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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Time for a new Porch. We're having a heat wave--71 degrees at 5:45 a.m. It'll be back to the mid-80's for the rest of the week. I felt a bit better yesterday after working out. Didn't get much done. Nancy and Grace both called me for long chats. It was good to catch up. Perhaps I felt better because I actually rested after the workout. Also, the workout wasn't as strenuous as normal. I see on the news that Oktoberfest is in full swing here. I've never been to it. It's way over in the NW corner of the Cape. Still, I think it would be fun. I could have a beer and a brat.


    Star, I'm so sorry for all you're going through with your son's testing and doc visits. I hope the less expensive med will work out for him. Think I mentioned that I didn't fill an Rx for my asthma rescue inhaler because it was outlandishly expensive. I very seldom ever have an attack so will take my chances. Of course with a child, one can't do that. My primary care doc is so goofy that if I don't check everything, he gets it all wrong. I hope and pray they can help your little Treasure to get well from all this. Anything involving our immune systems is a real pain.

    Julie, I'll bet y'all are crowded out with all GPA's things. I'm glad, though, that you have them. It would be interesting to hear about them. I bet it will help you guys to grieve just by having Den remember each thing. I'm glad the little kitty will be able to take shelter. Oreo has a little furry friend. I remember my old dog and her best friend, my old cat, lying out in the yard in the sun enjoying each other and their last sunny days. When Sir Vester and Tweety lived outside, his best friend was Nurse Nancy's little dog, Chewy. Do you have an orange vest to wear when you go near the blind? Be careful.

    Gonna go read the paper. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hey, Kids!

    Thanks again, Mikie. I've neve been to an Octoberfest. Don't even like
    beer. But a beer and a brat sounds better than a bier and a brat (as in
    unruly child). Remember in one of those Pink Panther movies Inspector
    Clouseau goes to an Octoberfest? Here's a clip so we can all see what
    goes on at such a gathering.

    Opps! The video won't post.

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    Hi Kids

    My post vanished. Don't have the energy to type it again. Ratbane!
    Were that I were Shakespeare and could express my outrage and
    despair in elegant terms. Will have to settle for @#$%^**!!

  4. lydia1

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    Good morning :)

    Mikie, thanks for starting us up again. 48 degrees here...I would welcome a few more months of warmer weather, but "ya get what ya get, and ya don't throw a fit", lol! I woke up early, I suppose since Den left earlier. Went outside to feed Peace Sign...looked out a few seconds later and some of the wild kitties were over eating with her. She wasn't in the doghouse when I peeked in, but I bet she will use it when it gets really cold and snowy.

    Rock, I watched your video clip....lolol, I knew the "lady's" boobs were going to get stuck on the pretzel :p Sorry you lost another post...well, just so you know, your video made my day!

    Well, since I'm not even really awake yet, I will just say "Hi" and come back later. Here's a pic, though, in honor of our friend, Star, and anyone else in her neck of the woods...

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    Hi, Kids,

    Just waiting to leave for the ins. mtg. at mgmt. co. Wow, could I have used more abbreviations? I spake too soon when I said I felt better. The back pain and nausea are back. So is the foam in my urine. Guess I'll just have to call the doc's office. As you say, Rock, "Ratbane!"

    Rock, thanks for the Pink "Panther" clip. I'd forgotten how funny that was. Sorry you lost your post. I hate it when that happens. That's why I'll post and edit and post and edit ad nauseum, which is appropriate for how I'm feeling right now. When Mom and I were in Munich, we went to the big park and there was a beer garden. Huge people were already eating giant sandwiches with tons of cheese and lunch meat on them at ten in the morning. They were drinking big gulp sized mugs of beer. Yikes! I'd have probably witnessed a heart attack had we stuck around. I do love me my brats 'n beer on a smaller scale.

    Julie, aaaaaw, how cute! Thanks for posting that pic. It made me smile. How sweet that the wild kitties were eating with Peace Sign. A pic of that would bring smiles to our faces too. When Tweety lived outside when it was cold, she'd just snuggle up with whatever animal came by. Think I've mentioned that Nance saw her spooning with a possum one cold morning or evening. I guess Sir Vester's long fur keeps him warm.

    Gotta go. Love, hugs 'n prayers to everydobby.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning awl. Not sure how far I will get before DH comes in from his power washing.So much going on today. Need to get outside to do some brush cleaning our if you know what I mean. Then I need to go and sing at two places. After I get home DH and I need to go to the church for a bit. Then home for dinner. Geez, Louise, to much stuff going on in one day and probably more.

    Had my ND , iridology appt yesterday for followup - . Yay, my fungus is gone or pretty much so I can almost eat what I want. Not to much sugar but can have some and some wine. Will try not to over do it. Am on something else in between , I forget the name right now. I also have this underlieing rash that sort of comes and goes most comes I think under the skin. My skin is tender and itchy .She wants me to go off the whey I am on and go onto goats milk whey. No dairy and still no cheese I guess unless it is vegeterian cheese. I miss my cheese and pizzas.

    DH just same in and need the puter. So need to leave for now.

    STAR - So sorry for all you and your youngest treasure is going through with his skin problems, and extra steps needed to help him. Poor kiddo, I am sure it is hard on him. How old is he?? You are such a good MOM . Don't put yourself down honey. You are doing a great job. None of us are perfect and we do the best we can. God knows that I am not even when my brain is at supposedly full force, whatever that is.

    JULIE - Sorry for your tension headaches et al..Hang in there too sweetie ! I love tht kangaroo hugging that teddy bear. So sweet :)!!

    Love you awl,

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  7. rockgor

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    Well, Great Galloping Gobs of Goat Cheese. Now my post is back. As you see,
    it crashed after I had barely got started. I swon, if I live to be 76 I will never
    understand computers. Whaddya mean, you old fool? You are 76. Well, yes,
    but some days I feel as young as 75 and a half. Course that was several
    years ago.

    Julie, do you think that "lady"in the Pink Panther clip was really a man?
    She looked like a fullback to me. A mean male fullback. Thanks for the
    great pic of the roo and the koala.

    Mikie, heart attack in Munich is Herzinfarkt. (All nouns in German are
    capitalized.) I had some German visitors 2-3 years ago. I was out in the
    garden and this family walked by. Asked me some questions about Carroll
    Street. Said they were from Deutschland. I said, "Mein grossmutter war es
    Deutschland." About the only German I remembered from school. Anyhoo
    we had a nice chat. Their English was flawless BTW.

    Sorry to hear you've got to re-see the doc. I really don't expect anything to
    get better anymore although, to be fair, my hand and my knee are almost
    totally recovered from my pas de deux with the garden hose.

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  8. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    Just had my lunch after going to the ins. mtg. and shopping at Publix. Our ins. is high but our bldg. is valued at around $1 million. We also have to carry insurance for our board in case someone decides to sue us and a bond insurance to cover any financial malfeasance. It's ridiculous; boards almost never get sued. Still, we gotta have it. The chances of being flooded here are slim but we have to cover everyone else in the country who has been flooded. Seems that the best thing that could happen in terms of coverage would be to have a fire burn everything down. The worst would be a hurricane. I just pray none of the above, including sinkholes.

    Speaking of insurance, all my explanations of benefits came today. There are soooo many charges that I can't keep it straightened out. A couple of things were denied so I guess I'll have to dig into that. My hospital bill was about $36,000; my insurance allowed one tenth of that.

    It's gray and windy out. Not my favorite kind of day. When I'm not up to snuff, it's really not my kind of day. Oh well, it's a good excuse to curl up with a book or watch TV. I can usually only shampoo my mop, as Granni calls it, and do one other errand. Today, I did two errands while not feeling that great so I consider that progress. Of course, I've now crashed.

    Granni, how much is DH power washing? It seems to never end. That's really is hard work. We only have the whole bldg. done when it's repainted every seven to ten years. The paint they use on the stucco causes the rain to just run off, leaving it clean. Unfortunately, where it runs off the balcony and stairs, green mildew grows during the summer and we get that washed every year, along with the sidewalks. It's time to do it again. So glad your fungus is gone. It will be good to be able to eat more kinds of things. They had donuts at the mtg. this morning but we were all good and didn't eat any. Joe's lost 15 pounds so far and it shows. Be sure you and DH don't overdo things. Stop and have some fun and laugh.

    Rock, I took German in college but dropped the class because I have no ear for it. I can speak a little but not much. I'm putting off seeing the doc but can't forever because, if I have stones which can't pass, it can damage the kidney. Plus, I'm sick of feeling nauseated and having back pain. When you almost fell, were you wearing your Lederhosen? Richard's Mom always called it a hose pipe and it made him crack up. The opening of your last post reminded me of a song we sang as kids--Great Green Gobs of Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts. What little charmers we were. Try to stay safe and don't go trippin' the light fantastic with that hose pipe again.

    Gonna go put the TENS unit on my back. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  9. springwater

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    [/ATTACH] image.jpg image.jpg Hello

    Sorry wrong place to post photos but the post might disappear if I try anything.
    It's to do with pink panther ..the indian actress aishwarya in pink panther.

    Peeking in. Nice nip in the air. It's actually turning colder.

    We got a festive gift basket from a hotel and I'm munching on bread which was in the basket. There was banana bread, macaroons, champagne (which no one in the family really drinks because you can't drive home then) moist nut cake, etc. but I'm finding my tolerance for rich food getting lesser and lesser. This stomach is getting old and worn. Or maybe my brain is asserting itself and telling me to stick to healthier foods.

    I didn't hv a restful sleep, dreamt anxiety making dreams...hordes of people scared and running, I saw one of the four horsemen supposed to come in Armageddon appear in the sky .the kids were little again..

    Maybe I need to stop watching the news..Syria, the poverty in our country, watched a BBC docu on a railway down south of our country janakpur, where the broken down train didn't run for eight days due to lack of funds, and a young ticket collector not paid for Four months, he can't put his little kids in school, ...so his wife is teaching them at home...they get paid one months salary at last when the train does run and he buys his son an Alphabet book..it just broke my heart. At the end of the documentary word comes that the govt is dismantling the old railway and it will take 3 years to build the new one.

    I am so far removed from the struggles of so many ...and although I'm grateful, I keep wondering why. What was THE PLAN?

    Rock - I watched The Pink Panther starring Steve Williams many times, it used to come often on TV. One of our indian actresses is the vamp in it. I laughed so hard. The movie is slapstick but I'm not above a bit of slapstick comedy. Aishwarya Rai is voted one of the most beautiful women in the world and it was so even before she did plastic surgery later or face lifts whatever.

    Julie - hahaha could anything be cuter? Kangaroo hugging teddy. This winter will give you quality time to catch up with Den. Holed up while it snows hard outside. It brings a very cozy picture to mind. Log fire burning, a hot toddy in hand and a nice sweet romedy on TV.

    Maybe you will find time to find remedies for your aches, pains, sinus. Summers great but. What a lot of work outdoors on the farm.

    Star - your poor son. Having to bear with this stuff at a small age. Has he had this all his life? Or did it stay dormant and playing up now? I pray the right remedy is found and it goes away forever. Spontaneous remission would be so wonderful!

    My son had something where he couldn't be out in the sun , or get angry..these red spots would flare up making his skin look like a fabric with dotted red print. But it was only on back and a little on cheeks. And tingling. It came on in winter and prevented him from taking part in sports day. But those days it was a minor problem, he was going thru some weird psychological issues too, lasted 7 years from grade 5 to 12 and went away as mysteriously as it came on.

    Mikie - always nice to chat with friends. Takes one out of the ordinary humdrum. I wish the kidney issue would resolve for good. Praying for it so. Your building must be so beautiful with all the plants. The tropics are uncomfortable to live in without a.c. but what wonderful and lush flowers and foliage.

    I've oiled my hair with with powdered almonds but hvnt gotten around to washing it. My old 17 year old gas stove at last gave way and broke down. One flame very low and the other milk over boiled and went into the burner. I managed to cook dinner of boiled tongue tho, last nite. Picked out a new stove and DH brought it over.

    Diane, Barry, Granni, hugs

    God bless
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  10. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi Spring and everyone! I should have been in bed an hour ago, but just couldn't get settled...to many things on my mind, I guess.

    Spring, your gift basket sounds yummy! Yes, the news is very sad a lot of the time. Scary too. When I think how good I actually have things...I feel bad for others. Dreams can be so disturbing sometimes...the other night I dreamed I was part of ISIS and was helping kidnap young boys to "recruit" them for service. Me...Grandma Julie! What on earth would that have been about???

    Rock, yep, it was pretty obvious that "lady" was no lady, lol! I learned some German when we were stationed there a year after we were married...lost it, though, for lack of using it.

    Mikie, you might want to be careful. I've seen two stories recently about women who go to the ER, thinking they have kidney stones. And come out with a BABY...didn't even know they were pregnant! :p:eek::rolleyes:o_O

    Hope tomorrow is a sunnier day for you.

    Granni, I'm glad your fungus is gone/almost gone. Won't it be nice to be able to eat and drink a wider variety of things again?

    I didn't get a whole lot done today, but when Den got home we worked on the house. Put some metal on the west side porch roof. So, so much to do yet, but we will get there one day.

    I think I am going to reschedule my chiro appt. that is supposed to be tomorrow morning. I need to go to two other towns and just don't want to overdo it by going to a third town too. Need to get my dad and take him to be fitted for diabetic shoes. The pharmacy that takes care of the nursing home residents' meds also sells the same diabetic shoes that my mom used to wear. Dad keeps getting sores on his feet, which are terrible for someone with diabetes. And I have to go the other direction to get a script for Vitamin D3 from the doctor's office. Even though it is OTC, the nurse said insurance might help pay if I have a prescription.

    So, I'd better call it a day...will check in tomorrow.
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    Sir Vester and I slept til almost 5:00 this morning. I was soooo tired last night. I have to record my shows because I usually fall asleep early in the evening. I got our budget from the mgr. and we were able to keep our fees the same as last year. I don't think we will even have a budget mtg. No one seems to care as long as the fees don't increase. Used to be there were a lot of people in the hood who cared about things but not so much now. Some have moved and some have died.

    I got some pomegranate seeds at Publix. They come already fixed and in a container. They aren't cheap, even on sale, but sooooo sweet and good. I put them on salads and in my cereal. Ran into a friend who had just been at the mtg. and we had about the same things in our carts. Had to laugh at that. She's single too. I got Sir Vester a bag of food which is different from what he's been eating. I try to buy it on BOGO but Publix hasn't had a sale on it for a while. I figure he gets tired of eating the same thing every day. He gets some rich wet food but not too much of it. Yesterday, I gave him some cat nip and he did a little spirited dance and chased his magnificent tail.

    Spring, that pic of the train is amazing. Geez, here people complain about having to stand in subway trains. We have it sooooo easy here but people are never satisfied. We do have sick people and those who can't find jobs but, basically, we are very lucky in our country. Watching the news and seeing people caught up in Syria's civil war or seeing people starving breaks my heart too. God gave us a beautiful planet with enough for everyone if we were to cooperate. Unfortunately, mad men start wars or starve their own people and it ruins it all. That gift basket sounds wonderful. How nice to have a little luxury every now and then. Glad you got a new stove.

    Julie, I hope your Dad's feet heal. You are right, sores on the feet are very dangerous for people with diabetes. If there is a hyperbolic chamber at any of the hospitals, the doc can write an order for him to spend some time in it. The one we had here was used just for that purpose. There is increased atmospheric pressure in them which drives more oxygen into the system. Sores thrive in a low-oxygen environment. Colloidal silver is also very good and can be applied topically and taken internally to help them heal. Good luck. I'm laughing; no one has ever suggested a pregnancy test but I think it's obvious that that ship has sailed, thank God!

    I'm off to read the newspaper. My friends tell me that they could never read it online nor read electronic books. I thought that too until I tried it. The best thing is that I can enlarge the print. Second best thing is that I have far less paper to recycle and no books lying all over the place. I just hope Amazon never decides to charge for storing my books in the cloud. My Amazon Prime membership should cover that. Hope all y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Nice to be back. Our computer connection to the net is provided by AT&T. It has
    been down since yesterday morning. Woke up at 4 AM this morning and found I
    could get back on the Pro Health board. When Gordon called AT&T yesterday
    they said it was a problem across much of California. They weren't sure when
    they could get it fixed. Gordon told them he wanted a credit. The nice lady said
    they would take 5 bucks off our monthly bill.

    It was a weird situation. We could go to some web sites, but not all. As I was
    told when I learned about computers in the 1980s computers are so complex
    and the subject so vast that no one could ever learn everything about the
    new electronic world we live in.

    Mikie, no, I wasn't wearing lederhosen (leather pants) when I fell. I don't
    want to give them a bum rap. But Sie sind sehr witzig!

    That hospital bill is ungebelieegable as Arti Johnson used to say on Laugh In.
    Last time I was hospitalized I took the bill to my doctor who crossed out a
    lot of charges which he said didn't belong on the bill. For example I was
    billed for a head X ray, but the surgery was a hernia repair. I wish to state
    here and now I was never a member of the Communist Party, and I
    never had a hernia in my head. (I do, however, have something in one eye.
    Hard enough to proof read without being half blind. Is there no end to this
    bale of beers?)

    I also got bills from numerous labs, doctors I never heard of, "Medical
    Service Providers" with names I didn't recognize. I didn't pay these
    bills, and after about 6 months they stopped sending them. My guess is
    someone who works in the hospital gives the vendors names and
    addresses, etc. of patients and then gets a kick back.

    Springwater, is there a Pink Panther movie with Steve Williams? I
    know there was one with Steve Martin after Peter Sellers died. I read it
    was not very successful. A year or two ago I ordered a big package
    of DVDs with all the Pink Panther movies from the library. But
    the library only sent one DVD. They seem pretty reluctant to entrust
    their DVDs to the public.

    What Pink Panther was an Indian actress in? A movie made in India?
    A TV show? Your gift basket sounds very nice. I seldom eat any solid
    food, but a macaroon sounds nice. We used to be able to buy good ones
    at the super markets here. Not any more though. I guess modern
    technology (or maybe modern greed) put an end to that. You
    want good baking you need to do it yourself or have a neighbor
    or friend who can do it.

    Julie, hadn't read any reports about women with kidney stone complaints
    who leave the hospital with a baby. Reminds me of the days of my yute
    when millions of young people were frequently stoned due to hanging
    out with some girl nicknamed Mary Jane. (I believe she wore the
    traditional MJ shoes.) I think it is amazing that you and Den can put
    up your own house. I built a bird house in shop class. That was about
    the limit of my building skills.

    BTW,Kids, the German addressed to Mikie means: You are very witty.
    And so she is. And very nice. And so are you all. Gotta go, been here
    an hour. Need to lie down with a good book.


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  13. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys.
    That kangaroo hugging the teddy sure is cute and certainly does work as a pick-me-up.
    Thanks Julie.
    When it snows over your way, do you have to shovel it out of the drive way?
    And have you ever been snowed in?
    I lived in Tasmania for a few years (small island /state beneath rest of Australia ) and there was no getting out for about a week, one Winter...course it was pretty isolated and in the bush...
    Do you guys have trouble with black ice?
    Hopefully your head is feeling better, but then you're recruiting for Isis in your dreams, so maybe you aren't completely free of the tensions? Dreams are weird sometimes, that's for sure!

    Mikie, I'd never heard of that machine you referred to, for diabetics before.
    I would dearly love to see a cat and possum(or other creature) snuggling. Sounds so cute.
    When you mention the catnip, it reminds me of the scene in Puss in boots (shrek), where he's in trouble with the law and gets busted with some nip...truthfully, I enjoy watching most of the children's shows with my Treasures.
    My eldest says he is too old now. Good grief. Hope you're rid of any remaining stones soon.

    Spring, What type of black birds are they in the picture you posted? The one of the hotel pond, where people fish. Very serene looking place. Also, I did type in Nepal marigold, but didn't come up with the pics you did. Mostly they were of the flower heads being threaded together, into necklaces of some sort. Kinda reminds me of the welcoming you get when you arrive in Hawaii , (according to the movies, that is. )
    Also, the actress you mentioned looks like the one on Bride and predjudice...

    Rock, yeah.my lot love watching silly shows like the Pink Panther and three stooges and Get Smart...
    It's nice to see them laugh.
    My hose and I often have it out with each other and yes. I'm often much worse for wear.
    The trouble one goes through! Glad your exercise apparatus didn't cause you further damage.
    How's Gordon's origami going? I think with that type of stuff, you eigther got it, or ya don't. I don't. Bit like reading a map for me...not a success story.

    Sun, how are you doing? Is the techni ice still a help? Or more trouble than it's worth?
    Thanks for the compliment about DH. Yes, our eldest bares similar features to him...
    It's interesting that you mentioned the type of humour blokes sometimes have...DH is very much into ' Pulling a leg ', as the saying goes. So much so, that he's trained his Chinese step brother in the way of it. DH did some work on his house recently and he told DH that he could have his daughter for payment because now there's another on the way...years ago DH had our neighbour horrified by telling her he was going to put our Treasures to work, digging holes for the shed he was going to build. He said while they were hard at work, he'd be able to go and have a nap! She was appalled. Took her ages to get used to him and he wouldn't let her off the hook coz he enjoyed it too much. It's a wonder we didn't have welfare knocking on our door!
    Glad your DS is a hands on Dad. There seems to be a shortage of those. Hope the pain has backed off for you.

    Granni, all that dieting and hard work has paid off. Good on ya!
    Yeah, I like cheese too. Boiled a pot of sweet potatoes dry the other day. Just simply forgot about them. Tragedy really.

    Barry, we have three pregnant does! (Ferrets) oh boy...
    Glad your test results are ok, but sorry no answers and still fatigued.
    Getting much rain your way yet?

    Dianne, how's all that business with accident and insurance going? Hope it's fairly straightforward for you guys. Sounds like it should be.

    4 people died at Dream World a few days ago, on the Rapids.
    Really sad. May be a case of the engineering company who did their yearly safety check up, taking short cuts. So awful.
    Mozzies are real bad at the moment. Good thing we don't have to worry about malaria and all those ( tried to add the other one, but sims came up first and then it got corrected to dims. Do you think it's trying to tell me something? Eat DimDims. Eat dim sims- play creepy music here)

    It's really late. DH is snoring and I'd best try and tune him out and get some shut eye.

    Hello to all at the porch that are away too.

    Oh btw, the specialist insists I buy the $50 nasal spray for DS and that is that!

    Take care all
    Catch yas later...
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  14. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning, everyone!

    Mikie, glad you and Sir Vester slept in...well, to me, 5:00 am is still the "middle of the night", lol! I like to get up early when I wake up on my own, rested and ready to face the day...just doesn't happen very often.

    I've been toying with getting a Kindle for several years...just haven't decided on one yet. And not sure my brain fog would let me even know how to use it.

    Rock, glad you are okay from your fall. I would say, "get your vitamin d checked" as that can make one unstable on their feet...but I think you said you already take it, true?

    I think all of us here would agree that you are truly the "wit and wisdom" of the porch...so glad you take the time and effort to post...I know it gets very frustrating sometimes.

    Star, well, shoot...I guess the specialist must feel very strongly about the more expensive spray. (Just realized I almost made a pun or something..."Shooting Star")...the things we find cute and funny, huh...before the coffee kicks in, lol!

    Amy reminds me every year about the shooting star we both saw the night before Keira was born.

    Oh, we've been snowed in so many times! More so "back in the old days"...we've lived here on the farm since February of 1979. Moved back from Virginia (Den was in the Army and we just stayed out there when he got out in October of 1977, but moved back here when his parents bought this farm from Gpa's mom and dad.)

    Lived with my in-laws from December to February. The previous renters had really trashed the house and we had a lot of work to do to even make it livable, but Den and I were desperate to get in our own place, so just moved in as soon as we could (then spent the next 25 years working on the house...actually, his parents did most of it.)

    We live down a 1/4 mile lane and it would always drift shut, until we cut down a row of trees that were acting as a snow fence (but in the wrong spot.) Den would always have 4WD so he could get to work, but I spent many times (sometimes weeks at a time) stuck back here by myself. During Lindsey's first winter (she was born in June) I hardly ever went anywhere, out of fear of getting stuck in a snowdrift or sliding on slick roads...

    A few winters it snowed so much, the regular snowplows couldn't get through. They had to use a "V-plow" with a v-shaped blade...could only make a path for one vehicle. If you were on a hill or curve, you just had to pray there was nobody coming from the other direction, because it was impossible to see...if two vehicles did meet, someone had to just back up to a spot where you could pass each other.

    Not so bad the past few years...not sure if the winters are just more mild or the crews have better equipment and get the roads cleared sooner. And I don't really care if I "get off the farm" or not...that probably makes the biggest difference, lol!

    Anyway, to get rid of the snow...if it's not bad enough for the roadgrader to come down the lane, or if they take too long, Den uses the tractor or skidloader to get the worst of it. And we shovel paths from the buildings to the parking area. At our end of the lane, the buildings sort of form a circle around the bigger graveled area...old farmhouse, hip-roof garage (cat house, lol) cabin (that we built for Amy and first husband while she was still in college) my mom and dad's mobile home, old barn (only a few "pegged together" ones left...instead of nailed or bolted together) then our shop and the house addition (ends up being almost directly across from the old farmhouse.)

    So, snow comes along, swirls around and causes big drifts between the buildings...but we manage. I try to really stock up on groceries and pet food, and we have the wood stove for heat (and a generator if it really gets bad.) Even so, we have nothing compared to the winters farther north...oh my goodness!

    Well, I'd better get busy. Need to stop by my doctor's office, then the courthouse to drop off our absentee ballots, then back the other way to check on my dad. I called to see if I could take him by to get his feet measured, but the pharmacy said he doesn't qualify if he's in a nursing home...the doctor must have a way to "code" things, since apparently the nursing home is supposed to be responsible for his special shoes. If it's going to take awhile, I may need to go get him a cheaper (bigger) pair to wear for now. I hate to get them too big, though, because then they can slip and cause blisters. Anyway.....

    Hope everyone is doing okay, or at least surviving. I spend so much time in survival mode, it's not even funny. Take care, everyone. Sorry about the Warren Peace, lol!

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  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    So glad to return to see more Porchies have visited. I did a hard half hour in the pool, running fast, and I did my HIT. There is something really magical about that. I can actually feel it helping me. Of course, I still get tired on the days I work out but, in the long run, I know it's helping me. My legs are toning up and feeling stronger too. Of course, everything else in my life is going to hell in a handbasket but my health has to be my priority.

    Three of my pathology bills were denied. One was for $1,200. Yikes! I have to call my ins. co. to find out why they were denied. Even if my ins. won't pay, I will only pay what my ins. would have paid had they OK'd the bills. Still, that's a lot on a $1,200 bill. These stones have nickeled and dimed me to death. I've decided not to stress over this new wrinkle. Is it any wonder I don't want to go back to see what is going on on the left side? Good grief!

    Rock, I'm blushing from your kind, sweet words to me. I think we all agree you are our Chief In Command of Wit. I try to emulate you but always fall short. It's fun to have your humor and intelligence to look forward to here. Geez, AT&T is kinda cheap! I got $25 from Comcast when our Wi-Fi was out. Our cable TV was out too so that may be why I got more back. So many words in German are close to ours but I still have no ear for the spoken German language. I did learn enough to shop, count out change and get around when Mom and I were there. I'm laughing about the bum rap. I hope you didn't rap your bum in the fall. Perhaps that's why motorcycle riders wear leather pants. They protect the bum. On the other hand, so many of them won't wear helmets so I guess they value their bums more than their heads. It isn't mandatory here in FL but they must carry $10,000 in insurance. Say what? That wouldn't even pay the ER bill in a little accident. If they don't have the sense to wear helmets, when something happens, I just call it, "thinning of the herd."

    Star, my Andy likes to watch Puss 'n Boots when he visits me. We love that movie. It's not the Shrek one but I do have that one too. Puss got his own movie because he was so popular. We love the Litterbox Dance in the dance-off scene. When Puss got caught with the MJ, he said it was only for his glaucoma. We roared at that. When Tweety and Sir Vester lived outside, they played with all the critters, including the possums and otters in our little pond. The hyperbolic chamber is what they put divers in when they get the bends. They have a lot of other applications. So sorry you had to get the $50 spray. Your DH sounds like a real card. I love that. We had black ice when I lived in CO in the wintertime. So many accidents and slip 'n falls. It's dangerous. I love to go back there when it snows but I no longer want to shovel it. I'd enjoy skiing on it again but doubt I ever will. Hope your little Treasure is doing better and that your whole family is doing well.

    Julie, the Kindles aren't that difficult to use. The Kindle Paperwhite is really inexpensive right now. It might be the one to buy. I had one of the first generation ones but bought the Kindle Fire HD. It's kinda heavy compared to the others but it's almost like a tablet with a lot more applications. Some are better for reading outside than the Fire HD. The Paperwhite is good inside and out. It has an illuminated screen with no glare. With all your firewood and groceries stocked up (or, in the case of the wood, stacked up) it doesn't sound too bad being snowed in. I hope all your errands go well. I have different levels of Survivor Mode. I'm not as low as I have been but am still at a level of it. I'm hoping I'll continue to recover and praying that my stones on the left won't give me fits. Nothing much has changed except that I no longer feel guilty or embarrassed about the condition of the condo. Take care and have sweet dreams; no more nightmares!

    I read the paper online and finished the NY Times crossword that I printed out. I love when the puzzles are challenging, making me think but not when they are so obscure and difficult that I can do almost none of the clues. I am feeling super tired and may have to hunker down and watch TV or read. I'm getting behind on my saved programs. I can't let them pile up or they will be eliminated one by one as more storage space is needed. I think the saved stuff is in the Cloud but am not sure. In any case, I only get so much storage space. BTW, Kids, I love watching the new Designated Survivor.

    OK, nappy time is calling. Hope all y'all have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
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  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just reading quickly all you dear guys and gals. The cleaning lady is busy and I need to move on to put things back together in our bedroom and bath. One thing after the other. I also have wash to fold so I shouldn't be on here either. The weather here is gorgeous but still warm for this time of year. If it is to warm I think, I am so lucky we have no snow or very cold weather, at least not that much. We'll see what happens this coming next year.

    So sorry I cannot write a nice long post as almost everyone has the past few days. I come on and the volume is gone - woosh :)!!

    SPRING - So nice to read your nice long post. EWow that was some packed train, on the outside too. Yes, so many of us complain for like nothing. We are so blessed when others have nothing or very little.

    JULIE - Yes, I will enjoy eating little more than I was but probably still need to watch it some. Don't want that stuff to come back like it was. The main thing is dairy for me she said so I am trying thet and off the reg. whey I was on to goats whey. Glad I can order on line it is so much cheaper and is quite hard to find .

    Gotta run and put things back together again or at least try. I have been busy all day since I woke up getting ready for the cleaning lady. That gets me all worn out too and they do the vacuuming, etc. and cleaning the floors. That is that hardest for me with all my pain so I really appreciate what they do. Dusting s also a pain but so glad they do that too. It is really dirty this month or should I say quite overdue:)!

    Gotta run !

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
  17. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys.
    FIL is here. Apparently our water pressure isn't good enough for the shower.
    I think it's just fine. Much better than a lot of places I've rented in my teens and early twenties etc...
    Gee. I really hope they don't start pulling the sheets off the wall and all that.
    I'd rather fix something that's actually broken, instead of making all that mess...
    Guess I'm sounding ungrateful, but I've seen some of Fil's diy work and I don't want those types of short cuts here...
    To be fair though, he did manage to build his own house to specs...
    Ugh. Trying not to think about it...

    DH spent the last 5 days away (few hrs drive), at his step brothers place, with his dad. His young Chinese wife hates the country and thinks all things country is 'dirty',so they up and left. Leaving heaps of gear behind and for the most part, not even any renters...So DH replaced back and front decks/porch (only small) And other projects...So they can at least sell it.
    Anyway, when it came time to clean out the shed, he came across an unopened Christmas gift from us.

    Every year I do a hamper, full of snacks , Christmassy things and prezzies...I put a lot of thought and time into it- over wrap the whole thing with cellphone and tie it up, yA know ribbons, tinsel, whatever...
    Well, DH found an Unwrapped one in the shed. He doesn't know from which year. He says a lot of the gifts were wrapped in there and the paper was still in tact, but faded...

    I don't know what to do for Christmas, for them now...dunno what to think.
    Is it possible that his wife thinks anything we give is unacceptable without even opening?
    I just don't get it.
    I can't believe it's just going to wind up at the tip or something. Makes me feel real sad.

    Yesterday I took the electric blanket off our bed and the underlay. Boy did I regret that last night.
    Couldn't get warm at all. Now I'm all achy. Guess theme the breaks.

    Mikie, I'm familiar with the Benz , just didn't realise diabetics used the same decompression machine. Probably did at some point, but lost it along the way.yeah. The puss in boots movie was the one I meant. Dance offs seem to be popular in some of the funny movies.
    Julie I really enjoyed looking into your snow globe.
    I like how all the buildings are in a circle. Like a little village...

    Ideally we'd like to get some cheap land. Enough space for our Treasures to build there too.
    It's getting too expensive to enter the market...

    Anyway. Full house today...

    Take care all
    Catch yas later
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  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member


    Rock - my bad, it was Steve Martin not Williams. Pink panther 2009.

    I'm glad your run in with the hose didn't have any worse results and that you are better. I find it scary to see blood actually dripping. They seem to make to make wounds look worse than they are.

    Julie - I hope your fathers special shoes are acquired very soon. Every parent should hv a DD like you. So happy you are more freed up to give more attention to your sweet dear father now. Yes, I remember the way you were running around trying to cope with everything and everyone while running on empty yourself. How did you even do it?!

    Star - that is infuriating! Not even opening presents!!! Not even giving them away, did she hide them from your DHs stepbrother too, you think? Why don't you just stop giving, in that case?

    Did she even consider your ill health and you took time out to go out, choose, get the stuff, bring it back and wrap it up all nice and pretty. $!?!!! When you could hv been doing something else?

    Reminds me of my friend. I go to the trouble of scouting around and buying something I think she likes for her and her DDs b days and on two occasions I got back what gave!!! For my b day from her. She is that absent minded. I thought about it and she has many friends and siblings all of who celebrate their birthday with an outing and gifts, I think she is swamped under work. And can't remember who gave what.

    The gift I gave her got returned to me on my own b day was a very pretty indian suit piece, unstitched so she could hv it stitched to her size. Luckily I know her for most of my life and knew it was a gaffe' , not an intentional insult, so I just stitched it for myself adding broad white lace to the cuffs and hem and when I wore it to her place...she immediately complimented me on it and I told her the facts. She laughed. And looked sheepish.

    Same thing happened to her DDs kurti piece, a very pretty material I had wanted to keep for my own DD, but decided not to. It came back when DD was here on her b day so DD altered it to her own measurements and joked she would wear it to my friends DDs gathering, (they hang out together sometimes if they're both in town) and let her get the message that "we actually appreciate what we are given. We dont throw them into a pile to be recycled. "

    And then we both laughed at DDs inflections. On the we. Lol!

    Not so funny was at my inlaws place when we lived there. My letters addressed to me used to come to me opened and read. I was flabbergasted the first time, that first year I was married at the lack of respect for privacy. I missed a former co workers wedding because the inlaws took the invite, propped it on the mantelpiece which is in a corner of the house above an unused fireplace..and I found out only when a former colleague phoned to find out why I wasn't at the wedding. I don't know how I stood nine years of living there.

    Mikie - What I love about e books is there are ones which are free online and one can just access them. I found a childhood book I had loved when I was in grade 3 at the school library...it's probably out of print now. But I didn't get the same kind of joy reading now. I'm reading from the perspective of a 50 something old woman as opposed to a little girl of 8.

    The books I really love I have acquired them somehow and scattered around me so I can reach out and read them when I want but there's lots of very polular books, classics n all which im happy to know I can access without paying for them.

    Granni - im glad you hv the help come in. It's just invaluable when one is not feeling upto chores. Housework is a neverending cycle. After I got sharp pain in my back once, when I bent down, something cracked, and I had pain for rest of day..that scared me bad. I couldn't do any bending, so now I put most things I use regularly on a level I don't hv to stoop...and when I wash clothes at the tap, I put the buckets on a stool, so I don't hv to bend. I figured I better look after my body parts before they break down.

    I love the way you and Mikie strive to eat whats right and get in exercise, whenever you can.

    Sun - where are you?

    God Bless
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  19. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone. I had an exhausting day, but feel like I got a lot accomplished. Hi Spring! I see you posted as I was just getting started. It's midnight and I don't have a lot of time, but wanted to comment on Star's post...and to you now, it seems.

    I can't imagine anyone opening someone else's mail, then giving it to them. And the "re-gifting"...happens a lot. The key is to remember who gave what to you...so you don't return the same item to the giver. Well, you allowed her some grace...that is a good friend, indeed.

    Star...how do you and I, and Spring, and so many others function with in-laws acting the way they do. My MIL was a little tricky...for years, I really thought she sort of liked me, because she seemed loving and caring. I thought it was weird that she was so "two-faced" to so many people...nice and polite to their faces, then talked bad about them behind their backs.

    I guess I was just naive enough to think that I was the only person she didn't do that to, lol! We actually got along until I started standing up to her...she would criticize my parenting, how I took care of her son...so many things. She felt, since she and Gpa owned our house, that she could come over any time of day or night to work on it (along with whichever Amish crew she had hired at the time.)

    She "said" she wanted me and Den to think of this place as our own...but when Den would do any remodeling, etc. that she felt wasn't good enough, she would hire someone to come "do it right." Hurt his feelings so many times.

    I'm so sorry about the unopened gift...I don't understand. Makes me think of Spring's friend...could have given it back to you, I guess. Where do your in-laws live now? Must not be too close to you since they stay the night?

    I guess we just have to do the best we can. Sometimes I wonder what is wrong with me that I'm not close to any of my in-laws. I think I'm just tired of putting up with crap...or pretending it doesn't happen.

    I did spend some time and money today, getting prints made of Gpa's funeral, for sis. I found a nice photo album and put about 45 pics in it. I don't know if she will appreciate it or not...or if she will just get rid of it. But, at least I know I made the effort.

    Okay, my eyes are really blurry...I'd better get to bed. Sun, I am wondering where you are also...and if you are ok.

    Hi to everyone and hope you have a great weekend.

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  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    I am watching a silly movie from the 60's. Lately I've gotten such rotten DVDs
    from the library that are modern dramas, I thought I'd try an old comedy.
    It has a wonderful cast including Doris Day, Arthur Godfrey, Paul Lynde,
    and Dick Martin. Rod Taylor is in it too, but he doesn't do much. Just
    stands around and looks handsome. No personality.

    The movie has a laugh out loud scene with Doris, Dom De Luise, a layer
    cake, a stepladder, a wastebasket and an ornamental pool. The title
    is The Glass Bottom Boat, 1966. You can see some bits and pieces on
    Youtube as well as real glass bottom boats in places like Florida, Hawaii,
    and Australia. I think the woman waving is probably Star.

    Mikie, there's also a wonderful scene in a high tech kitchen. It features
    an ancestor of Roomba that attacks Doris and rips off her shoe. It ain't
    subtle or sophisticated, but it's pretty funny.

    In addition to glass bottom boats on Youtube, you can also see the African
    Queen boat in Key Largo. The same boat from the 1951 movie with Bogart
    and Hepburn. You can ride it for $49. The dinner tour is $89. Presumably
    the food is not from 1951.

    Julie, yes I take Vitamin D3. Gordon started taking vitamin D last year.
    He says we need to order more. Thank you for your kind words. I am
    reading a book on quilters. The author who wrote about the slave that
    became dressmaker to Mary Todd Lincoln also wrote a series on women
    who quilt together. I think our group here is similar. We support each
    other as best we can. Virtual hugs and laughs and encouragement and

    Springwater, don't feel bad about confusing Steve Martin and Steve
    Williams. They look so much alike. Not many people know this, but
    they are secretly related. They keep it a secret because of their tax
    situation. Or was it because of off shore bank accounts. Well, some
    good reason.

    Re-gifting is not a new problem. It was around 59 years ago in season 6
    of I Love Lucy. Lucy gave Ethel a candlestick. Later Ethel gave it
    back to her as a housewarming gift. Note the hidden message which the
    script writers utilized. Candle; fire; house warming. This is all
    discussed in Professor Hightower's book "Symbolism in the Sitcom".

    Back later; hugs to all
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