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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    I'll be back to post after I read the last few posts on the old Porch. OK, I'm ba-ack.

    I never did get anything done yesterday. I took my BP and the diastolic reading was in the low 50's. I need to go back to cutting the pills in half. I had gone back to full pills because, when I was trying to pass that large kidney stone, it caused my BP to become elevated. I guess now that the pressure is off, I don't need the full dose anymore. It's tricky. When the BP gets that low, I'm so tired I can hardly function. The low diastolic reading means that my body is having difficulty returning my blood to my heart. No wonder I feel so sluggish. I'm hoping that today, with half a pill, I will have enough NRG to function. I'll go get the gift card for my Dear Old Friend's birthday present at Barnes & Noble. I'm looking forward to the dinner party. I've decided to wear a long skirt. That should be just the right amount of dressiness.

    Joe called me and said Barb is worse than ever. He doesn't stop over to see her but, when he does his daily walks around the hood, she yells at him to come up to the balcony when he goes by. She sits out there and tries to get people to come up to talk to her. I think he should change his route. She is ranting that everybody is an 'idiot,' including Jeff, the president of our big board. She used to fawn over him. She's ranting that the mosquitos will be breeding in our little pond out back because it's 'filthy.' This isn't true because the Zika-carrying mosquitos breed in very shallow water. Joe pointed this out and she told him she hopes one of those mosquitos bites him. Even the woman staying with her was shocked to hear her say this. I think that down deep, it was hurtful for Joe, even though he knows what she is like. She's always been like this but I believe, at this point, that she's not mentally stable. I'm curious to see what she will be like when my DD and DGS get here. I think she'll gush and fawn over them. AACCKK!!!

    Julie, I'm sorry that your allergies are making you so sick. I've found that, if I take the OTC allergy meds right off the bat, I don't get as sick as if I wait. The meds help take the heavy lifting off the immune system. It is the inflammation from the immune system which makes us feel sick. Also, taking the stress off the immune system helps cut the chances of developing an autoimmune condition. It's like a stitch in time... I can picture you guys unloading that sander with the lift. Nice job! BTW, I don't think cookies is what Den had in mind. ;)

    Granni, hope you had fun at the Phantom. I'm laughing at DH not listening to you about the shorts. I found some of the best shorts I own at Publix, of all places, for $15. They sell beach wear for the tourists. As of last night, the storm had fallen apart when it traveled over Hispaniola. It was just off Cuba. For now, wind shear is keeping it from organizing. If it travels over water through the Florida Straits, it may gain power again. Then, it could make landfall in the Gulf. The models had it landing in LA but TX is always a possibility. As if anywhere in the Gulf area needs more rainfall. We will likely get rain tomorrow regardless of the track. It rained like crazy last night and I was glad so I don't have to hand water the potted plants. The wind was really strong. I want to spend as little time as possible in the track of Hurricane Barb! :eek:

    Spring, I hope you can return when you can stay a bit.

    Wish I had something exciting to post but life has gotten rather dull here. Of course, I prefer that to the kind of excitement that mean, toxic people can wreak. Hope all y'all have a dull day, in the best sense of the word. Some of our Dear Porchies have been MIA and I hope everydobby is OK. Please check in, even if it's just to let us know y'all are OK, even if you're not bright eyed and bushy tailed.

    Love, Mikie
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    Nice to catch up...but just peeking in at the moment. Someone moved things around and the computer hasn't really charged.

    Taking a breather while I have a glass of hot tea...hv a huge buffalo tongue cut into manageable pieces and stuffed into the two small pressure cookers I hv, salted and boiling away on the old gas stove..(DH said he was fed up of chicken.) I'm not too good with fish and hv to go aways to get fresh ones..so I ordered tongue at the butchers.and then will tackle chores since the sun seems to hv gone into hiding and its a tad bit cooler..the afternoon was sumfin' awful. I went out for errands..and was glad to be in a cab with the wind coming in at the windows..

    I'm glad because I discovered a tea brand that tastes good and isn't expensive and I don't hv to go to the other end of town to get it. Which was the case. When DH goes to india he gets their tea which is so so good, but we' ve run out now. I'm one of those, I need my tea to be perfect..other things I will adjust to. Lol.

    So good to read all the posts...

    Linda - im so sorry to hear you fell! My goodness. Prayers for your speedy healing.

    Mikie - how relieved I am your hospital visit is over...I love the sound of your DOF. What a man, hosting his own birthday party at 90 and still has the energy to be naughty naughty. I m not too comfy these days with those sort of jokes...which is funny..I used to be least bothered a while ago..I mean face to face with a man making those jokes...when I was working at the hotel in my very very yute, the boys at the reception were always making those kinda jokes..and I used to laugh with them...but it's been awhile, I've been cloistered down here like a nun, so I guess I'm beginning to act like one. Hahaha.

    That EQ, I kinda switched off, didn't let myself get affected by the pictures...it's so sad, tho, those families...here, people are well and truly moving on..good lord, I passed by a very pretty brick building coming up some stories high, and it said, boutique hotel opening soon, even the name was there. They're not fazed by the EQ, they're thumbing their noses at the EQ.!!

    And when I went into town, the bazaar area to look at some sarees...it looked like Christmas, the festival is around the corner, and the shops are going crazy with the latest fashions, in festival wear which happens to be dresses tunics sarees which look like chandeliers....all sparkly with paste gems and heavy shiny embroidery ...the prices too hv come down...$70.00 for a very lovely chiffon saree with a lot of lace and embroidery work...I'm,pretty sure it was selling for thrice that amt in the beginning.

    Julie - your father is so sweet and patient...I hope you got to go and meet him. Havingthoseallergies is a pain...since you're out there in the country. Our doggie sometimes barks in middle of nite, or 1am...it's very sensitive..so I get up,open the window, and tell it it's ok..go back to sleep.

    Star - I read about sugar cane plantations in Australia when I was in grade 10 thereabouts in that beautiful book, the Thornbirds...reading was a serious business amongst us school kids those day, we devoured everything, from Taylor Caldwell to Harold Robbins, barbara Cartland to James Hadley Chase..mills and boons to Denise Robins..(my mum had a favourite Denise Robins romance, lol, she used to borrow the books I borrowed from my friends.) I remember the name Meg in Thornbirds.

    Granni - I've learned to just buy if I really like something and it's the right fit and price. I bought a cotton kurta set for myself in a really nice print, and picked extra sets because a whole lotta b days coming up. Yes, I remember that huge tree falling during Ike!
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    Morning, guys! Enjoying our leisurely Saturday morning...I took a Mucinex when I went to bed last night and it seemed to help with the chest pain. Mikie, I'll take your advice about the allergy meds. Yes, that stinker Den certainly did not have cookies in mind, lol! Thanks for opening a new porch...we are on our way to 1000!

    Hope you have a great time at your birthday dinner...a long skirt sounds perfect. I wonder if it might be a good idea to "warn" your DD and DGS about Barb...in a way that he would understand. If she yelled at her own great-grandchild...I do hope that she is polite to your kids, but just in case. Even just that her stroke and other medical conditions make her say things that she might not otherwise?

    Spring, good to hear from you. And glad to hear things are progressing forward after the EQ. The clothing sounds so beautiful. I decided to stay away from the nursing home yesterday...just in case I had more than allergies.

    A big hello to everyone! I've fixed eggs and toast for myself and Den...now we have to decide our "plan of action" for the day. I don't think I can do too much physically challenging work, but will help him what I can. So much to do on the house yet...seems like we might never get moved in. But I have stepped out in faith and bought some houseplants (that require more light than what we have in the shop) in the hopes that I will be able to hang them in front of the new windows when it gets cold outside.

    Right now they are under the porch roof and are getting just the right amount of sun. When I bring them in, Den is going to run a cable through the rafters on the south side of the house...the cable will hang in front of the five windows on that wall, so I can arrange and rearrange the hanging plants as many times as I want. And we can even install some "grow lights" above the cable, if need be. (The rafters are in six sections and go clear to the floors on the north and south walls...they were made, and stained/varnished, to be part of the decor...we can use them in unique ways, thinking and planning as we go, lol!)

    Well, Den is staining one of the kitchen cupboards he is building and Oreo is waiting patiently for me to let her outside...she goes just out the door (and right back in) when we first get up (to check on "her" farm) but prefers to stay inside to eat her breakfast. Then she has to go back out and see if the cat left her any scraps (we have one cat that's not afraid of her, so Peace Sign eats by the house...the others eat in the garage.)

    Oh, I have to tell you about Miley (Clinton's granddaughter that he and Amy take care of.) Miley started Kindergarten this week. The first day (Tuesday went great) but on the second morning, Miley announced that she was NOT going back to school and she was NOT going to try to make any new friends.

    Clinton is still off work till mid-September and wasn't feeling well, so Amy hadn't even woken him up...probably a good thing. She had to carry Miley (kicking and screaming) to the car, carry her out of the car when she got them to school, and Miley was sobbing when Amy left her at the door (parents could only go inside the first day.)

    Amy went on to work and when she picked the girls up after school, Miley announced that she had had an AMAZING DAY and she had even made one friend. Amy told her she could make more friends, and Miley said that, no, one was enough.

    Keira, of course, a big third grader, finds her friends outside and walks in with them, lol! I am so proud of my daughter, for what she is doing for this child she is not even related to...while so badly hoping to someday have another baby of her own.

    Anyway, time to get with the program. Hope everyone is doing as well as they can. Linda, I'm thinking of you and the pain you must be in...I hope you heal quickly.
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    Julie: Cute about Miley! Because she hasn't gone to preschool it's hard to suddenly be in kindergarten. I remember how hard it was for my kids who all went to preschool. My oldest would cry for days Everytime I would drop him off, then I think he realized it wasn't helping so he stopped and then looked forward to his new friends. Miley has gone thru so much...poor little girl. And Amy! What she is saddled with, never asking for it but taking on the responsibility. Glad to read you're feeling better. It's getting close to fall, and more colds, etc.

    I think I'm feeling like you do today......can't quite put my finger on any one problem. Kinda feel slightly nauseated, very tired, depression seems to be getting me today also. Maybe I just need to sit and read all day instead of continually pushing myself. I went out to the garage, thinking I would do some cleaning, but just don't feel like it. I did start a box of candle things to give away. I told my cleaning lady she could pick thru it the next time she came. And I have no desire to be creative today.......an awful blah day.

    My DD already has a whopper of a cold, got it from my DGD . My DD had to give a presentation for PTA a few days ago, I asked how it went (over 500 people) and she said she tried not to think of how awful she felt.

    Mikie: I think Barb has lost the "filter" on her speech and just says anything. This happens a lot after a stroke or dementia. Apparently my aunt has also lost this.....my cousin says she is embarrassed to take my aunt anywhere because she gives her thoughts loudly about anyone.

    Have a great time at the party tonight. And thanks for putting the date on this new posting.

    Spring: I'm surprised at the prices. Is this in US currency or? Sounds like you got a well rounded group of reading at your school. I don't think I ever read Thornbirds but I remember when there was a TV mini.....everyone was caught up in the story. I don't remember much though.....guess I'll have to check the library system.

    I've been busy painting plus working on my backyard project. I think I did too much raking of dirt and OMG.....my back and shoulders were aching so much that I had to slather muscle rub and take ibuprofen to relieve some of the pain. I want to get the ground level so that when the neighbor's gardener comes on wed. I can get him to put down the 16 blocks, so we can start a small planter. Went back to the hardscape dealer to check again on more blocks. They won't match and since Lowe's doesn't have the same ones we bought years ago it will have to do. I plan on painting them anyway when it's all done so it matches our painted walls. NO REST FOR THE WICKED!!!!
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    I am back. Still recovering from exhausting trip for ulta-sound and doc. visit. No change. "See me in a year". Good news, I guess..... He did mention that perhaps my BP medication might be too high and could be reduced, so will put a not to my pcp doc. Ah, so it goes....

    Star, seven ferrets! How wonderful! I like their slightly musky smell, actually, but I can imagine seven in the house might have some olfactory effects! I like the idea of them having tubes to play in, to and fro.

    I didn't dream that Ballarat and Bendigo were so large. Our county seat, 60 miles north, is only about 50 thousand. Of course there are villages and hamlets everywhere around. My own area has two small towns two miles apart, combined population about 4000. That is six miles of winding road to get to.

    Linda, sorry to hear about your broken foot. How awful! I guess this will mean LOTS of rest.

    Sun, I've never heard of a snake lizard. I think it was probably an alligator lizard; they are very common in Ca, and can give one quite a nip if you grap them. Otherwise, they are pretty slow; Shorty likes to stalk them and frequently catches them. Once, he gobbled one down, the little stinker.

    Spring, save some of that tongue for me! After you boil it do you do anything else, or just serve it cold (as in English tongue sandwiches), or do you cut it up and fry with spices? Also, you mentioned tea. What kind/s do you like? Do you have a large selection to choose from. I'm a tea person too. Coffee I don't care for.....

    I've got to cook some peas and carrots for Shorty now (part of his dietary regimen) so will say Dog bless one and all -- including ferrets!

    By the way, has anyone had problems with fatigue and BP meds.? I take 5mg of amlodopine daily and maybe this should be reduced.... Just asking.

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    Barry: I looked up the side effects of amlodopine....listed below:

    Didn't you say you suffer from this awful heat that comes over you.......I would call that flushing. And I would give him a call and see if you can lower the dosage, it might help the fatigue. Every med we take whether aspirin/ibuprofen to the stronger drugs has some side effect.

    My pool man was over yesterday and we were talking about the pain meds we take. He's facing shoulder surgery in October (big time) and he's now seeing a pain specialist who wants to put him on OxyContin and he's fighting taking it. I've shared my tramadol with him in the past when he was out and had to wait to see his doc.

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    Hi Kids

    Thought I'd drop by. Do a short post. To tell you I'm not up to posting. Is
    that an oxymoron?

    Sorry to hear about your fall, Linda. I missed the last step or two a couple
    years ago myself, but escaped injury. Didn't even damage my dignity as there
    was no audience. Do you have a cast; bandages?

    Was listening to an aria from a Handel opera yesterday on Youtube.
    Somebody commented, "Handel was a crank." Not very often you
    run into a Baroque pun.

    Gordon just got back from a visit to Norman Fang's orchid nursery.
    He bought two orchids. One of which is a cross with Helen Brown. I
    asked who Helen was. He said, "No idea". His friend Jim went along.
    It's a long way to Montclair. We used to go twice a year. Now I don't
    go at all. Gordon seldom goes. Jim, who appears to be a compulsive
    shopper, didn't buy a thing.

    Oh yeah, Never heard of a snake lizard. I did find pics of the Bronzeback
    legless lizard. This is the best pic I could find.


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    I guess I should have posted a pic. Here's what she brought in. Mikie: I don't consider it a gift!!!! LOL
    Yesterday I was in my studio painting as she was outside on the little patio, having fun chasing. Suddenly she had a wiggly one in her mouth, ran to the screen to be let in. I don't think so. I closed the slider on her, then it escaped her mouth and ran where she couldn't get to it. She was very disappointed.

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    As usual, good afternoon dear PORCHIES, ate as usual doing this and that including refilling pill boxes and shopping with DH.

    This will be short as per usual I guess since I need to start my spaghetti sauce soon.

    I have been reading and so nice to see so many. I am upset however, as I went on FB and found out ( not from our small group pianist) but a relative think who mentioned the fact that our pianist's husband had just lost his life to cancer. They both have been so courages through everything. She has been fighting breast cancer for years on and off and he had brain cancer, not sure where it started from. They kept hoping it had not spread. I was going to brig a meal last week but she said that relatives were coming in so not to worry about it they would do something for meals, perhaps order in I am guessing. Not sure at that point if he was in the hospital or not. I did think perhaps things were getting worse with the family coming in but hoping not. I have found out about others deaths via FB which is a good and not so good thing I guess. It is easier when you are talking about notifying lots of people not living to close by. Wondering what she will do if she will stay here or what. Her granddaughter and DD are living in the WACO area. So I don't know. It will be sad if she leaves our area. They both were so full of smiles and faith in God.

    Please send up prayers for our dear friend and Pianist CINDY. Well I have to start my sauce.

    JULIE - Try not to wear yourselves out working on the house. BTW, your rug that you bought for your new living area sounds perfect, lots of colors I love and should work out with most colors you have in the home area. Stay well kiddo.

    MIKIE - Yes, I think it would be a good idea for you to mention Barb to your kids so they won't be so shocked if she screams at them or others when they are around. GOOD IDEA SPRING WATER !!! Good idea to split those b/p pills with it going so low. Try not to wear yourself out too with too much work.

    BARRY - Glad you are back and did OK at the docs with no other major problems. SEE YOU NEXT YEAR SOUNDS GOOD TO ME :)!!

    Love to everyone,
    Granni :)
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    Good morning, everyone! I'm not really up to posting, but wanted to get on here and see if anyone has been around yet today...it's 10:30 am here...Mikie, are you ok?

    I especially wanted to say "Hi" to Barry...I'm glad your carotid U/S was "no change" but sure wish you could get some answers for your fatigue. I sure hope your PCP will follow up with you as far as your BP meds...do you have a way to check your BP at home? Might be you could get by with a smaller dose of the med, or maybe even try something else?

    Hi to everyone else...I slept late, but Den has been outside already, so I'd better try to get with the program, lol!
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    Mikie: Too much partying? I hope you're alright and that you're just sleeping in.

    Julie: Sleep when you can, you're doing catch up for all those months of no sleep.

    I felt like I was coming down with something yesterday so I started with my Vit C, echinacea, zinc and gargling. I hope I've knocked it out. The gardener is supposed to come this afternoon for about an hr to put down the heavy stacking blocks that he pulled out, then tomorrow I need to order gravel and more blocks to be delivered and I hope he can do this before the Labor Day weekend. don't know if I'll be doing anything or not.

    I've been seriously thinking about the pros and cons of a little dog, wondering how interaction between a dog and Clair will go. I usually keep my bedroom door closed at night, but if I get a dog then she will have to sleep in my bedroom in a basket.....sooooooo.....trying to put my brain to thinking how Clair will feel I got down a large basket for her, lined it with a soft blanket she usually used and put fresh catnip under it and rubbed the basket with the catnip. Hoping I can get her trained to go to her "bed" first before getting a dog.
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    Hi to y'all,

    Wow, these volumes have been going fast, since the last time I posted!

    Mikie, I hope you get your BP to normal. You still have the stent in, correct? My best wishes to you, my friend. And I hope you don't get drenched by that rain from that "tropical" thing that "might" hit the Gulf Coast.

    Julie, Have you tried that Mucinex liquid?? It doesn't taste that great to me, but it's better than trying to swallow a "large" pill. Also, if you take an allergy med, one that works 24 hours -- it's best to take it at night. It gets into your system, and you "may" feel somewhat better in the a.m. I take OTC claritin, when my allergies overwhelm me.

    I did like your description of Miley and school. Woo Hoo!!!! I wish her many more happy days! :) And you're making me hungry, with all you've been cooking.

    BARRY -- I looked up your BP med and my BP med. Yours is a calcium channel blocker, and mine is an ACE inhibitor. Our side effects are a bit similar. One of my docs told me to take my dose at NIGHT, for the drowsiness. So I take my pill after my evening meal. I don't know when you take your dose, but you might consider asking your doc and switching your dosage time. Just a thought!

    You make me chuckle with the peas and carrots. And the fact that Shorty will eat them! Do you mix that in with kibble? How's Slinky doing?

    Sun, I was just thinking about you! All the work you're having done. Now the "stones" -- is that what you called them? -- for the outside? Wow. I'm sure your house will look beautiful! Were you thinking of getting a small "older" dog, or a puppy? I've never lived with a puppy, so I wouldn't know what to expect. I've introduced older cats (7 yrs or so) to an older dog. They got along fine. I wish you well!!! Animals are such great companions.

    Granni, Star, Spring, Elaine, Rock, etc. etc. and et al. Got my "jelly brain" going on here. I'm losing my concentration.

    Kevin's at the grocery store. Then he has Wednesday for vacation. Then the upcoming weekend in September is Labor Day. So, I'll be on and off the board. We're all doing ok, but Kevin thinks he's getting a relapse of his sinus infection again. If he won't see or call his doc, I may try to talk him into a visit to the walk-in at the Walgreen's. We'll see.

    Y'all take care!!!!!!! I'll be back when I can.

    Luv ya, DIANE
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    Diane: always, always good to see you posting! And are you and Kevin going to do something special with his time off? I do hope he feels better. My DD gets soooo many sinus infections that her doctor sent her to a nose doc who ordered an MRI on her nasal area. Turns out she has tiny little tubes and she won't go thru an operation so she lives with lots of allergies, among them grass. She lives on a golf course!

    I don't think I want a puppy, maybe a young dog that's already been spayed that would be a calmer breed and will adjust to my older cat. I went for a walk this morning and talked to a young woman at the park who had their 4 mo old puppy with her. A small dog, but she said the dog has waaaay too much energy even for her and her husband. And it has to be a breed that likes small children since I have little grandkids.
  14. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    I was so sick this morning that I hardly knew what I was doing. Evidently, I started a post to tell y'all I was too sick to post and it didn't post at all. I had no idea that kidney stones could make a person feel so horrible. It's like the worst ever day of cramps, worst day of a bladder infection, and the depression which can go with both these things. I went back to bed with the heating pad on my stomach and fell into a much needed deep sleep. When I got up, I still felt awful but better than before I fell asleep. I decided to do some laundry because that requires the least NRG. The laundry is running now. I'm slowly getting better.

    I slept almost all day yesterday til it was time to go to my DOF's birthday dinner. I was only able to eat some clam chowder and a bit of salad. We all had a good time but, as y'all know, it's hard to sit through something when you don't feel well. I didn't have any alcohol and don't feel as though I'll ever want any again. My DOF's family is soooo nice and funny. Also, I went with another friend here in the hood and we kind of reconnected after a bit of a rough period in our friendship. She tends to shoot from the hip before finding out she is wrong. I know that Barb played a part in that too. My friend wants nothing to do with Barb now. My DOF called to thank me for his gift card to B&N and tell me again what a great time he had. I thanked him for including me and told him what a good time I had as well. I really did have a good time to the best of my abilities under the circumstances. I want to get his son's address so I can thank him for the dinner.

    Barry, the biggest complaint I hear from my buddies on BP meds is how tired the meds make them feel. My Clonidine made me into a zombie until I was able to cut it back after losing weight. Glad the carotid US was OK--not worse. I hope you can feel better and have some NRG.

    Spring, soooo good to hear from you and learn that there is rebuilding going on there. That should help everyone's spirits. I'm glad prices are normalizing too. I know that green tea is supposed to be better for us but I don't like it. I only really like my spiced Constant Comment tea. It tastes like oranges and cloves. I'm glad you found some tea you like. My DOF's son decided to host the birthday party and suggested he invite me and the other woman, our friend, who has also known him a long time. Yes, he is an amazing person. He likes his off-color jokes and they don't bother me. In fact, he makes me laugh. Hope things continue to go well for you.

    Julie, how exciting to be able to hang the plants creatively on the cable. I'm trying to imagine the whole setup. You'll have to post a pic. Nothing picks up d├ęcor like green plants, especially in the wintertime. I don't do well with them and don't have much room in here so I have to be content with the ones on my lanai. Even those aren't doing well but I've neglected everything while I've been sick. I'm smiling at sweet little Oreo checking on 'her farm.' That's the great thing about dogs; they take so much responsibility. What a difference a day makes--I'm glad Miley has found a new friend and is happy about school. Yes, Amy is amazing; Miley is a lucky kid!

    I'll be back after I post this. I don't want to lose it.

    Sun, I'm sorry you are feeling low. It seems to come with the territory of where we all dwell. I do like you do and take a day off to get my bearings. I'm doing that today but decided to do the laundry just so I can feel as though I've accomplished something. Problem is that I've taken way too many days off lately and now, I'm in a crunch. Barb actually can control her filter; she just chooses not to with certain people. With others, she is charm personified. She's always been like this but now, her anger is worse and she's meaner to those who are on her bad side. My kids know all about her but I think she'll likely try to be all warm and charming to them. She likes to treat me horribly and contrast that with how nice she can be to others when she wants to be. Everyone is onto her so it doesn't work and I just don't care.

    Yes, what constitutes a present in a cat's mind may not be what we like to receive. You gotta take the attitude that it's the thought that counts. You are smart to give a lot of thought to getting a dog and trying to prepare Clair if you do. You'll have to post a pic of your project in the yard. Hope you feel better.

    Rock, glad to see you here. I'm also glad Gordon got a new plant. I'm just wondering why the nursery man was cross with Helen Brown. :rolleyes: Would that be Helen Gurley Brown of Cosmopolitan fame? If so, it might be because she had issues. Hope you can come back and sit a spell.

    Granni, I'm so sorry to hear of your pianist's DH dying. I've sent up a prayer for her and the whole family. Damned cancer! I will mention Barb to my kids but, as I posted above, my kids know all about her. Andy never did like here even when he was a toddler. Kids know! Spaghetti sounds good. I think I could stand to eat some pasta. My sauce these days comes from jars. The friend who rode with me to my DOF's birthday dinner just got a clean bill of health one year after her mastectomy. Don't for the life of me know why she keeps smoking. Have a nice Sunday evening.

    Diane, yes, the Porch is moving at warp speed. Unfortunately I have to keep the stent until the 14th of Sept. to see whether the last stone fragment will descend. I think the doc can reach out with the cystoscope and grab it if it doesn't but I can't imagine that's much better than what I'm going through now. He's like to ggive it a chance to descend on its own. I've done a lot of whining but this is one of the worst things I've been through. Not the procedure itself but everything surrounding the passing of the stones. I hope Kevin gets over that sinus infection. I've found the colloidal silver helps with stubborn infections when nothing else does. I have no side effects from it. Good luck.

    Well, Kiddies, I need to fold some clothes and try to eat a bite. It's always so good to come here to chat with such good people. Hope all y'all are doing well.

    Love, mikie
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  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good afternoon to all my dear PORCHIES,

    Went to church this morning even earlier than usual so we both could go to the Ministry Fair being held in the church's gym. I think we got at least one man in our choir, and a lady in the Resurrection choir to do funerals. I signed up to possibly do that but I don't do it much. Myself and another lady manned the choir booth for an hour before church started and then went to church. Then went home afterwards and ate lunch. After that we ran to the workout room after the rain so we could go on the treadmill. DH did some other stuff but not me today. DH is now watching football. I watch some occasionally. Hope the Texans do well today.

    MIKIE, et al - So sorry the pain and all was getting to you. It must have been bad if you didn't feel like posting:)!! Hope you feel much better soon. Yes, I guess it goes in spurts, the speed at which the PORCH moves :)!!! Either like a snail or like a speed of lightening :)!!! So sorry you have to keep your stent in so long but oh well. Hopefully it will all be over soon. I know that sometimes, esp when you aren't feeling that great, that time can go by like a very small snail. I guess your kiddos will be here for the Labor Day weekend. Is it Friday till Monday of that week? That is when our youngest DD will be coming with her DH and DS to see us all. They used to stay with us until DD#2 moved here. So we have little extra work involved most times. They will end up going to eat at least one night, I am sure.

    Now that IHOP is open by us they might want to go for breakfast before they leave on Monday. That is what they have done before. However, they had closed the restaurant and said was renovating and then tried to sell it and then after some redoing decided to reopen. We very rarely go out for breakfast unless out of town. So not sure if we will go if they do. Another problem is not sure there is a whole lot on their menu I can eat except eggs. Need to check their updated menu. I love pancakes but made with the wrong flour. Sometimes at our church when they have their breakfasts we go. It is $5 for scrambled eggs, delicious fried potatoes with onions and peppers which I am not supposed to eat either. However, they also have fruit too. I usually eat a little of the potatoes if they give me to much and eat either 1/2 a pancake if large or a very small one. I don't get the biscuit and gravy which I am sure is also very bad for me. Neither of us are that much for breakfasts anyway for the most part. Now it is even worse with the silly diet. They also have bacon or sausage. Occasionally I will have one or the other. You can't sto living and I am trying not to lose to much weight. HOW IS YOUR APPETITE COMING MIKIE??? Glad you got to eat something at your DOF b-day party . I HOPE YOU OR US DON'T GET ANY BAD STORMS OR HURRICANES ):!! WE ARE WATCHING JUST LIKE YOU ABOUT THE STORMS IN THE TROPICS.

    JULIE - So sorry you have the crud again or what seems like it. You were smart not going to see your dad feeling like that plus it was farther away. He certainly didn't need to catch it if it was catching and you didn't need to push yourself. Yes, that was cute with Miley she was happy to have one friend. That is OK and we are all so different, aren't we? I sure saw that in my children especially the girls. Most of our girls were happy to have one or two friends. Then again we have DD#! who has many and with her DH has even more. He is a salesman and has a great personality. Between the two of them they never met a stranger and have a pile of friends wherever they go. DD#1 and her DH are now visiting their DD and DGD in Colorodo. I am sure they are having a grand time.

    DIANE - So sorry to hear that KEVIN isn't feeling to great. Hope he gets to feeling better soon so he can enjoy his vacation at home. Guessing you really didn't have that many exciting plans for his vacation. Hope you are doing well too.



    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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  16. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: jiminy crickets.........I never knew a stone, broken up, could cause so much troubles. Hope you feel much improved by the weekend. You haven't said if they're staying with you this time or sleeping elsewhere. Yes, it's hard putting on a pleasant face when one is suffering from pain. NOBODY can really understand, but then we don't want to live like a hermit all the time so we have to push ourselves.

    I read this following on the internet today. This seems to be a really good, informative site.

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  17. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys.
    Been a bit slow going lately and this morning I seem to have gotten myself into a bit of a tizzy.
    With the house empty, I figured I'd seize the opportunity to hop onto the big computer. (You know,Carpe diem and all that)...
    Well, I can't get in! I tell ya, I've had just about enough of this jelly brain trying to sabotage the simplest of tasks.

    So I find myself back on my phone ,(as I'm always signed in there) and painstakingly typing On the itty-bitty keyboard
    -and for the life of me ,can't figure out how I could get it so wrong.
    Sometimes technology just does my head in.

    I watched a programme the other day highlighting all the different problems young people struggle with,due to technology.
    Mostly it was about the children that are born ,not knowing a world without it (Technology) and how they don't know how to switch off,
    nor what Not to share... Seems every generation has it's own set of unique problems/issues.

    I personally am not on FB and DH and I've decided not to let our Treasures get involved in all that.
    My niece was suicidal after a so-called mate ,hacked into her account and played a prank/joke on her...
    And yeah. She actually seems to be 'scarred for life'.
    Sounds dramatic, but she Really had a number done on her and it spread like wildfire through school and all her networks.
    She started cutting and pulling her hair out. Full on stuff.

    DD had some issues with a girl at school, due to a miscommunication through text messaging and that was enough.
    Watching her deal with the emotional fallout, when she was barely 11, Over something seemingly innocent,was a real eye opener & something we're not in a hurry to repeat any time soon!
    We've decided that in order to try and make our home a 'safe place' where our Treasures can retreat and just 'Be' means no technological intrusions besides the good Ol' phone call or FaceTime.

    We figured they'll be grown and on their own soon enough and can make their own minds up then.
    In the mean time, discussing, education and all the stuff that fits a parents job description, in preparation for the future...

    Gee. I hope I don't sound too miserable. I guess sometimes I get ahead of myself.

    DH and I talked about he and DD having a little more intentional quality time, in order to avoid her persuing love 'in all the wrong places ' ,as the saying goes, in the future.
    She's almost 13 and it just seems to me that these days, kids are moving along way too fast, in almost every aspect.
    Something we're trying to avoid.

    It's tricky business though, coz when Dd is on the in, I'm on the out. If you get what I mean.
    Females can be funny creatures.
    And DH is oblivious to all that. He just laps it up.
    I have to tread very carefully I feel.

    The emotions of teenagers can be volatile and life swiftly becomes something like a train wreck ,if we're not onto it.
    Mine certainly was, when I was a teenager.

    Ugh. And the worry coincides with all the extra aches and pains.
    I'm gonna give them (worries) to God and start this day over.

    Moving on-

    Barry- so good to hear you got the all clear, but I guess you're still in the dark and want answers. I'm not on those meds, but I recently had to make the tough decision to reduce my pain patch, due to the extra fatigue. The dr still doesn't understand why that particular dose effects me the way it does, but it doesn't change the fact.
    Unfortunately it means more daily pain, but (& I can't believe I'm going to say this), it's preferable to that completely washed-out feeling. I'm already always tired. That's bad enough!
    Pretty much every med I try has fatigue as a side effect and is the main reason all the anti convulsants and depression meds aren't an option for me. Guess it's all trial and error and research.
    Hope someone here helps steer you in the right direction.
    Yeah. I love our ferrets.

    Mikie- I really, really never wanna experience kidney stones! All you've gone through...
    Wish I could fix it.

    Rock- I'm not up to posting eigther.liked the pic of the lizard. My youngest always used to scare me with them. Cheeky boy.

    Sun- sounds like you're on a mission. Hope what you envision for your home and family comes to pass.
    Sometimes a puppy can be a good idea, depending on breed. You can crate train it and Claire will be the boss. Best laid plans however...

    Julie-you're a good mum and grand Ma. Amy is a chip off the old block.

    Spring- thorn birds. Now there's a classic!
    Saw on the telly something about the Chinese govt bulldozing homes of older folks, Over your way, because they don't Look good enough?
    Can you clue me in? As I didn't get the full story.

    Granni- sorry to hear about your pianist losing her DH. He's gone to dance on streets of gold. Hope she is well looked after and can at least continue to play. Music is a gift.

    Dianne- sinus problems are a real nuisance ,to say the least and I hope the two of you come good soon, at the same time!

    Hello to Elaine and Linda! Speedy recovery for back -and Both feet! Really? That's tough.

    A big Hello to everyone and best wishes to All, whatever the challenge you face.

    I have the heater blaring, as my body temperature is all over the shot.Got a bug I think.
    I just glanced up at our Jack Russell and nearly jumped outta my skin.
    For a second it appeared that he was smiling rather creepily at me,
    But it's just that he's too hot and his lips are stuck up high on his teeth!

    It's amazing what a good laugh will do.
    Feeling better already. P'raps Ill turn the heater down too.

    Take care
    Catch yas later
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  18. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Star: good to see you posting. I agree with you about rather having the pain than feeling loopy and tired. I think you talked awhile about the neck and back, etc. I've suffered big time with those, but about a year ago I started doing slow stretches on the floor for a minimum 30 min first thing out of bed. Honestly.....for me it's made a giant difference.

    Funny about your Jack Russell and his sticky lips!!!!!LOL I can just picture it. I've been looking at a ton of dogs available thru the shelters and have some laugh out loud pictures!!!!!

    And I think your DH is doing the right thing with your DD. Girls get their self worth from their dad, and if they don't feel the love from him and the right attention they will go looking elsewhere, and spend the rest of their lives looking for it. You also need some one and one with her too though, and be sure to keep the personal lines of communication open with her.

    And I agree with you about the technology this generation is into. So much texting that they don't even know how to carry on a conversation.....SAD.

    The gardener was here this afternoon. He doesn't speak very good English and I think that's why he brings his LAZY 16 year old son to translate. Anyway, I showed him how to position the first layer of these blocks and also how to use the level and the rubber mallet. But he was getting the hang of it and was sooo proud when he got the bubble on the level just right.....pronouncing perfecto! He will be here on wed. to lay the remaining blocks and then on Thursday for the gravel! Yea.

    Rock: what! Gordon didn't buy out Norman's?
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  19. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone! Late night, but I wanted to stop by and post in case I'm not on here very much this week. Yard needs mowed again, the house is a mess and I need to get some groceries tomorrow...almost out of milk, etc.

    I try not to work on my chores or projects on the weekends when Den is home...I think just having me around to hand him things or offer my opinion helps him. And I haven't felt the best all weekend, so haven't tried to do anything at all strenuous. Will try to get some laundry started early in the morning before I mow mid-day (after the grass dries.) Of course, plans could easily change as we actually are supposed to get rain Mon-Wed. But we had the same forecast for the weekend and it only rained at night.

    Anyway, I am thinking of all of you...

    Sun, I'm glad you found someone to lay the blocks for you. I hope whatever you decide about a little dog works out well.

    Star, I think you and your hubby are right on...as far as technology, and about him having a close relationship with your DD. You sound like very good parents who are vested in your treasures' lives.

    Mikie, I'm glad you posted today, but sorry you felt so rough. I know it was hard for you to go to the party, but I'm sure it meant the world to your DOF. Hope you get done what you need to before your kids get there, but don't worry too much...just enjoy their visit.

    Granni, it will be fun for you to have family visit also. So, they stay with your DD that moved close to you?

    Diane, thanks for the heads up about the Mucinex Liquid...I'll look for it next time. Hope you and Kevin feel well enough to enjoy the long weekend.

    Rock and Barry...I hope you get some energy to do a little of this or a little of that.

    Spring, it's nice that things are getting a little more back to normal there.

    Linda, I hope you aren't in too much extra pain.

    Elaine, thinking of you too...and hoping you are doing okay.

    I'm going to head to bed...it's after midnight. "Hi" to anyone I have missed...
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  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Got up with a bad sinus headache so snorted some Nasacort to clear out the stuffiness, including my ears. I have a plan to get so much done in each room each day. I have five days so I should get it all done by the time the kids arrive on Sat. Their plane gets in to Tampa Fri. evening so they are staying up there Fri. night. DD offered to get a room here but I told her to plan on staying with me. Airline traffic is so heavy on Labor Day weekend that she paid for tickets instead of trying to fly non-rev on Southwest. She is eating gluten free so I asked her for the brand of bread and pasta she likes. I'll fix a seafood pasta with Alfredo sauce on Sat. I can eat pasta.

    I never knew kidney stones could make one feel so sick but the nurse practitioner was the one who mentioned nausea. It's evidently quite common. She also gave me a heads up on the pain and passing a lot of blood. I hope my bod is making more blood to replace it. It's the stent which causes the rest of this misery. Good grief! If that fragment would only pass... I've decided this has been a 'Murphy's Law' situation with my stones. Once the kids leave, I can just rest up. I'll take any prayers I can get to help that big fragment pass.

    I know how sick I was yesterday because I missed going to Target to use the one-day-only, 10-percent-off coupon. They have paper towels and bath tissue on sale with a $10 gift card if I buy one of each. That makes it really cheap. They also have hair color with gift cards. I have a BOGO manufacturer's coupon for the same hair color. I'll try to get there tomorrow but won't get the 10-percent off. Oh well, stuff happens!

    Granni, that tropical depression is just north of the west end of Cuba. As it passes through the Straits of Florida, it will intensify and could become a hurricane but will likely remain a tropical storm. Once it's in the gulf, just west of FL, it will take a hard right turn and make landfall north of Tampa, possibly in the FL Panhandle. It's a little early for an exact forecast. We will get a lot of rain but it is supposed to be beautiful by the weekend. Glad your kids will be there for a visit and glad this storm will not reach LA or TX. Hope we both feel well while our kids are here.

    Sun, thanks for the link. It's so funny you mentioned this. I watched a program on TV in which they discussed the weight of the head when it's tilted forward. I've noticed my posture degrading due to pain in my pelvis and lower back. I have to remind myself to stand up correctly. I'm planning on having the kids stay here on Sat. and Sun. nights. I just got a new foam mattress cover for the loveseat that makes into a twin bed that DGS sleeps on. He never complained but when I asked him if it was comfortable, he said it was a bit hard. I hope this helps. I'm laughing about your gardener and his delight at getting the bubble centered. How cute! When our painters were here, they supposedly didn't speak English. One had my door open when I came home and I said, "Donde estan los gatos?" (where are the cats?). He said in perfect English, "Probably sleeping." Cracked me up. If you're looking for a dog, try walking by and seeing whether one will pick you. That's how I got my old dog, Taffy. She was in the back of her kennel but shyly came forward and lifted her paw in the air like a kid raising his hand to be called on in school. She was a wonderful dog. Good luck.

    Gonna post this and come back to edit so I don't risk losing it.

    Star, you are sooo right about social media and kids. DGS is only 11 but DD says he can't wait to get onto his social media site and see who is liking him. Fortunately, so far, there has been no cruelty but it can devastate kids when others are so mean. I don't go on those sites myself. I guess FB would be OK for keeping up with my family. I once went on Twitter to keep up with some news and people were saying the filthiest things about Andrea Mitchell, the newscaster. Andrea Mitchell! She's a very competent person on TV and gives no hints as to her political standing. I don't need that kind of stress. I'm laughing about your dog's weird 'smile.' How funny. Thank him for me because now, I'm laughing.

    Julie, it's good you stay flexible about what you will try to get done. My ex and I always worked so well together as a team when we were remodeling our house and adding on to it. We also just enjoyed having that time to spend together. Yes, in the spring and fall, it's more difficult to forecast the weather. Our weatherman just said as much as he's trying to figure out whether or not we'll have rain and when. I have to go outside to make sure we don't have places where water can gather, giving the Zika mosquitoes places to breed. They say it doesn't make most adults sick and some don't even know they've been infected; however, the incidence of Guillane Barre is higher than expected with this virus. Since we seem to react differently, I will try to do everything I can to avoid it. Hmmmm, I should pick up some extra bug spray before the kids get here, especially if DGS goes fishing. Hope your allergies are better.

    Hope all y'all have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
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