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    Hi, Kids,

    I'll be back after I go back to read Porch #914. OK, I'm back. I had a hard time finding a place to segue because we've had such an active Porch lately. I love it! It's soooo good to have everyone visiting so often. I read the last of the posts over there and will respond here.

    Granni, I think the board is called the mother board. It's the main center of action in the electronics. DD's Bosch dishwasher kept having the mother board go kaput. No one could figure out why. They finally replaced the entire dishwasher. My front loader W&D are Bosch and I hope they never go kaput. I love them and they would be very expensive to replace. Thank you for you sweet compliment. I'm past worrying myself over how I look but I don't want to look so bad that people turn away horrified when they see me. I look like a slob when I'm working around the condo or outside. We are all used to seeing each other like this so, when we clean up to go out to eat, it's always so nice to take it all in. I think it's wonderful that you are so socially active. I'll bet you have a lot of lovely things to wear and always look beautiful.

    Rock, I'm glad your aches and pains went away. I just realized that I was feeling lousy a couple of days ago because I was Herxing. I'm done taking the ABX but they may prescribe another course, depending on the urine culture they will do on Wed. My back still hurts and I can't decide whether it's just a backache or the kidney. I'm so tired of all this. Seems another common thing in these illnesses is how much longer it takes for us to recover. I think they keep changing the name of CFIDS because "fatigue" makes it sound like a lark compared to the bone-crushing exhaustion that we suffer. Still, a rose by any other name... I like how you put it. I realized that I mixed my metaphors in a post where I mentioned the shine was off the rose instead of the bloom. Good grief! Just call me Yogi Berra. You can't call me Yogi Bear 'cause I'm not "Smarter than the average bear."

    That crossword puzzle I mentioned had a grid with darkened squares. There were no clues but the white squares had the grid numbers which corresponded to the numbered squares in the 26-square code grid above. Thing is that they only gave three of the letters in the code grid. I had to figure out the other 23 letters so I could fill in the puzzle squares. I figured it would be like a Sudoku puzzle which I'd quit in disgust. I was amazed when it started to come together. Once I had a few more letters, the rest fell in place. Now, I'm back to jelly brain. AACCKK!!! Hope your aches 'n pains are gone for good.

    Sun, my friend and neighbor has polymyalgia rheumatica and she has painful flares. It goes latent but usually returns at some point. Over the years, she has generally improved. I'm laughing thinking about the nephew hissing when he got near the cage. I think the moving boxes are the regular size which I could pick up if not full of heavy things. She isn't a hoarder per se but always has to have an enormous wardrobe for trips. Around the hood, she doesn't wear makeup and dresses like I do. Her DD is a very attractive fashionista who looks like a model when she leaves for work. She has MS; actually both do. The DD runs and watches what she eats and her MS is in remission. My friend, her mother also has FMS and that is why she is moving to the Phoenix area. Seems she feels better in the dry heat than in the heat 'n humidity.

    I've seen ads on TV for some nice tips for table and chair legs. Check online for them. Good luck! BTW, I don't think we can avoid the colonoscopies without risking dire consequences. My biological father died of colon cancer and that is why it's so important that I have them. I've had some benign and some precancerous polyps removed so I know I would have developed colon cancer by now without having had the colonoscopies during which the polyps were removed. I know I'm preaching to the choir here because you've seen first hand what ignoring colon screening can cause. I look at it as a chance to get a good colon cleanse and a nice deep nap. People pay big bucks at spas to get the colon cleanses and relax. My doc uses propophol and I know why Michael Jackson loved it so much.

    Julie, glad you got some good Chinese food and got to shop for the kiddies. I still sometimes stop and look at the cute clothes that are sold for the little ones. I'd dress Sir Vester up but I don't think he'd take kindly to it. He does sport a pretty red collar with a bell. Yes, I hope this mess will come to a timely end for you. You've suffered enough! The bane of my existence arrives on Sun. but I'll have everything off the balcony by then. Of course, I'm sure she will carp about something else. I'm not too worried because I can just pretty much ignore her. Don't know whether or not you remember; she threatened to call the fire dept. on me because I had a large plant on the balcony. That's when she started screaming obscenities at me in a mad rage. Try to hang in there, Kiddo. It'll be over soon.

    I'll be going out to clean the balcony and move things before it gets too hot. The weatherman on TV now has a new gimmic called, The Sizzle Scale. I don't know what it measures. It was at 100 degrees for today even though it will be in the very low 90's. I suspect it measures how hot it feels versus how hot it actually measures. I used to say we have two seasons--Hot 'n Hotter. I've added, Just Shoot Me Now, to describe our weather when it's soooo humid you could cut it with a knife. It's not quite as humid as it was a couple of days ago, boding well for working outside early. Hope all y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning, guys! Mikie, thanks for starting a new volume...I should pay more attention to when it needs done. I didn't remember about Barb calling the fire dept. on you...such a waste...what if there had been a real fire that needed their attention at that time?

    Speaking of heat...I think I've been in the "just shoot me now" stage quite a bit this summer.

    The attorney said if sis calls the sheriff on us again to just tell them what we know...and if we don't want to talk to them to tell them we will come in to the office at a later date with our attorney. I'm just glad they all know me and Den and only came out the other night because it was just part of their job..

    I slept better last night, and didn't wake up with a tension headache. I am hurting in my back and neck, but I think the chiro will be able to work on that when I go see him around noon. I haven't been in to see my dad yet this week, but the resident/family picnic is Sunday so I will visit him then. I'm starting my 12 layer jello salad today...it is always a hit. Dad hasn't wanted to go out and "picnic" the past few years, so we will probably just stay inside.

    I could go today, but the chiro is in a town an hour away from my dad...I just want to see the chiro, get a few groceries, come home and chill. Then Den is "off call" this evening so wants to go to the home supply store. We decided to put a door on the north side of the new house instead of just a window, so need to take the pickup over and get one. The window we have will now go in the bathroom. This house is "evolving" as we go along, lol!

    I'd better get myself around...hope everyone has a "good enough" day!

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    Good morning to all, another beautiful summer day here today, I so appreciate the nice weather and am dreading the thought of winter.

    Mikie I am concerned you have pain near your kidney and you are finished w the antibiotics, perhaps you need that repeat urine culture sooner than later. I was putting your outfit together in my mind as you described each detail of what you wore to the luncheon. Perfect, you looked beautiful in my mind.

    SUN I make the bean salad a lot, so easy and enjoyed by most. I use the REEDS Brand of premixed canned beans, yellow, green and kidney beans, I then had chi chi beans
    (garbanzo) chopped onion then marinate it w 7 Seas brand of Italian dressing which I make w canola oil and red wine vinegar using the cruet that's labelled w marking as to how much of each to add. I like the idea of adding cilantro, I LOVE cilantro. Hope you get your umpf back sooner than later.

    I have found the chair foot slip things at the dollar store, of course there are fancier more expensive ones like as seen on TV but Im cheap..LOL

    Granni I never use sugar in my bean salad, if you omit it I doubt it would be noticed. that said guess you could consider using and sugar substitute. Why no Red wine vinegar?

    Julie good luck w you know who, I can see why you want it over with, she certainly has issues. Have a good time w dad. How long before you think the new house will be done enough to move in?

    Barry you mentioned Shorty needs phenebarb levels, the cost of the $$ med Lucie is on may outwieigh the cost you have to pay to have routine blood levels done, Im sure they cost a lot too. Lucies med does not require blood monitoring.

    STAR how did the Treasures say the glamp trip was?

    Diane you and Ken sure have your unfair fair share of getting the gunk, I hope you feel better now.

    I saw the Sport Medicine Doc for my bad hip pain and in doing so bought myself a ticket to the Medical Merry Go Round. I started PT Yesterday, have a hip ultrasound next week and a back MRI to follow. At PT, in addition to strengthening exercises, they are going to start doing a new techniques called the Graston procedure, rather than try and explain here is a link. I'm excite because its supposed to help w chronic inflammation and I have chronic tendinitis in my hip tendon/ ligament

    Video link, its a short one

    Rock glad to hear you woke up pain free, I woke at 2:00 w intense hip pain, no sleepy for me
    and why I am so hoping the new PT stuff helps relieve it

    Hi Spring!!

    May you all have a pain free energy filled day! That said, Im fading already...:eek:

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    Good afternoon everydobby,

    It has been a busy morning and part of afternoon so far. Might go to zumba gold this afternoon with DD it it does start pouring at that time. She has already been over do do a wash and we went two stores and then out to lunch which we don't do that often. She wanted to go to Ulta (( I think that is how you spell ei). They have all kinds of makeup and beauty products there. I ended up getting some makeup that has been hard to find here at WM ( they are changing everything in the Cover Girl line it seems). Also got a thermal hairspray that I have been unable to find. Even WM is changing everything it seems or what they get for cheap. So I ended up spending about $17 or so for that instead of less than $10 at WM. It is probably a better product anyway. You can also go and have your hair and facial tings done there. Not to cheap I imagine. It is a Kendra product which is a good brand I know.

    LINDA - The recipe I had for the bean salad was an oldie but goodie and had loads of susgrr in it which we didn't think about at that time. However, now I got also to ND who also does Iridology and found that I have systemic fungus which we have been trying to get rid of for some time besides other digestive issues. One of the no nos of the big one for that is no sugar or anything of course that turns into sugar. Most of the time I don;t need to used any kind of sweetner but other people of course are different. It also calls for red wine vinegar which is great. However, I know I am not supposed to have anything with vinegar unless cooked and or with ACV. There MAY be another kind I can have but need to find out. Driving me nuts some of this stuff.

    Hope the sports med doc can help you with all your problems.

    JULIE - So glad you had a good visit with the lawyer and that all was going well. Yes, good advise from SUN don't talk to anyone else about her or the situation. She will try and catch you however she can. Sh e's the one tell stores that most people know are not true. TRY and forget about her temporarily. Hopefully you can do so permanently, real soon. That Chinese food you got for yourself gave DD and I an idea. We went to AKASHI which they have nice lunch menus for fairly cheap and we love chinese and japanese plates. Not sure what was in it I shoudn't have but oh well. I had friend rice and I ate about half of it . They give you so very much rice and egg drop soup and small egg roll. I know I p probably should have taken off the roll part of the egg roll but I ate it anyway :)!! he he

    Hugz to MIKIE, ROCK, DIANE, SUN, STAR BARRY, et al, I need to get ready for our exercise class (Zumba Gold). So I need to go for now!!! Thanks for starting us up again MIKIE !!!

    Granni :)
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    Hi, Kids,

    I did manage to go out and get all the outside furniture brought in from the balcony and stowed on the lanai. Kids are coming over the Labor Day weekend but we won't be sitting out; it's too darned hot! I'm glad I got everything outside done early when it was merely Miserable before it got to Just Shoot Me Now. I swept the balcony of cobwebs as long as I was out there anyway. I even swept them off of Barb's door. I walked past it three times. The angel on my right shoulder kept telling me to clean it off. The devil on my left shoulder kept telling me to leave it. I finally listened to the little angel on my right. I guess when God gives us the chance to do the right thing, we should take advantage and just do it.

    I called the doc's office because I still had pain and there were a few small blood clots in my urine. I've had blood but not cloths and that, combined with the pain, made me think I should call. Nurse said it's normal. I have just a wee bit of urgency, frequency and burning but it could be all the fluids I'm pushing and the stent. The nurse said to continue to push fluids and, if I'm still having issues on Mon., I could come in and see the nurse practitioner. I still have the symptoms but it's not bothering me that much. I've taken it easy most of the day. The most important thing is that I got the stuff outside done.

    Julie, Barb didn't actually call the fire dept.; she just threatened to do it. She called them when her fire alarm went off up in the highest part of the ceiling. It wasn't smart of her DH to put a bettery-operated one up there to replace the hard-wired ones we originally had. The thing was squealing so they firemen went ahead and climbed up on their ladder to take it down. I think they warned her not to call them again for it. She was bragging to everyone about how she called them and they came right out for her. I've just left the old one up on my ceiling and placed a redundant battery-operated one up on top of my tall armoire. If the hard-wired one goes bad, it just won't work anymore.

    Your atty. gave you good advice but, as you say, you probably won't have any more interactions with the sheriff. Good grief! What a waste of their time and yours. I'm glad you slept better last night. I hope the chiro can help with your neck. Mine has been bothering me because I've been sleeping so much. I fall asleep propped up on two pillows when I read or watch TV. That Jello salad sound yummy. What is in it besides the Jello? My Mom used to make all kinds of Jello dishes for her pot luck dinners. I loved them. Glad Den is off so y'all can go to the supply store. Isn't that like a kind of date for you two? Maybe you can snuggle up with a good movie when you come home.

    Linda, glad I looked beautiful in your mind. Don't think I looked beautiful in reality but I looked good enough. Down here, we live our lives mostly in tee shirts, shorts or Capris, and flip flops. So, when we go out to eat or for a show or the symphony, we like to dress up just a wee bit. It's amazing how a bit of jewelry dresses things up. I hate to spend too much on dressier things because I don't go out that much. In the wintertime, I wear short jackets but it's too hot for them now. That's why I got the pashmina.

    You're not cheap. I love the dollar store and why spend money you don't have to. Yes, all those tests are like being on a merry go round. I'm glad you are excited about this treatment and I hope it helps. I have a lot of inflammation too. Some people get help for it by going gluten free. I tried it but it didn't seem to help. I have a plastic ball with spikes on it and I roll it down the outside of my thigh where I have sciatica inflammation. It breaks up the inflammation but it hurts like crazy when I do it. Keep us updated on your progress. I'm gonna check out the link.

    Granni, we have an Ulta not far from me. I went in there once and it was all snooty young girls working. I found them rude and I've never gone back. I get most of what I need at Target and I stock up when it's on sale or they have coupons or free gift cards, depending on what I buy. I used to buy expensive makeup and hair care products but the new things are so good that I can buy the less expensive brands. I buy a better brand of hair spray and mousse but I get it when it's almost on a BOGO. Before the anesthesia, my scalp itched and my hair was very, very limp. Now, the itch is gone and my hair has all kinds of body. I hope this keeps up. I'm glad you had a nice lunch. I ate more of the pasta I ordered for lunch yesterday. Good grief! It appears I'm gonna get four meals out of it. It was expensive but not if I amortize it over three or four meals.

    OK, Kids. I'm gonna take this tired old bod to bed. I'll read and/or watch TV. I've added lemon to the water I'm pushing and I took some colloidal silver too. That alone may get rid of any lingering infection. My love, hugs and prayers to everydobby.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Thanks for opening up, Mikie. If anyone tries to interfer with your Bosch
    Appliances, you know what to tell 'em. Oh, Bosh! Yes, my aches and pains
    went away. Unlike many of our porchers, I seldom have any aches and pains.
    I did have pains in the soles of my feet from neuropathy, but they went away
    with some simple exercises. And my back is sometimes a problem, but those
    pains go away when I lie down for a while.

    Right now we are waiting for one of Gordon's nieces to show up. She said
    she would be here between 2 and 4. It is now 4:18. She is currently working
    as an Uber Driver. ("Uber" in Germany means "over". Perhaps because
    the drivers travel over roads?) Anyhoo she wants to say Goodbye before
    moving to Las Vegas.

    She also has a Worker's Compensation claim pending. I can't really advise
    her on either topic. My expertise on both topics is now serially out of date.
    Regarding the Sizzle scale, I suspect your guess is a good one.

    Julie, your evolving house seems both a project and an adventure. Would
    you like a revolving house? Seems to me I heard of one many decades ago.
    The only thing I can find on the net is a revolving villa in the Po Valley of
    Italy near Verona. Built by a wealthy engineer way back in the 30s.
    It is called Il Girasole (the sunflower). Pic below.

    Linda, I hope the therapy and exercise help. I wonder if the new program is
    named for a Dr. Graston. And if so, is the doctor aware the name is an
    anagram for snotrag? Oh well, it will all blow over in a little while. Glad
    you're enjoying the summer weather.

    Sun, you were right. Gordon did indeed bring home the gold. That is,
    he won a first place with his yellow Brassia-laelia-cattleya. In other
    words, a cross of 3 different species. He also won two plants in the raffle.

    News flash: Just heard from the niece in absentia. She can't make
    it today. Will try again tomorrow. Well, shoot! I got all dressed up.
    I.e., I put on a pair of jeans and a clean shirt. And to make it a
    really swank affair I put on my (synthetic) topaz ring that matches
    the shirt.

    Hugs, Rock

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    MIKIE - I am popping in for a few minutes just checking the PORCH. I probably won't be on long and need to go take a shower and watch some more Olympics. Glad you got most of the outside stuff dine you needed to do before Barb came as well as your kids. I knew you would do the right thing sweetie about sweeping the cobwebs off her door even if she is a big pill, to say the least. How long is she supposed to be staying??

    So sorry that those gals at Ulta were rude. All the younger ladies in there that we spoke to were very polite and nice but then you can have snooty people anywhere. In fact the first young lady was very helpful and help me find some stuff I was looking for for my hair. They have so many products now that are supposed to do everything and anything for your hair Sorry your neck has been bothering you too. It bothers me all the time. I need go and try and pressure point massage but never seem to have the money.

    Hope everydobby has a great sleep tonight. I slept kind of weird last night but got up at almost 9:00 this morning. I did my usual waking up and went back to sleep but somehow I just have really needed it. I need to get off her and start getting ready for beddy bye and take my shower. It takes me quite a while to get situated.

    Wondering how DD#1 , SIL and 2 grown up grandsons are doing on their trecks to both schools this weekend, especially to LUBBOCK after San Marcos. There was a pic of them all getting ready to go with two cars and 2 bikes and all their stuff . Who knows how often we will see them unless we want to do the traveling., that also includes my DD and DSIL after they make their move, whenever they sell their house.:(

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Hello all

    I've caught a cold from being caught in the rain the other day...I'd gone the other way to buy mushrooms, it's not very far and goes over a bridge and uphill, but what a downpour! Only the bravest of drivers, braving the downpour to continue driving! People took shelter in shop fronts as did i. But not before getting mostly wet.

    Mikie - that sucks about more bleeding but good to hear nurse said its not out of normal.

    I've stuck to the Garnier brands of cosmetics, they make them in India so it's not thru the roof the prices as the loreal, revlon ones are. I do use a winter creme from usa that I discovered in the shops there which worked fantastic. Can't abide putting on rich cremes in summer here... But both me and my friend have let ourselves go, where grooming is concerned...too much work, trouble with house help, etc..

    we are good if we get to comb our hair and put on moisturizer every day! Whenever she calls up, it's the same story, lol! Bemoaning the good ole days..actually she is more affected, she used to be so particular about her appearance, me because i suffered depression, I would go days without taking careof my skin. Just the basic necessities. And now, I don't hv depression as such, but dealing with house and not being able to leave the house unattended etc.(thieving help)..same ole thing, I've neglected my skin.

    Linda - I get hip pains but they come and go. However, they're very vague...a little twinge and then it goes away...I do use my healing techniques immediately, I do believe things caught in time and not allowed to progress is way better.

    What are leg slip things? One of these days I'd like to try a bean salad the kind you described.

    Granni - awww.. The young ones going away to college, but what fun they will hv!! I envy them. I loved every bit of the six months college I did, probably because we are allowed to choose the subjects, had there been more maths, I would've not been as happy. My DD had the same experience, she loved every bit of college. Not so much my son, he wasn't very good in studies so it was a chore, is a chore mostly.

    Rock - congrats to Gordon on yet another win. Where do you keep all the prizes? My DH used to win when he was younger, the not so tough golf matches, meaning weaker players. There are a coupla beautiful crystal cut glass vases..but the rest I've stocked someplace. It's been more than 20 years of him playing.( We still do keep the photos of him in the national newspaper, they cover the tournaments..)mostly stuck on the fridge.

    I was laughing to think of you dressing up and then the person not turning up. It's happened to me. I keep a clean pressed wrap around skirt and loose top hanging for emergency uses, if a guest drops in,( the dogs give warning beforehand, )I dive for the clothes and then step out.

    Julie - yes, the house is becoming an ongoing evolving project, however, you and Den get to decide what goes where, how satisfying is that?

    Do take care of your shoulder and back pain...I honestly believe it is psychological, brought on by Sis's shennanigans.

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    Mikie- I googled pashmina and scarves and shawls came up in images. The description said it was a really soft wool. Kashmir ?
    Anyway I have a better idea now. I did think along the lines of shawl. I'm going to have to God lanai too, 'cause all this time I thought it was maybe another name for balcony, but now that you've referred to the balcony as a place of contention with Barb... Well, I'll just look it up. Why is it any of Barbs business what sort of plants you have on the balcony? I'm assuming you're utilising your space and how you pretty it up, is your call?

    I'm so sorry to hear you are still suffering. I can see how it'd be confusing trying to figure out if it's your back or kidney stirring things up. When I get a flu with all the aches and pains, I only know it's a flu if the rest of the tribe get sick. Otherwise I put it down to a flare up or the usual. Obviously coughs and colds are easier to pick. I pick up bugs and my body often has a high white blood cell count when I have blood tests, meaning my body is fighting something...It no longer surprises me though, or causes me to worry. I just figure that's probably one of the reasons I'm always soooo tired. I also have a bit of a sensitive stomach, so it's difficult to differentiate. I just try and get on with it and wash my hands rev etc to avoid passing anything on.
    Blood in the urine is something to keep an eye on though. Is the stent causing that? And I wonder if the body would perceive it as a foreign object? Hmmm. More to google.

    Off topic, my BIL has a stent in his heart I think...
    I've seen the mirrors with the storage behind them and think it's a great space-saving idea.
    I too try to picture you in your out fits and think you'd look classy-tidy, but not over the top.
    Funny about your hair...

    Sun- a greenish brown ferret that hissed? I've gotta say I've never seen a ferret hiss before, but then ours are pets and get handled/played with often. More so in warmer weather ,admittedly. And the greenish colour? Ooh yuk. Dirty? Mind you, she we were feeding ours kangaroo, it actually changed their hair colour. The white ones went a kind of orangish colour. I washed them and washed them, but to no avail.
    My younger brother had one when he was still at home and apparently it always used to nip my mother in the cleft , opposite her elbow, without fail. And only her.
    Yeah, I spotted the furniture pads in the 2buck shop. (I guess your dollar is worth more, hence the dollar shop as opposed to the 2 buck shop. )

    Julie- how many layers of jello? I'm imagining many colours of jelly, layered... Does sound really nice. Often I'll set jelly with some tinned peaches or other fruit and our Treasures love it. A real blessing for me 'cause it's so simple. Trifle is a little more work.
    My Dd had such a taste for vanilla slice that she requested it for her birthday, last year, instead of cake. I was ad to oblige as it's something I can make easily and well... Please tell me more about it.

    As far as that mystery driver the other night, do you suspect your SIL ? We get a few hoons around here, but then, we don't have property, so there's no element of surprise or harassment in that sense. I imagine it'd be difficult to relax with nasty lies on the grapevine and feeling the need to defend your good name. I'm glad you have a good attorney to do all the serious thinking for you and yeah, you've done well doing everything by the book. I suspect your suspicions of SIL made you more vigilant. I hope you don't have to wait 'till harvest and you can wipe your hands off this whole ordeal soon. Riding out any storm is never pleasant and I'm sorry for your troubles. Renovating and planning must help to distract.

    The baby clothes and toddler out fits are amazing these days and only cost a fraction of what they used to. I'm going to enjoy shopping when I become a grandma. Many years away yet, I hope!

    Granni- I'm sure you'll miss Dd and all the rest, but keeping busy with your singing and all that must be a great pleasure. My Aunty skypes all the rellies. I'm not up with all that, but she was sky ping my cousin in Dubai and lately Chicago regularly and I think it didn't cost a cent. Only the data in her plan. That way she talks face to face and get the house tour and everything. I guess I'll have to figure all that out when my Treasures leave home...

    Spring- thieving help? Gee that's pretty lousy. Do you have to watch them while they work?have you had much 'go walkies' in the past? Hope you get over that old soon. No fun being crook. When I get acold,I get the works-red honker,red & raw under the nose...absolute mess!

    Rock- speaking of which, snot rag had me cracking up for a while, I must say!
    Watched a kids/family, Aussie movie last night ,called Odd Ball. Based on a true story about a special breed of dog who ended up babysitting the endangered fairy penguins.
    Then my night was destroyed by watching a rediculous movie called black sheep.New Zealand brand. DH laughed while I dry reached. Killer sheep and all that. A complete waste of time!

    My phone is freezing up, so I think I'll post this and start a nEw one...
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    Hi Kids

    Nothing much going on here except we are under attack by forces as
    yet unidentified. For the last 5 hours there has been loud music and
    sometimes loud voices outside. We seldom have much noise here
    except for the occasional leaf blower. I'd call the cops, except their
    policy is that they do not respond to noise complaints.

    Not a good policy. It encourages vigilante justice. Some years back
    a man was killed when two homeless guys in downtown LA got into a
    fight over a can of beer.

    Star, I had to search for Pashmina some years back too. This is solid
    evidence that the porch is educational. Here's a kawinkydink fur ya.
    With regard to sheep, I was just reading a Dave Barry essay about weird
    doings in New Zealand. Dead sheep were found in tree tops. Turned out
    helicopters had been hauling the dead sheep and the wires broke.

    Which reminds me of a U. S. sailor who tried to circumnavigate the
    censorship rules during WWII. He wrote home to his parents saying,
    "I've been kind of tired lately, but since arriving in our new port, I've
    had a feeling of new zeal and energy.

    Is "God lanai" the auto correct at work? A lanai is a patio. The Golden
    Girls refer to their lanai all the time, but they seldom are on
    it. Guess it takes too long to change the set.

    Spring, Gordon has belonged to the orchid club for decades and won
    oodles of ribbons. I think he said the ribbons cost a buck @. A decade
    or two ago the club decided to economize. Members can exchange a
    ribbon for a raffle ticket. I think they have modified that plan too.
    He told me not to long ago, but I can't remember much of anything.

    One of my relatives when I was a kid used to win prizes for her
    baking at the county fair. She'd put a bunch of ribbons in a frame
    and hang them on the wall. She won a ribbon or two every year.
    Finally she stopped framing them and just put them in an old box up
    in the attic.

    Yes, Gordon says his niece will be here tomorrow. Plus she's taking
    about a dozen relatives out to dinner. Gordon told her he'd pay
    half. I dunno why. He also told me she is making $200 a day as
    an Uber Driver. I kinda doubt that though.

    Granni, what is thermal hairspray? Sounds dangerous. I think I
    read some authoritative text one time. Or maybe a comic books. Anyhoo
    it said if you were in a tight spot, such as being attacked by kidnappers,
    you can turn your can of hair spray into a flame thrower by lighting
    it with your Bic. (That would be the Bid lighter, not the pen.) Do
    not try this at home or anyplace else unless a team of firefighters is

    Mikie, "I'm so tired of all this." Me too. They can engrave that on my
    tombstone. Actually I don't even want a tombstone, but Gordon says
    mourners need a place to visit. I don't agree. I think people can
    mourn while they're peeling potatoes.

    I can't do a Sudoku puzzle either. It's too much like a bear trying to type.
    Hopeless! Good thing I don't need to.

    Hugs Linda, Julie, Barry, Diane, Sun,


  11. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member


    Rock- guess you'll have to dress up again tomorrow.
    Good going for Gordon and his orchids, dispite the trail blazing snail.
    Over here it costs about $100 to fix a male ferret and of course there's a risk, being a smaller creature.

    Barry- I watched bits and pieces of a doco on Bonney and Clyde the other night and then a movie called 'Finest Hours' based on a true story about smallest coastguard boat rescue in history. It was well done. Set in stormy Ocean off Cape Cod. Due to courage and persistence they rescued about 24.
    I didn't know what a surface was eigther and barely know my way around a computer, but I know enough to get by I guess.

    100 km winds and snow forecast for pretty much everywhere else in this area, except here. Oh well. Winter is back with a vengeance! Our ferrets remind me of the slinky toys you get. I wonder if your Slinky was named for his/her? Flexible, but limp, ferret-like attributes?

    Our neighbour dropped in earlier with some wraps (flat bread). Her neighbour gets them from work. Bonus.
    My lot love them and DH has cooked up some beef cheeks in the pressure cooker. So moist and melt in the mouth. Yum.

    I cleaned out a bit of the store room on those good days we had and pulled a muscle in my fore arm, would you believe? Every time I stretch it out it hurts. No pain, no gain I s'pose. Am still pleased with my achievement.

    Linda- Ahh the medical roller coaster... Glad you're enjoying it.
    I've had a gut full and told my dr as much The last time I saw him. I told him I felt like a guinea pig (and now I have the hair colour to match! Not that bad I s'pose. Ha ha) just sick of all the dif side effects and trials.
    Hope all goes well and you get good results.

    Dianne- sorry to hear you're crook again. I seem to pick up a lot also. I use hand sanitizer a fair bit after I go shopping and that sort of thing. I don't think I suffer as much as you have been lately though. Hope you both get well soon.

    Elaine- hope you're doing well over your neck of the woods!

    My Treasures are home and our little Jack Russell was over the moon happy. He'd just walk into the lounge and be happy. His tail didn't stop the whole remainder of the day. So nice to see that I wasn't the only one happy to have everyone home again.

    Mil leaves tomorrow.
    We get a few wks off and then my mums here for two wks.
    My phone is nearly flat, so I best call it a night before it cuts out.

    Wishing you all well.
    Take care
    Catch yas later.
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  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    I hope today ushers in a good weekend for everydobby. I may amble down to see whether the shrimp bushes in the stairwell atria can be trimmed back enough to look decent and not like a wild jungle. I'm prepared to have them removed. I need to talk to our other two board members about it.

    I also need to call a friend about another potential member of our little group. I ran into his daughter and she said she is having a hard time working and getting him to his medical appts. My friend knows them better than I and, perhaps, she will know their situation. The mother died of cancer a few years ago and she was our friend and went to our luncheons. This would seem to me to be someone our little group was intended to help. I did tell the daughter that there are people here who would help her out and all she has to do is call us. I'll try to follow it up.

    I've really pushed the lemon water and took colloidal silver and I believe the symptoms are improved. There was minimal blood in the urine this morning. My back hurts all over but I suspect that it isn't my kidney; it's from being a lazy lump for too long. I had to get up twice early this morning to use the bathroom and it got Sir Vester riled up. At least, when he meows and scratches for me to get up, he will go back to sleep for a while if I tell him to. It's very possible the stent is what is causing the symptoms. I'll be glad when it's removed on Wed. I have to run in on Tues. to get a KUB x-ray and take the films with me to the doc.

    In Hawaii, patios and private balconies are called, lanais. I suspect the developers here started using the term to make our humble condos sound more exotic. They call townhouses, villas, which I find ridiculous. To me, a villa is a posh home in Europe. This all seemed weird to me when I moved here but I've fallen under the spell of Florida speak. Between the way we speak, the way we drive, and our political history, it's no wonder we are the butt of so many jokes. :(

    Pashmina refers to a type of cashmere wool which originated in Kashmir, India. Often, it is combined with silk. It also refers to the shawls made of the wool. A few years ago, pashminas were all the rage. Now, I can't find them in stores. I'm so glad I found this one on Amazon. I may get one more. Hillary Clinton wore a light dusty pink jacket at one of her rallies. It is exactly what I like. I heard she wears off-the-rack clothing from Talbot's. We have one here in the same center as Bed Bath & Beyond. They always have good sales. I found those copper-infused back braces online from BB&B. I'll stop in the store because I can use my 20 percent off coupon if they order it for me. It will ship to me for free right to my door. Such a deal!

    Rock, I'm laughing about the snotrags. If you have a cold and your nose is runny, it may sound funny but it's not (snot, get it?). :D I'll bet you're good at the word scramble puzzles. I love them. In the common vernacular these days, Uber has come to be used as an adjective meaning, "over the top" or "super" as in, "She's an Uber talented artist." I think that's why the name was chosen but I'm not sure. I get sick of such trite phrases. The other one I'm sick of is, "At the end of the day..." Nixon always overused, "At this point in time." Why not just say, "Now?" Another trite phrase is, "Kick the can down the road." While these phrases can be very descriptive of what people want to say, if overused, they just become another shortcut to avoid using our brains to be creative when we speak. Kids today no longer speak to one another in the same room. As if that weren't bad enough, they are too lazy to type so many just use emojies. Of course, it's all in one's perspective. Are they lazy or just efficient? I like emojies but, at the end of the day, I love the written, and spoken word. ;)

    I've eaten in two revolving restaurants, one in Denver and one in New Orleans. The one in NO is round, well, both are round, and sits atop one of the bldgs. by the river. I often see it on TV. It only takes 3/4 horsepower motors to rotate them. That amazes me. They usually make one complete rotation in an hour. That's fast enough to get a 360-degree view of the city over dinner but not so fast that it's difficult to get off the elevators and onto the revolving part. It's not like the conveyers at Disney World on the Haunted House ride. I come flying off of those and spin into the wall. Of course, I do that at home all the time these days. I guess instead of saying, "It's raining dogs and cats," one could say, "It's raining dead sheep." Sheeeesh, sheep! :eek: Tell Gordon congratulations on his ribbons. I bow to his Uber skills.

    Gonna post and come back before the internet imps steal it away into the ether.

    Granni, I should give Ulta another look. I just found the whole thing so unfriendly on the first visit that it turned me off. The store is in a more upscale area of a shopping mall, next to Saks 5th Avenue and an expensive grocery store. Perhaps they encourage snobbishness. Barb always liked shopping there because it made her feel more upscale but did admit the help was not friendly. This has always amazed me because retail clerks are at the bottom of the pay scale. In most retail stores, like Macy's, cosmetic-counter sales people usually make commissions because those areas are leased out to the cosmetics companies.

    It will be exciting to see how the kids are doing in college. I didn't like it when I went right after high school. When I got engaged, I dropped out because I thought I'd be June Cleever the rest of my life. Doh! When I went back later, I loved it. I graduated with my DSIL. I actually had classes, or went to school, with both DDs, my SIL, my ex and my DSIL's Mom. You'll have to let us know how they are doing. St. Thomas Aquinas is the patron saint of students. I've asked his help many a time but I found that studying was a good idea too. ;)

    Spring, I'm sorry you no longer feel like making yourself up every day. I feel the same way, especially when it's hot and I have things to do outside. I think the skin care creams are more important but I get to the point where I just can't make myself do my old skin routine. I use a five-ingredient cream from Signature A by Adrienne Arpel that I buy from HSN. It's the best basic cream I've found but I should also be using vitamin C cream because of the topical chemo I've had twice. I have the cream but am too lazy to switch from the basic one. I'm tellin' y'all, I get sooooo lazy that it's difficult to distinguish me from a rock! I hope you are feeling better.

    I think this world is going to hell in a handbasket. I'm not just talking about the big stuff like wars; I see it everyday in our local news and just in observing people when I go out. The people in our hood are mostly really lovely as are most of the retirees down here. Where I see it is on the road where people run red lights; flee from hit 'n run accidents, even fatal ones; and engage in road rage. Add all the crime and violence and it paints a bleak picture for our future. Kids today see so much rudeness and violence on TV and we have few role models in the world of sports. It's not like the good ole days were perfect but I long for a nicer, gentler time. Thank God for this peaceful Porch and our loving and caring Porchies!

    Star, you described exactly how CFIDS/ME works. Half of our immune systems underreacts to allergens, bacteria, viruses and fungi and the other half overreacts to stimuli. If it overreacts enough, it may turn on our own bodies and we develop auto-immune conditions. It is very difficult to know just what is happening when we feel lousy. The pattern for most people, including normals, is to catch a lot of things when we are young, especially when the kids are small. Once we are older, we typically do not get sick as often with things like colds. My CFIDS/ME was triggered in Dec., 1990 by a mycoplasma bacteria. It wasn't treated long enough with antibiotics and it went chronic in my system. Eleven years later when it was treated, I had to pulse off and on doxycycline for 2 1/2 years. This bacterium can go latent in the body but deposit cysts deep inside the body's tissues. If I get run down, it can reactive. So far, so good (knocking on wood).

    Somewhere along the line, a virus, likely in the Herpes Family (but not genital Herpes) went chronic and it reactivates whenever I get sick or run down. It reactivated while I was getting sick with this kidney stone. I have a small cold sore in the corner of my mouth but I don't usually get the sores when this "Whatever" virus reactivates. I'm taking acyclovir for it. If this long explanation is too tedious, just skip it. Most people here have read my tale of woe over on the other boards over the years. Of course, latent infections aren't the only things caused by what ails us but they play an important part. they can actually be the triggering factor. Infections and allergic reactions produce inflammation and that can be a real problem too. I hope this helps 'splain things; it took me a lot of research just to glean this much. If you want to find out more, there are so many good articles and papers here at the website. Also, you can subscribe to the e-newsletter and get a lot of good info in your e-mail. Take care, Sweetie. The best thing we can do for ourselves is not to overdo things but it's really hard for those, like you, who still have kids at home.

    Love, Mikie
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  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Sorry but the last post was too long so I'm ending it here.

    Once again, I've written a W&P post but I do love reading all y'alls' posts and responding to them. The sun is coming in with dappled shadows through the pine trees. Sir Vester is lying on the lanai and enjoying the morning light. He does seem to miss Tweety about the time each day when they would chase each other around. I try to play with him but he doesn't seem interested in chasing balls or string. If I get up and walk around, he will chase by me, making close passes to my feet. If I clap my hands and chase him, he will run and get under his little bottle-brush arch. Poor little guy. Other than that, he is happy living as an only cat. I'm an only child so I can empathize. Have a good one, everydobby.

    Love, Mikie
  14. S-Elaine

    S-Elaine Member

    Hi everydobby!

    Morning all.

    Another week flew by.

    I'm scheduled to go back to the Surgical Center on Aug 31 to have my pain mgmt dr take care of more of my back where he will ....... destroy nerve endings on another section.

    I've previously had the area done before. Approx a year ago so he doesn't have to do the "test" phase again. He will just do the permanent portion of it. He will do about another 2 inch section in my mid to upper back. Then after that, I will have him move to more of my lower back. I'm looking forward to having the procedure done. It eliminates all pain I have in the specific area that is treated each time I have it done. It keeps the pain away for about a year at a time.

    Yesterday both my Mother & I went to the doctor. I got all of my scripts for the month & he gave us the blood test results for my Mom. Her hemoglobin # is finally back up to normal so now she can go ahead and have her knee surgery! Yippie! She was scheduled in the beginning of the year, but her hemoglobin # was too low and unsafe for her to have to surgery so they cancelled her surgery date.

    Good news is the # is finally at a normal rate so she can move along with plans of the surgery.

    My sister came over last night again. She got back from vacation with her girlfriend and her girlfriend started drinking and became argumentative along with threatening she was going to call the Police on my sister. My sister had to leave her house and came over to visit with me & my Mom. She stayed over our house & just left a few minutes ago this morning.

    My sister is still with the same girlfriend she was with years ago. They've been together for over 20 years and still have the same bad, toxic issues going on between them.

    Both my Mother & I don't have anything to do with my Sister's girlfriend. We still have a restraining order against her & that situation will never change.

    GRANNI ===== You take a zumba class? Wow, that's great!!

    OK, I have a few orders I need to package up for eBay & ship them off at the Post Office before they close for the day.

    I hope to list more items on eBay for sale today. Business is slow, however, I still get a few sales each day.

    STAR & MIKIE ==== I sell women's cosmetics, beauty products, Bath & Body Works products & Longaberger Liners on eBay. I've been selling for 9 years now. I no longer restock an item when I sell out of it. I've been doing that the last year & a 1/2. I'm just trying to get rid of my inventory & basically the same dollar amount I spent for the item.

    Hoping everyone is feeling well & have a wonderful weekend!

    Hugs to ALL,
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  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Whew! It's humid and hot outside but not as bad as last week. I'm inside in the A/C, letting the sweat dry off of me. I can't wash up til I cool down. Sir Vester always gets a treat when I'm gone so I gave him a few of his Greenies when I came in. He was in a playful mood so I sang to him and chased him around. He liked it and played his tag game. If I walk in front of him or do a little dance, he will try to tag me with his paw. He also likes to smack me on the behind when he's on the bed and I walk past. A true male!

    I trimmed bushes in the stair atrium on our side of the bldg. but couldn't get it to look good. Those shrimp plants the landscaper recommended are the wrong thing to have in there. They can't be kept trimmed neatly. They are suffocating the plumbagos in front of them. I also cut back some volunteer trees on the side which are keeping the electrical sensor in the shade too much. Our outside lights are staying on too long. We once had a lizard who liked to nap on the sensor, turning the lights on at all hours of the day. I put Vicks around the edge and he didn't like it; he decided to nap elsewhere. I found out Barb isn't coming til Wed. so I have a few days of reprieve.

    Elaine, I'm glad you are getting the procedure that renders you pain free where the doc deadens the nerves. I'm also glad your Mom's numbers are back to normal. Can't remember--is she getting her knee scoped or replaced? Down here, they allow people to donate their own blood ahead of time for replacement surgery just in case. Fewer problems with matching. I've had both knees scoped and am hoping that will allow me to avoid having them replaced. My ex had his done and one had to be redone. That was a really old one. He's doing well with his knees.

    That is truly scary about your sis's girlfriend. Is she only like that when she drinks? I'm sending up a little prayer for everyone. Good luck with everything.

    Gonna have a bite of lunch. Nothing I have on hand looks that good to me but I gotta eat something. It's been six hours since I ate breakfast.

    Love, Mikie
  16. S-Elaine

    S-Elaine Member

    Hi ALL,

    MIKIE ===== My mom is having her knee replaced.

    My sister's girlfriend acts like that EVERY time she drinks, with is every other day. She will scream out side on top of her lungs ........ "don't hit me again, you better not hit me again."

    Meanwhile, my sister has NOT touched her and never does.

    Eventually my Sister ends up leaving the house & comes over to my Mom's. She stays over & returns home the next morning. We see her at least 2 times a week. Sometimes up to 4 times a week. It's my sister's house, but she is the one who always ends us leaving most of the time. Every now & then her girlfriend will leave, drive drunk and stay at a hotel. She will continually call my sister, screaming & yelling until she passes out. She will leave my sister 20 plus messages on the answering machine, screaming, swearing, threatening her & saying she won't work for her the next day. Also, its my sister's vehicle that her girlfriend will take.

    Last week she refused to work for my Sister, so both my Mother & I helped my sister. We cleaned 4 large houses with her because her girlfriend wouldn't work. I had to take 6 dosages of pain medication to get through the day. Both my Mother and I were in extreme pain for the next 2 days after that. I've told my Sister I wouldn't be able to help her again if her girlfriend pulls that stunt again.

    Why they still stay together boggles my mind. Every other day this craziness goes on between them.

    OK, heading to the Post Office now.

    HUGS to everyone,
  17. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hello All. Still hot here -- a long hot summer for us. Unusual. Climate change? Probably.

    Star, so the ferrets are yours, eh? How many do you have? And you have me drooling over your DH's beef cheeks ! Yum. I wonder if it is as good as beef tongue, which I love? -- must be my pommy blood that makes me like offal so much. So you are now having a cold snap. Watched a film -- Australian -- Season of Passion -- 1959. Cane cutters take their annual holiday from Queensland to Sydney. Ernest Borgnine, Anne Baxter, and Angela Lansbury. I didn't like it too much, unfortunately. But it had its moments....

    Richard made ratatouille yesterday because we had so MANY eggplants picked (brinjal, aubergines) that we HAD to use them. We also had squash (also home-grown) and all the other ingredients. It turned out ok, but we didn't have any bell peppers for it, and the tomatoes were tinned.

    Heck, I have to get off right now.
    No matter, jelly brain always wins,
    and needs must.......

    Love to All,
    May your day be free from pain and jello.

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  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi Again, Kids,

    Since working out in the hot 'n humid air, I've been completely useless today so I decided to drop in to see what's going on. I soaked in Epsom Salts to ease my sore muscles. I didn't do any heavy lifting because I don't think I should. What I did manage to do seems to have helped me feel better other than feeling exhausted. It's not healthy just to lie about and I like to get, at least, something done around here. I decided not to shampoo my hair today; I'll do it in the morning. Why do something today which can be put off til tomorrow. Or, as my role model, Scarlett O'Hara said, in her best Southern accent, "Tomorrow is another day." My symptoms have improved. Woo Hoo!!!

    I decided to watch an old B&W movie from the 4o's. I watched Laura with Jean Tierney, Dana Andrews and Clifton Webb. The clothing the women wore was gorgeous and most of the outfits would look wonderful today. We are so used to watching CSI, NCIS and true crime stories on TV that the police work in those movies makes us cringe but the movies themselves were good. They've stood the test of time. I had a difficult time finding one which was free on On Demand.

    My Cuisinart K-Kup wouldn't brew after the first cup this morning. It's been a long time since I descaled it. When I looked at it, it actually told me to descale it. I hate doing it but was glad I had a whole jug of white vinegar on hand so I filled it up and made glass after glass of hot vinegar to clean out the water lines and brewing mechanism. Then, I had to heat glass after glass of filtered water to rinse out the nasty taste of the vinegar. Cuisinart doesn't make this model anymore so I'm glad I got it working again. I have two of them because, when my first one wouldn't work, I thought it was broken and I bought another. Then, I read the manual (Doh!!!) and learned I had to descale it. This is the same one which America's Test Kitchen said is their favorite after testing a bunch of them. They couldn't figure out why it is no longer available. It is still made in the single-serve unit but I don't like having to fill it up each time I want a cup. If I had my way, I'd have one with a water line straight from the filter so it could refill the water tank automatically. I told y'all that I'm lazy.

    My friend, Joe, just called to tell me what his endoscopy revealed. Just as we thought, he has some inflammation. No one was surprised by that because his stomach has been upset due to his fatty liver. He's changed his diet and lost 10 pounds. He will start Chantix and stop smoking. I'm so pleasantly surprised at what he is doing to get healthier.

    Maybe I'll check out flights for TX at Thanksgiving. I don't know how many reward points I have nor how expensive the flights will be. It's been a while since I've flown. I don't know whether the woman downstairs will come up to feed Sylvester or not. If not, he can go to the Catnip Inn but he'll have to have a physical if he does. He's about six months overdo but the vet didn't want to see him unless he's sick or has contact with other animals. I just combed a couple of knots out of his fur and he was sooooo good. I know it pulls and he always says something but then he's so giddy and happy.

    Elaine, I pray your Mom's knee replacement goes well. I do know that they have really good replacement hardware now, especially compared to the earlier ones. Recovery is faster too. My friend and neighbor here has done beautifully with hers. I admire you for doing e-Bay. It's a lot of work. One of my neighbors here moved to Ariz. last year and she has a business making faux floral arrangements for the fronts of walkers. Everyone admired hers so she decided to make them and sell them. Now, long-term-care facilities and assisted-living facilities call her and she goes to them. The ladies love them because, when there are so many walkers, they can always find their own by the flower arrangements. Also, they're pretty. She is very outgoing and, I'm sure, she has made tons of friends there.

    People often stay in horrible relationships if they've become co-dependent and it isn't logical. Of course, I don't know your sis but that might explain it. In any case, there's not much anyone can do if she stays. Geez, I don't know how you and your Mom did all that cleaning, especially with her knee. Bless your hearts. I don't blame y'all for saying you wouldn't do it again. Take good care of yourselves.

    Barry, so good to see you here. We must have been posting at the same time. Sorry for the jelly brain. I have it most days. It's like pain and exhaustion; it's just there! I get used to it but then, I'll have a short time of clarity and I realize just how jellied my poor ole brain actually is. Whine, whine, whine! I hope you feel better.

    OK, Kids, I better get going. I'll talk to y'all tomorrow.

    Love, Mikie
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  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi to awl on this confused Sat , It doesn't know whether to rain or let the sun come out and is sooo very steamy ad warm out. Not a breathe of air outside. We just went out to go to the work out roon. We both just did the treadmill for awhile.

    MIKIE - I missed where you were having more bleeding. If you still are , please mention this to your doc It might be OK but you need to make sure to make sure it is healing properly with no infections. Are you getting your appetite back??

    ELAINE - So sorry to hear that your sis is still having the same problems with her girlfriend and why they are together really is beyond me, and I am sure you as well. That girl is a sick one to be sure. Glad your mom will soon have her knee surgery and hope all goes well with it. I'm sure it will :)!! I know you will help to take care of her too. That procedure you are having done little by little sounds great. Wish I could have it :)!! Yes DD that moved here to our subdivision from NC since her DH retired early as a petro engeineer, and I both go to the Zumba Gold class. Probably a little slower than the regular class but we do some pretty fast stuff let me tell you. I go to this one because the other one is right after our class and it is when I am cooking dinner. The teacher had told me sometime ago that I could have also gone to the regular class. I love to dance and have a good sense of rhythm . Some don't have and others have more physical problems and movements.

    The makeup or cosmetics that you sell interesting too. I know that it keeps you busy along with everything else.

    SPRING WATER - Sorry you caught a cold out in the rain Hope you are starting to feel better or not getting any worse.

    SUN - Have you recovered from all your inside renovating:)???? Did you finish that painting you were doing that was going to be judged or something? I have forgotten what the deal was?

    ROCK - I keep forgetting to tell you to tell Gordon congrats on his 1st prize orchids. He is amazing . Sounds to me if you say or write the name of those orchids you have no problem with your brain :)!!

    Right now I am watching a TV show about food that DH was telling me about, all about good stuff I shouldn't eat, first all kinds of pizza, my very favorites. Now it is all kinds of hamburgers from all over the country. It is hard to watch and type and then I have to go and and finish making my stuffed peppers again. We get these big sweet peppers in a pkg at Sams and before they start to get bad I figure I had better use them with a brown rice mixture and ground turkey , onion and seasonings and tomato sauce. It is fairly easy and very tasty and I can even eat it:)!!! I also now put goat cheese on top and maybe in the middle of each if I have it.

    Gotta run for now.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, For The Fourth Time!

    Woo Hoo! I'm going to TX for Thanksgiving. I bought my tickets and got direct flights from our airport here. No crazy departure or arrival times either. Always a plus. I just texted DD at Universal Orlando to tell her and DGS that I'm coming. I've had a standing invitation for the Thanksgiving holiday for years but haven't gone for the last few. I haven't seen the kids' new house and am looking forward to that too. My dear granddog isn't doing well and I'd like to see him again. He's such a sweet and nobel beast. I'll take pix.

    Granni, you're soooo good to stick to the diet as well as you do. I know you say you cheat but you really are good! You're also good to keep up the working out. I'll be so glad to get this stent out on Wed. so I can work out again. I just hope I have the NRG to do it. Doing that little bit of yard work actually made me feel better. I did call the doc yesterday and his nurse called back to tell me that the type of bleeding and pain I was having is normal. Also, the burning is likely the stent. In any case, I've pushed lemon water and taken colloidal silver and it's much improved. I love the food/cooking shows. Somehow, I find them calming. DSIL loves them and watches them at the airport or his hotel room when he's away on a flight or on call. He's a really good cook. Your dinner sounds yummy!

    This time I'm really going. Hope y'all have a wonderful evening.

    Love, Mikie
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