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    Hi, Kids,

    I'll go back to read all y'all's posts and be back. Sorry to be MIA but I just couldn't deal with anything yesterday. Too much pain and exhaustion. I'm feeling better today. Joe came over yesterday afternoon and left his key with me. I need to get a couple more keys made and give him one. Guess he told Barb's daughter something she had said to him that was particularly nasty and said that's why he doesn't call her. The daughter and SIL agreed and said they know what she's like. I just hope that now that they are buying her condo from the family trust that they don't come down here very often. They are civil but not nice. I'm thinking the family is getting everything out of Barb's ownership to keep Medicaid from taking it if she has to go into a facility. It may be too late as Medicaid has a five-year look back period. Barb will be 85 next mo. It must be horrible for her kids living with her 24/7, listening to all her hateful rants. Yikes!

    I'm going over to the pool later this morning and just hope it isn't too cold. That may be why I've been in pain. It was a bit cool on Fri. morning. If I get too exhausted or have too much pain, I may continue to not being able to do much in here. Tomorrow, I'll be going to lunch with a couple of friends. I'm going to wait until next week before doing my 24-hr. urine test. It's a pain but I need to get it over with. This is one of those times when every little thing is just too much. Whine, whine, whine!


    Sun, a big congratulations for beautiful Mia. How wonderful it is to welcome a new baby into the world. She is so sweet. As usual, you and I are going through the same thing at the same time--lotsa pain! I hope and pray we both feel better.

    Julie, those kids are so adorable. Keira must be so proud of the wonderful job she did on her pillow. Josiah is so cute with his 'baby.' It's nice to see little boys wanting to take care of babies. Sis is dangerous. I can't believe she would set a fire to smoke out Den. I'm glad you told her off. It's time someone stood up to her. I'm also glad everything is documented and you've done such a good job of handling everything legally.

    Spring, those doggies are one of the cutest things I've ever seen. We have a ceremony here where priests and pastors bless the animals. People bring all kinds of them from pets to farm animals. Some people of the cloth will go out to farms and shelters to bless the little ones. I not only invoke God's warm, protective and healing white light for me but also for Sir Vester and Tweety. I ask to wrap us in the violet light of protection too. I usually do this in the early morning when SV wants to get up. Somehow, I think he feels it and usually wants to get up close to me to snooze for just a little longer. I've been invoking the light to help with my pain and it does seem to work. Thank you so much for all your help in this area.

    Granni, hope the dinner came out OK and your salads were a big hit. I will be closely monitoring the weather in the Dallas area as Thanksgiving draws neigh. I hope it's nice while I'm there. In any case, it will just be good to see the kids and their house.

    Diane, Sending up a prayer that you and Kevin get everything you need to get through this whole accident mess as quickly and easily as possible. I'm glad Kevin wasn't injured.

    Star, yes, plants, people and animals all seem to thrive on love. A study was done some years back where two jugs of water were set out. People were asked to send loving thoughts to one and hateful thoughts to the other. Then, drops of water were put under the microscope and the individual water crystals were studied. The loving water had beautiful crystals but the crystals of the hateful water were all messed up and deformed. I believe there really is a connection among all of creation and quantum physics is bearing this out. I can understand how the kangaroos could be real pests to some, just like the deer here who chew up people's gardens. Same with wolves on ranches. They are beautiful animals but kill livestock. Thanks for your posts which let us see life in a different place.

    Rock, that lighthouse is beautiful. At the end of the CBS Sunday Morning Show, they always have a couple of minutes of nature video. Yesterday, it was fall foliage in New England. The most beautiful was one bright red maple leaf lying in a stream. Our own weather here has been beautiful. Yesterday was a Technicolor day here. Wish I had felt up to going out and doing something. Seems some of our Snowbirds are here early. Restaurants at the beach are full. I just hope the Red Tide is gone. Nothing drives away tourism like the stench of thousands of dead fish on the beach. AACCKK!!! Sorry your little kitty is still such a pill. Too bad she didn't have someone to show her love when she was tiny. Oh well, her hostility will serve her well as a feral cat. Again, bless you for overlooking her hisses and providing nice meals. In the overall scheme of things, the Universe will reward you.

    I'm off to check my e-mails and read the paper. Sending love, hugs and prayers to all our dear Porchies.

    Love, Mikie
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    Quick good morning...feels like someone is sticking a dull knife to the base of my neck/skull. I'm pretty sure it's just tension from the nastiness...then the pain radiates around the sides of my head, and up and over to my eyes. So, a bit of sinus, too?

    Sorry I can't stay...just wanted to say "Hi" and I'm thinking of everyone. I am going to take some meds and breathe in some steam. Should be "right as rain" before too long. Even with all the accusations and "crap", I had such a good time with Keira. I am just so glad I am "me" and not "someone else."
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    Julie: I suffer a lot with the bad headaches which I know are from neck/shoulder muscles. Last friday the PT put me on a machine to work my arms and shoulders.....seem to be OK for hours and then big time PAIN that ibuprofen, ice and heat weren't helping. Then I remembered something that helped me in the past.......my fairly stiff plastic hairbrush. Work it all over your scalp and neck....this helps get the blood flowing. And I'm sure you use a heated rice sock.

    Good for you for giving it right back to Sis. She's become a giant bully and she needs to be put in her place. By the way, let her know you are passing on to the attorney about the trash fire! She needs to be scared a bit.

    Mikie: Good to see you back. Like me and the PT, apparently you overdid on the workout. We all need to be kind to our bodies.

    Star: Interesting about the kangaroos, just like the deer in our country. By the way, does your DH and son ever find any gold? Years ago I bought a metal detector because a friend had one. Looked like fun. Never found anything with it, however, one day years ago I was walking my dog past the HS (this is where a lot of detectors go looking for change on the ground) and my DOG actually found a heavy sterling silver bracelet.....well actually what happened is she stopped to go poop and I saw the bracelet right there! LOL

    I'm waiting for my cleaning lady this morning so have to scoot. Be back later.
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    I'm doing better and am thankful for that. Hanging out laundry and mowing (hopefully for the last time this year?)

    Sun, Keira started asking for a sewing machine a couple years ago. I just could never find one that I could afford that wasn't a full size, and that I thought would be safe for her. I don't know why she wanted one...she very rarely saw me sew...just came up with it on her own, apparently. Anyway, this one seems to be okay...kind of rumbly and noisy, but it does sew.

    Star, I'm glad it was okay to post the link to the video...I was trying to help Rock find it. I'm thinking you were worried people might think your DH was "teasing" the poor kangaroo with his metal detector. I could tell he was just trying to show that it would make a sound when he ran it over the area where the bullet was.

    We have similar situations with deer. Sometimes a hunter will shoot one and it runs into very thick trees or brush and can't be found. Or we have found deer that tried to jump a fence and got caught...but we found it too late to help it. The only thing to do is put it out of its misery...seems cruel, but really the best thing for the poor animal. The DNR (Dept. of Natural Resources) will come and get the deer to give to a zoo, etc. so the meat does not go to waste.

    Mikie, I'm glad to hear from you...so sorry you were almost completely out of commission. I do hope your ex does not just show up at your door...

    I'd better get back on the mower. Thinking of you guys.
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    I'm a coffee drinker, but it winds me up tooooo much, so I found this interesting, to take theanine with the coffee.

    Rock: Did you guys get that "over the top" storm early this morning!!!! OMG, I don't think I've ever experienced so much booming thunder and lightening. Clair was hiding in the closet when I looked for her at that time. She came running out, scared.....I told her I was scared too. All my large water storage containers are full too. I have some extra gallons containers so I'm going out now to fill them up. I heard more rain is coming.
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    Hi Kids

    Glad to see you back, Mikie. Thanks for getting us started again. Happy to
    hear you're better today. Sounds like you need to avoid the Red Tide and
    the cold. Not easy to do. Reminds me of a story in the news a decade or so
    ago. A gal was allergic to all kinds of chemicals, etc. She and her husband
    modified a trailer. Everything in it was safe for folks with her condition.

    Put the trailer next to the house, and she spent several hours a day in there.
    Then the neighbors complained. Said it made the neighborhood look declasse
    which a college friend used to say was "trashy" in French. Oui, oui.

    Solve one problem; create another. Ain't that the way it goes. Well,
    at least some of the time.

    Julie, glad to hear the knife in the skull feeling is gone. Sounds like the
    art work for a horror movie. Taking meds and breathing in steam
    reminds me. A couple decades ago I used to put Vicks Vaposteam in
    a can of hot water to inhale while I was soaking in the tub. (I used a
    can because, unlike a bowl, you don't have to clean it. You just
    toss it when the time comes.) I wonder why I stopped doing that.
    Maybe I'll try it again.

    Sun, when I lived on the beach in Ventura, it was common to see guys
    with metal detectors. (Never women.) Far as I know none of them
    ever found anything of value.

    Had a bad four days. I used the back exercise machine Gordon found
    on QVC. It does help my back, but it aggravated my unrepaired hernia.
    So I waited a couple weeks and tried it again using much less energy.
    This time I aggravated the hernia that was repaired 20-30 years ago.

    I decided a decade or two ago I was never having another surgery. I
    just didn't want to cope with the fuss and the pain and the cost and
    the people who work at the hospital. Most of whom are unnecessarily
    rude. I think some of them are bullies at heart. And then, of course, here
    in LA we have the problem of the ones who don't comprehend English.
    Ai Yi Yi!

    Anyhoo after 4 days of twinges and a feeling that my insides were about
    to fall out, things snapped back into place. Another example of trying
    to fix one thing and aggravating something else.

    Hafta go. Gordon wants to check the library. Tried to do it before I
    started this post. Couldn't get the library site. Just got a white

    Hugs, Kids

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    Good afternoon everyone,

    This will be fairly short as it is already late and I have to fix dinner f early as I have chorale practice tonight. BTW, we had plenty of salad, not as much fruit salad left as the green salad. Never sure how much to make or how much people will eat. Well, we will have plenty of saald to eat tonight and for the rest of the week. Will probably get me sick of it :)!! Hope it doesn't give me to much gas along with all the fruit. The fruit salad was especially delicious as we don't buy a varied most of the time at all. They are too expensive other than the seedless grapes from Sams. The whole dinner came out great with others making chicken spaghetti and hor dourves, garlic bread and a dessert called kuchen or something like that, German, You didn't need much as it was very rich. There was also an hor dourve that could have been a dessrrt. It was a dip made with sour cream , pumpkin spices and maybe something else and you dip in ginger snaps. OMG, that was good. I was bad and tasted everything. Had no wine but had some peach tea and kept adding ice and water due to the sugar.

    Already voted this morning and there was already quite a line but it went very fast as they had a pretty good system going. We and did a lot of removing of junk in our back yard for a change. Lots of trimming and removing. It s much to overgrown.

    DH spoke to our insurance adjuster I believe it was, and found out that the guy I hit will be getting a lawyer to get more $. The adjuster said not to worry but until this is over I will worry any way. Thee insurance co only want to pay so much and out premiums will go way high I am sure, if they keep us. DIANE - At least you don't have to worry about Kevin being at fault but hope that gal had insurance that hit him.

    SUN - Again Congratulations on little MIA. Not sure if you posted a pic or not. It wasn't on this page so if you did will have to go look for her :)!! So sorry for you awful headaches too with JULIE. Mine are more like skull and neck aches. It is mostly in the back of my head ad drives me crazy. When do you get to see little MIA or have you already?? I have not read any other posts other than what was on this page. I lied, I just went back and saw that sweet little cherub. She is beautiful with such rosy chubby little cheeks. Hope you get to hug and rock her soon. I miss those days with tiny ones. Looks like I might never get to unless DGD gets married and has one but they are in CO. That doesn't help me much.

    ROCK - I don't blame you for not wanting to have another surgery. Not sure about it myself. It depends on what it was for and the cost. I think some of these costs are about to go through the roof, not that they were every cheap. Hope you are feeling better by now or at least a little. Hope you get some good stuff at the library :)!! DH is reading the HUGE volumes about The Civil War by FOOTE. Can't remember his first name. HE LOVES THEM. These are all huge and this last one has over 1000 pages in it. It is like a narrative. I am sure it is very interesting but could never read one that long.

    MIKIE - Glad you are feeling somewhat better today. Thanks for starting up the new volume. I have been so busy I have not been paying any attention. Hope everydobby is doing well. Gotta get off and start getting ready for tonight.

    Love to you all,
    Granni :)
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    Back again after a brief nap. Went downstairs slightly groggy. Pulled
    half a galleon of milk outta the refrigerator and dropped it on my toes.
    Said, "ARRGG!" Gordon came to see what I was up to. Told him what
    happened. He asked, "Did you hurt the bottle?" Still makes me laugh
    after all these years.

    He went to the library. Only had a couple items to pick up, but there
    were a few books that were due in a day or two. One of the books is
    titled "3-D Origami". I looked at it. It is a perfectly ordinary book. There
    is nothing 3-D about it. Gordon says that's OK because the objects he
    creates will be 3-D. I say all objects are 3-D, and it's a stupid title.
    This illustrates you can have a successful relationship with someone
    without sharing all opinions and beliefs.

    Granni, your DH is probably reading a book by Shelby Foote, the historian
    who was written lots of books, both fiction and history. He became well known
    when he appeared in Ken Burns Civil War documentary. Shelby is a cousin
    of Horton Foote, Oscar winning writer of screenplays such as To Kill A Mockingbird.
    Put them together and what have you got? A pair of famous feet.

    Barry, here's a plant question I may have asked you before. What tree
    has leaves like a fern and big yellow flowers? I found a picture of it,
    but the tree is not identified. The pic is so big I don't want to post it
    here. The URL is

    https://images.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?p=Tree With Leaves Like Ferns and Yellow Flowers&hspart=att&hsimp=yhs-att_001#id=80&iurl=http://echold.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/cassia-detail1.jpg&action=click

    Hugs Sun, Spring, Star, Diane, GB
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    Good Morning, Kids,

    Hope everydobby is doing well this morning. I didn't sleep all that well but good 'nuff. I woke up once and read my book for about an hour before falling back asleep. I can't seem to get through the last ten percent of the book. Because I enlarge the type on my Kindle, it doesn't display a page no, just the percent read or a location number. I am not enjoying this last part as much as the previous chapters. It's kinda hard to stay engaged when the author develops characters and then jumps ahead 4,000 years and picks up with barely developed new characters.

    Today is my lunch with my gal pals. Thurs. is an insurance meeting for our condos. The big board carries insurance on the common areas but we carry our own ins. on each bldg. or townhouse courtyard. I guess our liability and comprehensive ins. is going down about six percent but I'll bet our flood insurance will continue to go up. We just got hit by an increase. This at a time when I'm trying to hold the line on our monthly fees. We have extra $$$ in our operating acct. and in our reserves for the roof, paint and ins. deductible. Our roof is only 12 years old and we had our bldg. painted a couple of years ago. Paint today is very expensive but very good. It is waranteed for seven years. We will likely go ten before having to repaint it. By then, we will have the money in our reserve acct. to cover it. One thing I do enjoy about being on the board is financial planning and budgeting.

    Sir Vester just came out with the top of his head all wet. Every now and then, my toilet will act as though it's going to overflow and I'll shut off the valve behind it until it flushes. When it's shut off, the water pressure will cause it to drip briefly. Then, after it flushes, I turn the valve back on. There must have been some water on the floor and he decided to play in it. He loves water which only adds to my belief that he is, at least, part Maine Coon. He does have one webbed foot but I think that's just a birth defect. I can tell he's missing playing with Tweety this morning. He was running around and clawing at things to get my attention to chase him. Poor little guy. I sprinkled some cat nip on his scratching box and he is snoozing off his high.

    Julie, I'm glad you are feeling better. Fall seems to be my time for allergies and headaches. I don't have headaches often but I have had some lately. My allergies are riled up. I think it may still be Red Tide because I also have the dry cough, choking and feeling jittery. RT is a neurotoxin. It is this toxin which kills the sea life. I imagine they also have problems with oxygen when the algae growth is so heavy. I think it's good for everyone to know how to sew. I have made clothing but not for years and years. It's just so handy to be able to mend things or sew pillows and valances. Saves a bundle and I get what I want. I know it's difficult to do but try to keep the stress levels down.

    Granni, that ginger snap cookie and spiced pumpkin dip sounds divine. I love most anything that has spiced pumpkin in it. Publix has spiced pumpkin ice cream this time of year. Mmmmm! Not sposeda eat it though. :( Last time, I voted early and had to wait a looooong time. We have only one place to vote early and it's always packed. I'll wait until election day and vote at the neighborhood church. I never have to wait long if I get there when it opens. The woman in charge of elections is up for the office again and I'm voting for her opponent. She has made a mess and misspent a lot of $$$. I don't think she will get re-elected. Can't wait until this election is over and done with.

    Sun, yes, we do have to be kind to our bods. It's difficult to work out without messing ourselves up. I ended up not going over to the pool. It was only 66 degrees out at 9:30 and I was afraid that going on Fri., when it was warmer than that, is what caused my aches and pains all weekend. If our weather stays this cool, I may have to wait until 10:00 to go over. A friend called and she was wondering whether to go. We both ended up not going. Now, I'm going to lunch with said friend and am considering a cheeseburger. Yikes! Hope your pain improves.

    Rock, I remember that story about the woman and the trailer. It was about then that toxic substances in homes was getting a lot of press. New homes today are so airtight that any outgassing of toxins can't escape. I opened the windows this weekend to let the fresh air blow through. Of course, this only serves to get my allergies started. Damned if I do and damned if I don't. Whine, whine, whine! I've found most of the 'wonderful' things sold on HSN and QVC don't work well. The PT stretches for the back on You Tube are better. My Dad was a doc and he recommended patients roll a towel and lie on it with it under the spine lengthwise. Of course, that was back in the day before towels were so think. I think some people use those small foam noodles for the pool to do this. If I dropped a gallon of milk on my foot, I'd be saying more than AARRG! :mad: I honor you for your restraint.

    Barry, I see you were confusicated by that strange post too. I hope you are able to at least read the posts here on the Porch and will feel up to posting soon.

    Diane, Spring, Star and all our MIA's, I keep y'all in my thoughts and prayers. Hope I didn't miss anyone but likely did. Pea brain can't survive on little sleep.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning, friends!
    I have my same headache again today...wondering if it's partly how I am sleeping, for some reason. Or, I should say, NOT sleeping. Den and I have both had very fitful nights, filled with "not so pleasant" dreams. I think it's from the rough weekend at the other farm...even though I didn't go along, I feel his pain, tension and frustration.

    Anyway, as we all know...this will eventually be over. I'll be back when I can get my head straightened up...
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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good morning awl,

    DH is gone and I could have the computer but have so much to do. Just wanted to let you know that I have read your posts, those who have posted. Hope to get back later but not sure. Have to sing this afternoon.

    JULIE - So sorry that you and Den both are not feeling well due to all that stress. Hope it will be over and done with VERY SOON. So sorry that sick woman has been harassing you all so much and it is not always what she says. That girl is very SICK and greedy too.

    MIKIE - So sorry you are also not feeling that well due to possible lack of sleep, etc. Hope that passes really soon. It is not fun when you have so much to do and not feeling good at all. Like that an awful lot around here. Nothing would get done if DH wasn't hear to prod me :)!

    Hugz to everydobby and hope to get back later. This is another busy week and so hard to get on the computer sometimes. Occasionally I can get on the I Pad but don't like to pot from there or the phone.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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  12. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi All.
    I'm wasted today; doc appt yesterday. All is well, but I'm still tired as hell. Blood tests normal, CT scan ok. Bp good. My only problem is I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. And I suspect I have Lyme, but the docs don't want to deal with that..... I did get my annual flu shot so may be a bit squiffy for a few days.

    Rock, your tree is Cassia leptophylla. Lots of them in parts of L.A. Are you near Echo Park by any chance? Lots of them there. Never seen one myself that I can recall. Summer blooming I think. I get back pains too if I don't keep up with my stretching exercises --- hands on hips, stand straight and then lean back as far as you can. Then the other direction, standing straight, bend from waist and touch your toes. Repeat three or four times a couple of times a day. It did away with my sciatica and I was eventually able to touch my toes!

    Mikie, the "peculiar post" made me chuckle....:po_O. Most strangely amusingly incoherent -- to me anyways!

    Bit of a headache right now.

    Julie, sorry for all the stress you are going through. The tension alone can cause a headache. It must be hard on Den too. I wish you the very best, and get some rest. We had a wood burning heater for years; so cozy. We switched to propane when my back went out -- too much chopping wood and a horse accident....

    Hope is all well with you Diane, and everyone else. Oh yeah, I have eaten kangaroo, Star. And Emu too. Pretty good.

    Sun, I'm glad you got some rain! We got oodles of it here, but the big wind storm did not happen. It is supposed to rain for the next week, on and off. Mostly on... What ya got blooming Sun? I saw some nice Kniphofias on our way to town y-day. In our yarden (new word) we have a few saffron crocuses, and a nice Phygelius "Winchester Fanfare has lots of flowers. I see the last big white Matilija poppy flower of the year -- lovely.

    Nrg is leaving, so I'm off for a while.
    See you all later,
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  13. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Barry, you can touch your toes???!!! I can't even bend over that far...too much belly fat in the way, lol! Thanks for the kind words, from you and others.

    Glad to know the name of that tree...it is beautiful! Wouldn't grow here, but I can always look at pictures :)

    I just came in for a short break from mowing...it's pretty cold out there, even for me, lol! Overcast and looks like it wants to rain, but I will keep going until I get rained out....53 degrees, but feels colder with the breeze. I just know it will likely keep getting colder as the days go by, so might as well get it done now, true?

    Hope everyone is okay. My morning headache is pretty much gone.
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  14. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Ready for my glamour shot? I (think) I am done mowing for this year, unless we have an extremely warm (with lots of rain) Indian Summer. Wish I had a "Selfie Stick" to get my legs, etc...you could see all the grass and weed clippings...I had to use the air hose on myself, lol!

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  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Another quickie before I go and do my hair thing that I just love to do d0 ugh ):!!

    JULIE - You looks so cute and cold. Still summer like here. Cool one day or two and then warm again. I don't even have any fall or Halloween decorations out this year. I may wait till Christmas at this rate :)!! Then there may not be that many decorations since no one comes here. Not sure if we will be at DS and DDIL's for Christmas. No one has mentioned it yet. We will see. Hope Den's resp symptoms have lessened. I cannot believe what sis did but then again, I can too.

    BARRY - Sorry you are feeling soo pooped but I do understand. However, I think my problem is the pain wears me down. Hope you find some NRG and if you find some extra you can send it my way and to MIKIE and everydobby else needing some :)!! Hope you get to feeling a bit better soon or find some long lost NRG.

    I will try and get back here tomorrow. I have an appt with the ND tomorrow to see what she says.

    Just found out that one of my neices just had a new little baby girl. called Kia or Kya. They 3 boys so you know how spoiled she will be. There is a pic on FB and she is so cute. Nothing like finding out on FB.

    I had better run for now.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
  16. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Granni! Lol, I'll delete the pic tomorrow...no sense wasting space on that ;)

    Congratulations on the new niece...yes, it would have been nice to get a phone call or something, true? I'm not sure what to do about any decorations. Nobody but my dad will be here for Thanksgiving (unless we go eat with him at the nursing home.) Lindsey's family will be there for an early Christmas, so I will probably just focus on that. I want to at least have some outdoor lights for when they pull in after dark.

    Just finished supper and I have to go feed the "welfare cats" (Den's words, not mine, lol! I told him they earn their keep by catching mice.) They are all wild...we only have one cat left that's not afraid of the dog or people. However, I have been able to go to the garage and put their feed out and they will jump up on the table and eat, but only if I stay very still and don't try to touch any of them. I would say that is progress...but if one of them gets spooked and jumps down, the rest of them follow. I think there are two "teenagers" from one litter and four that are a bit smaller from another litter. I love cats and miss having them around the yard, but Oreo isn't very nice to them :(:mad::eek:

    Just wanted to say that my doctor's nurse called and all my labs look okay (technically...he is going to go over them with me next week) except for the Vitamin D. My levels were 26. One website says 30-50 is normal in a healthy person, but 50-70 is optimal for someone fighting any health conditions. And 70-100 for someone who has cancer. I am going to shoot for "optimal".

    The doctor wants me to take 50,000 units of D3 a week. They have 10,000 units as samples they can give me to cover two weeks, then I'll have a prescription for more. Need to do this for 8 weeks, then retest. What I'm reading says it can take six months for labs to level out.

    I did suspect Vit. D and am glad he tested it...and I think this could be causing a lot of my problems. I would like to see Den get tested too, and see how he is.

    Anyway, we'll see. I'd better get chores done...almost time for Netflix :p
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  17. springwater

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    Hey all

    Peeking in to see what's up.

    I can tell winters a comin' when I wake up in the morning and it's not already warm.

    It's marigold time and they're in everyone's garden, marigolds of all shapes, sizes, colours. Sunny yellow, blazing orange, shiny golden, little crimson and gold ones..all rambling around with abandon the yards of houses or sprouting out of pots which hv been painted with reddish or brown mud, to welcome in the Festive Week.

    If you type in marigold in Nepal you can see them growing with abandon.

    I made potato curry yesterday for myself but it was not a success. Even tho I took the recipe from the Internet and from a bonafide Darjeeling website. Culprit - not so fresh potatoes. Pity. After all that work.

    I contented myself with eating potato wafer chips out of a packet. They're my favourite brand. Which I get from just one store further on. But these days I seem not to be able ingest too much junk food. Or outside food. I get a craving for home cooked freshly cooked lentils soup and veggies. I tried to eat packet noodles (I didn't hv anything else freshly cooked owing to other chores) but couldn't swallow that either. They might've been stale.

    After reading about Julies post on muscle testing, I looked up sites and taught myself to muscle test food and after feeling peculiar tasting the first spoonful I tested the noodles and the answer was a flat NO. Not good to eat.

    I will look in later.

    Barry - good to see yr post. Keep wondering if someone doesn't post for a bit.

    Gotta run to attend to chores.

    Everyone take care.

    God bless

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  18. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi Spring...good to see you! The way I can tell winter's coming is when I wake up and there is FROST on the ground, lol! Sorry your recipe didn't work out...frustrating to go to so much work and not have a suitable result.

    Glad you are able to muscle test...Lindsey has learned to do it quite well. I just don't trust my results, usually.

    I've been researching Vitamin D deficiency...oh my word! So many of my symptoms could be from that. Aches and pains, blurred vision, shortness of breath and chest pain, depression, fatigue, possibly even the numbness and tingling in my left shoulder/arm/hand. And maybe even not being able to get to sleep or sleep well. And elevated cholesterol? I hate to get my hopes up too much, but it sounds like we might be getting to the bottom of this...however, all the research I have read so far, says it can take six months or more to actually feel better. Oh well...won't know till I try.

    Gonna get on to bed, but saw Spring had posted, so wanted to say Hi. I don't see Star on here yet, but I sure hope you are feeling a little better. I'm so sorry for those days that are so hard to function...especially with Treasures still at home.
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  20. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    I was having problem posting images..been fiddling around so photos are all over the place. The stream photo is of where I once worked..the hotel garden..but it was created later..after I left...... there was a large landscaped garden in its plac and we had foreign tourists return again and again to stay in the hotel because it has such a vast garden with a pond where one could fish.
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