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    Hi, Kids,

    Time for a new Porch. I'll post and come back to add and edit. I just got back from the mechanic. I only needed the oil change, my tires rotated and new wiper blades. They don't last long down here in the jungle. I am blessed to have such a good mechanic. The guys who work there are the best! I read two magazines with classic cars featured. Those are really beautiful and I enjoyed seeing them. There was a '58 Ford Sunliner in Turquoise and White, just like my friend's father owned. The Sunliner had the solid convertible top which slid down into the trunk. My friend's dad seldom drove his and kept it for years. He probably passed it down to one of his kids.

    There was also a '57 Chevy Nomad station wagon in red and white. A kid we went to HS with drove one just like it. They were beautiful but not practical. When I met my ex, he drove a gorgeous '58 Chevy Impala convertible in white with a red interior. What a beautiful car that was. The '58's were different from any before that and any after. Loves me my old cars.

    I feel nauseated and like I'm gonna fall down from exhaustion. Sometimes, it's all I can do to shower and go somewhere. I'm feeling better but just have no stamina. Whine, whine, whine!

    Julie, wow! That's cold all of a sudden. I saw the it was only 44 in Denver yesterday. A big cold front is gripping the center of the nation (as opposed to groping the center of the nation). :rolleyes: It's wonderful that you can e-mail Keira. DGS isn't into it. We Skyped once and he couldn't sit still for it. When I visit, he has me come to his room to show me everything. He couldn't see the point of just staying put and talking. I once saw a meteorite shooting past the plane in the dark. It was phosphorescent green. It exploded and looked like a red fireworks display. Sooo exciting. Hope it's an omen for good luck for Keira on her birthday (or near her birthday). Glad to see you here.

    Rock, I just heard on TV that almost no one sends cards anymore. They just call or e-mail. Same for using cursive. We just talked about that here. They talked about all the things kid don't know about today, like having to get up to change channels on the TV set and not knowing who is calling when the phone rings. Talk about unhealthy baked goods--P. Allen Smith has a Martha-Stewart-like show on PBS. He was baking what he called 'healthy' cookies. First, he put in a huge amt. of brown sugar. Next, he bragged that he was using vegetable oil which was hydrogenated to give it that solid white look. Good grief! Two of the worst things we can eat and deadly when combined: Sugar and bad fat. I keep thinking I'll bake my 'healthier' cookies but haven't felt up to cooking or baking or, for that matter, much of anything else.

    I didn't have a chance to read the paper so will go see what is going on in the world besides politics and the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. There is a Cat 2 about to hit Bermuda. Yikes! Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    MIKIE - Help I just posted on the last volume. Could you move it. So SORRY !! Gotta go work.

    LOve you,
    Granni :)
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    Sorry, I should have started a new volume earlier...wasn't even paying attention, lol!

    Here's Granni's post from the last volume...will make it different font than mine so it shows up.

    Good morning everydobby !!
    Not sure how long I will be on here. DH is outside power washing. Got up fairly early with a phone call. DH didn't hear it so I answered. It was the sprinkler guy. He needs to come and fix one of our sprinkler heads. Not knowing what is going on today we told him to call tomorrow. Hopefully we get our car back today. If so it will be late in the day. Tomorrow is my excursion with our ladies group . So I hope I get to go. I didn't get to go last month due to the accident. Actually I need to star saving $ or trying to so that I can start with Christmas presents. YIKES, Christmas comes much to early and early every year. It on't be much for anyone, that;s for sure. Some peeps I know give really expensivie presents. We never did. It was always what was needed for the most part, like school clothes growing up. Pretty much the same for my kids but maybe they did get something neat that they wanted. No babies any more and I miss that. SUN , you are lucky with young ones still and STAR too. I do have one DGS going to be 13 who has some autism and other problems.

    JULIE - A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Keira. Wow, 9 already. Time sure has flown by hasn't it?? Such a pretty young lady she is too with great role models , you plus or her mom and step dad too. Hope she has a great day and year to come. Also could start a wash. Sounds like the cold weather is coming back to visit again ?? With a high of 58 it is time for sweaters and jackets and you low is getting pretty low - BRRR.

    Sorry but I should be outside doing some work, ugh not that I want to but we are so terribly overgrown and no one else is going to do it. The leaves are falling like crazy. Some is good for ground cover but we still need to also rake the pathways or supposed pathways :)!! Not sure if I will get back later or not with the car situation and hope to be gone most of the day tomorrow.


    Love to awl,
    Granni :)

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    Julie: Thanks for starting up a new thread. I went back to the old one to read from Linda, Spring, Star and of course your post. Goodness, it sure turned cold out your way. Dig out the long johns!

    Spring: I get soooo hungry for interesting food everytime I read one of your posts. I would love to try the Nepalese restaurant nearby but they're just so expensive. I did have a wonderful meal while in Portland. My son took me to a little closeby restaurant serving Cambodian food. Mmmmmm.....all fresh and delicious, I'll have to look around here as we have so many little restaurants. Sometimes I get Thai food, very fresh, but I pass on the Chinese fast food places....lots of steam tables, and they bombard me with "can I help you" as soon as I open the door. I liked to look at every choice, but they keep pestering me, even if I'm the only customer, that it annoys me.

    Star: Forget the emu oil.....tried it.....did nothing. It was touted on the radio about 8 years ago by this doctor about how wonderful it was. Maybe for softening the skin but not helping pain. I did return the Australian Dream to CVS....no problem. I use a muscle cream that has .04% capsaicin, menthol3% and camphor3% along with aloe vera, green tea extract and other things. Some people don't like the burn/heat from the capsaicin but I find it helps the pain. I went online looking for something less expensive than this one, with the same ingredients, and found you can add cayenne pepper from your cupboard to a cream. Hmmmmm?

    Mikie: You reminded me that I need to stop by the place that has done engine maintenance for me and have him check the air in my front tires. He said they would do that for me. Neither one of my DGks use the computer to communicate....well I guess my DGS tweets friends but I don't pay for that service on my phone which I rarely use.

    Rock: A lot of little church rummage sales don't sell baked goods anymore. I guess they've been warned by the "powers that be" and they don't want to get a license to sell grandmas cookies. Too bad, because I always found goodies. And I also don't send cards out anymore other than a few BD cards and a couple at christmas. Stamps are expensive as are the cards.

    No news yet on the new baby coming. She's due the 19th. And I'm sure they're hoping it will be during the day when they can take my DGD to her preschool.

    Went this morning to get blood drawn. Thankfully she asked about insurance.....the front desk asked for both medicare card and the other insurance card, but apparently I should have only given the insurance card. She said that insurance pays first then medicare or visa versa....anyway I have assigned medicare benefits to United Health/AARP, so she had to go back to the computer to change it otherwise she said I might have to pay out of pocket for the fasting test. So confusing!!!!! I guess my doctor didn't fill the order correctly. ^%$#@

    Trying to NOT do anything to hurt my shoulder more, so I'll work on my Etsy store today. Sales have fallen down to nothing.

    My son just emailed me that labor started last night, but the hospital sent them home until the pains were stronger. And I asked what about my DGD.....his reply......we just tied her up in back and left a bowl of water for her!!!! LOL. He's got a dry sense of humor that comes out unexpectedly.
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    SUN - What is it with some of these guys. Your son sounds like mine. Some people might take him seriously, which he is NOT. Hope all goes well with your newest grandchild waiting to be born and of course your DIL. So sorry about your should pain. Do you know what aggravated it,? Not that you need to know the cause. Sometimes we have these pains and haven't a clue what started them ALL. I like you have tried so many things that didn't do much if anything. Let us know when you become a Gma again :)! I sure miss those days when they were so little and new. Such an exciting time for all.

    The govt surely hasn't made things much easier when having to deal with insurance of any kind. SO much red tape to go through for everyone. How far away do you live from your son? Surprising they didn't ask if you could watch the DGD but then knowing your DIL, maybe not. Or maybe they were thinking of not putting you out with your pain situation,

    We are waiting now to find out if they could align our car OK and if we can pick it up today aor what. This is driving us crazy, esp DH. He always thinks the worst.

    JULIE - Thanks for moving my last post over here. See how blind I am and really observant ):!! he he !!

    Thinking of everyone. Need to get off the porch and do some look-ups for Christmas on line.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)

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    Hi everyone! Sun, I can't take credit for the new porch...thank goodness Mikie is on the ball.

    I remember an Emu Blu or some such cream that was all the rage a few years ago. I don't think I tried it, but saw it on special displays in lots of stores.

    Granni, I hope you get your car back today...what a hassle, trying to arrange transportation while waiting for your own vehicle.

    Mikie, thanks for starting us up again. I hope you are feeling a little better than you were earlier.

    I am finishing a lunch break...an apple and a couple handfuls of trail mix. Afraid to eat too much at once as that's when I seem to crash in the middle of the day. Have some cooked beef roast thawing and will fix mashed potatoes to go with it for supper. And probably some peas, and have a can of peaches open in the fridge that we need to eat.

    Den wants to get a load of wood this evening (#9 of 10)...I will go along, but he knows I won't be much help. He's taking tomorrow off so he can get more things from Gpa's other farm. Is supposed to rain on Saturday, so can't count on doing it then. His friend, Fred, will help him.

    Better get back to work....cleaning out Gpa's room (now the guest room) so it could actually be used to sleep in, if necessary.
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    Hi, Kids,

    Well, I finally did lie down before I fell down and slept like a log. I had about an hour of deep, deep sleep. Feels soooo good but I didn't wake bouncing with NRG. But then, I never do. Life for me is like always starting out in second gear and kinda lugging along. I need a tiger in my tank. I know the Red Tide is bad today because, despite taking my allergy pill, I am coughing, choking and gagging. AACCKK!!! HACK! HACK! An other woman in the waiting room at the garage was coughing too. She said her allergies were bad today.

    I don't know why my car always seems to run and ride so much better after an oil change. They check the air in the tires and they rotated them today so that could account for the ride this time; however, there is no practical reason that a car would seem to run better by just getting an oil change. This is a quiet engine that really does seem to purr. It runs very smoothly. My mechanic is not just a nice guy, he does all kinds of good work in the community and the world.

    Julie, thanks for copying Granni's post to the new porch. I try to catch it in a slow time but there could always be someone posting when I open the new one. I'm glad you have Fred to help with things. I think we'll all breathe better once you get to see the doc. I don't think it matters is we go over 30 posts. When the Porch is busy, it's sometimes difficult to make the shift. I keep a sack of snack size apples in the fridge to eat anytime. I love them with some smoked Edam cheese. I've been hungry for a baked apple lately. Granny Smiths are on sale so think I'll pick up a couple of them and bake them in the little pottery 'cups' made for just that purpose. Mmmm!

    Granni, good grief! I hope you get your car back. I hate having to wait on something like that. It's easier on me with having only one DGS. I just send $$ for his birthday and Christmas. The kids and I stopped exchanging gifts years ago. We just make donations to charities. Before the stent came out, I asked St. Jude for help in passing the stone frags so I could get it out. I sent a donation to the children's hospital. They do such good work. Who knows? If I hadn't bribed St. Jude, I might still have the stent in. Yikes! Today, I noticed that my AAA card had come but that they couldn't automatically renew it with my credit card. I called and gave them the new info and it's renewed. I'm still playing catchup with everything. AAA has been a God send. I can change a tire but don't want to. They came when I had my flat and replaced my dead batteries twice. I hope you get your car back.

    Sun, I have my own little compressor with a built-in air gauge. I go so long between oil changes that I'd just as soon check the air myself. I can't believe you are still bothered by insurance mixups. I hope I've just paid the last of the lab bills for all the blood work I've had with these stones. They do some kind of kidney function blood test. The lab charges hundreds of $$'s for each test and then write almost all of it off except for the pittance the insurance pays and my co-pay. Same with the hospital. I don't know how much of the $36,000 my ins. paid and how much was written off. Our non-profit hospital made millions last year. One good thing about living in God's Waiting Room is the number of docs and medical facilities. I hope you are feeling batter. Constant pain wears a body down.

    Sir Vester is snoozing in his little bed. He used the litter box a while ago and came out and did a little happy dance with intricate leaps with twists. I gave him a 9.8 for both difficulty and style. Wish I felt like doing a little dance. Maybe I need to listen to the Cowboy Yodel Song.

    Love, Mikie
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    NO car today. The car was OK but then their systems were down for paper work. Then it came up but waiting for something probably from insurance to be faxed to them. So I won;t be having fun tomorrow. I'll be working outside in between going to get the car.

    MIKIE - You sure are right about pain wearing the body down. It wears down the brain and everything down too. It can be very frustrating and I get grouchy I know with DH. That is so funny about the little dance Sir Vester was doing after he used his little box. These animals are so funny.

    JULIE - Glad Den is going to get the stuff from Gpas farm and that you won't be there. I know that makes you feel so much better.

    As usual it is time to go fix dinner. This time hamburgers, half beef and half ground turkey. I thought that would work since we were going to go get the car but that didn't work out. Oh well, !!!

    Bye for now and hopefully I will have better news tomorrow.

    Going out for early b-day on sat to meet two of the kids about 1/2 way from both our homes. It is hard for them to get to us and visa versa without disrupting everything.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Hi guys.
    It's the end of another week here (fri) and looking back, it doesn't feel like I've achieved very much.
    I guess I should learn to Just look forward.
    It's a lovely Spring day out and the wind has finally settled down.

    Gee, those hungry little magpie mouths sure do make a racket! At least that way, we know they are still alive and well, I s'pose.
    The other day we heard, what sounded like a baby in distress, while papa magpie was filling up on the mince DH was giving him.
    He took off like a shot and later , when he returned, he looked rather despondent. Hope his little one is ok.
    We know from experience that other birds (crows) and even other magpies will attack if given the opportunity.
    I think this year, overall, they are doing well. Last year we didn't hear any babies at all.

    As far as creams go, I think there are a few of the 'emu' ones out there. Also the 'goanna oil' and 'tiger balm' come to mind...
    I tried an extra strength deep heat, I think it was, a while back and felt like I was getting burnt alive.
    So maybe test patches are a worth while thing After all ?
    Years ago, when mil had shingles, I made a concoction where the main ingredient was chilli/ cayenne powder.(don't worry, I did get it out of a book I had).she said it felt great. So maybe adding some to a base cream, like aqueous, could be a viable option. Just as you mentioned, Sun.

    I still send Christmas cards to family and to a couple of old friends who I know Love to get hand written, snail mail. As for anyone else, I guess I'm pretty slack. I just send out a group text. Same goes for New Years and Easter...
    However, the thing to remember with 'group texts' is that if you get a reply, everyone in the 'group' gets it aswell! A little disconcerting !
    I discovered last week, it's the same with group emails.
    Just goes to show, 'if ya don't have anything nice to say, best not to say it. '( So I reminded myself)...
    Not that I have, but what a way to discover someone's 'true colours' hey ?!

    Ah yes. My Aunty writes as I do, using a card. That way you have just the right amount of space.
    Postage has sky rocketed here though because of technology. We now have a choice of two stamps for standard mail. One goes faster than the other. It's a little bit rediculous.

    This Aunty I mentioned is such a gem.
    Because my dad is mentally ill and had dreamt up all these awful stories about her and passed them onto his 5 kids ( me included), we had nothing to do with her. Besides, we lived on the opposite side of Australia.
    It wasn't until years later, as an adult, when my little tribe moved closer to her, that we got to know her.
    I really do wish that things were different and we could've had at least One Aunty in our lives, growing up, but our dad was obviously struggling mentally way back. So wasn't to happen.

    My dad has cut me off,as he says to my siblings, so I don't hear a lot.
    It frustrated me for the longest time, that not even one (out of 4), would let me know how he's going...after all, he's still my dad...
    Now I know why.
    My youngest sister told me about his latest poisonous story, with 'moi' as the star of the show.
    According to him,among other things- I forced my husband to sell our house and then I got my greedy paws on Dh's grandpa's house, while he was still on his death bed. Pretending to look after him.
    There's more to his fantasy, but that's the gist of it.

    I just don't understand how he could dream this stuff up about me And then spread it around.
    God only knows what else he's saying...
    I went over and beyond to try and help him when he landed on our doorstep-more than once...
    I know, he's ill, so there's No logic, but it's really difficult to shake.
    That he'd think I'm that evil to do any of that and who knows what else.

    When he was over here, he rubbished me to the pastor of our Church too (and like I said, God knows who else).
    I didn't have a clue until the pastor actually said to me one day, "don't worry.I don't believe any of the stuff your father has said about you". I was speechless.
    There I was, trying to provide a life for him in what is 'my home town' and there he is trashing me- to who exactly? And what was he saying?
    His daughter, who is all the while trying to help him.

    He told the rest of my family that I had hijacked 'his' friends etc, forgetting that we, Dh, Treasures and I had already been living here for a number of years...

    I haven't heard from any of them now,(Siblings) for quite some time.

    Ah. Nothing like a hungry magpie to shake me back to reality...

    Sorry if I've put a dampener on anyone's day. Is good to off load though. So thanks for listening.

    Am tossing up whether or not to sign dd up to Little Athletics, as she's been a bit cheeky lately...
    Yeah. Back to reality!

    Thinkin' of you all. It's a mixed up, crazy world sometimes, but there is joy to be found, in the little things- like noisy magpies, noisily guzzling worms!

    Take care Everyone
    Catch yas later
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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Seems so many of us have been having hard times lately. I used to post this on the other board but think I'll just mention it here. We often judge ourselves by how little we are able to do or how we feel. I think we are all heroes and heroines. We are always late out of the gate trying to deal with our constant pain and bone-crushing exhaustion. In spite of that, we manage our lives, our homes, our loved ones and our pets. We never give up and continue to look for ways to heal. We are not our illnesses and we are not what we are able to do. We are extraordinary people who help and support one another with true love and compassion. We have grown spiritually through our suffering. Our desire is to feel 'normal'--what others take for granted. We appreciate things others may miss. I feel so blessed to know each and every one of you. Here's to you; you're the best.

    I will go over to the pool today. I know it makes me tired but it's definitely worth it in how I feel otherwise. I've managed to catch up on most of the important stuff but I still have to get my mammo and Dexascan. I had to cancel them twice while I was dealing with the stones. Condo is messy but I'm not in a tizzy over it.

    Granni, yes, it is soooo cute when Sir Vester does these silly things. He often just comes out of the bathroom after using his box and crows about it out loud. He's either proud or feeling much better. After the Tweety debacle, I'm just thankful he uses his box. I clean it every morning when I get up. With neutered male cats, it's important that they drink enough water. I check the clumps to make sure. He gets only bottled or filtered water. I hope today is finally the day you get your car back. Good grief! It's been long enough. It seemed as though it took forever to get mine back when I had my accident but they did a beautiful job. It was impossible to see that it had ever been wrecked. I hope yours is perfect. I also hope you enjoy the family celebration for your birthday.

    Star, I am so sorry for your father's illness and how it has affected you. I know it's so hard to deal with even though you know he's not in his right mind. I'm sure everyone else realizes he's sick and they don't believe what he is saying. You know, in your heart, that you are a good daughter. Julie has had to deal with this too. I've had to deal with it with my neighbor, Barb, but she isn't family. It's worse with a family member. Give it time, dear one, and try not to stress; I know, easier said than done. Every year, we have the war of the birds here. The jays and crows attack the other birds' nests. They dive bomb the trees. The screeching is horrible. When the cats lived outside, the crows would come and eat their food and dance in their water bowl. I hated them. I know crows are smart but I have no use for them. We have two types here, one larger than the other. They hang out in the trees in shopping center parking lots and carry on. They're for the birds!

    Barry and Rock, I see that the West Coast is in for rain. I hope it doesn't cause mud slides in all those areas where there were wild fires. Y'all don't need that! Barry, I hope Shorty continues to heal. Rock, has the little B&W kitty been by? Hope you both are doing well.

    Got an e-mail from a neighbor thanking me for the trash cans I donated to the pool bathrooms. She works during season and wants to get together before returning to work the first of Nov. I really like her and hope we can do it. I've been thinking that, if I can get to feeling better, I'd like to work part time again. I think I could do it once I recover from the stone episode. There is no hurry. Maybe next year just before season arrives here. That's when businesses hire. I'd probably just go back to Publix and, once hired, I'd work all year part time. If I plan on doing it next year, it would give me time to get all this stuff cleaned out and reorganized. Then, it wouldn't be so difficult to keep the condo in order while working a bit. It's exciting to me to consider but, for now, I'm only considering it. I'll have to see how I feel.

    OK, Kids, gonna go read the paper. I hope all y'all have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
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  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    I don't have blurry eyes this morning. I have itchy eyes. Whine, whine, whine.
    Just finished Susan Boyle's autobiography. I believe she had the most
    stupendous audition in the history of show biz. The Youtube videos of same
    have been viewed something like 230,000,000 times. In one year
    she went from shy, timid unknown to shy, timid multi millionaire with
    Britain's best selling CD; made concert appearances in several countries,
    and met various officials of the Catholic Church and celebs she admired.
    She said the most wonderful event for her was meeting and chatting with
    Donny Osmond.

    And she did lots of thing she never expected to do such as flying in a plane,
    traveling, visiting Disneyland, writing a book, etc. Things she had never
    dreamed of.

    I, too, can now truthfully type a sentence I never thought I'd write. I went
    out for pizza with a Nobel Prize winner. Of course that was half a
    century ago, and he just won the Prize now, but still...

    Mikie, that would be wonderful if you felt good enough to go back to work.
    I think I posted a few months ago that I dreamed I was well and working again.
    It was the most wonderful dream. I was competent again.

    Yes, the ornery kitty has been around pretty consistently for the last month
    or so. Her schedule is always a bit erratic, but mostly she's been showing
    up early in the morning, around supper time, and again at midnight.
    But she wasn't here this morning. She remains ornery and stupid.

    When I bring out the food she rushes up to me and hisses like a nest
    of snakes. If she an ounce of brains she'd just wait a few seconds till
    I put the bowl down and leave. But as you pointed out, some of these
    poor strays have been severely traumatized and just can't adjust to new

    Star, sorry to hear about your toxic father. Sounds as bad as mine.
    Maybe in Dante's Inferno the two of them will be chained together
    and have to endure each other's company for a few millennium.
    Do your magpies look the one below? Very dramatic plumage.

    Granni, hope you get your car back today, and that it runs just fine.
    Got an e mail from by brother in Minnesota. He said his wife hit
    a deer the other day. The car is "pretty wrinkled". I think deer are
    at the top of the animal list for people killed in the U.S. More than
    sharks, bears, snakes, cows, etc.

    Sent my brother his birthday card which I got at the library the
    other day. I put two old (but unused) stamps on it. One Elvis and one
    of a comic strip that was in the papers many decades ago.

    BTW, did you guys know that China now produces more cars than
    the U.S.? Just read that yesterday. I believe they are going to
    start producing their own brand. It will be named the Shar Pei.
    Comes already wrinkled.

    Sun, yup, that insurance stuff is tres confusiatin'. Gordon emailed
    our insurance man about health coverage for chiropractic care.
    We're going to have to get a new bone cracker as ours is retiring.
    He's been treating both of us for many years. Twenty? Thirty? I
    can't remember. Anyhoo the answer we got back was vague as
    a horoscope. And equally useless.


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  12. lydia1

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    Good morning, friends! I'm up earlier cause I have to get ready to go to the chiro. Will see how I feel after that...whether I come back home and crash, come back home and rest a bit before I go get my dad, or whether I go on to get my dad before stopping by home. Somehow, I don't think the latter is going to happen. Den went on over to Gpa's other farm by himself...his friend, Fred, can't make it yet today...maybe he will go tomorrow.

    Rock, I see you just posted, as I was typing. I had googled Magpie and came up with similar pictures....what pretty birds! Oh, sorry you have to get a new chiro. Mine is the same age as me (58) so hopefully he will be working a while longer...his dad is still seeing patients in the same clinic.

    Mikie, I hope if you do decide to go back to work that it works out for you. So funny about Sir Vester's Happy Dances after he goes potty, lol!

    Granni, I'm sorry they are taking so long to get your car back to you. We have a friend who goes around the country doing ministry at different churches...he does a chalk drawing, then turns on a black light to reveal more of the picture. His transmission went out in his truck, and the shop had it almost ready to go, but it got too late in the day. So, he had to rent another truck (he pulls a big trailer with his equipment in it) and drive 600 miles to another church. Then a week later, drive back and get his own truck from this shop. Talk about a pain...

    Star, oh man...what an ordeal with your dad. I can't imagine the hurt, coming from a parent. I can sort of understand, though, since Den's sis feels the same way about me...and I have no idea how many stories she has told to how many people...about how I took advantage of Gpa. She almost had him convinced that we just moved him over here for our benifit and were going to get "tired of him" and throw him in a nursing home. After several months of getting actual loving care by us, he realized that wasn't true...but it must have been really hard for him at first. Especially with his blood sugar so high (680) and he had recently (within six weeks of moving here) had a stroke. How helpless he must have felt :(

    I am so sorry, dear one. You are right to understand that your dad has a mental illness, but it still hurts. I hope your siblings realize the truth someday.

    I need to get off the computer and hop in the shower. I hate getting out, but probably should keep this chiro appt.

    Take care, everyone!

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  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    I was starting my response here and the blue Microsoft screen came on and said it had to restart my computer. I'm so glad I didn't lose much. Computer Gremlins, be gone!!! I cast you out!

    I worked out at the pool, running full out for about 25 mins. I was getting pretty exhausted so decided to cut the last five mins. I did mange to do the High Intensity Training reps and I think that is the most important part. I took my paper down for recycle and got my mail. Then, I went downstairs and got the condo ready for the kids that own it. They get here tomorrow for about a week. I should throw some laundry in before it gets to be too much.

    Rock, I know the kitty's behavior doesn't make sense. She will likely never reward you for being so kind to her. I could never get close to Simon when I put his bowl down. He ran away a safe distance and wouldn't come near the bowl until I was back inside. He seemed to like it that I talked to him before I put the bowl down. You are earning spiritual kitty points. When you and I get to Heaven, we will be covered with kittens giving us big slurpy kitty kisses. Of all the things I've been able to do, visiting Disneyland and Disney World are at the top of the list. Who was the Nobel Prize winner? Inquiring minds want to know.

    Julie, hope the chiro helps you. Is it cool there? Saw a political rally in Ohio and everyone had on sweaters and jackets. I had heard this cold front covered most of the Midwest. It is so much more comfortable here even though it reaches the high 80's in the afternoons. I think the breezes and less humidity help too. It gives me hope our really beautiful winter weather is on its way. Hope Den can manage at GPA's other place by himself. Also hope things go well with your Dad. It's so nice to bring him out to your place. My stomach's upset; I think if I can go, I'll be doing my happy dance.

    Hoping all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  14. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hey All.

    Rock, are you saying you had pizza with the new Nobel Laureate for Literature? B.D.? I've always loved his musical poetry. I'm glad he won! I've always been fond of Leonard Cohen, Janis Joplin, and Joan Baez too. You? People around here are always hitting deer on the roads, by the way. The deer population is too large appparently, and people don't seem to like venison.... why I don't know.

    Rain, rain, rain at last! And more to come this weekend. Flood alerts for those who live in flood prone areas, but not us. Our well rain dry two days ago -- a real pain in the arse. These rains will start the springs flowing again, and our well can be used again.

    Star, glad you are getting some balmy weather, and baby mags must mean SPRING is there. Sorry about your family kerfuddle, and that you have little contact with your sibs. So sad.

    Richard has gone to his 5oth high school reunion so I am alone with Slinky and Shorty. Shorty is doing quite well, by the way. The phenobarbital has stopped his seizures , but makes him very hungry and thirsty, so we have to monitor his diet. He loves carrots and peas, green beans, and virtually anything edible. Fridays are "marrow bone day", when he gets a marrow bone. They really keep his teeth clean, and it gives him much pleasure. All stitches are out now, from the attack by the #$#$#$#$ bulldog that jumped out of his owner's truck and savaged him. I hope to get $ from him if he has a decent crop this year; he is a small-time Cannabis grower, and it is harvest time. But not for me; people just give it to me. People can be so kind.

    Must off,
    love to all,
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  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good afternoon dear Porchies,

    MIKIE, et al, I just had to come on and let you know we finally got our car this a.m. and it looks really nice. They did a great job. There is so much paperwork and that is what we were working with the last day or so especially. It drives really well too. This afternoon, after lunch I had to go to the health food store to pick up a supplement I had ordered and some more goats milk yogurt. It drives great but the traffic getting back onto the main road, going of course in the opposite direction, was a bit nerve racking. Did not drive that rental car at all when we had it. MIKIE , I hope your tummy is feeling better by now and you have had some success , lime Sir Vester :)!!

    Can't stay on to long as I need to start the chicken salad that I need to make so it can sit in the refrig for awhile . Might even boil up some special macaroni to put in it. I know poor DH gets so tired of rice, sweet potatoes and little or no carbs ):!!

    STAR - So very sorry to hear about your dad who had mental illness. Even so, I still would be very upset at what made him say things like that to others about you that were not true. Of course that would be very sad and upsetting even if you know it wasn't true. One can really suffer with stories like that especially told by a family member. In JULIE's case also.

    BARRY - So glad that Shorty is doing much better and his stitches came out. Poor little guy has been through so much. Glad Richard is going to his reunion. I haven't been to any as we no longer liver in NY but have gone on a few Nursing Reunions in the past but everyone is so scattered. We may have gone on our last one one a year or so ago in Las Vegas.

    JULIE - Glad that Den is getting his stuff from the other farm little by little. I a sure once he has all his stuff none of you need to go there ever again to see that awful person and whoever she has hooked up with at that time. I am sure you feel better not going over there and having to deal with her. I wouldn't either want to after all she has said and done. Now you can hopefully concentrate on you and Den and your family, once all this estate stuff is through with.

    ROCK - Have you read all your books yet that you got at the library sale or whatever it was the other day. You sound like my DH who is always reading something.

    SUN - Hope you are feeling a little better with all that extra pain you have been having. What is the newest on the newest g baby :)!! boy or girl ???? Hope all is well with everyone.

    Gotta run for now.

    Love you all,
    Granni :)

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  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Granni, just checking in. Soooo glad the car came out so well. I was hopping it would. I'm on the Surface so won't stay long. If I look at the keyboard when I type, it works better. It only does the weird auto word thing when I take the keyboard off and type on the touchscreen. I did have success but didn't do a happy dance. Have a good evening.

    Love, Mikie
  17. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys.
    Thanks for all your kindness.

    I guess I started to get myself a little worked up, anxious and even slightly paranoid-As far as my dad and his stories are concerned.
    I recently learnt, from the pastor, that my dad had rung him, leaving a message.He was asking him for help to relocate , to move back here! Fortunately, he never returned the call.
    Although I never really spoke to anyone here about the disruption he has caused, The Pastor obviously discerned that it wouldn't be a great idea. Thank God.

    You see, it was when we were away, with my mother, when my sister called me.
    At first I couldn't follow what she was saying, as she can be a little erratic and somewhat highly strung, but it all came together with a jolt. I simply could not deal with it then as I well and truly had my hands full and was already running on fumes. I couldn't risk unpacking this latest drama, as I Knew it'd likely deplete my reserves...

    When I finally got home and Mum was gone, I crashed- and got sick.
    On reflection, aside from exhaustion from entertaining Mum and fulfilling my duties, I suspect that this latest 'dad poison' was festering like a boil, way over due for a squeeze.

    So on squeezing and carefully scrutinising the contents, I came to the realisation that what I had heard was probably only the tip of the ice berg.
    My sister mentioned that my dad was in hospital with Dh's GPa, as if they had bonded and become mates...
    That is what made me sick to the core.
    I of course knew they were in hospital at the same time because DH and I were catering to the both of them.

    It was disturbing at the time because on one occasion dad was in GPas room, mumbling away.
    GPa needed his rest and certainly wasn't going to get it with him in there.
    GPa told DH that my dad was 'in a bad way'... We knew this meant that my dad was being a drama queen, as is his way.
    Meanwhile GPa was close to death.
    We tried to tell my dad not to bother him because he really needed the rest, but to no avail.

    Now, looking back, I really hope that due to dad's mumbling and GPa's poor hearing, that none of his poison permeated...

    While looking back,
    I felt so upset at the prospect of my dad burdening Dh's GrandDad, at such a vulnerable time for him, that I felt physically ill...
    I know it's all too late now, but the guilt at not shielding him better from my dad seemed to overwhelm me...

    Any way, GPa is hopefully dancing on streets of gold now and what's done is done.

    I heard something on the radio yesterday. It was kind of a 'light bulb' moment.
    We all often ask 'why?' , but would the X-ray of an already broken leg, lessen the pain?
    If I ever had the opportunity to ask him why, no doubt he'd use the opportunity to hurt me more.
    The person I used to know as my dad is long gone.

    On a brighter note, DH hand fed one of the baby magpies this morning.
    It's parents seem to have given up on this one and are only focusing on the two strongest.
    Hmmm. Guess that's not altogether a brighter note, is it?

    Yes. The picture is accurate, Rock. They sing a different song to the ones over West though. Beautiful still.
    The sun is out and I need to investigate any snail wreckage, amongst my petunias.

    Hope you all have a great day.
    And again thanks for letting me get this off my chest.

    Take care everyone
    Catch yas later
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  18. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Back again.
    We went out to check on the baby magpie that we thought wasn't being fed anymore.
    DH ,with a handful of mince, chatted pleasantly with the little guy and fed it.
    It's on a lower branch, so easy enough to reach, (because DH had put it there, from off the ground).
    DH left a piece of mince on the branch next to it. We then retreated to see what would happen.
    And fed the other two families...

    What a relief!!
    Mama or papa flew in, picked up the mince and promptly fed it to baby. Yay!

    Definately a feel good moment!

    Alright guys, I'd best be off.
    I have a book report (Dd's) to edit.

    Take care
    Catch yas later
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  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hi all!

    Oh Star - that's painful about yr daddy. Thank goodness you hv other people in yr life to balance it out. It sure makes a dent in a child's self-esteem if their own parents hv serious behavioral issues of any kind. I think you're such a kind good person inspite of yr father problem or maybe because of that. Some let it affect them in a negative way and some turn it around and go the opposite direction.

    Does he hv schizophrenia or bipolar related issues? I know there are many mental disorders aside from these two. But, boy, what he has is tough and so hurtful for you! Bless you.

    It's too sweet about the magpies. I'm smiling. Mind they don't get your trinkets.

    Granni - I hope your car is back soon and this whole episode is put behind you. So unfortunate it happened to you, that too. I'm thinking you were least likely candidate to hv a vehicle accident. But who knows. When it's not ones day.

    Oh I just read and see you have got back yr car. That too with a good job done. Yay!

    I like that you are starting early.on your Christmas presents. I try to do that for my birthday list. This year I did too and didn't hv to thru the stress of last minute panic. Gave me so.much satisfaction looking back. Most birthdays are done now. Got to wait for next year.

    Mikie - woo hoo. So good to hear you raring to go to work. You are my heroine role model for going thru and trumping over adversary. What a relief about Tweety and Jeff. You are good people in there in your neighbourhood going above and beyond to take care of a fellow inhabitant of this earth home of ours.

    Sorry to hear about Nurse Nancy. Praying she is fine.

    It's scary to read about Red Tide. I never heard about or imagined such in the ocean. It's scary because its nature, and how do you control it?

    I was watching What on Earth on Discovery channel and they showed this big black blob a satellite showed from the sky in the ocean size of a county but they couldn't figure out what it was. It wasn't red tide either because it showed up black. Stayed for a month and then just disappeared. I was thinking since there is so.much we can't control outwardly it should be a priority to make our own selves so strong that we can withstand what gets thrown at us. Easier said than done. I've lucked out a bit getting the help I need when certain things hv happened I couldn't control.

    Hmmm..I'm being very careful about not losing this.post posting after every few lines but the connection just went on its own. I checked and reconnected and.luckily typed portion came back ...and I was still logged in. Maybe my fairy godmother of computers decided to show up.

    Julie - a travelling ministry. That is so neat! Love those people who do things like that. Will be so good when the whole other farm and estate business is finished up. When I saw Keira who was a baby when I first came to porch and with who I went to playschool with thru her where you too worked part time..I cannot believe how time has flown. And so much has happened after and Josiah and Lorraine and gang have come on board and into you and Dens lives. Was it Dens birthday recently.. I thought I saw on FB which I was checking if I could still work it or not. Actually I was trying to access some website and they said u need to go thru FB. I had to change.my.password and everything. The old one wouldn't let.me in.

    Barry - i am glad you find my posts exotic. There are things here however, which are incomprehensible in other countries, not so good things. The food though, is good. My pickles, and tea leave brands. And enough veg items in restaurants. And that we can hire people to clean at cheaper rates. Otherwise I would be a goner with my erratic energy spells. Little Shorty is being put thru a lot..in his little canine life. But he sure sounds like a trooper.

    50th school reunion..that sounds grand. Imagine how.much the attendees would hv to tell each other!!

    I heard Joan Baez from the cassettes my then hippie father used to buy. Or got from his rich step brother. Those days my friends father's used to wear white shirt pressed trousers and a short genteel haircut while father wore corduroys..a tee, long hair upto shoulders, huge goggles, drink induced smirk and bright eyes..and writhe around to Joan Baez..Carly Simon.

    Mm. Full stops are getting added on their own to my sentences where full stops should not be.

    Rock - thank you for the magpie picture. Sweet looking bird. I love mischievous critters. When I'm not dealing with their mischief. Heard they love baubles. And will steal such from homes. And store their loot in their nests. They sound like the reincarnated souls of high born women who couldn't let go their precious jewels when they died. And so they came back. To reclaim their stuff. I mean birds stealing food nuts and all but shiny objects!

    That is neat ..you had a drink with Nobel Peace Prize Winner Bob Dylan. I've not heard much of his music butbi thought he must be good if so many of my brothers friends liked his music. I hope and guess he will give his prize money to the needy. I'm sure the man has tons.of money his own.

    Sun - wish your pains were cured forever. You don't even hv any habits that should hv brought in this sort of chronic pain. I wish at.least there were answers to be had so ailments could be fixed!

    I heard some place in New York was charging so high for Tibetan dumplngs. I can believe they charge really high for the food. Wonder if it's for spices. We use lots of cardamom, cumin, asafoetida and such which wouldn't be stored in great.amounts usually there.

    Hmm..but Indian food use the same spices. And they dont over charge for that.

    I was thinking about the energy drops you mentioned or was it Julie...I've made it so I don't eat if I find I hv energy and there's a pressing chore to be done..I wait until I've done the chore and I'm too tired to go on before I eat because I know I'm gonna be resting after that anyway. If I'm too hungry I just hv liquid. Soup or a health drink. Which won't require energy to digest.
    Sometimes I feel like an entirely different species from a human, the things I hv to do to just be. And exist.

    I hope Diane Elaine n all are doing well. This quiet spell with no cars honking incessantly and less people has been so pleasant. Today is one of the rare times I'm feeling happy for.no reason at all. Which is the best kind of reason I guess since if look for reasons to be grumpy I will find a hundred or thousand.

    Well, the weather is fine....no hot sun or biting cold. That could be one reason for my tranquil mood. And I have been regular with the meditations.

    God bless you all
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  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Can't sleep, so I thought I'd come fiddle around on the computer. Started to
    watch a DVD titled The 3:10 From Yuma. It was a movie in 1957 and was
    remade 50 years later. The first 10-15 minutes was nonstop violence with almost
    no dialogue. Enough of that. I put it back in the box. The second DVD is
    about dinosaurs. More to my liking. Used to collect fossils when I was a kid.
    Lots of them in the limestone bedrock of my home town. Had one that was
    a tiny perfect 5-ponted star.

    Star, what book did your daughter report on? My son once did a book
    report on Helen Keller. He was in middle school. Never actually read
    a book. Just looked her up on the net and cobbled together a report.
    In High School I did a book report on Gone With the Wind. The teacher
    said, " I've been teaching almost 40 years. Nobody has ever done a
    report on GWTW before."

    Glad to hear the magpie baby got fed. I wonder if a magpie would like
    mince pie. I have a vague memory of reading that mince pie used to
    be venison, but now is usually raisins, prunes, etc.

    Barry, you are absolutely spot on. The recent winner of the Nobel Prize
    for Literature is Bob Dylan. I met him in 1959 when he came to our
    school to visit a friend. He sang at the Inn of the Purple Onion in St.
    Paul, MN. The place was named after the one in San Francisco.
    Anyhoo the three of us went for pizza. Bob sang for half an hour.

    Since I did not know this was a historic occasion I did not keep notes.
    Have no idea what he sang. He sat on a stool under a spotlight. I
    was impressed with two things. 1) He smoked constantly. When he
    was singing he tucked his cigarette under the guitar strings at the
    top of the neck. 2) He had a terrible voice. I knew he would never
    get anywhere in show biz.

    He was back again the following year, but I did not see him that time.
    Drove by his house on the Malibu Cliffs some decades ago. Couldn't
    see a thing. High wooden fence around it.

    Yes, I was/am a Joan Baez fan. She appeared on the scene about the
    time I started college and stereo sound was introduced. I bought a
    stereo album of Joan as a gift for my roommate. Didn't know that 'Baez'
    was a Spanish name. Have liked her all these years. Read her biography
    several years ago.

    Granni, haven't read all my new paperbacks just yet. I read one by a
    new author. Put another of her books on hold. Started a book set in
    a small town that had glowing reports on the back cover. Turned out
    to be about poverty and child abuse. Tossed that one in the trash after
    one chapter. Not even going to recycle it at the library.

    Mikie, "Computer Gremlins, Be Gone!" Reminds me of Gary Larson who
    had a cartoon RE: exorcising the foul demons from a vacuum cleaner.
    Larson i.e. Son of Lars had a wonderful sense of humor like all the
    Norwegians except the Lutheran ones. (That's a joke since almost all
    were Lutheran.) Not any more though. Read an article a few years ago
    that said regular Church attendance in Norway was down to about 2% of
    the population.

    That's great that you were able to do some exercise. I haven't touched my
    new exercise gadget since it aggravated my hernia. I was meaning to try
    it very gently the last two days, but I can't remember. Forgot to
    shampoo when I had a bath last night. AACCKK! I'd forget my head if it etc.

    Julie, we had a visiting church artist when I was a kid. Hadn't thought of
    that for decades. He did 3-4 drawings. Left them with us. They hung in
    the church basement meeting room for years. I was amazed anyone could
    draw so well and so fast.

    Well, Gordon is telling me to come to bed. Tactful person that I am I
    refrained from saying, "You're not my mother." But I think I will see
    if I can drop off this time. Maybe I'll have a nice dream. I haven't had any
    kind of a dream for months. Hope you are all having what Patsy Cline
    sang about: Sweet Dreams.

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