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    I thought I would get it going. It's HOT out in so. Calif. Over 100. Thankfully my house stays cool for about 3-4 days after hot weather then it's like "the bones of the house" heat up. My neighbor next door was having a pool party.....their daughter is graduating from HS. Lots of fun going on over there. So I just closed my window and turned on my fan so I could go to bed.

    Julie: don't worry......whatever happens with the deleted posts.
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    It's been a few weeks I think since I've written.
    Sorry I haven't done so sooner.
    I'm also sorry to hear about how different sadness and life difficulties have impacted some.

    Not to have a pity party or anything,seeing as there's so much worse going on in the world,but life for my little tribe has been a bit of a roller coaster of late. A couple of weeks ago I was homeward bound,from Melbourne,sitting on the train,when I got a call from DH. (We'd just figured out face time,so I could actually see him while he spoke).anyway, he told me that his four-wheel-drive had been stolen the morning.if I didn't see his face ,I would've thought he was joking. Well is away at the funeral for my auntie had planned on fitting a new ,well secondhand ,deeper bath tub to help with all the extra winter aches and pains.

    He went outside to pick up some more hardware bits and pieces and the car just wasn't there. Until now we haven't had any problems where we live and it's been quite peaceful. We have great neighbours too. We weren't insured and not only was the four-wheel-drive taken ,but alot of my husband's tools ,camping gear and that sort of stuff too. Actually he keeps remembering new things that was forgotten that was in the car. I guess in a way it keeps re-opening the wound. The police followed up a tip off yesterday with a few cars 'surprising ' a known villain,but to know avail.

    Other than that,health wise, i've started taking duloxetine (Coperin).same as cymbalta. I was initially taking it before bed and had no problems but then I started struggling with sleep,despite sleep meds (something I'd already overcome and was pleased with ), so I then began taking in the morning but I find I'm still waking up at five or so in the morning and not being able to get back to sleep. Frustrating.

    Treasures are well. Scored in soccer today.

    Barry- I live in what's known as the central goldfields ,in between Ballarat and Bendigo ,about an hour's drive from Melbourne. I've never been to Sydney although I grew up in western Australia lived in Tasmania for a while and Queensland too. BA in religious studies. That's interesting. Considering some of the conversations I've been reading :) Your home sounds lovely by babbling Brooke, in the bush but then I read the thing about the rabies ,so I'm not sure how that's altered my picture in my mind! Don't get all of that here. Mind you,there was a story on a current affair or something about a boy who'd been nipped by a bat up north and because the symptoms of rabies had already become evident,it was then apparently too late for him. Very sad. I guess because it's rare they didn't think of rabies.

    Rock-Funeral went well,all things considered (a few disgruntled family members).
    I haven't been to Sydney,but if I had I would've visited the opera house and maybe listened to some of the opera greats you mentioned.

    I'm so sorry I can't keep typing. My fingers are spazzing out.
    Just know that I'm thinking of you all and I hope the remainder of the week goes well for everyone.
    Take care
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    Thanks, Sun! I was thinking why doesn't someone just open a new porch...895 (2.0) lol...so glad you did just that.

    I'm sorry it is so hot out there...yes, I understand the "bones of the house" heating up...what a good way to put it. We've been running our central air during the day, then shutting it off at night and just running the small unit in the bedroom. Our biggest problem is the humidity...then I am just so miserable and feel like I can't even move. As it is, I've still been feeling so exhausted, but just doing what I can.

    Star, what a terrible thing to have happen...your vehicle stolen right out of your drive? And I'm sure you're right, it must hurt even more when your DH remembers other things that were in there. I hope the authorities can still find it, and it's not been wrecked, etc. That sort of thing happens in the town close to us...many vehicles on the same street, on different nights. Most of the time, the police do find them, though.

    Sun, I think you asked when Gpa's estate would be settled...it seems as though we may have to wait till this current farm season is finished...at least till all the expenses have been paid and the income has come in...for both farms. Wish it could be done quickly and easily, but I'm afraid that isn't bound to happen...

    Going to head on to bed. Den and I are going to run to town in the morning...I never did really get any groceries even with two trips to town already this week. Den has been living on TV dinners and sandwiches for three weeks...any of the fresh produce, etc. I had on hand is spoiled by now. So, I will need to clean out the fridge to make room for the fresh stuff.

    Amy, Clinton and the girls will be here by noon, so I think I will order pizzas from Amy's favorite place...and where she used to work while in high school and part of college. Gpa always bought the pizzas whenever Amy was here, because he enjoyed the fact that she loves them so much, lol!

    Anyway, I hope everyone's weekend is okay...or as Pippi used to say, "good enough"...that's all we can ask for, true?
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    Hello I just figured I'd drop in to see if any one figured out where our Porch went. Apparently not.

    It's hot and steamy like its about to rain.

    Star good to see you drop in..that's terrible about the vehicle!

    Well, wil pop in later..

    God Bless
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    Hi, Kids,

    I'm not sure what happened to our last Porch. I had tried to delete Julie's posts but they didn't all delete so I asked PH for technical help. The technical people at PH are wonderful. Not sure what happened but it's probably just easier to keep going with this new thread.

    There is a tropical storm brewing in the Yucatan in Mexico and it is supposed to be coming our way next week with lots of rain and wind. We had a lot of rain last night, about an inch. I needn't have watered the potted plants yesterday morning but I didn't want to take a chance on our scattered rainstorms. I need to get back to making green drinks again so I can use up some of my herbs.

    For a couple of days, the air has been like a soggy blanket covering us. The humidity is stifling! I can only leave the sliders open a crack in the mornings so the cats can go out on the lanai. Tweety has been attacking the wrapping paper I had put on the floor for her. It's getting pretty shredded. I'm glad she is getting some exercise as she tends to put on weight around her middle, like her momma.

    Sun, thanks for getting a new Porch going. Wish my condo would stay cool but there's no way. I have an end unit on the second floor so it gets the heat on three sides and the roof. It bakes in the hot FL sun all day long. Every year, it seems more and more difficult to endure the months of heat and humidity. My friends all tell me it's harder and harder on them too. Living beside the pool, I know what it's like having a pool party next door. At least, swimming isn't allowed after dark here.

    Star, it's soooo good to see you here again. I am so very sorry for the theft of your 4x4. That's awful--especially the theft of things in the vehicle. I hope it is recovered without damage and the contents recovered too. My Highlander is 13 years old and, if it were stolen and damaged or in an accident, I'm afraid the ins. co. would total it. It only has 39,000 miles on it and I could never replace it for the money I'd get. I hope your sleep improves. Sleeping til five for me is getting to sleep in. My crazy cats try to wake me starting at around three to four. Again, so good to hear from you. Keep us updated on things.

    Julie, mmmmm! Pizza sounds soooo good, even though I'm not really supposed to eat it. I'm off my feedbag again and nothing sounds good. I also have to dump spoiled things which went bad while I've been sick. I hate to waste food but, sometimes, it just happens. I may resort to some fast food myself if I don't feel better soon. I'm hoping the estate will settle as fast as possible and everything goes smoothly. I hope you and Den can get back to 'normal.' Not sure what normal is but I'm pretty sure it's better than the stress of having GPA in the hospital with you living there and Den at home. As I said in my post on the other Porch, I'm sure your being there helped to make GPA's passing easier for him. I'm also glad Den had a chance to spend some time with him. Take care.

    Spring, I hope you do pop in later. Haven't figured out where the old Porch went but think we can just start over here. Look forward to your post. I hope things have eased up for you and that you can find fuel and food more easily now. Also hope the EQ's and tremors have stopped.

    Gonna go read the paper. The news is showing that storm grinding around in the Gulf. It likely won't be able to gather enough strength to become a hurricane but those tropical storms can do a lot of damage too. It's supposed to hit further up the coast but, even if it does, we will get the rain and wind from it. It's unusual to have these storms so early in the season. Every year, I have to get used to seeing the graphics on the weather. Now that El Nino seems to be gone, I 'spect we'll see more of that. There goes our insurance rates again!

    Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi All.
    What a confusing time on the board! Oh well.
    Sun and Rock, have you been suffering from this horrible heat wave too? We hit 99.8 yesterday! Way too hot for me, and the next two days are supposed to be pretty warm too, before a cool down. I left all the windows open last night when I went to bed to cool the house down, and it was 70 degrees when I got up this am, inside. Overcast sky last night didn't let it cool down enough.:eek:

    Star, so good to hear from you! And I hope you get the vehicle back. So you live in Victoria between Ballarat and Bendigo. I had always thought Bendigo a tiny town, but see it is fairly large, almost like Ballarat. Do you like reading fiction at all? The Australian author Kerry Greenwood is one of my favourites. She writes fairly light mysteries. Her Phryne Fisher series came to my mind and I have enjoyed reading all the series --- 20 novels in this case. One is called "Murder on the Ballarat Train", another "The Castelmaine Murders". This series takes place in the 1920's, has eccentric characters, and is a fun read. I also like Peter Temple and Patrick White of the Australian writers I remember reading. I have bad ME and spend a lot of time reading!

    Mikie, I thought it was possible for members to go back themselves and edit and delete posys. Am I wrong. Anyway, I am sorry for your lack of NRG, but I think you have more than I do! I haven't shopped for anything unless it's on the computer! I haven't been to town in about a month..... or more. I'm am also drained when it is hot and humid, but fortunately those conditions are not common here. It is either hot and dry, or cool and humid. I 've been sweating like hell from my scalp and face. I have to dry my sweat-drenched hair all the time. I believe this is called cranial hyperhydrosis. o_O It is horrible.

    Julie, you took away our strawberries! I love fresh garden grown ones; the ones that look so good and huge in the shops are just dull-tasting in comparison. Are you growing any other veggies, etc.? Home-grown rules!

    Richard is coming home today or tomorrow from the Bay area. We talked last night after he got to his brother's house, and he is wiped out. I told him to stay an extra day if he needed to catch up on his energy -- he is having bad feelings towards his brother who picked him up two and a half hours late after a long flight from Stockholm, Sweden. :mad:

    Love you guys and gals,

  7. sunflowergirl

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    Star: Great to see you again but I'm very sorry for your vehicle loss. And your DHs tools! ASre these for his work or what? I know absolutely nothing about Australia aside from a few movies shot there. I need to read more about it as I've tried to do with Spring's Nepal. These always some gruntled people after someone passes. I've got a living trust in place, and have tried to split things equally between my 3 kids so I hope there won't be problems down the road.

    Julie: I envy you those pizzas. It's been years since I've been able to eat one. Occasionally I might have a bite on a very thin soft crust. With the TMJ it's basically a no no. You talking about strawberries reminded me of the field near where we used to live. The owner grew them for Smuckers, but at the end of picking he would open the field up to all the neighbor's. We all would take our big pots and containers, and pick, probably eating more than we should. I'll have to ask my kids if they remember that. I do know my mom loved it. I still have visions of her and I sitting in a ditch eating them. And I hope you take pics. of the girls picking them, their faces all smeared with juice!

    Barry: Have you ever tried a 100% headband to help with the sweating? And a small bottle of water to spritz your face? I'm with you, I absolutely hate humidity. I hope Richard had a good time. I don't blame him for being upset with his brother. After a long flight you just want to get home to a bed. I also seem to do more shopping online. Used to LOVE to shop, even thought of being a personal shopper when I was younger but NOW.....don't like crowds, don't like the too bright lights, and don't need to buy something I don't need. I also need to make a note of that recommended author of light mysteries.

    MIkie: I read a most interesting article from Dr. Mercola on the special mosquitos being released down in your area to fight Zika and thought of you. I know how you love your bargains. Happy to read you found a jacket on sale. Most of the time I just shop the bargains at Goodwill. On Thursdays all the color tags of the week that were reduced are now a buck. That's how I bought that special, large frame last week. It had originally been priced at around $100. Had languished in the store for months because it had a different tag, but I guess they decided they needed to get rid of it and I was the lucky shopper. I ran into a neighbor at the store the other day and he told me he had picked up several really good, really reduced golf club sets, and he was so excited. He said one online was selling at over $500. A few months before my DH died I had spotted a wonderful small wooden desk, probably dating to around 1880 or so. It was perfect to hold our printer and got it for only $45. It's lifts up and reveals little cubbies to hold things.


    Rock: I have direct TV for the bare bones basics and they're usually pretty good about refunding some $ when you are out of service. It was soooo hot yesterday that a lot of my plants looked very wilted. Gave them a little water to perk them up so by evening they looked better. But actually almost my entire front and back are planted with succulents. They can survive a very long time without water. And the fire sticks actually are the most beautiful orange when they are kept dry.

    Spring: Humidity! You poor girl! Try this trick I use. If you have a bathing suit, get it wet and put it on under a coverup so you can walk around the house. When it's dry, get it wet again. Or I guess any undergarments. It really helps.

    I'm fighting either a severe sinus infection or a bad tooth or teeth. I'm on a strong antibiotic to kill bacteria which I'm praying will work. My nose at times feels like it's going to explode and my teeth throb. Last night I slept with a frozen gel pack on my nose. By the way, I'm having to psych myself up to seeing a dentist.......hard with being dental phobic.

    Since it's so hot I took myself/drug myself out for a walk this morning then I'm back to fighting white flies on 5 large ficus trees in large pots on my patio. I need these trees for shade for my FR. I'm spraying off and on thru the day with white vinegar and a little Dawn, and need to do some trimming on them to make them branch out with new growth.
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    Hi Kids

    In perusing the news it has come to my attention that I, and perhaps some of
    you, have overlooked National Donut Day. It's so easy to do that with some
    of our less ballyhooed holidays such as National Talk Like a Pirate Day.

    OK, I was feeling up to posting, but it seems that while the spirit is willing,
    the computer is weak. AACCKK!

    Will have to try later. The keys are acting in such a sticky way one
    might think frosted donuts are somehow involved. As Homer
    Simpson would say:

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  9. Mikie

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    Good Morning, Kids,

    It's sooooo hot 'n humid this morning but relief from the heat is on the way. Unfortunately, the humidity will only increase as this tropical depression in the Yucatan becomes a tropical storm and rubs up against FL just up the coast from me. We will get a lot of rain and wind all week. I am going to the store today because it will be a real pain to go during the week. I'm also taking my garbage down so the trash bin is empty starting out. I cleaned out the fridge and it's all in the garbage.

    Think I'll drive out NE of town to the Hobby Lobby and Bealls just to get the car battery charged. I'd be content to just veg here at home but it's not good for me nor for the car; however, I reserve the right to change my mind as the day goes along. I continue to feel lousy and think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and get more peptide injections. I can't really afford them but, as it is now, my FMS and arthritis pain are really bad and my Sjogrens dry mouth is starting again.

    Barry, it would take forever for someone to find and delete all her posts one by one and I don't believe there is a way to do them all in one swell foop. I thought I was able to delete Julie's, and it appeared to work, but they evidently all didn't disappear. So, I asked PH techies for help and it seems that they were successful but it wiped out the last Porch. No harm, no foul. I'm so sorry for your heat, sweating and lack of NRG. At first, I though you posted that you suffered from criminal hyperhidrosis. Perhaps a Freudian misread on my part as I believe our symptoms are criminal! Yes, I think I do have a wee bit more NRG than some of us here but it doesn't last so I make hay while the sun shines. I go out and do what I have to or work in here until I can go on no longer. It sucks but it's what I have to do. At least, I'm no longer bedridden most of the time. I hope Richard can get caught up on his rest and comes back to you soon.

    Sun, thanks for the link to Dr. Mercola's article. I had heard about a new strain of mosquitos to help fight Zika. We have cases of it now and, I believe, even a baby born to a mother with it. I can't remember whether the baby was born with the brain damage. I hope not. What a horrible disease. Our Senators, Nelson and Rubio, are fighting congress for the funds to stop it. Congress didn't want to spend the $1.9 billion that President Obama had asked for. They wanted to divert money from the fund to fight e-Bola instead. Both are also fighting for funds to clean up our river and the Gulf close to our shores. The govt. is diverting fresh water from Lake Okachobee down our river and into the delta to the Gulf. This water is full of nutrients from sugar cane farming. This enriched water is believed responsible for the Red Tide, blue-green algae and filthy brown water. Good grief! If Zika isn't stopped, it will be an epidemic. I subscribe to Dr. Mercola's e-newsletter but haven't felt up to reading my newsletters lately.

    I hope your heat 'n humidity don't last. I don't mind a bit of it but we pretty much have it for six months of the year. On the other hand, the temps usually stay below 92. Richard wanted me to go to his family reunion in NC last August but I didn't feel well and it was 96 up there! Yikes! :eek: At least, we have sea breezes and that helps. BTW, if one is prone to fungal infections, staying in a wet swim suit can make it worse. I always strip mine off as soon as possible. I hope the ABX help your sinuses. That's miserable. Have you tried putting heat on your sinuses instead of cold packs? It helps me. I love that ad on TV where they guy has sinus problems and wakes up pouring cat food into his kid's cereal bowl and the cat is eating out of it. Then, he grabs the Eggos out of the toaster and presses them to his face. Those of us who have had sinus infections can identify with that. Take care of yourself.

    Rock, down here in Seniorville, Donut Day did not go unnoticed. It was on the news and places were giving away free donuts. Seniors love nothing more than anything free. I remember how much I loved them (donuts, not Seniors) but don't eat them any more. So many of my friends my age crave sweet pastries. I call those pastries, Death In A Package. My Dear Old Friend eats better than anyone. I cheat once in a while but he never does. He's very thin. Docs think he has FMS. He is in pain and having difficulties with balance. I'm laughing at Homer Simpson. My DSIL has always loved that show. I like it myself. DSIL is always saying, "Doh!" I watched a show on the Animal Planet Channel. I was just surfing and saw a show called, My Cat From Hell. OMG! Sir Vester and Tweety are angels compared to those cats. The guy on the show is like a cat whisperer and he works with people and their cats. I've actually learned a lot about how cats think and it is helping me deal with these two.

    Seems to me that most of us here have been dealing with problems lately. We deal with them all the time but, sometimes, we have more than our usual allotment. I tend to dig in and just wait it out while I indulge myself with reading and TV. When it drags on too long, it does get a bit depressing, at least, for me. I've been binge watching a show called, Parenthood. I remember its being on; it is a series based on a movie, which I had seen. It's actually a pretty good show. One set of siblings is dealing with a kid with Asperger's Syndrome. The kid playing their affected son should have won an Emmy for his acting. Next time I see a kid acting out, I won't be so quick to think he's a brat. Funny thing--the cat whisperer says aggressive cats can't help acting out and he recommends they be put on meds to calm their nervous systems. I should be put on meds to calm me when dealing with these cats! :)

    Gonna post this and come back to edit. OK, done! Guess I'll unroll this massive Sunday newspaper and get to reading. Hope all y'all have a great weekend.

    Love, Mikie

    Hi, Kids,

    Back from the store. I'm all set to ride out the storm. This will be a not-so-dry run for a hurricane. There were a lot of people shopping. I got my trash down to the dumpster and put my recycle plastic bags and foam egg container in the bins at Publix. Our trash removal co. won't take those two things. After I put away groceries, I fixed a nice fresh salad and had some of the sun tea I made yesterday. I just fixed some Sassy Water too. I'm bored with plain old water and had forgotten how good ice tea tastes in the hot summertime. I may make some lemonade with a natural sweetener later in the week. I just realized how much our beverages mean to us in the different seasons. We beat the heat with our iced drinks and keep warm with our hot coffee, tea, chocolate and spiced cider in the winter. When the kids were small, my ex and I would mull some spiced cider and have it with plain donuts in front of a roaring fire the first cold night in the fall.

    I remember summer replacement shows and lying on the floor with the kids watching Sonny & Cher and The Smothers Brothers' Show. Sometimes, we'd take the girls to Dairy Queen after they were in their jammies after their baths when they were really small. We also took them to the drive-in movies when there were family movies playing. Wow! Some good memories! Lots of health-related shows on PBS this morning and I'm recording them. I had forgotten how nice it is to be able to do that. Well, this has turned in a W&P post so will bid y'all adieu til the morrow come.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    We'll see how the computer is working now. Seems to be getting
    contankerous as it ages.

    Star, Glad to see you back, but sorry to hear about the loss of the car and
    contents. There were a couple attempts to steal cars of mine over the years.
    The attempts failed, but my cars needed repairs: ignition, windows, etc.

    I looked at a map of Australia. Ballarat and Bendigo seem to be in the SE of
    Australia. Or are directions reversed down under. I found some nice
    pics from Bendigo. This wouldn't be your place would it?


    Anyhoo, I hope your car is recovered and you can get back to sleeping OK.
    I've had insomnia most of my life. I still have it, but life is easier now that
    I'm retired.

    (Interval of several hours. The modem went out.) We have been having
    trouble with our connection for the past year. So the good folks at AT & T
    sent out a new modem and a repairman. I could tell the repairman had
    been properly trained. As soon as he looked at our computer set up he
    told us we were using the wrong power cord. (Rule number one: Always
    blame the customer.) Gordon told him the power cord was provided by
    AT&T and installed by their repairman. His response was, "Huh?"

    So, we'll see how it works. Let me know if you can hear me.


  11. lydia1

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    Rock, I can hear you now! I hope the repairman was able to be of permanent help and you don't have any more problems.

    Barry, I hope Richard is home by now and settled back in.

    Sun, and all of you in the "hot spots"...I hope things cool off for you soon.

    Spring, Granni, Diane, Star..."Hi" to all of you...thinking of everyone, even if I haven't been posting.

    I had to crash before the kids left today...the girls came up and told me goodbye, then I fell back to sleep. I think I was "out of commission" for around three hours.

    Keira and Miley did help me pick strawberries, yesterday and today...but they ate more than actually got put in the containers, lol! Which is how it should be, true? Amy cleaned most of them, including ones I had picked earlier and kept in the cooler. Then Keira and I picked more for Amy to take home and freeze whole. I still have about half the patch to go over, then will see how many more times I can get the whole thing picked.

    As a reward for the girls helping with the strawberries, I played softball with them this afternoon...which only consisted of Grandma pitching while they took turns at bat. And they chased most of their own balls, so it wasn't really too hard on me :) Mostly, they just wanted to spend time with me doing something "fun".

    I didn't get any pics because my phone is full...and I didn't want to do anything to make it "freeze up" again. As it is, I lost all my contacts a few weeks ago...pressed the wrong button while trying to delete pics, I guess.

    Oh, and Amy mowed most of the yard for me yesterday afternoon and evening...I came home from getting groceries and took a nap...got up and she was already busy. Clinton worked on the new house...fixing the outside wall by the front door so we can now get the metal (or whatever we decide) on. That section was the very first part we started (three years ago) and Den had changed designs as he went along, so it didn't match the other sections. Hope that somehow makes sense.

    We gave the kids some money for helping...they would have done it for nothing, but Clinton is going with Amy in my place to Tennessee (this Saturday through next Wednesday) and I would have paid for the gas, anyway. This was to be the Grandma, Mommy, Keira annual trip, but I just couldn't leave Den for several days again...especially since he just lost his dad. Plus, I am wiped out...and need to get things ready for Gpa's service on the 28th when we might have a houseful.

    Well, we will have a houseful just with Lindsey and her family, but also Amy and family and maybe our niece and her girls (the one from Kansas who is in Korea visiting her husband right now.)

    Lindsey was going to have to miss her class reunion by one day, because David couldn't get away any sooner to come with her...her reunion is the 25th and they were going to travel here on the 26th. So...I am going to drive down on the 23rd, bring her and the kids back on the 24th, she can go to her reunion on the 25th, then David will join us on the 26th. They have to leave to go back on July 1st, so not much time to visit, but we will take what we can get.

    I was going to have Lorraine stay here by herself a few days, then "trade" her for the twins...but exhaustion is going to have to win out, at least till maybe later in the fall. Lindsey plans to switch to homeschooling this year, so that won't be an issue with her kids.

    I have been looking around my house and I can't believe what a mess it is...cluttered, dusty, it looks awful. We did good at keeping a path for Gpa, so he wouldn't trip on anything...and on the surface, it doesn't seem so bad, but looking a little deeper brings almost a panicky feeling.

    And the utter exhaustion...I know it will only be a week tomorrow, but I hope I don't feel like this for too much longer. I can't even imagine if we would have had a regular funeral a few days after Gpa passed away. I don't think I could have done it.

    Anyway, I need to get the cleaned strawberries in bags and in the freezer. Then this week will be just trying to catch up with laundry, housework, mowing (and lawnsweeping cause the grass was too tall and needs to be "raked" up.) I will meet the kids at Keira's softball game Thursday evening, then bring their dog back home with me.

    I'm glad Clinton gets to go now (they got permission to take Miley out of state) so Amy won't have to drive all that ways by herself. But he does not look too good himself. I don't know if I have mentioned that his doctors are wanting to put in a defibrillator...his heart still isn't up to proper function. And even though he is trying to eat better, his diabetes is a mess.

    So, here I've rambled again, but better get busy...it will be bedtime soon, but I slept so long this afternoon I doubt I can get to sleep very early.
  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Sun - isn't it uncomfy or chilling to wear a wet swimsuit on bare skin? Tho I am tempted to try anything..I hate being hot. Today it's raining so the temps hv come down and is very pleasant. How grateful I am for days like these.

    Yes, I am lucky to hv a roof over my head and all the essentials...and some luxuries. I see those tarpaulins still where displaced families live..nothing to return to in their villages...very very sad. And how much can others help..the refugee crisis just booming..esp heartbreaking the refugees from Syria, preferring to risk their lives at sea than stay and hv a bomb fall on their head.

    Barry - good to hear Richard is on his way home. I watched a programme where someone was taking treatment for unusual disorders and hyper hydrosis was one of them only the person sweated from his body and feet. He would hv to sit down for only moments and the chair would be soaking...and the ground where his feet touched it would be wet. I think it is not just only physically uncomfortable but psychologically difficult. The social life would be affected.They were treated with new age theries colonic irrigation and all that..but I don't think there was any miracle cure...

  13. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    I lost the above post midway yesterday..couldn't retrieve it but it's there on my computer today..so I,posted.


    Julie - just lovely to hear of the doings with the kids...

    I will come back and post more later...a chore just came up..

    It's wet today...and less uncomfortable.

    God Bless
  14. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi spring! I came on just to see if anyone else had posted tonight...so glad to see you were here!

    I'm glad your weather has cooled down a bit. And that the computer gremlin decided to return your lost post, lol!

    I got my berries taken care of...had to go out in the dark to the big freezer in the garage. That is also the building where I feed the outdoor cats (the ones afraid of the dog, so they don't venture outside very often.) Mama Kitty chanced an encounter with Oreo and followed me out of the garage to enjoy some more attention. Although she did keep hissing at the dog while I petted her..Oreo was inching closer and closer until I scolded her and made her leave us alone.

    Anyway, off to bed I go...will check in tomorrow.
  15. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys.
    Outside is over cast,chilly and drizzling.There are puddles everywhere, left over from last night's rain.
    Even though we've had rain, I know it'd be stone dry under the eves so I really should get out there and water.
    i did attempt to do exactly that, a couple of days ago, but it was like a scene out of Abbot and Costello or the three Stooges -or something like that! Involving me tripping over the hose that was caught under the car and nearly busting my toe.Goodness me.So no, I didn't end up watering and I have a black and blue toe! Ah well, my Treasures had a laugh at the time and despite the toe I can now see the funny side!
    Thanks everyone for the empathy and thoughts as far as our stolen vehicle goes.
    Dh has been really good (as in calm and collected) over the whole ordeal, but it seems he is beginning to struggle.
    I guess I don't blame him really.
    He went to the local police station on three different occasions ,each time having to inform the officer of all the details because it appears they simply do Not communicate!
    Well, he keeps on following up and now I'd say they'd all know.
    (The police station really isn't that big, ya know?)
    After loads of driving around the bush looking for it, he got told the guy up the road had his ignition damaged by a little nail scissors.
    Apparently he found the other half of it on the ground,by the car.
    Anyway,Dh even paid a shifty bloke a visit and told him he wanted his car back.That's all.
    Dh says it's a perfectly reasonable request.
    The guy has apparently been out of prison for a month,but is mentally unstable (?) , so goes to a psych unit or some such thing...Probably has something to do with all the ice he takes.
    Is ICE a problem over there? Seems to be the latest predator killing and mentally destroying the young people So sad.
    Bottom line though,is, I'm a little worried.
    These people aren't nice people.

    Barry- I'm a little embarrassed to say, but I don't recall those books or writers...Now that is not to say I haven't been given the information before, sadly.
    There was a time when all I did was read and I'd devour a book in no time at all.I still would if I could do it with my eyes closed.
    I do intend to google it though :) So thanks!
    My Treasures actually go to school near Castlemaine.
    and recently played chess for their school at the local tourist site,a pioneer days old jail.
    School is different over there to here I think.
    My DD is almost 13 and in first yr high.she went up against seniors (Yr 11 and 12) and won the gold medal for the girls'.Yes I'm very proud, but cannot take credit for the chess.That's Dh dpt.Playing chess is like reading a map for me.
    When you get real sweaty,does it sting? The last summer was a real struggle for me because not only did I feel Extremely exhausted, but my face and neck would start feeling stingy from the sweat.
    I do feel for you.
    I also feel for Richard having to start his time with his brother in such a way, but by now I'm sure it's all water under the bridge.
    Rock-Yep That's it! However did you know?! My garden looks awesome doesn't it?
    Ha Ha Ha.
    Thanks for the laugh.
    I've actually had a break from insomnia for a few months now.While I do take temazepam and it does coincide with the extra fatigue I'vebeen dealing with lately, it is preferable to the 'constant awake-not being able to sleep -even though exhausted -to the point of getting the shakes', kinda stuff...I Never wake up feeling like I've slept though, but I guess I'm not the only one here like that!
    I guess there are always trade -offs and I'll just have to ride it out and see if it's worth sticking to.(Latest med).
    Oh and even though I'm in Australia, maybe I subliminally knew about donut day...
    I could feel myself being drawn to them, but I resisted and bought biscuits instead.
    Sun-Unfortunately a lot of the Aussie films really give Australia a bad name I reckon.
    Usually full of swearing in a weird show of bravado or the other extreme, portraying Aussies as lazy and or stupid.I used to get excited about a movie being Australian, but mostly I end up disappointed.Sometimes it's a bit of a reach for a kind of comedy,I think,but probably goes over most other nation's heads.
    On the other hand, so many movies these days seem to leave a bad taste in my mouth.It seems we can't have comedy without being crude?
    I dunno, but I'm getting a bit tired of putting on a movie for the family and having to switch it off part way through.
    OOps. Looks like I got on my soap box...Sorry Sun.
    Was it you who mentioned the succulents?
    (Can't seem to find it and my memory isn't great, so please forgive me if I've got it wrong).
    I used to turn my nose up at succulents, but after a few years of drought and water restrictions,I've really come to appreciate them.Also the humble daisies.
    I'm surprised you got any sleep at all ,gel pack or no, with all that throbbing going on! Nose and teeth.OOH.You poor thing.
    Dentists aren't my thing, but maybe you can have a chin wag with Mikie about it.Hopefully it all clears up to no avail.
    Spring-Hot and steamy?
    I can't handle humidity at all and what you have there probably trumps anything I've ever experienced.
    My parents are Dutch.My mother was born in Australia though,after her parents migrated from the Netherlands and my Dad was born in Indonesia when it was colonized by the Dutch.As a result us kids (3 sisters,1 brother and myself) grew up eating spicy ,traditional Indonesian food, not the typical Dutch.
    The hot and steamy weather reminds me of the stories I'd hear about Indonesia.
    My own experience is to do with Queensland.Torrential rain while it's still hot and then the awful stickiness when the rain stopped.
    What a busy, busy life you lead.
    I guess in time it will simmer down a little.
    With all that you and yours have experienced lately, I'd say you are about due for a refreshing.When you get the chance to finally wind down and get back into the routine of life that looks a little different to before, you'll find your step.I know all too well what it feels like to almost be overcome by the overwhelming panic that threatens when I realise how much actual cleaning and work I really have ahead of me.Not just the top layer.
    Sometimes I just dread having any visitors around.It's not up to my standard ,so how can it be up to theirs?
    and yes.I know that when I go to a mate's place, I go to see them and not their place, but I still can't help but feel that sometimes people are over for a "house inspection"!
    I've come to the conclusion that I can only do what I can do and whenever I do push it, I pay for it.
    An old mate of mine used to drive me nuts with his always saying 'Steady, steady, wins the race'...I used to be very impatient, to do lists etc etc, but now I can hear his words every so often.
    I have a few priorities that have to be done and even then I can bend the rules occasionally.I s'pose that's just the only way it works ,otherwise i get myself too wrapped up in my short comings and fail to appreciate my blessings.
    I tell ya what though, the pictures painted in my mind ,of luscious, juicy strawberries is priceless.I can almost taste and smell them!
    Mikie- Hiya.
    Just curious.How many cats do you have?
    I'm glad they are better behaved than the ones you referred to on the show.
    I must admit my little tribe love to sit down and watch the shows involving dogs and cats and pets in general with attitude.I only wish they'd have less of the commentators and more of the animals.
    Dh also likes scrolling through the funny pranking clips on you tube.He and I have a different sense of humour, but our Treasures love it.
    Especially the prank where people are having a shower by the beach side and unbeknownst to them ,have their shampoo endlessly topped up , on their head,whilst desperately scrubbing to see an end to the foam.
    No matter how often my crew see them,they still laugh uncontrollably.
    Laughter is beautiful.
    Grannie and Dianne-I really hope things are going well with you both.I didn't get to see the last thread before it was lost, so am a little behind, I'm sorry to say.
    Hope the weather is agreeing with you.
    I must say ,the last couple of years it seems,so much has changed to the point where there are negatives in weather of both extremes.
    My body is temperamental and treacherous most of the time.
    As I look outside ,the Eurythmics lyrics come to mind...'Here comes the rain again..."
    Treasures are home from school now,so I'd best give them quality attention.

    hope you all have a great day/evening

    'till next time.

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  16. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi Star...so good to see a post from you. I'm trying to remember what you wrote in an earlier post, telling about yourself. I was in the "lounge" waiting room across from Gpa's hospital room...I bet I can go back and find it. I love the way you type/talk...yes, our kids are treasures, aren't they?

    So, your DH has had a possible tip on where his car has gone? Can the police be of help now? I hope you guys do get your vehicle and other belongings back and there is not much damage.

    So, it's around 3:30 am...I can't get to sleep. I'm sure it is because I took such a long afternoon nap, but I also have so many things swirling around in my head. I have several new responsibilities now since Gpa has passed away...he left it up to me to see that his wishes are carried out...and me "just the daughter-in-law". But he trusted me, and knew that I would try my best to do the right things by him. I intend to do things absolutely "by the book" so nobody can question anything later. It involves a lot of phone calls, and record keeping, etc., etc.

    I should try to get back to bed so I don't end up sleeping half the morning away. I have a chiro appt. late afternoon, then am getting my hair done first thing Tuesday morning. Which is perfect timing...in case Den wants to take me out for our 41st wedding anniversary Tuesday evening. We've actually known each other for 43 years...wonder where all those years have gone.

    I'll try to check in tomorrow.

  17. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    It's Tuesday morning here in about 4.5 hrs so I will say congratulations now.
    CONGRATULATIONS!! To the both of you and Happy Anniversary!!

    I'm sure you have a great deal on your mind especially in regards to G Pa's requests,but you Are the one he trusted. Record keeping is probably a really good idea. You were a lot more to him than an in law. So hold your head up.
    Unfortunately it sounds like it's going to take a little longer before you get a real breather. But you can do it!
    I hope you get to sleep a deep,restorative sleep and you and hubby get to at least have some special time out on your special day.
    Take care
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  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    Hope all y'all are doing well to start out the week. The outer bands of TS Colin brushed by us during the night and there was rain and wind. I only woke for a minute but knew it was raining outside. It's already 78 degrees out and muggy. AACCKK!!! Night temps are up to about 77 degrees now. When I moved to FL, it almost never got above 74 at night. That gave things a chance to cool off a bit. I woke at 3:30, got up to use the bathroom and gave the kitties some treats. I then went back to sleep until 5:00 with only a couple of requests from them that I get up. Seems the storm won't make landfall until it is north of Tampa. Right now, it's offshore in the Gulf quite a bit but those outer bands are strong on the eastern side of the storm.

    Julie, sounds as though things are back to warp speed with you again. I'm glad you had some time to rest. I hope you can keep getting rest until you are restored.

    Spring, sorry you lost your post. Looking forward to your stopping back.

    Star, I am so sorry about how lax the cops are at finding your car. That's insult on top of injury. Someone was breaking into cars here and looking for info to steal ID's. I don't leave the registration, nor any other personal info, in mine. I had forgotten to set the alarm. We have a motion detector set of lights under our car port and that seems to keep the criminals away. That and a sign which states, 'Area under electronic surveillance.' I think if the criminals don't believe the sign, it scares them away when the lights come on. I hope and pray you get your car back unharmed and the tools are still there.

    I have two cats. Someone threw them out when they were kittens. They walked up to a neighbor and he fed them. They were starving and the girl kitty had wounds. He couldn't keep them inside as he is allergic to one of them. The male looks just like Sylvester in the cartoons so that is his name. The female was named, Tweety, but he often called her, Missy. We all chipped in and got them neutered and my neighbor fed them outside. They thrived and everyone loved them except one neighbor who went on an angry rant to get rid of them. My neighbor asked me to take them because he was having symptoms of a heart attack (he had already had one). I agreed and have had them about two years. It's been a struggle to turn them into full-time indoor cats. I call Sylvester, Sir Vester, like the knights of olde. These guys also love to watch TV, especially when animals are on. So good to see you here.

    Rock, those cable guys can be great or they can be idiots. I have had both and everything in between. Comcast was polled as the most hated company in the U.S. due to their horrible customer service. Last time I had to call, the guy was great. I talked to his supervisor who told me that Comcast had spent a lot of money to improve the C/S and brought it back to this country. Cable companies are running scared due to the Millennials' wanting streaming services and won't pay for cable. I think that is why I got an offer I couldn't refuse for the next two years. After that, I figure things will have settled down and, either cable will be more reasonable or everything will be streamed. I don't rent my modem; I have my own. I broke even on it after a year and I have a very good one, better technically than what Comcast rents to its customers. Glad you got it fixed and hope this takes care of things.

    OK, gang, going to get moving. Don't have any big plans today. It's a good day to stay inside and, hopefully, get some things done. Storm will be outta here later tonight but the rain will be off and on all day. Tomorrow, it will cross FL and go out into the Atlantic. Richard may be getting some of the rain up in NC but that will be the weaker side of the storm. There was some tornadic activity down the coast during the night. Yikes! This new weather radar shows the swirling winds up in the clouds. It's really creepy to see it right overhead on the weather map.

    Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  19. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys! Slept till after 9:00...still feel a little rough, but I'll try to do a few things in here. Need to plan something for supper...might just let Den eat one of his TV dinners. He really stocked the freezer when I was at the hospital with his dad. I keep saying I want to "go" before he does, because I can't imagine how I would manage on my own...but he would have a rough time without me, I think. It's good to be needed, true?

    Star, thank you for the anniversary wishes. We will probably just go out for supper...while we are already in town at the home supply store, lol! I told Den that my new lawn sweeper can be our anniversary gift to each other. Some day I want to replace my wedding/engagement rings. My fingers have been so "fat" that I haven't been able to wear them, but once in awhile I would try them on to see if they fit...only now I have misplaced them :(

    Just a gold band would be fine, but I keep thinking I will find the originals some day. Den doesn't wear his ring at all because he works with electricity and I would hate for him to get hurt at work. Also, he could snag his ring on something and lose a finger...just not worth it. We know we're married, but I feel sorry for the young guys who think I might be single and try to "hit" on me ;) :p :rolleyes:

    Mikie, I'm glad you slept through most of the storm. I wish you well too, dear one. These flares so many of us are having are for the birds...I am scheduling a R & R day for July 1. Lindsey and family will head back home on that day, Gpa's service will be over, the house should already be cleaned up a bit for company, I have no garden to take care of....no reasons to feel I have to do anything at all. I'm sure I'd better find some wood to knock on, don't ya think, lol!

    Anyway, this is me, one cup of coffee down, reaching for another. Hope everyone has a "good enough" day. Take care!

    Here's a collage of pics Amy made from our 40th anniversary bonfire/cookout last year. The "extra daughter" is our Susan from Tennessee...originally Lindsey and David's friend, but quickly adopted our bunch as her "Iowa family"....we've known her since she was around 15...she is now 25.

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  20. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    Hi, y'all .........

    I haven't abandoned the porch; we've been having internet problems. Kevin can "fix" the problems; I can't. Darn internet, darn Comcast, darn router. Don't know what's causing the problem.

    I've gotten more confused since the original porch of this same title was accidentally deleted. I don't remember who said what to whom! :)

    That virus that has been bothering me for weeks, seems to be mostly gone, but it wants to hang on. I feel well enough to stay up all day, do several chores, limited cooking. (I was sleeping all afternoon, when the virus was really bothering me.) And now I'm having problems trying to fall asleep at night -- between 9 and 10:00 p.m., my usual bedtime. Ugh, take it one day at a time right? :)

    I cannot remember what everyone wrote on this thread. I know that Star's DH vehicle was stolen. Rock is having 'puter problems too. Mikie is in the path of a storm. Sun, Good Luck with your dental stuff. (Can your doc give you something to "relax" you, pre-appointment? Like a xanax?) Barry, I hope Richard is home safe and sound by now. Spring, our weather has gotten hot and humid. High in the 80's -- I think 80 degrees F translates to 26 degrees C. The air conditioning is not agreeing with me this year (air is too dry), but if I open windows, the pollen level is high, and I sneeze sneeze sneeze. Whine whine whine.

    Julie, You are a busy woman! I can't remember when you are coming and going. Glad you had a good weekend. And Happy Anniversary wishes to you and Den!

    Has anyone heard from GRANNI? Last time I checked, she hasn't logged in since Wednesday. I know that Southeast Texas has had a lot of rain and flooding. I just hope she's OK.

    Kevin and the kitties are doing just fine. It'll be time soon to take Rosie to the vet for her annual physical and shots. She still seems like such a kitten, but she's been with us for years now.

    I must go, make some lunch for me. Kevin bought some vegetable souffles at the store a few weeks ago (gluten free). Today's lunch entree might be a zucchini souffle! Then supper will be a cheeseburger on gluten free bread. Kevin has leftover homemade pizza for tonight and tomorrow.

    Well, y'all take care. If I missed saying "hello" to someone, oops. Didn't mean to. I'll be back soon.

    Love and hugs, DIANE

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