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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    I'll be back to respond to posts on the last Porch. OK, I'm ba-ack. Not much to tell. I fell asleep last evening before I could watch the second half of the JonBenet Ramsey case. Glad I have a DVR cable box. I had a couple of paragraphs typed and my power cord came unplugged and I lost it all. There is an auto-save feature here but, if it hasn't saved yet, it's gone--poof! Hope I'm up to getting something halfway significant done today.

    Julie, I'm so glad you still have your wonderful sense of humor after all this. Humor has gotten my family through the worst of times. I'm also glad your back brace helps you. Yes, they are hot. I've put a bag of frozen veggies in the back of mine to help me keep cool if I'm working outside. Working in the heat and humidity of this jungle raises sweating and stinking to a whole new level. :confused: Hang in there, Kiddo.

    Granni, Sun is right. Typically, the insurance co. of the person 'at fault' pays to repair both vehicles and for medical bills. Your ins. co. will try to mitigate those costs and may even go to court to prevent having to pay more than it should. Talk to your ins. co. It's important. You will learn more when you meet with them. Good luck and don't worry. I just sent up a prayer for you. BTW, I 'fixed' the keyboard by removing the battery with the laptop on. When I put it back in and the computer rebooted, it seems to have reset everything.

    Sun, good grief, you are always so busy working on your lovely home. It must be the showcase of the neighborhood. I love trying to keep things up outside but just can't right now. As it is, two plants, which are not out where they get rain, are drooping. I have to go down and water them. How sweet to make that little comforter and pillow for your DGD's doll. She will be thrilled. When my girls were little, my Mom made wonderful things for them and they loved them. It's great to have a talented, crafty grandma.

    Gonna go read the paper. Hoping all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning, Mikie and everyone! Good thing I had all four alarm times set...kept turning them off and waiting for a "better" one, lol! So, starting my day later than usual...having a bit of brunch, then need to get back on the mower.

    Mikie, I hope you continue to feel better physically each day. So glad to see your spirits have lifted too.

    I don't know...my sense of humor, actually my whole "being" always seems to take a beating after the encounters like we had over the weekend. Being accused of tricking an elderly person to change his will, accused of taking him to his other farm (while no one else was around) under the pretense of letting him check on things and visit his cat...when my "real" motive was to wait until he fell asleep in his chair (she said he ALWAYS just slept when he was there) then I could STEAL things. Wouldn't he have noticed when he woke up that there were extra things in the vehicle?

    Sorry, these "run ins" always leave me so physically and emotionally exhausted. For days afterwards, these "movie screens" play out the past six or more years...over and over and over and over again. I used to beat myself up, thinking I could have done things differently, but I don't really do that anymore. I am not the one who abused, neglected, belittled, ridiculed. I'm not sure it matters how the childhood was, even if I could put a finger on it. I had a very bad childhood and I've still managed to at least try to do the right things. I know what you mean, though, Sun...but I really don't know. I did type some things on the last porch, but not sure if you saw them before I editted it.

    Anyhow...just gotta get it over with. I can't have anyone else do it...he trusted me with this task. But, yes, I have already talked to the sheriff's dept and someone will be there if we need to do anything in the house.

    So, better get the mowing finished. We were in tornado watches last evening, so I didn't get everything mowed.

    Hi to everyone...Granni, I'm praying for your situation with the motorcycle guy and insurance. Hope you are not too sore.

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    Here's Liora, to maybe brighten someone's day :) Sure wish the twins could be here this week, but it just wasn't meant to be...

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    What a cutie Liora is :)!!! JULIE. I know you miss having them with you but it is probably not the best time just now. I just finished making my phone calls for our ladies luncheon. It is one of those things, multitasking while doing other things on the computer occasionally. Finally got to the PORCH. Gee, I can't believe that our PORCH has been so busy lately. Can't believe we are starting another on already especially since haven't been present at many of the volumes.

    DH is at his meeting and may go to lunch afterwards. I won't be going either to my small group practice today either and I seem to have a low grade fever also. I didn't go to my practice for the Disney show next week either. The dress rehearsal is Monday. I may have to go to the doc for drugs so I can see. I know that low grade fever can linger on also. Been there and done that many times. However, why do these things happen at the wrong time and I hadn't even gotten my flu shot yet. It usually helps me. Guessing this accident thing had knocked what little immunity I had down a peg or two.

    Gotta get off here and figure out lunch for myself. Might come back again later if DH doesn't hog the computer :)!!

    Granni :)
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    Hi Kids

    Thanks for performing the opening ceremony, Mikie. Glad to hear you had auto
    save. I'm guessing you'd rather have that than an autoclave. Glad to hear
    your keyboard is working again. Good luck with fixing the sofa. Ha Ha! I
    could no more fix a sofa than I could repair a car. Unless it was one of those
    repairs done with duct tape. I might be able to do that.

    Which reminds me. I did do a duct tape repair a couple days ago. It was to
    my slippers. Now when I look down I see what looks like toes of steel.
    Probably what the knights of old saw when they looked down. Anyhoo
    I think I bought two pair last time. So there may be new pair lurking
    around here somewhere. All I have to do is remember to look for
    them, which, thus far, I haven't.

    Granni, the site about dawn and vinegar didn't say how often to use it.
    I figured it was like most cleaning. You do it when you think you need
    to. I looked at a couple sites and found one with a warning. Do not use
    this mixture on marble or stone. The acid in the vinegar can cause
    pitting, and you know that would be the ______.

    Another great pic, Julie. Reminds me of Ethel Merman. She probably
    looked like that when she was a kid. Ethel was to Broadway what Bette
    Davis was to the movies. Am reading yet another show biz book. There
    is a chapter about Bette appearing on Broadway when she was in her
    60s. Alas, it was far from being a triumph.

    Had some back spasms today. Had one just sitting here. Anyone we
    are changing our appointment date so I can see the chiro pronto.
    Waiting for him to return our call.

    In the meantime Gordon got out a gadget he bought some time
    ago. A surprise to me. It's called a Lo-Bak Trax and it looks the
    handle bars on a motorcycle. If you want to see this thing in action,
    you can go to the maker's site and see a video. I've used it once, and
    it did make my back feel more stable. But Hay! Further reports to

    The good news is the device comes with a guarantee. You send it
    back to them, and if they decide they want to, they will send you a refund.
    Be sure and include your order number. Of course Gordon bought
    it from QVC so we wouldn't have the manufacturer's number.

    All fur now
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    Good Morning, Kids,

    OMG, Julie, she is sooooo cute! Thanks for posting. Just looking at her brightens my day. I used to shake when Barb pulled her stuff but, eventually, I was able to get through it. Unfortunately, you don't have that option until all is done with the estate. Please consider the source--a very sick and angry person. It has nothing to do with you. You are a kind and honest person who cared for her Dad and I know it was a huge burden most of the time. I know you can't just let it run off you like water off a duck because you are a sensitive person but I hope and pray it doesn't stress you out so much. She is realizing that her power to make your life miserable will soon be over and she is pulling out all the stops. Do whatever you can to de-stress. Visualization is a powerful tool. Spring's suggestion to use light to protect myself helped me to get through Barb's stress. It may not work for you but it really helped me. I pray and ask to walk in the light of the Lord. I actually feel protected by this light. Once I felt protected, it was far less stressful.

    Granni, I'm so sorry you are under the weather. Running a fever means this is a bit more serious than just not feeling well. Be sure to rest so it doesn't make it worse by trying to push through. Don't do a 'Hillary.' We don't want to see videos of you passing out on the way to the car. Accidents can stress us out, lowering our immunity. A lot of us with FMS had it triggered following an accident. I likely had it all my life but didn't realize it until after my accident. That was what caused me to no longer be able to work and to file for disability. I was in my prime earning years. I can look back at my childhood now to see omens of things to come. Same advice with the flu shot. Be sure you are completely over this crud before getting it. I can't get them at all because they cause my immune system to overreact, probably because several of my conditions are autoimmune. Take care, dear one, and feel better.

    Rock, my ex once bought some safety shoes with steel toes. It was because he had problems with his feet and these shoes were more comfortable. I had never thought of duct tape to fix my old slippers. They wear out along the edge of the open toes. I have to have open-toe slippers because they are cooler. Even with A/C on, closed slippers are too hot for my feet. Perhaps it's the flames of hell licking at my heels and not the slippers. Barb had no closed shoes. She spent summers in Boston and winters down here so she only wore sandals. Once she had to fly up north in the winter for a funeral. She wore her sandals and everyone thought she was nuts. That was years ago before she truly went nuts. DD says duct tape is used so often in crimes that stores should require background checks in order to sell it. We were just laughing at our last luncheon about how stupid criminals are. After so many crimes, investigators turn up videos of the criminals buying duct tape, rope, big knives and shovels. Doh!!!

    The sofa bed had a piece of the support mechanism come off at one end. We managed to close it but that piece is sticking out the back. If I can open it back up, I can probably screw it back in place. It's kinda tricky to get at. Ethel Merman said she never had a singing lesson. I always liked her in the movies. She moved to Denver when she retired. People would see her downtown shopping, wearing a suit and mink stole and looking every bit the Hollywood star. She once came over to my cousin and told her that her daughter was the most beautiful child she had ever seen. That kid was beautiful! I hope your back is better.

    I went out yesterday and cut down two huge palm blooms which were dropping a mess on the sidewalk. These bloom stalks are as big and heavy as tree limbs. I hauled them out to the edge of the lawn where the lazy landscapers will have to haul them away. Then, I swept the cobwebs from the front door, on the balcony and under the eaves. I also swept up the mess from the blooms on the sidewalk. It was soooo hot 'n humid out and I couldn't take it long. I came back inside but was too exhausted to do anything in here. As always--Mañana! Well, it's now Mañana and I hope I can get something done in here.

    I got my 24-hr. pee kit delivered to my door via Fed Ex yesterday afternoon. I have to collect it for 22-26 hrs., shake the big gallon container, empty some of it into a vial, and send that vial back via prepaid Fed Ex. Good grief! The things I do for my kidneys. Well, I can live without them, or a dialysis machine, so I had better take good care of them. I've decided there are two things I won't do--dialysis and chemo. I've had a good life and am satisfied with my longevity so won't go through painful extremes just to get more time. Guy downstairs was on dialysis and stopped it so he could go Home. This after losing both legs to diabetes. But, I digress...I have to call my ins. co. to be sure they will cover this test.

    Hope y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie

    An hour and a half later--Just took my glucose test and it was only 62. I started feeling lightheaded and took my BP and it was OK. My fasting sugar has been in the 70's; this reading was three hours after breakfast. I don't know what is going on but things are obviously out of whack. I ate some chocolate and am feeling much better. Good grief! I'm seeing my doc tomorrow so will ask him about it. I'm going to eat some protein so I won't crash again later.

    I also called my ins. co. to make sure my 24-hr. urine test is covered. It is. When I went online, I discovered the lab that does it is owned by Lab Corp, the only provider covered on my plan. The 2017 benefits on my plan came in e-mail form yesterday so I need to go find out what will be cut or how much more it will cost me. I've already spent beyond $500 in co-pays for treating these kidney stones.

    Rock, BTW, you had asked why spammers post the same message five times. It's so they look like active members before they try to post links. Often, these initial posts don't look like spam for selling anything but they are paving the way for the spammers to become more aggressive. I remove those posts as early as possible.

    Again, hope y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi everyone...just having lunch at almost 3:00 pm. My days are all mixed up, probably because I can't get to sleep at night...and when I do I have nightmares about this estate crap.

    Granni, I hope you are feeling better. I imagine the stress and trauma of your accident has probably contributed...

    Rock, I'm sorry about your back. That contraption sounds interesting. Hope you can get to the chiro soon. My back brace has been a life saver....on the mower and just as I work around here.

    Mikie, oh my goodness...what a low blood sugar! I hope you are doing okay now. Sounds like a lot of work you did...too bad those landscapers aren't more competent. Hope your "pee test" shows good results. I think I get more upset when sis accuses me of things because she then tries to make herself look like such a victim...well, she probably thinks the same about me.

    I spent some time this morning in one of our other buildings on the farm. Trying to make room for Gpa's things that we have brought home so far. Lots of stuff in there that belongs to other people...most of that will go on the trash pile as there had been mice in the clothes and lots of mold and mildew on the other things. We are finding out that it doesn't really work to try to save things for ourselves or for other people...best to just get rid of items if we can't use them right away.

    Anyway, something caused an allergic reaction. I started sneezing and itching, my nose and eyes started watering, it was miserable...made worse by the fact that it is very hot out today. So, I quit...came in and took a shower, some allergy meds and crashed for a couple hours. Ironically, my back felt fine, lol!

    Plenty to do around here...and Den can help me move the heavy stuff when he gets home from work. Then we have to unload the truck from what we brought home over the weekend. I dread going back over to get more things, but it needs to be done. Den will never get anther chance to go through his Dad's stuff, and it means a lot to him. Some of it is tools, etc. that Den gave to his dad years ago...or things that they just traded back and forth, depending on who needed to use them at the time. Then there are the really special things...such as the saws, etc. that Gpa used to build his own house close to 70 years ago. And some of Den's own Gpa's things...since Den knows the history, these things mean so much more to him.

    Hope everyone is doing okay...I'd better get back to work. Seems like I go in slo motion most of the time, lol!
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    Good afternoon everydobby,

    Nothing new other than I just got up from a nap, close to 1 to 1/2 hours I would say. SO FAR, no fever today but expecting some might creep in later on. Se we will see. D H said he would bring me to dinner at Luby's a local cafeteria that we have not been to often but went the other day before the seminar last weekend. A fair amount of choices so we are going back there.

    JULIE - So sorry about those allergies and moldy stuff on the clothes. Yes, it is a good thing to get rid of stuff when not being used. I need to heed that statement. Yes I am sure that most likely this whatever I have started after the accident and was one of the causes. So sorry you have to deal with you know who and her terrible accusations. She is one sick person is all I can say. Hope this all will pass real soon. My daughter gave me some pills that she took that might help head this creeping crud at the pass, as they say. She had taken it before , from the health food store, and thought it helped . So we will see.

    MIKIE - Sorry to hear about your allergies and whatever is causing you shifts in low blood sugar, etc. At least your b/p is OK. That is strange. Have you been eating anything different lately?? Keep a lookout on that and hope is shifts correctly into gear again soon.

    ROCK - Yes, I love your pun about the acid in the vinegar causing pitting in the shower , which would certainly be the PITS. Very cute ROCK.!! Hope the spasms in your back get better soon. That is certainly no fun esp if you are just sitting there doing nothing or very little. Hope the chiro can help you.

    Thinking about all of my dear friends here on the PORCH. Need to check on one more things on the computer before we have to leave to go to an early dinner. So I need to leave for now and check on something I thought I ordered on line but not heard from them.

    Granni :)
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  9. Mikie

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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Good grief, my sugar was only 67 when I got up. I ate some sausage with my toast to try to get some protein in with the carbs to try to keep my BS from dipping. I don't like having to eat candy when I feel as though I'm gonna pass out. I'll be doing some research online for how to eat for low BS. All these years, I've been trying to lower it. Doh!!! I thought the bleeding had tapered way down but got up to blood in my urine this morning. This is turning into the neverending story. As though all this weren't enough, the newscaster said that Red Tide is back in the Gulf. That would 'splain my stuffy sinuses and cough. I can't seem to recover because, for most of this year, there have been two or more aggravating circumstances. I see my doc this morning and will discuss it all with him.

    Dear Old Friend called me yesterday and it sounds as though he has FMS. He has the tender points and is in a lot of pain and feels exhausted. This has gone on for months and is getting worse. He is going to make an appt. with either my doc or one he found online. I feel so bad for him, just starting out to do research and try to find something to help. I gave him this website URL. He's really smart and that will help.

    Julie, the mold and mildew in those things can make you sick. If it were me, I'd wear a mask while handling them. Gloves wouldn't hurt either. That stuff can really be toxic. If I can ever get to feeling better, I'm going to get rid of a ton of stuff in the condo here. The beauty of my situation is that I have very little room to store things. Still, if I don't use things, or wear them, they should go to Goodwill so someone else can use them. There is a church that has a thrift shop and I often take things to them. Sis is likely a card carrying member of the Victims' Union. It is a ploy to try to cast blame on others for what she, herself, does. The thing about people like her and Barb is that, eventually, everyone knows exactly what is going on and who is to blame. Just keep on keepin' on and this will be over.

    Granni, I'm glad you are feeling better. I loved those old buffet restaurants like Luby's. When Mom and I lived in Denver, we would go to one there. They have a lot of comfort food, including Jello in almost every color. We have a buffet here but it is mainly salads and pasta. I have been eating a bit differently since I've been sick with the kidney stones. I haven't wanted protein and have been eating less but more carbs, like bread. For a while, I was so nauseated by the afternoons that I could eat nothing else but bread or a few saltine crackers. I've just started eating protein again. I'm glad you are able to nap so you get rested to fight off whatever bug you have. Good luck and take care.

    I'm gonna go read the paper but the news is sooooo bad all over that I usually only scan the articles because the news on TV has already covered everything. I hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  10. ConfusedInPA

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    Hi friends,

    I only have time for a short post.

    I have not felt well since taking that antidepressant. I'm still getting nightmares, etc., from it.

    Then we had our air conditioner (outside unit) stop working. Blew two fuses, guy checked the breaker box in the garage, replaced "something" in what looked to be a silver can in the outside unit. Plus the two fuses in the outside unit. All OK. Three hours later (at 85 degree temp) the AC stopped working. It was getting warmer in the house. The AC guy came back later that day, said one of the fuses blew again. So I'm keeping an eye on the thermostat.

    Beety had to go to the vet yesterday. She's kinda stopped eating. And since she has no teeth (autoimmune disease), she has no choice but to eat canned food. So now she's eating half of what she normally eats. I can't monitor her water intake, we have three water bowls in the house. Nor can I monitor other bodily functions, we have three litter boxes in the house.


    Vet gave her an antibiotic shot (sort of like a mega-dose), and Rx'd 4 pills for any tummy troubles, also works as an anti-inflammatory (in case of a sinus infection). Beety did get a thorough exam. We're waiting on the results of the bloodwork.

    I have been trying to read the posts and keep up with y'all. I remember some things, but not all.

    Granni, I read about the accident, and sent you an email. Don't know if you got it. Mikie, much good luck with your kidney problems. Sun, I enjoyed the pics of your house. Gordon -- always has beautiful flowers to post! Julie, You Take Care. Your pic DID MAKE ME SMILE, WHEN I NEEDED A SMILE. :)

    Star, are you on vacation? Spring, hope all is well with you. Elaine, hope that you are in less pain!

    Rock, I'm READING THE NEW CARL HIAASEN BOOK. It's a bit risque, but I'm enjoying every page! LOL

    Barry, hope you and Richard and the critters are all OK. Lincamp, you doin' OK?

    I'm forgetting someone(s) ... I just know that I am. But it's not intentional.

    Luv you all! I might be away from the board for a while, at least until things settle down around here.

    Y'all are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Hugs, Diane
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    Hi, Kids,

    Just got back from the doc. He agrees that I'm all messed up from the lithotripsy procedure and stent. I'll just add more fiber to my diet to try to stabilize my sugar and eat something, like nuts, in between meals. He said those stents really make people sick. I can testify to that! I hope to start running in the pool but will wait until next week. I'm still a bit weak in the knees. I must show it because a nice young woman at Costco offered to unpack my cart for me. My faith in humanity is restored. I didn't need help and had to plan where to put things but I thanked her very much. She was so kind and friendly. I say young but she was in her 40's to 50's--young to me!

    I had enough NRG to stop to shop and, lo and behold, Costco had automatic trash cans for $40. I didn't pay much more than that for mine but they are getting soooo old and nasty looking that I don't want them in my kitchen. Bed Bath & Beyond used to carry them but they were $200. Yikes! These new ones are also stainless steel but are more streamlined looking. I love being able to wave my hand over the top and have it open and then close. I also got stamps and K-cups. I got a rotisserie chicken but the drumsticks are in my little toaster over. Costco's chickens are soooo big but they are always raw inside. They are still the bargain of the century at $4.99 each. I can eat for four days from one of them. Then, if I'm feeling up to it, I boil the carcass and make my own broth for soup. The operating phrase for everything these days is, "if I'm feeling up to it." More often than not, I'm not. Still, I have a bit more NRG today so there is hope for recovery.

    My Dear Old Friend called this morning and said he got an appt. in mid-Oct. with an FMS specialist here. He is in a lot of pain. Both his son and I have told him to take his NSAIDS all the time til he sees this doc. Waiting until one is in agony doesn't work. He is going to do that. I hope this doc can help him fast but we all know that help usually isn't fast. He is already doing stretching exercises from PT. He's always been healthy til now and takes good care of himself.

    Diane, I'm so very sorry about Beety. I hope she feels better. Bless her heart. It's worse to have our pets sick than when we are sick ourselves. I'm also sorry about the nightmares. That is why my buddy, Joe, had to stop taking Chantix to stop smoking. I hope your A/C keeps working. A/C is life or death down here in the sweltering jungle. Today is the Autumnal Equinox so let's hope it cools down; the weather forecast says it will in your neck of the woods. Down here, it will swelter on until Halloween. BTW, don't know whether I mentioned that I've had an adrenaline "fight or flight" sensation in my legs. I just found out it is associated with low blood sugar. So are hot flashes. All this time, I've been worrying about my BS being too high. Now, I'm dealing with its being too low. In either case, the changes in diet are the same. Kidney issues can cause it so it's possible that things will normalize now that I'm getting over the stones. I'm so glad to see you here but wish things were going better for you. Take care, my dear friend, and keep us updated.

    Again, hope y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
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  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi AWL,

    I guess I am doing better sith so far no fever. Last night before bed it went up to 99 but that is it. My voice is OK but I know the stuff is still down there. Wish I could just cough it all up. I am takaing Mucinex reg daily and Mucinex for cough supp. at night. If I was by myself I might try the reg all day but I can't cough and wake up DH who is a very light sleeper.

    MIKIE _ So sorry you are still feeling and apparently looking not so well, according to that young woman that offered to unpack your cart for you. Hope you start feeling much better soon. Speaking of trash cans I could get a new one too but they are either to big or two small or to expensive :)! Mine isn't in the best shape either and really doesn't go with our decor any more. It is blue and we have little blue in the house any more, except for the covers on our kitchen chairs. They are not removeable but am thinking of buying some that just tied on and are different colors from WM or other places. DH could care less but sometimes it bothers me, so I will end up buying them (one of these days).

    DIANE - So sorry you are still feeling the affects from the antidepressant. Hope those nightmares stop soon. That doesn't sound like any fun, for sure. I think you sent me an email after the accident but haven't gotten anything else recently. My brain is a bit foggy lately, or should I say more than lately :)!! Thank you for your thoughtfulness, especially since you haven't been well yourself.

    SUN - Where are you sweetie? I hope you aren't in bad pain again or feeling worse than normal. I don't remember you saying you would be gone or anything . However, that doesn't mean much these days.

    Thinking of everyone ! Gotta get off for now.

    Granni :)
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  13. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone. Just now noon...I have been working inside, but need to go out now. Kinda backwards since it is a little cooler in the morning, but if I don't get necessary chores done first, I am too tired after working outside.

    We need to go back to Gpa's other farm and get some things from inside the house. Since she has said she wants nothing to do with us after the estate is closed, I need to help Den get anything out of there that his dad wanted him to have. And I will let the sheriff know so he can have the on duty deputy be there.

    She thinks I "tricked" Gpa into doing this or that...that makes me feel terrible. Especially if she really thinks that is true (and not just saying it to cause trouble.) First of all, I wish Gpa was still alive...yes, it was hard to take care of him 24/7 sometimes, but we did love him very much and we miss him. Secondly, if he was here, I would ask him to tell her himself about the decisions he made and the reasons for doing so. And we would probably find ways to get things to our house while he was still around to authorize it himself (instead of the attorney, courts or law enforcement.)

    Anyway, I'm sure you guys are tired of hearing about this...I am so tired of dealing with it. But....

    Granni, I'm glad you haven't gotten worse. Hope you feel back to normal soon. I think Sun is at her son't in Oregon for a few days...wasn't she leaving Monday? Should be back soon, if I remember correctly. But I don't think she was feeling up to the trip...Sun, if you happen to check in, I hope you're doing ok.

    Diane, I'm so sorry you are still having effects from that med. And that your A/C was not working properly. And, oh Beety! Hope she gets over whatever is causing her to not do well.

    Mikie, your experience at the store reminds me that something like that happened to me not too long ago. I can't remember if the person unloaded my cart and put it on the checkout counter or something else. I just remember I was really tired that day and wondering how on earth I was going to get my shopping done and get home...I thought it such a blessing to have had help, but hated that I must have looked so bad for someone to notice.

    I'd better get outside...need to rearrange some more things. I did get to sleep earlier last night (midnight, instead of 3:00 or 4:00 am) so felt a little more rested when I got up at 8:00.
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  14. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    I'm here....sorta. Julie, I'm thinking I'm like you when it comes to plans going awry. I've had a lot of extra stress from a certain family member. I pray about it, and try to let it all go but I don't like upsets. And then Monday morning I woke with a sore throat and feeling crummy. Today is Thursday, still feel like I'm fighting off a bad cold or something else. I debated about cancelling my flight which is on Monday the 26, but I'm pushing thru. I was up at 4 and took a bunch of homeopathic and my salt water gargle. By 9 I lay down for an HR.

    I'm keeping busy though. I'm trying to work my way thru stuff around this house. I had a bolt of fabric that I won't use so I made a bedspread cover queen size for my son's bed up there. Watch him say he doesn't want it (he'll be stubborn about some things) and I'll have to trot it back home again. I've got some decorator pillows I made a few years ago out of antique red paisley fabric, plus some out of old tapestry. I even cleaned up an old "camel rug" and made into a larger pillow. This rug/pillow is probably about 100 years old. It went over the camel's back but I've repurposed it. I asked him awhile back if he wanted those.....yes.

    Mikie: That doesn't sound good, that you've got blood again. Prayers for you. And I'm sorry for your DOF. I know you said he's around 90. WHAT! FM at his age suddenly????

    Julie: put it out of your mind about sis. Just get things done that have to be. And remember......Grandpa was always swayed by sis, and you felt intimated so having him talk to her wouldn't have accomplished anything.

    Diane: About 5 years ago one summer out AC kept blowing the circuit. Two times out by the AC guy determined it was the old circuit breaker so he had to search around to locate a new circuit (whatever) and replace it. But it was a trying summer. I hope Beety is ok, poor little thing. By the way, I've noticed lately my remaining cat, Clair, now has a funny meow....almost like a croak. She's over 10.....I guess old age.

    Granni: Do you have a pantry where you can put your blue trash can? Mine sits behind a door where I can hide it. If you've got a fever you've got a bug. Seems a little early for the season that we're all getting sick.
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  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    I hope all y'all are doing well. Instead of not eating after noon yesterday, I ate a raw veggie salad with some Asian sesame dressing about 7:00 in the evening. I woke to a BS of 147. Of course there was some sugar in the dressing but the veggies were all fiber. My BS is just all over the place. Two months of not eating right has messed me up. I'll get it under control again. I woke feeling a bit better and think that things will improve now that more than a week has passed since the stent came out. My doc thinks so too. Once I start running in the pool, things should progress more rapidly.

    Nurse Nancy called me to ask if I could walk her little dog, Chewie, today if she gets held up at the doc's office or the lab. Her BP went dangerously high and the blood vessels in one eye broke, leaving it red looking. She said she didn't need a ride to the doc's so I'll just keep my phone handy. Her BP was back down to normal after she took an extra dose of her BP med. This is scary. She had botched back surgery about a year and a half ago when a post-surgical infection set in. She had temporary renal failure. She has about 80 percent kidney function now. She walks with a cane. They botched her cataract surgery and her eye swelled dangerously afterward. Her sight is blurred in that eye. They say they can repair it but she's afraid of more surgery. Who could blame her? That is the eye which had broken blood vessels. I'm worried about her. I shouldn't whine after seeing what she goes through.

    Joe also called me yesterday. He is 23 days without smoking and without the Chantix. He's also lost weight. I'm so happy for him. Barb called him but he didn't talk long with her. Another friend she has alienated. It was a busy day for me on the phone.

    Granni, I think accidents can leave us in a bit of a state of shock for quite a while afterward. I hope and pray you continue to recover. I also hope that virus leaves and you feel better. The Mucinex should help get the gunk cleared out. We often pick up a virus following a stressful event. The thing I like about the stainless trash cans is that they go with everything. They are big and don't go under the sink in the cupboard. I have two, one for trash and one for recyclables. I don't have much room in my little kitchen but, thank God there is room for both cans. I like having them always out so I can just wave my hand over them and put stuff in without touching them. They are still in my car so I need to haul them upstairs and figure out what to do with the old ones. I'm hoping this NRG holds up. Take care and rest, Dear One.

    Julie, it's difficult to know what goes on in sis' mind. She is a perpetual victim and troublemaker so whether or not she believes what she says about you isn't relevant. Please don't let this act of hers get to you. Everyone, including GPA, knows/knew she isn't on the level. He just couldn't bear to lay down the law to his child. Unfortunately, this left you being hurt by her even as you cared for him. It's a horribly stressful situation and she continues to exploit it. I know it isn't easy not to become stressed out by everything but, please, protect yourself emotionally. You are doing all the right things in dealing with the estate. No one would believe you 'tricked' GPA; everyone would understand he chose you because he believed you to be the best, most responsible person to handle it. This is being borne out by how you are handling it. She is totally incapable to doing it and isn't trustworthy. Just hang in there until it's over. Try to rest and have some fun with Den.

    Sun, I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well. I hope you feel really better really fast so your trip will be enjoyable. Those pillows sound so nice. I am getting rid of throw pillows here because I have too many. When I bought this sofa, I opted for the throw pillows to be made of the same fabric as the sofa itself instead of the cheesy 'decorator' ones they offered. These are soooo nice but I have too many. I've put several of them on another sofa. In addition, I saved the ones from the last sofa which is the same fabric as this one. I'm drowning in white denim throw pillows. Yikes! Yes, DOF just started having FMS symptoms at age 89. He didn't have an hints before that that anything was wrong. Of course, it could be something else but it sure sounds like FMS. Other than these FMS like symptoms, he is healthy. Rest up, my friend, so you will be feeling well for your trip. BTW, I paid $29 for trip insurance just in case I get too sick to travel or there is some emergency which keeps me from being able to come or go. Normally, I wouldn't but it isn't that expensive and, with us, we never know what will happen.

    Well, Kids, I'm off to read the paper. As always, I hope everyone is having a great day.

    Love, Mikie

    Update: Just got back from the pool. Since I felt well enough to go, I thought I had better strike while the iron is hot. I usually run full speed ahead for 30 mins. but only did 20 mins. at 3/4 speed. This was the first time in, at least, two months that I've been up to doing much of anything. I didn't want to overdo it so am taking it conservatively for now. I also didn't stay out in the burning sun after I finished. My skin is soooo white I glow in the dark. I'm just thankful for any little improvement I can get.
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  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    No time to start posting a W and P now but nice to read this morning. DH will get back very soon and want the computer and I don't know how to save stuff. Nothing exciting happening here I guess but that is OK. My fever seems to be gone and so I canceled the appt today with the doc. Not coughing except to try and get the crap out of my throat.

    MIKIE - So glad you a feeling a little better but hope you can get your BS under control. Strange how things like that happen and screw up your body. We don't even get the paper any more . If I need to read something or find something I can find it on line on the paper or elsewhere. Not sure if this is nature taking its course or the stuff I am taking from the HF store that DD gave me. She had leftovers from the last time. If you want the name of it let me know privately. I take 5 3x a day then 4 then 3 and so on. I am on 4x a day today.

    SUN - Sorry you arent feeling well wither. I know that is the pits. for sure..

    DH is home now so I am off the computer for now. TTYAL.

    Love everydobby,
    Granni :)
  17. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member


    Trying to post..

    Read all of yours..nice to see Diane ..but wish Beety was well and Diane didn't react badly to the anti deps..and yur a c is working properly..I think ours is not working but we hv been able to make do with the fan..all that rain.

    Mikie - progress! Good to hear u ventured into the pool ..that trash bin sounds cool! I wish I could wave my hands over the floor and make them clean. And keep all the utensils into cupboards like that.

    Julie - pls be careful in those storerooms ..you don't need another bout of illness. Sis is like a bad penny which keeps turning up..how wonderful when all this is over..how can a person cause so much trouble to another? Pls do fumigate what comes out of Grandads house with incense if u can..

    Sis's negativity might be sticking to things she thinks she ought to hv.

    Rock - I hope yr back is better?

    Sun - hope yr cold symptoms are lessened..our family got the sniffles..but it didn't progress to the watery eyes stage thank goodness..irritating cough tho.

    My news is that I went and got an Ayurvedic massage..DH had won at golf..its a full body massage head to foot..with herbal oil..just what I needed..I was putting it off because of not being ready or not being in the mood..sometimes I don't like stripping down in front of someone else even if it's a lady.

    I had got a ten day massage package called shirodhara a few years ago..but i was too desperate to care about modesty..I was trying hard to get out of depression and bonecrushing fatigue. The Ayurvedic doctor felt sorry for me and gave me a huge discount. They pour milk onto the forehead at the end of massage. Didn't help the depression much.

    This massage i got was amazing! Very well trained masseuse with a nice pleasant personality. The foot massage part was too good..I could feel all sorts of knots in.me unravelling.

    I'm considering going back for just the foot massage..they offer those too.

    Today I went and got my hair coloured. Did the whole hair and not just the roots. We hv like half a dozen little beauty parlours in our locality alone..the one i ducked into happened to be opened by a lady who used to be employed at t his other big salon at the supermarket.17 years back..she recognized me and I her. She left and opened her own salon..massage n everything..even holds training workshops..she cooks for her family before leaving in the morning...and cleans after getting back..has two school going kids..I Sat there hating myself for being so unproductive compared to her even knowing it wasnt out of choice.

    She was so relaxed and confident and I know that comes from having the energy to do what she wants to AND needs to. Maybe in.my next lifetime..it will be my turn to be in control.

    At home I made myself feel better by forcing myself to cook proper meal of lentils, boiled tongue..and potato bean curry. Yay.

    A shout out to Rock..Granni ..Elaine..Barry..Star n all MIAs.

    God Bless
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  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Was up all night again. Just woke up from a few hours of sleep. Good
    thing I don't need to punch a time clock anymore. Note: We really did
    have a time clock at my last job. The owner told me, "It saves arguing
    with the staff. It's hard for them to say, "But I was only late a couple
    times," when I have the time cards as evidence."

    I am happy to report my new slippers were found. I couldn't find them.
    I think it was because I thought they were in a shoe box. But Gordon
    found them. They were in a Penney's bag. This illustrates once again
    that one should think outside the box. (And inside the bag.)

    I've only been using my new back exercise for four days. I was going to
    give it an enthusiastic review. Then last night I noticed by hernia was
    acting up. Guess the exercise was too much for it. Very discouraging.
    I think It was S0crates or Wily Coyote or somebody who said, "Ya can't
    win fur losin'."

    Mikie, happy to read you are feeling a bit better. You've had a long and
    arduous battle. That's great that friend Joe has managed 23 days w/o
    a smoke. Used to play bridge with an old lady who was a pretty good
    player. She chain smoked though the whole game. Sometimes had
    one in her hand and a live one still in the ashtray. And she was about
    80, had a heart condition, and had worked as a nurse! She did die of
    lung cancer, but she had lasted a long time.

    Granni, we don't get a paper anymore either. Newspapers that have
    been in business for a century have gone out of business. Some have
    formed alliances with other papers to try and share reporters. Income
    for papers still in business is down somewhere around 50-55%. And
    paperboys such as I was are a thing of the past. Now they have adults
    with trucks and cars. According to Wikipedia, the first paper boy in
    history was was Barney Flaharty way back in 1833, the same year
    Andrew Jackson became our first President to ride on a train.

    Oops! Gotta go. We are doing errands including the library. Back

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  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    OK, back again. Went to two libraries. Got 9-10 books. Illustrating how foggy
    my brain is, I picked up a book and took it to the counter to check it out. Held
    it in my hand on the way home. When I got home I discovered I was holding
    two books. So I told Gordon the librarian accidentally gave me an extra book.
    He said, "That's a book you put on hold. She was supposed to give it to you."

    Doh! When we got home I sat down for a few minutes to have a glass of
    milk and check the TV news. But instead of pushing the volume button I
    turned the darn thing off. My state of befuddlement seems to get worse
    by the day.

    Wonder if obamacare covers brain transplants.

    Granni, glad to hear your fever is gone. Did you get your flu shot?

    Spring, thanks for your kind wishes. As indicated above, my back is
    better. On the other hand, my front is worse. Nice to hear you had an
    Ayurvedic massage. Never heard of pouring milk on the forehead.
    Sounds like an udderly wonderful treatment. In our little village we
    always used honey or syrup. How are the kids doin'?

    Mikie, never heard of trash cans that respond to waves. Must be like
    those faucets. I wonder which came first. The waving technology or
    the Clap on-Clap off.

    I hope your blood sugar settles down. We had our plumber here yesterday.
    He's been here several times. He's married to Gordon's former supervisor.
    Anyhoo he asked if he could use Gordon's blood pressure machine. So Gordon
    said sure. His blood pressure was very high. Gordon suggested he call
    or visit the doc right away. Don't know if he did or not.

    And speaking of the autumnal equinox, Gordon asked a librarian last
    week if the library would be closed on that day. (He was just joking.)
    Turned out it wasn't much of a joke since the guy didn't know what Gordon
    was talking about. Shoulda told him it was a new player for the LA Lakers
    or the Dodgers maybe.

    OK, gotta go lie down. Here's an anecdote I recently read in a book
    about the theater.

    Two actresses are talking.
    "I saw your performance last night. Frankly I would expect a comedy
    to be funnier."

    "That's funny. I saw your MacBeth last week. I couldn't stop laughing."

    MacBeth is currently playing at the Los Angeles Music Center. Same place
    that used to be the venue for the Oscar show. Tickets are $150 to $658.
    I wouldn't pay that if Shakespeare were directing himself. Looked
    to see who is in the cast. Placido Domingo, the former tenor and now
    baritone, is MacBeth. So it's the opera; not the play.

    I saw the play at the Music Center some decades ago. The title character
    was played by Charlton Heston who did a surprisingly good job. Lady
    MacBeth was Vanessa Redgrave. Saw her again a decade or two later
    in a play by another great English playwright: Noel Coward.

    Time to go, Hugs Kids

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  20. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: Glad to see you had some extra energy today for the pool workout! Weird how our blood sugar works. A few weeks ago mine was down in the morning to 89 and 90. Wow, couldn't believe that and figured it must be because I'm using lactose free cream in my coffee. But this morning it was 102 and yesterday 112. Can't quite figure it out. Bad for people if it's high and also too low.

    Tell your friend Joe we're all rooting for him!

    Spring: what's a 10 day massage.....one a day? I'm happy for you that you enjoyed the one you got. I guess I'm too shy about getting one for various reasons. I really don't even like a doctor prodding and poking. My DD and her entire DHs family got hooked on foot massages. They were getting them every couple of days. Even that kinda turns me off. I think it's because I came from a family where we were never hugged or kissed, so it feels alien to me.

    Rock: I listen to KUSC, classical station, and last Saturday they had a broadcast of the live performance with Placido Domingo. I honestly tried to listen but when a soprano, any singer, goes vibrato I can't take it, so I turned it off. They might have online where you could listen to it.

    Granni: good news that you're over the fever!!!!!

    I've been dosing with lots of homeopathic and feel better as to the cold but back and shoulder problems have reared up again. At times I just want to scream or cry. I really debated about cancelling the trip. I'm flying on Southwest and you can cancel and still have a year to use it. But I'm afraid if I did I may never, ever make it up there. I'm trying to think positive thoughts.
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