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    Hi, Kids,

    I'm back from the store and will return after I close out the old Porch. There, all done. I got an early start to the store but am not at my best. I'm sooooo tired. I realize I put on my foundation but forgot the rest of my makeup. Yikes!!!! I also forgot to take my phone with me. I hate to go out without it. I'd have been dead in the water had I not had it when I had a flat tire. I'm home drinking some licorice tea. Dr. Oz had it on his show so thought I'd try it. I felt nauseated after taking my supps and am hoping this will help. It has other herbs, including ginger.

    Publix had a BOGO on diced watermelon and kitty litter. They also had their $50 gas cards for $40 so I picked up one of those. I always try to keep at least half a tankful in the car but it's really important in hurricane season. It's probably way too early for a big storm but I might as well get into the habit. I also keep a case of water in the back hatch. Think I'll have some crab salad and fruit for lunch if I can get the nausea under control. The licorice tea is really good. I got Yogi brand.

    It rained while I was in the store even though the weatherman said the rain was over. Well, here comes more! Won't be out potting plants today. Hope all y'all are having a better day than I. Here's the porch where we are meeting today, complete with our own doggie.


    Love, Mikie
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    MIKIE - What a beautiful PORCH you posted. This won't be long as it is almost time for lunch. That crab salad you mentioned surely sounds good. Was it already prepared. Wish I could eat all that stuff. I saw that you started a new porch and figured that I had better hurry up and post a little something so I could get updates from you and all on the phone or i pad. It looks like it is getting ready to start pouring again soon. There is a big band coming through today and could produce a lot of rain in some areas. The map on the phone sure looked BIG. Glad you got a little bit more sleep last night. Glad that you got some good buys on your trip shopping again :)!! Thanks for starting us up again !!!

    JULIE- Sorry to hear that G pa has taken a step back as they say. Possibly some of the medications might be a culprit..Much older people especially are more prone to medication side effects. Hope this is just a minor setback and will not get worse. Thoughts and prayers are coming your way. How far away is the hospital to your home and also the rehab center they will be sending him to, considering he continues getting better? My dear you need a helicopter for all the traveling you have been doing. Hope you can go to Keiras concert. I know that will be fun for you and for her. How far is Keira's school from the hospital??

    I can't remember what others have posted from the last volume. Gee so many people have been coming by I can hardly keep track of the volumes and people posting. Now, hopefully I can get this posted so I can get the posts on the phone.

    Thinking of everydobby, Spring Water, Rock, Sun, Diane, Barry and ALL . Need to go fix lunch ! It is rumbling outside and raining but so far not heavy.

    Granni :)
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    Hi Kids

    Today is orchid day. Gordon will be spending hours with orchids. Right
    now he's repotting. This afternoon he will be transporting orchids to the
    L.A. Arboretum where the club has its meetings. They are having an
    auction tonight.

    I volunteered to go along and help with the bidding. Like Laurel and
    Hardy or Rose on the Golden Girls. Cheerfully bidding against one's

    I am happy to report my pesky toothache disappeared. I am keeping my
    fingers crossed that it does not return. Or would it be more effective to
    cross my lips?

    Mikie, another beautiful porch. Is that a live dog or a statue? Licorice
    tea sounds absolutely horrible to me, but I hope it proves helpful. Gordon
    drinks ginger tea sometimes. I forget what it's supposed to be good for.

    Julie, you must feel like you're camping out. Is Keira's concert a
    school program? What grade is she in now? Third, maybe?

    Sun, I used to love Campbell's soups when I was a kid. My mother
    was illish a lot. I guess I was about 6 or 7 when I started heating
    up soup, etc. and bringing it to her in bed. But the soups have
    changed over the years. My favorite was chicken rice. Now the
    rice has the consistency of rubber and the flavor has become
    only a faint memory. Hope you can get some sleep.

    Have to go, Kids. I'm trying to go back and forth between this and
    the previous post. Just too confusiatin'.

    Hugs, Kids
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    Good Morning, Kiddies,

    I slept five hours last afternoon/evening into night. I woke up about 11:30 p.m. and read for about half an hour and went back to sleep until 4:15 when the kitties decided we had all slept long enough. I gave them their treats and went back to bed for another hour. After I drank that licorice tea, I felt slightly stoned. The label said it was a tea to relax a person. Well, I was relaxed all right. The effect, if it was indeed the tea, was strong enough that I would have been impaired to drive. Yikes!!! :eek: I need to try it again when I have nothing to do nor anywhere to go. If it induces relaxation and sleep, it's a God send. The taste is nice, with hints of orange and cinnamon with the licorice. I've always been a licorice fiend. Mmmmm!

    It is supposed to be very, very hot and humid today; the weatherman is issuing warnings against heat stroke. :confused: I had better do the planting early on today. I'm anxious to get it done. Think I'll do a very light fertilization of the allamandas to see whether they will perk up. My new cable box arrived yesterday afternoon. I'll install it when I can. Just hope all goes well. So many of the boxes don't work and have to be replaced even when they've been reconditioned. I've installed so much cable and internet equipment but it always makes me nervous.

    Granni, the 'crab' salad is actually made from other fish that is made to taste like crab. It's good healthy white fish and I love the salad Publix makes. It is mostly fish with a few other ingredients. It was so yummy with the fresh watermelon cubes. Can't you go online with your phone and go to any website you want? I can but don't use my phone for online browsing. You should be able to just go to www.prohealth.com, sign in and navigate to any post on the forums like you do on your computer. Basically, smart phones are little computers. You might give it a try.

    Rock, the tea does taste like licorice but it also tastes a lot like my Constant Comment tea. I'm not a big tea drinker but I do like it. I think the orange and other spices are what make it so good. Tonight is the I Love Lucy special if you want to catch it. I don't know whether I'll have TV tonight or not, depending on how the cable box installation goes. I'll probably use the antenna for the bedroom TV. I can stream live programs, or programs I've recorded on the DVD, so I can actually take my little Surface laptop/tablet to bed and watch on that. Ain't technology great! Well, when it works. Glad the toothache has disappeared. I hope Gordon enjoyed the orchid meeting and got some wonderful new plants if he wanted them. BTW, can only guess that our doggie is live and not stuffed, judging from the pic. He can be our service dog.

    Julie, it will be great when GPA is at the care center and you can get some rest. I'm so glad you got to go to Keira's concert. How nice--flowers and ice cream! Sounds like a good time to me. I'm glad that GPA's health improved. Can't wait to see the new pix. Take care.

    Gonna post this and come back to edit. Ever since losing some posts, I don't trust my computer. OK, editing done. I hope some of our other members will join us on the new Porch, actually a patio, I think, from the pic.

    Hope everydobby has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Well, Gordon's orchid day was long but successful. He worked for 3 hours
    in the afternoon transporting plants and getting the meeting room ready.
    Came home for a couple hours and went again. He bought 3 orchids at the
    auction. I think $30 was the most he paid for a plant. The auction is a
    big fund raiser for the group. Brings in 2-3 thousand bucks every year.

    Hi Julie, glad you made it to the concert. I bet Keira was thrilled to
    get flowers. Waiting for the pics.

    Mikie, haven't heard of Constant Comment tea for decades. Never could
    figure out how that tea got its name. Wikipedia has an explanation, but
    it sounds like advertising hoopla to me.

    BTW, the Urban Dictionary site says "hoopla" is a word from the Spongebob
    Squarepants TV show. Blather and nonsense. The word was around when I
    was a kid. Dictionary. Com says it's from the 19th century.

    Here's my entry in the lovely old porches category. The dog is hiding
    so it's hard to tell if it's live or not.

    Hugs, Kids

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    Whew! Climate change is here and so is Herxing--BIG TIME!!! :confused: The good news is that I got all the flowers planted and they already look beautiful. The bad news is that, while I was out there, I felt dizzy; everything was spinning. After I finished and came in, the diarrhea started and I have a headache. I was already sweating profusely from working out in the heat. I hope all this helps move whatever pathogen is being purged right outta my poor old bod. It's likely the Whatever Herpes-Family Virus. I quit taking the AV a couple of days ago to try to nudge my own immune system into going after it. Evidently, it was successful. Good grief! Be careful what ya wish for.

    I planted purple lantanas and orange purslane in our big olla pots and a window flower box. I fertilized everything with liquid Miracle Gro, including our allamanda plants in the stairwell atrium. I still have to go out to water my herbs. A couple of neighbors were out and, as always, it was nice to talk to them. It helps to stop the rumors of my demise. Whenever no one sees me for a bit, they usually assume I'm hibernating and I am but I needed to get the flowers planted while it was not so hot. It's soooo muggy though. Doesn't look as though we'll be getting much in the way of rain along the coast. It'll be mostly inland. That is where they really get the strong storms. I'll be hand watering until the rainy season is here to stay.

    Rock, glad Gordon got his plants. My SIL's mother and I used to drink Constant Comment Tea along with sips of sherry. I think I'll drink more of that licorice tea to see whether it has the same effect today. Now that I know I'm Herxing, it'll be good to rest. I know the ginger will help settle my stomach. That is a lovely porch. If I had an old fashioned porch with columns, I'd have hanging ferns like the ones in the pic. Seeing all the pix of old fashioned porches always takes me back to summer days when I was a kid. A friend of mine lived in a house made of stone, including the front porch. It was always cool out there. We would play for hours on hot summer days. Thanks for posting the pic.

    Julie, I hope they don't keep you waiting too long. Also hope you have the NRG when you get home to do the happy dance.

    Gonna go finish watering the plants and take a nice soak in the tub. I'll wait to install the cable box tomorrow. Ain't gonna do it on a day I'm Herxing. Hoping all y'all are feeling better than I.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi y'all, just checking in -- a quick visit. :)

    Julie, I wish you and GPA a safe trip home (to the care center). And I know that you will be glad to get back home. I haven't been posting a lot, but I've been reading and praying for y'all. And I can't wait to see Keira's pics. :)

    Granni, did you have the Fashion Show already?? I'll bet you looked lovely! Try to get a pic posted, please!!

    Barry, So Richard is off traveling. Hope you and kitty cat and Shorty and Ted (is that his name?) are managing well. I so love to read your descriptions of a -- for lack of a better phrase -- "quiet life". I'm sure it has its trials and tribulations, such as medical care and grocery shopping. But I could see me living a life like you are. Kevin, well, he's a computer geek. He needs all the bells and whistles of technology. Plus to be close to a tech job for work. :)

    Rock, You'll have to post more orchid pics! I'm all out of ideas for "working titles" on Homebound at the moment. I'm still going strong with the song game! Hum hum, foot tap, foot tap, la la la la! Can you hear me singing?? :)

    Mikie, Feel better soon!!!!! I was thinking of you this morning. Kevin got up and said: "YOUR CAT.... mumble mumble". I started laughing. I knew it was Faithy. Apparently Faithy tried to wake Kevin at 4:00 a.m., for some pets. LOL Luckily, Kevin can fall back to sleep immediately.

    I know that I forgot to mention Sun and Spring! I read the last volume, but can't remember what was posted. Spring had some very nice peaceful pictures. And Sun bought fabric, or a silk wedding gown, for her projects. Wow!

    Nothing much going on here. We're having a sunny day, high 70. Tomorrow high below 60. This weather pattern has been a mystery. Warm, cold, hot, warm, cold cold cold. Frost warnings were posted recently. Then next week, we'll have temps in the 80's. Definitely air conditioner time.

    I haven't been doing a lot of cooking. I did make chicken burgers for Kevin. And I made some Amy's Gluten-Free mac n cheese, with added ground beef, and spinach. It's tasty.

    I have to sign off for now. Getting tired. I have a good day, then a real good day, then a cwappy day. Today seems to be one of those in-between days.

    Time for an early lunch, and maybe a short nap.

    Love to y'all,
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    So many pretty pics. posted! So restful looking. I wish we all would start to feel better. And if you're like me, the people I'm around, etc. they just don't understand!!!!!

    Diane. I guess it's El Niño that has messed up weather all around the world. Does anyone know how long El Niño lasts? Rock? You're the one who loves to do research. So Faithy is YOUR problem child? LOL

    Rock: I see Gordon was VERY busy with his orchids. And did you go bid on any?

    Julie: I'm so happy to read that Gpa will be heading for the care center. I really hope he adjusts so well that he decides he wants to stay there. It's been a huge undertaking for you in all respects, so much stress, so now it's your time for yourself.

    Mikie: Whew.....I don't know how you manage with that humidity. Did you get the cording yet to work on your drapes?

    I HAD to work on my yard yesterday. I must have gotten bit by a spider, most likely because it started itching immediately. I didn't pay attention because I had too much to do, but last night I attacked my arm viciously....scratching! Within 5 min. I realized I shouldn't have. My arm is covered with purple dots plus the swelling from the bite. What a mess. I took my shower this morning then smeared on some aloe to heal it.

    I'm waiting a few more weeks until the neighbor's flowering vines are finished then I'll call a gardener who does work for me now and then, and have him trim them back to the top of the fence. I really hate the smell of the blooming jasmine.

    I got a receipt from LabCorp for what the insurance FINALLY paid......Billed amount was $2,532 and insurance paid $129.64......Adjusted amount was $2,136.17. So that brought my owing down to just $9.59 which I paid with CC. I'm astounded that insurance company could toss out so much and that LabCorp didn't protest. Either that or LabCorp REALLY overcharges.

    Julie: I see you posted while I was typing. Was Gpa coughing a lot or hard? Good thing it happened at the hospital.
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    Just got back from a say trip to Brenham, TX, alot 1 hr away with our Decorating group. We do a lot of looking and not always buying but had a lady at one of the stores showed us all some tablescapes or whatever you call it. Very interesting but most of the time I am to lazy and if we have company it is nice but not super decorative with place cards and all. All the colors were so pretty and gave lots of ideas if you wanted to put on a party. We also had lunch out and I had chicken salad in an avocado half along with broccoli salad. It was delicious. I didn't buy much just some little wax things that smell pretty for candles. I thought they would had small wicks in them but they might be things you put in cancel deals where you melt the candle wax. Oh well it was so cheap. May have to go and buy some of those candle melter thingys. DD bought a couple also so will ask her. They come in a box of squares where you break off a square at a time and they have different fragrances.

    JULIE - So sorry about Gpa but that is a good thing to be safe and have him leave tomorrow when they make sure there is no problem with e coughing up blood. Better safe than sorry. Hope then you get to rest up some as Gpa gets stronger. Yes, it could have been if the lining was irritated from a lot of hard coughing and that is all it was. Hope so.
    DIANE - How nice to see you back here on the PORCH. Sorry you have been so puny lately. Hope you feel better sooner.

    Hi to ROCK, MIKIE, SW and everydobby else I may have forgotten. Have to go fix dinner. Back to you all later.

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
  10. Mikie

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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Not much to tell today. I did rest a lot yesterday. Not sure what I'll get done today. I have to shower and shampoo my gnarly hair. It'll be too hot to clean out on the lanai. I have to wait until the sun is on the other side in the afternoon. By then, it will be soooo hot out. It's supposed to be dry and a wee bit cooler next week so maybe I can do it then. It's already 81 degrees at 6:30 in the morning. Yikes!

    Julie, sure hope they can get things figured out for GPA so he can go to the care center to recover. This just drags on and on and on. Keeping you in my prayers and just sent up a little prayer for that family. Geez! Thirteen kids! Big families are nice but I don't know how they do it. Hope you can get some rest. Also hope the book is good to help you pass the time.

    Sun, that bite is worrisome. I hope it doesn't cause any more problems. There was a mosquito buzzing around me yesterday and I worried about being bitten by a Zika-carrying one. They bite in the daytime and not at dawn and dusk. Also, they breed in shallow water, like the extra water in the saucers under my herb pots. Normally, Zika doesn't make one too sick but it can have complications. Oh well, I can't worry about every possibility. I usually get bitten by something or injure my legs on plants. Somehow, I managed not to impale myself on a low branch yesterday. I'm praying that your bit heals up without further problems.

    I haven't gotten to the fabric store yet to get the cording. I'm still trying to get other things done first and it just keeps getting pushed back. I hate being in this mode. I figured I had to replace the dead and dying flowers in those pots and scatter some mulch where the neighbor dug it up for the stepping stones out front. I don't like letting the front go to pot--pun intended. :) We have jasmine all around the pool fence and it smells like heaven to me when it blooms.

    Lab Corp has contracts with many of the big insurance companies. They have been in cahoots with UHC here as long as I've lived here, and probably before that. They provide their services dirt cheap to them. Like with all providers, they charge sky-high fees when there is no ins. When there is ins., they write off the difference, minus whatever co-ins. is paid by the patient. I've only had to deal with them once a year when my doc orders my labs. I make an appt. and have never had problems with them. I prefer Quest Labs but they aren't on my plan. El Nino usually has about a ten-year lifespan in climatic patterns but it has lasted about thirteen years, if my memory serves. Meteorologists don't know whether it's starting to go back to La Nina or not. Guess we'll have to just wait 'n see. Take care, my friend.

    Diane, so, Faithy is your cat when she misbehaves. That's funny. :) That's about the time these guys want me to get up. Kevin is lucky he can go back to sleep. Your mac 'n cheese sounds yummy. I've been too pooped again to want to cook and I'm hungry for something good--comfort food. Your weather doesn't sound too bad. I've had the A/C on for several weeks and prior to that when we had an early hot spell. We live and die by our A/C down here in the jungle. The weather is strange all over the place. I know whatcha mean about good days, crappy days and in-between ones. I haven't had that many really good days in ages. In between is about the best I can hope for.

    Granni, sounds as though you had a good time. I love to see table settings done creatively. I once served fish for Richard, his Mom and my Mom. I put some beach sand in the middle of the table with shells and candles in it. Everyone loved it. It wasn't fancy nor expensive. Richard's Mom still talks about it. Glad you are up to doing so many fun things.

    Gonna go post this and come back to edit before heading off to read the paper.

    Hope all y'all have a good day, including our MIA's.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie - I love the way you decorated your table..sand, shells,candles.! You certainly hv an artistic streak! That porch pic you posted was exquisite... a place to relax in and dream, while happy hours away just doing nothing.

    Rock - yours too, so restful, a porch must be the nicest place in a house..my favourite soup these days is onion soup. A change from the creamy kind...I hope Gordon has a good day at the auction.

    Julie - a bit of a see saw in grandpas health..I suppose realistically one has to be prepared for the worst..given his age..but I wish people didn't hv to suffer, he always seemed pretty tough. Praying as usual for all of you..are you eating all right?

    Sun - you're going to make pillow cases from the old fine silk..you really are enterprising! I hope the spider bite goes away soon..I remember Granni was suffering once from poison ivy!! Glad all that's a thing of the past.

    Diane - love the sound of those burgers..ground beef and all..the meals around here hv been simple lately...last eve I bought Tibetan fare from outside because I was in the vicinity of the restaurant..T momo, a kind of fermented and risen flour steamed bread..with spicy vermicelli and potato gravy..with bits of black mushroom..it's very yum!

    Granni - you seem to be having the decorating tour quite regularly..must be so nice to see what new things can be done..mans creativity in art is one of the nicest things about being a human being.

    Barry - I do a simple okra curry. To hv with rice, and lentils. Cut the okra in thin round slices, fry in enough oil to make it crisp, then take it out and fry in same oil, asafatoeda,
    Cumin seeds, salt and its done. Okra is tasty even when made with onions and tomatoes.

    My uncle came bringing spicy potato salad and rice pudding..they feed the nuns at a vihar because today is death anniversary of DHs grandfather. I mean he passed away more than 30 years ago but here the custom is to do prayers every year, if one can.

    Today is also Buddha Jayanti, Birthday of Lord Buddha..I just got back from visiting the monasteries...tried to buy mushrooms for dinner, lots of people abstain from meat today, but all sold out.

    Well, better set to, and get to work!

    God Bless
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  12. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    Just stopping in to make sure my internet is working. I've installed the cable and internet and both work. Woo Hoo!!! Normally doing this entails lots of snags and swearing but everything went well. Perhaps it's because I sent up a little prayer for it to go well. I didn't get info on recording programs and that causes a flag to go up but the cable box has a 'record' light on it so I'll just have to check it out. It's supposed to be a DVR X1 box.

    Spring, soooo good to see you here. Yes, that porch/patio I found seemed so inviting. I also love the traditional porch pic that Rock posted. We had a pic in the newspaper today which showed a woman walking on a dried up lake bed in India. The caption was about the drought. I'm assuming you might be having a drought too. I hope not. You have suffered enough lately. I love anything curried. I have got to learn to cook more with it. I usually add curry powder to soups and my potato salad. Rice pudding sounds really good. I love it but am trying not to eat much white rice. How nice to know it's Buddha's birthday. Buddhism has provided so much to the world. I'm not a Buddhist but I like to incorporate other things into my spiritual life. Peace and meditation are certainly worthy aspirations.

    Thanks for your kind words. The idea for my beachy table decoration just came to me outta the blue. I don't have people in anymore so have no reason to decorate a table. Simple decoration can be done just using things around the house or inexpensive things. Any kinds of natural things, like sprigs of berries, leaves and candles work well. When DD lived in Atlanta, we would hike the Silver Comet Nature Trail and bring home all kinds of natural treasures. I have way too many dishes and am trying to figure out what to let go, if anything. Oh, how I hate to think of the job my kids will have someday if I drop over. I'd like to simplify now, for my sake and theirs but parting with some things is so hard to do.

    I need to get into the shower. It's just way too muggy to do anything outside so I'll work in the condo. Hope you and all our Porchies have a good day.

    Love, Mikie
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Bad timing by the time I finally got to the Porch. It is almost lunch and DH most likely won't fix it himself unless forced, like when I am not here :)!!

    MIKIE - Thanks for stopping by. I can always count on you to send a nice long chatty post :)!! I like those easy decorations too. Wish there was some sand and shells around here for my table !! It is warm here too and quite muggy but everywhere I have lived it is or has been quite humid. I think it is about 75 or so now and may make the 80's today. Good thing to do some warm work outside when it is not so hot or muggy if you can and do the inside work first. We went out this morning and did some weeding, spraying and cutting back and out of stuff before it got to hot. Also have to do it while our NRG is better, even though not great, at least for me. There is so much to do on this property, not that it is that large.

    SPRING WATER - Also love to read about your customs as well as cooking tips, etc. How healthy is curry for you, do you know. I like some curry but not a heavy dose at one time but haven't had any in some time. I do make lentil soup occasionally and probably should use them more but don't have any recipes really.

    JULIE - Sorry that you have to wait around but while you are already there it is a good idea for Gpa to be totally ready to leave or as much as possible, especially since that hospital is not to close. How long of a drive is it for you to get home? I am glad that the rehab center is close to your home.. Are they doing any more test on him or just watching him. It could be normal and then again it might not be. So many reasons to cough up blood especially if it is dark . Keep us posted. Need to go fix lunch. I know DH is just starving as usual.

    However, we are going out with friends to a local restaurant that we haven't been to in awhile. They didn't want any more Mexican which is where we usually end up. Guess they had a lot of it this week. They do eat out a lot more than I do. They are a bit younger than us and are out and about a little more than us doing mostly volunteer work for the hospital an church. However, she may have been slowed down some as she has been going through a fib episodes lately and will be having an ablation VERY soon. Hope and pray all will go well. Sometimes it helps people and sometimes not so much but I surely do hope it does for her.

    Bye for now.

    Love to everydobby !
    Granni :)
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Granni,

    Decided to just stop in again. I've been doing just a bit in her but not too much. I've been watching HGTV for a while. I love those rehab and decorating shows. If you want to find shells, I think Michael's and Hobby Lobby have them. Lowe's has sand but you have to buy a lot of it in a bag. A lot of trouble to go to just for a table setting. We have those things in abundance so it was easy for me. Richard and I just filled a small kid's bucket with sand at the beach. Some kitty litter is like sand. It's handy to have around if you ever want to get rid of half empty cans of paint. You just add the litter and let it absorb the paint until it's hard and can then be thrown in the trash. Someone here in the hood once put one in the dumpster without the litter. When they crushed the trash, it leaked out all over and left a trail down the center of the street. Yikes!!!

    Yes, there has to be a combination of NRG and decent weather to work outside in the late spring and summer. I watered everything so thoroughly yesterday that I didn't have to this morning. Yes, even small properties always need something. Most people here, even those not living in condos, have landscapers. It's just too hot for most of us. Our landscapers ride those standing mowers and go like bats outta hell. I'll need to water everything tomorrow. I'd like to get an early start and get my garbage and recycle stuff down to the dumpster. While there, I need to check the mail to see whether my supps from ProHealth have arrived. I'm anxious to try the B Complex Vitamins.

    Well, my dryer is chirping at me to unload it. Hope you enjoy wherever you decide to eat.

    Love, Mikie
  15. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: How's the cleaning going? And will your friend Richard come for a visit once you've fixed up your spare room? Or your DD and DGS? And can you believe that next weekend is a 3 day again, for Memorial Day? One more month and it will be half a year gone. Time seems to fly the older we get. The spider bite is better, just looks awful from all my scratching. Windy Talker told me to put on a banana peel on an insect bite. I'll have to remember that. I get purple bruises from the least little bump so I really did a # on my arm. Yesterday I hit my hand on the inside crisper door of the frig when I was getting something out and now I've got a big purple bruise there. I look like I've been in a cat fight.

    All that talk about table decorations reminds me of about 35 years ago I had entered the Table Setting Contest at the L.A. County Fair. I had an African theme....as I recall. Made a striking table cloth, dishes that went with it, designed the menu, etc. I remember I won a first prize blue ribbon. Must have been the wood carving of a native with bare breasts as the centerpiece that did it!!! LOL

    Spring: the food you talk about sounds soooooo good! I've been tempted to sometime try the food at the local Himalayan restaurant but the prices are a turn off. Is there another name for the asafatoeda spice? Yesterday I painted until about 8 PM and searched for something to fix quickly. I had cubed chicken in the frig, so stir fried onions, green peppers, and some grated carrots, added the chicken and some chicken broth to make a soup but the thing that did it was a wonderful container of Thai Panang curry simmering sauce.....OMG.....it was so wonderful. I had bought it at the Dollar Store, used about a 1/3 of it so will use it again tonight.

    I decided to see if I could post a photo of my succulent WC/ from my IPad. wow......it works. Apparently there's a problem now between my Canon camera and my regular computer and I don't know what to do to fix it. I've emailed my son but don't know when he can come out since he's now working as opposed to being Mr. Mom at home. I NEED it so I can upload pics. for my etsy store.

    I've also posted some pics. of my WORKING studio and my almost finished copy of The Absinthe Drinker. Boy, I will NEVER try to copy a well known painting again. image.jpeg image.jpeg

    A friend came over today so we went out for a smoothie and to gab. Then I went on to Lowe's to get some bags of potting soil and of course......plants. Then stopped at Armstrong Gardens since it was on the way home.....and more plants! I desperately need a nap though, so maybe when I get up I will have some energy.

    Attached Files:

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  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Sunflower, your paintings are wonderful. The Absinth Drinker looks
    better than the original which has that distracting diagonal and too
    many muddy browns. Are those blue flowers in the bowl
    the succulents?

    I hope you were on the alert at Armstrong Gardens. There have been
    two news reports of people bitten by venomous snakes in nurseries lately.
    A rattlesnake and a copperhead.

    In response to your question, I didn't go to the auction. I used to
    go to meetings now and then. Don't have the energy for that
    anymore. Just too old to cut the mustard plants anymore.

    BTW, did you guys know the wholesome Rosemary Clooney and
    the femme fatale Marlene Dietrich were great friends. Here's
    one of several duets they recorded. BTW, the guy in the picture
    is Mitch Miller. Mitch was an musician and also an executive
    at Columbia pictures as well as the leader of a chorus.

    Mikie, happy to hear you got the electronics working. I could no more
    install same than I could paint a picture. Never heard of the Silver
    Comet Nature Trail (in spite of my lengthy [5 weeks] stay in Atlanta half a
    century ago), but I did find lots of lovely pictures on the net. Couldn't
    find any small enough to post here though.

    As for those excess dishes, I know you can shoot. Ever try skeet shooting?
    Used to do it when I was a teen.

    Springwater, never heard of cream of onion soup. Although I suppose you
    can put cream in any soup, right? Anyway I used to like Campbell's
    onion soup in my teen years. Haven't even seen it for decades. Yes, Gordon
    had a good orchid day. The auction was a success. Brought in about $5,000
    although some of the plants were purchased so it's not all profit. Most
    of the plants were donated by members and by nurseries. It's an
    advertising expense for them.

    OK, gotta go. I got confusiated again and went to a different site leaving
    my post behind. Good thing it was still here when I got back.

    We went to the Amelia Earhart library yesterday. Checked out ten
    books. I could only find one paperback to buy. They had only
    one shelf of paperbacks for sale and all the books were romance novels
    except for two which were romance -science fiction and one other
    which I bought and didn't like when I got it home anyway. No
    wonder Julius Caesar used to say "Vallis lacrimarum". Life
    is a vale of tears.

    Hugs, Rock
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  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Everydobby,

    Sun, your paintings continue to amaze me. You are soooo talented! It's funny because I've been thinking about a little succulent bowl for inside or out on the lanai (like I don't already have too many plants to care for). Your painting is exactly what I've been thinking about. I think it's wonderful that you paint in the style of other artists. No wonder you won for your table setting at the fair. Sounds as though it was a work of art! Thanks so much for posting this. Your studio resembles looking out from one of the townhouses here in our hood. The sliders, fence and next door roof look just like ours. It's great that you have a space just for painting.

    I need to call Richard. He left a message and I sent him an e-mail. He had said he'd call back but he may be really busy or has given up on me. I'll call him. I've been meaning to but time and NRG just get away from me. I have to put myself first and he knows that. So, the ball's in his court. I did say in my e-mail that the condo is decent enough that he can come on down anytime. Andy's school doesn't get out til June 1st, which is fast approaching. If he and DD come down, I will have to finish cleaning that front room. That's where Andy sleeps on the fold-out loveseat when they come down. I don't have all that much left to do in there but keeping up with the rest of this place has drained me. I'm pretty sure I'll pull outta this flare because both Barb and the Red Tide are gone and I've rested all I can. It's so nice and peaceful without her.

    I'm so glad the bite is gone. I never heard about a banana peel but it's good to know, especially down here in Skeeter Central. I once had a thing raise up on my leg; it looked kinda like a wart with a dot in the middle. The doc said it was from scratching a bite. That was decades ago and it is now gone. Ice and Pepto Bismol help stop the itching too. Baking soda, mixed into a paste with a bit of water, take the inflammation outta bites and sunburn.

    I have got to try the Indian restaurant buffet here. There is a lady on PBS who is Indian and has a food show. All the food show cooks mention that one can buy spice mixtures in markets which sell groceries for other cultures. I haven't felt up to cooking my regular food so am not going to try something exotic right now. Another thing to try when I'm feeling better. My goal this week is to get to the fabric store. I've just not been up to driving that far. My poor car's battery will die if I don't drive further than the Publix a bloc away.

    Rock, thanks for the video. According to Rosemary Clooney's brother, Nick, she always wanted to sing other songs but the record companies forced her to sing ones, like This Old House, which she thought was a stupid song. Well, the record companies evidently knew what they were doing as it became a hit. So did Mambo Italiano. I have always loved her signing. I think I've mentioned that I saw her in New Orleans live in a show called, Three Girls Three, with Helen O'Connell and Rose Marie. She could still belt out a tune. So could Helen O'Connell. She looked just like she always did, just a bit older. That was back in the 80's.

    This song duet didn't showcase Marlena Dietrich's singing talent too well. She sang a song something like... Falling in love again, never wanted to; what am I to do, can't help it. Mercedes used it in its commercials back in the late 90's. I loved that song. I'm wondering if the man who is too old to cut the mustard can still relish life. If he tries, does he have to ketchup with new things? Is he the salt of the earth type? I'd love to pepper him with my questions. Oh, these condiment puns are practically writing themselves!

    I've never tried skeet shooting but think DD #2 has. It's one of those bucket list things but not at the top of the list. I've done all the very top tier and, if I can't do any more, I'll still consider myself blessed; however, it's always good to have things on a to-do list, other than chores. That's the problem. All my dwindling NRG has been taken up by chores I can't ignore. Whine, whine, whine!!! I just watched the life of that scientist who wrote, Brief History of Time (his name escapes me now as so much does when I'm tired but I'll remember it eventually). He had ALS and, despite his devastating disability, he went on to become a famous scientist. I really shouldn't whine but it feels so good. I think the set of dishes I would get rid of are too good to shoot at. They would be a real find for someone who is into kitsch. I can't get rid of the ones I use nor the ones my ex had commissioned from a potter artist for a gift to me.

    The only reason that I was able to install the electronics is because I've done it for years. The cables are all familiar. The only thing that is different is how the gizmos present themselves to be used. They are soooo much easier now and prompt one through the installation. It's much like the onscreen setup wizards for computer software. I can remember when all one got when the computer was turned on was a flashing cursor. Still, there is always the possibility for agonizing problems so I always dread having to do any installation. Before Barb went off the rails, I tried to install her new cable box and couldn't. Even the customer service technical rep couldn't do it. They had to send someone out. Of course, he hooked it up in a nanosecond, almost.

    I fell asleep last night before I could watch the 48 Hours Spymaster special. I woke for the second hour but was pretty groggy. I think I recorded it. This new X1 DVR is soooo much easier to use but I'm not familiar with it yet. I did manage to go online with the Surface laptop and found out how to stream live or on demand. I can also stream anything I have saved to record as saved shows are now stored in the cloud and not on the DVR chip. I'm so glad I decided to get the Comcast cable special. It was a good deal and, two years from now, I'm hoping that there will be a lot of competition from streaming providers that everything will be less expensive. That is one positive thing about pandering to the Millennials--they insist on lower prices and are not interested in ownership. So, some things have become more accessible and cheaper.

    I'm gonna go read the big Sunday paper and have a cuppa decaf. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Julie, I'm just taking a break from cleaning the tiles out on the lanai and decided to drop in to see whether you had been here. Seems as though everything is just on hold for you. I hope they can get the Bi-Pap Machine so GPA can go to the care center and you can go home. It must be almost impossible to get any rest with all the activity around you. I hope and pray that it all works out and soon!

    When doing any work outside, I have to manage my NRG and the weather. It's only about 85 and drier today so decided to just do it. I'm about half-way done but I have to do a section, let it dry, move the furniture back and start on the next section. My lanai is so small, and I have so much furniture out there, that it is tricky moving and cleaning. I love the way my tile sparkles when it's been washed with the floor cleaner. I'd love to have such a clean house all over every day but, at this point, it's all I can do to keep the health dept. at bay. My kids laugh when I tell them I'm living in my own filth. Of course, I exaggerate but ya gotta laugh.

    I watched my Sun. morning TV shows and switched to HSN. Jay King is on with his beautiful jewelry. The Special of The Day is gorgeous and on five easy pays. Since I have enough jewelry and don't go anywhere much anymore, I was really good and just went out to clean. Adrienne Arpel is on at 2:00 and I need to get some of her face cream. It's the best I've ever used and am hoping she will have a special on it. May and around the holidays, she has really good deals. I've been out of this cream for a while but have been waiting for the May show. I've left the movie, Ice Age on while I'm waiting for her show. I love those animated movies which are really funny for adults too.

    I had better go do another section of the lanai floor. Think I'll do the bathroom tile floor while I'm using the machine. Seems to me that I can still smell Tweety's accident in the bathroom. Some of her pee may have settled in the grout and I may have missed it when I scrubbed the floor by hand. I'm going to wait until tomorrow morning to shampoo my hair. No sense doing it in the afternoon today. I'm not going anywhere. Tomorrow, I have to pick up the scrip for my KUB x-ray and have them get my new ins. info so they can get the referral from the ins. co. What a pain it is to be in an HMO sometimes, but I've really not had problems and it's saving me a lot.

    Hope y'all have a good rest of the weekend.

    Love, Mikie
  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Sun - I loved your pictures...your home is homey..lots of light..saw all the pictures but didn't see the sea one..yr kids are lucky if they gonna inherit all those treasures!

    Rock - I didn't know Marlene D sang. Isn't she the actress with to die for legs? Good to know Gordons orchid club did well with the auction..but I expected it to with gordon involved, he seems to be so organised and hardworking. I'm neither, but not by choice.

    Julie - dear, this has been such a long ten days for you..I hope you can soon go home and rest. How sad about the lady whose son was in an accident. I pray for all out there.

    Mikie - I don't know about water coming in taps or wells, but we are having rain regularly..bout ten days now..there's this temple where a priest had organised a 3 day prayer for it to rain because the land was so parched here...and on 3rd day as soon as the last day was completed, the last ritual done, blessed fruit handed out to devotees, an old lady came and asked the organisers for money, she was just handed some change and the heavens opened up and it poured...(I was home that time but knew this prayer was supposed to take place and wondered if it had been done...the way the rain just clattered and whipped the earth....) obviously everyone was so excited and shouted and clapped, but this little old lady had just disappeared in the wink of an eye...people looked for her in the temple premises but she had disappeared from being in front of the alms giver.

    We need little reassurances like this, to keep the faith.

  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Woo Hoo!!! The skin crème I wanted was the second item to be offered on HSN. It's no longer a BOGO but the $30 crème is doubled for $39.50. A good deal. This is the best selling skin care cream sold on HSN and has been for almost 20 yrs. I love it. I'm going to keep watching just to see what else she has come up with. I still have quite a bit of her Vitamin C crème and argan oil products.

    Spring, sooooo good to see you here. I'm glad the rains have come. What a fascinating story about the prayers, the old woman and the rains. Yes, things like this are so inspirational. Scripture tells us that angels walk among us; perhaps she was an angel. In any case, this was a spiritual event. Simple giving of alms often occurs with spiritual and miraculous events. Giving even a little is so important. Thanks for sharing that with us. There are no accidents in God's plan and I really think we all came together here for a reason. Everyone here inspires me, comforts me and helps me in so many ways. Thank you!

    I got the lanai floor done just before Adrienne came on. My ex called and I wanted to talk to him because he's called a lot and I haven't taken the calls or have been asleep. It feels soooo good to have gotten that floor cleaned and it wasn't as sweaty a job as I had feared. It isn't nearly as humid as yesterday and there's even a bit of a breeze. The tiles dried quickly.

    Gonna go soak in the tub.

    Love to everyone,

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