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    Checked in..while having my morning tea and found 33 posts so opening a new porch..

    I wish you all could hv the morning I'm enjoying here..it rained last night and today the air is cool must be 20degrees c.68 degrees F, crystal clear air..with sun.only peeking out thru wispy clouds..the mountain in front of us to the north clearly visible with clouds in the background...

    Julie - sorry to hear of your heart troubles..those always panic me..I had some palpitation troubles way back when I was living with MIL N fil. Looking back.I now know what it was. It didn't get worse because I checked and the tests said nothing wrong physically.

    Agree the ongoing stress has a large part to play in all this..I really hope you get to the bottom of all this.

    Sun - that was interesting info about wood burning..to make designs..sounds like something that might need dexterity tho..not my strong point. I love distressed furniture..and was surprised to learn carpenters can create such.

    you seem to hv had a bit of bad luck re relatives..esp on marriage related ones. It is so wonderful when one has a kind of soul mate kind of relationship where everything goes mostly smooth. I can't say I had that kind ever. I've had to struggle quite a lot with most of my relationships..my dad was someone I found it easy to talk with and bevwith on a daily basis but he drank and had so many issues..mum was very difficult..a control freak..and very stubborn..and a little malicious.

    Brothers...no common ground..and I spent and spend my life picking up the pieces they break.

    Granni - congrats on passing that test..me and my Chinese friend bemoan the fact that we don't know how to drive..even tho nowadays most people hate driving in the city due to small roads and too many vehicles..they have made a small pavement for walkers like two feet across and planted trees on top of that ..where the pedestrians will walk when the trees grow up I don't know..as it is the pavement is high above the street and I find it difficult to walk on them..find it hard on.my legs..

    However..I look forward to the trees growing..and.providing shade and beauty ..our main Street downtown has jacarandas lining the street n they make a pretty picture.

    Star - how fortunate for your son about the healer..my own stomach troubles..non stop diarreoah..nausea..pain for three weeks which tests found nothing was relieved the day I went to a healer and got some blessed water nothing else went away mysteriously the very next morning. Same with my DHs leg pain..for months..they would nit ache at all if he went.out of country but returned when he came back..baffling..after few healer visits which entailed nothing but being blessed..and eating blessed fruit has gone away. I think our faith in things spiritual, metaphysical although intangible started taking root.

    Rock - your last post made me laugh a lot..I remember with nostalgia the days of my childhood when paper bags were the norm in grocery shops. An incident I remember..I had this huge crush on a boy in school and got hold of every concert programme..and the quarterly school.paper which featured his name. Once I bought something at the neighbourhood grocery and the paper bag was made of a exam answer sheet of that very boy. Mystifying how a school boarder living two kms away up.on a hill, his paper lands up at our grocery store and not the dozens of stores in between.lol! I immediately put it in my collection.of papers featuring his name. That boy was the silent love of my.life.took.me twenty years after leaving school to get over my crush. I heard he migrated to the UK and rose to position.of MD in a finance co. Saw from FB he visits India Nepal often and looks in on our old school.

    Mikie - I'm wish I could get a Himalayan salt Lamp .our air is so bad. I saw big blocks of the salt..rocks rather..when I went to buy incense..that shop has every incense ..frankincensce, myrrh, sandalwood, Tibetan herbs; massage oils..soaps ..wooden massagers..they're crude but oh,so effective! I've got a small one and a larger one..works like acupuncture..when u.lie down on one.

    The city is quiet..what a change..the streets with less traffic..the family went out to dinner last night..they invited DH go sample their Chinese fare..I wore my new dress and enjoyed the outing..we had someone come in..go watch the house for a few hours. There was a special type of French fries..and veg tempura..chow mein and a veg curry for me while DH n son had non veg..lamb..duck..and dumplings of prawn..very very good meal.

    The DH allowed himself red wine because son took the wheel back..the laws here do not allow any drink for drivers..and traffic police are all over the place ..because of festival..with their breathalyzers..it's zero tolerance ..if they smell one drop..they take yr license.

    I'm glad..no drink related accidents.

    Well..time to go face the chores..

    God bless

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    Hi, Kids,

    Spring, thanks for getting us up and going again. It's so nice to see you here. I have a pic in my mind's eye of those trees. Do the Jacarandas all bloom at the same time? It must be lovely. I'm watching Indian Summers, Season Two, again on PBS and still find the foliage breathtaking. I'm glad your stomach problems are gone. I had IBS with alternating constipation and diarrhea and it was horrible. It went away after I had to take ABX for 2 1/2 year for my mycoplasma infection. How long does the festival last? Is it religious, cultural...? We are also having a beautiful morning with temps about the same as yours. Finally, a break in the heat and humidity. It will be back so, for now, I'll enjoy this. BTW, those lamps are sold on the internet. Perhaps you could buy one online.

    Rock, ooh, a sarcasm font; I love it! It would obviously have a slant to it. You are in your usual good form today with jokes and witticisms. Is that chair where we get the saying, 'Pants on fire?' Or, 'Hot seat?' Thomas Edison invented the electric chair and, when he watched a botched execution with horrible suffering, he said he wished he had never invented it. Not only does my brain likely shake like jelly, my poor old flabby bod does too. I'm hoping to get back into shape. Lucky little kitty to get kibble soup. Lucky you too to have Chef Gordoni. If he fixes Mexican food, he would be Chef Gordito.

    Julie, I hope you had a safe trip to Amy's. I also hope you enjoy Grandparents Day. I'm with everyone else here in saying that I hope you see the cardio to get to the bottom of this. If it's nothing, nothing lost but a bit of time and $$$. If there is a problem, it's better to get to it early rather than late. Early intervention usually saves $$$. Between the kidney stones and having to buy new glasses, I've been hit hard with medical expenses too. I try to budget for them but, sometimes, they just come in bunches. I'm in a belt-tightening mode. Good luck to you.

    Granni, I'd likely be better off if I had someone bugging me to go work out. As it is, I have to force myself to go over to the pool. Sounds to me like you and DH live healthy lives. We can't avoid stress but we can learn how to deal with it. Still, it can really do a number on us. So many of us got sick following a stressful event. For me, it was following years of marital problems and, finally, the divorce. I believe I was genetically prone to these conditions and the stress just opened the door. Stay well, my friend.

    Sun, I am sorry you are still in so much pain. I hope the doc can help you. If you don't have kidney problems, you are probably OK taking the recommended dose of Ibuprophen. It builds in the bloodstream and reduces pain and inflammation. Spicy food is also good for inflammation. Yes, that was a good movie. I hope you feel better.

    Star, my paragraph to you disappeared when I copied it here. I tried to watch that movie but couldn't. I know it is considered a good film but not for me. If you DH likes action and suspense, he'd likely enjoy watching Timeless. I have the DVR set to automatically record it. I think the second episode is on tonight. Let me know what you think if you watch it.

    I got very little sleep after 2:30 this morning. My nervous NRG and anxiety are flowing at warp speed. I don't know what is causing it but I feel it's physical. Something has me all out of balance. I haven't had it that long. I just feel worried and stressed out. I hope if I get back to working out and eating better, it'll go away.

    I hope everydobby has a wonderful start to the week. Love, hugs and prayers to all our Porchies.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    The day just started and already the computer is acting up. As soon as I turned
    it on, it froze up. So I let it rest and turned it on again. Now it's is sluggish and
    sullen. I may have to make it stand in the corner for a time out.

    Thanks for starting us up, Springwater. Glad to see you felt strong enough to
    post a Warren Peace message. If life were a program on the Lifetime Channel
    you and you girlhood crush would meet at your old school, both of you single
    again, and fall madly in love and live happily ever after.

    Far as I know no one in our high school class did anything noteworthy after
    growing up except Margaret who became a school Principal. I met her one
    afternoon when we were middle aged. I was showing my son my old school
    Even though it was summer and school was not in session, Margaret was
    elegantly attired in a pink suit. Looked very classy. I do think the rest
    of the class were all solid middle class citizens with families and jobs.

    Nepal's attitude toward drinking drivers sounds like a good one to me.
    I wonder if people get higher with less alcohol because of the altitude.

    Mikie, you're right. Edison was involved in electrocution experiments. In
    1903 he electrocuted Topsy the elephant to show the public how dangerous
    alternating current was. (That's the kind of current we use nowadays, Folks)
    There's also a video of him electrocuting a dog.

    I read he filmed other animals being killed too. He seems to have been
    a ruthless business man. Tried to enforce a monopoly on early film makers.
    That's why the pioneers in New Jersey and New York moved to California.

    Edison may have had the law on his side in that argument since he had a
    patent on the movie camera. But other inventors also contributed
    such as the Lumiere Brothers in France. You can see their famous short
    film about a trip to the moon on Youtube.

    Edison seems to have been a lot like Edith Head who won 8 Oscars.
    But she had a staff of designers working for her. Her biographer
    said when she applied for her first job movie job (at Paramount) she
    "borrowed" designs from some of her fellow students.

    Historian, author and TV producer James Burke said Edison's staff
    of scientists and technicians did the work. Edison supervised.

    Star, I didn't think much of that Castaway movie myself. Never thought
    Tom Hanks could act at all despite his phenomenal success. You know
    when they made that movie, they took a 6 month break so Tom could go
    to the gym every day and look super fit. A very risky gamble. What if
    he had died, etc. Anyhoo, he shouldn't have looked like Charles Atlas
    after living on a desert island for months. He should have looked skinny,
    haggard and desperate.

    I read somebody bought that Wilson basketball for beau coup bucks:
    $18,000. Also read there were 3 of them. (The studios always have
    extra props, costumes, etc. The whole reason for the ball, (was it
    a volley ball?) was so Hanks would have something to talk to.

    Ok, my back is telling me to shut up and lie down.
    Later, Kids
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  4. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Rock, good to see you here. I'm sorry your computer is being ornery. I think our computers are exposed to so many viruses that they get infected over and over. I've let my viral protection lapse because it never seemed to have helped. Every time it did a scan, it wouldn't clean up the viruses unless I upgraded to an expensive version. The old Bait 'n Switch. I'm very careful about the e-mails I open. I watched a good movie last night, The Imitation Game. It is about the Brits' breaking the Germans' Enigma Code. It was based on a mathematician. He ended up killing himself so the end wasn't a good one.

    Tesla did that after Edison stiffed him on the promised money he owed him for his work. Edison spent all his effort on trying to discredit Tesla's work by endorsing direct current instead of the alternating current we use in our homes. Tesla died in poverty and depressed. Edison's summer home is Fort Myers. We have a big festival every winter for him but I'm no fan. Same with Henry Ford, who was Edison's good friend. He lock workers out of his Ford plant and hired cops to beat the workers outside, including women and children. Talk about ruthless. I guess those kinds of things are common among big business successes. A woman who worked for Martha Stewart accused her of stealing her recipes and ideas.

    I watched 60 Minutes last night about artificial intelligence. I wonder whether IBM ever has the problems with Watson that we have with our computers. They are doing amazing things, including helping with cancer treatments. I also watched a show about a Dr. Mosley in England. He enrolled in a study which uses people's genome info to find out whether someone can benefit from exercise. Unfortunately for him, he fell into a group which will not lose weight by exercising. However, his exercising helped to bring down the amt. of insulin needed and reduced the fat in his bloodstream. He will continue to exercise for the other benefits and not to lose weight. Evidently, I am not in this group because I did lose weight from exercising. I'm anxious to get back to it. This morning, it was actually too cold, due to a chilly wind.

    The amazing thing from the whole study is that it isn't necessary to exercise for hours until we collapse. High Intensity Training only requires that one do three reps of all-out aerobic exercise for 20 seconds. Yes, 20 seconds! This is all it takes to reap the sugar and fat benefits. I'll likely still run for 30 minutes three times a week. I've always done three of four reps of about 30 seconds of very intense aerobic activity during my runs. I just don't do it until I'm ready to pass out. I don't think that is necessary.

    Your question about alcohol consumption at high altitude is an interesting one. I grew up at high altitude in CO and it made my system more efficient at using oxygen. When I traveled to sea level, I could keep on running, playing tennis, swimming, etc. without stopping and without getting fatigued. I don't know whether that benefit stays with one or whether it's gone. When I hit my stride in the pool, I can keep on going and going, like the Energizer Bunny. I don't do that because working out exhausts me later on as it is. This is why athletes train at altitude. I lived in the Mile High City but didn't join the Mile High Club. BTW, there are a lot of Dr. Mosley's videos on You Tube.

    Gonna post and come back before this disappears into the ether.

    I took my garbage and recycle stuff down and picked up my mail. The supps I ordered from PH here and the mail order Rx's I ordered were in my mailbox. I always worry about our mail delivery so it was good to see them. I also went through a pile of junk mail to get rid of. It takes a while because I cross out my name and address to try to prevent ID theft. Now, I have a paper bag full so I have to make another trip to the dumpster. I ran into two neighbors so it was good. I also ran into the supervisor of our landscapers. I showed him our overgrown stairwell atria and he was dumbfounded at how the workers could trim everything else and just walk past this mess. At the last board mtg., they were lambasted so I think it was an excellent time to bring this to their attention. We have to threaten to fire them every now and then.

    Well, it's time I got off my duff to take that bag of paper down. Roomba cleaned the bedroom so it's time to bring it into the living room. This keyboard is getting sticky. Time to unplug it and pull the battery while it is running. I call this the nuclear option. It takes forever for it to boot up again. I don't know how long I'll last today due to lack of sleep. It usually creeps up on me and I get that 'lie down or fall down' feeling. See y'all later.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie Moderator

    I'm trying out the keyboard since performing the nuclear option. Seems that it is back to normal. I'm really tired but have been doing little jobs around the condo. Roomba is doing her part. Only Sir Vester isn't pitching in. I got caught up with a couple of phone calls. I hate it when I'm a recluse. Sometimes, it's just necessary.

    OK, that's about it. Nothin' to report so will bid y'all adieu.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi everyone! I apologize for the short post...wore myself out, but it was worth it. I went to Keira's third grade class and Clinton went to Miley's Kindergarten class. Kept in touch with Amy during the day and she said she waited to see if I was going to be able to go before she told me this: Keira had been talking all weekend about me being able to go to her school. I'm so glad I made the effort and I'm not really any worse than I have been...just tired.

    I have an appt. for an echo a week from Friday...then a followup with a PA an hour later. They will call if they can get me in sooner...I'll just try not to overdo until then.

    Sun and anyone who understands how stress can affect us physically. I'm sure that could be part of the problem, but I really haven't given sis much thought the past few days. Ever since I made the decision to not go back to the other farm. Big weight off my shoulders. Could still be "leftover stress", I suppose, but I really don't consciously have any concerns about her any longer.

    Anyway, I will check in again when I get a chance. I think tomorrow will be a lot of resting and puttering. I got Den's donuts today and will send them to work with him tomorrow...for his birthday. He's just a kid...gonna be 62.
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    Hi Kids

    "What sort of a day was it? A day like all days, filled with those events that alter
    and illuminate our times... all things are as they were then, and you were there."

    From the 1950s TV show "You Are There" hosted by Walter Cronkite. It
    was on Sunday afternoons. They used to have classy shows then. Like
    The Hallmark Hall of Fame and Omnibus. Shows that were educational
    or somehow significant. Sometimes on Sunday evening there would
    be a musical or an opera.

    Well, yesterday Chef Gordito gave me a haircut, and we went to the library.
    Not in the library because it was Columbus Day, and the library was closed.
    Only, of course, it really wasn't Columbus Day because it wasn't the 12th of
    October. Then too, we've known since 1960 that the Vikings landed and
    settled in Canada 500 years before Columbus arrived.

    Julie, that's great that you made it to Keira's school. I wonder if schools
    still have "Achievement Night". That's what it was called when I was in
    school. Just a night when the parents came and visited the classrooms.
    They still had it when my son was in grade school only they didn't use
    the old term anymore. Hope Den has a great birthday.

    Starr, did you see in the news that Shia LaBeouf got married? To a
    gal named (or using the name) Mia Goth. In Las Vegas. We know
    it was an official Las Vegas wedding as an Elvis impersonator was
    present. I wonder if their towels will say "Mia and Shia". You
    gotta admit he has an impressive name. Contains all the vowels.

    I'd say it has just as good a chance of lasting as any other celeb marriage.
    I hope it does. I think he could use some stability in his life.

    Mikie, I'm glad to finally learn that Roomba is female. Kinda sounds
    like she might be a member of the Marx family: Groucho, Harpo,
    Gummo, Chico, Zeppo and Roomba.

    Some Groucho bits of wisdom and/or humor. "Alimony is like buying
    hay for a dead horse.
    I didn't like the play, but then I saw it under adverse conditions -
    the curtain was up."

    Bis spater
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  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    Slept sooooo well last night--finally! Anxiety is much better. I got some things done but didn't kill myself trying. It was a Goldilocks Day--just right! Our Porch has been slow so I'm glad to see some posts here. I hope it's slow because our Porchies are feeling fit and are busy. Our weather yesterday was beautiful. It was cooler and less humid. It will be the same today. Our prolonged nice weather won't arrive til after Halloween.

    Nurse Nancy is glad I'm getting back to working out in the pool. She plans on going over too. Our other friend, Joan, used to go but has gotten very inactive since going through cancer treatment a year ago. She continues to smoke. I hope she will, at least, come to the pool just to socialize and move around a bit. On top of everything else, she is quite obese. Another friend is down from PA for the winter so I'll ask her to come over too. She is a Type II Diabetic and has lost a lot of weight. I'd like to see us get back to meeting up at the pool in the mornings.

    Julie, I'm so glad you are getting in to the doc. Better to be safe than sorry. I'm also so glad you made it to Keira's Grandparents Day at school. That's so cute that she's been talking about it and looking forward to your coming. We had parents' night when my kids and I were in school. Everyone enjoyed it. Teachers were friends with the parents at my kids' school. We were lucky; it was one of the best schools in the district. I think we can reduce our stress but, even when we eliminate the stressors, there can be some residual stress. Our bodies adjust to handle stress and it takes a bit for them to return to the 'non-stress' mode. I'm so glad it has lifted from your shoulders. I hope you can get in to the doc earlier. Keep us updated.

    Rock, ships are referred to as 'she,' so I figured that Roomba is female as she sails over the carpet, doing her job. She does whine, literally, now and then to have her extractors, or her brushes, cleaned but, otherwise, she just keeps going with a few rests to recharge now and then. I wish we could plug ourselves in to get recharged. So, Chef Gordito is a Jack of all trades. If I were there, I'd ask him to give me a trim. It's hard for me to get the neck trimmed. Is buying hay for a dead horse kinda like not buying a cow when the milk is free? I guess in the old days, lives revolved around farm animals. Then there's closing the barn door after the horse, or cows, have escaped. How about eating like a pig? Then there's putting lipstick on a pig; making a silk purse out of a pig's ear; and, when pigs fly. How about in a pig's eye. There's beating a dead horse; being off my feedbag; and, leading a horse to water. There are more of these than I thought. I haven't even scratched dogs yet. Nor goats. Hey, a new game!

    OK, gonna go read the miserable news. Poor people in Haiti and NC. Cholera is showing up in Haiti already. I have to shower and go to the store. I'm out of fresh fruit and yogurt. I'm back to eating Asian salad with lots of green veggies. The dressing has vinegar which I usually can't ingest. I know it's good for me. I sprinkle nuts on the salad to add extra yumminess. Hope all y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
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  9. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi friends! Rock and Mikie, I love your "play on words"...takes a sharp mind to keep thinking of those :)

    Keeping this short again...my eyes are so blurry. They have been for awhile, but don't notice it so badly unless I'm on the computer.

    I cancelled my dentist appt. and the local chiro appt. that I was to go to today. Rescheduled dentist for next month and chiro for Friday. I still want to try to get my dad out here sometime this week. Am just doing laundry and working around the house today. The ER doc had me increase one of my BP meds (take it twice a day instead of once)...so weird that my BP still goes up and down. I try not to take it too often, maybe three times a day. But one time it will be just fine, then it is too high again. Oh well...I can manage till next week when I see the cardio and have an echo.

    Thinking of everyone today.

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  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    JULIE - Your b/p sounds like min up and down and really up in the docs office. Glad that you are going to the cardiologist soon. Not a good idea to fool with that blockage stuff especially. Have you been to the eye docs for an exam recently? I can't remember but that is nothing to fool around with either. However, lack of or not enough sleep and possibly allergies might cause some of that. How nice you went to Keira's class. I am sure that meant a lot to her.

    SPRING WATER - Thanks for starting us up again. I have been so busy this morning mostly on the phone doing my ladies club calls for the monthly luncheon which will be a Trade and Craft Show. It is so much fun but may not make it this year as I have an ND appt. DH is home unexpectedly so need to get off and make lunch - darn. Yes, not is frustrating when you pay a bunch of money on stuff and it doesn't work on whatever the problem is. Yes, prayer and holy water, oil, etc, Sometimes that works better :)!!

    HUGZ to STAR, ROCK, MIKIE, DIANE et al !

    Will try and get back later.

    Granni :)
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Where are all our Porchies?

    Julie, so good to see you here. My eyes are blurry too. Can't wait to get my new glasses. They should be in today or tomorrow. I'm too tired to go get them today. I went to the store and started to feel really lousy. I came home and felt even lousier. It's the old 'lie down or fall down' thing. I'm hoping you are feeling better. It is my understanding that our BP meds take a while to work. I hope your BP gets straightened out.

    Hey, Granni, whatever works. DD sent me some soil from a mission; I think it's in NM. Many miracles have come from people who have visited and taken soil, kinda like Lourdes. I have to dig that soil out. Don't know what happened to it. I think we have all spent a lot of money on things, some which worked and some which didn't. It's all trial and error. Most of the things which have worked for me have worked synergistically together. Stop back in.

    I just watched the second episode of Timeless. This one was time travel back to the shooting of Abe Lincoln. The villain is also a time traveler who claims to want to save America but he seems to be causing problems. He is connected to the woman time traveler but we don't know how yet--through some kind of diary. It gets curiouser and curiouser.

    Sending my best to everydobby.

    Love, Mikie
  12. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi Porchies!

    I, too, have the blurry eye syndrome today. I need to see opt. and have a cataract checked out, and maybe (I hope) my vision adjusted. I've worn glasses since I was seven years old. Thank Gods the "Obamacare"now cover my eye and dental procedures! Oh yeah, gotta see the dentist too, and then, and then. .... I'm just taking one step at a time.

    We've had a little rain here, cooled things down. Big rains forcast beginning Thursday, when Richard goes to his 50th high school reunion in Bakersfield, Ca.-- a horrible place, if you don't know it. Very bad air pollution at times, dust, crop spraying, etc. I will be here with Shorty who is having stitches out today. Yay! He is doing pretty well, all things considered. I really don't like the phenobarbital he's on for seizures -- zonks him out a bit. I've been thinking and reading about CBD tincture from Cannabis. It seems quite a few people are using with success for seizures in dogs, cats, horses, and people of course. It has none of the psychoactive properties of THC.

    Politics is Pitiful. I pity this country --- and most of the world too. And I sure as hell don't want to see any of those scary clowns that have been making the news. I've always been a bit phobic of clowns. There is a name for that but too tired to look it up.

    Star, our winters where I live are WET! The summers are dry, but probably not as hot as yours. It seems only spring and autumn are comfortable (sometimes!) Hey, I watched The Lady in the Van a couple of weeks ago. Really enjoyed it! I won't watch Castaway either. Not my cup of tea. Don't blame you for escaping!
    I just looked up Australian Magpie. Not related to the magpies of my youth, or the ones in California. I understand that the aussi magpie is described as one of the most accomplished Australian songbirds. Aren't you lucky? Or do they scream a lot too?

    Spring, I always love your posts. You seem to have traveled a lot; have you been to England? And Rock, your posts are without parallel! Is Gordito gordo? He seems to eat better than you do......

    So tired and feeling useless,
    so I will pack this in for now.
    Love to All

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  13. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi Barry and everyone! Glad to hear Shorty is doing better....what a trauma. I can't imagine if I was in your shoes. Barking, aggressive dogs really scare me.

    Is the term you were thinking of "Coulrophobia"? I don't care much for clowns, either. Just wondering who thought of doing this in the first place, and what will be next.

    Sorry you are feeling useless. You are important to your family here on the porch. And I know you are important to Richard, Shorty, and lots of people or animals you might not even realize. But I understand...I am getting disgusted with my situation of having to stop and rest and catch my breath so many times today and the past few weeks.

    Anyway, we'll just keep pluggin' along, true? Take care, and know that we care about you :)
  14. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Hey.....I wear tri focals and have old glasses sitting everywhere in the house....one next to the message machine, another single lens in my studio, a 3rd pair used for my Ipad, a 4th in my bedroom for closeup reading, and a 5th in my vanity area for when I'm without my trifocals!!!!! LOL. NOT!!!!! Most of the time around the house I don't wear my glasses.....all glasses don't seem to work with my brain. Go figure.

    Got in to see my doc this morning and had xrays taken, and a PT order. So PT starts Friday. Checked with my insurance and zero copay on the PT, so that's good. Doc put down a tentative diagnosis of tendinitis, said probably some arthritis also which I was assuming. Last night I wore the IcyHot tens thing for about 2 hrs. Kept moving it around my shoulder/back area and this morning I could actually get out of bed without whimpering. I've got it stuck to my back again since it seems to have helped.

    Barry: I forgot to ask my doc this morning about the MJ oils.......as if he would admit to knowing! He is from Syria.....don't they grow it there? I believe it was posted on this board, the interactions with RX and the oils, so check it out first before buying.

    My cleaning lady is seeing a pain management doc. Who she said is very PRO natural treatments. He said there is a new muscle rub coming out from Australia. I found Australian Dream at CVS yesterday.....pricey but a full refund for the first one if it doesn't work. It doesn't! Dont know if that's the one the doc. Was talking about though.

    I don't like clowns either. My DGS said there was a creepy sighting near his Jr. Hi. Weird phenominen. (I think the spelling is wrong....wonder what happened to my spell check)

    I watched a VERY funny movie last night.....A walk in the woods, starring Robert Redford and Nick Nolte. Laugh out loud episodes that just sneak up on you. Loved it. I've now ordered the book by the same name.

    I'm heading for a nap. Haven't been sleeping hardly at all lately and I feel sleep coming on.
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  15. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi Sun! Glad you got in to see your doc and will be starting PT. And even better with a zero copay. I hope the PT helps...glad the IcyHot thing does.

    I just looked for the movie you mentioned...not available to stream on Netflix, but can rent it somehow. We finished Burn Notice (7 seasons) and watched Season 5 of Longmire. Went back to Blacklist and have a few episodes of that left. Usually only have one hour in the evenings after Den quits for the day and gets his shower, etc. He goes to bed fairly early, around 9:30 or 10:00. But we do get more TV time in, on the weekends.

    I actually got all the dishes (and pots and pans) washed...feels so good. And I picked up the living area...granted, I "hid" a few things in the spare bedroom downstairs, but can work on that tomorrow. I was just getting tired of all the clutter; makes it hard to function. We had to make room for a couple pieces of Gpa's furniture where we are now...won't be so bad when we get moved, but for now we needed to incorporate them into our already crowded area. It's okay, though.

    Keira and her classmates have these cute little computers...I think she called it a chrome. Yesterday, we got set up so she has my email address. We've sent several emails today. I'm going to try to send one every evening so she has some "news" each morning at school. She even sent Gpa Den a Happy Birthday greeting.

    I'd better get supper started...cornbread and broccoli-cheese soup. Not really soup weather, like it was last week, but it sounded good and Den likes it.
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  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Just woke up from a nap. I am feeling great; full of energy and eager to
    get busy with the chores. Just brimming over with energy and good cheer.

    Ok, that concludes the fantasy part of today's program.

    Barry, Yes, Gordito is Gordon. I have previously referred to him as
    Gordoni. Mikie said Gordito was more apropos when he's cooking Spanish
    cuisine. A gordito seems to be a sort of tortilla, dumpling; also slang
    for a chubby person.

    Today he is doing something with sheets of tofu. They look like parchment
    found in ancient Egypt. I think it's safe to assume they are totally
    flavorless. He also has a package of Vegan Jerky on the kitchen table.
    I can't read anything on the wrapper. It's all in Chinese of Japanese.
    He does not eat better than I, but he is more adventurous.

    Sorry to hear you find clowns unsettling. Good thing they don't live in
    the North woods. You might want to get that new app for your phone:
    Clown Be Gone. Thanks for the compliment about my without parallel
    posts. I tried to write a parallel paragraph about our politicians the other day.
    The computer wouldn't do it. Apparently the politicians are too crooked.

    Julie, I looked up Chrome, but as is usually the case, if it's about computers
    I don't understand much. I read that a chrome is a sort of laptop. It
    also seems to be an app you install on your computer. Confusiatin', huh?
    Broccoli-cheese soup sounds great. There used to be some restaurant chain
    here that had that and other excellent soups. Can't remember the name. I
    think it was the same chain that was known for its pies.

    Sun, that's interesting that you have so many different glasses. I am
    guessing they are non-glare as well as non-existent. Have you
    heard of the latest? They are glasses that enable us to see ourselves as others
    see us. Sales were good for the first month or so. After that it seems people
    really didn't want that sort after all. Gee, I wonder why.

    OK, all worn out. Gonna lie down and start a new mystery. Got a first book
    by some gal in Maine. It won six Awards! Never heard of such a thing before.

    Gentle hugs
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2016
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Reading and writing really fast so not sure I have comprehended !! Just wanted to pop in again since was sort of chased off this afternoon by DH.

    JULIE - That is really something now about teaching these young ones to work little computers or whatever those chrome things are :)! I guess it is good for them to learn early but none of them learn to write properly. My DGS's and DGD all write like 2nd or 3rd graders and they are Freshmen in college. It is a sad thing. Some of it is like chicken scratch. The one out of college isn't a whole lot better, the DGD.. They were never taught cursive, I do not believe. Sorry you are still feeling not to well with problems catching your breath and hi b/p. Don't fool with that, they both can be dangerous. I have the hi b/p problem as you know but my breath seems to be OK. Thank goodness one thing seems to be OK on me :)!! That is so cute that Keira is learning to e-mail. Watch out, now she will be chatting away on her e-mail. Does she have one to use at home. Most women are more communactive. MY DH is not that much for e-mail but uses it when NEEDED. I usually print them out for DH or tell him to check on it on his phone or computer.

    Broccoli cheese soup sounds sooo good but the ony thing I can have is the broccoli. I LOVE cheese so much it is hard not to eat. Maybe I can throw some goat cheese in the broccoli soup and use almond milk instead of regular ??? When it gets colder maybe I will try something like that. What do you put in your soup besides broccoli . cheese and milk??

    ROCK- Glad you woke up from your nap feeling good. I know what you mean about it usually not lasting that long. Speaking of clowns. I do not know what it is about them but most of my daughters didn't like clowns as kids and they still don't. I really don't care and when I went to the circus as a child they never bothered me. Maybe I just remember BOZO, CLARABILLE ( of Howdy Doody) and other fun clowns. They were never scary and I do not like scary stuff.

    SUN - So sorry you are still in awful pain. That surely can take the wind out of your sales. Have you been doing any painting lately?? Glad you are getting some PT and hope they help you some.

    MIKIE - Have you been busy watching TV movies?? There are so many I do not like nor do they have the time to watch any. I would really have to go searching to find what I like. Absolutely no gore or violence, or to much sex either which means there probably aren't any for me :)! Guess I will stay on the computer . Now I need to go take a shower.
    Hugz to everyone !! Nite all !! See you sometime tomorrow, hopefully. Busy week and hoping to get our car sometime this week soon.

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  18. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Granni: Schools don't teach cursive writing anymore. Almost every grammar school age kid can use a computer, so schools figure why teach it, since everything is word processor. I see the little ones at the library learning to use the computer, playing little games on it......starting early to find their away around a computer. I remember when I was working for AAA, there was a signup sheet if you wanted to learn the computer and work in that dept at the main office. Several took advantage of it. I didn't learn computers until my company I worked for installed computers in the grocery stores I reped at. I was really scared, but we all got hands on training.......it was either that or quit.

    No, haven't been doing anything creative......pain isn't condusive to creating. I'm up late with ice strapped on my arm. I was given a substitute for ibuprofen.....never heard of diclofenac. One pill twice a day and NO MORE. Took one at 3 PM and didn't see where it's helping much, but apparently it's easier on stomach since it has enteric coating. Can someone explain why ibuprofen doesn't have this coating? I asked the pharmacist and her reply was.......write to the makers. DUH.......that's really going to get an answer.
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    I got a spam text on my phone at 4:45 this morning. Good grief! Like I'd ever answer some stupid text like that. Evidently, enough people do to make it worth the spammers' efforts. So, Sir Vester and I got up and had our breakfast. He's snoozing next to me on the sofa.

    I liked clowns as a child but, as time went by, I started to loathe and fear them. I don't know why. My kids think it's funny and never miss an opportunity to point out any clowns they see. They aren't doing it now. My fears have been proven accurate. My idea of hell isn't satan; it's some evil clown.

    Barry, I've been to Bakersfield and don't blame you for not wanting to go there. You live in such a beautiful place. If it were me, I'd likely never want to leave it. Hope Shorty continues to heal. I need to call today to see whether my new glasses are ready. I hope so. It seems that my vision deteriorates by the day. Take care.

    Julie, I'm glad Keira has her own computer. All kids today need to know how to use them. DGS has learned cursive but it's pretty sloppy. No nuns standing over the kids forcing them to practice their loops hour after hour. Those nuns are probably rolling over in their graves seeing the kids today. Oh well, we no longer require students to use slide rules so why require them to learn to write stylishly. It will become a lost art. It will be fun for y'all to e-mail back and forth. She is growing up so fast. Did you get any pix?

    Sun, if I didn't wear progressive lenses, I'd probably be using trifocals too. I'm no longer wearing contacts. Just too much trouble. I hope the PT helps your shoulder. I had surgery on one to get rid of a bone spur. The other one had tendonitis and I had PT for that. The little TENS unit helped a lot. Being able to mitigate the pain for a while helps so much. Good luck.

    Granni, I've been watching TV shows but not movies on cable. I do watch movies on Netflix or Amazon but there haven't been any good ones lately. They charge for the newest ones. I pay for membership; I'm not gonna pay extra for their movies. On Demand also charges for most movies. I record the TV shows unless I watch them and don't want to keep on watching. I found Bull boring. Same with Conviction. Notorious isn't great TV but I'll likely watch it. I still love NCIS. My favorite comedy is still Big Bang Theory. Hope your car looks none the worse for wear. I need to take mine in for an oil change.

    Rock, I think Gordon would be Gordo in Spanish but, by calling him, Gordito, it makes it more endearing. My name in Spanish is Miguela. Once when Mom and I ate at a Mexican restaurant in Denver on Cinco de Mayo, a gorgeous young waiter was flirting with me. He probably wanted a big tip. We spoke a bit in Spanish and he asked me my name. I told him it was Miguela in Spanish. He started calling me, Miguelita. Oh my! I did give him a big tip. Flattery works on me. I didn't realize that gorditas are a traditional Mexican food. Lots of instructions on making them online. We all love you and Gordito here. You are both men of many talents.

    I had to post this to try to prevent losing it. My computer has been more stable lately (knock on wood) but ya never know. I'll edit it. I need to read the real paper and get ready to go over to the pool. I feel so sluggish when I haven't been there for a while.

    Hope all y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2016
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  20. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning, friends! Glad I got the laundry done yesterday...it is supposed to rain today, is pretty cloudy and breezy right now.

    Rock, I hope you enjoyed your tortilla/dumpling things...I would love to have someone cook for me once in awhile. My MIL was a great cook...everything homemade and lots of "comfort foods".

    Sun, it is so hard to be in "survival mode" and just doing what needs to be done. I'm sure so many on here understand. Priorities gets switched around at times, depending on what we consider most important on any particular day, but what a joy it will be to one day wake up pain free...with so much energy to do anything we might plan :)

    Granni, that's a good idea to print out emails that your DH needs to see. I used to be the one who never checked email and relied on Den to do it (we share an email account...or rather, he "hijacked" mine, lol) but now I check it two or three times a day.

    Well, I didn't make the cheese-broccoli soup from scratch. It was a big packet of stuff and you add it to 8 cups of water. Not to bad, but I think I will jazz it up a little when we have it again...adding cooked chicken and more grated cheese. And some cooked rice wouldn't hurt, either, lol!

    Mikie, that's way too early to be getting a text! Hope you do get to the pool and have a productive workout.

    Speaking of cursive writing...Keira's school is still teaching it. I'm not sure what grades, but last year she proudly showed me some of her papers. It's really too bad for the ones who don't learn to write (and read) it...lots of cursive writing still out there. My MIL refused to call it cursive (said it sounded nasty) would only call it "writing" and the other was called "printing".

    Will say "Hi" to everyone else...hope all is well or at least tolerable. Here are a couple pictures from Grandparents' Day...


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