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    Y'all know the drill. I'll be back as soon as I go read the last posts on Porch 884. Suggest you check them out too.

    OK, I'm back. I read the last posts on #884 so I can respond:

    Granni, I was worried about you when I saw all that rain in Houston. I hope it lets up. I hate having to walk through puddles under an umbrella. Walking through puddles in flip flops is dangerous. You asked about bargains--everything I got at Joann's was 60 percent off. The throw pillows look perfect on my loveseat. I've been wanting some new tops which are different, more colorful or pretty prints. Well, the ones I see just aren't my style but I did like the cheap aqua one I got at Burlington. I'm especially glad I got the strapless bra so I can wear some things I've had hanging in the closet. Maybe I just need to 'shop' my own closet. :) Hope things dry up for you.

    Sun, glad you found a nice frame with glass for your painting. It's too beautiful to chance having it ruined. I usually have no problem driving with one drink or a beer but I had dissolved a piece of clonazepam under my tongue and didn't want to risk mixing that with a beer, especially since I had to go to WW to shop. One beer or drink won't render me impaired as we usually spend enough time talking that the alcohol level isn't high enough. If I thought I were impaired, I wouldn't drive. As it was, the whole thing wore me out. There were only six of us yesterday at lunch. We normally have eight to eleven. Thanks for the tip; I'll check online for the A/C filters.

    Julie, I hope you can get rid of that crud. I don't know how you can do all you do feeling so awful. Not to feel as though you are getting enough breath is scary. I'm glad you will be seeing the doc. I hate those walk-in clinics. You know everyone there is sick and you just hope you don't pick up whatever they have along with what you have. AACCKK!!! :eek: The last time I had to use one, the stupid doc prescribed an ABX to which I'm so allergic that I'd have to go to the ER if I took it or I could die. It was clearly marked on the front of my chart. Idiot! :mad: Anywho, I hope you are feeling better and that GPA stops his nonsense.

    Spring, good thing you had food on hand for dinner. In the dream, I didn't get the sense that death was looming anytime soon, only that I've been through miles of dreary landscape but can see the mountains of home, which are beautiful. Even in the dream state, I could decipher the symbolism of home being Heaven and that I was headed in the right direction. According to my pendulum, I should live about another ten years. I am happy with that but the pendulum also told me that, if I changed my mind, the ten years' limit could be stretched. I got the same feeling from the dream. Can we determine the time of our deaths? Some spiritualists think it's possible but not everyone consciously does this.

    I've heard others say that there are 'departure' points along our lifelines and, depending on how our lives are going and interacting with others in our spirit groups, we may depart at one of those. I think a lot of what happens is predetermined before we incarnate into these physical lives but, because we have free will, there is give and take. In any case, it's fascinating to ponder. I have had a great sense of peace since the dream. Nothing has changed in my physical life but I had affirmation that things will eventually lead to heaven and the landscape may get a lot better along the way. Even if it doesn't, I'll still be OK. When driving from Denver to Boulder, my original hometown in CO, one sees the little town at the foot of the Rocky Mountains when cresting a hill. It is soooo beautiful with snow on the tops even in summer. It looks a lot like Switzerland. It is so beautiful that it made a perfect symbol for Heaven and coming home. I hope things improve for you.

    Diane, I though of you and your kitties. At WW, I got a flat cardboard scratching pad for the cats. They love it, especially after I sprinkle a bit of cat nip on it. Both used it all afternoon and during the night instead of the loveseat in the living room. I just hope they continue to use it. Of course, they fight over it. This morning, Tweety say down on it so Sir Vester couldn't use it. He showed her--he cried so I would pick him up and pet him while he snuggled next to me on the sofa. Are Rosie, Faithy and Beety jealous of one another? I hope you all and Kevin are doing well.

    Barry, I keep imagining all your trees and bushes in bloom and it makes me happy. I hope it helps you to feel better. I just read about a woman here who bought acres of land right in the middle of town years ago. She started planting all kinds of fruit and nut trees. It is amazing all the things one can grow down here. The more exotic fruit is soooo expensive in the stores and people who own the trees here have so much fruit that they end up giving it away.

    Well, Kids, time to go read the paper. I hope all y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Thanks for opening the new thread, Mikie. I thought maybe the old one
    was going to become an epic. Some years back, don't know how many, we
    had a thread with only 3 people on it. They posted every day. The thread
    was many pages long.

    Your description of "the mountains of home" makes me want to visit. Reminds
    me of an old song called The Hills of Home. Claramae Truner (and others)
    recorded it. Claramae sang at the Met; was in the movie Carousel singing
    June Is Bustin' Out All Over and You'll Never Walk Along. When I was a teen
    I used to listen to her records, the old 78 rpm kind. Now, 60 years
    later I have them on a CD.

    I see you have some drama in your casa. You could title it Cat On A
    Hot Piece-Ah-Cardboard.

    Ya know what, Kids. I'm getting to confusiated trying to respond
    to posts on the old board. Guess I'll have to come back later.

    Ha det bra
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    Hi everybody!

    Did anyone have problems logging in yesterday?? I kept getting notified that my password was incorrect! It's an easy PW for me to remember, so duh? Finally, later in the day, the error message went away, but I forgot what I wanted to post about! LOL

    Rock, I remember those days -- 3 or 4 posters could get a thread to 4 pages easily! LOL I miss those posters. And think and wonder about them, and how they are.

    Mikie, JEALOUS, you ask????? We have JELLYbelly, JELLYroll and JELLYbean! :)

    We have one of those cardboard thingies. It's shaped in a triangle form, so that a cat can run through it, or sleep on the bottom soft mat, or scratch scratch scratch on the outside. Unfortunately Kevin tripped over a cat tail and crushed it (no cat was injured). We have a replacement in the basement that we need to bring upstairs.

    The cats are having fun with a huge bag from Bed Bath. We cut the handles so the cats can't get hurt, if they were to get their necks in the handles. It's like a HUGE Slip N Slide, kitty style. When they get bored with that, we'll bring out the cardboard toy again. :)

    Granni, Y'all OK in Houston??? I heard there was concern about a couple of the dams being breached. I pray that y'all are safe and secure.

    Sun, you are so talented! Did you get your pic framed??

    Julie, I can't believe that the clinic refused you treatment, but then again I can. The clinic doesn't want responsibility, I guess. I hope you get treatment today at your new appointment. Feel better, my friend. Gosh, you have so much on your plate! Please keep us posted.

    Spring, so good to hear from you. I can't remember exactly what you wrote, but I'm glad y'all got your evening meal! Do you still have electric outages? I keep wondering, how do you keep your food "safe" if the electric is not available? Such a different culture you live in. You are such a strong woman!

    Barry, How is Shorty doing??? I love your posts, describing where you live, what you see outside, any "crops" you may harvest. And, of course, what you and Richard are cooking!

    Did I miss addressing anyone --- not on purpose! Just my "flu". Ugh.

    We got an estimate this morning to remove HUGE shrubs, annoying shrubs, an old tree stump, and 5 pine trees on our property. The estimate was less than we thought. This will be "phase 2" of our removal. Then we can think about re-planting and landscaping.

    One problem though -- the pine trees are on our property, but our neighbor thinks that they are hers. I suppose we could pull out the (what you get from the surveyors -- where the property line is), show it to her. But I don't think she'll be happy.

    OUR PROBLEM, Kevin is allergic to pine and pine sap. And the former owner here planted a lot of pine shrubs, and the neighbor planted pine trees on our property line, over the line into our property.

    We just want all the pine out of our yard. And then replant. WISH US LUCK, please!

    Not sure I'm making sense! I got tired typing this.

    Nap time!

    Back soon! Love and hugs and prayers to y'all,
    Diane :)
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    OK, Back again.

    Barry, how much alcohol and which kind do you use on your DVDs? I
    used diluted antifreeze on my long playing records for a while. I think it
    was because it had glycol in it. Anyhoo after various experiments I
    found distilled water and a velvet pad were the best cleaners. Cheapest

    With regard to Surrey With the Fringe on Top, the song is from Oklahoma.
    I though of it immediately when I heard Tom Cruise had named his
    daughter Suri. Don't know what kind of hairdo she has. Looked up
    "Suri". It is apparently a variation of Sarah. Means Princess in Hebrew
    and Rose in Persian.

    I used to work for an Orthodox Jew. All the kids had Biblical names
    including Sarah. The wife however was Terri, which is not a Biblical
    name but the word "tarry" appears several times in the Bible as in
    "Tarry all night" from Genesis.

    Sun, never heard of Mad Men. Maybe, since it is something the writers
    wrought, it should be Iron Men. What kind of frame are you thinking of?
    Something stark and black? Something with one of the colors in the
    painting? Decades ago I used to buy frames at the thrift shop. They
    were practically free. Then install a print. I also found some of those
    hidden images pictures from the 80s. Loved those. Took me a week
    or so to learn how to see them properly.

    I always thought a frame was to protect the painting from the
    elements. Now I see it also protects it from the artist. Well,
    2 very creative people were like that: Orson Welles and David
    Selznick. They could never finish anything. Kept working on
    it. Orson was editing scripts for his radio plays minutes before
    air time. David started filming Gone With The Wind before he
    had a final script and edited and rewrote the script constantly.
    Ended up with miles of film and umpteen takes of every scene.
    Drove everybody crazy. Also cost a lotta money.

    Springwater, thank you for your kind words. Everydobby likes a
    little appreciation now and then. "Time flies like an arrow. Fruit
    flies like a banana." A quote of uncertain origin, possible Groucho.

    Mikie, I forgot the name of the book that made John Grisham famous.
    I read several of his books, but they seemed to get less and less
    interesting. Maybe I should revisit him. Wouldn't you think with Tumor
    he'd have two more new books?

    Hugs, Kids
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    Hi Diane

    I see we were simul-posting. Glad to hear you have plenty of Jelly beans,
    etc. Do you have any Jelly Roll Morton? (Ragtime and Jazz.) Never
    heard of anydobby being allergic to pine. If Keven came home from a trip
    and you said you had pined for him, would he break out in a rash?

    What is the name of your replacement cat in the basement. Would you
    be willing to cellar?

    Glad to see you had the energy to post. Regards to the three big kittens
    and Kevin.

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    Your wit, humor, etc., just cracks me up!!!! I'm laughing so hard, I have tears down my face!

    I have to get a tissue now. PS: HI Julie!


    Luv y'all, Diane :)
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    Hey Rock ------


    FAITHY, BEETY and ROSIE say HI to YOU!!!!!!

    Faith.jpg tabeet.jpg Rosie2.jpg
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    Hi, Kids,

    I'm back from Costco. I am exhausted but needed to pick up some staples. No, not the kind that go into the ears and not the kind which attach papers to one another. I'm running out of nuts which I put into my healthy cereal in the mornings. I'm also out of cashews to snack on. Whenever I'm there, I always pick up some K-cups. Today, I got decaf because they don't always have it and it's on sale. They don't always have Starbuck's either but I like the Kirkland house brand and they always have that. I picked up a prepared pot roast. It keeps a long time in the fridge and, when I need protein, I can just heat it up. I've been craving protein since the virus I got, or the old one which activated, on Fri.

    I should be cleaning but am too tuckered out. My logic is that I can do a little cleaning here and there when I'm home but, if I need to shop, I have to strike while the iron is hot. The roads are much better now that Season is over but Costco is still the 'Tenth Circle of Hell,' as one columnist in our paper calls it. Nice surprise at the mailbox--one of my docs sent me a refund check because I overpaid for some service. They likely had an audit and found it. This group was recently fined millions of $'s by the govt. for ordering unneeded tests on Medicare patients. I also got a coupon from Target for activating the new chip credit card. It's an extra 10 percent off, on top of the five percent discount I get from using my card. If there are good deals on sales in the Sun. paper, I could really save big time. I like it when the give gift cards for buying two of their deals. Bealls is having a sale too. They have 40 percent off a lot of things. There is an extra 20 percent off coupon and another coupon for $10 off for spending $50 or more. Again, could be worthwhile. I may check it out tomorrow. I still need some new Capris which fit.

    Rock, the songs you mentioned put me in mind of 'The Green Green Grass of Home.' I always loved that song. That and 'Greensleeves.' Guess I'm in a green mode today. Well, I did take my newspapers and mail down to recycle so guess I am green today. If you clean the DVD's with alcohol, is everyone on the DVD's drunk? Do DVD's prefer their alcohol neat or do you have to add ice, lemon zest or water? Mad Men won a lot of Emmy's. It was good when it started but, like so many of those series, it just seemed to decline as time went on. It depicted ad men working in NYC in the 50's and 60's and their boozy, chain-smoking lives. You are in rare pun form today and I'm enjoying your amazing wit.

    Diane, love the pix of the kitties. Yes, these guys have to have variety. I don't know how long they will want to use the scratch pad but I hope they use it instead of the loveseat. I think they like the sound of scratching as much as the sensation of sharpening their claws. I had a rescue cat who had been declawed before I got him. He still liked to sit up and pretend he was sharpening his non-claws on my sofa. I am allergic to pine too but not as much as I was in my 20's. That is why the mountains of slash pollen this year made me so sick. Lots of people here were sick from it. DD#2 says the Cyprus pollen carried on the wind in TX made so many sick there too. Hope you can get rid of the pine trees (and the neighbor too if she resists).

    Julie, I'm sooooo impressed with your newfound super powers. GPA is no match for you! Like all super heroes, you need a cape. I see one with P/A in a red circle with a diagonal red slash through it. I hope the doc can help you. You've had this crud too long. Does mowing bother your breathing? Grass is another allergy I had through my 20's. I was a gagging, sneezing, wheezing mess all spring. Let us know how the appt. goes.

    In addition to recycling and shopping, I got my sympathy cards sent to the DH and sister of my friend who died. She wanted donations sent to the John Hagee Ministries instead of flowers. I hope they are doing well. No one at lunch had any news of them. No one has heard from Barb. Grace and Ilona aren't taking her calls right now. Of course, at some point, they will have to but everyone just feels as though they need a break from her. Joe doesn't want to talk to her but, if she calls him, I know he'll talk to her. I'll ask next time I talk to him. I want her to be happy up there.

    Gotta rest for a bit. Frank's and Ilona's ex-DDIL's new husband is staying overnight in the condo downstairs but he isn't even going to plug in the fridge. He'll eat out. Didn't want me to bother plugging in the hot water. He'll do it when he gets here. He worked this stopover into a business trip so he could check on the condo and see how much was left after F&I took their belongings with them when they were here. If he comes up, I hope I'm not asleep. Neighbor came over last evening about a lost pool key and I was in bed. I turn in early. Talk to y'all later.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    I was gonna post something, but forgot what it was. I made a note about
    it. Twice, I think. Oh well, what will it matter in a hundred years? Watched
    an NCIS DVD from the library yesterday. I think it was from the 11th
    season. They must have new writers. The scripts are nowhere as good
    as the early ones.

    I also got a Shakespeare play on DVD from the library. Title was A Comedy
    of Errors. I have seen 6-7 of his plays; movies or on stage. Anyhoo never
    saw this one. The BBC did all his plays, but it must have been a long time
    ago. The sound was bad and Shakespeare is always hard to understand
    anyhoo. After ten minutes I said, "Hence, away!"

    Gordon went to Costco yesterday. Brought home another free glasses
    cleaning cloth. He said, "Here. You can send this to Mikie." The
    membership fee has gone up 10% (5 bucks). On the other hand, I got a
    notice from the credit card company. It said my credit is so good they are
    reducing the interest from 19 to 15%.

    Wouldn't matter to me if they charged 100%. I only use the card
    2-3 times a year to order things through the mail/on line. And I
    pay the full amount when I get the bill.

    Gordon brought home a box of V8: 28 cans I think. Remember
    when every year the car manufacturers advertised "Bigger and
    Better"? If Campbells did that we'd be up to about V69 and
    the can would hold a gallon.

    Julie, that is terrible that nobody is feeding that poor cat. The news
    is constantly full of stories of animal and child abuse. I refuse to
    read them, but one can't help seeing the headlines. I hope
    everything works out so you can see your loved ones next week.

    Mikie, I hadn't thought about the alcohol affecting the performers.
    Be kinda sad if the folks on the DVDs got the DTs. Never heard of
    allergies to pine or cypress. Could you visit the island of Cyprus? Or
    the Lone Pine Motel? There was a famous case regarding the Lone Pine
    Motel that we read in law school. Now I can't even remember what sorta a
    case it was. Contracts? Torts? Real Property?

    Did you say you were going to shop for a strapless bra? I told Gordon
    I couldn't understand how a bra would stay on without a strap. He said,
    "I think that means no over the shoulder straps." Well, he grew up with
    sisters, so he knows more about that stuff.

    Diane, what beautiful cats you have. Good luck with the property line
    dispute. Our neighbors two houses away had a crazy man move in next
    to them. He said their fence was on his property and then tore it down.
    But they didn't really care much because they had moved to their other
    house (in Palm Springs) by that time. As somebody said, "A good neighbor
    is one who smiles at you over the fence, but doesn't climb over it."

    Hugs everydobby
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    Good Morning,

    Just checking in to ban spammers and see what's going on. Dear Old Friend called last night and wants to come over for coffee this morning on the balcony. It's still nice enough in the mornings to sit outside. I have to jump in the shower at 7:00 so I don't scare anybody. :) Maybe Ilona's ex-DIL's new husband would like to join us. He didn't call nor come up last night, thank goodness. I was really tuckered out. Just printed up some coupons to use at Bealls. Don't know whether or not I'll use them but it wouldn't hurt to check out the sale after we have our coffee.

    Sun, Drug Muggers came yesterday and I read the whole thing. Of course, I scanned some parts but managed to read everything important to me. OMG! The generic Zantac robs me of almost all my nutrients. My BP meds rob me of others. I eat a lot of healthy stuff but will order some Co-Q10 from the store here. I haven't been supplementing with it but, after reading about how important it is and how my meds are destroying it, I think it may help. I had thought my thinning hair was from the shampoo but now think it, and my brittle nails, are due to my meds. I think I'll check out a mineral supp too. Thanks for suggesting yet another great book.

    Julie, I don't know which is worse, for GPA to see that sis is a hoarder and isn't taking care of his cat or whether this will just make him meaner. He already knows this but seeing it again means he can't ignore it. I'm glad the doc is willing to help you and, because he is also GPA's doc, he knows what's going on. It's OK to break down now and then. I'm surprised you haven't before. I hope you get to see Keira and can go to Tenn next week. Keeping fingers crossed.

    Rock, I was pining for more puns and you didn't disappoint. Laughed too about the V8. I forget to buy it and I love it. It makes a mean bloody Mary too. I got a new Costco Amex with the chip in it but Costco is switching to the Chase Visa cards soon. I don't know whether Amex will expect us to pay a yearly fee to continue using their cards but I won't do that, in addition to the annual membership fee to Costco. Having too many credit cards isn't good for the credit rating. On the other hand, a favorable debt to available credit ratio helps it. Oh, I'm so confusicated. How do lawyers find old cases to claim a precedent in court? Is there an index or does it take tons of research? I've always wondered about that. On TV, they jump up and cite somebody vs. somebody but how did they find the case? I can't remember any of the cases we studied in my business law class but I surely remember how gorgeous the professor was. He was also smart and funny. You are right about the bra. No over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder straps. Staying up depends solely on the architecture of the horizontal construction.

    Well, gotta go finish my cuppa joe before I shower. I hope everydobby has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi, Kids,

    Just got back from Bealls. I got a pair of khaki shorts in a size 10. Woo hoo! :) Those are the Gloria Vanderbilt ones. Her pants are the bellweather for my weight. I got a different brand too and got a size 12 in those because they are cut differently and I like the extra space. They are the most gorgeous color, like orange ice cream. I got a sleeveless top in a pretty print of purple and the same orange. All together, I got $118 at retail for $52 and change, with the sale and two coupons. In addition, because I spent more than $50, I got $10 in Bealls Bucks. They are like cash but I must use them on May 1st or 2nd. Heck, even if I only pick up a box of their way overpriced K-cups, it will save me a bundle. Whether I use them for something to wear depends on what they have that I need and whether clothing is on sale. They usually time the use of the Bealls Bucks when nothing much is on sale.

    I decided to 'shop my closet' this morning because I'm sure the neighbors are sick of seeing me in my usual khaki or white Capris and black tee shirt. By wearing black tees, I can let the 'girls' go free. Bras are too hot and confining. I will have to take back the strapless bra. The underwires, which I've worn for years, are digging into my sides. Yikes!!! :eek: My Dear Old Friend is sick and couldn't make it up for coffee. Joe, from across the little pond, came over and sat for a while and we visited. He talks to Barb but not too often. She is planning on returning in Sept. :( Hmmmm, where are our emoticons and where are our font tools? The space is blank. I wonder whether something is wrong or whether they are working on the website. In any case, I'm copying this in case I lose it. Think I'll post and come back to edit. OK, I'm back and so are the emoticons.

    It is sooooo humid and warm out. Still, without rain, I had to hand water our potted plants. The lantana are doing so well that I'm going to pick up some more for one of the pots where the old stuff is leggy and dying. I hope the lantana lasts through the summer as it's beautiful. The geranium I was going to replace with kolanchoe is back to being beautiful and is blooming like gangbusters. Go figure! Still, it won't make it through the summer so I'll have to report it and replace it.

    Julie, I'm glad I wasn't the cause of coffee spewing everywhere. I think it might be too much to ask for architecture which holds up the demands of old, sagging boobs. Although, the bra was actually rising to the occasion but I can't take the digging of the underwires. I'm glad you are feeling a bit better and hope it is the meds at work for you. I also hope you start feeling really well. I need to fix a bite of lunch and start cleaning up in the kitchen. I don't have time to wait for Roomba so will just sweep the tile floors before turning the floor scrubber on them. I love how sparkling clean they are after I use the machine. I still need to dig into my paperwork so I'll be ready for the free shredder next Wed. The work never ends; it's just the NRG which lags. Whine, whine, whine!

    Hope all y'all have a good day and weekend.

    Love, Mikie
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    Jusy gotta come in and say hi. I have missed so many posts I would not know where to start. Just noticed that we were off to another PORCH volume. So need to get this set up so I can get it on my phone. Nothing to new right here. it i sunny and beautiful and hi and dry. May have more rain early in the week again Not good for those affected.

    Off to another funeral today for another CA victim. So very sad.

    Love to everydobby,
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Another very quick HI or nitey nite to all.

    DIANE - Love those pics of those kitties. Hope you get that property line dispute taken care of without to many problems. Sorry about Kevin's allergies to that pine. We also have lots of pine trees and other trees as well.

    MIKIE - You can a;ways send me some of your boobs if you have extra. I have never had much except when expecting and having the babies. After that forget it. I could wear a training bra if I had one :)!!

    JULIE - Good for you at giving it back to Gpa and that you let him know you have his number so to speak. I don't know how you can deal with it all but then I know you are younger than may of us here . When I was your age I was doing a lot of the things in some ways that you are doing now with lots of stress. It got me no where but I think then I got this crud and chronic pain.

    At least DD is talking to us but I am afraid if we confront her about some things she may revert back to the old ways. Luckily she is trying to make an appointment for her meds. Hope it is soon and they can really help her. I am worried about a few things one is she is trying to get some kind of ssi , not sure if that is disability or what. Also, she is trying to get some kind of benefits from the air force and as far as I know she never was in the service. Her son signed up and was in basics and he ended up with fxs in his leg or legs so he was dismissed. Poor kids had little drive and we thought that would help him but that is another story. She said she signed up or tried to in HS not sure but as far as I know she never was. In some ways she is very lucid or seems pretty much so . However, when she talks about some other stuff and has a stage name that can really get me wondering. That may be another sordid story I do realize when you have no place to go you have to do lots of things. At least right now she is speaking to her family and somewhat to her x, not sure how much she likes that but I think now they both had BIG problems in their marriage and a lot of alcohol problems and who knows if anything else.

    Gotta run for now. Gotta start getting ready for nighty night. Miss everydobby including those not mentioned today. You are NOT forgotten.

    Hugz and kisses to everydobby,
    Granni :):confused:
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    I'm very tired and am having difficulty typing. Last night, I had a lot of FMS pain. Don't know why. After the peptide injections, I never thought I'd be back where I began. I saw an ad on TV for peptides which stimulate the production of human growth hormone (HGH). I took some before and it really did help me. It was actual HGH; this stuff stimulates the brain to produce its own HGH. It's not cheap but I'm getting desperate. It may be worth a try. I think I've noticed that things started going downhill when I started taking the generic form of Zantac. According to the book, Drug Muggers, it depletes almost all vitamins and nutrients. Yikes!!!

    It is absolutely gorgeous out this morning. The sun is rising and shining through the slash pine outside my lanai, making a nice diffused light through the sliders. I love this time of day. It's not so humid today but that means more hand watering of our potted plants. Our sprinklers don't reach them. I think I'll hang some of my orchids in the tree out front on the corner of our bldg. They are not going to make it out on the lanai. They did well when they were hanging in the cashia tree out front but we had to cut it down.

    Granni, is there anywhere you and DH can get some advice from a therapist as to how to deal with DD? It can be tricky, as I'm sure you know. That is why in patients are not allowed contact with family. I hope and pray for help for you all. Geez! Another funeral? That's an awful lot of sadness to have to deal with. Hope you can come back when you can stay.

    Julie, those kittens are sooooo adorable and sweet. There is nothing like kittens and puppies to bring a warm smile to my face. Even when they grow into cats and dogs, they have such sweet faces. I take time every day to just look at Tweety and Sir Vester and to pet them. I think it's good for them and good for me. I'm glad you are so thoughtful about GPA and trying to allow him to feel useful. That can only help him not to feel as though his life is out of his control. It's nice GPA's cat can eat at the neighborhood kittie buffet. Thanks for the sweet pic.

    Rock, haven't heard you mention your little B&W kitty visitor lately. Is she still coming by? She is so lucky to have you. I've started reading Game of Crowns. So far--BIG disappointment! It's just a rehash of everything written since the death of Princess Diana. I was looking for some kind of insight beyond what has been public. This is what was promised. Also, I'm not sure I can trust what the author has to say. Has he interviewed a lot of people with inside knowledge about the royal family or is it just his take on things? I can't tell. He does present them in a less-than-flattering light, with them all jockeying and scheming for position and favorable attention from the public.

    About the only thing I've learned is how sexually reckless Prince Charles was in his yute. I had an idea but no idea just how bad it was; again, though, is it being hyped? Probably not as he didn't appear to try to hide it. Seems it was his Uncle Dickie Mountbatten who pimped out all the available young women in royal inner circles for the prince. I knew Prince Charles looked up to him; now I know why! Hope what you are reading is above the level of the street rags that is this book.

    Gonna go do the NY Times crossword puzzle. Hope my poor tired pea brain is up to the task. Y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Just watched an episode of NCIS. Two of the good guys were locked in a
    shipping container. I fast forwarded through most of the program. It
    aggravated my claustrophobia. I prefer the wide open spaces of the
    prairie and the desert. The kind they had in the movies of my yute:
    Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, and John Wayne.

    Julie, Beauty and Butterfly are cute as a bug's ear. Actually almost
    all babies are cute with some exceptions like marsupials and bugs.
    Just started a book by David Rosenfelt. He writes myster-thrillers,
    but also dog books. He and his wife rescue dogs. Thousands over the

    I hope your trip works out just fine, and that you bring back lots
    of pics of the kids to post.

    Mikie, thanks for removing the surplus post. Just looked up the 7
    stages of Alzheimer's. I have all the characteristics of stage 4.
    (Stage 7 is finito. That is a medical term. Well, if you speak Esperanto.)
    Glad you found some good stuff at Bealls. Those pants must
    be the color of sherbet. Reminds me. I haven't had any sherbet or
    ice cream for years.

    Oh, Gordon's brother brought home a menu from a bakery that sells
    cakes to his employer, Whole Foods. I dunno know where it is now,
    but the prices were astronomical. $50-60 dollars for a cake.

    Gordon brought me one yesterday. It is the smallest. About the size of
    a soft ball. Cost 5 bucks. The only thing special about it was it had a single
    raspberry on top. And it was dark chocolate. I hate dark chocolate,
    and Gordon knows I do. Well, he had good intentions.

    Oh, about legal research. It's like looking for most info. May take a
    whole day or five minutes. When I was a law clerk, our office was
    getting ready for a jury trial. I spent 4 days doing research. The
    day of the trial the Plaintiff dropped the whole thing and went to
    Hawaii. The office had billed $800 for research. Cut the bill in
    half in view of developments.

    There is a lot of cross reference involved. An annotated book of
    statutes will tell you the names of cases that interpreted the statute.
    A text on the subject will direct you to the appropriate statute.

    Granni, glad to hear you are having nice weather. My brother
    in MN said Spring has arrived and folks are practically giddy.
    After a month of winter 70 degree weather seems like Paradise.

    Diane, thanks for the great pics. Is Rosie the black cat? That shadow
    makes her look like a caracal with their distinctive ears. How about a
    picture of Kevin?

    Hugs, All


    Had to do some editing. The past couple weeks I've been leaving out words.
    I had to go back and insert 5 words in this post. Whine, etc., etc.
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2016
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just got going at noon and have no NRG. As Rock says, "Whine, etc." On Sunday mornings, I usually read the big fat Sun. paper and do the puzzles. It takes longer because there are a lot of articles I wade through. Also, the puzzles are generally more difficult, except the NY Times crossword puzzle which gets more and more difficult as the week goes on, with the Sat. puzzle the most difficult. The Sun. puzzle may be more difficult but usually isn't more difficult than Sat. I think that's because it has to appeal to a broader range of puzzlers who like a challenge but not something too impossible. I can often solve Fri. and Sat. but, sometimes they are too difficult. I haven't finished today's puzzle so will go back to it later. That often helps. I watched a documentary on algorhythms yesterday (I know I misspelled that). It was really interesting. Not sure I remember all I tried to take in but I can always watch it again. Anything to try to keep my brain stimulated.

    I want to clean the tile floors but, if my NRG doesn't pick up, it'll have to wait til the morrow comes. If tomorrow never comes for me, someone else will have to do it. I'd really hate to have anything happen to be before I get this place cleaned up a bit. All my pals here are trying to weed out what they don't use. I need to just get the cleaning done and go back and cull through everything and get rid of a ton of things. I am tired of being controlled by objects I have to store, clean, etc. Someone else can use what I'm not using.

    Rock, have you talked to the doc about any new treatments? I've seen so much on TV but, most of it is for people in the early stages of Alzheimers. My Mom's best friend got quite a long reprieve from one of her meds in a later stage of the disease. Of course, nothing works for everyone and, like with Parkinson's, some meds work for a while and then stop working. Still, it might be worth a try to see if there is something which could help. I'm thankful for the reprieve I got from the peptide injections but am disappointed with having to deal once again with the exhaustion and cognitive issues. I have no right whining, though, because my issues aren't nearly as severe as others'. That said, however, I usually don't pass up the chance to whine and waste the opportunity. :)

    Yes, my pants are the color of sherbet but I couldn't think of the word, sherbet. When I'm tired, vocabulary fails me. So does the ability to type. I also lose words and I usually post and go back to edit. I'm afraid that I'll lose the post while editing. That cat you posted the pic of is fantastic looking. I love the big cats too and have often wondered whether we get to snuggle up with all the wild animals when we go to heaven. My neighbor, Grace, says it's in the Bible that we do. I hope she is right. Talked to her and she still isn't over the crud. I honestly don't know what is happening. Newspaper had an article on a guy who went into the urgent care facility with bronchitis. As soon as he started feeling better, he quit taking his ABX and immediately went into pneumonia. The docs put him into a coma and then they couldn't wake him. His organs started to fail and docs gave him no hope. Lo and behold, he woke up and is in rehab for a long spell. Still, he's lucky to be alive. Very scary! Again, I shouldn't be whining.

    I also do not like movies about people trapped in small areas. I once got stuck in an elevator and started to panic. Never thought of myself as claustrophobic but wonder if I don't have it a tad. I also can't stand tight, uncomfortable clothing. 'Splains why I'm taking the bra back. I'm so thankful that, when I'm sick, I can just wallow around in loose, comfortable duds. Most of us in the hood are like that. Then, when we meet up for lunch or a concert, we are shocked at how good we all look. The older I got, the more work it takes to look good.

    Thanks for telling me about the references and research on court cases. I kinda figured there were reference books but that it took hours to find just what is needed. Sounds like the early years of practice involve a lot of grunt work, especially in a large firm. I find the law fascinating and have huge respect for lawyers. I was soooo lucky to have a good one when I got my SSD. He was amazing. Well, my friend, I think you are amazing too. As I've said before, your wit and intelligence add so much to our conversations here. Geez, without it, all y'all would have is my whining! Yikes! :eek:

    OK, gotta go eat lunch. I've been famished and this is usually a sign all is not well. I may need a nap after lunch. Eating is such hard work!

    Love, Mikie
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  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Greetings my dear Porchies !!! Wonder what is going on with my phone. It seems like I haven't gotten any posts on there from PH and there have been a few on this new volume..

    I have to go check on the computer here to see if there are any more. Actually most emails seems to go first to the phone and then the computer. I will have to check after I finish with this. How nice to read posts from you all.

    JULIE - Those kitties are surely cute. I agree with Rock, babies of all types are great and so CUTE !! Kittens and puppies are just adorable. I agree with you about me having a lot of work when I had the kids, plus my charges ad Gpa but most of the time he was pretty good till he really got bad with Dementia or Alzheimers. I couldn't have stood anyone like sis. That is one selfish and sick person to deal with. It is all for HER. G pa should have kicked her out long ago but I know he never would ( who knows why)???

    That must be something with Josiah and those kitties. Little ones especially boys are not always to gentle with them and they move quickly and sometimes are rather loud. That would be scary to any little animal.

    Had a busy day already. Went to church this morning, then came home and ate lunch. The DH had to go work out some and so I had to go with him and I did mostly the treadmill. Then I came home and started marinating the steak in the refrig. and got some of the stuff ready to stick in the oven when it is time. Then went outside to do a little bit of weeding. With all the rain we have been neglecting outside work a lot . Not sure I had told you were were experimenting this year with tomato plants,. We put some in flower pots and a few in the ground. Don't really have a place to put them like we did in the other house. With all the rain they seem to be doing pretty well . All the plants either have flowers or small green tomatoes on them. Not sure what kind they are and how big they will be. I love real home grown tomatoes. The ones in the store are not that great but will work if we don't have the other.

    ROCK - Yes, I haven't heard you speak of the kitty that used to stop by all the time. Someone has already mentioned it. Yes also as MIKIE mentioned perhaps there is something new for ALZ that you could check out. Keep doing what you are doing on line and reading and that will keep you going. When people afflicted with brain problems are away from people, and talking to others and reading and things they enjoy they tend to regress. You are amazing my friend. No one would ever know of your problems. Keep on doing what you are doing.

    MIKIE - Sorry that you still have no NRG, me neither. I have to push myself to do anything all the time. Not sure if it is from the pain or what. Hope your kitties are still behaving and letting you sleep. You just give them so much care and love they have to be good most of the time :)!! If you get any burst of NRG you can clean my floor after you clean yours :)!!

    Don't feel badly about word or two or three failing you as I do the same thing sometimes. If you can do those crossword puzzles you are better than I. I never did those puzzles. Maybe occasionally now I do the one in the books that are much easier. Don't get down on yourself for that. I know sometimes it is frustrating when you can't remember something or the word for it. I do it fairly often nowadays when trying to write something or explain myself to someone.

    We were going to cook the steak outside but DH says a big blob of rain is heading this way and hope those already drowned will escape any repeat performance. They don't need it. I think I might have told you that my new hairdresser lost everything in the last flood. She lives in the real country in Magnolia and apparently was sold land that was very low and had flooding problems... She lives by herself with lots of animals that she fosters. I think she has gotten lots of aid with clothes and all. She is staying with a friend, I believe. Hope she gets to come back to work soon. Not sure if she is or not since she has no cars. Both vehicles were ruined in the flooding.

    Need to go for now. Will have to do the steaks inside but they won't be as good.

    Love to everyone inc, SUN, SPRING WATER, DIANE, et al ! Will probably be back tomorrow!

    Granni :)
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  18. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: I'm sooooo glad you're finding this book interesting. As for me, come to find out it's the steroid inhaler I use that's obviously been depleting me of potassium. I went to the doc. back in August because of TERRIBLE leg cramps at night, tried increasing magnesium but honestly it didn't help. All types of labs were done (I now have over $3,500 I'm paying on for labs since my insurance wasn't in effect) and NOW I'm finding all I need would be one banana a day, at least that's what I'm doing now.

    Rock: This book is amazing that both Mikie and I have. My humble opinion is that your meds. are the cause of most of the "onset Alzheimer's". There are so many drugs that can bring on "alzheimers symptoms" and I really wouldn't just sit back and assume that's what it is. (I take what a doctor tells me with a grain of salt, then I do my own research) Tell Gordon about the book "drug muggers" and let him buy it and read it. I think this book cost me about $4 on used Amazon site.

    Julie: How's the overnight diaper situation going with GPA? Better I hope.

    Diane: OMG.....I feel for you when I read about the trees over the line. Such a problem to deal with. Kevin's health but..........sore feeling with the neighbors if you have them removed. I don't envy you.

    I went to a local restaurant yesterday to celebrate my DGS 13th BD.....Hard to believe he's now a teenager. He's growing into such a kind, caring young man. He had a lot of learning problems where my DD had to hire a tutor, at least 4 years, but suddenly he's turned things around and he gets As on everything but math. But he's working on that too.

    Today I went to a local art show, excellent professional artists, and ended up purchasing one small painting! Not something I would normally do but it spoke to me. So I came home with my treasure, and that meant moving one painting or another to a different spot. I have a LONG hallway, which has become my "art gallery" so that's where the "unwanted child" ends up. And yes, I did get my WC painting framed and hung.
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    We are into the summer heat but, so far, not the rain. It rained for all of two minutes last night. From now on, it will be around 90 degrees. Mornings are really nice and I enjoy them every day. I woke around 1:30 and couldn't get back to sleep. I read for a while and went back to sleep. Sir Vester roused my around 4:45 so I got up. These cats are eating like crazy. I put two scoops in their bowl while I brewed my coffee. I also washed out their water bowl and refilled it. They only drink filtered water from the fridge and they drink a lot. Sir Vester likes to play in it. He is fascinated by the water in the toilet and likes to watch it flush. They still love the new scratching pad and are leaving the furniture alone. Thank God! I hope this lasts.

    Granni, how nice that you can grow your own tomatoes. Our bldg. has no spot where there is enough sun to grow them. Everything only gets partial sun. I'm surprised that we get lemons on our little tree. Thanks for asking about the cats. I am amazed at how they have acclimated to living inside. Both are very loving and appear healthy and happy. Tweety can be ornery but is really sweet most of the time. She's too smart for her own good. Sounds as though you are still very busy. I'm glad I'm not as it's sooooo hard for me just to do some basic cleaning in here. I pray for NRG and good health for us all.

    Sun, for some reason, I am not supposed to supplement potassium beyond what is in my multiple vitamin because of my BP meds. Also, my doc doesn't want me to supplement calcium. I do, however, take extra magnesium and I drink Smart Water. I used to have leg cramps but don't any more. I'm sorry you spent all that money on labs. My ins. won't pay for anything the doc can't justify above and beyond the normal yearly screening lab tests. Glad you found a painting you liked and got yours hung. I have very little wall space to hang anything but I enjoy art shows. Wow! It is hard to believe your DGS is 13. Andy turns 11 in July and I can hardly believe it. He also has had learning challenges due to inability to focus but, after going through some professional training, he is also doing so much better. Teacher told DD that he is such a pleasure to have in her class. Sounds as though your DGS is a pleasure as well. So nice to hear of kids who are kind and not mean as so many are. We lucked out.

    Julie, glad you got to see Keira. How is Clinton doing? Well, I hope. I'm glad GPA is no longer making a pee mess all over the floor and bed skirt. No wonder you are beat with all you have on your plate. Heck, I'm beat and all I have to take care of is me and the kitties. Most days now, that is too much. Whine, whine, whine! Hope you get some rest and come back.

    Rock, I finished Game of Crowns. I only rated it three stars out of five. At the end, there were pages and pages of resources cited and chapter notes. Looks as though this guy did interview many people and do his homework. He has written extensively about the royal family. I was just disappointed because I was hoping for something more than what has already been written about them. The book was touted as having new insights. NOT!!! About the only thing I noticed is that he is very snarky about describing how scheming they are, except the Queen and Prince Phillip. He is just described as being a rude boor. Well, anyone who reads already knows that. My downstairs neighbor, who is British, once served him his tea and, when he was done, the prince told him to get out. I hope you are feeling more chipper today and that you stop in.

    Diane, how goes the battle of the trees? I empathize with Kevin as my allergies continue unabated. The pine pollen has stopped blowing all over the place but I have to take an allergy pill every morning. We may get some relief when the rains start in earnest. At least, the cats no longer scream and run when I sneeze. They know what, "It's OK," means and it reassures them. I've been telling them it's OK after sneezing and it seems to have helped. Hope your babies are doing well. Those were wonderful pix of them.

    Barry, I hope you are well and enjoying the beautiful plants around you. Is Shorty doing well? Hope you can stop in soon.

    Spring, hope things are going well for you. Can't believe it's been a year since the first EQ hit. Newspaper had an article on EQ's and tectonic plates, including the kinds of movement which cause the EQ's. Are supplies getting more plentiful? Hope so.

    Gonna go read the paper. Hope all y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2016
  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    It's cold here this morning. 55 degrees on its way to 69. I may have to plug
    my electric blankie back in. Looked out the window. No cat. Opened the
    window and called Kitty, Kitty, Kitty. No cat. Looked out again a few minutes
    later. She was curled up on the step. Silly cat.

    Yes, Mikie, you're right. "Eating is such hard work." Especially if one includes
    the hunting or fishing or farming; the preparation; cooking; or the work
    involved to get the money to pay someone else to do it.

    Feeding the pets can be a lotta work too. In "Lessons From Tara" Dave
    Rosenfelt says he's going to buy dog kibble. "That'll take a couple hours,
    but I'll get at least 250 pounds of kibble, so we're good for 9 or 10 days."
    The Rosenfelts generally had around 30 rescue dogs. And all big ones.
    He said of the hundreds of dogs, only 2 weighed less than 50 pounds.

    Sun, thanks for the suggestion. Our library has the Suzy Cohen book. I
    attempted to put it on hold, but got a pop up saying I couldn't do it. "Call
    the library." Dunno what's going on. The library has 6 copies. Half
    are checked out. It is not a reference book. All too mystifying. Will
    give them a call when they're open. Glad to hear your grandson is doing
    well in school.

    Granni, you're right. Home grown tomatoes are so much better. When
    we were renting and had had no garden, we grew them in pails. One plant
    to a pail. Worked find.

    BTW, the crosswords I do are easy to medium. Not too challenging. I
    revisited a book of difficult puzzles I bought for a buck at the library
    book sale. Didn't get very far with them. Some of the puzzles didn't even
    have a grid to work with. I can't imagine doing a crossword when you
    don't know how many letters are required. And they had a variety of
    of other puzzles. All too tricky for me.

    Hugs, Kids

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