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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,


    It time to open up a new Porch. I'll be back to respond to the last posts on the old Porch. No reason to post this pic of a painting of a dandelion 'cept that I like it. I went to bed about 4:00 yesterday afternoon. I woke up and watched Frequency and then went back to sleep until about 4:00 this morning. Of course, there were some interruptions from Sir Vester in between. As with the last two, I didn't watch the final debate. From the clips I see this morning, I didn't miss a thing. Again, I'll be so glad when this is over.

    Julie, I'm glad you are gearing up for doing supps, eating healthy and getting rid of stress. When I was first so sick, my shrink told me that being super organized is very helpful in reducing stress. Unfortunately, just trying to be organized can cause stress. What I learned is to organize by priorities with the understanding that it is impossible to be perfect. Sooo, that means some kind of triage is necessary. I was always losing my keys. I put up two cute little hooks next to the front door and I've formed a habit of always hanging my keys up when I get home. Problem solved. I still struggle with paperwork but have a system for setting aside bills and other things I need to deal with right away. Once in a while, even with this system, I screw up.

    The second part of reducing my stress is realizing, and accepting, that being organized is an ongoing, neverending pursuit. One of the great tenets of reducing stress is not being so attached to any outcome. Otherwise, when any little thing puts us off our schedules, we fall apart from the stress. This is how we should meditate and pray. We ask God for what we want but we leave it in His hands and stop worrying about it. This is very hard to do but, with practice, it really helps reduce stress. I tell myself that if I ask God for something and continue to worry and stress over it, I do not have faith in Him. I still love the Psalm which states, "Be still and know that I am God." So, I do what I can and allow the rest to slide another day. I figure God expects me to do what I can and leave the rest to Him. Good luck with everything. I'm glad you will be seeing the kids again. Thanksgiving will be here before you know it.

    Sun, once again we have similar lives. My DGS has his other GM and GF living very close by. I'm so happy the kids have them to watch over him when they travel but they usually take him with them. They are a very close little family. DGS told me last time they were here that I am his favorite Grandma. We talked and I explained that he really didn't have to have a favorite. His other DGM is different than I am and he can just love us both for those differences. He thought about it and agreed. I also wish I were closer but do what I can. I'm really looking forward to Thanksgiving with them. It will be a big dinner with the other GPs and DSIL's brother and his wife. I haven't seen DSIL's brother since the wedding. They live in NM. BTW, Timeless is on NBC. It is Frequency which is on the CW cable channel. I can't keep it all straight. I don't like being licked by Sir Vester but it beats being bitten. He doesn't bite hard and I wonder whether it's love nips. It's too bad that you and Clair aren't sympatico. Are you still considering a doggie?

    Granni, that group of friends and family is so big but sounds like a lot of fun. Bless the woman who likes having so many in her home. I'd likely run away from home at the mere thought of it. It was so good to read that you've found out you can't reason with a mentally ill person. Just reaching that realization is a huge step and will help you in dealing with the situation. It doesn't mean you've given up; it just means you've handed it over to a Higher Power. You've done all you can and that's a LOT. We simply can't be responsible for another person, even a DD. Our kids have to figure out their own lives and for ones who struggle with mental illness, it may take a few tries and even failures. All we can do is let them know we love them and pray for them. It seems as though it was when I stopped trying to be in control and gave my own DD's illness over to God that things started to turn around. It's horrible to see our kids hurting and know we have no control over it. I keep you in my prayers and I know others here do the same. Enjoy your dinner.

    Gotta run to the bathroom. I'll be right back--aah, that's better but, unlike Sir Vester, I'm not doing a happy dance. Later, I'm going to jump in the shower and get ready to go to Costco, if I'm not too tired after showering. I'm out of my gummi fiber cubes and decaf coffee K-cups. I also want to grab a big bag of slaw veggies so I can make my Asian salad. I've been hungry for healthier food lately and that's a good thing. I want to eat more asparagus; it's supposed to be a 'superfood.' Hope I can get back to the pool tomorrow. It could be the workouts which are causing my desire for better food. I'm convinced that the trifecta of good health is exercise, healthy food and stress reduction. Not smoking is a given.

    Two friends and I are having lunch together next Tus. We'll go to Bahama Breeze. I'm going to try something different than I usually have. Everyone loves the coconut shrimp but I fix that at home. If nothing appeals to me, I'll have a cheeseburger. I like one once in a while. I'm still excited that Julie will keep Sir Vester over Thanksgiving. I hope she doesn't change her mind. I think it would be good for both of them. Think I'll send her an Edible Arrangement after I get home.

    I'm off to read the virtual newspaper. Hope everydobby has a wonderful and blessed day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Thanks for opening up, Mikie. I love the design you posted. It looks very
    much like the constructs of the mass spectrometer ionization vizualization
    process recently co-developed by MIT and Mico University in Jamaica.
    Scientists anticipate great improvements in such practical matters as
    the proper transportation and storage of ground nuts.

    Have never fixed battered shrimp myself. Sounds kinda like beating up on
    some small guy. Gordon uses shrimp in his stir fry at times. I used to make
    a tasty cheeseburger, but that was decades ago. After my Dad sold his
    restaurant he traveled through NE Iowa selling nursery stock to farmers,
    schools, churches, etc. He often stopped at a village with the colorful name
    of Strawberry Point. They had a great butcher shop there. In those days a
    pound of ground beef cost 40- 50 cents.

    Sun, I'm sure your grandchildren will have happy memories of time spent
    with you. I had two grandmas. The Norwegian one was cold, and the German
    one was practically dead. Only saw her 2 or 3 times. She was dressed all
    in black. Sat hunched over in her chair. Hardly said a word. I think both
    of my parents came from dysfunctional families which is a pretty good reason
    for their dysfunctional parenting, I suppose.

    If Gordon produces any origami I will encourage him to post same. Couple
    decades ago he took classes in Chinese ornamental knot tying. He mastered
    that. He has far more dexterity than I.

    Julie, do you burn your firewood in a stove or a fireplace? I lived in a
    couple places with fireplaces. Hardly ever used them though. Too much
    trouble to clean. I think that's a great idea to discuss future gifts with
    the Mom. Ought to avoid duplicate or unsuitable gifts.

    Granni, you're right. Hard to have a sensible discussion with people who
    are outta their mind, drunk, drugged, etc. At my first job outta college
    I had an excellent supervisor, but he was an alcoholic. He sold me his
    car. He couldn't keep up the payments with the crazy spending he'd been

    At one point he had himself admitted to a facility for alcoholics. Shortly
    thereafter he wrote me a letter and asked me to come visit on an afternoon
    between such and such hours. Then he would jump in the car, and I'd drive
    him away.

    This from an experienced Social Worker! I sent him a get well card. and said
    I was glad to know he was getting help and would soon be well and home.
    Never heard from him again.

    Hugs Everydobby
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    Good morning! Too much pain last night so I put off going to bed. Then, when I was ready to go upstairs, I heard some thundering...I didn't want Oreo waking up Den (trying to get to me across the bed) so I just made my little nest downstairs. Already had my pillows, etc. with me.

    Keira emailed me early this morning...she wants to see us (she didn't get to come with Amy and Miley last week because she had to be with her dad.) I told her anytime was fine. I'll see if Amy wants her to come here this weekend...possibly we can meet after I take my dad back home tomorrow evening.

    Keira had me bring her sewing machine back home with me and we plan to sew sometime at my house when we have a lot of time together. She loves horses, so I found some nice fabric covered with horses. I'm not experienced at all, but we can muddle through and learn together, I suppose. I have made gift items before (placemats, aprons, Halloween costumes, etc.) and done some mending...but just didn't have time or patience to do much sewing. We are going to start out with a pillow.

    Rock, I've been to Strawberry Point! Oh dear, that guy really had a plan for you to "rescue" him, didn't he? Good thing you never followed through. I'm glad Gordon likes to cook. Hope to see some origami pics soon :)

    We have a big wood furnace in the shop...with ducts bringing it to the house also. Den hung clothesline in the ceiling of the loft directly above the stove, so in the winter my clothes dry very quickly from that heat that rises naturally. In the new house we will have a wood burning stove with a glass door...it will be on the west wall. So we are looking forward to watching the fire and also being able to see the sunsets from our living room. Den thinks the little stove will heat most of the new house, but we will have a propane furnace as "back up."

    Mikie, glad you got a bunch of sleep/rest. Hope you can get your shopping done and still have energy to do anything else you want.

    Yep, this is a good time to start taking better care of myself and Den. I have done pretty well, at different times, but then other things take priority and I sort of fall apart. Winter is a great time since I don't have to work outside as much and can take time to do more homemade cooking and research different things. I'm looking forward to what my labs say, so I can adjust or add whatever I might need. And I'm looking forward to just worrying about "us" and not, as Sun said, when the other shoe is going to drop.

    So, I'd better get off here and do something, lol! Hi to everyone...hang in there!
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    Wondering where everyone is? Hope you all are okay. I've been pretty slow most of the day, but still trying to gear up for the weekend (our weekend starts tomorrow, since Den took the day off and his friend, Fred, will be here to help get more things from Gpa's other farm.)

    And...Keira emailed me that she really wants to see Grandma and Grandpa. I told her anytime was fine. Amy and I texted and I think we will get her here this weekend...I can meet them somewhere after I take my dad back to the nursing home after supper tomorrow. I guess if he doesn't feel like coming to the farm, Amy and I can meet earlier. But I doubt Dad will pass up a chance to get out here.

    I've been cooking all afternoon...so nice to be able to turn the oven on and let it not only cook food, but take the chill off the house, too. It didn't get very warm today, maybe mid 50's. I got really cold when I hung out a few wet clothes.

    I needed to get a meal ready for the guys to heat up in between trips tomorrow. And have something already made to heat up for supper since my echo and followup won't be done till around 3:00 in the afternoon. So while I had the oven on I fixed meatloaf, baked potatoes, candied sweet potatoes, baked beans, brownies (from a mix). Then I made a big pan of macaroni and cheese and a big bowl of strawberry jello with bananas and fruit cocktail. I figure any leftovers I can take to Amy when I get Keira home on Sunday. I also deviled some eggs that I had boiled yesterday. And I have a mini sugar free cherry pie in the freezer...my daddy's favorite.

    So, I am a little tired. But at least I don't have to cook supper for tonight. We have to make a trip to the home supply store and I requested that we eat out, lol! I was surprised when Den showed up early from work, but they had worked through lunch so he left an hour early. While he snoozes a bit, I will wrap up this kitchen stuff. I hope I can get to sleep at a decent hour tonight...

    So, that's my boring, but productive day, lol! Thinking of everyone and hope to hear from a few porchies yet today.

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    HI AWL !!

    Dear JULIE - OMG, you sure have had a busy day. A;; that cooking I would have had to sleep for days. I did some reading today on the PORCH but not that much time to post. I have been trying to get some info off the web on how to measure already made up fruit for fruit salad and regular salad. I found recipes but the fruit is so hard to judge and If I find some fruit already cut up we might buy it tomorrow but do not know how much to get. Don't feel like dealing with whole watermelons, cantaloupes, etc. However, I might have too, Hope they have enough cut up pineapple . Guessing on the berries and grapes. 25 is a lot of people !! I hope we get enough. Hope to buy tomorrow and cut up and chop on Sat. The affair is on Sunday evening. Might even have to put some together on Sunday afternoon. So not sure when I will get back to the PORCH tomorrow. So glad DD has a couple of refrigs to put our stuff in. It surely wouldn't fit in our refrig.

    The big deal I did today is get my hair cut. Then DH went to his luncheon for the guys. I fixed some pill boxes which is a pain for myself. Then I put some steaks in the freezer we had bought the other day. I have also been on line trying to figure out how much fruit and veggies to buy at the store from the recipes/ Trying to guess how many chunks in one watermelon and how many cups of fruit for the recipe and not sure how some might be sold. Might have to buy cantaloupes and honeydew fresh. So hard to find fresh honeydew that is ripe. I don't have a pineapple corer or whatever you call it so hope to buy it already done but it says 1 1/2 pineapple , 6 c watermelon,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,1 1/2 honeydew, cant, and pineapple, 3 c blue, black rasp., grapes 6 oranges and 24 oz strawberries. The green salad shouldn't be to bad but this fruit is going to kill me.(YIKES) !! So if I am ot her for awhile I am busy with the salads, etc. LOL amongst other things.

    I know you will have fun with Keira and the sewing machine. I would not be to good at that but I know you will have fun with it. Your g kids are at a fun age. Most of mine are already grown up.

    Hi also to ROCK, MIKIE et all. I need to get into the shower. Thanks for the new PORCH MIKIE.

    MY b day dinner last night with DD and DSIL was very nice and even cheated and had a glass of wine for the occasion. Haven't had wine in so long. Had steak, shrimp, even some grilled chicken broccoli and the mashed potatoes came with it. Only ate about 1/2 of the potatoes. However, I ate everything else. It was a special they have at a neighboring club . All you can eat for 19.95 and we took advantage of it. Oh we also got a small piece of cake too. I ate about 1/2 of it too. It was yummy and I could have eaten the whole thing.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Hi Kids

    Today is my little brother's birthday. He's 15 years younger than I. Easily
    the most normal person in my immediate family. I sent him a card. Will
    give him a call later. 'Course I might get my sister in law. She doesn't speak
    to me. How come almost everyone agrees that families are wonderful
    things to have, but a good one is so hard to find?

    Granni, sounds like you had a wonderful dinner. Good luck with your
    salads. My mother once made a spectacular fruit salad. Put it in a
    watermelon that was carved to look like a basket. Can't remember what
    the special occasion was. Family reunion? Graduation?

    Gordon's origami class meets once a week in the Chinatown branch
    library. I think his first class will be on Tuesday. The lady who does
    the teaching said most people pick it in 2-4 lessons. I'm pretty sure
    I could go for months without becoming proficient. Just don't got
    no cords.

    Same for sewing, Julie, although I can sew on a button. My mother
    taught me how before I left for college. She also taught me how to
    play bridge (we did lots of that at school in the old days) and how to do
    my laundry.

    Hugs Sun, Springwater, Diane, Barry, Mikie, Star, GB

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    Hi guys.
    Guess what!?

    A while back ,my eldest son and DH went gold detecting out bush.
    While out there, they come across a kangaroo that'd obviously been shot.
    Poor thing was in such a way, That he didn't even try to get away from them.
    It's time was nearly up, DH said.

    DS recorded the adventure and later, after our Treasures nagged him silly to do so,
    He posted it on YouTube and after a little while, kinda forgot about it...

    Anyway, DH received a couple of emails from people wanting to buy the video.
    Yeah right. We thought.
    Scammers and all that...
    After some research and correspondence, DH was paid 75 pounds for his video.
    News flare, from the UK ,put it on their site for prospective buyers to use.
    Who knows? It may pop up in the Guardian or something ?

    If you're interested and you go to their site, type in 'kangaroo' under 'topic-other'.
    That's my DH. He was being a little silly , detecting the roo, but you'll have to remember,
    It wasn't rehearsed.

    Vanilla slice is a desert consisting of puff pastry, custard, another layer of pastry and covered in icing.
    Dd's favourite desert.

    I've been pretty rubbish lately and it isn't easy typing while my arms ache.
    So on that note, I'll love yas and leave yas.

    Take care
    Catch yas Later
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    Good Morning, Kids,

    Up early to a nice 68 degrees. I have the sliders open and am enjoying the wonderful cool air and the sound of the fountain splashing in our little pond. Eventually, the rush hour traffic will cause me to close the doors but I'll enjoy it for now. Tomorrow is supposed to be really nice and I'm hoping I can open windows and air out the condo. Think I'll swap out the window glass for screen in my front storm door. Sir Vester is out on the lanai enjoying the incredible weather.

    DD from TX called yesterday afternoon and we had a wonderful chat. I told her my fear of clowns has been proven correct with all these evil clown sightings. I said soon we will get Amber alerts, weather alerts and clown sighting alerts. She said the ring tone alert would be the calliope song. We joked some more and decided that we were being such asses that we were going to hell. I said, "Ship of fools, car of idiots and handbasket of asses" (you have to be a Gary Larson Far Side fan to get this).

    My ex just left from visiting them and DD was so upset. Evidently, he is a mess, even more of a mess than usual. His now-wife is falling all the time. He keeps wanting her to see the doc she used to work for. He is evidently a genius. She refuses. DD thinks she has MS and won't admit to it. My other DD, the nurse, also believes this. He feels trapped. He hates her children and doesn't want them in the house for Thanksgiving. Good grief! Talk about your dysfunction. Then, he told DD he thinks he'll just come drop in on me whether I want to see him or not. I don't!

    DD had some flooding in the kitchen and they will be redoing it completely. She had wanted to have it done before my visit but has decided to wait until afterward. It doesn't matter to me. She told her Dad that he shouldn't worry about his wife's kids visiting and spilling on his carpet; he treats her kids and GKs horribly. DD 'splained that she's never been able to keep her carpets clean with an active boy and dogs. She said it's a mess but they are happy. He will die in misery but his carpets will be clean. Good grief! My carpets are 20+ years old and Sir Vester has shredded some areas where it transitions to the tile. I just lay down throw rugs and no one notices. I can be happy with them. Some day, I'll get new carpeting. Til then, Sir Vester is more important to me. When it comes to carpeting, freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose. Gee, that's a good line; they outta write a song...

    Don't know what I'd do if he shows up. Part of me wants to send him packing and part of me wants to address some of the things I wish I'd addressed years ago. The problem is that it would likely be hard on me and, frankly, he's such a mess that I don't think he'd ever 'get it.' Like Granni says, there is no use trying to reason with someone with mental illness (I'm paraphrasing here, Granni). He's a narcissistic passive aggressive. He deflects everything; everything is always someone else's fault. Every issue revolves around him and his needs. It wouldn't be surprised if he's trying to set it up so that, if this wife dies, we could get back together. He's that self-centered that he thinks I'd ever have him back. NOT!

    Rock, thanks for the scientific 'splanation for the design in my pic. And here I just thought it looked like a dandelion. I'm glad you have a bro you are close to. Family can be wonderful. I have such a close relationship with my girls, my SIL's and my DGS. I just don't get to see them often enough and I'm not up to traveling most of the time. I'm hoping and praying I'll feel well during my visit. Not only were the shrimp battered but required some seasoning. I think I committed a salt and battery. Costco had little 'fireplaces' which were really TV screens which play nonstop logs on fire. If you don't have a real fireplace, you can build in one of these screens to 'warm' yourself in front of the 'fire.' Are we turning into a virtual society where we no longer care, or even recognize, what is real and what is not? I don't think it would be a big leap for artificial intelligence to take over from us as our own brains are drained by computers and TV. Good for you for not aiding and abetting a drunken boss with his escape. Good grief!

    Julie, all that cooking is making me hungry. See my message to Rock above about the TV fireplaces. I guess here in FL, they might be a good idea. I have a DVD of a Yule fireplace that I sometimes play on Christmas morning. When we added on to our family home, we put a restored antique stove in our family room. It was nice 'n cozy on those cold CO evenings. I hope your DDad feels up to coming for a visit. Also hope Keira's visit goes well. I did get everything at Costco yesterday. I should have gone earlier; it was very crowded. The parking lot is accidents waiting to happen. I go out the back way to come home. Waiting in snarled traffic ain't my thing. Costco has the LED replacements for the flush can lights I have in the kitchen. I'm so tempted to replace these big old power-sucking lights with them. I'm just not up to climbing up on the ladder right now to replace them. I'll have to think about it and decide soon; Costco will have things and then, never get them back in store. They had small computerized sewing machines for less than $150. I'd love to have a new one for doing the valance in here but don't think it's worth it for the small amt. of sewing I do. DD is an interior decorator and we will look at fabric she can get at a huge discount to see whether there is something I like better than the fabric I bought. Take care, enjoy what you've cooked, enjoy your dinner out, and be sure to rest.

    Granni, yesterday must have been the day to get our hair cut. DD was on her way to get hers colored and cut. I trimmed mine after my shower. Thank God it turned out well. I took off about an inch. Just thinking about all that fruit prep makes me tired. Costco had some frozen dragon fruit salad with mango and some other fruit. I'll get some when I make room in the freezer. Publix has dragon fruit but it's expensive. It's 'sposda taste good. It's such an exotic looking fruit. I love fruit but the normal stuff is expensive enough. If I had a big yard here, I'd grow all kids of fruit and veggies. Glad you enjoyed your dinner, including the wine. I've not had any alcohol since the kidney stones. I hate doing my pill boxes too. Ilona uses one for the whole month. I only do them weekly. I can't take vitamin C nor my one-a-day vitamin until my 24-hr. urine test is done. Guess I'll do it next week. I've been putting it off. Got my pregnenalone from PH here; it had been on backorder. Thank God because it prevents heart palpitations and night sweats. Hope when you're through, you'll still be able to look another fruit salad in the face.

    Star, is there any kind of wildlife rescue org. there for injured kangaroos? Poor thing. Who would shoot a helpless animal? Are there laws which protect them? We have wildlife rescue here for every kind of creature, even garter snakes. An injured blue garter snake has just finished rehab and is being released back into the wild. There were two adorable little raccoons who lost their mother, turtles and birds of all kinds. The newspaper and TV cover our wild life because critters are so popular here. I heard one kitty say that he'd just gotten outta rehab; he couldn't leave the catnip alone. He said, "My name is Fluffy." All the other kittes said, "Hi, Fluffly." OK this last thing didn't happen. I live alone and have to amuse myself. Glad your DH was able to sell the video. Hopefully, it will help put an end to animal cruelty.

    Well, I've written another W&P here. I can feel the keys getting 'sticky.' I just hate that! I am going over to the pool later this morning. I got a Speedo one-piece swimsuit at Costco for $12. $12! I only go to work out so, even if it isn't flattering, I'll wear it. It's a pretty blue/purple print. It will look good with a tan if I ever get one. On the way back, I need to haul up the coffee I got at Costco. Don't know whether I'll go to Publix today or tomorrow to pick up the BOGO's. I've spent a lot on groceries lately but it's sooooo worth it to save so much money. Wishing all y'all a good one.

    Love, Mikie
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  9. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Granni - all you can eat for $19! Wow, that sounds like a good deal! I wonder where CD is getting her fixation about being in the Army?

    I hv to look up honeydew. Don't know that that is. I love finding out about new things.

    Julie - what fun..Christmas shopping surfing on the net. Goodness. I love browsing the Barbie's and their state of the art homes in the shops when I go out. And all the manner of kitchen ware. But here, they hv plastic stuff..very good according to the price.

    Lol..I got back my old post I had lost. Its the above.

    A bit of it when I logged in now.

    Sun - I was a secretary at the hotel. Officially the financial controllers Secretary but also doubled up and did typing and filing for the chairman's office. But we were two secretaries with an office outside the GMs office. And I shared her work too until I got transferred to the chairman's office.

    I almost left this job because Citibank who set up office in a wing of the hotel asked for someone to help them set up and I was sent and worked for a month after which the GM there offered me the.position of Secretary there at double of what I was getting and then my boss the chief accountant at that time talked to the owners and got me same salary to stay on with the executive lunch thrown in..ex lunch was the 5 * lunch executives got same as guests.

    What a change when I got married and my MIL fed me rice plain mustard leave curry and lentils day in n day out when DH wasn't home. Dinner she gave me food same as my DH with fresh veggies and meat, I'm sure very grudgingly. DILs could not eat before inlaws so.once when.I was preggers with my son she kept me hungry from 8am in morning after brekky till 3pm...me and the boy help. I was able to voice that out when there was a big row which she started, I told her in front of FIL. She almost hit me in rage. I think she was mental. Yes. She was definitely mental.lol. she is still trying to hurt me using any means.

    About the job..just shows how times hv changed. It's so difficult to get jobs now. So many graduates, qualified people and not enough jobs. I wasn't the brightest penny in the stack, nor was I confident. All I had to offer was average skills but an over enthusiasm to keep my job and adhere to rules (I had 6 people to fend for) and a quiet polite demeanour. Looks like thats only what they wanted back then.

    Mikie - such a wonderful way to explain to your DGS that he needn't hv faves. Stark contrast to my.kids grandma ..my DHs stepmom. Like I explained above. Loved the dandelion pic. That aqua colour is so cooling. Like being near the seashore. Dandys speak of spring and meadows and winds and lolloping puppies and no cares.no time tables try to keep.. You hv a sweet relationship with your DD as well joking around like that.

    Rock - spectrometer research is gonna keep the squirrels happy if nothing else. Loved the salad picture! Yummmm! Happy birthday to your dear brother. It's nice to hv one normal person in the family.

    Star - poor kangaroo..I hope the govt will make some rules to protect animals. Wasn't that lucky about son taking the photograph..not just the unexpected money but the exposure the story of wounded animals might get now. When I get to heaven I will ask the powers that be "why do animals hv to go thru pain?" Do they sin"?

    Julie - o my ..that was some cooking you did. I'm happy because things seem to be getting back to normal like they were some years ago with you cooking up storms, spoiling dear lil 'uns and visiting out of town.

    Aw righty then..time to turn to.

    Winters a comin and that puts a smile on my heart.

    God bless
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  10. ConfusedInPA

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    Hi everybody,

    The computer is working faster, and I'm getting better at it. I guess it takes practice.

    Off to another topic, not so happy:
    Kevin was in an accident last evening on his way home from work. (He's OK.)

    He was about 20 minutes away from home. It was dark and rainy. When this SUV crossed the center line of the two-lane road and headed right at him. Luckily, the part of the road he was on is mostly businesses, so he was able to react and get the front end of his car partly off the road.

    The rear driver's side of Kevin's car was hit, rear door can't open, rear wheel is jammed about six inches under the car, rear quarterpanel and bumper damage. Sigh. But thank God he's OK. If he didn't react so quickly, he would have been hit head-on. Right after the crash, the driver of the SUV got out and ran.

    Now for the paperwork, phone calls, etc. The vehicle behind Kevin stopped. The driver got out, checked on Kevin. They exchanged phone numbers since he was an eyewitness. The witness stayed to talk to the police.

    8:00 p.m., pitch dark, pouring rain. Kevin called his roadside assistance, for a tow. The police said that Kevin's car was not in condition to drive.

    So, we have to deal with the leasing agent for the car (Kia); they have their own approved repair shop. Our insurance company said to file a claim with them, since the SUV driver's info is not known right now. We do have towing and rental car on our policy.

    To back up a bit, the police found the driver. She was hiding behind one of the gas stations on that road. And falling down drunk. She thought she could get back to her SUV and drive away. She didn't even realize that she was driving so fast that her front wheel came completely off and rolled away! Not to sound mean, but I hope she has a horrible hangover today.

    We only have the Police Officer's name and Case Number. Since he was on "night duty" yesterday, it might take a while for him to get back to us, regarding name, insurance, etc. for the other driver. Or it might be confidential? I don't know. Hopefully we'll get some info so that our insurance company can pursue her for reimbursement for damages caused to us.

    Sigh..... Kinda felt good to type that all out. I've been holding it inside since last evening. Also didn't help that I got less than 3 hours of sleep. I don't do well with the "what if's". I do better with the what's known.

    Kevin is out to get a rental car now. Then off to the place where the car was towed (not authorized) to get it towed to the authorized car repair shop. Then I guess we wait to hear from the police, for any info about the driver of the SUV? I don't know?

    Please know that I'm thinking about y'all. Haven't been posting much since I got this new 'puter. But I do "try to" read daily. And y'all are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Keep your fingers crossed for us, please.

    Love and hugs, DIANE
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    I'm back from the pool. What a workout! A friend showed up and we gabbed. She wants to be added to our friends list. I think we have 14 people now. I ran into other friends on the way back from the pool. It's soooo good to be getting out and about again. I did the high intensity reps in the pool and they make me feel great. Unfortunately, in spite of feeling great, I get tired and my poor old bod aches. I'm looking forward to my Asian salad for lunch.

    Spring, that broke my heart hearing how mean your MIL was to you. Wow! You have really accomplished a lot. That sounds like such a good job. It is so hard now to get jobs, let alone good ones. You and I are probably the only ones looking forward to winter. Our seasons are 'backward.' I also wonder why animals suffer. One of my neighbors said Tweety was trying to fight her cat through the sliding glass door. I'm afraid the neighbors will complain if Jeff lets her run wild. I'm glad Sir Vester lives inside safe 'n sound. Both DD's and my DSIL's all laugh til we can't breathe when we get together. Humor has seen us through a lot. Hope you and I both have a nice winter.

    Diane, I'm so sorry about Kevin's accident. I'm soooo glad he is OK but that had to have been really scary. Also, it's such a pain dealing with insurance and repairs. I hope all goes well. I'm glad you are warming up to the new computer. We have so many people here who either drive away or flee on foot after causing accidents. My old insurance agent is in jail. He hit some older people in a golf cart with his SUV and left. There were serious injuries. For the life of me, I can't figure out why anyone would think running away would be a good idea. Duh!!! Hope to see you more here and hope you're feeling up to visiting the Porch.

    Star, oops! I thought it was your DH who took the video. I see it's your DS. How exciting for him to have sold it. BTW, DD tells me that part of the Great Barrier Reef is dying. They want to dive it but DGS won't be able to get certified for another year. Even then, he'll only be able to do more shallow dives. Is the deeper part or the more shallow part is dying off? They also want to go to Alaska because the deep ice caves are caving in. How sad to have to hurry to see these things before they are gone. Hope you are feeling well.

    OK, gonna go. Don't know that I'll get much done today. I hope to rest up so I can get going early tomorrow, air out the condo and get some cleaning done. Love, hugs and prayers to all our Dear Porchies.

    Love, Mikie
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  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Got a postcard from my Oregon brother who is currently traveling all over
    Minnesota. It has a dramatic view of autumn foliage and Lake Superior, the
    largest of the great lakes. Minnesota and New England have the best fall
    colors. Split Rock lighthouse has been there over a century.

    It is near Duluth where Bob Dylan was born. He grew up in nearby Hibbing.
    I visited Bob's official website today. It is managed by his record company Sony.
    Not a word about winning the Nobel Prize.

    In other folks singer news I discovered that Joe Frazier of the Chad Mitchell
    trio died 2 years ago. I saw the Chad Mitchell trio in the 60's after Chad
    Mitchell had left and been replaced by an unknown singer named John
    Denver. It was a small venue. Was able to chat with the group after
    the concert. They went from being a college quartet who sang at frat
    parties to being an important part of the folk singing era.

    About 40 years later I had a pleasant phone conversation with Joe Frazier
    who lived in LA. He had become an Episcopalian Priest. His church was in
    Big Bear, a ski area in San Bernardino County. He was living with his partner
    James Leo Herlihy, the author of Midnight Cowboy and other plays and novels.

    Oops! Gotta help Gordon water the front porch. Or more precisely the
    plants on the front porch. I counted them once. 30 or 40. It's a 2
    person job 'cause the porch is 6-7 feet above ground level and other
    logistical problems such as threading the hose through the porch railing.

    The city only allows watering plants during certain hours. If you disregard
    the rules they come out and put a kink in your hose. If that doesn't
    work they come out and put a kink in you and turn off your water.


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  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    The days are just too busy it seems. I need to go get in the shower. DD and I went shopping at two stores for stuff for the salads. I have no idea if it is enough or not cause it was hard to figure out the amounts of some of it and also we decided neither of us like black or raspberries we weren't could to use them. We also just bought a couple of batches of strawberries, grapes, pineapple already cut up but not sure if enough or not, some already cut up but the prices on some stuff was really high. Came back to Sams with DH later on as he wanted to go there anyway and I got some already cut up apples along with soe other stuff. We couldn;t find cantaloupes or honeydews whole ones but did find some trays with them. So got some.


    Will do some chopping and cutting tomorrow and put everything together on Sunday afternoon before the event.

    DIANE - So sorry to hear about Kevins accident and hope he didn't get hurt at all. Hope everything works out well for you all with the accident. It is all very stressful, I know, esp since my accident and then having to rent a car. I hope that woman had insurance. I need to get off here and take a shower. Glad you are doing ok and learning all about your new computer and hope it works well for you. How nice that Kevin is a guru like our DS and can also so helpful. DH is not that helpful but he tries :)!!

    More later. Hope I can get through this weekend and the gathering. Glad it is not in our home :)!! .To many people !!

    ROCK - I think you were posting the same time as I. Great picture !!!

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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  14. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Spring: I guess you would say that your MIL wouldn't wear a prize for hospitality! But at least you're free of her and have your own home and life away from her. Sounds like your job was a dream!

    Diane: OMG....you poor guys. I hope all is settled with no problems. I just bumped up my UMC on my vehicle. Somehow the coverage was very low, for another $25 It increased dramatically. But like I felt, there are so many uninsured people driving the streets.

    Rock: My DH's parents lived in Tower, Minn. but the name of Hibbing sounds very familiar. She sold their home about 6 years ago and now lives in Virginia. I'll bet you're familiar with those little towns. My BIL lived for years in Embarrass, Minn, up near the border. I was there once....once was enough. Though it was beautiful I couldn't escape the mosquitos.

    Star: Going to do a search on Guardian/youtube. Is that correct?

    Went to PT for 2nd time today. Yesterday I didn't do any exercises because I had terrible pain, up around an 8 again. Today he tried me out on a machine to work my arms for 8 min. He asked how I did when the timer went off....I said I would know in a few hours. I guess I'll use mikie's.......whine whine whine.

    Oh yes, yesterday I went to Lowe's for 2 replacement bushes for ones I had pulled out. I got a tad more than expected. I picked up the one and put it in my cart reached over to get a second one and found a large grey rat, dead as a doornail right where I picked up the first one. I kinda let out a squeal, scream and a customer in the next aisle asked what the problem was......he and his wife and to come over and verify that in deed it was a dead rat. They were kind enough to pick some other bushes......away from the rat.....and go tell the cashier so someone could come retrieve it.
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  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Just tried watching 3 movies. All relatively new. All successful with stars
    in the cast. All made money and won or were nominated for awards. I
    couldn't stand any of them. I tried to get some old movies from the library.
    Musicals and comedies. Most of the ones I found in a catalog, our library
    didn't have. Still, I was able to put a few on hold.

    Star, I went to the Guardian site. Found lots of kangaroo videos including
    one of an albino. Couldn't find the one you mentioned. Nice to get
    a windfall though. I remember ordering some stuff from England a few
    decades back. A pound was about $2.50 then. Don't know what pounds
    or euros are worth today.

    Vanilla slice sounds like a tasty treat. Let me know next time you fix
    same. I'll drop in.

    Diane, that's really bad luck that Kevin crossed paths with some drunk.
    I haven't handled any auto claims for many decades. Never had a
    case involving a drunk women. Women drivers had two problems.
    One was their shoes came off or somehow malfunctioned and their pedal
    work went all kaflooey.

    The other problem was that women are much better at multitasking, but
    sometimes it becomes too much. One gal was feeding her child who was
    in a car seat. The car seat was in the back seat. When she looked back
    at the road she was no longer on it, but she was about ten feet from a car
    that was parked along side the road because it had broken down. After
    she slammed into it, it was even farther off the road. The good news is
    that the child wasn't injured.

    And despite California laws, one can see lots of folks, both men and
    women, talking on their phone while driving. Don't see many men
    putting on their make up though.

    Unless things are very different in Pennsylvania you can get a copy of
    the police accident report by going to the designated place and paying for
    it. Used to be a buck or two when I did that. I kinda suspect the cost has
    gone up substantially. Used to be able to buy copies of criminal reports,
    property ownership and building reports, coroner and autopsy reports too.
    Some places require you to show a legitimate need. Such as you were involved
    in the case; you are a relative of the deceased, etc. Hope it all gets worked
    out smoothly with out too much delay.

    Sun, Uninsured motorist coverage is must. Especially if you live in a
    place like LA where millions of drivers have no insurance, can't read
    traffic signs, have never taken driver's training, and are frequently
    driving a vehicle they stole or one that is owned by somebody in a
    foreign country.

    Never heard of Tower or Embarrass, Minnesota. Looked 'em up. Tower
    is tiny. Only 500 people. Embarrass is miniscule. Thirty people. They
    are both in N. Minnesota and really cold reporting temps as low as
    60 degrees below zero.

    But, you can buy cheap property up there. Here's a 3 bed. -2 bath house
    with a 3 car garage on 5 acres for only $149,000. That's cheaper than
    a down payment in LA.


    Granni, those salads ready? I would think you could do a taste test on the
    apple slices. Soak 'em if necessary. What is the status with your accident?
    Gordon brought home some avocados the other day. One of the few things
    I can chew nowadays.

    Speaking of fruit salads, some decades back I went to a luncheon. The
    guest of honor was a California Congress woman. I was sitting at her
    table. The only thing she ordered was a fruit salad. Sounded good to
    me, but I was somewhat startled when it was brought to the table.

    The salad was on a large platter. On top of that was a slab of watermelon,
    and the fruit was piled on top of that. Way too much for even a hardy
    appetite. Looked delicious though.

    OK, can't sit any longer. Back later, Kids
    Hugs to Mikie, Springwater, Barry, Julie, GB


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  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Can't stay. I woke late with a miserable headache after a horrible nightmare. Hope everydobby has a good one.

    Love, Mikie
  17. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys! So many posts, I don't know where to start.

    First of all, Mikie, I hope your headache goes away (or is already gone by now.) I can deal with a lot of things, but bad headaches knock me clear down.

    Diane...I am so sorry about Kevin's accident. How is he feeling today? It's hard enough to drive in bad conditions, but having to "watch out for the other guy" makes it even worse.

    Rock, I'll bet you saw a lot of interesting cases come through when you were practicing. Prices vary so much in different parts of the country....our farm with 120 acres would probably sell for less than $200,000.

    I think this link will take you to the video....hope it is okay to share it. Poor little thing.


    Sorry, but Keira is up and we need to get going. I did get my dad here for supper last evening, then took him home and met Amy and Keira. Got back home and to be pretty late.

    The echo was fine, so I am going to follow up with my PCP and work on some things on my own.

    I'll try to get back sometime later.
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  18. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    Thank you all, from Kevin and me, for all your replies and well wishes.

    He's doing good. No trauma. No airbags deployed.

    We found out yesterday that it would take 3 to 4 weeks for our car to get repaired. First, the insurance adjuster has to file a claim. Then the auto shop has to order parts. Then get the extensive work done.

    Kevin worked out a better deal with the Enterprise Car Rental, since he'll need the rental for maybe a month.

    As far as the police report, Kevin is going to the Upper St. Clair Police Dept. later. He has to fill out a form to "try to" get the police report. We won't hear back for a couple of days, as to whether that report will be released to us.

    Interesting where we live .... One side of the street (where Kevin's car got hit) is in Upper St. Clair. The other side of the street, where the driver hit, parked and run, is in Scott Township. So that's where HER SUV was towed. But she was arrested on the Upper St. Clair side of the street, where she was trying to hide.

    I just really want to know her name, address, insurance information. We are not going to pay for this. It was not Kevin's fault, and we have a witness. If she had just stuck around and faced up to it, insurance info would have been exchanged at the accident. But no, she had to RUN.

    I'm still very stressed. Trying to keep calm, keep things normal around here. Just waiting, waiting, waiting....


    I'll try to be back tomorrow, to catch up with everybody.

    Hugs, DIANE
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  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Diane: I sure hope she had insurance or you guys carry UMC on the car. Rock: I carried it on my policy but I bumped it up to the maximum, for only $25 more a year. No brainer there.

    IT'S A GIRL. Born this morning and apparently not a hard labor this time it being the second. I told my son that from the pic he sent she looks like a cookie cutter of my first DGD. He said no......this girl, they named her Mia, isn't grumpy looking like Nika was. I had to laugh at that! Don't know when I'll get to meet her, it's all up to my DD when she wants to drive to LA.

    Another all nighter for me. I got up around 1 a.m. And cleaned the kitchen and other stuff until 4 a.m. My DGD has a soccer game around 1 PM......she's going to play goal tender this time.....uh oh. I'm aching everywhere, which I've had for over a month, so I'm looking at everything I'm eating.
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  20. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Quick post...just wanted to say congratulations to Sun! Glad things went well...hope you get to see her soon.

    Oh Granni, what a lot of fruit! I wouldn't know how to even begin to guess how much of everything you would need. I bet you'll have plenty, though.

    Keira has been learning pretty quickly...she will soon know everything I know about sewing, lol! The hardest thing for her to understand so far is about "reversing" at the beginning and end of a seam in order to lock the stitches in place. But I had some fabric with straight lines in the pattern, so just had to follow the "roads" and practice reverse every so often. She's picked it up now.

    We took a break from sewing to make a loaf of banana bread. Keira found a recipe on Allrecipes.com so we tried it. The one I always use only calls for one cup of mashed banana...this new one used 2 1/3 cups. Waiting for it to cool so we can give it a taste test :)

    I'll post a pic of my seamstress. And then one of Lindsey's Josiah. I had sent him a new baby doll...looks more like a little boy, not that it matters...but he only had the girls' dolls that he was "borrowing". This morning he asked his mommy to fix so he could carry his baby on his back...Lindsey is a baby-wearing mama, so it really made her day.

    Better get busy...I zig-zagged around Keira's new horse print fabric so will get it washed and dried. She's excited to "graduate" to making something bigger.