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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,


    Time for a new Porch. Today is a special day, besides being Veterans Day, Nov. eleventh is 11/11, which adds up to 4. Four is considered the most spiritual number in several cultures. It is considered the number of the angels in some. To me, it's just kind of a reminder that our angels watch over us all the time. My Latino friends tell me that 4444 is the number for angels in some of their cultures. Spring and I have read a book, Messengers, in which the author claims to be reincarnated from St. Paul. He talks about the angels. It's a very interesting read.

    Just saw that Leonard Cohen died. He wrote the song, Hallelujah, which has been recorded by several artists. There are more than 300 known versions. It was featured in the film, Shrek. He was 82. I didn't realize he was that old. I spect we may be hearing the song played today. I hope everyone remembers our veterans today. I am anti-war but know that we have had to defend our country and allies in the past. Even if one doesn't agree with wars our leaders get us into, we have to respect the sacrifices our military and their families make.

    I go to the hospital this morning for my pre-op lab work. Nurse called me yesterday to get my medical history. Good grief, I know they have to do this but I just went through it all in Aug. I am grateful that they are so careful, though. Procedure is on Mon. and Nurse Nancy will be going with me. I should be feeling well enough to enjoy my trip before the stent starts to get to me. Fingers crossed! The nausea meds make me feel a bit out of it so will not take them this morning because I have to drive to the hosp. It's a little more than three miles down a main road. I've noticed a lot more traffic; the Snowbirds are starting to arrive. Many don't come til after the holidays but some come early, especially if they have had a bad winter.

    Granni, the product I use to clean the disposal is, Disposer Care by Glisten. It comes with several packets in a plastic resealable bag. You run hot water in the sink and put a packet in the disposal and turn it on. It foams like crazy, cleaning the disposal and pipes to both sides of the sink. I still wipe around inside the disposal when it's done and I get more gunk, especially around the inside of the top. As I mentioned, I also take the rubber gasket out and clean it. Yikes! I think the biggest culprit is the uneaten wet food from Sir Vester's little bowl. I rinse it out and dry it several times before running it through the dishwasher. He never quite finishes his wet food. I don't think he likes putting his snout into it to get the last little bit. Thanks for your sweet, kind good wishes. I'll be glad to get it over with on Mon. The pain and nausea have gotten to me. Hope you enjoy the Veterans Day program. I love hearing the music from the different branches of the military, especially the Air Force. "Off we go into the wild blue yonder..."

    Star, seems that everyone has been so angry and divisive for so long. I spect that we would have had protesters regardless of who won the election. We're split about evenly with one-third in each party and one-third Independents. Protests were peaceful but I see that some property destruction is taking place. Mostly, the protests have been only in the center of urban areas, blocking traffic. The one in NYC was outside Trump Tower in the heart of Manhatten. The overwhelming majority of people here want peaceful transitions of power regardless of the outcomes of our elections. Sometimes, it seems the whole world is teetering on the brink. A lot of it has to do with economics here and in Europe.

    People have lost jobs due to technology, such as using computers and robots to do the work. That is about 90 percent of the jobs lost with another ten percent due to outsourcing to other countries. People are hurting when they lose their jobs. They don't realize that technology marches on. Otherwise, we'd still be manufacturing buggy whips. We also have racial issues here which are adding to the turmoil. I've really generalized and tried to stick to the facts and not get partisan. We are not supposed to get political in the sense of trying to be persuasive. I am just hoping this helps clarify what is going on here for you. I know we don't get good coverage here of what is going on in the rest of the world. I have to watch PBS or the BBC to get more info. Hope this helps.

    Spring, how exciting to get a haunted room. From what I've read, hotels seem to be favorite places for ghosts. I'm just glad it wasn't an angry one. We stayed in a 'boutique' hotel in mid-Manhattan. It was a European type hotel. There were only five suites on each floor but it was 50 stories tall. My boyfriend worked for the Federal Bank and they footed the bill. He had his choice on weekends when he was there auditing the books of a big bank. They paid for his suite or he could fly home. We were there in May and it was beautiful. We got to see a lot in a short time. My kids go there every chance they get. It's no more expensive than going to Disney World or Universal in Orlando. What exciting news that your DD is coming home. I'm glad she has friends there. That is soooo cute about your DS beating the rap with rap. He must be a celeb with the younger kids. I'm glad you have such a nice family.

    Well, Kids, think I'm gonna go read the paper before I have to hop into the shower. I just hope showering and running to the hosp. lab doesn't wear me out. I still have a LOT to do in here. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi everybody, Thanks for opening the new porch Mikie.

    Wow, hard to believe that Thanksgiving is less than 2 weeks. I need to start planning. Kevin and I have a simple homemade meal, but it involves several steps, like making the (hopefully) small-ish turkey, gravy, mashed taters, stuffing (or dressing), green beans, pumpkin pie.

    Uh, duh, ..... did I say that this was "simple"? LOL Getting worn out just thinking about it. :)

    Mikie, good luck with your pre-procedure tests. And I'm cheering you on, and praying, for Monday. And a quick recovery. And that you can make your trip comfortably! HUGS

    Barry, I grinned a bit about what you wrote. Loved all the icons. I feel the same as you do. Hang in there, my friend. Kevin and I are trying to. Pets to Shorty and Slinky. And I hope that Richard is doing well.

    Rock, I have so many books checked out from the library, difficult to keep up with them. I send several back each Saturday, with a re-request. Then they show up one week later. I'm gonna have to dump some of them, make a list for re-request for each. I had to laugh about "duck livers" or whatever it was. I enjoy Asian cuisine .... it is of course the Asian-American cuisine. And now, "take out" is too greasy for me. Some day I'm gonna get some wonton wrappers, figure out what to put in for a filling, and then cook -- steamed tastes better to me than fried.

    I hope that Julie and Den have a safe and productive trip!! Julie, check in when you can, but first -- enjoy your family time.

    Sun, thanks for that link you posted, a couple threads back. I did read it and bookmarked it. How are you feeling?

    Spring, always good to hear from you. Star, always great to hear from you, too! But I'm too tired now to go back and read the last posts. Take care, my friends.

    We have good things to report with Kevin's accident and our insurance and other "iffy" things.

    The police, the witness, the insurance company all say that the female driver is responsible for the accident. If she sues, she doesn't have a leg to stand on.

    Kevin got a check for damages to the leased car. It's payable to him and KIA. He has to figure out what to do with that. In the meantime, the authorized repair shop found "hidden damage" -- after removing the rear door, rear wheel, rear quarterpanel. The insurance agent hasn't been there to inspect that damage yet. I wonder if the damage is toooooo much, that the car will be deemed "trashed".

    There's also talk that we will be reimbursed for our last lease payment. Well, our next lease payment is due the end of this month, and we won't have the Kia back by then. We need to send our insurance our receipt for the first towing -- to get the car out of the road. Second towing to the repair shop was covered.

    As far as the rental car, we have a limit. If we happen to reach our limit, HER insurance will have to pay for the rest of the $$, until we have our repaired leased KIA back, or a "new" leased KIA.

    Sigh. So much going on. But Kevin and the Kitties and I are doin' OK.

    Sorry I can't reply to all your posts. A big hello to everyone that I missed addressing individually!

    You all take care, my friends!

    Love and hugs and prayers,

    PS: I wrote a NOVEL! Thank you for reading! :)
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    Hi Kids

    Thanks for opening up, Mikie. Your turkey looks like some grade school art.
    We used to have colorful bulletin boards in grade school. The teacher changed
    the decor every month. I have no idea what goes on in school nowadays. Maybe
    they don't even have bulletin boards. Just computer screens.

    We went to the Glendale mall yesterday. We go about twice a year. We got
    there at ten when it opened so no crowds. We bought slippers at J C Penney's.
    I was stunned by the prices. Everything was expensive, and everything was
    on sale, and everything was made in China.

    I saw men's slippers for $75. I can remember buying suits at Penney's for
    40-50 dollars. And the slippers were "memory foam". You guys every
    buy any? The soles are really comfortable; kinda bouncy. Except that in
    a week or two the material is all flattened out, and they are just ordinary

    And we went to Mary Sees for candy. The price is now about $20 a
    pound. Well, we only go there twice a year. When I moved here half
    a century ago the price was $1.70 a lb. They seem to have new
    employees every visit. The gal who waited on us was very overweight
    (unusual at Sees) and friendly. Said she's worked there for many
    years. As always she offered us a free sample. Gordon asked for one
    with no nuts. Turned out it had nuts in it. Coulda killed somebody.
    Tsk, tsk, tsk.

    Hafta come back later. I'm having too much trouble typing.

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    Hi, Kids,

    Finally, I'm back from the hospital. For some reason, I forgot to drink extra liquids so couldn't give a pee specimen. I bought a diet Coke and drank a bottle of water before I could do it. It took forever. I'm soooo out of it again today. As I feared, just showering and doing the pee ordeal wore me out. Don't know whether to rest so I can get up early and clean or try to do something today. I'll play it by ear. I stopped at Publix because I really felt as though I badly needed to eat. I got a Deli Cuban sandwich and even some chips. I don't do that often but something told me I had better eat something substantial. Right now, it's critical to stay feeling well so nothing happens to my being able to get the procedure done on Mon.

    I have to shower Sun. evening with antibacterial liquid soap and leave it on for 10 mins. before rinsing it off. Then, I have to do the same thing Mon. morning. I'm glad they go to such extremes to avoid infections but this is beyond the pale. Whine, whine, whine. This hospital runs like a finely tuned machine. I got registered, paid my $200 co-pay and got the lab work out of the way. That will make everything easier this time. They could have done it all on Mon. but they try to get it done before. I got a new book from the used book sale table. It was only $1 so, if it isn't good, I'll just pass it along. It was on the bestseller list so it should be half-way decent.

    Diane, as good as made-from-scratch food is, I take shortcuts if it means the difference between having meals and not having meals. I made Stovetop dressing one year and added dried cherries and pecans to it, ala Martha Stewart. My friend, Richard, said it was the best dressing he had ever had. Last year, I bought half of a small turkey and it was easy. I don't mind buying pumpkin pies at Publix bakery. Not as good as home made but a LOT easier. Thanks for all your sweet, kind thoughts. I really appreciate them. I'm so happy for you and Kevin. That was all really good news about the accident. Sending my best to you and Keven; Sir Vester sends his best to Faithy, Beety and Rosie. Purrrrrr.

    Rock, yes, everything is expensive and everything is always on sale. Penney's and Bealls here have coupons as does Macy's. I save a lot with them. They are in the Sunday sales inserts or you can go to their websites and print out your own. Some places will even let you scan them to your phone. Some will accept pictures of the coupons taken with the phone. My slippers have foam insoles but they do flatten out. Fortunately, when I wash them, they regain their shape and soft, foamy feel. I heard on TV that you can buy slippers with LED lights in the front so you can see when you get up in the middle of the night to pee. That's a great idea.

    Say what survivors of Catholic schools will, those nuns knew how to make holidays great. They decorated to the nines and always made sure we had all kinds of candy and cookies for each celebration. Somehow, they got the most beautifully printed things which they handed out to us. One year, we got Valentine note pads that I didn't want to write on and spoil the beauty. Catholic holy days were as well done. We always went to Mass and afterward, the ladies of the Rosary Society fed us wonderful chinnamon rolls, milk and orange juice. My Mom loved holidays too and that's probably where I developed a fondness for decorating. Too bad I'm not up to it anymore but it's just me with no kids to enjoy it. Seems that right now, any expenditure of NRG beyond survival mode is too much. I hope you and Gordon are enjoying your See's candy.

    Gotta go take some acetaminophen for my headache. So far, kidney stone isn't hurting too bad (knock on wood). I haven't read the virtual newspaper yet so will go do that. Hoping everydobby is having a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Gang.

    Mikie, your interest in numerology interests me; but if you add the year 2016 you will get three fours I do believe. 11/11/2016. I am hoping your procedure is quick and effective. Ah, sweet anesthesia.....

    So sad to hear of Leonard's passing ---- Like a Bird on a Wire.

    Yes, Diane, T-day looms around the corner! As to what we will eat, I haven't the faintest clue. R and I just discussed it, and I think we might stick with a chick, dressing, and R wants to make a chocolate cake. We''ll see; or rather HE will see!

    Rock, did you buy the See's candy or just go in for the free sample? :rolleyes: Was the candy, if you bought it for yourselves, good? I am stuck on a bar of chocolate called OXOXO or something similar. I get the 77% cocoa, extra dark choc. I am a chocoholic -- mum weaned me on milk chocolate which I no longer like. I guess I grew up. I eat chocolate every day. Have to moderate myself.
    I guess I should try the Fannie Flagg novels -- haven't got round to them yet. Didn't know she wrote so few. Gotta catch up on my Binchy's; haven't read the last few.

    All posted out. Can only do small posts I'm afraid.
    Love and Best Wishes to All, and I do mean ALL!

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    Hi, Barry, I'm still laughing at the spam comment you made about his being a narcotics dealer with a phone #. I don't know whether or not you meant to be funny. You have a great sense of humor so I often laugh or smile at your posts. I call him just a plain old drug dealer and wonder whether the feds would like to get ahold of him. He might be in a foreign country. Or, it could be one of those deals where some quack diagnoses people over the phone and prescribes. Do they call them quacks because they fowl up so much? These are the important questions which occupy my lame brain.

    I eats me some dark chocolate now and then but not every day. I do like it. You're right, the date this year does come down to a 4, making it even more spiritual. I'm not big into numerology myself but find it fascinating. DSIL's aunt is very into it. I learned some things from her and some from reading about it. Like with my pendulum or other such things, I would never make decisions based on readings, etc., but I find it all very interesting. I don't use a Ouiju board as I consider them dangerous. I always pray before using my pendulum. I've found it a bit off lately. I'm thinking I may re-read the Fanny Flagg novels I have on the Kindle. I enjoy her so much.

    OK, gotta get going. I read the paper and printed out the NYT crossword to work. My brain is pickled today so don't know how I'll solve it. Hugs to you, Richard, Shorty and Slinky.

    Love, Mikie
  7. rockgor

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    Hello one and All

    I leave it to you to decide if you are a "one" or an "all".
    Barry, I never go into Sees unless I plan to buy something. And I wouldn't
    eat dark chocolate if it were free, or if I were starving. I think there is something
    wrong with people who eat dark chocolate. Like maybe their tongue is built
    upside down or something. (Of course I'm sure they are very nice people. They
    can't help it.)

    Fannie's two best books are Standing in the Rainbow and the sequel Can't Wait
    to get to Heaven. The latter has the funniest opening of any book I've ever
    read. The book with the funniest ending is Garrison Keillor's Pontoon which
    is set in Lake Woebegone. Lake Woebegone is a fictional Minnesota small
    town. It does not really exist. Many people, however, believe that Garrison
    does. I'm pretty sure he does because my sister saw him a few years back
    at some sort of festival in a village a few miles from the one where I grew up.

    I admire you and Mikie with your ability to tackle the New York Times
    crossword. I can barely do the easy ones due to decades of brain fog and Alz.
    Had trouble with the clue "stresses" this morning. Answer turned out to
    be "accentuates".

    Mikie, those Catholic schools of old have a good reputation. One of the
    attorneys in our firm was an older Jewish gal. Her mother sent her to a
    Catholic school so she could get a good education. In the cafeteria she
    learned there are other kinds of fish in addition to gefilte.

    I remember when I used to cook, and eat, dressing and turkey. Gave up the
    first because the kind in a box got too salty. Gave up the turkey because
    something weird happened. After I ate it I would develop the hiccups. Or
    hee coughs as one of my great aunts used say. The hee coughs got so
    violent I threw up. So that was the end of that. Haven't had a normal
    diet for I don't know how long. Ten years? Twenty years?

    Hope the procedure goes well on Monday. As Churchill said, more or less,
    If it is not the beginning of the end, let us hope it is the end of the
    beginning. And as lots of people have said, there are good times just
    around the corner.

    Diane, you can put whatever you like in your won tons. Gordon uses
    ground pork, some veggies and some spices. There are lots of recipes on
    line and he has hundreds of cookbooks. He'd be as old as Methusala if
    he lived to cook all his recipes just once.

    Oops! Telephone. I seldom answer because it usually a markatelleter.
    Even though we are on the no call list, we get called. But Gordon is
    out watering so I thought I'd answer this time. I don't say anything because
    a "Hello" often triggers a recorded response. I just picked up the phone, and
    nobody said nothing and the caller hung up. My brothers call me every
    few months. That's the only calls I get nowadays. It's enough.

    Gotta go
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  8. Mikie

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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    It's only 59 degrees out this morning at 6:00 a.m. Feels nice. I have the sliding doors open a crack so Sir Vester can go out. As per my usual these days, I fell asleep early last evening. My bedroom clock, which projects the time on the ceiling automatically, changes to DST but it doesn't do it til a couple of days after the fact. Strange! It loses time so I have to adjust it every now and then. It loses about 15 mins. ever six months. If I didn't reset it for years and years, could I go back in time [cue the Twilight Zone theme song]. :eek:

    Neighbor downstairs e-mailed me to let me know her daughter and granddaughter will be coming down on the 17th and would I turn everything back on. I'm going to do it today because, with all the rushing around to get ready for Mon., I might forget. I'll start their car and leave the keys downstairs so her DH can drive it home when he comes down after Thanksgiving. Normally, all this wouldn't be a pain but, right now, it's definitely just another thing I need to do. I told her to have the kids leave everything turned on for her DH when he comes down. I'm sure by the time I return from TX, I'll be completely exhausted.

    Rock, in the South, would you say, "Hello y'all and all y'all?" I watch Fixer Upper which revolves around a family in Waco. They use the possessive form--all y'alls'. It always makes me smile. I figure whatever makes me smile is a good thing. I remember when milk chocolate became a big thing. Mom loved it and she wasn't a chocolate fan. I did too but it has to be good milk chocolate or it's just waxy tasting. Over time, I've learned to appreciate dark chocolate but not by itself. It has to have nuts or fruit to be good. I like to eat strawberries along with some good dark chocolate. It's better for one's health and the higher the cocoa percent, the healthier. Eighty-five percent is considered ideal but I find it too bitter.

    A couple of days this week, I've been unable to tackle one corner or another of the NYT crosswords. Yes, often I have to make sure of whether a clue is a noun or a verb. Other times, they get tricky. If you see a question mark after a clue, it's tricky for sure. An example might be, begin to know. The answer, silent k. I do like it when there is a secondary theme which helps solve everything. I worked a different puzzle while waiting to be able to pee yesterday at the hospital. It was a bit difficult in it's own way. I get so used to the NYT puzzles that others can be a challenge for me. Laughing about the fish. Our school served one kind of fish on Fridays that smelt to high heaven. Perhaps is was smelt. We would stuff the uneaten fish in something on our trays before throwing it in the garbage. If the nuns caught you, you were in for it. Catholic schools might have been scholastically good but the damage those mean nuns did to kids probably scarred them for life. :(

    Thanks for your good wishes for Mon. My DGS had his whole Sunday School praying for me. That is so sweet. I'm just anxious to get it done and over with, including the whole dreaded stent ordeal. Perhaps it will be easier this time around. One can only hope.

    Speaking of hope--I hope y'all and all y'all have a wonderful weekend. :)

    Love, Mikie
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  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    The computer crashed before I even turned it on. Uff-da! We didn't have
    problems like this when I was a kid. I turned the dumb thing off. Went
    and started a new book; a folksy mystery set in Texas.

    Mikie, if a hurricane blew your roof off, would that mean you would have
    to get along without time until the repairs were made? You know how many
    nuns we had in our village? None. But we did have a small Catholic Church.
    Remember when schools had "Release Time". One afternoon you got outta
    school half an hour early so you could go have Sunday School on a
    week day. Dumb idea, huh?

    Anyhoo one afternoon our minister was outta town so we went to the
    Catholic version. The Priest was writing something on the blackboard.
    A couple boys were being kinda noisy. Father whatever his name was spun
    around and hurled the eraser at them while growling, "Be quiet back there."
    I was stunned at this unclerical behavior. I don't think I've thought of it
    for at least half a century.

    Very nice of you to be so neighborly, especially with your surgery coming
    up. Here in LA we consider people to be good neighbors if they don't
    have loud parties and throw beer bottles, plastic plates and trash all
    over the street after the parties. That's what we had across the street at
    our old address. They had two houses right next two each other. The
    man sat on the steps and drank beer. The women yelled to each other
    in Spanish throughout the day. Ay Caramba!

    All those "ya'alls" made me think of OshKosh B'Gosh Overalls.

    Hugs to Diane, Star, Sun, Granni, Barry, Spring, Julie, GB

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  10. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone.

    Rock, you are absolutely bonkers if you don't like dark chocolate. You obviously need to have your tongue checked out by a specialist. Maybe he can do a surgical reversal, eh? And of course you don't make stuffing out of a box unless you want it too salty! You must make cornbread and proceed from there. Or bread. Just keep well away from them boxes.

    I notice that my last post was 'moderated' and I'm wondering why. I hope I didn't make a crude/rude typo.....or something. Did YOU do this Mikie? o_O.

    I've read the news in the newspapers about all the demonstrations and protests around the country, re the elections. Even our county had some, and I hear a "million women" march is being planned. Oh, the times we live in.

    I've been thinking about Leonard Cohen a lot lately. He went into monastic seclusion for five years in a Zen Buddhist monastery in the L.A. area, and was ordained as a monk. He did not give up his Judaism however, but embraced the tenets of Jesus and others. His music, to me at least, is divine.

    Richard has popped into town; we have 7 books waiting for us at the library. R is on a Hillary Waugh kick right now -- a mystery writer, American, many books, but not too well known. He's O.K. but I like it a little cozier....

    Well, I'm pretty much typed out. Richard made lentil/andouille soup yesterday. So good, and it is calling to me to come and get it, so I will. I shall swill some kefir too. Good for you.

    Hugs to All,
    Barry -- disenchanted with what is called democracy :eek:. VOX POPULI!

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  11. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Barry: Tooooo funny about the dark chocolate. I also love it and when I'm needing a chocolate fix have been known to pull out the baking chocolate....that's pretty desperate. And the soup sounds really good. I bought a Trader Joe's Sweet Potato Soup a few days ago and opened it last night....ugh....toooo sweet and thin. I hate to toss it so wonder how I could use it? Got any ideas?

    I watched an interview of Leonard Cohen last night on PBS that had been done about 10 years earlier. What a wonderful, deep speaking voice he had. I'm not too familiar with him, except a few songs, but will do a little more listening. Apparently he was in a monastery in Mt. Baldy not too far away from me. Didn't know there was one up there though. Heard this on NPR yesterday. His "master" lived to be 106....I think that's what they said.

    Mikie: Good luck with your upcoming procedure. At least you know what to expect and you might be surprised and breeze thru this one.

    Diane: Glad to read good news on your insurance stuff. Will it be just you and Kevin for thanksgiving or do you have others in to share?

    My son lives in Portland.....he's beyond livid on the election. Just hope he's not out there marching since it does no good. What a mess the entire world is in. Wish I could just fly away.

    My shoulder is a tad better, although NOW it's plantar fascitis in one foot! I've gone thru that before years ago so know what to do. My body is just breaking down everywhere.

    Star: I'm reading a very interesting book by a spine surgeon....."Back in Control" by David Hanscom, MD
    He's gone thru chronic pain, anxiety, panic attacks, etc etc. and read yesterday about it's repressed anger that we stuff down that is causing the pain....yes it's real, but it's a brain thing. You might be interested in buying a used book online.
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  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sorry so late and haven't been writing. Will try and write tomorrow. Busy busy and lazy when I do read. DH is calling for me to come in to watch TV with him in bed - goody . What exciting thing will I be watching - more WW II movies :)!!! ??? or football games LOL ????

    Hang in there MIKIE. Glad to hear DIANE is doing OK with the insurance business. At least he had witnesses or a witness. MMM, dark choc sounds so s wonderful. Haven't had any in some time now. Nighty night to all, hope those bedbugs don't bite !!

    SUN - Glad you are doing a little better with your shoulder.

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
  13. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Popping in before tackling a mountain of chores. Spent the day out yesterday. At DHs cousins. That cousin and aunt came back from visiting their married DD and her new baby and arranged a massage day for all of us ladies. They set up a room with mattresses bathrobe n all and made all the cousins get what they wanted. Hair oil massage, neck, body, facial. Lord knows I didn't want to go...I have to arrange for someone to stay, it's a headache calling one of my brothers.

    But I missed their dinner get together they gave last week and they told son, I should make it this week. So, even though every fibre in my body was telling me, you need sleep, you need to clean, I decided I really must meet all the cousins. It's a standing joke now that I'm the recluse, these past few years but it's also known i do go if I can.

    I didn't hv time nor energy to bathe so opted for a head oil massage and facial and she threw in a wee bit of foot massage as well. I was really glad I went. The girl was good.

    More important, she was a motivator for me, she actually said, she thinks she must hv done good in her past life to be able to learn the art of massage and get clients for earning money to go to college. Which by the way is three bus changes away from her home as was our part of town. She did seven massages one after another with only a lunch break inbetween. On top of that I found she is deeply into spirituality and visits temples monasteries regularly and follows the teachings of sai baba (im not familiar at all with him) to serve others, to not harm others but no God in particular.

    Even when I was 20 something, I couldn't hv done so many massages and then took a three bus changes ride home. Hmm, come to think of it I was very fatigued during my 20s and depressed as heck. I feel so sorry for my 20s self. Boy, was i a mess!

    Rock - your posts made me laugh. I've always equated nuns with fearsome ness. The convents in our hometown in india, the hostel where I stayed for six months while i did 12th grade in Darjeeling part of a Catholic school. There were lovely nuns, one in particular, a young nun studying in loreto college everyone thought embodied springtime sunshine..she didn't walk, she seemed to skip with joy with her satchel around her in her nuns habit and sandals with a sunny smile on her pretty face. And then there was one whom the girls called Dragon. Scowly, scary looking with a demeanour to match.

    Diane - good to see you step in as Sun. Yes, Thanksgiving is wonderful, all the goodies to eat but someone has to make them.:) So good to learn the car thing is getting sorted out. Like we need any added stress to add to the already stress which made us join this forum in the first place!

    Sun - Ayurved believes in treating the mind body and spirit..to get rid of an ailment. I totally agree with dr hansome,(was he handsome?) that repressed emotions cause a lot of body pain and chronic conditions. Oops I rehecked its Hanscome. Sorry. For that feeble joke. I am a living walking example of what a lifetime of repressed emotions of fears and anger, resentment produce. But over the years, have chipped at the negativity and managed to let some inherent light shine through.

    Granni - nice to see you pop in although you couldn't stay.

    Will be back..

    Back ...Star - I wish your health would get better..and sons ongoing medical issues resolved..instead of life throwing up so many issues one after another. It's admirable you get things done , inspite of, like our Julie. Plugging on out of love for the family. I actually did get some info on my past life. And it wasn't so surprising to me, always thought something on those lines given the karma i seem to hv come with.

    Mikie - you've had an interesting life. I've been woken up sobbing by my mum when I was small, 10 yrs or so and also by my DH. I felt such a twinge of sadness when you wrote that. I remembered the excruciating pain I was going thru of those time periods. One can forgive, but not forget it seems. Except necessary things like where did I put the keys, or the spice powder or those papers I urgently needed to refer to.

    That turkey you posted, I've never seen something like it. Hep turkey. Haha. How's this for co incidence. Or maybe not? I adjusted sons cell phone today which was charging and the time came up in the screen was - 11:11.

    Good luck and prayers for your procedure.

    Barry - mm interesting about Barry Cohen and his tryst with Zen Buddhism. Benedict Cumberbatch was here filming Doctor Strange..it's out in the cinemas now. He is a Brit so I thought you might know him.

    Julie - thinking of you and MIAs..Linda, all MIAs.

    Luv ya all

    God bless
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  14. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Went to Church with Dd this morning, as DH elected to stay home with our two boys.

    If I was to write a sermon today, it'd be about unrealistic or high expectations.
    Firstly my expectations of coming home to a house in reasonable condition was waaaay too high.
    Secondly, my response to this visual catastrophe was waaaay at the bottom of the pile , (of how one would expect a person to behave after having been in a Holy House...)

    The moral of the story is to 'aim low '

    Na. Not really.

    I guess it's that we are , none of us, perfect and we all have a ways to go.
    We all do 'ugly' and a person can be right, but so Very wrong, in the delivery.

    Ugh. I hate eating humble pie.

    (Funny thing is,I seem to be the only one disappointed in my reaction).

    Sorry if I put anyone in a bit of a pickle with wondering about the whole political fallout, as viewed on the set. Marches and all that.
    Didn't realise I was skating on thin ice as far as the rules here go.

    Sun, Thank you for the book recommendations. I'll be sure to jot it down, for later.

    I've read soo many books and heard many people speak on the subject of
    Suppressed anger, trauma, unforgiveness (and I don't believe in past lives, but if I did, According to those who do believe in all that, I must've been a right royal pain in the you know what- In past life...or I could notch it up to the building of character etc...)

    I had one woman insist that I was molested as a child ,(which I wasn't)...
    Another tell me it was a consequence of sin...

    I'm actually kinda really disheartened by it all.
    I'm all for getting to the root of a problem, but every time I open this can of worms, I feel so much worse after wards.

    Sorry guys. Guess I'm having a pity party.

    I read here on the forum, in one of the newsletters, I think it was,about taking this stuff that could be a possible cure.
    I need to read more about it, but
    I'm just so consumed with all that's involved with DS at the moment.
    That, constant weakness, pain and fatigue- you all know where I'm coming from.
    And I'm so grateful that yas do.

    As an afterthought, P'raps I was the only one with unrealistic expectations?
    P'raps it was expected ,by the mess makers, that I would clean it up?
    In that sense, I guess I actually met their expectations....

    Ahhh! I've been had!!

    Such is life...

    Julie,hope you're having a ripper of a time, having fun and experiencing great health!

    Words to ponder- Expectations, Positive thinking/attitude, Hope...

    Good thing I'm not the one standing at the pulpit, hey?

    Take care Everyone
    Catch yas
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  15. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    It's late and since I'm having trouble getting to sleep I thought I'd drop by.

    I googled David Hanson and Back in control. He actually has quite a lot online.
    His theory and writing reminds me of Caroline Leaf and her book Switch on your brain.
    Also talking about rewiring the brain and making new pathways. I think she says it takes about 28 days to create a new pathway.
    A while back I ordered the audio book version and was left bitterly disappointed. The reason I ordered that version was because I have such trouble keeping my eyes open, but still remain awake.

    Anyway, the voice chosen to do the reading was really awful and utterly boring.
    I would've done better.

    Anyway, other doctors and scientists believe the same thing.
    The Theory of rewiring the brain and healing can be found on and all over the Internet.
    I remembered a story about a woman who claims she recovered completely from chronic fatigue, by pursuing this avenue of health care and threw heaps of money at it. InDubai.

    I decided that I'd give it a crack and told my dr about it. I went on a course of prednisone, in the hopes of shocking my system into rebooting. Unfortunately I reacted so badly to the stuff, I called it quits.
    That's when dr tried me on others and side effects were bad there too.

    One thing I did take away from Caroline Leaf's book was, affirmations are detrimental to oneself, as it is a kind of denial and suppression.

    Of course ,All these people are of the opinion that a good nights' sleep is key.( If only it were that easy!)

    I needed a reminder of what it was I had set out to do earlier this year.
    A lot...

    On that note ,I will wish Everyone here, a wonderful day!
    (Hopefully I'll be sleeping while you guys are busy doing the living...)
    If I don't get back in time to wish you well Mikie, for Monday, just know that you are in my thoughts and prayers...

    Take care All
    Catch yas later
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Whine time--I was constipated yesterday so decided to take some Ducolax. I vomited and was doubled over with pain last night. But, it seems to have worked and I think, in the long run, I'll feel better. I'm a bit goofy headed this morning and hope it goes away before the day is done. If it doesn't, at least the floors are clean. The rest isn't health-dept. dirty. As Spring said, set expectations low. I'd rather be rested for tomorrow than clean and be exhausted. I don't do as well when I'm worn out. Real newspaper isn't here yet so am thinking someone is filling in for the regular delivery person. If it isn't here by 8:30, I can call and they will send one out to me. I can read the main sections online until it comes. Oh, it did come so I'm a happy camper. Just hope it's complete without missing sections.

    Sir Vester won't be staying at his other Mommy's over Thanksgiving. She tried to kill herself a few days ago. She is a nurse and took meds. Her Mother couldn't reach her so called a friend here who has a key. She was in bad shape so an ambulance was called. She's in a rehab facility because she can't walk. I didn't get much in the way of details so don't know whether this did permanent damage or not. I pray not. We all knew she battles depression but she is a very private person and never wants help from anyone, including her own Mother. I'll call Jeff to see if he knows how she is doing. They used to be really good friends but not so much now. I know word of this will eventually get to Barb. I just hope she doesn't start really ugly rumors about Julie. She did that in the past and it was very hurtful to her. That would be the last thing she needs.

    Thank you all so very much for the prayers and kind good wishes. The thing I'm hoping is that one blast session will dissolve the big stone. Otherwise, the patient has to go home and have another blast procedure before the stent can be inserted. The kidney can only take an hour of the ultrasound at a time before it's at risk. The doc uses fluoroscopy during the procedure so he can see whether it's been successful. Because it only took one blast session for the other huge stone, I'm hoping that will bode will for destroying this one with one blast. Again, thank you for all the support and kindness.

    Be sure to check out the Super Moon tonight when it rises. It's closer to Earth than it has been in many, many moons. Weather woman said the moon will be 15 percent larger tonight. I wasn't aware the moon could change size. Doh! She should have said it will appear 15 percent larger. I'm getting picky in my old age.

    Rock, my computer immediately shut down when I turned it on too. I got a message that it was scanning for the problem and would need to restart. This is happening more and more often on this archaic laptop. Then, it just went dark. Seems the plug to the power supply came out. I tried to use the Surface tablet but it's such a piece of crap that I had to give up. Just glad I found the problem with this one. I am glad we are all such good neighbors here. First, it really helps in a practical way. Second, this is the way we are supposed to live. Being kind and helpful is very good for one's body, heart and soul. When I see messages of inclusiveness and kindness on TV, I smile and feel good. When I see angry, mean people on TV, it makes me feel frightened and sad.

    I think you and your buddies might have escaped a bullet with that priest. Had y'all been Catholics, he might have really done a number on you. I went to a public high school so I did go to the afternoon Catholic education sessions but they weren't held that often. Had to laugh at the 'celibate' priests telling us girls what is was that the boys were after from us. I often feel as though I'm out of time. I do love that clock which projects the time on the ceiling. It's a soft green/blue so isn't glary like the clock face which I have turned down. Yes it's good to know the ungrammatical rules of y'all-speak in the South. The possessive example I gave, all y'alls', is plural. Singular is, of course, y'all's. Y'all can be singular or pertain to a small group. A large group requires, all y'all. Are you and Gordon enjoying the chocolate? BTW, Sir Vester will stay home alone. Several friends may stop in but he will be OK by himself, just lonely. I hope he doesn't decide to get destructive.

    Barry, nothing wrong with your last post. I just removed a bunch of spaces at the bottom so there wasn't a big gap. Stovetop has a low-sodium stuffing and that is what I use when I make it about once a year. I figure I can deal with it that seldom. We have demonstrations here too. Even if I felt up to it, I wouldn't go because protests always draw protesters from the other side and things can get contentious. Also, one in Portland became destructive. There was a shoving match at one of ours but it didn't amount to much. Last thing I need is to land in the pokey. I would likely eat anything made with the andouille sausage. Mmmmm! Seven books! Oh, my, the pressure to read, read, read. Mine are waiting for me on the Kindle and it doesn't care how much I read. I've looked in the cloud and there are some books I don't remember and some I'd like to re-read. Cat Stevens also went into seclusion and converted to Islam, changing his name to, Yusuf Islam. He's been back singing again. Hope your Richard returns to you post haste and you enjoy the books.

    Sun, sorry the watery soup disappointed. I'm so nauseated that I can't think up what to do with it. Just took a pill for the nausea. I'm glad your shoulder is better. I suffered horribly from plantar fasciitis in my heel. I had to stay in the motel one day when we were In Orlando last year because it hurt so much. Later, I figured out wearing sneakers irritated it. My soft spongy flip flops were comfortable. Unfortunately, a park like Universal is no place to wear them. Freeze water in a plastic water bottle. Put on a sock and roll your foot over the water bottle on the floor. It helps. I've decided that ignoring the election is the best way for me to deal with it. Of course, later when I'm not sick, I'll try to deal with it as best I can. There's nothing I can do about it anyway. At this point, we don't know how it will affect us so no sense getting upset over something which may not happen. I do pray for our country and our countrymen and women. The anger of some just makes me sicker. Good luck with your shoulder and fasciitis.

    Spring, I'm sorry you had such a painful early life. I had a lot of angst growing up. I'm not sure why. I think I was depressed a lot. It's taken many years of therapy and rising to meet challenges to get to where I'm a much more steady person. I can't say I'm really happy but, at least, I'm not depressed. I do enjoy a lot of things and, if this is as good as it gets, I'm OK with that. I think it's difficult for us to be really happy when dealing with so much. I am grateful for what I have and that makes a big difference. I'm glad you got your massage and that you are glad you went. It's nice that the family understands that you attend family get-togethers when you can. Sometimes, I get flack from neighbors/friends when I'm not up to doing a lot. That is amazing that the clock read, 11:11. I think when we make ourselves aware of such things, we see more of them. Like I say, Seeing isn't believing; Believing is seeing. Skeptics say it's coincidence but I believe there is sooooo much more to our existence than what we can see. I am wrapped in light and feel protected. Thank you!

    Star, I'm so sorry for the mess. My family used to do that. I finally went on strike and refused to clean up after perfectly able people. I think getting upset is a perfectly normal reaction. Don't feel bad. It's important for kids, and DHs, to see how their behavior affects us--boundaries are important. DD is dealing with DGS's often thoughtless behavior. He just doesn't get it but it's hurtful for DD because she works so hard to do nice things for him. He started in when she was fixing his lunch before school. She just walked out of the kitchen with nothing but a piece of fruit in his lunch sack. Hope your little Treasure is feeling better. I'm watching a kid on TV who is sick and misses a lot of school. He is connected to a robot in the classroom so he doesn't miss anything. What a great idea! I believe that suffering trauma and stress can set us up for illness, especially if we suppress our emotions or have no one to talk to or any support. My CFIDS/ME was triggered by a mycoplasma infection right after my divorce when I moved into a small condo. Was I too run down to resist and heal or would I have gotten sick anyway? Who knows but so many of us got sick following something emotionally traumatic. Take a well-deserved break and let everyone else wait on you.

    OK, this has really turned into a W&P post. Sorry but I do enjoy reading all y'alls' posts and responding to them. Hope everydobby has a wonderful Sunday.

    Love, Mikie
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  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Gordon is working on his origami project. It's going to be a pineapple or an
    owl. Well, in the world of origami they look pretty similar. He's finished
    the base on which it will stand. I suggested he post a photo, but he
    prefers to wait till the project is finished. Wish I had ten % of his energy.

    Last night there was lots of commotion nearby. Around midnight. Heard
    sirens and police helicopters overhead. I thought it was a car chase.
    Turned on the news stations. No info. Gordon said it was due to a
    demonstration. Why would people demonstrate at that hour?

    Mikie, yup, we are enjoying Mary Sees chocolate. I have one piece a day
    although Gordon pretends he doesn't believe that. In law school we read
    a case titled Sees vs Sees. Can't remember what it was about. Well, it
    was 45 years ago.

    An hour of ultrasound? I sorta thought it would be a second or two. I'll
    have to read up on that. So will Sir Vester go to the kennel hotel?

    Hi Starr, how are things down under? Do Aussies consider us to be
    down under? My mother took prednisone many decades ago. She had
    bad side effects too. Your pulpit comment reminded me of a flower I
    haven't seen for about 60 years. When I was a kid we used to take a
    walk in the woods a block from our house every spring. That was the
    time to see the jack in the pulpit plant. Years later I read its seeds
    were poisonous.

    Springwater, glad to hear you had a nice refurbishing. Was it at a
    spa? Sounds kinda like the treatment Dorothy and friends got when
    they arrived at city of Oz.

    I don't know if Dr. Hanscom is handsome, but I did read that the Hansome
    Cab was invented by Joseph Hansome. You can ride through Central
    Park in one. I think the current charge is about a hundred bucks. Yikes!

    Sun, did you see the episode of Roseanne where the guy took a bite of
    the baking chocolate after Roseanne warned him he wouldn't like it?
    He didn't. It was the guy that she later married (in real life). Tom Arnold.

    I am revisiting Dave Barry's book I'll Mature When I'm Dead. Still
    funny. Like Shakespeare's Cleopatra, the beauty never stales.

    Hugs All

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  18. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Hi guys.....I'm full of pain this morning, so will make this short.

    About the book I'm reading, something he said made me STOP and THINK. As I've said before, he's gone thru a lot of pain and still does. He's done a lot of reading from other people, gone to seminars and put his own brain to work. I read yesterday that.....could it be.......in our minds we see ourselves as the victim of whatever bad stuff has fallen on us in life. That psychologically we bare the pain or fatigue as a means to show/tell others how we suffer or maybe even punish ourselves.............does this make sense? I didn't have a good childhood, won't go into any of it, but it made a deep, lasting impression on me, still have a ton of ongoing stress. And this book is slowgoing, but I'm hoping it can make a change in me.
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  19. lincamp

    lincamp Member

    hello to all, been out here fighting pain myself ...

    first stop mikie....wishing you all the best for your procedure tomorrow, i hope this is the final one. i thought your NP was very astute to consider parathyroid as a differential diagnosis but happy to hear that wasn't it after all. do they have other theories as to why the stones keep forming.

    sorry, my shift key isnt working so no caps or appropriate punctuation.

    sun sorry to hear you too are in added pain. i cant say i agree w the authors theory about pain and self punishment. psychological emotional pain i could understand better than actual physical pain. sorry to hear you had a bad childhood, as for me, i had happy childhood and im still in pain.

    Julie safe travels back home today.

    Rock you are having many jolts of repressed memories of late, never heard of the jack and the pulpit plant before and yes, I can imagine the nun throwing the eraser. both my mom and brother were born left handed but due to the ruler on the knuckle trick they converted to right handedness, better than underhandness.

    Looks like my shift key has decided to cooperate, this laptop is going on 6 years old, I am just glad its still ticking

    Star looks like its time for you to put your foot down and give the Treasures and Hubby some expectations, so far they apparently except you to do it all . I know the feeling all too well but (Over the years) things have been gradually changing once I decided it was time to speak up.

    Saw the hip ortho last week, surgery is scheduled for January, cant believe the doc is booked so far out, many more weeks of pain I guess. That said, they did give me a Medrol Pack which is 5 days worth of steroids and I am oh so relieved to finally get some relief from the pain levels of 7-8. Hopefully the result will last but based on experience it will only be a few short weeks. , as mentioned here earlier I know many who can not tolerate steroids but for me it is a wonder drug.

    Still chugging along trying to get help w choosing a medicare advantage plan, w impending surgery I need/want good coverage.

    JOKE for today:

    Why do seagulls fly over the sea?
    Because if they flew over a bay they would be called bagels.

    One more

    A duck a skunk and a deer went out for dinner at a resturant one night. When it came time to pay, the the skunk didnt have a scent, the deer didnt have a buck so they put the meal on the ducks bill.

    Hello to Spring, Diane, Granni and anyone else I may have missed

  20. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    lin.....I guess I didn't clarify about the "victim"......this comes into question when xrays/mri etc. cannot find any reason for the pain. Then the "pain patterns" from the brain have to be considered. This book is a tad hard to understand that's why I'm going slowly, trying to absorb it. Think FM......yes there definitely is PAIN but what is causing it? In your case, it's right there on the xrays MRIs.....you definitely have something wrong and now you're going to get it fixed. I'm sorry that you have to wait so long for it though.

    As to the medicare stuff, my accountant/tax advisor has an expert in his office who only handles this type of medicare questions. I was lucky to be able to consult him who pretty much cut thru everything I didn't understand and was able to guide me. Its so overwhelming. I wish you more than luck with this.

    thanks for the cute jokes too