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    Hi, Dear Porchies,

    Sometimes, there's no good place to close a Porch Volume when there are a lot of posts and it's busy. I mostly wanted to respond to everydobby's posts so did that before closing #912. Please check out those posts.

    Love, Mikie
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    I'm moving Star's last post on #912 over here so y'all can read it.

    Starlight74Active Member
    Hi guys.
    I've popped in and out to catch up on reading when I can, (& To see how Mikies procedure went)
    but most of my days have been filled with babysitting the oven.
    More muffins tomorrow and then I get a break for a few days and then another cake for a school book report next Wed.

    Sons birthday went well and the cake, a success- of sorts.
    Decided on a carrot cake, but probably bit off more than I could chew!
    He's Been going to the gym lately (gets too anxious playing team sports on a competitive level), so I made a total of 4 dif sized/shaped cakes and trimmed them and joined them to make a muscled arm holding a weight...
    Good grief. The work involved was rediculous!!
    I hope our other Treasures don't expect the same attempt for their birthdays, because I'm thinking that was a once in a blue moon episode, if you get my drift! Phew.
    He enjoyed his special day and I went to bed at the end of it with a migraine.

    Rock- I did Google the flaming banana split and tried to locate some already made lemon essence, but to no avail.
    Perhaps I'll give making the essence myself ,a go...
    I can see how it'd be memorable.

    Elaine- happy birthday ( belated wishes) and I'm sorry to hear about all your back troubles.
    What exactly do you sell?

    Dianne-Sounds like that idiot needs to see a shrink.
    What sort of a dr did you say he was? A witch dr?
    Fair dinkum. Rough as guts hey?
    I get anxious at the mere thought of starting new meds, that may be the next mirical cure, but dread all the inevitable side effects...you're not alone there!

    Sun- you are amazing! Masterpieces I'm sure.
    You reminiscing about continually having to sweep your trailer ( caravan as we call it), was my reality not so long ago.
    Nothing as flash as a motor home, but it works.eldest sleeps in a swag beside the annaxe.

    Julie- thanks for the encouragement. You're a real jewel.
    All the breathing worries you mentioned reminds me of my youngest when he had his first asthma attack. Scary stuff.
    I'm super alert now, when it comes to the slightest change in his breathing.
    Sorry to hear SIL is being a royal pain in the derrier. (Wasn't my first word choice).
    Hang in there.

    Barry- what an awful thing to wake up to!
    Just when you think everything's calmed down. I'm sorry the worry continues.
    Perhaps dosages need to be tweaked as it does with people?

    Granni- my DH hogs the computer too. Lol. I find myself typing on my phone mostly.
    Singing must give great pleasure.

    Spring-have you ever considered making a relish or chutney out of the mangoes?
    I'm not sure how you'd go, but if it can be made out of green tomatoes, why not?
    Don't take my word for it though, I'm no chef. Just food for thought

    Mikie- wow! You are doing great!
    I'm so glad you aren't suffering and that it was all sorted in time.
    I do hope these bits and pieces don't take their time, but am relieved to hear you're coming good.
    Please don't over do your walks. Especially if it's still too hot over there.

    Alright then. Better call it a night.
    Stay safe and I'll catch yas later
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    Waiting for DH can get home so I can used the car for WM and then my biofeedback appt.

    MIKIE or someone - STAR posted on the last volume and I don't know how to move it. Sorry !!! What a nice bunch of posts I read this morning. Glad most of you are doing well !!!

    Sorry you are losing your appetite MIKIE . Yes the problem is with trying to lose weight or losing it anyway is that you do not lose it in the correct places, like me. Hope you get it back soo as that is not fun eating tea and toast all day :)!!

    JULIE - I guess she is is off and traveling to bring Lorraine home and maybe bring back the twins I gues the plan was unless they were showing signs of sickness.

    Waiting for DH to come home soon. If he doesn't I will have to go to WM after my Biofeedback appt. Hope they don;t want me to take more supps after this but surely would like to find what else might REALLY help. They did have a special speaker today so he is probably held up there talking with him and also about the possible trip we might take next year on the Nat. Parks. Not sure how much time they had to talk about that with the speaker.

    DH is home now and I need to run and I know he needs t he computer again :)!!

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Hi, Kids,

    Still don't have the knack for moving complete posts but wanted y'all to be able to see Star's last one on #912.

    I got into the shower and shampooed my hair. Something very strange has happened. My normally soft, fine hair is all strong feeling as though something was put on it to give it body. I've done nothing different so have to wonder whether it's the anesthesia drugs. Yikes! The soft, fine hair is shiny and healthy even though it's limp. This hair is a bit brittle feeling and felt strange when I was lathering it up. Oh well, it looks great.

    I was gonna walk over to my Bee's to give him the rest of the alpha blocker that I can't take. It's exactly the same drug, dose and strength he takes. I know he has a co-pay and it was only $2 on my ins. The worst thing is the ABX I am no longer to take; the co-pay on that was $70! The culture showed a different ABX to be the one of choice so they started that one in my IV. The rest, which Nurse Nancy picked up for me only had a $7 co-pay. This problem is nickel and diming me to death! Bee's in the middle of something so he'll walk over to see me later. That's good because the shower just about took the wind outta my sails.

    I started to fix some chicken salad but, every time I start to think about food, I feel sick. So, for now, it's tea and crackers. I'm going to steam some rice in my little steamer. I feel as though I have the cramps. Haven't had that sensation in many years. I've got the heating pad. So, even though I'm doing great, it will take a bit more to be back to 'normal.' I ordered an edible arrangement for Nurse Nancy to thank her for being so wonderful when I had this done. I got the same one my kids sent me with pineapple daisies and chocolate covered strawberries. There are mangos and grapes and it looks like a bouquet of flowers in a pretty vase.

    Star, that cake sounds amazing! Glad your DS had a good birthday. My Mom made gorgeous cakes; she took a decorating class. She could make the roses and other flowers out of icing. When my girls were small, she bought some dolls, like Barbie dolls, and made cakes which were the dolls' skirts. Mom didn't make these cakes but hers were similar. I don't know how you can bake with an evil, possessed oven. Think what you could accomplish with an oven that worked! You continue to amaze me with all you do. It's not easy with our exhaustion and pain. Thanks for your good wishes. The stent will be in for almost two more weeks so there is plenty of time for the residue from the stones to be expelled. Since they were blasted to powder, I could probably have passed them without the stent.

    dollcake.jpg dollcake2.jpg

    Granni, we must have been posting at the same time. I haven't been to Wally World in a long time. I'd like to go but won't be doing that for a while. It's just toooo big for me to walk it right now. I need to get back to working out in the pool so my weight loss will be more even. As it is, I'm losing weight in my feet! Good grief! I have a narrow foot as it is. If this keeps up, I won't be able to keep shoes on. Are you going to get to CO on your Nat'l Parks tour? Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park is beautiful and big. There is one in Southern CO with sand dunes and another one with Hopi Indian cave dwellings. I saw a show on Lubbuck, TX yesterday and it looks like an interesting place to go. There is a Buddy Holly museum there and a lot of small restaurants which look really good. BBQ and fried cheese. OMG! I'd gain weight eating there. Either that or have a coronary event.

    I think I had better go steam that rice before I get sick from not eating. I'll talk to y'all later.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Thanks for opening, Mikie. Gordon asked me yesterday if Mikie had her
    surgery yet. So I brought him up to date. He suggested you pick up some gravel
    and take that to your next doctor visit. He can submit the anecdote to the
    American Medical Journal for their column on "Crazy Things Patients Do".

    Make your rice yet? I put a book on hold for Gordon the other day. It's
    by the film critic Roger Ebert: The Mystery and Romance of the Rice
    Cooker. He wrote it toward the end of his life. Because of cancer of the
    jaw he could no longer speak or eat normally, but he continued writing.

    Star, you don't need lemons for a flaming desert. You need grain alcohol
    (ethyl). I guess it has to be high proof. You don't want wood or methyl or
    rubbing alcohol. They are all poisonous. Maybe your nearby friendly
    liquor store has the magic potion.

    Carrot cake sounds good. Well, it's the frosting that's the good part. Gordon
    and I make carrot-apple juice now and then. We sometimes talk about
    carrot cake, but never make any. I think Martha Stewart or Norm Abram
    from This Old House might have some ideas. Possible one could shape
    the carrot residue into bricks, cover with aluminum foil and construct
    furniture. A book case, maybe.

    When I was in college I had a board and brick bookcase. At the end of
    my freshman year I bought a board from a Senior. The board was a foot
    or two shorter than the room. It made a great top shelf. When I
    left I sold it (for a dollar, I think) to a freshman. It is possible that the
    board is still there after more than half a century. (Think about it.
    It's not something you could take home in a car.)

    Julie, the Amish girls don't speak English? Are they still using that
    German dialect (sometimes called Pennsylvania Dutch)? I
    read an article that said their population is growing because they
    still have big families (like many folks did when I was a kid).
    The Shakers, on the other hand, all died out. From about 7000
    to nothing in a century. What else would one expect when sex
    is verboten?

    Barry, long term depression, multiple physical problems, long term
    relationship, rabid readers, California residents, Sr. citizens...you must
    be my long lost twin. BTW, Just finished Valerie Harper's bio. As
    Rhoda on the MTM show and in real life, she tended to put on weight.
    She said one time at a party she'd been dieting for weeks. Went by
    a plate of brownies. Took one. It was delicious, so she had a couple more.
    Just then the hostess brought in more food. She said, "Oh, I don't know
    if anyone told you but the brownies have a little something extra in
    them if you know what I mean." Valerie said she felt a little foggy for
    the next two days.

    We had a beautiful B & W tom cat here today. Gordon saw him once
    before. He just walks around and explores. Gave him some kibble and
    water. He took a bit of each. Is not adverse to being petted, but doesn't
    really care to be picked up. I wish I were well enough to have another dog.
    Hmm...I wish a lotta thing.

    Hugs, Rock
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    Hi, Kids,

    Just waiting for my rice pudding to firm up. I keep cooking it and cooking it and it's still runny. I just added two more eggs to the custard. I'm on the Surface and it's driving me nuts. The keyboard sucks! Iona's DGD just left. They brought the car down to leave it. It has remote start and I will start it once a week. After 15 minutes, it automatically shuts off.

    I'm feeling a bit woozy so think I'll hit the sack as soon as the pudding finishes cooking. I ate some plain rice and feel nauseated. I think that may be due to the ABX. Gonna take a probiotic.

    I love the idea of taking in some gravel to the doc. Gordon has a beautiful mind. I loved Roger Ebert. I felt so bad for what happened to him. With today's MJ, eating more than one brownie would likely send one to the ER. This isn't your grandma's MJ. I'm glad you got a nice cat for a change.

    OK, I've reached the limit of my patience with this expensive piece of crap computer. Hope all y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Mikie, Roger Ebert was, according to one site I read, the most successful and
    prominent of film critics. The only one to have a star on Hollywood's Walk
    of Fame. And the only won to win a Pulitzer Prize for many years. And, of
    course, there was his TV show. Got a book of his from the library today.
    It's a fat book. "Forty years of reviews, essays and interviews."

    I heard many people say over the years, "I don't care what the critics say.
    I make up my own mind." My view is it's like asking a friend whose opinion
    you are likely to agree with: What did you think of the film?

    Springwater, funny you should say the auto correct changed my name
    to Flock. That's what my parents intended to name me, but my Dad's
    handwriting was so bad the clerk thought it said "Rock".

    I have no experience with auto correct. Far as I know, nobody who
    writes to me does either. Or is it something that only shows up
    when texting on a phone?

    Here's an auto correct from the Ellen Show. "Actions speak louder
    than wombats." And from a text message: Could you stop on the
    way and get pregnant? Was supposed to be "Pringles".

    Sunflower, "Madrone" doesn't look like the name of a tree. To me
    it suggests the name of drug cartel boss. What do you mean by the
    color driftwood in your decor? Whenever I saw driftwood in the
    days when I lived at the beach, it was gray. Unless, of course it
    drifted all the way from England. Then it was grey.

    Diane, hope you and kitty feel better soon. That phobia business is
    terrible, and I only have a touch of it. In my old age I developed
    claustrophobia. After a closed in nightmare I would be shaken
    up. Sometimes for a few minutes, but a couple times for hours.
    Happy to report have not had such a dream for a year or so. It
    must be terrible to need medical attention and at the same time
    hate to go.

    Ok, time for me to go.
    Bis spater, Y'll (Note. I am entitled to use "Y'll" on accounta I live
    in Southern California. And Before that I lived in Southern
    Minnesota and Southern Nevada.
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    Rock: Yes, kinda a grayish driftwood color. Good news is the awful, dusty demolition day is done,and I've pulled down some plastic dropcloth"curtains"......bad new is two boxes were all cracked and they come from Florida. The tile guy will start on the kitchen floor tomorrow which looks awful with all the tile removed, and was to return the two bad boxes. He said since it would be only two (he said about 14sq ft) the company could fed ex them so I wouldn't have to wait too long. Of course he knows I don't pay until everything is competed.

    Wasn't it about 3 years or so that Valerie Harper announced she was dying??? I know she had cancer but how did this happen?

    Mikie: I'm not surprised about your hair since the anesthesia can affect it. Kinda soon though but I guess it's possible. Mmmmmmm....I like rice pudding with the good custard. My mom always made it in the oven to bake, adding raisins. Then I made it for years.....love it cold. MyDH didn't particularly like it so I just stopped making it. When I was growing up my family used to go to a Swedish Smorgasbord restaurant and they always had cold rice pudding with a syrup for dessert.....loved it, that and the little Swedish meatballs.

    Star: I also love carrot cake. OK.....don't be surprised if the two other kids want a special cake also and don't think they'll forget it! If you don't come thru they'll remember it when you're about 60 and throw it up to you!

    I've been up since 6:30, of course the tile guy didn't get here until 10 and then he prepped/hanging plastic until 11:30 then announced they were taking lunch! I did managed to grab a jar of peanuts to fill me all day along with some cold coffee, so I'm really tired, and after an early dinner and some red wine I'm heading for a nap. For a person who is not into sports, I seem to be watching an awful lot of the Olympics which accounts for going to bed late.
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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    I'm still waking about 3:30 to pee but my sleep has been soooo much better since the anesthesia, deeper and more restful. Unfortunately, I still seem to have fleeting moments where I feel unreal. I won't drive until this is gone. When I got up at 3:30, I gave Sir Vester a few treats and we went back to bed until 4:30. I was so rested that I decided to get up. He's so good and just goes back to bed with me and snuggles up, occasionally making little cooing sounds.

    Ilona's DGD came up before she and her friend left yesterday to show me how to start the car they are leaving down here. It has remote start and runs for 15 minutes and shuts off. I'll just start it once a week. If I didn't have this 'unreal' feeling, I would have driven them to the airport. They took Uber. Bee never felt well enough to come over so I'm going to go for a walk and hang his med on his door knob. He has a screened-in front entry so it will be safe.

    Nurse Nancy sent me a pic of the edible arrangement in her thank you text yesterday. She was thrilled and had never seen one before. They are a nice alternative to flowers.

    Rock, I used to enjoy Gene Shallot on The Today Show when he critiqued movies. He was a punster and very funny. I didn't always agree with his critiques but I enjoyed watching him. I always felt that, between Ebert and his partner (can't remember his name), I got a pretty good idea of which movies I might want to see. I don't go to theaters so, by the time I see a movie, there is a long track record of reviews. I am anxious to see The Secret Lives of Pets. My DSIL has a stock review--"The dancing, the singing! I'd see it again." He uses this regardless of whether there is any singing or dancing at all. I've seen auto correct on certain websites but it's mostly on my phone. I actually like it except for when it gets stubborn, changing my words and refusing to let me keep what I typed. Since I tend to write in terms which ain't right grammatically, my phone has a heyday. On the other hand, some of the things I use all the time are now in the phone's dictionary and that is helpful. It's helpful because, once I start to type in a word, the phone offers possible words which saves a lot of typing. It's very intuitive, often guessing what word I will need next. Technology, like ex husbands, has its good and bad points (oh, if only there had been more good ones).

    Sun, my rice pudding is about to go down the disposal. It tastes terrible and I don't know why. It took forever to set up. I used a short-grain basmati rice and not the usual cheap gluey type. That might have been a mistake but it shouldn't have affected the taste. It could also be my sense of taste. I'd love to make some bread pudding instead but don't want to throw another concoction down the drain. I'm still not able to eat much. My total weight loss is now 32 pounds but that may change when I can eat. It may improve once I'm off the ABX. It's a shame those tiles got broken. There's a lot of things cracked in FL, mainly the politicians and population. Our governor, who looks like Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter series, was on TV blasting another politician over corruption. This from a man who was indicted for swindling Medicare and took The Fifth more than 70 times on the stand. Like I said, ya can't make this stuff up. But, I digress... Hope your nap refreshed you.

    Hope I can do something worth posting about one of these days. In the meantime, y'all feel well and happy.

    Love, Mikie
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    Server was down this morning and then I went out in errands..catching up on chores now...

    Good to see a slew of posts..skimmed thru them.

    Will bbl...

    God Bless
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    Hi, Kids,

    Just a quick note. As often happens, I made a magnificent recovery right away but am dragging tail on day five. I'm just very tired and have the feeling of cramps in my pelvis. I imagine this is from having the stent, a foreign object, in my body which my body wants to get rid of. Whine, whine, whine! I'm resting in bed after falling asleep for a wee nap.

    My friend, Em, called and we are having a going away luncheon for Nancy (not Nurse Nancy, another Nancy) on the 18th. She is moving to Phoenix. Em thought the idea of a list of willing helpers was great. So, we'll talk about it at lunch and sign people up. Everyone who has heard of it is very excited and almost seems relieved. I'll bet everyone has been quietly worrying about what might happen if there were no one to help out for situations just like my procedure.

    I just downloaded two books from Amazon. The Woman in Black is a mystery thriller. It was made into a play and starred Daniel Radcliff of Harry Potter fame. Seven Eves is a sci-fi book about the danger to Earth when the moon blows up. Both were highly rated when reviewed on PBS on their Well Read show. I've been buying free or cheap books but am wanting something better. It's been like a junk food literary diet. I also ordered a beautiful pashmina in a black print. I need a wrap for the concerts. It was such a good deal. Only a dollar more than the most expensive book.

    OK, gotta go before the computer is out of battery. Talk to y'all later.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good afternoon everydobby,

    Just wanted to pop in fr a bit before I start doing other things on the computer. Just got back from lunch at a Mexican Restaurant with DH. He treated me after working in the yard today. I was so sweaty after working I had to completely change clothes. Didn't work to log but long enough in the morning before the heat really started. Not a breeze however and VERY humid out - ugh ):!!

    SUN - So sorry about your cracked tiles and you are smart not paying or fully paying this guy or guys until they are all finished with the job and it looks good. I hope the mess and dust was minimal and not to awful for your clean up. We want pics after you get all done:)!! I love it when people are fixing things up. Lord know that we need to do some of that. How are you coming along on that painting you were wanting to do?? When is it due for that exhibit or whatever it was??? Good Luck sweetie !! Your paintings are just beautiful..

    MIKIE - Sorry you are still feeling , what shall we say, , a little weird and crampy. Hope it clears up soon. Not being able to drive is the pits but you are smart not doing so until your weird feelings go away. It is good that you can get a good rest at night. Normally I to get up to pee a few times and to take some pills that need to be taken on an empty stomach and then can go back to sleep. Occasionally I cant and then that is NOT good, as you might imagine. Sounds like Sir Vester is being the perfect little nurse for you :)!! How nice that you are having a little going away gathering for your other friend Nancy. I know she will love it and getting together with friends is wonderful, even if it is a very small gathering.

    So sorry too about your rice pudding.. I just hate to waste food. I got that from my mom who I know new first hand about not having enough to eat growing up in CZ. Hope you get your tastebuds back soon. Mine seem to be fine but unfortunately not supposed to eat everything I love to eat. I love rice pudding to but not supposed to have much sugar and would have to use almond milk or something I guess. I sounds yummy to me right now.

    SW - Come back soon when your server is not down and you are stuck at home and can chat some. How are your temps It is supposed to hit about 97 degrees today but that is a bit cooler than it has been. Supposed to have some rain the next few days hopefully which will lower our temps.

    Hi to DIANE, ROCK, STAR, and I am sure JULIE is still gone on her trip.

    Love to AWL,
    Granni :)
  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hey, Kids

    Just woke up from a nap. Gordon is erranding to the Hardware Store
    and the library. Kawinikadentally, the library was built on
    the site of the Peerless Hardware Store which was razed 11 years ago.

    Mikie, Ebert's partner was Gene Siskel who died in 1999 at the age of
    53. He also had cancer. Siskel was replaced by Richard Roeper. I
    read a book of his only last week. He has written a couple books about
    Urban legends, Hollywood legends, etc.

    I have only a vague recollection of Gene Shalit. (It is only an urban legend
    that he is a member of the Onion family.) The only thing I remember
    about him is that he had an enormous mustache. I always thought he
    looked like someone who had escaped from a Marx Brothers movie.

    Sorry to hear you're not feeling so hot. And it is not whining to give us
    an accurate report on your situation.

    Springwater, sorry to hear your server is down. Reminds me of the song
    from "On the Town".

    New York, New York, it's a wonderful town!
    The Bronx is up and the Battery's down
    The people ride in a hole in the ground.

    Sun, Valerie Harper had lung cancer which spread to the membranes
    around the brain. Wikipedia indicates she is still alive. She is one
    year older than I. Practically a spring chicken. Although best known
    for her TV shows, she was also in several movies and stage shows. Won
    4 Emmys and a Golden Globe Award.

    Got an e mail from my brother in Oregon. Not much in the way of
    details, but he no longer has a helper at the house and the doctor said
    he can start driving again. His e mails are pretty chipper.

    Hope all you guys are too.


  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, My Dear Porchies,

    I hope y'all are having a good weekend. I am hoping things improve here. I'm not sick, just not up to my normal poor health. :( Actually, I count my blessings because things could be much worse; they once were pretty bad. Does anyone else think that what ails us might be some relatively small thing which causes all hell to break loose in our systems? The premise of the peptide injections is that our brains don't allow our bodies to produce the proper peptide sequences. Once injected, the body produces the proper sequences and the brain learns to do it. It worked for me for quite a while. Thing is, I wonder what causes the problem in the brain in the first place. That would be the key to finding a cure. It's like we're stuck in first gear and can't shift to second.

    Granni, I saw a weather map on TV which had 113 superimposed over Dallas. I don't know whether that was the temp or how hot it felt. DD lives in McKinney. I hope the torrential rains are missing you. New Orleans, and other parts of LA, are flooded. This storm in the Gulf is like Katrina without the high winds. It's just sitting out there spinning and gathering moisture and dumping it inland. That is why it is so humid where you are. It may sit out there through next week. Yikes! :eek: I can feel hungry and drool over food but, when it comes to actually eating, I feel sick and don't want it. Hope this goes away. I ate some of the rice with a little milk and sugar and it sat well. Yes, we love our little luncheons in the hood. There are usually eight to ten of us. We like Bahama Breeze with their Caribbean menu. I'll send around a sigh-up sheet for anyone wanting to join our friendly helpers group. I think it's great that we have three men. It's a women's luncheon so I won't invite the men.

    Rock, right, Siskel. I am having a difficult time with my memory and spelling. Gene Shalit had a bushy fro. Between that and his huge mustache, he was quite a sight. He'd get tickled and giggle infectiously. I loves me my silliness. His puns were high quality. Not as good as yours but few are. The only thing he had in common with an oinion is that he had appeal. Valerie Harper was thought to be a goner but seemed to respond to treatment. I'm so glad. She brought a fresh new kind of humor to the MTM show. I'm about half-way through this boring book I'm trying to read and I think I'll switch to one of the new ones. I keep thinking it will get better but it doesn't. I think I'll try the mystery. The book reviewers on PBS gave rave reviews to The Nest. It's a book about a family fighting over money but, of course, money isn't the real problem. It's set in NYC and it's difficult for me to ignore anything set there. I may buy it next but the sci-fi book is huge. Amazon no longer directly downloads books to my Kindle. They are instantly put in the cloud and I download them from the cloud to the Kindle. Much more efficient. Hope Gordon got what y'all need from the library and the hardware store.

    OK, nature calls. I'll post this and come back to edit... Aah, that's better. Sending love, hugs and prayers to everydobby and your beloved pets.

    Love, Mikie
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    springwater Well-Known Member

    Well, it's 4pm and I'm perspiring here, on the sofa as is it down to type. I just finished my lunch a very late one..of veg onion soup, with tomatoes and rice. I didn't want to interrupt my work to eat and then feel too full to move.

    Mikie - strange..I hv a little cramps too, but can't think of a reason to hv them. It's not so bad, just a feeling of tightness, around the middle...I sent white light into the area...it got better, it hasn't gotten worse, I just noticed because I haven't had stomach problems for a while now..

    Trust you to come up with the idea which will benefit so many others in your hood and let them sleep better at nights...it is worrying to be on ones own and wonder what to do if hit with some emergency...if a Hollywood writer was there, I'm sure he would come up with a screenplay based on your little group..do you remember The Golden Girls? My memory is too shot now to remember details but I do remember I absolutely loved the show.

    That idea of the moon blowing up...I was laughing at it, along with Rocks poker faced sounding but funny things he wrote.

    I hope you recover completely soon. And are able to do things you like instead of managing coping. Don't feel bad about the rice pudding, I have let two jars of yoghurt go waste in the fridge...I'm sure they are too sour to eat..I was too busy to get them out. I normally put my food which I can't use but which isn't too far gone, out for the crows and pigeons to eat on the terrace. I guess it's because of my impoverished childhood, I hate throwing things out.

    Star - that cake was certainly original in concept! How sweet of you..it would hv to be a mothers heart to take that on, when one is not feeling well, in th first place. I hv never atempted to make mango pickle or chutney..becuase of the work involved...we don't really like the sweet chutneys..DHs cousin sis made and gave us a mango pickle she made, out of raw mango and it was absolutely delicious..but I've not attempted to even ask her for the recipe..I guess i will one day..lol, one day,I say...

    Granni - it is very hot now...the rains are letting up a bit..and it's humid, yuck! The city is looking green and cleaner than usual because of being washed down by Mother Nature...I remember my kids, then much younger,once went to this Food Festival at a hotel, ( those were the earlier days when our city was flourishing and we didn't pass by rubble where houses once stood, used to be something exciting going on all the time) they raved about the Mexican Fried Chicken. ..I'm not too familiar with Mexican food tho.

    Rock - it's a gift you hv to make even serious things sound funny...I was laughing every time I read your 'long lost twin' comment to Barry. When we visited DD during graduation, her little room, and another tinier one inside, was filled with stuff given by friends leaving college...a fridge, a fan, a lampshade.a beanie bag..I can see how she wanted to save money but I was thinking she needed to learn how to decluttering..and let go. A mini fridge is useful, a set of long electric Christmas lights is not as is a clunky tall lampshade in neon pink. It's one room..with a little cubby hole off it.!

    I just re read your post and am cackling over the ' Madrone' comment. How true, tho. Good to know your brother is recovering. He sounds like the strong silent type.

    Guess, what..the hot heavy air outside turned into a downpour..it is just coming down in torrents..I went and got down my washing..I don't mind rain, it's got so much cooler...in fact, ideal.

    Sun - I wil be relieved for you when the workmen have finished and are out of there..hopefully with some lovely work done..leaving your abode spanking and new. I just hate it when people are here, tinkering around...specially carpentry.omigoodness...I just hate the banging and clanging..here, they don't even clean up..I've not watched Olympics..I just read that a little boy who idolized Michael Phels grew up and he just beat his idol in the 200m..it sounded like a movie script to me.

    Barry - I think the reason why I got interested in life and the beyond is because of depression, and the things which I went thru. Ill health, more obstacles in life's path than I saw others around me going thru. None of my close friends had the really bad stuff happen, no parents with alcoholism issues, or infidelity scandals, no sibs dropping out of school..my self esteem took a beating. On top of that, marrying into high functioning energizer bunny family..a fish out of water is what I was. Am. I credit myself with being on good enough terms with most of them tho..inspite of.

    Uncle who was sending his workmen to cut our trees, left in a huff because I didn't want a particular tree where he wanted to plant it...not only would I have had keeping it pruned, it's those big tall trees with an abundance of leaves, it would hv grown into the neighbours side, this neighbour and a lot of others hv ganged up and keep asking me to cut down or trim my trees...it's such a nuisance...I remember asking my uncle who planted the original trees not to,plant them too close to the walls but they don't like women giving them orders and he had them planted right there...he just said 'refer the neighbours to him.'..and now 17 years hv gone by and Im with a constant barrage of phone calls from irate neighbours.

    This time, I dug in my heels, and forbade the workmen from planting what he sent..I've wanted flowering trees out there in front..which don't grow too to much of a height, I don't think that's unreasonable...It's not just uncle, I hate having to cut down trees, trees which have grown up and become part of our life...and now I hv to. Because of no fault of mine. I made them dig new holes further inwards from the walls and asked them to plant trees there. When they grow somewhat, I will have the older trees cut down..

    I've gone looking for somewhat grown trees, and located a few. We already hv a few and I was looking different coloured flowers of the same tree type.

    I had to cut down a two toned cherry because I made a mistake and there was no place for it to grow properly.

    I visited a nursery belonging to this man who once was our gardener when I,lived with my in laws, he is a success story in his own understated way...I remember my dragon ma in law making him swob the staircase inside the house and stuff like that..and now, he is the proud owner of one of the bigger, better kept flower nurseries in town. .he has a tree section, some,ponds where you can buy lily plants, seedlings, grown flowers, perennials, seasonals, house plants ..everything, it is a delight to wander in there...and just browse.

    after the earthquake, I was in the area, and paid a visit, and he was playing cards with his cronies, no damage done to his nursery but no buyers obviously. Didn't seem to bother him. And he was right, the business is doing fine again...

    He didn't hv the colour i wanted, butI had a good browse all the same. He had a stock of new flowers in..they look like single snap dragons but they are speckled in beautiful pastel and white colours..I asked him the name and he said the name is so long, he forgot. Maybe I can google and see if I can find them..

    Well, God Bless
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  16. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Just letting you all know I am home...but without the twins :( I think it's just as well for now...I am pretty tired and wouldn't be the "rock star" grandma they have come to know and love, lol! Just kidding...I am not as much fun, creative, etc., etc. as so many grandmas, but I do the best I can.

    Liora and Isaiah were starting to get worse, but one of Lindsey's friends from up here sent down a homeopathic remedy with me for everyone to take, so Lindsey is hoping they don't get as bad as she and Josiah did. We were still wiping green gunk out of his poor little nose...

    I had planned to stay down there until today, but just decided (around 11:00 am yesterday) to get myself on home in case I came down with something too. So didn't actually get on the road till 1:00 pm and got home shortly after 10:30...so nice to sleep in my own bed.

    So, the plan is that "sometime in September" they will meet me part way and I will bring the twins up here for a few days. Then when I take them home I can stay and help Lindsey for a few more days. I'm trying not to be gone too many weekends...that's the only times Den and I can work together for any length of time. It's been so hot outside that he is wiped out when he gets home from work during the week.

    Anyway, I just wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing. Better get outside before it gets so hot again. Thinking of you all.
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  17. lincamp

    lincamp Member

    HI all, coming out from under a rock to say hello to you all, havent been here in a long time but still enjoy reading and keeping up w everyone.

    Had to share this auto correct w Rock...wait...I mean Flock...LOL

    My daughter texted to me she and her BF were going to Niagara Falls, auto correct kicked in and the text said
    "Viagra Falls"

    Nothing new w me, still always in pain, next stop a sports medicine doc for the chronic hip bursitis, Im thinking it will result in me being sent to PT to stretch the ligaments.

    Mikie I hope you start feeling better soon. I have been to FL quite a few times this past year, my daughter moved to West Palm for a job, she works in Belglade, have you heard of that City, smack in the middle of the State, she has a long drive to work.

    Julie I have my fingers crossed you dont get sick, knock on wood, I havent had a cold for a long long time, ever since I retired from nursing and stopped being around sick people.

    Granni keeping busy as usual

    Barry how is your dog? The Vet just started my dog on anti seizure meds. I put the pill between banana slices w peanut butter to make the pill "stick". Its so scary to witness the dog seizing.

    Spring I drool every time you write about one of your recipes, I love Indian cuisine

    HI Diane , I would get rid of that awful doctor too, what a thing to say!!

    Sun and Star, we havent met, I have been a Porch member since about 08 but over time stopped writing . I was around when Elaine was coming here as well. I see that she stopped in a few days back.

    SO extremely hot all over the country but I will take it, its better than snow any day!

    TIL Next time....Linda
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  18. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    I'm really feeling wiped out!!!!! You would think I was the one doing all the tile work, but I have pushed myself continually doing gardening cleanup and repotting a lot of things. I Just CAN'T RELAX when someone is here, so I go go go go go go like the energizer bunny then when they leave I take a shower and DIE. I'm expecting them anytime to do the large entry. He said it would go quicker since it was pretty much straight with no corners to cut around in the kitchen. On Monday he'll be 1/2 day doing all the grouting and I'm so looking forward to putting my house to order again. NEXT........when everything is done I will have to call my handyman to put in the new baseboards. Oh yes......first I need to go to a molding store and buy them so I can paint them before installing them.

    I've been having more trouble breathing, so this morning I decided I better run my air purifier to clean up the rooms where work has been done. Yesterday it was hot with a lot of smog, and today and tomorrow even hotter so that could also be contributing to breathing. I've also screwed up my knee again and it's been swollen and hurting something awful. I think I'm going to break down and see my doc for an X-ray. I wore a neoprene knee brace all day yesterday but it didn't seem to help. Gosh........I guess I'm whining a lot today.

    Spring: Good for you....putting your foot down!!!!!! You live there and have to contend with complaints from the neighbors. I hope you find just the perfect trees to have planted. You poor girl.....marrying into the Energizer Bunny family!!!!! My DD did that too, and for years she would get comments from them and "looks" but she finally learned to ignore them. Oh yes, I've also gotten comments from them. I've learned not to say anything about anything. Some people are just born with good genes.

    Julie: I'm soooo glad you decided not to bring the twins home this time. I kept thinking that if they got sick, then you, it would be very very hard on you. We can only push our bodies so hard, then they rebel against us, making us throw up our hands, or throw in the towel.

    Mikie: Stop worrying about your weight! Eat healthy daily, even in small amounts, eat what you want to, and drink lots of water to flush. Have you made some smoothies? The first Csection I had it was %^$# getting the anesthesia out of my body, felt very discumbuperated all the time and try taking care of a newborn living like that. The second Csection I told the doc. only the smallest amount, and I wanted to be awake. Much easier getting over it.

    HI Linda: I missed your posting. Nice to meet you, hope to see you often. Where do you live? I'm in so. California. about 45 min. from Rock/flock. So funny what the automatic word comes up with........good one concerning your DD!!!!! LOL And when did you retire? I'm 71, feel 85 at times, but just keep pushing and pushing, and at times seem to live on ibuprofen, coffee, and wine! I say my "uppers and downers"
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  19. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hello, friends! Hope everyone is doing as well as possible. I didn't get as early a start to my day as I was hoping, but figured it was better to pace myself a bit and get caught up on some rest.

    Linda, so good to see you! So sorry for all your pain. So many friends on here have such pain...I have to say, I am a real wimp...if I hurt as much as you guys I would be complaining all the time. But you all seem to just keep plugging along. That fatigue is what gets me in trouble, but I also just do what I can, when I can.

    Sun, what a mess you must be having...but so nice when it gets done. I understand about having to be on the go when someone is there working. I am the same way when we have an Amish crew here...and they are usually outside.

    Spring, sorry you have to deal with fighting to have the trees you want in your own yard (imagine that) and then dealing with the neighbors who are upset about the trees that you didn't even choose. Glad you stood your ground with Uncle, though.

    Mikie, I'm sorry you are suffering the after effects of the surgery/anesthesia. I hope things "pass" very soon.

    Hi to everyone else...I am in the middle of making lunch, so have to keep jumping up from the computer to stir something, lol! Cooking some rice spaghetti and heating up a jar of white sauce and added some sliced chicken sausages to the sauce...they are "feta and spinach." Would have just had quick sandwiches, but Den doesn't cook for himself when I'm gone...thought I'd better fix something a little better.

    Yes, I'm glad I didn't bring the twins back with me. They will have a lot more fun when they are feeling better.

    Sorry, timer went off and I need to get going. Have been outside earlier...helping Den (go-fer duty) and mowing a little.
  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Linda, good to hear from you. Love the auto-not-so-correct to Viagra Falls.
    I'll probably stay up all night laughing. Hope your stretching helps.
    Be nice if you could drop in more often.

    I found a pic from Belle Glade, Florida. Reminds me of the mission in Ventura,
    CA. The city improved the area across the street from the mission by putting
    in a fountain, flowers, etc. when I was living there in the 70s. (Ventura is
    the second aka lower pic. Don't ask me why one is bigger.)

    The mission in Ventura is the 9th and last the Spanish missionaries built.
    It was completed in 1782 during the Revolutionary War.



    Sun, good luck with all that home improvement. Hope things go well.
    Are you going to paint the baseboards like folks used to do in places
    like Holland and Switzerland with flowers on the cupboards, etc.?

    Hope you knee improves. Can you wear a neoprene brace anywhere
    other than the knee? SOL (Smiling Out Loud).

    Julie, from your reports over the years you sound like a wonderful
    granma to me. The kids have a special area in your house and toys
    and treats and coloring books and things they can ride and Oreo
    and activities like planting and cooking. A granma isn't required to
    be Disneyland, ya know. Hope you can catch up on your rest.

    Hafta come back and post more later. My typing has gone all ta
    Helen Back which means my brain and my fingers are tired.

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