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    Just thought I'd open a new Porch for us. Please go back to #895 to catch up on the last posts there.

    Love, Mikie
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    Popping in here for a minute to see what was happening.

    MIKIE, et al, I still haven't figured out what to eat tonight. All I know is that I have to make something tonight with canned chicken and maybe a zucchini and this silly diet has me sort of baffled so I guess I will have to add either picante sauce and chopped tomatoes ( canned) or both along with onion and maybe some pasta that we can eat ( gluten free). Maybe some other veggie, who knows. It may be something like a recipe I saw and made with ground turnkey. First I made it without pasta and then DH mentioned it t fill in. It reminded me of something that I made years ago in my past life :)!! I say that cause it was so long ago and I do not remember what the recipe was. I can't believe that so much of the stuff I did was from scratch ( or no recipe) other than baking, which I really didn't do to much of. THANKS MIKIE FOR STARTING UP THE NEW PORCH AND JULIE FOR ENDING THE LAST ONE.

    Do you or anyone else here have an I pad? I have an old one that DS fixed up for me and I cannot figure out where to do a search on there. I don't have Google like I do on phone or computer.

    I have been searching this internet for recipes and only found one possibility and I do not have some of the ingredients.

    JULIE - HOPE YOU GOT TO TAKE A REALLY GOOD NAP THIS AFTERNOON.. I just needed to get on here to check you all since I have been so absent lately. Also, I have also been trying to get a recipe which has been driving me crazy.

    Thinking of everydobby. Need to start doing something about dinner.

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
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    Julie: Happy anniversary to you and Den. Wow....you married young! But apparently it all worked out. Hope you have a good night out.

    Granni: I use an IPad all the time. It's so handy to sit at the kitchen table and search. And the other night it was hot in the house so I downloaded a movie from our library system and watched it outside wearing earphones. I don't know much about it but when you go to Safari, that's where you do a search....up at the top there is a space where you type.

    Mikie: Glad you're finally feeling better that you were able to do some window shopping. I have to do a lot of searching before I find something that fits, looks good, and is the right price. What is the first program you're going to see? Yes, I saw that Hef had sold his mansion. He's up around 90 or so isn't he? My son used to work in a business connected with Playboy and had been at the mansion several times, playing pool with the bunnies. I don't recall him saying he was impressed though. I guess the outside will stay the same but the inside will be gutted.

    Spring: Nice to see that your DH remembers you with little thoughtful gifts when he travels. So nice. Most fruit trees thin themselves out naturally so I'm surprised your plum tree didn't.

    Star: you mean the crows were stealing the golf balls? Big surprise when they realized they couldn't eat them. Any news on the vehicle?

    I'm having terrible luck with personal CD players. The one I use is very temperamental with the sound and I have to hit the button just right otherwise it lowers the volume down to 0. So I did an online search, decided to buy one today at Best Buy. Came home and......absolutely no volume to speak of. Drat. Now I have to return that one. So I searched thru the drawers and found my DH's old player, no manual though. Got it to work, for one CD then it stopped working. Changes batteries, no luck. ^&%$# Dug out another "broken one" to try.....won't play any disc it says. It went into the trash. Last week it was ordering a used CD player online from eBay.....came here and wouldn't work, so had to send back for a refund. I'm wondering what's going on. I'm incredibly frustrated. Now I have to search to buy one AGAIN.

    Last week my problems concerned a broken toilet.....kept running in the morning, so I turned off the water down below since I had to leave. Came back to water over all the floor. Freaked out! Called two handymen I've used, both couldn't come, so I found another handyman/contractor who could come the next morning. Did I tell you I was afraid the toilet would overflow (I know nothing of the toilet workings) so I basically bailed water out of the bowl until midnight when I called my son who laughed. Told me to go to bed, that it would just go down the sewer. But here we are in a big drought! That's why I was bailing so I could water my garden. Strange going out though late at night.
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    Hi all. Another chilly day here,down under.
    Mind you up north it's hot and muggy.
    Still no real news about the 4wd,but I believe the police have at least questioned one suspect,so better late than never,I guess.
    There was a big write up in the local paper praising the local police,perhaps this has pepped them up a bit and they're getting into action now.

    Mikie-ripper of a picture. Floods are currently devastating parts of Australia too. 4 dead so far including a bloke who got swept away in his ute. Sad state of affairs.

    Sun- I tend to run CDs through the desk top computer. Have given up on the players.
    Those dramas with the toilet sound so exasperating ! No one wants that kind of overflow,so bailout sounds like a plausible option to me too. As an amateur.
    So hopefully the stress of it is all over.
    Yep. The crows thought they'd scored with thinking the golf balls were eggs. Cheeky things. Guess they have to eat too. No wonder they look so shiny!
    Oops gotta go.
    DH has summoned
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    Good evening, friends! I had a wonderful nap this afternoon, then Den slept a little bit when he got home from work, too. Still, we were both about too tired yet to go on our date, but I thought we should make the effort. So many times we have just let special days come and go due to money or other obligations...so we did go to a restaurant for supper, then Den remembered he needed to get handles for the urn/box he is building for his dad.

    And while we were at the home supply store, he mentioned he could sure "someday" use a pin nailer...like for fastening brads, etc. only the pins have no head and sink into the wood. So much easier when gluing wooden things together...just glue and tack...the hole is so small is can't even be noticed. So, I bought it tonight for an early Father's Day present.

    I guess Amy and crew will be taking our van to Tennessee this weekend...the a/c went out in their car. Too hot to be traveling without air. We will switch when I meet them at Keira's softball game on Thursday, and I will bring their dog, Jasmine, home with me.

    Sun, I'm so sorry for your problems with the toilet, CD players, etc. I am so clueless on so many of those kinds of things...I admire you for handling everything that you do.

    Yes, I was very young when we got married. I guess it's a good thing, though, or I probably wouldn't have gotten to go to Germany with Den...and we might have drifted apart? Especially since he was already stationed on the East coast and I would have still been in Iowa...

    Granni, wow, you are doing so well with your eating plan...I am thinking that I need to get myself and Den back on track. Not that I cooked terribly unhealthy when Gpa was here, because his diabetes was well controlled after he moved in with us...but we could do with eating more fresh fruits and veggies. And I need to do more baking from scratch instead of buying snack stuff for Den's lunches, etc. Just didn't seem like I had extra time for that.

    Hope you get your water heater situation resolved. Glad your DD lives closer now so you can just walk there to take a shower. Reminds me of when we were in Belize and taking care of a construction crew...lots of young men on that team. For some reason there was a separate group of young girls there for just a few days...maybe they were passing through to another ministry site?

    Anyway, the showers were in a separate building...and the male and female showers were in separate parts...so no problem there. Usually, people took everything they needed with them to the shower house, took their shower, changed clothes and came out fully dressed.

    Well, these girls took their showers...but came out just with towels wrapped around them...walked past the dining room (where most of the boys were) just like they were in their own homes or bedrooms. The shocked looks on the boys faces were priceless...but they were also embarrassed. I think the girls' leaders mentioned to them how inappropriate it was...anyway, it never happened again. Not that you and DD would be walking down the sidewalk that way, lol! Just reminded me of having to take everything with you when you have to shower somewhere else...and trying to remember everything in one trip.

    Star...how funny to picture those poor crows when they realized their mistakes. But neat that your kids scored all those gold balls! I hope the police really get on the ball (woo hoo....pun for Rock and Mikie!) and find your vehicle...

    Mikie, what a scary picture! I think we are getting ready to have a major heat wave...high 90's Thursday until next Monday. Maybe I can still get my yard under control. Den said he won't need my help on anything (house, etc.) until he gets some shop things done. And I'm sure he will want to check out the kids' car a/c. The shop is telling them it's the compressor and will charge $1800 just for the parts. Den thinks it could be something else...

    Hope everyone is doing okay...evening here, daytime for spring and star. I'm going to try to get to sleep...going on midnight. No plans for tomorrow, except to clean some more on the house. And get things organized that I want to send to Tennessee with Amy and all. I bought a few extra groceries to send along...I know Lindsey doesn't have a very big food budget, and not a lot of time to go shopping anyway.

    She and all the kids have summer birthdays, but I think I will have room to take their presents when I go pick them up. Even if I drive my little Neon down and bring them up here in their van...David will drive my vehicle back when he comes two days later.

    Good night to all...see ya in the morning!
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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Woke up to another hot 'n humid, stifling morning. It's not quite as bad as yesterday but it's bad enough. It's already 79 degrees out. We are supposed to continue to get rain showers off and on so it's not likely to dry out soon. My allergies are killing me. Mold is the only allergen with high counts, of the spores, so that is probably the culprit.

    Julie, I kept meaning to wish you and Den a very happy anniversary but kept forgetting to include it in my posts. So--Happy Anniversary! That is such an interesting story of how y'all married when you did. What a great opportunity to live in another country. Did you learn to speak German? I have no ear for it when it's spoken. And those looooong words they create...just too much for me but I really enjoyed visiting. I did learn to ask, in German, whether someone spoke English and almost everyone did. Glad you got to go to dinner after naps. I'm so sorry about the kids' car with A/C problems. That is an expensive repair. I saw the nat'l weather map and it's pretty hot all over 'cept the NE tip of the country. Try to stay cool. BTW, that pic represents what it looks like here during storms. It's not as scary as it has been at times. I live inland just enough that it would probably take a hundred-year storm for the surge to reach me. Our bldg. held through Hurricane Charley's winds so I'm hoping I will prevail even if a huge storm comes through. Keep resting up; it takes a while to recuperate after what you have been through.

    Granni, I enjoy cooked zucchini with butter as a side veggie. I'd make chicken patty cakes with GF bread crumbs or GF crackers, eggs and spices. I love salmon patties and canned salmon works great. I know it really can be a challenge to cook when trying to eat healthier foods. I think it's more difficult when cooking for a man instead of just oneself. They seem to need heartier meals. There should be a lot of good recipes online. I watched a doc on PBS who did a program on allergies. He thinks what we eat accounts for a lot of what ails us. He is one suggesting people go dairy free and gluten free, do a fast and then add things back into the diet to see what is causing problems. He was also railing against using chemicals in our homes. It all just seems too overwhelming for me. I don't use Apple products but Sun's advice sounds good. Usually there is a place at the top of any program to do a search. Good luck.

    Sun, how disappointing not to be able to find a CD player which works. Do those types of personal players use earbuds? I'm just wondering whether those are to blame. I have an old cell phone to which I've downloaded albums and I use it to play music. It's so much smaller and there is no skipping when I'm active. I could download the music to my current phone but I'm too lazy to do it. If your toilet keeps running, try jiggling the handle. If that doesn't work, you can turn the water off at the valve down by the wall until you can get it fixed. The valve units inside the tank wear out over time. I learned how to replace them myself to save on having to call a plumber every time mine needed to be replaced. I hate doing plumbing but after changing a few of them, I feel comfortable doing it. I looked at how the old one worked and used the directions on the new valve kit. Sometimes, just replacing the rubber flapper fixes the problem. The first concert program is called, 'Starlight Memories Big Band.' The orchestra will be playing the same arrangements as the original bands. I'm really psyched up for this one. I hope you can resolve your CD and toilet issues. I'm not really feeling better overall but have enough NRG to do a few things here and there. This too shall pass.

    Star, yeah, I was surprised to see that photo of a local restaurant in a nat'l paper. Seems to me that most photos of tropical storms and hurricanes look the same but, when it's a familiar local site, it gets my attention. Those of us who are used to seeing quite a bit of sandy beach outside the seawall are always amazed at just how far the storm surge can come ashore. We also have had people in the center of the country killed by flooding from so much rainfall. It's heartbreaking. Geez, I keep thinking your 4x4 would turn up by now. How discouraging. How long does it have to be missing before insurance comes into play? Thieves steal not only our property but also our time and sanity, trying to deal with the disruption. I hope it gets settled. You have enough on your plate without this stressor.

    OK, gonna post and come back to edit. My computer is doing an update to my printer and I never know when it might want to restart. I couldn't take a chance on losing this whole post. Hope everyone has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning, Mikie and everyone! Mikie, thanks for the anniversary wishes. Oh, those stinkin allergies...mine will flare up bad again when the ragweed blooms. I haven't even been over to the old farmhouse...with the mold over there, I start having symptoms as soon as I walk in the door.

    We have to figure out what to do with it now, but I guess that can be put on the back burner while we get everything else figured out. I won't be saying much on here, but I can mention that Gpa made me executor of his estate...which means contacting both his son and daughter to instruct them on what now needs to be done. I see his son every day, of course, but I have to send texts, etc. to his daughter...I am doing everything exactly by the book so there will be no valid reasons to complain, but it is a little bit involved and a little stressful, as can be imagined. One of the heirs is not at all happy and already accusing me of forcing him to change things from how she thought they should be. Oh well...as long as I do things the right way, there should be no problems, and Gpa's attorney and his assistant are guiding me every step of the way. Even so, we are expecting that this process could take until the end of the year because of the farming operations, etc.

    So...the graveside service could be very tense...but most of us are planning to make it what it should be...a day that is all about Gpa, and remembering him. I kind of wish we could have gotten the service part done by now, but it means a lot to the grandchildren to be able to come, and two of the granddaughters would have missed it.

    On a happy note...Lindsey's girls are wanting a dollhouse and I found a perfect one, in our price range, online last night. This will be for their birthdays...free shipping to my house by next Tuesday, so I will have it to take down when I go pick them up. The boys are getting bubble mowers, a play grill (so they can be like Daddy) and I've got them all some summer clothes. Kinda handy when all their birthdays are in June, July and August, lol!

    Time for me to get busy...I need to work on the kitchen and have groceries to put away. Then, of course, another nap this afternoon, lol!

    Hello and hugs to everyone...hope today is a good enough one!

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    Dear Ones,

    Have been busy reading but need to get back on here later, if I can. I need to go eat lunch and make some more phone calls.

    JULIE - Sounds like you are almost busy as usual and I am so glad that you have a good lawyer to guide you through all of this, after the death of Gpa . Happy you are also taking the time to get in a good rest. How nice for the g kids to be young enough to enjoy things like blower mowers and doll houses. So cute, all these kids are getting to old. The youngest is going on 13 I think. My eldest who had all the graduates just put their home up for sale and will be looking for home up in the hill county of TX. The other g parents used to have a place up there till it burned down but they go up and stay with DSIL's aunt. It is so beautiful up there. We had thought about it years ago but it would be much to expensive for us plus leaving things we know that are familiar. Glad at least one DD is close by and hope we all can afford to stay here .

    Nice to hear from you STAR and glad they are looking into the missing car of yours. That is just a horrible thing to have happened right from your driveway I think you said. Unreal !!!

    HI also to MIKIE, DIANE, ROCK, SUN and everydobby else I might have missed. Hope to get back later if I can. Did some outside work too at DH's request for a short while before it gets hot this afternoon. More inside work awaits ):!!.

    Love you all bunches as they say,
    Granni :)
  9. lydia1

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    Hi Granni! Glad you are able to get on here. A home in the hill country of Texas sounds really nice, but I agree that it would be hard to leave everything and move away. And if you moved now, your DD and family would be all alone...

    Yep, the grands are still little enough that it is fairly easy to buy gifts for them. And so much fun :)

    I'm finally getting my dishes caught up. Den ran the dishwasher while I was gone for almost three weeks, but he didn't hand wash any that wouldn't fit in the dishwasher. And I'm looking forward to seeing the counters again, lol! Only have two loads of clothes on the line, so not too much to put away later. Although, I do have towels and linens from the other day to fold and "file". I was already so far behind...I can't believe the stuff that hadn't been done around here. Anyway...it will get caught up in due time if I just keep at it. But right now it is nap time, lol!

    Take care, everyone!
  10. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    Not much to tell. I did manage a shower and washed my hair. No place to go but I had a bad case of bed head and it needed it. This fatigue from the allergies is just bone crushing. I keep thinking I'll get something done but my bod won't cooperate. I'm ready for my nap too.

    Julie, you should be OK as long as you have the legal help and are doing everything by the book. I hope the memorial goes well. My Mom died in July and we had her memorial service in Oct. It was nice to have it later after the initial shock and sadness weren't so raw. I'm laughing about all the grandkids' birthdays being so close. Now you know what the kids were doing in the fall. :rolleyes: Those gift sound great! Getting birthday gifts when I was a kid was soooo exciting. I loved having my birthday in the summer but it meant I couldn't celebrate with my classmates at school. Still, Mom threw great birthday parties for my friends in the hood. Yes, the moldy house can wait on the back burner. What's nice now is that you and Den can decide just what you want to do and when. I'm hoping this will be a wonderful new season in your life.

    Granni, so good to hear from you. Don't know how you work outside in the hot TX weather. I try not to turn the A/C down too low when it's so hot out. I hate to hear it running nonstop. I have inside work too but just don't have the NRG to do it. I always count it as a chore done when I shower and blow out my hair. Wish I had thick hair I could pull back into a ponytail. I used to do that but, as I age, my hair is finer and finer and, as I once mentioned here, I look like a floozy with it long and down now. I like it short 'n sassy but hate to have to style it. Wish I had one or both of my DDs close by. I miss them. Yes, the hill country in TX is beautiful. Kinda reminds me of the area up in Ocala in FL. I can't afford to move either so it's a good thing I like it here. Don't do too much.

    OK, Kiddies, I'm really going to go. Hope all y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie: The handyman that came had to replace the inside of the toilet and the connection down below where you turn off the water. I also had him clean the kitchen drain too since he was here and he charges by the hour. There's NO WAY I would touch plumbing and admire anyone who can fix it. My DH tried on so many things but most of the time we would have to call an "expert". He was strictly a computer person.

    Granni: did you read the post I made to you about the IPad?

    Julie: HA......I can imagine what your counters looked like. Actually mine are in that same position a lot of the time. It's just a bad habit to put water in something and let it sit in the sink. Pretty soon I notice I've got a lot of cups, bowls, pots, silverware in the sink instead of the dishwasher. I get busy with something else and.......I really hate housework. I've always got something more fun to do.

    Star: I use the personal CD player in my fanny pack strapped to my waist. That way I can listen to a book or music and still be able to do things around here. I absolutely hate being stuck to a computer or even the TV. In fact I don't even turn on the TV until around 6:30. When I finally got the iPad it was wonderful because I could check something right in the kitchen.

    I woke up last night around 1 a.m......felt like my mouth was burning so took a look. Apparently I got a canker sore on my tongue, underneath. Had to do a search online because this is the first time for me. I've been taking a strong antibiotic and getting lots of bad stomach upsets, etc. so I figure that's what brought it on. Did a search on how to treat it naturally and found many suggestions, including those from Dr. Weil. I have put on some thick honey on the sore after brushing with baking soda. Also found some suggestions to boil up sage leaves in water, let it sit for about 6 hours then swish some of that.

    I've spent the morning listing things for sale on Etsy. The site has changed, and it's so much easier to take a pic. with the IPad rather than my camera because then I have to download it from camera, resize it, then send it to Etsy. My "store" has almost dried up after over 3 years so hoping to regenerate it. If I look at the whole picture of my "stuff" I get overwhelmed so decided to take one little section or box at a time......tunnel vision I call it.
  12. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi Sun...yikes, canker sores can be so painful! Hope the honey does the trick...my Lindsey swears by raw, unprocessed honey for any cut, scrape, any open sore, etc.

    Your Etsy store sounds like fun, and a lot of work, too. It's like Ebay, in a way? I haven't really looked at any of those sites. Or is it just set prices, not auctions?

    I had a pretty good nap, only allowed an hour or so...set my alarm for several different times and if I feel rested enough to get up when one goes off, I get up. Otherwise, I turn that one off and go back to sleep. I am blessed that way, if I'm still tired, I can just snooze some more. But...if I sleep too long or am otherwise not sleepy enough at night, that's when I run into trouble.

    I'm so anxious to get moved to the new part of the house. I've been over there a couple times today and it feels so much cooler over there...and that's without any of the windows open. Must be better insulated, plus on the south side (the side with five windows) there is a ten foot covered patio (well, the patio still has a gravel floor, lol) so the sun doesn't even touch the windows this time of year.

    But, we still need the scaffolding set up to reach the 20 ft. peak on the inside. Need to put trim pieces where the sheets of white insulation board meet. And it is just a mess from all the construction...I don't think I want to live in the dust while we keep working...we have talked about just getting the kitchen done, then moving in...probably not a good idea.

    Just need a little more patience...December will be five years that we have lived in the shop. Might as well go for a nice round number like that, lol!

    I need to put dishes away...already grabbed the clothes off the line. And mix up the meatloaf for supper. I think I will add a baked potato and salad. And we still have some cut up watermelon and cantaloupe from the weekend...need to get that eaten. I can put the hot stuff in my little toaster convection oven, so won't have to heat up the whole house.

    Will check in later...Sun, glad you got your toilet fixed and drain taken care of.
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    A quick HI to awl !! Just read a few of the later posts ad wanted to tell SUN , Yes did read her tip about the I pad but have not had the time to try it out yet. Thanks a lot SUN :)!! When I was on before I had forgotten about it what you mentioned about the I PAD. Haven't been on the I pad enough to figure it out myself.

    Yay, the guy is here to fix the other water heater right now. So I can take a shower tonight in my own bathroom, I think. I need to also wash my hair but wait till after I got to water aerobics tomorrow morning in case my hair gets wet which it probably will .:).

    Try and get back later or tomorrow. Have to fix dinner.

    Bye for now.

    Granni :)
  14. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: Yes....etsy is kinda like EBay but a whole lot less expensive. I sold on EBay when my DD & SIL got married, 17 years ago. She said they wanted to get married on Kauai and my first thought was we can't afford that. So I literally sold my heart out for 4 months to pay for the wedding there. It seemed like I was going daily to the post office.

    I started this etsy site over 3 years ago, having to figure out almost everything by myself. My DH just didn't have the time. I've sold a lot on it.......it costs only 20 cents to list an item for 4 mos. then it can renewed at 20 cents, then when something is sold a person pays on PayPal, so I have to give 3% to them and 3% to Etsy. But EBay items only list a short time unless you have a store on there. VERY confusing. I still have a lot of small items from when I collected EVERYTHING and also had antique spaces and several malls. I realize I'm running out of time, an running out of energy as well, that's why I was so delighted to find that I could now take pics. on the IPad and list immediately. Saves a lot of work.

    So when do you think you will be able to get into your home? Sounds really nice and I'll bet you'll be spending more time there during the summer. Take some pic. of the inside so we can see it. My dad was a carpenter so I grew up loving the smell of saw dust. So much fun to walk thru a house as it was coming together. I get sad at times knowing what I have is it.......It's just foolish to think of living somewhere else. I love my privacy in this house and gardens and I think now I understand why my Mom never wanted to really move from her giant garden she had. By the way, has your attorney told you that you are entitled to 1% of the estate for the work you do as executor. I told my son this who is mine.

    Star: I almost forgot to mention that you SHOULD be very proud of your treasure who did so well against the older kids!!!!!!!******* That's super.
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  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Guess what , they couldn't fix the hot water heater and think it has something to do with the main box or something. Thank goodness for insurance. All this has got to be expensive. When the guy put the part in the pilot light lit up but couldn't stay on. Well I really didn't need that hot shower and instead will be in cool water tomorrow morning for water aerobics. I hope I can stand it. Then I have to get my hair washed possibly at DD's so I can go out tomorrow evening for DD's 51st b-day.

    SUN - It sounds like you live in such a lovely area with all those flowers and plants. I know that some of the p pictures you have posted were awfully pretty . You have such an eye for color being an artist and a green thumb which I do not have plus so much shade on our grounds due to all the trees, etc. Ebay and Etsy both sound very interesting but also so much work. If you love it and have lots of stuff to sell it should be great for you.

    I forgot to mention to you also so sorry about those mouth sores or canker sores. I used to have them a lot but haven't had them in some time though. Those sound like good suggestions in case I get the again.

    Sorry to fun everyone but need to get started to get ready for beddy bye and cleaned up some way. Maybe I need to clean up in the front 1/2 bath in the sink with HOT water.

    You all have a good night and sleep tight - DONT LET THOSE BED BUGS BITE, AS THEY USED TO SAY.

  16. lydia1

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    Woo Hoo!!! Granni is doing the shower Happy Dance! I really admire you and your DD for being so dedicated to staying in shape.

    Sun, I admire you also...selling on EBay to pay for your DD's wedding. How creative, industrious, just plain smart!

    I went to an Etsy website and read about it...what a novel idea. I wonder if the guy who started it had any idea it would grow to be so big?

    I have most of the dishes done, including the containers we used while picking strawberries. Now, I just need to get groceries put away. I have a habit of forgetting I have something and buying another of that same thing. I think I can "shop from my pantry" for quite awhile, except for dairy and fresh produce. Some of my supplies are only enough for two people, so I will need to shop extra for when the whole gang is here, but otherwise I am good for just myself and Den.

    He is out in the shop, working on his Dad's urn/box. Last evening we picked up some fancy brass handles to put on the sides. Den is going to a lot of work...his dad always liked to watch him work in the shop...I think Gpa would approve of this container that will hold his ashes.

    Oh no, Granni...I just see that you have posted that they can't get the water heater fixed today. Sorry...

    I may not be on here much tomorrow. I will leave home early enough to go see my dad, go to the cell phone place to see if they can retrieve my "contacts" that have mysteriously disappeared, pick up a birthday card for Lindsey (she just wants money and I am happy to let her pick out whatever she wants/needs), drive the two hours to Amy and Clinton's town to watch Keira's ballgame and then bring Jasmine dog back to my house (in the car with no A/C.) Well, we'll just roll the windows down and let the wind blow in our hair, lol!

    Hope everyone is doing okay. Haven't heard from our guys or Diane and Spring recently...hope you are all just taking a little break.

  17. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone.
    was a really late one for us here last night. DH got a call at around 6pm saying his 4WD had been spotted by the bloke's wife. We waited to hear from the police, but nothing. 2 hrs later the bloke who has been parked up behind it and waiting for the police rings and tells us the address.Was found in Ballarat. Empty of everything. They even stripped out the back vinyl Who knows why? Obviously used to do some bush bashing because the roo bar which is a really solid piece, has a big dent in it.They snapped the uhf arial , ripped out speakers and tried to jimmy off the number plates, to no avail...Anyway it took Dh ages to get it started.Fortunately it runs on gas as well as petrol.
    It was absolutely pouring down and Dh had to drive with gloves on so as not to ruin the integrity of prints.
    Treasures were with me.We got home at around 10:30 last night.
    Still waiting for the police from Bendigo to get here and take some prints.There jurisdiction.
    Yeah.Still waiting...
    I had to ring the local police to give the Ballarat ones a kick up the butt last night.And she did! Ha ha ha.

    Anyway, it's really hard trying to figure out a good way to thank the guy who found it, so I've written something and sent it to the local paper.Who knows if they'll use it or part of it, but we really don't know How to extend our thanks sufficiently...Any Ideas??

    Below is a short summary of sorts to the next chapter in the stolen 4WD story you printed a few editions ago.
    We would really like to thank you guys for creating public awareness.
    We would also really like to show our gratitude to the person who found it.
    I’ve written a short piece that maybe you could use? Or if you could simply follow up your story with our thanks to this particular individual, we’d much appreciate it...

    Aussie Battler Hero.

    The good ,old, ‘Aussie Battler’ isn’t a phrase often heard anymore, but over in Allendale exists a bloke who is exactly that.
    I’m talking about Harry from LPG Vic, in Allendale.
    He’s a family man and despite personal hardships ,he’s hard working, with a heart of integrity.

    One particular day, just like any other, while doing some work for a customer, they got to talking.It came out that this customer had recently had his 4WD stolen from Maryborough. Right from out of his driveway, can you believe?
    He too has a family, with three kids. The children were especially devastated because most of their best memories were to do with camping adventures in the 4WD.

    Well, this news got the blood to boiling point.
    Just before Christmas, he’d had a car stolen and knew exactly how it felt. Spending every spare moment on the look out for it. It eventually paid off, as his car was located (by he and his wife), damaged of course, but he never let up and worked hard at getting back what was rightfully theirs, what he’d worked for.

    After exchanging details and getting all the info pertaining to the stolen 4WD, it was back to work as usual...

    Harry, his wife and son soon started spotting 4 Wheel Drives that seemed to fit the description, but you know how it is when you look for something in particular. They seem to pop up everywhere!
    The following afternoon it was particularly miserable in Ballarat.- Cold, icy wind and rain that stung when it hit your flesh.
    Sure enough, there she was. An attempt had been made to scratch away some of the number plate, but there was no mistaking her.
    Harry pulled over in Wendouree and made a couple of calls. One to the Ballarat Police and one to his wife asking her to get on to the owner of the stolen vehicle.

    Time was a tickin’. Harry was getting hungry and tired and after two hours wait and a long day at work, the police were still a ‘no show’.

    “Yeah.I suggest you get on down here...”

    The Ballarat Police finally showed up and Harry figured they could take it from there.He headed home.It’d been a long day.

    Soon after, another car pulled up, with three very excited children in it.

    Harry displays all the qualities of a hero -
    Not only did he locate the stolen 4WD, but he sat put, waiting for the police and prepared to follow the car should it be moved to another destination. All the while not knowing what type of thug could cross paths with him. He waited hours!
    Thanks to Harry, we have our car back.

    In our book, he’s what you call a hero.
    A real Aussie, Battler, Hero.

    Thanks Harry at Allendale, LPG Vic.
    From our family to yours.

    PS. Also a special thanks to the Addy, our neighbours, friends and anyone who played a part in helping us.
    Also Lauren, from local Police who motivated Ballarat Police on the night in question.

    Bill and Family.

    I know it's a different way of doing things,but at least the editor still gets the brunt of the story and can pick bits out if he so desires.As long as 'Harry' gets the thanks.
    On that note, I'm going to lay down again 'cause I'm feeling pretty whacked and strangely my balance is a bit thrown off today. Weird.

    Hope everyone is well.
  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Yesterday was chiropractor day. We got adjusted. I'm so old I remember going
    to the chiro before the roller bed was invented. I was a kid. Probably in
    grade school. My mother used to see the chiro for her sinus troubles. She
    dragged me along to a visit now and then. Usually I just sat and waited.
    At least I knew enough to take along a comic book to read.

    The doctor was an old man, and his office was a room in his house. As was
    generally the case in those days, the woodwork was dark, the rooms were
    poorly illuminated, and he had heavy curtains on the windows. All the charm
    of the Psycho house.

    And it was scary too. The old guy adjusted my neck which seemed to me to
    be an attempt to break it. It was 40 years before I saw a chiro again. The
    prices had gone up. The old guy charged $3. Just looked on the net
    to see when the roller table was invented. The search engine couldn't
    find the answer.

    Star, That's a great job of reporting. More informative than most news
    stories today. But, of course, you weren't concerned about saving room
    for the ads. Hope the repairs don't wreck the family budget. BTW what
    is the "ute" mentioned in your first post on this thread? Wikitionary says
    it could be similar to our pick up truck. Ute shows up in the crosswords
    I do now and then. Refers to an American Indian tribe.

    Julie, good luck with your job as executor. I believe the general rule is
    the larger the estate, the fiercer the battle. I never heard of a pin
    nailer. They probably didn't exist when I took shop class. That's
    great that Den will get something he wants.

    Fresh homegrown strawberries sound wonderful. I walked by the TV
    a couple days ago. Gordon was watching somebody make a pastry
    with glazed strawberries. They looked beautiful. And Congrats on
    the Anniversary.

    Mikie, thanks for opening the new thread. Gee, salmon patties. Haven't
    had them since I left home for college. My mother made delicious ones.
    Tried it myself decades later. I guess I didn't use enough eggs or something.
    Then tended to fall apart, and didn't taste the same at all.

    I think it was Garrison Keillor who said the folks in Lake Wobegone were
    generally law abiding except during zucchini season. Then they tended
    to get rid of the all too abundant crop by putting bags of them in other
    peoples' cars.

    Sun, sorry you're having so much trouble with the personal CD player.
    I wonder if that's the same thing I bought about 20 years ago at a
    cousin of the dollar store. Can't remember the name of the store. It
    was part of some chain that had stores with several different names.
    Like the Kroger empire.

    Anyway it was a small, portable CD player with ear phones. Only
    cost ten bucks. It was perfect for taking on a plane. After a decade
    or so it just up and died. Don't really need one now since I don't
    travel. Gordon and I used to go places. Sometimes business. Usually
    for fun. Went to Oregon and Washington and Minnesota and Texas
    to visit relatives. Took a trip to Hawaii and an autumn bus tour
    threw all the New England states. Only place (I've seen) with
    fall colors to rival Minnesota.

    Haven't had, or even heard of, a cancer sore for decades. My memory
    of same is pretty hazy. I think baking soda was the standard remedy
    back then; probably still is. Nice to know one can sometimes outgrow
    things. Stomach aches, for example.

    Hugs Diane, Barry, Granni, Springwater.

  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    We are in for another day of rain. First, an early spell of rain; then, weeks of being dry as a bone; and finally, gray skies and rain every day. AAACCCKKK!!! Where is my Goldilock's weather--just right with lots of sunshine and short rain showers to replenish our aquafers. Our climate is definitely changing.

    My ProHealth e-newsletter featured an interview with Yolanda Hadid, one of the stars of Housewives of Beverly Hills. Think I've mentioned that show is one of my guilty pleasures, especially when I need to escape from what ails me. PH has awarded her a Lifetime Achievement Award for her advocacy for Lyme Disease. She almost died from it at one point yet, she continues the good fight.

    Sun, so glad you have a handiman to fix things. It's got to be less expensive than a plumber and you don't have to do it yourself. I don't like doing any kind of plumbing but I do like being able to do things myself. I hope the sore in your mouth clears up. That is what happens to me when the Sjogren's flares up--many sores in my mouth, leaving it burning like it's been hit by a blow torch. Yikes!!! Are you taking a good probiotic along with the ABX? Sores in the mouth can be caused by the havoc in the gut caused by the ABX. Good luck.

    Granni, good grief! Hope they can restore your hot water. Every time I take a nice hot shower or soak, I send up a prayer of thanks for them. I try never to take such things for granted. It's when we don't have these seemingly everyday things that we realize just what blessings they are. I can't stand it when I need to shampoo my hair. It's not how bad it looks so much as how bad it feels. I hope they can get it fixed ASAP!

    Julie, I am another member of the cluttered counter club. I do try to keep the dishwasher loaded and unloaded but, when I'm in a flare as bad as this one is at times, I grow lax. No excuse 'cept for the exhaustion and mental laziness I get. If I were to die and people came in here, they'd say, 'What a pig!!!' That might be an insult to pigs everywhere.

    Star, soooo glad you got your vehicle back. Bless that man who solved the case and called the cops. Shame on the cops who were so negligent. I'm sorry there was so much damage. We have had similar things happen to stolen vehicles here. Sometimes, the vehicles are found damaged and stripped down to nothing but a shell. Then, they are abandoned in the worst neighborhoods. For years, the cops avoided those hoods until the crime, including shootings, got so bad that they have had to go in there and try to clean out the criminal element. Thanks for sharing you story of what happened and the hero who helped.

    Rock, so good to see you again. Yes, docs in the town where I grew up often had their offices in their homes or in homes converted to medical offices. I remember that roller table in my DO's office. It was sooo relaxing. His office fit the description you provided to a T. He was also an old man. A few docs started a specialty practice in a medical bldg. across from our only hospital and it grew over the years. I worked there when I was first married. Mom took me to an eye doc in 1949, when I was just five. By the time I moved to Denver in the 1980's, my chart was so thick they had to do volume II. Too many bread or cracker crumbs versus eggs can cause the patties to crumble. That's just the way the patty crumbles! I grew zucchini in my garden and froze slices in butter. All I had to do was warm them up. And, of course, I made tons of zucchini bread. Mmmmm!! I loved it second only to banana bread.

    Time to watch CBS This Morning to get the national news and time to read the paper online. Hoping all my dear Porchies are doing well.

    Love, Mikie
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  20. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Checking in before I go back to bed for a couple hours. I have been awake since 3:30 am when my phone rang. (I thought) it was Pastor Raphael in Belize and he was telling me something about Pastor Frankie's wife, Abby. Something about "the vitals are fine, but keeps rolling his eyes in the back of his head."

    That did not make any sense to me, and in my sleepy stupor I screamed into the phone, "WHO ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT"? Suddenly a female voice gets on the phone and tells me it is about my dad. She said his eyes keep rolling in the back of his head, he had been (bowels) incontinent, and his heart seemed weaker to her than the last time she had taken care of him.

    I told her that his eyes have been doing that for awhile...doctor says it is part of the progression of the Alzheimer's. I had no idea about the other symptoms, but she seemed to think he was actually okay...just was a bit of a shock with the eye thing. Yes, it is...very unnerving to watch.

    Anyway, I tried to go back to sleep, for about five minutes...then decided I should to over and check on him myself. Found the male nurse and apologized for screaming at him (he is from the Congo and has a very strong accent.) Then found the female nurse and apologized to her as well. The male nurse said dad also had a low (for him) blood sugar of 110 so that could be causing some of the problems.

    Anyway, since I was already in town, I went to Wal Mart for a few things. Now I am home, but can barely keep my eyes open.