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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mikie, Nov 25, 2015.

  1. Mikie

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    Happy Thanksgiving, Everydobby.

    Just wanted to open a new Porch for us.

    Love, Mikie
  2. springwater

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    Hello All and Happy Thanksgiving..



    Its that time of the month...Full Moon. We try not to eat meat on Full Moon but i didnt even know till i saw the big orangey yellow moon up there.

    I am behind on lots of things to be done in the house so will have to come back later and chat.

    Julie - its like you to have to spread yourself thin even on Thanksgiving Day. I hope you have a good one. Reading about your mashed potatoes made me want to make some!

    Mikie - i guess theres lots of methods of salt water cleansing..what i do is what Pranic healing taught us...put a handful of salt in a plastic bowl of water...they gave us like a two litre little bowl..then you just start making sweeping movements over the area you want to heal. you dont touch the area but make circles four times with your hands spread out over the specific area and fifth time make a motion like you are gathering up the energy in the spot and fling it into the bowl. if the spot is very sore or has a lot of stuck dirty energy your healing hand may start to ache, so you have to also use your other hand to clean your healing hand in the same method. If you start feeling the air above the salt water is getting dense, and it does, if there is a lot of dirty energy, you change the water and resume. You have to try and visualise the cleansed area full of healthy white energy after you finish so dirty energy doesnt come and fill it again.

    You can also visualise pure white light/or white lightish green light in the area you are cleansing to make it more effective...

    an extraordinary thing i found out is when i want to comb my hair and it has a lot of tangles, and dust because the city is very dusty, i send green light into my hair, cleanse it into salt water and then send white violet light...it becomes 75percent easier to comb!

    im thankful i have my Porch and all my Porch friends

    God Bless Us All
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    MIKIE - Thanks a lot for starting up the new PORCH. I was trying to find it before and couldn't. I am glad I didn't also start one up. I need to start fixing the ham for tomorrow a well as a few other little things. So can't stay long. Already went to CVS to pick up my script for my URI which seems to be better but I will take it to get it out of my system. Right now I have been just drinking cranberry juice and water. Tomorrow I will be drinking some other things to so hopefully I will be good to go . I also picked up some alcoholic wine which has a little sugar in it but less than the others. I may also have a glass tomorrow of the real stuff. I needed to pick up my yogurt too. Your dinner sounds good to me. Yep, and I will also eat some forbidden mashed potatoes and some dessert.

    JULIE - So glad to hear from you. With all you do you have to be organized, which you are. I would have pulled my hair out by now - LOL. Yes, and you also have to be very flexible. It sounds also like Den is also which is great. Be thankful that he is so understanding of the situation.. I know either way, and where you are you will be having a blessed Thanksgiving.

    SPRING WATER - Thanks for posting. All of your pranic sp. healing , etc. sounds very interesting and also a bit confusing. I would love to see what it all LOOKS like when someone does it. If I did it it would be interesting since all of me hurts :)! LOL

    DIANE - Hope you are feeling well and Kevin too and those kitties. What are you making this year. If you mentioned it I have forgotten - geez already what a memory :)! LOL

    Thanks for your blessing and yes God Bless All of us here on the PORCH and PH.

    More later, if I have the time to get back on. Time for lunch and to cook the ham and some other goodies to bring to D's tomorrow.

    Granni :)
  4. bct

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    Hi All;
    Today is cold! And damp! And dreary (or is that just me?) :confused:. We have some colder weather coming too, so they say....

    I have been staying in a lot --- just my afternoon walk with Shorty and Richard. I've brought in most of the tender plants into the front (sun) room, like geraniums and a few others. The house is now cluttered with plants --- peperomias, Sanseverias, Adeniums, etc.etc.etc. Becomes a bit too much at times. Outside, there are a few snapdragons and petunias blooming, an attractive Solanum jasminoides vine with white flowers, and the always present feverfews (both double and gold-leafed forms).

    I have been racing to beat the ravens to the persimmons. They have stripped the fruit off the top of the tree -- which is okay with me (too tall to reach) -- but now they are coming lower and lower. I am using a rake to pull the persimmons off -- I got about 15 yesterday before a cold drizzle began. These persimmons are SO GOOD! Even Richard likes them! ;)

    There have been a lot of foxes around (or perhaps it is a lot of one fox!). I think they are smaller than the Eastern foxes. The turkeys all seem to be hiding, for some reason or other.:rolleyes:

    Mikie, try reading the novel The Man in the High Castle. It's by Philip K. Dick, and won some award or other. At least if you fall asleep reading, you don't miss anything! I enjoyed reading this book. I think it was the Hugo Award (yes, just checked) for Best Novel 1963. The year I graduated from high school.

    I wish you All a peaceful and happy T-day,
    No stress.o_O

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  5. Mikie

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    Happy Thanksgiving, My Dear Porchies,

    Sooooo nice to come here and see our Porchies coming together. It's a divine 64 degrees out. I got up about 4:00 and ate my breakfast out on the lanai. The splashing from the lighted fountain was the perfect backdrop for a peaceful start to the day. This will be the day of the HUGE newspaper. It hasn't been delivered before 7:00 on Sundays, so I figure it'll arrive about the same time today. My plan is to read the newspaper part online so that all I have to deal with is all the Black Friday ads. Thank God, I don't need anything nor need to buy gifts.

    Yesterday, I planted three bushes, which we can no longer use in the front of our bldg., over to the side where the landscapers took out so much. There were some big gaps and it looks better now. I also moved some of the orange bird of paradise plants back behind the low succulents where they belong. They spread into areas where I don't want them. I like to pair them with the orange and yellow crotons. We are totally lost when it comes to choosing plants for our stairwell atria. Some of it is in shade but, when the sun moves around, it can be in direct sunlight. I think we've found some kind of dwarf plants for along the sidewalk in front. Can't remember the name but they bloom with yellow flowers all year and don't grow too fast.

    We will put plumbagos (sp.?) along the perpendicular side of the walk where we removed an old arbicola (sp.?) hedge. That's what we planted on the other end of the bldg. and they look beautiful, always blooming in blue. I got some red geraniums for the flower boxes. They also have some kind of hangy-down vines in variegated green which only need to be trimmed off to come back thick and beautiful. I'm taking today off from working outside before I kill myself. As it is, I'm aching all over, especially my bum shoulders. Like Julie, I'm "taking the day off" so I can work inside. As usual, I tore my legs up working around the plants so won't be able to get in the pool tomorrow. The wounds are too fresh. I re-tore the skin off one of them, AACK!!! :confused:

    Rock, hope you and Gordon have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Yep, the green bean salad has become almost as much a tradition as pumpkin pie. If I'm not up to making pumpkin bread today, I'll just cook up the pumpkin pie filling, substituting stevia for sugar, without the crust. I have a recipe for sweet potato soufflé and I could use that to make a pumpkin soufflé instead. Oh, the possibilities! Thanks for the background on Rockwell in your Thanksgiving post. I always love his paintings, idealizing life in America in the 40's and 50's. I've noticed an increase in TV programs set in that era. I think there is a lot of nostalgia for a simpler, more peaceful time. Of course, it really wasn't ideal but, in some ways, it seems so to us old Boomers. We are no longer the largest target market for TV advertisers in general but we are still a huge segment of the population. It's not that we are big consumers of frills but, because of our age, we have to spend money on things related to our health, or lack thereof. Enjoy your day.

    Spring, what a lovely sentiment. I try to take time to just enjoy the moment in which I have everything I need. If we think about it, we usually have what we need much more often than being in need of something. Of course, right now that may not be true of your situation but you are so flexible and resourceful; I admire you. Thanks for instructions for using the salt water technique. Invoking the power of light is amazing. The first time I did Tai Chi, I had a Herx-like reaction so I know how much our faith, mind and emotion affect us physically and spiritually. Can't remember whether you said you have a national day of thanksgiving or not. I know you are always thankful for your blessings. As always, I send up prayers that this mess going on gets better for you.

    Julie, you're smart to buy the meal. We did that one year and it was delicious. You also are smart to make plans and backup plans if things don't go ideally. I'm laughing at both of us, thinking we are taking the day off by "only" working inside. I don't have all the running around that you do and no one, except the kitties, to look after. It's just all this work outside which is killing me. If we get the right stuff planted, I shouldn't have to do much in the future. Woman in our hood bought turtle bread for her grandkids who live at the other end of the bldg. It looks just like the turtles we have here. She brought it by for Barb and me to see. They are taking the kids to the park tomorrow for something new for Thanksgiving. The kids are so excited one would think they are going to Disneyland. This year is a big improvement over the year I was too sick to cook anything and had a Hungry Man turkey dinner on Thanksgiving. Still, I was thankful for that. I'm sure this "empty nest" Thanksgiving will be a little hard for you but, knowing you, it will still be wonderful. You have your priorities right. No one ever said on her deathbed that she wished she had done more housework!

    Granni, sometimes, if you don't see the new Porch, you have to refresh the page. There is a lag between new posts and having them show up on our screens. This morning, I had a heckova time trying to log in here. I have to be logged in to chase off spammers and post. I'm glad your UTI is getting better. You were smart to get an Rx so you will be OK if it flares up over the holiday. If your symptoms are still bothering you, you can pick up that OTC stuff which turns the pee orange but offers relief. I take a cranberry supp but don't think I'll keep it up once I run out. I eat a ton of dried cranberries on my cereal. Your dinner sounds great. Ham sounds delicious too. Publix sells ham steaks and sometimes has BOGO's on them. They are perfect for me. Enjoy your day.

    Barry, so glad to see your post. You know what they say about great minds... I watched the first season of "The Man In The High Castle" and decided to get the book for my Kindle. I also watched a documentary of Phillip K Dick where they interviewed some of his fellow sci-fi writers. Evidently, he was a very nice man and was totally obsessed with whether we are really experiencing our lives or whether there are other possibilities to what we perceive. The last episode of Season 1 ended with one of the characters leaving the first scenario and going into the one in which the U.S. won WWII. A lot of quantum physics scientists believe this is possible. It reminds me of Shroedinger's Cat. Is it possible we can exist in more than one state or dimension? It's too deep for this pea brain. I'm sorry it's dreary out for you. Perhaps it will seem more like Thanksgiving if it gets cooler. It's only 27 degrees today in Denver. We should hit the low 80's here. A lot of people go to the beach on holidays. Those nasty ravens! At least, they are not going for the low hanging fruit to begin with. They are giving you a fighting chance. Hope you can get the persimmons before they do. BTW, I have orchids all over inside. The landscapers cut down our big tree in which I used to hang them.

    Again, I hope everydobby has a wonderful Thanksgiving and has much for which to feel blessed.

    Love, Mikie
  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    It's almost 4 AM here. Cold too. 62 degrees and the electric heater is on the
    fritz. (Folks used to say that in the old days, i.e. when I was a kid. Sometimes
    they said, "It's on the blink." Both expressions meant the darned thing no
    workee.) Gordon's brother is just leaving for his job at Whole Foods. He is
    working extra hours today. Will get paid double.

    Gordon went to Costco two days ago. There is a Best Buy in the same
    shopping center. There were already 5 or 6 tents on the sidewalk in front
    of the store. Shoppers desperate for a big TV no doubt. Gordon says they
    are gonna be buying last year's model.

    I hope everydobby has a good day and whatever dinner is desired. Erma
    Bombeck said, "Thanksgiving dinners take eighteen hours to prepare.
    They are consumed in twelve minutes. Half-times take twelve minutes.
    This is not a coincidence."

    She also said Thanksgiving was a day on which no one dieted. I remember
    a Thanksgiving decades ago when my sister ate about 3 bites. She was
    dieting. Annoyed everyone. Took me a while to figure it out. I
    think they were irritated with her because she was saying the occasion
    was not special enough to set aside her diet.

    Been 40-50 years since I was at a family Thanksgiving. I remember the
    wonderful food we had when I was a kid. Both my parents were great cooks,
    but Dad was always drunk and he and Mom were always fighting so the joy
    of the day was considerably alloyed.

    Mikie, Thanks for opening up. I can't keep track of all the generations
    nowadays. I was born during WWII so am not a boomer. After the
    boomers come the millennials and X, Y, Z and I don't know what all. Too
    confusiatin' fur me. At the last book sale Gordon and I went to, one of
    the volunteers had brought punkin bread. I'm not really into batter
    breads myself. More of a pancake batter kinda guy.

    Barry, If you have a lotta foxes, then you have a skulk. That's a term
    I just looked up. I kinda doubt anydobby actually uses it. I only
    saw a wild fox once in my life. Was here in CA. It was half red and
    half gray. The same colors as the flag of Foxastan.

    Granni, have you tried cranberry wine? You can make it at home.
    You need cranberries and raisins and yeast and sugar. Almost
    as easy as making Kool Aid. I think Kool Aid and Jello were the
    first things I learned to make when I was a kid. From there I
    branched out into more difficult things like making toast and
    heating up Campbell's Soup.

    Springwater, Don't you think mashed potatoes are a comfort food?
    I know bread is the staff of life, but I suspect people eat more
    potatoes than bread. My mother made riced potatoes sometimes.
    (Just boiled potatoes put through a ricer so they look like rice.)

    We used to get orange moons in the autumn when I was a kid
    in the Mid West. Don't see them here in La La Land.

    Julie, good for you. Your plan for the day sounds very sensible;
    tasty too. (Remember Vitameatavegamin? "It's so tasty too.
    Tastes just like candy. Honest!") Never had a cheesy corn bake,
    but it sound delicious.

    Diane, hope you and Kevin have a great day. Get all that cooking

    Sun, Big Thanksgiving hugs to you.


  7. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hey All! Happy food-day!

    Rock, such a coincidence that after my mentioning foxes yesterday, this morning at dawn looked out my window and saw THREE foxes dining on fallen apples. I guess this constitutes a "skulk", eh what? It quite startled and entranced me. I've only seen them racing across the driveway before. These were so calm (maybe the apples had fermented and the foxes were tipsy) ;). They finally saw me at the window and skulked away.....

    Richard just got back from store and I'm resting after washing the dishes, so I'll have to sign out for now. Just had to tell about the foxes -- a real holiday treat!

    OK, I've unpacked the groceries. The essentials like wine and chocolate. Richard got a pork roast; we are having our "big meal"tomorrow, though how a sausage stuffing will go with I don't know. Yet R insists on a stuffing -- although it will be cooked on the side. Not stuffed into the roast......

    Love to All,
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  8. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    Hello, everyone! Long time since I posted, but I've been trying to keep up with reading. :)

    Here, at our house, Thanksgiving cooking is finished! YIPPEE!!!! Kevin and I ate a late-ish lunch. Now Kevin is napping, and I'm thinking about a nap. LOL

    I had my dental appt yesterday. It went well. Doc wouldn't pull the tooth. But with only 3 shots of novocaine, and about 45 minutes later, I had a temp crown put in. (Of course, the paperwork, talking, etc. took longer than that, but I was impressed with the office. They knew what they were doing, and they did a better job than the other "sedation" dentist office I saw. I didn't even need nitrous! WooHoo!) Now I wait til Dec 14 for the permanent crown.

    I'm in a bit of pain, but that's to be expected. I have some leftover percocet from that other dental appt, and the Rx has not expired yet. Yesterday, I needed 3/4 of 1 pill. Today I've taken 1/4 of 1 pill. Might need a nap soon.

    Rock, yep, we got all our food made. Turkey, fresh broth for gravy, potatoes for mashing, sugar-free pumpkin pie, sweet potatoes for me, green beans w/a couple of slices of bacon for flavor, 2 kinds of stuffing (gluten-free and regular bread). All I know is that our refrigerator is STUFFED! And Kevin has some sliced ham, because he LOVES turkey gravy but DOES NOT LIKE TURKEY. LOL

    Seems like I've been cooking all week. Oh, wait, I have been cooking all week! LOL

    I can't remember what y'all posted (darn percocet!), but I have been reading the posts.

    I hope y'all have a nice T-Day. (Ordering in is good too!! I had to do that a couple times when I couldn't get home to be with my dad. He'd order from the grocery store. Then, I'd get home (whenever) and we'd re-heat and eat. And the food was delicious.)

    I will sign off this post by saying ....

    I'm thankful that y'all are my friends. :)

    Love and hugs, Diane

    PS -- BARRY, does Richard make the traditional bread/eggs/celery, etc. stuffing?? SAUSAGE is great in that! As a matter of fact we put 2 slices of bacon in Kevin's stuffing! :) Let us know how it tastes, please.
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  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just came in from the Balcony after drinking two glasses of wine. Went off my diet but it's a holiday. I cooked the turkey breast in a roasting bag in my toaster oven and it was delicious--very tasty and juicy. I did mashed sweet potatoes, whole cranberry sauce, stuffing with pecans and dried cranberries and mixed veggies. It all tasted great. One of the little boys from the end unit brought Barb and me each a pumpkin cupcake. They were wonderful. Again, not on the diet but, what the heck. A gift from a child is a treasured thing for which I'm very grateful.

    I think Barb was feeling a bit lonely, missing her family. She'll be there for Christmas. I deep cleaned my kitchen countertops before I started to cook. I can't cook unless everything is clean. It took all my NRG just to cook and clean that much but am glad I did. I still have work waiting for me outside. I'll be glad when that back breaking work is done. It makes me appreciate our landscapers more.

    Rock, I've never understood the attraction of waiting in line, or camping out, just to buy stuff. I know that some people view it as sport. Right now is a very good time to buy appliances and electronics, even if they are last year's models. I don't feel the need to have the latest and greatest. Thing is that I seldom need appliances nor electronics when they are dirt cheap. To me, the rest of the stuff is just junk I don't need. Hmmmm, Kool Aid, toast, Campbell's Soup and Jello--we must have gone to the same school of culinary arts. I forgot grilled cheese sandwiches. I would no longer touch some of the stuff we grew up on. Despite all that, Mom always fixed very good nutritious meals.

    Barry, the last condo I lived in in CO was along a nature trail and next to a cemetery (quiet neighborhood). I saw both red and gray foxes. It is a blessing to see wild animals. Haven't seen foxes here but we did have a coyote running down the middle of the street. We have a park/nature preserve across the road so we've had otters and alligators in our pond out back. Hope your dinner all came out OK.

    Diane, I'm soooo glad your dental appt. went well. I hope the crown fits when it comes in and you are finished with it all. Most of my mouth, my molars, at least, are crowns. I'm so relaxed at the dentist that they worry about me. I've been through it so many times that I no longer get anxious. I was a bit anxious when I had this new dentist do two fillings but that was because he was new. I hate spending money on my teeth. As it is, it's like Fort Knox in my mouth!

    Well, Kiddies, I had better get going for the evening. I'm pooped. It doesn't take much these days and I have work outside tomorrow. AACK!!! Hope all y'all have a wonderful Thanksgiving evening.

    Love, Mikie
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  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    I hope the lack of new posts means everydobby had such a good Thanksgiving that y'all didn't have time to get online. I'm here to get rid of spammers so thought I'd drop in. Spammers don't take holidays off, unfortunately. DD#2 called last evening and I also talked to DGS. They all had a really good time in NYC. They saw the Rockets and ate at a really nice restaurant. Andy loved the city and the parade. They were going to go to Rockefeller Center but it was ringed with National Guardsmen so they didn't stop. They figured if it was that protected, it might be a terrorist target. Andy's been missing me so we will have to schedule a visit. I hope to feel better so I can visit them in TX too. He kept saying he loves me and it really tore at my heart. He's growing up so fast.

    We will be in the low 80's today but, over the week, it will climb into the mid-80's. I don't know whether it's El Nino or not, but I wish these higher-than-normal temps would go away and bring more of the cooler weather we enjoyed for a few days. With global warming and the rising waters, if I were to live long enough, I might have a beachfront condo. Of course, higher temps mean the pool is more comfortable in the mornings. I tore a couple of places on my leg when I was digging in the dirt so can't get in the pool anyway. RATS!!!

    I'm not going out in the Black Friday crowds except to make a milk run to Publix later today. My garbage overfloweth so I have to make a garbage run too. I once saw a garbage truck with a message on it: Complete Satisfaction Or Twice Your Garbage Back. I felt too full last night as I'm not used to eating as much as I did yesterday. I didn't stuff myself but I usually don't eat much, except for breakfast.

    OK, gonna go read the paper. Hope all y'all continue to have a wonderful holiday weekend.

    Love, Mikie
  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    It's cold here. 54 degrees. I'm wearing 4 layers on top including my thermal
    T shirt. And gloves. I wear gloves most of the day. I wonder if there's something
    wrong with my balapalism.

    The electric heater in the computer room is working sporadically. Wouldn't
    work for me. Gordon came in; turned it on. It worked fine. Just like the
    computer. Works for him. Machines seem to have a certain animosity toward me.

    Mikie, did you get a conversation message about "energy by oxidation"? '
    Looks like it's from one of those spammers. I don't know if it's safe to open it.
    Speaking of garbage reminds me of an old Henny Youngman Joke. My
    wife took out the garbage. The garbage truck was just pulling away. She
    started to run. "Am I too late?" "Nah," the driver hollered back. "Hop on."

    Yes, grilled cheese is a good item for young cooks to master. Am reading
    a book by my "cousin" that lives in Iowa. He was getting teased because
    his cooking tended to be on the dark side as Yoda might have said.
    He said, "What are you guys complaining about? A grilled cheese is
    supposed to be black." This current thriller again refers to my home
    village. Well, he's probably been there. He lives in Iowa, but not too far
    away. I haven't been back since a class reunion sometime in the 80s.

    Barry, what color were your foxes? I agree; sausage stuffing with pork
    sounds redundant. Decades ago I had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner
    with dressing that had sausage in it. Coulda been the main course, I thought.

    Diane, glad to hear things went well at the dentist and with your home
    cooking marathon. I think bacon in the dressing would be good innovation.

    I see in the news there are protesters in Minneapolis. I can't see that lasting
    very long. During winter the average temp in the Twin Cities is always
    below freezing. At night it is below zero. And in northern Minnesota,
    where I had my first job after college, it's even colder. During the day
    it warms up to about 5-10 degrees. Twenty below zero every night. Uff-da!

    Well, I was glad to see so many of our friends here and on the Homebound
    board yesterday. Hugs, Everydobbby.

  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Rock,

    Did you receive a personal message with this post? I haven't received one. Do you recognize the sender's name? I don't know how to get rid of it if it's spam on another's PM. Perhaps, admin. could if you contact them at TechSupport@ProHealth.com. BTW, you shouldn't give human traits to inanimate objects--they don't like it. TADA!!! Think I've told this one before but it's one of my favorites. Henny Youngman is one of my idols. So is George Carlin. One was silly and one was silly and filthy. It doesn't get any better than that.

    When I was a kid, my friends and I often fixed grilled cheese sandwiches and warmed up Campbell's tomato soup for lunch. Mmmmm, Mmmmm, Good!!! I think most any dish could only be improved by sausage or bacon, except sweets. My stomach is still upset so I suspect I ate too much or too much of what I'm no longer used to. I was outta milk so ran up to Publix. I only got four things and came home. Had I not forgotten milk on Tues., I would not have had to go.

    I overdid it this week so will lie low today and read. I just downloaded "The Man In The High Castle." I hope it's not a letdown after the excellent TV series and I hope it goes beyond where Season 1 did on TV. Comcast just offered me flash internet and cable with the X1 DVR for $99 a month for two years. If they don't try to pull a bait 'n switch on me again, I may go for it. As it is, I'm paying $55 a month for just the internet.

    Despite having cold hands (a warm heart), aren't you glad you aren't in MN? I'm so grateful to be in FL when I see those horrible storms and the cold. I have a pair of electric mitts, like little electric blankets into which I slip my hands. They are truly wonderful. If my arthritis is bothering me, I can put a menthol rub on my hands and warm them up. If I have a bad headache, I can warm my hands and cool my head; it always works for me. Of course, like the heater and computer, I have to turn them on. Modern living is soooo much work!

    Hope you stay warm, my friend.

    Love, Mikie
  13. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Greetings All, I hope you are all feeling on top of the world! Although I know that that is unlikely o_O.

    We are having our pork roast tomorrow because friends of our "handyman" sent us two huge plates of turkey, stuffing, mashed pots with gravy and lord knows what else. Oh yes, some kind of pie. Kind of threw today's cooking off :rolleyes:. Our handyman lives in a caravan on our property with his dog Romeo, who we take care of while his "daddy"is away. A very nice dog; he got skunked yesterday......
    His dad, Teddy, has had a lot of problems in his life: a number of foster homes until he was adopted. His adopted parents were in a cult and he rebelled against their religion, joined the army. He is in his twenties, has attention disorders but does the best he can. We give him the help we can.

    We had the first frost of the season and the leaves are falling off of the deciduous trees. I wonder what it will do to the unpicked persimmons. I'll pick a few today and let them thaw and see how they are. The house is full of persimmons, so we don't really need anymore. The ravens will love us since the tree is still loaded with fruit!

    Rock, our grey foxes have a tawny lower side to them; in certain conditions they look reddish below. Our Grey Foxes (sorry, Gray) are in a different genus from the red foxes back east. Urocyon vs. Vulpes.

    Mikie, I love plumbagos, we can't grow them here though....:(. Sorry about your upset tummy, hope you feel better soon. Where does the electricity for your e-mitts come from? Are you plugged in or do they have battery power? o_O

    Over for Now,
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  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Almost good evening to awl !!

    We will soon be going out to eat at a Mexican restaurant ( there goes the diet) with DD #2 and 4 and their husband and DGS. I have been busy reading but not much time to write. Trying to put on some makeup too as I type. That's not to easy to do.

    Glad everyone seems to be doing well. We are all almost still full from yesterdays eating. Everything was great and I did cheap. No way you could not to except eat all the veggies. To much bread and desserts.

    BRR Barry and ROCK that is to cold for me. It is trying to get ready rain, I thin , maybe tonight and tomorrow and it feels so damp out which makes me hurt more.

    MIKIE - Your dinner sounded pretty good for just one person but all the good things that you HAVE to have on Thanksgiving. I haven't been on here long enough to spot a spammer if there was one. Those gloves sound pretty good. I could use a pair. Sorry you had to miss your DGS and visa versa but it sounds like they have a great time. The Rockettes are a great bunch to watch dance. I did many years ago but of course not the same line of ladies.

    DIANE - Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving and hope all your tummies survived :)!! The kitties tummies too. LOL All your food sounded great too.

    JULIE - I know she had a busy day but a profitable one yesterday getting two for one shoes for Gpa. I read her post on FB today. Post here when you can JULIE and stay well and hope you get a bit of rest soon.

    SUN - I know she must be having a grand time and hope that will help her to relax some.

    Need to run for now. See you all later alligators.

    Granni . :)
  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    I'm a little bit more bright eyed and bushy tailed despite only about six hrs. sleep last night. Thing is that I think six hrs. might be adequate were it not for waking up several times and the cats' attempts to get me up to play with them and give them treats. I laugh at Barb who has never been around cats. She thinks Tweety and Sir Vester are beautiful and she pets them. They both love her. It upsets her when she pets Tweety and she, Tweety and not Barb, raises her read end. She thinks she's disturbing the cat. I explained that this is just what cats do. I think it was in "The Far Side" where it was referred to as 'caltitude.' Andy also got a big charge out of it when he petted her (again, Tweety and not Barb).

    I lay low all day yesterday except for an early trip to Publix for milk. I felt sick in the morning and was just about all outta NRG. It was a tipping point where, had I not rested, I'd have crashed and been in bed for a long time. I have too much to do to be outta commission for long. A day of rest stops a week, or a month, of being mostly bedridden. I have learned over the years to listen to my bod. Of course, the condo is a mess but it can wait. I will be able to finish up outside to replant one bush and get the extra pots out of the yard. I also have to put the geraniums in the flower boxes. Now, if I can only get the landscaper off his duff to design the layout for our new plants...

    Barry, how kind of you to help your handyman out. I'll bet he is thankful for you. My mitts are electric with a dial just like a heating pad. In fact, I think they are actually two heating pads folded over to form the mitts. My DSIL's mom gave them to me and that was years ago. She has lupus and FMS and uses them too. Thanks for your kind words; my stomach is feeling better. I guess the food I no longer eat on a regular basis is just too rich for me now. The more I think about it, the more I think we may put plumbago bushes along the bldg. under the stairwell atria. They would make a nice backdrop and don't need constant pruning to form a hedge; they look good in their natural bush state. At least, we can start designing from there. I'm leaning toward dwarf ixoras out along the sidewalk where we only have a small space. The orange ones are quite showy. Hope you can save more of the persimmons.

    Granni, I cooked for both Barb and me and we ate out on the Balcony. That is our favorite haunt. Everything turned out great. The turkey was done to perfection and was nice and juicy from being roasted in one of those little roasting bags. They make big bags for roasting whole turkeys. I took it outta the bag for the last 20 mins. to brown. Even the skin was perfect. Yes, everyone enjoyed NYC sooooo much but we all wished I could have joined them. We always have a good time and laugh the entire time we are together. We all have a very quirky sense of humor that not everyone else gets. Some might say we are strange.

    How I envy your being able to go to a Mexican restaurant with your family. I'm glad you can do it. When I'm in Denver, we go to one with excellent food and the best Margaritas I've ever drunk. The only other Mexican restaurant I like as much is the big one along the Riverwalk in San Antonio. Their Margaritas aren't as good but they serve them in glasses as large a big bowls. Yikes!!! :eek: Mmmmm!!! :) I'm still searching for good Mexican food here. Once I get my house in order, perhaps I'll learn to cook it at home. I'm still waiting for that HUGE cookbook from "America's Test Kitchen." My dear old friend here looks like the man on that show. See you later alligator is more than just a form of goodbye here in the swamp. We are likely to see a gator before we see one another. How's the rain situation? Kids live in McKinney, near Dallas, and they got a TON of it.

    Julie, you know how I love a good sale and bargain. You done good, girl! It's difficult to buy things for someone who isn't there to try them on, especially shoes. Too bad that you had to run around in the rain. I hope the far-away doc can help you. My whole body is messed up from working out in the yard and lifting heavy pots. I have a bad hip and it was hurting in just the right, or wrong, spot to signal I might need a replacement one of these days. I'll try to avoid that if I can. I need to get to the gym to strengthen my leg muscles beyond just the running in the pool. This kind of work outside never used to bother me and I enjoyed it. I'd enjoy it now if it didn't do me in. We are planning on planting things which don't require too much in the way of constant trimming and tending to. The good thing about Jello salad is that, like with cold weather clothing, you can decide just how many layers to add. :) When I worked at Publix, they were closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. I volunteered to work on other holidays, like the Fourth, so others could be with their families. I'm alone and, for me, it's just another day. Glad you got your much-needed nap.

    As always, I want to read the newspaper online. I see that there was a mass shooting in CO Spgs at a Planned Parenthood clinic. :( Three are dead and nine are injured, including five police officers. CO Spgs. has been the epicenter for religious extremists and zealots for quite a while now. I respect others' beliefs and attitudes but violence is never the answer. I pray for peace in the world and in our own country and communities. We continue to have gang violence and drive-by shootings in the bad neighborhood here. It spills out into other areas of the community. The bad hood is near the mall. I always carry when I go shopping there because the people in the bad hood jump the bus to hang out at this mall. It's the parking lot which is dicey. They had to move the bus stop out to the far limits of the parking area because too many people were milling around just outside the doors to the Penney's store. They were giving ugly looks to shoppers and scaring them. They have security but it's not enough. I actually live closer to the nice new malls in the better hoods but they don't have Macy's nor Dillards. Oh well, my needs have decreased and shopping no longer fills my days.

    Hope if all y'all have shopping to do, you find what you want and get home safe and sound.

    Love, Mikie
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good morning to awl,

    Geez, it looks like part of my post disappeared up at the top and I can't figure it out. So will just delete the parts that doesn't make sense and then send..

    I need to go get dressed and quietly sneak some Christmas presents into my DD#4's car so DGS doesn't see. Not that it is much to see as he is getting mostly clothes plus and a card with some money in it since I got one less gift card than I should have gotten. If he saw the Christmas gift bags he would get excited and thin it was all stuff esp toys for him :)!! He is 11 but has some autism as well as ADHD and a few other problems but has gotten much better. On his meds he doesn't do to bad but without them he is all over the place. When he is on the pill he is not hungry and doesn't eat much and when he is off he wants to eat every second and s driving my DD and DSIL crazy. He can be off the wall when not on his pill Poor kid is so thin but then on our side of the family we have skinny genes ( not to be confused with skinny jeans.

    Then this afternoon I need to get all dressed and go to church as we are having the Cardinal come for a special Mass and blessing of some new buildings in prep for our new church one of these days or years. We are singing and DH has to be there too with the K of C. The mass is at 5:30 and I have to be there at 3 :30. Have to figure out what to wear it is a little rainy right now and in the 40's - BRRRRR. Will just dress warm, and not worry about trying to look beautiful :)!!

    I have read all the posts and was so glad to hear from those of you who have had very nice Thanksgiving, even though some were very busy (like JULIE) and others small and nice with a few friends outside on the balcony, like MIKIE. I know DIANE and Kevin has a nice one with all their wonderful yummy food too. It was smart of JULIE to get takeout with her schedule. So glad she got 2 nice prs of shoes for Gpa at a BOGO price.

    Need to run everyone as DH needs the computer and I need to get dressed. I am truly happy and thankful for all of our dear PH online friends. Bye for now !!! Love you aw including those not mentioned !! Hit BARRY too and hope he is doing better.

    Love to awl,
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2015
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    Not much to tell. Barb tells me the Red Tide continues to kill fish so it's no mystery that I feel like crap warmed over. I did manage to get all our pots and plants moved around to the side of our bldg. where we have free form strip gardens. I still have a couple of plants to dig up and move to one side where the landscapers got overzealous and took out too many plants. Fortunately, we have enough to fill it in. It was overgrown but now, it's undergrown! I put the geraniums in the flower boxes on the stair landings. The boxes hang on the outside wall of the landings and have some hangy-down variegated vines. The leaves are waxy with tiny red blooms which look a lot like our bottle brush blooms, only flat. The name of these vines was not on them when we bought them so don't even know the common name of them. Think I looked it up once but can't remember.

    I'm about half-way through "The Man In The High Castle" and it stinks! Wish I had not bought it. It's a tedious read with no depth. It is nothing like the TV show, which is good. It's one of those books I keep hoping will get better but it just never does. It's beg-a-thon time for PBS and I've been watching some good shows. I just got in on the end of the last show Wayne Dyer did before he died. I'll have to catch it another time or watch it on my computer. No matter that his message is always the same, he is so compelling that I could watch him over and over. I saw a new show by a Dr. Dow on the brain. Like everyone else, he is talking diet without sugary carbs and Omega 3 oil. He's also saying we should take some time every day to play games, play instruments, learn a new instrument, learn new songs, and/or learn a new language. He says we don't take the time to play. We also need to get rid of the stress which is soooo hard on our brains and bodies. Instead of worrying about what is not right in our lives, we should sit and think about everything which is right in our lives. Some of us keep gratitude journals but I found just thinking about what is right in my life made me realize just how much I have for which to be grateful.

    Granni, your singing surely keeps you busy. I think it's wonderful. I could never commit to doing much of anything. I never know whether I'll feel up to it and the stress of trying to push myself when I'm not well is too much. Think I mentioned my DGS is 10 and has ADD, possibly ADHD. He attends some kind of 'brain center' where he is learning how to focus his scattered attention. It has produced amazing results. Some kids need the meds but DD and DSIL wanted to give this a try. Andy even sounded different on the phone when I talked to him on Thanksgiving. I've suffered from ADD all my life and I think it's one reason I have such a bad memory. It's difficult to remember things when I can't hold my attention on them. With the Red Tide, and the neurological symptoms it produces, my poor pea brain is doubly burdened right now. I can't stop the conversations in my head and the tinnitus is ongoing. AACK!!! :confused: Did you get a TON of rain? I hope there's no flooding. Lots in the Dallas area where my kids live.

    Wonder whether the Sunday paper is here yet. The Thanksgiving paper weighed more than five pounds! I read every ad and still needed nothing. Good thing too. I just paid my taxes. I put them on my credit card at the end of my billing cycle. The charge won't show up until Dec. and I'll have until Jan. to pay the bill. There was a $10 fee for using a credit card but, by paying them in Nov., I saved $18 so I'm still ahead $8. I've just had too many expenses lately and need to spread them out. As it is, I got my bill for the new tires. Yikes!!! :eek: I'll be going on a spending diet for the New Year; I'm already on a food diet.

    Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    It's still cold (by my standards) here, but we have a new room heater. Gordon
    went shopping yesterday. Bought a heater less than half the size of the one we
    had, but it does the job. I do wonder what the engineers were thinking of
    when they designed it though. It has a red light that is always on. You
    can't tell if it's in the heating mode or the resting mode without investigating.

    Wish I had some electric mittens too. Mike, are yours plugged into the wall?
    Do you carry a car battery around? If you put the mitts on the wrong hands
    does that confuse the alternating current?

    In addition to the heater, Gordon bought some slippers. He asked the
    clerk if the store carried Dr. Scholl's. Was told it did not. Asked where
    the men's slippers department was. "Over by the kayak," was the
    response. "Well, I don't have me contacts on," Gordon said. So the
    fellow walked him over to the shoe department. The first thing
    Gordon saw was a wall made of Dr. Scholl's footwear.

    So the salesmen left, and Gordon wandered around until another
    clerk came by. Gordon told him what he wanted. "You're in the Ladies'
    Department," said the clerk.

    Anyhoo, despite the incompetent clerk Gordon eventually got what
    he wanted. Also picked up some heavy duty sox for me. And, here's
    the part you'll love, they were GOGO. Oops! I mean BOGO. Well,
    could be both I suppose.

    Granni, must be a decade or so since I've been to a Mexican restaurant.
    I was introduced to Mexican cuisine when I was 18. Loved it ever
    since. Gordon sometimes makes potato tacos and refried beans (frijoles
    refritos). He often adds a can of Underwood Deviled Ham to the beans.
    Did you get to your 3:30 mass? I wouldn't get up to go to anything
    at 3:30. Course I'm usually awake most of the night anyway, so
    I would already be up.

    Julie, I see you've been buying footwear too. Must be a fad, huh? Gordon's
    brother seems to have a mild obsession with tennis shoes. The last time
    he moved out of this house he left 8 pair behind. Don't even know how
    many he took with him. He has more shoes than a centipede.

    For decades there was a big shoe store on Sunset Blvd. just 4 blocks from
    us. I think he loved buying shoes more than the ladies in the cartoons.
    Well, at least mens' shoes cost a whole lot less.

    BTW, he worked Thanksgiving day at Whole Foods. Said they sold $20,000
    worth of meals to take home and heat up. And they had a wide variety
    of turkeys: smoked, brined, kosher, etc.

    Have you been hit with a blizzard? Saw some snow coming down
    on the TV news. Looked pretty fierce.

    Barry does you handyman live in a colorful caravan like the gypsies
    had? Miss Read writes about the gypsy carnival that came to town
    every summer. A rainbow of colorful wagons.

    Was Romeo treated for his skunk exposure with tomato
    juice? That's the traditional remedy, but I've read on the net that
    you can mix up a better one at home. I think it has hydrogen peroxide
    and stuff in it.

    Hugs Diane, Springwater, Sun.
  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone. I'm back.

    Mikie: Sorry the red tide is still causing problems. I believe you mentioned that it dies off then "junk" floats around in the air. That must make it very hard for those with breathing problems. I love the plumbago except for the sticky flowers and leaves it drops. I had to cut it back severely near the pool instead of letting it hang over a wall. It sticks to everything.....hair, shoes, clothes, but the color is gorgeous.

    Barry: Nice of you to let that young man live on your property. Those hippy kids have grown up and had created havoc for their offspring. I read that also that you have to use tomato juice when an animal gets sprayed. It might be the acid in it that counteracts the smell.

    Julie: So you had an interesting shopping experience! A BOGO is always a treat to find.

    Granni: My SIL's cousin's boy, age 12, has severe ADHD......he's brilliant and way above even the adults but unless he doesn't get his meds you can't control him. His dad is in the military and they live on an army base now in colorado......used to be in Germany, so he's had really good medical care. We thought for a long time that my DGS had it or dyslexia, was tested, had a tutor for years but at 12 he's getting mostly straight As.

    Rock: Yes, it has turned COLD for us. I need to call some companies to get prices on insulation for the attic and also about having some blown into the walls. My problem is that this is basically a glass house with some walls here and there. In the winter I use a little cube heater that we bought years ago. It works great and easy to move around. Last night I had it running next to my feet while watching TV.

    Sounds like Gordon also had an interesting shopping experience.

    I had a good time at the beach, most of the time there were at least 10 people or more the entire time. After thanksgiving dinner some of us took a walk down the beach trail to a park where my DGD could play on the swings and slides. I had used my inhaler before I went so the trip back up the hill was do-able, though hard breathing.
    The next morning we all took the trail further.....about 2 miles......(all straight level) to a popular breakfast hangout. My SILs parents were going to drive with my DGD to the restaurant, but before we got there we got a call that she had thrown up outside. So my DD, SIL and DGD drove back to the house and SIL came back in the car.

    Then we went to see some new 2 million $ model homes, overlooking the ocean. Wow......I liked the first three the best.....I should say the best decorated.......the next 3 were just OK. Not my taste with a lot of the decorating. They used a lot of the industrial look, meaning metal roller carts with screen boxes for a dresser in a boy's room. Lots of metal and abstract paintings on the wall too. And the old metal storage boxes/suit cases stacked here and there. Mainly shades of taupe or grey thru all of them with accent colors.

    My DGD threw up off and on all day and coming home yesterday morning good thing we had a big bowl and paper towels! I'm praying my DGS doesn't get sick. More soccer playoffs tomorrow night.

    Yesterday I planted the new bush.......a mahogony hibiscus, several large orange fire sticks I had broken off a larger one in the front yard, and some grey toned succulents I had......all this where all my tropical trees/bushes had been.

    https://www.google.com/search?q=fire sticks plant&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-us&client=safari#imgrc=zC8VKbTotzLb3M:

  20. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Sun, thanks for the picture of your fire stick plant. I didn't know what you were talking about otherwise, until I saw the picture of Euphorbia tirucalli! I grew the green form when I finally settled in Ca in the '60s. Santa Maria. We had just come back from England and my father had a friend who gave us various succulent cuttings. I was hooked! Became a collector of cacti and succulents. Anyways, this is the first time I've seen this red deviant of the pencil plant (as we called it), so I thank you very much. BEWARE of the sap! Very toxic.! :eek:

    Ted's dog that got skunked didn't get hit too badly, so not too much olfactory discomfort. He didn't need the tomato juice bath. Now he just has a faint whiff of musk that is rather nice, actually.

    Rock, I guess I should have said trailer instead of caravan. ;) Old habits are hard to kick, and I always used to get scolded by my teachers in the US because of my British spelling :p. I was a junior in high school when we settled in CA from England. I was disappointed that the school didn't have Latin or German, because I had taken two years of each in a much smaller school -- American run -- in London. So I took Spanish.....

    Out of time,
    Bye for now,