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    I'll come back after I go back to read the last posts on #915. OK, I'm ba-ack!


    Hi, Kids,

    I just get lazier by the day! Perhaps, when the stent is gone, I'll get some NRG. I did manage to shower and do my hair. I took the friends' list to the other ten people here in the hood. It was soooo hot that I almost died. Dear Old Friend was in his jammies. He isn't feeling well. Two of my friends still smoke and the little sitting areas in front of their condos smell like a dirty, stale ashtrays. AACCKK!!! I'm sure they no longer smell it but it almost made me sick. One of the friends has had cancer and has macular degeneration; smoking increases the risk for both of these conditions. It isn't logical. I know it's addiction. When I smoked, nothing kept me from my weeds. I'm glad that nasty monkey is off my back. It'll be interesting to see how Joe does with the Chantix. I ran into him and could see his weight loss. When I came home, I was drenched in sweat and feeling sick. I've done nothing since. Tomorrow, after I get my KUB x-ray, I'll start getting this place cleaned up. I'm glad I got the lists out. Those who were home were soooo glad to get them.

    Rock, good for you for binge napping. I'm so glad you can do it. It's good for what ails us. I remember the toy in the pic but we didn't have one. We did have those klick-klacks (or whatever they were called). They were big resin balls on each end of a rope. You held the rope in the middle and moved your arm up and down. The balls smashed into each other, often smacking the kid using it in the head. Yikes! I like books about ordinary people but, if they have a few quirks, so much the better. That's why I love Fanny Flagg. I'll be done with the ghost story pretty soon as I'm enjoying it.

    Diane, glad Kevin's sting is starting to feel better. I hope you can recover from the fall and knock on the noggin. I also have chemical sensitivities and some chemicals will trigger an asthma attack. Not fun! While I was out handing out the lists, I took a shortcut near Jeff's place. I heard Tweety meow. I don't know whether she saw me or just responded to the noise I produced. It made me so sad. It can't be fun for her living out on his lanai. I hope he finds a good home for her. I'm going to ask him if he wants me to mention her to our vet when I take Sir Vester in. I hope you all are doing better.

    Julie, this SIL doesn't sound like a winner either. It's soooo rude constantly to be looking at one's phone while at the table with others. If you guys have allergies, it could 'splain why you're feeling lousy. Our immune systems have to go into overdrive to fight the allergens, leaving nothing for us to use for fuel. A lot of 'feelin' lousy goin' around! I hope you both feel better soon.

    Gotta go. My love, hugs and prayers to everydobby, here and MIA.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good afternoon to awl,

    I have been a busy beaver today , but do not ask me wht I have actually done. Of course, I have not been as busy as JULIE but busy enough and have DD's wash in my drier. Hopefully the repairman will come tomorrow and not Wednesday. Went to Line Dancing today for a change since there was a threat of rain and it had rained yesterday. So it was to wet to do much outside. YAY :)!! I am also dreadiing having to paint the deck again this year as well as the small bridge o our property. Actually it is pretty close to our neighbors property. I wish it was. They just hire things done but we have to do a lot of it ourselves if we want the $ to do other things.

    MIKIE - Thanks for starting us up again making it all easier enough to read and keep track of. I know what you mean by feeling lazy. That is me for sure. When will you be having the stent removed? I hope that it will help you to feel better. I know that you and many of us need all the help we can get :)!!! YES, DEN's SIL sounds a lot in someways like ELAINES sister's girlfriend except maybe quieter ( around you any way). Gee's some woman can really be - itches, can't they? Also that is putting it mildly. Den's brother must have to put up with a lot with her. It was nice that he did come and why did she come anyway with that attitude??? Maybe so it was so she could complain afterwards to him or others.

    DIANE - So sorry Kevin got stung and you got a bit dizzy I guess and you bumped your head. Hope it didn't hurt to badly and the residuals effects of the bump and the spray will be gone soon. Hope you will be back soon to visit with us again.

    Hi to awl -DD is here to get her clothes. TTYL

    Granni :)
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    Mikie- thanks for the medical explanation. Also, I don't mind lengthy posts and we're all on the same page when it comes to grieving for the state of this world and humanity.
    Nesting sounds like a great idea. Snuggling...
    Your Treasures are visiting this weekend aren't they?
    Can't believe the med bill. Amazing!

    Rock- I'm a kid at heart. I love watching most kid's movies and getting a slinky to go downstairs at just the right way is most rewarding...glad you enjoyed the social occasion of the farewell of Gordon's niece. Funny how you mentioned about the ribbons- first on display and then dumped in a box somewhere. I've been trying to figure out what to do with my Treasures' ribbons

    Barry- new show called 'Kingdom' with 'Stephen Fry' has just started. Interested to see if he's as funny in this as I've seen previously...we have 2 boy ferrets and 5 girls. It's too many though and hopefully when the weather warms up, we'll find a couple of homes. Three Treasures means at least 3 ferrets...& of course 1 for DH. Their smell, even when clean, is unmistakable. Every so often I catch a whiff of them inside , as one has been snuck in and I'm quick to evict !
    I do love our ferrets though. So cuddly and affectionate.

    Dianne- sounds like you've been in the wars! Hope you recover soon!

    Granni- Back line dancing. Gee that'd keep ya fit! Fun too, I imagine. I'm a little in-co and don't know my left from right in those situations, so would be a laughing stock.

    Spring- how's that cold going? Going, going, gone I hope!

    Julie- what's with your brother then?
    I don't understand why your SIL would feel threatened by you and your brother spending time with your dad? Did I get that right?
    Sorry you and Den are experiencing allergy issues. Sounds to me like you and Den are fortunate to still have each other, after what you mentioned about the thyroid incident. Pretty full on.
    We must count our blessings- and your Reno is a work in progress, as is usual with renos...

    Sun- you put a big effort in and in the heat too, hope you're out of pain and muscles have recovered.
    Yes, the day off from school was a good idea for my son, I believe. He's breathing better now and I made him miss soccer training today, besides the sport yest at school. Hopefully he'll come good by Sat.
    Please excuse my use of slang. I just tend to forget. We all speak English, so I guess I Take it for granted. There have been words posted on the porch that I have to look up, so yes, Americans have their own English also.
    Having thought about it, I realise that living in the bush is probably the main reason I talk way more slang than my city counter parts. In fact, in some circles, I'd be looked down on. Don't get me wrong, I can scrub up like the best of 'em, but I don't like the city much. A day out is ok, but generally it Stresses me out. Everyone's rushing, angry,annonomys, dealing with road rage, it's over crowded, smog...wanted the outdoors for our Treasures to grow up in.
    Unfortunately, a lot of the young ones move to the city after school. I keep telling mine if they want free babysitting, they'll have to live nearby. Hopefully I've drummed it in enough.

    I nearly lost my post, so I'll say goodnight to everyone now...

    Take care
    Catch yas later
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    Good Morning, Kids,

    Not much to tell. I went to bed early and slept deeply. Of course, I woke about 2:00 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep before reading for an hour. I don't like it that my system seems to be settling into a new sleep routine. Sir Vester was his usual good self and curled up next to my legs. I love the feel of his soft fur on my skin. It's very comforting. I finished The Woman In Black. It was supposed to have a surprise ending but anyone could see it coming, at least, as the horrific event drew near. It remained like a good old B&W movie to the end, even including a sweet, smart little terrier dog.

    I can have a leisurely morning until I get in the tub before heading to the radiology facility for my KUB x-ray. I wonder whether the stent will show up in it. I'm chomping at the bit to get it outta me. I'm sooooo grateful that the stones are gone. I hope the stones on the left side stay put.

    Weatherman says the Muggy Meter will reach "Oppressive" today. The Sizzle Scale will reach 103! Only isolated rain is expected. Of course, the chances for rain increase this weekend when DD and DGS will be here. The temps are expected to reach 90 so, at least, it won't be as scorching hot as today. I'll be sooooo glad to see Halloween arrive so it will cool down. The tropical storm out in the Atlantic now has a better chance of reaching FL on Sun. That might be quite an experience for my kids. Ride the roller coaster in Orlando and go to Grandma's to experience a hurricane.

    Granni, the stent comes out tomorrow (Wed.). It'll be done in the doc's office with a cystoscope inserted in the urethra into the bladder. The scope can be used to grab the stent and pull it out. Yikes! :eek: I'm sure it won't be very comfortable but, according to the nurse, it's over before ya know it. From her lips to God's ear. I've had cystoscopies before so know how that feels. I can't imagine your ever being lazy or even feeling lazy. I am so impressed with how much you do. Take care and don't overdo it with all this heat 'n rain.

    Star, I see we were posting at the same time. Glad I saw it before I logged off. I'm glad your DS is doing better. Missing a favorite sport is a good motivator to get well. I don't think our emotions cause our illnesses but they can certainly help us heal. Spring has shown me that. Nothing like prayer and a good attitude. I try to keep an attitude of gratitude. It's not difficult because my life has been so blest. Every country has it's own slang and dialects. People from New York sound totally different than folks from Texas. Even the most educated and well spoken among us like to use slang and local idioms. It makes us more human. It also makes us more interesting. I grew up in CO where "y'all" wasn't used until the 50's when newly oil rich Texans started spending the hot Texas summers in CO to get away from the heat. I just heard a woman commentator from the Middle East explaining that the correct translation of the Koran states that those martyrs killed in holy wars receive 73 raisins, not 73 virgins, in Heaven. I'm picturing the devil greeting them in hell saying, "Welcome to Hades; here's your dried fruit." :D Stay well.

    I'm sending love, hugs and prayers to all our Dear Porchies.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Thanks for opening and for the cheery icon, Mikie. It's all sparkly, just like you.
    I love Fanny Flagg's books too. Kawinkadinkaly I have one by Fannie and one
    by Dave Barry on hold. They both have new books and I am number 3 in the queue
    for both.

    Hi Star, didn't realize you had ferrets as pets. I thought they were wild.
    Happy to see you did not lose your post.

    Of all sad words I hate the most.
    The saddest are these: I lost my post!

    Granni, so it's not the water that's troubled, it's you. Maybe you could sell
    the troubling bridge to the neighbors for some nominal fee like a dollar, and
    then they could do the upkeep.

    Didn't hear from my brother for more than a week. No response to my
    e mails. So I wrote and said, "Just send me a one word reply. Yes or No.
    Are you OK?" So he wrote and said he's been driving a bit to the store. He
    has a recurring bladder infection. He's taking probiotics. He thinks
    all the antibiotics killed off the good bacteria in the gut. He can walk
    without support, but is a bit unsteady. Pretty good for a 71 year old, I guess.

    Hugs, Kids
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    Good morning, everyone! It is 67 beautiful degrees, with an expected high of 83. I hope to get the yard finished before the rains come late this afternoon and this evening.

    Rock, glad your brother is doing okay and that he sent you more than a one word reply. Hope you enjoy the books you have reserved.

    Mikie, I hope your xray shows only good things. I can imagine how badly you want that "foreign object" out of your body. Makes me cringe to think of the process of removing it, but I hope the nurse is right and it's over quickly.

    So glad your kids will be there to visit...I know they will enjoy their time with you, no matter what you do.

    Star, what a smart mama you are! Glad your little one is feeling better.

    Oh, my brother and his wife, lol! He's my baby brother...I'm 58, he is 53, and we have another brother who is 56. Baby brother's wife is the only girl, with two younger brothers (same as me.) Not sure if she is eldest grandchild on both sides, as I am, but I think she was certainly "doted on" as a child (as was I.) So, we were both used to being, in some regards, the "center of attention."

    I hope that is as far as the similarities go...anyway. She has never liked my parents (she says it's their fault as they never accepted her...I don't really know the story.) But she is rude to everyone in my brother's family, except for a few select people she wants to impress.

    She comes to family dinners (used to...we don't have that many anymore) and either sits and does needlework or reads or plays on her phone or Kindle, etc. My brothers and I have always been pretty close...Baby Brother lives an hour away, other brother lives in Texas, so Baby Brother and I see each other more. But his wife doesn't like for us to visit or talk, etc. So...she will come along with him, but sit in the car (or the hallway at the nursing home) and wait on him. But she makes him uncomfortable enough that he doesn't stay long....he sees my dad only a couple times a year.

    Several months ago, I commented that it was too bad they could drive hours away just to eat a meal, but couldn't drive less than an hour to see my dad. She messaged me at 5:00 am the next morning....telling me she has been so sick of "keeping her mouth shut all these years" and she is so tired of everything being "all about Julie." And what a horrible big sister I am to her husband and she'll be damned if she sits by and lets me talk about him "that way."

    So, my brother and I had just been texting and that was it...mostly me sending him updates about Dad. Then on Father's Day, knowing I was having Dad out to my house for lunch, they came by. She did the same "ignoring us" thing, but at least came into the house. When they left, my brother told me she was really nervous about coming here (ya think?!) but thanked me for being nice to her and still trying to include her in conversations, etc.

    I'm not sure what the deal is...except she is very insecure (although she definitely wears the pants in that family) and doesn't want my brother and I to be too close...as that somehow takes him away from her? Well, they are married and have two grown boys (and three granddaughters) and my brother has no intentions of ever not being married to her. So, nothing to do, but just do the best we can. I can tell the stress has gotten to him over the years, but it is his choice...

    Anyway, maybe it's me. The only sis-in-law I get along with is the one who lives in Texas. And sadly, she has been fighting lung cancer for almost three years.

    So, I'd better say "Hi" to everyone else and get busy. Got so sleepy yesterday while driving the mower yesterday...I had to take a break....ended up being a couple hours, lol!
    All I am doing this year is keeping the main parts mowed...no weedeating or trim mowing. Just no energy and things had already gotten away from me while spending those 20 days in the hospital with Gpa. Den sprayed a bit for weeds a couple months ago, but I don't like him to spray close to the house, and I would rather he time that closer to the same time as when they spray the fields. Life on the farm...good thing I really enjoy mowing :)

    I had to mow over my strawberry patch as the horse weeds, etc. had gotten taller than my head...hopefully, the plants will grow back out...and I can hand weed, then till between the rows. I still have hopes of the Treasures having a blast picking Gma's strawberries...

    Keira and Miley's first day of school is today...Keira is in 3rd grade already! Miley starts Kindergarten...I want to ask who had more tears (Papa Clinton, Amy or Miley) ;) Miley's parents (Clinton's daughter and her boyfriend/husband/boyfriend? They got married, then divorced, then ?) have until January to get their act together, but it doesn't look like they will. At that time, Clinton and Amy will be granted permanent custody.

    I have to think that God will richly reward my little girl some day...she has more grace in her little pinky than I do in my whole body...

    Better get off the computer. Take care, everyone!

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    Hi, Kids,

    Jelly Brain is alive and well in SW FL, along with Zika evidently but that's another story. Here I've been worrying about how I'm going to get the condo cleaned before this weekend. DD and DGS don't arrive til the Labor Day Weekend, a week from this weekend. By then, the stent will have been out for more than a week. I'm so glad just in case I need a day or two to recover from having the stent removed. I got my x-ray and that stent is loooong. It's a long way from the bottom of the kidney to the bottom of the bladder. I picture the removal being like when the clown keeps pulling more and more hankies out of his sleeve. Presto! :eek:

    The radiology facility has only one x-ray room because they are changing over to filmless x-rays. The wait was almost an hour. Something told me to take the Kindle and I'm glad I did. They have HGTV running all the time in the waiting room with captions on the screen. I didn't mind the wait. KUB x-rays are only done on a walk-in basis. It's one more step toward healing. They also have coffee and cookies but the only time I've eaten them, was right after my cat scan for which I had to fast. They aren't very good. I guess that's one way to discourage anyone's pigging out on them. :confused:

    I ran into my friend, Nurse Nancy, as I was leaving. While we were chatting, another friend came by. I asked her what the vet charges for boarding cats at the Catnip Inn. She couldn't remember because her old cat had medical issues and they charged for administering his meds. Nancy said she'd come over to feed Sir Vester. She insisted on it. What a great friend! The lady downstairs may come by too so he won't feel so lonely. This will save not only on boarding fees but I won't have to take him in for a physical. Vet only wants to see him if he's sick or will be boarded.

    I picked up a rotisserie chicken at Publix on the way home. It tasted soooo good. I've run outta food. They had a BOGO on roasted cashew nuts so I stocked up. They also had a BOGO on quick-bread mixes. I don't eat that often but it's great to have some on hand if I need it on short notice. I just throw it into the bread machine or my little oven.

    Rock, I've always loved the original quote. In fact, it describes my kaput marriage. I like yours about losing posts better. I may get another Fannie Flagg book for the Kindle. I can read hers over and over. Sorry your bro isn't doing so well. UTI's, especially following surgery, aren't uncommon but they certainly can be difficult to clear up. I am having the symptoms of one but don't think I still have one. It may well be the stent causing them. It's good he is taking the probiotics. Also, if he wants to take Colloidal Silver, it will help kill off the bacteria without the side effects of the ABX. A couple of droppersful under the tongue several times a day should do it. I hope you enjoy the books. Of all the words of post and text, the best are these--I'm in the queue and I am next! :)

    Julie, I think a lot of problems for in-laws originate in the family members' childhoods. Seems the fighting among the sibs often spreads out to their spouses, who already have their own childhood issues. What a mess! I'm glad your DD has a ton of grace but I suspect she got it from you. Glad your weather is so nice. It'll be 95 today here. That's why I wanted to get out early. Tomorrow will be 93 and my appt. is at 8:00 in the morning. I'm glad of that. If I were there, I'd help you pick the strawberries but wouldn't guarantee how many would make it to the table. :rolleyes: I hope the kids are taking pix of the little ones' first day of school. I still remember posing for my Mom so she could take pix of me.

    All this running around has tired me out so will be resting. I surely hope my stamina improves. Hope everydobby else has NRG to burn and a happy day! I ironed my outfit for tomorrow when I ironed the one for today. It's just comfortable tees and Capris but I don't want to walk in looking like I slept in them.

    Love, Mikie
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    Everyone is writing such long and newsy posts. I really need to get off before I got on since I need to get something for lunch for myself. I got up late and didn't make water aerobics. They only have a few days left. I think the pool will close Labor Day. MY DD didn't know yesterday if she was going. She sent me a note this morning that she was going but I didn't see it and was still in bed . That's OK as I had little NRG but when I get there it is usually fun and invigorating.

    Figured I had better write a few words as DH will be home soon from his meeting and lunch and he will most likely want the computer at least for a little while. I was originally going to go tonight to the choir practice for the groundbreaking for our new church next Tuesday. However, realized it was at 8 pm and not at the usual 6:30 since it is a bilingual Mass ad lats of people to try and get there. I asked the director if he would rather I be there for the first real session of choir in Sept when we will be singing again. We have more or less been on vacation for the summer. He agreed as he will also be giving out lots of stuff the first meeting. I have a good ride, over 10 miles at night and DH doesn't like me with a the stuff happening lately and with me not feeling so well.

    JULIE - That is such a shame about Den's brother and his wife. I have a similar situation but I don;t think it is as bad and we live so far away that we hardly ever seen them unless I go there or maybe a funeral or wedding. I could say a lot more right now but do not have the time. I think there is less animosity now but haven't heard from them in some time.

    STAR - G;ad to hear that you young one is feeling better with his asthma. Hope you are feeling better today.

    MIKIE - Hope all goes well with you and the removal of your stent. Hope it goes well and very fast for you :)!!

    Gotta run for now and fix me something to eat so I don;t lose any more weight.

    Love to everydobby, inc those not mentioned ,:)
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    Afternoon All,

    Tonight I have to call about jury duty!

    I sure hope I don't get called to attend jury duty. That would not be fun at all. Or, if I have go, I hope it's an interesting case.

    MIKIE ===== Yes, you are right. My sister is co-dependent. I suspect that is the reason why she stays in her bad relationship. I never tell my sister what to do. I leave that up to her. I just tell her ...... what I WOULD do personally myself & tell her ..... "what works for me, may not work for you & you should do what you want. Just because I would walk away doesn't mean it is the right thing for you to do."

    One time my sister went to counseling when her girlfriend left her for someone else. My sister only wanted to find out from the counselor ...... "how do I get her to come back?? How do I get her to want to be with me again??"

    I was floored when my sister told me this. That is not the way I've ever approached counseling & I don't think she learned anything about herself or improved her situation, but she got what she wanted.

    Anywhoo, not much going on for me today. No eBay sales so today seems to be a super quite day.

    Going to lay down as my back is hurting me. I'm waiting for my pain medication to kick in. I have about another 20 minutes to go before that happens.

    HUGS to everyone,
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    Hi everyone! Got the mowing done, but just felt too weak and shakey to hook up the lawn sweeper and run it...it's not a hard job, but it was hard enough to make myself keep mowing, and I only had about an hour left. Texted Den that I was going to just take a nap and see how I felt afterwards. Decided to fix some lunch, even though it hadn't been that long since I had eaten a cheeseburger for "brunch".

    Then happened to think maybe I should check my blood sugar...it was 104...good fasting number, but should have maybe been higher since I hadn't eaten that long ago? So, I had some oatmeal, egg and toast...still gonna lie down, but at least blood sugar should be okay.

    Granni, probably a good idea for you not to venture out by yourself later in the evening. The woman I have been talking about is my brother's wife...Den only has the one sister. But we've been dealing with her for so long, we just don't expect anything different. Unfortunately, Den and I aren't the only ones who don't care to be around her (even though we are polite and I try to "be family")...none of the extended family really thinks much of her either. Sad, especially for my brother, but just the way it is.

    Mikie, I was thinking you had a little more time before your company came. Glad you have some "wiggle room" as far as recuperating from having the stent removed. I'm picturing how you described a clown removing a hanky...and how the stent removal will be.

    Elaine...is this the same partner your sister had years ago? If so, I am so sorry for all of you who have to deal with her. I think you are wise in how you approach talking to her....doesn't usually do any good to try to tell someone what they should do....and you have figured this out long ago, I'm sure.

    Hope your back pain lets up after you rest. I can't even imagine how it must feel. I also hope you can avoid jury duty.

    Speaking of naps, lol, I think I will get going myself. If I wake up soon enough, I will bake Den a banana cake...I'm trying to do more homemade things for his lunches and snacks. Hope everyone is doing well enough.
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  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    JULIE - That banana cake sounds yummy. Wish I could eat some of it, maybe at least a little taste. I am not sure what I said in the last post but I knew it was your sister in law who is being such a pill. That is a shame when people act like that. Hope you got to have a nice nap before baking :)!! I think it is the same partner that ELAINE's sis has had for some time. I am glad that I am not going to go to practice tonight. It is so late and will be dark going and coming back most likely for one thing.

    ELAINE - It must be awful to have to deal with someone like that on a continuing bases. Just being around them would be stressful to me. Also, who knows what little thing would probably set her off. Hope your back feels better after the nap and meds.

    Hi to everydobby. I will have to get off soon to start fixing dinner. All I know is we are having baked chicken breast. Got back from shopping in the heat a short while ago. I could take a nap too but it is to late and have to start cooking or we would both starve :)!! How nice to have a husband that likes to cook :)!! WHERE ARE YOU KEVIN ??????


    Granni :)
  12. sunflowergirl

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    Julie: You have that SIL and I have A DIL........she's due mid October and we haven't seen each other since last thanksgiving. At that time she did her typical.......sat with her eyes glued on the TV or phone and wouldn't talk unless someone asked her a question. It was a gathering of my son in law's family and a neutral place.....their beach house.......she's been around them for about 10 years and they're all very nice. She and I had a "conversation" almost 3 years ago. I asked if I had done something to hurt her feelings and if I did I was sorry.......she denied there was anything wrong!!!!! Couldn't get anywhere with her. I know my son is stuck between, so we just don't talk about her. He comes here with my DGD without her, and probably once the new baby comes it will be the same way. Oh well. I'm over being hurt by her.

    Mikie: Good luck on the stent. Whenever I had an operation a catheter was put in......OMG I HATED when it came time to have it removed. That's great that you've got two people who will help out with Sir Vester.

    Granni: I used to love to cook, but since I don't do it anymore aside from stir fry, I've really forgotten a lot. I seem to be all thumbs anymore when I used to be so handy. By the way, my DH only cooked for a short time when we were first married. He was going to school, I worked so he was at home watching cooking programs. I have to say it was soooo nice to come home and have dinner waiting. And one Christmas when my DD was only 3 weeks old, he cooked the entire Christmas dinner.....roast duck, etc. Then over the years he just forgot how to even "boil water". &^%$#

    Elaine: smart for you to stay out of your Sister's love life. When she's ready she will seek help but until then she doesn't want input. I'm sure it's very stressing to your mom.

    Star: I read somewhere that Aussie's language is riddled with slang, more than other countries. I wonder why this is? I know the background of Australia, that so many people came from other countries. Well, I guess like here too. Perhaps you guys out in the bush have just found new terms for your words. How far away is your biggest city? I don't blame you for wanting a simpler life for your children. I don't go into Los Angeles or other big cities unless I absolutely have to. LAX at midnight was unbelievable!!!!!! The noise, the traffic, the chaos. The furthest I will go is Pasadena.....I think this is about half way to Rock. Even that I have to be careful what streets and time I travel. I guess I'm spoiled being out in the suburbs.

    My cleaning lady just left. She was telling me about a VERY funny movie out now.....Mean Moms I think it was called. About over controlling PTA mothers. I absolutely WANT to see this movie! It's been at least 4 years since I've been to the theatre........bad neck and back.......but perhaps I might venture out for an early afternoon showing. I can always get up and leave if I have pain. My DD is a new PTA president and what's she told me sounds like this movie!
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  13. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Hello to everyone!
    Went to retro flex today (place with dif tables to help circulation etc).
    Helps stretch my muscles and loosen the body over all.
    My friend booked in too, so there Was no relaxing as she nattered the whole time!
    Was good to see her feeling better and back to her old self.

    DH built a series of tunnels for the ferrets today, out of poly pipe.
    Was the funniest thing seeing them run through in reverse.

    DD still talks about her abseiling experience and DS has his fishing stories. They had a ball glamping and it sounds like friendships have taken a dif turn aswell.

    Ballarat and Bendigo are the closest cities to me. I just googled their population and Ballarat sits at roughly 93000 & Bendigo at around 109 000 ,I think it was. Probably nothing compared to your big cities over there. Of course, all the capitals continue to spread and grow...

    Sun, that movie sounds like it'd be a good laugh! Thanks for the tip. (Why do my smiley faces vanish?)

    Julie, sorry your SIL s are sooo insecure. And you too Sun with your DIL, was it?
    I had my own little issues with Mil, (and SIL come to think of it)...& while she was here , a bit of competitiveness. ???
    So ,while I don't understand it, I'm not safe from it. It's tedious.

    I wish you all the best with the stent removal, Mikie...Quick and pain free. A good thing you have some extra time before visitors and your furry feline will be well taken care of whilst globe trotting, down the track.

    & To everyone else here, a beautiful day for you too.
    Did you know that instead of y'all, over here, they say yous.?
    Not ewes.
    Aboriginals say 'you mob'.

    Take care everyone
    Catch yas later
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  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Just got back from the doc's office but I still have the stent. It's to come out in three weeks now. Evidently, the x-ray showed a fragment, about 1/4 the size of the original stone, which is at the neck of the ureter. The doc wants to give it plenty of time to pass on its own. I believe that, if it doesn't, he may have to go up through the scope and grab it. Again, Yikes! :eek: I wish it were out because it does cause some symptoms and is uncomfortable but I understand the need to leave it. Doc says I can run in the pool and lift heavy things so that's good.

    I forgot and left Sir Vester out on the lanai on a chair. I was gone about an hour and he was still in the same place when I got home. He didn't even budge when he saw me. When I opened the slider, he came in and got his treat. I always give him one when I get home. He'll probably expect a bowlful when I get back from TX.

    I see the guy downstairs has washed Barb's car in preparation for her arrival. I don't know what time she will get here nor who will drive her from the airport. I'll just wait for the skies to darken. I've already set my saltwater bowl out to "trap" dark, negative energy and prayed for protection. She has no power over me but I don't like a negative atmosphere. It's sooo hot 'n humid that I won't be out that much anyway, except for just coming and going.

    As usual, I'm tired and am not planning on doing much of anything today. I need another day of being lazy. I might do some laundry because it's stacking up. Also, bed needs changing. I can spin the mattress now that I have the OK from the doc. Just spinning it, not flipping it, takes a lot of strength.

    Gonna post this because the computer is acting up. I'll come back to edit and respond to all y'all.

    Granni, do you have access to indoor water aerobics? I don't miss the planned aerobics we used to have. They weren't enough to get anyone's heart rate up, except the nearly dead. I prefer just running in the shallow end. Night seems a strange time for a groundbreaking ceremony. I would think the weekend would be a better choice. Mass on a Sat. afternoon could serve two purposes. It's 10 miles to the new church? Good grief!

    Elaine, can you get an exemption from jury duty? I got a permanent one once I qualified for SS Disability. I'm so glad I don't have to worry about that anymore. Most therapists will say that, when they ask the spouse or partner why they agreed to couples therapy, the answer is always, "So you can fix him (or her)." I wanted ours to fix us but my ex was there in body only. Hope your back pain is better.

    Julie, I hope you had a nice nap and got the banana cake baked. One of the quick breads I got for the bread maker is banana nut. Mmmmm! Hope you blood sugar stays stable. Take it easy.

    Sun, I saw the ads for Mean Moms. It looks as though it would be funny. How sad your DIL has put your DS and you at odds with her. This is especially stressful when grandkids are involved. My in-laws played favorites and my ex wasn't their favorite son. Thank God for my Mom. I haven't been to CA in ages. That was before flights were always full and one had to contend with TSA security. LAX was bad enough then. This is why I don't like to fly. Hope you enjoy the movie when you go. If I were there, we could go together and laugh.

    Star, I can only imagine how funny the ferrets are, running through their tunnels. From what I've heard, they really like that kind of thing. When we were first married, my ex set up obstacle courses in our long hallway for our kitten. He'd throw a ball and the kitten would run the course. I don't know who enjoyed it more. Some people in the NE say, "Yous," here. My neighbor from the Boston area says that but other neighbors from Boston don't. I'm laughing sheeplishly at the ,"Ewes," comment. I think you're pulling the wool over our eyes.

    I still have the paper to read so will get to it. A nice leisurely morning, my favorite kind. Love, hugs and prayers to everydobby.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2016
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  15. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning, everyone!

    Star, glad you went to "work out"...I really need to get some sort of routine going. I am also chuckling at the ferrets...I bet they have a blast! I'm sure we all have our family issues...apparently I am the "issue" to two of my sis-in-laws.

    Sun, I remember you talking about your DIL. Glad you still get to see the little one and I hope it continues for the newborn. Hope you do get to see that movie.

    Granni, we had baked chicken breast for supper too! I make the Hellman's Mayonnaise recipe...only I use Miracle Whip. Mix shredded Parmesan cheese with the mayo and spread it on the chicken breast. Then sprinkle with seasoned bread crumbs. I know that stuff is not on your eating plan, but it's nice and easy.

    Mikie, oh my heart sank when I read "three more weeks"...well, we will pray that little fragment passes on its own. Good ole Sir Vester...he knew you would be back :)

    Hi to everyone else...hoping your day goes well.

    Den and I were both still awake after 2:00 am, so gonna be a rough day for both of us, I think. I still want to get around and go to the town where the home supply store is...the big area rug I like is on sale.

    I've been saving the rebates from when the store has their 11% off events; I told Den I want to use them for decorations/accessories, etc. that we might not otherwise have the money for. Will get a sculptured 8' X 10' rug for the center of the "seating pod" in the new living room...it has flowers on it and there are lots of different shades of blues, greens, tan, etc. Should go with anything else I put in there...all of our furniture is solid colors.

    And...I need to get some actual groceries...have just been grabbing what I think I need whenever I happen to be in town. Now, if my "jelly brain" would only work so I could get a proper list made, lol!

    Anyway, better hop in the shower and get myself presentable.

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  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good morning t awl,

    Sorry, I can't write to much again right now as I am waiting to leave for our luncheon and will go get DD before we leave to go in our subdivision. I will try and get back later in the afternoon if DH is ot on the computer. Then I might try and checked in on my i pad. I can check in but have to have all my into handy to check or log in.

    JULIE - Your chicken recipe sounds like something I used to make years ago and it is delicious. Unfortunatley at least now my recipes have to be VERY simple.

    MIKIE - Pur new church will be build almost next to the old church and VERY old church ( the original that was super small). Think that one was built in the 50's and the other in the 70's that we are in now. There are lots of churches in the area but not loads of Catholic ones. So have to travel a bit.

    Gotta run. DH is back and I have to put stuff away before I leave. TTYAL.

    Granni :)
  17. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Wow, facebook just reminded me that it was one year ago when I made Den go to the doctor because I thought he had pneumonia. But he was in a-fib, with a heart rate of over 200. Over two weeks later, most of that time in a bigger hospital two hours away, he came home minus his thyroid and one of his parathyroids. A year later, he is doing better and I hope continues to improve.

    Heading out for groceries, etc. now...take care, everyone!
  18. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: time really flies! Doesn't seem like it was a year ago. And how long has it been since your family moved away? Yes, I hope he continues to improve. That area rug sounds like. Will you have tile or hardwood floors under it or what? My cleaning lady was telling me she wants to redo their large family room and have a tile put down that looks like stone. Her DH wants wood floors, but her reasoning is they're both in awful health and she feels down the road one or the other will be in a wheelchair. She said that a wheelchair would make ruts/intentions on wood. Makes sense to me. You gotta think down the road. When we had a shower redone about 6 years ago we had them add a little built in bench.....in case someone had to sit down.

    Speaking of wheel chairs, my neighbor told me the escrow on their house closes in 2 weeks. She said an older couple from N.M. are moving to be close to his sister. The wife apparently is in a wheelchair but she wasn't positive. Just what was passed along from the realtor.

    Mikie: Sorry you were disappointed on the stent. Wish that remaining piece of stone would just go away.

    Elaine: I got the movie, Troop Beverly Hills and watched it last night. OMG .......so funny. It starred Shelly Long......wasn't she the one who originally starred in the long running sitcom about the bar......Cheers?

    I talked to my son up in Portland today. Apparently he and his girlfriend had gone on a 4 day camping trip and he was out in his kayak fishing, not paying attention and got his legs severely burnt. He said they're badly swollen, oozing and skin is coming off. I told him to go see a doctor but he said he's doing everything he can.....legs elevated, ice, compresses of white vinegar and using fresh aloe. And of course he didn't bother with sun protection. When he was about 12 we were up at the local mountains, fresh snow which meant BAD sun glare. He got a spot on his cheek, badly burnt. They say that you end up with skin cancer from sunburns from childhood.

    I'm waiting for a local gardener to come and give me a price on a little work I want done in back. After that I' desperately craving a nap!
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  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    HI Porchies,

    I'm back again at least for a little bit. It is almost time to go fix dinner AGAIN !!! Went to our luncheon and style show with some stuff that was on sale. I bought some multicolored slacks the silky kind with all kind of colors with , pinks, blues, greens etc. Hard to describe but the price was wonderful. Originally the price was $39.99 and it was 60% off which came to about $17.00. That was a real bargain. They had some other nice things that were 10% off so they were more expensive. DD bought a neat jacket, sweater that was much more expensive but she will get a lot of use out of it wen it gets cooler. I have enough jackets that I don't wear that I can wear with jeans or slacks.

    MIKIE - I know you like a bargain like I do and you would have liked these slacks and some shorts and stuff for much younger than I. They didn't have any solid colors but that's OK as I am thin enough to wear them at this point. I am seeing people much older than I and much heavier wearing these pants. I have some older ones too but these colors were really pretty. I liked them the best of all that I saw, but then that is my opinion. I just love pink plus it has a lot of other colors in it too. Sorry you had to wait to get your stent removed. Gee, that one little or not so little bugger is giving you a hard time, isn't it (the leftover stone particle).. Hope you don't feel to badly having to waiat. Is it 3 weeks, someone said??

    JULIE - Yes, you were so lucky to get Den the care that he needed at that time and it was such a hard time for you being so far away from home at that time. However, you are strong and you came through it and Den as well. Thank God they found his problems at that time. It seems like he is doing well considering he doesn't get much chance to rest, just like you :)!!

    Thinking of everydobby. Need to check on my wash and start thinking about dinner. HI to STAR, SUN, ROCK, DIANE, BARRY, and anyone else I might have forgotten.

    Granni :)
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  20. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hi all

    Im using sons computer and very unfamiliar with it..i lent my laptop to DH coz they needed an extra one for some work at the office and my ipad glass needs to be changed..it cracked..

    MIkie - i hope the stone does come out on its own..enough of hospitals and hospital visits! I think Sir vester is well and truly ensconsed into your home now, lol..how chweet of him to be there waiting for you on the lanai!

    i went to get treats for my pooches but the supermarket has been out of them for days now, got them chewbones instead, they made do with that.

    Elaine - hope your back pain resolves..you are very brave. I know its been a long time. I love scourin g ebay amazon, just to scour,not to buy, most dont ship to nepal.

    I did get back copies of childhood favourite books and comics and some spiritual, metaphysical books on ebay from DD who sent them but ive grown out of most of those, they dont give me the same kind of joy i got when i was a kid..and i hv some metaphysical books i value, but some ive moved on from.

    Julie - you are really tested with the relatives, really! i understand the feeling. i hv a couple of those. but some are nice, thank heaven. and some are inbetween, they hv some infuriating habits but theyre also helpful and genuinely concerned about me.

    Granni - lol, ijust typed Grabbi and re did it. hahahaha..10 hours driving is a long way, i dont know how i woud do, i havent gone out that far for ages.

    Sun - i woudnt dare step out in the sun at mid day , i was foolhard y few days ago, forgot to take umbrella and felt i could handle the heat. but paid for it with a headache when i got home. as it is we re not very strong and i like to keep avoidable health nasties away if possible i lost a whole evening of chores, and i am backlogged these days. very.

    and that makes me irritated.

    Diane - how are you doing. I really wish you culd get over the doc phobia thing. i feel for you, imagine going to get some help getting better and getting sick from it. like those antidepressants i took once or twice in my yute which made me violently sick! I pray your issues resolve. you are also very brave and resilient.

    Star - you have an interestng life! living close to the great outdoors! love hearing your kids doings and your circle 0f friends...theyre an interesting lot. i dont hv any friend who has the issues i do, CFS, theyve never been depressed either, touch wood, but somehow i ve managed to keep the embers of friendship alive..even tho we dont meet hardly these days. i came close to terminating a close friendship once or twice because of the other party not understanding some issues i had but they got sorted out.

    the cold petered out without getting bad, thank you for asking.

    Sun - im sure your outdoor area looks so pretty with the new work done..so lovely to sit down on a comfy chair and take in the plants, flowers, trees,that too, when youre not far from the street. i loved the pictures you posted of yur outdoors...

    Julie - hope you rest and feel better from your exhaustion..niggling pains and aches do their bit to bring a person down. hv u tried the epsom baths? i am never without salt water bowls to sweep out dirty energy..i believe they do their bit to absorb unhealthy energy..i would love a nice soak in bath water but we dont hv a bathtub and just as well, we hv to conserve out water here.

    I hv a lot of errands to do outside coming up, my DHs uncles wife and her DD are leaving for switzerland where other DD is married and gave birth so theyre going to help her out and see the baby. need to buy some prezzies for folks there, my SIL etc..go see them off etc..(groan) im already got piles of work at home...i gave one help lady the sack because she stole my phone..

    also a flat DH gives out on rent needs some work done, deep cleaning and stuff so wil probably not be on here for a few...will come back when i m finished with all that work...

    so ya'all take care

    love to Rock, Barry, Linda...all MIAs.

    God Bless

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