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    I'll open this and come back. There, everydobby should be able to see the new Porch. I refreshed the page.

    Just got back from the doc's office and Publix. I got the scrip for the x-ray and am all set up with them for insurance. Just another thing I managed to get done. I got a mojo rotisserie chicken and scarfed it down for lunch. I was starved for some comfort food. Chicken does it nearly every time. The diced watermelon was still on BOGO so picked up a couple of containers of that. Gotta go down and check the mail. My supps from PH haven't shown up yet. I hope the relief mailman didn't put the key into the wrong box. I got my neighbor's bank mail. I always thought the ability to read was an important part of the job--guess not. That's why I always say that the term, postal service, is an oxymoron. There are exceptions; our regular mailwoman is great but on her day off, it's pot luck.

    Just my shower, blowing my hair dry, stopping at the doc's office and shopping at Publix wore me out.

    Oh where, oh where has my NRG gone?
    Oh where, oh where can it be?
    If somebody finds it somewhere out there,
    I hope it is returned to me.

    OK, just had to whine before I go. Hope all y'all are having a good day.

    Love, Mikie

    Love, Mikie
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  2. Mikie

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    Oh, Julie, I'm so sorry. This just drags on and on and on. How is GPA feeling? Pneumonia can really be hard on the elderly. I keep sending up prayers for y'all.

    I see some of our other Porchies are here so hope they stop in.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Thanks for opening up the new thread, Mikie. Nice lyrics. Just add
    a lot of noise and you'll have heavy metal. Add some profanity and you'll
    have rap. Add June, moon and love, you'll have a romantic ballad. Add
    some heartbreak and guitars, you'll have country western.

    Oh yeah, quickly before I forget, there are two items I've wanted to
    post for a week or two , but what can you do when your mind is off wandering
    around somewhere in a galaxy far, far away.

    Barry, you were right. The succulent with the purple poppy like petals
    that Peter Piper mighta picked if he'd given up peppers, was calenderia.
    Gordon ran into the guy who gave him the plant and got the name at an
    orchid meeting some time back.

    And Starr, our newest member, has been away because her Aunt died.
    She has to travel to some distant city in Australia to be with family.
    Hope she'll be back soon.

    Having a terrible time typing. I'm here, but my mind isn't.

    Bis spater
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    Popping in for a little bit before I go start with dinner. Gee, it seems like I am always fixing food. I feel so jealous when other gals tell me there husband cooks. DH does a little but not that much steaks on the grill, hamburgers, maybe eggs, soup in a can, a sandwich once in awhile if I am not home.

    MIKIE - It is not for sure about the medical or pension but it sure has us thinking about it. We will know towards the end of the year. We are doing OK now but that could cause some problems. We will have to wait and see. I love your little NRG song, very cute !!!

    JULIE - Sorry to hear about Gpa but am glad they are keeping a close watch before they send him to the rehab center. He surely doesn't need any more infections. Hope they can find the right bug so know what antibiotic to use. I know you will be happy when this saga ends - finally.

    Hi also to ROCK, BARRY, SW, DIANE and everydobby else. I need to go start cooking.

    Love to you all,
    Granni :)
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    Good grief Julie. I don't think that gal uses her brain. Using my phone now but just wanted to ck in to see of any developments
    Gpa can't take alot mote stuff at his age. Busy day tomorrow. Will try and ck back. The show is Wed. YIKES :)!!!
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    Julie: eeegads! Sis has MRSA and had her foot exposed at the hospital! !!!!! STUPID and UNTHINKING. So very common for the elderly to get pneumonia but with the drugs available now, it should knock it out. I honestly don't know how you can "camp" for so long. So hard on you and Den. My mom got MRSA and along with swallow testing where she couldn't drink anything anymore, I think she took it upon herself to basically starve so within 3 days her body was shutting down.

    I just read your latest post. MRSA is VERY hard to get rid of. I'm sure he picked it up from her and her filthy house. Boy I'm afraid I would send her a TEXT and tell her what she gave her dad. And..........You might need to also be tested. I don't want to scare you but you need to know. If you have close contact with someone who has it, it can be spread thru body fluids, etc. When my mom was sent to hospice with it we had to wear gowns and masks to be in the same room. I have read that oregano oil might kill it. Maybe do your own search. What a nightmare you're going thru. And with him having MRSA this care center may not take him. That's what happened with my mom. She was all set to go to a really nice care center a few miles from me and at the 11th HR. the test at the hospital came back positive for it in her urine.

    Mikie: I eat so much chicken and turkey that I'm going to start clucking. But it's so darn handy to fix something quick.

    I went yesterday with my DD and grandkids to a large outdoor art show down at the beach. I was awake at 6 a.m. and got home to my house at 6:30. Had to hit the bed for a little bit when I got home, so today I'm really tired. My cleaning lady was over today and I force myself to do things around the house/yard until she leaves. So plan to go to bed early. It's hard being a workaholic.
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    Julie: My mom's swallowing problem was NOT connected to the MRSA. She had been choking on food or liquids for almost a year off and on. The doctor finally sent her to the hospital to have a swallowing test performed and that was when we were told no more drinking liquids. I have a friend who has the same problem, not quite as bad, but she has to be careful about drinking while she has food in her mouth.

    I'm almost positive that my mom picked up the MRSA from a week's stay at a nursing home. She was transferred to it from the hospital until they could build up her strength again with PT. I had a bad FM flare and didn't get back to see her until the following late afternoon. They had her sitting in a wheel chair with a catheter in her. I was furious and told them to take it out. I told them she had been walking down to get her meal at the retirement home the previous week. She was furious with ME because she felt it was so much easier on her, that she didn't have to use her walking to get to the bathroom. I'm almost positive it was because it had been left in too long from the hospital to the nursing home. Most MRSA comes from hospital or nursing home stays.

    I'm very worried about you and Den. Talk to Gpa's doc about this.
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    Good Morning, Kids,

    My keyboard is acting up so will keep this short. Danged computers! On a better note, my blood glucose was 85 this morning. Yea!

    Rock, glad you liked the lyrics I stole and tweaked. If I wear a Bob Mackie outfit, I'll have a show tune or Vegas act. Thanks for letting us know about Star. I hope she's back soon.

    Granni, my own income will drop in four years, so I know about being concerned about the future. My only saving grace is that my condo will be paid off by then. Most of us also have financial issues, along with health issues. I pray for us all.

    Sun, yes, chicken and tukey are real go-tos. Barb couldn't swallow after her stroke and had to have therapy to coax the reflex back. Even so, she still has problems. When she got her urinary infection, it had spread like wildfire in the rehab center. Which beach did you go to? I remember CA beaches so fondly. It was in CA that I first saw the ocean. Combine art and a beach and I'd be in Seventh Heaven.

    Julie, I know this is awful to say, but I can't help thinking that sis's action might be contrived to bring attention to herself, cause more problems for GPA and you, and/or to give her an excuse not to visit the hospital. She has likely brought this on herself with living in such filth or through carelessness at the hospital where MRSA can be floating in the air and settling on the floor. You are always the beacon of calm in the
    $%*t storm surrounding you but it must take sooooo much effort and restraint on your part. Praying for you.

    Gotta go try to fix this keyboard.

    OK, I'm back and it appears that the attempt fixed the keyboard problem. According to my computer, the attempt failed but, as long as the keyboard issue is alright, I'm satisfied. I tried to read the newspaper on the Surface and it was giving me fits. Something is afoot in the ether and it ain't good!

    Peace and love,
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    JULIE - EVERYTHING has to be about HER. That is just the way it is and she doesn't care if it hurts anyone else as long as in the end she will get what SHE wants. SO very sorry that Gpa now has to deal with MRSA especially at his age with so many other problems. Hoping that they will take Gpa and that this doesn't make it so he can't go to the care center. That would be bad for all. Keep on hanging dear lady.

    MIKIE - Hope you get your computer and all working the say it needs to be working. It can just drive you crazy when it doesn't esp if you use it as much as we all do. Mine is driving me crazy that it it doesn't always send our forwards and replies a lot of the time. It is not the computer but the program in it I think and possibly the server.

    DD and I just got back from getting our nails done for the style show, hope they stay nice till at least the graduation of the twins on Sat. Then we picked up a few things from WM and the Healthy Living store and then home. When DH gets home we will go and vote.

    Need to go and get a few more things done around here. This afternoon I go to small group practice for our patriotic shows and have to leave early to go to the practice for the style show tomorrow.

    Thinking of everydobby.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Hi, Kids,

    Decided to make phone calls today because I'm soooo behind with talking to friends and family. One friend in the hood called the other night to make sure I'm still alive. Had a long chat with DD#2, my Dear Old Friend here, and Richard. DOF is coming for coffee Sat. morning so we can look at the summer concert series. There aren't as many concerts as in the wintertime. Richard is trying to get his Mom to come live with him because she'll be 92 this year. She's in good health but I know what it's like to want one's Mom to move in to be able to help her. It was a huge relief when my Mom moved in with me. If she moves in with him, she won't be able to come down with him because she won't fly. He wants me to come up but I won't fly right now and don't know whether I'm up to driving that far. In any case, I'm about caught up with phone calls I need to make. I should call my friend, Nancy 2.

    DD#2's dog, the one with the cancer in his leg, was doing so well but injured himself and is limping, necessitating more pain meds. DSIL is on a flight so she is home by herself. DGS is not aware of how serious the situation is. I feel so bad about it. DD loves animals on a level much deeper than most people I know. In addition, she has a crazy neighbor, who makes Barb look like an amateur, who is heaping on the stress. I can only pray for them.

    I watered all the potted plants and they are soooo beautiful. I also did some trimming of the bushes out front because the landscapers just won't do it. I cut the allamandas back just a bit because I can't think of anything else to do for them. As it is, if this doesn't work, we won't have lost anything. I'm tired from what I did yesterday so don't know how much more I'll get done today. The herbs are growing sooo fast and the basil is top heavy, causing the pot to fall over. I trimmed it back and used it in a salad for lunch, the cilantro too. Mmmmm! I want the vitamin K for my bones. It's soooo much better to get things from food but, since my diet isn't perfect, I take supps too. Now that I know about Drug Muggers, I find it even more important. I was excited to see my blood sugar at 85 this morning. I'll check it again tomorrow to make sure this wasn't just an anomaly.

    Julie, sis had better be careful or she may pay with her toe for her foolishness. If it were me, if she came in loaded for bear, I'd ask someone to call security. I agree that she is sick but she can't be completely excused for all the pain she causes. Karma is a you-know-what! Take it easy, my friend.

    Granni, I'd love to get my nails done but I'm just too hard on them. I do my toe nails but just use clear on my finger nails. I stubbed my big toe and it chipped the corner off the nail. Good thing they grow so fast. Can't wait to hear about the fashion show. Be sure to get pix. I've never had a super model for a friend before.

    , I told DD about St. Zedkiels and the salt water bowl. She was very appreciative and I thank you for telling me about it. I don't want her going into a bad flare, like I did, because of stress. I am so grateful for your kind support.

    OK, gonna go decide what to do with myself. Nothing sounds pretty good right now.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Things are quiet here. Gordon is gardening. Transplanted some amaryllis plants
    and dug a good sized hole for something. He told me, but I forgot. He has a
    gorgeous purple orchid in bloom. He's going to visit Jim and take it along to
    show him. I'm invited, but the trip is too strenuous to me. And, as I think
    I previously reported, it is impossible to have a conversation with Jim.
    He talks non stop, and is hard of hearing so even if you get a word in edgewise,
    he can't hear it. Or doesn't want to.

    Barry, I'm reading a village life series by Adriana Trigiani. I think
    there are 4 books in the series. The first one is Big Stone Gap which is
    the name of the Virginia village where she grew up. See Wikipedia for
    details. She also directed a movie of the same name.

    Julie, I didn't know what MRSA was. Looked it up. A staph infection
    that is resistant to meds. Pretty scary. I wonder if an effective med
    is on the horizon.

    Mikie, Carol Burnett was always giving mucho kudos to Bob Mackie.
    Gordon used to see him on QVC. Many years ago I took a client
    of our firm to dinner and a comic fashion show. The MC was a middle
    aged man who wore a couple of Bob Mackie gowns (not at the same time).

    Sun, yes, being a workaholic is hard. You think it's the same as
    being a perfectionist? I was both, but didn't know it till someone
    told me when I was in my 50s We are, I've read, hard to live
    with since we make excessive demands not only our ourselves,
    but on others.

    The latest example. Watching NCIS I note that the doctor (David
    McCallum) sometimes corrects his assistant's grammar. But
    he also makes blatant grammatical errors of his own. This
    is probably due the fact that each script is credited to an
    individual writer who has his own concept of proper speech.

    Hi Springwater, Diane, Star, Granni
  12. bct

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    Hi Gang.

    Julie, so sorry for all the stress you are going through! MRSA, OMG! Is your SIL totally nuts? Yes.

    Rock, I looked up the author Trigiani you mentioned. Are you liking it? I read reviews of the book you mentioned on Amazon --- people either loved it or hated it! I like reading the negative reviews in addition to the most positive ones. They amuse me. Have you heard from Star by the way? I hope she hasn't dropped out of our family... One more question: what the heck is NCIS?

    Mikie, if you get too much basil just make pesto with it; easy peasy to make. Only use the best Parmesan though --- not that pre-grated crap!

    Well, I'm hanging on despite Richard's absence. I didn't know it would be so hard though. It feels bad to be so dependent on others, but there is a time for everything. He'll be back in ten days.

    Pretty much wiped out now, but enjoying the Swallowtail butterflies I can see through the windows, and all the other things of nature.

    Later 'gators, if you are in florida beware the Nile crocodile!
    Love to All,

  13. sunflowergirl

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    Mikie: It was Balboa Island, next to Newport Beach where the art show was. There were over 100 participating artists along the sea wall (actually where all the boats are docked) and it was hard to walk as it was only about 4' between the artist tables and the low block walls for the houses. So many people, people with dogs, people with walkers and wheel chairs, people pushing strollers, so I really didn't get a chance to look really good. Also because my DD and DGD were walking fast to get past all the artists! DD bought a hand painted silk scarf and I bought DGD a little glass heart, guaranteed to glow in the dark. Then we headed back to the car to drive to a local restaurant.

    By the way, I'm really enjoying Lark Rising to Candleford. I'm on season 2, with season 3 just ordered. Love it.

    Granni: What are you modeling? I hope you get pics to post for us to see. I'm like Mikie, don't get my nails done nor do I want to but I know it's BIG business everywhere. I always seem to have my hands in either dirt or paint anyway.

    Julie: There is a similiar mental sickness where usually a parent will harm the child so the child will be taken to a doctor/hospital for tests, etc.......mainly so the parent can get attention. I think it's called munchhausen disease, or something like that. I'm praying for you guys.....hope he will be taken by the care center.

    Rock: I'm a workaholic but not a perfectionist, and I don't expect it in others. But I learned years ago that things didn't get done unless I did them, so that's my habit of living. I basically work from the time I get up to around dinner time. By then I'm worn out with whatever. Except when I'm knee deep in oil painting.......then I lose all track of time.

    Barry: So far I've been seeing monarchs, swallowtail (both the yellow and the mainly black with a little yellow/white, some morning cloaks, and of course those white cabbage ones. I've got lantana planted to attract them, purple statice, and that orange flowered milkweed. I need to get to the nursery to see what else I can stick into my little garden. I've always loved butterflies. When I was about 7 My mom made a butterfly net out of a coat hanger and cheese cloth and I would dash thru her garden catching them to put into a butterfly jar. I KNOW there were many more kinds at that time.

    I had been reading an article from National Geographic about Costa Rica. It sounded like a nature lovers dream, especially when I read about all the butterflies, including the giant blue morphos.......I think that was the name. You usually see them mounted and framed for sale in gift stores around the beaches.

    I forced myself to move faster and earlier this morning so I could get to a different art class starting at 9 a.m. Well, I did manage to drag in around 9:20. I usually go to this teacher's class on Tuesday at 1 PM. This group is larger and seems more fun than the other one. We all worked on making a collage portfolio to hold our paintings. I think I'm almost finished with mine, so I'm going to start on a painting this afternoon copying the style of Miriam Shapiro.
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    Hi, Kids,

    I've been resting but haven't squandered my time. I've spent it wisely binge watching reruns of Fixer Upper on HGTV. I love almost everything Joanna decorates in the renovated homes.

    Julie, I just wanted to check in to see whether there was any news on GPA. OK, sis is gross!!! I'm doing my icky dance. I hope her grandson isn't touching her toes. If she touches them, she shouldn't be touching anything else. AAAACCCCKKKK!!! Yes, she is sick! Hoping GPA is on the mend and you get some rest.

    Rock, are you liking the book? I'm about finished with the one I'm reading. I can't even remember the name of it nor the author. It's really good, a thriller, but violent. I don't think it's very new because the main character works on computers and they are described like they are pretty outdated. I should check the copyright date. I know the author has a series based on the main character. One of the home shopping networks featured Bob Mackie outfits women could buy. He designed fabulous show costumes but couldn't help his obsession with sequins and crystals. To me, they were a bit gauche for everyday wear. They left me turned off. Ooh, ooh, a French pun. I'm sooooo casual that my clothing is mostly plain but classic. My home is casual too. Can't wait to find out what the big hole is for.

    Barry, pesto is an excellent idea. I put some of the stems I cut into a glass of water until I use it. I never use my food processor; I should use it to make the pesto. They did an expose on the cheap parmesan stuff and it contained wood cellulose. It's not harmful. In fact, it's healthy undigestable fiber. Still, they don't mention it on the label. People don't want to pay for cheese and get wood. I hope you can hang in there until Richard is home again.

    Sun, that art show sounds wonderful but I know what you mean about the crowds. I think the worst thing I see is people pushing strollers with their dogs in them through the crowds. I love to be able to stroll and stop to check out the works I like. It gets almost impossible with the crowds moving like flooding in a narrow canyon. Every year when my friends and I go to the Art Fest, I buy something. I have a hand blown glass egg with bubbles in it. I still use the little pottery sieve to wash my berries in the mornings. Now, I'm enjoying using the beautiful pottery coffee mug every morning with breakfast. I'm so glad you like Lark Rise to Candleford. I hated to get to the end of the series.

    Evening drawn neigh so I should go from the sofa to the bed. Such an exciting life--not! Oh well, this old bod and brain just can't take any excitement right now. Sending wishes for a peaceful, restful evening for all our Porchies.

    Love, Mikie
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    Another quickie. I am modeling a dress with a shrug that matches it with earrings and necklace that matches. It is funny because I rarely wear a dress. Not sure if I can get a pic or not.

    Carla - I rarely got my nails done too but with another graduation Saturday plus this style show I needed it. Who knows when the next one will be. Hoping someone will send me a pic then will try and post but not sure if it will be as easy as last time, that was quite awhile ago.

    SUN - Sounds like you are having a blast with your art lessons. Keep it up and we love to see your works.

    Gotta run and wash the mop again and try and do something with it.

    Love to you awl,
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    Julie, it sounds to me as though you are at your wit's end. Sweetie, you can't go on living at the hosp. with no respite. You will be no good to yourself, GPA or your family if you cannot get away for at least a day. Tell the nurses that you need to leave and they will have to find someone to help GPA eat and do other things for him or, even if Den doesn't know the questions to ask, he can help his dad so you can go home to sleep and rest, even if only for a day. Only thing is, you need someone to spell you before the weekend. Hospitals have aides and volunteers; perhaps they can help. In any case, there are people there who don't have any family to help out. They get care, somehow. I don't want to be a downer, but this could drag on a while. Glad you can come here and rant. There are several possibilities for what sis does but, in the end, it doesn't matter. What matters is you. I'm worried for you. Right now, you are being used up because of a sad, sick woman and a sick old man who has been horrible to you. I hope you can put yourself first for a change, if only for a day. Not lecturing, just hoping you can find a way to get outta there for a bit. Good luck; prayers going up.

    Granni, I like to wear a dress now and then. Is the dress long or short? I'd love to see a pic. Next, we'll see you on the Red Carpet. If only we could fix our hair just right and never have to touch it again. How I hate to have to wash and style mine. I just feel old, tired and worn out. I don't feel like doing anything. Sorry for whining. I know some of it is sleep deprivation from these cats. I can't seem to nap during the day anymore. Don't know why. Hope you enjoy the fashion show.

    I've read the paper and decided to pop in first thing. I hope all y'all are doing well and that things go better for those of y'all who are struggling. I've decided to toss my anxieties about the regular housekeeping and shampoo the traffic area of the carpet. It's not that large an area and it really needs it. I can do the routine stuff later. It should lift my spirits to get something that significant done. My spirits are in the toilet. I have no right to whine, based on what some of our loved ones here are going through. I check out new members and some of their posts are heartbreaking. I remember those early days of my disabling illness and the confusion and pain. Well, at least, they have come to the right place for help and support.

    A bright and sunny day to all your Porchies.

    Love, Mikie
  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: I agree with Mikie.....you MUST go home to rest. Remember God is in control!!!!!! You can only spread yourself so thin then you will break. I know my limits and YOU KNOW YOURs. Talk to the head nurses or the doctor and tell them Gpa has to have someone feed him that you're going home. I've sent a private message to you.

    Mikie: I think you need a different change of scenery. Can I suggest that you go out to someplace restful with a cup of coffee and just SIT......smell the breeze, listen to the sounds around you. I think you said there is a park close by. I would go crazy if I didn't have my little garden to enjoy.

    Yesterday I drug myself out early to an art class. Afterwards I was driving right by Marshalls so stopped for a look, bought a white linen long sleeve blouse to use as a coverup, then stopped at My favorite store.....Goodwill. Found a tan linen blouse to also use as a coverup, plus a velour exercise type coverup......black and white print zebra....Love it. Both are in the wash right now. Then I stopped to use the bathroom and headed for a panini at a little outdoor cafe close by with my drawing stuff. It was sooooo nice to just sit there eating and drawing. Very restful. There was a homeless man at a few tables over, eating something. I sat and wondered what had happened in his life to bring him to that. He would glance at me, I would steal glances at him.
  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hello all

    Julie - sorry to hear about Granpas relapse..and Sis,s antics...I understand how anxious you are to get out of that hospital..aargh. When I remember all those days spent during my mum, dad and then brothers illnesses. I keep on praying...as I'm sure everybody else here is.

    If they have a church in the premises, or nearby, maybe u could go there and hv some downtime. Sit quietly.

    Sun - it seemed like I was watching a film as you described yr day..out there in the cafe. Yes, so many people, each with their own story.

    Granni - your outfit must hv looked so nice! Do you get in the least bit nervous?

    Mikie - sorry your energy slump is dragging on...what a bummer...

    Barry - cheer up, Richard will soon be back...are you getting rain? We are, frequently now.

    Rock - thanks for posting those pictures..I too liked the spotted white orchid..very unique. But I don't think there is an orchid I don't like.

    Diane - I hope you are feeling better. and the fur babies behaving.

    I had me a nice bath, the solar heater gave us some nice hot water..I like the way my hair shines with a kind of burnished copper. Umm burgundy actually, but the hair dresser told me not to colour the whole of my hair in future, just the roots because it makes it very dry. And I don't even oil like I should.

    Also gave myself a treat and bought going out shoes..with a little heel..and a white put over..I don't know what u call it..its a lacey crocheted knee length full sleeved thing u throw over a shirt and pant..., me first garment of that type.

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  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Woo Hoo!!! I managed to start shampooing the carpet and am almost done. My NRG has actually picked up. I've been taking the B Complex vitamins I got here and, even though I've only taken them a couple of days, I think they are helping the NRG. After I get off here, I'm going to finish the carpet and run the floor machine on the tile floors. It allways amazes me how good I can get this old carpet to look. Soooo thankful the first owner upgraded it. Wish I could get new flooring but, as long as I have the cats, it wouldn't be a good idea.

    Sun, I agree that I could use a change of scenery. It wouldn't be hard to do but, when I'm this exhausted, I just don't feel up to it. Or, like with today when I have some NRG, I want to do chores which I couldn't do when the NRG is so low. I know I'm on the upswing with this flare so, eventually, I'll be up to doing all kinds of things (I hope). The views from the balcony or lanai are beautiful and I often have my coffee out there early on. It'll be in the low 90's today, and from now on til Halloween, so I have to do it early. There was a skinny, shabbily dressed man with an older woman in Publix last time I was there. They looked as though they had hit hard times. As I passed, he nodded to me and said, "Supp?" It surprised me and I smiled and said, "Hello." He seemed happy to have exchanged greetings and it was a pleasant surprise to me too. DD worked with street people and she remembers them fondly. She now works with children. Glad you found such great things.

    Spring, I hope nothing happened to you or your computer. I don't think you got to finish your post. In any case, it's good to hear from you and I hope you come back. Your posts are always so interesting. I loved your sharing the story about the prayers for rain and the woman asking for alms. I was on a morning sales call one time and an older man was walking through the parking lot. He looked well cared for but he told me he was hungry and could I spare some money. I would have taken him to the restaurant but I didn't have time. I gave him some money and he just seemed to glow from within, almost as though he was a spiritual being. I got a strange loving feeling just looking at him. I told Mom about it and she thought he might have been an angel. In any case, I think it's important to help when asked because it seems to be an effective way to spread the good Karma. As bad as some of the things are that my ex has done, he pays it forward by picking up the checks for older people in restaurants anonymously. Hope to see you soon.

    OK, back to work. I'm hoping I can get a nap today because the cats got me up early and, of course, they then went back to bed to sleep. I wonder if someone does kitty exorcisms (or lobotomies).

    Update: I finished the carpet and the tile floors. Oh, how nice to see it all so clean. I hate not having the NRG to keep my condo clean. I'm not a fanatic but I don't like dirty floors nor dust on everything. I hope I have the NRG to dust and clean the bathrooms tomorrow. If I do, I can start in on the paperwork on Fri. At that rate, I'll be able to catch up. Then, perhaps I can get the cording and finish the valance. I have the paint for the entry and half-wall into the kitchen and am anxious to get it repainted. The worse thing I see here in the hood is when someone never keeps up with things and then wants to, or has to, move. At that point, it's just an overwhelming job. I'm not planning on going anywhere but we never know...

    DD#2 and I just talked about what may happen and how to deal with it. DSIL's grandma is at that point where she can no longer handle her own affairs and his parents are having to deal with it. I hope I live another ten years and drop dead of a massive heart attack but that may not happen. I have no one down here to help me if I get like DSIL's grandma. Some things we can't plan for but, at least, we can be aware of the potential scenarios. The grandma was always independent, like me, but that can come to an end if one lives long enough. I don't want my kids to feel responsible for me and I want to do whatever is easiest for them. I've had a good run and I'm trying to stay as healthy as possible but I'm getting to that age where I'm wondering how to cover as many outcomes as possible.

    I had a glass of white wine and a bit of cheese after I finished the floors. I wanted to finish off the last of the bottle of white wine but it was a tad more than I'm used to drinking. I'm a bit tipsy but it may be a blessing if it lets me sleep. I'm watching Dr. Oz; he is focusing on vegetable oils. I want to see it as I'm not sure which oils, other than olive oil, are healthy, if any. Oh, going to commercial. I need to go so I can find out which oils are good.

    Hang in there mes amis. Bon soir!!!

    Love, Mikie
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  20. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Spring: I LOVE those crocheted coverups. They're very handy to have and can make your outfit. I have a few of them, various length sleeves, etc. I have two crocheted short sleeve cotton sweaters, black and white. They're are at least 15 years old!!!! Bought them years ago at the thrift store and in the summer I wear them constantly to go to the market, etc. to cover up my flabby arms. LOL You deserve a little something for yourself.

    Mikie: I had an epiphany recently. I realized I had to start living NOW and not in the future. I think that's because it's been almost 2 years since DH died. Yes, we have to think about it, and stay as healthy and active as we can, which we both are doing.

    I've been out doing some potting of large succulents which have overgrown their pots. And then I found a mama dove sitting in a pot where I was rooting some plant. 3' off the ground! Those lazy little doves!!!!!! Now I'm not going to be able to let my cats outdoor.

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