing with the customers.
    Anyhoo I was winning fake money like crazy. So after a while I walked across the street
    and played with real money. Lost $20 in about two minutes. That was back in 1968
    when $20 had considerable buying power. After that I never gambled except to drop
    a quarter in a slot machine now and then.

    Granni, I never heard of a church directory. Of course when one lives in a village one
    knows pretty much everybody anyway. In our village the biggest and most
    beautiful church was the Lutheran. Well, you know, all those Scandinavian and German
    pioneers were Lutheran. They had the best choir. One of my relatives was the
    choir director for half a century. The church organist pumped those pedals even
    longer: 60 years. The Catholics and the Methodists had small congregations. The
    thing I remember with most fondness was the dinners the church ladies organized.
    Real home cookin' in the days when food had flavor.

    Hi to Sun and Barry and Jaime and Diane and Julie and Springwater
    and Quinn et. al.

  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dear Porchies,
    This will be very quick. I was writing and my font got huge. Then I tried to make it smaller and it disappeared. So I give up already. I have a lot to do and need to wash my hair tonight. Maybe we will be lucky and will be able to win a little money. That will be a good thing for me for sure.

    Went on FB only to find out that there was a multicar and multi fatal accident almost in front of our subdivision. That sounds terrible. Our lazy two lane road was changed to a highway where people think they can speed and so whatever they want. I wonder if there was alcohol involved? I guess we will see. I see there was an alert, but I am not going to see what that has to say as I might lose this one. Gee, what a pain to lose your posts, especially long ones.

    JULIE - So sorry you are feeling poorly as well as G Pa . Yes, he could be a bit depressed too. Try and take care of yourself with everyone else you need to take care of too. Gee this post is so huge and I didn't do that. HELP !! I am not quite that blind yet.

    Love to everyone,
    Granni :)
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  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: probably picked up a bug at the hospital and it's been incubating. So I'm gathering when you mentioned ER to Gpa he decided to show you he didn't need it? As I mentioned in another post, it might be good for him to talk to someone other than family about sis. I think he's depressed over her.

    Mikie: You had such a short post. Are you OK?

    Rock and Granni: Back when I was in HS the church we attended had one of those photography sessions. My parents did buy a few pics. and I'm glad they did. We have very few pics. taken so at least I have this one. We never did get a family photo for my immediate family though. Just pics. taken here and there. My DH didn't like to take pics. so I was always the one holding the camera. You would never know I was even there! Even now the family doesn't bother taking of me, but at this point I really don't care to see what I look like in a photo.

    Yesterday I attended my DGD first soccer game. She still is learning and it was soooo HOT. (and she kicked a goal!) I took a little spritzer bottle and wore a big hat but I was miserable as was everyone else. My DD had a "frog" towel she had bought last year.....kinda like a strange rubber.....like a shammi for the car.......she got it wet and my SIL was enjoying it on his head and shoulders since he had lost his hat. So after the game we headed to Bed, Bath and Beyond. They didn't carry that anymore so we all bought another one. $12.99 and it's going back tomorrow. I tried wetting it and I thought.....it's just a piece of fabric! So I dug around fabric scraps I had and came up with something I cut off the legs from PJs........a really nice cotton knit. Hey.....I sewed the pieces together and wet them......great......it drapes like a nice scarf and you can't tell it's wet. So all day I wore a black knit camisole.....wet......and this "scarf" and even though it was over 100 I was nice and cool. Wish I had done this all summer instead of running the AC.

    Tomorrow morning I go for labs......fasting.
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    Hello Porchies.
    I've been too off lately, missed so much.

    Granni- I missed you quite much. I wanted to buy a house in Vegas.
    So will you please help me, I don't know which area will be good enough.
    Take care.
    Hi Everyone, Whatsup ?
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Got a good night's sleep last night on my freshly laundered sheets. I also turned the mattress. It's so much easier with this new mattress than it was with the pillow top. I also did other laundry and picked up the mess in here. I just have to do the baths and floors and this place may be halfway decent. Well, that and vacuuming the lanai. Think I'll ask Barb whether she wants to go to Hobby Lobby and Home Depot when I get back from the pool. I need to get a plant for that pot out on the lanai so Tweety will stop throwing the dirt out of it all over the place. I need to get another birdhouse at HL to use for a new prayer box. The old one got full and it fell out of the tree. It was in pretty bad shape so decided we needed a new one.

    I didn't even realize the Emmys were on last night. I finished watching the last season of "Revenge." I had not seen it. I've missed so many shows due to my inability to stay awake. The new DVD cable box will help with that. I see on TV that Apple Apps have been infected with malware. My daughter has an Apple computer and thought they were safe from hacking--NOT! I got an e-mail from her which was forwarded and sent to 50 people, all red flags for malware. I didn't click on the link in the e-mail; I never click on anything forwarded to me. I let her know she had been hacked. Oy!

    Sun, I had just posted a W&P and didn't have much to say so just popped in. Once again, your creativity to the rescue. I'm so impressed that you find ways to make things from things you already have. Good for you. I just watched the two-part PBS bio on Walt Disney. It showed the opening of Disneyland and had clips from the first few days of operation. I couldn't remember when your pic was taken in the little car but I looked to see whether I would see you. It showed the cars but there were some boys in them. Like you, I'm always the one taking the pics. I finally asked DD to take my pic at Universal with Woody Woodpecker and his girlfriend (don't know her name). I always took pics of my Mom and am so glad. I know they will regret it when I'm gone that they didn't take some of me. I hope you can stay cool. Our A/C's are still running all day but the temps are dropping a bit. Fall officially arrives on Wed.

    Granni, I hope you win some $$$s too. We have sooooo many fatal accidents here. One recently took the life of a father and his small son. The mother and daughter are in bad condition in the hospital. It would be bad enough to lose one's husband and child in an accident but it must be horrible to be injured so severely and not be able to attend the funerals. People really drive recklessly here. Sorry you keep losing your posts. Is it possible for you to get an inexpensive tablet just for you to use? Around Xmas, they are cheap.

    Rock, I just saw the most beautiful bedding on sale at Bealls. As I have mentioned, I love blue and my bedroom is a Wedgewood blue with brown accents. The bedding I saw was white with green and orange bird of paradise flowers on it. Makes me want to repaint my bedroom and redecorate in there. My armoire is gray with a splash of blue here and there. I would have to repaint that and it would be quite an undertaking. My valance and drapes in the livingroom are tired and I need to eventually do something about them. I only have limited funds so have to decorate on a shoestring. I think things like bedding mean more to women than to men. That's interesting about dealer school. Too bad it didn't give you an edge in playing. DSIL loves blackjack and has tried to teach me to play but I just don't much like cards nor gambling. The LOTTO is my speed but the odds are horrible; the odds are best in blackjack and poker. Thanks for posting the beautiful pics of the goldfish plant. They are amazing.

    Julie, after stressful situations in our lives, we are more vulnerable to picking up viruses and other illnesses. I hope you didn't get GPA's crud. He may be sick but it appears that some of it is emotional. I'm sure the whole situation with having to move and the mess with his daughter is depressing. As we age and lose control over our lives, we can get depressed. Right now, I'm depressed because my health is again horrible. After all I've done to get better and here I am, almost back to square one. Whine, whine, whine!!! At least, I'm lucky in that I can still live independently and rest when I'm tired. I'm grateful for that. Please, Dear One, get all the rest you need and feel better soon.

    Hi, Quinn, good to see you here. Hope you can come back to stay a bit.

    Gotta go get in the shower. Seems strange to do my hair before heading to the pool to work out but, because I work out in the water, I don't usually sweat too much. I could just put on a hat and shower after working out but that would give me a really late start to the day. I could also swim instead of just running in the water but swimming makes my knees hurt. Same with DD. We both have had surgery on our knees--the price of being jockettes in our yute. Hope all y'all have a great start to the day.

    Love, Mikie
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  20. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock - i was so excited to see the goldfish plant pic; my friend had one years back before either of us had got married..when we were both working..hence stirred up a whole lotta memories. She called them deerplant tho.

    Im sorry ive been tardy. My DH has these two flats he had invested in in some high rise housing scheme and the earthquake had caused extensive damage....the govt has deemed them unfit for habitation and ordered wholescale retrofitting..so all the furniture has been brought down here and fitted higgledy piggledy into our house here in the empty spaces...NOT what i wanted. More stuff to look after. We had furnished the flats so everything bed, sofa, fridge everything is crammed here , what could be dismantled has but its still not a pretty picture. One of the fridges must hv held some asian pickle thing ; even after two days of putting baking soda and cleaning with detergent the smell is overpowering...the tenants had to leave in a hurry and only went back to get their personal belongings. Obviously more work, making sure to dust and protect this new stuff from mice.

    One lot of stuff is at my MILs and yet to be brought over here. Groan.

    We do hv an extra tv now until the flats are ready and the stuff goes back. Cant wait.

    Granni - im sorry to hear about the accident near where you live..it sounds terrible. here they hv implemented no drinking and driving strictly and do surprise checks, so even when my DH goes out on the rare social evening he has to arrange for someone to go get him (either BIL or my son) or forego drinking. A lot of restaurants business hv got affected. Lots of those young people who used to motorcycle. Its been a huge deterrent for the son..who may otherwise hv been tempted to join friends in drinking the odd night out.

    Jaime - hell0..dont worry about not posting often..we welcome even one post a month or as often as it suits anyone. we all been thru days when it was all we could do to just drag ourselves thru the day.

    Julie - im sorry Gpa is seeming depressed...and with all that went on..cant blame him or any one for feeling glum. Im glad Den is doing better though. I keep you in my prayers often and ask that things be restored to normal and better.

    Diane - thank you for opening a new porch....and moving Grannis post over. I hope things are going well.

    Mikie -thank y0u for asking after me. Things are as usual. The heat does not help with elevating the spirits but we do get heavy showers now and then. They come on so suddenly that ive been caught by surprise and the washing has got wet. So i make it a point to go and check on the line for dry clothes after a few hours..and air out bedclothes under a shelter...ive also been feeling a bit overly energy sensitive..and setting out bowls of salt water in hot spots. and near electrical appliances. so much so - the son told his dad that maybe they should ship me off to where the Amish live in America. I wouldnt mind!! No electrical appliances. no EMF.

    That i gorged on some spicy biryani (flavoured rice) curry brought from outside and upset my stomach didnt help - lots of bloatedness. tho my appetite is good. thank goodness.

    The Emmys came on here too early this morning but there is a re run this evening...i dont think i will watch..i dont watch many serials these days...theres something called Impractical Jokers these days..its four life long friends who dare each 0ther to do the silliest things and play pranks on passersby..it is absolutely hilarious! what a way to make a living...laugh your guts out and get paid for that. i also watched a few of Betty White - Off their rockers and just FELL IN LOVE with her house...a sweet place with a lovely garden...anyways, what a woman...so full of beans and pep at her age.

    Sun - I just love the sound of all the knick knacks you keep making...you must be so deft with your fingers..i am the opposite..tho i have alwys appreciated artwork and handicrafts. That was a novel way of keeping cool i must say, the head gear 0n your head..you must hv looked as nifty as Rocks 'gathered' clothes too. Lol.

    Was it you asked about roti> its just wheat flour mixed with a pinch of baking powder and kneaded into flat round shapes and roasted on a griddle. I try and make it every evening for the DH since he is a tad obese.

    Quinn - hi. good luck with house buying project.

    Well, i better go see about dinner. Its cool right now after a sudden heavy shower and just right to sip a nice cuppa tea made just the way i like it. Theres chicken left over from lunch and bok choy so not too much cooking. yay. I feel as energetic as a grizzly just begun his winter hibernation. I thank the Lord for the rain.

    God Bless
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