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    I've copied my last post from Porch 883:

    Good Morning, Kids,

    I'm tired today. Kitties kept trying to get me to get up about 3:30 but I rattled the water bottle at them and they quieted down until 5:00. They played their little kittie zoom-zoom games for a bit and both played with the little ball in the track. Sir Vester never gets tired of it but it's rare for Tweety to play with it. Just saw on TV that Doris Roberts, of Everybody Loves Raymond, died. She was 90. Seems that we are losing a whole generation of actors and singers. :(

    I had a strange dream just before waking. I dreamed that my Mom and I were on a train speeding down the track. We had been on a long trip through dreary landscape and were very tired and wanting to go home. Just as I thought we would never get back, I looked out and saw the Rocky Mountains and was so happy and said to Mom that we would be there soon. I was so excited. This wasn't an ordinary dream. I think it was a message. I've been so tired that my life hasn't felt worth living. I don't have a death wish; I'm just getting very little joy from life. It's because I feel so crappy and can't get much done. I do try to enjoy what I can and am grateful for what I have but I feel as though I'm only half alive. I think the dream was to tell me that I'm on the right track and will be going home soon. I don't mean soon in our time frame but only that I'm on the last leg of this trip of life. No matter what, I'll keep going but it's encouraging to know that I'm headed in the right direction. If I get to feeling better, the whole 'landscape' may change for me.

    Sun, thanks for the recipe. When I was a kid, we took the 'Irish Cure' for a cold and cough: Whiskey, lemon and honey. We drank it. The Irish would never pour good whiskey down the drain. :) I'm glad you got to see more art. I really need to get better so I can check out our art scene here. There is an art walk in downtown Fort Myers every Fri. night. I haven't been downtown in years at night. There was a shooting at the Zombicom festival last year. The bad hood isn't far from the downtown area. There is a parking garage but the traffic in the downtown area is awful. They should build another parking garage and get rid of parking on the narrow downtown streets. We have a college and the Alliance of the Arts not far from me and that would be easier to get to in order to see art. Shootings are a weekly occurence now.

    This is a nice area but the old hoods, where gangs and drugs have taken over, are very dangerous. A grandmother was just killed inside her house in the hood while she was playing cards with friends. The saddest is when children are shot. The city wants to tack and extra half-cent onto our sales tax to provide housing and jobs for these people, like that would fix the problem. They are thugs and criminals. How likely would they be to give up the big money of selling drugs and violence for a minimum-wage job. Meantime, the good people in the hood live in constant fear. OK, sorry to digress. I'm off my soapbox now. I hope you and I and Julie all get over this crud. I wonder whether the gargle would work with gin instead of vodka. I have gin on hand. Again, though, I might just gargle it on the way down.

    Granni, I was worried about you with this rain. TV has shown people fleeing for their lives from the flooding. I agree that so many drugs make people feel sleepy. Many bi-polar patients say the drugs make them feel as though they are not themselves so they quit taking them. I wish they could come up with treatments which don't have these side effects. When I first started taking my BP meds, I felt like a zombie. Now that the dose is so much lower, I am not having that effect. I'm just exhausted from this crud that never goes away. I hope your hairdresser is OK. When I see disasters on TV, I always send up a prayer for those in harm's way and those grieving their losses. It's so sad. Hope you and yours will be OK. We get those loud thunderstorms here too with frightening lightening and claps of thunder. :eek: It's hard to sleep but I do love thunderstorms. Our frogs here have been horny in the pond and keep us awake with their mating calls all night. Good Grief!!!

    Julie, I'm glad the Amish will do those high parts of the bldg. How nice that neither you nor Den will be trying to do that while you are both recovering. I'm glad too that you don't try to argue or reason with GPA but rather just do what is the best way to go about things without getting ruffled. Part of the payoff for P/A's is to ruffle other people's feathers. Without that payoff, they usually go on to something else. Whatever he does, as long as you can remain centered, you will be OK. Have any of the heavy storms reached you? Denver really got dumped on with snow and it's still cold there. Yikes!!! :eek: I don't miss springtime in the Rockies. Feel better. Don't know about you but I think I'll try the vodka (or whiskey) cure. Perhaps the benefit of actually drinking the booze is that it might kill off the bugs in the stomach too.

    Gonna get going. I did get the bed changed. I got all but the quilt laundered. I also got the rest of the laundry done. Cats were dismayed that the quilt wasn't on the bed last night. I removed a ton of cat hair from it before taking it off the bed. We have silver fish here and they like to eat fabric. It's time for me to place the little poison pellets under the bath vanity and in my closet where the cats can't get to them. Years ago, the silver fish ate the fabric blinds in one of the downstairs condos while they were gone for the summer. When I check Ilona's and Frank's old condo for their kids, I check the windows and baths for them. I put the pellets in their bathrooms too. We don't have nearly as many of them these days but they seem to come up in the bathrooms where our fumigators's spray may not get them.

    Hope everydobby has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Went to the library yesterday. (Gordon went to two libraries.) Gotta buncha
    DVDs including Ken Burns' The Civil War. I couldn't find it on the shelves
    even though the computer said this branch had it. Turned out it was
    file with the "T's" as in "The". All one can say to that is "Duh". Anyhoo there
    are 5 DVDs in the set. Have watched the first one thus far plus a DVD
    of Johnny Carson on his first TV show back in the mid 50's. This
    was before he became the host of Tonight Show. He looked so young and
    so slim. Like a college kid. According to his bio, he was 30.

    And I watched a Carol Burnett collection of show stoppers. Programs where
    Havey Korman, and sometimes everybody else, just started laughing
    and couldn't stop. Tim Conway was usually the cause of all this merriment.

    Mikie, your dream about your mother and the train reminds me of Henry
    Clay Work's song "Crossing the Grand Sierras". Henry wrote several
    Civil war songs including Marching Through Georgia. Twenty years
    after the war he wrote "The Silver Horn" (A Song of Peace).

    BTW, do you guys know why (according to an urban myth) celebrities
    die in threes? It's because after people get to three they start over again
    with one.

    Sun, Gordon uses those Fisherman's Friends too. They are as bad as spicy
    food to me. I read the only active ingreediment is menthol. (Did I
    already post that recently?) Anyhoo they are too fierce for me. Leave
    a nasty taste in the mouth for far too long.

    Your friend with the coffee painting has an inventive spirit. Maybe she'll
    do one with Cremora too so folks can have a choice. Add tea and she'd have
    a triptych.

    Granni, I read about the heavy rains and flooding in Texas. Glad to hear
    it wasn't in your neck of the woods.

    All for now
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    Hi everyone!

    I'm still around. Not much energy though.

    Kevin and I did get our beef bone soup made. It's delicious. I use wild, brown, or white rice for my broth. Kevin uses the PLAIN Asian ramen noodles. So we're both happy.

    Granni, The flooding in TX is horrible. I think the news said this a.m. 25 million gallons of water came down! I pray for you, yours and those you know.

    Sun, interesting about the vodka cure. I've always used Mikie's Honey cure (honey and whiskey), maybe lemon, maybe poured into hot tea. Then my mom would put lots of blankies on me, I guess I was supposed to sweat it out. Now that I'm older, that "cure" doesn't work anymore.

    It was interesting to read about your 32 year old "pool worker"? I've been sick too since around the holidays. Then I feel better. Then I feel sick. I think you said that you and your DD are going in "cycles" too.

    UGH, let it be over.

    Julie, I don't know what to say to you, hon. Please remember to take care of you and Den, first, then the others in your family. Easier said than done. I know. Take care!

    You were posting about gluten and not feeling well. Me, too. I also have lactose intolerance. I hope you get to feeling better, if you change your diet. If you ever want to talk "off the board", PM me, I'll give you my email. If you want to exchange recipes or whatever, let me know. Then we won't have to worry if we're posting "commercial" (.com) sites.

    Barry, I think I posted on the Homebound board, then when I went back and read it, it didn't make much sense. Now that my computer is back at full speed ahead, I seem to be hitting several buttons "simultaneously", which delete at least half my post! Ugh.

    R9ck, always great to hear from you!

    Do you ever read the David Rosenfelt books (this is not in the Andy Carpenter Series). But it's very good. It's a new book.

    Spring, always great to hear from you. I think about you a lot, even more so when I hear about Asian EQs. Take care, my friend!

    It's funny. I think today is Saturday. I keep waiting for Kevin to get home from the library. Nope!

    Just means I need another aspirin for my fever, and more liquids, some juice too.

    I'm struggling, my friends. I'll be back when I can.

    Love and hugs and prayers,
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    Hi, Kids,

    Well, I have some bad news and some good news. The bad news is that I'm Herxing and that 'splains the gross, smelly sweating; swollen lymph nodes; sore throat; and headache. AACCKK!!! The good news is that I'm Herxing. It means there is a huge dieoff of whatever virus has been causing me to feel so sick and exhausted. I'm sure the allergies only exacerbate the problem. At least now, I know it is a virus and I'll go back on my antiviral med. Evidently, my own immune system is kicking ass in the viral arena. Go immune system!!! It could be the Whatever Herpes-Family Virus. Don't really care as long as it goes away or into latency.

    Before I get going for the day, I decided to do my Epsom Salt soak and do some personal landscaping. Thank God, as I age, I have less and less hair to deal with. It's also very fine which makes what I do have left difficult for the epilator to grab hold of and yank out. I'll be glad when it's all gone. I used my little buzzer to clean up my neck hair. The pedicure I did yesterday looks really nice. In the summertime, I like a nice hot pink toe nail polish. I love always having my feet look decent especially because I always wear flip flops. I may feel crappy but, at least, I don't look too bad.

    Rock, are you liking the Ken Burns DVD's on the Civil War? I absolutely loved them. I think they give a real feeling to the whole, horrible event. PBS has soooo many really good and interesting programs on history, social and cultural movements, science, and drama. Who files things under 'T' when they begin with 'The.' Duh!!! The people who do that probably have a degree in library science. Maybe it's just me, and maybe I don't understand it, but I've always hated the Dewey Decimal System. Thank God, with computers, it just isn't necessary anymore. I'm not sure whether it's still in use. I hope it has gone the way of slide rules.

    Diane, I got rid of gluten for a while but didn't notice a difference so gave up milk and that exposed my lactose intolerance. I buy the Lactose milk or take a Lactose tablet if I have a bit of dairy. Most of the time, I can tolerate some cheese but have problems with ice cream, sour cream and other dairy products. I do know that gluten causes inflammation so it's probably better not to eat it. I don't eat much of it. I wish you could get over this crud too. l don't know whether sweating it out helps but, after a good swig of whiskey, I care less and am able to relax. I like gin 'n tonic drinks with some lime in them and the tonic water has quinine and that always helps. I'll turn into a lush with all these 'cures.'

    Julie, thanks for your kinds words to me about the dream. I also hope you can have some NRG, and relief from the stressors in your life, without having to wait for another season. Of course, if you had more NRG and relief from the stressors, it would be a new season. Doh!!! I've always felt my Mom's presence watching over me and it's comforting that she is reassuring me that better things lie ahead. I do think I'm on the right 'track' so all I really have to do is ride it out and enjoy what scenery is along the way. I feel less anxious about this prolonged exhaustion today than I have lately. I hope and pray your 'scenery' improves. You are definitely the engineer of your train and are focused on what is important. I do like the analogy to 'seasons of life' because one thing is usually certain--one season follows another. I'm not ready to be in the winter of my life but fall is OK.

    I really have to get going now. Publix has some good sales and I think I'll run up there to pick up a few things. Pork chops are on sale and that sounds really good. Hope all y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie: that was a most serious dream you had. It's obvious with your mom riding with you....you've always talked about how you feel her watching over you and heading to Colorado, the place you grew up and loved, makes a lot of sense. Sometimes those type of dreams just bring a peace and comfort to us.

    My dad has been gone 44 years and I really wasn't as close to him as I was my mom, but the last month I've had several dreams about him. My last remaining aunt from a family of 8 kids asked me a few years ago when her brother died......WHERE are all her family? This was an odd question from her since she was Christian. She said she rarely read her bible, so I ordered a large one with tons of explanations be sent to her........she was a little miffed. I said OK, read it or don't. So when she was moved into a retirement home by several of my cousins, I was told she didn't even want to take her bible. And lately it seems like there's a lot of my family who are on the other side.

    And I don't see where it would hurt to gargle a little whiskey, honey and lemon and swallow it!

    Diane: Hang in there...."and this too shall pass."

    Julie: Best thing to do with Gpa is develop hearing problems! LOL It's true what Mikie said that PAs LOVE when they can upset someone then pretend they did nothing.

    Rock: I LOVED Ken Burns, Civil War, when it first aired about 25 or so years ago. When I see it on PBS even
    now I will watch it. And the theme song..........gets me tears eyed every time.

    It wasn't coffee grinds I was using but instant coffee. I tried it on regular WC paper.....didn't like the effect but when used on my Yupo paper (it's like a plastic paper) I LOVED the effect. When I get a chance I'll take some pics. and post them. I get up in the morning and have sooooo many things that need to be done, fun and some not so fun, so I have lots to keep me busy, more than busy.
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    Good morning to everydobby. DH ran to the bank and should be home soon so I hope that I can finish this. When DH leaves for good this morning for his meeting I need to get started doing a few things. This afternoon we sing,

    Well I am back again after doing other stuff after DH came home and needed the computer before taking off again for his meeting. In the meanwhile I got dressed tried to unclog our stupid sinks, in bathroom. Never have had so many problems with sinks clogging before. Black crap seems to collect under the rim of the stopper deally that goes up and down. Thinking we might have to have them just removed, more trouble then they are worth. I keep figuring that DH's was partially due to trimming his moustache over the sink and the gel for his shaving stuff. However, I have some of that too. Maybe the tooth paste? That is all I can think of.

    Does anyone have any ideas for unstopping sinks besides all the Drano type stuff??. I have used them many times and not sure how great they are besides toxic. Plus I do not always have that around. I used a bent hanger to poke around in the opening as much as I could into the stupid hole where the stopper is and got some of it out. Then I pouring boiling water into it. That has helped somewhat.

    JULIE - Try not to let Gpa's stuff that he says to you get to you really bad. I know it would because you are a thoughtful and caring person. However, this is probably all he heard at home with sis and did you say his wife also somewhat?

    I also use the FISHERMAN'S FRIEND lozengers esp when I sing. I tuck it in the back of my mother and does not seem to produce the sputum and stuff in your mouth that others do. Yes, they are strong. I will have to try them when I have a coughing fit. I also use the natural ones by Ricola - SF Lemon Mint if I can get them in the large pkg. Yes, they are pretty strong and some people cannot stand them but I love licorice and they taste a little bit like that.

    Does Aldi just have the GF crusts. What you got sounds good but I am not supposed to have dairy r cheese and that is driving me crazy - LOVE CHEESE!! We don't go there much since when they first opened they didn't take credit cards. Now I think they do. The grocery stores seem to be carrying more and more GF stuff if you can find them. They are also not to cheap, at least a lot of it. The crusts might not be to bad. WM had them I think in their small GF area.

    DIANE- SORRY THAT YOU ARE STILL FEELING YUCKY WITH SOME FEVER. I AM GUESSING IT IS THE USUAL LOW GRADE FEVER, CORRECT?? Nowadays unless I have something special to do I get confused and cannot remember the days. So, do not feel bad. Hope you get rid of that stuff someday REALLY SOON. Lots of stuff going on now I know with lots of people.

    MIKIE - That was a crazy dream. If I dream I do not remember it when I awake. Sorry you are still feeling punk and not feeling like doing anything. I feel that way most of the time but keep on pushing like I do and many others. Hope you get a little vim and vinegar back soon.

    I really need to get off now as I have some stuff to clear up about our ladies luncheon. I am one of the callers who call people that don't have or do computers.

    Due to the rain DS is not going into the city to see our misquided other DD. Who knows if we can even help her if she is not taking the meds as she should. Who knows if and when she will talk to any other doctor about this. She is almost 50 years old next year. GEEZ!!

    More later !!

    Love to awl,

    Love to everydobby including SUN, SW, ROCK, Barry and I cannot have time to reply to personally .
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    Hi, Kids,

    I'm back from Publix and thought I'd drop in since I lack any more NRG to do anything else 'cept wash the quilt for my bed. I did get the pork chops on sale but got some chicken tenders and spicy potato wedges at the deli. I was too hungry to wait to cook the chops. These things are not what I should be eating but, now and then, it's OK. I eat really healthy the rest of the time. I had some watermelon for dessert. Now, I'm having some decaf and a little packet of the Skinny Cow dark chocolate candy. It's expensive but I got it on BOGO. Again, not idea food but, when I'm fighting a virus or Herxing, I will eat whatever I crave. The combination of caffeine and chocolate usually gives me a bit of NRG and eases my pain.

    One of my favorite cashiers was in the Quick Line but told me to get in it as she wasn't busy. Another cashier bagged for us. The bagger saw the great rapport we had and we all talked about dieting. One of the Skinny Cow boxes didn't get bagged so the one bagging came out into the parking lot to look for me. We talked a bit and introduced ourselves--another nice friend to have at the store. She went to a weight-loss clinic because she has all the problems I have and she wants to get healthier. She is a very attractive woman who is tall and big boned. At the clinic, she had them put staples in her ear and lost 26 lbs. the first month! Wow!!! I like to live in a happy, peaceful world and it's so much better to be on a friendly basis with the people who work in the stores.

    Sun, yes that dream wasn't the everyday kind of dream which is hard to remember. I felt everything more in the dream and it stuck with me. Everything was symbolic, including the dreary landscape which represents my life lately due to stress and exhaustion. The mountains were symbolic of "Home," our eventual home in Heaven. I experienced joy to see that ahead of me. The rails represent that I'm on a path which will take me to that Home. You are right; the dream gave me great peace and comfort. How strange of your aunt. It was so nice of you to give her that Bible. She sounds just like Barb who was always saying she didn't believe she would see her DH again after he died. She was raised a Christian too and should have believed. All the religions believe in life after this in a Paradise. I'm looking forward to seeing your experiment with the instant coffee. I love the metallic look in art.

    Granni, yes, it is a combination of hair and gel products which cause that black gunk in the drain. The stopper can be removed and cleaned out but it's a pain. I have to get under the sink to remove it. I have found that is the only way to unclog the sinks; drain products don't cut through that gunk. Once the plunder is clean, don't let the gel stuff go down the drain. Take some tissue and wipe the sink clean before rinsing it when you do your hair or brush your teeth if you can see the gel in the sink. As you mentioned, I tried to push through my fatigue when I worked out on Fri., but that only made my exhaustion worse, as it often does. I just can't push through it or it is worse so I try to pace myself. Right now, it doesn't take much to do me in. Hope you get your drains running free.

    Julie, sis seems to have a long-standing pattern of behavior. I suspect GPA doesn't believe her either. I'm so glad those workers are doing so well on your home. Yea!!! I hope this helps speed up this big project for you. Do the Amish have restaurants there? There are two of them up the coast in Sarasota and I've wanted to drive up there to eat. It's impossible during Snowbird Season but I'd like to drive up before it's too hot. I've heard their fried chicken is to die for. Hope the guys get the work finished on the high-up areas.

    I'm watching The People's Court, a Judge Judy-ish show. Junk food and junk TV. Woo Hoo!!! I'm getting more and more tired as the day moves on. Whine, whine, whine!!!

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Just woke up from a nap. Gordon is at the library. We have 5 books to
    pick up.

    Mikie, staples in the ear? I thought folks put staples in the pantry or the
    root cellar. Anyhoo, always nice to meet someone who is simpatico.
    And speaking of railroads and symbolism, do you know this old song?

    Life is like a mountain railway;
    With an engineer that's brave.
    We must make the run successful,
    From the cradle to the grave.

    Recorded by lottsa folks including Patsy Cline.

    Julie, did you get your pizza at an Aldi store? Nearby? I can
    remember when pizza was something new for most Americans.
    When I was in college there was a pizza place across the street
    in St. Paul. A small pizza cost 90 cents, and it was delicious.

    Diane, when you mentioned the 32 year old pool worker, my
    first though was someone who worked in a pool hall. So I was
    Confused in California. We had a pool hall in our village. It
    had 2 or 3 tables. My mother didn't really approve of kids
    going in there, but she didn't prohibit same. My father was
    a drinking buddy of the proprietor, so he didn't care.

    I've read books by David Rosenfelt or somebody with a similar
    name. Was a while ago. Anyhoo I just put one on hold.
    "Lessons From Tara." That's Tara, a dog; not Tara, the
    plantation, Kids.


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    Lol i went and deleted my entire post!

    Its burning hot on the terrace..where i went to pick up the washing..and its also blowing like mad,the wind is making a sound like a banshee..

    my son and DH went to a marriage last eve..the card was so fancy (big shiny wooden box mahogany coloured with gold inlays and the persons name written in gold lettering inside three wooden invites..(one the actual wedding details, the other two invites for two different occasions of the same wedding) at two different five star hotels. With a gold mesh paper covering a packet of green cardamoms and a little box of expensive saffron. A poster of the bride and bridgroom on the inside of the box wall and a photo of a humongous diamond ring a huge square solitaire in the middle, two smaller baguettes on the sides and rows of smaller diamonds on the band and fitted into the sides of the bands aargh!.i suppose thats why they had a photo of it on the invite :D..Yikes how much did they spend for the invite itself! I was telling DH what kind of a present do they expect for such a wedding and he told me here the custom was no presents for grooms side invite. relief.

    The son sent a pic of the invite to all his friends and two adventurous ones said they were gonna gate crash the wedding since it was on their bucket list (gate crashing a wedding) , i was horrified but son said it wasnt a big deal..just a prank..

    well, they did! and didnt get found out. with my DH regaling the friends of the time his friend and he crashed a wedding when they were young and didnt hv lots of pocket money..his friend was the son of the then ambassador to some country and the host recognized his friend and told him 'pointedly' that "he should have sent an invite but forgot but good to see he attended anyway'.Hahahahahahaha. The friend dragged my DH away without partaking of the feast...hahahahaha. Sons friends, however, didnt get found out..but they complained to son that it took all their courage to suit up and bluff their way in thru the ushers and what do they find? the wedding of that of an Indian and serves no meat at all, and neither any alcohol. They were fuming.

    good lord, i found the exact ring on the net..here it is!


    im thinking of telling my kids to go elope and spare us the wedding expenses. lol.

    As it is, my son who doesnt talk much anyways, when i showed him the invite, gazed it for a moment, considered and said "Mum, do you get the feeling sometimes that these people send such invites to say "hey we want you to come to our wedding and look, how much richer than you we are!"?

    id written a long post replying to everyone but will hv to do it again later sorry.

    Take care all.

    God Bless
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  10. Mikie

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    Good Morning, Kids,

    Hope all y'all are having a good day. Kitties and I both slept til 4:30 so I'm feeling pretty good considering that I'm still Herxing. I think the Herxing is almost over because, despite chilling, I'm getting that good feeling after the big dieoff of pathogens. My bod is still purging but it seems to be on the wane. I gargled, and drank down, a gin 'n tonic made with lemon and some honey at bedtime last night. It tasted wonderful and soothed the sore throat and cough. Earlier, I was coughing while trying to talk to the cats' other mommy, Julie. She was wondering about our friend who died. I don't really have details but I told her what I knew. I told her to stop in and visit the kitties. She's had her hands full with installation of new floors and looking for a job she wants instead of the one she could find in nursing. Then, my other neighbor called, wanting to know if she could borrow some printer paper. She came over and got it but didn't come in. Finally, the kitties and I snuggled in for the night. I fell asleep early.

    I picked up my mail yesterday and paid all the bills this morning. I looked at my bank acct. and saw that my 401K deposited the required minimum withdrawal into the acct. It makes me angry that the govt. requires this. I have a guaranteed look-back return on investment and these withdrawals will just decrease the balance when I annuitize it in the future. On the other hand, it's a mini-windfall and I can decide to spend it on something I want. For now, I'm just letting it sit. I want to go see my kids but I think I probably have enough reward dollars on my credit card to do that. Perhaps I'll get new carpeting in the condo when the cats get less destructive. The only carpeting they have destroyed lately is the cheap area rug in the living room. I'll keep shampooing the old carpet until it falls apart. Blessings on the original owner of the condo for opting for a carpet upgrade.

    Rock, that song is amazing, considering how it seems to echo what the dream was about. An ad for a car, I think it is Mazda but not certain, uses Patsy Cline singing, Baby's Arms. I can't get that song outta my pea brain. I think she was one of the greatest singers of all time, at least, country singers. I have one of her CD's and love to listen to it. I've been singing Baby's Arms to the cats, inserting their names instead of 'baby.' They love it when I sing and love it even more when the song is about them. Little scamps! When I first heard of staples in the ear, I envisioned staples like we use to attach paperwork. These were little flesh-colored dots, at least, on the front side. There were a lot of them in one ear and one just below her neck to the side. I've heard this works but never met anyone who had had it done and was having success. I'm glad you get to read so much. I just can't stay awake when I read. Soooo, it takes me forever to get through a book. There is a new one out, Game of Crowns, about the royal family. I think I'll check it out and, if it's not too expensive, I'll download it to the Kindle. Enjoy your books.

    Julie, I'm glad those guys made so much progress. Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel? I hope so. Girl, you're just getting all kinds of empowerment over your life. Good for you!!! Try the booze cure. It really soothed my sore throat last night. BTW, you can mention the brand of supps you DD sells. We can mention products here as long as we're not trying to solicit sales and not posting website/e-address URL's for those products. I forgot to mention this last time I posted. I hope you are feeling better. Also, BTW, that smug look you described that GPA has is exactly how Barb looked when she was on the attack. It's almost an evil expression. Yikes!!!

    Spring, OMG, yes, those people are only using the wedding to boast about how much money they have. It's the same thing here. Some invitations are actually expensive gifts to the attendees beforehand. I think it's wonderful to try to have the most beautiful wedding one can afford in order to have that 'perfect' day to remember; however, when it's so over the top, I think it's just an attempt to impress. I've seen a lot of tasteful weddings on which a lot of money was spent but I've also seen some tacky ones. To put a pic of the ring in with the invitation is not, IMHO, very tasteful. We had a neighbor who threw a huge wedding for their spoiled daughter up in NYC. It was tasteful but obviously cost a fortune, including lobster dinner at the reception. The daughter's marriage didn't last very long and she was divorced. I'm sorry it's so hot there. Our temps are now in the mid- to high-80's and on the way to the low-90's. Yikes!

    Dear old friend just called. He's still busy substitute teaching but, once school is out, we plan on having lunch at a nice seafood restaurant. I'll ask my friend, Nancy, to go with us. She is so much fun and such a good-hearted person. I gotta get going. Hope all y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2016
  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Not sure I am on this latest volume so I need to get on here so I can see what is going on with my Porchies. Have to get ready to go shopping then to the dentist for both of us this afternoon. Then supposed to go to a wake (visitation), tomorrow a funeral and looks like ore rain is on the way. Getting dark here.

    Glad those workmen made lots of progress on the new house JULIE. Need to send a text to DD about tonight. Hope to get back some later but not sure I will get back today..

    Guess I am on this volume. Oh well, will ttya later.

    Granni :)
  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    I'm back! Ha Ha! You didn't even know I was gone. My computer was on
    the blink in the middle of the night. I could type on the keyboard, but
    no letters showed up on the screen. So I did what all of us non-techie
    people do. I turned it off for a few hours. At the moment it is working fine.

    Mikie, I was wondering about those ear staples. An office stapler would be
    terribly painful. I thought they must be more like short, straight pins.
    Anyhoo I read a couple articles by doctors. They said they were surgical
    staples and are left in place for a few weeks to a few months. But, there
    is no medical evidence that they work. And they can cause infection and
    even result in disfigurement. So it's probably safer to sleep with your ear
    on a rice pillow.

    Yes, both Gordon and I love Patsy Cline. Her success was partially due to
    Owen Bradley, musician and record producer. You can hear Patsy recording
    some songs for our troops on Youtube. (If it hasn't been removed.) She
    sounds nothing like the Patsy we know and love. Owen had a long career.
    He and Chet Atkins ran the Nashville RCA recording studio. I used to have
    a 10 inch long playing record of Owen playing the organ. I found it in some
    used record bin. Probably paid a quarter for it.

    Springwater, you deleted your post! Doesn't that just make ya crazy. I've
    done the same thing. Grrrrr! Wow! That is some ring! Funny how
    solitaire is a good thing if you're wearing it on your finger, but not so
    nice if you're in prison.

    BTW, I think your son's comment regarding the invitation was very

    Julie, glad to hear of progress on the house. You're lucky you don't
    have me there to help. I would probably break something, lose a
    hammer and fall off the roof. My dad would definitely lose a tool.
    (I always need at least 3 tries to spell "definitely" correctly. It is
    an invidious word.)

    My dad seldom picked up a tool, but when he did he inevitably
    left it outside to rust. He couldn't hang a picture without flying
    into a rage and smashing something. But for some weird reason
    he loved visiting hardware stores. Was always bringing home stuff he
    didn't know how to use. I dunno why he couldn't be happy being
    a great cook.

    Like Alexander the Great, I guess. Always looking for new worlds
    to conquer. Speaking of war, I am on volume 3 of The Civil War.
    There is one DVD for each year.

    Sun, I agree with you about Ashoken Farewell. There are umpteen
    versions of it on Youtube. By solo instruments, by an orchestra,
    by the composer and his wife, by their band, etc. All I have to hear
    is the first 3 notes. Instant nostalgia. Many of the comments posted
    by viewers say it is a song from the Civil War. Actually Jay Unger
    wrote it in 1982.

    It's like the song Morning Has Broken. Youtube has
    oodles of people saying Cat Stevens wrote it. Actually the
    song was written before Stevens was even born. I just don't
    understand people who post or say whatever is at issue
    without checking first. Well, just different approaches to life, I guess.

    Hugs To Diane, Barry, Granni,

    Last edited: Apr 20, 2016
  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just wanted y'all to know that author, John Grisham, is giving away his newest book, The Tumor. It is a fictional read but introduces the concept of treating tumors with focused ultrasound. He serves on the board of directors where this treatment is used and he wanted to get the word out so decided to write a book and give it away. I just downloaded it to my Kindle. I also downloaded two book on the Queen and Royals. Another Grisham was free so downloaded it too. OMG! When will I be able to read all this?

    I also bought a kit for the Roomba. It has hepa filters which have to be replaced. iRobot sent me four of them free when I registered the Roomba but they need to be replaced every other month or so. The three little brushes, which spin and get into the corners, will need to be replaced eventually. This kit should get me through the next year with the Roomba and the kit was really cheap. I can only imagine what it would cost at BB&B.

    Granni, hope to see you here later. Good grief! Another funeral?

    Rock, just saw on Live With Kelly & Michael that acupuncture needles in the ear do the same thing as the staples but it takes a few treatments. The doc on there said acupuncture helps anxiety. I've had anxiety since before Barb left. I need to meditate more to try to get rid of it. A drink or some Special K also helps but don't want to have to depend on that kind of thing if this is just a transient problem. BTW, Michael is leaving the show and Kelly wasn't on today. I'm wondering whether she wasn't told of his departure and was too upset to be there today. They really kept it under wraps. That kind of thing usually leaks out beforehand. Have you seen the Patsy Cline biopic, Sweet Dreams? I loved it but wonder how accurate it was. Her husband complained that he was vilified by the film. Still, it's one of my all-time favorites. Speaking of lightweight films, does anyone else love Peggy Sue Got Married? I need to check to see whether or not I have the DVD. I spose it will cost to watch it on my streaming subscriptions. Bah!

    OK, this time I really gotta go. Friend just called and there is a lunch tomorrow for a couple who is going back home next week. I'm looking forward to going out for lunch with my pals.

    Love, Mikie
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    After my shower, I decided to have some lunch and go shopping. Macy's was having a big sale but I found nothing there and nothing at Dillard's. I might as well stick with Bealls; it's cheaper and they actually have more variety for sportswear. I stopped in at Joann's to see about the trim for the valance if I ever have the time and NRG to make it. I just can't get into the color of the trim they have. It's close but not a match. I'll just sew the edge up without trim. I did find some faux coral, a couple of throw pillows and a sun hat. The sun hat, or garden hat as it was called, is very wide brimmed and floppy. It'll be great for the pool. The little throw pillows are sooooo cute. They have a print of a rust color bicycle propped up against a brown fence at the beach. At the top is aqua and yellow. The look great on the beige loveseat and tie in all the colors in my living room. Everything was on sale.

    Burlington Coat Factory is next to Joann's so I stopped in. All these women talking on their phones while their kids screamed. Yikes! I did find a really cute aqua top I'll probably wear tomorrow to lunch. I don't need much but I'm sick of my clothes and just wanted something new. It was only $13 so, if I don't like it, I can give it away or sleep in it. I don't want to have to go back there. I'm home with sciatica and ringing in my ears. I'm feeling better but still don't have much endurance.

    Julie, good grief, indeed! I think GPA is getting worse! He's just a self-centered manipulative old man. I hope you can continue to ignore his antics. Over time, the stress will manifest. I hope you can get away from him for a 'sanity' break. Yes, I remember Sanford clutching his chest and saying that it's the big one. Funny on TV. Not so much in real life. Take care, my friend.

    I'm washing the quilt from the bed. I think that's all I'll get done today. I need to take the trash and recycle stuff down in the morning before I get ready for lunch. We don't go til 1:00 for our group lunches. By then, most people have cleared out. Several friends are gone or have company so our group won't be as large.

    Since I don't plan on doing much the rest of the day, perhaps I'll start reading one of my new books but which one? So many books, so little time and NRG!

    Love, Mikie
  15. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi All.
    Mikie I'm done in too. I cut down the crappy crepe myrtle that was growing in the window's way. Now more sun can get the succulents in the bedroom on the cabinet top. Glad that's over with! Also cooked carrots and peas for Shorty. A little cleaning up of dishes and rubbish. Aaack! I can't believe the shopping you do! It would totally drain me because of my M.E.!

    The Mountain Ash, aka Rowan tree that I grew from seed many yrs. ago is in bloom. It's about 30 feet tall; pretty white flowers and red berries. Lovely bearded irises are blooming, and our native dogwood with big white flowers is in flower along our lane. Lots of pink columbines that I bred, and violets everywhere. The Siberian Honeysuckle is covered with white flowers. Unfortunately they have no scent. :( The Solanum jasminoides vine covering the west side of the cabin is also blooming, again with white flowers. No scent of jasmine though! Red and yellow striped parrot tulips are in lovely late bloom. I was shocked to see them the other day -- I thought the tulips were all done for the season.

    Enjoy the spring, everyone.

    Mikie: I don't understand about the ear staples. What the heck are they and what do they do? :confused:

    Worn out as always. Anxiety, etc.etc. You all know the drill......

    Love to All,
  16. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: You've created a self absorbed selfish old man.......you did too much for him, jumped whenever he called, but you were only trying to do the best for him. (you gave me a good laugh about his drama) NOW.....you have to wean him from it. All his tests show he's pretty darn heathy for his age. My opinion, take it for what it's worth......get him into the care center every couple of weeks, for your own peace and sanity, or you're going to lose it. Whether you have a trip planned or not tell him you NEED some time to rest and sleep and you're sure he would like some socializing with others. Being the caretaker of an old person is a thankless job and you're always on call.

    Mikie: All that shopping! Glad you've got some energy.

    Barry: my neighbor in back has blooming jasmine, however it's scent is really overpowering to me. It climbed over the shared fence and I guess I'll need to put it on a list for when I get a gardener here to do some work. All trimmed back on my side!

    Spring: OMG......talk about crude bragging of someone's wealth! Unbelievable! And what did your DH say about the entire reception, etc.?

    Bad fatigue day for me. I'm hoping I might be able to nap. Perhaps I need a little "cough medicine"????
  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: obviously Sis knows how to work the "Gpa system" to her advantage. Yes, I remember how sick he was but he's gotten reasonably healthy, thanks to you. So you now need to think of yourself and Den. That's why I say get him to the care center like twice a month. It will do all of you some good.

    Here's a pic. of my beach scene. It's about 13 x 20. Some of the larger rocks have a painted crumpled wax paper over them to give it a 3D look. Still playing with the coffee though.

    Attached Files:

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  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    Another good night's sleep. Sir Vester threw up during the night on the carpet and I have to clean it up. No hurry since it sat there for hours before I got up. I'll just spot clean it. The carpet needs to be cleaned but, until I can get to it, I'll just clean the spots. In some ways, it's very freeing to have an old carpet. No worries about ruining it. Just went out to see the almost-full moon before it sets. I always feel better during a full moon.

    I paid for my shopping spree--I was in a lot of FMS pain last evening, a rarity these days. At least, the exhaustion caused me to sleep well until 5:00 this morning. I'll take my garbage and recycle stuff down before I get ready for our luncheon. I need to go to Wally World but don't know whether I'll have the NRG after lunch. WW has the best prices on A/C filters. According to the A/C experts, it doesn't matter if one buys the cheapest filters as long as they are the accordion-pleated ones and not the flat ones. Barb always bragged that she had the best one, one which is removed and hand washed. Now, the experts say those are the worst! During spring, summer and fall, I switch out the filters monthly.

    Barry, I didn't spend too much time in each store and, yes, it was too much. How like us all to go overboard the minute we finally have some NRG. Your home sounds just lovely with everything in bloom. I'm sorry you are tired and have anxiety. I don't usually suffer from anxiety too much but find I just can't shut down the conversation in my head and I'm clenching my teeth at night. I hope you get to feeling better. In the meantime, enjoy your little paradise.

    Julie, your plans sound so wonderful. It would definitely get on my nerves to have someone staring at me when I'm on the computer. Yikes! You need your own space, time and privacy. I'm so glad those helpers got you and Den a bit closer to your goals. I'm also glad to see that you are taking back your control and not letting GPA call all the shots. I honestly don't know how he and sis can live with themselves, behaving like they do. I hope I never have to live with my kids but, if I ever do, I'll make myself scarce and keep a low profile. Hope you get to see your dad.

    Sun, you are an amazing artist! What you painted is exactly the kind of art I love--the colors, the textures and the scene itself. I'm so glad you have your art to enjoy. To be able to create is so life enhancing. I haven't had the NRG to do my housework let alone do anything creative. After failing to find trim I like for my valance, I've decided to make my own piping for the top. I need to find the cord to wrap the fabric around. Since there are no curved lines, the fabric need not be cut on the bias. I can use one side along the salvage. It's more work but will look great. At least, I made a decision on how to do it. For me, that's almost half the battle. Keep the pix coming.

    Gonna get going. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Dear Friends

    Just finished watching Ken Burns' Civil War. Five DVDs. By coincidence
    my brother wrote from Minnesota to say that he had attended a coin show
    and purchased an 1863 penny for $180. That was the year our grandfather
    was born. Never met him. Granpa Alonzo died 4 years before I was born.
    There where still thousands of living Civil War veterans when I was a kid.

    The library DVDs had fingerprints and other marks on them.
    Gordon suggested using a cloth designed to clean glasses. Works in
    most cases. Do you belong to Costco? Their optical dept. will give you
    a free one.

    Mikie, I assume you have an appropriate coupon for an eyeglasses
    cloth from some store. I have a vague memory of seeing Peggy Sue
    Got Married. It left me with a favorable impression. Can't remember
    any of the particulars. I never did see the Patsy Cline movie. I
    read Jessica Lang did her own singing. I also read the movie used
    Patsy's recordings. Typical of news from the world of show biz.

    Barry, we have a problematic crepe myrtle tree too. It was planted some
    decades ago by the city. Outside the garden wall; next to the sidewalk.
    I think it's very pretty when it's in bloom, but Gordon doesn't like it.
    It sheds leaves and twigs. He called the city. They told him, "Don't touch
    it. You will be fined if you so much as trim it!" Yikes! The gal he talked
    to told him some resident had cut a branch off an oak the city planted and
    was fined something like a hundred thousand dollars. Well, that's hard
    to believe. On the other hand, governments large and small do terrible
    things every day.

    My mother had columbine and parrot tulips in her garden. And lots of
    African violets in her house. They were tricky to grow in Minn. One
    of the things she liked about Calif. was that they grew so much
    faster and bigger out here.

    Julie, very sensible. If you can't mow your lawn, get your bangs mowed.
    Barry, I read that bangs are called fringe in England. That true? Tried
    to find the derivation of bangs. Couldn't find much. Looks like
    things are going a little smoother at your place, Julie. Glad to hear it.

    I think even if Den has done some goofy things now and then, there is
    still a vast divide between his handy man skills and mine. Some decades
    ago I could put a new washer in the faucet, but not anymore. Gordon says
    he thinks they don't even have washers now. I looked on the net for
    the answer to this fascinating question. Found way too much info. Not
    going to take the time to read it.

    Sun, great pic! So it has 3D texture? Does it have to be sprayed with
    some sort of spray to preserve it (like charcoal drawings)? How
    long did you work on it? Which is more fun? The painting or the
    satisfaction of having the work completed? Inquiring minds want
    to know.

    I think we might have jasmine here too. When I used to walk Zippy
    on Carroll Avenue there would be the heavy scent of jasmine or
    honeysuckle on summer nights. Never was sure, but now that
    I think about it, maybe it was honeysuckle 'cause the flowers were
    sorta tubular.

    Going back to bed, Kids
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2016
  20. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone. Not much to say so I won't say much.

    Rock, I don't know what bangs are called in Britain, but as far as I can see there is little difference between bangs and fringe. You know, like the surrey with bangs on top. Or as in Surrey with a fringe cut. :p

    Too bad about your crepe myrtle. Why don't you kill it? Then they will remove it. Have Gordon or someone cut the bark down to the wood all round the trunk. Rub dirt in the cut to make it invisible. It will die from lack of sap. :rolleyes: Vandals did it!

    Sun, you are a gifted artist. I especially like the shorebirds in the picture....

    Rock, et al, we wash our library dvds with alcohol and a glasses cleaner. Seems to work....

    Gosh! it's lunch time! We keep a very regular dining schedule. Breakfast at 8, lunch at 1, dinner at 8. Tonight it's beef/pork meatloaf with roasted carrots (if Ted didn't eat them all!) and big green salad. Well, the salad actually is green and red (radicchio and red lettuce for the red.)

    I had nothing to say and I have said nothing. o_O
    S and T of being S and T.
    NRG to all,
    with my love,

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