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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    I'll be back after I read the last posts on #893. OK, I'm back and will copy my responses I drafted on the last Porch. Here is a pic of a lovely Southern porch where I see us all resting with tall cool drinks and little cookies and maybe some light sandwiches and salads.


    It is only 66 degrees out this morning but it will get into the lower 90's by this afternoon. It won't be long before the mornings are so humid that it feels as though one could wring the water outta the air. I'm sitting here enjoying the angle of the morning sun which casts lovely light on the pond and trees. In this moment, my life is complete and I need nothing else. Cats interrupted my sleep last night but let me go back to sleep until 5:00. I feel soooo much better when I get enough sleep. Of course, they are now sacked out. Tweety was very needy yesterday and I had to pet her, rub her tummy and play with her. The only way she will play is with a string pulled along the floor. Otherwise, she and Sir Vester will play their zoom-zoom games or have their smack downs. It was sooooo nice to get up to clean floors. The carpet should stay cleaner now with Roomba. I think it's often just dust on the carpet which gets ground in and makes it dirty.

    I can't believe it's almost Memorial Day Weekend. Hurricane Season starts June 1. Dear Old Friend will stop in for coffee on Sat. and we will pick the summer concerts we want to attend. Then, we will include our friends, The Other Barb and Joe, to see whether that suits them. My Dear Old Friend had to give up going to his Lyons Club meetings. They are over on Sanibel Island at night and he can no longer see well enough after dark to be able to drive safely. I admire his realizing this and taking steps not to be a danger on the road.

    Granni, so glad you enjoyed the fashion show. I hope you can post a pic. I don't wear dresses much either; it's just too easy to throw on some Capri pants and a tee shirt, especially around the condo. Maybe next time I do lunch with the girls, I'll wear one. I have two new short tight skirts I bought some years ago but they aren't tight anymore. They need to be taken in or given away. I got them both on clearance and paid next to nothing for them. I really need to try on most everything in the closet and sort it out. I'm trying not to spend any extra money but I do have a $10 bonus coupon from Bealls. There is no minimum I have to spend so will go on a Tues., when I get the old lady 15 percent discount and get something on sale. I'll end up spending very little that way. I could even get a box of K-cups.

    Julie, I'm so sorry about GPA. Everyone says that if one is in an end-stage disease, it is far better to opt for palliative care than to be in a hosp. where they have to continue to try to heal the disease, often when no healing will occur. Palliative care, on the other hand, focuses on the patient's comfort so that quality of life is the best it can be. You all have some important decisions and I pray for the best outcome for everyone concerned. Bless you; hope you are getting some rest. BTW, has GPA ever mentioned his wishes concerning his care? Does he have a religion? There are always priests and ministers available in the hospitals. He may feel a need to unburden himself and that may be keeping him afraid of dying should he let himself rest. Also, having trouble breathing can leave people feeling as though they are drowning. It's a frightening feeling. In any case, you know I'm praying for you all.

    Spring, I need to look up Theosophy. My tagline here is, "Seeing isn't believing; believing is seeing." Once people open themselves to spiritual experiences, they are much more likely to see life's miracles. Western religions often discourage this, believing it to be evil. And yet, the Bible is full of such miracles. I try to do everything in my power to fix things in my life and to heal myself. Beyond that, I put it in God's hands and accept whatever He believes I need in my life. I also accept any sickness and pain and am grateful that I'm able to pay off any bad Karma if that is what it's all about. Right after my separation from my ex, a man I dated opened me to Buddhism and that started me on my spiritual quest to broaden my life's experiences. It has made all the difference in how I see my life and its miracles and hardships. It's much easier to accept things when we have some spiritual tools. Some need no more than what they have now. I needed no more than to know God has it all under control but those tools allowed me to get there faster. Thanks for sharing.

    I hope all y'all have a good day and that all our Porchies can stop in for a visit.

    Love, Mikie
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    OMG, another PORCH already. In order to get these on my phone I need to do this every volume. YIKES. Wish we didn't have to but need to go have a quick breakfast so I can go to Fit and Fabulous exercises unless is starts pouring really hard . So far just cloudy.

    Will try and get back later this morning or afternoon unless DH hogs the computer :)!! I can probably find you all on the IPAD. So nice to see MIKIE and SW this morning.

    Also thinking of dear JULIE and GPA and the decisions that will have to be made soon . Hope they can leave the hospital soon and go home and the Health Care facility for Gpa.

    Gotta run.

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    Hi Kids

    Thanks for starting the new thread, Mikie. Here at the ranch things
    are quiet. We went to the library yesterday and got a lotta books. We
    have a spectacular new cactus flower on the front porch. The B & W
    cat showed up for breakfast, but the faded gold cat is nowhere to be
    seen. The weather is perfect. Gordon is busy repotting his orchids
    and doing other gardenly things. Or to put it another way,
    there is no news at all.

    And speaking of Sanibel Island, Mikie, one of those books I picked
    up yesterday mentioned same. Just read about it a few hours
    ago. Now I can't remember which book it was or what happened
    there. AACCKK!

    Springwater, do you know the song A Hundred Million Miracles
    from the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical Flower Drum Song?
    Of course it's on Youtube. The joke is there isn't a miracle in it.
    All the events are natural ones such as the sun rising and birds'
    eggs hatching.

    I read years ago that Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein were
    Broadways most successful creators. They earned something like
    half a million dollars a year. Decades later I read the Andrew Lloyd
    Webber made that much a month.

    Sun, we have several cactus like the one you posted. That's the kind
    that's in bloom right now. When our barrel cactus blooms, it has
    the same sort of flower even though the plants don't look much alike.


    Hugs to Diane, Barry, Granni, Julie
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    Hi, Kids,

    Successful day, so far. I took my paper and cardboard recyclables down to the dumpster area and picked up my mail. I was waiting for a sup from PH which was backordered. It was there. While I was gone to the store, my order came from HSN for my skin care products from Adrienne. Two times a year, in May and in December, she puts a ton of products into kits and sells them at a huge discount. Her prices per product are no more than Olay or Neutragena but the kits contain so much. I got one which will last for a year. It's vitamin C skin care, what my dermatologist says I need following having had the topical chemo. It contains more than $400 worth of products and it was only $99. I also got the Retinol crème for almost a BOGO for two jars. That is the other crème the doc wanted me to use.

    I went to the store for some cheese for my pesto sauce I'm gonna make. I use almonds instead of pine nuts. I can eat most things but the pine nuts make me really nauseated. AACCKK!!! I may not make it til tomorrow because they had the seafood salad on sale and I had that for lunch. They also had cubed watermelon on BOGO and I got two of those. It's ripe and delicious. Mmmmm!

    Before I went to the store, I watered the potted plants and trimmed a bush. The mandavilla vine has climbed to the top of the railing clear up on the balcony. It continues to bloom with the dark red blossoms. My downstairs neighbor came out and whenever I see her, she always tells me how much she loves the flowers we have. Our place does look more beautiful than I've ever seen it. I love flower boxes and pots lush and full and overflowing their containers.

    Granni, it's too bad you can't surf the web with your phone so you don't have to put each Porch into it. The Porch has been so busy lately. I love it when we all visit often but not when there are difficulties, like with GPA. Hope you got to go to your exercise class. I'm going to try to get to the pool tomorrow morning. It's been really nice here in the mornings. It's 70's to 80's with a nice breeze and no humidity. I'll probably burn if I stay out in the sun too long. I'm soooo pasty from being inside and exhausted. At least, when I get a bit of color, I don't look so bad.

    Rock, I love the flowering cactus. I moved a bedraggled bromeliad plant from out front last year to the side where there is more shade. It has a triple red bloom and is so beautiful. The gold cat must be a roving Tom, never staying still and breaking the hearts of young kitties everywhere. Guess the B&W kitty didn't fall for his charms. She's smarter than that. She knows where her next meal is coming from. How sweet of you to feed the kitties. There is no news here either but that's OK. I've been making progress around the condo and feeling a bit better. I'm convinced it's the B Complex vitamins.

    I think it was Einstein who said that either you believe that everything is a miracle or nothing is a miracle. I belong to the former group. I think we often take everything for granted and stop seeing the miraculous nature of life. I once read that when we look at a cat, we should pretend we've never seen a cat before. We would be fascinated at its plush fur, bright eyes and quiet agility. We would be so thrilled to lay eyes on such an exotic beast. That's kind of how I see these cats. I never get tired of looking at them. I do, however, get tired of being wakened early in the morning.

    Many people love Sanibel Island. Before Hurricane Charley, back in 2004, it was overgrown and looked as though a pirate would spring out from behind the foliage. The hurricane stripped it bare and it had to start over from scratch. It's pretty but has lost that native overgrown look it once had. It's touristy but not as much as our beach island south of me (Sanibel is west of me). Both are just a hop and a skip over the bridges. Fort Myers Beach is like spring break all the time. People living on Sanibel would really rather have the island to themselves and they don't like tourists much. I think back in the day, if you had enough money, you could live there and almost have your own private place. It had a kind of romantic allure. I like the sandbars between the causeways instead of the beaches. DGS likes to fish there. So does my neighbor, Joe. If you were here, I'd drive you and Gordon over to see it.

    Gonna go open my package from HSN and try to dust in here and clean the bathrooms. My condo will be all clean then. I'm hoping to tackle paperwork tomorrow after I get back from the pool. I've started a new book on the Kindle. I'm in a mood to download a couple more. Summer reading! Hope y'all are enjoying your day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Before I forget MIKIE. Thanks for starting us up again before it is time for another volume :)!!! I do some surfing on the web from my phone but it is more from Google. Do you have a smart phone? If you do how do you surf the web or get the PORCH??

    It is so dark and thundering outside, like it has been all day. It is pouring now. I even went upstairs to see if there are any leaks up there. We hardly ever go up there. At least it looks like the leak over the mantel on both sides sieems to be fixed. Thank God. That was a real pain trying to fix. I haven't done much of anythig today other than go to our exercise class. The next time they have it it will be after water aerobics at 8. I am atrying to decide if I can make it.. A morning person I am not. Plus I have to eat first or go there and maybe have to eat twice. The Fit and Fab class is right after the water aerobics. I know the water will be good for me but the time is and has always been the reason for not doing it. DD may try it and I might also. That early the water might not be that warm either yet. Not sure, haven't been in the pool in years since the grand kids were young and we went there to cool off. Of course I was the one to be there with them. This is outside and is not a heated pool and I like bath water.

    ROCK - Thanks for posting that gorgeous flower or did Gordon. Is that a flowering cactus? I have no idea what they look like. It is so nice to get all these pics from people posted here. That is interesting about Sanibel Island. I do remember Hurricane Charley too. Don't think it hit us but anything that hits the GULF or is headed this way we have to watch very carefully. I think it is almost the hurricane season and we have now be on the lookout.

    JULIE - Thinking about you dear one and your family having to go through all this with Gpa. More prayers will be
    underway. Keep on hanging in there sweetie !!

    Thinking of everydobby. Have to go cook supper.

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
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    Rock: That's a nice pic. you posted. Do you know what kind it is? The flowering succulent/cactus is called either epiphyllium or epidendrum, I never can remember which is which. Dorothy Dove watches me as I walk back and forth or open the shutter next to the window, but she is settled down on her little nest and doesn't seem afraid. This must be the week for birds. This afternoon a little hummingbird flew into my garage and couldn't find it's way out. I opened the big garage door and a third door, but it kept hovering in the rafters. I got a flowering pot of flowers to put on the floor, hoping to get it to come down so it would see the way out, then broke off a piece of a yellow angels trumpet to tempt it.....still no luck. I ate lunch and went out to check again. Yea.....didn't hear the buzzing anymore.

    Mikie and Spring: I don't believe in karma. There's nothing in the bible related to it either. But then I also don't believe in reincarnation either......though I used to, but not since I became a Born Again Christian over 50 years ago. I do pray and ask for guidance and wisdom daily so that I make the right choices.

    I'm with you Granni.....on trying to function early in the morning!

    I've been trying to get up by 6 a.m., 30 min. of floor stretches, then I eat a really good breakfast. This morning I left by almost 9 a.m. to get to Goodwill for their $1 bargains. There was a framed print I wanted for a buck. Not really the print but the frame 32 X 48 and the stretcher. So came home and it must have taken me 30 min. to remove all the large staples/nails to get out the stretcher. I had hoped to remove the print from the stretcher bars without any damage but ended up having to use an exacto knife to cut it out. I've dug thru my supplies and found a large enough piece of canvas so now will iron out the wrinkles, and use my staple gun to attach it. Then.......I have to put on at least 3 layers of gesso to seal up the fabric to make it paintable. A lot of work but I saved big bucks. Now that I'm back into working in oils, I've got some pictures of a famous Ghost tree up near Carmel that I would like to paint.
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    Good Morning, Kids,

    Woo Hoo!!! My blood sugar was only 74 this morning. I haven't checked it in a long time but the other morning and this morning, it was great! Maybe it just takes time for it to lower overall. In any case, I'm so thankful. Had hoped to go to the pool this morning but my back hurts from all the housework so think it would be better to wait. The condo is clean! Now, perhaps, I can focus on other things and still be able to keep it clean.

    Granni, yes, I do have a smart phone but don't use it for browsing the internet. Smart phones have browsers and you can use yours to go to www.ProHealth.com. Then, you just use the website as you would when using your computer. Your browser is probably how you are getting to the Porch posts now. I'm not familiar with iPhones; I have an android. Perhaps you can ask, is it your DSIL or DS, how to do it. I don't have unlimited data so just haven't gotten into the habit of using my phone for anything other than phone calls, pix, and texting. Of course, it will run off of Wi-Fi in the condo but then, why not just use my computer. I hate using the small screens on the phones. I don't even like to text. I'd rather call. Just read some info in Dr. Mercola's e-newsletter about how it's possible to do exercises in short bursts which are as effective as working out for long periods. I plan to go back to re-read it. I pray those storms leave y'all alone.

    Sun, no, the Bible does not talk about Karma by that name; however, all religions talk about loving one's neighbors. That is the basic principle behind Karma--what goes around comes around or The Golden Rule. Do unto others... I respect others' beliefs and religions. I think it's great that you pray for guidance, another principle of most religions. I do the same. I don't know how any of us would get through all this without some kind of foundation to help support us through the good times and the bad. I also don't know how I would have gotten through all this without the good people here on this website. We truly set an example of how we should treat one another. I know I can turn to my Online Family here for the love and support which is soooo important and I try to support others, especially when they are having such trying times. We here personify the best of all the religions and beliefs in how we try to love one another.

    Wow, that's a lot of work to go through for the frame but it's great that you can do it and save so much. Glad your hummingbird visitor found his way to freedom. Stretches are so good. I don't do enough stretching exercises. I will do some today to try to help my aching back. I wore the back brace when I shampooed the carpet but it all must have been too much. I wore my TENS Unit last night when I went to bed. It was so sore when I got up. OUCH!!! Tweety will get excited when I get down on the floor to stretch. She thinks I do it just for her so she can run over and rub her head all over me.

    Was hoping to get an update on GPA from Julie. I hope things are working out and she can get some rest.

    Rock, I hope you are OK and can come sit a spell with us on the Porch.

    Gonna go read the paper. Hope all y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
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    Dear Porchies,

    Don't know if any of you heard of the awful storms that came through last early evening and night and still in some areas. We were fine just alot of wind and rain but some not t far from us hand wind damage and farther south more wind and flooding. Our x neighbors lost part of their fence but that is so minor and they are happy about that. Some people farther south are getting hit for the 2-3x of major damage to their home. Not to much time to even rebuild or fix up the mess or they just started and then on and on it goes. Not too far away from us we just saw a video showing and close to our church also.

    Under one of the underpasses some people were trapped not to far from our church and on the feeder road the people in Saltgrass restaurant came to help remove people in the flooded car. Not sure if it was workers or people who came to eat. I also have been watching other footage shown from either news media or people just there with a phone camera. We were out this morning picking up a lot of mess but we were so lucky. It looks like we may be getting more rain, getting darker this morning. We are supposed to go into Houston tomorrow for the twins graduation and brunch afterwards. We went outside this morning and picked up a lot of the mess but luckily we were not hit that bad. We had some damage to our tomato plants but DH tied them back up again and hope they will be ok. Most of them are in pots. My work gloves were just soaked.

    Just looked on my phone and there sure looks like more rain coming. There were tornadoes in SE TX and I think they though they saw one in our area but guess it didn't touch down. One did in Bryan and damaged homes, TX I think it was. I know the line had been also in KS and there were tornadoes there too yesterday.

    MIKIE and SUN - Stretches are good and I know I probably don't do as many of them as I should unless I get to my exercise classes.

    Thinking so much of JULIE and hope she gets some rest in the coming days and hope they can get Gpa set up in a facility that will take him even if he has MRSA (hope that is correct). Saw a pic on FB with Den and Julie there with him and he seemed pretty happy.

    Thinking also of everyone. Not sure what else to say right now. Our Memorial Day weekend will be a fairly quiet one other than going to the graduation which is great. Then home and probably have dinner at DD's that lives here.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful , fantastic and as pain free a holiday as possible. God Bless our Veterans, past and present. May cckec back later on.


    Love ,
    Granni :)
  9. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    Granni, I was thinking of you when I saw the weather in TX on TV. I'm glad you didn't have major damage. I know how it is. When Hurricane Charley came through, I was so relieved that we were OK except for a little damage to our roof. On the other hand, my heart was breaking for those suffering their losses. Same for the recent damage from the tornadoes near me. So many mixed emotions. It makes us realize we are vulnerable. I am so glad you and DH are OK. Haven't heard from DD so they must be OK.

    I didn't do any stretches even though my back might have been better had I. I did get my shower and did my hair. Then, I went to the x-ray place and got my kidneys x-rayed. The tech seem alarmed at the size of my stones. The doc isn't worried and doesn't think they will move but if they do...Yikes!!! While I was waiting, my entire body, especially my neck and head, became soooo painful. I came home and just rested. I didn't get my pesto made and don't feel up to fixing anything to eat. Whine, whine, whine! The Poinciana trees are blooming everywhere. They are so beautiful with their flame orange blossoms.

    I've missed The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills since I gave up cable. So, I've been binge watching what is available on On Demand. A couple of them are gone and there are a couple of new ones. It's my guilty pleasure. Such drama! My cosmetics came packed in rectangles of wrapping paper. I straightened them out and put them on the floor. The kitties have been diving into them and playing. One will crawl under a couple of squares and the other will attack. It's hilarious. They don't play with their toys but play with string and wrapping paper. Silly kitties!

    Where are Rock, Julie, Spring and Barry? I hope everyone is OK and that I didn't miss anyone but probably have. My pea brain is as tired as my old bod. Sending love, hugs and prayers for everydobby.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Unlike my previous post, I have a real news item. Did something
    yesterday I've never done before. It only became possible for anyone
    to do it two days ago.

    Whole Foods opened its first 365 store. It's located 2 miles from us
    at the strip mall where we shopped at Ralphs for years. Biggest
    supermarket I've even been in. The cleanest too. It took about a year
    and a half to remodel the entire mall. It now is a two story structure.
    Not sure if there really is a second story, or it it's a false front like the
    stores in the Old West.

    They had lots of employees on hand. Half a dozen or so to direct traffic
    in the reconfigured parking lot. And several just standing around inside
    to direct customers. I was surprised to find the place has no bakery, but
    it does have a coffee shop and little tables for customers to sip or
    interact with their computers.

    And there is only one check out line, but about 14 different check out
    counters. Yup, when you get to the head of the line you get steered to
    the nearest vacancy.

    Prices are less than Whole Foods, but seem a little higher than most
    supermarkets. I suspect they'll go up. An article on the net said the
    new venture was motivated by falling revenue at Whole Foods.

    Mikie, your cats are like kids who ignore the toy and play with
    the box. Brings back childhood memories of Christmas. Good
    old Dad slumping in a drunken stupor and compulsive Mom
    repeating endlessly, "Don't lose the card. I have to know who sent
    what. Pick up that paper. Don't throw that ribbon away. Put
    that in a neat stack. What happened to my camera? Did you..."

    I never heard of making Pesto with almonds. Gordon says one can
    use any nut one wants to. (I assume he's not including coconuts.)
    I used to buy pepita nuts at Trader Joe's. There were exotic in
    Minnesota, but not so in California. Alas, they are now pretty
    'spensive. Even worse, I can't eat anything that requires chewing.

    Granni, yes, the flower I posted is our barrel cactus in the back
    yard. Looks very much the flower on one of the front porch cactuses.
    I don't know the name of that one. Driving around La I note the
    jacaranda flowers are fading, but the bougainvillea and lantana
    are in bloom. They both come in a variety of colors.

    Sun, Oh, I think you're right. The front porch cactus in an epiphyllium
    aka the orchid cactus. We have lots of epidendrums too. They are
    unusual in that unlike most orchids, they bloom year round. Come
    in a variety of colors.


    Hugs Everydobby, It's time for a nap.

  11. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock: I had never heard of that 365 store so looked it up. And apparently there is one to be built in my area also. Since it's just me, I doubt if I'll be leaving Sprouts, Stater Bros or Trader Joes soon. And I noticed this past week that Stater Bros has big signs announcing many produce items at 99cents a lb. I guess they finally caught on because of the big business that 99cent store does.

    My aunt and uncle lived on Russell St. and Rodney Ave., just one block from Vermont ave. There were jacaranda trees all around their neighborhood and my aunt HATED them because of all the lavender flowers that covered the sidewalks. Lots of work for my uncle who had heart problems. Beautiful to see but too bad for the person cleaning up.

    Granni: I rarely watch the news, except for the last half HR. on PBS, so many times I miss what's happened around the world. Glad to read your home is OK.

    Mikie: Good thing your doctor is keeping an eye on those stones. Just what you needed.....a tech to scare you. They're not supposed to react to anything.

    By the way, I happened to look out my window at the nest and saw mama had departed for a short time. OMG. I was amazed at the size of the egg, about l l/4" long. She must have really had to push to get it out!
    She flew back and saw me looking. I saw her poking at the egg and then settled down over it. I need to do a search on when I will see a new little chick.

    I just spent hours working on my stretched canvas, sooooo much work but it's almost finished. I have just one more coat of gesso to paint on. Not sure when I'll get started painting the picture though. I think the time has come to FINALLY clean my studio though!!!!!

    Here's a photo of the famous ghost tree up by Carmel.

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  12. Sacajawea2

    Sacajawea2 Member

    Hi All!
    Don't know if you remember me. I've been reading quietly for awhile, and checking in frequently since Gpa started having some problems. I was happy to see he got some visitors and even a stuffed cat!
    My heart goes out to him, and I've always had a special heart for Julie.

    It's been years since I visited pro health. Then I first came back to check on updates from Springwater but was too weak to post. I am glad you are getting by despite the changes since that disaster.

    I'm on an iPad and can't see any more words so I will say hello to Mikie, Rock, Diane, and Sun, even though you came after I left. Oh and hi Granni!
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  13. Sacajawea2

    Sacajawea2 Member

    Hi Julie!
    He looks so frail in the pics. I'm glad the company perked him up. Is Den staying or coming back? He needs some personal mementos, like a piece or two from a collection! Send me an address to send a card. Praying always. And you look great, for appearance sake!
  14. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Cindy ....hey!! soooooo good to see you! I've often wondered where everyone was...Judy, rain. Everybody..Meet Cindy..she used to be on the spirituality board..but we all went our own ways..

    I'm not active on FaceBook Anymore. Pls come here..and post..how are u thesedays...do u hv severe fatigue issues and imbalance ones? I think u used to suffer those...the EQ was horrible, it's like a dream now..but we are over the worst...the last EQ a 4 point something took place 2nites ago..and we hv been having them at intervals..but I think people are actually getting used to them now.

    Sun - those butterflies sound lovely. We had a monarch coloured butterfly here this spring..it was the only one and everytime I went to the terrace, it would be there sunning itself on the cement floor. My DD went to Costa Rica..during a break from her work...lovely photos of beaches and forest, sunsets over the sea. But I don't like the tropical places because of my issues with heat and humidity...I admire all the flora and fauna tho.

    I discovered in a bad way, that we hv a crows nest near the water tank upstairs..went to check on it and got pecked from behind and these crows were really aggressive. Had to fight them off. Then I saw it, a huge nest. nearby,,the stupid crow had made it in the open, what about all the Eagles? Daddy crow was a huge frightening looking thing. Maybe he thought he could take them on.

    About karma, I only believed at about age 30? On my spiritual journey. The Bible refers to karma , as what ye shall sow, so shall ye reap.

    But I think all roads of worship should lead to one end..love. Everybody here is loving, empathetic, kind. And I know we all love each other. Very much.

    Julie - Sis is in a different league altogether! Joking about her amputated toes. ! I wish you didn't hv to spend time near her. I'm sorry for Granpa...I wish he wasn't having all these issues.

    Mikie - isn't it better to get rid of those stones by laser surgery!? Is it possible? My MIL had hers removed from the gall bladder, recently...she was told about them two years ago but didn't want to hv surgery..then she went into pain for 3 days before she consented to go to hospital..she hates hospital..but the surgery was fine, she now is normal back on her feet. She is 76 or thereabouts.

    You can send divine white light into the area of yr kidney stones too...there are cases of people's kidney stones being dissolved or something by meditation here, I've met a lady who drank spiritually energized water and didn't hv to have her operation..there was no stone in her later ultrasounds...but I don't recommend not hving medical procedures...if those are required..

    .I met this little boy and his mom, she had been going to hv spiritual water at a temple for years because her child was born with a brain defect that the docs said they couldn't operate on and dint give the infant many months to live..she took the spiritual path and gave her son spiritually charged water regularly and now he is a normal child around six years no brain issues..the doctors told her they have no idea how that was possible and had nothing to say. Just as well, she couldn't hv afforded the surgery..these are very poor people from remote areas.

    By the way it is Archangel Zadkiel not Saint..it is Saint Germaine whose silver flame and archangel Zadkiels violet light merged and became the Silver violet flame which purifies all negativity. I'm guessing more powerful. Sometimes when I'm walking outside, I run into pockets of space where I feel uneasy, sad, fearful for no reason...I send the Silver Violet flame then..to clear up the space..recently I was crossing a space on the other end of our town, and suddenly felt very sad, shaky, anxious, and tingly..I looked around and saw I was near a space which was cleared and there was rubble from the earthquake...it was quite evident someone who died in that building during the EQ had not moved on, maybe even taken over by some malevolent energy..if one feels severe dread then it normally is non human energy, psychic attacks by human spirits normally hv qualities of humans, sadness, hopelessness, anger, fear.

    But not horrible dread. However, anything can be combated with Divine White Light in addition to Silver Violet flame. It might take consistent efforts and regular cleansing and prayer...our this country really needs it. Frikkin people are using ancient negative rituals in a regular manner to settle scores with others or just outbid plain jealousy, and then wondering why the country suffers droughts and Eqs and blockades, shortages. If they only knew what awaits them as karma.

    I'm happy if your DD is helped by the Silver Violet Flame of Archangel Zadkiel and St Germaine.

    Granni - more rain! I'm glad to hear your place is fine. Weather does seem to play all sorts of tricks..drought ridden places catching fire in Canada, and flooding in Texas...why can't mister Weather distribute itself more evenly?

    Barry - must be looking forward to Richards return. I hv a cousin who is going to go on a month long road trip all over Europe with her siblings. And here is the unpredictability of life..growing up we were all not in a position to be taking foreign trips , their family while not as poor as ours was a middle class family..upgrading a TV was a event to save up for for years...and now.....(Anyways, I ain't going anywhere soon..the EQ and all played a number on our finances. Strangely it doesn't bother me as much as it could hv)

    But I don't envy her..I don't hv the energy to take a nonstop road trip besides I've been to Norway n Switzerland and landed in Frankfurt and Heathrow airports..spent few hours toddling around .I would rather go for a restful holiday somewhere.

    Rock - those flowers are so beautiful, did you notice the cacti flowers somehow look even more beautiful and opulent because of the stems they grow on? Like beauty and the beast. I would like to read that series u are reading on Village Life. My kind of books. What's. 365 store? Open always, no holidays?

    Diane - how are you....hv you got new neighbours as yet..or did you say they came and were nice people? My poor brain.

    I got in an extra new cooking gas cylinder so last night I made rotis for the DH after months!! Hoo. Flat wholewheat bread on a griddle. Much healthier than rice or pasta.

    Well, take care all.

    God bless
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  15. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Mikie - btw, that porch u posted..

    It.... ......is.........heaven. !!! To think people can create such beauty.
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Slept relatively well considering that I've had a lot of pain since my cleaning spree. Oh well, this too shall pass. I still haven't made my pesto because I've been feeling too sick, in addition to the pain, to feel up to cooking. Dear Old Friend is supposed to come over for coffee this morning. I hope he makes it. Sometimes, he just isn't up to coming over. I'm concerned about him but he continues to substitute teach so I guess he is relatively OK. We need to check out the summer concert series.

    Julie, I'm sorry GPA had such a bad day. I'm glad he was better and able to talk with his family. I so admire you for taking care of him at home and now in the hospital. I know it hasn't been easy; hell, it's been a nighmare. Still, you continue to hang in there. God bless you and your family. Keep us updated. You are in our prayers.

    Rock, that store sounds amazing. Many companies have employees who go out to new stores to help out at the beginning. Publix does that. It is known for customer service but it has slipped in recent years. I've found that, if CS is to continue, someone has to ride the lazy employees. I've gotten to know the good ones at my local store. Sounds as though Christmas sucked at your house. I'm sorry. My Mom was a telephone operator so she had to work on Christmas; everyone had to but they only worked four hours. We always opened our gifts on Christmas Eve and went to Midnight Mass. I still remember how magical the church looked all decorated with the crèche. Now, other than the spiritual aspect, it's just another day for me. Do you have Poinciana trees there? Right now, the orange blooms on ours are spectacular.

    Sun, yes, I was surprised at that tech's obvious distaste at how my doc is handling my kidney stones. That said, however, I've been a bit concerned about it. I want to talk to the doc again. I'd hate to pass one of them. I know that surgery or ultrasound, used to break them up, can traumatize the kidneys so, perhaps, he is doing the right thing. I've had them about three years that we know of and they have stayed put. Doc doesn't think they will move but anything is possible. Wow! That is a big egg. Almost makes me hurt to think about it. Doesn't seem to me that we have as many doves as we did. We had them in CO too. There is nothing sweeter than seeing two of them sitting on the window sill and leaning against one another like an old married couple.

    Cindy, so glad to see you posting here on the Porch. I'm sorry you've been so weak. I hope and pray you feel better and can join us here. We've had people come and go and we always worry when we don't hear from them. It's wonderful when they show up again. Prayers going up that you will feel better and can continue to post.

    Spring, your post reminded me of Barb. Everyone here as said, "She is reaping what she has sown." We've also contrasted her behavior with our neighbor across the street, the one who recently died of cancer. She had been a kind and loving person all her life and, at the end, she was filled with peace and the knowledge that she was headed for Heaven. She showed us how to live and how to die. I thank God that she was in my life. I'm sorry you are having more EQ's. Geez! Enough is enough! There was a HUGE crow out on the carport yesterday and he was screaming as though to intimidate everyone. I don't care how smart they are, I don't like them.

    Hmmmm! They call him, Saint Michael the Archangel. So, I guess I thought I'd call him Saint Zedkiels the Archangel. In any case, all the saints and angels have helped me feel more protected from negativity and harm. I thank you for your help. Think I'll send some healing light to my kidneys. If anything ever happens to them, I won't have dialysis. The man downstairs had to and he finally just quit and let nature take its course. I'm glad you got some cooking gas. I hope those quakes go away and stay away. I'm glad you can cook your favorite foods.

    Diane, I hope you, Kevin and the kitties are doing well. We've missed you here.

    Barry, I hope you are doing OK with Richard gone.

    Granni, I see more rain is in store for TX. Hope you and your family are doing OK.

    I'm gonna post this and come back to edit so I don't lose it. There, now I can relax, knowing that my post is safe. This old computer has its quirks and, sometimes, just loses it. I'm seeing on TV that Myrtle Beach, where Richard lives, is expecting Tropical Storm Bonnie to hit before long. I hope it doesn't cause much damage. All these storms and floods will eventually jack up everyone's home insurance.

    I'm sending my best to all y'all and hope you have a nice weekend.

    Love, Mikie
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  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Cindy: Welcome back. I used to be on PH years ago, like at least 15. At that time the chit chat board was very large, and really lots of fun. Then they just up and shut it down (I guess they didn't like us laughing all the time). I remember Acesnanna, Shirl and Mikie were moderators. Then we all moved to different small boards, which didn't seem to last either. I came back here maybe 3 years or so ago.

    Catch me up with your history, family, etc. so I can know about you.

    Spring: Such a nice long post! I agree about those crows, they can be very vicious but sure are smart. I read awhile ago about a young girl who left something little glittering bauble on a nearby table. A crow took it and brought back something for her. These little gifts from the crows have continued. I believe there is a story about her on the net, I think she lives in No. California. Last time I read is that the neighbor's have complained mightily and are trying to sue her mom. I'll have to do a search on it now that it's on my mind.

    I've never heard of St. Zadeikis......had to look it up. Apparently it's NOT in the bible, but a mix of the Kabbala and Catholicism. As to reaping what you will sow, YES, definitely. But as Christians we are taught that Jesus died once and for ALL and to be forgiven we have to accept this free gift.......no need to EARN it.....just accept. One life for us to live and then that's it. Either Heaven or Hell. Because Jesus died for us, we don't have to go thru any mediators, but can pray direct to God, asking him for help, etc. thru the name of Jesus, his son and our Lord and Savior. And remember the thief on the cross......what Jesus said to him.

    MIkie: I believe God can heal some when asked, but unless we are living our life pleasing to him, he won't. We don't understand why some receive a divine healing, but others don't. I deeply feel that if God wanted to take away all the pain and suffering I go thru, he would, but for some reason he's given it to me........for a means for me to grow closer to him and learn. When my children were small and were sick, I would lay my hands on them and pray, asking for healing and protection for them. I do this at times when I have problems.......asking that God remove the pain.

    I know a fellow artist, she is in her late 80s now. About 4 years ago she took a bad tumble and did terrible damage to her spine. In AWFUL pain for months. One day she was watching a healing program on TV, prayed and asked God for a healing. She said that suddenly she felt all the pain disappear. She had been a Christian for years. Went back to the doctor who ordered another MRI, the damage was still there but the pain never returned. The doctor couldn't explain. But the last thing I heard was cancer had attacked her again. Now why would God take away the spinal pain but then allow Cancer to come back.

    Barry: how are things going for you? Another week or so until Richard comes home?

    Julie: I'm sorry Gpa had a bad day. I think he's in his final days as I'm sure you know. I'm so glad to read that Amy was able to come and Den will be there. I pray that he will have an easy time, whatever God has planned for him. I'm absolutely amazed at your STRENGTH!!!!!! God is supplying all your needs.

    I spent a lot of time yesterday on my stretcher bar. Last night I wasn't a happy camper because the canvas seemed to have loosened up but this morning it looks better. I've been thinking I'll have to remove 2 sides of the staples and restretch it, and what a job.
  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Springwater, I looked at a couple more sites on the net about the 365 stores.
    Could not find an explanation for the name. My guess was the same as yours,
    though. I expect they'll be open every day.

    The first five stores will be located in Los Angeles and Santa Monica, CA;
    Bellevue, Washington; Houston, Texas; Portland Oregon. One site said the
    target customers are hipsters. The term hipsters was not defined.

    Gordon's brother has worked for Whole Foods for years. He worked at the
    new store yesterday. He was asked to transfer to the new store, but
    prefers to stay where he is even though the commute is longer. I was surprised
    to hear that his store is even larger than the new one.

    Cindy, I remember you because of your distinctive user name. I read
    many years ago that Sacajawea was pronounced Sock-ah-jow-way.
    Just looked it up again and read it should be Sock-ah-jah-wee-ah.
    The lady in question was, of course, the Shoshone Indian who helped
    Lewis and Clark.

    The Sacajawea dollar, according to Wikipedia, has been minted every
    year since 2000. However, the coins are not released into circulation
    because the public doesn't like them. Too easily confused with quarters.
    Ironically they replaced another dollar coin the public didn't like
    for the same reason: the Susan B. Anthony dollar.

    Mikie, we don't have Poinciana trees here (to my knowledge), but
    I read that they grow in Florida, Hawaii, Arizona and S. California.
    The tree is a fast growing evergreen with red flowers that is wider than
    it is tall. Also called the flame tree.

    I remember the days when you cranked the phone and talked to the
    operator. Our phone number was two digits. The telephone company
    was in the owners house. There were two operators in the daytime and
    one at night. If you lived on a farm you had a party line. Confidential
    topics were not discussed as there were usually other folks listening in.
    My aunt knew when the call was for her because their ring was 2 shorts
    and a long. In the 1950s we got dial phones and the first public phone
    in the village. It was a phone booth on Main Street. If you used that
    phone, pretty much everybody knew about it.

    Bis spater

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  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock and Mikie: I love that tree. There are some around town here and my DD has one in their front yard which has NEVER bloomed. I need to look up the type of soil it likes.

    I forgot to mentioned about Dorothy Dove. She was very restless this morning while I was watching. Poking at her egg, moving her little bit of grass around......they used the bare minimum! I guess the pair were in a hurry to procreate so they grabbed my pot and said......this will do! I'm wondering how much longer until I see a little chick. And I looked at her/him a little bit ago. I think they change shifts because one of them has distinctive white marks on a tail feather.
  20. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi All. Yes, I am hanging on,waiting for Richard to return Saturday next. I just came back with Shorty for his morning walk to the end of the lane. It was shady under the trees, and cool, but here I sit sweating like a pig, or whatever sweats. I sweat mainly on my head; believe it's called cranial hyperhydrosis or something like that. I did a search on this site for same, and found many, many posts about this problem, but no answers. I guess a lot of people with ME get it.

    Sun, I would expect Dorothy to lay another egg, or two. What do you call her mate? ;) I'm glad you enjoy nature so much. The first butterfly I saw this year was a Mourning Cloak, but then it usually is always the first I see. And then --poof!-- don't see another one 'til the next year. I haven't seen any Monarchs yet, but lots of California Sisters, Skippers, Lorquin's Admirals, Painted Ladies, etc. I used to collect butterflies when I was a kid in England.

    Rock, I remember party lines. I also remember living in remote spots in the country where there was no phone service. Strange times compared to now which is even stranger. Smart-phones, I-pads, I-pods, no no no! I don't want any of them. I can barely use a cell phone!

    Cindy, Hello. I don't really remember you but I'm glad you are here and hope you stay! It seems that in the board's new format we have not as many active members as we used to. A shame.

    I notice a lot of talk about religion and spirituality here, but I'm not going to say a thing. :eek:

    Love to All,