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    Hello All

    A quick visit..to open the porch..read all the interesting posts on previous porch while having my tea. Will come back later and post again.

    Loved the cats..both which Rock posted and Dianes own. And those kitties of Julies...Kuteness.

    Kats are Kool.

    Mikie - sorry you are out of energy.

    Sun - its one year..i honestly thought it was June..confused anyway not really motivated to remember. but yes, things hv picked up. Lots of shops. Grocery available. Fuel too.

    It was a big day this Full Moon, celebrated something called Wesak. Went down for meditation. 100 people or so. Also to the monastery and lit lamps for the departed. This restaurant in that area sells really good but spicy vermicelli and potato curry with fermented puffed up bread of white flour called T momos...so i took that for dinner.

    There was also this Golf Tournament DH helped organise and the Golf Ball at the hotel later on. The hotel sponsored the event as it does every year. I was a bit anxious since there were other things DH was doing re business and he seemed tired...but i meditated prayed and visualized and inspite of a mishap or two, when i actually got to the Ball, later I found everyone in good spirits and things going well and DH relaxed and cheerful. The golf tournament was extended to two days which in itself was a feather in DHs cap.

    The mishap was tht i couldnt find whatever i was looking for inspite of knowing where i had kept it. A shoe i wear only for functions, i wore it for a party and then when i was tidying the shoe rack i found one of the pair missing...i asked the part time maid, and she fiddled around and found one shoe in a shoe box with another of a pair of sports shoes...i was so puzzled..one shoe of a pair in a box and the other pairs in the shoes rack..anyway i kept them in the right place and went about my business. Then i also found my dressy pant missing..which i wear when i go out and also son lost a favorite shirt. I looked and looked and asked my son to look. No result. I then sat down and used to meditate on the things. A few days later i found the pant in the storeroom on the floor in a corner and kept it aside so i wouldnt lose it. But the day i wanted to wear it, i couldnt find it again and ive turned the house upside down but havent found it..but we found sons shirt under a suitcase we both looked when we were going over the house. how it came there is a mystery.

    The help cant get in..i keep things locked and also the main door downstairs locked as soon as they leave. Ive looked and looked for my shoe but no result. Also theres stains on sons tee shirts and tears here and there and stains on my outfits too. kind of food stains but they dont come off even after giving to the drycleaners.And its all on our favourite clothes. i mentioned it to DH that we cant find our fav clothes and theres stains on clothes whch we dont remember getting and he said to go out and buy new ones.

    Thats okay i can always fix the clothes by doing something but i do want to know why this is happening. I also lost both pairs of keys to a steel cupboard in which i keep a few of my brocade going out things and winter shawls etc and i wont blame the help because i remember i lost the key once before, couple years back i was holding it in my hand one moment and the next i didnt, i looked and looked but to this day i havent found it, i had to have someone break it down.fit new lock .and now that key is lost too, LOL! Sons buncha keys to vehicles which he says he knows he kept in a pant pocket is also missing..found the pant not the keys. A religious book i had brought home and kept at the head of my bed headboard in the night disappeared the next morning and hasnt been found till date four years later..i had to ask for a new one at the center.

    I know socks disappear but at the moment im looking for several things i know was there some time back and we dont ever leave the house without someone there and the main door locked.

    Has anyone here experienced something like this? something you lost and never found? or found mysteriously reappear some weeks later?

    I am going to pray to St Anthony and Archangel Michael..but its interesting to know what is really going on.
    Do i have a Black Hole in my house where borrowers come and borrow things and then put them back?hahahaha

    I saw that Prince died..i loved one or two songs..and his dance moves ...i was interested to see he just had the flu ..i honestly believe he had done what he wanted to do here on earth and didnt really want to grow old and infirm and chose to let go...kind of lucky..since he didnt go thru debilitating illness or anything but how shocking for his loved ones...i thought he spoke so well, there was one interview with Larry King Live they kept giving clips of.

    Take care all

    God Bless
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    Hi Spring, I'm glad you had the energy for a nice long post. Was thinking
    of you the other day. Read a couple articles on the anniversary of the
    terrible earthquake. Hard to believe the government is doing next to
    nothing: no rebuilding; no distribution of billions in aid; 700,000 people
    living in unsafe and/or temporary housing. Are your politicians Buddhist?
    We've got lots of professed Christian politicians who seem to be focused on
    their personal welfare as opposed to what's good for the country.

    That's great that the Golf Ball was a success. Love the name.I suppose DH could
    foresee that all would go well. Obviously he had a good grip on things. Did
    the guests drink tee and dance to swing music?

    Love the pic you posted. Looks like England before the Industrial Revolution.
    It and the American Revolution started at more or less the same time.

    Sun, I was gonna call the library and see what I could find out about Suzy's
    book. I forgot. But Gordon somehow got it put on hold anyway. It's like
    the Smothers Brothers around here. The computer likes him better. We've
    been having trouble signing in on the home page lately. It works for him,
    but not for me.

    After I left Minnesota the Amish moved into the area around my home town.
    I've read they have a wide range of behaviors about the modern world.
    Previously they would not have or use a phone. Now many will use a
    neighbor's phone to call in an emergency. And some will have a phone in
    the barn, but not the house. It's for "business". Same with riding in cars.
    Some do one thing; some another.

    Diane, it's very kind of you to take in rescue cats. Dave Rosenfelt says
    all the dogs are a lot of work and expense, but he feels he and his wife
    have gotten plenty of love and entertainment back from the dogs. The
    best chapters in his book are when he describes the amazing range of
    personalities the dogs exhibit. Our 4 Shih Tzus were all rescue dogs.
    Would get more if I could take care of a dog. Couldn't even walk one

    That's great that the pine problem is going away. Will be good fir yew.

    Mikie, never tried coconut shrimp. Must be something new. I've only
    heard of it in the last few years. Glad you had some energy and got
    lots done. A shelter for ornery exes sounds like a good idea. What
    would be the waiting period before they would be put to sleep?

    Julie, never had or even saw 12 layer Jello Salad. Looked at a
    couple recipes. Seems like a lotta work. Some of them call for
    many ingreediments: Cool whip, mayonnaise, fruit, yogurt,
    bouillabaisse, Oh wait, that last one was a typo.

    Going back to bed for a while. Hugs Everydobby


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    Good Morning, Kids,

    Feeling a tad better today. Yesterday, I got the tile floors all clean and sparkling. Roomba did the rest. Today, I have to deal with paperwork so I can haul my old papers to the shredding event the county throws for free every year. I really need to color my hair and give it a bit of a trim. I think I'll do that today too. We got a decent amount of rain last evening but our little retention pond is still very low. At least, I won't have to water the potted plants this morning. It's a pleasant 68 degrees out and the kitties are snoozing.

    I think I've created a monster. Sir Vester likes to snooze a bit on the sofa next to me when I'm online in the mornings. He is perfectly capable of jumping up by himself but likes for me to lift him up on the sofa next to me. He now stands in front of it and cries for his lift. Good grief! When they lived outside, Tweety would always come over to the balcony where everyone would pet her and she'd sit on my lap. I'd let her come inside for food or to nap. He stayed by himself under the cars. Jeff, their baby daddy, was allergic to Tweety and would break out in a rash if he touched her so he didn't pet them. Sir Vester never learned to cuddle. Now, he can't get enough.

    Spring, thanks for starting a new Porch for us and with such a lovely painting. Yes, it does appear to be the English countryside in simpler times. I think something is afoot at your home. It appears that someone is borrowing your clothing and getting it dirty. I hope you can get to the bottom of it. St. Anthony and St. Michael should help. I'm laughing because I just typed 'St. Anything.' Well, he was the first saint my Mom told me about and he seems to have helped me all my life with many, many things. BTW, I added a couple of paragraph breaks in your post. I can't read long paragraphs without breaks and I know it's a common problem for many of us. I hope it's OK. My Mom just 'visited.' She lets me know she is watching over me from Heaven by causing me to look at the clock at exactly 7:11, the date she died.

    Rock, wow! Love all the puns. I was just puttering around when I saw the golf puns. Life without puns drives me crazy. It puts me in a stew--a Mulligan stew and that's really rough. I'm anxious to see what you think of Suzy Cohen's book. It, and Sun, have been a God send for me. Her books have provided so many 'Aha' moments where things I've wondered about suddenly make sense. Love the idea of shelters for exes. I think his second wife is fostering him and neither one is happy. Yesterday, he called and left a message that he's got so much work to do on one of his condos. Like I want to hear about it. I'd just as soon never hear from him again. I didn't used to feel that way but he's soooo thoughtless and clueless about my feelings that he's managed to destroy what small vestige of caring I used to have. No need to put him down; he's taking care of that himself with his diet. Geez! I didn't used to be so uncaring.

    Julie, I doubt that sis pays for commercial insurance for her car. If she gets into an accident, and her ins. finds out she is using her car for a taxi, they are likely not going to pay. What she is doing is very stupid on both monetary and moral levels. She is also evading income taxes. Of course, the chance of getting caught are small, but still... I'm glad GPA is getting to mow and, with better weather ahead, perhaps his mood will improve. Looks as though some severe weather may be headed your way. I hope not.

    Sun, I thought the mourning doves were so sweet when I first moved here. They would sit with their mates on the window sill. Then, I saw all the poop on the sill and decided I didn't think they were so sweet after all. I agree about the Amish. It just doesn't make sense to me to ride in cars but refuse to own one. I am afraid that, with the generic Zantac, I'll have to continue to supplement despite eating healthy food. One of the symptoms of nutrient depletion is brittle nails and thinning hair. I can trace my dry, brittle hair and nails back to when I started taking the Zantac. I can't do without it because acid reflux can cause cancer of the esophagus. Yikes! I'm laughing about the unfriendly former nun. One would think nuns would be joyous, doing God's work and all that. Well, I went to Catholic school for three years and the nuns were so mean my Mom took me out and I went to public school from then on. I was only 8 yrs. old but was ready to have a nervous breakdown from the stress of those nuns who were child abusers.

    Well, kids, think I had better get going and read the paper. Hope all y'all have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Getting ready to go sing and get picked up. My email isn;t working now a combination of problems I think and I may have made it wore by changing a PW. Can;t stay now. Be back later if I can.


    Love all the pics posted.
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    JULIE et al, Any idea of what else to make for dinner with ground turkey??? I usually make tacos but DH had Mexican for lunch Trying to think of something else right now. Maybe throw some beans, can of tomatoes and some other stuff. We'll see.

    Your jello salad sounds good to me by DH hates jello and wouldn't touch it so I never made it. Did do some with fruit when the kids were young.

    We sang for a sr group at the local Baptist Church. They always have such nice lunches and most of us gorge ourselves with as much food as we should or are able to eat. I even cheated a bit, of course. They had chicken with gravy and I didn't take the gravy which was hard to do cause I love it so much. They gave me some stuffing or dressing and I ate a little bit and veggies that had cheese on it. Oh well I could take the sauce off of it. They had salad which was pretty god and cake. I ate a little bit. I just had to have some. ThSTORY WEATHER, en we were introduced and we sang.

    I know most of you will remember the songs we sang. LOVE ME TENDER, CHATTANOOGA CHOO CHOO, STANDING IN THE NEED OF PRAYER, HEADED TO THE PROMISED LAND, ALL THAT JAZZ, DO, RE Mi. MY FAVORITE THINGS, ACCENTUATE THE POSITIVE, CABARET, MR SANDMAN, CATCH A FALLING STAR, AND TAKE ME HOME COUNTRY ROADS ( JOHN DENVER SONG). AT THE END WE SING LET THERE BE PEACE ON EARTH. I shake the maracas at Catch a Falling Star and blow the train whistle at Chattanooga Choo Choo. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it and did sing along in with some songs. We all had a good time even the people who were there listening and eating and partaking of their fellowship.

    Nothing else to new right now but hoping we can get this computer fixed and working right and the phones too. All is well other than the e-mail.

    MIKIE - Glad you are feeling a little better and your house is getting clean, little by little but don't kill yourself as they say..

    Hi to everydobby. Have a few things to check on before I go try and fix dinner.

    SPRING - Thanks for the picture you set as well as you nice post.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Julie: My friend has an X Amish living across from them. She said he's married to a Phillipino lady and she told me he's so caring and helpful of her DH. Her DH is about 80 and has diabetes REALLY bad. Has passed out on the lawn innumerable times. This neighbor is in his 30s and whenever he sees her DH out he runs across to help him. Obviously because of his marriage he doesn't belong with the Amish anymore, but like I told her, he was trained right to help. Don't overdo it! I don't want you to miss this weekend away.

    Mikie: These sweet little doves! They make such nice little sounds when they fly, but OMG, I think we've got a population explosion here.

    Spring: Love the pic! Very English.

    Rock: I've bookmarked the library site, but I still have to log in. I hope you learn a lot from this book. Honestly I refer to it several times a week. I'm so depleted from the drugs I have to take. I think the biggest problem for me is the fatigue!!!!!!!!

    Barry: where for art thou?

    I went to an art class today, haven't been there for at least a month. We're learning about Andrew Wyeth. I've always loved his work. I was telling the instructor I remember a PBS special on the Wyeth family at least 30 years ago. I'll have to do a search for it.
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    Hi Kids

    Too bad we don't have package transmission with our e mail. I could send
    you all some of Gordon's lemon cookies. He made a few dozen yesterday.
    Took some to the librarians at our local branch. He got the recipe from
    the Orchid Club President. He said hers were better than his.

    Well, I've heard of cooks who won't share a recipe or who leave out
    ingreediments if they do. I've never had lemon cookies or cake or
    anything lemon that had much flavor unless lemon curd was
    involved. Gordon's lemon bars are a big hit because there is a layer
    of lemon curd on top.

    At last week's orchid club meeting he took 3 plants; all in different
    categories. Won 3 first prizes. He's won so many ribbons over the
    years that he doesn't keep them anymore. He gives them back to the
    club and gets raffle tickets in exchange. Saves the club money.
    Those ribbons cost money, ya know.

    Sun, I think Andrew Wyeth is one modern painter that most people
    understand and like. As you know from the PBS program, his father was
    N. C. Wyeth, famous for his illustrations in children's books. We had
    two of his books when I was a kid. I think one was Robin Hood and the
    other King Arthur. N.C. died in a train-auto crash during WWII.

    Julie, I'd like to sample your multi layered Jello. When my Mom
    made Jello she usually stirred in whipped cream and some fruit.
    She called it Bavarian Cream, although I've never heard anyone
    else use that term.

    Mikie, I haven't seen any spammers here for quite awhile. Have you
    been shooing them off the premises? Oh, thanks for improving my
    vocabulary. I never knew that Mulligan was a golf term. W/ re: 2
    ur X, I think being uncaring is appropriate. It would be unhealthy to
    care about someone who is toxic.

    I sent the picture of my hometown theater to my two brothers. The
    sheriff in MN wrote back and said thanks. Said he heard that the
    place is even more of a bargain if you take your own popcorn container
    with you. You get a discount. He was in our home town last weekend.
    Visited Aunt Izzy who is 95.

    My forest ranger brother wrote and did not acknowledge my e mail
    to him or the picture I sent. But he did mention that the first town
    he lived in after moving to Oregon had a theater named the Eltrym
    (pronounced L-trim). Well, what can one expect? I heard a speaker
    at a meeting for Adult Children of Alcoholics say, "It's a miracle we're
    not all serial killers."

    Granni, great songs your group sang. Some of my favorites there.
    I loved music but couldn't play or sing worth a hoot. I guess the
    world is full of sports lovers who can't play themselves. Illustrating
    the importance many people put on sports, we saw an Antiques
    Roadshow from Omaha a couple days ago. Two baseball uniforms
    (one that had belonged to Yogi Berra) were valued at a total
    of $100,000!

    I think I'm forgetting something I meant to post, but that's pretty
    common these days. Hugs Diane, Springwater, Barry.

    Illustration by N.C. Wyeth, Last of the Mohicans.

  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    I never got to my paperwork yesterday but have time to round up what I'm taking to be shredded before the event starts. I felt sick and anxious yesterday with horrid tinnitus. I finally put a wee piece of Special K under my tongue to try to get rid of it. My friend, Grace, called me. Tweety always gets jealous when I'm on the phone and she jumped into a basket I keep on the half wall between the kitchen and the entry. It usually has mail and other paperwork in it. She started her own shredding project while standing in the basket. She did it a noisily as she could to get my attention. What a brat!

    Landscaper called me yesterday. I answered right away and heard him hang up. I called him right back and he didn't take the call. That's so he can tell the mgr. that he called me but there was no answer. He's like a petulant child. I just e-mailed her and told her about it; she'll handle it. I need to get to feeling better so we can do lunch. She sold her part of the mgmt. business and now just works for them. I hope she got a big bundle of $$$; she deserves it. She raised four kids as a single parent and survived cancer. Her sister has CFIDS/ME.

    Julie, you're right. I really don't mind lifting Sir Vester up onto the sofa. Bless his little heart; he had such a dreary life outside, living under the cars. With his webbed front paw, I don't know how well he can defend himself but he does OK in smackdowns with Tweety. Also, his eyes don't seem to contract normally in bright light. That may be why he stayed under the cars during the day. Guess the Amish shouldn't confuse me. Many Catholics don't play by the church rules either. Catholic Church doesn't allow divorce but you can get an annulment. Huh? My ex tried to get one and, when he told them he had been unfaithful, they told him the Church wouldn't give it to him. Sounds to me as though sis sees GPA as her personal ATM! Hope you have a nice unstressful day.

    Sun, you are right about the Amish being very kind and helpful to their neighbors. It amazed me that, after that guy slaughtered all those Amish school children, the Amish forgave him right away. A good example for the rest of us. I still want to get up to Sarasota to eat at the Amish restaurant. I might break my diet for that. I'd like to learn more about Andrew Wyeth. Wyeth wouldn't I? I still love to hear the doves but just hope they stay off the window sills. I really enjoy the mockingbirds. I don't mind if they mock me. As I mentioned earlier, I'm convinced that my meds are robbing me of nutrients too and that accounts for the exhaustion and thinning hair.

    Granni, love the songs in your program. So glad everyone had such a good time. I used to make tacos when I was first married. Now, I usually only eat them at restaurants, typically Taco Bell since there is a dearth of good Mexican restaurants here. Wish I could sing. I only sing to the cats but, after first being alarmed by it, they seem to enjoy it now. Yes, slow and easy is the only way for me to try to clean. I'm always impressed by how much you do.

    Rock, I also can't sing worth a hoot, especially when crooning "Owl Be Seeing You." My singing is for the birds. Thanks for posting the pic. I really admire artistic talent. So sorry your bro didn't mention the pic you sent him. As Doctor Phil is so fond of saying, "It's a family problem." That seems to be his new catch phrase of the day. He's so spot on a lot of the time but he's also so full of himself. He and his wife are good business people. Hardly a month goes by that they aren't plugging some new source of revenue for themselves. I am impressed with how they turned a psychology show, with Oprah's help, into the mammoth business it is today. Oprah, herself, has done this. I get e-mails all the time soliciting me to pay for help meditating with her and Deepak Chopra. Oy! Think I'll meditate on getting rich so I can pay for such things. Good for Gordon for all his wins. I usually don't like lemon goodies for the same reason as you. Now, I don't eat the goodies so it's a moot problem. Oh, oh, is that an oxymoron: Moot problem? Or am I just being moronic? BTW, yes, I try to get rid of the spammers right away by bringing up the new posts. Some times, one of our members has already flagged the posts and that helps too.

    Diane, they are showing the DC bald eaglets in the nest on TV. How adorable are they? I never get tired of watching animal and nature videos. Hope you, Kevin and the kitties are doing well. Also glad none of your kitties is as ornery as Tweety. She's a pain but a lovable pain.

    OK, kids, already read the newspaper and am headed off for an Epsom Salt soak. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good news! A reprieve! Just looked at my saved receipts and I don't have enough to make the trip to the shredder. I will next year. There is always a long line to drive up to the shredder truck. This is really good news because I'm feeling exhausted, hot and sweaty and I have a headache. Don't know whether I'm Herxing or sick but I don't feel up to driving and waiting in line. I keep my receipts in the ottoman in the spare room. As soon as I opened the top, Sir Vester jumped right in. Then, after I put some papers on the floor to recycle, he jumped on them and acted as though he was sorting and filing them. What would I do without the cats' help?

    Kinda wish I hadn't bothered putting on makeup and doing my hair. Doing my hair involves teasing it a bit and spraying it in place. Big deal! I'm sitting here with the A/C on and the overhead fan running and I'm sweating like a farm animal. AACCKK!!! :confused: What would I do if I couldn't come here to whine over every little thing?

    OK, just wanted to post my good news. Dealing with the paperwork has been hanging over my head. I still have to clean out files but a lot of that doesn't need to be shredded. I can do the ones that do need to be shredded in my little shredder. It just can't handle a year's worth of routine receipts.

    I think I'll do what little laundry I have. I'm running low on my favorite type undies and that tells me it's time. I have other undies but I'm a creature of habit, and comfort. I have to wash my 'hair color robe.' I always get extra hair color on the back of my neck and it gets on the robe. I have an old white terry robe I only wear to color my hair. I can bleach it. I got a new hair color this time and I think I'll like it. I still wish I could get a nice brassy golden blonde but any haircolor with 'golden' in it turns my hair a scary red. Yikes!!! :eek:

    Julie, I'm so excited for you. I was sure GPA would pull his act, trying to keep y'all from going. He's getting soooo predictable. I am sending up a little prayer for a safe and happy trip for you and Den. Can't wait to hear how it goes and see some new pix of the kids.

    Love, Mikie
  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Have a wonderful trip , Julie. Typing from my phone. Not easy to do. Getting ready to go to a luncheon . More later. Guru son and a reluctant DH worked hard on it last nite from respective homes, not easy.

    Wanted to catch Julie before she left. How exciting.

    Good news MIKIE. SUN, keep on painting and enjoying yourself when you can. Hope you can find some pain free NRG too.

    I am now editing. I sent part of this from my phone this morning but it looks like it didn't completely take . It as on here very faint but don't think anyone could see it. Hope JULIE has a wonderful trip and Gpa doesn't start his whining. Sounds like she has figured him out anyway with help from others like SUN :)!! Will they be gone till Monday or what?? Hope they can get in a few extra days if possible.

    Went to a luncheon this afternoon with a mystery theatre at our club and some of our ladies were the characters. They did such a good job but our table didn't correctly figure out who dunnit :)!!

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    I woke during the night with my eye hurting. Evidently, it had come open a bit and was very dry. Both eyes and my mouth were dry. I'm concerned because that's my Sjogren's symptoms recurring. Even though I've been in a bad flare with pain and fatigue, the Sjogren's hasn't been showing up. Well, if it's back, that could 'splain why I've been so very tired. The exhaustion from Sjogren's is so profound and worse than the fatigue from CFIDS/ME and FMS combined. I may have to bite the financial bullet and start the peptide injections again. The longer I wait, the less chance of their being effective. As it is, they don't seem to be helping that much anymore.

    I've seen the SeroVital oral peptides advertised on TV. Those peptides are supposed to cause the brain to release human growth hormone (HGH). If they work, they might be better than the shots. I might try it for a month to see what happens. Do I sound desperate? I am! I'm running out of aces up my sleeve.

    , that mystery lunch sounds like great fun. We have a train here which hosts mystery dinner rides. I always have to be careful not to get myself into a situation where I can't leave due to sensory overload. It hit once at one of our concerts and I had to go out into the lobby until it was over. No lobby on the train. I can usually figure out who dunnit on TV mysteries but there are only so many plots to go around and they recycle them. At this age, I've seen most everything at least once. When your posts appear dim, they haven't been posted yet and are in draft form. I'm glad the website saves the drafts. It's kept me from losing my posts many times. I think when I do lose them, it's because my finger are flying and I hit some combination of keys which wipes it out. Most of the time, I'm still a very fast typist. 'Splains the W&P posts.

    Julie, hope all is going well regarding the trip. Fingers crossed and prayers said.

    Thought I'd go back to bed, considering how horrible I felt before I got up but I'm starting to feel half-way human now that I've had my coffee. I have a sinus headache so I've got to take an allergy pill and nasal spray. I'm sure those pills aren't helping my flare but I don't want a sinus infection either. Whine, whine, whine! I am afraid the generic Zantac may be the culprit, stealing my nutrients from my food and supps. I may stop taking it for a bit to see whether it helps.

    Hope all y'all are doing better than I.

    Love, Mikie
  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    It's pretty chilly here this morning. I have on 3 layers including my
    thermal shirt. More precisely, it's 56 going up to 69. I think those
    are the same numbers I posted a couple days ago. Going be breezy too.

    Yesterday I watched 2 episodes of NCIS. Read and and napped. Gordon
    went to the library, but my back was acting up so I lay down. Did
    nothing useful all day. Whoever coined the term golden years for
    old age was an idiot.

    Mikie, I hope that eye problem goes away. Do drops help? Well,
    shoot. I've got sticky keys with slow response time again. Hafta
    turn this beast off for a while.

    Bis spater (till later. You have to Pretend there's an unlaut over the "a".
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    JULIE - Have a safe and wonderful time on your trip. Stay well both of you or don't get any worse. Just popping in for a minute before DH is back. Then he needs the computer. I need to go get dressed to go with DH to Fit and Fabulous exercise class this morning. Still in PJ's You sound like a whirling durvish or whatever they called it just running and going every which way getting thing done before your trip.

    ROCK - You sound like me with your long shirts and sweaters when it is in the 50's ad 60's. Plus I cannot take the direct fans or a/c. Hope it warms up nicely for you and your back feels better.

    MIKIE - Sorry you are still feeling so bad. Hope you get to feeling better real soon.

    SUN - Hope you are feeling OK or not any worse and are getting to do your painting as much as you can. You need some enjoyment, and maybe get to see you DGD soon :)! Those little ones are too cute.

    Darn it, I screwed up and deleted my tab for my FB. Now I have to figure out how to put it back in. DG put that in for me last time when I try and I get it in but it doesn't SAVE . It just disappears when I get out of FB. Need to learn how to do that for any other important places I go . Already have PH there and I had better not delete it :)!!

    Here is DH so I need to go for now

    Granni :)
  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    OK. The computer seems to have healed up. Which reminds me. I
    want to call Pro Health and order some more supps. Been trying to
    remember that for 3 days now. Been buying their stuff for a long
    time; before I knew they had a message board.

    Granni, hope your missing Tab shows up. Remember when Tab was
    a diet drink made by Coke? I read Coke still makes it, but it's sold
    in places like Africa and Norway. Hmmm. Wonder what they
    have in common.

    I remember the first diet drink. It was called Diet Rite. My
    mother though it was a wonderful drink. I thought it tasted nasty
    and have never drunk diet drinks. I'd rather ingest sugar than
    chemicals. Ya wind up in the same place anyway. Hope your
    fit and fabulous lived up to its name.

    Mikie, I sometimes wake up with "blurry eyes" as Barry said. Some
    OTC drops solve the problem in a couple minutes. Too bad you
    need more than drops. You can tell Sjorgen's is a Scandinavian
    word by the "Sj". Named after the Swedish doctor Henrik Sjögren.
    Wikipedia has a long article, but I didn't have the NRG to read it.

    I've never been to a mystery party, dinner, train ride, etc. either. My
    brother in Minnesota put on a mystery play last year. A local
    fellow has been making wine. He donated several bottles as prizes
    for the folks what figured out whodunit.

    BTW, have you tried showing the kitties animal videos on Youtube.
    Some of them are pretty long. And they have everything from
    anteaters to Zebus. (The zebu, Folks, is a humped brand of cattle.)

    Julie, hope you have a wonderful trip. I've never been to Tennessee,
    however, I used to have lots of Tennessee Ernie Ford records. Also I
    spent 2 weeks in Georgia which is right next to Tennessee. Get
    lots of pics you can post here. Bon Voyage.

    Hugs to Everydobby

  15. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: I hope your trip is PERFECT! Have a great time and suck up all you can from those little ones to carry you thru when you get back.

    Mikie: Just a thought......what is in the nasal spray and what would it be doing to you? I haven't checked Drug Muggers yet on it. Since I've been eating a banana every day the leg cramps at night seem to be better. I HATE swallowing supplements and I'm terrible about keeping up on them. I do try to take the all B daily plus a few other ones. I've also gotten back into taking the peach flavored cod liver oil from Nordic. It goes down lickety split with no aftertaste of fish.

    Granni: The mystery theatre sounds like soooo much fun. They have been held around here for years and also like Mikie mentioned, on trains or buses. Personally I'm like Mikie, and don't want to be somewhere that I can't get up and leave. I'm not a great traveler anymore like I used to be BEFORE my body broke down. I always, always carry a cushion in a fancy silver bag to sit on wherever I go.

    Once in Maui at Christmas I had forgotten it, going out with a group of people to eat. OMG OMG there was nothing but hard wooden chairs to sit on. I sat for about 10 min. then jumped up and said I couldn't sit on it. Went to the waiter and asked if he had anything for me.....no other chairs, no pillows, etc. He came back with a stack of towels for me but it did a # on me for days afterwards. It's terrible dealing with a broken body......I can't even go to a theatre anymore because I can't sit and not move my neck or back. When this first started years ago I always got the aisle seat.

    Rock: Who can figure out this weather! Last week I took off an extra puffy blanket from my bed, now I wake up cold. I heard it's to warm up again by the weekend.

    I've been working my way thru unfinished oil paintings. I'm sooooo into oil painting again. Yesterday I ended up painting for over 4 hrs. again. I NEVER put in that much time with WC. I took my unfinished copy of The Absinthe Drinker to my class on Tuesday and she showed me some important things that needed to be corrected. So I worked on that yesterday and then a few other paintings. I promise when I'm finished with the AD painting I'll take a pic. and post it.
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Despite feeling lousy, I am doing some laundry. I took a nice Epsom Salt soak but I'm still sweating with every little effort. There was bacon in the fridge so I fried it up and also fried a couple of eggs. I need protein. I am thawing out some Andouille sausage to saute in just a little bit of the bacon fat, along with the garlic scallops. I'll make an Alfredo sauce and put it over pasta. Mmmmm! Probably tomorrow night. I'm pretty full and usually don't eat dinner. A doc on Dr. Oz said we should really go at least 12 hrs. between dinner and breakfast. It gives the body a chance to rest and can lead to weight loss.

    BTW, on America's Test Kitchen, they did potatoes roasted in duck fat. They said using bacon fat is also delicious. They used Yukon gold taters and peeled and sliced them and boiled them until they were a bit more tender but not completely done. Then, they tossed them in the fat, seasoned them and put them in the oven to roast on a cookie sheet, turning them half way through. I can't remember for sure but think it took about 20 mins. Their recipes are online, or in my ATK cookbook; I'll check it out. I don't usually eat potatoes but have them once in a while.

    I also managed to water the outside potted plants. Can't wait for the rain. As long as we have to suffer this heat and humidity, we might as well get our rain. The heat 'n humidity isn't so bad if one is at the pool or beach or at night (best scenario is at the beach at night). I'd rather be cold and trying to warm up than too hot. Like Goldilocks, I'd rather have weather which is jusssst right! Actually, we get about five months of just-right weather. I shouldn't whine and I should be grateful for A/C.

    Julie, thanks for the prayers. I've had these ups and downs for so long that I just do what I can and wait to feel better. The CoQ-10 I'm going to order from PH might be a big help. Also think I will stop the Zantac to see whether it makes a difference. It will take a bit of time before it's outta my system. What a whirlwind of activity to get going. I pray all goes well for you and you find Lindsay's house. I don't have a navigation system in my car but I could use my phone in a pinch. I've used maps and charts for so long for driving and flying that it just seems natural to me and part of traveling. Hope Oreo likes her vacation. I'll bet she will be glad to see you return. The lady downstairs loves Sir Vester and Tweety so she will come up if I need to be away. I have those auto-feeders for food and water so I could leave them for several days. She worries that they get lonely so comes up three times a day. She calls them her little niece and nephew. Good grief! She's as cat crazy as I. Enjoy the trip. If people see your van a rockin,' I hope they don't come a knockin.'

    Rock, I also have to call PH to get some supps but have to get the product numbers written down and decide just what I need to get. Ordering goes so much better when I'm organized ahead of time. Gail has been with PH forever. She's soooo nice that I always enjoy talking with her. The dry eyes might be soothed a bit by drops but the problem is that Sjogren's doesn't let the oil glands make tears. Sometimes, it comes and goes as though someone throws a switch. So far today, it isn't bad. Sometimes it wakes me up at night like it did last night. When it goes on for too long, I get sores in my mouth from its being so dry. Sjogren's is a miserable disease but it's not life threatening that I know of. It can dam up the lymph nodes so I'll be massaging them to make sure they are flowing as they should. Stopped-up lymph nodes are painful too.

    I remember Diet Rite and Tab. Seems that Tab had something in it to help alcoholics stop craving alcohol. I also noticed it is still being sold in other countries. Dr. Oz had a doc on who does some kind of little implants under the skin on the stomach. They dull the opiod/alcohol receptors in the brain and stop the craving for a drink or a fix. It is having great success where other treatments have failed. Of course, other treatments need to continue for it all to work together. I think it's wonderful. Still haven't gotten around to showing the kids (cats) the animal videos. There is one I'd also like to watch on different animals, like the gorilla and kitten, which become best friends. I did see one on a goat and a blind horse. The goat took the horse to the pasture and brought it back again every day until the horse died. Tweety and Sir Vester always played with the otters and possums when they lived outside. Sir Vester got all excited when he saw elephants on TV the other night. I have to be careful of those nature shows. I don't want them watching animal porn. Thanks for the pic of the Zebus. Never heard of one before. Learned something new.

    Sun, can't wait to see the picture. I'm so impressed with your talent. I also hate taking supps but they do help me. I had to quit all fish oil as it made my acid reflux worse, even the ones which claim they don't. Most of the time, the nasal spray I use is just saline water. I do have Nasacort when my sinuses are really swollen tight and causing a headache. I know it's a drug mugger so go easy on it. I think the B vitamins are really important, as well as D3. If I can't stay off my Zantac, I'll try taking it only at night; that's when reflux is at its worst. That way, my food and supps in the morning may have time to nourish me. As it is, I eat before taking it. Glad the banana is working for you. I eat a lot of healthy food but that Zantac is likely robbing me of the nutrients. This flare, and my dry, brittle hair and nails, began when I started taking it. Acid reflux drugs and proton pump inhibitors are now suspected to be related to dementia and I think it might have something to do with being drug muggers. We're damned if we do and damned if we don't. I'm starting not to care if I go anywhere anymore or not. I used to look forward to going somewhere but now don't. Between being sick and the hassle of flying, it just isn't worth it.

    Granni, thanks for the good wishes. I'm so impressed with all the activity you and DH do. I'd like to get back to working out but don't dare do it until I'm feeling better. I'm afraid, based on experience, if I pushed myself, I'd end up bedridden for a while. So far, I'm holding the line on my weight but would like to harden my bod up a bit more and lose a few more pounds. I hope you continue to weather those severe storms in TX. They look so scary.

    Well, Kiddies, I'm gonna post and edit this and get back to the laundry. I need to clean the ceramic stove top after frying that bacon. Hope all y'all have a great afternoon.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2016
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    MIKIE - I went with DD to Fit and Fab not with DH. It is all women there and it is doing and it is mostly stretching and balance and using chairs and sometimes weights or standing. Sometimes the chairs are for balance in case needed. It is not really sweating working out and I think you could even do it now with not feeling that great. When I work out I do not sweat much if at all. I do mostly treadmill and maybe a few other things if I have the time in an air conditioned gym. Sometimes, esp if I do not go in the summer or if the a/c is really cold I start out at least with a sweater or something on my arms. I did some laundry too today while DH was at a meeting and lunch.

    Thinking of everydobby. I need to go get ready to go to DD;s for dinner. Her DH is making spaghetti and I made a salad. I bought some gluten free spaghetti and gave it to DD to make. Then I won't feel so guilty or DH. I just LOVE spaghetti.

    Tomorrow will be busy. We have to go vote tomorrow and then I have to get ready for my cleaning ladies to come again. It is i the afternoon so I might not make my zumba class.

    SUN - If you are painting now could you please post it when you are finihed? I would love to see it and I know so would everyone else.

    Guess JULIE is on her way or getting ready too go after all the preparations. I know they will have a fantatic time and they both deserve it.

    Bye for now.

  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    Opps, sorry, Granni. That exercise sounds good. When I do my pool workouts, I do aerobic running in the shallow end to get my heart rate up. I can do stretching and lifting exercises at home. There is a woman who does good routines on PBS here at 6:00 in the morning but that's a bit early for me. You tube has routines too. I also have some DVD's. I can't do the heart pounding aerobics when I'm in a flare but can do the other type, mostly physical therapy exercises I learned early on when my FMS was so bad. Also, the ones for my sciatica are good. When I get down on the floor, Tweety runs over and rubs on me; she thinks everything I do is for her. Spaghetti does sound yummy. I think I'll do my garlic seafood pasta today with the Andouille sausage. I got gluten-free pasta but didn't like it. DD has found one she likes.

    I washed that hair-coloring white terry robe in warm water; I usually only use cold. There was hair color on the neck so I wanted it to come out. I also bleached it and I think bleach works better in warm or hot water. My washer wouldn't spin at the 1200 rpm's. It started to spin, would stop and fluff the laundry and do it all over again. Everything was still sopping wet. So, I selected just a spin cycle and it did the same thing. It's done this before but the spin cycle usually works. Finally, I rewashed it in cold water and the spin cycle worked just fine. I'm so relieved because I can only imagine what it costs to repair one of these expensive front loaders. When I had the cheap top loaders, I just got new ones when they stopped working but these were really expensive, even buying them on closeout. These are Bosch and have been wonderful til now. I hope this is just a glitch when I select warm water. Barb got a new expensive top-loading Whirlpool and it didn't last.

    I should go shopping at Publix but it will depend on how I feel in a few hrs. They have the gas cards again so I need to spend $50 on groceries in order to buy one. That shouldn't be a problem. A lot of what's on BOGO is frozen and I don't have a lot of space in the side-by-side fridge/freezer. The gas card coupon is only good through Sun. I hate going to the store on the weekends. I love getting a $50 gas card for $40. During hurricane season, I keep the tank full just in case.

    There is a music/BBQ festival downtown by the river this weekend. Wish I were up to doing things like that. The news showed them rubbing the ribs, getting them ready. My DSIL does the best ribs I've ever had. He has his own smoker. I'm in one of those flares where I alternate between being famished and finding nothing I want to eat.

    I've decided not to try the HGH peptide supp. I found online what's in it and several of the supps are supposed to increase HGH. I'd rather just buy those supps here. Reviews on the HGH peptides were mixed. I want to go back to Suzy Cohen's book and check out these supps before I order anything. I do know I want to get the CoQ-10. I am going to try only taking the Zantac at night to see what happens. Of course, if I start having reflux during the daytime, I'll have to go back to two a day. If I tilt my head back, I can clearly see my swollen lymph nodes so I'm taking my Acyclovir. Something rotten is afoot! No, not athlete's foot, just being a tad Shakespearesque.

    There is an asthma prescription med advertised on TV; it is called Breo. When they list the side effects, one of them is increased risk of death from asthma! Say what!!! This is a drug to control asthma and it can put one in greater risk of dying from asthma! The more I learn, and the more I deal with my own drug muggers, the more I just want to heal with diet and supps. The side effects of drugs are scary. Of course, one has to also know potential effects of supps but only a few have side effects if taken at reasonable doses.

    OK, gonna go read the paper. I slept well from about 8:00 p.m. til 5:00 this morning. Bless those kitties! I needed it. Hope all of us have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Mikie, I'm watching an episode of NCIS. The crew was collecting evidence at
    a crime scene when the bullets cases which had been on the floor disappeared.
    This was very spooky as it was Halloween, and the deceased was wearing a
    skeleton costume. Further investigation revealed a Roomba which had
    done some evidence collecting of its own.

    I talked to Gail at Pro Health yesterday. Told her one of our members had
    nice things to say about her. Of course she was pleased to hear that.

    Your potatoes sound delicious. I don't eat them anymore, but I come from
    3 cultures that were very big on potatoes: Irish, German and Norwegian.
    The Norskies made lefse (leff-za), a sort of potato tortilla. A lotta work
    to make. We only had it at Christmas time when I was a kid.

    In the Strangely Believe It Dept., we have Zebus in Minnesota. Saw some
    about 30 years ago. Went to visit an inlaws farm. A strange sight after
    decades of seeing Hereford (red and white), Holstein (black and white)
    and Black Angus.

    Granni, what kind of election are you voting in? Something local?
    I don't vote anymore.

    Sun, eager to see your pic when finished. Yes, I remember cod liver oil
    when I was a kid. Hated it. It always spoiled the taste of the fresh orange
    juice my mother squeezed every day. No frozen juice in those days.

    I hope we get some books from the library today. I've looked at the books
    we got from a friend. She and her terrier drop by now and then. Gordon
    has given her several plants. She works at the LA Times. Gets free books.
    They are new ones that were sent to the paper by publishers hoping for
    a good review. Most of them are nothing I care to read. I give 'em a
    chance, but after a chapter or two they go to the donate-to-the-library-
    book-sale pile.

  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    ROCK - We went to vote for mayor and there are some other ones that we didn;t have to vote in. It was early voting so now we don't have to go downtown to vote. It wasn't in Houston as we don't live there any more . As it is the parking and all isn;t that great where we would have to go anyway. We even spoke to one of the mayoral candidates who is a really sweet gal and also singe with me in the big county choral and lives in our subdivision. Hope you get your books that you both want this library trip.

    MIKIE - Hope you are feeling a little better today. I m going to have to scoot outta here and put back my bathroom and bedroom that the ladies have cleaned up. They are getting ready to come in here or at least one of them is.

    Thinking of awl but was reading ROCKS and MIKIEs post and just had to say hi. Did JULIE say when they hoped to return from their trip. I know they will have a blast and will hate to come home being with all those kiddos. It is beautiful and sunny day today. Someone mentioned possibly another rainstorm coming but not sure when. I still feel badly for all those who were affected the last couple of times. It was just awful and the other day there was a storm that left people without lights as well as blowing down trees into homes, etc. Not a good thing.

    Gotta run for now.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)

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