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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,


    It's time already for a new Porch. I'm gonna post this and come back to add and edit. Decided that we need a wee bit of Thanksgiving cheer. It's only 62 degrees out this morning. It'll get to 80 this afternoon. Sir Vester is out on the lanai; the sliding doors are open and I can hear the fountain splashing. For some reason, I've felt better and calmer. The kidney pain has abated a bit. I'm thankful for that.

    Barry, thanks for your kind good wishes. I laughed at the kidneys getting pissed. Yes, Gilda Radner was right; it's always something. I hope things have settled down for you and that Shorty is getting better without seizures. My friend's, Nurse Nancy's, little dog has seizures too but he seems to do pretty well on his meds. Unfortunately, they make him a bit groggy. Yes, lazing around is good but, as you say, nothing gets done. I have got to strike while the iron is hot and get some things done in here. I don't know what's going to happen so I need to be ready for anything. Silver Lining mode is so much more peaceful than worrying and I'm glad I'm there. I think of you when I see something in bloom. The big old Jacaranda tree by the church is in full bloom in a riot of violet color. Take care, my friend, and stop in when you can.

    Granni, you got a lot done in between other things. I managed to change my bed a couple of days ago and do other loads of laundry. The dishwasher is done and waiting to be unloaded. I just need to clean enough in here that it's not scary in case someone comes in to see Sir Vester. Even if Julie does keep him, she may want to bring him back depending on how she is feeling. After getting a stent put in on the left side, I may not feel up to doing much cleaning so I need to do it now. If I have to have parathyroid surgery later on, I need the place to be clean for whichever DD comes down. Problem is that now the Snowbirds are coming down and it's getting more difficult to get flights. Oh well, I'll cross that bridge if I get to it. Hoping you aren't overdoing it.

    Don't know whether to go to the pool or get things done around here. It's my DD's birthday and I'll be calling her. She's the one in TX. I'm hoping that, if I have to get the stent done (I see no way out of it) it'll be done before I have to go to TX. It's almost two weeks before I leave. The stent won't bother me until it's been in a while. I just hope it won't have to stay in five weeks like before. I have to run down to the FedEx drop to send in my pee. Than, I'm going to Publix. I took some frozen mussels in garlic sauce out yesterday and put them in the fridge to thaw. Gonna do a seafood pasta in Alfredo Sauce for dinner. I need to use the food in the freezer. Hope it doesn't make me sick. So far, know on wood, the pain and nausea have improved. The stone may have backed off a bit. It was near the duct.

    Whew, just got a message that Microsoft was checking for updates. I would have likely lost this had it decided to update so I saved it and came back to edit. I really need a new laptop but I've had to buy my plane ticket, my new glasses and, now, my property taxes are due. I'm lucky in that I'm homesteaded with two additional exemptions so my taxes are very little. I do have a LOT for which I'm grateful, including all my dear friends on the Porch.

    Hope all y'all have a very good day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning, Mikie and everyone! What a great time to start up a new porch...thank you! Yes, a good season to be thankful.

    Your pumpkins made me think of the other day when I went to see my dad. I try to keep something "season appropriate" hanging on his door...whatever holiday it is, etc. I had just an "Autumn Greetings" thing with pumpkins, etc. on there for a few weeks, and decided it was time to put a Thanksgiving thing up...turkey, etc.

    I know Dad doesn't care what I put there, but I always show him and ask if it's okay. I always ask his roommate also, even though "Gpa Vic" doesn't care either and is not doing too well, so sleeps a lot these days. But, it is just common courtesy, and I think they appreciate "having a voice."

    I'm glad you are doing as well as you are, and in Silver Lining mode. I don't know if it was because of Den's thyroid or parathyroid, or the a-fib...but he was very anxious, couldn't sleep, couldn't get his mind to shut down...all those things for quite awhile. I thought it had something to do with his dad just recently moving in with us (three months before) or some other stress.

    I hope things happen in the right order so you can still make your trip.

    I decided I'd best stay in today and clean house. I also need to call about boarding Oreo while we're gone, and reschedule my next dentist appt. since we may not be back in time. Have my laundry started...it's a nice sunny day to hang out clothes.

    Chiro appt. tomorrow morning, then only have to get out again on Thursday to take Oreo to the vet and pick up a few things to take with us. I'm going to buy a big box of apples for the kids...I've never seen little ones love fruit so much, lol! But they don't get candy, junk food or anything like that, so they snack on raw veggies and fruit.

    The kids have been sick, and Lindsey is so worried they might give something to Den and me...but I think we'll be ok.

    Thank you, Barry, for the kind words :) And everyone else too!

    I'd better get busy around here...I think my body likes "regular time" better than Daylight Savings...woke up before 6:30, feeling very rested.

    Take care, everyone!
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    Hi, Kids,

    Home again, home again, juggity jig! Just got back from FedExing my pee off to the lab. I stopped at Publix and was overjoyed to find canned Freestone peaches on BOGO. I ought to buy a case. I eat the Kellogg's Bran Buds to get my daily fiber. It tastes like cardboard so I like to add a few peach slices to it. They are good to add to yogurt too. So much of the summer fruit is gone. Publix sells pineapple which is cored and skinned and it was on sale as well as the biggest red grapes I've ever seen. I hope these aren't sour grapes. Hershey dark chocolate was on BOGO so I got some. It is not as good for a body as the chocolate with a higher cocoa percent but it's still good. It's rich so just a bit satisfies. Stopped to joke with the produce guy who is a hoot. He used to be quiet and now, he's like a stand-up comic. Makes my day!

    Called to talk to DD and wish her a happy birthday. She was on the way to pick up DGS because he chipped his tooth and it was hurting. He asked his Sunday school class to pray for me. That is soooo sweet. I talked to my friend, Grace. She got a flu shot and has been in a lot of pain in one arm and one knee. The doc told her it couldn't possibly be the shot. Medical professionals are sooooo ignorant when it comes to flu shots. I told her it could well be her own immune system overreacting to the shot. They give her the stronger one. She got a letter from her heart doc that, when she had her open-heart surgery, they used a blood machine which heats and cools the blood. The model they used has been recalled because it has resulted in some kind of bacterial infection in some patients. One of the symptoms is aching in the body. She was going to call as soon as we hung up. If she does have the infection, it may be latent in the body and was activated by the shot. I hope she's OK.

    Julie, that's so sweet of you to hang seasonal things on your Dad's door. It's also very thoughtful to check with his roomie. We never know how the kind things we do will reverberate and touch others. I'll bet those things help cheer up the employees when they see them. I never did get my fall wreath up on my front door. It's almost time to hang the Christmas wreath; I'll do that when I get back from TX. Thanks for the good wishes. I think I should be able to get the stone blasted before I have to go. If I have to have the parathyroid surgery, I can do it when I get home. DD in TX and I are going to try to get DD in CO to come down too. We need a family reunion. Den's anxiety and racing brain could easily have been caused by his thyroid or parathyroid. My anxiety was the worst after I got the stent removed. I'm pleasantly pleased that I'm calmer now. Sounds as though you are your usual busy self. As always, don't overdo it. It's too bad we can't just zap ourselves where we want to go, like on Star Trek. I'd zap myself there and stay with Oreo. Then, someone would have to zap himself or herself here to take care of Sir Vester. It would be like playing musical pets.

    All I have to do tomorrow is vote. Thank God! Just these two little errands wore me out this morning. Like Granni, I hate having to shampoo my hair in the shower and blow it dry. After I do that, I can only do one or two things. I don't know how I did it all last Fri. Probably the kind of NRG one gets when one has to rise to an emergency or urgent situation. Today, I can afford to take it easy now that the pee is off to the lab. I'll try to do some things around here. In all likelihood, I'll put things off and then have to rush around. I'm just not going to worry about the condo as long as it isn't health dept. dirty. I hope all y'all are having a good start to the week.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie, I'm glad you got your errand ran...and you found some good grocery buys.

    Keira and Miley's school is doing a Veterans' Day thing on Friday, so Amy asked me to send some pics of both Gpas...Den and his dad. I did that, then came across some other ones...woo hoo! Are you guys ready for this? I was probably just 15. Den obviously wasn't in the Army yet, lol! Hope it makes you at least smile, if not "spit your coffee through yer nose" laugh.


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    I actually got to line dancing today but not sure how many more I :)will get to with all the outside work around here. Ig was fun though.

    JULIE - What a cute pic of you two. That looks like about the time my kids were going through that phase and type of jeans. Of course we all wore them too.. Also the men were wearing their long hair back then. Does Den have curly hair?? It is hard to tell but doesn't look like it is totally straight. I never had long hair . DH did have a moustache and still does and long side burns and darker hair with no gray in it. Now there is a lot of of gray where there is hair. However, he has a lot more hair than others his age and younger. You both need some rest and get to see those kiddos.

    MIKIE - You sure have been busy and hope you get rid of that pesky stone as quick as possible. Glad you got some good buys and got your urine sample sent. What fun we all have, right :)???

    Sorry this is not very long. Hope this finds you all well !!

    Love to awl,
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    Hi Ids, Oops! A Freudian typo.

    Julie, that is a great pic! You guys look healthy and happy and essence
    of youth! I can hear "The Way We Were" playing in the background.

    Granni, happy to hear you were able to do some dancin' today. Fred
    Astaire told Ginger, "I won't dance." Nowadays I have to say, "I can't dance."
    Not anymore.

    Mikie, despite your ailments, you sure get a lot done. And manage to
    stay cheerful to boot. ("To boot" has nothing to do with dancing.)
    Old English for something extra one got in a transaction. "I'll
    trade you these three sheep for your brown cow and throw in a
    bushel of potatoes to boot."

    We are just leaving for the library. Tried three times. Just can't get on
    the site. Hope everybody has a good day.


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    I've just caught up on ALOT of reading here (and about DS as required by specialists).
    I wonder if you guys recall that I chose to go home and have his blood drawn and tested locally, rather than pay an arm and a leg for it to be done there?
    Turns out that was a huge mistake. Even though I was assured it could all be done here, that's not the case at all.
    We had the face time appointment today.
    The specialist wasn't impressed and now we have to do it all over again, back in Ballarat.
    Oh the joys...
    Feel bad for DS, but will treat him while there to help ease the frustration.
    Oh and get this, the specialist says his IgE reading is the highest he's ever seen in his life!

    My brain is just emerging from the longest fog I've endured yet. I Thank God for that! I was beginning to wonder if this was the new me. Scary to contemplate. But yeah. Julie, I'm with you when it comes to being grateful for my DH. This past week he's been a great reassurance-in his own quiet way. All the best visiting your Tenesee Treasures.

    Sun, when I get through this next chapter of dealing with DS, I'll look into getting the techni ice for myself.
    So very pleased that you succeeded. Soccer, art show and jalapeƱo treats. Good going!

    Barry, rabbit in the shops here is expensive too. It's crazy.
    Eldest Ds has a pair of budgies, so does Ddand DH. Youngest has one little male and really hopes he can get him to talk.
    Favourite is a little cockatiel. Cutest thing ever. (Besides, the female budgie that's meant to be mine is the nastiest, meanest little terror- that bites hard. I told DH he can be the one to handle and tame her, since his hands are tough workman's hands).

    Mikie, sounds like you've been through the mill again! Sooo sorry about all this. Wouldn't it be nice if this problem was fixed and suddenly ALl the fatigue dissipated? Ok. Too far fetched, but I'm glad you're not too down about it. You're one tough cookie.

    My legs are cramping heaps and now that DH has a cold, life has got that much more challenging. No offence to you Fellars, but the man flu does beat all....Not.
    Guess it's pay back time for his support this past week. Life has a funny way of coming full circle doesn't it? Lol.

    Anyway, most of you will be voting shortly and the world is-a-watching. Hmmm. Interesting days.
    Do you guys have to go down to a local hall or school and vote or can you postal vote? How does it work over there?
    Is it like here? Big lines and people shoving flyers at you?

    Be back properly, when I can...
    Take care all. - Rock, Spring, Granni, Elaine, Dianne, Linda, Julie, Sun, Mikie, Barry everyone
    Catch yas later
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    Hi, Kids,

    Home again after voting. I got there 15 mins. before the polls opened. About 20 people in front of me, including two neighbors. It took almost no time at all. Soooo many people wait in long lines to vote early or vote by mail that actually voting on election day is a piece of cake. I woke feeling a bit nauseated but didn't take a pill for it. The med doesn't make me groggy but I can tell I'm a bit more off my game. I took it yesterday afternoon because I felt sick but had some mussels in garlic/butter sauce thawing in the fridge. I steamed them open and put them in the fridge. While they cooked, Sir Vester had his snout in the air sniffing. Too funny! I can take a nausea pill and fix some seafood pasta for lunch today. I tried one and they are plump, sweet and delicious. Mmmmm! Publix has these and small scallops in garlic/butter sauce on BOGO all the time. Cook some pasta and open a jar of Alfredo sauce and I have a delicious meal with minimal effort.

    Spring so good to see you here. I'm so sorry for all this mess with your DS's tests and treatment. If his test was off the charts, it's a good thing you are getting on top of it. I'm glad you have a DH who is an anchor for you in the storms of life. I'm laughing because it seems to me that men I've known don't want to hear about what ails us but, when they get sick, it's a national disaster. Now, please, I'm generalizing here and don't want to offend anyone. I'm glad the fog is lifting for you. We need our brains; I know I can't depend on mine. From your lips to God's ear! If only there were a surgery or treatment which would restore my health. Unfortunately, I've been sick with immune and autoimmune illnesses for 25 years now. I became disabled with them 16 years ago. If I have parathyroid disease, it's a rather recent phenomenon. Still, I've had some symptoms of it this year so it might help improve those. I'll see tomorrow when I meet with the nurse practitioner. She's very smart and very good. Sending up a prayer for all y'all and, especially, your little Treasure.

    Julie, what a sweeeet pic of you and Den. I remember those jeans and shirts and the hair styles. My ex had longer hair and a big moustache. I had long dark hair parted in the middle with no bangs. I call those the Hippie Years. We lived in Boulder, CO, the Rocky Mtn. capitol of Hippie Land. Even after that, we dressed like we were in a John Denver special on TV. I hope you have a wonderful time on your trip to Tenn. How lucky your DK's are to have you and Den. I didn't know my grandparents and always envied my friends who had sweet ones like you.

    Don't know what I'll get done today. I can certainly rest and try to feel better. My appt. isn't until 4:00 tomorrow. That gives me Thurs., Fri. and the weekend to try to get this place whipped into shape. I hope all y'all have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
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  9. lydia1

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    Good morning, everyone! I have a chiro appt. this morning, so won't be on here long. Den and I voted last week with absentee ballots...started doing that in '08 when we were in Belize...just kept it up.

    Thanks for the compliments on the pic of me and Den...I never thought I would gain as much weight as I have, though. Den, too...

    Star, I'm so sorry for the extra stuff you and your DS have to go through...we moms just do the best we can.

    Hi to everyone...hope your day goes as well as possible.

    Thought I would copy a post from Lindsey...people tell her she needs to write a book about her experiences raising her four kids (age six, two year old twins, and a two year old.)

    "I'm typing through tears. [​IMG] Perk of having a large family: being stranded in the bathroom without tp so you yell for the 6-yr-old to get you some, only it's in the top of your closet. *various loud banging and crashing noises*

    6-yr-old hollers: oh by the way, you get what you get and you don't throw a fit.

    Few minutes and a few crashes later she yells again: things aren't going well in here!

    2-yr-old: waddles in and hands you a magazine. Yep. [​IMG] They finally saved me."

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    Morning, Kids

    I didn't wake up today until 5:30. Amazing! I think it's been decades since I
    slept through the night. Be nice if I could say I woke up refreshed and full of
    energy, but that would be too much to hope for. I did, however, wake up
    feeling less groggy than usual.

    Julie, Lindsey made me laugh. I hope she has enough energy to keep some
    sort of diary. When the kids are grown and gone, she can put together
    a book. If it's a funny as this snippet, it will be a best seller. Reminded me
    of our old friend Erma Bombeck.

    "It goes without saying that you should never have more children than you
    have car windows.
    My type of humor is almost pure identification. A housewife reads my column
    and says, 'But that's happened to ME! I know just what she's talking about!'

    I think it would be nice if we all posted pics of when we were young and
    healthy. I would except I don't seem to have any pics any more. I
    wouldn't know how to post them either, but Gordon probably could.

    Mikie, are mussels those orange things? If so, Gordon and I had them at
    a clambake while touring New England. Except it was in a restaurant, not
    on the beach, and the menu did not include lobster. I know it should
    though because the song A Real Nice Clambake from Carousel includes

    The song BTW was sung by Claramae Turner who was a mezzo soprano
    at the Met in the 40s and 50s. She also sang You'll Never Walk Alone.
    Claramae was from California. Died only 2 years ago at age 92.

    Star, happy to hear you are feeling less foggy. Hope DS is soon better.
    As for voting, it can be done by mail, but most people go to the
    nearest polling place which is usually a school, church, or some sort
    of public building. Sometimes in a private home though. There are
    long lines because we have so many Mexicans here, and they use two
    surnames. Both the mother's and the father's. Causes mucho
    confusion. Last time I voted I stood behind an old Mexican man. The
    gal with him (daughter?) kept saying to the clerk, "Well, try Mendoza.
    Try Garcia. It could be Lopez."

    I wasn't allowed to vote because I had moved to the house next door to
    my previous address. That was over 2o years ago. Haven't voted since.
    Can't stand up long enough to wait in line.

    Well, I fed the cat. Perhaps I will have an invigorating drink of healthful
    chocolate milk. Hugs, All.

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  11. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: Cute pic. Of the two of you. I remember those type of jeans with the kinda flat panel in front. The clothing designers should bring those back, only with it kinda like the stretch of a girdle panel. They would fly out the door!

    What Lindsey writes is kinda like life for everyone who had little children and lots and lots of work. I'm sure Granni can attest to that. I had 3 children, all under 3 1/2 years of age. I was lucky I managed to get dressed during those years. It was a real treadmill. I'm sure she NOW REALLY appreciates having had you living right next door.

    Rock: That's great that you slept thru the night. Why not try hard not to take a nap during the day or maybe only a very short one, so you can retrain your body to sleep when everyone else does!

    Mikie: How CAN you eat seafood like that if you're nauseated? I think I would be living on crackers and plain broth. You must have a strong stomach, mind over matter. I've always felt the best way to get over nausea is to stay busy so you don't think of it.......and some salty crackers.

    Star: I'm sorry about all your misery. Isn't it amazing when you come out of the fog and your eyes are suddenly opened after living on auto pilot. And what exactly is the high reading.....I'm unfamiliar with it, and what does it signify? I agree, men don't do sick well.

    I have an PT appt late morning today. I'm evaluating it. All it seems to be is exercises to do at home, and when I don't move around, especially at night, then when I get up I'm almost screaming and moaning with the pain until things loosen up again.

    I plan on voting after the appt. I vote at a community center close by, and I've never seen lines. There are usually about 20 voting booths so I guess that makes a difference.

    Looks like the flu is making rounds again. My DD has been sick with a fever and BAD body aches since friday. Oh joy......I'm almost afraid to go around people for fear of what I might catch. I take oregano oil daily but need to be sure to take Vit C and other things to stay healthy. Last year I was pretty much wiped out for at least 3 mos. And you guys may remember I messed up my health insurance and had no coverage so couldn't even see a doctor when I started coughing up blood. When I finally saw my pulmonologist and told him about it, he said if that ever happens again to just come in to see him, insurance or not, and the clinic would "eat" the charge. This is why I won't change where I go, even though it's about a 25 min. Drive to get there. I've been going to this clinic since I was 4 years old! In fact, I have one of the lowest #s for patient charts. I asked a few years ago if they would throw a party for us "old ones". LOL

    I was browsing the internet, looking for something in particular concerning art and came across this amazing artist who paints animals. Have a look at it.

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  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    I had my seafood pasta lunch. It was sooooo good. Mmmmm! There is probably enough for two more meals. Thank God for the nausea med. I'm really tired today so am just lazing around. I think all the urgency to vote took its toll on me. Don't know why--it was easy peasy. Could be a bit of the anxiety but I really don't feel too anxious. Good grief! Looks as though I missed a couple of all y'alls' posts earlier.

    Granni, yes, a neighbor and I were just sarcastically joking about our exciting lives. I told DD that I had mailed her late birthday card when I took my pee sample to be FedExed. She said she hoped the card wasn't splattered. I told her I was careful with the sample. I'm so impressed that you keep up the line dancing. I've been missing the pool and don't know when I'll get back there. Guess you'll just have to work out for the two of us. :)

    Rock, sorry I missed your earlier post. My brain must have decided to take a time out. Glad you got up feeling less groggy. I usually wake up several hours before I get up for good. I get up to pee once during the night. Sir Vester usually doesn't bother me then but the last hour or so, he gets pretty impatient. Mussels are like clams. I like them better than clams but I do love clam chowder. Also love oyster stew. How sweet you are to feed the kitty. Researchers have found chocolate milk is healthier than the plain stuff. When I was really little, I asked my Mom if chocolate milk came from brown cows.

    Julie, I also first thought of Erma Bombeck when I read Lindsay's bathroom experience. She is funny.

    Sun, the pills for nausea seem to work pretty well or I wouldn't be able to have my seafood pasta. I'm sorry to read about the continuing pain. I had hoped the PT would do the trick for you. I had been going to the clinic in Boulder since 1949 until I moved to Denver in '81. I had a very low chart # too. My chart was so thick they had to start Volume II. I worked there and it was great to be able to just go to the doc when I was starting to get sick. Most of us tend to wait when symptoms start until we can't stand it. Thanks for posting the link. That was amazing.

    OK, gonna get moving along. I feel as though I need to go lie down. Hope all y'all are doing well.

    Love, Mikie
  13. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: I think the clinic I go to transferred everything to computer about 8 years ago. It's so easy for the doctors to just go into the computer and get the patient's record. Every exam room has one installed. So in my allotted 15 min. He's able to assess me, and order labs, xrays or meds, all from the room. So convenient. And when I told him in january about me getting really sick on Maui and having to see a doctor, he told me I could have emailed him with the symptoms and he could have ordered some meds for me. That's kinda good I think, since at my age I pretty much know what's going on with my body.

    I talked with the PT this morning, told him I'm going to just do my exercises at home, since no reason for me to go there and do them. He gave me another stretch band, told me to hook on the backside of the doorknob and use it to exercise my shoulder and arms.

    I stopped and voted afterwards. The man that was taking the ballot just leaned over and put it in the box. I asked what about the machine.....he said it was broken and after 4 hrs. A new machine hadn't been delivered yet.

    And here's something that will make the adrenalin start to move:

  14. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member


    Julie - that pic took me to days long past. School. Bell bottoms, long hair, jeans. I loved the photo. You both look so sweet. And just fit together. I know western culture doesn't really believe in it, but I feel you and Den are soul mates or twin flames...:)

    Mikie - good to know you enjoyed the sea food pasta. I haven't had pasta for a while now. When I do it's mixing tomato and onion fry and mushrooms if I hv them. But my stomach is preferring rice these days.
    I had to go get some things fixed in the house and had to run around quite a bit, so I rewarded myself by buying stuff I liked for cooking even though there was a lot of food in the house ready to be cooked. Came back, and cooked myself a cheese, potato, butter, chilli tomato dish which is a Bhutanese dish. And which is good for chilly weather because it's a bit heavy.

    Star - I see you've just been in while I was editing. I'm so sorry for your DHs friend, that is beyond awful. I get those brain fog things myself...but I try and do some exercises for the mind, when I can. I dwell far too much on negative things and things which upset me than I should and that makes me wooly headed. But at least I've realised that; now, when i catch myself thinking about something which has upset me, and that thought has lead to another memory and another and got me more down, I just mentally cut that thought out. Lord knows there's enough work around here, since I had to let go of my daily maid. I can achieve much more when I'm present in the moment.

    Sun - that is really easy getting your medical records. How convenient. I'm sorry to hear your DD is ill.those portraits of the doggies ...lol. So sweet. My dad used to sketch portraits of ethnic locals, I don't know how good or bad they were..but he sold them. Tourists from out of town would buy them from the shop he supplied them to. It's sad how he despised his own gift towards later years..he rarely picked up a brush or sketch pencil or his sewing kit ( he used to make little dolls too on stands). I guess life got too harsh for him.

    I love how much joy you derive out of your own gift:). That's how it's meant to be.

    Rock -I came back and am adding to my post, an errand called earlier. I'm taking a tea break before getting down to dinner preparing. I know you said you hv less energy but it seems to me you seem so much more cheerful than those previous years you were visiting EA meetings.

    Yes, the rainy season has well n truly gone...and the weather is decidedly cold in mornings and evenings.
    Today, I had to water our flowers because the pots and ground was baked in the mid day sun.

    Diane - I hope the Internet thing gets solved. I am always having those...I ve noticed a few things I need to do to avoid more problems so I do those as soon as a little error comes up. Life is about noticing blips and nipping them in the bud before they get too big for one to handle and so with computers. I am very aware I have a hacker who tries to disable me computer when I come online. Several things start happening in a sequence and I've taken note.

    Granni - i did a bit of exercise today..just moving around the body to get circulation going and some jumps...our pranic healing says when we exercise a lot of dirty, diseased energy also gets expelled. Could be why I found myself able to go out and attend a relatives gathering as well as wash a ton of clothes and still not be wiped out. On a bad day, one solid chore does me in.

    When I was a young girl in India one night a big moth, a beautifully formed delicate looking one, canary yellow with dark spots came and sat on our transistor. Dad said, it foretold that we would get a new something. Few days later, we got Uncles LP player set, a very beautiful one set in a engraved glass case and mounted on a wooden box with vertical panelling. My father gave us the 'I told you so.'

    Some days before a rather large moth was stuck on our curtains and I told DS about what my dad said. It's a few days later and we hv a new washing machine, new gas stove,new blender. (Our pipe where the old disused washing machine was is clogged up, tho. Needs cleaning out. )Maybe there was something to those old wives tales.

    A shout out to Linda, Barry and our MIAs..

    Love you all

    God bless
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  15. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Just got back in time after taking DS for more blood tests...
    In time to see who the new president is...
    The TV shows so many people crying...
    Really hoping all you guys aren't traumatised by this latest event.

    Put tea on and my stomach is growling at the thought of your yummy seafood pasta, Mikie
    And yes, Sun I often munch on crackers due to feeling nauseous.

    Have to make school lunches still and Everything hurts.
    But I'll live...

    Speaking of which, DH got an awful call today.his very good friend was in tears.
    A mate's wife had passed away and it's a big possibility that it was self inflicted, if you know what I mean...very sad state of affairs.

    Will come back later to check out links and reply and chat properly.
    Do my best.

    In the meantime, take care xx
  16. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good night, Irene! I just couldn't go to bed without hearing how the election went...and now it's almost 2:30 am. So, I will be hitting the sheets very soon.

    Rock, I do hope one day very soon you wake up feeling refreshed. Yes, Lindsey really needs to be keeping a journal or something...so when she finally has time, she can write a book, lol! What a shame that you couldn't vote because your address had changed.

    Sun, I'm betting that doing your exercises at home will benefit you as much as going to PT. Only because you are so disciplined and will make yourself do them.

    Mikie, glad those pills work so you can enjoy your food.

    Spring, about the soul mates. A friend of Den's told me that two weeks after we met (over 43 years ago) Den told this friend "that's the girl I'm going to marry." I have always believed that Den and I were meant to be together...I can't imagine spending my life with anyone else.

    Star, I see you've just popped on. So sad to hear about this lady. And sorry you are hurting so much.

    Yes, the election results were a bit of a surprise to many people. I am just praying that this new president will keep his promises to heal and unite our country. And that he will work to make sure all people are treated with care and respect.

    Better get going...thinking of you all!

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  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Woke up around 1 AM. Looked at the computer news. Read that the race
    was too close to call. From the map it looked like Trump won more states,
    but Clinton won more states with big populations. Then I clicked on
    a live broadcast which said Trump won. Heard half of Donald's 15
    minute speech before the electronic gremlins set in. The caption said
    Trump is the new President. Donald's speech was about the changes he
    hopes to bring about. I hope he can. We live in interesting times.

    Julie, thanks for your kind wishes. I didn't wake up refreshed, but I
    don't feel groggy this morning, and my eyes aren't sore and blurry so
    that's almost as good.

    Forty-three years, huh? Well, maybe it will work out after all. Ha Ha.
    My folks were married for 59 years. Far as I know it never worked out.
    They spent much of the last couple decades living apart. My aunt and
    uncle, on the other hand, had a wonderful marriage for over 50 years.
    And my brother the cop and his wife have been happily in tandem
    for 38 years. Funny there's so much variation with one family.

    Star, sorry to hear that everything hurts. I hope that situation doesn't last
    long. How is your son doing. Is there a diagnosis? Is he getting better?
    I think the most stressful thing about parenting is having sick children
    and not being able to help them. Hope things improve soon.

    Spring, Gordon frequently says it really isn't a meal unless there's rice.
    He buys it in huge sacks. 40-50 pounds. When I was a kid the only kind
    of rice we ever saw was Minute Rice. Are you now having less rain
    because the monsoon season is over?

    Sun, thanks for the URL for the nature video. It wouldn't play for me, but
    I found it on Youtube along with lots of other videos from Planet Earth 2.
    I also found a TV movie of Meet Me in St Louis from 1959 which starred
    Tab Hunter, Myrna Loy, Jane Powell, Walter Pidgeon, and Jeanne Crain.
    (A few years later I saw Myrna and Jane on stage and chatted with them
    after the performance.)

    Mikie, I'm going to let you gals in on a big secret. We men know you consider
    us big babies when it comes to being illish. We only play along with the game
    to make you gals feel needed. Or as the song from Man of La Mancha almost
    put it, "We're only thinking of you."

    I think that's very public spirited of you to vote considering how hard it
    often is for us porchers to get around. As various people have observed
    over the years: If ya don't vote, ya don't have the right to bitch. My own
    view is that the Constitution gives us the right to bitch, but as the
    Supreme Court sometimes reminds us, views on the Constitution can vary.

    Chocolate milk must come from brown cows is a perfect example of how
    little kids think. When I was little I thought orange juice came from orange cows.

    Ok, gonna lie down and read for a while. I'm reading a great book on
    the assassination of Lincoln. It contains the text of documents from that
    time. For example, statements, letters, and testimony from people
    who were in Ford's theater; doctors who tried to treat Lincoln; orders from
    government officials, speeches by lawyers at the trial of the conspirators, etc.

    Hope everydobby has a good day
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  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    I woke at 4:00 with a headache to find out who won the election. As with every new president-elect, I pray for a steady hand and an ability to unite us despite our differences of opinion and outlooks. Pollsters and pundits are awestruck at their inability to correctly forecast this election and Brexit. Perhaps their methodologies, or relying on voter feedback, are no longer viable tools. I am very glad this election is over with and can only hope and pray for our country and the world that we can find peace so we can work on all the problems which confront us.

    I had one of my nightmares about my ex's leaving me. I woke up but not sobbing this time. I really need to stop to pray and meditate today to try to get rid of some of the stress I'm obviously experiencing. I'll find out about my lab tests this afternoon at the nurse practitioner's. I am going to go over to the pool this morning. Who knows when I'll be up to it again or have the time and energy. I need to get busy cleaning in here. It doesn't need perfection; it just needs to be vacuumed, dusted and the bathrooms cleaned. One or both of my DDs will come down if I need parathyroid surgery. That one would likely be scheduled after my return from TX. But, I'm getting ahead of myself. I'll let y'all know what she says.

    Sun, that poor little iguana. I'm glad he got away in the end but it was soooo scary. The filthy language in the comment section is one of the reasons I don't do social media. It breaks my heart to see how angry and negative some in our society have become. Exposure to that on a daily basis can't be good for us. I'm so glad we have this place to find our kind friends supporting us. I think the law mandated that all patient charts be digitized. The docs in the hospital practice all share the same computerized charts. My doc prides himself on being as low tech as possible. He's a contrary person but, between him and my own research, I do think I get adequate care. If I weren't, I'd switch docs. I'm at the point where my conditions are settled and I can function. Anything else has to be treated by a specialist. I'm glad you can do your PT at home. After a while, going to a PT facility doesn't seem to be any more productive than doing the exercises at home. Gotta love those elastic bands. Eventually, mine tore but they can be purchased.

    Spring, glad you got some yummy food. I don't usually do the white sauce for pasta but it works better for seafood. I like the tomato sauce. I once stood over the stove making it myself but the stuff in the jar is as good. Of course, processed foods often contain too much salt, sugar and preservatives but I don't eat them often. My ex and I always said we had 'love at first sight.' Right after we went out, he told his family we would get married. Even the shrink we had for marriage counseling thought we had one of the best potentials for a good marriage he had ever seen. Had my ex been like Den, a calm port in a storm, we might have made it; he became the storm! I don't live in the past nor dwell on what might have been but it is sad. I think it's when I have too much on my plate that the nightmares return. Once I get all this health business dealt with, it should be better.

    I'm still using light to help me heal and get through all this. I can never thank you enough for all your help. I often dream of flying but it's usually to get away from some bad guys. There was an author, Carlos Castaneda, now deceased, who wrote about basically taking a flying leap and finding out one could fly. I think his first novel was The Teachings of Don Juan. It was New Age fiction about taking peyote in the SW desert and becoming more enlightened. He was a best selling author. I'm your dream was so disturbing for you. Perhaps it is a message that you really are in control. I hope so. Oh, to be able to fly without a plane! How wonderful.

    Star, so sorry to read of your DH's friend's wife. How sad! I know people can be so depressed that they think it's the only way out but it leaves everyone else devastated. I pray for healing for her family and loved ones. Hope getting your DS's blood work done will help. He, and you, have been through sooo much. I usually don't suffer from nausea. It's a symptom of kidney stones. I had been drinking tea and eating bread or crackers but I have the pills and they seem to work well to rid me of the nausea so I can eat halfway normally now. When our elections are very close and hotly run, about a third of us are happy, a third of us are crying and another third of us are hoping for the best when it's all over. We can never know how it will all play out, regardless of the outcome of the election, so I always pray for the highest good for the whole world.

    Julie, I have the same hopes and prayers for our new president. I think we all do and I just hope the differences which became evident during the campaigns are used to produce something more productive and healing. Perhaps now that the election is over, the problems we face will be dealt with in a fair manner which brings us together. I'm so glad you and Den have one another. I do believe in love at first sight and soul mates despite what happened to my marriage. I once just asked in my own mind, "I wonder why I'm still single after all these years and have not found anyone I want to be with." I heard a voice (an angel, God?) tell me, "You had a lot of work to do and couldn't do it if you were with someone." Wow! I believe that is true for me. I have a 'big-picture' belief that things usually work out for the best in the long run. Still hoping you have a wonderful and safe trip.

    Rock, I'm glad you woke without bleary eyes and feeling groggy. Perhaps if you could get better sleep all the time, you might wake feeling refreshed. I know that even an extra hour helps me to have a bit more NRG. The headline on my real newspaper this morning read, "Too Close To Call." At least, it didn't read, "Dewey Wins." It isn't difficult to vote here. We have a church for my precinct about three blocks away. It isn't that busy but I always get there before the polls open by about 15 mins. There are plenty of polling places. That's not true for early voting. The lines are long. There wasn't even a place to vote early in the center of the town. Doh! Our commissioner of elections was voted out in favor of a new guy, party based on the long lines in the 2012 early voting and partly on money she spent on mistakes. This year, names were left off the ballot for a small town east of us in the county. She's been there for years and I think it's time for a change. I just hope the new guy is an improvement.

    I used to tell my Mom that the red strawberry soda was milk from red cows but, by that time, I knew that wasn't true but she found it funny and cute. Yes, we women are wise to your being wise to us when it comes to being sick. I think once we have given birth, we aren't very sympathetic to run-of-the-mill illnesses like colds and mild flu. On the other hand, serious illnesses and bad symptoms generate a lot of empathy from me regardless of one's gender. Lord knows, I do more than my own fair share of whining.

    Gotta remember to take my vitamins and supps. Couldn't take vitamin-C nor my one-a-day before the pee test. I know that my well-being depends on my vitamin-C. Also gotta get ready to go over to the pool in a bit. Just hope that, and showering to get to the nurse's office, doesn't sap me for the day. Perhaps this nervous NRG will translate into something productive. Hoping all y'all have a most wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
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  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Mikie, how strange. I had a nightmare last night. I saw myself in beautiful country rugged terrain, everything so clear, either rocks or green green hills similar to ones I've seen before, without a speck of dust....I kept flying around, and some unseen force kept pushing me over the edges of cliffs, and I was terrified but found when I put my mind to it it, I automatically flew back to the top. But it was heck scary. Not petrifyingly scary in that I knew I was in control, not them . But, being pushed with a deep ravine below me is no joke.

    Then I was suddenly in a market place, like the ones here, but still very clean, no dust, and my deceased brother was doing what he loved when he was alive, shopping. I was amazed, telling myself, wow, he is dead but I can actually see him. I started scrutinizing his every facial feature and it was as it was in his days before he got unhealthily thin. I was so happy seeing him again. And so clearly. It occured to me, he didn't seem sad but he wasn't joyfully happy either.

    Then I started getting anxious with an old anxiety dream which used to plague me where I didn't complete my twelfth class and all my friends were in college. I have not had that dream for years.

    I woke up thinking I'm not even bothered about that anymore, so many people hv told me I'm intelligent including my DD who once said i m more intelligent than her friends mom who is a college professor, so WHY and what made me dream this dream? I was getting a stinging pain in my arm when I woke up, but I took care of that.

    I'm praying for you and all of us here with our own individual yet similar health issues and stresses going on.

    God bless
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  20. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi Gang.

    I am recovering from shock about you know what....:eek:. :(. :mad:.

    Recreational MJ now legal in California, Nevada and Mass. Med MJ now legal -- I think -- in Florida and a bunch of other states. :D.

    Shorty is trucking along; no more seizures, but a bit groggy when the med hits. Like me. I strained my wrist wrestling with a recalcitrant window -- ouch -- days of pain -- thought I might have torn a ligament or something ghastly. That was last week; pain has mostly abated.

    Mikie, I didn't mean to make a rude comment about your stones in my last post. It was supposed to have been 'passed', but there you have it. I laughed too when I looked and saw what I had been liked for!

    Star, hope hubby recovers from his man flu soon! A burden on you, eh? I can well imagine....
    So many budgies! Holy cow! Do you keep them in an outside aviary, or in separate cages? My lorikeets (Goldie's Lorikeets) were kept in a small hanging aviary-cage outdoors. They are very hardy little birds. They bred regularly and produced one or two chicks a year. I took the chicks away after about 6 weeks and hand raised and tamed them. They sold for $350, but I wasn't in it for the money. The oldest passed away at 27....

    Best Wishes to All,

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