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    Hi everyone! I had gone to bed, then got back up to message Lindsey. Stopped by here and thought it might be a good time to get a new volume started.

    I don't have a whole lot of news, but hope everyone had a decent day. Star and Spring are already on "tomorrow", I think...and Rock, Barry, Sun and maybe others are still in the evening hours. How neat that we can communicate with friends in other countries and all the different parts of our own countries.

    Can you imagine what our ancestors would have been thinking...if someone had told them that one day we could have "instant access" to friends and relatives all across the globe? My FIL was in the US Army during WWII...oh, were things ever different then!

    Anyway, just something to think about. I am heading off to bed, but will check in the morning to see who all has been by. Take care!

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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    This was a perfect time to start up a new Porch; thanks, Julie. Be sure to go back, y'all, and read the last few posts on #917. We have a new Porchie, Coderlaury, to welcome. I'm hoping to have enough NRG today to start cleaning so I'm not up against the wall just before the kids arrive. I'm frustrated because my printer is not working right. It's such a piece of junk! It kept telling me I needed to replace the blue ink cartridge. I did, with a new cartridge, and the message won't go away. ARGHHHH!!! :mad: I just don't need the aggravation right now.

    Yesterday, I went to Target to get the paper towels and toilet paper on sale. Unfortunately, I couldn't find my BOGO coupon for hair color but it didn't matter because they didn't have my color anyway. Another aggravation. Normally, I'd just go to another store but, right now, I don't have the NRG to be chasing around. My friend, Nancy, went with me and we always have fun. I had wanted to go to Costco too but the waves of weakness started to overtake me so I decided not to do it. This is really a pain--literally and figuratively! Whine, whine, whine. :(

    My Dear Old Friend called to see how I was doing. He's so sweet. I wanted his son's address so I could send a thank you note for the lovely dinner party. DOF said his son told him not to let us send TY notes because they got so much enjoyment out of seeing their Dad celebrating his 90th birthday with family and good friends. The son who threw the party seems very modest and doesn't like to be fussed over. I did thank him and his wife twice at dinner. What a nice family.

    Two more weeks of this stent business. I've been praying, and invoking healing light, to try to get the frag to descend. I'm not in horrible pain; whatever pain I have is handled by Tylenol, but the exhaustion, nausea, cramps and icky feeling are always with me. So are the frequency, urgency and burning when I pee. It's just the everness and lack of NRG which are really getting to me. I am so run down that I'm having trouble keeping on top of simple things. It's happened before and I know I'll pull out of it once the frag and stent are gone. Thank you all for the prayers and good wishes.

    Looks as though the tropical depression in the Gulf will turn into a tropical storm with winds in the 65mph area. It could intensify into a Cat 1 hurricane. It will dump a lot of rain north of us and we have flood warnings in some areas here. There is a danger of tornadoes as well but likely further north. Good thing that most of what I have to do is inside. That means I don't have to do my hair and makeup, leaving me more NRG to clean. That's how small my margins of NRG are right now.

    BTW, Nancy tells me that she read a good way to get to sleep. She keeps blinking her eyes until she drops off. Swears it works. I tried it after I got up to pee and I did go back to sleep. I'll have to have it work more than one time before I say it works for me. I'll let y'all know but we have nothing to lose by trying it.

    Julie, thanks for opening up the new Porch. I'm glad you 'call it a day' when you get fatigued. I've learned I have to do that too. I also believe people can turn their lives around. I do think it's complicated and requires comprehensive treatment and lifestyle changes. It definitely requires staying away from people who use. I also often wonder what my grandparents would think of the technological advances we enjoy today. The changes in my Mom's life were amazing. She finally embraced her cell phone but was flummoxed by the computer. Bless you all for the good things you do for others. I know Amy learned it from you.

    Granni, busy as usual I see. Seems that so much of what you do involves funerals. I know it's a great comfort to those grieving that you show up. I'm sure the singing will also be a comfort. I hope you get through it all. The KC regalia doesn't look too comfortable. When I was a kid, I was impressed with the swords. Doesn't look as though the storm will go to LA or TX. The new track has it turning north of Tampa and crossing over GA up by NC.

    Sun, I was wondering whether the molding couldn't be spray painted. I usually buy the molding which is already primed. It's easier to paint. I'll bet DD's cat was upset by what was going on in his life. Poor little kitties have few ways to let us know how distressed they are. I don't blame Tweety; she is just smart and demanding. I know making the change to being an inside cat was very hard for her. Jeff's allergies to her manifest in a horrible rash if he touches her. I saw it myself. It happens almost instantaneously. Poor guy. Poor Tweety. I haven't talked to him in a while. If it were me, I'd just let her out at night. I don't know what he's gonna do with her. I'm sorry you're hurting. I hope you feel better.

    Coderlaury, so glad to see you here. I hope you can come back and stay longer.

    Rock, I've missed you here. Haven't had the mental NRG to play the games. This last one is probably right up my alley. I'll at least stop by. Hope you are feeling well.

    Love, hugs and prayers to all our dear Porchies, especially our MIA.

    Love, Mikie
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    Awww, Mikie! I know you will bounce back once that stone fragment passes and that stent is out. Until then, I'm so sorry for all the discomfort, fatigue and other problems this is causing you.

    I set my alarm for 7:00 am, but didn't get up till 8:00. Not sure if it will be dry enough to mow this afternoon or not...I'll work inside this morning, then check the grass later. Yard is getting pretty tall, guess I should have mowed again on Saturday...oh well.

    I think we are going to go visit Amy, Clinton and the girls one day over the weekend...they will be camping at a lake, not too far from where they live. I won't be going towards Tennessee until maybe Sept. 19...to meet halfway to get the twins for their Iowa vacation. But may push it back to October if Lindsey needs me to go down and babysit...if she gets to go to a Leaders' Retreat for her at-home business (she sells a brand of supplements, etc.)

    Den and I are going down sometime in October also...all of the kids' electrical switches and outlets are wired incorrectly. The ground wires are just twisted together in the boxes...they should be actually fastened in the box. Since her daddy is an electrician, he won't charge her very much, lol!

    Amy and family are going down for Thanksgiving, but I don't think Den and I will go then. And David has to take vacation the middle of December, so they may come up here then and we can have Christmas a little early. They want to be back in Tennessee to be with his mom...first Christmas without Grandpa Pap.

    But, plans are always subject to change...

    I'd better say "Hi" to everyone and get busy. Amazing how I always have "stuff" to do, and how the littlest things seem to be such big projects when one is not up to par.

    I saw on my memories on facebook that on this day last year, Den and I were in the big hospital and they were still trying to get his heart to "flip" back into normal rhythm. And I did remember that yesterday was three months that his dad has been gone...I guess it's good that last year we didn't realize Gpa would no longer be with us. Makes me wonder what next year will bring, although it doesn't really matter...whatever happens, happens.

    Well, I guess I'll close on that sort of weird note, lol! Just a reminder to myself to cherish each day...
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    Not much time to really write as I have been busy and just got on. Trying to a bunch of little stuff around the house and do clothes including some from yesterday. Also went to the post office to send back some supps that were the incorrect ones. That is a long story but Amazon is a great place to deal with on sending stuff back esp if you have a good reason. We are supposed to go to DD's on Saturday and DSIL 's back is bothering him again so we will see if things change or not. I suppose at least one night we will be going out to eat as the DD and family is coming from the Ft. Worth area again.

    The ground breaking turned out well. We didnp' stay for the reception as DH was dying from the heat and being in his regalia. We were all hot too when we went outside as the Cardinal was doing his part of blessing all the aarea where the building will be and the ceremonial dig. The acoustic system was not very good but it is probably old and took in quite an area.

    Hi to AWL and WELCOME to Coderlaury. I have had FM and other things for over 30 years too. Sorry I was in a rush and didn't stop to check your profile. Guessing you are much younger than I though but just guessing. ROCK, and I are probably close to the oldest ones that come to the Porch:)!! MIKIE and SUN are close. However, that doesn't matter, there are all ages here. Please do stop and tell us something about your self.

    STAR - Hope you are feeling fairly well today. You are one of the young ones with lots of TREASURES ( darling children) - even when they may not be so darling :D LOL.

    JULIE - Hope you get to go to the lake to visit with Clinton , Amy and Keira. That would be fun and relaxing I think for you all. Yes, you have come a long way since last year with Den and glad he is doing so much better. You are right, that we need to cherish each day !!!

    MIKIE - Sorry I didn't really read everyone's posts very well. In a hurry to get this written before DH wants the computer. Hope you are feeling well enough for you company coming in a few days.

    I need to rush and get off soon as DH needs some computer time again :)!! Be back later !! HUGZ to awl !!

    Love to everyone,
    Granni :)
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    Hi Granni...sounds like you are busy multitasking. I am just getting frustrated...trying to do a few things, but feeling so fatigued. Guess I will go ahead and take a nap. This is just ridiculous, as so many on here can relate. But that's just how it is, true?

    Will rest a bit and try again later to get some chores finished up. The grass and ground was so wet this morning, I just hated to drive my mower on it...planning to mow tomorrow. Take care, everyone!
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    Julie: I'm with you on having to get things done but fatigued. I woke at 6:30 this morning.....I "think" I slept thru but with FM one basically wakes up more tired than when going to bed. I had to put the second coat of paint on the molding after breakfast. OMG......so hot again, I'm so sick of summer and can hardly wait for fall.

    I'm waiting for the gardener to arrive to put the new blocks on. I ran to Lowe's for potting soil so he can fill in some areas. I was outside this morning and decided to turn on the sprinklers.....just checking to see what works and what doesn't. Now that the used brick pathway is removed I've found a sprinkler in the ground which I never knew was there. I dug around and it looks like when the patio was poured over 35 years ago it partially buried it. So.......what you can't beat, join it.......so I'll just have a plant put in there and utilize the water coming out.

    As to the twins vacation with you.......seriously.......are you sure you want to do this yet? Chances are if you tell them they have to be the same age as their big sister is now, they will understand and look forward to getting older. You just seem to push yourself so much and you haven't even gotten over everything. Just my opinion.

    Mikie: Hope you were able to get a start on the cleaning you feel has to be done before their visit. By the way, spray painting wouldn't work. Spray paint in the can is so darn watery as compared to what you paint on out of a can. And there are a lot of different white tones, so I just stick with the same brand from Lowe's and have no problems. I got into the antique business years ago when I used to repair antique wicker furniture. Learned at that time you gotta use paint from the can.

    Rock: I was doing some research and found this: Hey....you might want to give it a shot.

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    Hi Kids

    Just woke up from a nap. Gordon is calling Hawaii to tell the nursery
    man the orchids didn't arrive yet. He did get some from the same place
    last month. His latest orchid is an ascocenda which seems to be related to
    the vandas although the flowers look similar to the phalaenoopsis. Pic

    Our neighbors across the street who put dozens of artificial flowers in
    their front yard a couple years ago have redecorated with umbrellas.
    They are big; beach size. Multi colored. Gordon thinks they look
    tacky, but I think they add a cheerful touch. As we all know, beauty is
    in the eye of the etc. unless you go to the beach and get sand in there.

    Sun, I think the last time I painted something was about 40 years ago
    when I bought an old desk from a thrift store and painted it in several
    primary colors. Each drawer a different color. But if I ever paint again,
    I will keep your maxim in mind: You can not paint unless it's paint from
    the can.

    You're right. There are lots of shades of white, but only women have the
    discerning eye to detect them. (Especially if it's white shoes.) The
    average women can see at least ten times as many colors as a man.

    Mikie, your current medical problem reminds me of The Sword in the Stone.
    Only you've got a stone that is poking you like the tip of a sword. I hope
    this ordeal is soon over. And you are not whining although it certainly
    would not be amiss if you did.

    Julie, I remember reading a book years, maybe decades, ago. It was about
    a large family whose grandfather had come from Italy and bought a
    hill near a small town. Now, decades later, the hill had several houses,
    all inhabited by descendants and relatives. They did lots of visiting
    without having to travel.

    Put some more of you family pics up when you have the energy. I love
    family pics. Probably cause we didn't have any when I was a kid. BTW
    when you're doing all the mowing, do you say to yourself: "The mo' I mo',
    the less I have to mo'."?

    Granni, I think you're right. We are probably the oldest. Of course if you
    toss in all our ailments, we are probably functioning as though we were
    decades older. My uncle was 13 years older than I. At 84 he still had
    wonderful posture and was in terrific health except for a little hearing loss.

    I see on the net that it was 92 in your area today. Seems like the temp has
    been 86 every day all summer here. Night time it's almost always 66.

    Hugs Barry, Diane, Star, Linda, Spring

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    Hi Everyone,

    Thought I would drop in and show some of my latest blooms

    1. The first one won 1st place in it's division. It's a large light green Catt and
    it has such a nice fragrance.

    2. This is an Ascd. this is the first time it bloomed for me. It looks like the one
    Rock posted. I hope the bloom will last another 4 wks so I can bring it to the

    3. This is Onc. Moon Shadow 'Tiger Tail'. Don't know why it was so named. It's
    a small plant that I won off the raffle table last month. I don't have much luck with
    oncidiums. I can grow them but they don't want to bloom for me. Maybe this
    one will be different.

    4. This is an multi-genre cross called Howard's Dream. It's beautiful and I also
    won this off the raffle table last month. I won two last month but most time I
    don't win any.


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    Hi everyone! Gordon, thanks for posting the flower pics. My favorite of these is the first one...I can see why it won first place.

    Rock, love the mowing ditty...I do love to mow, but getting a little tired of it by now. Well, it seems the rains have been at the wrong times lately, so I don't get the mowing done when I would like to.

    Yes, it was a lot easier in many ways, when the kids lived right next door. I'll try to get some more pics posted...got a new phone and still figuring everything out.

    Sun, oh that's so funny about the mystery sprinkler...good idea to put a plant by it, since it will be working now. Glad you got your molding painted...sorry it was so hot to work, though.

    I'm actually looking forward to having the twins here for a few days. I miss them all so much. I believe my fatigue is more related to stress and some depression that anything else....will be nice to do some "normal" things for once.

    Den and I ended up going to town this evening. I still got in a short nap this afternoon, but he texted and said he was going to the home supply store and did I want to go along. So I was showered and pretty much ready by the time he got home.

    We stopped for supper before going shopping. I wandered around the store while he got plumbing and electric supplies. I found a couple of porch swings on clearance, so bought both of them. I am loving the one we put up right outside the new front door (on the south side) so got one for the west side also. And one for a stand that we have...the boards had broken and fallen off the original one, so I just got the new swing as cheap as it would have been to buy new boards and rebuild the old one.

    Will get some pics up of the house once we get a little farther along...so much to do yet, and we will need to get some heat in there if we plan to move in yet this year. It just all depends....Den still gets tired easily and neither one of us can push ourselves too much.

    We do need to get more firewood brought in...we can go just up the road to some Amish neighbors and buy leftover slabs already cut to length...they just need to be split. They make pallets, and this wood is what they can't use...they charge $30 per pickup load. But it takes time, and lots of energy to load and unload. Den already split the last load we brought home, but he says we need at least nine more loads...ugh. But, it saves so much money on heating fuel...

    I'd better get on to bed. Plan to do a little bit inside tomorrow...then when the grass dries, I will mow. Hi to everyone...hope you are all doing ok.
  10. Mikie

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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Hope I can get this posted. My computer keeps freezing up. I should take this in to be put back to factory stds. Or, I could simply buy a new cheapo laptop. I hate to do that because I love this one--when it works. I slept eight hours. Woo Hoo!!! :) Thank God because I still have a lot to do. I got a lot done yesterday by pacing myself. I hope to do that again today.

    Got a text from DD in CO last night. She was worried about the storm. I'm sure it sounds scary to others but it is supposed to hit up near the Panhandle. We might not even get a lot more rain. It rained hard yesterday. I'm glad because we needed it. There will be a lot of standing water north of us. When it gets down to about an inch, it might become breeding grounds for mosquitos. We just had another Zika case identified in our county. Don't know how the person was infected. Those skeeters don't travel very far.

    I just saw a Farmers Insurance ad with dogs doing synchronized swimming in a flooded living room. OMG! How funny! My kids continue to keep their dog going despite the tumor in his shoulder and leg. The vet keeps coming up with things which help him to remain pain free. Problem is that those things make him subdued and not his usual bouncy self. Still, he doesn't need to be bounding around, reinjuring the tumor site. It's a matter of time. DGS started middle school so right now isn't a good time to have the dog put to sleep. DSIL will stay home this weekend to be with the dog.

    Julie, sometimes mo is less. I love Rock's ditty too. You've really hit the nail on the head in describing how difficult it is for us to get anything done when we are so exhausted. I used to do in a day what it now takes me a week to accomplish. How nice to have all those swings. Swinging on a Porch, or in the trees, is soooo relaxing. Yes, a lot has happened in the last year. I still use the phrase, "Everything is exactly as it's supposed to be," to soothe myself, even when things aren't as I had planned or as I'd like them to be. I tell myself that we cannot see the big picture nor what God has in mind for us. Sometimes life is hard and sometimes sad. You fully engage in life's precious and loving moments with your family. That is what I plan on doing this weekend.

    Granni, I figured the KC uniforms would be hot. Heck, it's hot out now for me in shorts and tees. Yes, Amazon is great. Do you belong to Amazon Prime? I do and get most things ordered on there shipped free in two days. I joined for the streamed video service but am enjoying a lot of other benefits. I get good deals on my Kindle books and, when I use their credit card, I get rewards I can use when I buy things. All in all, it's been great.

    Sun, I agree that there is nothing like paint from the can. I've had good luck with spray paint on certain projects but I buy good spray paint. It's especially good for redoing outdoor furniture. I painted my louvered closet doors by hand but the neighbors sprayed theirs and they look better when sprayed. So far, no one has had a problem. I'm trying to decide which to do when I repaint in here. One of the townhouses in here had a patio slab poured and it covered the sprinkler head. The water coming out of it eroded the ground under the slab and it cracked. They wanted the big board to pay for replacing the slab. Duh! No way. I'm glad yours didn't damage anything. Can't wait to see pix of your project.

    Rock, yes, you perfectly described that stone being the sword. It just doesn't want to come out. Good grief! The frag is pointy and that doesn't help. No wonder there is so much bleeding. I'm sure the loss of blood, while it may not render me anemic, isn't helping with my exhaustion. It probably takes a lot out of the bod just making new blood to replace what's being lost. Good thing I don't faint at the sight of it. Yikes! :eek: That bloom you posted is gorgeous! How wonderful to live among the flowers. People who come back from NDEs say Heaven is full of flowers in colors we can't even imagine. I'm ready to go when the good Lord calls me home. Beam me up!

    Gordon, thank you so very much for sharing your prize winning orchids with us. Mine haven't done well since moving them from the big tree we had cut down. I think I'm out of the orchid business. I'll just live vicariously through your beautiful orchids and they are magnificent! Again, thank you for posting these pix. You are a special person to make the world a more beautiful place.

    I got some bills paid online and I'm glad to have that outta the way. I can make a leisurely start to the day so I don't disturb the neighbors downstairs. I need to vacuum so will wait til I'm sure they are up. She has been having a hard time sleeping lately. I hope I don't wake her when I get up to pee in the middle of the night. Oh well, they lived here for several years before buying so they knew what the conditions were. I'm off to read the paper online. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    G'day from the great South Land...

    Granni-thanks for the intro. Yeah. You are right.
    Our Treasures are Always Treasures, but not always darlings. Ha ha.

    Hello Coderlaury. And Welcome!
    As Granni mentioned, I have three Treasures( aged 11, almost 13 & 15), boy, girl, boy.
    DH, Treasures and I live in the state of Victoria, Australia.
    I'm fairly new here, but am happy to come to the porch, my home away from home,
    where I can let my hair down and dispose of all the guilt And or explanations for why I can't...
    Even though I may look like I can!
    We're all in the same boat in many ways...

    Mikie- aww I feel so sad that all this business with your kidney has dragged on.
    Not only that, but the pain & discomfort and trouble when going to the loo.
    All this adds up over time and wears a person down- and I'm sorry you're putting up with all this. I really hope this weekend will serve as a wonderful pick-
    Florida hit the news a couple of days ago,with the modified mozzies being introduced to 'The Keys'?
    Hope you won the battle with the printer (was it?).
    Glad you haven't had any drama with your neighbour too.
    I am praying for you...

    Barry-I think when I looked up population numbers for Ballarat & Bendigo, it would've included surrounding areas too.

    Sun- I'm familiar with Kevin Leman. I think I may even have a book of his.
    You are right, of course, one on one, quality time with me, is also important.
    DH takes turns with them camping, which eigther involves fishing or hunting. At which case, I am with the other two.
    In between, we all go, but it does take a lot out of me.
    I need to come up with a 'doable' adventure for each of them.
    I'm glad Angel was on the job.

    Spring- the bulldozing of people's homes, even though they'd survived earthquakes, was in Nepal. That's why I asked you about it.
    Surely the government there wouldn't deliberately create a homeless situation? Perhaps it was in a different location to you, but it made the news here. Unusually.

    Rock/(Gordon)- absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing those pics.
    So, let me get this straight. You have neighbours, across from you,
    Who previously landscaped with plastic flowers, which have now been replaced by Umbrellas?
    How interesting.
    Is this to usher in the rain?

    Julie-I'm sorry to hear you're feeling a bit bummed out. I get like that too at times coz I have sooo many plans and ideas and things I wanna do, But this wretched body of mine has other ideas.
    It's weird, but even though our Treasures drain me, they keep things 'normal-ish' around here.
    In that sense, I can understand why you look forward to having your Treasures there. I'm sure you must feel very satisfied sowing 'Life' into their little lives and as is Often the case, You end up being blessed yourself...if ya get what I mean ?

    Hi Linda, Elaine, Dianne and Willow...

    My youngest Treasure has been struggling with bad excema for years now and I couldn't get any dr to DO anything.
    Finally at our last visit I insisted on having tests taken to look for allergies.
    Weeell, the IgE numbers were through the roof. Apparently 200 is a little high for a normal reading,but still acceptable;where-as, his was at 9387!

    Finally, he's getting noticed.
    After a botched up referral to a skin cancer specialist, instead of dermatology (&3 other previous incorrect referrals), we've finally made some head way. Poor boy.

    I've spent the last couple of days on the phone trying to get him seen to sooner, rather than later.
    I spoke to a frustrating receptionist who indicated that the earliest he'll be seen is Feb.
    I explained his situation and had the doctors office fax off all his pathology results. I then followed that up, ensuring they got all the information on their end. (Attention this and that - you know the drill).
    Major headache, but yesterday I got a text message stating the specialist will see him Monday.

    Yep that's right. This Monday. What a turn around hey- and answer to prayer.
    Appointment is in Ballarat and I'll make the most of it (if we don't have to wait for hours on end) ,
    Trying to make it a good memory for him. Somehow...
    Have to put my thinking cap on, as my Treasures used to say when they were little.

    Soccer grand finale this weekend.
    Last year my youngest son and daughter (same team), were at the top of the ladder all season, only to lose the final game.
    This year they've struggled and miraculously made the final. Go figure.
    They're just glad they get another game.
    So am I. (Smiley face goes here)...

    Aside from throwing my weight around, nicely, these past few days and cutting through red tape...
    I've been dealing with those rotten sharp pains. Honestly, it feels like it's in my bones, but I'm told it's muscular.
    My fore arms are suffering the most. I remember getting this at school, when I was in grade 6. I was supposed to be a part of a school performance, playing the flute, but had to go home due to the sharp pains. Back then the dr said it was tennis elbow, now I know a little more.

    And Yes, Sun. Waking up exhausted doesn't help at all.
    I can't remember the last time I woke up refreshed.

    Today started out Spring, but finished up Winter.

    Tomorrow is a new day.
    Take care all
    Catch yas later!
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  12. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning...the sun is shining brightly...66 degrees and only to get up to 75. Sounds like a perfect day to be outside :) As soon as the grass dries a bit, I'll get busy on the mower.

    I do get to "play" some too...found two perfect flower pots last evening, on clearance, of course, lol! Had recently bought two Aloe Vera plants and need to get them into bigger, more permanent homes.

    Great job, Mama Star! I'm so glad you could get your little Treasure an appointment sooner than February...funny, how doctor's offices can suddenly "work you in" once they understand the situation.

    Mikie, so nice of you to be considerate of your neighbors...that makes for good neighbor relations, true? Glad you are pacing yourself and I know your kids will be so glad to see you...and you them.

    Hi to everyone....I'm going to get off the computer and work on some indoor chores for a couple of hours. Take care!
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    A Big good morning to AWL !!! DH will be back again from the store soon and will probably need to get on the computer.

    JULIE _ SUN is right. With the way you are feeling. I don;t think you should be watching the twins for their vacation. Yes, they need to grow up a bit and hopefully when you are feeling better too. YES, it would be something to go into and look forwards to. That might set you way back. Remember it is double the fun and double the exhaustion too :)!! I know Lindsey will understand.

    MIKIE - ET al - I have been fussing with this computer without a whole lot of success. Or I should say the printer which involves the computer. I have these lines where they should be and very faint. I have done all they say to do but not sure it is enough or that I did it correctly. DH is having problem with his charts that he does on the finances. So I am stuck with it, like I know what is going on. The head alignment or picking the correct ones ( the all look bad) on the printout. I changed a couple of cartridges and did the nozzle check and head cleaning too. I sent EPSON a question and will see if they can help me. A tachie I am NOT.

    Hope you are ready for your kiddos. Try not to exhaust yourself. Luckily we are going to DD's this weekend. Don't know what we are doig or eating so that will be a surprise. DD has not gotten back to me. She is lucky her DH will do some cooking.

    Sorry awl, but I need to get off now. DH is home and needs the computer. Will try and get back later.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
  14. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone....yep, I could not ask for better weather today. Got the aloe veras transplanted, then decided I had a pot for another little palm tree-like plant. But I had a bonus...there were actually three "clusters" in the one pot...and this plant had been "clearanced" but still looked great. So, I now have five new plants to find room for in the new house, lol! Plus, the other six that I had gotten and planted earlier...those plants in little four inch pots really go to town when given a bigger pot to grow in...and they are fairly inexpensive (around $2-$3).

    Sun and Granni...I know you guys care about me and don't want me to overdo...I promise if I don't feel up to having the twins come here, I will tell them I just can't. Just some things pulling me down right now, and it won't matter what I do...but I do know that sitting around and worrying about stuff will only make me feel worse. I'm sure once this estate business gets taken care of, that will be a big relief...I haven't been posting about it in order to not cause any problems if the wrong person should happen to read.

    Anyway...had to add some oil to the mower, then let it set so I could check the level again. Would rather add a little at a time than overfill it. Hope everyone is managing the best they can...
  15. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone

    So nice to catch up!

    Mikie - who would've thought stones could be so difficult to get rid of? I've mets lots of people who had their gall bladder taken out due to stones..this is the first time learning about kidney stones. I continue to pray.

    A chinese acupuncturist told me I hv a problem with my kidneys some years back which was a surprise, because I went for my fatigue. Gave me some horrible plasticine type medicine which I threw out. Probably should've stayed the course. I did take the acupuncture which helped me be on my toes when I went to visit DD.

    Of course, now I do cleansing and white lighting for kidneys too...I threw away our old printer because of printing problems...but mine was definitely some hackers job. I know because I had the computer looked at..it wasn't just printing it was messing with the connection, pages, fonts changing etc..

    Rock/gordon...woo hoo! A feast for the eyes your flowers were! Everyone of them was beautiful. Ya, I think umbrellas as deco in front yard is a bit tacky...the swimming pool at the hotel where DH gets his sauna done has umbrellas in blue and other complementary shades hanging up in the ceiling area but it's done so tastefully.

    Star - my son suffered a curious disorder the doc called urticaria..if he went into the sun,and exerted himself, he would break out..a red colour, not bumps. He missed all his major games at school, funnily it happened in winter. Also if he got angry. It was very tough for him as a young school boy to go thru this. But he grew out of it. I hv no idea how. So he indulged in his love for basketball, and futsol to the max, later. He still goes but now there isn't time. I hope your lil ones eczema resolves.

    Yes, they bulldozed the houses which were deemed unsafe..most houses have not been built to safety standards and earthquakes keep occuring. There was one four days back.

    Also lots of houses which were built encroaching the main roads hv been demolished..and its ongoing.

    Julie - we hv one or two aloe Vera plants..our previous help used to take them for his chest burn..and fatigue. They were a last minute resort after even a major surgery didn't help relieve his condition...aloe Vera chomped in the morning and pranic breathing for ten mInutes every day rid him of a condition plagued him for over a decade and half. He is a driver for a bank so he can't afford to be tired.

    I hope you will start feeling better soon. Hope all the things with the estate resolves soon.
    I know those also might be contributing.


    Yesterday was Fathers Day here. The son was out early and at school and work whole day and had a rap performance at a function in evening but he came with a basket of flowers and a present for DH in between..because main performer some DJ or something came late...his present was a larger size golf ball which was a can opener on the underneath and also could be used as a paper weight.

    We send meals for our DHs uncle since his wife n DD aren't here, so his married DD visited him and also sent us a whole basketful of food in appreciation. She can't get out to make her dads meals every day. Her DHs family owns a hotel so she ordered mutton curry, chicken nuggets, fish balls and a whole lot of goodies for her dad as well as to send us. No cooking for me today. Yay!

    I did make veggies and lentils because of the health thing..her father has diabetes and my Dh needs to watch his protein intake.

    Sun - I hope your aches and pains go away sooner than later and you can get back to your painting job...I love the sound of what you are doing.

    Diane - I hope Kevin is over his sinusitis?

    Colderlaury - hi and welcome to the pack... Pls come back again..and maybe stay too?

    Barry - is the temp a little lower with all the rains?

    Granni - aargh. Printer trouble, had my share of those. Hope you can get yours to behave.

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  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Mikie, I hope you're OK. Just looked at the news and saw that hurricane Hermine
    has struck the Gulf Coast area. Flooding, loss of power, 80 mph winds. I checked
    the Beaufort wind scale. It says winds that strong cause huge waves at sea and
    severe destruction on land. I hope it's not too close to you.

    Hugs Kids, Hope you all are OK too. I am too annoyed to post much at the
    moment. Gordon went to the library yesterday and picked up half a dozen
    books for him and 2 DVDs for me. Just discovered that neither of them
    will play. Well, that's no big deal for normal, healthy people, but to me
    it's just more bitter icing on a rancid cake. I plan to sulk and pout for...
    Oh, I dunno how long. (Did a crossword yesterday. "Sulk" was the clue for
    "pout" although I guess you could do it the other way round too.) Bah,

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  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    I was up early but slept pretty well. Got floors done yesterday as well as cleaning out the fridge and taking lots of stuff down to the dumpster. I had put old plant stakes and other odds and ends in the extra room. Don't know why. Probably because it was easier just to stow it and forget it. I got all the boxes piled up in the dining area to get them outta the guest/sitting room. Basically, I didn't solve much; I just moved things around. I had started cleaning out closets and reorganizing things when I got sick with the stones. So, I had hoarded boxes so I could take things to Goodwill. As soon as this stent is gone, and I'm feeling better, I'll be back at it. In the meantime, this place will be habitable for the kids over the weekend.

    DD called. Her plane gets into Tampa about 6:30 this evening. I hope Hermine has moved on enough so that the bad outer bands of wind and rain don't disrupt the flight plans. The will stay at a hotel with a shuttle from the airport and pick up a rental car in the morning to drive down in. I thanked her for spending the money and all the fuss to come down to see me. She and DGS are soooo excited to come down. They, and I, are also excited that I'll be going there in Nov. By then, this horrible political season, at least the election, will be over with. It just gets mas y mas loco! I feel as though I'm living in a Tom Wolfe novel. I don't think even he could come up with this plot and characters.

    On my way back from the dumpster as I climbed the stairs, I saw Barb outside her front door tying up some plastic bags of garbage to go down to the trash. She kept her back to me and I didn't bother to speak. It's not that I'm 'not speaking' to her but I think it's just easier for both of us to ignore one another. Of course, if other people are around, I don't want to make them uncomfortable. I warned DD about the situation and told her I don't know what she can expect. My guess is that Barb will gush over her and DGS. It's no longer stressful but I'll be glad when she's gone. Last time she went home, I did a happy dance on the balcony but it's too hot to do that now.

    Star, good for you for standing up for your son! I'm so impressed. I hope and pray they can help him. Yes, this weekend should be a good pick-me-up in this time of general misery. What is a modified mozzie? Not familiar with that term. The Keys are a series of small islands off the SW end of FL which curve like a kite tail. They separate the Caribbean from The Gulf. Key West is famous for housing Ernest Hemmingway when he was writing. He also had a house in Havana. His house in Key West still has descenaents of his six-toed cats. People go to Key West to party because it's a real live-and-let-live place. Every night, they go down to one of the piers to toast the sunset. There are all kinds of street performers down there. Chickens roam the streets free. There is a marker which shows the southern-most point of the U.S. on the beach. I love it there but it's a loooong drive. Keep us informed about your son. Good luck. BTW, I tried to post a pic of one of the cats but it didn't work. You can look them up. They have huge paws.

    Julie, I think you spend as much time on that mower as I spend on the sofa when I'm not well. At least, you're getting something done. Aloe vera plants grow like weeds down here. Any succulents will spread and take over. I think aloe vera juice must work against inflammation in the body. If I burn myself, all I have to do is walk downstairs and cut off a spear and rub it on the burn. I do try to be considerate of the people downstairs. They are nice people and we have keys to one another's condos in case of an emergency. She fed the cats when I went away before. I fed theirs in the past but she, the cat, passed away not too long ago. I get up early and turn on the TV and, sometimes, fall asleep with it on at night. She uses some kind of white noise machine and said it doesn't bother her. I hope she's being truthful about that; however, as I said, they lived her for two years... I think noise from the pool during the day and evening is of more concern for them. Having family visit is a lot of work but it also makes life worth living. Don't overdo things. Do like I'm doing and just make the place decent enough.

    Granni, how nice that you will be fed by your DSIL this weekend. I'll be fed by mine in Nov. when I visit there. He's a great cook. OMG! This horrible printer is also an Epson. Not sure I'd buy another one. Still, the more expensive one I had before it was great. I don't know whether to buy a new ink cartridge to try to keep it from continuing to tell me I need to change it (I already did) or just get a new cheapo printer. I might try an HP this time because their ink is often on sale. Printer and computer problems make our lives miserable. Technology is wonderful but things keep breaking down or refusing to work right. I hope we both get our printer problems fixed. We not only have to learn how to use all these gizmos but also have to be techies to figure out how to fix them.

    Spring, how nice to get a basket of food. I'm glad you don't have to cook. I need to figure out what to buy for the kids' visit. I have been using light to try to heal my kidney and praying for that stone frag to pass. It's soooo stubborn. I had to have my gall bladder removed about eight years ago. It had quit working. Long before that, a large GB stone came out on my chest through an abscess. AACCKK!!! Some of us store extra calcium in our bodies and it can form stones. The doc may suggest I take extra magnesium to keep the calcium from hanging around. I wonder why Fathers Day is celebrated at different times in different places. Canada has its Thanksgiving in, I think, Oct. Do you have an equivalent of Thanksgiving?

    Rock, I'm so sorry for your DVD problems but I laughed out loud at the 'bitter icing on a rancid cake.' OMG! That really describes what our lives can be like. Bah humbug, indeed! Lately, that bitter cake fell in the oven and I tripped taking it out, burning myself. The cake was bitter because the eggs in it had salmonella and made me sick. I used prepared icing in a can and I cut myself opening the can, bleeding all over the place. My insurance wouldn't cover it because it was my own stupidity and, anyway, they don't believe in CFIDS/ME or FMS. They said I'm just clumsy. Finally, the cake in the garbage can stank so I hurried to take it down to the dumpster, falling on the stairs and breaking both legs and arms. I'm now in a full body cast. I can't get comfortable because it's 90 frigging degrees out. OK, enough satire. Thanks for letting me let off a bit of comic steam. I couldn't resist. BTW, that storm hit further up the coast about 3 hrs. drive from here north of Tampa into what they call the Big Bend, the area where FL's coastline turns from N/S to E/W. We are safe here. Hope you get a big, beautiful cake that is delicious, my friend.

    OK, Kiddos, I'm off to read all the bad new in the paper. Hope all y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Again

    Mikie, Wasn't sure if Hermine was in your area or not. I looked at some maps, but
    they didn't seem to help. Hope your broken bits heal up soon. I'm getting tired of
    trying to be a good sport about a miserable sitch-e-a-shun.

    Spring, the umbrellas were multicolored. Every panel a different hue. Scientific
    studios have shown therapy with same has proven very effective for depression.

    Hugs, Rock

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  19. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning, everyone! Rock, I'm sorry about those darn DVD's...no fun to get ready for something like that and it messes up. I would love to see the umbrella decorations :)

    Mikie, I'm glad you are ready for the kids and haven't worn yourself out too much in the process. I also hope the weather cooperates for their flight and drive to your area.

    Spring, Happy Father's Day to your DH. How nice of your son to find time to get his dad a gift and flowers...sometimes these holidays don't fall on days that are "convenient" for the givers, but glad he found a way to make it work. Anytime I don't have to cook is a treat for me...

    I wanted to check in before my busy day gets started...going to the local chiro (45 minutes away, instead of three hours, lol) then an hour another direction to see my dad. When I checked on him yesterday, they said he's been having a good week and it would be fine to bring him out to the farm this afternoon/evening. I know he wants to come visit, but I just haven't been able to swing it.

    I just took the last tray of Soft Pineapple Cookies out of the oven...not my mom's recipe, but I hope similar enough that Dad enjoys them. They taste a little bland to me, no spices in them...I think next time I will add a little cinnamon :) But Dad and Den both like soft cookies...I think they will get eaten, lol!

    Got the rider mowing done last evening. When I finished, Den was trying to pull wire through the ceiling of what will be the new kitchen...so I helped him with that. It's so nice to be able to say exactly where I want light switches and plug-ins, and the actual lights themselves...

    Running the dishwasher early so it will be finished before I leave the house...I've heard so many stories of how appliances cause damage when left running and nobody is home to catch the "overflow, electric problem or whatever happens."

    So, I doubt I will be around much the rest of the day or this weekend. I will wish a Happy Labor Day weekend to those here in the States. And a good day and weekend to everyone else...take care!

  20. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock: Love the bitter icing anology to the way our lives seem to run. About the DVDs, try taking a soft, lint free cloth and some rubbing alcohol to the back moving the cloth in circles around it. They might just need a cleaning. That's what happens with so many DVDs from the library. If you take them back and tell them it doesn't work, they will just withdraw them. Don't have enough manpower to clean them. I used to work for a video company and this was a common complaint.

    Mikie: sometimes that's what we do....just move things from one place to another......drat. Right now I've been slowly pulling books off the shelves that I don't want/need and then I left them sitting on the dining table. So I grabbed a brown bag and will put them in my van to drop off. I hope your DD and DGS have a safe, dry trip to visit you. I just heard about the flooding in So. Carolina. My neighbor that sold their house I'm sure is praying for her DD. She's been at the university for a few weeks now. Guess I should look at a map to see if the school would be affected.

    I have tons of work to do.....I'll be back later.

    I'm back for a little bit.......I DID IT. I made flight reservations to fly to Portland, Oregon for a couple of days, leaving Sept 26. This will be the first time by myself since before I was married. Funny......not......how being married makes one lose confidence to be able to things on your own. Now I have to find out how to get uber for a short trip from airport to my son's house. He has a %$#@^ car and the least amount of time sitting in it the better for my back!!!!!
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