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    Hi, Kids,

    It's time for a new Porch. I'll be right back after I read the last posts on #868.

    Love, Mikie

    OK, I'm back...

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Ah, how nice to have good little kitties who let me sleep. Only problem is that I now wake by myself any time between 2:00 and 4:00 a.m. I get between six and seven hours of sleep most nights because I pass out early in the evenings. I guess Rock, Julie and I have lost our circadian rhythm. No more singin', I Got Rhythm! Went to the pool yesterday when the temp hit 70 degrees. There was a cold wind so it wasn't ideal. Still, it was good to get in my workout. I did 25 mins. and will do 30 on Mon., weather permitting. This morning, I'm stiff and in pain. Whine, whine, whine!!!

    Frank went over earlier yesterday but it was too cold for me. I had to wait for it to warm up. He's a 'low talker,' as they said on Seinfeld, and he wants to keep talking to me. I'm running and splashing and can't hear him and won't stop just to chat. Poor guy; he's starved for conversation with someone who is nice to him and interested in what he has to say. Every time he opens his mouth, Ilona tells him that no one wants to hear what he's saying. Good grief! One of these angry, vitriolic women is bad enough but two of them are hell. At least, Barb is not here and I can pretty much ignore Ilona. Even five minutes with her is too much. I'm glad most of the people in the hood are nice. I have good friends here. Lately, everyone has been very busy, indisposed or sick so haven't been doing much with them. Until I feel better, I won't be running around much.

    Yesterday, I could definitely tell I'm improving. My sense of well-being was trying to kick in. Instead of feeling numb, I felt joy in the kitties' antics. I went out on the balcony and petted them. They got all playful and I chased them. They are like dogs; if I run at them clapping my hands, they will get down in a playful position and then streak all around. Later, I brushed them, one of their favorite things. I saw a video on TV of a large orange cat which pulled his person around with a rope, while the guy had skis on, down a snowy path. When the cat got tired, the guy put him on his shoulder and the cat stayed there while the guy skied. Hmmmm, Tweety is certainly strong enough. I wonder whether she would pull me along while I wear roller skates. Nah! Probably not.

    Rock, what color is Gordon's dendrobium? I'm sorry your sleep is off. So is mine but I feel that mine is going to be a permanent pattern. Has your little kitty been by lately? How nice of you to feed her. I miss old Simon and hope that, if something happened to him, he didn't suffer. I get so sick of award shows this time of year. Adele has stage fright. She said a burger and fries got her out of her crying jag. Now, if the music doesn't sound right, she stops the musicians and makes them start over. Good for her. Hope your sleep improves.

    Julie, oh dear! Of all the plans of mice or men...seems that every time you make plans, something happens to scuttle them. I am glad, though, that the kids are getting a house. I don't see my kids. They are in CO and TX. I'm not up to flying right now and my condo is in such a mess that I can't have DD#2 and DGS for a visit. As soon as I feel up to it, I want them to come. I'm sure your DGC are growing so fast and changing. You deserve more breaks than you get. I hope you get one soon.

    Spring, yes, I worry that Barb is vulnerable to dark influences. I pray for protection for her from whatever demons are attracted to her negative energy. Grace worries that she won't 'get herself right with God' before she passes. I was afraid that my own sadness over her rage and vitriol would invite dark energy to me. I prayed for protection and I invoked the help of St. Michael and St. Zedkiels. I thank you so very much for telling me about him. I think St. Michael's sword and St. Zedkiels' purple light ray set up a deflection for any evil trying to get at me. The salt water also helped. My numbed feelings may have been a protective coping mechanism so that I wasn't always angry myself at the great abuse she was heaping on me. I just didn't let myself become a victim of her rage.

    Barb was raised Catholic and the Church has final rites but I doubt her kids would call a priest. I think she is aware of her behavior and once told me she prays for forgiveness every night before going to sleep. I think she's playing with fire, no pun intended. In the meantime, I'll continue to pray for her but enjoy the nice peace now that she is gone. I really need to smudge the bldg. again. Maybe when Ilona leaves in Apr., things will get a lot better. I hope so. I keep you in my prayers and hope life gets better there. I also hope your aches and pains leave.

    Granni, sounds as though you are your usual busy self. I hope your DD's UTI clears up. I've been hungry for fried fish. A sports bar here has fish 'n chips and I may have to drive out there to get some. I miss Long John Silvers' fish. I don't know when Barb will be leaving. She's in an in-patient physical rehab center east of where I live. Her DD arrived and I talked to her briefly, offering to help the DD if she needs anything (this is not the DD she lives with up there). I asked her how Barb was doing and she didn't sound too optimistic. Barb isn't eating very much and she usually doesn't like to do the exercises. She needs to get to the point where she is able to fly home with the kids. She hates being in the hospital so I'm hoping that will be an incentive for her to get better. She doesn't want to go up North either so who knows how she'll do. Hope you are able to get some rest with that busy schedule.

    I need to go read the newspaper online. I also need to shower and do my hair but have to wait until the folks downstairs are up. They sleep late. It's a good thing for them that they don't have someone upstairs who has to go to a job early.

    Hope everydobby has a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Julie: When one of my aunts died a while ago the family didn't even tell one aunt who has the beginnings of Alzheimer's.......she wouldn't have understood anyway, so don't feel about about not telling your dad. They live in the past anyway most of the time, and he has memories of his brother. And I'm sorry that the upcoming visit isn't going to happen for awhile but GREAT that the kids will now have their own place. Is this a Mobil home? And about Gpa.....look at this "season" as your missionary assignment from God. Who else did he have to care for him? And I might be missing it, but why can't you let Gpa stay at the care home for a time when you can visit now? If he's got them $ to pay and he seemed to enjoy the activity then I would say talk to him and then go. He either spends some now or sis gets more after he's gone.

    Mikie: I'm sorry for Frank. Me thinks he should have opened up his mouth years ago but the die is cast.....Illona will never stop nagging. But then.....if you nudge him in that direction. She's a strong woman and maybe she wanted a stronger man. Glad to read you're gaining a little energy back. This virus really knocked the stuffings out of me. I tried walking down to a park last week, and I came back so exhausted. Did it again the next day and I was a tad better, so I need to push myself slowly. I've tried pulling a few weeds in my garden in front, but that only happens for about 10 min. then I'm feeling winded.

    I take a nap around 2-3 PM for about an HR. or earlier if needed, then I'm finding if I lay down around 5-6 PM for a short 20 min. I'm able to stay up longer in the evening. I'm working hard on getting a good sleeping schedule and lately I've been getting around 8 hrs. when I should.

    Spring: your "celebration" sounds yummy. You must have missed your DH. I'll bet he was pleased.

    I went to an art group yesterday, didn't quite feel up to it and had to convince myself I needed it, but was happy I did. It's nice seeing these fun fellow artists, especially a group of Taiwanese ladies.....they're such fun and we do laugh a lot. That reminds me I need to do some reading on Taiwan......a few weeks ago I had said to one of them who had just come back from a visit to see her parents, and I mentioned going to China.....she promptly corrected me that it was Taiwan.

    It's beautiful outside! I'm going to do a little cleanup outside then work on painting today....I hope.
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    Hi, Kids,

    Wow!!! I had some NRG so got my shower and threw the chicken carcass in a pot and made some stock. I had cooked bacon and eggs for my 'second breakfast' so I threw the andouille sausage into the bacon grease and browned it. I cooked chopped celery and onion in butter in the bacon fry pan after I emptied the grease but not the brown bits. After the onion and celery cooked, I made a roux with flour and added some stock to it. I put it in the stock pot with more stock, the sausage, some bacon and chopped potatoes. Finally, I put some cilantro in. It tastes just like the Zuppa Toscana at the Olive Garden. Finally, I cooked something that turned out. I don't cook enough anymore and I'm losing my touch.

    There was still so much white meat on the chicken that I divided it in two and froze it. I can use it in a dish or to make chicken salad. That one chicken has fed me most of the week with leftovers to freeze and enough stock for two pots of soup. Now that's eating cheap! That chicken was only $4.99 at Costco and it's twice the size of the rotisserie chickens at Publix. My 'first breakfast' was too small to hold me over til lunch. Now, I won't want lunch but will have a bit of soup for dinner. I have a bit of whole wheat Tuscan bread to have with it. I don't eat bread often but I do have a piece of the whole wheat, and other whole grains, now and then.

    My NRG is waning and my sciatica is acting up so I doubt I'll be doing anything else. I can clean tomorrow. The pain and stiffness from my workout are bad. I think that cold wind was too much yesterday. I stopped down at Grace's to see her. She likes company. Ilona had been sitting out with Barb's daughter yesterday and she told Grace that Barb has some kind of infection and the docs aren't quite sure what it is. Yikes!!! They have to wear gowns, gloves and masks when they visit. Ilona told Grace not to tell anyone. I ran into Barb's daughter and she was very nice. I asked her about her mom and whether the rehab facility is nice. She said it's not too bad but that it will be six to eight weeks before Barb can leave. She didn't mention the infection. They should tell the others here. Those with compromised immune systems should not be visiting. Obviously, I won't be visiting.

    Julie, my experience with Barb has been horrible but nothing compared to what you have to deal with. I'm sure it must be hard being so tied down and working so hard only to see sis off doing whatever she likes while neglecting her own dad while you take care of him. None of us gets through this life without having to be held accountable at some point, here or in the next life. Karma can be very tough. You will be rewarded and she will be paying off her Karmic debt. I know that's little comfort to you now. I think you have an excellent attitude and I admire you for your kindness and patience. I'm sorry about your uncle. I hope and pray things will improve for you.

    Sun, I'm sorry you've been in such bad shape but I hope you continue to improve. Glad you take naps and are getting eight hours of sleep. You need it to recover. I have a zit and my lower lip feels as though I'm getting a cold sore so am back on the Acyclovir. Just can't seem to get over the hump. Sounds as though you are not pushing yourself too hard and that is good. You know instinctively what you can do and not do. I've been trying to do that ever since this relapse started. Glad you had a chance to go to the art class and see your pals. I need to do something with mine. Feel better.

    I am watching America's Test Kitchen. I loooove that show. Don't know what has put me in the cooking mood but I'm enjoying it. It's hard to cook for one. I'll probably end up freezing some of my soup. Bon Apetit!

    Hope everydobby feels better.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie: It's extremely common for seniors to pick up MRSA from nursing home and hospitals. My mom's last trip to the hospital for a breathing test was pretty bad. She was all set to be moved to a really nice nursing home near me, but at the 11th hour the routine test at the hospital showed she had MRSA in her urine so they wouldn't take her. Hospice came to the rescue and moved her to their really nice facility.....it was like a boutique hotel and of course she had a private room. We all had to wear gowns and masks when visiting her. The breathing test showed she had something at her throat that wouldn't close so she choked on liquids......so no more anything to drink...only more solid forms. I think at this point she decided she was heading to heaven. She passed in 3 days.

    Your creation sounds wonderful, of course anything with bacon and sausage HAS to be good. I'm like you, I buy a roasted chicken then when I've eaten the breast and the legs it goes into a soup pot. I eat soup at least 4 times a week.......so convenient.

    I ended up putting in a few hours pulling weeds in the front then blowing the front and back. I now wear a mask so I don't breath in something I shouldn't. That along with my large hat I think I look scary!
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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Hope this day finds everydobby well. I got lots of nice sleep last night and the kitties cooperated. I took half a Special K pill under my tongue last night for tinnitus and I think that may have delivered the good sleep. I originally took it for sleep. In any case, it's nice to feel almost human. I watched a movie in bed last evening, Ex Machina. It was a sci-fi flick about humanoids with artificial intelligence. This isn't usually my kind of film but it got good reviews. It was interesting and I enjoyed watching it. It reinforced the premise that, if we create AI, the bots and droids will take over the world.

    Sun, how sad to read about your Mom's ordeal with MRSA. That was the first thing which I thought of. Barb had a UTI at the hospital but they supposedly got it cleared up. Perhaps they did but it might have been resistant and re-emerged. Barb still has trouble swallowing from her stroke. When she's hungry, and the food is to her liking, she will eat but, other times, she just won't eat enough to keep her going. I was surprised that it will take six to eight weeks for her to recover. If they can't control the infection, she may not be able to do the PT. In that case, Medicare will not continue to pay for her to be there. Just the mention of Hospice sends her into one of her rages so I doubt she would go there unless her kids just put her there. Once she goes into her rages, she is not competent. Despite how awful she has been, I can't help but feel sorry for her and continue to keep her in my prayers.

    I'm laughing at your description of yourself in full gardening regalia. Those blowers make dust and it's good you are wearing a mask. Down here, men who fish often wear hats with fabric which hangs down on the back and sides of the neck. They also wear things like turtle necks which can be pulled up just below the eyes. The first time I saw them, I was scared; they look like radical terrorists. Yikes!!! There is so much skin cancer down here. I need to make an appt. for a skin checkup with the dermatologist. I had one but changed ins. plans so will have to start over. It's months before I can get in.

    I don't eat soup as often as I should. It is sooo nutritious and really is a comfort food. The andouille sausage adds a nice spicy touch but Italian sausage is good too. I usually don't cook enough that I have food from one meal which can be used in another. Soup is the perfect way to get more out of the grocery $$. Just having a bit of bacon grease and brown crispies in which to cook the onion and celery, and make a roux, adds sooooo much flavor to everything. The soup should taste even better today. I didn't have garlic so used a bit of garlic salt instead. This soup is a bit saltier than I like but I took my BP after eating and it was low. A bit of the Tuscan whole-grain bread was just the right touch. A green salad would have been good too but the soup filled me up.

    Think I'll read the paper. Again, hope all y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Just fed the cat. I found a tuna sized can of chicken tucked away in
    the cupboard. Looks like something I picked up at The 99 cent store
    some years back. Anyhoo I opened it, and it was fine. Ate 2
    test bites myself and gave some to the cat along with her kibble. She
    also has a stack of cat food in cans. She gets 1 or 2 week if she's good.
    Ha Ha. She's never good or bad. Just the same suspicious rather
    ornery temperament all the time.

    Home made chicken soup sounds great, Mikie, but yours sounds
    too spicy for me. That's because you're a more adventurous
    person than I. Those Vikings would never have gone anywhere if
    they depended on me.

    I saw on the news that Florida had something like 105,000,000
    visitors last year. That's roughly 6 times the population of
    of our southern most contiguous state. Do you sometimes
    feel outnumbered?

    Never heard of the movie you mentioned, but Deus Ex Machina
    used to be the way bad writers ended a story or play. Oh,
    that reminds me. Sean Hayes (Jack on the Will and Grace
    show) is appearing in a semi one man show at the Dorothy
    Chandler Music Center. (For years the Oscar ceremony was
    broadcast from there.)

    Anyhoo I checked the ticket prices on line. $66 t0 $138. I
    find it hard to believe that people will pay such prices. I
    wouldn't pay that to see a Shakespeare drama with the
    original English kings.

    Oh, yeah. You asked about Gordon's new orchid. It is about
    a foot and a half tall. Not full grown yet. The spike (stem)
    is about a foot high, and has 4 blooms. They have the
    traditional 5 petals with stripes in muted colors of green
    and maroon. Looked on line, but couldn't find a pic.

    Sun, sorry you're so low on energy. Glad to hear you were able
    to do a little weeding and go to an art event. What sort of a
    large hat do you have? One of those old fashioned wide
    brimmed numbers?

    Julie, Can't remember what I was reading recently. Maybe a
    novel; maybe an article. Anyway it said it's pretty typical
    that there's general one sibling that takes care of the old folks
    while the rest of them are busy with their own lives. Used to
    be when people had big families and lived in big old houses,
    there was always a maiden aunt or bachelor uncle to help with
    all sorts of chores and responsibilities. But, of course, those days
    are "gone with the wind". (The phrase BTW was in use before
    Margaret Mitchell's best seller.)

    I think you're right to wait to tell Gpa about his brother Harvey.
    Hope you have time and energy enough for all your projects.

    Hugs, Kids

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    Darn it my big post disappeared again. Well no time now all is well her and time to fix dinner. Read all your posts. Need to post this so I can get you all on my phone.

    Hang in there MIKIE and JULIE. SUN, I hope you feel better soon.

    Will try and get back later on or tomorrow.

    Love to everydobby,
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    Julie: I hope all plans work out now, even if it's only a shorter time. You two look very happy. I was able to talk to my last remaining aunt on the phone yesterday.....almost 30 min until coughing took over and had to hang up. She's in the early stages of Alzheimer's we think. My cousin, whose mom also had Alzheimer's took over and put her in this wonderful care center over a year ago where she seems to be very happy. She repeated a few things yesterday, then I asked about another male cousin, age 61, and if he had been in to visit. No, she said he was very busy working! She said he has a job jumping off a high dive at a mall???? OK, don't know where that came from, perhaps she had dreamed it and it seemed real. The other night I watched the movie, Still Alice. It's a story about a fast moving type of familial alzheimers......very sad watching her "disappearance" into self.

    MIkie: I would almost have bet $ that my mom picked up MRSA at a nursing facility. I wasn't able to get in right after she had been transferred, so the next afternoon when I came in they had her in a wheelchair and a catheter in her. I almost screamed at them to take it out! The day before she had been at the hospital she had been able to walk to the bathroom. LAZY help! So with the kinda of help those nursing homes hire, I'll bet that was where she picked up the MRSA.

    Rock: Have you and Gordon ever considered going to the animal shelter and getting your own kitty to bring inside the house? I know dogs are a lot more work, but you might enjoy your own cat.

    I'm cooking up the chicken back and wings today and will make some split pea soup for this evening's meal. I was at the 99cent store......such bargains I picked up all at 99 cents each. 6 containers of boysenberries (I eat one a night with non fat yogurt and a sprinkle of stevia as my dessert) asparagus spears, Chinese pea pods, a HUGE head of cauliflower that must be 10" across, a bag of Anaheim chilies (they're full of Vit C) 3 cans of wild caught salmon from Alaska, and of course the dried peas, plus assorted household items. I LOVE shopping there.

    I went this morning to the local open air market for some fresh flowers, but ended up spending my $ on a floaty chiffon type coverup. It's so cool.....the owner demonstrated how you put it over your head in the middle hole with two more for your arms, then she pulled the front back over your head to make it into a coverup jacket, or a blouse, or you can roll it into a scarf......I had to go back and have her slowly show me how to go from one thing to another.

    My DGD's 8th BD is in a few weeks. A few weeks ago we had been at a large resale shop and she saw a large flower painting with paper butterflies all over it, and she asked if I could paint one for her. I'm not doing oils anymore, but I had been looking thru unfinished WC and came across a large one I painted about 9 years ago of poppies. So I'm practicing painting the leaves in negative painting style and will search for some printed purple and pink butterflies at Michaels that I can glue on. I've taped it onto a foam core board and bought some pink masking tape that will act as a frame. There's no room on her walls but at least this way she can lean it on a nightstand for awhile. Then I will just give her some $ in a card to spend how she wants to. She's having some little friends over for a tea party.
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    Good Morning, My Dear Porchies,

    Rough morning--Tweety was so awful, I got up and put her out on the lanai in time out while I gave Sir Vester his morning treats. Tweety continued to howl out there so that Sir Vester jumped on her when I finally let her in. He mistakes her yowling for love calls. Poor guy; all he can do is grab her by the neck, climb on and then, look confused as though to say, "What do I do now?" She is keeping a low profile. She knows she went over the line with her antics.

    Instead of watching the early news, I watched a show on PBS. I think it's called, Finding Your Roots. Very interesting. They look up the family trees of celebs, athletes, politicians, etc. Of course, with their numerous resources, they can accomplish in a month what it took my cousin years to find out about our family tree. That is just one side of mine. I can only go back to my grandfather on my Dad's side but on my Mom's, my cousin has gone waaaay back to Ireland. I was never interested in it much until recently. Doubt I'll do any research as I barely have the NRG to do what needs doin'.

    News mentioned that the full moon was about to set so I went out on the balcony to watch it for a bit. The few clouds had parted so that I had a full view of it as it settled over the roofs of the townhouses across the street. The edges of the clouds were tipped in silver and a Norfolk tree was silhouetted just in front of it. Absolutely beautiful! It's 60 degrees out and there was a slight breeze. A bird was singing a joyful song and I relished the peace and beauty. Now, the sun is rising in a pale blue sky with pink clouds which are turning a gorgeous neon copper color. I'm lucky in that my condo lanai faces east and the balcony faces west. Our sunsets are often even more lovely than our sunrises. The news shows pics people send in of the sun rising and setting over the water. What a way to start the day!

    Rock, Gordon's orchid sounds lovely. I repotted that huge dendrobium in the tree once it stopped blooming. My neighbor, and the cats' baby daddy, Jeff, took some of the extras I had in pots. I have mixed feelings about the Snowbirds and tourists here in the wintertime. Yes, our roads are soooo crowded, as are our movie theaters and restaurants, but they bring in millions of $$$'s to our economy. It is the reason we have no state income tax and I pay so little in property tax. Also, some of them are my friends and neighbors. I, myself, was a tourist before moving here. Big problem is that so many are retiring here that our resources are bursting at the seams. We are being Californicated! Colorado is suffering the same fate. I also won't pay to see stand-up comedy or other acts live here. I can just watch them on TV. It's way too expensive. I'm getting to the age where I've seen most everything I want to see and done most everything I want to do. It's a good thing because I have neither the $$$ nor the NRG to do much now. I've truly reached old age. Now that I've given in to it, it's not as bad as I had thought it would be. Don't know why I fought it for so long.

    Julie, great pic, as always. Glad your Dad enjoyed the birthday supper. Also glad you got to sleep in. It's great that Lindsay and the kids may get to come. Mom and I were on the road when we bought our condos. We did all the closing papers by fax but they could be done by e-mail today. You gave me some inspiration and I cleaned out just a wee bit of paperwork yesterday. I got Roomba to vacuum. It's much easier than my having to push a big vacuum but I still have to keep moving the docking station and clean out the little dirt trap. With two cats, it doesn't take long for it to fill up with cat hair. Thanks for the inspiration. Be sure to rest when you need it. If I did everything you do, I'd always need it.

    Granni, sorry your post disappeared. If you highlight it as you go and do Control + C, it will copy and save it for you. Then, if it disappears, you can just do Control + V and it will come back except for the last bit you haven't saved yet. It's a pain but easier than losing everything. Of course, if the computer shuts down, it will be lost regardless. That's what happened to one of my W&P posts. Hate it when that happens. Windows 10 doesn't give a warning when it's about read to do an update. ARG!!! :mad: Come back and stay a spell.

    Sun, there are actually jobs in Denver diving off a cliff into water. There is a Mexican restaurant called, Casa Bonita, which is more like an amusement park than a restaurant. There is a cliff where divers dive into a small pool. I keep thinking one is gonna miss and break his neck. So far, so good. Barb originally picked up the UTI in the hospital. I don't know whether this infection is the same thing or whether she picked up another one at the rehab facility. I imagine it's MRSA and that's why they don't want it getting around. Visitors will likely drop off now that they have to don gowns and masks. Barb craves attention and probably was in seventh heaven while she was in the hospital. Now, the visits have dropped off and her daughter doesn't spend nearly as much time at the rehab facility as her friend did at the hospital. Now, it's just grueling physical therapy. Wish we all lived closer together. I'd love to go to the 99-cent store with you. Ours is OK but no fresh food, just canned and frozen. I don't eat much of either. Most of the frozen is processed. I'll bet your DGD will love the pic. Hope your cough is getting better.

    As usual, I'm off to the funny papers, literally! Sending love, hugs and prayers to all y'all.

    Love, Mikie
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  10. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    We were prisoners yesterday. Trapped like rats in the house. A
    film company was at work. Took up all the parking for blocks around.
    Gordon wanted to leave and do some errands, but was afraid he'd
    come back to find the parking space gone.

    They also had a large truck parked in front of the house and a
    smaller one at the side of the house. Both running machinery
    all day long. The small one was a catering truck. It's cooler
    was running. Dunno about the big one, but it made a bigger noise.

    The film companies are like most big companies; the government
    too. Image is more important than substance. Every time they
    film some collage- age kid comes to the door and wants to interview
    us or have us fill out a questionnaire. We always have the
    same complaints, but nothing ever changes. The big trucks
    could park one block west of us. There is always plenty of
    parking there because only one side of the street has houses.
    But they won't do it. Uff-da!
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    Well, now what happened? I tried to start a new paragraph, but instead
    my message got posted. If I live to be 75 I'll never understand these..
    wait a minute. I am 75. (But I can still pass for 74 and a half.)

    Mikie, your sun and moon sets sound lovely. Used to see great sunsets
    from our backyard when I was a kid. And even more spectacular
    ones when I lived at the beach. Never see them now. Too many
    miles and tall buildings in the way.

    Our local 99 cent store added fresh produce to its shelves a decade
    or so too. They have good stuff and good prices. Almost as good
    is the Food For Less chain which is Kroger store. Kroger owns
    an empire of stores including Ralphs.

    Not sure if I've ever been to Denver. Maybe a stop over on a flight?
    I know my mother and I went to Colorado for a brief trip when I
    was 20. I drove back to Minnesota in one day. I can imagine
    a good Mexican restaurant in Denver. Hard to picture cliff
    divers though.

    Sun, I'm having trouble picturing you new garment. Made of
    chiffon? Thought that was a cake. Ha Ha! Your gift for your
    GD sounds like something she will appreciate and keep for many

    Hugs to everydobby
  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    Cats let me sleep til almost 5:00 this morning but I'm still beat. Wish I didn't love them so much; I'd take them to the shelter so I could catch some Zzzzz's. I may end up having to do it anyway. I'm watching another segment of Finding Your Roots, or whatever it's called. The host, Henry Louis Gates, is the perfect person to present people's family trees to them. He's like the uncle we all wished we had. Today, they are doing Barbara Walters and Geoffrey Canada, the man who started the Harlem Children's Zone. It's the school which produces great students from children who are so disadvantaged that they otherwise would not stand a chance at a good education, let alone a chance to go to college. It's amazing how many people who are black have white ancestors and vice-versa. We really are all God's children. Barbara Walters' ancestors were Polish Jews whose name was Warmwasser, which means 'Warmwater.' They changed it to Walters to try to fit in in America.

    Does anyone know what it means to be 'tagged' when someone enters your name in a response with an '@' sign in front of it? I know Twitter uses that sign but I'm not into social media. I got a warning here that someone had tagged me. I removed it but just wondered if y'all know the implications of being tagged.

    Oh, Rock, how horrible that the film companies are so thoughtless about how they impact the people in the places where they shoot. God forbid they should walk a few steps further to spare y'all the noise and disturbance. Kroeger Stores are everywhere, as you say. In Denver, they are called, King Soopers. I loved shopping there. They dominate in Denver just as Publix dominates here. The only other contender is Wally World. Denver used to be a great place and, in some ways, still is but too much growth has made it a nightmare. It's always been a boom-bust town and, right now, it's in a boom bubble. We are in one here but property values have not soared here like in CO. Yes, my condo is worth about twice what I paid for it 18-plus years ago but that still isn't much. I couldn't afford to move anywhere else, even here. Seems the people in our hood are interested in keeping this place up so the values should hold. The oldest units in here are about 30; ours is about 23. The townhouses across the street are original and are some of the nicest in here. I love looking across at them. Our location is so desirable that the hood should be good, at least, for as long as I'm here. I noticed the new board of directors have replace the burned-out lights in our pool. The board we just kicked to the curb couldn't be bothered. We threw the bums out! I hope the noise stops for you. That kind of horrible racket going on and on and on drives me nuts. There isn't enough Klonopin...

    I got nothing done yesterday. It was one of those days where everything I touched turned to something I can't mention here. I kept hurting myself and getting angry so knew it was time to give in. Thank God for Roomba. My floors are decent. I have to, at least, water some outside plants this morning. We are supposed to get rain Tues. night into Wed. morning. The plants can't wait.

    I hope all y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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  13. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    Hi y'all,

    Just popping in for a quick visit. I'm still not up to par. But feeling a bit better.

    I wanted to say HI to Barry, and I'm glad that your tests came out ok.

    Julie, Hope everything is ok, with Gpa. I hope your plans for visiting work out. And good luck for the closing for the kids! (can't think of their names right now -- :))

    Sun, are you feeling better? My symptoms come and go. Mostly I just feel cruddy and want to sleep.

    Spring, I enjoy reading your posts. You have a way of describing things, makes me picture it in my mind. I hope and pray that there are no more earthquakes.

    @Mikie --------Mikie, no reason to be concerned about being "tagged." I'll "tag" you right now, and I assume that you'll receive an "alert" (I think"). It just means that I'm participating in a thread with a lot of people, and I just want to get your attention. Perhaps I have a question for you, perhaps I'll ask for clarification on something you wrote, etc. And I just don't want to start a new post for my query. So I type @(username) -- so the PH member can be alerted of what I wrote to him/her. Make sense?

    Try it in this thread with me. Type @ConfusedInPA How are your kitties doing? For example. Then I'll get an alert from Mikie. So I'll see what you wrote specifically to me.

    Granni, Are y'all having bad weather in TX? I heard about tornadoes in the forecast for the Gulf Coast. Stay safe!

    I know that I have not addressed everyone. I'm running out of steam! Time for a nap.

    PS: We have shrimp and mussels on the menu this week, for me. Mostly for suppers. Tomato sandwiches for lunch. You can place your email orders here. LOL LOL Kevin's still eating broth and bread and ramen.

    TAKE CARE EVERYBODY......... I'll be back soon.

    Love, and hugs, and prayers,
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  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Not sure if DH will need the computer when he gets home from the bank but will at least start this.

    JULIE - Glad you are getting Gpa to the dr to have him check on his rashes and warts. He may have to go to a dermatologist if you have any in your area. My daughter #1 and DH both had to have their small cancers removed from their face. DH has loads of tags, moles, etc. etc. all over most of his body, especially upper body. Hope you survive the marathon you've been running esp with the kids. Hope all goes well with the closing. It is nice that they will have their own home. When is that supposed to be exactly??

    DIANE - Nice to hear from you. I love Ramen noodles but now not supposed to eat much noodles or rice unless it is gluten free and or made with brown rice. So many things I LOVE that I am not supposed to have.. Drives me nuts sometimes. Glad you are feeling at least a little better. Come back later when you can. Mussels and shrimp for dinner. I'll be there. Tell me when to show up :)!! LOL We have had spurts of bad weather but not that bad here or right now. We finally had some rain last night and the night before. Like it is about time ! it is either drought or flood.

    MIKIE - Glad that you at least got a little more sleep today even though you are still tired. I know the feeling believe me. I always seem to wake up tired. Can I borrow your ROOMBA? I would love one but to expensive for je. So many things I would love to buy but can't afford right now. I know that must be wonderful for you to pick up all that kitty hair with two of them. Glad you are getting some things done and upgraded in your hood, even though you may not be involved in some of them :)!!!

    ROCK - Sorry you and Gordon were prisoners in your own house yesterday and hope those people have moved on. Yes, apparently all they worry about is themselves and the not the ordinary people that live in your area. Hang in there and I hope that they are or will be gone soon.

    Hi also to SW, SUN, BARRY and everydobby else I forgot inc all the many MIA's. Bye for now. May try and check back later if I get things done around here before practice or tonight.

    I really shouldn't be on here, unfortunately. DH has gone for his meeting and I am not dressed yet. I have been bouncing around trying to get a few little things done that NEED to get done. I also have singing practice this afternoon Have to get dressed before I do anything else.

    :)Love to awl,

  15. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    OMG OMG......how adorable is that! Honestly, Den and Fred need to put some pics. on FB or perhaps open a "store" on Etsy and sell them. They can make a fortune and I'm dead serious. That plastic junk that's sold at the toy stores are pathetic to these. People with $$$ will pay to have these made for their little ones.

    It doesn't surprise me that Gpa needs to be seen by a dermatologist. I hope it will be easily helped.

    Mikie: I've watched Finding your roots for a couple of months.....wonderful. The other one on the cable channel I no longer get them, and I loved it. My dad's family has been in Virginia since the late 1600s, mostly from Germany but we think my Dad's name is English or Scottish, but it's never been traced. My Dad's cousin did most of the tracing years ago. My mom's parents both came from Austria/Hungary or another Slovakian country, but can't trace it.

    Rock: Probably someone on your street is having their house used in a movie or TV show. The studios pay big $ per day. Sorry it causes havoc for the street and you though. Did you find out the name of it?

    Well, along with all my problems that seem never ending, my double door refrigerator broke this evening......a stupid plastic part in the center that swings out. I still have insurance for another year on it and will call first thing tomorrow morning. I dug out a roll of the silver tape to tape it......but it was hard to close it. Wonder how long I'll have to wait? Just one more thing to cry in frustration over.
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Mornin' Everydobby,

    Hope this new day finds all y'all in fine fetter. Kitties were sooooo good last night so I'm bright eyed and bushy tailed. I wish they were this good every night. Some nights, they just get wild early in the wee hours of the morning. I now keep a spray water bottle on the night table to threaten them with when they start to have smack downs on the bed. Sir Vester screams like a little girl when they fight. He starts as many fights as she so his screams are only for show. He lies down to attach and she jumps around, attacking from the top. Her favorite thing is to sit on his face. No sleeping through that! :eek:

    I went down to see my neighbor, Grace, yesterday morning when I was there watering a plant. She was telling me about Barb. Evidently, she is being a real pain and telling her daughter that she refuses to fly home. The daughter got sick of her and left. She told Grace and Ilona that she doesn't understand what's wrong with her mother. They both told her about how Barb flew into a rage over our landscaping and refused to talk to me. The also told her that I have always been such a good friend to her mother and am a 'good person.' I was surprised that Ilona said that. I was very touched. It must be so hard for Barb's kids to know that their mother is capable of acting so horribly. I really feel for them. I continue to keep the whole bunch in my prayers.

    The profound exhaustion continues. I did get through a mound of paperwork yesterday but still have a few things to comb through. Now, maybe I can get to the messy front room and clean it out. Then, I would like to finally attempt to do the valance. I can't until I get to Lowe's to see whether I can find a curtain rod which will stand out 8" from the wall. If not, I'll have to have one custom made or get rid of the side drapes. That is one of those projects which has turned to crap just when I have no NRG to contend with it. Whine, whine, whine!!! :(

    Julie, I hope the doc can help clear up GPA's rash and that his lab work is OK. BTW, did Clinton check with the store which was out of welders? Often, they will have things delivered to the store so they can be picked up. Lowe's, Home Depot, and many other stores will do this. It saves having to chase all over the place. Bed, Bath & Beyond did this for me for my drapery panels but, instead of having to go to the store to pick them up, they were delivered to my door. Brick and mortar stores are upping their customer service to compete with online sellers. That little kitchen for the kids is absolutely adorable. Those hinges are what I was trying to describe earlier on. Good luck with all you have to do.

    Diane, thanks for 'splaining the tag to me. When anyone clicks on a tagged name, it takes them to the user info screen so they can read the profile or start a conversation. I wish that, instead of a warning, it would give one a notification. Warning sounds so ominous. I love those ramen noodle packs but can't have them as they are so high in sodium. I've not tried making them but will cook some of those egg noodles once in a while. If I make soup, adding some noodles is a nice change. I've been hungry for cream of broccoli soup but have to go to the store to buy fresh broccoli. Don't know whether or not I have the NRG. I like eating fresh steamed broccoli florets and being able to use the stalks in the soup. I cook them in with the florets and then put them in the blender for the soup. Hope you, Kevin and the kitties are doing well.

    Granni, I know whatcha mean about not having the $$$ to spend. I really don't either but something had to give with my exhaustion. In addition to feeling so horrible, I had to shoulder the shame of my condo being so dirty. The Roomba helps just enough so that I can keep up with most of it. Cat hair, and dirt I track in, makes a mess every day. If Roomba runs every other day or so, it's enough to keep up. My stds. aren't high but I can't stand living in filth either. Now, I'm so glad I got the Roomba. I can clean the baths, change the bed, do laundry and dust because they don't need doing as often as the floors. When I realized it was the floors which dragged me down, the solution seemed simple. I need to shampoo the traffic path through the dining area, living room and bedroom but it's not that big an area to deal with. I will use the upright vacuum before I shampoo it. Running the upright floor machines is hard on my back. Hope your singing goes well.

    Sun, wow! The 1600's in VA! That's a long history here. I think one of my Mom's side was only here just before the Civil War but I'm not sure. I doubt our family's roots go back as far as yours do here. I think mine came over from Ireland when the great migration took place in the 1800's. I don't know about my other side which is Irish and German. If I ever have the $$$, I may try to check it out. I think the Ancestry DNA test is $99 but am not sure. I believe all it tells is the percent of European, Black and Asian/Indian DNA results. Good grief, if your fridge is still under warranty, it must not be that old. Stuff just doesn't last. Mine is a side-by-side with ice and water in the door. Frigidaire is not high on the list of good brands but it's the only one which would fit in here when I got it. The ice crusher mode no longer works but it just keeps going on and on. I almost wish it would give up so I could get a new one but I'll keep it as long as it chugs along. I've had good luck with Whirlpool for everything else. Hope you get this latest pain in the neck fixed. Good luck.

    Today, I get a 'real' paper so will bid y'all adieu so I can read it and do the puzzles. It feels good to know I'm saving $$$ by reading it online five days a week but, if I ever get a windfall, I'm going to get it every day and get my cable TV back. I need to take my garbage down to the dumpster before the line of storms hits us here; it's already coming ashore north of Tampa. This is the storm which spawned the tornadoes in the Gulf area. This certainly has been an interesting year of weather. We got a nice rain yesterday morning so I only had to hand water one plant.

    Love, Mikie
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  17. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi All, I'm still recovering from my ordeal last week. Yes, one week ago was the colonoscopy/endoscopy. I swear it drained all my energy.:(

    Diane, I love your tastes in food. Pretty much, but I DO like sushi. I keep away from large raw fish because of possible whatevers. I do love smoked eel though, and also uni (sea-urchin roe). Our crab season in Ca has been a big bust. It never opened. What kind of mussels do you have? I like the big green-lipped, the P.E.I. tiny ones, and the regular everyday ones. I think P.E.I. stands for Prince Edward Island?

    Julie, I wish I had the energy to drive around as much as you do! But I won't drive except in an emergency which would be an emergency of its own.:rolleyes: I wish warm weather your way. You do SO MUCH; you are one strong gal!

    Gotta go. Someone's at the door.
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  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    A quiet day here. The film company has moved on to another act
    elsewhere. Its a sunny day (80 degrees) with a clear blue sky
    and more of the same predicted for tomorrow.

    Got an e mail from my sister. She said she got a phone call
    about being prosecuted for a felonious tax filing, so she "gave
    them" a thousand bucks. Very sad. Perhaps even sadder
    is that I am not sure it's true. She said the teller told her it
    was a scam. How and when did a teller get involved?

    I remember a therapy meeting a while back, 10 years maybe, some
    woman showed up saying she had sent her e mail boyfriend in
    Nigeria her life savings, and never heard from him again.

    I guess some people never read the news.

    Julie, that kitchen cabinet is beautiful! Hard to believe it's
    handmade. Of course, just a few centuries back almost everything
    was handmade. I hope Den painted or carved his name and the
    date on the back. Someday it might be on the Antiques Roadshow or
    in a Toy Collector's Auction.

    Sun, nope, don't know the name of the movie that was being filmed.
    Sometimes they have a working title that gets changed anyway. I
    sometimes see signs around LA. Usually one word printed in big black
    letters with an arrow. These are signs directing the crew to the
    site. I sometimes suspect they are posted by drunks or illiterates
    as they are upside down.

    No, we don't want an inside cat. Gordon often has knitting
    projects lying around. He doesn't want a cat kneading
    its claws and playing with the yarn.

    Sorry to hear about the fridge. Used to be appliances were made in
    the USA and lasted 30 years and worked. We bought a fridge
    20-30 years ago that wouldn't hold freon. A repariman came out
    and put in new freon twice. Still wouldn't work. I'm happy to
    report the company then replaced it and gave us a hundred bucks
    to cover inconvenience and food that might have spoiled.

    Mikie, I hadn't thought of broccoli soup for ages. Gordon used
    to make it for me. I remember one of the steps was whizzing it
    around in the blender.

    BTW, if you want to make your life more colorful, you can do your
    crosswords the way I do. Colored pens. I have a bunch I got
    cheap at the 99 cent store.

    Hi Granni, BCT, Diane, Springwater

    All for now
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  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dear Ones,

    Popping in for a short visit after reading a bit. I just needed to see what if anything has been going on after missing so much PORCH time.

    JULIE et al, not sure who was here when my twin grandsons were very young but I cannot believe that they are 18 years old today and after graduation both going to college. Remember when they used to come up for golf camp and go swimming at the pool. Both will go to colleges in TX but TX is so big none are close. However, TX State (not UT) is in San Marcos and used to be called SW Texas State. The other twin is going to TX Tech in Lubbock. Now that is out in the wilderness shall we say, in comparison and they really get some bad and cold weather with snow, ice, etc. However the GS going there is sort of more of a loner anyway. He is less social than the other twin and the other can be to social . So, hope they both know how to plan their time well or learn how to when they get up to school . I think they have orientations in June or so. Those babies have grown up so much. If you go to my FB page you might see them. Their sister and mom has posted some pics of them from little ones to 18 years old. SO cute but I can hardly believe it. Enjoy KEIRA !!!

    Sorry that your date with DEN was called off but best to do it when things calm down a bit. I agree with Barry and who every else was mentioning that I couldn't do half of the driving that you do. I know that you do what you have to do and you are used to driving quite aways all the time due to your living in the country. Some areas are the same here but I still won't be driving the same as you do. The traffic is so bad in some places like the city esp on the freeways that I already have hi b/p and I might just have a stroke someplace, for one thing. My DH who drives a lot more than I and is used to it has gotten to the point where he doesn't particularly like to drive in to the city like Houston esp during or around rush hour or at night time.

    ROCK - Glad the movie makers have moved on and you can escape from your abode to do whatever you need to do.

    BARRY - Hope you feel better soon too. As Julie said it is a jolt to our system no matter how they try and make it easy on us, no pain etc.

    Hi to MIKIE, DIANE, SUN, SW and everyone I haven't mentioned. Now I need to submit this before it disappears. Love to all and hope to get back soon tomorrow. It will be another busy day with cleaning lady and helped DH outdoors - ugh !!

    Granni :)
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  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Another day of not doing much yesterday and ornery kitties early this morning. Guess I won't be bright eyed and bushy tailed today. Oh well, this is my new norm, I guess. Whine, whine, whine. Two tornadoes touched down in the next town up the coast yesterday. There were violent thunderstorms but they hit just north of us and just south of us. They destroyed houses. I feel so bad for people everywhere when they lose everything like that. Their vehicles were also destroyed. This weather is being blamed on El Nino but I think we are only beginning to see the results of global warming or, climate change, which is a more accurate term.

    Barry, I'm sorry you are so slow to recover following the procedure. Unfortunately, we seem to be much more affected by things like this and take longer to recover. Feel better.

    Julie, hope your date went well. I figured y'all knew about having something delivered to the store but some people do not. It's too bad the welder couldn't be shipped there. The people who run the Swiss trains would be envious of how you schedule things. I know I'm impressed!

    Rock, those scams are on the rise and our news is full of warnings not to fall for them. It's too bad people like your SIL don't realize they are scams. I think tellers here would try to inform anyone who attempted to send money to a scammer. Everyone is trying to band together to help protect older people who are so trusting. They are often scared and will do just what the scammers want. The scammers are usually in some third-world country. Hmmmm, colored pens for crossword puzzles. I'd never thought of that but I don't usually use colored pens. I do use red colored markers but I don't use markers for puzzles. As it is, I think I'm daring using pens to do them. I like the idea, though. Yarn or string is about the only thing these cats will play with. They have a basket full of toys but don't play with them. Hope that movie business is gone and you have some peace and quiet again.

    Granni, hope the DGSs do well in college. I wonder how they will adjust to being apart. Are they identical? It's interesting that one is more outgoing than the other. I used to love driving but don't go anywhere much now. Local driving this time of year is just impossible. March is always the worst month because we get tourists and Spring Breakers in addition to the Snowbirds. AACCKK!!! Glad you have a cleaning lady. When my condo is a mess, I can just say it's the cleaning lady's day off. It's the truth since I'm the cleaning lady.

    Hope all y'all have a great day. Love, hugs and prayers for everydobby.

    Love, Mikie
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