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    Taking the liberty of starting the new thread, as Rock would say I got confusiated trying to start anew .

    Breakfast buffet is stocked, pull up a chair and help yourself to what ever it is that suits your fancy,

    Happy Sunday!!
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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Just stopping in for a minute. The kids have gone fishing. I decided to stay home so I feel up to fixing the pasta when they get back. Wasn't up to cooking last night so we made sandwiches and fixed microwavable mac 'n cheese. I fixed a pretty big lunch when they got here. I'll fix the pasta early enough today so that I'm not beat. We may go out to the Shell Factory after lunch. DGS caught a very small shark last evening when they went fishing at a small beach very close to me. He was soooo excited. Of course, he let it go.

    Just cleaned up after the bacon 'n eggs breakfast. I'm not used to having to run the dishwasher after almost every meal. Poor Sir Vester is stressed from having 'strangers' in the house. He won't come out when they are here. I'm just enjoying the peace and quiet for a bit. I am really enjoying their visit but wish I had more NRG.

    Sorry I'm not replying to everydobby but can't do it right now. I'm thinking of all y'all.

    GB, thanks for the SSS idea for skeeters. Unfortunately, I'm allergic to it but I appreciate your thinking of me.

    I'll come back when I have more time.

    Love, Mikie
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    MIKIE - I don't think the kids nowadays know how to hand wash anything. That is according to many of my kids that I have seen lately. I usually run mine about once a week or so. Glad you are enjoying your kiddos even if they are making lots of dishes for you to clean. :)!!!

    HI LINDA, et al - Thanks for starting us up again. Nothing to much new and enjoying having our friend here. He is so quiet loves to travel and never married and enjoys the arts , music and things of nature. He was going to say one night but is staying two. He might go to Galveston and possibly Houston tomorrow before going home. On the way in the this directions he ran into lots of rain. Luckily it has been clear here. He will go home tomorrow morning early or start on his way back to AZ. We, my brother and I and Mom and Dad used to hang out a lot growing up on special days and holidays and stuff as we did not live close by in NY. Our parents became fast friends in their youth. We have known each other almost since birth, now that is a long time. Wish I could see his sister but not sure that will ever happen. We went out to eat last night and then went back to their house for a bit.. Then came home got ready for be and zonked out. LINDA, hope your feet aren't giving you to much pain or soreness or just trying to get around. Hang in there kiddo. They'll be healed soon. I am sure it is very annoying and frustrating sometimes to get around the way you are used to moving :)!! Thanks again for that printer tip. It is now going properly :)!!

    Went to church this morning , breakfast or brunch after church and then home. In a little bit we will be off to DD's house for chicken and other things on the grill.

    Have to get ready to go to DD's so I can't talk with you all..

    Love to ALL,
    Granni :)
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    Got confusiated between the last post thread...mine seems to be the last post on porch -#918.

    Linda - thank you for opening up a new porch.

    It is so hot here, even tho sky is overcast. I expect thunderous rain. Something in this part of the world. India and some of our country getting flooded.

    The doggies are lackluster. They didn't eat their breakfast at once even though I gave them their favourite - buttered toast. And a little piece of omelette each. I wolfed mine down though..I'm glad I hv a appetite. I always notice when my appetite goes away. Signals not feeling too well.

    And that feeling of listless ness accompanies it. I hv to be careful when I go i to certain areas of town...it's dirty, dusty and germs of all strains lurking around.

    I washed a ton of clothes yesterday...went to the supermarket to shop but had to literally flee from one section..a barrage of uneasy, angry, heavy energy came at me. The whole end section of that aisle was filled with it. I tried to see what it was but didn't notice anything...it was early morning, so the staff were restocking shelves and refrigerators. No one else seemed to be affected. I bought lentils and spices at another part of the shop and later when I revisited the aisle to buy mushrooms...the heavy negative feeling energy was gone.

    It's an open secret the millionaire owner of the supermarket attempted suicide..some time back. He is filthy rich with lots of stores and people suspected strains, emotional stress over suspected involvement with Maoist people. His manager nephew was almost kidnapped once from the store by youth communists. They had demanded money which presumably the owner didn't give in to. The guards at the store had to forcibly rush the Maoist cadres and free the man.

    We had a priest come in to do prayers here once and he said he is on the payroll to go daily in early morning and do prayers for the store...and the owner used to visit a psychiatrist too at the hospital where my brother was getting treated...now he takes daily yoga lessons from a teacher who goes over in mornings. I saw him and he seems better, more subdued than before, I guess that kind of thing would affect anyone, but in control.

    Anyway, those days of Maoist insurgents coming and demanding money and forcibly occupying homes are are gone. Thankfully.

    Oh, I looked and the doggies did hv their breakfast after all. The foods all gone.

    I made mushroom dumplings yesterday, because I was craving for something other than lentils and veggie rice. The others got chicken wings gravy.

    Mikie - poor sir vester, he sounds like me when we used hv visitors at my inlaws when we lived together. Ill at ease.

    Granni - how lovely to meet up with a childhood friend!! He sounds fortunate, travelling around, I mean being free to do as he likes and being healthy enough to do it.

    Julie - both my brothers were alcoholic at different points of time and smoked as well. Of course, dad too. And all three of them came out of it. By themselves. It's a mystery how we did everything we could, my elder brother and me even visited AA here...to help him and he didn't respond then but later he just stopped. Both drinking and smoking.

    I hope Clinton recovers from his health issues completely. He sounds like such a good person.

    Well, will bbl...chores await, plenty of them...wondering what to tackle first.

    Love to Rock, Sun, Star, Diane, Barry and all others ..

    God bless
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    Mikie, My father used Skin So Soft lotion as a mosquito repellent when he lived in Ft. Pierce. It's made by Avon, if they still have it.

    I was thinking maybe the kids could use it instead of the stronger stuff.
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    Hi Kids

    Today is Labor Day. When I was young it meant that school started the next
    day. Nowadays the school calendar is all topsy turvy. Toopsy Turvy, I read,
    is also the name of a musical about Gilbert and Sullivan. Very likely it's
    also the name of some rock band or a TV show or a movie. (None of
    which I want to hear.)

    Thanks for starting us up, Linda. The idea of digging into whatever "suits
    your fancy" is appealing. Reminds me of a song called "What Takes My
    Fancy" sung by Lucille Ball and the baritone in a Broadway show called

    The show opened in 1960 and closed after 6 months. There were two
    problems. It wasn't very good, and Lucy was sick almost constantly.
    I saw a touring company do the show in St. Paul. The star was Martha
    Raye who was OK, although she stepped outta character to crack jokes.
    You can see and/or hear Lucy in excerpts on Youtube.

    Glad to hear your broken feet are healing, Linda. Do you have to soak them
    or put anything on them. I have a distant memory of a coworker who
    broke a toe decades ago. She said the doc cleaned it and put a bandage
    on it. No cast for a broken toe.

    Mikie, how big was that shark? Only yesterday I was reading about sharks.
    The odds of a swimmer on an American shore getting bit were said to be
    one in 17 million or some astronomical number. You are more likely
    to get bit if you are a surfer. (Wonder how the sharks know.)

    Hope you have a wonderful family visit. A shame you're not feeling
    better. Hope Sir Vester isn't too traumatized.

    Springwater, I told Gordon about your visit to the supermarket. He said,
    "It's from eating those lentils." So there you have it. Folk wisdom from
    two different cultures. Gordon hasn't made dumpling for a while, but
    we did make spring rolls a few days ago. He is the chef; I'm the sous
    chef. Not to be confused with Alan Sues from Laugh In.

    Gotta go. Had to shut the computer down yesterday for a while when
    it developed the sticky key syndrome that Granni and I sometimes
    have. Which reminds. I need to finish that letter to my brother in

    Hugs, Y'll

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    Hi y'all,

    Just a really short visit this time. Kevin's home for the holiday today. Back to work tomorrow.

    Saturday I got my Rx's filled. And I asked Kevin to get the Rx for the Paxil (AD/SSRI) filled too. I figured that Kevin could watch me -- see if I had any reactions. I keep looking for that "magical combination" that will take away my PTSD/Anxiety/Panic attacks. I thought about it, and researched and prayed and hoped.

    Well, it was a flop. I am having so many side effects. I won't even list them.


    Hi everyone, this is Kevin. Diane isn't feeling well. She tried being on the computer, but she can't. These side effects will hopefully be gone by Thursday, and she'll be back.

    There's no need to worry. I'll be keeping an eye on her.
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    Hi Kevin

    Nice to hear from you after all these years. We all hope Diane feels better

  9. Granniluvsu

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    Another quick HI to everydobby,

    Our guest left not to long ago and have been trying to do some clean up and other things. Our guest has always been a bachelor and is VERY neat for a man. Not much to clean up upstairs where he was. Just took the sheets off the bed and got the wet towels and wash cloth that were neatly folded or put over the tub instead of the floor like many others would do. He is the same age as I, but 3-4 months younger. More possible rain in the forecast and he had been thinking about checking out Galveston and maybe Houston before heading to AZ. The rain followed him here he said most of the way.

    MIKIE - Hope you are enjoying your kids visit. When do they go home, today?? Then you can start getting back to normal again whatever that is. Hope you aren't feeling to badly

    KEVIN - Thanks for letting us know about DIANE and hope she recovers quickly. Those meds cn do a number on you, I know. Glad you are there to watch her today. Please also thank her for trying to write to us for a short synopsis of her problems.

    Thinking of everydobby but work awaits me, unfortunately. Also have to go out tonight for chorale, practice since out program is in Sept., not much time for practice.

    JULIE - Did you get with Clinton , Amy, and Keira this weekend?? If I missed your post I am sorry. Hope Clinton is doing better with all his problems, heart I think, correct?? Trying to keep everyone straight and for me that is not always easy :)!

    SPRING WATER - Sounds like you have been busy. Glad the family members who had problems with alcohol finally came around. I sure hope some day my CD (confused daughter) get her like back in order but I think she may also have more than one problem. Yes, your foods sound delicious and pretty healthy. Haven't h ad lentils in anything though other than lentil soup. Not supposed to have dumplings which I love since they have some kind of wheat in it usually.

    Hope to try and check back later !

    LOVE to AWL,
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    Spring: You're a thrifty, careful shopper......I admire that in anyone. Obviously there is a great difference in economic situations in all countries......wow...$450 online for fancy dresses and you can get them at such a reasonable price. And I didn't know that your DB broke his knee during the earthquake and all the trouble resulting. I used to want a two story house so much, but now I thank God he gave us a one story. I was just talking to my pool man about that the other day. He's got a two story and he has troubles descending. I have to think three times if I want/need to go upstairs at my DDs house.

    Mikie: how exciting for your DGS to catch a small shark! I'm sure he's enjoying his time with grandma. I'm sure you are too, but too bad your energy level is hampering things. My cats do the same thing when someone comes over....hides under the bed.

    Rock: So you're the sous chef at your house. What are you best at doing? Onions???? I remember when I was about 12 and learning to cook. OMG, doing the onions were sooo hard, making me cry. I figured it out though, I put on my swim mask! My mom really laughed when she saw that. Now for some reason onions don't bother me. I usually halve them, then make very thin slices, then turn them and slice again and voila....chopped onions. Oh yes, I learned this trick when I worked at the pizza place years ago......using a serrated bread knife works wonders on all veggies. My son was over one day and saw me do this! He said NO, but once I showed him the Magic a serrated knife made, well I think he became a believer.

    Granni: good thing your visitor was a tidy person. Makes cleaning up a breeze.

    Barry: It's been soooo cool in the mornings I'm really loving it. Yesterday all day it even looked like rain. OMG do we need RAIN.

    Diane: Hang in there, so sorry another med is causing problems.

    My SIL will be here today to pick up their dog. She's such a sweetheart and gets along great with my remaining cat. She's a weimeraner, the gentle giant. But I get sad thinking of her getting old. She's 10. She's had tumors removed several times and has two giant ones again on her chest area. I'm going to talk to my SIL about this today.

    Let's see......what to do today? I have soooo much that always needs doing, among them my garage which is so crowded. But my garden is calling to me, so maybe I'll head out there first.
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    SPRING WATER - I was tickled the way you talked about your DH, HOGGING the computer and or the TV :)!! Thank goodness we have more than 1 TV but when we go to bed, or should I say lay in bed and watch til after the news I usually end up watching what he wants cause I am to lazy to get up and go someplace else. Also, DH also wants me to be with him at that time. I guess that is what happens when you have been married as long as we have PLUS he is an only child :)!!!! Of course when we had just 1 TV in the house somehow it wasn't as bad and we had no clickers. We catered to the kids more. There were more good TV shows on then, I think too. So much just on now but thank God DH doesn't like to watch them mostly sports, history and politics. MY DH has to be the owner of the clicker :)! It sometimes drives me nuts. Sometimes when I am watching something fairly interesting he turns the channel, just to see what is going on somewhere else. Sometimes clickers drive me insane. He also sometimes likes to watch these crazy odd movies that upset me. If it is that bad or upsetting, I leave (;!!

    I agree with SUN. It is great that you are so thrifty. I was brought up that way and nowadays it seems to be mostly the older people feeling that way. The young ones just want what they want. However, that does not always mean they are gong to get it, at least if I have any say in the process.. When my kids wanted GV or other high priced jeans or shirts I told them they could have 1 pair of the hi priced one OR that of 4-5 pairs of the cheaper kind. So they needed to make their decisions. Most of the time they came around to my way of thinking. You are very smart to think the way you do about shopping.

    SUN - Hope you found enough to keep you busy today but didn't wear yourself out doing so. Speaking of rain we had a pretty heavy one for awhile outside in the late afternoon as the guys were getting ready to cook the meats, etc outside. However, it got cooler afterwards too but there were ball games going on the most wanted to see so we stayed indoors to watch. We had chicken and Bratwurst on the grill as well as lobster tails on the grill. One for each person. plus rice which I didn't eat since it was the wrong kind. However it was enough for me plus asparagus and a little corn bread.

    Sorry everyone but I need to cook dinner early since I need to leave early for chorale practice.

    Hope you all are having a nice holiday.

    Again, DIANE so sorry you are feeling so badly due to the meds reaction. Hang in there kiddo.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Hi guys.
    Got home on dark last night, so just missed any Roos. (On dusk and dawn are the times when most cars and kangaroos collide).
    Spent a while at the specialists waiting with ds and got home absolutely sucked dry of all energy and because I was driving and needing my wits about me, I was in more pain, due to not taking as much pain relief.

    I think DH is on strike. He does that from time to time...

    Anyway I awoke in a terrible state, so went back to bed while meds did their thing.

    My brain is also overloaded with info and I need time to process and assess - for action plan. Re DS.

    I'll fill yas in later, but for now, know that I'm thinking of you all and you're all in my prayers.

    I'm going to go back and read about everyone's visits, plans, daily adventures, endeavours and mountains climbed...

    Take care
    Catch yas later.
  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Nothing much going on here. Star, there was some news about Australia.
    I was going to mention it, but I can't find my note about same. A Mind Is A
    Terrible Thing To Lose. That slogan used to annoy my mother who pointed
    out the sentence should be: It's a terrible thing to lose your mind. Campbell's
    Soup slogan is even worse: The Soup That Eats Like A Meal.

    What do you mean DH is on a strike? Is he striking a home or at work?
    Sorry to hear you are feeling less than stellar. Hope ya feel better soonest.

    Granni, you can buy a new TV remote for $15 to $350. Of course if the
    real problem is your DH, you will probably have to pay more. LOL
    What kind of cornbread do you like? One of our players brought some
    to a bridge game. Some folks said they liked the kind that's like cake.
    And there was one vote for the kind with a sorta gritty crust on top.

    I agree with you about giving kids choices and learning to budget. When
    I would take my son shopping for back to school clothes I would give him
    a figure and let him decide how to spend it. "Ok, your budget this
    year is $100."

    Sun, in answer to your question, when I was healthy and cooked, I had a
    wide repertoire. Cakes, cookies, pies, roast ham, chicken, turkey,
    mashed, baked or fried potatoes, grilled cheese and omelets, split
    pea soup, meat loaf, fudge, casseroles, BLTs and some liquors like
    imitation grand marnier and kahlua. Steamed broccoli, baked
    squash, corn on the cob, pancakes. I guess that dish that surprised
    most people was scrambled eggs and tuna which was a staple when
    I was growing up.

    I didn't do much with onions except when I cooked liver. Like my
    brother I fixed it with both onions and bacon.

    Any art projects in mind; in progress?

    Mikie, did you get to the Shell Factory? What caliber did you order?
    Yes, Mac and Cheese. I only fixed that a couple of times. Put other
    stuff in it like diced Spam or bacon.

    When I first came to California and people found out I was from Minnesota
    they often said, "Oh yeah. Cold and mosquitoes." Which was true, but
    only part of the story. We didn't see many mosquitoes where I lived, but
    if you went to the river or a lake, there would be lots of them.

    Hope your'e having a wonderful visit.

    Diane, are you feeling better? I bet Kevin is a good nurse.

    Hugs to Barry and Spring and GB and Julie and Willow

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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    My kids left about noon yesterday but I was too exhaustigated to check in. I rested, watched TV and went to bed. Sir Vester came out and stretched out on the carpet and just rolled around and around. He played so hard with his little ball-in-a-track toy, the only one he likes. Poor little guy. DGS wants soooo badly to pet him and play with him. We've told DGS that if he just ignores the cat, he will come out to be petted but that's too much for a kid to be able to do. His logic keeps telling him that if he keeps after the cat, the cat will eventually know he's friendly. All it does is make the cat more suspicious of him. A complete standoff.

    When we planned this weekend, we thought the stent would be gone and I'd be on the mend or feeling well. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. I believe the frag is still irritating my kidney, based on the pain and amount of blood I'm still passing. That frag just doesn't want to leave. We have a week from tomorrow for it to descend. Then, I'll have to ask the doc what we do next.

    DD and DGS went fishing on their own. The rest of the time, we just hung out and watched movies. We didn't make it to the Shell Factory, mostly because DGS gets into his games on his phone and doesn't want to budge. By the time he does, there isn't time to do anything. Fishing is his priority so, at least, he got to do that at two different beaches. Recent findings show that the more the kids play those games, the worse they get at engaging in everything else. Boys, especially, forget everything and are unmotivated to do their homework and get organized. Mothers of older teenage boys tell DD it just gets worse by the time the boys reach 14. DGS already has difficulty focusing on studies but DD now knows how to motivate him and help him and his teachers ever since he was in that 'brain' program for kids like him. Otherwise, I think he'd be failing. DD doesn't allow him unlimited time on his games but has stopped bugging him about his studies. He now has to sink or swim on his own.

    When we tried to push the sofa bed back in, a piece of the frame came loose and is stuck out the back. I think if I can get it on it's side, I can manipulate that piece back where it belongs and bolt it to the frame. The sofa and bed are hardly worn so I would hate to have to try to replace it. Just another problem in my way.

    The printer I have now is on sale at the cheapest price ever. I'm going to buy a new one and new ink cartridges. If the blue ink cartridge works in the old printer, I'll take it back. If not, I'll just swap out the new printer. Either way, I need to be able to print. What a pain. If I swap them out, I'll have to install the new one and sync it to my Wi-Fi. I need these other problems like another hole in the head right now.

    Granni, sounds as though you had a nice visit with that man. I'm so glad. Yes, it's too bad you can't see his sister. I hope he enjoys Galveston. I like it there. My kids have a house there they rent out. When they stay there, they stay in the basement apartment. I don't hand wash dishes; I just don't generate a lot of dirty dishes by myself. I'll hand wash the occasional pot or pan but, since I don't cook that much, I rarely even do that. I'm an only child and I do enjoy having the remote all to myself. Men typically like to drive and dominate the remote. I don't know what is the greater factor, being male or being an only--perhaps both. My ex never cared. Hope you enjoyed your time at DD's.

    I'm gonna post and come back so I don't risk losing this.

    Spring, how interesting, and scary, about the store owner. Once, when I was in college, I was heading after class over to the student union to meet my DD, who was also taking a class there. We were to catch the tram to the parking lot. All of a sudden, I sensed, and saw in my mind's eye, a green/black cloud of very dark energy next to where I always walked. I walked way out around it and met my DD. Later, on the news, I found out one of the professors had been shot by her ex and then, he shot himself. It was happening at the same time I sensed the horrible energy there. Even stranger, the sister of the slain professor lives in the next bldg. from me. We are friends. I only learned about a year ago who she is. I was able to tell her how loved her sister was by the students and staff. It meant the world to her to hear that and was healing for her. It moved me so much too. I'm glad you avoid areas of dark energy too. We don't need that added stress.

    GB, I do thank you so much for your kind help with the skeeter repellant. Unfortunately, I'm sooooo allergic to SSS that I cannot be around anyone who has it on. I could have a severe asthma attack from it. There aren't that many things I'm so sensitive to but SSS is one of them. DD did get one bite but, it appears that the Zika-carrying skeeters have stayed on the other coast. The cases here seem to be people who traveled to the East Coast or got infected from someone else. Thanks again.

    Rock, in the later years of her life, Lucille Ball sang baritone herself. Fishermen catch small sharks down here all the time. They are about the size of a large grouper or catfish. Not the huge ones but the good sized ones. One shark jumped into a boat or raft and it was on the news recently. As I mentioned above, we never did get to the Shell Factory. DGS loves his fishing and hanging out with me so, as long as he gets those in equal measure, he's happy. His other grandma lives near him so visiting me is not as 'ordinary' to him. I let him eat what he wants when he is here because it's not often he gets to visit. Of course, his other grandma can't let him do that all the time. I normally don't eat like I do when he visits either. Sounds as though you were an excellent cook. I've found my ability in the kitchen has faded over the years as I don't cook like I used to. I guess it's use it or lose it. Thanks for the cute little guy in your post.

    Diane and Kevin, I'm so sorry about the side effects of the med. My pal, Joe, is taking that to stop smoking. I'll have to check to see whether he is having side effects too. Of course, those of us with these conditions almost always have issues with side effects from meds. Kevin, it's good to see you posting here. Thanks for taking such good care of Diane. You are both in my prayers.

    Star, OMG! I can't imagine having to avoid kangaroos on the road. I'd be white knuckled the whole way. We have panthers and turtles in the road here. In CO, we had deer. I'm sorry you are feeling so poorly. I hope you recover fast. Prayer going up. Come back when you can.

    Sun, I used to tear up uncontrollably when I sliced onions until I started wearing contacts. I can't wear them anymore but the onions don't seem to bother me now. I guess there are some benefits to getting old. I feel so bad about your SIL's dog. My kids' dog has that tumor in his shoulder and it will eventually lead to his having to be put to sleep, even it it's benign. As long as they can keep the pain levels down, he has some quality of life but this can't go on forever. When both cats were first here, they would head under my bed when anyone came in. Eventually, they got to where they would come out. When they lived outside, they were like little greeters in the hood. Sir Vester usually comes out now when people come over; however, he doesn't want to be around kids. He's snoozing now in his little bed in the living room where he can look out at the pond. He's missed everything he's used to when it's just the two of us. How goes the project? Well, I hope.

    I've written a real W&P post here and I hope I didn't miss anyone. No time to go back to read old posts prior to my checking in so I probably missed some things. I hope everydobby has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  15. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to pop in and say "Hi", especially to Star ;)

    Doing pretty good...Den is home until Thursday, so we are getting a few things done. Sort of an "eventful" weekend, but not sure how much I should post...maybe if I'm sort of "general" or "generic"...I'm sure some of you guys will find it humorous...or disgusting...well, maybe a little of both?

    Will check in again when the "boss" gives me another break, lol!

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  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Julie.

    Great pic of you and Den. I love what you've done with your hair.

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  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just reading very quickly. The hair project awaits e so I can't stay and DH has plans for working and working out tomorrow in the a.m. So I hope to be on sometime around afternoon. Nice to read all about you al this evening. Been so busy I had little chance to get on the computer today till this evening.

    JULIE - That is a lovely picture of you and Den. That is to cute :)!! Looks like Den gained a bit of weight :)!! Hang in there JULIE.

    MIKIE - Glad you survived your kiddos and I know you had fun seeing them but it usually does take a taoll on our bodies in some way. Glad you rested today.

    STAR - Sorry you aren't feeling well or worse than usual. HUGZ to you sweetie !!

    HI to ROCK, SUN. SW , DIANE, and everydobby !!!

    Sorry that I have to run now.

    More later on.

    Granni :)
  18. sunflowergirl

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    Mikie: How much blood are you passing? Enough to "color" the urine or more? When do you see the doc again? And have you talked to the nurse? I'm so sorry you lacked the energy to enjoy your family, but.......you got to see your DGS again and give him lots of hugs. I know that he felt your love and will remember that always/

    Sometimes I get sad when I think of how separated my family is and I think back 100-200 plus years ago and think how hard it must have been on people when they waved goodbye to their family, never to see them again. My grandmother got on the ship by herself when she was around 23, leaving Austria and coming to the US. I wish I had been older when she died. I was only 7 and all I remember of her was a cold, unloving woman, but I would have liked to understand WHY she became that way. I know that coldness influenced her entire family of 8 children. How sad. What a wasted life. She never gave.

    Julie: love the pic of you and Den!

    Star: I can totally understand the "wiped out feeling". Rest and recuperate. But what did the doc. say about your son? I understand a little of what you're going thru. My DGS has something.....not exema, possibly allergies? His face breaks out like he's been burnt. Bright red, almost itching, almost burning. Last thing I heard was if the various creams didn't work the doc would have to do a scraping for a lab test. He's 13 and his friends ask......why is your face all red? Hard on him.

    Rock: what a gourmand you were! Is that the right word? Anyway, you did it! Eggs and tuna really doesn't make me say....hmmmmmm! More like Ugh. Sorry. Never heard of that. Tried to take a pic. of my latest painting but the glare from the oils didn't do it justice.

    I've spent the day running from this place and that. Went to auto club to get my car license renewed but apparently needed a smog test first. So went to the local place and had it done. I had a most interesting conversation with the owner while the test was running. He had this HUGE motor boat stored. 37' he told me, capable of taking it on a short ocean crossing, but he's going to store it at a newly purchased home on Lake Havisu. So he pulled up photos of his boat here and there. In this 13 min. I learned a lot about this big boats.

    Then back to ACSC, then had to make some pit stops at a bank to close out a safe deposit box and move contents to another bank. Soooooo tiring!

    I have a doc appt. tomorrow to renew some RX but good thing, since some nasty spider has bit me again and my left hand is badly swollen......itches like you know what too. I said at least 50 years ago I would die from an insect bite!

    Attached Files:

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  19. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys...not a lot of time or energy to visit, but I feel like I've been gone for weeks, lol! It's 1:00 am and I need to get back to bed so I can get up at a decent time to go to town with Den. He has one more day off, then back to the grind.

    Mikie, I'm so glad your kids got to visit. Sorry your energy level wasn't where you wanted it, but I'm sure they understood.

    Sun, I just read where you have had a spider bite...oh my! I hope it heals quickly.

    Thanks to those who commented about the pic of Shrek and Fiona...I posted it in honor of our own "Green skinned beauty", Star, lol! Hope docs have figured out a way to help your littlest Treasure.

    When this is all said and done, I would like to think that I have represented Gpa to the best of my ability, and carried out his wishes as he intended. I refuse to stoop as low as other people have...if Gpa can somehow see what's going on down here, I would like him to smile at us and be proud. I don't think he would be proud at all of the other party's actions.

    Anyway, that's just a small fraction of the crap that we've had to deal with...hoping to get this all finished up before too long.

    I'd better get on to bed...hope everyone is as good as can be.
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  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    I'm slowly getting back to 'normal.' Yesterday, I cleaned up in the kitchen and loaded the dishwasher. I have to unload it now. The sheets and towels are laundered. I still have to figure out how to fix the sofa bed. I just don't want to deal with it. I may need someone else to help me. DD and DGS wanted to see my Mom's coin collection. I got one of the two boxes out and we looked at it. I haven't been into it since she died. I'd forgotten how many coins she did have. She collected a lot of different coins. I need to catalog it all because I'm not sure what I'm dealing with. I gave DGS a proof set and another to give to my DSIL. We found an interesting coin from Pakistan. Don't know how Mom got that.

    I have to shower and go look at the printers. The water filter on my fridge didn't last long and I have to stop at Lowe's to replace it. Bed Bath & Beyond no longer carries the Greenies cat treats so I have to stop at the pet store to buy more for Sir Vester. I'm hoping Barb and her visitor leave today. When I got my paper, the companion was sitting out smoking. I wished her a good morning and she spoke. I need to clean off the balcony in front of my door but don't want to until they are gone. I'll smudge it with sage to get rid of any lingering bad energy.

    Julie, I've honestly been waiting for something like this to happen. People who are troublemakers don't stop. I'm just sorry that it never seems to end. I'm sure that's why she's doing this; she doesn't want it to end. Once it's over with, whose lives is she going to try to make miserable. Yes, it's good you are keeping everyone in the loop to prove her accusations have no merit, not that anyone would ever believe anything she says. Love the pic--they are some of my favorite movies. My Mom got a kick out of them too. BTW, the movie, Secondhand Lions, is great for the older kids. We watched it with my DGS. Glad you and Den have some time together.

    Sun, LOL at the going to the Jim sentiment. In that case, I go to the Jim all the time. When there is no visible blood in my urine, it's foamy all over the top, indicating blood proteins. Most of the time, the urine is red or orange, often quite dark. The nurse practitioner said this is normal so I'm not worrying too much. I assume that, since the doc said the stent can stay in for these three additional weeks, the blood loss isn't significant in terms of anemia. It may look worse than it is. I go in a week from today. I've been praying to pass the frag but it's obviously still there. Rats! I also think about the families that headed west in covered wagons never knowing whether they'd see their loved ones again. My Grandmother, my Mom's Mom, was a very cold woman too. We think she may have had FMS or something similar. She had seven children that survived and had to work hard out on the NE farms and ranches. That, alone, may account for it. I hope your spider bite is OK. Glad you are seeing the doc.

    Granni, I laugh that you and I hate having to do our hair so much. Mine has grown out to the point where it's actually easier to care for but that won't last. It'll soon be growing into an ugly phase. I still haven't found my color either. I should probably go in to have it cut and start over. Sounds as though you had a busy day yesterday and that your DH has a busy morning planned. I feel like such a slug just sitting here but I desperately need it. Hope you don't overdo things. Come back when you can stay.

    Rock, same to you. Come back and sit a spell.

    I haven't read the newspaper yet so will do that. Loooove a real paper. Ooh, ooh, the New York Times crossword puzzle. I'm in heaven! Hope all y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
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