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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,


    Supposed to be a lovely morning once the sun comes up. What better to do than hang around our lovely Victorian Porch. I hope everydobby has a wonderful fall Sunday. I'm up early and watching a jewelry show on QVC. I'm not buying anything but enjoy seeing all the jewelry. It is supposed to be on clearance but looks expensive to me. Sir Vester is snoozing soundly now that he has awakened me. The paper is here so I'll be digging into it once I leave our Porch.

    Granni, sounds as though you are your usual busy self. It's nice that your DH likes to have you with him. If I ever get to feeling better, I'd like to check out our Silver Sneakers gym. I always liked doing the machines to work out my entire body. It's free with my insurance. DD and I used to meet at our gym on Sundays when we both lived in CO. BTW, how did your Disney program go? Anyone take pix?

    Julie, that sounds like soooo much work, bringing all that stuff from GPA's other farm. It'll be nice when it's done. I hope you do get more help with it. Think I might have mentioned that there are people who restore tractors just like with classic cars. I'd love to see them in a show. Think I might have also mentioned that, if I were filthy rich, I'd restore classic cars, boats and airplanes. Not so much just to have them but to preserve a part of our past. Good luck and don't get too worn out.

    I had better get going if I'm to wade through this big paper. Wishing everydobby a wonderful weekend.

    Love, Mikie
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  2. sunflowergirl

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    Barry: I'm soooo sorry for poor little Shorty and you guys too. How awful that this dog basically came out of nowhere to attack. I hope his wounds weren't too bad though. How's he doing? Years ago I was out for a walk in our neighborhood with my dog, Katie. There's a park near me, and in the way far distance I could see this white dog, who suddenly was coming at us in a run. The dog went after Katie, while I tried my best to aim my little can of fake mace into it's eyes. I got it, and it ran away, only after a few minutes to come again. The dogs got into it, Katie's leash broke, and I had to take my metal golf club to start my own attack on the dog as best as I could. I ran home with Katie and called the police. She said I should have called on my cell, I said I didn't own one but after that scary episode, bought one.

    Anyway, a few signs appeared the next day....lost dog. So I called.....the lady at first said the dog was gentle UNTIL I told her we had been attacked, then she said it could get a little aggressive. This scarred me for months and months. Afraid after that to go for a walk.

    So, I'm trying to catch up with the reading and what you all have been doing.

    I DID IT! I managed to fly to Portland and back. First day there, no pain!!!!! I had been praying for days, actually scared to travel. You guys know about the terrible pain and fatigue. By the 2nd night in bed, miserable with fatigue and pain, and up and down all night. I had made reservations first with ParkNFly, I drove into the lot, the guy knew exactly where I had parked and the shuttle was there within a minute to pick up my bags and me, and deposit me outside the terminal for check in. Great thing, this ParkNFly.

    My son and I went for lunch, then............I needed to heat my rice sock, BUT had to clean the microwave first. That "cleaning" went on and on and on. Two guy living in an old house, well.......you know! So I cleaned for 2 days and on the 3rd pulled weeds. But I did meet his girlfriend, very sweet and lots of fun. We went to see her apartment complex community garden then on to the rhododendron garden....but it was already dusk so didn't get to see much, then out for dinner.

    The next day she was off early (she teaches) so they took me to the city to look for art galleries, then out for a really wonderful dinner at a local restaurant. But, I'm very proud of myself that I did this. First time flying alone since before I was married.

    But on Tuesday I have a doc. appt. for my VERY painful shoulder that just isn't going away. It's been about 6 weeks, so I'm hoping to get some PT. I'm up early, PAIN and took some ibuprofen and made coffee.
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    A very good morning to you awl,

    I am getting ready to go to church so can't be on long.

    So nice to see you SUN. How terrifying that must have been with you and your dog Katie when that other dog came after him. So sorry also you were in so much pain. Was it the cleaning of the microwave that got it started? Hope it is a little better now. It is things like that that make us wonder how we all lived with out CP's in the days before they were invented. Somehow we did survive but they sure are good inventions for the most part. So glad you had a good time at your son's and had a fairly painless flight. Yes, flying alone can be hard work but so happy it worked out well for you. Hope your shoulder pain hurries up and goes away. I know about that stuff. Not good.

    JULIE - Glad you got things done at the other farm without you know who there. Was anything locked up or were they told to keep thongs open for you? Or did you just use your own keys? Glad GPAs old JD was there for DEN. Gotta run for now.

    MIKIE - The program went very well. If I know of anyone who took a pic I would ask them but I don't know even though many friends were there. It was FUN program and many agreed. James and Sue Martin were there. She was the original voice of the Little Mermaid. Her husband is a fantastic pianist and is SO funny. She still has a beautiful voice.

    Need to go and finish getting ready for church. Maybe I"ll get back later. DH wants to work on power washing the driveway and sidewalk leading up to the house. It is so BAD.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
  4. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    Not really up to posting, but I thought I'd take a stab at it anyhoo. Spent most
    of yesterday being uncomfortable. Had a pain that kept moving around in
    my torso. Finally decided I must have aggravated my unrepaired hernia when
    I did those back exercises. Finally I took a nap. When I woke up in the evening
    the pain was gone. I do not want another surgery.

    Gordon's friend Jim and some other orchid nuts (I used the term affectionately)
    went to Landers yesterday. Gordon declined to go. He hates hot weather, and
    Landers is in the Mojave desert. In San Bernardino county. 140 miles away!
    Jim sent a pic of the orchid he bought. It's similar to the one below.

    Sun, your vicious dog encounter reminds me of several dog claims I had
    over the years. Most dog owners are like parents. " My dog (child) wouldn't
    do anything bad." I had one case where a dog bit a toddler in the face. The
    police picked up the dog and took it to the pound. The owner went down
    there and somehow got the dog out. I told him to take the dog back to
    the pound. He didn't seem to realize that he was practically begging for a
    law suit. Dunno know what finally happened. As often happened, I
    moved on (to a different city) and left the unresolved case for someone else
    to wrestle with.

    Happy to hear you were able to make the trip on your own and had a good
    time (aside from all that cleaning).

    Nice porch, Mikie. I feel more comfortable with older houses and small
    towns even though I've spent most of my life in big cities. For one thing,
    people behave better in small towns. Good luck with the crossword.

    Hugs, Kids

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  5. lydia1

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    Good morning, friends! Somewhat sunny today, 64 degrees now, expecting a high of 71. I can live with that :)

    Sun, I've been thinking of you! So glad you went on your trip and got to catch up with your son and meet his girlfriend. Nice that they could show you around and glad you think she is okay. I can just see you starting to clean one thing, and it turning into a major project...sounds like me and so many other moms I know, lol! Now, that you know you can succeed, you can go whenever you want, true?

    Mikie, thanks for starting a new porch. Love that pic. Silver Sneakers gym sounds like a great place...I hope you get to where you can go.

    Granni, glad the program went well...and you got to meet a celebrity! About the stuff at Gpa's other farm. I had texted sis to please make sure nothing was blocking the tractor...thankfully, they had moved her 4-wheeler and trailer out of the way. We now have a key to (our padlock) on the barn part, but gave them an extra key so they can get to their stuff. But we still have the only key to the shop part...that stuff is all to go to Den, so no need for anyone else to have access. I think it helped a lot to have the attorney send letters to her that specifically told her to quit making things hard for us.

    Rock, glad you posted, even though you're not feeling up to snuff. What a beautiful flower...my favorite colors are purple, lavender, and any shades in between. I also hope you don't need to have any more surgeries.

    I didn't get settled in bed until after 3:00 am. Den woke me at 8:00 to tell me he was going on over to the other farm...and he knew I was up so late, so didn't expect me to go along today. His friend must not have been able to help today. I couldn't get back to sleep, so got up and texted Den that I would come on over, but he called and told me he had already gotten some heavy stuff loaded and was just in the shop, filling totes. Told me it was okay if I stayed home.

    Sis seemed to be gone, only the boyfriend over there...I'm thinking maybe Den just needs a little bit of time over there to himself ...lots of memories must be flooding him on these trips. I walked around the yard yesterday...the yard I mowed so many times when Gpa couldn't...just doesn't seem like Gma and Gpa should both be gone...

    Anyway, I am going to pick up a little in the house, then get lunch ready for when Den gets back...he wanted to be home by noon. I'm thinking of everyone...hope things are going fairly well.
  6. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    Just finished the paper and puzzles. No bargains and no coupons. That's OK; I'll save my money.

    Sun, soooo glad you got to go to the art galleries. I'd enjoy that too. I'm sorry, though, that you've been in so much pain. I had PT following my shoulder surgery but You Tube has the same exercises. If I'd known that, I wouldn't have spent my $$$ on PT. It helped me and I hope it helps you too. We have parking at the airport. We usually give each other rides to the airport and back. I think I may ask my buddy, Joe, to take me. It's $11 or $12 a day to park. When my flights arrive late a night, I just park at the airport. Good luck at the doc.

    Granni, our sidewalks get black and green with fungus and have to be power washed when our rainy seasons are over. I'm glad your program was so much fun. Does that woman still do voiceovers for films? That sounds like such an interesting occupation. Everything here is overgrown and I'm not trusting the trimming to the landscapers. They just butchered the other bushes here. I guess at the board meeting, people took them to task. The boss promised to fix things. Any fun plans for after church?

    Rock, another beautiful orchid. I don't blame Gordon for not wanting to go to the desert. I've been through there on the way in and out of LA and have no desire to go back. Once in the car with the kids, we spotted a sign in Vegas--'Lovely Nude Ice Skaters.' We still laugh about it. Someone will say there is something going on and we will say, 'Yes, but does it feature lovely nude ice skaters?' I can only imagine the injuries if one were to fall on the ice. Yikes! If I had my druthers, I'd love to live in a small town near a larger city with all the amenities. This used to be a small town but Florida isn't what I have in mind. I looked in several small towns in GA and loved them. In retrospect, I'm glad I didn't move. I'd love an old fashioned house. I grew up in a red brick Federal style house with a stained glass window in the front door. It had one of those old fashioned ornate round brass door bells, the kind you had to turn to make it ring. Denver has some old neighborhoods with beautiful homes and that wouldn't be bad. Oh well, I'm probably stuck here for the duration but it's not a bad place in which to ride out my remaining days. Hope your pain is done gone for good!

    Julie, I'm sorry you didn't get much sleep. I'm glad you stayed home. It will be nice for you and Den to have lunch together. I hope the lawyer's letter continues to keep the peace. Rest up and don't overdo things.

    OK, gotta go. Hope all y'all enjoy the rest of the day of rest.

    Love, Mikie
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  7. ConfusedInPA

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    Hi everybody!

    I think that my little HP laptop is going to "die" soon. It's been acting "strange" for about a week now.

    This morning, I got up, made my cup of coffee, came over to the computer. And Wow! It was just a mess of streaming colors going down the screen. I couldn't read PH, or CNN, or even the weather report.

    Then it calmed down. When Kevin got up for the day, he backed up my data I have stored. He also did the windows updates and Norton Security updates. But I am thankful that he got my data off the laptop! Just in case it crashes.

    It's so-so, semi-OK at the moment. But if I lose contact with y'all, I just wanted to let you know that my little laptop 'puter isn't working no more. :(

    That's all that I trust to type and post for right now. Hope my message gets through!

    Love y'all, I'll be back when I can...

  8. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi Diane! So glad you could get a post to go through. Sorry about your laptop acting strange, but glad Kevin could back up your data and get you online again.

    Mikie, "Lovely Nude Ice Skaters", huh? For some reason that reminded me of when Den was in the Army and we were stationed in Germany. His folks came over and we met up with some German friends of their family (Elmer had been a foreign exchange Boy Scout and stayed with Den's family for awhile.)

    Anyway, Elmer and Barbara took us all on a two week trip around Europe. We were in Paris and were going to see the Folies Bergere. Got to the place, Barbara and Elmer went in to get tickets...came right back out, red-faced, and said it wasn't the "right" Folies Bergere. I still don't know what was in there, but we ended up going to the real one the next night.

    I just walked around the farm, looking for "empty space" to put some of our lumber scraps, etc. that we don't need at the moment, but might still need before the house is done. We have decided to not try to get moved in until spring. But Den still needs some place to put his woodworking equipment while he builds cabinets and works on the inside of the house. That stuff is in the shop now, but he will need to start parking in there when the weather gets bad.

    So, we will stay where we are and move the "wood shop" into the new house. We can heat it enough in there to be able to work. Then when it warms up in the spring, we can finish up the cement floor (part of it will have linoleum, rugs, etc...but part of it will just be painted or stained cement and we can't do that when it's very cold out.)

    But...we have a lot of extra material lying around in the new house...so I have to find a place to put it. Wouldn't it be nice to just hire all this work done, lol! Maybe doing it ourselves helps us appreciate it more?

    Anyway, I put a pizza in the oven so it will be ready when Den gets home. I will be so glad to get somewhat "settled down"...
  9. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock: Sorry about the new pains just from trying to fix the old one!!!!! Not FUN, not fair. I can understand Gordon passing on going to Landers. Was this something special or to visit a grower?

    Diane: Sorry about the laptop. Hope it's not ready to give up the ghost. I know I really depend on my IPad. I had a regular computer but only turn it on once a week to clean out emails then shut it down again. No matter what I've tried.....new chair, dropping the keyboard down, etc. I still end up with bad back and neck pains, that's why we purchased the iPad.

    Julie: I KNOW you will find just the right places to store the extra things. And I know you're a tad disappointed by not being able to move in this winter, but eventually things will all work out. It's good that you just go with the flow.

    OK......ALL OF YOU WITH PAIN.....who doesn't have it. Anyway, I was on YouTube searching for exercises for my painful shoulder.....(think I'll cancel the doc. appt for Tuesday) and found Dr. Alan Mandell. Amazing instructions on WHY we have all this pain. BAD POSTURE. I've known my posture is awful and am trying hard to remember to bring my shoulders back, etc. One of his videos he just talked about how stress and painful memories stuffed down, brings on chronic pain. I can't recommend him enough. Oh yes......I've tweaked by sciatic this morning so I've been wearing some ice on my hip area. &^%$#@( I hate this body!

    STAR: I hope you see his videos!!!!!!
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  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    A quick hi to awl again this afternoon.

    MIKIE - No this time after church we came home so DH could start working on the water works as he calls it ( the power washing). To bad since the breakfast was today although a lot of the stuff I am not supposed to eat anyway. I can eat the eggs and the fruit. they make wonderful fried potatoes with onions and peppers. I usually tell them not much but sometimes they give much more than I want. I usually try not to eat most of it anyway but it is so good. I try for 1/2 and then see. They also serve sausage which I am not supposed to eat so I might have some or none depending. They also serve pancakes which I am not supposed to eat with regular flour. However, I try and ask for small pancake or eat about 1/2 of it. What a pain when you are on some kind of a diet and go out to eat but I just hate to waste food, like my mom told me :)!!! They also serve biscuits and gravy too. If I ate the biscuit I would eat it without the gravy anyway. However, I try and remember not to take one.

    JULIE - Yes, Where you live I am sure with the cooler weather coming in it is most likely best not to worry about trying to move it to soon if Den has much to do yet, or you both do. I know it is getting cooler here but still warm during the day but 60's or lower during the night and early morning. However, the HOT weather seems to be gone now, knock on wood. As SUN said. just give it time. I know sometimes that can be exasperating. Eventually you will find a place to store the extra stuff.

    DIANE - So sorry your little laptop seems to be croaking on you. Hope it doesn't or that if it does you can get a quick and not to expensive replacement. I also know how frustrating that is but is good you have Kevin there to help out who knows what is what with computers. DH and I aren't much of a techie and DH lives to far away unless it is a real emergency. He is also too busy at work working on other peoples security issues, etc. Hang in there kiddo and thanks for letting us know. Hope you are feeling better.

    SUN - I know what you mean about bad posture. I also have the same problem and my neck is the worst. I also need to remember about putting my shoulders back where they below and all this fun stuff on the computer isn't good for me wither but here I am :)!! LOL Yes, that was great you could visit your son and his girlfriend and am glad you approve, so far :)!! Not that we can do anything about the bad choices some of our kids make. They just make them on their own no matter what you tell them :)! They do what they want.

    ROCK - So sorry you have more pains. Just want you didn't need I know. Hope it feels better soon. BTW, thanks for sending that picture of Gordon's orchid or was that someone elses? I have forgotten. Anyway it was beautiful. It was maybe in the last volume or one before and I think I forgot to mention it.

    STAR - Hope you and your Treasures are doing well too.

    BARR- Hope Shorty is doing OK after that encounter and you and Richard too. That has got to be very scary for all of you. Poor Shorty has had more than his share of medical troubles lately.

    Love to everydobby and anyone I may have missed !!

    Granni :)

  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    Just waking to what the weatherman says may be the last week of typical summer weather. It's hot 'n humid with afternoon rain storms but it's also not as hot by a few degrees. It will be sooooo nice to have some cooler temps. Hurricane Matthew is supposed to stay offshore for us but may hit the Carolinas. It's too early to know for sure. My friend, Richard, move to SC and has been hit by more hurricanes than I have.

    I figure it's my sacred duty to keep y'all informed of the fringe craziness associated with this election season. It is now possible to buy Chia Donald and Chia Hillary heads which grow the Chia hair. I can't imagine anyone's wanting to own either one except for those election memorabilia collectors. I believe there is also a Bernie Chia head. I wonder whether the company gives instructions on how to trim the Chia growth to match the look of The Donald's hair.

    Diane, my laptop has been acting up for a long time. I love this computer so try to keep it going as long as possible. I think the tech nerds at Best Buy can wipe it clean and reinstall the Microsoft and Microsoft Office. I don't worry about backing up the e-mails I have in the Yahoo cloud. I probably should back up pix and my Word documents. I've just been so lazy. I hope your computer settles down. I installed Windows 10 when they offered it and I like it now. I have 8.l on the little Surface laptop/tablet and it's OK. I'll probably update to 10 when they stop supporting 8.1 and offer 10 for free. Don't give up on yours; it may keep going a long time. It could have been infected. Hope you, Kevin and the kitties are doing well.

    Granni, that food sounds soooo wonderful but I know what you mean about not being able to enjoy it. I love my bacon/sausage and eggs but cannot have a waffle or pancakes to go with them. It's too bad y'all had to come home to the water works. Down here, we just hire it out and all the bldgs. have it done at the same time. There is a handyman who lives here and works cheap and I have him do it sometimes. Hope DH doesn't overdo it.

    Julie, projects often get delayed when life throws us for a loop. You guys have had soooo much happen to you, including Den's health, taking care of GPA, his death and having to deal with the estate. Any one of those things is enough to have slowed down the plans. I know how anxious you are to move in and I'm sorry it will be delayed. Yes, doing it yourself will mean y'all will appreciate it more. Every time I looked at the addition my ex and I put up, I'd remember the work I did on each little thing. We were anxious to finish it and, once we did, I longed for the construction days when I could quit, have a beer and throw my peanut shells on the floor. How wonderful y'all got to see Europe. When I was in Paris, my friend was staying very close to the Follies but I don't think we saw them. Hmmm, I didn't realize there is an X-Rated version and a PG-Rated version. Hope you can find room for everything.

    Sun, glad you found the doc on You Tube. They have wonderful docs and physical therapists. The exercises on the videos are the exact same exercises that my physical therapist had me doing. One nice thing is that just doing the exercises helps with posture. I don't know why but it does. I hope they help with your pain. Yes, stuffing down feelings can cause pain in the body. I carry stress in my shoulders. I think it's like walking a tightrope not to allow that to happen and not to let our feelings cripple us. The problem with books like the one I'm reading now is that the authors almost seem to take a "get over it" attitude toward feelings. I believe we need to identify our feelings and honor them before getting on with life. It is true, though, that there are some things we can't change no matter our feelings about them. Good luck with the exercises.

    OK, gonna go read the paper. Hope all y'all, here and MIA, have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  12. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning...kind of a crazy day, and it's barely 6:30 am. Went to bed around 9:00 pm, so woke up at 4:30. Got up at 5:15...figured since I was awake I could make Den a hot breakfast. So far, so good...and I decided to fix some for myself, as well. Now, after bacon/eggs/toast and two cups of coffee...I am crashing! As in, I feel like I need to go back to bed and sleep for another hour or so.

    What on earth?????!!!!! I was feeling so good about being awake and productive at an early hour, then, poof...it's gone. I'm glad I don't have to get myself ready to go anywhere, but there have been days in the past when I had to get on to work and try to function all day. Then I would come home, crash, and do it all again the next day. I will just listen to my body and give it some more rest...this is one of the reasons it takes so darn long to get anything done...I know just about everyone on here understands. Will check in later.
  13. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    So.....an hour an a half later...I slept hard again. Not enough sleep? Too much protein for breakfast? Who knows. I did make an appt. with the local chiro for Thursday...my neck is out and I know that gives me fits. Anyway, let's try this again.

    Mikie, I'm glad your weather looks like it's going to start getting more comfortable. Our nephew and family live in NC. Yes, chia pets/heads. Never got one myself, but they are kind of neat and funny both at the same time, lol!

    Granni, hope you got the power washing project done. I love church breakfasts! Lots of good things, but not always good FOR us. We have breakfast every Sunday morning, and a lunch after church on the second Sunday of the month.

    Sun, glad you found some exercises to do...I will try to check out the video. Was this the same thing you were going to do a new thread on? It was a few weeks ago, but my jelly brain isn't remembering...

    Yes, the delay in moving is a little disappointing, but only because so many other things have to wait till we get moved in (making the wood shop in the space we live now, having more room to get organized, etc., etc.) I just don't want to rush and not be able to get other things done, things that we sure don't want to have to do outside when it's so cold/snowy/icy...it really turns into a different world around here during winter.

    Okay, so I'd better get myself going now...it's after 9:00 am. Hello to everyone else and hope you all have a "good enough" day.
  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    I'm having Trader Joe's Cherry Cider for breakfast. The ingreediments include
    other fruits: apple, plum and pineapple. You may wish to try it yourself.

    When it comes to cherry cider,
    You can be your own decider.

    Julie, your breakfast sounds so normal. Also delicious. I don't know how long
    it's been since I could eat regular food. A decade? Maybe more. Gordon and
    I watched a Julie Child from about 60 years ago yesterday. The picture was
    rather grainy; B & W. She made an apple tart. Looked delicious. Hope you
    have a little more pep after a nap, Julie.

    Mikie, I think I will eschew the chia heads. Who knows? They may show up
    on some version of Antiques Roadshow a century from now. Like almost
    everything else on that show, they will be declared "highly collectible".
    Saw a cooking show some months back. Chia seeds were said to be "bursting
    with nutritional values" or some such. Lots of recipes for them. I was
    wondering if they were the same seeds used in the knick knacks. Turns
    out they are.

    With regard to tourist attractions in Paree, I believe that in addition to X
    rays, Madame Curie studied zee X rated Les Follies Burgere. All harmless
    fun until somebody gets an eye poked out.

    Granni, I think pan fried potatoes are much better than drive in french fries.
    I used to do what my mother did. Bake a couple extra potatoes so you can
    make fried potatoes the next day. When I got older I stopped putting butter
    on them. Used chicken broth. Haven't made pancakes since my son grew up.
    DH done with the power washing? Gordon was watching an ad for same on
    QVC. I think he ordered it. Wants to wash the second story windows.

    Sun, yes, it was an orchid expedition. I assume the plants were in a cool house.
    Some orchids can tolerate dry conditions or cold or rain forests. Some will
    grow in Minnesota. Never heard of any that can live in a desert though.

    Hope you get some relief from exercise and better posture. I used to have good
    posture. Now I have the slow, slumped posture of an old man. I can still
    fall down pretty fast though.

    Diane, hope you laptop heals up. Or that you can get something newer that
    works. Good thing Kevin is knowledgeable about this topic. (Took 5
    stabs at that "K" word. Finally looked it up! Uff-da!)

    Hugs to Star, Barry, Spring, Linda,GB
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  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just got back from the pool. Woo Hoo! I had enough NRG to go over but decided just to do 20 mins. at about 3/4 speed ahead. Turns out a woman I know came over when I did so we talked. I ran in place and managed to do almost 30 mins. Still, it wasn't my usual full-out effort but it's better to get back into it slowly. I'll probably move up my workout by 30 mins. so I have the pool to myself. It's impossible to chat and work out, running back and forth. The rain we had yesterday cooled the water so that it was just perfect. By afternoon, it will be a bit warm. Sir Vester used to pester me for treats when I got home. He's better now and willing to wait until I rinse out my swim suit. After he got his treat, he made all kinds of strange little cooing sounds that I love.

    Julie, sometimes, when I finish eating breakfast early, I get that 'lie down or fall down' feeling. I don't know why. I'm glad you got some more rest. Evidently, you needed it. I know it's disappointing to have to wait until spring to move in. We are so often disappointed by our health that it's tough to put up with other problems. For me, it's the little things that get to me. It won't be long until the holidays are here. After that, it won't be long until spring arrives. Spring will be something for you to look forward to on several levels. I miss the changes of seasons here and I fondly remember my bulbs blooming through the spring snow. I also remember cooking hearty winter meals, watching good TV, and working on indoor projects. Hope your rest helps to get you through the rest of the day.

    Rock, yes, the Chia seeds are the same. I have a bag of them in the fridge to put on cereal and salads. The Chia animals and people are so bad that they have become kitschy to own. They are one of the reliable things which show up every year at Christmas for gift giving. I think someone gave my DD a Chia cow which she loved but which DSIL hated. Something mysteriously 'happened' to it. I should probably let some of the seeds sprout to add to my salads. That cherry cider sounds delicious. There was an orchard a few miles north of Boulder, CO and they made their own cider. When the kids were small, we made a trip there every fall to get some cider. The first cold evening, we would made a fire and have hot spiced cider and plain donuts. It became a family tradition. I would never abide a cider derider. I watched Antiques Roadshow last evening. Now, they rerun old shows and then compare the prices of yore with what the antiques would fetch today. It's kinda fun to guess whether the items are worth the same, less or more. The Broncs were beating the Bucs so soundly that I didn't want to watch the game. Have you gotten far into the feelings book?

    I'm feeling a bit beat myself after the workout at the pool. Think I'll rest a bit. I have an eye exam appt. in the morning. I'm anxious to find out whether my cataracts have grown any. My eyesight gets worser and worser. I'm not looking forward to cataract surgery but it would stop this degradation of my vision if that's the problem. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2016
  16. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Oh Rock...me too, with the extra baked potatoes to use for fired potatoes later. Only sometimes I forget I have them until it's too late. Haha, I see I just typed fired potatoes...wonder what those are :p

    Mikie, glad you could get to the pool and do a pretty darn good workout. Yes, I agree...hard to chat while trying to get that heart rate up. Hope your rest helps, and hope your eye appt. is not too bad.

    I'm getting a few things done. And waiting to hear from Lindsey again...I mailed a big package to them on Friday (warmer clothes, books, treats) and they got it this morning. But can't open it till after some of their school work was done...smart mama, lol!

    Better get back to work. The washer just quit so I can hang out a load of clothes. Perfect day for drying clothes...breezy 63 degrees now, should get up to 73.
  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: If its any comfort, (misery loves company) I also have that strange phenomenon of suddenly having this awful fatigue wash over me, after I'm been up about an hr. And eaten something. Go figure. Wonder how common this is with other FM people?

    That was a thread about posture you had posted for me, but this doctor's explanations are amazing. Think it goes into my brain faster when I see someone explaining things. Anyway, he stressed the great importance of posture concerning neck/shoulder/back pain and even those unexplained dizzies. Do a youtube search for him, he's got a lot. I'm going there again this morning to watch.

    Rock: That juice sounds yummy but aren't you diabetic? I cant drink fruit juice....too much of a rush for me. While up in Portland, my son took me to a place for lunch and had fantastic beer battered french fries. OMG....so good, but then I had a glass of wine so I was feeling no pain. LOL

    Mikie: As I mentioned.....correct posture. I would be willing to bet that most people suffering pains have incorrect posture. Mine is awful. I've got a rubber band on my wrist to remind me to stand/sit up straight, shoulders back, chin in.

    Granni: That breakfast does sound good.

    My pain level is hovering around an 8 lately, but I cancelled the doc. Appt. for tomorrow. Going to concentrate on the exercises, of course now I've got a painful sciatic area. ^%$#@. I can't seem to win.
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi again, Kids,

    Just ordered my supps here and decided to see whether any of our dear Porchies had dropped in. So good to see you guys. I've been needing to order and just didn't get around to it so I'm glad to have that done. My acid reflux supps I ordered a few days ago came. Just keeping up with ordering supps and Rx's and keeping the pill boxes filled is sometimes about as much as I can manage. Today was the first time I've had an inkling of NRG so decided I had to take advantage and work out. I have to make it a priority.

    I have plenty which needs doing in here but, if I can't get my health back, I won't be able to do anything. Last evening, I ran Roomba in my bedroom. It kept stopping and giving me an error. It's the error which says the extractors need to be removed and cleaned. Roomba talks and it kept saying I needed to remove the brushes and clean them. It doesn't take much to confusicate me as it is. I cleaned the extractors and it still didn't work. I did it again and it finally worked.

    Julie, glad your pkg. got through to Lindsey. Yes, she is a smart Mom, like her Mom! Wish I could hang clothes out but I've gotten spoiled just putting things in the dryer. We are not allowed to hang laundry out, even on our own lanais. By living in a condo community, I lose a bit of freedom but I honestly doubt I could care for a home on my own now. I also need the friends I have here. Try not to overdo it today.

    Sun, I'll look up that doc. It's the sciatic exercises which really helped me to get rid of that awful pain. Again, they are the same ones on You Tube that I paid for at the physical therapist's. My Mom's balance got bad when she was older and they worked with her to improve her posture. She would walk, leading with her chin with her head forward. She was having a hard time figuring out how to keep her shoulders and head back. I told her to pretend she had a $4,000 boob job which she was trying to show off. When her posture improved, so did her balance. Unfortunately, when she was through seeing the really good looking physical therapist, she no longer wanted to do her exercises. Good luck with getting rid of the shoulder and back pain. I am also sick of spending $$$ on doctors. Anything I can do to save is great. Wish I had known about You Tube before spending a small fortune on physical therapy.

    I've had my lunch and am feeling lazy and tired. This often happens after I work out. Again, I'd rather my fatigue be from working out than just in general because, eventually, if I keep at it, it will make me feel better generally.

    Love, hugs and prayers to everydobby. Barry, I hope little Shorty is doing OK.

    Love, Mikie
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Here's a little somethin' somethin' to cheer y'all up. Thanks, Rock, for telling me how to do this.

    Oops! Didn't mean to include the rest, just the cowboy song. Nothin' like a little yodeling to make me happy.

    Love, Mikie
  20. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Oh Sun...how I wish your pain would disappear! You're in my prayers for that very thing, for sure. Yes, it's the strangest thing to wake up and feel like "I'm going to get a lot accomplished today" then all of a sudden that feeling is gone. I am doing better after sleeping a bit longer.

    Mikie, awww, that was a cute video...she got her cowboy after all :)

    Yep, everyone was excited to get the package. The girls had put on a style show (the boys don't care what clothes they wear, but Isaiah prefers anything red because he is the Red Power Ranger, lol) and I had included some books about Fall, and a couple of games. Of course, the organic fun fruits and organic blueberry licorice were very well received. Lindsey's grocery budget doesn't allow for "treats" all that often, so that makes it extra special.

    I think my 4th washer load just finished, so I will go hang it out...the clothesline will be full then, so I'll have to wait till tomorrow to wash our bed sheets. I understand there needs to be rules in the "hood". Lindsey and David live on a "circle" and they have some rules too...not sure what all, but I know some of them involve keeping the grass mowed regularly. Oh dear, sometimes my yard has gotten so tall and it would be a real mess if I didn't have the lawn sweeper.

    Speaking of mowing, I will finish the yard after I hang up the clothes. I think I mowed part of it Thursday, then had to go to town on Friday...and was busy with Den all weekend. Thankfully, the grass isn't growing all that fast now. Some people have mowed their yards for the last time, but I don't usually quit till a little later. I hate to mow real tall grass the first time in the spring.

    Hang in there, everyone! Barry, let us know how Shorty is doing...

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