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    Good morning all!

    I'm gonna go back and read the posts on 878. So I'll be back here to post more soon.

    Love, Diane


    In the meantime, post here if you want to! :)

    I'M BACK!

    Oh, Julie Julie Julie, know that we love you
    Oh, Julie Julie Julie, know that we care
    Dear Julie Julie Julie we're thinking of you
    Julie Julie Julie -- we'll listen and share!!!!

    Take good care of yourself, my friend. You all are in all our thoughts and prayers! Please keep us updated about Clinton, and all in your life that you want to share. We're good listeners! Many many many hugs!

    Mikie, how strange about the door slams. I can understand your craving for peace and quiet and goodwill in your 'hood.

    Rock, I want to hire Gordon to landscape our yard! Yours sounds so beautiful.

    Barry, I'm getting tired of sardines. I want shellfish. :( Has Richard left on his trip?

    Mikie, I sent you a message about newbies. Maybe it's a good idea, maybe not! LOL I seem to have an equal amount of good and bad ideas!

    Hi, Spring, I see that you posted on the prior post. ***Please everybody go back to the last volume, to read any new posts you might have missed.***

    Granni, hope things work out well for your DD. You all are in my prayers!

    Sun, how are you feeling? My "crud" has turned into an annoying cough. I'm taking mucinex, or mucinex with the cough med in it. I also got that book from the library (about meds). Haven't started reading it yet.

    Did I forget to mention anyone ........ I hope not! If I did forget, I apologize.

    Y'all take care. I'll be back later this week. I have a doc appt on Thursday, and I'm starting to feel some anxiety. I'll be ok. The doc will just go over my blood test results, then lecture me about why I haven't had blah blah blah done.

    I should ask him to loan me $5,000 -- for the car lease, the water heater, the lab tests not covered by ins, and the copays for the other tests he wants done. Wonder what he'd say to that? (Just a joke.) Kevin and I don't have a lot of money, and $5,000 for one week's expenses is a lot for us.

    Anyways, I'm always reading. And I'll be back posting later this week.

    Luv and hugs and prayers to all!

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    Diane: I took Musinex twice when I had the crud in February. I had a lot of mucous at that time and it really helped break it up. Just BE SURE to drink a lot of water when you're taking it because it dries things up and you have to continually replenish liquids Feb. was the WORST for the coughing, that's when I found out that inhaling eucalyptus oil from a folded paper towel really helped calm it down, that along with with good cough drops. I found Fisherman's Friend cough drops and really like them. $5,000 is a lot for anyone!!!!! Sure.....if the doctor brings it up tell him!

    Julie: OK, my take is you're BURNT OUT from being caretaker, VERY common. I would suggest that on the weeks that you don't have appts. for Gpa you take him to the care center for a few days of R & R for you and Den. And let him understand that this will be his vacation from you guys and for him to find new friends there. You mentioned in the past that he has $, so let him spend a little of it when YOU need this alone time. Sis is taking $ with no qualms about doing it. You have the perfect place with this nursing home so close.

    Mikie: Just a couple more days and I'm sure you will start to feel the stress lift. Hang in there.

    Rock: You've done better than me with reading this book.......I don't have sit down reading time, only when going to bed and by then I'm too tired and turn out the light after 15 min. The series was very good but I agree with Mikie, this last go around seemed to lack a lot.

    I met with a friend for lunch yesterday who brought along another friend who I had met before. So we 2 gabbed for almost 2 hrs. Bad news was that it was wooden booths, and not conducive to a bad back, so by the time I got home I was hurting everywhere and had to resort to a tramadol by 8 PM. I HATE THIS BODY!

    I did stop on the way home at a little thrift store that gets a lot of estates. About 6 weeks ago there were about 25 really good paintings from one artist I got his name but didn't find anything on the Internet I had debated about purchasing one but really no wall to hang one nor did I want to spend around $100 for an unknown. Anyway, there were only a few left, all the oils had been bought by one person! I'm sure she had a gallery and was hoping to get a lot more for them, even though I figure she had to have spent about $2,500 for them.

    While searching I found what I think is from this same artist.....most interesting. It looks like it's oil painted on torn tissue paper which had first been glued onto Masonite. It's 24 X 30, a painting of David from the bible, a young boy playing a lute, with King Saul in the background, and sheep by David. So for only $14 I feel I got a good buy I need to research how I can safely seal this paper. It had been sealed in a lot of the areas but it looks like the artist went in and retouched. I'm going to look at a local Goodwill today for a frame for it.

    By the way, there was also an oil painting of a Victorian house on Carroll St. 1344 Carroll. It had written on the front "Farrington Haskin house 1344 Carroll Ave." Do you know this house? And not sure if Farrington is the artist or the complete name of the house. It was $99. It came in recently with 3 other paintings.
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    Hi Kids

    Sun, here is the URL for the house on Carroll Street. http://www.realtor.com/realestatean...gclid=CLWcxvDP9csCFQ-raQod5YYBrg&gclsrc=aw.ds

    There's a picture of the house. I must have walked Zippy by it a thousand times
    over the years. The place last sold for $865 thousand in 2003. Was built in 1893,
    the same year that Kathrine Lee Bates wrote America the Beautiful; Grover
    Cleveland was President; Guiseppe Verdi's last opera was premiered, as was
    Puccini's third opera.

    The house is one block N or behind our place.

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    Hi, Kids,

    Just finished cleaning up some paperwork, including putting together our financials for the last three months for our little bldg. assn. Doesn't matter whether it's the big assn. or our little one, the financials are still the same format and require the same attention. I have an issue with the controller at the mgmt. co. and need to sit down with him to talk. ARGGGG!!! At least, I actually got some of the clutter cleaned up--not much but anything is better than nothing at all.

    I had stopped over to the pool to talk with Ilona and Frank today and we actually had a nice chat. Then, they invited me to lunch for Chinese so I went. I'm glad I did as we continued to have a nice time. It will be better that we part on good terms. Ilona doesn't seem to be so angry. They leave on Sun. She did call me later this afternoon to complain that he refuses to use Turbo Tax instead of doing the taxes at the last minute by hand. She needs him to help her pack up the car. Oy!

    Barb managed to climb the stairs to her condo. Yikes!!! She is one stubborn and determined woman. I'm glad she is recouperating well. I just hope she doesn't think she can come back to live on her own. According to Ilona, she is driving her daughter nuts with her complaining. They leave on Wed. Good luck and good riddance!

    One dear friend in here is moving to AZ for her arthritis and to be near two of her sons. My other dear friend, who rents the first friend's condo, is thinking of going back to MI. Pertty soon, I'll have no friends left here. The sister of the friend across the street, who is dying of cancer, is herself in the hospital. Now there is no one to visit the friend with the cancer because her DH is sick and she is having chemo and has no immune system left. The sister has a staph infection and was near collapse. I shouldn't whine with all the problems around me. Good grief! Poor people.

    Last night I tried to watch Mozart's Cosi Fan Tutte on PBS. I don't care for opera but thought I'd give this one a try. I like PBS because they have the English translation. I made it for an hour but couldn't take any more. My dear old friend loves opera but guess that's one experience we won't be sharing. I ran into our other concert friend and she said she was game to try the Indian restaurant. Yea!

    Diane, thanks for starting us up again. I like your suggestion. Just need to mull it over when I'm not brain dead. $5,ooo in a year would be a lot for me to absorb, let alone in a short period of time. Hope things improve for you.

    Sun, so glad you had such a good time at lunch but sorry you are sore and achy. I would be too. That's very interesting about those paintings. I found a nice numbered print at a thrift store and I love it but haven't found a good place to hang it. It has a label on the back from a gallery. I looked up the artist but she doesn't seem to be too prominent.

    Spring, as always, you are so kind in your responses to others. As you know, I hold similar beliefs in reincarnation and find life regression hypnosis fascinating. I have the strangest feeling that I reincarnated rapidly from my last life as a male pilot in WWII. I think I was a devil-may-care guy who was not very sensitive to women's feelings. I believe a lot of what I go through in this lifetime is karma for my last one. If so, I'm happy to pay off the debt. In any case, your perspective is always so thoughtful and caring.

    Rock, how interesting that you live near the house Sun found in the painting. Wow! Small world! I nominate Gordon for a star on our little garden path of stars for his love of flowers. Our flowers, except for the geraniums, look really beautiful. I need to go to Lowe's to find something to replace them with that will hold up through the summer. Looks as though the flowers in our large olla pots are going to thrive in the sun and heat.

    Julie, I'm so glad you and Den are making plans to get away. You certainly deserve a break. Sweetie, you didn't know about sis when you let the girls visit. There is nothing to forgive yourself for but I'm sure you know that. It's just hard to get rid of guilt when it involves our children. I found it helpful whenever my thoughts would turn to how horrible Barb was treating me to replace my thoughts with saying just a couple of words. I would say, "Love, peace and joy." It was impossible to feel angry when I was invoking love, peace and joy. Of course, I had to train myself to recognize when my thoughts wandered back to her and her sick games. It's part of Behavioral Cognitive Therapy and it works over time. I wish sis could be out of your life and I hope Barb will be out of mine. I can't seem to get rid of her; she keeps coming back like a bad penny!

    I have to get my eyes examined in the morning. Glad I shampooed my hair and gave it a trim this today. One less thing I have to do before the appt. I'll stop at Publix to pick up a few things on my way home. It's 7:00 in the evening and I'm ready to go to sleep. My ears are ringing and I feel a bit jumpy but think I can fall asleep. This cooler weather is a God send. Hope all y'all have a good evening.

    Love, Mikie
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    What a noisy and chatty PORCH. So many posts in a day or so. I just need to post a little bit so I can get this new volume coming to my phone so I check on you all :)!! I miss you all so much when I am gone. Nothing to much new here just busy busy busy.

    I went to Line Dancing and then made lunch and oh I did a few washes this morning and finally folded some this evening. Then I threw some beans in the crockpot with onions and ham leftover from some time ago that was in the freezer. Not supposed to have much pork but what am I to do with it ??? If it is leftover we have to eat it. I am getting tired of trying to figure out what to eat.

    So nice to see DIANE, MIKIE, JULIE and everyone on here this evening. Sorry I can't write to all personally right now and I need to go print some stuff out for DH's meeting tomorrow. MIKIE - I know you will feel much better after Barb ad her family leave and glad that Ilona and Frank were nice to you and asked you to lunch today. It is great to separate on good terms.

    JULIE - Keep on hanging there kiddo and glad you will get to visit the young ones in Tennessee soon again. That sure is a lot of miles to be traveling though. Of course you are used to it, all that driving.

    Hi to everydobby else I haven't mentioned yet. Gotta go and help DH. Hope to see you all tomorrow again.

    Love you all,
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    Great news about Clinton. What did the hospital finally decide was wrong with him? And I guess this means Keira will miss school for a couple of days? Does Keira's dad work? And how old is he?

    I can't sleep so here I sit at 2 a.m. trying to remember milestones for my DGD.....like when did she get her first tooth, etc? (she's making a book for school) My DD called yesterday asking for help but how am I supposed to remember things like that. Some things stuck in my mind though.....like when my SIL went into rehab for a month. My little DGD was only 3 at the time and I know my DD was going thru he(( I was never one to keep good records. I did keep a baby book for my first one then gave it up when my DD came, and by the time the last son came I was lucky to get my hair brushed and dressed properly! Granni: I'm sure you can relate to that!!!!!

    Does anyone pay their bills like Edison or Gas Company automatically using their credit card? I have been paying paper bills with a check, but I'm trying to get more organized, thinking of down the road since I'm not getting any younger. I got my DS on my checking account at the bank since he also will be executor of my estate and he said he's never had troubles with having the bills paid automatically. He said that I would still have the credit card statement if I had to dispute a charge.

    By the way, the trust guy comes today for me to sign and initial everything. I emailed him yesterday to be sure to include the clause that states that if anyone disputes my wishes in the trust they will only inherit one dollar!

    Rock: yes, that's the house in the painting. I was wondering why this house was painted and then the painting ending up way out in my area. I know that the Carroll Ave. festivities still happen.....is that once a year? Perhaps an artist chose that house to paint. My DH and I went at least 35 + years ago and found it so interesting. I wanted to own an old Victorian home so badly, but now I'm so thankful I have a one story! The knees and hips aren't what they used to be.
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    popping by for a quick visit..

    Diane - thank you for doing the honours this time..as always good to see you and catch up...ive been thru those times myself...when suddenly an avalanche of bills descend because suddenly this isnt working, that needs buying, its time to pay this bill, we are out of that...and so on..even right now, i am on the broke ish side...my brother is wondering why im clambering on and off three buses to get to his place..i visited to drop off some old clothes which my niece could use for office wear...they were hardly used and i decided i really needed to let go of things i wasnt using enough.

    Granni- i see you are busy rushing about as usual, and smiling to myself..i like that..good luck for all the upcoming singing projects.

    Mikie- fascinating that..your past life ..recall, intuition i think.. you are so mature too the way you accept certain things even though they are difficult..do you know a person actually had a past life recall under regression and was able to find out the exact identity of the war pilot he had been in world war II? this person died saving his friend..he was able to look up records and find the exact details of the name and squadron, dates of the person he was during regression.

    When i hear of your neighbours suffering this and that condition it makes me more determined than ever not to take chances with my health..its become easy - yer now because i anyway crave home cooked food at least once a day...and non spicy healthy food at that..also try to be diligent about getting in my calcium and protein needs..which is easy because i anyways find yoghurt, milkshakes , chickpeas, lentils delicious..

    Sun - i love that you are so passionate about paintings and whats on the market etc...good to hear about your nice meal out with friends...

    Rock - is there a place you can put a hammock in your garden? the concept of hammocks is rare here...no one has them...but i ve loved them since Archies comics and seeing Jughead lazing around in them..to be in a hammock surrounded by Gordons plants flowers and their scent, the sun languorously shining, dozing off with a good book..aaaaah..heaven.

    Julie - another stressor..what will keira do about school now? im sorry you are having to put up with these situations. but you cannot fix the whole world...look after yourself so you dont need lookng after out of overkill looking out for others. yes, ive read in the Bible about the sins of the fathers visiting upon the kids till the fourth gen..i thought it was unfair but then so many things about life we dont understand but they still are..happy to hear Clinton is going to be discharged soon.

    Barry -how goes with your garden and how is Richard doing in Europe...has he already left or what?

    I just came down from picking up the laundry. The wind is howling somethng sinister. It looks like rain but i dont think it will.

    I hv been on a marathon clearing out the cupboards spree since early this morn..threw out a load of clothes which my well meaning brother or sis in law had stuffed into suitcases and plastic bags..they had stains on them or were old..I think i really went into a backslide for past few years, dealing with big brothers illness and subsequent to that..the house needs a huge overhaul..but who has the energy?

    i was meaning not to cook last night since we had meat n pumpkin curry but DH came with some store bought fish..beckti fish...i lookd up the first recipe i could find...because i was kind of harried..and found a recipe for sole fish for which i seemed to hv allthe ingredients...it needed coriander seeds which i substituted with coriander leaves and powder, and i had the coconut, garam masala, red chilli, tamarind, lemon, pepper, garlic ginger onion. I turned out edible but not overly tasty..needed marinating for3hours which of course i was not able to do..

    a cousin sis of DHs brought us some fruit from Singapore where her DH has his business, i had never seen this fruit..dragon fruit, and it was not just fascinating to look at but amazingly sweet....kind of like a sweet tangy papaya flesh..

    here is a pic from the net...



    Well take care..

    God Bless

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    Hi Kids

    Been up all night. Spent most of the time reading Gavin MacLeod's auto-
    biography "This Is Your Captain Speaking". He is famous for his work
    on TV (Mary Tyler Moore show and The Love Boat) but his first love
    was stage acting, especially musicals. Unlike many stars, he does not
    talk about how great he was, but how lucky he was.

    Sun, I haven't heard about any festivals on Carroll Ave. But I did find
    a site a year or two ago about tours. Once or twice a year there is a
    walking tour. Costs $30; you can go inside two of the homes. And sometimes
    I see a small bus or limo drive slowly by with tourists. Sometimes they
    stop and take pics. On a couple occasions when when walking the dog
    I encountered folks from Japan, Chicago, etc. Told 'em a little about
    the street. If you go to http://www.yelp.com/biz/carroll-ave-los-angeles
    you can see several pics.

    Spring, nope, no trees big enough to support a hammock. We have little
    trees like plumeria and magnoia. Our neighbors have a hammock in
    their backyard. It is huge. Is supported by a cradle rather than by
    trees. It's next to their hot tub. They sometimes have small parties
    in their back yard. Are never noisy. Their dog barks at us though.
    It's not too bright. Doesn't seem to understand we are neighbors.

    Mike, Cosi Fan Tutte was the first opera I ever saw. I was 18, and I
    was shocked! Not at the music. At the mezzo soprano's low cut
    gown. Anyhoo it's like all Mozart opera. Some wonderful tunes, but
    too much chit chat i.e. recitative. Kinda like Wagner. He also has
    some great tunes, but you have to sit through hours of the basses
    and baritones barking at each other between the good stuff. That's
    why I prefer the highlights recordings.

    Did you have your eye exam? Was it like Lucy's? Did the doctor
    put drops in your eyes? As I recall, the doctor showed up in some
    other episodes. As the French lover and the Paris painter.

    Gordon's brother left for work half an hour ago. Guess I'll go downstairs
    and get a V8. When I was a kid one heard guys talking about V8s,
    but they were discussing car engines.

  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    A nice 63-degree morning. I'm enjoying the cool air that comes in from the lanai. Kitties slept all night and I'm so thankful. My sinuses are still messed up and I had to get up and spray some Nasacort up my nose. I just don't want this to turn into a secondary infection, like a sinus infection or respiratory infection. I'm still coughing a little. I'm so glad I did my hair yesterday so I don't have to do it this morning. Just run the brush through it and go.

    Julie, yes, so much of what you post about rings true with me. Sweetie, just because others are suffering doesn't mean that you're not suffering too. Your feelings are valid. If your thoughts start to stray into the area of imagining that GPA and sis are having a good laugh about all this, it's time to divert them. Try what I suggested by saying a good word or two to get your mind off of it. Those are the kinds of thoughts which can just make things worse for you and they need to be cut off right away. I had a horrible time not letting my mind wander into the troubled territory of, 'Why is Barb doing this to me; I've done nothing to deserve it.' If I didn't divert my thoughts, I would just end up angry, hurt and sick over it all. You do what you do for GPA because you are such a good person and you don't deserve what he and sis dish up. We all have to take responsibility for what we do in our lives; he and sis will have to answer for what they do. We are also rewarded for the good we do in our lives and you will be richly rewarded. BTW, Barb is going to be living with her younger DD up in MA. The home is on one level and Barb will have a bedroom with a little sitting area. Her DD has good taste and decorated it just for her mom. Still, Barb will complain about everything. I really feel sorry for them.

    Granni, still busy I see. I'm so glad you are able to do so much. I did when I had more NRG but just can't keep up with things now. Have you heard anything from you DS about how DD is doing? I hope her treatment is helping. I got my laundry caught up too. I hate it when it's piled high. I let my tee shirts air dry over the backs of chairs and bar stools. My condo looks like a third-world laundry. Then, I put them in the dryer for a few minutes to fluff out the wrinkles. I really like to iron them but that's just a fantasy at this point.

    Sun, I have all the bills I can automatically paid on my credit card. It's delays payment for a month and I get the reward points. I have my condo fee and mortgage automatically deducted from my checking acct. I pay the credit card bills online through my bank. I try never to write checks as I believe it's not safe. I also don't have a debit card; they are a lot riskier than credit cards. Some credit cards offer consumer protection, like extending warranties, etc. Like you, I didn't keep track of my girls' childhood events and, with my poor memory, I could never remember them. Good luck with the project.

    Spring, like you, I try to prevent illness when I see others who might have prevented theirs but it's now too late. Both of the sisters across the street were grossly obese and did little to move around. One is an excellent cook and she cooks delicious, but not necessarily healthy, meals for all of them. She makes a 17-layer cake! The sister with cancer lost a lot of her weight last time she had chemo but, I think it was too little too late. It's so sad. Many of my clients were like that. They had bad joints and gained weight or, they gained weight and it damaged their joints. In any case, it's a downward spiral of bad health. Another friend here in the hood is grossly obese, doesn't exercise and smokes, despite having had two types of cancer and wet macular degeneration. She has lost the sight in one eye and has to have monthly injections in the other eye. Still, she smokes! Scientists have linked smoking with macular degeneration. Many times, past life regression brings up details which are verifiable. My cousin saw a physic who told her she would dream of a great love from a past life. She did and recognized that it was not a routine dream. She got details and was able to verify her past life from records.

    Rock, yes, the dialog from that opera sounds a bit childish. That opera is quite risqué, even by today's stds. The sisters, and the house maid, wore low-cut tops. They had lovely voices, and lovely décolletage, but the sung dialog got quite tedious after an hour. I also like the highlights. Some of the arias from operas are beautiful. My eye exam is this morning. I'll be glad to get it over with. I have them twice a year so the doc can keep track of the elevated eye pressure. I don't have glaucoma, just elevated pressure. My Mom was the same. The only drops my doc uses are ones to numb my eye so he can push the pressure sensor up to the lens to gauge the pressure. This is more accurate than the old puff of air in the eyes. He has high-res cameras which take pics of the eye and optic nerve. He also has a ton of cutting-edge gadgets to diagnose eye problems. He is the one who found that I have Sjogren's Syndrome. I am thankful that my overall visual health is so good. I have no plaque in the blood vessels to the optic nerve. That likely means I have no, or little, plaque in the blood vessels to my heart. Good news indeed for someone whose family members almost all die from heart problems.

    Well, Kiddies, I think I'll go get in the tub and get ready for my appt. I can unload and load the dishwasher while I'm waiting to leave if I'm ready early. Don't know what to wear but guess it really doesn't matter. I'm just bored with my baggy Capri pants and tee shirts. Whine, whine, whine!

    Hope all y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Got back a short while ago from one of the exercise classes DD and I have been trying to go to. This one is called Fit and Fabulous. Not very strenuous mostly strengthening, some with weights and some other exercises for balance and flexibility. I think it is 2x a week but I may only make one a lot of the time. This week is to busy to make it on Thursday. Friday is ZUMBA GOLD which is a lot of fun and exercise with dance. U really like that but the timing is not that great. I will probably miss it this week too. I have to make something to go to a friends home. We are supposed to go play cards and talk about a possible trip. The big one we had planned on got jinxed. To any people having medical problems. At this point we will be happy to go anywhere for a few days, or at least I will.

    Didn't get the chance to read everyones post very well. Just a fast skimming of them.

    JULIE - Hope Clinton gets to come home today and Keira reunited with them right away. Sorry to hear about Gpa's continuing a fib problems. Maybe another change of med is in order. Hang in there kiddo and glad that Lindsey and them are now in their new home. Hope all continues to go well with him. How far does David have to go to travel to work now?

    MIKIE - I might now know anything for some time if at all. I know if they contact DS he will let me and others in the family know. That is a hard part to wait and not know anything. I wish I knew more of the policy but DS said it is now out of our hands and that is all I know. Darn it, I broke my cheater glasses and thought perhaps DSIL could fix them but he was fussing with them and I may have to buy another pair. At least it was not my expensive glasses. I am using my bifocals now ans they are not that great on the computer.

    Our small singing group is putting on a little show for our S.O Thursday evening with a little buffet of snacks. That will be interesting. We will be practicing.today in the afternoon.

    DH is home and I need to do a few things right now.

    Love you all, inc those not mentioned,
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Good news! The pressure in my eyes was waaaay down and the scans showed that everything is very healthy. Yea!!! I don't get my complete exam until Oct. so won't know whether my cataracts have grown. I don't know whether my recent lifestyle changes have helped with the eye pressure but the doc was impressed. I'm lucky to have such a good doc and he knows the best eye surgeon if I need to have cataract surgery, but I don't know whether this one is on my plan. I'll check.

    I stopped at Publix and got some things I need. I'll fix my cream of asparagus soup this afternoon. I had the whole wheat tortilla for lunch. I spread refried beans on it and loaded it with fresh tomatoes, onions, a little shredded cheese, black beans and cilantro. I topped it off with fat free plain yogurt instead of sour cream. It was delicious!

    Barb's daughter pulled in as I was inside fixing my lunch. As I took my dishes to the dishwasher, I saw Barb going down the stairs and over to the pool. I have to admire her for being able to do the stairs. She is so thin, she looks like a concentration camp survivor. Her arms and legs look like nothing but bones. She refuses to eat anything she doesn't like and what she likes is fruit and desserts. I'll be sooooo glad when they are gone tomorrow.

    Granni, I do understand about the treatment centers and being incommunicado in the first days or weeks. I just hope they let your DS know how she's doing soon and he can let y'all know. I've heard of the Fit 'n Fabulous workouts. I hope you like it. Strength and flexibility are so important and I'm not doing anything for that or my balance right now. Glad it wasn't your good glasses which broke too. They are sooooo expensive now. I'd like to get new frames but won't until I know whether there will be a change or cataract surgery when I go in Oct. Hope you can find another pair of cheaters you like. I have a pair which will do in a pinch and I love them.

    Julie, sounds as though Keira's dad is a member of a huge club of ex-husbands and divorced dads. Too bad he is so competitive and uses Keira to try to make himself look like a winner. Yes, from what I hear, it's not that unusual-- unfortunately. No matter what these guys do, everyone can see through them. I'm sorry GPA is having a-fib symptoms. I hope the doc can help. Just what you need--something else to be concerned about. Good luck!

    As usual, the trip to the doc and shopping at Publix wore me out. Don't know that I'll get anything else done today. I'm good with that. Everyone at the doc's and Publix was sneezing and coughing. I hope everydobby has more NRG than I.

    Love, Mikie
  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    OMG! Just had to tell y'all about the cream of asparagus soup. It is fantastic. I had that big fresh veggie burrito for lunch. I decided to go ahead and make the soup while I could. I made the roux in 1/c butter in which I sautéed the onion and celery. I added whole wheat flour and, when it was ready, I added a couple of cups of chicken broth. I blended the cooked asparagus in the blender with a little more broth and added it to the mix, all in the skillet (it's a big skillet). I added a cup of milk and the leftover Hollandaise sauce from when I had the asparagus the other night. Finally, I added some cilantro, salt and pepper and a dash of curry powder. It is soooo good that I had to have a bowl even though I was still full from lunch. It would be a wonderful hearty soup on a cold night. Soup in a skillet--what a concept!

    Julie, I'm glad Keira is getting back to school. Her dad probably thinks he's just unlucky but it's amazing how much one's luck changes for the better when one doesn't drive with illegal tinted windows and one keeps good tires on the car. I'm glad they didn't get hurt when the tire blew. Good grief! Poor Miley. Bless Amy for taking care of her. This has got to be sooooo difficult for all of you. I'll be glad when Clinton's tests are done and I hope the docs have some answers. I also hope the cardio has some answers regarding GPA. I'm laughing at your LOVE, PEACE JOY and the deep breath. It's not a magic panacea but, if practiced over time, it will help; I promise. This last go round with Barb was soooo traumatic for me and I understand the stress that people like her can cause. The little Love, Peace, Joy trick helped my mind from going to the angry place. I talked it out with my friends and that helped too because we can't just bottle it up inside. You have us and you can always talk to us and we'll listen. Hang in there, Kiddo. Prayers going up.

    OK, gotta go. I just had to tell y'all about my skillet soup. It was healthy, cheap and made from leftovers.

    Love, Mikie
  13. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Oh Mikie, your soup sounds delish! I love asparagus, but have only ever steamed (6-7 mins.) it and eaten it with mayo or hollandaise. Sp. :oops: The stuff is usually so darned expensive that it is a luxury for us. If only I had had the sense to plant some years ago.....:mad:. So easy to grow.

    Springwater, thanks for the lovely picture of the Dragon Fruit. I saw some once in our health food grocery shop; I was gob-smacked! Didn't know what they were. They were far too expensive for me, about 10 or 12 dollars each! :eek: I looked them up when I got home and found out that they are a kind of prickly pear cactus (Opuntia). If I ever see another I'm gonna try one!

    Doc. yesterday, no NRG today, but wanted to drop in a sit a spell. A sunny day, and I have been weeding -- an onerous chore. We stopped at a nursery after my appt. and bought plants, including Nemesias, Petunias, Penstemons, and others. Now we are fighting about where to put them--LOL!

    Love and Best Wishes to ALL Porchies; You mean so Much to me. Thank You.
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  14. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Spring and Barry: I bought one of those dragon fruit plants a few years ago at Lowe's, reduced. Little did I know that it would grow and grow with stickers! I dug it out and tossed it before any flowers or fruit though. And owie.....hard to handle. The stems at that time were about 5' long. Apparently you need a lot of room to let them grow. There is a house nearby that I think that must be what they have. This cactus' branches twist around a tall palm tree, up to around 12-15' high. I've never tasted one though. I think sometimes you can find them in the Asian markets around here.

    Barry: I love the term, gob smacked.

    Mikie: I'm with you on using up asparagus that way in a cream soup. So easy and good. And great news on your eyes. My doctor also has one of those Optomap machines to take a quick pic. of my eyeball. It gets put onto the computer and she and I can look at it together so no more getting dilated....I hated that.

    Julie: That's good that the doctors are covering all bases with Clinton, just to make sure.

    I've got all the papers in the trust/will signed and made legal, just need to change things at a few banks to put them under the trust. If things aren't in a trust the government can come in and tie things up for a year or two.

    And my son called me this afternoon to tell me they're expecting again, in October. For some reason in the back of my mind I just knew. When my DGD was over on Saturday I had been thinking that she's a big sister. I'm happy for them, he just needs to find a JOB now. They have a one bedroom apartment and now they have to rely on her paycheck.
  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Today is D Day--Departure Day for Barb. Yea!!! I can't wait until she is gone, for good I hope. It's a nice 62 degrees this morning. I hope it warms up fast so that I can go to the pool. I finally have enough NRG to get back to it. It will be in the low-80's this afternoon. I still have a ton of work to do in here. Still, I'm glad I took the time to fix some healthy food yesterday. I need to get back to eating better and working out.

    Barry, yes, I also steam my veggies in my little electric steamer. The asparagus I used for the soup was what was left over from when it was steamed with the Hollandaise sauce. The sauce is really good in the soup. I always love it when I can use up my leftovers so food doesn't go to waste. It was on sale at Publix and a bunch I could put my hand around was just a little more than $2.00. Asparagus is considered one of the superfoods now. My in-laws used to pick wild asparagus in the field behind their house. I know you are tired but I'm glad you felt up to weeding and getting some new plants. At first, I saw what you bought and thought one was Nemesis. I only have one nemesis and she is leaving today.

    Spring, how did I miss the pic of the dragonfruit? I have seen other pics of it and I think they have it here at the exotic fruit expos. I always want to try the unusual fruit but it's just too expensive. Even if it is at the expos, I usually don't feel up to driving to those things and putting up with the crowds. Hope things get better for your bro. Just said a little prayer for him. I think I've reached the point where I can really dig in and get rid of more stuff. In addition to cleaning, the entry into the condo needs to be repainted. I have the paint but not the NRG. Good luck with your work on your home.

    Sun, I didn't realize the dragonfruit plant was so huge. Yikes! The scan the doc did yesterday just gives lots of info on the various parts of the eye. Next time, they will take an actual pic of the eye and optic nerve. He always compares the new one to the old ones and so far, no changes. Congratulations on being a grandma again. I just sent up a prayer that your DS finds a job. I always hated hunting for a job. I see that Match.com now has a job site to match people up with jobs which fit their interests, skills and experience. BTW, the woman at the doc's office is overweight and wanting to get healthier. I gave her the name of Suzy Cohen's book and she was going to download it to her Kindle. This new wave of healthier eating and awareness is still a grass-roots movement through word of mouth but it's really gaining momentum. Once people see my weight loss, they are interested in it.

    Gonna go read the real newspaper for a change. Hope all y'all have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
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  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Got to the pool but it was full of kids so I only worked out for 15 mins. They were good and I could have done more but I figure that's long enough the first time out in weeks. The kids are visiting grandkids and will be leaving today--another reason to celebrate. I sat with my buddy, Joe, and got a little sun. Barb's kids took her over to the pool for the last time but they sat on the other side. Earlier, I waved at them when they pulled in with the car but no one waved back. I told Barb that it was good to see her getting around so well and that I wish her luck. She just looked down and barely mumbled thanks. Her DD just glared at me. Joe just called and told me he said goodbye to Barb too because he, like me, doesn't want to be like her. If nothing else, she has set an example for the rest of us of how not to behave in our old age. I will go gracefully into that good night.

    Some sad news--my friend with cancer has been moved to Hospice as all her body's systems are shutting down. The only good thing is that she won't be lingering long in pain. Her sister, my other friend, had to have surgery to clean out dead tissue on her thigh where the infection reactivated. This is the third time. It goes into a sort of remission but, I think, the stress of her sister's pending death caused it to reactivate. The sister may have passed before she gets out of the hospital. How sad for the whole family. The husband of my friend in Hospice is in shock.

    After the pool, I went to Target for a few things and on to Bed Bath & Beyond for some Greenie treats for the cats. I gave them each a couple for being good while I was gone and they scarfed them down. I had a $5 coupon and a $15 gift card so the treats cost me nothing. My ins. co. sent me the card for getting my annual exam. The cashier rang up the cat treats, that's all I bought, and asked me whether they were part of a bridal registry. I told her not unless the cats were planning on getting married and, since they are brother and sister, I didn't think so. I didn't say it in a smartass way. I was just kidding around. The woman had no sense of humor. Good grief!!!

    When I got home, I rewarmed the soup and it is even better today. There's enough for one more day. Mmmmm!! I made some Sassy Water--filtered water with slices of lemon and cucumber and a bit of fresh ginger. It keeps really well in the fridge.

    Julie, I also wish Barb well and am praying for her and her family. She has stepped up the complaining, arguing and crying with her DD. She wants to come down in Sept. with a family member but she is being soooooo awful that I can't imagine anyone would want to be around her if they didn't have to be. I wish you good luck on GPA's test. I'm glad you got to see your Dad. In CO, our Dairy Queen would close for the winter and, come spring, there would be lines to get cones. I've always loved the chocolate dipped cones with that waxy chocolate. A thing of the past for me. Glad you got your hair done. I love it when mine is freshly colored. Mine is changing, though, and there is so much white that the roots don't show as badly as they did when it's growing out. When I color it, it's darker blonde. The only really ugly steel gray is at the bottom in back. I'd be happy if it turned snowy white like my Mom's. I have to get busy with my paperwork because the county is having its free shredding day on the 27th. I'll take my old paperwork to get it safely shredded. It's sponsored by the prevention of abuse to the elderly so I'll make a donation.

    Sending love, hugs and prayers to eveydobby.

    Love, Mikie
  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    JULIE: OMG.....I would have a fit if I would be dealing with Gpa......wetting in bed because it was easier! What does Den say about all of this or do you bring up the subject of the wet sheets? I think you're too soft on him with some things so he takes advantage of you. Sis has learned to stand back and let you do everything. I think they're cut from the same cloth. I think he was probably doing this before he moved in with you and she flat out refused to accept his behavior. You're definitely earning a big gold star!

    I always feel better when I color my hair too.

    Mikie: Is this the DD she's going to be living with? Wasn't the last DD nicer to you? Yes, I think we have to learn from other's behavior, make up minds we won't be like the selfish ones, the unforgiving ones, etc. At least 40+ years ago I ran into a lady who looked like she had swallowed lemon juice. I saw how her mouth was turned down, looked angry, even though she wasn't. I decided then I would try to paste a smile on my face even if I didn't feel like it. But what's so surprising is when you do have a smile, you just radiate happiness to others. I always find little children are drawn to me, kinda like dogs and cats, and I think it's because I smile at them. Poor Barb, she needs to learn a lot of lessons. I think we've all learned from you talking about her.

    I'm so sorry for your dear neighbors. Such hard time for them.

    In January a neighbor of mine died.....he was such a sweetheart, about age 87. Just found out a few weeks ago and then a few weeks ago another neighbor, across the street from the one who died, also died suddenly. I did't know her....talked to her a few times and found her to be like an angry bulldog. About a year ago I heard from the gas meter reader that she had pulled a gun on another gas employee who had gone into her back yard without letting her know first. Apparently she didn't answer her front door. Now we don't know what will happen to her house and car. She had been married to a much older man who developed Alzheimer's and died a few years ago so the house sits empty. But then, if she died without a will or trust it may sit empty for a long time.

    I had to go to a bank this morning to have some papers changed....sat there over an hr while the lady worked on it......she's always been S L O W. Came home for lunch and now I have to hit another branch to have someone notarized it. But, things are slowly getting accomplished. And I'm REALLY craving a NAP.
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2016
  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hello Kids

    Nice to get back on line. We were unable to make the connection all day
    yesterday. Whoever we pay for our service (AT & T?) is making big
    changes. Something to do with changing over to WIFI. They said they
    would send us a new modem. It was supposed to arrive Tuesday, but didn't.
    Finally showed up Wednesday night around 8 PM. Gordon's brother who is
    the most knowledgeable guy here about computers got one computer hooked
    up, but his computer wasn't cooperating.

    He is a very phlegmatic fellow, but the strain of dealing with the electrons
    and the service people in the Philippines finally got to him. I heard
    him yelling at them over the phone. Like almost everything in the
    modern world, customer service has fallen apart.

    Of course we could still use the computer to watch DVDs. We went to
    the library. I checked out four of them. The first two wouldn't play.
    The third one had no picture, but you could listen to it. (???!!) The
    last one is the old movie Picnic from the 50s, and I am watching that.
    Ros Russell was wonderful.

    Julie, I don't know how you cope with all the stuff that's going on at
    your house. I wouldn't, but then you're a nicer person than I.
    Now about your hair, how many colors has it been over the years?
    I guess most women enjoy changing their look from time to time. I
    would never spend the time and energy.

    On the flora front, we went to the library today. At the book sale
    (which includes CDs, DVDs, plants, magazines, and sometimes etc.)
    Gordon found another tiny succulent. It's in a 2 inch pot. (That means
    the pot is 2 inches high.) Several of his succulents are blooming.
    Most of them have unknown to us. One that is in bloom right now
    is about a foot and a half high. Put it put out a stalk that shoots up
    another foot and a half and has feathery pink and gray flowers. Never
    seen anything like it. OK, here's the best pic I could find. And a pic
    of the poppy like bloom I mentioned in a previous post.


    Hi Mikie, isn't it a shame how many people have no sense of humor. It
    seems to be prevalent with those who have what they think is an
    important position. Maybe science will figure out how to do humor
    transplants. I'll leave mine to some officious government official.

    I can see it now. A spokesperson for the Dept. of Defense is putting on
    some sort of demonstration. "Excuse me, Senator, can you see the
    diagram all right through your Groucho Marx glasses?"

    Well, can't sit up any longer. Will be back later. Hugs, Everydobby.
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Well, a new day, perhaps even a new era, has dawned. She is gone! When Frank and Ilona got home last evening after taking the whole bunch to the airport, I was up on the balcony doing a happy dance and singing, "Happy Days Are Here Again." They invited me down for a drink to celebrate her leaving. I know that sounds awful but we needed something to send the stress packing. Also, it was Frank's birthday so we toasted to that. I'm glad we are getting along well now that they are about to leave. Traffic is still awful even though probably half the Snowbirds have headed north. Today, I will sweep the balcony and put my folding chairs out; Barb's kids put hers inside. I'll be glad to get mine out of the condo.

    Her DD did talk to me last time she was here but, this time, I didn't run into her until they pulled in with the car yesterday. Barb had gotten sooooo much worse as her departure drew near that I believe her DD just didn't want to say anything to me which would get her mom all wound up again. It doesn't take much, or anything at all. Only two of us in the bldg. submitted paperwork to run for the three seats on our little board, so we didn't have an election nor an annual mtg. Evidently, Barb has been raging over that, saying there wasn't an election and she didn't vote for us so it's not legal. It is; she doesn't understand the law. OMG! I do feel for that daughter and DSIL. He was fit to be tied last time they were here. I don't know how he'll hold up now that she is so much worse. They've worked hard and raised their kids. They bought a smaller home and had the whole thing redone. Just when they should be enjoying life, they have this thrust upon them. Good grief!

    Latest on my friend with cancer is that she may have three weeks left. Her family is trying to see whether she can be flown home on a medical flight of some kind. I don't think it's like a flight for life; probably all they need is the ability to use oxygen. It's just that the regular airlines won't take someone toward the end when there's a possibility of having to divert on the way due to medical complications. We had heard that her organs and systems were shutting down. If that were the case, I don't think she'd have three weeks. I've decided that I will never do chemo but, if I know I don't have much time, I'll get to where I want to be when I die before it gets to this point. Another lesson learned from observing others.

    Julie, I'm sorry you've been feeling so lousy. I don't think all this stress helps either. I don't know how you keep up with everything and everyone, let alone do all that work. You know, I keep you, and yours, in my prayers. I think it's more difficult to color hair when it's longer. The chemicals are hard on the ends. With my short hair, I just cut off the damaged ends. Ilona gave me a pic she took of me as I was going out one evening and she sent it to my phone. If I can manage to save it and download it to my computer, I'll post it. I usually take horrible pics but this one ain't bad. So glad Amy and Clinton are on the way home. I'm like you; I can eat the same thing every day if I like it.

    Sun, yes, this is the same daughter she will be living with. She, herself, is like Barb and I've never had warm, fuzzy feelings from her. Of course, after she called and attacked me after Barb's stroke, I really want nothing to do with her either but I've tried to be civil. Everyone in the hood has tried to be civil despite how toxic these people are. Now, everyone just shakes their heads and agrees that it's a real tragedy. Joe is also relieved to have them gone. I think we can all learn how not to behave when we observe tragic people like Barb. At this point, I'm not sure she can even help herself and it may be some kind of personality disorder. I haven't decided which is worse--having a really sweet person die or one who is so mean and toxic. I think losing people is always hard but, when a sweet person dies, we have lovely memories. When a mean person dies, it's like unfinished business in that they never came around and left this world in a bad place. I'm glad you got so much accomplished and hope you had a chance to rest.

    Rock, I love cacti but just don't want to get anything started; I'm so bad at taking care of plants. They do well here despite our humidity. We have an inland winery and, on the road to it, there is a HUGE cactus, as tall as a house. I saw it in bloom once with red flowers all over it on the ends of each 'knob.' I don't know how old it is but I'd guess it's very old. When the internet service providers upgrade their equipment, we usually have to get upgraded modems and, sometimes, routers too. If your ISP is providing your modem, they are likely charging you a monthly rental fee. Comcast charges $10 a month. I always buy my own because, in the long run, it's cheaper. My last one, according a my tech-savvy neighbor, doesn't passively just provide a signal to my equipment. It goes out seeking equipment with which it can connect. Of course, when the equipment is set up, I have to put in the 'key' so the equipment can use the encrypted signal. I know, I know--it's a pain in the you know what to keep up with. Yikes! I believe it's only a matter of time before everything is streamed and cable is obsolete.

    I slept late (thank you, Tweety and Sir Vester) so am late getting going. I won't go to the pool until tomorrow but have a ton of stuff that I need to do inside and out. When I'm done, I'll feel like I'm inside out! I hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    OK, Folks. This edition of Life On The Porch is over. Be sure
    and tune in tomorrow to see if Mike and Angie will tie the knot
    in Mike's roller blades. Discover where Granni Louella found
    the dasher for her churn, and find out what Sam came across
    in the old smoke house down by the pond.

    The Thread is now closed.
    I will open a new thread.


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