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  1. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    I just posted over on the old Porch but decided to open a new one too. Please check out the posts over there.

    BTW, if you want to respond to any of the Porchies on the last one, you can just go down and type in your response as you normally would. Just don't click on the post button. Instead, highlight and copy the text and come here and post it into your reply on this new Porch.

    Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Here's another big congratulations to Sun for her award at the art show.


    Love, Mikie
  2. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    This message is coming to you from the computer room. Which used to be
    a bedroom. Sorta the opposite of the Lincoln Bedroom which is now a
    bedroom but wasn't when Lincoln lived there. This teaches us all a
    valuable lesson.

    Congratulations Sun! Always nice to be appreciated. Can you post
    your pic? Or maybe it's one you already posted? I hope your arm is

    Mikie, Gordon likes doo wop too. Note: "Doo wop too" is an anagram for
    doooot pow! He has CDs of groups I've never heard of singing songs I've
    never heard of. Busby Berkley shows up in lots of books about the movies.
    On the one hand he was an original; a creative genus. On the other hand
    he was a drunk. Killed 3 people in an auto accident. There are accounts
    of the trial and the shenanigans the defense pulled, for example hiring an
    old actress to play the part of his tearful mother and having Berkley wrapped in
    bandages and lying on a stretcher. Couldn't get away with that stuff today.

    Julie, am reading a thriller in which the President is kidnapped while
    skiing. There is an avalanche and the communications are disrupted and
    foreign agents are running around. The only thing missing was you on
    the mower.

    Hugs Star, Barry, Spring, Granni, GB, Diane,
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  3. Granniluvsu

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    Thanks MIKIE for starting us up again !! Congrats again to SUN. Yes, I hope you get a nice bundle of cash for your works. That is always very helpful..

    JULIE - Have fun with some of your family this weekend.

    Time for lunch but wanted to post on here so I can get the new posts on my new phone hopefully. Had a run in at CVS this morning but none of it was their fault and the problem if any was with Medicare. I order my b/p meds some time ago and they of course have to wait till a certain date to fill it and then send it. I took my last one yesterday ( and that was with the first evxra 14 day supply they gave me), I knew that might be a problem as sometimes mailings are slow especially with the holidays and snail mail. .... I went to pick up my extra 14 day supply which was declined and the cost for 15 pills was going to be around $47 or so. I nearly flipped but told them I had to have it. Then I remembered I had a discount card on me thankfully that I picked up someplace and gave it to them. It shaved the price about $20-30. I forget and would have to see the receipts again and not exactly sure on the original price.


    Gotta go and fix lunch, etc. Might be back later. Sounds like we might get some more rain. It is thundering but that does not always mean it is going to rain HERE.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
  4. rockgor

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    Hi sKids

    Hmmm. Little typ0 there. Well, I certainly feel like my life has been on the
    skids for the last 30 some years. Maybe some of you guys do too.

    Just woke up from my nap. Gordon left for the library. I have several DVDs
    out. The loan period is only 4 days, so I renewed a couple I hadn't seen
    yet. Got a couple of movies, but I don't seem to like any new movies.
    I do much better checking out TV shows that I've sampled and know I like.

    We are making carrot apple juice this afternoon. Gordon got some
    odd shaped apples at an Asian store. They resemble a pear.
    Couldn't find a pic to post, but if you go to this site you can see other
    unusual apples including a variety referred to as "square". Actually
    they look more like a rectangle. I wonder if they put them in a mold
    while they're growing. That's how pears get inside bottles of liquor.


    Barry, how ya doin? Hope you and the rest of the family are OK.

    Diane, you feeling any better? Being sick and then getting side
    effects from the meds must be terribly frustrating. Kinda like
    going to a toxic therapist. I had one of those briefly. Got rid of him
    after a few visits. He had allegedly been a Marine at one time.
    Apparently he got his medical degree from a school for drill sergeants.

    Springwater, did the thunderous rains ever appear? Do the dogs

    Well, Kids, gotta go. Just can't do long posts anymore.
    Hugs, Rock

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  5. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Posting for a minute...wanted to join in congratulating Sun! Way to go!!!

    The kids won't be here till later this afternoon...Den and I are going to see if the girls want to go up and help us get a load of firewood. He "prepaid" for a load this morning, and the Amish fellow we get it from told him where to get the best wood...in a different pile than what we usually do. Until everyone gets here, I'm trying to "find my house".

    Hope everyone is doing well...I am having some trouble with my back, so Den doesn't want me actually lifting any firewood...just go along in an extra vehicle in case he gets called on an outage.

    Take care...I'll check in when I can.
  6. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi All. Not up to posting much.

    Rock, I've been on the skids since '94. Never uphill since....
    Richard likes old movies, so we watch a lot of TCM, and discs that people have sent him. He is on a Val Lewton kick right now --- The Catwoman last night --tedious and I think I drowsed quite a bit, so didn't get the ending. Richard has sunk into depression about Shorty -- who is doing quite well actually. The vet called y-day and we decided to up his dose of phenobarbitol a bit. A very good vet.

    R's depression has kind of upset me, because he doesn't like counseling or meds. It has put a strain on me, but so it goes.

    Diane, sure hope you are feeling better. I think of you often (in conjunction with seafood, which we have a shared taste for!)

    Granni, eggplant a la goat cheese sounds great to me! I've got some eggplants in the fridge, so must do something with them...

    Mikie, so sorry for all the pain you are having. Complain to doc, again and again. Squeaky wheels get the grease. Wishing you the best, my dear.

    Apples falling off the trees. Deer under them chomping away. Crab-apple tree red with fruit. Huckleberries in the woods are ripe now. Crickets singing in the night very beautiful. This is what I have.

    Love to All,
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  7. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Barry: It must be soooo restful to watch ther deer eating the apples. Hope you didn't want them to make apple pie? I also love the sound of crickets, just not the one in the fireplace the other day. There's a screen at the top of the chimney, so perhaps he was just sitting on it outside.

    Depression is an awful thing. My DH went downhill when he had cancer......because of depression, then more meds were added which did nothing to help. His cancer count was going down, down, down but depression was going the other way, and I would get so frustrated over it.

    Granni: That's awful that you didn't get your RX and then had to pay extra at CVS. I guess call Monday and let them do a trace on the shipping.

    Thanks everyone for the congratulations. I wasn't able to go to the opening last night due to reactions from the shot......... %^$#@...... so went today. I won a first place in mixed media which was for $125. I don't think I posted the picture of it though. It was a watercolor of the beach and waves with large rocks in the foreground and two little birds walking on the beach. Many many wonderful paintings so I'm very happy today. Met a lot of talented artists too, so at this point I'm ready for a nap.

    And check out this wonderful story about a goose and her human dad

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  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    SUN - Just popping in for a minute. I did get my meds after paying more but when I found that card in my purse I hadn't used yet it saved me about $20 or more. Guess what I got my 90 day supply this afternoon but I needed the meds I got today, TODAY!! Your description of the picture you painted sounds really beautiful If you get the chance could you post it ! Hope you will get it back. $125 was some pretty nice loose changed :)!! How wonderful for you sweetie :)!!

    Hi to JULIE, MIKIE, BARRY, DIANE, et al.

    Gotta go take my shower. I am so pooped from being on my feet a lot today, Have to get ready for church tomorrow and look half way decent.

    Love,Granni :)
  9. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hi all..

    Rock..the rains came n seem are here to stay..there was a outdoor art exhibition thingy and Street festival scheduled which got washed out..pity for the organisers.

    Sun - woo hoo! You won...I always thought yr paintings were good enough to put on display at galleries..I think we saw one of the sea and rocks..everyone loved those.

    Mikie - strange..why isn't that frag coming out? Hv u visited message boards for kidney stones?

    Barry - sorry about Richards depression..I think he might be having anxiety about losing Shortly which might be reminding him.of some other loss..I pray Richard comes out of it.

    Granni - I hate changing computers n phones..transferring everything..I don't do much except Google and email anyway..the young love updating..messing about with photo features n all..

    Julie - careful with the back! I learnt the hard way..now I'm extra careful..lol! The house comes to standstill if I can't get around.

    The new furniture came..some colours were wrong..but the others liked it so..what's to do..I let the others choose the dining room cabinet..the glass is yet to come..it will be etched with flower print..

    The stand for phone and a stool.I ordered got interchanged size wise..luckily the pieces look good and can be placed elsewhere..our furniture is so old..I think we need to replace everything

    A big cupboard is yet to come..I hate the whole process of getting big pieces o furniture up the stairs...they invariably scratch some paint off or something if it not there to oversee.

    Due to rains most laundry clothes are still wet..I was out most.of yesterday helping at a friend's prayer ceremony..people here look at astrologically and if prayers are due thry call in monks..feed them..and give a little money at the end after the prayers..

    I think Hindus do that too..

    I need to start putting away the mess in the.living room where we stacked clothes on sofas..floor..anywhere..into the new dresser..I hope I will hv the energy after cooking.lunch!

    I made hamburgers because DH brought lots of mince meat..turned out good. That was day before. Since we don't hv charcoal grill..fried the meat on a griddle in stove.

    Star..Linda..Diane..all MI as..a shout out to y all..hope you all soon good.

    Well..take care all..
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  10. Mikie

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    Good Morning, Kids,

    I hope everydobby slept as well as I did last night. Little Sir Vester was very good so we both got lots of rest. I feel so sorry for him sometimes in the mornings. He runs around in here, cries and wants in and then wants out. That's when he and Tweety used to play their zoom zoom games. I've tried throwing balls, dragging strings and even chasing him myself. I know he misses her playing with him. The rest of the time, he is OK. I wish the cats could have gone on living outside with the whole world as their playground. In retrospect, Jeff should have taken them to the shelter as soon as they were dropped off in the hood. Oh well, at this point, all we can do is the best we can do and is what we are doing.

    Too much pain yesterday to do anything. I need to color my hair and will try to get to it today. I've been taking the acetaminophen regularly instead of waiting til the pain is awful. That should help. I can eat in the morning but, as the day goes on, I can't eat much but some dry crackers. AACCKK!!! Again, whine, whine, whine!!! I hate Sept. 11 with all the news shows dredging up the footage of the original attack. I know we have to pause and pay homage to all those who died but it's such a painful chapter in our history.

    There is a tropical wave south of us which may bring some rain but none of the three waves coming off the West Coast of Africa is expected to become a storm which reaches us. As y'all can imagine, we keep an eye on all these depressions in the Atlantic and Caribbean this time of year. It's been 11 years since we were hit by a hurricane and we are all holding our breath.

    Rock, your knowledge of Hollywood and the stars, directors, writers, studio execs, etc. is amazing. Same with singers. I really enjoy your posts. I was fortunate enough to see Cats onstage when Busby Berkley type dances were part of the show. They were later dropped. Of course, I've seen those big numbers in old movies but to see them on stage is wonderful. I'll bet the Rockettes are great to see in person. For years, all the Rockettes had to be white, the same height and of a basic body build. Thank God those old rules have gone by the by. All little girls should be able to dream of one day dancing in a chorus line if that is what they want to do. Misty Copeland has certainly opened doors for ballet. My life has been on the skids since Christmas Eve, 1990, when I was infected with the mycoplasma which triggered my CFIDS. Like a ski slope, my life has had its ups and downs ever since. I recover and, wham!, along comes another condition, injury or illness and another setback. In between, life has been relatively 'normal.' I hope what ails me now will be over with when that frag comes out. I've rested a lot so that, hopefully, this doesn't cause another unraveling of my health for months or even years. This has not been a good year. I'm glad to see you posting and hope you are feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed.

    Granni, I'm so sorry for the Rx mixup and extra $$. CVS here at Target keeps a discount card that they use when someone's ins. doesn't cover something. It does help. I'm glad the mail-order Rx came. I need to reorder my meds but will wait until I see my doc this month. I hope I don't have to cancel again due to complications from this darned kidney stone frag. It's been thundering in the afternoons/evenings but we don't get much rain out of it. We did get a nice little shower last evening. I always want more. This keeps me from having to go out and hand water our potted plants. I just noticed huge blooms on our palm trees out front. I need to go out and cut them off and drag them to the curb for the landscapers to haul away. If the blooms drop fruit, it will stain everything and cause us to slip on them on the sidewalk when the fruit goes soft. AACCKK!!! Enjoy your new phones.

    Julie, it's that time of year when we would have been getting a load of firewood when we lived in CO. We lived in the burbs but Denver now bans wood fires in the wintertime when the air there is so dirty. I'd imagine that the new homes use gas fireplaces. Nothing is like a wood fire. I was really good at getting the fires going. When DD and I went camping, we had to help a guy get his camp fire started. Glad he wasn't too macho to let us. A few years later, someone left a fire without dowsing and stirring it and it burnt the campground down in a wild fire. It was a beautiful spot. But, I digress... I hope y'all enjoy the kids. I also hope your back is better. Painful backs are awful. My posture is ruined from trying to ease the pain in mine but I'm hoping the pain will go away when the frag goes away. Send new pics.

    Barry, always sooo good to see you here. I wish you and Richard were feeling better. Thank God for TCM when all we can do is veg. I check out the movies and record them. If I don't, Comcast charges $3.99 to rent them On Demand. There are very few decent free movies. In my mind's eye, I picture you moving the sofa and TV outside and watching old movies while the deer snack on your apples. As it is, it sounds like Paradise where you live. It's still hotter than Hades here as we near the Autumnal Equinox. It'll be at least another month before temperatures, and tempers, start to cool down. The sun is rising just over my friend's, Joe's, balcony across our little pond. I can track the seasons by just tracking the sun in it's North/South pattern across the seasons. Of course, it's the Earth's tilted axis and orbit which determines the seasons but I prefer to think of it as the sun's patterns. My ex lost his beloved dog, Shorty, and the pain was so great that he got another puppy. That has helped but he is exhausted training him. I'm glad your Shorty is doing so well and I hope he continues to. I've asked St. Dymphna to watch over Richard to help him.

    Sun, wow! First place! Good for you. That money will help with supplies. Have you considered selling your paintings? I remember your posting one and I think it was a watercolor of the beach with rocks but I don't remember the birds. We have such beautiful and exotic birds here that many artists paint them. I love the little shore birds myself. Mom and I were at the beach on one of our vacations before we moved here. A tourist left her big bag of chips on the sand and a gull was walking right into the bag and coming out with chips. We laughed so hard over that. We were thinking it was the birds' equivalent of 'drive thru' dining. I watched an old Disney Wonderful World of Color on TCM yesterday. It was more of an infomercial for Disneyland than a show. It was in 1966 or 1967 when they added New Orleans Square and Small World. I thought of you and that adorable pic of you on the ride. I also thought of the wonderful trips we took the kids on in the early 70's to Disneyland. Oh, to be able to turn back time. I try to live in the moment but I do confess to time travel in my mind now and then. I hope you are feeling better from that shot.

    Spring, what a shame that the street festival got rained out. My favorite art festival is held here in Feb. during our dry season. The weather for it is usually beautiful. Several friends and I usually go together. I always buy some little thing that is hand made. I love the idea of using things which are made by potters and glass blowers. If I could afford it, I'd buy a large painting for over my living room sofa. Sounds as though the furniture mix up turned out OK for you. Could you have sent back the pieces which were wrong if you didn't want to keep them? If I can't find a way to fix my sofa bed, I'll have to buy a new one. Those are more expensive than regular sofas and I hate to spend the money for the few times a year I use it. I've been hungry for a big ole hamburger myself. If I get one, it'll have to be for lunch since I can't eat later in the day. It must be from the pain med killing my appetite. Hope you don't get rained out.

    Well, Kiddies, another Warren Peace post. Y'all don't know what your posts mean to me and I love to respond to each one. I want to send love to our MIA's too. I hope we hear from you, even if it's just a line or two to let us know you are OK. It needn't be W&P if you aren't up to it.

    Love, Mikie
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  11. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    Hi all!

    I can't write a long post. I don't have oomph or the memory to remember all the posts I read. But I did want to say HELLO to all.

    Mikie, good luck with your stent/kidney problems. You have a kind temperament -- more than I have. I would have been SCREAMING at the doc by now. Well, that's an *exaggeration*, but I think you get my point.

    Linda, how are you feeling/healing?

    Sun -- Woo Hoo for your prize!!!!!! Congrats.

    Julie, is your family spending time with you this weekend? I hope you're enjoying. As far as all that "other stuff" going on ... do you have any idea when it will end? When the estate will be settled? You and Den have been through enough with You Know Who. (Hugs and prayers)

    Rock and Barry, and others, thanks for asking about me! I have not cooked or tried a new dish in a long time now. Kevin's getting some shrimp today. I asked him to try to find a "bottle" of beer. I haven't had beer boiled shrimp w/Old Bay in AGES! Our state now sells beer in grocery stores.

    Rock, believe it or not -- it was only ONE pill I took, 10 mg paxil for depression (per my psych doc). I don't know why I even took it, because I don't have depression, just the anxiety, etc., and I manage fine on the klonopin my psychiatrist prescribes for me. I wanted to take more daily doses of the Paxil, Kevin said NO. He threw the Paxil out with the kitty litter.

    Barry, thinking about you and Richard. And your pets. I hope that Richard can rally a bit, feel hopeful for Shorty. But I know exactly what he's going through. I do the same thing. A pet has a problem, problem is resolved(?) by med, but we're still scared, and can't let go of those scared feelings. I apologize if I got that "wrong", but it's what happens to me. I'm a "worrier."

    Star, I think you said you were in some pain. I hope that lets up and you feel better. And much good luck with the treatments for your Treasure. (hugs)

    Spring, Granni -- great to hear from you. I'm tuckered out, can't post any more.

    (I hope this post makes sense!)

    Kevin's at the grocery store. I'm headed for a nap. I still don't have all my wits about me, since that pill. Couple more days I guess, til I can say "woo hoo, I feel better better best!"

    In the meantime, you ALL take care. Know that you're in my thoughts and prayers.

    Love, DIANE
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  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dear Porchies,

    Hi there everyone. I have just been busy reading but as DIANE said, sometimes it is hard to remember what everyone has said unless you go back and forth. I am just getting to lazy. Came home from church and then fixed a little lunch and put some things away and started a wash or should I say finished up what I was doing before I left for church. Then we started to watch the football game or DH did as I was doing some things and finished lunch. He wanted to go work out. So we did that and won't have to do that tomorrow. Fixed the steak to marinade to have tonight with my sweet potato. DH is not excited about sweet potatoes but I will give him some.

    DIANE - So sorry that stupid pill is still bugging you and in your system. I hope it leaves you sooner rather than later. Hope you have a nice nap :)!~! I am afraid to nap that I wouldn't be able to sleep at night but one never knows. You know your body and naps are good most of the time, for most people. It seems like your doc wants to throw out everything if the Paxil doesn't work. That is crazy. Are you still able to get your Special K as MIKIE calls it. I surely do hope so if that i is working for you. HUGZ sweetie :)!!

    BARRY - I am so sorry that Richard is really down but guess it is hard to shake off sometimes when you have a very sick loved one or pet, one can be very afraid of losing them. Hope Shorty gets better and Richard feels more upbeat soon. HEY, I didn't change this font. I have gremlins in my computer.

    ROCK - MIKIE is right. I think you have a great mind and know an awful lot about shows and such. It is always neat to hear you talk about them all. I remember going to the old shows especially with my aunt in NYC when I was a kid. I never or hardly ever went there with my parents. They were busy working and had no money for shows , or very little. I still remember especially West Side Story with Carol Lawrence, Chita Rivera and others. I LOVED the singing and dancing. This was in the 50's. I also remember others but I really LOVED that one. I didn't go to to many movies back them really either and my parents didn't go. I went more when I started dating and then the drive in movies came into being. I also did a lot of sleeping through those too and or eating.

    SUN - Hope you are resting from all that you have been doing lately !!

    MIKIE - Sorry that darn fragment has still been bugging you and that you are still not up to snuff as they say. Glad Barb has left so that is one less thing to get under your skin.

    JULIE - Hope you are having fun with your "closer by family". Not that they are that close by but closer than TENN. ENJOY !!

    LINDA - How are you doing and how are your legs doing? Hope they heal soon for you.

    ELAINE - Haven't heard form you in awhile. Hope you are doing OK and your back not bugging you to much these days.

    So nice to hear from almost everyone today.

    Got some chores to do and things on the computer.

    Granni :)
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  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    The rancid-cake status quo continues. I'm just beat from enduring this for sooo looong. I hate to whine but it does help. I'm just hoping the doc has some trick up his sleeve that doesn't involve more anesthesia. I'm getting next to nothing done and that, in itself, is depressing. I am going to color my hair this morning and I'm hoping that will lift my spirits.

    Target has the area rugs like I have in the living room on sale. They still carry the same rug. I'm thinking of buying it because Tweety snagged the yarn in this one and exposed the backing. Both cats like to pull at rug fibers but she was more destructive. Only problem is that the weight of the coffee table wrinkles the rug. I could take the magazines off the table to reduce the weight on the rug.

    Diane, I'd probably be screaming at my doc but I kinda hate to upset the man who will be digging around in my bladder and kidney. On the other hand, I believe he is doing the least invasive thing in the hope that this will have resolved itself. He actually asked if I was OK with leaving the stent in another three weeks last time I saw him because the cystoscopy room was booked until this Wed. At the time, the pain wasn't as bad so I said it was OK. I think that frag may have moved but can't descend and is scraping my innards. I just hope and pray it can be resolved. BTW, my friend, Joe, had to stop taking the Paxil because it was causing horrid nightmares. I guess that is a well known side effect. He is determined to stop smoking without it. I'm so sorry it caused a problem for you. I hope you are feeling your best.

    Granni, I only saw the movie, West Side Story, but I loved it. My best friend in high school was from NYC. She was Jewish and Irish and was seeing an Italian boy. Her parents were totally against it so she could identify with the Romeo and Juliet theme. She had a difficult time moving to a small college town in the middle of high school after all that NYC had to offer. It was her grandmother who took her to the Broadway shows. I envy your being able to work out. I'm soooo inert right now and I hate it. I bounced on my big ball yesterday to try to shake that frag loose. It is something I can do in my current state of exhaustion. I'll be glad to eventually get back to running in the pool. I hope I have enough NRG left after coloring my hair to run to the store. I'm out of a lot of things but don't have much of an appetite right now. How goes using the new phone. Well, I hope.

    Gonna go read the paper. There usually isn't much in the Mon. paper. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  14. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys.
    I've been reading along, but been Really sore and busy.
    I was expecting my Mum tomorrow, however plans changed and instead of my Aunty picking her up from the airport
    and having her over at their place for a while- well plans change...
    What can I say?

    I'm just glad it's my mum and not anybody else.
    At least if I tell her I'm sore, she takes my word for it and that's it.
    I'm currently typing this, while laying on the couch because by the end of the day,Everything hurts, especially my back.
    Everyone is doing there usual and 'the Middle ' is on the telly. And I don't have to feel guilty because we have a guest...such a relief!
    Of course, I'm actually Doing more with mum here and not cheating on tea time and that kinda thing...

    Seeing as Mum was early and we made the mad dash to the airport, with very little notice, I had nothing organised.
    Truthfully, I was majorly stressed out about it all and madly ran around Ds' room with a vacuum cleaner, like a headless chook! (Chicken).
    Actually,To the fly on the wall, my running around probably looked a lot more like ' hobbling in slow motion '.
    Needless to say, by evening she was set up in Ds' room. Not perfect by all means.
    DS is at the age where sleeping on the couch is a marvellous adventure, so why disappoint?

    As the end of another term draws to a close and school holidays loom, we make preparations to go away for the week.
    Yes. We are off on another fishing/camping adventure, accept this time our little group is split.
    Mum requires a real bed and ensuite, so has payed for a cabin and DH wants to play with all his camping toys and gadgets, so he and our Treasures will be in the unpowered camping site. He'll have solar power, bbq/fire pit and tents etc.

    I'll be doing it rough with my mum.
    Just kidding.
    I won't know what hit me, actually away from the elements!
    Seriously though, I will have to invest in some ear plugs.

    We head off Wednesday, so that only leaves tomorrow to finish packing.
    I'm not sure about the drive eigther because DH has decided it'd be better if he took his 4wd and I brought the sedan.
    (Pretty sure that's so he won't feel obliged to run us round or entertain my mother).

    The trip will take about 3 & a half hours and I'm simply not used to it...
    When I drive, my body isn't relaxed and I reckon that has a lot to do with why I get so sore afterwards.
    Oh well, at least I get to stop and stretch and have a break from driving when I want.
    I just have to make sure she's full of petrol and gas, just in case I get lost.
    Yeah, my sense of direction and map following isn't a strong point.
    Wish I was more capable, like you, Julie.

    The last week has been tougher than I imagined, with the baths and cream and all the rigmarole,Poor DS,
    But one week down. Yay! (Feels like a month, but you do what you gotta do).
    I have no clue if there's a bath where we're going, but we'll manage, I guess.

    Last Saturday was the very last soccer game for the season.
    Many of us didn't know that.
    The best out of all the age groups were chosen to make two teams to play each other.
    Turned out that my DS was playing opposite my Dd and yeah, it was On!
    I've never seen DD play so well. She was defending and DS was attacking,
    So they were pretty much 'On' each other, the whole time.

    Afterwards the under 16's played, at which time I got caught on the phone.
    My youngest sister, who is an alcoholic and smokes too much pot, had me gob-smacked.
    How can I put it?
    Well, in a nut shell, she says I pinched the name of my DD, from her.
    Wait for it...
    I also pinched her middle name too!
    Unbelievable, but worse than that, she's been coming up with a lot of wierd and wonderful stuff.
    She's gone hay wire and I'm not only concerned, but a little angry aswell.
    Granni, in regards to CD, was it a gradual thing?
    Don't worry, I didn't say a thing. I was cool as a cucumber, but seething inside...Grrr.

    Final game was parents vs children and by that time ,my lot had gone home ,except for DS.
    Keen as mustard, he was.
    I knew he would be and even though I was still sore from Monday's trip to Ballarat and the wait, it was important.
    I took a couple of pain killers 'cause I needed all the help I could get.
    I wasn't green skinned, like the Saturday before, (thanks for the pic Of Fiona and Shrek, Julie- and the laughter, Rock, with your subsequent comment).But according to some bloke who spoke to DS, I was awesome (I'd do a little victory dance if I could muster up the strength).
    Actually Sun, there's a lot of slang that I don't even know, Down under, because I was B,O,G and Apparently that's really good. (And No, it's not what's found in the loo).
    I was just happy that my son was proud...

    And now I'm really paying for it!
    But Still Totally worth it.
    This memory is a gem and ours alone.

    I also helped pack up, which meant contributing on behalf of the tribe, seeing as DH had already conveniently bailed...

    Yes. Mikie when DH goes on strike at home, our Treasures soon follow suit and the place becomes a mess very Quickly.
    Actually, I have been known to throw everything that belongs in the shed, into a box and dump the lot out there.
    Similarly, bags of crap get collected up and dumped into bedrooms.
    It's extremely frustrating.

    Barry, when DH goes on strike, he also is quite miserable.
    Withdrawn.Although he's never been clinically depressed, he does get down and it effects our whole family.
    It's not easy to be around. Hope Richard picks up soon.

    Sun, I've ordered a couple of books by that author you mentioned, name completely escapes me at the present.
    Congrats on your success! I knew you were a legend!

    Mikie, how long has it been with that rotten thing causing you all manner of grief?
    Barb didn't stay long did she?

    Good you're recovering, Dianne.

    Spring, how'd you go with all your furniture shifting? Are the walls worse for wear? Or an acceptable trade off?

    Elaine and Linda, wish you both well.

    Tomorrow will consist of packing and shopping for our getaway.

    Dd wants her hair braided. Sure hope my fingers comply.

    Will catch up better when I get a chance.

    Take care
    Catch yas all later
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  15. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning, everyone! A very sunny, cool day...perfect for "remowing" the yard. But...I am determined to run the lawn sweeper first...tired of mowing the dead grass cuttings over and over again. Have just been in a hurry before, and the lawn hasn't been as dry as I like (the grass flies into the hopper better if it is really dry.)

    Star, what a special memory, indeed...to make with your son. I smiled as I was reading. Glad you have your mum here and you and she can camp in style while the ones who like to "rough it" can do their thing, too.

    Mikie, only two more days of misery? I say "only" even though it may seem like forever. I sure hope the doctor can take care of things once and for all.

    I am going to the far away chiro on Thursday...this stuff with my back is getting worse. I could barely walk on Friday...the low back discomfort had moved to include my legs. I kept having spells where it seemed like I might have MS or something. Was a little better on Saturday and yesterday morning, then did it again last evening. Very weird...I keep thinking that whenever I make sure I'm very hydrated, I do okay. Then when I don't drink enough water, I fall apart...going to try to keep the fluids up and see how it does.

    I'd better get going...run dishwasher and do laundry, then get on the mower. Thinking of everyone...
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  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just popping in for a minute. I actually got into the shower after coloring my mop. It came out beautifully! Woo Hoo! This is a color I hadn't used before--L'Oréal Preference natural blonde. It didn't turn a pinkish brown as some have done. Only problem is that they change and discontinue colors all the time. Grrrr! :mad: I trimmed about an inch off and the cut came out beautifully too! Another Woo Hoo!! Hope this luck continues through to Wed. My back is still painful so doubt the stone has descended. With the stent in, I probably wouldn't feel it as it comes down. Once in the bladder, it doesn't cause pain either. This devilish little 2.5 mm of calcium has become the rancid-cake center of my existence. I'd rather obsess on something else now.

    Don't know whether or not I'm up to shopping. I have to have my KUB x-ray tomorrow so I could easily stop by Publix on my way home. Of course, sometimes the waiting for the x-ray takes a while and that tires me out too. Oh well, I won't starve to death. I could just run in for a few things. I am Jonesing for a cheeseburger so I could take a run through Burger King. Not healthy but satisfying!

    Rock, I watched A Star Is Born yesterday. It was the original B&W made in, I believe, 1937. I had never seen it, or any other remakes, so I enjoyed it. I also watched a stupid show made in, again I believe, the 70's. It was The Conversation with Gene Hackman. The host on TCM touted it so I decided to watch it. What a stupid ending and stupid show. This is why I usually don't watch anything made in that era. BTW, I'm watching Prison Break, an old series now showing on Netflix. Just from the title, I wouldn't ordinarily watch but a friend here in the hood recommended it. It's nonstop suspense, probably not the best thing for what ails me. Of course, I have to suspend belief as this guy in prison comes close to being discovered time and again as he works on his break. He is kind of McGuiverish. Hope you're bright eyed and bushy tailed today.

    Star, wow! You really took one for the team! I hope your pain is better. I'm glad you and Mum will have all the comforts of home instead of roughing it. Good for you! Sweetie, take it from a Mom, I don't care about the kids' homes when I visit; I just want to see them. I'm sure your Mum feels the same way. My kids insisted on making up their own sofa beds late in the evening when they visited. They know where all the bedding is. DGS grabbed one of the animal print throws I have for the cat and covered up with it. He had allergies all night. I had to tell them that anything that has paw prints on it or is an animal print belongs to Sir Vester. He's sacked out now in his little animal cat bed. My condo wasn't in the best shape when the kids visited but they didn't care. It's been five weeks since my surgical procedure to blast the stones and put in the stent. The stone had been trying to pass for several weeks before that. The last time we know for sure the stone was still in place was May 27 when I got a KUB x-ray. Yes, Barb was only here for two weeks but we are all glad she's gone. Enjoy yourself with your Mum and feel better.

    Julie, this kidney stone situation may not be resolved on Wed. I don't know what tack we will take if that stone is still stubbornly stuck. I just hope it doesn't involve another procedure under anesthesia at the hospital. This is why I've been trying to bribe St. Jude with a donation to his children's hospital. :rolleyes: Nothing like a nice sunny cool day in the fall, which officially starts next week on Wed. or Thurs. We've had enough rain lately to keep everything looking beautiful and green. Clouds are gathering as I type. I hope your back feels better. Could it be sciatica? It sounds like it from what you describe. The nerve gets pinched and hurts and then feels better. Then, it gets pinched again and causes more pain. My little TENS unit works well for that. Also, when I'm working around here, I wear a back brace. It needn't be an expensive one. This last one I got at Bed Bath & Beyond for less than $20. If there is no store nearby, you can order online. It's called a CopperFit brace. Learning how to stand and sit helps too. One should stand with equal weight on both legs and sit with the feet both flat on the floor. You Tube has excellent exercise videos which are exactly the ones I paid for in physical therapy. Ask the Chiro about it. Good luck and feel better.

    Well, Kiddies, I'm gonna get dressed and decide what I want to do. In any case, it's going to involve food. Later today, I won't want to eat. Wishing all y'all a pain-free day, loaded with NRG.

    Love, Mikie
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  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi one and all.

    Here are a couple of more photos of some vandas that were at our club

    1. this was a very pale pink one. it was striking set against the other
    more colorful orchids.

    2. this is a two-tone flower with some spots. very unusual and it made(?)
    me order something similar from my Hawaiian vendor. mine has three
    color on the flower; white pink and light green. it's a small plant so the
    flower wasn't very large. maybe when it gets older.
    Dan Pale Pink.jpg Dan Two Tone.jpg Dan Spotteed Pink.jpg Dan Pale Pink.jpg Dan Two Tone.jpg Dan Spotteed Pink.jpg
    3. this is a spotted pink one. spotted orchids are most desirable to collectors.
    too bad the flower shape wasn't better.

    all of these vandas are own by Dan, a fellow member. he has a cool growing
    green house and grows some very small and unusual type that requires colder
    temps., in fact, he brings his plants in a portable cooler so as not to damage
    the flowers before they are shown.

    this month's program will be about growing vandas and the plant table
    should have some of them - something exciting.

    i have three vandas blooming now, a orange one, a blue one, and the
    tri-color one. i will bring them to the meeting. it's not that i hope
    to win anything - it just gives me 3 raffle tickets in the hope of winning
    something. jim told me there are 3 green color one!!!! hope i get one
    of those.


  18. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi Gordon, Rock, and everyone! I'm in for a short break...making quite a little "mountain" of grass clippings. I am pretty positive my lawn sweeper is the best lawn care investment I have ever made. Den laughed good naturedly at me for getting a new one this year, but it sure does save time and energy. Even though he probably would never run it, he didn't say anything about me spending money to get one.

    Gordon, those flower pics are beautiful, as usual. I'm so glad you share them :). What dedication, to have a special greenhouse for the ones that require cooler temps. and bringing them to the meeting in a cooler. I hope you do win one of the ones you want. I had to chuckle about you "having" to buy a certain one. I think it's great when we can find something to give us such joy.

    Hi to everyone else...I'd better get back to work. Mikie, I thought we had a couple of back braces here, but I can't find one. I'm going to town tomorrow so will pick up one for myself.

    Here I go.....

  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    GORDON - those prize flowers are just gorgeous. Thanks so much for posting them. They are so tender and must need a lot of special care. One is more lovely than the other, in different ways. Hi to ROCK too.

    JULIE - My back is killing me just thinking about all the mowing you are doing. Seriously a back brace might be a good thing for you if you could find one real cheap. Might save your back with these heavier chores. It is a good thing though you have a riding mower. Hope you are holding up with all you have to do as well as things on your mind. Hope that stuff will be over SOON.

    Went shopping with DH this a.m and went to the Toyota dealer to have one of their guys set up DH;s bluetooth on his new phone with the car so he can talk without having to hold the phone and me too if he calls me. Getting used to my new phone which is DH's old one. It is better than my SG 4 which was find. I lways get the hand me down but they are all pretty good these ddays.

    MIKIE - I hope that dumb fragment hurries up and leaves you. That is not good hanging around so much. Hope you find out something positive when you go on Wed.

    I have to get ready to fix an early dinner and then go to Chorale practice tonight.

    STAR - Hope you have a good trip to see your Mom and hope that all goes well. I didn't get to read all of your post.

    Hope everyone is feeling and doing as well as expected OR better. Gotta run for now. Sorry I have been so absent lately.

    Granni :)
  20. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Gordon: beautiful orchids.....I think I like the speckled one best though. Now here's a though: If you could come up with your very OWN creation or any, what would you design? As for me I've always loved the lady slippers the best. It's been awhile since I've been to Norman's orchids. And lucky for your friend who has his own greenhouse.

    I remember when my DH and I were first married and were invited to his boss' house for a party. OMG. His wife had a greenhouse which ran the length of their house, with each sliding door leading into the greenhouse. I will never forget that. I used to think I would like that. I turned an extra bathroom into a "greenhouse" for awhile though. Hung lights from the ceiling and put in metal shelving for the orchids. BUt OMG such a lot of work, especially when it came to watering them. So it went back to a bathroom, and became the cat's special "potty room" for their litter boxes.

    Julie: yes, a back brace will really help you. Big 5 sells them here, or one I bought at Marshall's in the exercise dept. I wouldn't be without it when my back starts to give me fits.

    Mikie: so Wednesday is the doctor day? I hope things can get moving down there.

    Star: Hope you enjoy your mom's visit. And is the cream helping your DS?

    I was soooo tired yesterday, actually since wed from the shot. Went to bed at 7 PM and slept until 2 a.m. Heated up my rice sock and went back to bed. My cleaning lady was here today so of course I MUST work.....no rest for the wicked......so I blew the leaves in front and back. That usually takes about an hr or more but I decided to work more on tearing down a trellis thing so the pieces could go into the trash. I'm now heading for a nap.

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