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    Good Morning, Kids,

    Time for a new Porch. I'll be back after I read the remaining posts on the old Porch.

    Ok, back again. We got to three pages on the old Porch so thought it was time for a new one. I got up to see the updates on Hurricane Matthew. It is now expected to skirt the East Coast of FL, making landfall in West Palm Beach, due east of me. We will likely have tropical storm winds and get rain from the outer bands of the storm here. At 7:00 a.m., it was very dark and cloudy out. It is a YUGE and powerful storm, about like Katrina. It will do major damage all along the coast but, unlike Katrina, it will parallel the coast and not hit on a perpendicular path. Also, the land is to the west side of the storm.

    Engineers say the Hoover earth dike south of Lake Okochobee will hold up but I think they will be draining millions of gallons of water down the rivers to take the pressure off the dike. If it were to break, it would cause horrible flooding to the south. Barb left a wrought iron plant stand out on the balcony and I'm going to lay it downstairs next to the bldg. until the storm passes. I'll put the plant in the little nook next to her front door.

    I watched a new show on TV called, Timeless. It was sooooo good. Y'all know how I loves me my sci-fi, especially if it involves time travel. The pilot episode took the time travelers back to the Hindenburg explosion. There was a twist to the end of this first episode. There is lots of suspense. It's sooo cool to see the old cars and clothes. When DD worked in movies and TV, she loved period pieces and the costumes she wore. WWII Era was her favorite.

    I'm starting to notice the benefits of working out at the pool. I feel a bit more energetic and have a better frame of mind. Being so sick and so inert had gotten me down mentally and emotionally. I am surprised at how my endurance while running in the water has come right back. As I had mentioned earlier, my posture is better too. I hope I never go through another health issue like this one again. I don't mind not feeling like I did at 20 but I want to hold the line so I can do what I like and what needs doin' around here. To not suffer too much pain and to have enough NRG to get through life is about as good as it gets.

    Poor little Sir Vester--I took those cardboard boxes down to recycle yesterday. Later, I heard scratching. He was trying to open one of the smaller boxes I have to hold things I'm going to be giving to Goodwill. I opened it for him. He looked inside of it and was soooo disappointed at how small it was.

    Julie, so glad Oreo is getting her flea meds. She'll be OK soon. It doesn't take long for them to work. How neat--chewable flea meds. Bless her heart, and yours. My old dog panicked when there was a storm. I worried the stress might kill her. It certainly doesn't help when the storms come through during the night when y'all are trying to sleep. I know how awful it is to be seeing docs to find out what is causing our problems but it is necessary if we need to identify something and get it treated. I have mild COPD but that's not unusual for someone my age. I just get on my nebulizer with some albuterol when I have problems.

    Pulmonologist wanted me on some kind of expensive inhaler every day and he gave me a sample. I came home and looked it up and there were five reasons why I should never take it. He was an idiot. He was inappropriate when he talked to me. I gave the sample to my doc's PA and told her what he said. She agreed that I should not have been prescribed the inhaler. I get by with just the nebulizer when I need it. I so rarely have asthma but have always had a Combivent inhaler just in case. The last time I got one, my co-pay was $50. Now, the co-pay for three of them would be $250 and $150 for just one. Yikes! I'll take my chances. It only costs $100 to go to the ER. Good luck to you. I hope the docs can figure it out and help you. Like most things, it is better to get it identified and treated early.

    Sun, I hope that helps and your pain goes away. Good grief! You've suffered long enough. I've had problems with shortness of breath most of my adult life. I used to run and after only 1/4 of a mile, I'd be panting. If I kept at it, though, I get my second breath. I push myself to the edge of my targeted heart and lung rate in the pool now and I don't have problems unless the Red Tide is exploding. One of the things which really helped me was using a rowing machine. It helps open up the lungs with the arm movements and builds lung endurance. I know your condition and mine are supposed to continue to worsen but I believe there may be things which help. There are also some yoga poses which open the lungs. I think the most important thing is to do some deep breathing to get rid of the stale air which stays in them. Just doing the deep breathing helps. Good luck with everything.

    Granni, UGH! Cleaning out the freezer. I have a side-by-side and that little freezer space is full. I put things in there and then don't feel like cooking. I need to start using the food in there. I've also been worried about my Medicare Advantage Plan for 2017. United HealthCare has been running ads and it appears that the premium will remain at $0 and co-pays for my primary doc will also remain at $0. I am more concerned about the other co-pays. Thank God that Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Humana have plans to give them competition. Of course, FL is a big market for those on Medicare. BTW, I had mentioned earlier that I'm about due west of Lauderdale but it's more like due west of West Palm Beach, where the hurricane is now expected to touch down. Doesn't matter in terms of how we will be affected. I'm like you; I'm waiting for cooler weather to do some things around here.

    Hope y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Mikie

    Thanks for starting up a new volume. I started to do it myself yesterday, but
    the !@#$%* computer wouldn't cooperate. First, I sent my brother the park
    ranger a birthday message. But since I've been having problems with e mails
    disappearing, I copied it first. Then when I started to post here, my message
    to my brother suddenly appeared in the message box. So I erased that.

    Then when I came back a few hours later to post, the message I had erased
    had mysteriously appeared again. So I took a shotgun and...No, that's what
    I felt like doing. As Socrates or somebody said, It's just one thing after another.
    Except, of course, when it's 2 or3 things after another.

    Diane posted an interesting new game on the Homebound board. Pictures
    with hidden words.

    Ok, computer seems to be working thus far. Back later.

    Hugs, Friends
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    ROCK - I know what you mean about these d--- computers. They can drive you absolutely crazy especially when you (we) who aren't that computer savvy or should I say technical. DH is not technical either when it comes to machines or putting things together. He is good with number and finances so that is good. He takes over where I am not so good, which is very helpful. I can do my own checkbook though. That the little money I get from SS. I keep meaning to check on the the Homebound board for DIANE'S and others posts and questions. They are really neat but somehow I do not get there that often. I will try and check on it later.

    MIKIE - Thinking about you and all the others in the path of that storm. Hope things will not be as bad as they are thinking for some especially those on the coast and by the water. That is why I would never LIVE on the water as beautiful as it is. However, I know others who have rebuilt almost in the same spot after IKE demolished their home in Galveston years ago. This house was not just a beach house . I am sure it was gorgeous. She taught music for years at our kids High School and then played piano for awhile for our choral society.

    Thinking about chores since I have clothes in the drier that I need to remove from yesterday. I also had better brush my teeth from my breakfast drink which also stains my teeth. I am using the whitening toothpaste as well as the rinse. My front teeth especially seems to get the worst of it.

    I guess I had better get outta here and do something productive. Saturday I get up very early to take the Defensive Drive course for 6 hours at Ryans restaurant. You get lunch with it and of course have to pay for it. The worst part is I have to be there before 8:30 in the a.m.and that is not good. I will have to get up 6 - 6:30 to get up eat and take my supps, etc. etc. and try to be awake to understand the course. Have done this once before or twice , once for me and once for DH. They make it pretty fun and almost tell you what will be on the test. Hope we get instructors that are the same way. Wish me luck and I will try and be back later.

    JULIE - Hope your weather is good and you get lots of work done. Good luck with your chiro app. today and hope it helps. your pain.

    Love to you AWL,
    Granni :)
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    Good morning, gang! Mikie, thanks for the new volume...I didn't even realize we had 44 responses in the last one! Glad you are getting back in the groove with your workouts...I think if I could just get up and go for a walk or do something, I could get some endurance back. Then I put it off, thinking it's more important to get chores done. But there's really not many things more important than our health, is there?

    Rock, I'm sorry your computer is such a pain in the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (left a long blank so any number of words could fit in there, lol!) I personally prefer a hammer when my computer is being difficult :eek:

    Granni, I see you've posted while I have been typing. I hope your driving class goes well and you pass it with flying colors. I pray for the lives in the path of the storm...scary!

    After sitting up with the dog for two hours during the storm last night, I gave up and decided to just stay downstairs. Started to sleep on the couch, then remembered I have a mattress in Gpa's room that I put on the living room floor. I have lots of air mattresses for when kids are here, but I can't sleep on one of those...I need something more stable and firm. So, I got all that situated, then realized I didn't have "my" pillow...it's a very thin one, and the only one I can get comfortable with...but I "made do" with one off the couch. Must not have been too bad because I slept for several hours.

    Gotta get ready for my chiro appt...I sure hope he can help with everything on my list :(...Head and neck, between shoulder blades, low back. I will mention the shortness of breath...sometimes I just have a rib out. Plan to go early enough so I can go to Wal Mart and get cat food, etc. before my appt. Then pick up a few groceries afterwards. The chiro is in another small town, so not many choices on where to shop.

    I had a bunch of old meat in my freezer, so I let it thaw yesterday and just now dumped it all into my big roaster. I'll go ahead and bake/roast it, then let it cool while I'm gone. I can then put it in small baggies, refreeze it and use it as treats/garnish on top of the dog and cats' food...and take some to Gpa's kitty when we go over there. It doesn't take much for each "meal" but Oreo has gotten spoiled and just keeps staring at me if I don't put a "little something" on top of her dry dog food...even a tablespoon or two makes her happy, lol!

    I also thawed out a whole chicken we got from our Amish neighbors...it's in the fridge and I will roast it for supper tonight when I get back from town, and for "planned overs" for later. I need to have meals ready for Den to heat up when I am gone on Saturday to Keira's birthday party.

    Keira has wanted a "sewer" (sewing machine) for quite awhile. I got one for her, a couple Christmases ago, but it was just a toy and didn't even have a bobbin. I found one a few months ago on clearance (a real one) so grabbed it. I only know the very basics of sewing (and Amy knows less than that) so it should be interesting...maybe some of their friends can help her learn?

    She also fell in love with a wooden calendar she saw, that I had bought for Lindsey's homeschooling. I'll stop by the store and see if they have any more of those. I transferred money to Amy's account, to pay for Keira's cake and a few decorations...Keira wants a Shopkins party...they are all the rage right now among girls her age.

    It seems our expenses are a little less than they used to be, so we can help the kids out once in awhile. I had some rebate checks from our house-building project, so sent one to Clinton for his birthday. And sent another one this week to help him with materials for a clubhouse he is building for the girls...using the old swingset frame.

    Keira really wants it to be done in time for her party, so I told him he could be the "hero" and they didn't even have to know the money came from Gma and Gpa. Last night, Amy texted me that she had come across the girls' "blueprints" they had drawn up themselves, lol! Seems they have planned a closet, fridge, TV, and will be sitting on bean bag chairs...hilarious...I doubt they get all of that, but it will still be cute, I'm sure :p

    Den just checked to see if I was "still alive." I know he worries because he's used to fixing things, but he can't fix what's going on with me.

    Well, I see I have written a W & P...but I need to get cleaned up and get ready to go. I smell the meat in the oven...not so bad, but it's a combination of pork and beef...I think it still will be best as dog and cat food. Probably better than a lot of people in the world have, but since I can't take it to anyone, I will still make good use of it.

    Everyone take care and have a good enough day.

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    Hi Kids

    Got an e mail from my brother who had the hip surgery a couple months
    ago. He is definitely (took me three tries to spell "definitely") driving to
    Minnesota and back. Ay Yi Yi! As the Norwegians don't say. And he
    has a date. He's been talking to some nice gal on the phone about his medical
    insurance. She lives in Billings, Montana, so he's going to stop and visit
    her. God love him.

    Julie, that's so nice of you to give Oreo a little treat with her meals. Which
    reminds me, I haven't had an Oreo for years. Remember when Lucy was
    going to sew a dress? She and Ethel didn't know what a bobbin was.
    Obviously they did not go to a proper school that taught Home Ec.

    Sounds like the girls drew up some great blue prints, but I'm surprised
    they know about bean bag chairs. Didn't know those things were
    still extant.

    Granni, 6 hours for a driving course sounds awfully long. I took a
    course once some years ago after I got a ticket. It only lasted 1 or 2
    hours, and there was no test. Been several years since I've driven.
    The last few years I never drove anywhere except from one side of the
    street to the other on account of street sweeping days.

    Today is street sweeping day on the East side of the street. There's
    an old pick up parked by the side of our house. A note on the windshield
    says, "Please do not ticket. Blown engine. Can't move till Saturday."
    Next to the note is a ticket. There's $70 bucks down the drain.

    Adios, Pards
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    Hi, Kids,

    Just stopping in for a quick visit. OK, this is creepy. I'm on the Surface and it is almost automatic. It's like it reads my mind and knows what I want to type. I've switched to my old laptop. Even with the words provided by the Surface, it's still faster to use the full size keyboard. Computers are very slow right now. Keyboard is starting to get sticky. AACCKK!!! This is just too frustrating so I'll bid y'all adieu until I return.

    Rain and wind bands are coming through. We just got quite a bit of rain. There's a huge blue jay sitting out in the drizzle on a tree branch outside my window. Silly bird!

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi everyone! Got home just as Den was getting up from his after work nap. He told me Oreo woke him up four times, trying to get in bed with us (to get over to me.) It is supposed to storm again tonight, so I told Den to just wake me up (once I get to sleep I am a very sound sleeper) and I would bring Oreo downstairs right away. My poor hubby is not a person who does well if sleep-deprived.

    Headed out in my van to go to the chiro...got a couple miles past one of the little towns I go through, and my gas light came on! So, I called the chiro's office to let them know I would be a little late, then turned around and went back to get gas. I still made it on time, but they would have been okay if I hadn't.

    Usually I just count on the doctor to muscle test and fix whatever he finds wrong. Today, I gave him a written list with 6 or 7 things on it. I told him he probably didn't need the list, but I just didn't want to forget anything. He said any doctors that complained about patients telling them what was wrong must be smarter than he is...and that he appreciated knowing. I had some different things out than usual...at least he used different techniques than usual.

    Since I am taking it easy the rest of the evening, Den went out to split wood. When he comes in I'll heat up some supper for him. Gonna try again to go see my dad tomorrow and maybe bring him out here for supper. I'll check in when I can. You all take care...
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    MIKIE - Just thinking about you and had to come on with that storm looming out there and everyone talking about it. Hope all will go well and you won't have to many problems. If your electricity goes out not sure if you will be able to get on toe visit on the PORCH or not. I know there are batteries but you also want to save them for an emergency if needed. Glad you got your gas and supplies the other day. Not sure when it was supposed to hit , and for how long. I guess no one exactly knows. Praying for you and all in harms way. So many have evacuated along the shoreline, very smart. I wouldn't be hanging around. Did you say your SURFACE was possessed :)??? LOL Hang in there sweetie !! Does Sir Vester get upset at wind and heavy rain or thunder???

    JULIE - Glad you went to the chiro and hope he helped you to feel a little better. Yes, I am sure the stress of all you have been dealing with has caused much of it and or made it worse than it would have been if you know who wasn't causing problems. Sounds like you are on the right path , thinking all this through about the cause and all. Hope it doesn't storm to much tonight so you and Den can sleep. Poor DEN, he sounds like my DH who is also a very light sleeper. It is bad when they have to get up and go to work if they have not gotten much sleep. P.S. - I think you doing the right thing with not having to go up there. If she is there then let DEN deal with his sister. Hope the attorney says sto go ahead with this plan. Since DEN is the sibling or son of G pa it should be he that does it unless you want to go which I know you don't.

    Well, I need to go check a few things on the computer before taking a shower. Hope everydobby has a good evening and gets a good nights rest. Don't think I ever really do. At least I do not think I sleep very long in between pee trips. When I wake up I hardly ever feel really rested but the pain doesn't help either though, I am sure. DD and family just got back from Gainesville, TX where DSIL had to go and help bury his uncle and visit his parents. No damage but it is hard when you know that your parents have medical problems and you live quite a distance away and cannot do a lot. They refuse to move. His mom has some sort of deformity in her feet, they turn in and she is supposed to be on a walker or skooter all the time, even in the house.. It is so sad that they are close to my age and DH's which isn't that old considering. His Dad does all or most of the cooking and they have little $$. When one goes the other will have to go into an assisted living or nsg home. It probably won't be close by either unless one of them change their minds. It was the same home that DSIL lived in till he went to school and graduated from TX A and M U. It is also a very small town with little industry. Few restaurants . Both are on Social Sec. Very sad.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)

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    Hi gang! Lots of rain this evening, along with thunder and lightening. Looks like Oreo and I will be camping in the living room again :rolleyes: Oh well, I will be able to sleep just fine, and so will Den. He said when he came downstairs this morning I was really snoring, lol!

    Rock, I hope your brother has a safe trip. I'm sure he feels like he is perfectly capable? Oh yes, bean bag chairs are still around. In some stores, you buy whatever cover you want, then buy the "beans" separately. I guess it allows the stores to offer a bigger variety if the packages are smaller.

    Mikie, yes, that does sound weird with your Surface almost reading your mind, lol! Prayers for you and anyone in harm's way.

    Granni, what a job to have to take care of loved ones when they live a long ways away. So sad when one passes away, then the other one has to move. I am feeling such a relief, just knowing that Den understands my reluctance to go back to Gpa's other farm. Things are going better now, since the attorney was very specific about what I and Den are allowed to do. Den didn't want to hardly touch anything without my permission, since I am the executor. But since we have followed the rules so closely (and she and boyfriend have done so many "ornery" things), I don't think there will be a problem with Den being there without me. I know I just feel a big weight off my shoulders.

    Just checking on here before Oreo and I get settled in (I hope I vacuumed good enough that I'm not sharing my mattress with fleas, lol.) Barry, I sure have been wondering about Shorty...and you and Richard. Everything okay? Or at least "not worse"?
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    I just watched CNN and it said Florida is gearing up for Matthew..I hope Mikie..you will be safe from its path..they showed fort Lauderdale people boarding up and lines of evacuees.

    Seems like everyone's computers are acting up..I think mine mustbhv done a virus check..the blank page which used to come hasn't appeared.

    Julie - smart of you to assert yourself with the chiro..if you can why don't you contact an energy healer..sometimes those are able to help people where mainstream docs can't.
    Their.practise comes under alternative healing..and can address things like stress related .

    How exciting about keiras upcoming birthday..I googled Shopkins party..reminded me of Barbie dolls..Keira should hv lots of fun!!

    Granni - what is Defensive driving course.? Good luck with it.

    Rock - wow..your brother is interested in someone! He is adventurous! And very tough to go driving after all that surgery. I wish I had that kind of grit and energy.

    Well got to go see to.lunch..take care ..all of ya

    God Bless
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    Good Morning, Kids,

    First, thank you all for your sweet, kind good wishes, concerns and prayers. I really appreciate everything so much. You guys are the best! I woke about 2:30 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep. I read my sci-fi novel. Reading usually makes me drowsy but not this time. Yesterday, I had a lot of nervous energy but not physical NRG. The barometric pressure dropped throughout the day and the old FMS tender spot on my right arm was aching. I may not have a lot of FMS pain anymore but those old tender spots never really heal. We have been spared this time. We aren't even getting tropical storm effects. Some rain and gusty wind yesterday but not even up to TS stds. We are in the clear. I wish I could say the same for people on the East Coast. The lower half of FL on the Atlantic has not been hit quite as hard as was predicted but the upper half is getting pounded. So far, the storm eye has remained offshore. It is getting closer all the time, though.

    Dear Old Friend's son is a construction manager who has been working over at Cape Canaveral. He had to stay to anchor things on the construction site and then he headed for his Dad's place here. I'm glad he's safe. His significant other lives with her parents in Naples but comes up here when he stays with my DOF. The son travels all over to work at different construction sites and stays here in between. She has cancer and is in treatment. DOF saw his doc and his Vitamin D and Vitamin B-12 are low so he will be supplementing. I'm hoping that will help his problems with balance and walking.

    The storm has eclipsed election coverage but I'm in storm coverage overload. I know those in harm's way need constant updates but every network and cable news channel has nonstop storm coverage. Had this type storm been predicted for our coast, I might have evacuated. I'm glad a lot of people over on the East Coast did. It will save lives. A lot of them are over here and the hotels are full. Tens of thousands are without power. Strangely, last night, my TV kept shutting off. I have little plug-in flashlights all over the condo and, when power goes out, they light. They never did light up and the clocks didn't stop. It was just the TV and my Kindle. I had shut off the Kindle and it was charging. When the TV shut off once, the Kindle came on all by itself. Talk about possessed! Yikes! :eek: The only thing I can figure is that my power surge protectors sensed a bit of surge and the breakers shut things off. I'm thankful we didn't lose power here. It's still very hot 'n humid. Sunday, it's supposed to be drier.

    Julie, it is so painful to have been kind to someone only to have her turn on you. It wouldn't hurt so much if you were not such a sweet, caring person. It isn't fair that you are left to deal with such painful feelings. Even when we can rationalize the situation, the pain continues. In time, it will be less raw but for now, following on the heels of the loss of GPA, it is really acute. About all you can do is to keep on doing what you can to get the estate settled and be as kind to yourself as possible. Treat yourself as you would a loved one going through pain. We often put ourselves last. I think it is very wise for you to stay away. I know my situation with Barb is peanuts compared with what you have on your plate but it is actually better now that she isn't here much and, when she is, she doesn't speak. Prayer, and asking God for comfort and protection, will help if you put it in His hands. Even with strong faith, it isn't easy to weather what you have been going through. Any reduction in stress will help you physically too. Hang in there, Kiddo, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Granni, I had to take a driver course when I was still a teenager. Back then, all they offered us was a movie of horrible gory accidents. It was almost a rite of passage for kids to have sees it. I once let my license expire and had to take the written test to reinstate it. I was preggers at the time and just forgot about it. I stopped in at the DMV and asked whether I could take the test then. The snotty clerk told me I had to take the booklet home and study. I said I'd like to take the test and, if I failed it, I would study. She reluctantly let me take it. Through sheer luck, I got a 98! Boy did that ever burn her up. Take an egomaniac in a small town, give her a uniform and a wee bit of power and you have a real piece of work. Good luck to you. The people at the DMV here are really nice. Think I've mentioned that DD and DSIL in CO have a house in Galveston--it survived the big hurricane and is on the historical landmark list. Sir Vester will take notice of rain and thunder but it doesn't bother him. Thank God!

    Rock, I feel your pain, my brother! The computers around here have been acting up for a few days. The one at the eye doc's wouldn't let the woman schedule my six-month appt. My DD likes my Surface. I think it may be a generational thing. It is more like a smart phone. I am used to an old fashioned keyboard. It is more stable. The Surface is just all squirrely. If I use the touchscreen, I have to keep tapping the suggested word I want it to enter, like texting with my phone. My ex was texting me to make sure I was safe and he finally gave up and called me. He still has an old flip phone so I can understand his angst. Us old fogies aren't built for these newfangled contraptions. I hope your DB has a safe road trip. I love road trips but will likely not do another. Too many things which can go wrong. I know it's not the same but, today, we have the world at our fingertips so I'm content to be a homebody. I did my traveling when it was easier and safer.

    Spring, again, so good to see you here. I wish you could stay longer. It's always so exciting to read your posts and Star's because y'all live a world away from us. How are things going there? Is there much rebuilding? Have shortages gotten better? I hope so. Come back when you can stay.

    Star, I hope your pain has improved. Stop in when you can.

    Barry, I hope you are doing well and Shorty is on the mend. Keep us updated if you can.

    Diane, I'll check the other board. I hope you, Kevin and the kitties are well.

    I know I've missed a lot of our Porchies here. I'm tired from not getting enough sleep last night and the stress of this storm. Brain isn't working well. Ever since I got sick with the kidney stones, I've had increased anxiety, which isn't normal for me. I'm hoping that, as I feel better, it will improve. Wishing everydobby a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  12. lydia1

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    Good morning, friends! Mikie, I'm glad to see that you have escaped any seriously bad weather. I just saw where Haiti lost 339 lives so far. What are the poorest of the poor supposed to do...their shelters are so flimsy and they don't have the means to get anywhere safe.

    Sounds like DOF's son has an interesting job. Glad he can get there to see his dad on occasion. So many people with cancer...seems to be getting worse, or maybe we just have more/quicker access to know about it.

    Spring, good to see you! I think my far-away chiro could be considered an energy healer, even though he doesn't advertise as such...he does a lot of things besides the basic chiropractic. He even prays with and muscle tests his staff at the start of each day (more to it than just muscle testing, I'm sure, although I don't really understand what all he does) so they don't negatively affect any of the patients. If he just wasn't three hours away, I would go see him more often.

    I have to tell you...I was on facebook late last night and am friends with the gal who used to be on here...she used to have the username Sacajawea...had changed it from something with pain in it. Anyway, on her friends list (shows friends she and I would have in common) was you! So, I went to your profile and looked at all your pics from when you guys were here visiting your daughter. Was so neat to see pictures of you and your family...I don't think your son was along, though, true?

    Anyway...I am feeling much better after my treatment yesterday (local chiro does more of the basic treatment, but has studied some of the same things the far away one does). And I just feel a peace of mind and "freedom" about the decision I made. I think mainly I was afraid Den would feel I was deserting him, but he says he will be fine. He hasn't really had a chance to grieve either, and finishing all this up may give him a chance to do that.

    So, I'd better say "Hi" to everyone and get on with my day. I have several things on my to-do list to get done before I head in to see my dad. And I need to make sure the house is picked up and supper planned, in case he does come out here for a few hours.

    Take care, friends!
  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Mikie, you're right about the storm coverage. Just woke up and surfed the channels.
    "Surfed" is the appropriate term. Saw 7-8 news channels. Every one of them had
    the fierce winds and high surf. Dave Barry has often written about the newscasters
    who go stand in the water and then warn viewers to stay away from the beach.
    Didn't see anyone in the water this go round.

    The other big news story was that 3 firefighters in LA were shocked when
    power lines fell on a building where they were putting out a fire. Not quite
    sure how that could happen. Were the wires and the crew in water? Where
    I grew up we had one firetruck, a volunteer crew, and only one fire the whole
    time I lived there. An old shed burned down.

    Hope you start feeling better. This kidney business and related problems have
    overstayed their welcome. Wait a minute! There never was any welcome to
    begin with.

    Star, I saw some news about Australia the other day. Wrote it down. I don't
    know why I bother to make notes. They generally disappear. Just checked
    Google's news from Australia. Guess what? The number one story is the
    hurricane on our East Coast. And I see Shia LaBeuf will be visiting the
    Sydney Opera House to do some of performance art aka nonsense. All
    the performance art I've seen or read about appears to be folks with
    no talent but a desperate need to be notice doing something weird.
    The first piece of performance art I ever heard of was some "artist" who
    sat naked on stage and poured chocolate syrup over his/her body.

    Hope you are feeling better and that things are fine at your house.

    Springwater, yup, my brother's pretty tough. Also stubborn. Also
    difficult at times. But then again, most of us are. Defensive driving
    is a term that's been around for decades. It means anticipate trouble.
    For example, if you drive by a school or a park, slow down. There's a
    chance a kid may run out from between parked cars right into your path.
    And really slow down is you see a ball roll into the street. Someone may
    be chasing it. Glad to hear your computer is behaving itself.

    Was reading a great book on the movies yesterday. One chapter was on
    Rod La Rocque, a leading man in both the silents and talkies. You can
    see him on Youtube if you're curious. Or even if you're not curious.
    I told Gordon that Rod was in Cecil B. DeMille's first version of The Ten
    Commandments. It had ground breaking special effects. Gordon asked,
    "Did they use a real iceberg?"

    Last edited: Oct 7, 2016
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  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just stopping in a minute. I have a show on HGTV called, Flea Market Flips. Couples buy things from flea markets, repurpose them or fix them up and resell them at a flea market. It's kinda fun but not something I'd sit down to watch specifically. I'm just sick of the hurricane coverage 24 hrs. a day. There must be other things going on in the world. I know for the people in the thick of it, the coverage means everything. It did to me when I rode out Charley. The carnage in Haiti is heartbreaking. I pray for everyone in harm's way and anyone grieving losses. It's all I can do. That, and give thanks that I was lucky. Just got outta the shower. I had to use a super conditioner on my haystack dry/frizzy hair. Ever since the anesthesia, it's been like this. If I had a good hairline, I'd opt for a super short cut. After JFK was shot and was the only thing on TV for days and days, my boss said she never though she'd be so glad to see Captain Kangaroo!

    Julie, I'm so glad the chiro helps you. A lot of docs are integrating prayer and spirituality into the healing process. Since we are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual beings, I think it's very helpful and enlightened. All kinds of nontraditional methods are helping people. I need to light my Himalayan salt lamp; it is very soothing. I remember Sacajawea. Small world! I wish more of our long-time friends would come back. I am going to start making time to pray and meditate more. It will likely help this feeling of anxiety, even if I do think it is a physical symptom. The feeling of relief at not having to go over to the other farm must be a God send for you. As always, I keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

    Rock, ain't it the truth! There are videos of those idiots out in the rain and wind being knocked over. Al Roker is in one of them. The governor and law enforcement are telling everyone to get away from the beaches and the storm and there the weathermen and women are, standing out in the rain and wind. Doh! o_O Saw a doc on TV who lost both legs and his left hand to an electric shock. He works in palitative care for those with terminal conditions. He says working with the dying shows us how to live. I guess he's probably right. Everyone who returns from a NDE tells everyone that. You're right; I never did welcome those kidney stones into my life. Now, I'd like to welcome an end to this never ending saga (I'm still passing gravel as the nurse calls it). Still, it gives me something to whine about, not that I've ever been at a loss to whine. Thanks for you good wishes for healing.

    We have gotten a few more mild bands of wind and a couple of sprinkles. In between, the sun struggles to shine through. I'm glad I put Barb's plant downstairs so that it didn't get wind burn. I need to go blow out my mop. It's so humid that it helps to sit with a towel wrapped around my head before trying to style it. I was having a bad hair day (actually, a bad face day too) when I picked out my new glass frames. It was all I could do to look at myself. Yikes! :confused:

    Love, hugs and prayers to all our dear Porchies.

    Love, Mikie
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good morning awl and so glad to hear from you MIKIE and that all is well where you are. Saw on TV that so far Matthew had not hit the coast completely so that was a save for the southern part of Fl , so far. I know yesterday they mentioned that the storm had gone a bit to the east, so that could lessen the impact. There is more to go I know and hope no one else gets hurt or loses their lives. Losing homes is horrible too. I think I saw that one person did lose their life but didn't read why . . Yes, wonder how much those weathermen and ladies get paid to stand out thee and try to give us the weather. It is probably a lot !! Not me, not worth it, and to old :)!!

    DH is coming in I think from power washing and will want the computer. So I can't stay on long right now. Was just glad to hear that you are OK MIKIE and that it hadn't gone to badly , SO FAR. I know what you mean about hurricane or election overload. Esp in a stressful situation it is good to hear about something else more cheery.

    JULIE - You have done the right thing. I am proud of you and hopefully that will help you to feel better and not be so awfully stressed. Keep it up and hope those storms at night stop so you can get a good nights sleep.

    ROCK - So glad you are with us to give us the crazy news going on in the world :)!! You really give us laughs and an education to boot. More later.

    Gotta run for now.

    Love to awl,
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  16. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: Glad to read you've escaped Matthew! I don't watch the news much, and on PBS it's a little more political, etc. so don't really know what's going on around the world, weatherwise. Good thing I've got you people to keep me informed. Even with PBS I only get the last 30 min. And then they update at the end with the most important story.

    My B12 has always been HIGH, and my D3 is right on target but I still am filled with pain, always, always, so don't know if increasing it will help your DOF.

    Julie: Are you afraid you will run into Sis if you go the the farm? You forget you're a STRONG person and with God's help you can do most anything. Don't let thoughts of her color your life. Just keep reminding yourself that you can do anything. What are Den's thoughts on his sister?

    Granni: Is the insurance company making you take the driving class? Years ago I got a ticket for turning illegally on a red light. If I didn't take a class my insurance would go up for 3 years. About 6 mos. after that the no turn on red sign was removed! And the thing that got me was it had been up for only a day and the cop was sitting there catching people. And since that time, you can now take an online class for not much $. And.......you could even do it over a few days......and what's to stop you from having help from others? Anyway, it's accepted by the insurance company.

    Still have terrible shoulder/arm pain. I cancelled an appt. earlier this week but have reschedule in about another 2 weeks. But the sciatic pain is almost gone....yea. Yesterday the mexican gardener who helped me with the back was over to place the remaining bricks around my garden in front. So this morning I was out sweeping the dirt off them, and will hose the dirt down to settle in the cracks. Then I will sprinkle some tile grout I have left and hose that down. By wetting it, it will become a bond for the bricks.

    I also decided yesterday I'm cleaning out a lot of art books I don't read and have to make a list of them before donating to a local charity. My table is covered! Years ago my DH bought a LARGE standing, bulky wooden easel for me......thinking I would love it! NOT. So because it's taken up so much studio room, I'm going to clean the garage of unwanted items and make room for it there. The only thing good about it is I have a place to stand drying oil paintings. No rest for the wicked! Hoping to go to an art class this noon....if my body holds out. I seem to be living on ibuprofen and that's not good.
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  17. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys! Just taking a minute to check in...gonna hop in the shower and get ready to go to town.

    Sun, I wanted to take time to answer your question because it did make me stop and think. Yes, I do want to avoid sis....but it is more than that. Den says the same thing you do...that my God is bigger than anything she might do or say. But I'm not afraid of her...I just don't want to get into a shouting match with her and that's what always seems to happen. It has been impossible to discuss anything with her...once she disagrees with what you say, she starts yelling or stomps away. So, I would just like to avoid any "scenes."

    But...as I said, there is more to it than that. Gpa was so hurt by the things she was doing in the house and outside. I should say not doing in the house...it is really not possible to explain or describe the disgusting shape the house is in (and still was when we were there three weeks ago.) I have pictures...I've been taking them and documenting the situation for years...but won't post them on a public forum.

    And it would hurt Gpa even more that she would have time and energy to plant flowers and do gardening, when she wouldn't even clear a path so he could get in his own house with his walker. Also, years ago, he had made some cement steps going up the side of the yard and put a handrail there...before people just walked up the grass or went in the basement door.

    Anyway, she would let these ugly wild vines grow on the handrail so people couldn't use it. Gpa would ask her not to do that and she would just yell at him (this was even when he was still living there.) Well, a couple of weeks ago, when we went over and had to get things from inside the house...guess what was all cleared off...the vines were gone! Like she had been doing it to spite Gpa and after he died, then she cleared them off.

    These are only a couple of examples, there are so many more. Gpa had gotten to the point where he (and I agreed) just did not want to go over anymore. His words were, "I wash my hands of that place." I think that's why I just don't want to go over and see anything that's going on...as I said, the inside of the house is still a mess, and she and her boyfriend are still messing around outside.

    I know it doesn't really matter now what she does there, but when I was there last weekend, they were gone so I walked around the yard and sort of said "goodbye" to the farm. It gives me a deep sense of peace to not have to be there ever again...I don't even have to drive on that road to get anywhere I need to go.

    Not sure if that makes any sense, but it makes me feel better. Den is only putting up with her until he gets his stuff. He and I are in agreement about her...he has just been more passive about saying things to her. But once this estate is done, he will be happy to not see her again either. BTW, the attorney's secretary just called back and said I do not have to be present when Den is over there getting his things.

    I'd better get around and get other things done. I won't mention her again on here...sometimes the only thing to do is get the toxic people out of our lives. I still pray for her and hope she somehow finds happiness, self-worth, whatever else she is lacking. But I don't feel responsible for her any longer. I think when Gpa passed away, I was relieved of that.
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    I've been puttering around the condo but haven't really made any progress. I have that nervous NRG again but no physical NRG. Oh well, I'll just do what I can. Even a little progress is better than none. HM continues up the coast from Lauderdale, headed to Jacksonville. Wind seems to have done a bit less damage than feared but it's high tide and the wind is blowing it ashore. The heavy rainfall doesn't help either. Most damage is usually done by water. I keep going back just to check the path and progress up the coast. FL is so beautiful but, right now, it looks pretty ugly over there. Some of the news casters are actually driving from one town to another so they can be on camera, standing out in the rain and wind. Good grief!

    Granni, I think it's the junior newscasters who do the storm gigs. We had one in Denver. I was driving to work one morning and there he was, broadcasting out in a blizzard from a pasture. He was also covering something at my work and I told him he was outstanding in his field. He now works for NBC and specializes in transportation. So, for him, it worked out. Jim Cantori at the Weather Station has also done well. He's soooo cute! Hope DH didn't overdo it out power washing.

    Sun, my DOF's blood tests came back with low vitamins D and B-12. I hope supplementing helps him. I like the BBC news on PBS. It gives a more worldwide outlook. Also, they don't rush the news from one soundbite to another. PBS News Hour is good too. I love Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff. Charlie Rose has a good show on PBS. It's more like a news magazine with excellent interviews. Glad your sciatic pain is about gone but wish the rest of the pain would go with it. If I ever get some NRG, I'm gonna do like you and get rid of a lot of stuff. Good luck with everything.

    Julie, I continue to believe you have done a good thing by not going over there. You are a very strong person but she is so toxic and there is no need to expose yourself to that. There is nothing you can do about her behavior so no point in trying to get along. As I said, my problems with Barb pale by comparison but I know she affected my health and I'm glad she's gone. She'll be back for a month in Jan. but I have other friends here. That's the time of year when our doors are open and we visit back and forth. I can stand it for a month. Take care and stay strong. Also, be very kind to yourself.

    I had lunch and the nausea is back. OMG! Does this ever end? I couldn't go over to the pool this morning but I may tomorrow if it's nice out and I am up to it. I don't think we've had enough rain to cool the water off significantly. I know working out over there makes me a bit tired but, overall, it's so good for me that I'll keep it up.

    As always, my love to everydobby.

    Love, Mikie
  19. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi everbody; not much to say -- or rather not enough energy to say it.

    Thanks for all your kind wishes for Shorty. He had his wound drains taken out the other day, and now has to have his stitches taken out in a week or so. He is on three meds, along with his seizure med. He is really spacey sometimes, but coming along well enough. The wound was horrible.

    I'm sorry for all the pain you are experiencing, Sun, Mikie, et al. I don't have too much pain -- a bit of sciatica, and peripheral neuropathy (for which I take neurontin ((gabapentin))), which works but makes me too drowsy, and I am tired and drowsy all the time anyway. Now waiting for consult with doc. about last CT scan to see if they can find out this strange belly feeling, especially in the morning when I wake up. And the hot skin flushes that happen too.

    And I need to see the eye doc and the dentist and, and, and...... becoming overwhelmed.

    Star, I like your posts from down under. I've been reading about the storms in S Australia....And also about the spiders that bit the unfortunate man who got bitten on his willy. It was on the front page of the BBC website, or the Guardian's site. Spring is now there, yes? Are your summers scorching?

    Richard is cooking lentil/andouille sausage soup right now. I just picked a big bunch of thyme to put in it. We grow a few herbs that we use all the time: thyme, rosemary, mint, lemon balm, oregano, marjoram, fennel, and some others. Better than dried. We use the leaves of the bay trees that are wild here.

    Sunflower, did your Sedum lineare live up to your expectations and get the right colour? A Sedum was the first plant I ever grew; a cutting my English granny gave me. It was so easy to grow that I was hooked!

    Julie, I hope oreo is doing alright, aside from thunder fright. Is he on antibiotics for his Erlichia? Hoe scary to know you are in a Erlichia/tick area. Some people get it very badly themselves. My doc who had it said it was like the worst case of flu he's ever had. I'm sure that Oreo must have a tick collar, eh?

    Mikie! You watch the same tv news we do, PBS and BBC. We have sat. tv. and chose not to get any of the networks except the Beeb. We get so many other channels that we didn't need a lot of trash. And hundreds of music stations. I wish you could convert your nervous energy into physical energy. I wish I could too....

    Diane, how's Beety doing?

    Over for now,
    Love to all,
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  20. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Barry: I sure hope you get a perfect bill of health from your latest test. Good to hear about Shorty. We've all been wondering what's happening. Poor little guy. I think you said that the dog jumped out of the car and attacked Shorty? Did the driver offer to pay for vet bills? Yes, the sedum is doing good, living in an old bird cage. I've got a chartreuse sedum/ stonecrop.....that's growing and spreading like scrambled eggs in a strawberry jar. It made it thru the awful heat.

    Years and years ago my mom, probably about age 85 and VERY stubborn, was walking to the grocery store, about 1 mile plus away. A dog came rushing out and bit her on the leg. The owner was very sorry, but didn't say anything about a bill, etc. Luckily she wasn't affected by it. But after that time she agreed to accept rides to the market once a week. I say stubborn, but I guess I've inherited her "I can do it myself" attitude and just don't ask, just struggles with whatever I need done. And because of that my family just "lets me". But I have a long way to go to where my mom was. She died at almost 99, sharp as a tack in her mind, just not her heart that gave out. I look forward to seeing her again.

    Julie: I DO understand what you're going thru with your SIL. But you seem to have a handle on HER and the best thing for you guys is to totally separate from her. She's a very toxic person, only God knows why though.

    When we were thinking of moving up from our little house, my brother and SIL were trying to sell their home. A much larger one with a huge lot. It needed work but I was up to it. I broached the subject with my SIL on the phone. She proceeded to tell me we "couldn't afford her home" and proceeded to rant at me. I was furious....hung up on her, and didn't talk to my brother for at least 6 mos. Now I own my own home (far nicer and larger than their old one) and she has a small condo, struggles financially, has gone thru 2 divorces. I got over the anger towards her years ago. She's to put it mildly, a little wacko. She got into laying on of hands healing and wanted to lay her hands on my DH when he was alive. He said NO. Strange how things go.

    I've spent hours this morning trying to make room in my garage for my huge wooden easel, loaded up my Honda Pilot with an antique turtle top table, and a pyrogrogrophy little side chair. I don't need these, have no place and they're just taking up room, so I donate to a local charity. And at this point I'm past the point of exhaustion.....having some soft turkey tacos with hummus and fresh spinach in them AND a glass of red wine!

    And the news at this end is my son told me today their baby has already dropped.....so any day now.
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