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    Hi, Kids,

    I'll post and come back so this is visible to everydobby. All righty then, just an update. I finished the semi-gloss part of the entry paint job, including the only door which had to be painted. I was able to clean the rest with one of those magic sponges. I'm glad the louvered doors to the closets didn't need fresh paint. Those are a real pain to paint. I still have to roll the flat paint and will get that done this afternoon. I used to clean my rollers and reuse them but have decided to toss them when I'm through. They aren't expensive and I just don't have the NRG to clean them.

    I heard a racket and there was Sir Vester with his tail all bushy and in the highest hook I've ever seen it. He was catching a glimpse of it out of the corner of his eye and he was all goosey and trying to leap in a circle and catch it. Then, he got down on top of the crumpled drop cloth and chased around as though something were moving underneath it. All the while, he was yowling like a banshee. Good grief! I don't know what got into him. My old cat used to do that and my psychic told me it was when his friend, my old dog, came to visit him from the other side. The only animal Sir Vester knew who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge is Simon. They used to play together when both lived outside. In any case, he's exhausted and sleeping it off. I'm glad to see him playing and getting some exercise.

    I'm watching Frozen. It was on TV so I recorded it. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I usually like the Disney movies. I can barely stand to watch the news these days so I need some distraction. What is going on in Aleppo is horrible.

    OK, my friends, I'm gonna go finish painting. Hope all y'all are having a good one.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi guys! Thanks, Mikie, for the new volume. Glad you are on the last leg of this particular painting project. That must have been a sight, to watch Sir Vester chasing around, lol! Oh, Frozen...kids watch it over and over and over and over.....:)

    I spent a good while bringing a lot of firewood inside. Even stacked some in the guest room, after okaying it with Susan, lol! It started the freezing rain a couple hours later than predicted, and I couldn't even really tell it was coming down, but pretty soon the vehicles were covered in ice....then the cement patio was starting to get slick.

    I have been keeping Amy updated...and I really don't think it's a good idea for her to be on the roads this evening. Keira has a Girl Scout meeting until 6:00 pm, so they would get a late start anyway. Nothing is so important that it's worth risking their lives...

    Must just not be a good day for me, huh? Well, to top it off, my gyno himself called...wants to do a biopsy. Part of the ultrasound looked okay, but there was another part that he feels needs some further testing. Trying not to worry, but I am the same age my maternal grandmother was when she died of uterine cancer...and this is the area doctor is concerned about. Will just have to wait until next Friday for the biopsy, then probably into the following week to hear back. As I said before, I'm not afraid to die...but if I do, who's gonna do all the complaining and trying to "set the world right." Yes, I do tend to give things to God...then ask for them back because I just have to "fix things myself." Funny, but not really...

    Anyway, time for a nap. Sorry to bore everyone with my family stuff...good thing I can vent on here...keeps me from (sometimes) saying things I shouldn't.

    Take care, everyone!
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    Thanks JULIE for your new volume getting started again. Try not to feel bad about venting about everything. I do not blame you one bit. I am all dressed up and ready to go to our first K of C party. Unfortunatley the other degree is tomorrow night. Wish they were more broken up and not on the same weekend. However, I know that there was probably a problem with getting certain dates at the K of C hall and the church hall.

    Yes, TRY not to worry hon about the ultrasound but I know it would be very hard not to do so. I would worry some to in the same situation. I worry about all my girls after their paternal grandmother died early of ovarian cancer at age 51 or 52.. So far , breast cancer and not ovarian.

    You are not boring us as we understand some of this stuff more than you know. Hope Clinton starts to try not to try so hard to HELP MILEY even as she gets older and then Keira might even notice it more and get her feelings really hurt. Hope that doesn't happen. I am surprised what some people put on FB. I think a lot of things are to personal but one has to be careful what is said and how and also the picture taken and how the person or children are being portrayed, Hang in there Grandma JULIE . You are so sensitive to everyone but some people aren't, even if they try not be insensitive or think they are not being so.

    Well you all, I need to go and finish getting ready to to the party, potty and all that :)!!

    Hi also to MIKIE, SUN, SW et al. I need to go, to much happening around here.

    BTW, MIKIE I only have one more performance at a nursing home and so then I am finished and not singing for Christmas as they sing Midnight Mass. Not doing that stuff. I am so lucky to shave a director that lets me sing on Sunday without wed. practices. He's a doll. Usually I try ad go over some of the stuff at home on the computer.

    Gotta run for now.

    Love you all,
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    Hi everyone! Granni, I'm so glad your director is understanding and lets you still participate on Sundays. I'm sure the biopsy will be fine...just need to make sure.

    Amy and Keira arrived around 9:30...it is 11:30 and we are all still up, although Amy is getting settled on her air mattress in the living room. Keira has chosen to sleep with Susan in the guest room....they are doing their nails, so who knows how long they will both be up...but it looks like Keira can barely keep her eyes open.

    But Den and I are ready to give it up for the day. He and Susan (and Keira when she got here) got the bases stained for the decoupage gifts...letting them dry overnight. Susan has the pictures ready to be put on, so shouldn't take too long tomorrow to get that done. Then just make sure they are dry enough before she goes home on Sunday.

    Hope everyone is doing okay...I'm not going to mention anything else to Amy...will trust her enough to know what's good for her own daughter. Sometimes grandparents can be a little biased, true? Time to offer a little grace and just pray that everyone's intentions are good.
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    Good Morning, Kids,

    Starting out lazy this morning. The flat paint I had bought didn't match the wall. So, will try to dig out my old paint and hope there is still some of the flat white which matches. The wall in question runs the entire length of the condo with no place to break it up. That wall is about 12 feet at the crest of the ceiling. Yikes! I don't want to have to climb up on the tall ladder to do it. As usual, my little 'quick' project has turned into a monster.

    I ran into another friend on my way to take care of Bob yesterday. She wants to have lunch. We decided to do it after the holidays. Good grief! I'll have to schedule my lunches with friends on a weekly basis. On the other hand, I'm very lucky to have so many nice friends.

    Julie, Amy may be in denial of Clinton's behavior. I'm sure she wants to believe the best of him because it would be too painful to realize what he is doing. He, himself, probably doesn't realize what he is doing. As I said before, P/As model behavior they learned as children. As painful as this may be for Keira, the lasting effects may be worse for Miley who is already learning to be manipulative. I know it's also painful for you because you are not living in denial and can see what is happening. It took me years to realize what my ex was doing but it was always painfully obvious that his parents had set horrible examples of behavior. His dad was a bully who used to tell his mom to shut up.

    I don't know what the answer is. By the time P/As' behavior causes so much pain, they are usually so entrenched in that behavior that, without a lot of therapy, it is almost impossible for them to change. The first step has to be recognizing that there is a problem. P/As are experts at manipulating things so that they can deny that there is a problem with themselves. They are soooo good at it that they may believe their own manipulations and may not actually believe they are the problem. Their controlling behavior is a reaction to feeling they have lost control over some other area in their lives. Clinton's inability to work may have triggered it. In the end, Amy will have to decide what to do. I'm so sorry for all you are going through. I am praying that the biopsy comes back neg. I'm glad your doc is on top of things. If you believe in such things, St. Peregrine is the patron saint of cancer.

    Granni, glad your choir director is so understanding. Yes, two holiday parties in a row is a bit much. Heck, for me, one party is a bit much. My friend Nancy, not Nurse Nancy, moved away. She always threw a big bash for the neighborhood. I'll miss those because it was a good chance to see everyone at once. She cooked up a ton of things for brunch. Hope you enjoyed last night's party and enjoy tonight's. You party girl, you!

    OK, gonna go read the paper. I skipped it yesterday because I was just world weary with everything going on and got a late start to the day. I need to get back to praying for peace in the world. My Mom used to say that, as long as there were two people left on Earth, there would be war. I hope she wasn't right.

    I hope all y'all have a wonderful weekend. Temps will be in the mid-80's today here. Yikes!

    Love, Mikie

    Update: I went over and took care of Bob. Poor little guy; he goes into the bathroom and cries as though he thinks his mama is in there. I've had to cut off his treats as he vomited them up right after eating them yesterday. There's not much I can do except give him a lot of love when I'm there.

    The painting project is done--TADA!!! What a relief. I found some old flat white paint and it matched. After digging down through three storage bins, I realize I need to get rid of all the old paint. I'm also getting rid of old roller pans and brushes. I just don't need all this crap sitting around taking up space. I'll still keep one bin for some things and one for paint but that's it. My wrists are all swollen and painful. I have arthritis in them and projects like this really take a toll. I worry that some day I won't even be able to do things like this. Sir Vester will probably miss the drop cloth and old towel where he's taking to sleeping.

    Again, hope all y'all have a great weekend.
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    Isn't the above cat gorgeous?

    Hi all

    I hope Rock is all right. A lot of MIAs. I've been busy taking advantage of the good weather to get things done. Lots of things needing repair. The house is like 20 years old. And we haven't done much upkeep on the structure. With winter we get a lot of leaking taps as the metal contracts. And the wood of the trees we cut need to be chopped and piled neatly.

    Julie - I think the tests will come out all right. I remember when you had your other scare with the head region years back and it turned out all right. You have been on the go go go. But at least you're getting to be doing things for the kids and spending time with them.

    The video was funny! the black doggy not bothered at all.

    Granni - will you have a big performance for Christmas? Go carrolling of sorts? So nice to have an accommodating choir director.

    Mikie - we had a dog chased his tail all the time. This was before my marriage. My, but that dog lived long. He was old and frail but he knew he was loved. I mean he grew up with us. It was heartbreak when he left us. But it's better than losing a dog to illness. Sometimes I get scared to start a project...invariably it turns out to be more than what we thought! I have a tofu in the fridge, needs cooking since days ago. I bought two and made one but one is still there. Just didnt hv time too cook it, and I even bought all the ingredients, peas and what not to make a pickle.

    The only disadvantage to the weather these days is it's too cold to bathe. I use up the sunny part of day to do chores and then it's kinda windy and cold for other things. We haven't used the heater at all. Amazing. But I'm wondering whether I got cold blooded, I was walking down an alleyway in the market the other day and everyone was wearing jackets, thick sweaters and I was there in my cotton tunic not feeling cold.

    Everyone have a good day.

    MIAs out to you alls.

    God bless
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    Good Morning, Kids,

    Aah, Sunday morning. Paper isn't here yet so, if it's not delivered by the time I'm done here, I'll start reading it online. Paper delivery is erratic. Ooh, ooh, I think I just heard it hit the balcony. I got the usual card, an overt plea for a tip, from the woman who delivers it. I have to get to Publix for gift cards for her and our mail delivery woman. I can't give much but I always give something. If everyone else did just what I do, the people who deliver our papers and mail would have a very nice Christmas bonus. I do gift cards because the postal service workers are forbidden to receive cash. Heck, a gift card for groceries is as good as cash.

    I decided not to put anything back yesterday to give the paint a good chance to dry. Also, my wrists are so swollen and painful that it's difficult for me to lift anything. The big mirror I need to rehang is heavy. It covers the electrical panel. Thank God the builder put it in the exact right place for a mirror in the entry. The painted walls came out sooooo nice. I'm grateful for that.

    DD in CO called me yesterday. She will have lunch with my other DD from TX today and with their Dad. DD from TX, along with DSIL and DGS, are in CO for their skiing holiday. I'm so glad DSIL isn't having to work. Over Thanksgiving, the airline kept adding more legs to his trips so he didn't get home until the evening of Thanksgiving eve. He ended up flying the max hours. He was so tired. By doing that, he was able to have Christmas off. DD in CO has been working so much that she had to drop back to one class at a time for her masters degree in nursing. I hope they can come down for their 30th wedding anniversary in Mar. I can't believe they've been married that long. Last Thurs. would have been my 53rd wedding anniversary but it's not a day to celebrate for me.

    I need to get into the shower this morning and give my hair a quick trim. It has grown soooo fast. I'll do it before I go over to take care of Bob. After that, I'll run to Publix. Maybe I'll watch the CBS Sunday Morning Show with Bob so he isn't so lonely. Tues., Nancy's other friend is supposed to take over Bob's care but I'll still stop in just to keep him company.

    I see evidence that Rock has been reading our posts.

    Rock, we miss you and hope you will feel up to posting soon. I'm having withdrawal from all your wit and humor.

    Julie, thanks for posting the Roomba/dog video. That doggie is certainly a mellow fellow.

    Spring, I'm laughing thinking about your being out in the cold and not feeling it. Down here in the jungle, the old folks will bundle up like it's winter when the temps drop into the 60's. That's too cold for me to go over to the pool but I don't feel the need to layer up. The Yankees who come down from the North think the 60's are hot and are at the pool confounding the people who feel cold. Yes, it's really hard to lose a family pet. Kids just lost their big dog and we all missed him at Thanksgiving. DSIL's bro and his wife bright their big dog with them and she gave us all so much love. She is a real sweetie.

    My condo is about 23 years old. I bought it 20 years ago and it had sat empty almost a year before then. So, it's in pretty good shape; I don't do much that causes wear 'n tear. Also, I've kept it painted and upgraded the kitchen and baths a wee bit. Not complete redos but new fixtures and stone countertops. I always say I've done it on the cheap. A lot of people in here have had their kitchens and baths completely torn down and redone. Wish I could but, at least, mine still look up to date. DD in CO said it was too cold there to bathe or shower but the temps will be climbing now that the cold front has moved east. They call those big cold fronts, polar vortices. Those fronts have dumped a lot of snow all across the top of our country. Hope you stay warm and feel more energetic. As I've said, all I want for Christmas is some NRG.

    Gonna go get the paper. I send love, hugs and prayers to everydobby and hope y'all have a wonderful Sunday. It's exactly a week til Christmas. Where did the time go? It's not like it has flown because I've been having such a good time. Good grief!

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning, friends!

    Spring what a beautiful cat! Such pretty eyes. Speaking of cold...minus 6 degrees here...took forever to get Susan's car unthawed so she could get on the road. Yes, I am thinking positive thoughts about my biopsy...and if there is a problem, it would seem to be caught very early. My grandma apparently had symptoms for quite awhile, but since that area of the body wasn't really talked about back then, she didn't tell anyone. By the time she got really sick, it was too late. I had no idea what was going on until she was put in the hospital.

    Mikie, how nice that your kids can spend some time together! I'm glad your DSIL could get this time off. Sounds like you have done a good job keeping your condo in good repair...it's those little things that eventually add up and are a pain and expensive to do all at once.

    I can't decide whether to go back to bed or not... Went to bed after midnight, and set my alarm for 3:30 so I could get up and say goodbye to Susan. She left around 4:30, but doesn't have phone service until she gets down the road a ways...texted at 5:15 that she was doing okay.

    Well, Den is up and not feeling very well...woke up because of his continued coughing...I'm gonna give him the computer and go putz about in the kitchen. I'll check in later...

  10. lydia1

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    Popping in again...Susan is doing fine, but says her defroster is not working very well. I told her to adjust it back and forth a couple times...don't know if maybe something is "frozen in place"? Crazy weather...I just checked again and it is now -12 (wind chill makes it feel like -23.) I'm so thankful the storm wasn't as bad as predicted in our area. The Tennessee Treasures had 68 degrees yesterday (and tornado watches) but only to be 24 degrees today...poor things, lol!

    Amy and Keira got here around 9:30 Friday evening...Keira had a Girl Scout party till 6:00, so they couldn't leave very early. Yesterday, Susan went with them to Keira's great-great grandma's 100th birthday party. Then Amy left Keira with her dad for his weekend visit...Amy and Susan then went to see my dad, and to see one of Amy's best friends (her baby is three weeks old.)

    Amy continues to amaze me...she said she had barely gotten in the door at the birthday party, when her ex handed her his new baby to admire. This little one actually looks like the ex's new wife's other son, and still so tiny, but very cute. And Amy got to spend several hours with her friend, Jennifer...and hold Jennifer's baby.

    Amy and Susan got back here very late...after 10:30. We knew they would be gone most of the day, so Den, like the good dad that he is (even to Susan) finished her decoupage plaques (three more coats of varnish) and put gas in her car (she was "on fumes" by the time she got here the other day.) In our area, there are no gas stations open as early as she wanted to leave this morning, so her Iowa dad took care of her, lol!

    Right before the girls and I went to bed last night (around midnight) Keira was texting me and Amy. Keira suddenly got very serious and texted me, "Susan really needs to get to bed if she's gonna get up so early to leave tomorrow. Just letting you know."

    It cracked us up that a 9 year old would be so adamant about an older person's bedtime, lol! And yesterday, Amy was trying to make decisions for Keira about Keira's clothes for the party, and about how to wear her boots (in or out of pant legs.) I said, "Keira, your mom sure does "micro manage" you...I wonder where she gets that." Keira looked up at me, without missing a beat, and said, "From you, Grandma. Touche, lol. So, Keira comes by it naturally from me and from her mom...

    Well, I think I will lie back down a bit. I have done all the prepping I can for the stromboli for lunch...cooked the meats, shredded the cheeses, measured the dry ingredients. So, it shouldn't take too long to put together. Last night, I made cinnamon rolls and chocolate chip cookies...and sent a "care package" home with Susan.

    Hope to hear from some more porchies...take care, and stay warm!
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    Hi Kids

    Haven't been around for a while 'cause I was feeling yucky. Spent a couple
    days in the horsepistol. Was diagnosed with a bladder infection. The doctor
    asked me if I had been feeling confused lately. I had a little troubled understanding
    him. He was from Africa. Apparently the infection and the meds I take, or
    maybe the ABX they gave me at the hospital and my meds didn't get along.
    This can cause mental discombobulation.

    I learned one thing. If you can possibly avoid it, do not go to a hospital
    when it is raining or there is a snowstorm. The place was filled with homeless
    people trying to get out of the wet. (There are something like 30,000 homeless
    in LA.) I never got a bed cause they were all full. I slept on a gurney. Gordon
    told me I was lucky. "The halls are full of people sleeping in chairs."

    Never got a room either. My gurney was in a storage room that contained supplies
    and an x ray machine. The first night a technician came in about 2 am and told
    me I would be moved briefly while they took some x rays. Then another technician
    came and said they found another machine elsewhere. Uff-da! BTW, the sign
    on the door to my supply room read: Gynecology Exam Room.

    The room also contained two large plastic trash bins. The sign above said,
    "Medical Waste in RED. Equipment Waste in Blue. When in doubt, Use
    Blue." There was no blue bin.

    I asked 3 hospital workers for a pillow. They all said they'd bring me
    one, but they never did. When Gordon asked for a pillow he was told
    that was impossible as they were all in the laundry. What? A hospital
    with 400 and 50 some rooms is washing all its pillows simultaneously?
    I don't think so.

    I never did get an ID bracelet. When I checked in the hospital already
    had my name from my doctor's office, but it was horribly misspelled. So
    I corrected that. When I checked out the final papers still had the
    mangled version of my name. I hope none of you have this particular
    trouble. When you have a bladder infection, urine trouble. (I had to
    say that before Mikie beat me to it.)

    Have been reading the posts that were made in my absentia. Hope to
    respond soon.

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    Oh my word, Rock!!!!!!! You must have posted this just after I went back to bed. What an awful experience...the whole thing sounds a little "third worldly" to me...like something I would expect to see in Belize or somewhere. I never thought about the cold causing such a situation for everyone, but it does make sense.

    Those infections themselves (bladder, kidney, urinary tract, etc.) can cause so many problems besides the often excruciating pain. Gpa (Den's dad) would get those on occasion...my dad has, as well. They can cause confusion and so many other symptoms...so glad you got to the hospital, and that Gordon was there with you. Hope you are feeling better by now and continue to improve.

    I guess I slept a couple more hours, but kept dreaming about things that already have me in a tither...I don't remember what they were about, but just had a "familiar" feel to them.

    Den has been in and out...heard him getting more firewood inside, then he pulled the car in. He had left the car out so they could set up Susan's workshop in that stall. I haven't heard anymore from her...I assume she is making her way south...

    I have the stromboli dough mixed and it is rising...then I will punch it down (my favorite part, lol), divide it in two, roll it sort of as for cinnamon rolls, spread the meat, cheese and egg fillings, roll back up and let rise a little more before baking. Oh, and brush on beaten egg and sprinkle freshly grated parmesan cheese. Should be enough for Amy to take a bunch home with her.

    My Oster Kitchen Center gave up the ghost last weekend...I looked up to see if I could get a new one, or at least the part with the motor. It is now VINTAGE, lol! I bought this one in 1995, and they quit making them sometime in the later nineties. But I did get over 20 good years out of it...

    So, what to do...Den said even he probably couldn't resurrect the Oster one, so I broke down and bought a KitchenAide mixer. It seems to be doing okay, but I still needed something for the blender and food processor parts, so I found a Ninja at $70 off. It was at the home supply store, so by putting it on our contractor card, I will get a 2% rebate...hey, I'm sounding like Mikie ;)

    Amy is still sleeping...she took over the guest room when Susan left...Amy wanted to try out the foam "Spa Sensations" mattress.

    So, that's about it...Rock, thanks for giving us an update, but I am so sorry for your absence.

    Take care, everyone! It has warmed up to -1 degree. Den says it's not so bad since the wind isn't blowing. This morning, I did one of those "slo motion" falls on some ice on the cement...my feet went out in front of me and I landed right on my back (mostly right hip.) Good thing I go to the chiro tomorrow :mad::confused::eek::oops::rolleyes:o_O

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  13. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,


    Rock, I figured you would be posting as soon as you could. Here's some daisies to cheer you up. I'm so very sorry for the mistreatment at the hospital. My motto isn't to stay away when it's cold or rainy; it's to stay away, period. Of course, had I not gone twice recently, I'd be in bad shape. Glad so many things are in-and-out procedures these days. Going to the ER here is worthless. The let people wait on gurneys or in chairs for hours and hours. I once scratched my eye and, as soon as I determined that I could see, I left. When they followed up on the phone the next day to see how I rated the care I got, I said, "What care?" Guy on the phone was shocked I had an eye injury and wasn't seen post haste. Hospitals here have made some changes but it's still bad. I hope you are feeling much, much better. The homeless in Denver used to go to the libraries. When I was in school, I'd see them when I had to do research outside the university. Funny thing is that they were all reading Fortune, Inc., etc. They were probably former business executives. Yes, urine in trouble. On the other hand, once you feel better, you are no longer American; European. Gotta love that 12-year-old mentality humor.

    Spring, yes, that cat is beautiful. I'm awash in cats between Sir Vester and Bob. I brush both their long hair every day. Bob's doesn't snarl like the long hair on Sir Vester's undercarriage. I have to use a flea comb to untangle it. Poor little guy; he's soooo good about it. He likes being held like a baby while I do it. I couldn't do that when he first came to live with me. Thanks for posting the pretty kitty, the neato gatito, the fat chat. OK, I've exhausted all the foreign names I know for cat. You're right, it is easier to update things at home continually and not have to do it all at once. With just me and the cat, there isn't much wear 'n tear. It's just that things get dated from time to time. Everything in DD's life in CO is needing to be fixed or replaced. She was amazed at the deal I got on the fridge.

    Julie, yes, that Keira is quite a grown up in a kid's body. It's not just her mind; she has poise and style way beyond her years. This whole thing with the baby must be very hard on Amy but she is really handling things well and setting a wonderful example for everyone. God bless her. I'm glad you're able to get some rest. I am getting ready to put things back in the entry. I decided to go to Publix tomorrow. I hope you didn't injure anything in that fall on the ice. Yes, good thing you see the chiro tomorrow. Good luck. Best Buy has the KitchenAid professional mixer for 50 percent off, $250 instead of $500. I've always been tempted to get one but I just don't use a mixer enough anymore to justify it. I have a food processer, a blender and the Nutribullet so I manage. I have a hand electric mixer and it has a really strong motor. I've had it for years. I'm glad you got the new mixer. I bet you'll love it.

    Just got an error message on the computer and was afraid I would lose my post. Fortunately, I quickly posted and came back. Whew!

    When I went over to see Bob at 8:30 this morning, there was already a woman with two kids in the pool and they were screaming their heads off. Good grief! What's wrong with people! When I came out of Nancy's condo, I said hi to a man in the parking lot. Then, he started to question me about where I came from and what I was doing. At first, I just thought he was being a good neighbor and checking things out. Then he got demanding, asking me if Nancy was gone and saying he couldn't remember her name and what is it. I didn't know what to say so said nothing. He then yelled at me using the F word twice. When he went into a condo I realized he is the son of the woman living there. She is an oddball and can be rude but I've never hear her use that kind of language. Seems to me that so many people are loaded for bear all the time. So much anger and road rage. In this town, that kind of thing can get you shot. You never know when you'll run up against someone with rage issues. I wonder how he'd like it if I were taking care of his pet and told total strangers his name and how long he'd be gone. I'm just glad I don't carry around all that rage inside. Yikes!

    I stopped down to see Grace and Dennis. Their little dog, Dusty, has been sick with diarrhea and vomiting. He's so sweet and I hate to see him sick. He's better. Grace is boiling hamburger and rice for him. That should stop the symptoms. He ate some of it and that's a good sign.

    Barry, just sent up a prayer for Shorty. I hope he, and you and Richard, are doing better.

    OK, Kiddos. I'm outta here. Hope y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thank you All for your prayers for Shorty. He passed away peacefully yesterday afternoon. Will be interred tomorrow. Richard terribly broken up and needs my support. He is a Cancer and I a Leo.

    Rock, glad your in your home again.

    Will be back later. These are troubling times: Slinky on the 7th, Shorty ten days later....

    Best wishes to All,
    Love Barry.
  15. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock - good to see you..wishing you speedy recovery.
    Barry -I'm sorry to hear about Shorty. I'm happy he is no longer in pain. I guess he and Slinky met up on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. They wouldn't want you and Richard to be sad. Please take care of yourselves.
    Julie - smart Keira..lol! I hope Den is feeling well. My DHs cousin sisters lil DD wanted a Frozen doll..I didn't even know what that is..my DD sent one from America..apparently it's a animated movie. I remember my son playing with He man..master of the universe. Aeons ago.
    Mikie - I hope your DDs family are enjoying their ski vacation. We hv one place in India gulmarg where they ski. None in this country although much snow nearer to Himalayas.

    I was talking to a friend yesterday after long to catch up and a repairman came to fix something..so I had to cut short the conversation. That's the extent of my social life these days.
    Did speak to another friend who is dealing with an issue about her son's sexuality. She thinks he might be gay and doesn't know it. Luckily, it won't be an issue with her. She fine with it, but wants to protect her son from any prejudice. I told her not to worry. I hv a maternal cousin whose adopted DD is gay and she is open about it. She is a director who even made a film based on a gay relationship.
    Last night I tried to.make green bean with coconut milk..it turned out OK..cooked chicken curry and lentils too the normal way.in vase it didn't turn out tasty. The other day I took the trouble to go buy fish and made according to recipe but the men didn't.like it. I couldn't even give it to doggies because I had just dewormed them and was told no meat for 24 hours.
    Well take care all...

    God bless

    Woah..almost lost this post! The net turned itself off..luckily this message was still saved
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  16. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    I wonder what is going on with computers these days...I started this post around 2:30 this afternoon...suddenly the screen went blank and my monitor said it was "going to sleep." So, here is what was saved, and whatever I could remember...

    I see Spring has posted as I am trying to make sense of my previous post. Well, my social life is sorely lacking also. I do plan to start going to church again after the holidays...we had gotten out of the habit, in order to be home with Gpa...then all the exhausting mess with sis, then.....

    Yes, the movie Frozen was/is quite the thing. Our granddaughters have the dress up clothes, stuffed animals, you name it. Liora is still more "into" the things of the movie than Lorraine, though. So, when I got them each a Barbie sized doll...Liora got Anna, from the movie...but Lorraine got Wonder Woman...and was thrilled :)

    Thank you, Dear Mikie, for making me spit coffee all over the computer screen...European...never heard that before. The things one learns at the beauty shop or on the porch, lol!

    I would have been a little bit scared about that man yelling. So nice of you to spend time with Bob...I'm sure he loves the company.

    Barry, oh dear...I'm so sorry about Shorty's passing. More sadness on top of what you were already dealing with. Check in when you can and when you feel up to it...we are thinking of you and Richard.

    Well, our Susan made it home okay...seems to have taken her 10 hours...about normal. She probably went straight to her church because they had play practice....the program is tonight.

    Amy got up around 1:00...I didn't even check on her because I knew she needed sleep. Kinda funny (but understandable) how the grown kids come here to rest and catch up on their sleep. Clinton does, and so does Susan. And Amy, when no kids are around to need her for something.

    We didn't talk about Clinton much...I think things will work themselves out in time. He and Miley had the whole weekend to themselves...made more sense for Amy to just stay in this area until time to pick Keira up from her other grandma's today, than to travel the 1 1/2 to 2 hours back home.

    I will try to stay out of their family life...but haven't forgotten what one of Clinton's other daughters told me not too long ago (not biological, but the most responsible of the four who call him "Dad".)

    She said that when they were growing up, whenever she and her biological sister would have to go to "the other parent or grandparents", I'm not really sure...that's when Clinton and his wife or whatever (Miley's grandma, Carly's mom) would take Carly out to eat and buy her special things. The other girls didn't get those privileges...and Carly (Miley's mom) always got treated better than the other girls. So, this is just a pattern that is repeating itself on to another generation.

    Remarkable, the girl that was telling me this, is the one who is now the closest to Clinton...has a husband and child, they both have jobs, etc., etc. I know it's so much healthier to not hold grudges...I should take lessons from a 27 year old...

    Anyway, I tried a "first" this evening...made homemade whipped cream (the whipping cream was nearing expiration) and put it out in little "flowers" onto a cookie sheet, then popped it in the freezer...then will put the frozen chunks in a baggie to use "as needed." Don't know what I would ever do without "Google" telling me how, lol!

    Just finishing my second helping of homemade chicken-rice soup...yum! Since I napped till almost 9:00 pm, I am probably up for awhile :rolleyes:

    I am going to share something that Susan posted on facebook, about her Iowa family. But I feel the same way when I have been on the porch...you guys are just plain good for my soul. Take care, everyone! Will check in when I can.


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  17. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Sorry, I just can't help myself...then I'm off to bed ;) With all the ur in puns/jokes...I thought I would take it a little bit further, lol.

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  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Ones,


    Barry, I am so very sorry to learn that Shorty too has passed over the Rainbow Bridge. I'll bet Slinky was waiting to help him cross. They are probably romping in a green meadow. In the meantime, it is a very sad time for you and Richard. Losing our dear pets leaves holes in our hearts and spirits. Losing both Slinky and Shorty in such a short period of time is just too much sadness. BTW, I am a Cancer and we do seem to feel things at a very deep level. Over the years, I've learned not to let things destroy me but I still feel them very deeply. I pray for peace and comfort for you both.

    Spring, I'm laughing about your social life because it mirrors mine--phone chats and repairmen/deliverymen. Oh, and, of course, Bob. On the other hand, I don't think I'm up to much more than this anyway. Did you ever ski? I did for years and would love to do it again but now, I'd have to stick to gentle slopes. CO has gotten soooo much snow. The conditions on the slopes must be wonderful. There is a huge storm which is dumping snow all across the top half of the country and the temps are really cold. The news showed the Denver airport with people sleeping on the floors because their flights were cancelled. That will jam up flights all over the country. It's iffy flying this time of your when, of course, everyone wants to go somewhere. Glad I had such an easy time flying to TX over Thanksgiving. Is it cold there? Hope you're staying nice and snuggly warm.

    Julie, now it's my turn to snort coffee. Loooove that little German guy and the message. I thought Farfrompoopen was where they made Volkswagens. Glad you got to talk to Clinton's daughter. It helps shed light on the whole thing. Like I said before, it's the doted on child who is most harmed by favoritism and not the slighted child. In ex's family, they played favorites, especially ex's mom. The doted on child has problems. Well, they all have problems but the golden child ain't so golden. It's really too bad that this crap just goes on generation after generation. I'm glad you have found some peace with it all. It's really hard when this stuff eats at a person but we are all protective of our kids and GKs. Like you, I don't know what I'd do without this wonderful Porch and our wonderful Porchies. It's my refuge from the storms of life. I have a little pitcher into which I can put heavy cream. I insert the CO2 cartridge and it makes whipped cream when I pull the little trigger. Viola! Don't know why I got it when I can just buy Redi-Whip. On the other hand, I heard that a shortage of CO2 is causing a shortage of Redi-Whip. Oh no! Whatever will we do?

    The other neighbor who will be starting to care for Bob called me last night. She seems like such a nice person. I warned her about Charlotte's son, the nutcase who yelled at me. She is very busy with a daughter visiting and her elderly Mom she visits every day. I told her how easy it is to care for Bob and that eased her mind. I told her I'd stop in to keep him company from time to time since she can't stay with him that long. My Mom was friends with her but, in 20 years, I don't think I've ever met her. She wants for us and Nancy to get together after the holidays. Another social event stacking up. If I keep all these dates, it's all I'll get done. Oh well, I do need to get out more. In the meantime, everything is going to hell in a handbasket in the condo. I did get the big heavy mirror rehung and some artwork back up yesterday. I cleaned off the little piece of furniture which goes under the mirror and put it back in place. Soooo nice to have just one tiny area all freshly painted and clean. It gives me hope I can do that everywhere. My hands, fingers and wrists are still swollen and painful; I hope they don't stay that way. Yikes!

    I'm watching the early news but need to change the channel. Our local ABC affiliate has strange lighting in the studio and the makeup makes the newscasters look weird with the black shiny eyes of possessed dolls [cue the Twilight Zone music]. Has anyone noticed how the makeup on TV makes so many look like some kind of robots or droids? It's kinda creepy if you ask me.

    Our temps are still waaaay above normal. It was 71 when I got up about 4:00 this morning. The A/C kicked on. Temps will drop to the 70's during the day on Friday but will then bounce right back up to the 80's. It's nice for the Yankees who come here to get outta the cold but I'm ready for a bit of cooler weather. Whine, whine, whine!

    Hope all y'all have a wonderful week, starting today.

    Love, Mikie
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  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Here's a catchy little song that I love. Some music transfixes me and changes me inside. Music Box Dancer:

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  20. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member


    So sorry Barry, for you and Richard's loss.
    You guys are sure doing it tough lately...
    I realise you've probably already mentioned this, but how old were they?
    I also hope you get all your nec appointments at your suited days & times...
    Again, my deepest condolences.

    Rock ,I too am having a bit of trouble with the Ol' water works, thanks to the anti biotics, I believe.
    And the solution? More antibiotics...
    Sorry you got dumped in a gyno room, devoid of pillow and the mysterious, last resort-blue bin.
    You know it's tough times when not only pillows are rationed, but the blue bins too...what a pickle.
    Glad you're home.

    Sun , Yes, I've looked into various products and done stacks of reading.
    I'm trying to get my hands on some oregano oil, to add to my daily regime, it appears to have medical evidence supporting its use as an anti bacterial, but unfortunately doesn't shape up to this particular monster. It does eradicate others including parasites like Blasto, which chlorine doesn't even kill and can be found in a lot of drinking water, pools, swimming holes etc...
    The Flagyl didn't work and after this week away, I'm keen to get back onto the dr.

    Julie, one sister ended up walking away from her other half because although he was a great dad to her first child ( not his), once Their children came along, he, the child,could never measure up. Almost like Cinderella. Obviously not as extreme- but you get my point. Rejection is tough at any age- never mind as a kid. Poor boy. He's now 21 and doesn't want anything to do with his mother eigther. Guess he blames her for him. He ended up moving in with his biological father for a while, learnt some , then moved out on his own.
    Other sister married a bloke who had custody of two boys at the time. She had two girls of her own.
    Seemed all good. Not a lot of favouritism, that is until they got custody of his other two- girls...huge difference. She strove to be fair and he got to be down right childish and spiteful. Same sorts of things... Encouraging his girls and building them up, at the expense of my sister's girls. Disgusting...got to the point where she wouldn't leave them with him because she couldn't trust him to be an adult and fair...And a lot of it was sneaky. She caught him out, so obviously couldn't trust him with her two girls.
    So sad.
    Julie, I don't blame you one bit for feeling wild about the injustice. My BIL was always watching like a hawk his own two girls (didn't care so much about his boys) and the words 'spoilt rotten' mean exactly that. No matter how much my sister would try to keep a plumb line. Hard work. Those two girls are naturals at manipulation now too. Had so much more potential. He didn't do his marriage or family any favours by being so unbalanced...

    Spring, I remember He-man and Shera from when I was a kid.

    Mikie, I've been taking the probiotics to help replenish my gut, but I read somewhere that bacteria actually love it, so am a little confused. Good on ha for sticking out the painting. Hope the swelling hoes down soon.
    Our last cat was called Bob. I miss him still. It's probably been a year now, but every so often I forget and think I've seen him out of the corner of my eye or something...he had a black triangular shape on his head which made him look like a bit of a punk...
    I can't believe how attached I've become to our new Pus. She only has three legs, but boy oh boy, she gets around alright!

    Granni, my friend sang the Christmas carols , in the choir, for the towns folk last night.
    Was lovely.

    We drove to Portland today. Met DH mum and her partner there.
    I can't believe the weather. It's meant to be hot, but the temp has dropped and it's actually been drizzling. Cold.
    Apparently the koalas are so thrown out of whack by the weather, they've been acting all crazy, thinking they're still in mating season. There's a gorgeous , probably female one propped in a tree about 10 metres from us. Gorgeous looking creature and then there's the grumpy one perched closer to the office, in the caravan park...creepy donkey cross monster noise they make when trying to get lucky.

    Hi to Dianne, Elaine and Linda...

    Best rug up and visit the ablution block before Lights out.
    DS and I did at least manage to rig up all the Christmas lights around our caravan and surrounds.
    Brightens the place up a bit.

    My thoughts and prayers for you all.
    Take care
    Catch yas later

    Mikie, just noticed your music clip.
    Played it and it brought me back to when I was a girl. My dad used to turn that up when it came on the Wireless, as he used to call it. (Radio).
    Thanks. That's a beautiful piece
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2016
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