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    I'm going to copy my last post on #886. Please go back to read any posts y'all may have missed:

    Good Morning, Kids,

    Got to sleep til almost 6:00 but the cats were up about every hour from 2:00 on. Still, they did go back to sleep when I told them to. The last effort to rouse me was one of them, likely Tweety, based on the speed of the attack, running across the bed at full tilt. That would rouse the dead! Sir Vester came out from the bathroom crowing loudly and I knew there was something smelly awaiting me in the box. Sho 'nuff, he didn't cover it up. He's always so proud of himself that I think he wanted to display his grand feat. I got the little scoop and buried it. Good grief!!! Still, the longer we are together, the easier it becomes.

    I may have figured out what is causing my hair to thin. I did a bunch of research online and the most likely culprit is the stress I was under with Barb. Stress causes the fight-or-flight response and increases cortisol and testosterone releases. Remember when I said I could feel the adrenalin in my legs? No matter how much I try to let Barb's nastiness roll off my back, has been stressful. It's better now that she is gone, and I hope she never returns, but it will take a while to recover. She is planning on coming down in Sept. with her DSIL's sister but, even if she does, I don't think it will be a long stay. Word on the street is that her DD is buying the condo from the other two siblings in the trust. This is the daughter who is as nasty as Barb but I don't think she would keep the condo once Barb can no longer use it.

    Two other culprits may play a role in my thinning hair--lack of blood circulation and lack of certain vitamins. I don't think circulation is at play but I am massaging my scalp. It's more likely that my Zantac is robbing me of nutrients. I'm only taking it at night but may have to go back to twice a day. I'll see what happens. At least, I have a plan to try to stem the hair loss. Actually, I can't see excess hair loss. Nothing much in the drain cover after I shower and shampoo. It's more like it's affecting the texture of the hair on top, making it really fine in texture. In any case, I've found out that using topical treatments isn't effective and may make matters worse. I really need to settle down and order my supps. I've just felt too horrible to do anything.

    Granni, I think the social worker Rock quoted is right. People suffering from emotional and mental problems often see others as attacking them even when they are trying to help. You didn't ask for my two cents' worth but that's never stopped me in the past. :rolleyes: It might be better if the family were just there for your DD. In any event, I wouldn't try to argue her military status. She will find out for herself soon enough. Then, she will know she can turn to family without feeling everyone tried to tell her. It's very difficult for people to understand just what it is like to be ill with mental/emotional issues. I think right now is a critical time in family relationships for all of you. In fact, I do think it would help a great deal if the rest of the family could get some counseling to help in dealing with all these issues. Really, nothing else is more important.

    The good news is that DD has accepted help and is taking her meds, at least, we hope so. She may be very vulnerable to relapse if she perceives that she is up against a wall instead of having a family who accepts her that she can turn to when she is ready. About the only thing she may be ready for is love and acceptance and she may not even be ready for that. I'd let her take the reins in family relationships til she is better. OK, Dr. Phil I ain't but I know that it's often very difficult to know what to do when it's a loved one in trouble. My input is made in the best interest of all y'all and, if I've stepped over a boundary, I apologize. As always, my prayers are with you and your dear family.

    Sun, my Mom put cod liver oil in my orange juice, which she squeezed fresh from oranges. I hated the taste of it. I was really small when I told her in the market not to buy those oranges because they had cod liver oil in them. She laughed about that all my life. I actually like the gluey gooey oatmeal but just don't take the time to fix it. A lot of my customers at Publix bought the steel cut and they said the same thing about it as you. I keep thinking I'll try it. I'm sorry you have been in pain. I've had FMS type pain lately but no tender points. My arthritis in my wrists and fingers has been bad. Basically, I'm falling apart. :confused: Glad you got to your art class, even if just to visit. I've not been social lately. When I feel crappy, I just don't want to do anything nor be around others. TV weather just showed the Sanibel light house on such a beautiful morning. It's already hot and humid out but the sun is shining brightly. Thanks on the info for Ubiquinol. I'll check it out.

    Rock, thanks for the great puns. I heard that a wife's inability to make a good cup of coffee was grounds for divorce. Was that cop at the library an author? Was that why he threatened to write you up? :D I'm not saying the Roomba couldn't pick up a shell casing but it doesn't appear likely. In any case, I don't think I'll try it. You are right; it might not have been a Roomba on NCIS. It does make for a good plot. Hmmmm, did they make Roomba submit to a DNA swab? I'm glad you have your little homeless kitty but homeless kitties usually don't snuggle up. Still, I miss old Simon who used to come to my kitchen window to be fed in the mornings. He gave me sweet love looks. You are right about not being able to care for pets when we don't feel well. I have to make these guys my priority no matter what and let everything else slide. In return, they give me a reason to get up when I just want to hide under the covers. Their little feeding dish is empty out on the lanai but I don't think I'll refill it. It's getting onto rainy season and the ants will be wanting to come in. I hate to spray for them but may and keep the sliders closed until the spray has a chance to dry.

    Hope all y'all have a wonderful Sunday.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hello All

    Skimmed thru the posts and enjoyed all the catching up..

    Mikie -tk u for opening up the new Porch..thats fascinating that one can think ourselves into salivating...I wish it worked for energy..i guess all of us do..Im pretty sure it does, we just need to know how..today i was gettng a little downhearted because i had a long day but i caught myself when the feeling came and immediately stopped thinking...and then i thought of something i was grateful for...well, i didnt jump around for joy but the gloom that was threatening to take over...disappeared...its not easy but it can be done...i kinda of felt rather excited when i realised what had just happened...i diverted the gloom monster away.

    normally the scenario is i let myself get downhearted, then i give vent to my feelings by letting them pour into my mind, then i feel tired as heck, then i go lay on the sofa to 'recover' and before i know it, a good part of the day is gone.

    I never saw a cat liked water...interesting..

    [​IMG]today i was laughing at my dog, when i took in DHs dinner..it was sat on the bed and carefully surveyed what all was on the plate to see if it was worth stopping chewing his old leather glove and come and wait at the foot of the bed for tidbits..having ascertained with his nose, there was only vegetables..he didnt bother.

    Rock -what is a choir loft? did most houses in olden Minnesota have them? I wish i lived those days. Did you know that nowadays there is a procedure to take out hair out of womens bodies? Permanently? It is called laser something..dont know for sure..and they pass an electrical current thru each hair follicle terminating it for all time. i wouldnt like that job..painstaking and hard on the eyes i would imagine.

    Granni - my dear..im so sorry about your daughter...i wish she would take her meds.. during a conversation with someone this persons said her mum is supposd to be bipolar but she never noticed...she just sees her take the meds and knows its for that condition. I will keep praying for your DD.

    Sunflower - i think i kind of got over my liking for chinese food by having it so often..chowmein mostly..because its so convenient..and at home easy to cook..these days i seem to be craving as plain foods as possible, dunno my body is purging stuff or what..or could be the heat...there is hardly any appetite even the doggies..leave their milk untouched..for hours..

    Well i will hv to go back and look at the posts i just was able to read a page..and i am done in..

    i had to go help DHs relative who is having a minor operation but still we do need to take bedclothes and all..for the person who stays the night..its so hot and the traffic horrible..very tiring..

    I had to ask my help lady to go easy on the water..heard from my friend people having less water, and my friends sister has been buying water in tankers for which she has to wait for couple of days before they bring it...i had gone to see her since it was her birthday..

    i feel guilty watering the flowers or rather plants..when people are finding it so difficult just to get drinkng water..

    been having to manage more chores on my own because the helps kid was sick so she was takng him to the doctor..gotta admire her never say die spirit tho...she came dressed in new salwar kurta with matching slippers and matching clip in her hair and matching beads around her neck...and looking so pleased with herself..i had to smile...if she let herself feel down every time a crisis hit her she wouldnt be alive by now..so many troubles..being a single mom and her DH as good as divorced.ive seen her dealing with an abusive husband, get sick, get operated, take her dad to be operated, mom to hospital..both kids to hospital, (her parents hv to come from the village several hours and then again hours of walking distance away.


    Well, everybody take care

    God Bless

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    Shouldn't be posting now as I need to take a shower and DH need the computer. I need to start this so I can check on you guys on my phone. I haven't been able to get on the computer that much lately it seems.

    A quick one on DD that we just found out. Her x husband went to see her this weekend and all went OK until she started going on about her vet status and her X said that was not true and she got all upset of course. He had also brought the kids the two youngest that are with him to see her.. I don't think it made a lot of difference. As he said she was like in her own world and isn't thinking right. After that she sent a note to all saying if we weren't going to accept the fact that she was a vet etc that she didn;t want our help. Obviously she isn't taking those meds.

    Bye for now gotta fun. I wrote her a long email and not sure I will send it or not or when.. May have to shorten it it is probably to long for her to understand just alot of truth about her life. Not s\that she will believe it.:confused::(

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
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    Good Morning, Kids,

    Hope your week is starting out well. Mine is same old, same old--swollen lymph nodes and sweating like a farm animal. I used to say, 'sweating like a pig,' but someone pointed out to me that pigs don't sweat. So in the spirit of accuracy, I've changed it. Doesn't change the fact that I'm sweating! AACCKK!!! I just hope I'm sweating out something so I can start feeling better. I'm getting behind and don't want to get lost and forget something important.

    I have to get the mail as I've neglected collecting it. Just printed out our financials for April. Geez, the May financials will be out soon. There should be no surprises as I have the bookkeeper at our mgmt. co. e-mail any out-of-the-ordinary bills/invoices to me for approval before paying. Good thing I do as she sent me an $800 invoice that was for another bldg.

    Today is the only day left I can use my Bealls Bucks so I'll be headed there after I shower. Everything is on sale with a coupon for an additional 15 percent off all purchases. On top of that, I can use the $10 Bealls Bucks. Too good to pass up. I still need some clothes which fit.

    Tomorrow, I'm seeing my old dentist. He will have to repair my chipped tooth that was bonded. I hope it's just a quick fix. I also need for him to look at my gum which is still sore after that new dentist filled two teeth on either side of it. I hope he can get them to send the full set of x-rays they took a year ago. Wish I had never left my old guy. It wasn't worth it to save on cleanings and x-rays.

    Spring, so good to hear from you. I'm sorry you are feeling downhearted. You describe exactly how I'm feeling. I'm not depressed per se but just feel beat down by this flare with no letup in sight. I shouldn't whine because you have so much on your plate in addition to not feeling well. Moving into a state of gratitude is definitely helpful and I'm glad it helped you. You are right; being grateful doesn't make one dance with glee but it can help dig us out of a dark hole. I am laughing at your description of your dog's thought processes. Smart little doggie. I'm also laughing at the pic of that cat in the sink. Somewhere, I have a pic of DD's cat in a sink back when she lived at home. I read about Maine Coon cats and think Sir Vester may have some MC blood in him. MC's don't have to be brown and come in all colors and patterns if they are mixed. His fur types on the various areas of his body, his tufted feet and his love of water is just like those cats. Just sent up a prayer for you lady who helps you. Bless her heart. Hope we both can keep our spirits up. This too shall pass.

    Granni, I'm so sorry that problems with DD continue. If she isn't taking her meds, she will not be able to get better. It's not unusual for people to stop taking them. It doesn't sound as though she got the treatment she needs. Our country is woefully behind when it comes to mental health treatment. I will continue to pray for all of you.

    Hope all y'all have a good Mon.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning everybody!

    Just checking in.......

    Last week we had the tree/shrub removal guys here. And you know what?? I have not sneezed once since all the pine was removed! I don't have to carry a box of tissues around with me anymore. Fingers crossed.

    But something else is still going on -- maybe "viral", or candida. I'm so worn out, achy, feverish, my eyes are getting dry (but not my mouth). There are so many people out sick in Kevin's office that he's lost count. One "group" (manager + staff) has been out sick for several weeks now. And germs spread.

    I'm still trying to eat well, but I've lost my appetite -- I think someone said: it comes and goes. And I have some healthy fresh food in the fridge/freezer; just can't get any ooomph to cook. Seems like I've been living on 600 calories a day plus a healthy amount of liquids.

    Whatever this is -- I just want it to go go go go away!

    I've scanned the posts, but I can't reply individually. Just know that I'm thinking of y'all. I'll be back when I feel better. Take care!

    Love and hugs,
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    Hi Kids

    We went to the Amelia Earhart library in North Hollywood
    yesterday. There are about 77 branch libraries. Only a few
    are open on Sunday. We checked out 8 or 9 books. I bought 5
    paperbacks for a quarter @. Our local branch only charges a dime, but
    their books are frequently beat up. Sometimes sans cover.

    I saw a blurb on the back of one book. Something like this: A
    wealthy old man has two sons. The eldest..." Why do they ask
    people who are only semi-literate to write for publication?
    (I dunno, but I suspect the answer is that all the authors who
    write these complimentary comments are also published by the
    same company.)

    Amelia's 7 foot statue is still standing guard. It was erected in
    1960. Amelia disappeared in 1937, but her secretary was
    present. (Her husband died several years after she disappeared.)

    "Old pilots never Die. They Just Fly Away." (Title of an actual book.)
    Maybe it would make more sense to say: They just fold their wings.

    Diane, that's great that the pines have been eradicated. Remember
    that old song Johnny Horton sang about the "Whispering Pines"? I
    think it must be the only love song in the world that mentions squirrels.

    Springwater, thanks for posting the Ernest Shepherd illustration.
    Not only did he illustrate The Wind in the Willows, he did the Pooh
    books. Ernest lived to be almost 100. Died in 1976 (our 200th
    birthday) which was the 50th anniversary of the publication of
    Pooh. Both Milne (the author) and Shepherd had previously worked
    for the British humor magazine Punch.

    I once started a book where two women were having an intense
    discussion about decorating the nursery for the new arrival. They
    had very strong feeling about whether the motif should be
    traditional Pooh or Disney Pooh. I decided this book was intended for
    a different audience and picked up something else.

    Well, shucks, I'm typing on the previous porch. I can only deal with one
    thing at a time now. And not very well with that.

    Later, Kids
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    Hi, Kids,

    Just got back from my foray to Bealls and Publix. I did well. Got three pairs of Caribbean Joe Capri pants which retail at $132 for $65. I was lucky to find three pairs in size 12. If I lose the rest of the weight, these may be too big but not as big as the size 14's which are literally falling off of me. Yikes!!! :eek: I got a white pair, a terra cotta orange pair and a lime green pair. I have a lot which will go with them. I'm gonna round up all the size 14's and package them up until I can either take them in or give them away.

    Publix had frozen bags of medium shrimp on BOGO so got two bags and some Old Bay seasoning to cook them in. Also got some Purina Cat Chow on BOGO for the kids. I may sweat like a farm animal but they eat like farm animals. I need to clean out the fridge and use up some produce. I'm thinking the shrimp might be tasty tossed in with some salad greens, onion and tomato. Mmmmm!

    I'm so beat that I don't think I'll get anything else done but that's OK. I managed to shower, do my hair and shop at two stores. For me lately, that's a lot. I am losing my voice and my allergies are bad. Some good news--I think massaging my hair and cutting the Zantac dose seems to have paid off. My hair is back to its usual texture and doesn't seem thin on top. As I mentioned, I never did lose much hair; it was just soooo fine and lifeless. Bad news is that I have to go back to two doses of the Zantac or I'll have acid reflux all day. I'll just have to eat more vitamins and supplement better with them. Damn you, Drug Muggers!!! :mad:

    Diane, I'm sooooo glad that your allergies are better with those pine trees gone. I hope you start to feel better and get some NRG. I'm like you; I don't feel up to cooking. Heck, I don't even feel up to slicing things for a salad. People here have been sick for six months! They just can't get rid of what ails them. My neighbor is back on ABX. I've been in a flare and my whatever virus seems to have reactivated but I think the allergies and stress just exacerbated everything. Again, feel better, my friend.

    Julie, sooooo glad you had a good time. Have a safe trip home and check in when you can. Am anxious to see new pix of the kiddies.

    Rock, those paperbacks are a bargain! I have a saying about old pilots but can't post it here. ;) I saw on a TV show that many of those blurbs are written by people who don't even know the author and haven't read the book. They just all shill for one another. I prefer blurbs from newspaper critics. I finished my book and gave it a pretty good review. It wasn't great but had an unusual plot and I really got drawn into the characters' lives. I didn't want it to end. Haven't been reading much. I've been binge watching a TV series set in rural England in the old days. I can't remember the title but I'm enjoying it. If you can do one thing at a time, you're doing better than I.

    Gotta find something to eat. Also need to go out to the car and get the rest of my groceries from this trip and the last one. Sometimes, I leave non-food things for later on. It's getting too hot now to shop in the middle of the day. I'll have to start going in the mornings. A/C is running all the time now. Hope we get rain this afternoon; there's a good chance we will. We are supposed to have a bit of relief later this week when the cold front comes through. Even a few degrees lower makes a big difference. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Just popping in for a few minutes before checking out the posts before I go and start supper. Glad that JULIE had a great time and I know that they would. It is about time for them to get to go there and let Gpa go on his own vacation. They both needed a BIG break for sure. I will be anxious to hear all about their trip.

    Sorry that I cannot stop and talk to all individually.

    DIANE - Glad you got rid of those pine trees and hope you get to feeling better woon with whatever else is bugging you.

    Nothing else is really new around here. Not sure if DS is going to go down to talk to DS tomorrow or not. I think that was the day that he might go down there. Right now he is thoroughly disgusted with the whole mess. She apparently has decided that she doesn't need the meds and that she is fine ( even if she has taken on someone elses personality and has been telling us we don't know who she really is. I need to go over and redo the letter I want to send to her but whe will not like it cause it is telling the truth. She is not a vet and has not fought in any wars. Her X sent us as an email telling how she acted when they were together this weekend with two of her sons. He said that she was in her own little world. That is no surprise to me.

    She will not believe anyone and non of us has the money to put her somewhere to get well. We did what we could and not sure there is anything else . We cannot make her take the meds like a child. She is almost 50 years old. I am almost glad I have not seen her but have seen a pic on her so called website that she had. It was awful. Of course living on the street is not a way to get to feeling well and being healthy. DS gave her money for the drugs and she told him thanks but I am not going to be buying them any more. We were hopeful but she has to want to get well and if she doesn't take the meds she has no hope. I don;t even thing she cares that much for the kids the way she used to. I am afraid that if I start crying I won;t stop. It is almost better not to know what is going on with her.

    By for now. Need to go start dinner. Have not seen any of your posts on my phone. Wondering what is going on and if it is my phone or PH.

    Love to everydobby inc. those not mentioned,
    Granni :confused::(
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    Granni: I'm so very very sorry for all the troubles with your DD. It breaks my heart, thinking of how you all have tried with her, but can't seem to get thru. She needs weekly psychiatrist care. Is there something like that for indigent people in Texas where the state will pay? Perhaps your DS can check this? I think most states have this.
    My DS in Oregon saw a psychiatrist weekly for almost a year, who helped him. It's still a troublesome problem.....at times I understand when you say you would rather not know. But she is still your little girl and is having mental troubles. And she needs help.

    Julie: I'm so looking forward to reading about your fun times.

    Mikie: If course you're sweating like a pig! It's humid and hot where you live! UGH. I hate when it gets over 82 degrees here, and I used to love 100 plus weather when I was young......and healthy. Think cotton! I've decided I'm getting rid of everything that's got polyester in it. What was the name of the program you were watching?

    Diane: yea....the trees are gone. Does your yard look strange? As I said before, this virus seems to last about 4 mos. give or take. But.......it will eventually disappear. Hang in there.

    Rock: what would we do without our libraries? Mine is open 7 days a week, I just need to remember the times.

    I did a ton of yard cleanup this morning after a walk. Me thinks I overdid it. I did push myself to an art class group, and good thing I did. I met a new person there......someone who has exactly what I deal with, cervical dystonia. She's a retired pediatrician and she gave me some doctors to contact locally who might be able to help. She did tell me she gets Botox injections in the trigger points in and around her shoulders and that they last about 90 days, give or take.......and kinda help with the pain and the tremors. So I need to do more research on these Botox injections.

    I was invited to a friend's DDs graduation lunch/dinner at a local restaurant on Saturday. Yea......and yesterday I went for lunch with my DD and family to a local mall. My DD LOVES/LOVES/LOVES to shop! Unfortunately I don't either (anymore) so I killed time waiting with my DGS and DSIL. But, I was OUT!
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    SUN and MIKIE - She doesn't think she has a problem which is the biggest problem. I agree with you but we have all lost our patience and have no money to shell out for this kind of stuff plus she seems to be fighting us all the way. They have to want to get well but she thinks he is just find. Yes, she is to sick to realize but not sure we can do much else. I know my very patient on has lost his patience and and he says she has said not very nice things to him, when they were talking.

    Gotta go take a shower and wash my mop. Tomorrow we perform for a nearby assisted living place where one members 's parents just went to live there and friends of ours have been there for quite a few years already. I told my friend to bring her friends. Not sure her husband will be there though.

    More later. Off to wash my hair - ugh !!!

    Love you all,
  11. Mikie

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    Good Morning, My Dear Porchies,

    Just sitting here soaking up the wonderful morning cool and peace. It's the only time of day I feel really peaceful. I need to get back to meditating. The kitties have had their morning treats, their food and water bowls are refreshed, their litter box is clean, and they are sleeping off their catnip high. What a life!

    I have to see the dentist at 8:00 to see about repairing my bonded tooth. I hope he can just fix the bond and not have to laminate it or put a crown on it. There's not a lot of the original tooth left but the bonding material is strong. I also hope it isn't expensive. I have to make an appt. for a cleaning while I'm there. It just isn't worth it to use the 'free' dentist on my ins. plan.

    I'm so glad I got three pairs of Capri pants which fit or, at least, fit better than the clown pants I've been wearing. Just have to decide which pair to wear. This looooong flare has me not wanting to do much of anything anymore so I don't need much in the way of clothes. Like most of us, I wear 20 percent of my clothing 80 percent of the time.

    Sun, I do wear cotton, from my undies out. It is the only thing which is cool down here. I have been sweating inside with the A/C on so I know this is something out of the ordinary. I may be sweating out whatever has been making me sick. It seems so many of us appear to have had a virus which we cannot shake. My poor neighbor has been sick for more than six months. She coughs and coughs and coughs. She is a nurse so she knows that what she has now is bacterial. Thank God the doc put her on the ABX she requested. I am so glad you have felt up to going out to the class and to eat. It's wonderful that you met a doc with the same problem and who gave you names of other docs to see. I hope it helps you. I no longer actually love to shop and, when I do, I often don't find anything to buy; however, right now, I need some pants that fit. I love the pursuit of bargains for things I need, even groceries. Well, dear one, I need to finish up here so I can get ready for my early appt.

    Granni, I sent you a private e-mail. I continue to keep all of you in my prayers. I know how awful this is for everyone. When my DD was so sick with anorexia, she could not face the reality that she was 5'5" and 74 pounds, looking like a concentration camp survivor. When she looked in the mirror, she saw a fat person. My ex kept trying to force reality on her in an effort to keep her alive. It only made her dig her heels in more. It made no sense to him and he was only trying to make her see what we all saw. Unfortunately, the nature of mental illness is that the people suffering cannot see reality as we do and they don't trust what we say.
    We got therapy and, when she saw us backing off and trying to get our own help, she asked to go with us to the psychiatrist. She said she would not participate but wanted to go.

    I think people with mental health/emotional issues want help but trust is a big issue for them when nothing anyone else says correlates with what they see themselves. Sometimes, it is only when others stop trying to force reality on them that they get help. I know our situation isn't the same as yours but there are some common areas in all these issues. I believe that Sun is correct and that there may be free care for DD if she will take it. As I mentioned in my e-mail to you, there are likely free support groups in your area for families of those who suffer from mental/emotional issues. I would think it worth a try. Good luck to you and your family.

    I need to go read the paper before getting ready for the day. I keep us all in my prayers and hope everydobby has a good day.

    Love, Mikie
  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just lost my whole post as Windows shut down my computer. BAH!!! :mad: This may not turn out to be a great day. I just got back from the dentist and found out I need some gum surgery as a result of that 'free' dentist's fillings he put in. He evidently didn't do them right at the top and it caused inflammation and the gum to recede. My old dentist will cut into the gum to see whether he can fix the fillings without having to redo them. Then he will stitch it back up. He sill fix the chipped bonding on the other side at the same appt. on Thurs. It'll all come to more than $1,000. Yikes!!! :eek: I've always complained about the minimum distributions the feds make me take every year from my 401K but this year's dividend will pay for the dental work. I'm just grateful I can pay for the work.

    I will be posting and going back into edit mode to add on so I don't lose everything again. I'm so happy because I came home, watered the potted plants, swept the dirt and cobwebs off the balcony and stairs and took the garbage and recyclable stuff down to the dumpster. I even forced myself to replace the plastic liner bags in the cans right away. I usually come in all tired and sweaty and leave that til later. I'm tired and sweaty but did it anyway.

    Julie, the reason I dropped in was to see whether you had posted. To my delight, you did. I am sooooo glad you and Den had such a good time. Hope the break was good for GPA and hope Oreo is happy. All the things you did for the kids is just wonderful. It's so sweet that Keira wants her own flower pots. The nice things you pass down to them will go on for generations. I know Mothers Day is for kids to honor their mothers but I plan to write a note to my kids telling them what a joy they are to me and how grateful I am for them, my DSIL's and DGS. Welcome home!

    Sun, I almost forgot to tell you the name of the program I've been binge watching. I think it's from the BBC. The name is Lark Rise to Candleford. Lark Rise and Candleford are the names of the two towns in which it is set in the late 1800's. It's kinda like Little House On The Prairie meets rural England. The young heroine, Laura, reminds me of my own DD at that age. She worked in the movies in Hollywood. Same sweet face and red hair. Hope you are feeling more energetic and pain free.

    Granni, hang in there. I hear ya when you talk about having to wash your mop. I hate doing it but, yesterday, it came out so well and not all thin looking and flat that I was excited when I blew it dry. I have found that blowing it half-way dry before styling it helps. It also makes it dry a lot faster and helps not to damage it. Wish I could take a magic wand on a good hair day and just keep my hair like that forever. You and yours are still in my prayers.

    Barry, everything is in bloom and I can't help but think of you when I look at all the lovely plants. I hope you are feeling better so you can enjoy yours.

    Rock, hope you are feeling up to posting. We all live for your funny, witty and intelligent posts.

    Spring, we also look forward to hearing from you. I keep you in my prayers in the hopes that the EQ's will stop and things get better in terms of supplies.

    Diane, hope things are going well for you, Kevin and the little ones. Tweety and Sir Vester are doing well, for which I'm thankful.

    To everyone else, including our MIA's, I wish you a grand day. I'm not too hungry so think I'll cook my shrimp so they have time to cool.

    Love, Mikie
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  13. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to say HI to y'all......

    Julie, glad you're back, and had a good time. Deep breaths, and deal with GPA as best as you can, while dealing with your and Den's health issues. I bet Oreo and and cats were happy to see you!!!!

    Sun, thanks for the good wishes. This "virus" is just getting me down. I have about 1/4 energy that I usually had. And not wanting to eat is not a good thing. Hot food-NO. Cold food-NO. UGH. I am eating though. A little bit at a time. And I have some of the Glucerna drinks, and Vitamin Water.

    Our yard looks GREAT! But the tree guys have to come back, when the weather is not rainy, to remove the stumps. They are even going to remove the shrub stumps from our front yard, because the shrubs can grow back again. I just want the "tree" guys back, so that we can plant grass seed, get some perennials to plant, etc. I have to be patient though.

    Oh Mikie, not good news about gum surgery. I never heard of that! Best wishes, my friend!

    Granni!! You and your family are going through a lot. I have no advice. Just a lot of ((hugs))

    Rock, I see that you posted on Homebound recently. I wish I was feeling better, to reply.

    Barry -- what's up with you? Hope all is well.

    I have some steak strips to cook, maybe with onion, garlic, a bit of cheese. Sort of like a cheese steak on gluten free bread. That just isn't interesting me now though, so I may put the steak strips in the freezer.

    I wish I could find something interesting to cook. I have a pound of ground beef thawing. Maybe it'll just be ground beef, with spinach, a small can of tomato paste, and a bit of cheese. Plus herbs. I'm just not hungry.

    Oh well, that's enough about me........

    Y'all take care!

    Love and hugs, Diane
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Diane,

    Just stopping back in one more time and saw your post. I so wish this crud would leave you alone. Good grief. Enough is enough!

    I'm starting to feel tired now but am thrilled that I've had the NRG I've had today. I just finished peeling my shrimp and they are sooooo good. I had forgotten that I bought a steak on sale yesterday. I ate about half of it and didn't feel like eating the rest. I'll polish it off tomorrow. I put the peeled shrimp in the fridge to eat later. I may make a shrimp salad like the ones at Costco. The Old Bay spice mix really gives the shrimp a yummy taste. I need to clean out the fridge and use up some produce. A salad and nice green drink should do it.

    OK, off to play a bit of solitaire, perhaps read and, if I'm lucky, have a bit of a nap. Love, hugs and prayers to everydobby.

    Love, Mikie
  15. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hello All.
    Mikie, I saw Lark Rise to Candleford a couple of years back. I really enjoyed it! A really fine series I thought. Last night we watched the movie The Lady in the Van with the wonderful Maggie Smith. The movie was a bit weird, but Maggie was great! I am glad you have a lot blooming in your area. Spring can be a real riot of colour. I have been picking the bearded irises for indoors. Flower Power! I'm an old hippie, as you can tell.

    Julie, I'm glad your trip was a success. I hope you didn't get too tuckered out! You run around a lot my girl! Wish I had your energy....

    Hey Diane! Don't you have any seafood to eat? I wish I did! The crab season has just opened, but I think they will be very expensive, and I am very wary of shrimp/prawns since most seem to be from SE asia -- pollution, slave labour, etc. I grew up on shrimp and prawns in England; also kippers, sprats, herring roe (soft and hard both), and periwinkles. We just called them winkles. The last winkles I had I gathered out at the rocks at a place called Shelter Cove, about 20 miles from here..... Sorry to be talking about food when you are not hungry, my dear!

    Diane, have you seen the doc. about your possible virus? I'm glad you got the trees down and can now plant a garden ----any ideas?

    Well, we got our new bed installed yesterday. DIY. Exhausting! I am aching today and so am taking the day off. I've taken Shorty for a short walk this morning, and that's it! Showers are expected for the nest few days, which helps with the watering situation. I hope it won't be too warm when Richard jets off to Amsterdam, via Oslo next week. Watering can be a real chore, especially if you have, as I do, many potted plants.

    Rock, what are you up to today? Nothing, like me? R went to town; doc appt. and shopping. I hate shopping except for a quick forage in the fish and produce sections. I buy a lot of books from Amazon. Some you can get for one cent + shipping. The books I've gotten "used"have always been in pristine condition. I got five in the mail the other day and was pleased with them all....

    Back to reading, cup of green tea, Greek yogurt for lunch..... gosh my spelling is getting bad.

    Later with Love,
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Julie, Welcome Home! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. Wish I had
    some little kids to come visit me. Nice of you to get the folks stocked up
    with household stuff. Sounds like everydobby will have happy memories.
    Looking forward to some pics.

    Hi Diane. It's sad when we're low on energy isn't it? Especially since our
    normal level is already pretty skimpy. I posted some movie/TV stars to
    identify last night. You might drop by to see how many you recognize
    even if you're not up to posting. Cheesy steaks sound good. I walked by
    the TV last night. Some gal on America's Test Kitchen had some big
    chunks of meat on the counter. She said they cost $25 a pound or
    apiece. In either case I wouldn't buy 'em.

    Oops! Phone just rang. Thought I'd better answer. Could be Gordon
    who is off doing errands. Turned out to be some recorded message
    from AT&T. When you want to talk to them you have to wait and

    Mikie, sorry to hear about the gum surgery. That's a shame! Hope
    your old dentist can fix things up. I never realized that our dentist
    for many years had very low prices till he went back to Romania.
    Playing solitaire and reading. I do lots of that nowadays. Doesn't
    cost much (unless you add in the cost of a computer) and fills
    the hours. One thing about solitaire on the computer. You can't
    cheat. There was a guy in our college dorm who played solitaire
    and routinely cheated. When people asked him why he bothered
    to play if he was gonna cheat, he always said, "I don't cheat."
    He was the joker, but he wasn't funny.

    Too bad your post vanished. I hope it wasn't a Warren Piece. Imagine
    if you had all of you W. P. posts on paper. Probably be thicker
    than the real War And Peace by now.

    Gordon is going to a different orchid club tonight. They are having
    an auction. They sent out a computer notice. Be nice if they told
    folks what time the auction starts. Uff-da! The membership in
    these clubs keeps shrinking. In Gordon's club nobody wanted to be
    President, so one nice lady volunteered. The trouble is she's nice
    but not what you'd call a forceful leader. And the Treasurer has
    never balanced the checkbook. As Ricky Ricardo might say, Ay yi yi!

    Got an e mail from my cousin in Virginia yesterday. Oh, I hear the
    back gate opening. Better go. Bis spater.

  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    More later. Have to fix dinner. Not getting this on my phone. Is it PH or phone.???

    Thanks again MIKIE for your message. I sent one back.

  18. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: I'm sorry you've got it AGAIN. Honestly, I looked at my calendar and EVERY 28-30 days I was sick. It's something that seems to just stay hiding in the body. The last two times I dodged the bullet by taking the Flunada, plus echinacea, zinc, the vodka salt water gargle, and a "cold and sinus" blaster with a variety of stuff in it to bust the flu. Don't forget the eucalyptus to breathe. And yes......more $ being spent on the care center means less $ going to sis down the road.

    Mikie and Barry: I've now ordered season #1 of Lark Rise to Candleford from the library. I love anything that has turn of the century costumes.

    Diane: hang in there.....this too shall pass.

    It was another ice pack/heat pack day, and 800 mg. Ibuprofen to get me to an art class. I refuse to give up.
  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Morning, Kids

    It's circa 2 AM, 59 degrees, on its way to 74 w/ no precip. We had a visitor
    the other day. A male cat wearing a rather faded looking gold coat. He was
    hunger and thirsty. Gordon gave him some kibble and water. He had a collar
    with a metal tag, but wouldn't let us read it. Didn't come back yesterday.
    Well, if he shows up again we'll do what we can.

    Gordon went to the orchid auction in Santa Monica last night. Bought
    several plants including the vandas he was looking for. All collectors
    have the same motto no matter what they collect: You can never
    have enough.

    Well, as I was saying in my previous post: Got an e mail from my cousin
    in Virginia yesterday. Wrote to tell me his mom was the first person
    interviewed for an oral history project in our home town. She is the one
    I mentioned before many times. Her Dad was born in 1863, the year
    of the Battle of Gettysburg. Aunt Izzy was born in 1921, and is
    95 years old.

    My cousin put together a history of the other side of his family,
    the Italian side. So I wrote and briefly mentioned various bits and
    pieces of family history I have discovered over the years. I was never
    doing family research. Stuff just popped up when I was reading about
    Lincoln's assassination, or the Old West, etc.

    After e mailing my cousin I picked up a book from the library with
    a copyright the same year that he and I were born. On page 12
    I found a mention of a sheriff with our family name in the 1880s in
    Brisbee, the town a few miles from Tombstone, Arizona. He was
    involved in the Brisbree massacre case and the lynching of outlaw
    John Heath from a telegraph pole. Yes, our relative was a lawman;
    not one of the outlaws.

    So I wrote and told Cuz. No response.
    Very likely he doesn't believe me. He got very irritated with me
    when I told him I had Alzheimer's. Quit writing for a couple years.
    Probably doesn't believe my latest news. Well, it is quite a
    kawinkydink. I can't pretend to be upset though. We are not close.
    We never lived in the same state. I've only seen him 3 or 4 times in
    my life. The last time I saw him we had cocktails in Little Tokyo, Los
    Angeles. Bottoms up, Cuz.

    Barry, good to hear from you. In response to your question, nothing
    much going on with me. Most of recent batch of books I got from
    the library was disappointing. I've seen those ads on Amazon for
    merchandise priced at one cent. I didn't think they'd really sell
    anything at that price though. Maybe it's considered a loss leader.

    Julie, sorry to hear you are feeling fluish. Ever since I got this
    CFS stuff colds have been a thing of the past. I think I only had
    the flu one winter. Still have allergies, but they are a minor
    problem. OTC meds work fine. How is the wonder dog Oreo? Do
    you think she misses the kids?

    Hope everybody is fine as silk. Folks say that on some of the old
    radio programs I listen to. Well, I hope everydobby is as fine as
    possible. The jacarandas are in bloom. You can always tell when
    it's May in LA. Clouds of lavender. We saw lots of them on our trip to
    North Hollywood the other day. (I couldn't find a pic that showed
    city streets with jacarandas.)


    Last edited: May 4, 2016
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Up early but not bright eyed nor bushy tailed. My lymph nodes are swollen but I'm starting to think it's in response to all the inflammation in my gum. I hope and pray the minor gum surgery takes care of all this without my dentist's having to drill out those two fillings and replace them. Yikes! I let my DD's know what is being done tomorrow, not to worry them but to reassure them that I keep them informed on what is going on with me. I don't keep things from them and they know I take the best care of myself I can. I don't want them to worry about me. At least, so far, there is no infection in the gum, only inflammation.

    Wednesdays are one of my favorite days. I get a real newspaper and Survivor is on Wed. evenings. Only problem is that I usually fall asleep before I see who is kicked off the island and have to wait til the next week to find out. I have nothing I have to do today and will rest in the afternoon/evening so I'll be up for the gum surgery tomorrow. It isn't until 2:00 in the afternoon so I have plenty of time to shower and do my hair before I go. I likely won't feel like doing much afterward. It should take about an hour and a half.

    I think I'll post and edit because of the recent loss of posts.

    Barry, yes, spring is soooo colorful. We are sposda get rain today with lots of lightening. Woo Hoo! As long as it doesn't strike and cause brush fires. Everything is soooo dry coming off our dry season with very little rain yet. It looks like a jungle down here but there is all kinds of combustible material underneath the greenery. There is a kid starting brush fires in a small town just east of us. So glad you also enjoyed Lark Rise to Candleford. I often nod off for a few minutes but I don't seem to lose too much. Still, almost every minute of this series is so good that I hate to miss anything. One of the reasons I seldom eat shrimp is because of our polluted Gulf and farming. The shrimp I bought are farm raised in Indonesia. They probably aren't the healthiest but I don't eat them often. They are beautiful and delicious. I have no idea where the ones in Costco's shrimp salad come from. Hope you like your new bed. Did you get a new frame or a frame and mattress and box springs?

    Rock, OMG! That pic is absolutely gorgeous. We have some beautiful jacaranda trees here but I haven't seen them planted en masse, just one here and there. Down here, they usually plant live oaks or palm trees to line streets. They do plant some pretty blooming trees in the medians--cashias and crepe myrtles. I don't cheat at Solitaire but have found that using the 'undo' feature increases my win percentage. If there are two jacks, say, that I could put beneath a queen, I can use one, undo that move and use the other, settling on the one which leads to the most moves. I never knew it was Kosher to move cards back and forth between the upper array and the lower but now use that to increase my wins. So glad Gordon found the vandas he wanted. I have a wacko family too. My cousins will be all friendly and then, I won't hear from them for years. Wish I had paid more attention to Mom and the one cousin who did the family tree and history. School darn near killed any interest I had in history; what a shame! I don't know why our illnesses cause family members and/or friends to turn on us but it's not unusual. They just don't know what to make of us and they also usually have fear--fear that it could happen to them. Too bad, it's their loss. You have our family here who loves you.

    Julie, I'm so sorry you are sick. That sucks!!! I know how awful it feels to be out doing errands when a bug comes on. I'm like Rock in that I so seldom get anything full blown but my whatever virus comes back to bug me. I hope the kiddies aren't too sick and get better soon as well. I'm laughing just thinking about GPA's wanting to steal the pads from the care center. Does he think he's part of the Over The Hill Gang? Seniors down here take all the jellies and sugar substitutes from restaurants. They also take ball point pens wherever they can. I've been known to lift a packet or two of mixed-fruit jelly from restaurants only because I have never seen it in stores. It's soooooo good. I don't eat jelly much and don't eat out much so my life of crime has pretty much come to an end. Glad to hear Oreo is doing so well. Dogs know how good they look after a bath. Even the cats love to be groomed. Hang in there, dear one, and feel better.

    Sun, I hope you like Lark Rise To Candleford as much as Barry and I. I'm so sorry you feel sick every month. I just don't understand all this crud going around. I really am starting to wonder about the inflammation from my fillings. That was done about six months ago when my flare got worse. Same with having to take the Zantac and Barb's losing her mind. It's been like a perfect storm for illness. My neighbor is starting to feel better now that she is on the ABX she requested (think I mentioned that she is a nurse). She hollered up to me yesterday to tell me. I'm glad that you continue with your art despite feeling so bad. Feel better soon.

    Granni, thanks for responding. Just a few thoughts and, as always, my prayers. Come back when you can stay on the Porch a while. The jackarandas are blooming in lovely lavender all around the Porch garden.

    OK, Kids, another W&P post but I do love to read all y'all's posts and respond to them. I do this while I'm sitting in the cool morning air. The clouds are moving in and I'm praying for some rain and lightening but also praying that we don't lose our power. Utility co. put in a new transformer and we don't lose it as often as we used to. Time was that we lost our power almost every afternoon during the rainy season. AACCKK!!! I shouldn't whine, Spring, when I think of how often you don't have it. As always, I hope and pray things improve for you. Hope all y'all have a great Hump Day.

    Love, Mikie
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